tmktHelllo Hello01:14
tmkthey hey, anyone having any problems with their Videos(not recordings) only playing back at dolby 2.0 with Myth 0.23?01:29
tmktSeems the pass through options are gone in the General Settings01:29
olskolirci have the control center and the mythtv-setup who want to help me set up my server?  says something about a 4 digit number somewhere that I have to put in the sql box on the control center help please?02:24
olskolircdo I need an sql server?  I don't want anyone to connect to my mythtv02:24
superm1olskolirc, you using lucid?03:03
superm1i suppose that box might be confusing to someone new how it is03:04
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gbeewhenever I press the eject button on a DVD-Rom drive I get an error dialog (gnome) telling me it failed, 'eject' from a shell works, any idea how I disable gnomes' media handler so that the eject button works again?11:57
gbeenevermind, decided to upgrade the distro anyway which may fix it12:38
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tmktAnother nice fix would me to add m4v as a video extension for jamu14:04
Jay2k1fyi: the Zinn help entry contains a broken link at FAQ, is mythbuntu.org/FAQ, should be mythbuntu.org/wiki/faq14:13
ZinnHi Jay2k1, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.14:13
cr3I just noticed apt-setup/cdrom/failed popping up today, known problem?15:48
cr3as part of the installation for the latest lucid image15:48
cr3at 76% of the installation15:48
cr3this problem seems to apply across other flavours as well, strange15:50
mrandthanks Jay2k1.16:02
mrand@delete faq16:02
superm1cr3, i noticed that the other day too, but i think it's only if you are installing from !cdrom16:06
superm1eg usb, network, etcs16:06
superm1cr3, did you see if today's logic to skip the last page worked for you?16:06
superm1i added something in that should skip it in --automatic mode16:06
Jay2k1so, the auto builds thing lets me upgrade from the mythtv 0.22 pre-release that came with mythbuntu 9.10 karmic to 0.22-fixes? because I don't want trunk updates16:07
superm1Jay2k1, sure they well16:07
superm1it should explain it all on the faq section on the auto-builds link16:07
Jay2k1well, it was a bit confusing for me, sure I've read that page16:07
Jay2k1but then again, I had a look at the sources.list afterwards, and saw something with "trunk" in it16:08
superm1well we should certainly clarify that text then on that page16:08
superm1it says trunk-0.22 probably16:08
Jay2k1yes that16:09
superm1its because launchpad doesn't allow renaming PPAs16:09
superm1its only 0.22 builds on that PPA16:09
Jay2k1couldnt look it up because the partition is unmounted, doing a partimage now before apt-get upgrade just to be sure16:09
cr3superm1: I've seen some systems with mythbuntu automatically installed, so it seems to have worked16:09
superm1cr3, awesome :)16:09
Jay2k1ah ok that explains16:09
cr3superm1: do you have a bug open for that fix? I could take the opportunity to attach my preseed to that bug which I totally forgot to do last week16:10
superm1cr3, i just fixed it without a bug report16:10
cr3superm1: ok, I'll open a quick bug report and you can immediately mark it as fix released :)16:10
superm1so just file a new bug for that against mythbuntu-live-autostart and attach16:11
superm1i'll probably install it to /usr/share/doc/mythbuntu-live-autostart/examples or something, need to figure out the right place16:11
cr3superm1: I've been talking with mathiaz, from the server team, about finding a way to formalize where preseeds could be located across ubuntu flavours16:12
cr3superm1: it doesn't seem like there's an obvious solution, especially if we potentially consider templating in the mix16:12
cr3maybe a good topic of conversation/debate for uds16:12
Jay2k1and - now that I'm here anyway - let me express my appreciation for all your people's work on this project16:13
superm1cr3, well the primary purpose would be for people to do daily testing or such right?  so maybe it's just best to pick a path and then have testdrive know to try to load from that path16:13
superm1Jay2k1, thanks!16:13
superm1cr3, i'm not sure i'm coming yet.  i've got new management, and on the new team i'm not sure we have the budget to send me to brussels, so we'll see16:14
cr3superm1: what if we sponsored you? could you spare the week?16:15
