ZykoticK9!backtrack | midnighthacker00:00
ubottumidnighthacker: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)00:00
cobalt_if i delete config files from ~00:00
cobalt_will they be replaced with defaults00:00
asathoor:ubottu wacom00:00
Hellhound666I have a small question..00:00
LameBucketok.. lets try this again..00:00
zvaceton every start wicd is asking for password how can I change that00:01
LameBuckethey guys, i installed ubuntu on my machine using the text installer.. but now its loading into a resolution that is not working with my TV.. i pressed ctrl+alt+F1 and now am at a command prompt.. is there a way to change the resolution so i can see what I am doing?00:01
ZykoticK9asathoor, there isn't a wacom factoid - but you can use "/msg ubottu wacom" to see that for yourself00:01
Hellhound666I have a cap file thats over 20000 and  the program keeps telling me to try with a larger file over and over.00:01
Hellhound666Am I just not using the right algorithm to crack it with?00:01
Hellhound666oh sorry wrong channel00:02
ActionParsnipLameBucket: start the x server now and it should be ok, if not you will need to define the display in xorg.conf maybe#00:02
LameBuckethow do i start xserver?00:02
ActionParsnipLameBucket: startx00:02
LameBucketit says "Fatal server error: server is already active for display 000:03
clickmeZykoticK9: yes00:03
clickmeZykoticK9: no wait00:03
clickmeZykoticK9: Cairo i mean00:03
ActionParsnipLameBucket: you have an x server runing then, you could just reboot now00:03
ZykoticK9clickme, i searched online and i can't find any mention of themes for gnome-do dockey...00:03
clickmeZykoticK9: i meant Cairo00:04
ZykoticK9clickme, ok that makes more sense - sorry i don't use Cairo, good luck00:04
midnighthackerwell im using ubuntu now i just wanna know if i can transfer deban to work in backtrack00:04
juan1hai can i haz a questionz00:04
ActionParsnip!backatrack | midnighthacker00:04
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)00:04
LameBucketActionParsnip: It still did the same thing.. the TV says "Not Support!" and i can hear ubuntu start in the background..00:05
clickmeLameBucket: did u see the link i send you00:05
juan1I need to setup a WIFI ubuntu router/server, i cant make the wifi to make an ESSID via configs, anyone knows the commands to make it manually?00:05
woodyjlwwhat would cause the the close and minimize buttons to end up on left side of screen instead of right? and how do I put it back lol00:05
LameBucketActionParsnip: Is there a way that i can force a resolution?00:05
asathoorhas anyone in here success using Bamboo from Wacom with U 9.10?00:05
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ActionParsnipLameBucket: then i'd look into setting up an xorg.conf file, maybe your tv needs to select a different input00:05
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MgMtwhy does my software center thing say 0 items00:05
LameBucketclickme: no.. can you send it again00:06
MgMtis there a way to update it?00:06
clickmeLameBucket: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions00:06
ActionParsnipmgmt: sudo apt-get update00:06
joeGasathoor, yes.  Lemme dig up the how-to.00:06
clickmeLameBucket: try booting into safe mode00:06
LameBucketclickme: I already tried that.. it would just crash and wouldnt work.00:06
spartan07have OO 3.1 on Ubuntu 9.1. I wanted to know if there was somewhere I could find icons for the applications? not the application icons but the actual buttons when looking at for example open office writer?00:06
juan1need to make a wifi, just like the network-manager does, but on CLI00:06
LameBucketActionParsnip: can i set one up from the terminal.. its all i can see righ tnow..00:07
juan1how to?00:07
clickmeLameBucket: you be willing to download the live CD and installing it again00:07
ActionParsnipLameBucket: sure its just a text file00:07
MgMtactionparsnip that didnt seem to work00:07
asathoorthanx joeG - I have read http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/ and some Ubuntu fora00:07
umbra_when "http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=688872" refers to "the location of the CD tree" what is meant?  Is this the path to the cd writer?00:08
brjannspartan07: do you mean the actual images that are used for the application icons?00:09
LameBucketActionParsnip: could you help me do that?00:09
joeGasathoor http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1321238  This worked for me.00:09
ActionParsnipumbra_: its the files and folders which will make up the ISO00:09
asathoorjoeG >> thanx I'll look into it00:09
spartan07brjann: nope the buttons when you open up say writer like the open button or undo button00:09
ZykoticK9LameBucket, to create an xorg see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/create-an-xorg-conf-file00:10
ActionParsnipLameBucket: sudo Xorg -configure    will make a skeletal file, you can then add settings etc00:10
LameBucketclickme: I have already downloaded it twice.. its not the cd.. its the resolution that it puts it in is not one my tv can use.. so i used the text installer to install it..00:10
LaughingLionhey, i'm having some problems installing ubuntu00:10
ActionParsnipLaughingLion: did you MD5 test the file you downloaded? did yuo verify the media once created?00:10
asathoorjoeG > this guide looks interesting, there are more details than the previous ones - so I'll give it a try00:10
LaughingLioni went through the steps on the live-cd, but when i restarted it takes me to a blank screen with grub on it00:11
LaughingLionno i don't think so :(00:11
IdleOneHow can I get a Move To Directory option in the right click menu of nautilus?00:11
joeGasathoor, you can pretty much copy/paste the codes given in the post to the command line and let it rip.00:11
MOzartHello i have an idea in the sandbox and i would like to know that you think about it here it is: Idea #23904: Sort applications also by Name/Populariy/Rate etc in Ubuntu Software Center00:11
umbra_ActionParsnip, I'm afraid I'm still lost with that... How does the "CD Tree" refer to files and folders used to make up the iso when it sounds like a directory?00:11
juan1need to make a wifi, just like the network-manager does, but on CLI, How to?00:11
Jon-juan1: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25885700:12
ActionParsnipumbra_: the directory structure in an OS is like a tree with branches being folders and subfolders being branches off that, files can be considered as leaves00:12
juan1thanks Jon-00:12
Jon-juan1: Just googled it. :P00:12
umbra_ActionParsnip, Yes, but then is the reference to a directory where the files will be placed?00:12
ActionParsnipLaughingLion: then you have no way of knowing if the data you downloaded is complete and error free and nor do you know if the media creation was 100% succesful do you?00:13
ActionParsnipumbra_: thats all i know dude00:13
brjannspartan07: like these? http://ui.openoffice.org/VisualDesign/OOo_galaxy.html00:13
LameBucketZykoticK9: I am using an nvidia and so it tells me to do "sudo nvidia-xconfig" and when i run it it says that the command was not found..00:13
umbra_ActionParsnip, thanks man00:13
LaughingLioni guess not, but i had another operating system on my computer and i can't boot that either now00:13
LaughingLioni think it's a problem with grub00:13
ActionParsnipLaughingLion: check the iso, check the cd00:14
asathoorjoeG - yea so that's the action then. I log off and try. Thanx for your answr00:14
LaughingLionhow do i do that :)?00:14
zvacetI have small problem with wicd is anybody willing to help00:14
ZykoticK9LameBucket, perhaps you don't have the nvidia driver/programs installed.  You can use the non-nvidia method right now.00:14
benccsomething on my server is eating all the disk space. how can I check what is it?00:14
spartan07brjann: yes like that. Is there a place with alot of them. I could not find any @ gnome art00:14
brjannspartan07: well, there are a few more here: http://ui.openoffice.org/VisualDesign/OOo_icon_evolution.html00:15
ActionParsnipbencc: remove unnecessary kernels is a great way to claw back space, as is bleachbit00:15
MatBoycan someone recommend an external 56K modem which is recognized well under ubuntu ?00:15
brjannspartan07: you might find still more combing through the openoffice visual design site, http://ui.openoffice.org/VisualDesign/00:15
ActionParsnip!hcl | matboy00:15
ubottumatboy: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection00:15
ZykoticK9shazbotmcnasty, Pizzadude fonts can be PURCHASED from http://www.pizzadude.dk/home.php (they aren't free to distribute, so please no more asking)00:16
MatBoyActionParsnip: for modems that does not work... only testing works :)00:16
benccActionParsnip:  I need to find what taking space because it'll eat everything I'll clear00:16
LameBucketZykoticK9: its still doing the same thing.. nothing is on the TV besides "Not Support!" after i did the non nvidia00:17
MatBoyActionParsnip: some modems are just not detected00:17
juan1Jon-: i trying to do the opposite, not to JOIN a wifi, but "Create a New Wifi" option just like network-manager does, but on CLI00:17
ZykoticK9LameBucket, does it really say "Not Support!" that isn't even english really00:17
LaughingLionActionParsnip: How do i check the cd?00:17
LameBucketZykoticK9: yes... it really says that..00:17
spartan07I looked on openoffice site, but did not even know there was a Visual Design site. Thank you. Is there a way to have openoffice use the icons from ubuntu? for example Im using moblin icons and when I use abiword, abiword uses the style.00:17
ZykoticK9LameBucket, what sort of TV is this?00:18
LameBucketVizio VW26L00:18
ActionParsnipLaughingLion: its on the first screen you see when you boot the cd00:18
Jon-juan1: Talk to someone else I am not that good with CLI lol, I just googled it for you last time.00:18
zvacetjuan1:  see if http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 can help you00:18
brjannspartan07: I really don't know, sorry. you might ask in #Openoffice.org00:18
KylaxHey is there any way to send mplayer to the background while playing music?00:18
juan1thanks zvacet !!! :)00:18
Kylaxi'm just using the bash shell and no X server  and want to irc or finch00:19
LaughingLionActionParsnip: I think I tried that, but it powered off my computer when I selected it00:19
brjannKylax: yes, add & to the end of the command you're running.00:19
Kylaxso like00:19
ZykoticK9LameBucket, what kind of cable is connecting the TV to the computer?00:19
Kylaxmplayer music.mp3&00:19
clickmeLameBucket: you need to play with the settings of the TV sometimes00:19
g8787use a new virtual console maybe?00:19
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:19
Kylaxmplayer music.mp3& ?00:19
IdleOneHow can I get a Move To Directory option in the right click menu of nautilus?00:19
spartan07already have and waited hours. I really want to thank you for turning on to the visual design site on OO.00:19
LameBucketZykoticK9: VGA00:19
brjannKylax: yep, though you can put a space before the &.00:20
ZykoticK9LameBucket, ummm, sorry man I have no idea.  Best of luck!00:20
isixhey chat i am killing myslef trying to configure my wireless on ubuntu 9.10 because in systerm -> admin -> networking dosen't exist.....i have istaled gnome-network-manager a thousan times and nothing....plus i search to try to run it and dosent run00:20
clickmewow this is pretty impressive you can spend a lot of time in here and get nowhere lol00:20
LameBucketZykoticK9: and i know it will work.. because the computer came with Windows 7 on it and it works with that.. its just ubuntu is being a pain.00:20
LameBucketok, thanks00:21
olskolirchow do I dpkg-reconfigure my NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 42000:21
olskolircso that I can pick the right graphics driver00:21
olskolircNVIDIA GeForce4 MX 42000:21
KylaxMan that doesnt work00:21
ZykoticK9LameBucket, have you tried installing the Nvidia drivers?00:21
Kylaxsays cannot connect to socket00:21
clickmeLameBucket: i had a similar problem once and you gata play with the settings some times00:21
Kylaxand mplayer file not found; but only when i use the &00:21
LameBucketZykoticK9: how do i do that?00:22
LameBucket<--- noob.00:22
clickmeLameBucket: the settings from the TV, and even intall the OS 3 different ways00:22
brjannKylax: are you using the bash shell?00:22
Kylaxbrjann: yeah00:22
isixey chat i am killing myslef trying to configure my wireless on ubuntu 9.10 because in systerm -> admin -> networking dosen't exist.....i have istaled gnome-network-manager a thousan times and nothing....plus i search to try to run it and dosent run00:22
ZykoticK9LameBucket, try running "sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-185" from the command line (i'm not really sure that's the driver you need, but we can start there)00:22
LameBucketclickme: I have tried.. but there really arnt any settings i can fiddle with00:22
Kylaxbash 3.1 or whatever the newest is00:22
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blakkheimisix: sudo aptitude install wicd00:22
olskolircbetter yet, how do I get out of gnome-shell and back to the ubuntu desktop please?  __________ --replace& with what?00:22
Jon-olskolirc: Try startx00:23
clickmeLameBucket:  well you cand always try a different distribution just to see like debian and run the live CD instead00:23
blakkheimKylax: bash is on 4.1 stable i think00:23
Kylaxoh lol00:23
LameBucketZykoticK9: its a NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150 SE00:23
olskolirche did jon and it said already and x on display 0:000:23
Kylaxwell just sayin that command wont work00:23
brjannKylax: huh. i don't know why that wouldn't work. you ran like this?     mplayer file.mp3 &00:23
Kylaxsays cannot connect to socket then crashes mplayer00:23
Kylaxoh no00:23
Kylaxi didnt space00:23
ZykoticK9LameBucket, karmic 9.10?00:23
Kylaxbrjann: i space before the &?00:24
brjannKylax: i did tell you that earlier :)00:24
jerseyboy357Im having trouble getting my audio to work in my Logitech speakers for 9.1 Ubu.  Any help ?00:24
Kylaxlol ok let me go try thanks00:24
ZykoticK9LameBucket, yup that's the right driver then00:24
Mononajerseyboy357:  Does audio work with your built-in speakers?00:24
Jon-brjann: Does & work for every application?00:24
LameBucketZykoticK9: awesome.. so its installing right now... after it installs then what do we do?00:25
jerseyboy357I cant hear any sounds, even system sounds, or anything00:25
LameBucketZykoticK9: btw.. thanks for the help.00:25
ActionParsnipLameBucket: i have the same video card, if you run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-185; sudo nvidia-xconfig     you should get something after a reboot00:25
brjannJon-: yep, more or less00:25
zvacethalp me with this every time when I start Ubuntu wicd is asking for password how can I change that00:25
Mononajerseyboy357: Run alsamixer in the terminal, and make sure things are turned on.00:25
jerseyboy357ok brb00:25
avi93anyone can help me please? i cant make the openJDK to work with firefox 3.600:26
clickmeLameBucket: you can also try the new alpha version of ubuntu00:26
clickmeLameBucket: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/lucid/alpha-3/00:26
brjannJon-: things do get a little ugly when the application insists on writing to stdout or stderr, so sometimes you'll have to redirect their output to /dev/null or a file to keep from getting spammed by text from backgrounded processes00:26
meowbuntuhi can someone take a look at this and reply to it if you can help me. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8927479#post892747900:26
ZykoticK9LameBucket, after it installs "cd /etc/X11" then "sudo mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.old"00:26
clickmeLameBucket: it has a different video driver [he nouveau video driver is now the default for NVIDIA hardware]00:27
ZykoticK9clickme, only in Lucid!00:27
jerseyboy357@Monona  alsamixer shows my Bass and Treble at 50, and reads the card as the Logitecch speaker00:27
ZykoticK9clickme, sorry just saw your posts about lucid above00:27
MononaHow do I move my soundcard to its own IRQ?  Here's the output of cat /proc/interrupts: http://pastebin.com/KWDjU3DE.  My soundcard is HDA Intel.00:27
clickmeZykoticK9: no worries00:28
Emeryhaving abit of trouble with my drivers on ubuntu, i've enabled the nvidia drivers and they worked fine for a week or so .. rebooted one day and all i can get is 640 x resolution .. i havnt touched anything xorg related00:28
jerseyboy357sorry I am still a newborn with Ubu00:28
LameBucketNICE!!!!!!!!! IT WORKED!!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!00:28
avi93anyone knows how to make openJDK work with firefox3.6?00:28
ActionParsnipEmery: how did you install the driver?00:28
clickmeprobably the kernel got update00:28
ActionParsnipLameBucket: did you install the driver at cli?00:29
LameBucketThank you ZykoticK9 and ActionParsnip.. i used both of your methods and it worked in the end!00:29
LameBucketSo thanks guys!!00:29
jerseyboy357if I unplug the speaker usb cable and back in, the speaker light goes blue, then right to red00:29
EmeryActionParsnip, using the hardware software that comes with ubuntu00:29
ZykoticK9LameBucket, glad to help :)  more glad you got it working!00:29
hipitihopis it possible for me to route audio from a remote machine via my ssh session ?00:29
ActionParsnipEmery: ok try running: sudo nvidia-xconfig   then reboot00:30
Mononajerseyboy357: I don't know sound stuff real well, but on my computer, I need to have PCM and Front volumes turned up in alsamixer, and then Master controls the overall volume.00:30
FernandosI bought a tablet pc and it has a ATI Radeon HD4550, does that work with 3D and ubuntu??00:30
ActionParsnipLameBucket: niceone00:30
chilli0Hi, how can i loop my microphone input to my speakers?00:30
avi93awww it sucks...00:30
chilli0I know that im getting an input and my sound works all good.00:30
EmeryActionParsnip, the xconfig gui is included with the nvidia software, no joy00:30
chilli0But it just doesn't play the mic through the speakers.00:30
Fernandosand it  has a internal graphics card too: Intel GS45 I don't know more. sorry00:30
FernandosMaybe you know more than I do.. I bought a HP TouchSmart TM200:31
ActionParsnipEmery: the nvidia-xconfig command will make a skeletal xorg.conf file so you can start edittning it with nvidia settings00:31
luis_Hello I got problems with my laptop bluetooth: I have an aspire 4520 but the bluetooth doesnt works, the kbluetooth icon is grey00:31
kellyhFernandos: the onboard should work ok, ATi I'm not sure on, try your luck...00:31
luis_cannot send or recieve archives because its blocked00:31
EmeryActionParsnip, it doesnt explain why it randomly decided to fux with my nvidia config00:32
isixCANT MAKE WIRELESS WORK IT IS DRIVING ME NUTSSSSSS it looks as it is disabled....and needs to enable.....using wicd00:32
ActionParsnipEmery: no idea but now it is bad and you need to take steps to fix it00:32
Fernandoskellyh: I have a multitouch display. does this work too?00:32
BluesKaj-Laptophipitihop, yes , ssh into the machine , open the file manager with nautilus& and find your music and it will play on the remote machine00:32
kellyhisix: have you somehow turned it off by a killswitch of other such thing?00:32
kellyhFernandos: i've no idea sorry, never tried such hardware00:32
frohluis_, look at the output of lsusb, it should show you what usb hardware you hawe, then you can google it00:32
EmeryActionParsnip, bad lol im not 12 ;)00:32
isixno killswitch00:33
Fernandoskellyh: ok00:33
Fernandosdoes somebody of you know if I can use a multitouch tablet with ubuntu??00:33
FernandosI don't speak about the touchpad. I speak about the display00:34
hipitihopBluesKaj-Laptop, I don't want to use a file manager though ... I want to execute a command at the terminal like echo "this is a test" | festival --tts00:34
chilli0Hi, how can i loop my microphone input to my speakers?00:35
frohFernandos, have you even tried to google it?00:35
ActionParsnip!google | froh00:36
ubottufroh: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.00:36
BluesKaj-Laptophipitihop, expain what you want to do?00:36
remczasResults for: | froh00:36
remczasI cant find a result for that, sorry00:36
Fernandosfroh: yes. I only find results about the touchpad00:36
ActionParsnipchilli0: like a loudspeaker system?00:36
frohfucking stupid bot!00:36
ActionParsnipfroh: watch language please00:36
ZykoticK9!language > froh00:36
ubottufroh, please see my private message00:37
kellyhFernandos: it could be that it is such a new thing that a lot of people have't tried it yet. Download a live cd and give it a try perhaps?00:37
chilli0ActionParsnip,  Yes. ( I have my computer pluged into my screen, that has hdmi ( so with sound) And i dont like walking over and changing over the wires.00:37
hipitihopBluesKaj-Laptop, Festival is a text to speech engine which I am setting up on a remote machine ... to test it I want to hear the playback of the remote machine from my ssh session00:37
chilli0And running this, aplay -c2 -r4000 /dev/dsp gives really bad quality00:37
Fernandoskellyh: hmm.. ok I thought you know about multitouch apps and such. nevermind00:37
Fernandosno problem, I'm going to try it anyway.. but I couldn't wait. it arrives next week^00:38
shazbotmcnastyZykoticK9, those aren't the ones I was talking about, also - if you're not right, don't act like such a d*ck00:38
shazbotmcnastyhere are the ones I was looking for: http://www.dafont.com/pizzadude-bullets.font00:38
frohFernandos, http://ubuntu-snippets.blogspot.com/2009/03/multi-touch-for-anyall-synaptics.html00:38
ActionParsnipchilli0: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=856432600:38
LaughingLionActionParsnip:  I ran the disc check from the live-cd and it says there were no errors.  Grub magically started working afterwards, but now nothing's booting properly.  I think that's just because my computer's overheating though.  Thanks for the help.00:38
Fernandosfroh: NOT the touchpad. My display has multitouch00:38
ActionParsnipLaughingLion: check stuff in future, its there for a reason ;)00:38
Fernandosfroh: ok. both have multitouch.00:38
blood_ada orang indonesia kah?00:39
Fernandosfroh: all I found is what you found + howto compile xy... which doesn't sound like an easy solution..00:39
^ardian^Can i upload files to ftp from terminal ?00:39
avi93anyone can help please with firefox and java plugin?00:39
LaughingLionActionParsnip: I will :).  Someone should really put that in the install instructions.00:40
jiontrohello to all00:40
Fernandosfroh: this is what I bought.. http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/06/hp-touchsmart-tm2-convertible-tablet-slims-down-and-spruces-up/00:40
jiontroi am new to ubuntu00:40
frohFernandos, the sad truth is that progress on the mainstream linux desktop is mostly driven by copying someone else's features00:40
jiontroand i have one questions why i cannot acces my yahoo account00:41
Fernandosfroh: ok.. in which relation is this to multitouch? sry didn't get what you say00:41
ActionParsnipLaughingLion: i agree :(00:41
ZykoticK9!coc > shazbotmcnasty00:41
ubottushazbotmcnasty, please see my private message00:41
FernandosI'm not new to ubuntu, but I am totally new to multitouch00:42
isixubuntu identifies the wireless but it is not enabled how to enable the wireless card....ifup and ifdown dose not work00:42
frohFernandos, it means youll have to wait until someone copies the fetures of iphone , osx ,win7 or wht ever00:42
Fernandosfroh: ah.. ok00:43
BluesKaj-Laptophipitihop, you need to use the speechengine app whatever it is called after you ssh into your other machine . Can you ssh into it?00:43
ActionParsnipisix: if you run: sudo iwlist scan   does it show APs?00:43
chetnick    00:43
Fernandosif that's truth it's sad. idk00:43
Mage__Hey all, not sure where else to post this so I'll ask it here.  How do I suggest a program to be packaged for ubuntu?00:44
isixlo        Interface doesn't support scanning.00:44
isixeth0      Interface doesn't support scanning.00:44
isixeth1      Interface doesn't support scanning.00:44
isixwlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down00:44
FloodBot3isix: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:44
hipitihopBluesKaj-Laptop, I have done that, I ssh in to my other machine, getting a prompt and I then run the speech engine command which I gave you earlier .. but I do not hear anything00:44
jiontronor kopete and pidgin cannot connect to the yahoo server  pls any help, iḿ a desktop user00:44
taofdfor some reason computertemp doesn't work for me... I'm on an acer aspireone00:44
brjannMage__: #ubuntu-motu I think00:45
frohFernandos, yes this is why this year wont be the year of the linux desktop either00:45
Mage__brjann, alright thanks:)00:45
chetnickhipitihop: i don't think you are able to hear, since you are executing command on remote machine.00:45
chetnickhipitihop: unless machine is near you.00:45
isixsorry for the flood any ideas?00:45
kellyhisix: is it enabled in bios?00:46
taofdHow can I monitor my computer temperature? I wanted to install the gnome applet computertemp, but it's not working00:46
BluesKaj-Laptophipitihop, what command are you using to launch the speech application?00:46
ActionParsnipfroh: there is more to linux than ubuntu, have you tried any other distros?00:46
isixit is not an internal card is a usb card00:46
ActionParsniptaofd: look into lm-sensors00:46
kellyhisix: ah00:46
taofdActionParsnip, ubuntu just happens to be one of the best though00:46
chetnicktaofd: install lm-sensors00:46
frohyes, been using nix since 1998 :)00:46
ActionParsniptaofd: thats an opinion so is not concrete00:46
taofdActionParsnip, chetnick thx00:47
=== zzzzz is now known as onesandzeros
taofdActionParsnip, how so? I think it's pretty well established that ubuntu is one of the most popular distros currently00:47
chetnicktaofd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto00:47
taofdActionParsnip, it's also considered one of the best packaged distros and easily used for newbies00:47
taofdActionParsnip, not saying it is *the* best, but it is certainly one of the best00:47
ActionParsniptaofd: some people think its the worst. neither you nor them are right or wrong00:48
ActionParsniptaofd: there is no best00:48
ActionParsniptaofd: only best for you, millions will share your opinion and millions will not00:48
taofdActionParsnip, i'm not going to get into an argument about perceptive "bests", i'm just stating what is the general consensus00:48
isixis their a way to view installed devices and enable and disable them like windows?00:49
FlyingTortoiseCan you use phpMyAdmin on your local computer to manage a database on a remote server?00:49
ActionParsniptaofd: i dont listen to general consensus00:49
chetnickEssentially they are all the same, they are what you made them.00:49
taofdfor froh, who is a newbie linux user, that's probably what matters to him, his experience elsewhere is not going to be significantly different00:49
ActionParsniptaofd: i look at whats best for me, but again, people think xpud sucks but i think its neat00:49
dvwallinAre there any pre-packed (like LAMP) lighttpd + php5 + mariadb -packages?00:49
