taurenusing ubuntu 9.10 server with KVM installed.  I can list VMs with "virsh list".  But is there a way to list the IP numbers used by the VMs?00:15
ruben23 hi anyone setup any apps to monitor squid proxy..?00:48
ruben23 jpds: have you do it..? its running now..?00:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #420736 in rabbitmq-server (main) "rabbitmqctl wrapper only checks if being run by root" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42073601:07
MTecknologyso, safe to upgrade servers to lucid? :P01:16
jpdsMTecknology: No.01:34
dasunsruleIs it possible to bond two nic's over SSH?01:34
MTecknologyjpds: sorry, I wasn't serious. I am bumping my laptop up - now I nust need to deal with the other packages01:34
dasunsruleof course, without dropping connection01:35
dasunsruleI was thinking this, let me know if you think it will work or not: create necessary config's in /etc/network/interfaces, bind ssh to virtual adapter: eth1:0 and then restart networking services01:36
MTecknologyoh hurray - so many packages to build :P01:37
dasunsruleAnyone have any ideas? Thank you!01:41
zroyschsherr: http://pastebin.ca/182612101:57
xperiahello to all. i have a strange problem with my ubuntu server. i have created a symlink in my document root directory that point to my image dir on the usb disk as follow02:06
xperialrwxrwxrwx  1 www-data      www-data           21 2010-02-24 23:54 images -> /media/usbdisk/images02:06
xperianow whenever i try to call a image that is stored in that path02:06
stiv2khi, I exported my cups drivers to samba using cupsaddsmb, and it worked fine, but when I try to connect to the printer from windows, it says the server does not have the correct printer driver installed.  What gives?  It works fine if i try to print a test page from cups...02:18
uvirtbotNew bug: #533601 in bind9 (main) "Apport hook for bind9" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53360102:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #533603 in net-snmp (main) "Apport hook for net-snmp" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53360302:21
DasEidasunsrule: I don't think so, in the moment you relaod interfaces, ssh will get lost02:34
DasEibtw . if you bind to an inactive bound02:35
dasunsruleOk, let me show you a config and tell me what you think02:35
dasunsruleSince I already have ssh bound to, in theory, it should pick up the new config, since it is listening on that address and not a specific adapter?02:36
dasunsruleWhat do you think? I personally think it would be 50/50, but since I am still learning all the intrecacies of linux, I could be way off ;-P02:38
DasEidasunsrule: depends also on the config of ssh, but once, and if for a msecond, the auth get's lost, will need new auth, as the sessionkey get's lost, correct me, I'm no ssh-guru, too02:40
dasunsruleat which point, I would have to restart the ssh service :p02:41
dasunsruleCan't hurt to try, what it the worst that could happen? Lock my self out remotely? sigh02:41
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dasunsrulethanks, gotta go02:50
axisyshow is it that when from my ubuntu laptop's terminal I ssh to one ubuntu server the terminal title changes to the remote server.. but from same ubuntu laptop when I ssh to this other ubuntu server the title of the terminal does not change to the remote server ? what do I have to change on the remote server to behave the same way ?03:12
axisysgot my answer03:21
axisysfrom Dr_Willis in #ubuntu03:21
axisysPROMPT_COMMAND='if [ $TERM = "vt100" ]; then printf "\033k${HOSTNAME%%.*}\033\\" ; fi' this03:22
Callum__<axisys> PROMPT_COMMAND='if [ $TERM = "vt100" ]; then printf "\033k${HOSTNAME%%.*}\033\\" ; fi' this - That is a mess... PROMPT_COMMAND="`[ "$TERM" = "vt100" ] && printf "\033k${HOSTNAME%%.*}\033\\"`"03:46
dns53does anyone know how to manually mount a dm_crypt partition or start without plymoth or a gui04:25
ShadeShey it seems to hang on 33% of the format part of the installation04:48
ShadeSformat of the harddisk which it picks up as scsi when it's clearly ide...04:48
ShadeSand the caps lock and scroll lock keys keep flashing04:50
ballhello chilicuil104:50
chilicuil1hi ball, good evening04:51
ShadeSthis is really getting irritating04:55
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uvirtbotNew bug: #533660 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.4 failed to install/upgrade: Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should  reinstall it before attempting a removal." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53366005:56