superm1cr3, probably16:16
cr3superm1: by the way, might it be possible that the --automatic fix you applied skips the late_command/success part of the installation?16:16
cr3superm1: I'll propose your name to my manager then16:16
superm1cr3, cool thanks.  i'll discuss it with my manager next week and see what he says about this quarters budget too16:17
superm1i doubt that fix would cause it to skip the late_command16:17
superm1did it work with earlier images?16:17
cr3superm1: I don't remember unfortunately, I just noticed that for some of the systems I noticed with mythbuntu magically installed, the late command stuff did not seem to have run like installing ssh for example.16:19
cr3it is possible that earlier parts of the late command failed, which could've prevented the remaining commands to run, haven't had time to investigate yet16:19
superm1cr3, do you have both a success and fail late command defined?16:19
superm1it's a different preseed than you use for alternates, which only supports a single late command16:20
superm1you might consider also that there are ways to run package installs "during" the install provided the package is available on the pool you are using during install via an ubiquity plugin16:20
superm1for 10.04 work stuff that's what we're gonna start doing for our factory installs16:21
superm1oh, but considering you mentioned it was supposed to install ssh, remember ssh is normally installed by default on mythbuntu, and it is controlled by an additional preseed16:22
cr3superm1: I couldn't find mythbuntu-live-autostart, so I reported bug #533875 with my preseed against the mythbuntu project16:22
ZinnBug 533875 in mythbuntu "Mythbuntu prompting to configure backend during installation cannot be automated" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/53387516:22
superm1cool, works for me16:22
Zinn[bazaar.launchpad.net] ~dell-team/dell-recovery/trunk : contents of ubiquity/dell-bootstrap.py at revision 24416:23
superm1there's a lot of logic there you don't need to worry about, but take a look at the "Install" class16:23
superm1by defining something like that you're able to mark additional packages during install as the plugin is processed16:23
cr3superm1: In my particular context, when I install Ubuntu flavours, this is for testing purposes rather than convenience purposes. So, one implication is that I want the initial install to be as vanilla as possible and not be poluted by other repositories.16:24
superm1ah, right16:24
cr3superm1: If I need packages from other repositories, I add the repository and only install the necessary packages explicitly at the very end in the late_command16:24
cr3superm1: this has been a humbling lesson to learn when reporting false positive bugs :(16:24
superm1yeah, then that way makes much more sense, and helps to avoid false positives indeed16:25
Jay2k1Another thing, the auto builds site says "Builds are produced from both the latest "stable" and "trunk" branches from upstream MythTV". Doing dpkg-reconfigure mythbuntu-repos, it asked me to which version I wanted to upgrade, 0.22 or 0.23. Is it correct that 0.22 equals the latest stable here and 0.23 would be trunk then? If so, wouldn't it be a good idea to clarify this in the dpkg-reconfigure text? like, if it'd let you choose between "16:29
Jay2k1(latest stable)" and "0.23 (trunk - use on your own risk)" or something like that16:29
superm1Jay2k1, yeah that's correct.16:31
superm1tgm4883, ^ that's a good recommendation to clarify16:31
superm1Jay2k1, i've updated the text on the website too, so once the cache expires you should be able to to see it16:32
superm1cr3, some of the commands you are using for early and late, i'm not sure i'd expect to work on desktop media.  httpd and in-target I thought were specifics to d-i installs only16:32
cr3superm1: yeah, that's why I check for [ -e /usr/bin/httpd ]16:33
superm1ah, i see16:33
cr3I find it unfortunate that this command is not available in the live environment, it's very useful16:34
superm1on the alternate media what provides it?  surely no full apache install, it's probably a wrapper for something like nc right?16:34
cr3it's installation specific though, so it would not really make sense to provide in a live environment which is a combination of installation and real environment16:34
