libvchrisccoulson: check both the vidmode lib and server side code00:15
libvchrisccoulson: really easy to debug this when you have the code and gdb ready00:16
libvah, i'd say randr and driver issue.00:18
Sarvattchrisccoulson: any way to force gnome-screensaver to activate from the command line? (-a doesn't work)00:36
BUGabundoCAD not good enough?00:39
libvdoes xgamma have the same result btw?01:24
Sarvattchrisccoulson: hmm yeah its using FADE_TYPE_GAMMA_NUMBER since it says it doesn't support ramps according to that xtrace, and it goes down to test_number: because it only has a gamma parameter not ramps, res = XF86VidModeGetGamma (GDK_DISPLAY (), screen, &info [screen].vmg); should be failing in his case and making him not use fade at all but its not01:51
Sarvattmaybe just add a check if kvm is in use to gs-fade.c and use FADE_TYPE_NONE for it :D01:53
Sarvatttry using vesa yourself like the cirrus adapter in kvm is using due to the xserver patch we have and see if it does the same thing maybe?01:55
Sarvattimagine there would be alot more bug reports similar if it happened to everyone using vesa and its something kvm specific01:56
Sarvattoh i was looking at old source, this changed things alot http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-screensaver/commit/?id=f423a56d536b4ce19383ed74c1550ebd12f8854101:59
brycehtjaalton, yeah tried doing a hardy->lucid upgrade on my webserver but it crashed and burned so had to do a reinstall02:13
brycehtjaalton, however most of the X content gets generated on another machine and pushed to my webserver, so all that is good to go right now02:14
brycehsome of the older scripts like the package version report aren't running yet02:15
Sarvattchrisccoulson: check out hw/xfree86/dixmods/extmod/xf86vmode.c to see why it would return BadValue btw02:23
bjsniderbryceh, when you started that upgrade, what did you expect? i mean would success have been a reasonable expectation?02:34
bjsnidera lot of lts users are going to be faced with this decision soon02:35
brycehbjsnider, what are you getting at?02:36
bjsnideri just wondred if you thought it was going to work, and if so how much confidence you had in it02:36
brycehit would have been nice to see it upgrade cleanly, but I didn't have expectations that it would02:36
bjsnideri see02:37
brycehit's barely after alpha-302:37
bjsniderok, wrong question02:37
bjsniderdo you think it will be possible to upgrade from hardy to lucid once the final release happens?02:37
bjsniderwith a high amount of confidence that it will work?02:38
brycehwell you're asking entirely the wrong person there ;-)02:39
bjsniderare efforts underway to test that scenario?02:39
bjsnideri mean other than the one you just went through02:39
bjsniderah, here's the question: is that upgrade officially supported by canonical?02:41
brycehin fact there's people at canonical for whom testing lts->lts upgrades is the primary part of their job02:41
brycehyes it is02:41
bjsniderwow, that's a realy tough upgrade though02:41
bjsniderthat's a lot of deprecated packages, new packages, changes in the xorg/mesa system etc.02:42
bjsnidernew grub02:42
* bryceh nods02:42
brycehsurprisingly I didn't have too many problems with the X packages, although it did get stuck on the -r128 transition package02:43
brycehsystem was radeon and came up with kms ok, purple screen and everything02:43
brycehsomething was bugged in the kernel though02:44
BUGabundobryceh: purple is the new brown02:45
BUGabundoit even replaced my gnome-terminal black with _this_ fushia02:45
brycehterminals gotta be white with black text.  anything else is abomination02:45
brycehblack with green text is ok if you're old school02:46
BUGabundoblack with white text02:46
brycehnext you'll be saying terminals should be transparent02:46
BUGabundomine is :D02:46