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stiv2khi, I exported my cups drivers to samba using cupsaddsmb, and it worked fine, but when I try to connect to the printer from windows, it says the server does not have the correct printer driver installed.  What gives?  It works fine if i try to print a test page from cups...05:59
persiajussi01: Thank you.06:02
ubuntuNewBehey, i have a queston about ssl anybody here have experience with it?07:04
ubuntuNewBeis everybody asleep?07:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:09
ShadeSsure does take a long time to login....07:14
sherrzroysch: if /dev/md2 does not mount (even with "-t ext2") then I think it must be badly corrupt and the fsck did not fix it. You might get somewhere with something like "ddrescue" or "testdisk". If the data is very important, a data recovery service. Sorry I cannot help.08:02
quizmemy .bashrc file is not getting read, does anybody know why?08:26
quizmei'm loggin in as ubuntu08:26
quizmei mean the user "ubuntu"08:26
persiaquizme: At what time isn't it read?  That isn't supposed to be read at login, but only when bash starts.08:27
quizmeif i ssh into my server, none of my aliases are available for example08:27
persiaDunno.  For ssh -> bash I'd expect both files to be read.  Are you running byobu by deafult and not closing your bash session?08:28
FireCrotchquizme: is your .bash_profile there? is that being read? does that source your .bashrc?09:08
FireCrotcher... actually it's just .profile09:09
bericHello. Can anyone help me install grub on a sata fake raid? I'm trying to install 9.10 and installation fails on boot loader.09:10
quizmefirecrotch i moved .bashrc to .profile and all is good now09:11
bericI get the following error when trying grub-install manually: http://pastebin.com/7wECudUQ09:12
FireCrotchquizme: yay :)09:13
quizmefirecrotch yes thanks.09:13
FireCrotchquizme: you're welcome09:13
sherrberic: maybe try "/dev/nvidia/chaiadab" device - although I've never installed grub to an LV before.09:22
bericsherr: I don't have /dev/ncidia09:24
sherrAh, OK. I have misunderstood then. What is "/dev/mapper/nvidia-chaiadab"? Some sort of NV RAID?09:27
bericyes, "fakeRaid"09:27
sherrThat might be the problem. I am not sure about current support for these "fake" RAID devs, especially booting (grub) off them, but they used to be problematic.09:28
bericI had gentoo installed on it without any proble,09:28
sherrOK - pass. I would avoid NV RAID on Linux and use Linux RAID (md).09:29
bericI think it was grub1 an not grub2. I know I can use linux raid but i don't want to.09:30
bericanyway how can I get grub "prompt"09:31
bericsimply "grub" ask me to apt-get grub09:31
bericbut I already have grub-pc installed09:31
bericwhat should I do to get that shell like grub /09:32
sherrberic: I am not very familiar with grub2, sorry. Personally, I am still not sure that the update to Grub2 has been good. This forums post covers the differences :09:40
sherrberic: It also discusses uninstall and install of Grub (legacy) - but I would suggest you do not do this unless you understand things i.e. you might end up unbootable.09:41
bericIt's already unbootable :) Thanks.09:42
sherrberic: Besides, might not be anything to do with Grub2.09:42
n00b13h3r3hi guyz ;;)09:58
n00b13h3r3need help in configuring ltsp server, my concern is on how to setup a directory that can only be mounted by specific user09:59
n00b13h3r3anybody here...10:00
sherrn00b13h3r3: No idea on LTSP, but "mount" i.e. NFS?10:04
n00b13h3r3@sherr, thank you10:06
sherrn00b13h3r3: NFS is not the most secure protocol but you can set options in /etc/exports (man exports) on allowed hosts and security options10:07
n00b13h3r3@sherr, thinclient users are will be required to connect to a webdav shared folder to their designated mount directory10:08
n00b13h3r3been trying to google it for a week now, but haven't found any solution yet :(10:09
sherrn00b13h3r3: Apache mod_dav? Has auth options :10:10
n00b13h3r3@sherr, already configured the webdav server side. my concern is for the thinclient users mounting the webdav shared folder into their own designated directory10:12
n00b13h3r3my question is this, do i have to modify the /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/fstab and create entry for each user or the main /etc/fstab?10:13