cr3superm1: exactly16:35
superm1might want to ask cjwatson about pulling it into the live media via casper or something16:35
cr3I kinda asked a question to that effect in #ubuntu-installer, but perhaps a bug report or an email would be more effective during the weekend :)16:35
superm1ah yeah just looked at bt there16:35
superm1i've been seeing him poke around over the weekend now that he has an n90016:36
superm1but it does sound like it would be incredibly useful for debugging purposes, even in the live env16:36
cr3superm1: especially since ubiquity has been preseedable, we don't have much of an environment to work from apart from the command line. so, being able to troubleshoot from remote is even more revelant now16:40
superm1cr3, well i can forsee two logical ways to go about adding that script, take a look at lp:ubuntu/lucid/casper . 1) in the bin/ directory some useful shell scripts live 2) in the scripts/casper-bottom directory, a collection of items that get ran during the boot process.16:43
superm1i'd probably think the former is the way to go16:43
cr3superm1: is nc already available in the casper environment?16:45
superm1Jay2k1, take a look now at http://mythbuntu.org/auto-builds (cache has expired).  does that make more sense now?16:45
Jay2k1yes, that's better I think.16:46
superm1cr3, hmm.  you'd have to unpack the initrd to see for sure16:47
superm1if not, it's on the live system already, so the latter solution of providing a casper script that runs on some flag on /proc/cmdline or some preseed would be sufficient16:48
superm1Jay2k1, cool thanks.   feel free to point out anything else that is confusing on the site.  people who are new always best at pointing out the stuff that we all take for granted when writing16:49
cr3superm1: nope, nc is not in initrd.lz16:49
Jay2k1sure, at least this is something that I could give in return :)16:50
superm1cr3, you can refer to it as /root/bin/nc at that time instead though probably16:50
superm1since on the live media, you do have full access to the mounted squashfs at the time of the early command in /root16:50
Jay2k1I'll explain what led me to all this, perhaps it's nice to know for you: I wanted to build a htpc, looked at several programs/distris and finally decided to use mythtv because of its look and features. I wanted to use a distribution with mythtv preinstalled because I wanted to have as much out-of-the-box working stuff as I could get, and ubuntu, being debian based and yet very up-to-date, seemed to me as the best choice. I downloaded the 16:52
Jay2k1karmic ISO and installed it. After three weeks or so it all ran smoothly.16:52
Jay2k1now today I found a bug, googled but couldn't find a solution, explained it on #mythtv-users and they told me it has been fixed 8 wks ago  (http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/23110/)16:53
Zinn[svn.mythtv.org] Changeset 23110 – MythTV16:53
superm1Jay2k1, so you started from a mythbuntu karmic, or ubuntu karmic?16:53
Jay2k1sorry, mythbuntu.16:53
superm1so how did you discover autobuilds then?16:54
Jay2k1they also told me to upgrade to get rid of this, and that I was "using the pre-release, not 0.22 version they put in just so they could get 0.22-fixes into Karmic"16:54
superm1ah okay, so the folks in there pointed you to auto-builds then, that's good16:54
Jay2k1and I should not worry, upgrading to 0.22 stable wouldnt break anything, I should just not upgrade to a trunk version16:55
Jay2k1"You need to enable the repo that has the current 0.22-fixes branch.  I don't know how.  Someone using *buntu could tell you."16:55
Jay2k1"#mythbuntu likely has someone who could help you enable the repo to get it.  Just make sure you don't enable the trunk repo if you don't want to upgrade to trunk (it's a one-way path, so once you do, you're stuck on trunk until 0.23)"16:56
Jay2k1this is what they told me.16:56
superm1so perhaps we need to find a way to make that more discoverable to people if they run into problems16:56
mrandJay2k1: Yeah, the 0.22-trunk is just an unfortunate name - it was left over from when 0.22 WAS trunk.16:56
Jay2k1I googled for "mythbuntu sources.list" and somehow ended up on the auto builds page, not really sure if that was what I wanted16:56
Jay2k1so I asked here to be sure.16:57
superm1mrand, so what i'm thinking is we need a landing page for anyone that has a bug on mythbuntu.org16:57