BUGabundo70% opace02:47
BUGabundoyou know my kind, it seems02:47
BUGabundooh that's better 02:48
BUGabundoback to 70%02:48
BUGabundothis new look theme changed that too02:49
BUGabundowas on 90%02:49
brycehbjsnider, I just wish we had a good tool for doing a smart backup of a hardy system 02:49
BUGabundo$ dd ?02:49
brycehbjsnider, like for instance instead of just copying the mysql db files, to do sql dumps of them so they can be loaded in the new version02:49
bjsniderhow do you mean smart? only changed files are backed up and so forth?02:49
brycehno, like backup in a form that can be restored onto lucid02:49
bjsnideri solve that problem by mounting my home directory as a separate partition02:50
brycehlike for instance my drupal stuff for my blog I backed up but I can't really just copy it back into place, I kind of have to recover it chunk by chunk02:50
bjsnideri don't do upgrades, only clean installs02:50
brycehyeah me too.  I was half hoping the upgrade would do all the magic of converting all the files over02:50
BUGabundountil my disk died early this year02:51
brycehbut forgot to copy some of the drupal themes and modules and stuff02:51
BUGabundoI had 3 cycles of upgrades here02:51
bjsniderpoint your webserver stuff at your home directory so it will stick around02:51
brycehwell I have /var/www on a raid partition and that's all there fine02:51
brycehit's the stuff that had been under /usr I didn't think to back up02:51
BUGabundobryceh: that's why I started doing clonezilla of my discs prior to format02:51
BUGabundoI *always* forget something02:51
bjsniderBUGabundo, vloopback.c:676: error: ‘TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE’ undeclared02:52
BUGabundopackage missing?02:52
bjsniderfind where that function is declared and install that package and you'll be fine02:52
bjsniderand all of the others02:52
BUGabundoforum says to use another package02:52
bjsniderthat's why make is failing02:52
BUGabundocause the one in the tar is too old for this kernel02:52
bjsnideryeah, if those functions were removed in the newer kernel, that would cause it too02:53
BUGabundo!info vloopback-source02:53
ubottuvloopback-source (source: vloopback): vloopback modules for Linux. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1-1 (karmic), package size 15 kB, installed size 60 kB02:53
bjsniderthat's what moprons like me have to worry about when making deb packages02:53
BUGabundolet me try to get that source package 1st02:53
bjsniderBUGabundo, check the vloopback.c file. at the beginning there will be a bunch of #includes statements. make sure it has those files02:54
BUGabundoThe following NEW packages will be installed:02:54
BUGabundo  cvs{a} debhelper{a} gettext{a} html2text{a} intltool-debian{a} libmail-sendmail-perl{a} libsys-hostname-long-perl{a} module-assistant{a} 02:54
BUGabundo  po-debconf{a} vloopback-source 02:54
BUGabundomy idea didn't help02:56
BUGabundotrying yours02:56
bjsnidertry adding the ppa, then doing an apt-get build-dep flashcam02:56
bjsnider!find sched.h lucid02:59
BUGabundo0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.02:59
BUGabundodidn't take me no where02:59
ubottuFile sched.h found in asterisk-dev, dietlibc-dev, fftw-docs, libace-dev, libc6-dev (and 31 others)02:59
BUGabundodid I tell you the ppa only has 32bits paclages?02:59
bjsniderBUGabundo, try installing libc6-dev03:00
bjsniderthen do make again03:00
BUGabundoalready instaled03:01
BUGabundono go03:01
bjsniderwhich files are in the include statements?03:02
bjsniderwhy did he only build i386 packages?03:02
BUGabundocause that's all he needed for him?03:03
bjsniderwhat a numbskull03:05
bjsnideryou have the linux-headers package for your kernel installed?03:06
bjsniderbecause almost all of those headers are from the kernel03:06