n00b13h3r3the /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/fstab does not have any entry, if i'll create an entry on this file and subsequently update the image will it be reflected on the next booting of each thinclient user?10:14
sabgentonhey all10:15
n00b13h3r3hol sabgenton ;)10:16
sabgentonwhat is the best way to add an address to /etc/resolve.conf10:16
sabgentonshould i just put echo   address >> /etc/resolve.conf  in a startup script?10:17
sabgentonor is there a better way10:17
n00b13h3r3@sabgenton you can modify it with sudo nano or sudo vim10:17
sabgentonno it will disapear on computer restart10:18
n00b13h3r3anybody here have any info to my queries, please10:18
sabgentonn00b13h3r3: care to repeat them?10:19
sherrsabgenton: then you must be using Networkmanager - go to the properties for the networkmanager connection and add the DNS servers there.10:19
sherrn00b13h3r3: sorry - I don'tr know LTSP. maybe ask on the LTSP mailing list?10:19
sherrn00b13h3r3: I don't know (don't think) you can add DAV mounts to /etc/fstab.10:20
sabgentonsherr: no gui10:22
sabgentonthis is server10:22
sabgentonsherr: basicly  I want to set localhost as a nameserver10:23
sabgentonas I have bind10:23
sherrsabgenton: a) does the resolv.conf contain any mention of "edited by" something else? and b) is networkmanager running or installed?10:24
sabgentonbut I want to have it apear all the time10:24
sabgentonresolv.conf is overwriten all the time10:24
sabgentonsherr: ppp puts entrys in resolve.conf10:25
sherrsabgenton: do you need PPP?10:25
sabgentonsherr: the easy thing i can think of is to add  echo nameserver <ip> >> /etc/resolve.conf10:26
sabgentonsherr: yes10:26
sabgentonsherr: given my resolv.conf gets overridden can u see a better way to add a permanent address?10:28
sherrsabgenton: Well, appending the correct one only gets overwritten by PPP later. So best to stop PPP writing to the file in the first place.10:29
sherrCheck thye PPP configuration - maybe remove the option that gets DNS from the server, or writes the resolv.conf.10:29
sabgentonhmm actally I only need it as a backup for if ppp doen't add it10:29
sabgentonbut I see your point10:30
sherrpppd has a "usepeerdns" option - maybe you do not want this set.10:31
sabgentonsherr: I spose I should incorperate ppp into  /etc/network/interfaces10:31
sabgentonsherr: where do I set that?10:31
n00b13h3r3@sherr, thanks10:33
sherrsabgenton: check the man page for pppd. Tells you about all the options, and files you can set them in.10:34
sabgentonok found it10:34
sabgentonin my ppp script10:34
sabgentonsherr: does usepeerdns mean ask the ISP for its dns and use that?10:35
sabgentonpeer = ISP ?10:35
sabgentonsherr: so if I turn that of  ppp won't edit and add nameservers to resolv.conf10:36
sherrsabgenton: I think so but it has been a long time since I used pppd. Lots of docs all over the web about it. Maybe check that /etc/resolv.conf isn't linked to /etc/ppp/resolv.conf etc. Anyway - try/test.10:39
sabgentonsherr: most helpfull thanks10:39
sabgentonsherr: is there a way i can add this all to  /etc/network/interfaces so it writes  to /etc/resolve.conf allong with my additional address10:41
sabgentonI'm guessing that would be the proper ubuntu way to do it10:41
sherrsabgenton: yes, I think that's possible but I'd have to research it myself. As I said, not used PPP for years and never on Debian/Ubuntu. maybe check the Debian reference manual?10:44
sabgentonsherr: what distro?10:45
sabgentonout of interest10:45
sherrsabgenton: You mean when I used PPP? Maybe original Redhat - but this was 10 years ago.10:46
sherrAt that time, the secret with networking was - get it working and *don't touch it*!10:47
sherrPPP can be a nightmare (chat scripts etc.). ...10:47
quizmehow do i make my id_rsa.pub file have a different username (cuz they all say ubuntu@localhost )11:41
sherrquizme: I think that's who you are - logged in as "ubuntu" and no set hostname?11:46
sherrLive CD?11:46
sherrYou can use the "-c" option to ssh-keygen I think - see : man ssh-keygen11:47
quizmesherr i'm logged in as ubuntu and no set host name yes11:47
sherr-c only for RSA1 keys. Else re-generate and use -C11:48
quizmesherr thanks i'll try11:49
quizmesherr that worked thanks11:50
roykhi all. anyone that knows how I can configure automounts for usb devices and so on?11:50
sherrroyk: you mean automatically mount a USB when it is plugged in?11:54
sherr            to=>$MAIL_TO,11:55
sherr            cc=>'',11:55
sherr            from=>$MAIL_FROM,11:55
sherrroyk: it can be hit or miss I think, depending on format, device etc.11:56