superm1and in there reference autobuilds16:57
superm1and the launchpad tracker16:57
mrandsuperm1: good idea.   Also, when was the repo selection added to MCC?16:57
superm1and the rest of the support page16:57
superm1mrand, it's only if you have mythbuntu-repos installed that you get that16:57
mrandAh.  That could be another pathway to explain about bugs and -fixes16:58
mrandEven if the repo plugin isn't installed by default, it could have a screen about bugs in MCC16:58
superm1so once we get a page like that up and running, we need to find a way to make it higher on google searches16:58
superm1mrand, i think we can do even better than that... if we get this landing page up, we'll just put something in the Applications menu for Mythbuntu help that directs to the webpage16:59
superm1it allows us to then retroactively update it even on stable releases16:59
mrandsuperm1: true.16:59
Jay2k1now after all this, I think it's a bit suboptimal that a) my mythbuntu ISO contained a pre-release (my bug was minor stuff, but still) and b) that it was not that beginner-friendly to figure out how to be able to update to the latest stable, I thought the repos needed would be enabled already17:00
mrandsuperm1: should we expand/rework http://www.mythbuntu.org/testingandreporting since it is already pretty in google results?17:00
Jay2k1now you could think that enabling the stable repo by default would be the best to do, on the other hand theres the "if its working, dont fix it" rule, and users might have a stable system which might show unwanted behaviours with these kind of auto updates17:01
superm1a) was unfortunate, but it's how the timing worked out for the release cycle for upstream mythtv versus the ubuntu release cycle we followed.  hopefully they should sync up nicer this time around17:01
superm1b) is a technical reason, you aren't allowed to enable third party repos by default from ubuntu packages, and yes since they are automated, there is always the chance something can break in that chain (if its working dont fix it is definitely at play here)17:02
Jay2k1I see17:03
superm1so i think if we get a /help landing page together for people, that should hopefully alleviate problems with b)17:03
Jay2k1yes, maybe17:03
superm1mrand, well that's from our development wiki site for people wanting to contribute17:04
mrandyeah, It's not a perfect match17:04
superm1and it's quite wordy right now17:04
superm1i'm thinking probably a new page would be better17:04
superm1if we link to it from the front page, it will make it up onto google's pretty links after a short time period17:05
mrandsuperm1: I'm trying to think of an idea name.   /bugs or maybe reportingbugs is somewhat close, and could also list common known problems (like the release notes page... maybe move that stuff to this page).   I don't care for /help for some reason, although I can't justify it well.17:08
Jay2k1what would have helped me would have been a note that says "mythbuntu 9.10 users: from default install, you are using a pre-release of mythtv 0.22 that still contains some minor bugs (click here to see why). We recommend that you upgrade to the final version 0.22 by following these three steps: [explain enabling auto builds here]"17:08
superm1mrand, i'm open to anything, but considering it will probably be linked to from a help menu item in Applications, /help made sense to me17:09
superm1Jay2k1, yes that sounds like a great recommendation for the release notes on 9.1017:09
mrandJay2k1: did you encounter the 9.10 release notes page in your reading/searching?17:09
Jay2k1touché heh17:10
Jay2k1(that's a no)17:10
cr3superm1: are you sure in-target is not available from the ubiquity success_command? I rely on that command and haven't noticed any problems, which doesn't necessarily mean there aren't any problems :)17:10
mrandJay2k1: That's perfectly fine.   Just trying to figure out what a user ends up finding.17:11
superm1mrand, so maybe on download page we should link to release notes too then17:11
superm1eg "While you're downloading, you may care to read over the <link>"17:11
mrandsuperm1: for sure!  I'll do that.17:11
superm1cr3, well from a live cd booted up, does "which in-target" work?17:12
Jay2k1well you know, I'm sysadmin, most of my servers are linux, I'm not a noob and usually I'm the one that tells others to rtfm, I feel a bit shitty about this17:12