ZykoticK9ActionParsnip, i'm very tempted to send you the !ot factoid ;)00:50
frohtaofd, ?00:50
taofdfroh, you are probably correct in stating that linux is not yet ready for mainstream adoption, but it's getting there :) if you feel that it isn't ready for you standards yet, please feel free to file a few bug reports or recommendations / contribute to making it better, or check back again at a later time :)00:50
ActionParsnipZykoticK9: hehe00:50
benccwhere do I put a logrotate script for nginx?00:50
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frohtaofd, i like ubuntu, i actually00:51
frohtaofd, i like ubuntu, i actually00:51
frohtaofd, i like ubuntu, i actually  use it every day00:51
isixwhere is the device manager on ubuntu 9.10 64 cant find it00:52
brjannbencc: /etc/logrotate.d/00:52
taofdfroh, oh, were you not the one that Action was talking to? my bad, nvm00:52
ZykoticK9isix, there really isn't one, what are you trying to do?00:52
chetnickMajority of mainstream did not even hear of Linux. I'm sure it would be more popular/adopted if it was advertized.00:53
isixenable the wifi card because it is disabled but ifup and ifdown dont work00:53
kesiHi!  When I use my onboard wifi nic I am (usually) unable to connect to encrypted networks.  If I use the USB nic, I don't have this problem so I'm thinking it's the drivers.  It's a Dell vostro 1400 using the Broadcom driver.   any help?00:53
taofdchetnick, sorry i didn't want to distract the main channel, we can talk about this more in offtopic if you want :)00:53
chetnicktaofd: true.00:53
frohisix, please identify the nic you're using, lspci in a terminal helps00:54
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hipitihopBluesKaj-Laptop,  echo "this is a test" | festival --tts00:54
ZykoticK9isix, if you want a shorter output from lspci you could use "lspci | grep Ethernet"00:55
iffymcdiffyI just installed a new hdd in my ubuntu box.  I'd like to have it automatically mount to a directory in the filesystem on bootup, is there an easy way to do that?00:55
DeformativeSo yeah, new kernel broke suspend.00:55
researcher1when I scanned using Klamav some .exe files saved from windows XP were reported infected by trojans.Will such files ever infect UBUNTU?  They are quarantined by Klamav.00:55
hipitihopBluesKaj-Laptop, but I just went to the machine and I also do not hear anything from that machine either, so perhaps I have a funny sound setup because I am using hdmi00:55
ZykoticK9iffymcdiffy, you need to add the drive to your fstab file - not 'really' an easy way to do that "gksu gedit /etc/fstab" will give you a GUI editor00:56
ActionParsnipresearcher1: no, they are windows viri, not linux00:56
linxehActionParsnip: viruses00:56
frohZykoticK9, and how would that help, (10:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless)00:56
Idleheaddoes anyone know the string for gconf-editor /apps/metacity/general/button_layout to create a space between two entries?00:56
iffymcdiffyzykotick9: I guess I'm fine with that though it seems that ubuntu as the "easy" distribution should be able to do it through the gui00:57
kellyhisix: what model is the wifi card?00:57
ActionParsnipresearcher1: you can infect your wine if you execute the apps in wine but the wine config can easily be cleaned or even removed00:57
iffymcdiffyzykotick9: what kinds of flags do I need?00:57
ZykoticK9iffymcdiffy, i'm unaware of an easy method to manipulate fstab...00:57
researcher1ok ActionParsnp, then why did a linux virus scanner reported them at all?00:57
kellyhisix: also is it just a usb wifi dongle or does it also act as storage?00:58
researcher1yes I have wine installed00:58
Idleheadresearcher1, because those scanners are normally used on servers or gateways00:58
ZykoticK9iffymcdiffy, what format did you use for the new drive?00:58
isixwifi dongle00:58
ActionParsniplinxeh: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viri00:58
linxehActionParsnip: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plural_form_of_words_ending_in_-us00:58
iffymcdiffyzykotick9: its ntfs right now...(from an old system) I might change it later but for now I guess I'd like the read/write ntfs format00:59
Idleheaddoes anyone know the string for gconf-editor /apps/metacity/general/button_layout to create a space between two entries?00:59
linxehActionParsnip: virii is impossible as a plural, and viri is incorrect00:59
memenodeHow do I play input through output?00:59
isixi already installed ndiswrapper and the driver and follow all the instructions on wifi how to00:59
avi93anyone knows about the firefox and java pluding issue?00:59
frohiffymcdiffy, have you tried "disk utillity" in system/dministration?00:59
memenodeaudio I mean00:59
ActionParsniplinxeh: touche00:59
isixRTL8192 WLAN Adapter00:59
ZykoticK9iffymcdiffy, sorry man i'm useless with NTFS - i'm sure someone else can help you though00:59
kellyhisix: is there instructions on how to 'turn it on'?01:00
ActionParsniplinxeh: i like to add i to stuff to pluralise it, its fun01:00
iffymcdiffyfroh: yeah I've looked in it but didn't see the option mount here01:00
linxehActionParsnip: heh01:00
ActionParsniplinxeh: like goldeneyei01:00
blockywhat happens to an ecryptfs setup if I use root to overwrite the account password of the user01:01
isixwell it says to use network-manager-gnome but on 9.10 i cant find networking on system admin01:01
linxehhah :)01:01
frohiffymcdiffy, iv'e never tried this in a "new" distro but i can help you with the correct line in /etc/fstab01:01
linxehI might start doing that at work to wind people up :)01:01
l7ActionParsnip: hey again. do you happen to know if it's possible to mount partimage files?01:01
iffymcdiffyfroh: sure I'd appreciate that01:01
l7that was the problem i ran into last time, now that i recall01:02
ActionParsnipl7: not sure tbh, never tried. Dont see why not01:02
linxehl7: yes, you can01:02
isixi tried to find the nm-applet but dosent run01:02
linxehmount -o loop -t partimagefs imagefile /some/mount/point01:02
iffymcdiffyfroh: what should I write, the drive is on /dev/sdb01:02
linxehoh no thats rubbish01:03
linxehignore me01:03
linxehl7: what if you do mount -o loop /the/image/file /some/mount/point01:03
linxehl7: does that work ?01:03
l7linxeh: i get "mount: you must specify the filesystem type"01:04
frohiffymcdiffy, /dev/sdb1 /mnt/disk ntfs-3g ro,uid=1000 0 001:04
l7i also tried "sudo mount -o loop -t partimagefs fooooimg.000 /mnt/partimage/"01:04
linxehl7: hmm, I guess not then. is it a compressed filesystem ?01:05
l7and it doesn't understand partimagefs01:05
linxehl7: I always just use dd to create my images, then they can easily be mounted etc01:05
l7linxeh: yeah, as far as i know which is not very much01:05
kellyhisix: nm-applet should already be loaded/running, should be a icon next to the clock on the top01:05
l7google reveals a lot of hits for people asking how to do this, but no answers on how01:05
l7linxeh: yeah i wanted to use dd, but the resulting image files were a bit larger than i wanted01:06
frohiffymcdiffy, i'm just guessing here, make sure /mnt/disk exists, and grep <your username> /etc/password reveals your correct uid01:06
l7i think partimage understands how to skip over empty areas which is nice01:06
l7but unmountable images are annoying01:06
frohiffymcdiffy, /dev/sda1 is thefirst partition on your disk01:06
ActionParsnipl7: did you select max compression?01:06
kellyhisix: a quick search in google brought up a few mentions on the ubuntu forums that there should be a working native linux driver, try searching on the forums for the model of your wifi dongle there should be a few hits that might help you01:06
m0arI've got an awful problem. Right after I log on, the next time I press enter my X-server gets restarted. Any ideas? Is this known?01:07
ActionParsnipisix: there may be source code on the realtek site for you to compile01:07
linxehl7: looking at the partimage site it isnt currently possible - they are asking for help to write a block driver to support it01:07
ActionParsnipm0ar: when you log back in read /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:07
olskolircok how do I bring up the graphic driver menu from the prompt please?01:07
m0arActionParsnip: kk01:08
kellyhActionParsnip: it seems there are a number of different versions of that particular wifi device, but recompiling kernel/driver seems to be an option01:08
ubuntuNewBehi, need help regarding ssl certificats anybody have experience working with them?01:08
ActionParsnipolskolirc: what video card?01:08
JustaNumberso if I say apt-get update-upgrade-dist-upgrade I should be all up to date?01:08
iffymcdiffyfroh: is there a way to automount the fstab without restarting to test it?01:08
ActionParsnipJustaNumber: indeed01:08
isixit is up and running what i wanna know where is the networking app and how to run it01:08
kellyhiffymcdiffy: mount -a01:08
frohiffymcdiffy, yes, "mount /mnt/disk"01:08
olskolircNVIDIA GeForce4 MX 42001:09
olskolirc ActionParsnip01:09
l7ActionParsnip: nope didn't fiddle with the compression options01:09
kellyhisix: is there no network manager icon in the top bar?01:09
l7linxeh: oh well, thanks anyway for the help01:09
ubuntuNewBehi, I need help regarding ssl certificats anybody have experience working with them?01:09
l7i suppose i will go back to dd for now01:09
Red_HamsterXWhat, specifically, do you need, ubuntuNewBe?01:09
linxehl7: you could use dd and gzip/bzip2/7zip01:10
meowbuntuhi can someone take a look at this and reply to it if you can help me. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8927479#post892747901:10
ubuntuNewBeRed_Hamster I am setting up a mail server on ubuntu using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix01:10
l7linxeh: does 7zip produce smaller images than bzip2?01:10
meowbuntu!ask | ubuntuNewBe01:10
ubottuubuntuNewBe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:10
linxehl7: generally yes01:10
frohiffymcdiffy, man mount.ntfs-3g shows you what the options for mounting does01:11
blakkheiml7: if you're going to be using gzip/bzip2  for large files and have  a multicore cpu, install pigz and pbzip2 (and replace the gzip/bzip2 in /bin with them)01:11
ubuntuNewBeRed_Hamster openssl req -new -x509 -extensions v3_ca -keyout cakey.pem -out cacert.pem -days 3650, does this creat a root cert?01:11
l7clonezilla's also uses dd i think and they provide a nicely organized backup too01:11
isixthere is no source code but ndiswrapper makes the install of the xp drivers01:11
l7blakkheim: hmm, i have a very old pentium, but it has hyperthreading, does that count?01:12
isixyes there is a nerwork manager gnome icon on the top bar01:12
ActionParsnipolskolirc: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-96   i think (if you use karmic)01:12
blakkheiml7: it would offer a small speed improvement01:12
frohi understand someone had fun scripting ubottu in tcl, but it is more of an annoyance than anything else01:12
Red_HamsterXubuntuNewBe, I think it creates both a private key, which serves as the root for self-signed authentication and a public key, which is what clients need to accept.01:12
l7blakkheim: ah, neat then. thanks for that tip01:13
ubuntuNewBeRed_Hamster, okay so I can use the cacert.pem to create new certs and sign them?01:13
kellyhisix: you should be able to see wifi networks if you click on that, if you right click on it it will tell you if wifi is enabled01:14
isixhere is the site of the conf of the wifi i am on instruction 3.6 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper01:14
frohubottu, yes cacert is a fake root cert01:14
Red_HamsterXubuntuNewBe, no, cacert.pem is what you should serve to clients, if my memory of self-signing is accurate.01:14
Red_HamsterXubuntuNewBe, cakey.pem is the private key, which only Postfix needs to see.01:14
isixit says device is not ready01:15
isixi will be rigth back restarting01:15
benccdoes this logrotate script for nginx makes sense? http://dpaste.com/168856/01:16
isixok im back01:17
iffymcdiffyfroh: I think its working now...Thanks!01:17
ubuntuNewBeRed_Hamster, so how do I create a root cert that I can use to make more certs?01:18
isixwireless network device not ready01:18
KamokowWhere can I get the Wingdings font?  I though it was supposed to be in ttf-opensymbol, but it isnt.01:19
frohiffymcdiffy, check that you have write access as your user01:19
meowbuntuanyone know any good linux os for touchscreens such as a HP Touchsmart tm201:20
olskolircmy friend is stuck on his login screen b/c he picked the wrong video driver using ubuntu Lucid and a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 42001:21
olskolirc ctrl alt f2 brought him to the login screen where from here please?01:21
blockymaybe he should login01:21
blakkheim!lucid > olskolirc01:22
ubottuolskolirc, please see my private message01:22
frohKamokow, mabe it's in msttcorefonts01:22
Kamokowfroh: Only webdings is in the mscorefonts01:23
frohkandinski, ok01:23
frohKamokow, ok01:23
frohbye kids01:24
benccdoes this logrotate script for nginx on ubuntu makes sense? http://dpaste.com/168856/01:24
blockyanyone here familiar with ecryptfs?01:24
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meowbuntu!ask | blocky01:26
ubottublocky: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:26
blockymeowbuntu see my previous question01:27
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+101:27
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blockythat figures01:27
Alan502i can't wait for lucid :P01:27
blakkheimAlan502: why01:28
Alan502blakkheim, 'cause upgrading ubuntu always feels good :)01:28
bencchow can I find out which user runs a pid?01:28
blakkheimAlan502: what does it offer that you currently need01:29
Alan502it's just interesting seeing the new version01:29
Alan502blakkheim, nothing at all, i think. But i just like to upgrade.01:29
Alan502i dun upgrade right now though, cause it is still buggy01:30
Tartaroslucid default search engine will be yahoo, whats up with that? :)01:31
draygenyeah thats a bummer :-/01:31
jpdsdraygen: Not really.01:32
Alan502blakkheim, what os are you currently using?01:32
draygenjpds: well , I like Yahoo and I use it .. But i tend to use Google more01:32
draygenso thats just one more step for me when loading up a fresh install of ubuntu01:32
jpdsdraygen: And the common user doesn't care, they just want a search box, and text.01:32
blakkheimAlan502: gentoo on desktop, arch on netbook, debian on server01:32
seanbrystonethose 'real' distros too much pain for me, ill stick with Ubuntu :)01:34
Tartarosso does that seriously mean yahoo paid canonical to become the default?01:34
=== ihermosilla is now known as Miguel29
draygendoes anyone have any experience with a virus/or rootkit that causes intermittent packet loss to the gateway? its driving me nuts! :-p01:34
olskolircwhat is the command to bring up software sources please?01:36
rwwolskolirc: gksudo software-properties-gtk, if I recall correctly01:36
meowbuntu-awayok i need a disk maintenance tool. earlier today my hdd started to click adn freeze my os. i turned it off and gave it a rest for a while.01:36
=== Alan502_ is now known as Alan502
DasEidraygen: I had such a issue recently, but cause of dns-flooding, does your syslog say sth. or have you got a high system load ?01:37
DasEiolskolirc: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list01:38
jpdsTartaros: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2010-January/030065.html01:38
olskolirche has no graphics DasEi01:38
draygenDasEi: Actually, the issue is on my girlfriends Windows laptop.. I thought it was a wireless issue, but it doesnt happen to my machine running Ubuntu01:38
olskolirche can't connect to X DasEi01:38
draygenWireshark showing TLS connections to spynettest.microsoft.com , which concerns me01:39
HowardtheDuckis there a web browser for ubuntu that isn't mindnumbingly slow and annoying01:39
DasEiolskolirc: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list01:39
draygenHowardtheDuck: Chrome ;)01:39
meowbuntu-awayok i need a disk maintenance tool.01:39
xangua!browser | HowardtheDuck01:39
ubottuHowardtheDuck: Browsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)01:39
taofdfor some reason when using sensors, it says my adaptor's critical temp is 63 degress C... this seems kind of low... are there consequences of it's "critical" temp being set this low, or does it not matter?01:40
Tartarosjpds: k, fair enough.01:40
DasEidraygen: ##windows01:40
HowardtheDuckxangua:  I'm not asking what browsers are available, i'm asking which of those available browsers are good01:40
HowardtheDuckFF is awful, Opera is okay, but I'd like faster if it's out there01:40
TartarosHowardtheDuck: firefox, opera, chromium01:40
draygenDasEi: understood, wasnt asking for "windows" support, just asking if anyone experienced a virus that can cause packet loss to the gateway ..thats all01:40
meowbuntu-awayHowardtheDuck, i would look at opera or chrome or firefox minimal01:40
TartarosHowardtheDuck: also, why is FF "awful"?01:40
DasEimeowbuntu-away: fsck for fs, testdisk for more forensic issues, and ...01:40
HowardtheDuckTartaros: incredibly slow01:41
xanguaHowardtheDuck: for gnome¿ chromium and midori, both use  webkit :)01:41
HowardtheDuckxangua:  thanks.01:41
DasEidraygen: right then, no , not in ubuntu01:41
TartarosHowardtheDuck: huh, is it now... isn't it just your computer being slow? ;P01:41
dj_segfaultBecause after all these years, Firefox still leaks memory like an 80 year old man'01:41
HowardtheDuckTartaros:  Since FF is blazing fast on my XP partition, no, I don't think so.01:42
damianThe only time I've seen Firefox slow down is after installing addons and such for it. Fast as can be for me.01:42
m3Fhey! How could i change the resolution of my grub?01:42
Tartarosdj_segfault: it doesn't leak memory, it just fragments. Like any program will, unless it can move the memory around like mono or java virtual machines01:42
xanguaHowardtheDuck: opera is also very good but is propietary01:43
bencchow do I manually force logrotate for testing?01:43
DasEimeowbuntu-away: what's the behaviour of the disk ?01:43
HowardtheDuckdamian:  removing the addons definitely helps, as well as the usual recommended tweaks, but still is nowhere near the speed it should be01:43
TartarosHowardtheDuck: in that case it's still not firefox obviuosly. It should be as fast in linux as its in XP, or faster.01:43
AlienDKI like Opera01:43
AlienDK10.50 is awesome01:43
HowardtheDuckxangua:  yeah, i really like opera.  installed 10.5 yeterday on my XP box at work01:43
AlienDKSadly its not open source01:43
AlienDKshit.. this is kinda offtopic01:43
meowbuntu-awayDasEi, yes it was working find now though01:43
Tartaroswell yeah opera seems faster but it's controls are nowhere near as natural as FF's are01:44
AlienDKGotta be carefull. Else they'll ban me from life, the universe and everything01:44
HowardtheDuckTartaros:  well it's not, and I'm by far not the only person having this problem.   Windows FF is great, Ubuntu FF is not01:44
lateralus01is it alright if I post a link to my filesystem question on the ubuntu forums?01:44
AlienDKOpera feels weird in Ubuntu01:44
AlienDKMuch better on windows01:44
HowardtheDuckyeah I really would prefer FF, I like it much better as a browser, but use Opera now just because I kinda have to01:44
tenshinonekohello ^^01:44
dj_segfaultTartaros: On every Linux system I've used, Firefox running for a while eventually takes up more and more memory and CPU cycles (sometimes up to 70%), especially with Flash01:44
brjannbencc: sudo logrotate -f /etc/logrotate.conf01:44
AlienDKFlash sucks01:44
damianYou could always switch to a terminal browser ;)01:44
ddrjdj_segfault: same here01:45
HowardtheDuckeven though FF sux in Ubuntu, I still use it for flash...because flash in Opera is even worse heh01:45
Tartarosdj_segfault: yes. Fragmenting. Also flash plugin is not really FF's fault is it01:45
AlienDKGNOME sucks01:45
ddrjdon't say that!01:45
ddrjit rules01:45
AlienDKIt looks like something for handicapped persons01:45
DasEimeowbuntu-away: didn't understand your last answer01:45
tenshinonekoi'm trying to make changes on /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts but i'm scared i'll mess something up T_T01:45
xanguanow we really are offtopic01:45
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:45
HowardtheDuckAlienDK:  probably but I like it better than KDE still01:45
olskolircok DasEi hes in nano01:45
AlienDKIts better than the other desktops01:45
TartarosI don't think being offtopic is such a crime at this hour01:46
AlienDKSorry xangua. But I'm banned in #ubuntu-offtopic01:46
tenshinonekois there any GUI to change the name of the host in 9.10?01:46
DasEiolskolirc: what was the basic issue ?01:46
tenshinoneko+ the domain01:46
xanguaAlienDK: that's not excuse to make offtopic here01:46
AlienDKHow about this01:46
AlienDKGod is dead01:46
Tartarostenshinoneko: dunno about a gui but it should be really easy to change it manually01:46
AlienDKI'm the new god01:46
FloodBot3AlienDK: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:46
olskolircmy friend is stuck on his login screen b/c he picked the wrong video driver using ubuntu Lucid and a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 DasEi and now stuck on a black screen no X loging shell01:46
AlienDKyour "friend"01:47
sebsebseb!lucid |  olskolirc01:47
ubottuolskolirc: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+101:47
DasEiolskolirc: aaaah, so you're on the wrong path then01:47
olskolircI got that sebsebseb01:47
taofdwill Lucid's UNR hit day 1? or does it usually trail the official release?01:47
olskolircwhat DasEi01:47
DasEiolskolirc: run following commands from safe mode or trml-line01:47
Tartarosolskolirc: heh. you didnt include the description of real problem (other than "stuck") and since this channel is about karmic- then we will probably recommend to install karmic :P01:48
benccbrjann: thanks01:48
olskolircok wait let me have him get out of nano DasEi01:48
tenshinonekotartaros: well the problem i have is in hosts. right now the host name is "ubuntu" should i just change every ubuntu for "newname"01:48
taofdfor some reason when using sensors, it says my adaptor's critical temp is 63 degress C... this seems kind of low... are there consequences of it's "critical" temp being set this low, or does it not matter?01:48
Tartarostenshinoneko: how is that a problem?01:48
DasEiolskolirc: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf_stuck01:48
olskolircTartaros, I did I said "froze" as if he was on M$01:48
[_miT_]unitedpotsmokers: dood... dood.01:48
DasEiolskolirc: ctrl-x to quit nano01:48
dj_segfaulttaofd: That means it's not reading the sensors.  Mine does the same thing01:48
unitedpotsmokershi there.. good morning01:49
tenshinonekotartaros: well cuz there's one place in hosts that says "ubuntu-domain" so i'm not sure if i need to change thatone to "newname-domain" sorry im a n00b xD01:49
Tartarosolskolirc: what part of "this channel is not about lucid" dont you understand :)01:49
taofddj_segfault, what do you mean? :D01:49
dj_segfaulttaofd: Could be an unsupported sensor chip01:49
Tartarostenshinoneko: I'd suggest not touching it when it works01:49
olskolircthis was the same issue with karamic too Tartaros thats why we upgraded hoping it would be better01:49
olskolircits the same01:49
DasEiolskolirc: also, is that lucid ? well, meet me over there, then01:49
tenshinonekotartaros: so i should leave the .ubuntu-domain the same then? ^^01:50
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+101:50
Tartarosolskolirc: well can you not use the driver?01:50
olskolircwe uninstalled it Tartaros but we can't bring up the driver config to pick another driver from the command line, any suggestings?01:50
olskolircwhats the lucid channel DasEi ?01:51
olskolircI don't have any problems with my lucid so far01:51
DasEiolskolirc: see above, #ubuntu+101:51
[_miT_]olskolirc: keyword: so far01:51
olskolircoh yes im there DasEi01:51
Tartarosreconfigure X or some such01:51
shazbotmcnastyhow to give .ttf the correct rights?01:52
[_miT_]shazbotmcnasty: chmod?01:52
shazbotmcnastychmod <what>01:52
tenshinonekoanyone knows how to lock an account after auto-log in?01:53
meowbuntu-awayDasEi, yes it was working find now though01:53
[_miT_]shazbotmcnasty: could chmod 777, but that would be totally unsecure (very un-linux of me)01:53
PeterTYeah, true01:53
DasEimeowbuntu-away: it works now , and you want to re-check the fs ? or view the syslog ?01:54
PeterTNote to self: Don't ever type /who #ubuntu01:54
* [_miT_] takes note01:54
taofddj_segfault, i'm on an acer aspire, it's an atom proc ... it seems like whenever i go above 63C my computer shuts down / crashes... i was wondering if the two were related01:55
[_miT_]Is there a way to load balance connections? (Say WLAN and LAN)01:55
MgMti cant get the software center to work, i already used 'sudo apt-get update' with no success01:55
[_miT_]MgMt: Applications -> Ubuntu Software Center?01:56
[_miT_]MgMt: version? 9.10?01:56
MgMtfresh install and updated01:56
dj_segfaulttaofd: Hmm.  From what I've seen when it says 63C that means it's not reading the sensor, but maybe your case is different.  What program are you reading the temp with?01:56
tony_Some one can help me, because when to start my pc all my personal file are copied to my desktop01:56
[_miT_]MgMt: what happens when you attempt to launch it?01:56
MgMtit opens but it says 0 items at the bottom01:56
amdpoxAnyone know how I can stop the radeon driver from being loaded with a kernel parameter? I tried radeon.blacklist=yes, but briefly saw a message about an unknown option or something01:57
tony_how can to lock the file not copy when a reboot the pc01:57
[_miT_]MgMt: from within Software Center -> Edit -> Software Sources01:57
benccwhen I'm forcing logrotate the server starts using access.log.1 file instead of access.log http://dpaste.com/168870/01:57
benccany idea what I'm doing wrong?01:58
taofddj_segfault, i'm using lm-sensors01:58
MgMt[_miT_] what do i do in there?01:58
brandonedenshi all... I just installed w3m under Karmic and am finding that it is not able to open URLs. Are other people experiencing this problem?01:58
[_miT_]MgMt: ensure Main, Universe, Restricted and Multiverse is checked01:58
candyi donno im new to this whole thing01:58
dj_segfaultbencc: Use a wildcard of *.log, not *  That happened to me too01:58
MgMt[_miT_] what are those?01:59
[_miT_]dj_segfault: best dj name, EVAR01:59
dj_segfault[_miT_]: Thanks.  I used to DJ, so it was a natural01:59
[_miT_]MgMt: those are the servers your PC contacts for software packages and updates01:59
MgMt[_miT_] i dont see those options01:59
benccdj_segfault:  that's what I'm using: http://dpaste.com/168870/ isn't it?02:00
[_miT_]dj_segfault: i just go by Dj Tim, or just Tim. lol02:00
brjannbencc: it's probably that the server isn't being properly notified that it needs to close its existing file handles and reopen the file. i'd double-check your post-rotate command02:00
[_miT_]dj_segfault: minimal-techno, downtempo, electro, ect02:00
[_miT_]MgMt: which options?02:00
dj_segfaultbencc: Looks right for me.02:00