sherrroyk: maybe investigate using "auto" in fstab, alongside a UUID or LABEL on a USB device.11:57
sherrroyk: Maybe using udev to probe for identifiers on a plugged in disk11:57
roykI mean, on an ubuntu desktop, things are automounted fine. is it gnome doing this?11:58
J-new-to-uso... can someone who knows vpn systems in linux well please pm me11:58
J-new-to-ui am really confused trying to cnnect to a symantec vpn i can get it to work through a vm xp but not in native linux...11:59
roykJ-new-to-u, ask a question, don't ask people for a chat11:59
AchabI never understand the advantage of VPN on NFS12:00
roykJ-new-to-u, if trying to connect from an ubuntu desktop, ask again on #ubuntu, but again, ask a question, not merely help me12:00
roykAchab, ?? vpn on nfs?12:00
J-new-to-ui asked the same question in ubuntu and was told to ask here12:01
roykI saw that12:01
sherrroyk: yes, I think the auto-mount magic is Gnome (or gvfs perhaps)12:01
roykbut you didn't ask for help, but merely for a chat12:01
J-new-to-ui asked multile times in different ways12:01
J-new-to-ubut no one had an answer.12:02
sherrAchab: NFS is very insecure, so a VPN might help secure it over an insecure network.12:02
royksherr, nfs with kerberos isn't very insecure12:03
J-new-to-ui tried openswan strongswan cisco openvpn and even installed shrewsoft vpn connection manager nothing i do seems to work12:03
AchabIs inscure?12:03
Achabenter in my LAN12:03
J-new-to-ubut it works fine with the software from symantec from within a vm of x12:04
roykJ-new-to-u, if trying to connect from an ubuntu desktop, don't ask here. it's a server channel12:04
sherrJ-new-to-u: what technology *is* symantec vpn? No point installing random VPN tech and hoping ...12:04
roykipsec+l2tp or pp2p?12:05
roykor ssl?12:05
roykwith l2tp12:06
roykthen just choose that technology on your desktop setup and you should get through quite easily12:06
roykstill, this is a server channel12:06
J-new-to-uwell sorry if i wasnt redirected here i wouldnt be inconveniencing you with my new to linux networking issue12:08
J-new-to-uthanks for your time though12:08
sherrJ-new-to-u: ipsec can be painful - but you will need keys/certs from your admin. Try asking in the forums :12:08
J-new-to-ui will thanks12:09
sherrJ-new-to-u: Include information on the actual Symantec VPN e.g. product info. Good luck.12:12
sherrroyk: re: NFS - I meant to say "NFS is *not* very secure" above ... ughh :-/12:15
persiaroyk: The desktop stuff happens in nautilus.  There are tools that don't require a desktop, but most are written to target desktop environments.12:18
roykpersia, thanks. I'll look into that12:18
roykpersia, wrong channel, but do you know how I can have nautilus automount a nilfs partition? linux has no problems with it, but nautilus doesn't recognize it12:22
persiaroyk: No idea.12:22
Stargazecan somebody please do nmap gbachot.homelinux.com?12:28
sherrStargaze: http://pastebin.com/KjH403UX12:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #533781 in bind9 (main) "[bind9 packaging]  DNS no longer works after uninstall" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53378113:11
Bellotohello, I am trying to configure Apache server access log; I am looking into /etc/apache2/apache2.conf and I do not find any "CustomLog " lines ... but for some reason my server is already logging into /var/log/apache2/ ... is this normal?  I understand it should not be logging by default16:53
Belloto how do I stop my Apache 2.2.8 server creating access.log files?17:13
qman__Belloto, the log files are defined in the site configuration files, in /etc/apache2/sites-available/17:21
Bellotothanks a lot!! ... shouldn't this be mentioned in http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/logs.html#accesslog  ??17:26
guntbertBelloto: have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/web-servers.html17:28
Bellotoby the way, I do have a line "ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/error.log" in both /etc/apache2/apache2.conf and /etc/apache2/sites-available/default ... why twice?17:28
Bellotothanks I will check it out right now17:28
Bellotovery helpful info, thanks guntbert and qman__17:32
guntbertBelloto: have fun17:33
willem-janis it possible to startx through ssh?18:03
willem-janit should run on the server itself, so I guess ssh -X does not apply18:03