mrandhahaha Jay2k1.  think nothing of it.17:12
superm1cr3, i'm not aware what would be providing it, since it's normally in the initrd for alternate media17:13
mrandWe know that our stuff is kinda fragmented, and that we have some semi-special situations that are difficult to capture in an easy to find way.  Your case is a perfect example.17:13
cr3superm1: I'll have to look into that, thanks for the heads up though17:13
superm1and it's especially difficult to know what the habits are of people that are new to the project (linux experience or not), so a lot of times we're just fishing in murky waters17:14
Jay2k1I have to admit that I regard release notes as a place where I can mainly see what has changed since the previous version (the most important stuff from the changelog). Of course release notes may also contain important stuff about that particular release17:15
superm1cr3, ah just checked ubiquity changelog. debian/changelog:  * Install chroot-setup.sh and in-target from debian-installer-utils17:16
superm1so yes it's included in ubiquity, how nice :)17:16
superm1be careful with it though, I don't think a debconf frontend is really running at that point still necessarily17:17
cr3superm1: man, you had me worried for a while there :)17:17
superm1cr3, does your preseed normally stack on top of the one on the media, or replace it?17:21
superm1there are a few specifics that are on the media's preseed that you'll want in here still wrg to language support17:22
cr3superm1: replace it17:22
cr3superm1: like d-i     pkgsel/install-language-support boolean false and d-i     pkgsel/language-pack-patterns   string?17:23
superm1exactly, yup17:23
cr3I've been considering having my preseed override the media preseed, because I think the preseed parser supports redefining keys which get overwritten if they exist already17:24
cr3that would be a good use case. I wonder if the default preseed name is consistent throughout all flavours17:24
superm1it should be consistent throughout all flavors17:25
superm1and as of casper for lucid i added support to use multiple preseeds17:25
cr3yep, looks like it: xubuntu.seed, mythbuntu.seed, ubuntu.seed, ie authoritative flavour name dot seed17:26
cr3superm1: man, I should stop joining this channel, more work on my plate now :)17:26
gbeeso trunk-0.22 is actually the -fixes repo?17:29
* gbee asks before configuring it17:30
gbeehmm, it's unable to install half the packages for some reason, keeps asking if I want to do a partial install (which I don't since that will break badly)17:34
Spanner3003hi is interactive tv working the the latest mythbuntu autobuild?17:34
gbeeSpanner3003: mheg?17:35
gbeeno reason it shouldn't be, at least not one that I'm aware of17:36
gbeeunless someone backported a patch which broke it and no-one has noticed yet17:36
mrandgbee: , yes trunk-0.22 is actually -fixes17:37
mrandThat unfortunate naming will be avoided in the future.17:37
superm1gbee, yeah, 0.23 is already named "0.23", 0.24 will be 0.24 etc17:37
gbeesuperm1: cool17:37
gbeedid the partial upgrade thing anyway and it turns out to have been misleading, it just wanted to uninstall a couple of conflicting nvidia packages17:38
superm1gbee, yeah i was just gonna say, that's probably what it was17:38
superm1because we switched to an nvidia driver that supports an external libvdpau library17:38
superm1which is the default for 10.04, but wasnt supported on the repos for 9.1017:39
Spanner3003ok so what am i doing wrong i looked at the myth frontend out put on dmcc and mheg and its dowloading the mheg app but nothing in mheg17:39
gbeethe upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 went remarkably smoothly, I'm impressed, I would have done it much earlier if I'd known ;)17:39
gbeeSpanner3003: which country?17:40
mrandgbee: a decent fraction of people had trouble with sound.  Good to hear you aren't one of them!17:40
gbeefreesat or freeview?17:40
gbeeand which channel17:40
Spanner3003well any bbc channel17:41
Jay2k1so I'm not the only one who stumbled upon this :)17:41
gbeemrand: I had to change to unmute the digital output _again_ which was odd, obviously a package insists on muting it when installed, but other than that17:42