benccbrjann: is it possible that I need to put sudo in the postrotate command?02:01
[_miT_]MgMt: did you get to the software sources window?02:01
MgMt[_miT_] the main universe restricted and multiverse02:01
Tartaroswhat script/program is used by ubuntu installer to generate fstab?02:01
MgMt[_miT_] now i see it, those were all checked02:01
brjannbencc: no, logrotate runs as root i think, so you should be okay02:01
[_miT_]MgMt: on that first tab 'Ubuntu Software', there are check boxes for them02:01
mohadib_when i try to view a png in firefox, view it directly, it tries to open in another app, can i have FF just display the png itself?02:01
benccdj_segfault:  should it work when forcing rotate with: 'sudo logrotate -f /etc/logrotate.conf' ?02:01
[_miT_]MgMt: ok then close both software sources and software center02:02
[_miT_]MgMt: System -> Administration -> Update manager02:02
MgMt[_miT_] ok02:02
skritei need a reccomendation for a great file sync app. I don't need it as a backup program, but rather will compare two folders and their contents and show me the differences so i can reconsile them as i like02:02
[_miT_]MgMt: hit check, make sure you're hitting the sources we have checked02:02
benccbrjann: when running manually kill -USR1 `cat /usr/local/nginx/logs/nginx.pid` it works fine02:02
[_miT_]MgMt: i.e. Main, Universe, ect02:03
tony_what's option a should to desacctivate because all my personal file when a reboot the pc show me on the desktop02:03
mohadib_anyone? when i try to view a png in firefox, view it directly, it tries to open in another app, can i have FF just display the png itself?02:03
brjannbencc: meaning that it switches back to the real log file when you SIGUSR1 it manually?02:03
MgMt[_miT_] it says i updated less than an hour ago02:03
DasEiskrite: man diff02:03
benccbrjann: yes02:03
[_miT_]MgMt: thats fine, check it again02:03
MgMti did, it didnt do anything02:03
skriteDasEi, thanks02:04
Tartarosmohadib_: this depends on what mime type is the http server telling your browser the png file is02:04
dj_segfaultbencc: That looks right but I'm not a logrotate expert.  I just know when I did * instead of *.log I ended up with tens of thousands of files in the log directory after a few months02:04
[_miT_]MgMt: :/ you didnt see the update window hit the servers?02:04
MgMtwhat do you mean hit the servers?02:04
dj_segfaultbencc: It took over half an hour to delete them all02:04
[_miT_]MgMt: "Download package information"02:04
benccdj_segfault: sound like fun02:04
[_miT_]MgMt: you'll see it checking the server sources we have checked (Main, Restricted, ect)02:05
mohadib_Tartaros: hmm, cant you tell? http://grab.by/grabs/b3b1211cabb2d1df709ce8be94c8ba71.png02:05
[_miT_]MgMt: ok close the update manager02:05
[_miT_]MgMt: lauch terminal (yay)02:06
[_miT_]MgMt: type: sudo apt-get purge software-center02:06
[_miT_]MgMt: then: sudo apt-get install software-center02:06
[_miT_]MgMt: btw, Softare center is kinda for the newbs, you should really use the Synaptic package manager ;)02:06
HowardtheDuckis chrome or opera faster in ubuntu02:06
isixANYONE HAS System-> Administration -> Networking so they can tell me the command under properties?02:07
[_miT_]HowardtheDuck: Chrome is called Chormium on linux02:07
mohadib_HowardtheDuck: tias?02:07
[_miT_]HowardtheDuck: and its faster than anything ive ever seen ;)02:07
brjannbencc: hm, I'm stumped. I don't see anything wrong02:07
MgMti am a bit of a newb lol02:07
[_miT_]MgMt: ahh ok then :)02:07
MgMtplus i cant remember half the names of what im looking for02:07
=== usrponcho is now known as man8
isixANYONE HAS System-> Administration -> Networking so they can tell me the command under properties?02:07
[_miT_]MgMt: you can search the packages within Synaptic Pacakge Manager02:07
MgMtthat did it, thanks!02:08
[_miT_]MgMt: if we could search them it would be a big headache, lol02:08
DasEiisix : would be under preferences, command is nm-connection-editor02:08
DasEi(Network Connections), isix02:08
benccbrjann: thanks. I'll ask on the nginx mailing list02:08
maxjezy[_miT_], chrome is chrome in linux to?02:08
maxjezyget it from google and it's chrome?02:09
lamalexDoes anyone know anything about dev-mapper?  I have a machine that /used/ to have lvm on it, which I did a reinstall without lvm, but my drives are still listed under /dev/mapper, and now it won't let me format the unused drive because "One or more block devices are holding /dev/mapper/nvidia_efffjahb"02:09
DasEimaxjezy: chromium-browser02:09
[_miT_]maxjezy: no, chrome (the web browser) is called chromium on linux02:09
brjannbencc: they have a channel here on freenode, #nginx02:09
benccbrjann: ok02:09
xanguachrome is freeware and chromium is open source02:09
ZykoticK9[_miT_], actually there is both Chromium and Google Chrome for linux02:09
[_miT_]ZykoticK9: im refering to the browser02:10
DasEimaxjezy: ubottu: You can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa02:10
HowardtheDuckmit thanks :)02:10
HowardtheDucki just installed it02:10
ZykoticK9[_miT_], me too!  there are 2 of them: 1) Chromium and 2) Google Chrome they are different packages02:10
[_miT_]enjoy :D02:10
[_miT_]ZykoticK9: lies! <checks>02:10
isixthanks dasEi02:10
maxjezyi use the chrome package02:11
maxjezybut it's built on chromium i guess02:11
isixi dont want network connections i want networking02:11
switch10_I am having some problems adding myself to groups in Ubuntu.  I posted in the Ubuntu forums here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142354302:12
m0arI want to start a new x-session on another tty, and use awesome instead of gnome. How to achieve this?02:14
darkexwould there be any way to test your external line speed from the commandline?02:14
[_miT_]m0ar: thats crazy talk02:14
[_miT_]m0ar: but i like it :) never actually ran two desktop managers at once02:15
m0ar[_miT_]: Not crazy at all, but I want it :D02:16
m0arDo i seriously have to run it in virtualbox? x(02:16
schnitzelcan anyone help me getting livecd-tools installed ?02:16
schnitzeli need to make a fedora usb disk that i can install from instead of the DVD02:16
[_miT_]m0ar: you can install it and pick the desktop manager you want to login with @ the login screen02:17
[_miT_]darkex: sudo apt-get install iftop02:17
DasEischnitzel: use unetbootin for that02:17
[_miT_]DasEi: schnitzel: i second that :) unetbootin is awesome02:17
[_miT_]its the only way i can get anything installed on my netbook :/02:18
DasEidarkex: you talk about the d/l speed ?02:18
ZykoticK9m0ar, you can use the command gdmflexiserver to start another xorg session, BUT you need 2 user names (it won't let you log in as same user twice)02:19
darkexDasEi: just the link/burst speed externally, yeah02:19
schnitzeli cant use unetbootin to create a fedora usb02:19
schnitzelit dosent work for the DVD02:19
[_miT_]DasEi: darkex: iftop is nice for a terminal/graphical display of your network interfaces02:19
craighi... linux noob here... just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a new computer and I have no sound.... I know the onboard sound chip is working (I dual-boot with Windows 7 and sound works). Can anyone help? I can't really offer too much in exchange since I'm very new to Linux02:19
[_miT_]DasEi: darkex: i guess you could run lynx or wget a large file and check the DL speed02:19
m0ar[_miT_]: Not good enough02:19
m0arZykoticK9: D'aww :c02:19
isixanyone has network-manager .7 or .6 ?02:19
al__wow craig02:20
m0arcraig: Go to a terminal, type in "alsamixer"02:20
DasEidarkex: there testfiles easily to be found on the net, being well served, can use scp or rsync with -P (progress) option, will show you file, and if I remember right, ethtoll.. well not sure for the moment02:20
[_miT_]hows craigslist going craig? (lol)02:20
m0arcraig: Max all channels02:20
m0arcraig: use "tab" to find more of them02:20
darkexk thanks02:21
m0arcraig: It's probably just a output that's muted or something. So go put on sound from a mediaplayer or w/e and play around in alsamixer02:21
craigin alsamixer now... looking around, thanks... I'll let you know what I find02:21
[_miT_]m0ar: should be pulseaudio (shudder), not alsa02:21
schnitzeli need help with installing livecd-tools02:21
m0ar[_miT_]: Well, yeah02:21
nmcintyreanyone know if there are plans to fix the issue with menus not being resizable to fit a netbook monitor?02:22
DasEiDarkex: no sorry, ethtool doesn't provide that02:22
nmcintyrein 10.0402:22
taofdugh, my system just crashed, where would I go to see a log of what caused my system to crash?02:22
m0ar[_miT_]: We people with a sense of logic have purged pulse a long time ago02:22
[_miT_]nmcintyre: have you tried the Netbook remix release? its designed for that02:22
nmcintyreyah, i have02:22
nmcintyrebut therea re still menus02:22
[_miT_]nmcintyre: but i recommend crunchbang linux on netbooks, I LOVE IT.02:22
nmcintyrethat are not resizable02:22
m0arnmcintyre: Remove some entries02:22
nmcintyreor scrollable02:22
m0arnmcintyre:  :D02:22
taofdnmcintyre, ubuntu UNR is nice, but some dialogs still wont display correctly (thunderbird)02:23
[_miT_]m0ar: true :002:24
craigok no sound is muted and everything in alsamixer that makes sense, like master, is up to the top of the slider02:24
m0ar[_miT_]: Only causes eternal suffering and immense pain. Alsa all the way!02:24
m0arcraig: Checked everything?02:24
[_miT_]m0ar: ripping out pulseaudio was step 1 for my fresh install :)02:25
taofdanyone know?02:25
m0arSome doesn't make sense, but still have a card in the deck02:25
Tartaroswhats wrong with pulse?02:25
m0arTartaros: Can't put my finger on it, but hell02:25
m0arTartaros: It doesn't work nearly as well as alsa02:25
[_miT_]Tartaros: nothing, usually. but i, along with many others, have a lot of problems with it02:25
TartarosIn my movie players, if I select alsa for audio, it keeps getting stuck, whereas with pulse it's ok...02:25
m0arTartaros: Small bugs, doesn't work as it should02:26
craigyup checked everything, no sound still02:26
[_miT_]Tartaros: when it works, it works wonderfully. but when it doesnt, its the worst thing in the world.02:26
maxjezycraig, turn up volume to 150 % and i think it will work02:26
Alan502will empathy still be included in lucid02:26
m0arTartaros: Since you HAVE pulse. Remove it, and alsa works well02:26
m0arAlan502: Yes02:26
m0armaxjezy: Wtf?02:26
Tartarosm0ar: interesting theory. how does one remove pulse anyway?02:26
m0arTartaros: purge pulseaudio02:26
maxjezym0ar, it's a bug, many people have it that i heard of02:26
DasEim0ar: pulse is not be compared to alsa, as it acts as a sound-proxy, not s-system ( like oss or alsa)02:26
Tartarosand where lies the future, alsa or pulse? or something else?02:27
craigyeah its at 150% .... interesting, maybe unrelated... I dont have a mic but in sound preferences the input level is flashing02:27
m0arDasEi: Still causes trouble, irrelevant what it really is. What is a baldrog? Not really sure, but it hell screwws things up02:27
tony_ what's option I should to desactivate in the desktop, because all my personal file when a reboot the pc show me on the desktop02:28
tony_somebody knows?02:28
maxjezycraig, did it do the trick?02:28
[_miT_]tony_: that doesnt make sense :( wish i could help02:28
craigno it didnt02:28
DasEim0ar: different experiences on my side, but I had to get the idea of pulse first, too, was also confused as it appears in one line with alsa, oss02:28
tony_mit ok02:28
knottydreads87i imagine this is very unlikely but is there anyway to send a wake up ping to a ubuntu computer that is shutdown?02:28
maxjezythen i have no idea02:28
tony_mit when I restar my pc02:28
[_miT_]knottydreads87: thats called "wake on lan". your mobo has to support it02:29
craig"eah its at 150% .... interesting, maybe unrelated... I dont have a mic but in sound preferences the input level is flashing" just in case it flashed by too quick02:29
tony_all the file in my user it is in my desktop02:29
m0artony_: Explain.02:29
knottydreads87[_miT_], oh, thats right. i'll see if my mobo does02:29
mawstWhat do I need to do to add ident2 to init.d?02:29
tony_I have my desktop clear02:30
tony_and when I restar my pc my desktop in full of file02:30
[_miT_]tony_: what files?02:30
tony_the file of my home02:30
craigok well, thanks very much for trying ... I appreciate it... I think I may have to learn a bit more about ubuntu if I hope to have sound02:31
tony_you undestand what I mean?02:31
[_miT_]tony_: sounds like something you installed is dumping those files there. very strange. i would create a second "test user" account and see if they get the files dumped onto the desktop as well02:31
a359is there a way to get watch (/usr/bin/watch) output in color? e.g. $watch -n5 ls --color  <--doesnt work for me.02:32
[_miT_]a359: thats a great idea :)02:32
a359rephrase my question: Does /usr/bin/watch have color support?02:33
knottydreads87[_miT_], lets assume by mobo has wake up on lan enabled. how do you initiate the the wake up?02:34
[_miT_]a359: i recall playing with a terminal that had color support for logs and such, but i dont remember the name of it :(02:34
[_miT_]knottydreads87: thats something you have to research for your mobo, i honestly have never set that up before.02:34
a359[_miT_]: yeah I was wondering if this is a terminal issue or what. I tried a few differnt ones, no luck.02:34
knottydreads87[_miT_], thanks! it does seem like something kinda complicated02:35
[_miT_]knottydreads87: the concept is pretty simple, you send a "knocking" packet to the mobo and it turns itself on02:35
[_miT_]knottydreads87: when your box is powered off, you'll notice that the LAN link light is still active. its basically listening for that "knocking" packet02:36
knottydreads87[_miT_], yes i have seen that02:36
[_miT_]knottydreads87: my DD-WRT router has an option for Wake on lan (WOL)02:36
[_miT_]knottydreads87: i might have to experiment with that :)02:36
knottydreads87[_miT_], looks like you do it on the IP and MAC address02:36
lookdoes anyone know where the Xchat logs are kept?02:37
[_miT_]knottydreads87: indeed02:37
ircuserHow can I convert many text files to PDF at once ( into a single PDF document or one PDF file for one text file) ? I've got some 200 separate text files I need to print to PDF.02:37
[_miT_]look: check in ~/.xchat02:37
look[_miT_], thanks02:38
[_miT_]look: np02:39
=== Colrol is now known as Rolcol
Colonel_Panika359, you talking console terminal or xterminal in a windowmanager?02:41
SouperfI interrupted the Ubuntu install process by shutting down the computer during its file copy stage. Since then, the HDD I tried to install it on reports as full, even thuogh it was empty. I can't make partitions on it in Gparted (liveCD), the only option is "unmount" (even though it's not mounted) which gives me an error. How can I completely format/restore that drive?02:42
[_miT_]Souperf: whoa, you cant delete and recreate the partitions?02:42
Souperfmit: nope, the only option is Unmount, but as I said, it's not even mounted. I've tried booting the LivdCD several times.02:43
[_miT_]Souperf: you can try to unmount from terminal, maybe gparted is being lazy ;)02:43
a359Colonel_Panik: i'm not sure what you mean. I use uxterms mostly. But I tried also in xterm and gnome-terminal with the same result.02:43
=== ybeddyj is now known as Guest35209
SouperfI tried that. As I said it's not mounting. It doesn't show up in "mount"02:43
Souperf*mounting = mounted02:44
schnitzelwhere can i get liveusb-creator for ubuntu?02:44
Souperfschnitzel: if you have Ubuntu already installed, you can create a USB LiveCD from System > Adminitration > USB Startup Disk02:44
schnitzelthanks, does that work with other distros too?02:45
[_miT_]schnitzel: or you can use unetbootin + iso02:45
Souperfsorry, I don't know02:45
Colonel_Panika359, a console terminal to me means what you get when you hit control-alt-F2 for example.02:45
KeithChesterRandom question - is there a way to determine the total average color that is on my screen? For instance, if a movie is playing and theres a mostly blue screen, i can call this program/function/system call and get what color blue?02:45
[_miT_]schnitzel: unetbootin will handle any distro, since you're pointing to an iso02:45
schnitzelit dosent work, ive tried and ive been told on #fedora that using unetbootin to make a live usb from the fedora DVD does not work02:46
a359Colonel_Panik: ah. ok, no I am talking about inside X.02:46
[_miT_]schnitzel: i've never had unetbootin not work for me :(02:47
DasEischnitzel: news to me. tried myself witht the cd, works02:47
schnitzeli wanna try it with the DVD02:47
a359schnitzel: if you need a DVD to install a linux distro something is terribly wrong02:48
DasEischnitzel: one "secret is to have the usb formatted properly before, and then give it few minutes, though app says finished, then cleanly unmount usb02:48
schnitzelthe fedora dvd, is that terribly wrong ? :(02:49
DasEischnitzel: if dvd borks, why not use the cd then ?02:49
ddrji'm installing via usb02:49
ddrjis that wrong02:49
ddrjyes / no02:49
DasEiddrj: no02:49
mcurranAnyone ever save pictures from a digi camera to a usb directly (no computer).02:49
schnitzelbecause im stubborn02:50
a359schnitzel: i guess so : )02:50
zirodayHi I keep getting "iptables: No chain/target/match by that name" when trying to do iptables -I INPUT 6 -m limit --limit 5/min -j LOG --log-prefix "iptables denied: " --log-level 702:50
ddrjok good02:50
[_miT_]mcurran: yeah they have "wifi" sd cards for that02:50
bazhangmcurran, does that relate to Ubuntu?02:50
Colonel_Panika359,  couldn't you set up a color profile in gnome-terminal and call up gnome-terminal--window-with-profile=mycrazycolors02:50
zirodaythe INPUT chain exists02:50
Souperfmit: I did as you suggested. Manually deleting the partition using fdisk made Gparted work with it.02:50
[_miT_]Souperf: nice!!02:50
ddrjit's cus i'd rather not install a cd drive to install via cd02:50
bazhangddrj, unetbootin works fine for that02:51
[_miT_]ddrj: any reason for that? ive never had a problem. only have had to use USB installations on netbooks (no cd-rom)02:51
DasEiddrj: if box supports usb-boot, prefered method (saves a cd, lessnoise, less mechanical loss)02:51
bjb1959I have a tough one for you. I have a shiney new nvidia geforce gt 240 that works fine with the nv driver but as soon as I try to install the latest nvidia driver x won't start. how do I fix it?02:51
[_miT_]bjb1959: ive had to reconfigure xorg after upgrading my nvidia drivers before02:52
bazhangdavid english here, spanish in #ubuntu-es02:52
a359Colonel_Panik: well i don't usually use gnome terminal. My terminals display color fine, the issue is that when I run watch, somehow the colors don't work.02:52
david_alguien que hable espanol02:52
bazhangdavid_, /join #ubuntu-es02:53
bjb1959_miT: any suggestions? I have used sudo nvidia-xconfig and then reboot but just get the tty line and no x02:53
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RSLRDXHi everyone, i'm looking for an app that can check the charset of a mysql backup file. just a mysql dump file. i'm having trouble importing it into a new server and want to make sure the charset is correct02:53
RSLRDXbeen looking at synaptic but didnt find anything02:54
[_miT_]bjb1959: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:54
bjb1959_mlT: and I should do this after I upgrade, drop to tty then reboot and wait for x to not start??02:55
Colonel_Panika359, oh I don't have that problem in gnome-terminal,  thats weird02:55
RSLRDXany suggestions?02:56
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fwaokdaanyone can help me on how to convert .flac to .mp3 in ubuntu 9.10 ?02:56
[_miT_]bjb1959: thats what i did02:56
a359Colonel_Panik: hmm. so your "watch" _does_ support color? Could you try in an xterm also?02:57
man8who has problems with tty? xorg ?02:57
mediaprodigyHOw do i watch dvd's in ubuntu02:57
mediaprodigyi put the dvd in the dvd player but nothing happends02:57
joshnetbookHello. I'm having trouble installing Ubuntu on my desktop.02:57
[_miT_]mediaprodigy: pop it in and double click the DVD from your desktop02:57
BHowardjoshnetbook: whats going on?02:57
[_miT_]mediaprodigy: also, VLC is a beautiful media player, i like it better than the built in one on ubuntu02:57
bjb1959_mlT: ok, I'll give it a try but it seems like a ton to go through just to get 3d going. last time I had this kind of trouble was maybe 2005 or 2006. seem's we are going backwards02:57
Colonel_Panika359, I was reading about early personal computers today and some had only 3 colors, we have progressed some I guess.02:57
[_miT_]mediaprodigy: sudo apt-get install vlc02:58
backtrack0001anybody here have experience setting up a persistent USB using unetbootin?02:58
xanguado you have libdvdcss2 installed¿ if not use medibuntu02:58
mediaprodigyi have VLC02:58
xangua!medibuntu | mediaprodigy02:58
ubottumediaprodigy: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org02:58
mediaprodigyaand it will not play it02:58
joshnetbookI've setup a thumb drive to be bootable and mounted the ubuntu iso to it. I can reboot and get to the Ubuntu installation menu but after choosing to install(or just run) it drops me to busybox.02:59
mediaprodigyi have to installl one by one02:59
DasEifwaokda: http://tinyurl.com/ydc3u9v02:59
fwaokdaDasEi, thanks02:59
bjb1959_mlT: one last thing, did you mean sudo dpkg --configure xserver-xorg?03:00
_GRUB_joshnetbook: could just be a corrupted copy on the USB drive03:00
man8bjb1959>  i have a nvidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 43003:00
DasEibacktrack0001: yes03:00
[_miT_]bjb1959: sorry yes, i dont remember the command off the top of my head03:01
man8bjb1959>  http://www.pobladores.com/channels/tecnologia/EL_Nuevo_Mundo/area/12  xorg.conf in nvidia03:01
joshnetbookShould I try downloading again? Could it be the thumb drive? It's new and I used it to install Ubuntu NBR recently so I don't know if that would be the problem.03:01
mediaprodigyis there a sudo i can run to get mediabuntu installed03:01
bjb1959man8: is it in spanish?03:01
backtrack0001dasEi: I cannot understand why when i boot from the USB i get OS not found..03:02
DasEimediaprodigy: medibuntu ?03:02
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:02
man8i an spanis03:02
donusa100Hello Room Don from Michigan03:02
_GRUB_joshnetbook: most likely that when you copied the ubuntu iso to the drive it left files out. just format it and try putting the iso on again03:03
mediaprodigyyes medibuntu03:03
DasEibacktrack0001: then sth. went wrong with the usb-installation, first, are you sure the box supports usb-boot, stick found in bios ?03:03
ardchoilleWhat is the default irc client installed with a fresh Ubuntu system? Does Ubuntu install one?03:03
DasEimediaprodigy: go with the link, add repos, update apt, install desired03:03
xanguaardchoille: since karmic, empathy is the default im; it supports a lot of networks incluiding irc03:03
rwwardchoille: Empathy is the nearest thing it installs. It's barely useable as an IRC client, though.03:04
backtrack0001DasEi: I have a live cd of this distro i want persistent on a USB boot it up, create the partitions, format them. use unetbootin to extrack the ISO to it and install bootloader. and yes,i have USB stick in my boot options03:04
ardchoillexangua rww Thanks03:04
dj_segfaultxangua: I thought pidgin was the default03:04
Blue1ardchoille: i use the irc client in pidgin - but you have to install that03:04
Dr_Willismediaprodigy:  the medibuntu reposiutory page has dirctons on the commands to use.03:04
ardchoilledj_segfault: it was changed in KArmic03:04
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:04
joshnetbookok thanks03:04
xanguadj_segfault: (21:03:55) xangua: ardchoille: #since #karmic, empathy is the default im; it supports a lot of networks incluiding irc03:04
ardchoilleBlue1: yeah, I use xchat,I'm helping new users get up and running03:05
mediaprodigythanks guys for the DVD help a..03:05
Blue1irssi is good03:05
Blue1ardchoille: I don't use xchat it looks pretty complicated for what I need03:05
AtomicAnyone use PDAnet with Android and Ubuntu?03:05
ardchoilleI think I'll keep her with empathy and she can branch out from there03:05
a359backtrack0001: try adding to the boot option: cdrom-detect/try-usb=true03:05
mediaprodigyeveryone...  :)03:05
_GRUB_xchat is really simple03:05
DasEibacktrack0001: things go little messy then : unetbootin will create sth like a live-usb, no changes possible. for persistent take a look at pendrivelinux, just like a standard install to a usb stick, if it's a disk, can directly install to it03:06
* dj_segfault tries out Empathy. Back in a bit03:06
Blue1_GRUB_: I couldn't figure out how to be on multiple networks - easy in pidgin03:06
schnitzel* THE GAME *03:06
a359backtrack0001: you have to press <tab> at the unetbootin start menu to edit the boot options, then enter that option03:06
Dr_WillisUnetbootin needt to get a make perisstant save file option some day03:06
DasEibacktrack0001: wheres usb-creator will give some extra spaces for own savings03:06
backtrack0001DasEi: the distro is backtrack and the USB drive is 4gb03:06
Colonel_Panika359,  xterm works with red and white and watch for me anyway03:06
tenshinonekohello ^^ everyone i'm trying to auto lock in when signin in, so far i used  gnome-screensaver-command --lock but it wont lock up T_T03:06
backtrack0001I'll check that out a35903:07
DasEibacktrack0001: though no support here, it's same03:07
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rwwardchoille: pointing them at webchat.freenode.net is easier if they're only going to be using it occasionally03:07
_GRUB_Blue1: I think u just press ctrl s to get back your server list and connect to another one03:07
ardchoillerww: Nope, their switching from Windows to Ubuntu :D03:07
Blue1_GRUB_: i may look at it again someday03:07
DasEibacktrack0001: you either want usb-creator or - better, pendrivelinux (google it)03:07
backtrack0001okay googling03:08
HowardtheDuckhow do i downgrade to the old grub so i can change the order of my menu03:08
a359Colonel_Panik: hmm. thanks for checking. i'm not sure what I need to do to get it working then...03:08
DasEibacktrack0001: important is to have the stick formatted properly before, fat 16 or 32 often on that size03:09
backtrack0001DasEi: yeah the instructions say to make a 1.5gb partition in vfat and the remainder on drive in ext303:09
Dr_WillisHowardtheDuck:  ive seen somd guides/forums on tweaking the order wth grub2 - that may be easier03:09
DasEiHowardtheDuck: if it's just the order, checkout /etc/default/grub03:09
Colonel_Panika359,  xterm works with blue and white and watch for me  what are you running with watch?03:10
DasEibacktrack0001: the told apps will handle partiton proper, but the inital fs is important for thwm to recognize the stick correctly03:10
Sj4m35-15anyone use the mini.iso ubuntu 9.10?03:10
DasEiSj4m35-15: did03:11
Sj4m35-15whaddaya think?03:11
backtrack0001DesEi: will i still be able to follow the remainder of this tutorial for making persistent with nessus03:11
DasEiSj4m35-15: works, updated packages once, slower, nice expert-options03:11