MTeckso.. I locked myself out of my server with ufw because I'm somewhere else (coffee shop). I established the connection to the router (pfsense) with OpenVPN but now I can't open the pfsense web ui or ssh into any of the internal servers which should just see me as a 192.168.3.x addy..  any connection to 192.168.x.x times out though :(18:48
MTecktun0   inet addr:     wlan0  inet addr:
hans67521hi everyone18:50
hans67521id like to create a custom install cd with ubuntu server with my own startup scripts and config18:51
hans67521is this possible18:51
hans67521id like to create an iso install image18:51
MTeckit's possible, i never did it though18:52
MTeckI think you normally want the alternate cd for that though, then you customize packages and such18:52
qman__MTeck, looks like you didn't push the route in your openVPN config18:53
qman__there's two ways to set up openvpn, one (routed) puts you on a private subnet with DHCP from the VPN server, the other just bridges you to the LAN the VPN server is on18:53
qman__in either case, if you want to access networks besides the one you get an address from, you have to add them to the openvpn config18:54
qman__you might be able to get to the other network if you manually add a route18:54
MTeckqman__: it's been working before I moved to 10.04; but I haven't tried since the upgrade until now18:54
qman__pastebin the output of route -n18:54
MTeckI've never been outside the ssh allow range until now :P18:54
qman__on the client18:54
qman__yeah, it's not routing you18:55
MTeckqman__: this is my openvpn config  http://pastebin.com/RSzGJwQD18:56
qman__sudo route add gw
MTeckit complained about the usage18:57
MTecknetmask 000000ff doesn't make sense with host route18:57
MTeckqman__: sorry/....18:59
qman__it's doing it here too, not sure what's wrong with it19:00
qman__but that route needs to get pushed to the clients if you want access to the network19:00
MTeckI forgot I should have the connection open still when running route     http://pastebin.com/aKch83WY19:00
histoWhat is the current server kernel? My server is installing both generic and generic-pae19:00
histobut booting the pae kernel19:00
histoI'm so confused by which kernel should be running and why its installing two for each update?19:01
qman__histo, both of those kernels are current, just different versions19:01
qman__one is pae and one is non-pae19:01
histoWhat happened to the -server kernel?19:02
histoand what is pae?19:02
qman__physical address extension19:02
qman__it's a memory management technique that allows 32-bit kernels to use more than 4GB of address space19:03
histoI have linux-image-generic linux-image-generic-pae and linux-image-server installed by default.19:03
qman__and more than ~3.5GB of RAM19:03
histoqman__: Ah I don't have that much ram.19:03
qman__MTeck, your routes look okay, the servers you're trying to access are on
histoIsn't there a server kernel anymore?19:03
qman__histo, the server kernel is going away, not sure if it's in karmic or not but it won't be in lucid19:04
MTeckqman__: ya, specifically19:04
histoqman__: any idea why they still ahve a pae package then?19:04
MTeckqman__: I also can't get to
histoqman__: sorry i meant linux-image-server package19:04
qman__histo, probably in order to not break setups that depend on it19:05
histoqman__: So I should just run the generic kernel19:05
histoqman__: also can I remove the kernel i'm currently booted in?19:05
MTeckhisto: just do update-grub19:06
histoMTeck: for what?19:06
MTeckhisto: the kernel you're using is in ram now19:06
qman__histo, you can, but it's not a good idea because if the new one you install doesn't work, you won't have anything to fall back on19:06
histoqman__: I know the other one works19:06
qman__histo, suggest removing all kernels except the one running, and installing the one you want19:06
MTeckhisto: if you rememove it; grub will still try to boot to that one19:06
histoqman__: I just want ot get rid of the pae kernels19:06
histoMTeck: grub-update runs after removing it.19:06
MTeckI'm too used to my own kernels :P19:07
qman__histo, you should be able to remove all the -pae kernels without issue if you're not running one now19:07
historemoving the pae kernels wants to remove the -server packages so i'm assuming thats goign to be the new -server kernels19:07
qman__histo, probably, since servers are the most likely to need pae19:08
histoqman__: well not anymore that ram is so cheep but.19:08
histoto each his own. I'll jsut leave it the way it is19:08
qman__histo, pae is only needed on 32-bit, modern systems are all 64-bit19:08
qman__but there are plenty of older 32-bit servers capable of using more than 4GB of RAM via pae19:09