gbeeSpanner3003: heh, I was about to say it's working fine in trunk but it's not, seems to have been broken, possibly by the ffmpeg resync a couple of weeks ago, are you using 0.22-fixes or trunk?17:44
gbeeDaniel won't be pleased, that's a new blocker for the 0.23 release17:45
Spanner30030.23 a mythbuntu autobuilb17:45
mrandgbee:  :-(17:46
Spanner30030.23 a mythbuntu autobuild17:46
gbeetrunk then, yeah, confirmed that it is broken, that's for bringing it to my attention17:46
superm1Spanner3003, can you file a bug on svn.mythtv.org with this information so that this can be tracked?  also provide the rev # of the autobuild you're on right now17:46
gbeesuperm1, Spanner3003: don't bother, I'll do it17:47
Spanner3003how please i've never done one17:47
superm1Spanner3003, apt-cache policy mythtv-common will tell us the autobuild you're on17:47
superm1would be useful to verify you are running a build after the sync17:48
gbeemore expedient as I'd only end up being the one to triage it anyway17:48
Spanner3003what patest bin do you use17:49
Zinnwhen pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.17:49
Spanner3003that is the autobuild revition i'm on17:52
superm1cool thanks, quite recent then17:52
Spanner3003yep sorry did say i updated today17:53
gbeesuperm1: the mythfrontend/backend wrappers don't pass through --version?18:00
gbeewell the mythfrontend wrapper, since the backend doesn't have one as I though18:01
superm1gbee, huh?  the frontend wrapper should18:03
superm1it calls         exec /usr/bin/mythfrontend.real "$@"18:03
superm1which should pass all arguments18:03
gbeethe output is captured?18:03
superm1if it's started from a non terminal, then it's captured into /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log18:05
superm1if it's started from a terminal, it goes to stdout18:06
gbeemust be a ssh/ubuntu thing then, guess it's not that important18:07
mrandgbee:  I have the same setup as you, and it wfm.   puzzling....18:07
superm1what's happening exactly?18:07
gbeenothing ;)18:08
mrandI do get xprop:  unable to open display ''  (that is two single quotes), but otherwise it does output18:08
gbeemythfrontend.real --version does work, as expected18:09
superm1well i'd like to ditch that wrapper script for 10.10, but there are a bunch of problems with doing so still18:09
superm1what's in your /etc/mythtv/session-settings?18:09
superm1anything non-standard?18:09
superm1oh, do you have mythfrontend running?18:09
superm1there is a pidof mythfrontend.real 2>&1 >/dev/null && wmctrl -a "MythTV Frontend" 2>/dev/null && exit 018:09
gbeeafaik I've never modified that, and without an original to diff against I could say what is or isn't standard18:10
gbeesuperm1: ahh, yes it's running18:10
superm1that's exactly why then18:10
gbeeright, solved then :)18:10
superm1its in that script to people don't launch mythfrontend multiple times18:10
superm1which causes some weird behaviors18:10
mrandthat reminds me that I was going to submit an option to allow for that.18:12
gbeeheh, I've just deleted the session cache because exactly that was happening to me, two instances of mythfrontend were running and I'm guessing the second was there because the xfwm session was starting it18:14
gbeejust a theory, but it was in the session file so that was probably it18:15
greenwomHello, Hauppauge hvr-1950  Mythbuntu 9.10    can't get it working.  Have it set as dvb and bound to a source.18:15
greenwomwhere should I look first?18:15
gbeeand that's my queue to leave, thanks for the help guys18:16
gbeeerr, cue18:16
mrandgreenwom: I don't have dvb, but the first place I'd check is /var/log/dmesg and verify that the device is being initialized successfully.18:17
greenwomIt's hard to tell... the device shows up out of the box as /dev/dvb/frontend/  ** if I add firmware that I extractr I get a /dev/video018:20
greenwomeither way I can't get it to start :)\18:22
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].18:22
mrandgreenwom: have you tried cat /dev/video0 > filename.mpg18:22
greenwomI'll add the firmware and try18:23
greenwombrb, reboot18:29
greenwomwell I lost my /dev/video0, I am at square one with the hvr-195018:34
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].18:35
mrandgreenwom: did you check dmesg log?18:35
mrandgreenwom: also try: lsusb18:36
greenwomit shows up is lsusb,  under dmesg I am still sifting through it (I'm guessing not from all the junk).18:38