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axisyshow is it that when from my ubuntu laptop's terminal I ssh to one ubuntu server the terminal title changes to the remote server.. but from same ubuntu laptop when I ssh to this other ubuntu server the title of the terminal does not change to the remote server ? what do I have to change on the remote server to behave the same way ?03:12
mtx_initI added the vdpau PPA, but my vlc is still running at around 60-70% when running the HD content, any ideas on why?03:12
DasEibacktrack0001: a persistent ubuntu behaves like a standard install03:12
Dr_Willisaxisys:  check your bash startup scripts and wht they are setting the prompt 'PS1' variable to.03:12
Sj4m35-15DasEi: which window manager and file manager did you use?03:13
DasEiSj4m35-15: depends on your needs and purpose, I used it for lightwight with icewm03:13
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* dj_segfault *already* hates empathy after 4 minutes. It said it would import my pidgin contacts but it didn't and it's much less configurable.03:13
RolcolIs it possible to squashfs and unionfs the /usr folder on startup?03:13
CrOnOs__i just installed mysql and all i get is http://pastebin.com/0cTkkQLT when i try to set root password any idea?03:14
Dr_Willismtx_init:  vfpau is only for specicic video cards.. and   You installed  a newer vlc version from that ppa that had the support? Ive not seen it in vlc yet. just mplayer03:14
Dr_Willismtx_init:  also you need to select the vpadu video out in the settings of the player03:14
Sj4m35-15DasEi: I'm using mine as a virtualbox guest. What would you suggest for testing purposes?03:14
mtx_initDr_Willis: My card supports it and it had a different version.  and I do have it selected03:15
DasEiSj4m35-15: standard desktop iso / gnome03:15
Dr_Willismtx_init:  No idea then.  from what i read its confuseing what cards actually support it.03:15
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zeek0124i need audio help03:15
DasEiSj4m35-15: specs of the host ?03:15
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Sj4m35-15Is there a mini-ubuntu channel?03:15
Blackcamaro8Is there a method of installing Ubuntu onto a flash drive(4GB) to where I can save and add things, as opposed to making a bootable USB installer?03:16
mtx_initDr_Willis: How can I install mplayer, it gives me this error mplayer: Depends: mplayer-nogui but it is not going to be installed03:16
mtx_init           Depends: libvdpau1 but it is not installable03:16
DasEiSj4m35-15: not that I knew03:16
Dr_Willis!info libvdpau103:16
ubottuPackage libvdpau1 does not exist in karmic03:16
Dr_Willismtx_init:  its proberly in some PPA you dont have enabled. or conflicting with some pther ppa perhaps03:17
seelei'm having trouble diagnosing a problem mounting an encrypted partition at boot my home directory wont mount03:17
seelefsck at boot just says it cannot be mounted, but i can manually mount it in the recorvery shell03:17
dj_segfaultCr0n0s: You have to have the root password to use that command.  There's a default one (escapes me for the moment).03:17
seeledont know what to do/how to fix it03:17
erik__Anyone knows how I can fix this in my xorg: (EE) PreInit returned NULL for ""HID 413c:3010""03:17
Sj4m35-15DasEi: specs. windows 7, 2GB RAM, pentium 4 2.8GHz. Nvidia 7300 GT AGP vidcard.03:17
Dr_Willismtx_init:  it seems tobe called --> nvidia-185-libvdpau - Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix03:17
Dr_Willismtx_init:  on this 9.10 box03:18
erik__my xorg/gdm just doesn't want to start because of that error.03:18
zeek0124i need audio help i have azalia alcsomething but it aint be working03:18
a359Colonel_Panik: if I do the following, for example: $watch -n5 ls --color /bin03:18
dj_segfaultCr0n0s: http://www.trap17.com/index.php/Mysql39s-Default-Root-Password_t31717.html03:18
DasEiSj4m35-15: no prob with gnome in that, don't use too many machines in paralell (~2 B)03:18
backtrack0001thanks for the help guys. gonna give this a go with the boot option.03:18
* backtrack0001 crosses fingers03:18
mtx_initDr_Willis: How do you install it then?  if its not in the repo03:18
Dr_Willismtx_init:  must of been in the dozen extra ppa's ive added to this testing box.03:18
Guest35209is it possible to do a xdrive type setup with linux03:18
CrOnOs__dj_segfault  tnx if there is a default i will google it03:19
mtx_initDr_Willis: ok lol03:19
abo-what application is used to save dvd file to disk?03:19
abo-(dvd video)03:19
Dr_Willismtx_init:  but none of my video cards actually support the feature03:19
axisysDr_Willis: thanks.. found it03:19
Sj4m35-15anyone ever use openbox?03:19
axisysDr_Willis: PROMPT_COMMAND='if [ $TERM = "vt100" ]; then printf "\033k${HOSTNAME%%.*}\033\\" ; fi'03:19
axisysPS1='\[\e[0;31m\](\u)\[\e[0;37m\]@\[\e[0;33m\]\h\[\e[0;36m\]:\w\[\e[0;0m\]\$ '03:19
axisysDr_Willis: i guess the prompt_command does it03:20
a359Colonel_Panik: so if I do that, instead of seeing "bash" in green, I see [00m[01;32mbash[00m03:20
axisysDr_Willis: thanks03:20
Dr_Willisaxisys:  actually its the escape codes the prompt prints that does it. :)03:20
erik__abo-, Dunno have you tried  Brasero?03:20
DasEiabo-: k3b amongst other let's you sae a mountable iso03:20
Dr_WillisSj4m35-15:  its a window maanger. :) theres dozens of window managers to try out03:20
Guest35209is it possible to do a xdrive type setup with linux03:20
axisysDr_Willis: "\033k${HOSTNAME%%.*}\033\\" <- this ?03:20
marcobxbro1anyone has a u301 EV-DO working with ubuntu?03:21
zeek0124can someone help me with my audio ive been working on it tirelessly03:21
erik__Does anyone know how to fix the gdm start up error handling?03:21
DasEi!repeat | Guest35209, ; I don't understand xdrive setup03:21
ubottuGuest35209, ; I don't understand xdrive setup: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:21
Blackcamaro8How can I make a bootable USB Ubuntu installation? I'm not talking about a USB installer, I want an actual portable, saveable installation.03:21
dehqanthere is a folder including folders and files ? how to chmod 755 all folders and 644 all files in it03:21
erik__Blackcamaro8, Install to a USB stick03:21
Dr_Willisaxisys:  i forget the exact ones. Theres a bash prompt howto that details it.. in agonizing details. :) and i recall a bash prompt generator tool out there also.03:21
seeleor at least could someone help me manually mount an encrypted partition so i can at least back up my data before i reinstall?03:22
[_miT_]dehqan: recursive, i.e. chmod -R 777 file/folder03:22
axisysDr_Willis: wow! thanks :-)03:22
mr-grey2Is Xubuntu an ok OS to learn if you are completly new to linux? I heard you can do more with skins and themes with it and I'm just beginning linux.03:22
Blackcamaro8erik__:That installs GRUB to my primary hard drive. I don't want that. I want a fully portable installation.03:22
DasEiBlackcamaro8: http://tinyurl.com/pwv7z03:23
ramrebol_when I try to run "Sound Recorder" appear http://pastebin.com/vkvWQUTZ  ..  How can I fix this??  (I have sound with mplayer, but I don't have sound with totem)03:23
Blackcamaro8DasEi: Checking out link now.03:23
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zeek0124can someone help me with my audio ive been working on it tirelessly please03:24
Blackcamaro8DasEi: I've been there before. Can you send me an individual link on how to install Ubuntu on a flash drive? All I've found are links that make a USB installer.03:24
erik__Blackcamaro8,  Are you sure I've done it several times and it works for me. Anyways "just" install grub on the USB disk yourself.03:24
bjb1959Is there anyone that knows why x won't start when I install the nvidia drivers with my geforce gt 240? nv driver works fine but nvidia driver causes x not to start03:24
DasEiBlackcamaro8: I got you like usb-stick for a flash drive;; is it a sd card ? ssd-hd ?03:25
javatexanI've got  libstdc++.so.6, but this program is dying because libstdc++.so.5.  Can I add that one too, seems like that would cause other problems....help?03:26
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Blackcamaro8DasEi: Yes, it's a Sandisk Cruzer Micro 4GB. I want a FULL install of Ubuntu on there, GRUB and all.03:26
Guest46002guys I just reinstalled ubuntu on two of my computer (Both had Ubuntu 9.10 before) and now I cant get networking to work wired or wireless on laptops that had no problems before03:27
Dr_WillisBlackcamaro8:  you have to watch out that the isntaller dosent accidently install grub to the wrong hard drive. I recall some button/advanced option near the end of the install to tell to where to go03:27
DasEiBlackcamaro8: so given link is right, it's an usb tick, nor ? usb-creator let's you do something near it, but for a real install pendrivelinux is best03:27
revoBlackcamaro8 plug in your usb, disconnect all hdd,s install off a cd to the usb , and your done03:27
tiagoAlguem pode me ajudar, eu tenho uma placa sis mirage 3, e o ubuntu não reconhece ela????Alguem pode me ajudar, eu tenho uma placa sis mirage 3, e o ubuntu não reconhece ela????03:27
Blackcamaro8revo: That's actually a good idea. Didn't think of that. Thanks :P03:27
DasEirevo: sometimes don't work with grub/casper03:28
Dr_WillisBlackcamaro8:  i tend to just use persistant-save enabled live usb type setups on flash drives.03:28
Dr_WillisBlackcamaro8:  or i set up grub2 to boot the iso files. :)03:28
syriuswhats the best place to get themes for ubuntu?03:28
syriuswhat happened to all the old ones it use to have in the older releases?03:28
bjb1959I didn't think so....03:29
xanguasyrius: 'gnome look'03:29
Dr_Willissyrius:  theres the gnome look theme sites. and proberly some still in the repos.03:29
revoBlackcamaro8: dont install any restricted gpu drivers if you want it to be truly portabkle03:29
syriusI noticed the ones frrom art gnome dot work integrate better with gnome than with gome look dot ord03:29
Dr_Willisgotta love a collection of 10,000 theme parts.. most of which are so nasty you cant stand them :)03:29
syriusI dislike the ones frrom gnome looked03:29
syriusthey don't work very well03:29
Dr_Willissyrius:  theres a lot of theme ppa collections out also03:29
syriusthere is always some app tha doesn't work well03:30
Dr_WillisIve never noticed an app that dident work well.. just some of the theme parts are ugly.03:30
Blackcamaro8revo: Figured that. Lol. Drivers are 'attached' to ONE specific line of device.03:30
syriuslike I just install art-gnome.org and they work flawlessly03:30
syriusthe ones from gnome-look.org I always have some app that doesn't get integrated well with the theme03:31
Dr_Willissyrius:  they are all just user submited themes. so you just have to watch out for what ones you use03:31
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syriuslike firefox will be hard to read because the color didn't get right in the addons window03:31
Dr_WillisI proberly got 100+ theme/parts in my .themes dir ive collected over the years03:31
Dr_Willisfirefox is themeable in itself.. so  that may be more of a FF issue.03:31
marcobxbro1anyone has a u301 EV-DO working with ubuntu?03:31
darkstar1How do I set the default browser in gnome. Mine's always firing up FF but I need itto fire up something else03:31
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syriusno it can't be Dr_Willis03:32
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syriusthen why is it that art-gnome.org themes don't have that problem?03:32
syriusit is the normal system them03:32
Brando753guys I just reinstalled ubuntu on two of my computer (Both had Ubuntu 9.10 before) and now I cant get networking to work wired or wireless on laptops that had no problems before03:32
syriusnot a custom one for firefox03:32
Dr_Willissyrius:  they are all user submited.. if you find an issue with one.. post to the themes forum/thread/notes on the site.03:32
Dr_Willissome usesr make them better then others..  its not a issue with the web site.03:33
shubbarfrom where do i manage system processes?03:33
nanotubedarkstar1: system -> preferences -> preferred applications03:33
xanguasyrius: a lot of themes in gnome look use other gtk engines wich you may have not installed and that is because they don't work in your system03:33
nanotubedarkstar1: or something to that effect...03:33
syriuswell how do I find themes made by devs?03:33
darkstar1nanotube: Thanks03:33
Dr_WillisYea the whole gtk-engine stuff is often get goofy03:33
Dr_Willissyrius:  look in the package manager for starters.03:33
shubbari want the printer process to start on startup, now i do it manually03:33
Dr_Willissyrius:  and theres several theme PPA repos out that are better tested03:33
syriusyes I know that xangua usually the dev will say you need this package or what ever03:33
frozzenHey! waz up!03:34
syriusI want some cool black themes Dr_Willis do you know of any?03:34
syriuseven the black themes that come with ubuntu have problems03:34
Dr_Willissyrius:  no idea. I always go back to the same themes ive used over the last few years.  I find dark themes always have issues03:34
helluplinecan anyone help me? I have a question about "quickly", I have a translated file in the "po /" folder, I want when I run "quickly package" pack it with the file "*. mo"03:34
Dr_WillisI want things clear, clean, and easy on my eyes.03:35
syriusbut the ones I downloaded from art-gnome.org don't seem to have those problems03:35
syriuswell this one that I got from art-gnome.org doesn't seem to have problems03:35
Dr_Willissyrius:  looks like you got one then.. enjoy.03:36
helluplinecan anyone help me with the i18n in quickly ??03:37
javatexanso how do you deal with one silly program that wont install until you have libstdc++.so.5 when you already have libstdc++.so.6....why won't it work with just that one....Is there a safe way to add so.5 without messing up the other programs on the machine.....is this akin to dll hell in windows?03:38
Dr_Willisjavatexan:  since the last .# is differnt the 2 should be able to coexist on the same system.03:38
alcalahello, how can I play 3gp files in ubuntu????03:38
Dr_Willisjavatexan:  or you could recompile the app to use the newer lib.03:38
Brando753guys I just reinstalled ubuntu on two of my computer (Both had Ubuntu 9.10 before) and now I cant get networking to work wired or wireless on laptops that had no problems before03:38
Dr_Willisalcala:  ive maanged to play them in vlc and gmplayer befor03:39
javatexanno can do, I think its only a binary install.03:39
alcalaDr_willis what do I need to install?03:39
Dr_Willisalcala:  proly the normal stuff. vlc, gnome mplayer, the w32codecs package perhaps. thats about all i ever install03:39
mr-grey2off the wall question but I like looking at porn and i heard linux is pretty tuff on not getting virus.. should i get a virus scanner anyhow?03:40
Brando753... no you wont need one ...03:40
Dr_Willis!av | mr-grey203:40
ubottumr-grey2: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2103:40
alcalaDr_willis I will try that.. =) thanks03:40
helluplinealcala maybe will need ubuntu-restricted-extras03:40
abo-DasEi, does k3b allow you saving the dvd into a avi/mpg file on disk?03:40
syriushow do I get the gnome foot back in nautilus?03:41
Dr_Willisabo-:  k9copy and handbrake can also do that feature03:41
Brando753... at least hes honest :D03:41
DasEiabo-: no, but into a mountable iso03:41
mr-grey2thanks Dr_Willis03:41
Blackcamaro8syrius: How did you remove it?03:41
javatexanwow...how do you just add libstdc++.so.5.....all i see is apt-get install libstdc++5...but that did not work03:41
syriusubuntu did03:41
syriusthe gnome foot for when the folder is loading03:41
bypasshi, ive googled but i cant find an easy guide to follow.  I want to ssh tunnel browse http sites bypassing my company firewall using my ubuntu desktop at home.03:41
bypassat work i use windows xp, home is ubuntu03:42
alcalahellupline I think I already installed that with Ubuntu Tweak03:42
mr-grey2haxors are prolly the real threat not the virus lol03:42
mr-grey2sorry guys i'm a noob at linux i'm trying to learn it quickly so i don't ask stupid questions... but also a stupid question is a question that has not been asked yet03:43
Dr_WillisBiggest 'danger' ive seen to ubuntu systems are  people breaking their own systems because they think they know what they are doing.....03:43
DasEibypass: install putty on xp, have a ssh on your home box, register with dns if no static ip there ( as typical), consider changing port, securing, further look into portknocking (advanced)03:43
SamualI'm on 9.04 and when I try to do a sources update it is stuck at 99% -- Waiting for headers.03:44
AlienDKwait for it03:44
javatexanamen...and I am good at doing that, I have since learned to read and then ask to be sure  :)03:44
SamualI'm aware it's out of date, but 9.10 disappointed me a lot, and I don't want to upgrade.03:44
Dr_WillisSamual:  ive noticed some servers a little slow lately. but eventyally mine completes03:44
SamualAny way I can fix this without breaking things?03:44
AlienDKbut just wait for it samual03:44
bypassDasEi i installed openssh server already and have static dns made03:44
SamualOh okay.03:44
mr-grey2Dr_Willis: Yeah I did a reload on my box because I got ballsy and desided to do things from the terminal without much knowledge onto what I'm doing03:44
pytherNon-ubuntu user, what version of cups is shipped with ubunti?03:45
DasEibypass: if you a new on this, consider a test install, so important data can't be corrupted03:45
Dr_Willistop 10 list of things to 'learn'  ->  #4 learn the bash shell03:45
javatexandoh... "sudo apt-get install libstdc++5 Package libstdc++5 is not available, but is referred to by another package.  This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source E: Package libstdc++5 has no installation candidate"03:45
pomkaFor all......How create Channal?03:45
bypassDasEi what do i enter in putty? and how to configure browser?03:45
javatexani guess I am sunk03:45
bypassi can ssh to ubuntu desktop03:46
mr-grey2Well i was reading that site Dr_Willis with the permissions etc, but vista and 7 started doing the simular thing asking you permission to run files etc but they get infected constently03:46
bypassbut dont know what to do next03:46
bypassi tried gstm gui configure but its not doing anything03:46
DasEibypass: you have to allow forwarding x, and putty just needs the ip and the port of ssh, for bypassing /w browser needed least a ssl-able proxy03:46
helluplinemr-grey2, that's because, inside the sistem. still is possible the write over sistem files03:47
DasEibypass: better approach is to forward x over ssh and use home machines browser03:47
DasEi(les noise...)03:48
MTecknologyI'm trying to use urxvt; The default font is pretty good but I want to make the font bigger, any suggestions for doing this?03:48
bypassforward x03:48
helluplinemr-grey2 even if you are a limited user, in XP have the limited account.... and still are infected by virus03:48
bypassok ill read more on how to do that03:48
Colonel_Panika359, that's a failure in the --color option, it won't pass it through to the screen. It won't work with pipes either like ls --color | more03:48
bypassi thought i can use company browser to do it03:48
bypasslike enter sock5 and do it that way03:48
materatorpomka, 11103:49
mr-grey2i'm the only user on my machines is there any security tips i can do for added protection?03:49
Millentree10guys, what is this "Nautilus cannot handle 'computer' locations" ???03:49
helluplinemr-grey2 on windows ??03:49
DasEibypass: there is more than ce told as a drivebay, check port, ss-config, x forwarding, also install fail2ban, and securing, better have a dedicated install03:49
pomkamaterator: так...03:49
mr-grey2sorry hellupline Ubunto I mean. I'm learning how to operate linux finally after all these years03:49
adantehow do i reinstall config for a pcakage?03:50
bypassthink ill need to google more03:50
bypasscause all i can find in videos are windows methods03:50
revoadante often deletig the hidden file/folder in your home dir is enough03:51
DasEibypass: nah, go step by step, and as said for learning purposes have a usb install or sth to mess around with03:51
SamualHey, i'm using xserver-xgl, and in order to run 3D applications/games I have to run them outside the xgl window03:51
=== mf2_ is now known as mf2
not-rootcould somebody please tell me the command to see what distro im on? i know its simple just cant think of it03:51
helluplinemr-grey2 avoid suspect sites, ever read the status bar for links in e-mail, etc,,, same care about safety on windows are a good idea to be used on ubuntu (i don't care by safety, lazy hehehe)03:51
Colonel_Panika359, excuse me it works with | more but not  | less03:51
SamualThe problem about that is outside the xgl window I have no window manager03:51
revonot-root uname -a03:52
bypassDasEi sounds like a plan03:52
DasEibypass: vpn or vnc could also be of interest, but ssh is easiest, basics are same03:52
SamualAnd if I start one, it puts a giant window around the xgl window. Is there a way to spawn a window without it using a window manager?03:52
mr-grey2yeah i don't wanna look at some good porn and they get my ip and start crackin my stuff03:52
Millentree10what is this "Nautilus cannot handle 'computer' locations" ???03:52
Kutakizukarican I use the terminal that comes with Ubuntu for cvs and diff?03:52
bypassi have vnc03:52
bypassbut my company blocks vnc03:52
adanterevo: that reinstall the config? how odd, seems wrong to me03:52
bypassit blocks most ports03:52
helluplinethere are any developer that uses quickly ?? i need a little assistance03:52
Millentree10also my trash is not working03:52
bypassso must use vnc throush ssh as well03:53
Millentree10and other partitions arent mounting03:53
=== TheFuzz4_Ph is now known as TheFuzz4
bypassmy company is a call center03:53
bypassso they have lots of vlans03:53
bypassand restrictions03:53
bypassi cant even use usb at my pc :)03:53
bypassgpo blocks usb03:53
bypassbut i found that 22 is open03:53
mr-grey2vnc? that a firewall?03:53
TheFuzz4good evening ubuntu experts03:53
bypassvnc - remote desktop03:54
dehqanwhat is default permission of /var files ?03:54
ubudogroot i think03:54
DasEibypass: i suggest startup with ssh on a non standard port, and get the idea of server-client;; call center ;-)might have some techies03:54
ubudogls -a /var03:54
DasEi!vpn | bypass03:54
ubottubypass: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN03:54
bypassyea but they wont tell me :)03:54
ubudognm about that, wrong command03:54
bypasssystem engineers say company policy etc03:54
mr-grey2it's crazy with these crackers you almost need an ip cloak just to browse the net03:54
ubudogit is root03:55
Dr_Willisalways great when you get FIRED for bypassing company firewalls...03:55
ubudogls -ld /var03:55
bypasswell btunnel works03:55
TheFuzz4I am looking for someone who can help exploit some stuff http://en.securitylab.ru/nvd/390818.php03:55
TheFuzz4that is what we are trying to exploit03:55
dj_segfaultI've heard of WAY too many people getting fired for circumventing policies they thought were unreasonable03:55
bypassbut its a crap proxy service id rather use my own connection03:55
TheFuzz4no this is not for anything illegal03:55
DasEibypass: so could cost your job, they can easily monitor what's going on, though can't read the traffic03:55
TheFuzz4so if you can help please PM me03:55
bypasswell i dont mean to do stuff outside policy03:56
bypassbut you are right03:56
Dr_WillisTheFuzz4:  but its not really Ubuntu support related. :) so perhaps in #ubuntu-offtopic03:56
TheFuzz4Thank you Dr_Willis will go there03:56
Kutakizukarican the terminal that comes with Ubuntu be used for cvs and diff?03:56
dehqanwhat is default permission of /var files ?03:57
DasEibypass: company rules used to be in contracts, it's their property, so just for some fun at work .. get a sim adapter and a notebook03:57
Dr_WillisKutakizukari:  'the terminal' is gnome-terminal you mean? it can do any terminal stiuff you need03:57
=== shazbotmcnasty is now known as ShazbotMcMurder
Dr_Willisdehqan:  depends on the directory/file03:57
KutakizukariDr_Willis, thank you03:57
Dr_Willisdehqan:  most subdirs are owned by root/root  or root/staff it seems03:58
KutakizukariI downloaded smartcvs but do not know how to install it or to get it to run. Can anyone help?03:58
dehqanthanks all files in /var are 644 ?03:58
a359Colonel_Panik: yeah, I get that same behavior.03:58
Dr_Willisdehqan:  they are not all the same .03:59
PainelessHow does one change the default program to open a file in command prompt ?03:59
alcalahow do I install codecs for 3gp??03:59
jribPaineless: be more specific03:59
dehqanDr_Willis:  humble made all 644 , will cause a problem ?04:00
Dr_Willisdehqan:  No idea..  i imagine its NOT a good idea.04:00
Painelessjrib~ i downloaded a new torrent client and i want to make sure it's the program that gets opened rather than the old client04:00
Dr_Willisdehqan:  so i bet there will be some issues sometime. they were the permissiosn they were.. for a reason04:00
=== rs_sb is now known as badserii
dehqanis there anyway to make it like default04:01
jrib!defaultapp | Paineless04:01
ubottuPaineless: To change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting.04:01
Dr_Willisdehqan:  /var/lock seems to be 777 well its              drwxrwxrwt  2 root root    40 2010-03-06 11:11 lock04:01
rabbithow do i reset my nickname in irc04:01
Dr_Willisnever seen a 't' in permissions befor.04:01
Painelessjrib~ bash: !defaultapp: event not found04:01
DasEirabbit: #freenode for such quests;  /nick NewName04:01
jribDr_Willis: sticky bit04:01
Dr_WillisPaineless:  ! stuff are BOT commands in the channel Not bash04:02
jribPaineless: read what ubottu said04:02
dehqanis there anyway to make permission like default Dr_Willis04:02
Dr_WillisPaineless:  Unless you want tolearn about the bash history feature that uses ! :)04:02
rabbitDasEi: i am unable to login to #freenode04:02
Dr_Willisdehqan:  no idea.04:02
javatexanwhoa.....I am sorry, I didn't know that they whole libstdc++.so.5 was such an explosive topic on ubuntu.....just read a bug report about it....wow04:02
Dr_Willisdehqan:  I would be suprised at a single/simple command that would do it.04:02
DasEi!register > rabbbit04:02
Dr_Willisjavatexan:  never heard/noticed anything about it to be honest.  cant recall any explosive debates on it in here.04:03
dehqanDr_Willis: not single04:03
Painelessjrib, Dr_Willis~ ah :P i was hoping for the prompt command04:03
DasEi!register > rabbit04:03
ubotturabbit, please see my private message04:03
Painelessjrib, Dr_Willis~ i know how to do it GUI style04:03
javatexannope...but read this  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ia32-libs/+bug/43109104:03
stevecamis Me Menu a new thing that is coming in to ubuntu?04:03
jribPaineless: do it gui style.  Why don't you want to do it that way?04:04
Painelessjrib~ because i know how to do it that way.. and i was hoping to learn how to do it without the GUI.04:05
DasEiPaineless: a file gets opened by the command you call it in trml04:05
jribPaineless: go read the freedesktop.org spec on desktop files I guess and about nautilus internals :/04:05
PainelessDasEi, jrib~ :p thanks guys, was just curious, ill check it out04:06