bjsnideris this popovetsky the developer of the software?03:07
BUGabundo$ dpkg -l | grep linux-headers | pastebinit 03:08
bjsniderwhat kernel are you currently running?03:09
BUGabundono, this is https://sourceforge.net/users/swift-tools/03:09
BUGabundoLinux BluBUG 2.6.32-15-generic #22-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 2 02:23:29 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux03:10
BUGabundoCopyright © 2008-2010 Olivier "Swift" Debon03:11
bjsniderKernel compiled with CONFIG_VIDEO_V4L1_COMPAT03:11
bjsnideris that the case with the ubuntu kernel?03:11
BUGabundoyes, I expected as much03:11
BUGabundosince Nol did an heck of a job getting my cam driver upstreamed03:11
BUGabundoand since karmic it works OTB03:12
bjsniderlet me take the current release and throw it into pbuilder to see if it builds03:12
BUGabundoI'll be asleep before it finishs03:14
bjsniderprobably not03:14
BUGabundoI can already barelly keep my left eye open03:14
BUGabundobrb, getting some cookies03:15
bjsniderfirst pbuilder run failed due to missing build-depends03:25
bjsniderdoing second run03:25
BUGabundowhich ones?03:27
bjsniderbuild system missing /lib/modules/2.6.31-20-generic/build directory03:28
Sarvatthmm, we have the cirrus patch to make it work with KVM/qemu, why are we defaulting it to vesa?03:38
Sarvatt100_fedora_libpciaccess.patch in x-x-v-cirrus makes it work for KVM use, 184_virtual_devices_autodetect.patch in xorg-server is defaulting it to vesa03:42
bjsniderBUGabundo, just tried running make here and got an error related to that option i mentioned above that the kernel has to have03:46
bjsnideri am asking in the kernel channel if it has that option enabled03:46
bjsnideri'll bet the 32-bit flash already has full v4l2 support and if you were using the i386 version this wouldn't be an issue03:48
bjsniderif it's a usb webcam you could probably try it in a vm03:50
BUGabundoits a mounted cam, but uses internal usb03:51
bjsniderso you might be able to pass it off to the vm03:53
BUGabundoI guess03:53
BUGabundoI just don't use windows03:53
bjsniderand use it with the native 32-bit flash plugin03:53
BUGabundodon't even have a licence around for it03:53
bjsniderwhat does windows have to do with it?03:54
bjsniderthe 32-bit linux plugin03:54
bjsniderit's very different from the 64-bit version03:54
BUGabundoI tried BOTH03:57
BUGabundo64 bits from adobe labs03:58
BUGabundoflash player from adobe03:58
BUGabundoand archive 32bits too03:58
BUGabundonone seems to work with my webcam03:58
bjsniderhow do you test that?03:58
BUGabundoclose all browser, install lib (either in .mozilla/plugins or system), open browser, make sure its in about:plugin, open a site that uses cam04:00
bjsniderwhat site?04:00
BUGabundobambuser.com , ustream,com,  chatroulette.com/04:04
bjsniderBUGabundo, not going to do anymore tonight.04:13
BUGabundothanks for the time04:13
tjaaltonbryceh: yeah I noticed the stats came online later06:45
kazadebryceh, just a quick question. I'm running Lucid + xorg-edgers and I get this with glxgears: "IRQs don't seem to be working correctly" apparently this is fixed in 2.6.33 (according to this chat log: http://bit.ly/dpP7mH) is that something that will be backported?09:02
tjaaltonalready is09:09
tjaaltonjust that the image is not built yet aiui09:09
kazadeok cool :)09:09
knittlhi guys. my x crashes after wakeup from sleep10:04
tjaaltonwhat driver10:24
=== hypera1r is now known as hyperair
Sarvattanyone able to make this guy a kernel with the patch i attached included? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/507196 I tried using the ubuntu debian/ build system and failed a few times, dont think he'd want one of my kernel-package ones without an initrd17:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 507196 in linux "[i945gme] Ubuntu falls back on vesa driver (no screens)" [High,Confirmed]17:52