greenwomya its not loading properly18:38
greenwomI'm not sure if I should be using the out of thebox support that gives my the /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend or adding the firmware I extracted....18:39
mrandgreenwom: not sure.  Looks like there was a problem in the past, but I'd expect that to have been resolved by now.   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=994566 Might search the forums for more info.18:42
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org] [SOLVED] Can't Get Hauppauge hvr-1950 to install - Ubuntu Forums18:42
greenwomZinn: I've tried adding the firmware via those instructions...  not haveing any luck18:48
ZinnHi greenwom, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.18:48
greenwommrand: I now have it back as DVB...  but still no luck19:41
greenwomnow I get configuratio #1 chosen from 1 choice (in dmesg)19:42
greenwombut when I scan for channels card does not start, and there is another firmware error?19:43
greenwom1any help?19:47
greenwom1hvr-1950 mythbuntu 9.1019:51
dorganhello all20:44
dorganmaybe someone in here can help I have gotten no help on the mythtv mailing list20:44
dorgani am trying to get sound working via HDMI with my GT 220 card20:44
dorgani have followed: http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=HOW-TO_set_up_HDMI_audio_on_nVidia_GeForce_G210,_GT220,_or_GT240#Before_You_Begin.2FNotes20:45
Zinn[wiki.xbmc.org] HOW-TO set up HDMI audio on nVidia GeForce G210, GT220, or GT240 - XBMC20:45
dorganand in alsamixer I have unmuted S/PDIF but still i have no sound20:45
dorganZinn: didnt you see I followed that20:49
ZinnHi dorgan, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.20:49
dorgananyone else around20:52
benomaticanybody have suggestions for a theme that makes the commercial editing coloring easy to see?  so far i'm having little luck finding a good one...21:05
greenwomwish I could help.  I am still waiting on some help for my hvr-1950.....21:05
dorganhello all21:24
dorganmaybe someone in here can help I have gotten no help on the mythtv mailing list21:24
dorgani am trying to get sound working via HDMI with my GT 220 card21:24
dorgani have followed: http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=HOW-TO_set_up_HDMI_audio_on_nVidia_GeForce_G210,_GT220,_or_GT240#Before_You_Begin.2FNotes21:24
Zinn[wiki.xbmc.org] HOW-TO set up HDMI audio on nVidia GeForce G210, GT220, or GT240 - XBMC21:24
dorganand in alsamixer I have unmuted S/PDIF but still i have no sound21:25
gbeeI spoke too soon earlier, between upgrading to Karmic and installing the latest 0.22-fixes weekly builds, the remote stopped working - lirc is correctly configured and working (tested with irw) and mythfrontend can see the socket and is reading the correct lircrc, so I'm stumped21:40
daviscI've just installed Mythbuntu karmic clean on my system. The internal video player is stretching videos to fill the screen instead of letterboxing in them. Any suggestions?21:59
gbeedavisc: are you now, or have you ever used mythtv on a two monitor (twinview/xinerama) setup?22:02
gbeeI'm not sure if it's even displayed otherwise, but in multi-monitor setups there is a Monitor Aspect Ratio setting in the 'Screen settings' page of the appearance settings22:03
gbeeif it's there you should check that it's correct, SD TVs will be 4:3, widescreen TVs will be 16:9, monitors normally 16:1022:05
daviscgbee: No, this is a clean mythtv install. Wiped the disk from my previous mythbuntu gutsy install22:05
daviscgbee: And it's a 19" LCD monitor connected by DVI22:06
gbeedavisc: have you modified the x config? Changed DisplaySize? If a DisplaySize lie exists in xorg.conf, then try removing it22:08
daviscgbee: There isn't even an xorg.conf. Everything else shows fine, just the videos are causing a problem22:11
gbeepastebin the output of xdpyinfo22:12
dorganEUREEKA….apparently i needed to create /etc/asound.conf and add the following:pcm.!default hdmi:NVidia22:20
dorganpcm:iec958 hdmi:NVidia22:20
gbeedavisc: that looks fine, I'm out of ideas but you might want to ask the question in #mythtv-users where they are bound to think of something I haven't22:23
gbeethere is a video aspect override setting that might be worth looking at, but again that should only be a problem if you'd modified the defaults, not on a clean install22:24