dehqan /var files permission , all have been 644 with my bad , is there anyway to restore permissions to default ?04:06
xfactUbuntu can handle Blu-ray disk? (if handles then please consider giving any support link for more details)04:07
jribdehqan: reinstall is the easiest way04:07
jribxfact: help.ubuntu.com/community has a page about blu-ray04:07
xfactThat means Ubuntu supports blu-ray disk...?04:08
DasEixfact: can, if drive is supported04:08
dehqanjrib: thanks04:08
xfactok thanks04:08
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=== cwe_moetz is now known as ce_maniez
syriusDr_Willis, the themes frrom art-gnome.org even integrate will with custom firefox themes too04:10
hipitihopcan I send mail out of the box or do I have to configure sendmail or somesuch ?04:11
=== mf2_ is now known as mf2
[_miT_]hipitihop: i just put up a article on how to do that, using my gmail account to send mail04:11
javatexanthat fixed it...thanks Dr_Willis:04:12
javatexanI just downloaded the package from Jaunty and installed it04:13
hipitihop[_miT_], do you have a link pls ... I'm trying to get asterisk to send e-mails with voicemail attachments04:13
Raydiationif odt uses xml, why cant i open the documents in a normal editor?04:13
brjannRaydiation: odts are actually zip archives. inside the archive is the xml-based document format04:14
=== rabbit is now known as rabbit1
Raydiationbrjann: ah ty04:14
[_miT_]hipitihop: i didnt want to spam my blog in channel, i left you a msg04:15
random__is there a channel for with scons?04:15
[_miT_]hipitihop: but you can go to http://www.timashley.me - i literally put up that article the other day04:15
random__#join rabbnix04:16
jribhipitihop: there's no mta by default, you should install exim or a friend (postfix, sendmail, whatever)04:17
t0rcAnyone have suggestions for good EER modeling software? I just need the diagraming abilities not a to code translation.04:17
zeko hi guys, my mobile phone shows up on 'lsusb' but it does not have a mount point, how can i manually mount it?04:19
[_miT_]jrib: hipitihop: my article uses postfix, which should be just fine04:19
lahc3ni want my awn to show files like in this picture http://c0485891.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/82627f3c-e8b5-4875-82ef-2f00d0782e80_2_full.jpg  can someone help me to make this04:19
[_miT_]lahc3n: thats just a applet in AWN04:20
[_miT_]lahc3n: think its called the stacker04:20
[_miT_]lahc3n: dont have it installed on this laptop, or i would tell you the exact name04:20
joesephhey guys04:21
lahc3nyeah i did add it but it show  files like http://lefremen.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/awn.png not like the first picture04:21
[_miT_]lahc3n: there are different stackers and applets04:22
[_miT_]lahc3n: i wish i had it in front of me, i would tell you the exact name04:22
[_miT_]lahc3n: it might also help if you install the development applets (they're unstable, but fun)04:22
lahc3nok i ll look for some extras in synaptic04:23
luis_whats the command to install blocked actualizations?04:23
luis_and why they are blocked actus...04:24
boldfilterhow do i create a script for nautilus, gedit?04:25
[_miT_]lahc3n: you also have to configure the stack with what you want on that rainbow list04:25
[_miT_]lahc3n: forgot to mention that04:25
[_miT_]lahc3n: so you may have the correct applet, you just need to add to it04:26
KutakizukariDoes anyone use Eclipse? How do I install Aptana and php perspectives?04:26
arthurmacielhi there04:27
[_miT_]arthurmaciel: ello :)04:27
lahc3nyeah it is work now it is called curved gui04:28
arthurmacielI'm using my 3G cell phone as a modem, but the lease dhcp time is so short. How can I make it automatically request an ip, even when disconected:04:28
lahc3nthanks  mit04:28
[_miT_]lahc3n: nice!04:28
[_miT_]np bro04:28
brjannKutakizukari: you might ask in #eclipse04:28
[_miT_]arthurmaciel: its not going to be able to request an ip if the link is down04:29
Kutakizukaribrjann, I did waiting for replay for awhile now did not know if anyone knew here. thank  you for your response04:29
[_miT_]arthurmaciel: but, i guess you could make a 'sudo dhclient' bash file and add it to cron jobs04:29
=== mf2_ is now known as mf2
luis_whats the command to install blocked actualizations?04:31
luis_and why they are blocked actus...04:31
[_miT_]luis_: i dont know what that is :(04:32
luis_umm you know... its something like sudo aptitude upgrade all or something04:32
[_miT_]luis_: you blocked some packages from installing?04:32
luis_they are blocked from deault04:33
luis_i am gonna install kde 4.4 and the actualizations have some blocked packages from installing04:33
[_miT_]luis_: uhm, none of my packages are "blocked by default". not sure what you mean there.04:33
bastid_raZorluis_: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  ..that will update all packages04:33
luis_thanks =)04:34
coldfirecan someone help me mount a filesystem as read-only?04:35
CYBERPUNK_BRAlguem ae do Brazil?04:35
hatake_kakashicoldfire, you specify mount option as ro04:35
Dr_Williscoldfire:  use the -o ro     option04:35
hatake_kakashi!br | CYBERPUNK_BR04:35
ubottuCYBERPUNK_BR: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:35
CYBERPUNK_BRmount *04:35
luis_btw bastid_raZor.. why they are blocked packages from installing?04:35
bastid_raZorluis_: no idea.04:35
CYBERPUNK_BRvai te fude ubottu04:35
Elv13anybody good with AWK here?04:36
Jordan_U!anyone | Elv1304:36
ubottuElv13: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:36
[_miT_]rauldipeas: welcome :)04:38
Dr_WillisTheres books written on AWK and its  friend 'sed' :)04:38
Elv13I got 2 argument in AWK. $1 and $2, both number, I divide them in a {print $1/$2} statment. How can I crop decimal  to 2? I want to use something like printf, but I can't figure the syntax04:38
rauldipeasi'm newb in xchat, from brazil04:38
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.04:39
hatake_kakashirauldipeas, if you want to chat in Portuguese there is another channel for your ubuntu needs04:39
hatake_kakashi!br | rauldipeas04:40
ubotturauldipeas: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:40
doltekwhat is the best c++ compiler/editor in ubuntu?04:41
hatake_kakashic++ compiler would probably be g++04:41
Jordan_U!best | doltek04:41
ubottudoltek: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:41
xulftry urmomy04:42
hatake_kakashi!ot xulf04:42
hatake_kakashi!ot | xulf04:43
ubottuxulf: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:43
KamokowThe characters: öä and å, dont show up properly in Firefox (but they are fine in gedit, and everything else). Anyone know why this is happening?04:43
hatake_kakashiKamokow, its probably using the wrong character encoding in firefox04:44
Kamokowhatake_kakashi: Okay, thanks Ill try switching it. :)04:44
Kamokowhatake_kakashi: Oh, yep, you were right it got changed to Western from Unicode, thanks!04:45
hatake_kakashiKamokow, np04:46
khiderHello all, I am trying to add another hard drive to my computer and to get it to mount it automatically--but keep getting error messeges04:46
BalajiDear sirs, recently got my motherboard burnt, so I changed it, it is of different type but of the same brand- Biostar04:46
hatake_kakashikhider, what sort of error messages? and please use pastebin04:47
Balajihow do I refresh my hardware setings04:47
khiderhatake_kakashi: OKay, just a sec04:47
Jordan_UBalaji, No need, pretty much everything is detected at boot.04:47
samlhey, I need to pass sdhci.blacklist=yes  sdhci_pci.blacklist=yes    during boot. where can I put it so that i don't get kernel panic?  i'm using ubuntu netbook remix04:48
hatake_kakashi!repeat x-blood-x04:48
khiderhatake_kakashi: http://pastebin.ca/182627604:48
saml/boot/grub/menu.lst # i can't find this04:48
hatake_kakashi!repeat | x-blood-x04:48
ubottux-blood-x: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.04:48
BalajiThanks Mr.Jordan04:48
Jordan_U!grub2 | saml04:48
ubottusaml: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub204:48
Jordan_UBalaji, You're welcome.04:48
hatake_kakashikhider, most likely you may not have setup the partitions and formatted it, I suggest you use something like gparted04:49
samlJordan_U: ah thanks!04:49
Jordan_Usaml, You're welcome.04:49
DeltaLima28can you boot ubuntu over a network?  like a pexi boot?04:49
khiderhatake_kakashi: I did use gparted and did format it with an ext3 filesystem04:49
=== afmlegend is now known as codygman
tacobellHas anyone in here used backtrack?04:49
codygmanyeah.. its awesome04:49
Jordan_UDeltaLima28, Yes04:50
[_miT_]tacobell: yes04:50
arthurmaciel[_miT_]: thank you! I'll do that. I thought it would be posible to add some 'dhcp auto' somewhere. thanks04:50
DeltaLima28Jordan_U, thanks04:50
khiderHetor`: I suspect my fstab is not configured properly, can I show you?04:50
[_miT_]arthurmaciel: no prob bob :)04:50
khiderhatake_kakashi: Sorry, that was for you04:50
hatake_kakashikhider, hmm so its showing up as formatted but it still couldn't be mounted? I think you might need to manually edit /etc/fstab04:50
tacobellI'm new to it and would like some help and direction...04:50
khiderhatake_kakashi: Yeah, can I show you what I have and you can check my homework?04:51
hatake_kakashikhider, well yeah I could help but an output of fdisk -l as root would also be handy04:51
DeltaLima28if i can boot ubuntu over the network and i have server2008 deployment server up, can i push it out through there?04:51
=== mf2_ is now known as mf2
khiderhatake_kakashi: http://pastebin.ca/182627904:52
[_miT_]DeltaLima28: im sure you could. google up serving images via pixie on win200804:52
[_miT_]tacobell: check your PM bro04:52
khiderhatake_kakashi: http://pastebin.ca/182628004:53
DeltaLima28[_miT_], thanks i will04:53
samloh darn grub became so complicated. where would i add boot options like sdhci.blacklist=yes04:53
Dr_Willissaml:  if its a kernel option. In grub 2 i think thers a line in /etc/default/grub04:53
xiambaxHey, Is anyone here a community ppc developer?04:53
Jordan_U!anyone | xiambax04:54
ubottuxiambax: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:54
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ04:54
hatake_kakashikhider, you have a weird setup in your other hard drive04:54
samlDr_proX: ah thanks. i was looking at /etc/grub.d04:54
KutakizukariI get this while trying to install aptana plugin An error occurred while installing the items04:54
Kutakizukari  session context was:(profile=PlatformProfile, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.provisional.p2.engine.phases.Install, operand=null --> [R]org.eclipse.ant.ui 3.4.1.v20090901_r351, action=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.touchpoint.eclipse.actions.InstallBundleAction).04:54
Kutakizukari  The artifact file for osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.ant.ui,3.4.1.v20090901_r351 was not found.04:54
Kutakizukari does this mean anything to anyone?04:54
FloodBot4Kutakizukari: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:54
xiambaxIts not supported but I wanted to know if I could resize my hfs volume and dualboot from the alternative ppc disk04:55
hatake_kakashikhider, are you trying to fix a setup on that other hard drive or do you want to start clean?04:55
khiderhatake_kakashi: It is not weird, it is incompetence04:55
Jordan_Uxiambax, Yes, you can.04:55
xiambaxOk thanks04:55
khiderhatake_kakashi: It is completely blank btw04:55
hatake_kakashikhider, well you weren't making it clear at start04:55
khiderhatake_kakashi: Sorry, it is completely blank04:55
hatake_kakashikhider, apparently the disk isn't04:55
khiderhatake_kakashi: The tera-byte is blank04:56
khiderhatake_kakashi: How do you suggest I proceed?04:56
hatake_kakashikhider, it isn't, there's a partition table setup for it04:56
hatake_kakashikhider, look at your output of fdisk -l and tell me that /dev/sdb isn't blank04:57
khiderhatake_kakashi: Okay, I was trying to format it but I guess I screwed up.04:57
hatake_kakashikhider, and what are your intentions with that spare terabyte hard disk? use it as a whole and start clean?04:57
ShadeSso it keeps freezing on 33% of the format, and my scroll andcaps lock keep flashing..04:58
khiderhatake_kakashi: The 64G ss drive is for my OS and I want the terabyte for /home04:58
hatake_kakashikhider, so the terabyte you want to assign one big partition as home?04:58
khiderhatake_kakashi: Yesh, is it possible?04:59
apersonis there a gnome equivalent to kooldock?04:59
hatake_kakashikhider, yes, you'll need to wipe the existing partition table of that /dev/sdb and to recreate one partition as ext304:59
xanguaaperson: what's kooldock¿¿ a dock¿¿05:00
apersonxangua, yes, though all it does is launch application (which is what I want)05:01
xanguaaperson: you want a dock or a laucnher¿¿05:01
xanguagnome do is a dock and a launcher05:01
racerdwhat up everyone05:02
racerdi had a question..... but i just forgot it05:02
xanguathere are also docky 2, cairo dock, avant window navigator (this uses a lot of ram)05:02
Kutakizukariresolved https://aptanastudio.tenderapp.com/faqs/problem-solving/aptana-studio-radrails-and-ubuntu-91005:04
samloh well i can't boot :(05:05
adantehow can i reinstall a packages configuration files?05:05
[_miT_]adante: dpkg-reconfigure05:05
ShadeSany ideas on why this ide disk is showing up as scsi sda?05:05
samli see ubuntu logo and it hangs..  it's weird i can boot from usb thumb drive with sdhci.blacklist=yes05:05
adante[_miT_]: thanks05:06
[_miT_]adante: np05:06
apersonxangua, well, I suppose a launcher would be a better description, I've tried using a panel that autohides for one, but it's not quiet what I want05:06
jo-erlenddon't forget, people, that even in the next version of Ubuntu, you'll still be able to simply run the following command in order to make it look and feel like a real operating system: gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string ":minimize,maximize,close" :)05:07
adante[_miT_]: is there a way i can list what files are installed from a dpkg-reconfigure?05:07
=== ce_muaniest__ is now known as ce_sanyyy
apersonjo-erlend, ubuntu tweak can change it as well05:08
[_miT_]adante: i usually just use locate "name" for that, i know thats probably not the best method, but it works, lol05:08
=== ce_sanyyy is now known as ce_sanyyyeees
jo-erlendaperson, as long as everyone knows Ubuntu isn't only for left-hand users.05:08
khiderhatake_kakashi: Okay, how do I wipe my tera-byte clean because I am paranoid I will wipe my 64G drive in the process05:09
adante[_miT_]: i am trying to run dpkg-reconfigure asterisk - when there is no /etc/asterisk dir, it complains there is no /etc/asterisk dir.. but when there is it doesn't put anything inside05:09
Aeroniuswoot!!! I am l33t!!!!05:09
ShadeSwhy is this ide drive showing up as scsi??05:09
Aeroniusirssi is super duper cool!!!!05:09
[_miT_]adante: sounds like you need to install it first05:09
[_miT_]Aeronius: indeed05:09
jo-erlendShadeS, why do you say that?05:10
hatake_kakashikhider, I wouldn't worry about sanity, a simple editing of partition tables, delete all partitions on that disk, create one partition and simply let gparted run its process05:10
=== ce_muaniest_ is now known as ce_sany
=== ce_sany is now known as ce_sanny
adante[_miT_]: dpkg -s asterisk says it is installed? is there a second level of installation i need to perform?05:10
[_miT_]adante: thats odd. are there conf files you want to keep? why not just purge and do a fresh install?05:11
fekI got a quick question that I hope someone can answer05:11
[_miT_]fek: just ask05:11
rwwShadeS: Linux uses SCSI emulation on IDE drives. Has done for years now.05:11
jo-erlendShadeS, /dev/sdx is used by libata as well, so ide drives will also use it. There is no /dev/hdx anymore.05:11
adante[_miT_]: i did purge, and then i installed, and /etc/asterisk is empty, and then i ran dpkg-reconfigure asterisk, and it is still empty05:11
ShadeSbecause when i look at the motherboard it's clearly a 40pin connected to IDE1 yet thew disk partitioner reads SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) 61.5 GB ATA ic35L060AVER07-005:11
=== mf2_ is now known as mf2
racerdhow do i install 190 nvidia drivers?05:11
[_miT_]adante: are you positive that the asterisk package uses /etc/ ?05:12
ShadeSwhy is it freezing on at 33% then?05:12
hatake_kakashiracerd, through hardware drivers05:12
samlhow can I blacklist sdhci? it looks like once i install from livecd, sdhci.blacklist=yes is not valid05:12
fekI have a friend who has a macbook and it took a dive on her....I have her hard drive hooked up to my box and can see her stuff but it says I dont have the correct permissions to access her folder?05:12
racerdonly 185 is available05:12
adante[_miT_]: nope, i am not, that is why i was asking if there was a way of telling what dpkg-reconfigure did05:12
fekHow can I remedy this...I tried to go into permissions but that doesnt give me an option05:12
hatake_kakashisaml, you'll need to access your ubuntu installation and manually add blacklist sdhci05:13
adante[_miT_]: of course i'm still not sure why dpkg-reconfigure would complain about no /etc/asterisk directory and then not do anything when there was one05:13
khiderhatake_kakashi: Okay, it is wiped--what is teh next step?05:13
racerdi downloaded 190 and it is a .run05:13
[_miT_]adante: have you tried 'man asterisk' yet?05:13
racerdwhere do i throw that to have the hardware drivers app find it?05:13
[_miT_]adante: might have further documentation on setup, folders, ect05:13
hatake_kakashikhider, try mounting it if you can, copy your /home contents across and edit your /etc/fstab05:14
adante[_miT_]: well i have used asterisk in other distros, it uses /etc/asterisk, i don't know about ubuntu05:14
samlhatake_kakashi: i mounted /dev/sda1  from livecd and chroot ed to /mnt/sda105:14
samlwhich file do I edit?05:14
hatake_kakashisaml, /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf05:14
khiderhatake_kakashi: how do I label it /home?05:14
racerdsoooo what do with this .run file to install the drivers?05:14
hatake_kakashiracerd, I wouldn't recommend doing that05:15
samlhatake_kakashi: thanks05:15
xanguaracerd: have you tried 'envy' ¿¿05:15
racerdrecommend doing what?05:15
hatake_kakashikhider, you don't need to label it, specifying it in mount is more than enough05:15
[_miT_]adante: have you tried 'locate asterisk' to see where all its files are?05:15
xanguafor installing nvidia or ati drivers05:15
hatake_kakashiracerd, recommend installing it manually, if you screw it up in the process you may not be able to gain further support from here05:16
[_miT_]adante: ive had to reboot sometimes for locate to see newly installed files tho05:16
racerdso i should use envy?05:16
samlis xubuntu recommended? is there something lighter?05:17
adante[_miT_]: yeah uh, heh05:17
xanguasaml: lubuntu, still beta05:17
hatake_kakashi!envy > racerd05:17
ubotturacerd, please see my private message05:17
johnjohn101what is the module i need to install to monitor cpu temperature?05:17
samlxangua: thanks let me check it out05:17
hatake_kakashisaml, I personally use xubuntu, its not that much lighter but its more clean imo05:17
xanguasaml: there is also fluxbuntu, but it looks abandoned05:17
[_miT_]saml: i have crunchbang linux installed on my low end boxes, LOVE IT.05:18
samlyah i tried crunchbang   it's almost perfect for me but it's 9.0405:18
bastid_raZor!sensors | johnjohn101 check out this page05:18
ubottujohnjohn101 check out this page: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.05:18
Dr_Williswhats the Point in light if features you want are missing. :)05:18
[_miT_]saml: jinx :)05:18
Dr_WillisYou can always just install openbox or whatever and use that if you wanted.05:18
racerdok so if i wish to install the nvidia 190 drivers05:18
racerdwhat is the best route i should take?05:18
hatake_kakashiDr_Willis, you could simply use console and do away without GUI :) and don't forget about ratpoison05:18
hatake_kakashiracerd, if you want support, forget 190, if you want to do this alone, get envy05:19
racerdwhy didn't you say that before05:19
samloh well netbook remix needs some work.. livecd works but when i installed and finally booted after editing /etc/modprob.d/blacklist.conf, mouse does not work :P05:19
racerdspeaking of support05:19
hatake_kakashiracerd, I did but you were getting carried away about envy05:19
Dr_Willishatake_kakashi:  i try hard to forget about ratpoision and other similer things05:20
ShadeSred in the memtest means bad rght?05:20
hatake_kakashiDr_Willis, lol05:20
samlkeyboard does not work either :(05:20
[_miT_]ShadeS: yes :)05:20
Dr_WillisShadeS:  proberly05:20
pabCould someone direct me to a recent manual for properly setting up adodb?05:20
racerdyou said in code or something, no one told me this is only supporting 185 drivers in this channel05:20
racerdany case05:20
ShadeShow can  tell what bank?05:20
fekmIT...did you happen to see my question?05:20
racerdmy speakers on my laptop don't have sound, just my headphone jack05:21
[_miT_]fek: i did not, sir05:21
Dr_WillisUbuntu tends to follow a 6 mo. release cycle. so the latest versions of stuff is not always  the 'supported' version05:21
fekI have a friend who has a macbook and it took a dive on her....I have her hard drive hooked up to my box and can see her stuff but it says I dont have the correct permissions to access her folder?05:21
[_miT_]fek: you have the HFS packages installed?05:21
hatake_kakashiracerd, no it varies depending on which distro version you use, I'm on xubuntu 9.04 and the only last nvidia driver I have is 180 or 17505:21
fekI can see the drive and the folders05:21
Dr_Willisfek:  mount it with the proper options, or use sudo user/method to access the files05:21
[_miT_]fek: HFS is the file system apple uses05:21
[_miT_]fek: ah ok, then you're already there :)05:22
jiehanHello! Does anyone would help me solve the VirtualBox USB problem in Lucid Lynx alpha 3?05:22
fekI just cant access her photos, music and such05:22
racerdyeah i figured that05:22
hatake_kakashi!lucid | jiehan05:22
ubottujiehan: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+105:22
fekit is saying that I dont have the correct permissions05:22
fekand I tried to change them but cant05:22
khiderhatake_kakashi: I am trying to automount it, but still have to supply a password, as for my fstab, what is there to edit?05:22
adantedoes anybody know if hte asterisk package on 9.10 is supposed to work?05:22
hatake_kakashifek, its possible that its different ownership of files05:22
Dr_Willisfek:  then use the root user to access the files05:22
racerdwhat should i do about my sound issue?05:22
fekthat is what it is telling me05:23
fekso do I have to log out and log into root?05:23
racerdare there some drivers out there i can get my hands on? or am i stuck with that as well?05:23
markdi am trying to get a driver for my wmp300n i do not have a internet connection on this computer or a ubuntu cd05:23
markdwhat do i do05:23
[_miT_]adante: have you thought about compiling it from source? the package in the repos might be dated.05:23
hatake_kakashikhider, the specifying passwd most likely means that only root can mount block devices which is typical.. as for fstab, you'll need to add an entry for that newly created disk to be /home.. think about it05:23
khiderhatake_kakashi: Okay, makes sense05:24
hatake_kakashifek, you don't have to, you can simply use sudo and then chown05:24
jiehanhatake_kakashi: Thanks, I will.05:24
fekI dont know how to do that05:24
adante[_miT_]: yeah i used to, that's what i did in 8.10, but i upgraded and it blew up, so i figured why not use the package management system to manage my packages05:24
fekI am noobie05:24
fekto the core here05:24
ShadeSBOOOO bad memory05:24
hatake_kakashiracerd, there's a new version of ubuntu out but that's only if you want to stick more close to the bleeding edge side of ubuntu05:24
adante[_miT_]: i'm a bit crazy, i guess i make stupid assumptions about packages in apt working, heh05:24
markdi need a driver for wmp 300n i do not have the internet on this computer or a ubuntu dvd05:24
hatake_kakashifek, well you'll need to use terminal for most of that to be honest05:25
fekis it pretty simple?05:25
racerdyeah i know, but i really just want to fix my sound05:25
fekor rather hard?05:25
racerdi was asking if that was an option with 9.10 or not05:25
hatake_kakashimarkd, do you have a spare network cable that you could plug it into the computer? or somehow share a network connection?05:25
fekI have my terminal up right now05:25
hatake_kakashifek, initially it'll probably be a little hard but once you get used to it, its pretty easy05:26
hatake_kakashiracerd, I'm sure the nvidia driver is only for video, not for sound05:26
fekany place for some documentation...or can you lead me through it?05:26
racerdfor the love of god05:26
Dr_Willisfek:  install 'mc' use 'sudo mc' for a file manager..   in mc use Fkeys to do differnt things05:26
Dr_Willisfek:  the drive is in /media/ somewhere05:26
hatake_kakashifek, http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fileowner.html05:27
racerdi am well aware that the nvidia drivers have nothing to do with my sound05:27
Dr_Willisracerd:  unless you got an nvidia sound card. :)05:27
khiderhatake_kakashi: What seems to be happening is that I am making new directories, but leaving the tera-byte untouched. I cannot make the OS use the tera-byte as part of the drives that don't need to be mounted05:27
racerdno i don't05:27
=== ybeddyj is now known as Guest25802
LLStarkssoundstorm was awesome.05:28
LLStarksi miss the nforce2.05:28
khiderhatake_kakashi: All my changes to the fstab do not affect the tera-byte05:28
markdanyone have any ideas on my issue? trying to get a driver for wmp300n do not have internet on that computer or ubuntu disk05:28
racerdi just want to know if there is anything i can do to get the speakers on my laptop to work05:28
tongueroohey guys, how do you start up logrotate.. ?05:28
tonguerooso its always running05:28
[_miT_]tongueroo: you can add it to cron jobs, or create a rc.d for it05:29
Dr_WillisI thought logrotage was ran by cron allready every so often05:29
khiderhatake_kakashi: Perhaps a re-install is the best way to fix it and specify during the install process?05:29
[_miT_]Dr_Willis: tongueroo: that could be the case too05:29
Dr_Willisive never touched logrotate. and my logs get archived. :)05:30
[_miT_]Dr_Willis: same :)05:30
fekso in terminal I do this  $ chown fek /media/d41f6a62-53ce-3b65-bf77-fd3d5c752e4c05:30
CaDjHi, is there a quick way to display any disk drive problems in xubuntu?05:30
[_miT_]markd: i have the same card!!!05:30
markdim trying to get a driver for my wmp300n do not have internet on that computer or ubuntu cd05:30
Dr_Willisfek:  depending on the filesystem in use. that may or may NOT work.,05:30
[_miT_]markd: it worked back on 7.10, but hasnt worked since05:30
fekNOT being a bad thing?05:30
[_miT_]markd: ive been meaning to go back and see what they were using for it, but havent had the chance05:31
fekor it just wont work05:31
=== mylogic_ is now known as mylogic
Dr_Willisfek:  i allreayd suggested using 'sudo mc' as a file manager that runs as root to access the files05:31