Sarvattnot sure how to properly bump the version in the ubuntu build system, making it 2.6.32-15.22+bug507196 or 2.6.32-15.23~bug507196 in the changelog didn't build the package properly17:55
Sarvatti asked upstream if they would consider adding the ignorelid module option to ignore the acpi lid status because i've made 6 bad lid status quirks in the past week for people and it would make it possible to have a usable system until the quirks went upstream (and they could verify they needed the quirk with a module parameter instead of rebuilding a kernel)17:57
Sarvattso many chinese knockoff netbooks with screwed up acpi popping up17:58
hyperairSarvatt: you should try poking people in #ubuntu-kernel17:59
hyperairi'd build one, but mine's a kernel-package one as well17:59
Sarvattdo ya know how to add the update-initramfs hooks back to the new kernel-package package?18:00
Sarvattthe documentation is really confusing about it18:00
Sarvatttempted to make a new package thats 11.017 kernel-package with the updated stuff to work for .33+ kernels since that looks self contained18:02
hyperairSarvatt: --initrd18:03
hyperair$ alias buildkernel18:03
hyperairalias buildkernel='AUTOBUILD=1 CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=${CONCURRENCY_LEVEL:-2} ionice -c 3 schedtool -D -e make-kpkg --initrd --rootcmd=fakeroot --append-to-version=-hyper${KERNELREV:-1} kernel_{headers,image}'18:03
Sarvattdoesn't work, they ripped out the initrd hook scripts18:03
hyperairi think there's something in /etc/kernel-pkg.conf18:03
hyperairer maybe not18:03
hyperairah /etc/kernel-img.conf18:04
Sarvattyou need to copy the hook script from /usr/share/kernel-package/SOMETHING to somewhere in /etc/kernel/ but i couldnt work out where18:04
hyperair$ tree /etc/kernel18:05
hyperair|-- postinst.d18:05
hyperair|   `-- dkms18:05
hyperair`-- prerm.d18:05
hyperair    `-- dkms18:05
Sarvattfor the --initrd option to work18:05
hyperairit's just /etc/kernel-img.conf18:05
hyperairjust change the line18:05
Sarvattyeah theres nothing there now, you have to manually link it according to the man18:05
hyperairi think you need some CONFIG_INITRD or so as well18:05
hyperairhey i'm compiling my own kernels, and i've been using initrd18:06
hyperairand i've got nothing in that directory!18:06
hyperairi'm telling you, it's not necessary18:06
Sarvattahhhhh here we go /usr/share/kernel-package/examples/etc18:06
Sarvattyou're on karmic hyperair18:07
Sarvatt12.x kernel-package is completely different now18:07
* hyperair facepalms18:07
Sarvattyou cant compile .33 kernels with the 11.015 you have in karmic either18:07
hyperairoh yes i acn.18:07
hyperair$ uname -r18:07
Sarvatthmm what version is kernel-package?18:08
hyperairi think i know what you're talking bout18:08
hyperairi changed some .mk scripts18:08
Sarvattthe header location changed alot in .3318:08
Sarvattah yeah18:08
Sarvattwith 12.x you dont need to make-kpkg clean if compiling fails anymore though18:09
hyperair/usr/share/kernel-package/ruleset/misc/version_vars.mk                    FAILED18:09
hyperaireh that's cool18:09
Sarvattyou can keep debian/ around, saves alot of time18:09
hyperairyes it does18:09
hyperairi've been doing rm -rf conf.vars debian18:09
hyperairto keep the compiled objects in place18:09
hyperairthat saves time18:10
SarvattPlease  note that  unless there are hook scripts in /etc/kernel or added into the hook script parameter of /etc/kernel-img.conf.  no initrd will be created (the bundled in example scripts are just examples -- user action is required before anything happens).18:11
Sarvatti wish http://git.debian.org/?s= worked18:11
Sarvattits either wait 10 minutes hoping that'll work or wait 10 minutes for the whole index of git repos to load with the non-caching gitweb debian is using..18:12