qman__MTeck, I'm not sure exactly what's going wrong with it, the client end looks fine19:09
qman__MTeck, a while back I had the same problem every time my VPN server installed updates for some odd reason, and a reboot fixed it19:10
qman__but that hasn't happened in a while, so I guess they fixed that issue19:10
MTeckqman__: I guess they're probably blocking the vpn traffic or something....19:10
qman__MTeck, possibly, or they might have a routing issue on the other side19:11
MTeckyay coffee shop wifi :P19:11
qman__oh, not the coffee shop19:11
qman__if you're connecting and staying connected the VPN is working19:11
qman__the problem's either on the VPN server or on the network you're trying to access19:12
MTeckI thought this was right - but still can't get in -_-       sudo ufw allow from port 22 proto tcp to any19:12
qman__for direct internet SSH, sure, but not over the VPN19:13
MTeckI finally got the other admin on irc19:14
MTeckI made him run that but I still can't get in19:14
qman__well, I don't use ufw, so I'm not sure if that's correct19:14
qman__but if it didn't throw an error I'm guessing it worked19:15
hans67521is the ubuntu customization kit only for livecd?19:15
hans67521can i not use i for a custom install cd19:16
stiv2khi, I exported my cups drivers to samba using cupsaddsmb, and it worked fine, but when I try to connect to the printer from windows, it says the server does not have the correct printer driver installed.  What gives?  It works fine if i try to print a test page from cups...19:18
MTecknologyqman__: ufw disable; thanks :)19:19
qman__stiv2k, windows gets its drivers from the magical print$ share, in a pretty bizarre format19:20
qman__I've never actually gotten it to work myself19:20
stiv2kqman__: yeah, and it works fine for my HP officejet, but this printer wont accept the driveres that were put in thee print$ share by cupsaddsmb19:21
stiv2kin there*19:21
qman__I spent weeks trying to get it to work, gave up and now all my printers are shared on an old win2k laptop19:21
stiv2kthis keyboard likes to type e twice a lot19:22
stiv2kqman__: lol19:22
stiv2kqman__: wtf man, why is printer sharing so hard >:(19:22
qman__for linux clients, it isn't19:22
stiv2kit's super easy in fedora, the driver installs itself19:23
qman__but even my old solution isn't going to work much longer19:23
qman__windows 7 hates it19:24
qman__and it doesn't support 64-bit windows drivers, I still have to point it to a copy I have on a regular share19:24
qman__also, since it's a PII thinkpad that scales itself to 10MHz when it idles, it takes like five minutes to print19:26
qman__so I'm going to need an upgrade19:26
stiv2kqman__: so what's the new solution?19:28
stiv2kqman__: sharing it on a windows 7 machine?19:28
qman__probably a 2003 64-bit server19:28
qman__or if I can get a good deal on a windows 7 netbook19:29
stiv2kthat's freakin ridiculous19:29
stiv2kwhy should i have to get a whole new machine just to fully support windows printing19:29
qman__not sure if 7 will let me add other driver versions though19:29
qman__yeah, it is pretty ridiculous19:30
qman__I've tried several times but I just can't get it to work19:30
qman__also, I have to support one canon printer that doesn't have any linux drivers at all19:30
qman__so I have to have a windows box sharing that anyway19:30
stiv2ki need to come up with some beteter solution19:31
stiv2kqman__: i was thinking of putting the driveres for all OS's on a samba share and just having users go to "Have Disk" and select the file from the samba share to install the printere19:32
stiv2kso i dont have to try to struggly with the automatic driver downloading that only works for some versions of windows19:33
qman__that's what I do now for the 64-bit windows, it works fine19:33
stiv2ka year ago, all windows machines here were XP, now its mixed between XP/Vista/719:33
stiv2kand of course linux19:34
qman__7 is super picky about the share security too19:34
qman__I had to do some policy changes and registry hacks to get it to connect to my 2k server19:34
stiv2kthats sketchy19:34
qman__vista worked fine, though19:34
qman__but yeah, don't buy canon printers19:36
qman__no linux drivers19:36
qman__I like brother printers myself, and HPs work pretty well too19:37
stiv2kxerox seems to work good19:38
stiv2kthe automatic driver downloads USED to work for it but something happened along the way19:38
stiv2keither in their drivers, in XP, or in cups/samba19:38
stiv2kthat made it stop working19:38