randomeruseri have a ra2860 wireless chipset and ra2860 drivers from the repositories. now what?05:31
fekI dont know how to get that05:31
markdis anyone here using wmp300n05:31
Dr_Willisfek:  you cant change permissions/ownership on the fly with ntfs/vfat/ and other non linux type filesystems05:31
=== mf2_ is now known as mf2
fekI am sorry...really cherry here05:31
airtonix!anyone | markd05:31
ubottumarkd: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:31
Dr_Willisfek:  or you could CAREFULLY run nautilus file manager as root with 'gkduso nautilus /media/whateverthat#was'05:32
Dr_Willisfek:  then copy the stuff somewhere05:32
Dr_Willisbe sure to CLOSE that nautilus window when done.05:32
fekok..I can try that05:32
Dr_WillisThis is why i susggested the mc file manager.. a little safer that way05:33
fekI will search for the mc file manager instead05:33
Dr_Willisfek:  sudo apt-get install mc05:33
Dr_Willisthen  'sudo mc'05:33
brjannDr_Willis: he could always remount that drive read-only05:33
khiderAnyone here know an easy way to add another hard drive to a computer and have it automounted?05:33
khiderForest gump it to me05:34
Dr_Williskhider:  trivial..   add a proper entry in the /etc/fstab05:34
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount05:34
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:34
Mike-Gis there no way to control bass/treble in 9.10?05:35
khiderDr_Willis: Can I show you what I have and you can correct it?05:35
todd_hello, does anyone know what a troll in the cyber world is?05:35
Dr_Williskhider:  you can pastebin your fstab for us to look at if you want.. and output of 'sudo fdisk -l'05:35
[_miT_]Mike-G: usually control that with my amp. would love to find out if you can05:35
ubottutrolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel05:36
khiderDr_Willis: http://pastebin.ca/182632905:36
Mike-Gthere used to be bass/treble control in an older version of Ubuntu I remember05:36
Dr_Williskhider:  so what one is having the issue?05:36
todd_does anyone know anything about DVR's05:37
khiderDr_Willis: http://pastebin.ca/182633305:37
[_miT_]todd_: you should check out mythubuntu05:37
Dr_Willistodd_:  they exist.. :)  care to be more specific?05:37
khiderDr_Willis: I want the tera-byte to be mounted (it is a blank disk)05:37
Dr_Williskhider:  you mean /dev/sdb ? 1000.2 Gb?05:38
[_miT_]khider: Dr_Willis: easiest way is probably with gparted, you can format it as EXT3 or 4 and mount it05:38
Dr_Williskhider:  its not even partioned..  you must partion it and put a filesystem on it05:38
khiderDr_Willis: Yeah05:38
fekDr_Willis: ...should I preserve attributes when copying the directory over?05:38
Dr_Williskhider:  use gparted.05:38
Dr_Willisfek:  Depends on what  the fs is and what data is on it. and what fs you are copying it to05:39
khiderDr_Willis: I formatted it--it says tera-byte but only 931 G is available, what happened tp 70G05:39
Dr_Williskhider:  fdisk, (partition), format, mount. :)  and why do you have a 'noauto' option in the fstab? and the mountpoint directory /media/1000??? MUST exist befor you can mount it.05:40
fekfile system is ntfs05:40
Dr_Williskhider:  5% is reserved.05:40
Dr_Willisfek:  then it wont matter05:40
fekk..here I go then05:40
rimdekerGuys, I want to change the positioning in GRUB but there is no menu.lst in my /boot/grub/05:41
rimdekerWhat do I do?05:41
Dr_Willis!grub2 | rimdeker05:41
ubotturimdeker: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub205:41
Dr_Willisgrub1 and grub2 use diffrent configs05:41
khiderDr_Willis: The name of the tera-byte can be fixed, I was trying different names to get it to work--including logical names, so far no dice05:42
rimdekerBut as far as I know mine is not Grub205:42
fekI dont see a foler in there yet even though it is running?  Should I be able to see the folder?05:42
Dr_Williskhider:  the MOUNTPOINT 'name' must exist.. the /dev/sdXXX is the device name.05:42
Dr_Williskhider:  you can mount it whever you want05:42
Dr_Williskhider:  and you dont need all the options you are using in your /etc/fstab for the sdb2 entry05:42
zinoxthere is any tutorial teaching set up animated wallpaper in nautilus-desktop?05:43
khiderDr_Willis: What options do I need?05:43
Dr_Williszinox:  ive seen guides on making wallpapers that 'change' every so often. but none on 'animated'05:43
Dr_Williskhider:  proberly just 'defaults'05:43
PomkaLKAdmins....need help, how know my password of this ircLogin05:43
[_miT_]zinox: one of our irc users just installed something to make his desktop animated05:43
[_miT_]zinox: let me check on it05:44
RugeAnyone know how to run finnal cut studio??05:44
[_miT_]Ruge: get KDEnLive05:44
[_miT_]zinox: yes!05:44
RugeOh right05:44
[_miT_]zinox: you beat me to it :005:44
Tomcat2010is it possible to get internet explorer on ubuntu 9.04?05:45
[_miT_]Ruge: i use it to edit all my video tutorials @ http://www.youtube.com/omgitsmit05:45
ubottuies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!05:45
[_miT_]Dr_Willis: beat me to it :)05:45
PyruHello, new to ubuntu here, im accessing my VPS over SSH, trying to install a desktop environment so I can remote assistance, any help in the right direction is appreciated, thanks.05:45
randomerusersoooo.... i have a ra2860 wireless chipset and ra2860 drivers from the repositories. now what?05:45
Jordan_URuge, It's not possible to run final cut studio except with OSX in a VM ( which I think is currently illegal ). You might be interested in Ubuntu Studio though.05:45
[_miT_]Pyru: start with xOrg, then pick your desktop manager, like gnome or KDE05:46
RugeMmm was looking to run my final cut softwware more specifically :)05:46
Tomcat2010i tried using ies4linux and i cant get it to work using all the online tutorials!05:46
Dr_WillisTomcat2010:  check its homep[age/forums perhaps for help I guess05:46
[_miT_]Tomcat2010: you can try IE through wine, but i dont recall it working. hence the ie4linux project05:46
rimdekerDr_Willis: That link is useless. As I said, there is no menu.lst in my grub folder. I cannot do as told in that link of yours.05:46
Dr_Willisrimdeker:  grub2 does NOT have a menu.lst it has its own set of configs.  You need to edit the proper configs for whtever version of grub you are using05:47
Dr_Willisrimdeker:  if you are using grub1 you should have a menu.lst , since you dont. either its been deleted (doubtfull) or you are using grub205:47
rimdekerDr_Willis: I do NOT have grub2 ... thanks for your help, though. Appreciate it..05:47
Dr_Willisrimdeker:  then you some how lost the file I guess.05:47
PcCowboyquick question,  i was looking thru the documentation but could not find supported prossers types,  will standerd ubuntu work on a celeron (i have an hp pavilion 522n - C (W) 1.8 GHz/400)05:48
markdtrying to install wmp300n driver no internet connection on this pc can i use a old ubuntu 8.10 disk to install network drivers?05:48
fekDr_Willis: Will the files that I am transfering over to the ntfs drive from the mac drive be visible to me?05:48
rimdekerDr_Willis: I doubt it, installed Ubuntu like a few hours ago. As far as I know my Grub is 1.9.7 something. Maybe it changed due to the update...05:48
Dr_Willisfek:  no idea. depends on how the ntfs is mounteed05:48
flippyflopAnyone know how to set macro keys in ubuntu/gnome? I want to be able to hit a combo: ex- "ctrl-A" and get an output of ex: "asdf1234"05:48
zinox[_miT_], http://code.google.com/p/gwinwrap/ i fount it05:48
rimdekerDr_Willis: I suppose you do not know what config file I need to change..05:48
Dr_Willisrimdeker:   what verison of ubuntu? grub2 IS the default on 9.1005:48
rahul_I am failing to install drivers for my ATI Radeon HD 345005:49
Pyru[_miT_]: from shell, i ran, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop05:49
fekk..thanks for the hlep man!  I appreciate the time you take to do this!05:49
Dr_Willis!info grub-pc05:49
ubottugrub-pc (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS version). In component main, is extra. Version 1.97~beta4-1ubuntu4.1 (karmic), package size 423 kB, installed size 1712 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 kopensolaris-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 lpia powerpc sparc)05:49
Dr_Willisrimdeker:  and i think the actual version # for grub2 IS '1.97'05:49
Dr_Willisrimdeker:  so it looks like you are very likely using grub205:49
rimdekerDr_Willis: Alright. I'll try asking google how to change stuff in Grub2 lol05:50
[_miT_]Pyru: that might do it. i've never installed xorg on my servers :( i like to have 100% of my resources available to me05:50
Dr_Willisrimdeker:  its documented at the !grub2 factoid the bot mentioned.. and the grub homepage05:50
Dr_Willisrimdeker:  /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/XXXXXX files05:50
Pyru[_miT_]: after the install finishes, curious what command over shell would I run to allow remote? or can I get a remote desktop connection with screen view from an ssh command?05:51
=== mf2_ is now known as mf2
rimdekerDr_Willis: Alright, thank you. Well "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE This is the main Grub 2 file. It "replaces" Grub Legacy's /boot/grub/menu.lst. This file contains the Grub menu instructions. Unlike Grub Legacy's menu.lst file, grub.cfg is NOT MEANT TO BE EDITED!!! "05:51
rimdekerDr_Willis: Should I edit it? lol05:51
Dr_Willisrimdeker:  corredt.. do NOT edit that file.. i  told you the other files you are supposed to edit05:52
PcCowboyi'll try the forums.05:52
[_miT_]Pyru: start x server05:52
JustaNumberwhen I get my ubuntu system all set up, is there something I can copy so I can replicate the installation on another machine? i.e. save the details of what's been apt-gotten05:52
Dr_Willisrimdeker:  edit it if you want.. but eveyr time you 'update-grub' it will get overwritten05:52
[_miT_]Pyru: you might need to figure out how to get vnc running from terminal, so you can remote in05:52
rimdekerDr_Willis: Aye aye05:52
Pyru[_miT_]: should be a tutorial somewhere heh.05:52
rodnieEnter text here...hi guys newbiee on ubuntu need some help05:54
[_miT_]rodnie: welcome rodnie, ask away!05:54
rodnieok rookie here so05:54
=== fuzzybunny is now known as fuzzybunny69y
rodniei got ubuntu 910 on my fujitsu  laptop and need to put work the touch screen of it with ub untu05:54
rodnieigot a site how to explain how to fix it  but dont know how to make bash scripts05:55
sean12837hi, can i install ubuntu on the intel atom processor? anyone know?05:55
[_miT_]rodnie: i have a toshiba with touch-screen + digitizer and 9.10 worked out of the box05:55
[_miT_]sean12837: of course :)05:55
Dr_Willissean12837:  thats what most netbooks use.. so yes05:55
=== niedalry is now known as iDest
rodnienot working in this fujitsu p161005:55
sean12837im looking to use ubuntu 8.04 hardy, any ideas if that will work?05:55
PcCowboysean- UNR05:55
[_miT_]rodnie: i had to manually get my touchscreen working on 9.04, i have a video tutorial on it infact.05:56
scheibosean12837: yeah it will05:56
sean12837PcCowboy: unr?05:56
[_miT_]rodnie: but i dont think that will be the same for you05:56
rodniecan i post the link of the page to explain me how to create this bash on ubuntu05:56
PcCowboynetbook remix :-)05:56
skaterany one know to to install TS3 on Ubuntu ?05:56
Ou42hello #ubuntu - anybody can help a noob out with an install to usb keydrive that i updated and now i can't get it to boot?05:56
sean12837thanks for ur help guys05:56
GeekSquidrodnie: the kernel module 'fujitsu-laptop' often fixes things on fujitsu's .. I have an A3040 and that helps considerably05:56
rodniehere a guy explain int 3 steps how to create a script to put touchscreen on my fujitsu to works05:57
airtonixrodnie, http://www.google.com.au/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=ubuntu+how+to+make+a+bash+script05:57
airtonixrodnie, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/BashScripting05:57
airtonixrodnie, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=52175605:57
rodniei serarch on google but dosn understand some things05:57
PcCowboyso. will 9.10 work ok on celelon 1.8GHz?05:57
Dr_WillisPcCowboy:  it should.05:58
PcCowboythanks :-)05:58
[_miT_]PcCowboy: yeehaw!05:58
rodniesomeone to look at this page and explaime on private how to do it  http://rvshiro.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/fujitsu-p1510-touchscreen-under-jaunty-jackalope/05:58
PcCowboylol, figured i;'d ask before trying, it's going to be for my GF. ;-P05:59
pikeshouse88hi guys. i am setting up a home media server. primary use will be for watch hd content and remotely managing downloads. my question is, having openssh and webmin up all the time, is it necessary for good security for me to install and configure ossec and snort?05:59
airtonixrodnie, you wont get very far with that page05:59
pikeshouse88or would that be overkill is i were just to stick with ufw05:59
airtonixpikeshouse88, not having those two services on default ports is a good start06:00
airtonixpikeshouse88, also : it's not paranoia when you know they are out to get you06:00
pikeshouse88airtonix: i gotcha.06:00
[_miT_]pikeshouse88: openssh = secure layer, webmin runs on https06:00
[_miT_]pikeshouse88: in otherwords, you should be fine06:00
[_miT_]pikeshouse88: pick a good password!!06:00
khiderDr_Willis: Are you there?06:00
pikeshouse88i also will frequently use x11vnc06:00
Dr_Williskhider:  hmm?06:01
cxoHow the hell do you get the terminal to use the "default" profile automatically? I need to set it each time otherwise it goes into that weird purple one06:01
Ou42anybody know if "Update Manager" would change grub on a usb keydrive install of ubuntu 9.10?06:01
pikeshouse88any concerns there?06:01
rodnieairtonix why ?06:01
khiderDr_Willis: http://pastebin.ca/182635706:01
Dr_Williskhider:  and what of it?06:01
Pyru[_miT_]: hate to single you out, but after running start x server I get this output of errors.06:01
aaron_liujhow to stop overwrite /etc/resolv.conf by system06:01
khiderDr_Willis: http://pastebin.ca/182635806:02
[_miT_]Pyru: i've never installed xorg on my servers, i need all the resources i can get.06:02
laronare there any benefits to setting up an xubuntu ltsp server vs. a straight ubuntu ltsp server?06:02
Dr_Williskhider:  partions are named /dev/sdb1 or similer   a DEVICE is /dev/sdb06:02
laronspeed, etc?06:02
Dr_Williskhider:  you mount /dev/sdb1 not /dev/sdb06:02
khiderDr_Willis: I am still having trouble mounting the TB06:02
Dr_Williskhider:  fstab line is wrong06:02
airtonixrodnie, 1) if you copy paste stuff from there verbatim, your going to get errors (dont include the $ ) 2)  it talks about changing the input device via xorg.conf 3) it doesn't explain how to start the process properly ( you need to open gnome-terminal >> press alt+f2 and type gnome-terminal, then follow steps on the page )06:02
[_miT_]Pyru: im sure there are some articles on how to do this. a lot of people starting out with ubuntu servers want xorg there for troubleshooting06:02
aaron_liuji cannot to connect the internnet sometime how to stop overwrite /etc/resolv.conf by system06:03
airtonixrodnie, 9.10 doesn't use the xorg.conf file very much anymore. so don't be surprised if that page doesn't produces the results you're looking for once you finished the steps06:03
pikeshouse88how secure would using x11vnc be?06:03
Pyru[_miT_]: thanks, I'll look up.06:03
rodnieairtonix you readme on private?06:03
khiderDr_Willis:I changed the line but still get the same error06:03
Dr_Willispikeshouse88:  not very.06:03
airtonixrodnie, no.06:03
vegaaaron_liuj: put nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces06:03
Dr_Williskhider:   the mount point directory MUST exist befor you can mount to it06:04
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.06:04
rodniecan we talk little bit of this inj private06:04
Dr_Williskhider:  sudo mkdir /media/bloom06:04
almoxarifeaaron_liuj: what gets ovewrote?06:04
[_miT_]pikeshouse88: vnc does pass its password in clear text06:04
[_miT_]pikeshouse88:  i would suggest getting a ssh tunnel wraped around it06:04
airtonix!pm > rodnie06:05
ubotturodnie, please see my private message06:05
aaron_liujdns have been rewrite06:05
bullgardWhere are the files stored that yelp displays? In particular the file for 'Passwords and Encryption Keys'?06:05
khiderDr_Willis: Cannot create, already exists06:05
Dr_Williskhider:  then you are doing somthing basic/fundamental wrong06:05
rodniei readit ubottu but need quickly help06:05
rimdekerBy the way guys, almost everytime I use a command in the terminal , especially as su I get this error message like twenty times in a row inside the terminal06:05
Dr_Williskhider:  try sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/bloom06:05
rimdeker"GConf Error: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://projects.gnome.org/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Failed to get connection to session: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the rep06:05
rimdekerly, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.)06:05
FloodBot4rimdeker: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:05
pikeshouse88thank God for the live cd. i can mess around and ruin things as long as necessary to start learning this stuff06:05
rodnieneed to create a bash script to activate my laptop touchscreen06:05
tweetboxi just got lucid, what should I know before I screw it up?06:06
GeekSquid!lucid | tweetbox06:06
ubottutweetbox: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+106:06
almoxarifeaaron_liuj: look at dhclient.conf as an option for them dns entrees06:06
airtonixrodnie, what is your native language06:06
[_miT_]rodnie: save the "script" to a text file (gedit is nice to use for this)06:06
khiderDr_Willis: I think it is working now...06:06
aaron_liuji have tried ,but failed06:06
airtonixrodnie, can you read german by chance ?06:07
[_miT_]rodnie: go to the spanish ubuntu channel06:07
khiderDr_Willis: And yes, when it comes to linux I am often fundamentally wrong06:07
rodnieno german06:07
airtonixrodnie, ok. one sec06:07
Dr_Williskhider:  mounting fileysstmes is a rather fundamental thing. and theres Tons of guides/docs on it.  Just somt things you have to watch out for  in some cases06:07
almoxarifeaaron_liuj: if the dns entrees are in dhclient.conf they would not be overwrote, so where are they now?06:07
nemmonshey all. if i'm getting a lot of "Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".06:08
nemmons" errors when trying to run a game through wine does that mean my 3d acceleration isn't working?06:08
khiderDr_Willis: Will it automount each time I boot?06:09
Dr_Williskhider:  if the fstb options tell it to.. yes06:09
Dr_Williskhider:  the options yu had earlier would told it to NOT auto mount.06:09
flippyflopanyone know how to setup macros or a good site that show how to do it? I want to macro some things I do a lot in linux.06:09
tweetboxi have no support in ubuntu+1 i just got lucid, what should I know before I screw it up?06:09
khiderDr_Willis: I put default, that should take care of it?06:10
Dr_Willisflippyflop:  even the use of the term 'macro' in linux is  uncommon.. what do you want to do exactly?06:10
Dr_Williskhider:  when in doubt use defaults06:10
luis__Hello I need help with my kubuntu: I upgraded to kubuntu SQ 4.4 and now after rebooting the login square appears, but after login with username and passwork only a blackscreen appears, no desktop...06:10
aaron_liujbut i have modified /etc/dncp3/dhcclient.config06:10
GeekSquidtweetbox: lucid IS NOT STABLE, you don't want it until it is released, and is not supported here, because it is still in developent06:10
[_miT_]luis__: have you checked your logs?06:10
khiderDr_Willis: Okay, thanks, I am learning here---jeez--the simple things are hard for me to grasp at times. It seems simple but it is tough for me06:11
aaron_liujand add tail prepend domain-name-server ,
airtonixnemmons, no it means the game is expecting certain opengl functions that are not provided by the drivers or that you do not have correct wine registry settings for directx setup06:11
=== mf2_ is now known as mf2
natethegreat1419He could get Lucid but he needs to be aware it aint the final release06:11
aaron_liujbut still overwrieted vy system after a while06:11
almoxarifeaaron_liuj: you using dnsmasq?06:11
aaron_liujbut still overwrieted by system after a while06:11
nemmonsairtonix: sigh, thanks. i'll look into that and see if i can figure out what's wrong.06:12
airtonixnemmons, winhq page for the game is a good start06:12
shafianyone has the experience of using "SCRUM" in ubuntu?06:12
airtonixnemmons, winehq*06:12
luis__[_miT_]: My logs?06:12
[_miT_]luis__: system logs, will show if there is a problem starting x server06:13
luis__how i do that06:13
aaron_liujhow to disable dhcpcleint06:13
rimdeker"Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the rep..."06:13
nemmonsairtonix: yeah i found a page about 'useful registry keys', maybe this will help.06:13
airtonixflippyflop, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/BashScripting06:13
rimdekerAnybody got a solution, to that?06:13
[_miT_]aaron_liuj: assign a static IP to the interface via /etc/network/interfaces06:13
almoxarifeaaron_liuj: were you suppose to include in the prepend? I am not saying you must, I am wondering if you should have?06:13
airtonixnemmons, might do but does the comments on the winehq page for the game talk about regkeys that work ?06:13
[_miT_]luis__: dmesg or look in /var/log06:14
luis__sudo aptitude dmesg?06:14
airtonixluis_, no : sudo dmesg | tail06:14
tweetboxGeekSquid: I know it is not stable, and I am bug testing, but there is always a huge bug that I need to avoid that I would need to know about beforehand06:14
[_miT_]airtonix: luis_: thank you :)06:15
GeekSquidtweetbox: and this is the wrong place to ask, and probably the wrong time of day, and it is a weekend, try during the week in #ubuntu+1 and it will be a little busier06:15
nemmonsairtonix: ah i see what you mean. unfortunately it looks like most people are playing the game without having to change any regkeys06:15
luis_airtonix: sorry but because i have no desktop i have no pastebin06:16
luis_this is the output:06:16
tweetboxGeekSquid: k06:16
aaron_liuji's right ?06:16
luis__[   27.347124] ppdev: user-space parallel port driver06:16
luis__[   35.001029] Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -129834723 ns)06:16
luis__[   58.310954] wlan0: authenticate with AP 00:1a:70:71:8d:d506:16
luis__[   58.312608] wlan0: authenticated06:16
luis__[   58.312616] wlan0: associate with AP 00:1a:70:71:8d:d506:16
FloodBot4luis__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:16
luis__[   58.314869] wlan0: RX AssocResp from 00:1a:70:71:8d:d5 (capab=0x411 status=0 aid=1)06:16
aaron_liujright ?06:16
bullgardWhere are the files stored that yelp displays? In particular the file for 'Passwords and Encryption Keys'?06:17
tenshinonekohello ^^06:18
kinja-sheeptweetbox: Look up on Launchpad for reported bugs.06:18
luis__aaron_liuj: possible fix to this blackscreen or i have to reinstall 9.10 losing all my data...06:18
Pyruanyone help me out a little, I'm new to linux, using ubuntu 9.04 im connected from my windows machine via ssh. I am a little lost in getting a desktop environment installed that I can access via remote assistance, from my windows os.06:19
aaron_liujhow to disable dhcpclient ,it to bad for me and change the dns file /etc/resov.conf06:19
natethegreat1419Has anyone heard of http://hacks.on.nimp.org06:19
almoxarifeaaron_liuj: I don't use 'interfaces' for network setup, I can't tell you if it is correct06:19
aaron_liuj how to disable dhcpclient ,it to bad for me and change the dns file /etc/resov.conf06:20
natethegreat1419or http://CRASHLINUX.ON.NIMP.ORG  some people on yahoo told me to go there and it dont sound good06:20
=== tek is now known as Guest4756
brjannnatethegreat1419: don't go there, and stop linking them06:20
aaron_liuj how to disable dhcpclient ,it to bad for me and change the dns file /etc/resov.conf frequently06:20
almoxarifeaaron_liuj: resolv.conf is auto-generated06:20
natethegreat1419What is it? I dont think that it looks that good talking about hacks and such but has anyone heard of them?06:21
Dr_Willisnatethegreat1419:  never herd of them06:21
aaron_liujbut i want to disable auto-generated06:21
airtonix!ot | natethegreat141906:21
ubottunatethegreat1419: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:21
almoxarifeaaron_liuj: no can do06:21
natethegreat1419Ok sorry it said linus so I thought it would be safe to ask06:22
natethegreat1419I mean linux**06:22
=== SolarisBoy is now known as TrollKeeper
aaron_liujbut how i  use a dns static06:22
aaron_liujbut how i  use a dns staticly06:22
[_miT_]aaron_liuj: define it in /etc/network/interfaces06:23
aaron_liujright ?06:24
xiambaxHow do I install a .diff file?06:25
nemmonsthis might be a stupid question but is there any reason i should have nvidia graphics drivers installed, given that i just have an integrated intel graphics chip06:25
almoxarifeaaron_liuj: tried doing this in the room that talks your primary language?06:25
GeekSquidbullgard: yelp is ubuntu's help browser it's files are under /usr/share/doc ... spacifically the passwords and encryption keys are in /usr/share/doc/seahorse and /usr/share/doc/seahorse-plugins ... the filename is README06:25
blakkheimxiambax: man diff06:25
=== Nightwolf42 is now known as Nightwolf
Dr_Willisxiambax:  you 'apply' a diff to some source/original06:28
bazhangaaron_liuj, #ubuntu-ru06:28
xiambaxAnd how would i go about doing that?06:28
blakkheimxiambax: man diff06:28
bullgardGeekSquid: Thank you very much for your information.06:28
Dr_Willisxiambax:  depends on exactly what you are trying to do06:29
GeekSquidbullgard: so you found it?06:29
aaron_liujÎÒµÄdnsÀÏÊDZ»ÏµÍ³Í³×Ô¶¯ÐÞ¸Ä /etc/resolv.conf06:29
bullgardGeekSquid: I am still in the process of finding.06:29
bazhangaaron_liuj, english here06:29
GeekSquidaaron_liuj: please change your charector encoding to UTF-8 or ASCII so we can read you06:30
blakkheim!cn > aaron_liuj06:30
ubottuaaron_liuj, please see my private message06:30
aaron_liujfuck my /etc/resolv.conf by system rewrite so frequently06:31
blakkheimthere you go06:31
bazhangaaron_liuj, no cursing here06:31
losherI preferred the chinese version06:31
xiambaxim trying to patch windfarm on my imac g506:32
Dr_Willisxiambax:  you mean you are trying to apply a patch to the SOURCE for windfarm ?06:33
xiambaxI suppose so06:33
xiambaxThe fans rev up and down, up and down06:33
losherxiambax: is it the patch from  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/iMacG5iSight?action=show&redirect=iMacG5revC06:35
losherxiambax: so what's the problem?06:36
fcuk112omg i just discovered LXDE today.  it rocks!  kthxbye.06:36
SnakDocwhere a good place to read about 3g modems ? mines not disconneting correcly06:37
bullgardGeekSquid: No, neither /usr/share/doc/seahorse/README nor /usr/share/doc/seahorse-pluginss/README contain the text of the yelp manual about 'Passwords and Encryption Keys'.06:37
GeekSquidbullgard: http://geeksquid.pastebin.ca/182641506:38
xiambaxlosher, Im trying to patch windfarm, my fans rev up and then down again06:39