jcristauthe repo index is supposed to be cached18:18
Sarvattahhah /usr/share/doc/kernel-package/README.gz has good info on how to add initrd and update-grub hooks to /etc/kernel/18:22
Sarvattmaybe its just that gitweb is slow as heck to show that many repos on my machine18:24
Sarvatthmm https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/53341818:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 533418 in xorg "[xorg-edgers] ...dri/r600_dri.so: undefined symbol: _glapi_tls_Context" [Undecided,New]18:44
Sarvattanyone else using xorg-edgers on karmic with an r600+ by any chance?18:44
Sarvatti dont know why its using this -- file=/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/r600_dri.so [0]; needed by /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 18:45
=== radoe_ is now known as radoe
Sarvattyeah it looks like he has fglrx crap still hanging around, fglrx installs stuff to /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/18:57
hyperairis fglrx getting dropped or something?19:09
hyperairisn't it the only decent 3D driver around for ATI?19:09
jcristaufglrx drops itself19:12
jcristautakes them a year to update to trivial api changes19:12
Sarvattits at the point where I wouldnt even use fglrx at the moment unless I had an R800 anyway even if they didnt take >10 months to adjust to a new xserver video abi, but you really need newer than distro packages to keep up with all the progress19:32
Sarvattshould take bets on how long it'll take to support xserver 1.8 :)19:32
Sarvattr600+ really needs a bleeding edge kernel for power management on laptops19:35
Sarvattthats one of the other sucky things about nouveau at the moment too, geforce 8xxx+ is just as reliant on power management support to run at lower clocks and voltages and there isnt any yet19:37
Sarvattpeople with passively cooled desktop 8xxx+'s are going to be in a sucky situation with lucid's nouveau too :D19:39
tjaaltonmy 8600gt seems fine so far19:39
Sarvattmy passively cooled radeon hd2400 pro triggered gpu resets from overheating all the time in windows when I forced it to max clock speed19:40
tjaaltonso pull more upstream crack for .1 :)19:41
Sarvatt+1 is going to have 2.6.35 or .36 anyway, will be alot better by then i'm sure :D19:41
tjaaltonno I meant 10.04.119:42
tjaaltonwhich is probably late june19:42
bjsniderBUGabundo, can the android play all of the files here: http://www.linnrecords.com/linn-downloads-testfiles.aspx19:44
BUGabundoill have to test19:44
BUGabundowhy do you ask?19:44
Sarvattflac support depends on what rom he's using19:44
BUGabundolooking to buy a new super phone?19:44
Sarvatti dont think the stock ones under 2.0 support flac19:44
BUGabundoSarvatt: using CM19:44
BUGabundoAFAIK it does have extra codecs support19:44
BUGabundolet me ask19:45
Sarvattgave my htc dream to the wife 6 months ago so i havent kept up with android stuff :(19:45
bjsnideri'm interested in the 24 bit and studio master 5.1 files19:45
Sarvatton a phone?19:46
BUGabundo(2010-03-07 19:45:50) sunjon: BUGabundo: flac support is in afaik, haven't ever used it myself19:46
BUGabundoSarvatt: time to update to the last stable cyanogenmod19:46
bjsniderSarvatt, just want to see what its limitations are19:47
Sarvattone sec i'll point you to the dsp source so ya can see19:47
Sarvattwhat device are you looking at bjsnider?19:47
BUGabundoand http://github.com/cyanogen19:48
bjsniderxine and mplayer have trouble with the 5.1 flac, but gstreamer and vlc can play it19:50
Sarvattwhat type of container do you have the 5.1 flac in?19:50
Sarvatti put mine in mkv and mplayer doesnt have problems with it19:51
Sarvatti just reencode all my 5.1 flac into ac3 to be passed straight to my receiver over digitial spdif though, dont have one of these fancy hdmi receivers so its reencoding anyway somewhere19:55
