akgranerhey all SCaLE 8x - Exhibit Floor interviews http://hriday.org/blog/?p=294801:52
pleia2on our the front page of wiki, I assume we want to add this channel?03:56
pleia2right now we just have the other one03:56
akgranerpleia2, yep03:59
pleia2ok, hmm... how to structure this04:01
akgranerwhat about #ubuntu-women-project  and just say in after the info (it is recommended you join both channels) and then link to the  guidelines page or something04:06
akgranerpleia2, that works too :-)04:06
pleia2yeah maybe, my solution looks a bit crowded04:06
pleia2I'll look at it again in the morning04:07
akgranerthx :-)04:07
Pendulumpleia2: bah, forgot to send you the pic. I'll send it now05:02
pleia2Pendulum: np, akgraner sent it05:03
pleia2thanks :)05:03
pleia2Pendulum: oh! link to your rss feed for planet :)05:04
Pendulumhmm... does any one have any ideas where I can get info on this? every 10 minutes or so I get an error popup saying that there was an error loading or saving config info for evolution-alarm-notify19:12
Pendulum*here's the thing, I don't use evolution19:12
jussi01Pendulum: tried looking at the list of running programs with "ps aux" ?19:13
Pendulumwell it's also telling me that it's failing to reach the configuration server19:15
Pendulumwhat am I looking for on the list of running programs?19:15
JanCconfiguration server is probably gnome-settings-daemon ?19:17
JanCunless it's referring to evolution-data-server maybe19:18
Pendulumfull error message is:19:20
Pendulum(sorry, I know I'm asking stupid questions but it's because I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for to change or fix)19:22
JanCis this lucid or karmic?19:25
JanC"""Failed to get connection to session: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-EpyjzJ7Vt9: Connection refused""" seems to be the important part19:26
JanCdo you still have that after logout/login or didn't try that yet?19:26
Pendulumit's been doing it for several weeks consistently19:27
JanChm, weird19:27
PendulumI've restarted several times in those several weeks19:27
JanCI guess something doesn't get started properly in your X/GNOME session19:28
JanCis gnome-settings-daemon running?19:28
Pendulumone thing that did start happening (but long before this started up) is when I restart (this is a VM on MacOS using VMWare), it'll often take me several log-ins where I log in and then it just brings me back to the log-in screen a couple times19:29
PendulumI'm starting to wonder if it's related19:29
Pendulum(the log-in issue has gotten worse in the last couple weeks)19:30
JanChm, silly question: do you have enough diskspace left inside the VM?19:30
PendulumI should19:32
Pendulumit's a 20gig VM and I'm using less than 7 gigs19:32
Pendulumand I can't see anything saying that gnome-settings-daemon is running, no19:34
JanChm, normally you wouldn't even see the correct Gtk theme etc. if that was true19:35
pleia2oops, looks like we never moved over our team reports stuff to the main TeamReports wiki19:35
PendulumI may be seeing wrong19:36
JanCit's listed as /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-settings-daemon in htop on my karmic desktop19:37
Pendulumah, I found something that says it's sleeping19:38
Pendulum(using the GUI route of system monitor and the processes tab)19:39
JanCsleeping just means it's not busy at the moment, so that's okay19:39
JanCPendulum: what happens if you open the Appearance configuration applet?19:44
Pendulumit gives me the Appearance COnfiguration Applet and shows my settings19:46
JanCso, the settings daemon is working fine19:46
JanCanyway, you can probably just disable evolution-alarm-notify19:47
Pendulumokay, will try that :)19:49
Pendulumthank you :)19:50
pleia2g'day czajkowski20:11
czajkowskii'm not a aussie or a kiwi20:12
czajkowskipleia2: you dont watch aussie tv shows20:12
czajkowskig'day mate20:12
pleia2I just use it as a general "I can't calculate time zones, "g'day" tends to always be safe in irc" ;)20:13
czajkowskialoha :D20:13
pleia2I am not hawaiian!20:14
czajkowskiit's a protocol20:14
nigelbhowdy MichelleQ :)21:39
Pendulumhi MichelleQ21:42
MichelleQhow's everyone?21:43
nigelbMichelleQ: slightly insomniac for today ;)21:43
MarkDudeSo, I have Zuchinni,  ground cherry& basil seeds If anyone else wants any21:52
JanC"ground cherry" ?21:52
JanCoh, that, weird name  :P21:54
MarkDudeJanC on the east coast of the US they are more commonly called cape goosberries, they are a tomatillo relative http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2424094/UbuntuLogos/100_9966.JPG23:51
MarkDudeThey are great in salsa & pasta sauce http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2424094/UbuntuLogos/100_9965.JPG I have some stuff with more unusual names, my favorite is the tibetan green cherry, it tastes unlike anything I have ever tasted, yes, their flesh is green. The ground cherries can stay fresh on the ground or wherever for a month or 223:55
JanCMarkDude: I know similar plants over here, the name just sounded weird to me  ☺23:57
JanCfound out at wikipedia what it was23:58

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