xiambaxits a known issue apparently06:39
PomkaLKHow created registrated channal with passwd?06:40
pikeshouse88so, with openssh, vnc through ssh, netatalk, and webmin installed, with ufw configured, i'm going to be safe and dont need snort and ossec?06:41
pikeshouse88no lamp services06:41
[_miT_]pikeshouse88: lol you're still asking about that?06:41
pikeshouse88its a big concern, never set up a server before06:41
[_miT_]pikeshouse88: it seems you're not going to be happy until you install snort or ossec06:41
pikeshouse88well i just dont understand what their intended audience is06:42
pikeshouse88all servers or corporate firewalls06:42
pikeshouse88or something in between06:42
bullgardGeekSquid: I have read an updated version of the text which you just provided. My text relates to GNOME 2.28.1 because I am using Karmic. But it is essentially the same text. Your and my text refer to a "included help manual". I did ask for the filename of the included help manual.06:42
[_miT_]pikeshouse88: even with the savest encryption and updated packages, i can still spoof your ssh connection via MiTM06:44
[_miT_]pikeshouse88: i.e. nothing is 100% safe, it seems you're very concered with the network. so go ahead and snort :)06:44
ShazbotMcMurderchrome won't die!!06:44
GeekSquidbullgard: more in /usr/share/doc/gnome-keyring ... and I am still looking06:44
[_miT_]ShazbotMcMurder: kill eet!06:44
ShazbotMcMurderI tried to kill it, won't do anything06:44
ShazbotMcMurderso I did killall chrome06:44
[_miT_]ShazbotMcMurder: kill -906:44
ShazbotMcMurderand it went "AHH SNAP"06:44
almoxarifemalcolm in the middle?06:44
=== goose|ODST is now known as goose
losherpikeshouse88: in principle yes. In practice, it's scarily easy to get configs wrong and cause a security hole. I prefer to keep a NAT router between my linux boxes and the internet. And configure ssh for keyed access only. Sorry, dunno anything about netatalk...06:45
losherxiambax: any time you're ready to actually ask a specific question, we'll try and answer it...06:46
[_miT_]losher: he was asking about wind farm patching06:47
xiambaxHow can I patch my kernel so my fans arn't constantly reving?06:47
=== TrollKeeper is now known as SolarisBoy
pikeshouse88losher: unfortunately my ssh access to the server is randomly needed from many computers, so key only access isnt feasible correct06:48
bullgardGeekSquid: gnome-keyring is a related subject. But it is not the answer that I am looking for.06:49
almoxarifeI have found that when running my laptop on a block of dry ice the fans never come on, should I be worried?06:49
greggHi - i'm having HUGE problems controlling my smb mounted folders - right now I can't umount anything, even with -f, and a list over my mounts is showing the mounts several times - this is getting frustrating, and probably the reason my shutdown takes so long time :(06:49
bullgardalmoxarife: No.06:49
almoxarifebullgard: cool :)06:50
losherpikeshouse88: agreed. Insist on good passwords, no root logins, and if you run on the standard port 22, expect people to actively try and break in...06:50
GeekSquidbullgard: I realize that and I am still looking about... some other places I'll look too06:50
almoxarifewhat's the command line to force a package to un-install regardless of of any errors it can cause?06:51
losherpikeshouse88: see http://www.i-justblog.com/2009/08/openssh-server-best-security-practices.html06:51
pikeshouse88if im not running snort or ossec, is there any other good security software thats worth it06:51
pikeshouse88like fail2ban perhaps06:51
greggHi - i'm having HUGE problems controlling my smb mounted folders - right now I can't umount anything, even with -f, and a list over my mounts is showing the mounts several times - this is getting frustrating, and probably the reason my shutdown takes so long time - output of 'mount' on my machine is here: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/zBaceFeD06:52
[_miT_]gregg: didnt look at your pastebin, but is something using the mounted drive preventing you from unmounting?06:53
gregg[_miT_]: there shouldn't be afaik06:54
[_miT_]gregg: just a shot in the dark, lol06:54
[_miT_]gregg: i wouldnt be the best person to solve your problem :( sorry06:54
gregg[_miT_]: it's actually a few shares on the machine that aren't umounting06:54
bullgardGeekSquid: I found it: It is /usr/share/gnome/help/seahorse/C for the international version.06:55
greggit's killing me, 'cause 9 out of 10 times I have to make a hard shutdown06:55
[_miT_]gregg: mmmm corrupted data taste good dont it? :)06:55
bullgardGeekSquid: I found it: It is /usr/share/gnome/help/seahorse/C/seahorse.xml for the international version.06:55
crazyhorseewhat does the dpkg do?06:55
yaboois there a ubuntu net install cd I can download06:55
GeekSquidbullgard: that's good news, I am so suprised by the number of documents, and document locations, it should all be compiled into one help system that has everything ... man is great until you have info, yelp, docbook, etc, etc, etc06:56
pikeshouse88anyone here us eossec?06:56
rwwubottu: minimal | yaboo06:56
ubottuyaboo: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:56
loshergregg: I agree with [_miT_]. The usual reason for unmount failure is because some process has files open on a volume. Any idea what process that might be?06:57
bullgardGeekSquid: Yes indeed. --  Thank you again for your assistance.06:58
GeekSquidbullgard: not a problem06:58
gregglosher: none at all - so far i've only opened krusader, but that's closed now - haven't accessed the folders for anything else yet06:58
greggand i can't figure out why a umout -f isn't working :06:59
dementorhy hau can i see my usb divice i try lsusb but nothing06:59
greggi KNOW there's something in my config that's freaky - the 'mount' command is showing me weird things06:59
pikeshouse88my real question is whether or not im a fool if i dont run snort07:00
ubuntuI just upgraded to 10.04 beta, but ubuntu is now wanting to mount USB to boot how can I change it to mount my harddrive?07:01
xangua!lucid | ubuntu07:02
ubottuubuntu: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+107:02
ubuntuthanks xangua07:02
loshergregg: try running fuser on one of the mounted directories...07:03
htnshi all. do you think it will be possible to run ubuntu inside qemu on windows and have ubuntu be able to see SD card inserted into windows?07:04
bhaLooOOhello all07:04
htpci was given these instructions "Extract it to the ~/.xbmc/plugins/programs directory. " and i don't know how to locate that directory. what is the ~?07:04
=== ubuntu is now known as Fentas
bhaLooOOhow are you guys?07:04
* Blue1 wishes the ubuntu developers would fix the "launching http cache cleaner" bug07:04
losherpikeshouse88: better to regret running it, than regret not running it, I would've thought....07:04
Dr_Willishtpc:  ~ = /home/username07:04
Dr_Williscd ~/.xbmc/plugins/programs07:05
Dr_Williscp poo ~/.xbmc/plugins/programs07:05
Dr_Willis= cp poo /home/username/plugins/programs07:05
deostrollhi trying to install 9.10 os from 8.10, but having difficulty upgrading to 9.04 first....07:05
Blue1deostroll: i have personally had trouble with the upgrade path.  recommend you backup /home/ and /etc/ and do a clean install07:06
Jordan_Udeostroll, What problem are you having exactly?07:06
htpcthanks Dr_Willis07:06
deostrollhave the iso in a pen drive...mounted it onto cdrom0 after copying the iso to harddisk... nothing happens;;;07:07
dementorhow to detect my usb device because my keyboard and mouse dont work?07:10
DagonGood evening everyone07:10
nixjrwhere might i find the file i need to download on this website? http://tiyukquellmalz.org/cgit/rbpitch/07:10
lazy^dementor: ssh to box07:10
lazy^and true there07:11
puserhello, I have confirm on file deletion checked in nautilus config and gconf-edit, but when I delete a file it doesn't ask me for a confirmation. How to enable file deletion confirmation?07:11
deostrollJordan_u, any ideas?07:11
lazy^see what dmesg tells ya when u plug in your keyboard and mouse07:11
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:12
Jordan_Udeostroll, What does an iso on a pen drive have to do with upgrading from 8.10 to 9.04?07:12
deostrollBlue1, have apache n stuff installed...wonder wht will happen to those...07:12
Jamshootcan somebody help me with grub(2) ?07:12
Jordan_U!anyone | Jamshoot07:12
ubottuJamshoot: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:12
Blue1deostroll: you'd have to re-install but move the config files over from the backup you made of /etc/07:13
lazy^Jamshoot: what is the problem?07:13
dementorlazy^ this what i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/390153/07:13
DaZpuser: edit->preferences?07:13
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:13
RPG-MasterOK, should I just live my wireless router set to "mixed" signals or should I set it to "N only"?07:13
deostrolljordan_u i've copied tht iso to my hard disk, and then mounted it onto cdrom0...shouldn't this pop up a dialog box which should say upgrade...?07:13
codygmanwow this is a silly question. but i just hit some sort of hotkey i guess.. and it turned gedit into a different theme07:13
DaZor at least it was there three years ago [;07:13
cyberbluntzIs there a way to burn a Live cd with all the packages I have installed?07:14
codygmanquestion: how do i get it back?07:14
Jordan_Udeostroll, Why not just use update-manager?07:14
nixjri want to install a rhythmbox plugin, but cant work out how to use their website, can someone else explain where to download the file?  http://tiyukquellmalz.org/cgit/rbpitch/07:14
Nalahi~ how to compare two different rootfs, and know the details? ex: packages. Thank you07:14
DaZ+j ? >:07:14
Blue1RPG-Master: I know just enjough about wireless to be dangerous07:14
RPG-MasterBlue1, :P07:14
RPG-MasterAnd your advice is?07:14
lazy^dementor: i see iptables output :)07:15
Blue1RPG-Master: let me see how I have mine set brb07:15
JamshootSo, grub isnt works=) I tried to install winxp, and its delete ( or something else ) grub...07:15
RPG-MasterBlue1: ok07:15
deostrolljordan_u, it runs 4 a long time...n then does some analysis and says...with the current internet connection speed...it will take 12 hrs to install....07:15
JamshootWell, i need to reinstall grub, but i dont know how07:15
puserDaZ: under edit-preferences-behaviour-recycle bin I have: ask before emptying recycle bin and deleting files cheched07:15
smerdykovhi everyone, I have a hardware issue, is this the place to ask?07:15
cyberbluntzJam I had that problem before, what I did was just reinstall linux completely, then the grub was fixed07:15
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.07:15
Jordan_Udeostroll, You need to use the alternate install CD to upgrade, but there is no way that downloading the alternate CD will take less time than just upgrading07:15
DagonHas there been known audio bugs in Ubunto 9.10?07:16
lazy^Jamshoot: u need to make script which update-grup cmd uses07:16
Jordan_U!grub2 | Jamshoot07:16
ubottuJamshoot: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:16
htpci booted into ubuntu and all it's showing me is the wallpaper. i can use alt + f2 to run from the terminal, which is how i'm using xchat, but i dont know what to do other than that.07:16
cyberbluntzor you can use the recovery console to remove it completely by fixmbr07:16
lazy^it's very simple07:16
DaZpuser: uncheck and check again maybe?07:16
htpcthis is after enabling nvidia drivers, btw07:16
deostrolljordan_u u mean burn the iso to a cd...?07:16
Blue1RPG-Master: wireless mode AP, wireless network mode:  mixed, is that what you need?07:16
cyberbluntzbut then you will have to manually delete the part07:16
Jordan_Udeostroll, No.07:16
Jordan_Udeostroll, Did you download the "alternate" iso or the (normal) "Desktop" iso?07:17
DagonDaZ: When you located your drivers to install did it show you sevral onces to choose from? Perhaps you can uninstall it and try another.07:17
Jamshoot<cyberbluntz> Yeah, but i dont looking for easy way =)07:17
thunkeejamshoot: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows ... ist this what you ar looking for?07:17
Dagonones rather07:17
DaZDagon: lolwut?07:17
deostrolljordan_u yeah I have to iso for jaunty jackalope07:17
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Jamshoot<lazy^> ill try...07:18
cyberbluntzReinstall it is easy way :)07:18
Jamshoot<Jordan_U>, ok, thx07:18
Blue1cyberbluntz: it really is....07:18
greggHi - i'm having HUGE problems controlling my smb mounted folders - right now I can't umount anything, even with -f, and a list over my mounts is showing the mounts several times - this is getting frustrating, and probably the reason my shutdown takes so long time - output of 'mount' on my machine is here: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/zBaceFeD07:18
deostrollthe cd 4 9.04 aint shipping these days07:18
DagonDaZ: Some machines Ubuntu detects the nvidia card it gives you options on which ones to install07:18
puserDaZ: Unchecked, closed preferences, opened preferences, checked, closed preferences. Samething.07:18
Jordan_UJamshoot, You're welcome.07:18
DagonI had two to choose from when I loaded up ubuntu on my box07:18
Jordan_Udeostroll, The Desktop iso or the Alternate iso?07:19
Jamshoot<thunkee> mb, ill read it...07:19
hawkeHello all...is there a way to set the default permissions for automounted external USB drives, in Ubuntu 9.10?07:19
deostrolljordan_u i don't understand the diff bw the 2...alternate/desktop07:19
smerdykovI have a Sony Vaio with a faulty monitor, so I'm trying to get it to sync to an external monitor as the primary, but I need to do it outside of windows so I can reinstall my OSs07:20
htpci booted into ubuntu and all it's showing me is the wallpaper. i can use alt + f2 to run from the terminal, which is how i'm using xchat, but i dont know what to do other than that. this happened after i enabled nvidia drivers07:20
smerdykovcan anyone help me?07:20
Jordan_Udeostroll, The Alternate CD can be used to upgrade Ubuntu, the Desktop CD can't. If you didn't choose the alternate explicitly then you have the Desktop CD.07:20
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deostrolljordan_u i hve the desktop07:21
Jordan_Udeostroll, Don't bother with trying to upgrade from an iso. Just find a faster mirror with System > Administration > Software Sources.07:21
fuffaloAnyone know how to share streaming video from the net via twonkymedia server on an ubuntu machine?  I know it's a twonky question, but I thought someone here may have done it before07:22
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Jordan_Udeostroll, First go to System > Administration > Software Sources. Tell me when you have done that.07:23
deostrolljordan_u yes07:23
=== Guest20005 is now known as cmcn
Jordan_Udeostroll, There should be a drop down menu labeled "Download from", select "other".07:24
puserso, where else can I look to make sure it confirms on file deletion?07:24
Jordan_Udeostroll, Now click on Select Best Server07:24
DaZpuser: well, i'm not sure if they've implemented it :307:25
deostrolljordan_u a testing download server dialog popped up07:25
DaZpuser: but it shows a popup when trash file isn't writable.07:26
Dagon Are there known bugs with Ubuntu 9.10? I'm having some issues with audio when I multi task it example: Running a media player and playing GL games, also sound just becomes static during gameplay07:26
Dagon and actually shuts off when I run both.. Without media software playing the sound in the game becomes distorted rather badly07:26
puserDaZ: do you use gnome and do you have confirmation pop up, when you delete?07:26
Dagonknown audio bugs rather07:26
DaZpuser: i don't, i've installed nautilus now and there's no popup.07:26
RPG-MasterBlue1: I don't need it, I've just hear that N is better, and mixed might not use my router to its fullest07:27
deostrolljordan_u i think select best server...does the automatic selection...07:27
DaZpuser: kde has popups.07:27
deostrolljordan_u it has selected some mirror in uk...whereas I reside in india...07:27
Blue1RPG-Master: like I said -- I know enough to be dangerous!  like they say YMMV (your mileage may vary)07:27
deostrolljordan_u is this reliable?07:27
Jordan_Udeostroll, Yes.07:27
Blue1RPG-Master: i had problems with my netbook.  I had to install the backports to fix it.07:28
RPG-MasterBlue1: OK :P07:28
Jordan_Udeostroll, The servers in / near India may be somewhat overloaded currently.07:28
deostrolljordan_u chose the server..nw wht07:28
deostrollstill looking @ the sfotware sources dialog box07:29
Jordan_Udeostroll, Now try upgrading via update-manager again and with the faster server it should take less time.07:29
htpci booted into ubuntu and all it's showing me is the wallpaper. i can use alt + f2 to run from the terminal, which is how i'm using xchat, but i dont know what to do other than that. this happened after i enabled nvidia drivers07:30
deostrolljordan_u should I hit revert?07:30
Jordan_Udeostroll, No07:30
DaZhtpc: ~/.xsession-errors07:30
puserDaZ: are you on KDE, Ubuntu?07:30
Jordan_Udeostroll, Hit close and when it asks if you want to update the package information say yes.07:30
JustaNumberhow do I tell if my ubuntu is "jaunty"?07:30
alankilaJustaNumber: cat /etc/issue07:31
DaZpuser: I'm using Arch, but Ubuntu also ships KDE07:31
ardchoilleJustaNumber: lsb_release -a07:31
nixjrhow do i check what version of ubuntu i have?07:31
paketecan someone tried chromium os ?07:31
htpcDaZ, what?07:31
deostrollk update-manager doing its job...downloading packages07:31
DementatiIf I have a user that has a secondary group, and I have given group read permission to a directory that is of that secondary group, is the user not supposed to be able to read that directory?07:31
ShadeS how do i search with apt-get07:31
ardchoillenixjr:  lsb_release -a07:31
ShadeSor is there a different command for that?07:31
alankilaShadeS: apt-cache search foo07:32
ardchoilleShadeS: apt-cache search blah07:32
DaZhtpc: gedit ~/.xsession-errors and try to find something useful07:32
nixjrardchoille, is it possible that my 9.04 "turned into" 9.10?07:32
ardchoilleShadeS: or to filter package names: apt-cache search -n blah07:32
ardchoillenixjr: if you upgraded, sure07:32
htpcblank file, da07:32
puserDaZ: ok, thanx07:32
nixjrardchoille, i dont remember hitting some "updated to 9.10" button07:33
DaZhtpc: nothing's wrong then.07:33
ardchoillenixjr: Are you sure you installed 9.04 instead of 9.10? When did you download the iso?07:33
DaZhtpc: run gnome-terminal and start nautilus and gnome-panel07:33
deostrolljordan_u download rate is only 10.4 kb/s should I rely on this again?07:34
nixjrardchoille, it was definately 9.04, i got a pressed disc here, i find it unsettling that i managed to make a major chnage liek that without realising it07:35
ardchoillenixjr: Well, look at it this way, you're more up to date than you were :)07:35
nixjrardchoille, the reason i ask is i just ran "sudo apt-get build-dep rhythmbox" and it says "130 newly installed", as you might of guessed im new to linux, is it normal for it to need so many dependencies?07:37
htpcDaZ, says it cannot start gnome-panel because one is already running. i moved my mouse up and it went off screen, right clicked and it was the menu for right clicking the panel. i guess it's just off screen. do you know how to fix it?07:37
alankilanixjr: probably so. rhythmbox is media application so it pulls in insane amount of junk07:37
ardchoillenixjr: yeah, what alankila said07:38
DagonHas anyone expierenced problems with audio when they either run a media player such as rythum box or Audacious while playing an openGL game and have the audio completly shut off or just playing the game normally without a player going the sound becomming distorted and cuts out? I read fourms about it but I can not isolate the problem.07:38
DaZhtpc: sudo nvidia-xconfig and restart xorg07:38
ardchoillenixjr: That's the main reason I stopped using rythmbox07:38
alankilanixjr: actually, looking at the list, there's texlive, tons of x11 libs, even xulrunner07:38
DaZif you didn't do it ofcourse.07:38
alankilabut no media codecs. I guess they don't depend on gstreamer like that.07:39
nixjrardchoille, i want to use to it because its the only player i can see that has a live pitch/tempo/speed adjuster07:40
ardchoillenixjr: Ah, that makes sense07:40
alankilanixjr: but you need to compile entire rhythmbox for it?07:42
=== cmcn_ is now known as cmcn
nixjralankila, thats what this guide im reading for the plugin says07:42
nixjri tried just going to the pluing site but there isnt a download button http://tiyukquellmalz.org/cgit/rbpitch/07:43
htpcDaZ, can you give me that last message again? something about running xvidia-config and restarting xorg?07:43
DaZhtpc: nvidia-xconfig <:07:43
DaZnixjr: git clone git://tiyukquellmalz.org/rbpitch07:44
FrinDHey guys! My friend has installed Ubuntu 9.10 on his laptop but his wireless wont work correctly keeps disconecting his chipset is 0b:03.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 03)07:44
nixjrDaZ, thats step 4 on their guide, im pretty much just blindly copy and pasting it07:44
htpcdaz it gave me a message, can i pm it to you or should i pastebin it? 3 lines long07:45
DaZhtpc: pm it07:45
ActionParsnipYo yo yo07:46
krangamhey folks.07:46
FrinDHey guys! My friend has installed Ubuntu 9.10 on his laptop but his wireless wont work correctly keeps disconecting his chipset is 0b:03.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 03)07:47
krangami'm wondering why my desktop have so many hidden files!!07:47
krangamis it normal?07:47
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:47
ActionParsnipFrind: try disabling IPv6 too07:48
nixjrkrangam, i cant tlel you if its normal or not, but i checked mine and i have none07:48
ActionParsnipKrangam: in $HOME yes, they hold the configs for you apps and desktop07:48
ActionParsnipKangam: in $HOME/Desktop I have none too07:49
FrinDActionParsnip: sry I did not see what you wrote07:50
fosser_joshhello hackers, can anybody tell me any network stimulator available in linux07:50
ActionParsnipFrind: try diabling IPv6 too07:50
krangamThanks ActionParsnip and nixjr. I intended to ask in $HOME07:50
brad_I'm running a Nvidia GTX-260 with 2 24" monitors, I can't for the life of me get the monitor on the left to be the "main" monitor. I've switched the location of each monitor but all that changes is how they "connect", can anybody help me with this?>07:50
ActionParsnipBrad_: could use xorg.conf07:51
fosser_joshhello hackers, can anybody tell me any network simulator available in linux07:51
=== pierce1 is now known as pierce
FrinDActionParsnip: I just checked on widi docs and his BCM4306 does not seem supported07:51
FrinDso should he go with ndiswrapper?07:51
nixjrfosser_josh, not sure if this si helpful, but could you run multiple virtual machines in vmware or summin?07:52
brad_ActionParsnip: will the nvidia-settings just be editing the xorg.conf? What am I looking for in specific to change07:52
krangamwhat about some files that ends with a '~'. But I'm not able to see them on the GUI desktop. When I use terminal and list all files, I'm seeing these files.07:52
DaZkrangam: text editors mark backups with a ~07:53
initmassThe output from my second sound card has stopped. I've verified that the audio output works when using the live CD. I think I have to reset the audio settings. How do I make that?07:53
ZykoticK9brad_, System / Admin / NVIDIA X Server Settings - X Server Display Configuration - highlight the monitor you want as default, put a check near bottom "Make this the primary display for the X screen"07:53
ActionParsnipBrad_: run: gksudo nvidia-settings ,then click write to x config file07:54
krangamDaZ: Thanks. Is there any need for such files? I mean, they occupy unnecessary space?07:54
ZykoticK9brad_, use ActionParsnip parsnips "gksudo nvidia-settings" with my directions above :)  teamwork07:54
Dr_Williskrangam:  editor 'auto backups' have saved me several times like that07:55
alankilamm, that rbpitch is based on libsoundtouch. No wonder I couldn't find any implementation of the shifter algorithm there07:55
ActionParsnipZykotick9: hi5!07:55
krangamDr_Willis : Thanks. I understand that I don't need to worry about such files then.07:55
brad_when I run "gksudo nvidia-settings" i get "Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0"., is that okay?07:56
ActionParsnipFrind: if the usual broadcom thingy doesn't work then use ndisgtk + winxp 32bit or 64bit driver (depending on ubuntu arch)07:56
nixjralankila, could you dumb that down a little for me lol07:56
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
brad_ZykoticK9: I don't ave the option "Make this the primary display for the X Screen"07:57
ActionParsnipbrad_: as long as the app runs it'll be fine07:57
alankilanixjr: just satisfying my curiosity. This pitch shifter would appear to be based on a time-domain autocorrelation strategy. Good for simple audio like singing, bad for complex music because the requisite overlaps are much harder to find.07:58
brad_Xinerama is enabled, and I have each monitor set up as "Seperate X Screen" for configuration07:58
ZykoticK9brad_, not as a checkbox at the bottom?  sorry, we must have different versions of nvidia-settings or ubuntu then, and my VMs don't use nvidia, so can't test there sorry.  good luck man.07:58
ActionParsnipZykotick9: you'll have to run this one now dude. I have 1 monitor for 3 systems07:59
ZykoticK9ActionParsnip, using a kvm switch?  or software based?07:59
ActionParsnipBrad_: try adding the nvidia vpau ppa and upgrading the driver07:59
nixjralankila, i understood some of that, so i guess i shouldnt hold my breath is assuming my trance is going to sound flawless with a faster bmp?08:00
alankilato explain, this pitch shifters work by resampling the audio to a new frequency that corresponds with the desired change in pitch, and then cloning the audio data based on self-similarity so that the play length doesn't change. Or you can leave the pitch intact (no resampling) and slow down or speed up if you like.08:00
ActionParsnipZykotick9: ssh and web based admin08:00
ZykoticK9ActionParsnip, so really 2 headless boxes?08:00
Goliathhow can i change the background image at gdm login?08:00
brad_ZykoticK9: I just changed it from "Seperate X Window" to "TwinView" and that option showed up, rebooting now to test08:00
alankilanixjr: it depends on parameters, the music itself, and how much change you want.08:00
Dr_WillisGoliath:  could change the file in the 'xsplash' directory  as one way. theres also tools to change it   google for 'gdm2 setup' I think is the name of one.08:01
ActionParsnipZykotick9: sure. Fileserver and an old thing doing torrents and backups. Fileserver is new :)08:01
Dr_WillisGoliath:  ive also seen scripts/tools that sync your main users wallpaper with the gdm wallpaper08:01
GoliathDr_Willis: where is xsplash?08:01
alankilanixjr: but the real problem with autocorrelation is that it adds jitter. If new drum beats are supposed to occur, say, every 200 ms, the autocorrelator generally adds or removes extra sample data between the quiet periods between hits, and it doesn't usually fall out evenly on both sides of the hits -- it depends on what audio is going on at that moment -- and that makes beats slightly jittery. Whether it's noticeable is another matter.08:01