Sarvattand ac3 can have tags and stuff in a mka container19:56
BUGabundobjsnider: FYI player plays does samples really fine19:57
bjsniderSarvatt, what version of mplayer are you using?20:04
Sarvatti play that stuff on my htpc which runs windows, was an mplayer i built myself about 1.5 years ago when I last cared enough to mess with anything windows related besides updating my htpc front end :)20:07
bjsniderBUGabundo, here's the problem with the flashcam compile: The version of vloopback included with Flashcam is too old for your kernel.20:10
BUGabundoI know20:10
BUGabundoI told you that yesterday20:11
Sarvattlots of places it could go wrong though, you could have it resampling to a format your speakers cant handle or the audio backend its using is screwing it up or any number of things20:11
bjsnideralso the developer said that he is updating vloopback soon, or whatever20:11
bjsniderSarvatt, why do you need a windows htpc?20:12
Sarvattbecause linux video acceleration was years behind windows and i dont care enough to switch it over since it took years to get everything working just the way i wanted it :)20:14
Sarvattand last i looked my tv tuner doesn't even work under linux20:14
bjsniderwell, those are very good arguments20:15
Sarvattthis 2.6.32-16 kernel is using ~2 watts more than -15 :(20:16
Sarvattlooks like its all chromium's fault though20:17
Sarvattsheesh, wish i had a touchpad hooked up internally over USB instead of going through the EC, I hate how using the touchpad shoots power usage and wakeups/second through the roof20:18
Sarvattpower usage almost doubles and i get an extra 600 wakeups from idle per second if i use the touchpad.. lowering the psmouse module rate option to 30 from 100 makes it a little better20:20
Sarvattclosed so many bugs against -synaptics about that since its a hardware limitation, at least we dont get huge cpu usage spikes while using the touchpad like windows :)20:22
bjsniderBUGabundo, alright, go it20:23
bjsniderBUGabundo, still have your flascham directory?20:23
BUGabundoguess so20:24
bjsniderhead in there20:24
bjsniderthere is a driectory called vloopback. see it?20:24
bjsniderblow it away20:24
bjsniderdownload this tarball to the flashcam directory: http://www.lavrsen.dk/foswiki/pub/Motion/VideoFourLinuxLoopbackDevice/vloopback-1.3.tar.gz20:25
bjsniderunpack it. rename the resulting directory to vloopback20:25
bjsniderthen run make20:25
BUGabundomake on the root dir, right?20:26
BUGabundoits going20:26
bjsniderwhich kernel is this?20:26
bjsnider.31 or .32?20:26
bjsniderthis is tested up to .31, but do make clean20:27
bjsnideronly run make ont he root dir. do not go into the vlloopback directory and run make20:28
BUGabundomake again ?20:28
bjsnideryes run make20:28
bjsniderwell, it looks like vloopback is not compatible with the .32 kernel at this point20:31
Sarvatthmm I think I found this guys r600 dri problem, am I crazy or does it look like xorg-driver-fglrx not remove  /etc/X11/Xsession.d/10fglrx after you remove it?20:31
bjsniderit did work here with the karmic kernel20:31
BUGabundothanks bjsnider20:31
bjsniderthat's the latest version of vloopback but not the latest development code20:32
bjsnideroh wait. he says svn trunk will work with .3220:32
bjsniderwhat's the subversion command that only downloads the latest code and not the entire history of it?20:33
Sarvattsuperm1: sorry to bug you, but do you have any idea about that? the 10fglrx Xsession script is exporting the fglrx specific LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH and I dont see anywhere where it is being removed when the package is removed20:33
* BUGabundo pulls up git20:33
BUGabundosvn ? hummm rev ?20:33
BUGabundoor head20:33
BUGabundonooo that's git20:33
BUGabundo"rev last" I think20:34