superm1gbee, try ircat22:32
superm1just to check for any errors in the lircrc itself22:33
superm1that's a really weird upgrade bug though, especially if it's working w/ irw and was working fully before22:34
gbeeircat shows everything working too, and I've found I can make things work again if I edit lircrc while the frontend is running ... which is bizarre22:54
gbeeI'm going to change .mythtv/lircrc from a symlink and see whether that has any relationship22:55
superm1that is the weirdest thing i've ever heard23:00
gbeeyeah, because it's not true, I've figured it out as a myth_system locking bug that I thought had been fixed in -fixes23:06
superm1do you have a reference to a commit by chance?23:07
gbeeit prevented lirc working for the first two to three minutes after a frontend start23:07
gbeeso editing the file didn't fix anything, it's just that the locks had been released coincidently just as a saved23:08
gbeesuperm1: I'll dig them up and try to find out why the fix wasn't backported23:08
gbeedoesn't seem the fix was backported after all, http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/23314  was the trunk commit, http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/7921  was the ticket23:10
Zinn[svn.mythtv.org] Changeset 23314 – MythTV23:10
gbeeheh, Zinn only checks the first link23:11
ZinnHi gbee, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.23:11
gbeeZinn: do you want to play a game?23:11
ZinnHi gbee, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.23:11
gbeeaww, he has obviously never seen War Games23:12
gbeesuperm1: I've just backported the fix, any idea when the weekly build script runs?23:17
superm1gbee, 4:40 central time from what i can tell23:19
superm1Daviey can tell you for sure23:19
gbeeDaviey: ^^, on Sunday, so we've missed it by a couple of hours?23:21
Spanner3003hi i'v asked this before but i can work out why23:24
gbeewell, less than an hour in fact23:24
Spanner3003i have mythbuntu the latest autobuild23:25
Spanner3003and a hauppauge nova-s23:25
superm1gbee, for some reason it looks like 23670 just got queued up somehow on the PPA23:27
superm1either Daviey manually did that one, Zinn grew smarter than i ever thought, or there is some magic logic going on for when they're getting queued23:27
ZinnHi superm1, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.23:27
Spanner3003i have pulse audio and alsa installed and they seem to work fine but in myth backend i have alsa, pulse audio, /dev/dsp1 and /dev/dsp2 but only /dev/dsp2 gives me sound in tv23:28
gbeesuperm1: heh23:28
jolarenAny swede here using boxer?23:29
Spanner3003did i explain my-self clear another?23:32
Spanner3003as i am admittedly not good at explaining my-self23:33
jolarenIs it okay to discuss cam modules within the own household? my operator required me to have a card to view my channels and I can only get the freechannels to work (i pay for them ofcourse)23:34
jolarenI do understand if its not allowed.. I guess23:37
Davieysuperm1: I blame Zinn23:38
ZinnHi Daviey, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.23:38
superm1Daviey, so did you manually queue that one, or is the cron just running late then?23:38
Davieysuperm1: Zinn logged in and did it manually, with my help23:40
ZinnHi Daviey, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.23:40
superm1Daviey, how come cron didn't run it earlier then?23:40
superm1there were changes to 0.23 earlier today that should have caused a 0.23 build23:40
Davieysuperm1: I changed the time23:41
Davieysuperm1: do you have any preference on time?23:41
superm1what's the new time then?23:41
Davieysuperm1: 6:00 AM UTC, unless you think a different time matters23:43
superm1that's probably fine23:44
Davieysuperm1: urk, lucid failure23:45
superm1on 0.22, which shouldnt be building on lucid anyway23:45
superm1i'll disable that23:45
jolarensuperm1: :-) I followed ur guide the first time I installed mythtv23:54
Davieysuperm1: i just did a push to mythbuntu-weekly-build.. My hands are left dirty.23:55
superm1oh god that's dirty23:57
superm1but i guess it works for now23:57
superm1cool jolaren, things have come a long way since those old guides :)23:58
superm1as for discussing cams, soft cams are off limits, hardware cams are fine23:58

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