stiv2ki had to take the whole machine apart yesterday to remove a massive clump of paper that was lodged in the fuser unit19:40
stiv2kbut now it works19:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #533992 in postfix (main) "package mailx 1:20081101-2ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: problemas de dependencias - se deja sin configurar" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53399220:36
lifelesskirkland: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/PackageInstall#STEP%203:%20Install%20and%20Configure%20the%20Node%20Controller%28s%2921:13
lifelesskirkland: I think that that ordering is bong.21:13
lifelesskirkland: reread it with fresh eyes ;)21:13
quizmehey guys i just installed a new linode 9.10 64 bit instance.  which sources should i add to my /etc/apt/sources.list21:19
quizmemultiverse or something like that ?21:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #341817 in dhcp3 (main) "dhcpd wont start due to rndc.key permissions" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34181721:27
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MTecknologyHow can I make /etc/skel so when a new user is created no other user can browse any files in that users home directory?23:33
pwnguinMTecknology: i was just wondering the other day about /etc/skel23:34
pwnguinthe most documentation on it i can find is useradd23:34
pwnguinperhaps a trip through the source is in order23:34
pwnguinMTecknology: any guess on how to create a public_html in /etc/skel such that www-data permissions are preserved?23:35
VolkswagnerCan someone advise:  9.10 Alternate CD fails to configure network, yet in console dhclient will aquire ip address from my router?23:36
VolkswagnerCisco airo_cs and airo are both loading fine.  I tried two different downloads and cd burns, md5 check out23:37
pwnguini forget. how does one determine which package is owned by a binary like useradd?23:37
VolkswagnerActually I should say fails to properly recognize the card, seems to crash in the "detect network hardware"23:40
MTecknologypwnguin: it's been years since I touched /etc/skel...23:40
pwnguinwell, im digging through source as we speak23:40
pwnguinadduser's anyways23:40
pwnguinuseradd is next23:41
VolkswagnerYet after running dhclient in console, going back to installer, it tries to configure eth0, which is the correct interface23:41
pwnguinMTecknology: which tool are you using to create accounts?23:43
MTecknologypwnguin: useradd23:43
pwnguin$tree =~ s:^/*(.*)/*$:$1:; # chop off leading & trailing slashes @path = split(/\//, $tree);23:44
MTecknologypwnguin: I think you'd want to do mkdir /etc/skel/public_html; chmod o+rx /etc/skel/public_html23:44
pwnguinthats from adduser =(23:44
pwnguinMTecknology: well, that and chgrp www-data, and chmod g+s23:45
pwnguini wasn't sure if the tools would strip that out23:45
MTecknologypwnguin: I think it only changes if it's set to root - best guess23:46
pwnguinwell, i think if you chmod g-x /etc/skel23:48
pwnguinthat should remove execute from skel23:48
pwnguindo the same for world23:48
pwnguinbut, how would that work with ssh keys23:48
pwnguinMTecknology: have you thought through the implications of your permission scheme?23:49
MTecknologypwnguin: for o-rw ?23:52
MTecknologypwnguin: ya... I don't know how ssh keys will continue to work. My guess is they won't. However, I don't intend to allow ssh to come in for those users anyway so I'm not worried about it. FTP only for those23:53
MTecknologybut then I'll have the fun task of making ftp work :(23:53
pwnguinyou could maybe restrict login shells to scp23:54
MTecknologynah; I have to explicitly add them to a group allowed to ssh in before anyone has ssh access.23:55
MTecknologyI like that and ftp gives them a crap load of inability to do anything23:56
MTecknologyI'm debating letting them come in at all23:56
pwnguinthats what adduser executes, im sure useradd does something simliar23:56
pwnguinactually thats for copied files23:57
* Volkswagner was sent here from #ubuntu.... hoping someone can help, as I have tried several other releases, each with unique caveats!23:57
pwnguin-d $done || mkdir($done, $default_dir_mode) || return 0;23:58
pwnguinmy $default_dir_mode = 0755;23:59
MTecknologyVolkswagner: that's ntoa server related23:59
pwnguincannot be done via adduser23:59
MTecknologyVolkswagner: that's ntoa server related question. I'm not sure why they sent you here..23:59

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