bjsnidercheckout gets you the whole history20:34
BUGabundogoogle fails me20:36
bjsnideralright, blow away the vloopback directory again20:36
bjsniderthen run this: svn export http://www.lavrsen.dk/svn/vloopback/trunk/ vloopback20:36
bjsniderthen run make20:36
BUGabundoExported revision 22.20:37
BUGabundomake clean 1st20:37
BUGabundomaking now20:37
bjsniderit worked?20:37
bjsniderit created the executable?20:37
BUGabundoit did20:38
BUGabundoFound V4L2 Capture device: /dev/video0. gspca_gl860/USB 2.0 PC Camera. Current Size:  1600x1200 Format: GBRG20:38
bjsniderit has the wrong prefix, but it worked20:38
bjsniderthe make run is set to install the files to /usr/local20:39
BUGabundook, back to MAN20:39
BUGabundoand get this working20:39
BUGabundothanks, once again20:40
bjsniderno prob20:40
bjsnideryou can run make install at this point20:41
BUGabundoFATAL: Module vloopback not found.20:41
BUGabundomake ; su - ; make install20:42
BUGabundo/sbin/modprobe videodev 20:42
BUGabundo/sbin/modprobe vloopback20:42
Sarvattheyo, thanks because its a distro specific issue most likely and not an upstream radeon one most likely :)20:46
Sarvattdoes /etc/X11/Xsession.d/10fglrx exist?20:46
cheakoI'm glad to have found to correct place :)20:46
cheakoNo, neither does this env.20:47
cheakoI do have lots of fglrx stuff floating around, I'm cleaning it up.20:47
Sarvatti'm almost positive thats the issue20:48
cheako/usr/share/app-install/desktop/fglrx-driver.desktop /usr/share/apport/package-hooks/source_fglrx-installer.py20:48
cheakoWell, if env dosen't show it then it's not the variable... I can try and clear it.20:48
Sarvattits looking for r600_dri.so at the location fglrx installs its s20:48
Sarvattwrong window when i was finishing that sentence :)20:49
Sarvattcan you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log?20:49
Sarvattmaybe its loading libdri.so (or libglx.so) from fglrx or something20:50
cheakohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/533418  <-- xorg.log20:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 533418 in xorg "[xorg-edgers] ...dri/r600_dri.so: undefined symbol: _glapi_tls_Context" [Undecided,New]20:53
jcristauSarvatt: yeah that sounds like a bogus loader20:54
jcristau$ objdump -T /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so |grep glapi_tls20:54
jcristau00000000 g    D  .tdata 00000004  Base        _glapi_tls_Dispatch20:54
jcristau00000004 g    D  .tbss  00000004  Base        _glapi_tls_Context20:54
cheakohmm, I saw that.  I first made a symlink from the old location to the new.  Perhaps that was just the wrong fix. *shaking head*20:54
BUGabundobjsnider: so much work for nothing20:56
BUGabundocam still not working20:56
BUGabundoReading device map from '/home/bugabundo/.flashcamrc'20:56
BUGabundoWarning: no flash video devices map file found.20:56
BUGabundoScanning Vloopback devices20:56
superm1Sarvatt, shouldn't it get removed when you --purge since it's a conffile?20:57
cheakoI get the same from that objdump.20:57
cheakoSo... I'm looking ofr a file with "X11R6/lib/modules/" in it.20:58
BUGabundowait wait wait..20:59
BUGabundobjsnider: it _may_ just work20:59
cheakoI've got to go soon ish.21:00
cheakoMay not be back for a few days.21:00
Sarvattcheako: can ya pastebin that Xorg.0.log so we can look at it? 21:02
cheakoI fixed it... I found the rough libGL that ldconfig was choosing.21:03
Sarvattoh sheesh, I'm an idiot21:03
SarvattOpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.21:04
Sarvattdidnt even notice that since the next two lines were mesa ones21:04
Sarvattglad ya got it fixed :)21:04
cheakoThere, now I've got compiz stuff flying all over and life is good.21:04
cheakohmm, how can I mark thisbug as closed?21:07
tjaaltondone already21:08

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