nixjralankila, may i pm you?08:01
Dr_WillisGoliath:  use 'locate xsplash' and check out the paths08:02
ActionParsnipZykotick9: tbh I use my phone to control mostly (and chat on here)08:02
ZykoticK9Goliath, i actually watch a YouTube video today demonstrating how to do that, can't find the link easily now though, but it's there08:02
alankilanixjr: why not.08:02
ZykoticK9ActionParsnip, I am SO behind the time - i have no cell phone!  :)08:02
Dr_WillisGoliath:  see http:/delicious.com/dr_willis/gdm2  for some info on the tools ive tried08:02
ActionParsnipZykotick9: if you get by without, why bother :)08:02
ardchoilleActionParsnip: Very good point08:03
ActionParsnipIs chromeOS based on Ubuntu?08:05
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  i belive it is08:06
lao5hei hei hei08:06
ActionParsnipI would have asked in ot but my irc client won't join another channel once its connected :( so thanks :)08:06
ZykoticK9ActionParsnip, i've seen howtos involving adding repositories to chromeos inorder to install various software, so deep down there is ubuntu under-the-hood of chromeos08:07
Jordan_UActionParsnip, Yes. What IRC client are you using?08:07
ActionParsnipJordan_u: andchat08:07
ActionParsnipJordan_u: just read a guide the command is: /raw join #chan08:08
=== zhuangyao is now known as yaozhuang
Jordan_UActionParsnip, Probably requires raw commands for just about everything if it doesn't have a simple /join08:09
Jordan_UActionParsnip, Might as well just use telnet :)08:09
ActionParsnipZykotick9: interesting. I'll check it out after sleeping. Just done a 12 hour shift08:09
JustaNumberis "intrepid" after "jaunty". if so, is it a stable release?08:09
ActionParsnipJordan_u: could use connectbot to ssh to my desktop then use irssi :)08:10
ActionParsnipJustanumber: jaunty is after intrepid and both are stable08:10
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81008:10
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/90408:10
ZykoticK9JustaNumber, it's alphabetical, so i comes before j08:10
JustaNumberhmmmm, so how does one upgrade? apt-get dist-upgrade didn't seem to do it?08:11
ActionParsnip!upgrade | justanumber08:11
ubottujustanumber: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading08:11
mbn_18Hi, just added a new screen to my computer ( now I have 2 screens ). The problem is that I cant drag app from one LCD to the other. any idea?08:11
=== yaozhuang is now known as zhuangyao
Dr_Willismbn_18:  and your viudeo card is whata exactly>?08:11
ZykoticK9mbn_18, are you using nvidia?08:11
mbn_18ZykoticK9: Yes, 7600GT. All is set and the secondery screen is working with his own toolbar. I can also move the mouse over it. but not apps08:12
=== ltsampro1 is now known as ltsampros
Dr_Willismbn_18:  use twinview. not 'seperate x displays' in the nvdia-settings tool08:13
ZykoticK9mbn_18, that's working-as-designed if you have 2 seperate x screens08:13
mbn_18I see, checking08:13
ltsamprosokay. i'm running karmic and since the last update, my kernel is throwing a panic everytime I try to get the laptop to sleep.08:13
ActionParsnipDr_willis: wouldn't twinview make 2 identical screens?08:14
Dr_WillisActionParsnip: Only if you set it to CLONE08:14
ActionParsnipDr_willis: I'm just going by the name...oh I see08:14
Dr_Willisi use twinview all the time. :)  only had issues with it when i tyr to get 3 screens working08:14
mostafakvdwhen I type "gcc filename.cc" it says "error: stdio: No such file or directory"08:14
mostafakvdwhat should I do?08:14
Dr_Willistwinview is nvidias 'name' for their enhanced xinerama featureset08:14
ActionParsnipMostafakvd: sudo apt-get install build-essential08:15
ActionParsnipMostafakvd: make sure you use <>s round the libs you want to use08:15
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, do you play many games?  have a good solution to disabling one monitor automatically, or a cure for games playing in the center of both screens?08:16
mostafakvdActionParsnip: I type that it says "build-essential is already the newest version."08:16
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  xrandr can disable one I think. or the nvidia-settings tool can also disable one when you use apply08:16
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  its games that are programed BADLY that do that.. its technically the games fault08:16
mostafakvdActionParsnip: my code is very simple "#include<stdio>08:16
mostafakvdusing namespace std;08:16
mostafakvdint main()08:16
mostafakvd  cout << "good news";08:16
FloodBot1mostafakvd: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:16
mostafakvd  return 0;08:16
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, i customize my xorg to autoshutoff one monitor when a particular resolution is called "1280x1024", but am unable to reliably add more resolutions without nvidia-settings starting to "freak-out"08:17
DaZmostafakvd: .h08:17
ActionParsnipMostafakvd: i'd ask in #c08:17
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  i rarely have issues. so havent bothered with it much08:17
mostafakvdDaZ: you mean I should add stdio.h08:18
enderbwhats the question?08:18
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  i do recall warzone2100 having the problem. I set its res in its configs as a fix08:18
ActionParsnipMostafakvd: if you use void main (void) you don't need return 0 at the end08:18
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, sorry to bother ya, thought i'd throw it out when you where mentioning twinview08:18
DaZmostafakvd: i mean you will waste terrible amount of time before you finally give up08:18
ActionParsnipWarzon2100 is awesome08:18
DaZbut .h should help as well.08:18
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  yep . The programs are getting the monitor size using the wrong commands/functions and  think its a wiiiiiideeeee monitor...08:18
ZykoticK9Dr_Willis, "most" games run fine - it's just the odd-balls with issues08:19
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  ages ago about every java app had the same issue.. and even virtualbox and vmware had the issue08:19
Dr_WillisZykoticK9:  dosbox used to have the ssue08:19
ActionParsnipDr_willis: is dosbox still maintained?08:19
researcher1I have Xp & Ubuntu on separate partition with windows programs run through Wine. How can I clone it? Will XP n Ubuntu installations be cloned as they r on host machine?08:20
DaZthere's nothing better anyway [;08:20
ActionParsnipI guess08:20
enderbQuestion: why can't I write messages on the #C channel?08:20
DaZenderb: you're not registered?08:20
ActionParsnipEnderb: maybe you need to be regged08:21
enderbOh I gues not?08:21
JustaNumberthe #C people are weenies08:21
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode08:21
enderbSo I don't have to register to write messages here?08:21
ltsamproswhen a panic takes plance, does the apport try send the whole dump/core? it's stuck at uplk the uploading problem information window, and i'm wondering08:21
Dr_WillisActionParsnip:  no idea. i only use it to play a few games now and then08:21
ActionParsnipEnderb: no you are doing it now ;)08:21
enderblol :p08:21
ActionParsnipEnderb: the channel goes registered only when trolls and spammers go crazy08:22
enderbi see08:22
GoliathDr_Willis: i tried one but didnt work08:22
ardchoilleActionParsnip: May I pm you?08:22
enderbThis is my IRC bot08:22
enderbI'll have to figure out how to register08:23
ActionParsnipArdchoille: sure08:23
enderbI sent the NICK and USER messages08:23
enderbdo you have to make a password in order to register?08:23
enderbnvm ill figure it out08:23
enderbhmm im tired08:24
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode08:24
DagonDr_Willis: Have you ever experienced any audio bugs which causes the sound in games to become distorted and cut out? I'm having that problem or if I use any kind of music player the sound cuts out completly. I imagine my hardware is proper as far as drivers go08:24
Dr_WillisDagon:  ive rarely had any sound issues08:24
Dagonmusic player while playing a game that is08:24
DagonDr_Willis: Hmm. I can't isolate the problem. Driving me nuts lol08:25
DaZDagon: sound mixing in linux is extremely bad.08:25
quizmemy .bashrc file is not getting read, does anybody know why?08:26
researcher1while trying to install Bazzar Explorer I got this error posted at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/390177/ . Any help please?08:26
DagonDaZ: I'm begging to notice this. If I could atleast get the games to properly stream the audio without it cutting out that would be excellent. I can do without playing music in the background08:27
dsyncIs there anyone here?08:27
Dagonbeginning rather lol08:27
dsyncin dire need on configuring pam with freeradius08:27
dsyncanyone i can seek advice from?08:27
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.08:27
dsyncthe problem is whenever I tried to ssh to localhost, it didn't connect to freeradius08:28
DaZDagon: are there distortions or there is no sound from one program at all?08:28
dsynci googled for half day already08:28
orsonquizme: at login? have you sourced .bashrc in ~/.profile? check ownership with "ls -la ~/.bashrc"08:28
ZykoticK9researcher1,  do you have qemu-kvm installed?08:28
puseris it possible to change the default file browser in gnome from nautilus to, lets say: midnight commander. I've checked, midnight commander, algough, not as pretty, as nautilus, it confirms deletion.08:28
kthomas_vhis freeradius on port 22?08:28
nixjrwhen aptget says packages will be removed, does it mean there is nothing that depends ont hose packages? or is ti possible that removing them will stop something else working?08:28
dsyncit's in default port08:28
kthomas_vhis it running ?08:28
dsyncyea it is running08:28
DagonDaz: When I run both game and music player the sound cuts out completly but when I just run the game it's distorted and cuts in and out. sounds basicly like a record needle being dragged across08:29
kthomas_vhso ssh localhost:1812,  no reply?08:29
dsyncgot reply08:29
dsyncyet permission denied08:29
dsyncand at the radius terminal there is no log message08:29
quizmeorson: this is after i log into my server.  ownership is good for .bashrc.  .profile doesn't exist08:29
kthomas_vhwell,  that's not nearly as bad08:29
xenhey any1s gt counter strike 1.6 running wid proper FPS on ubuntu08:29
kthomas_vhso either get logging on08:29
dsynci just wondering why the ssh didn't connectg to freeradius08:29
orsonquizme: ~/.bashrc won't be read on login--shells08:29
kthomas_vhor find a way to make ...08:29
kthomas_vhwell,  now you're confusing us08:30
dsyncanyone i can chat 1 on 1 ?08:30
DaZDagon: i'd guess it's related to pulseaudio or another ubuntu feature08:30
kthomas_vheither the ssh connects08:30
kthomas_vhor it doesn't08:30
quizmeorson: ok. thanks.  imoved it to .profile and now it works.  cheers.08:30
orsonquizme: echo ". ~/.bashrc" >> ~/.profile08:30
kthomas_vhdsync, this community support :)08:30
dsyncwell i did modify the sshd in the pam.d folder08:30
dsyncif using system-auth then can login08:30
xencs 1.6 on ubuntu?08:30
dsyncbut didn't connect to freerdaius08:30
orsonquizme: now it won't be read on non-lgin shells :)08:30
DagonDaZ: Can I disable pulseaudio and enable I beleive it's klasmixer? I'm rather new so bare with me08:31
DaZDagon: klasmixer? >:08:31
mbn_18back, the twin views work. but with few problems. first every time I choose a workspace both display flip. maybe its related to compiz?08:32
dsyncanyone managed to ssh into freeradius ?08:32
DagonI just seen a post google -fu? whats that08:32
dsyncin serious need of help here08:32
kinja-sheepDoes anybody know a nice GUI as a replacement for lshw -- I'm familiar with lshw and I only need to take few screenshots so it should look nice. I don't remember the name of the package. :(08:32
mbn_18dsync: freeradiuos?08:32
DagonDaZ: I think it's named along those lines. It was something I typed into bash to get some volume level controls on a deeper level than what is on the GUI08:32
DaZkinja-sheep: hardinfo? >:08:32
dsyncssh -> pam -> freeradius08:32
DaZDagon: alsa08:33
kinja-sheepDaZ: Checking it out right now. ;<08:33
dsyncproblem with ssh is it didn't authenticate with my freeradius server08:33
researcher1Any help on this please http://imagebin.org/87853 ?08:33
DagonDaZ: lol yes I was way off08:33
mbn_18dsync: What do you mean by shh into freeradiius ?08:33
mbn_18dsync: ohh you want ssh to auth aginst freeradius08:33
DaZDagon: pulseaudio is running on top of it but i don't know anything about pulseaudio in ubuntu.08:33
dsynci believe i setup everything correctly08:33
dsyncyet it still didn't auth against the freradius08:34
DagonDaZ: That's alright thank you though :)08:34
DaZDagon: there is over 9000 how-tos on disabling it, if it doesn't help get interested in oss408:34
dsyncgoogled for half day and no solution08:34
kinja-sheepDaZ: That tool is sufficient to do the job. Thanks. :)08:34
mostafakvdhow to run a shell command from a c++ file ?08:34
DagonDaZ: oss4?08:35
DaZmostafakvd: #c08:35
DaZDagon: open sound system08:35
mbn_18dsync: it seems openssh does not support radius. but maybe you can achive it using PAM.08:35
ActionParsnipMostafakvd: last I did any coding it was system("command here");08:35
DagonDaZ: Is that something I can collect via bash?08:35
dsyncit doesn't ?08:35
mbn_18dsync: maybe there is ssh channel/ or pam channel.08:36
dsyncwhere ?08:36
mostafakvdActionParsnip: you mean for example system("ls /home/");08:36
mostafakvdActionParsnip: yeah?08:36
mbn_18dsync: I didnt saw it on the feature list of openssh website08:36
DaZDagon: depends what do you mean by bash, there should be a package08:36
dsyncany alternative then ?08:36
theadminSay, is init/Upstart a kernel-built-in thing?08:36
ActionParsnipMostafakvd: afaik, not sure what .h its in. Ask in #c08:36
mbn_18dsync: As I said. My guessing is that it is achivable using pam. but I am not sure. ask experts.08:37
orsontheadmin: no08:37
theadminorson: Strange :/ If you kill init, you get a kernel panic08:37
mbn_18dsync: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_PAM08:38
dsynci see08:38
vividmostafakvd, #include <stdlib.h>    and system("shellscript"); should do it08:38
AbuMaiaSo when in April is 10.04 expected to be officially released?08:39
Dagoni forget the command to get it from the repository08:39
theadminAbuMaia: Closer to the end, maybe 28th or so08:39
MyrttiAbuMaia: last thursday08:39
DaZDagon: then you have to either read man apt-get or use synaptic.08:39
AbuMaiathanks theadmin08:39
ActionParsnipAbumaia: yes but other questions in #ubuntu+1 if they are lucid based08:40
researcher1what should I do if I get this warning "perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:LANGUAGE = (unset),LC_ALL = (unset),LANG="en_IN.ISO8859-1" ?08:40
DagonDaZ: I heard of synaptic put have yet to try it. I've only been at this for a few days i'm very new to linux but learning08:40
mostafakvdvivid: thanks bro that's right08:41
ActionParsnipResearcher: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locale ,may help08:41
researcher1let me try n report soon08:41
DaZDagon: then what did you use?08:41
codygmandamn.. i had that problem once researcher1.... something isn't installed08:41
Dagonthe apt-get commands to aquire packages08:41
DagonDaZ: Or the GUI for ubuntu that lets you search for software to get08:42
researcher1If I get this message " /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: locale is not installed08:42
researcher1" what do I do?08:42
ActionParsnipResearcher: try locales08:42
ActionParsnipResearcher: I had the issue but then the lucid alphas rolled so I reinstalled08:43
theadminDammit, Ubuntu forums are active, i can't find my thread anymore lol08:43
GoliathDr_Willis: i cant find /usr/share/images/xsplash/08:43
Goliathor locate it08:43
ActionParsnipResearcher: there are guides online08:43
theadminlorenzo_: Uhm, you are forgetting "/join"08:44
DagonDaZ: Do I run synaptic straight from the terminal?08:44
researcher1ActionParsnip will u b kind to visit here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/390184/ please?08:44
DaZDagon: it should be somewhere in the menus.08:45
theadminDagon:  No no no way! o_O System - Admininstration - Synaptic package manager08:45
Dagontheadmin: lol08:45
densoneresearcher1, looks like u have old broken kvm install08:46
ActionParsnipResearcher: just create the file and folder the system expects, this will keep it happy08:46
ActionParsnipResearcher: looks like you are removing your entire kde08:46
theadminI wonder if KPackage is still broken? :/08:48
researcher1oh. Ok. Let me try that way08:48
adantehi guys, can someone recommend places other than irc and ubuntuforums to get help?08:52
theadminadante: Canonical provides commercial support, but i dunno anything else08:53
SamuelPetersonI'm having some issues finding my grub menu list. It isn't located at "/boot/grub/menu.lst"... which is problematic because I need to give information on the kernel versions to get support for the problem I'm having with the latest kernel not getting past the boot screen nor working properly in recovery mode.08:53
dnivraadante, to get help on ubuntu? this is like the best place there can be. try searching for blogs. but this channel is the best. forums is really good too.08:54
ZykoticK9adante, you can try asking a question on Launchpad at https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu08:54
theadminSamuelPeterson: This file is not used by Grub2, if you're having that08:54
dnivraSamuelPeterson, grub2 right? it's grub.cfg not menu.lst.08:54
SamuelPetersondnivra, thank you.08:54
dnivraSamuelPeterson, you can get your kernel version using "uname -a" too. no problem.08:55
adantednivra: haven't had much luck here or forums, although i do appreciate their efforts, so just investigating other avenues08:55
dnivraSamuelPeterson, Run the command "uname -a" in your terminal. that'll give your kernel version too.08:55
SamuelPetersondnivra: ah, I see. How would I go about getting the versions of all the kernels installed?08:55
abo-what software is used to copy Dvd video as a AVI or MPG, k9copy is crashing all the time08:55
adantetheadmin, ZykoticK9: thanks, will check it out08:55
theadminSamuelPeterson: How about... dpkg -l | grep 'linux-image'?08:55
dnivraSamuelPeterson, That command gives you only the currently used version only ok.08:55
hatake_kakashiuname -r is more closer08:56
Dagondnivra: I did that command real quick and it says "Linux 2.6.31-20generic that the kernel I'm assuming?08:56
SamuelPetersondnivra, thanks a million.08:56
m_fulder_I've opened port 80 (TCP & UDP) on my router to forward to my ubuntu desktop..now in this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC#Accessing your PC over the Internet    they say to open up port 22 instead .. but if I change from 80 to 22 I can't access the webpages on my desktop :S why? should I maybe not change the 80 port forwarding and just create a new 22 ???08:56
dnivraSamuelPeterson, No problem.08:56
dnivraDagon, That is the kernel version yes.08:57
xiambaxWhere can i go for lucid support?08:57
Dagondvivra: Thanks.. Sorry for the stupid questions but as I always say the only stupid question is the question that is not asked :) hehe08:57
ZykoticK9abo-, you might want to check out dvdrip (in repo), WinFF (in repo, frontend to ffmpeg) or Handbrake (not in repo, doesn't do avi or mpeg, just mp4/mkv)08:57
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+108:58
dnivraDagon, true. but it's best to be safe than sorry: ask questions good or bad. that's how learning happens. but always try to think a bit before asking: sometimes the solution might be staring in your face. course it's possible to miss it too.08:58
llutzm_fulder_: you have to forward those ports, the services are running on you want to access from outside08:58
ShapeShifter499I tested the y2038 bug......now I can't boot into my comp08:59
ShapeShifter499help plz08:59
theadminShapeShifter499: Uh... What exactly do you get?08:59
m_fulder_llutz, right .. but then the port to access apache on my comp. are different from does that I want to VNC connect with?08:59
m_fulder_so I need 2 forwarding llutz ?09:00
llutzm_fulder_: sure, http=80 vnc = 5xxxx09:00
m_fulder_aha ok then I understand thanks09:00
Dagondnivra: Indeed. I'm getting the hang of all this slowly but surly09:00
ShapeShifter499theadmin: it said that I last booted into my com in dec. 1905 and it was saying that now is in the future09:01
DagonI'm the apple in the bunch that has some holds in it, maybe some worms moving about09:01
dnivraDagon, carry on like this and you'll get better in no time:).09:01
Dagonholes lol09:01
theadminShapeShifter499: Ah. "Filesystem mount failed: superblock last mount time is in future"?09:02
ShapeShifter499theadmin: ya thats it09:02
Dagondnivra: I know some of it from DOS back when I was around 13 or so I'm 29 now so I forget quite a bit09:02
theadminShapeShifter499: "fsck" usually fixes it, although with Y2038K dunno how it will... maybe you can also try setting the time with "date" command ("man date" for details)09:03
ShapeShifter499theadmin: ok09:03
CrAzE124anyone here able to help me with a nessus prob?09:03
dnivraDagon, :)09:03
dnivra!ask | CrAzE12409:03
ubottuCrAzE124: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:03
ShapeShifter499theadmin: man y2038 is serrious09:03
ShapeShifter499theadmin: I don't wanta die in 203809:03
ShapeShifter499theadmin: XD09:04
Goliathwhere can i get a new cursor from and use it?09:04
theadminShapeShifter499: MORE then enough time to fix it, i think, developers will make somethin' up09:04
m_fulder_llutz, but if my comp. is behind a router I only open up port 22 not 59xx right?09:04
Goliathi want the oxygen black cursor09:04
llutzm_fulder_: 22 = ssh09:04
llutzm_fulder_: so it makes no sense to forward it, until you use nx or vnc on different port09:04
CrAzE124I've got an error in nessus that I've been trying to fix for more than 2 weeks. I'm sure all my settings are correct but it gives me the following error: "The remote host does not seem to be a nessus server (or an SSL error occured". Now i have started nessusd, made certs, etc. What could be wrong?09:05
ShapeShifter499theadmin: yay :D  fsck fixed the dating problem09:05
m_fulder_hm llutz but in the guide there is written I should open up just port 22 and not 5900 while trying to VNC connect to my comp. through internet ... am I not configuring VNC to run through SSH now?09:05
Goliathi got a cursor from gnome looks09:06
Goliathhow do i use it09:06
m_fulder_later on there is written that I should install an SSH client while trying to connect to my comp so I guess VNC will be running thorugh SSH or? llutz09:06
theadminShapeShifter499: lol "dating"09:06
jimlovell777m_fulder_: Correct, to tunnel VNC through SSH only open port 22. I would encourage you though to change the default ssh port to something higher than 102409:07
ShapeShifter499theadmin: XD whatever09:07
llutzm_fulder_: would you please read sentence #1 in that part of the article you reffered to09:07
ShapeShifter499theadmin: all my applets crashed on the first boot after the y2038 test, than 2nd boot was fail....09:07
llutzm_fulder_: they tunnel vnc inside ssh, so you don't have vnc running on 2209:08
PomkaLK need help, i have regitered Channal,    │+mgdm09:08
PomkaLK                  | how can i authorizate in it for get       │+mquin09:08
Goliath i got a cursor theme from gnome looks09:08
Goliath how do i import and use it09:08
theadmin!patience | Goliath09:08
ubottuGoliath: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.09:08
theadmin!ot | PomkaLK09:08
ubottuPomkaLK: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:08
m_fulder_llutz, I don't ? hm wait SSH is running at 22 right .. and if I make VNC run thorugh SSH why won't it run thorugh port 22 ?09:09
jimlovell777Goliath: System->Preferences->AppearanceTheme tab then install bottom right09:09
theadminShapeShifter499: That's serious :/ Really, I wouldn't test it, a bit too early09:09
Dr_Willis Goliath  drag/drop the file to your 'appearances' settings window. then customize the theme you got.09:09
m_fulder_jimlovell777, how can I change the SSH port from 22 to something higher ?09:09
theadminPomkaLK: Go to #freenode09:09
Dr_WillisPomkaLK:  see the freenode website also.09:10
llutzm_fulder_: read all of that article, try to understand what they do and how it works. you have vnc running locally at 5900. to access it from outside your LAN you create a ssh-tunnel on port 22, which you have to forward09:10
ShapeShifter499theadmin: everything is ok....so far....   anyways this was on my secondary comp which is highly unused09:10
theadminShapeShifter499: Hm... 1905? Unused indeed.09:11
jimlovell777gksudo gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_conf and change the port number from 22 to something else. When you run an ssh command from then on use that new number (less than 65535) like ssh -p newnumber username@hostaddress09:11
GoliathDr_Willis: didnt work09:11
Goliathi cant find it09:11
ShapeShifter499theadmin: XDD09:11
Dr_WillisGoliath:  alwyas give more details then 'it dident work'09:11
GoliathDr_Willis: i dragged it but doesnt appear at cursors09:11
m_fulder_llutz,  ok will try to understand =)09:12
Dr_WillisGoliath:  perhaps it wasent a mouse pointer theme then.09:12
GoliathDr_Willis: i was09:12
Goliathhow cani use it manually09:12
llutzm_fulder_: running ssh on ports != 22 won't increase security, it just decreases logging09:12
jimlovell777m_fulder_: Think of it like calling a friends mom but you want the friend on the phone. First you call their mom and then ask to talk with your friend. your connection uses the moms phone to get in but that's not who you wanted to talk to.... Did that help at all?09:13
theadminShapeShifter499: BTW i have this error VERY often because of a faulty CMOS battery... :/ It always resets time to 0 (aka 1st January 1970, midnight)09:14
Dagoni did the TOP command in the shell and I noticed it says 3 users. Not exactly sure what that means perhaps me being one sudo "root" being another?09:14
robinking623hello everyone. I have some problem with xfce09:14
godplayer1hello can someone help me with Ubuntu 9.1009:14
jimlovell777llutz: It does, defense in depth. It protects you from scripted bots. All measures of security help. I'm going to guess he wont be disabling root login or password logins.09:14
DaZDagon: also open terminals count09:15
llutzjimlovell777: that's "security by obscurity" which isn't seriously increasing security09:15
ShapeShifter499theadmin: really? y not just replace the battery? can't you get one off the net for like 5 bucks?09:15
DaZaw, nevermind, I'm wring [;09:15
DaZwrong :f09:15
llutzjimlovell777: it won't prevent you  from serious attacks, just stop some script-kiddies09:15
jimlovell777llutz: I respectfully disagree but we're both allowed our opinions.09:15
theadminShapeShifter499: Well, gotta unscrew the whole laptop to do it :/09:15
mand|sshoppers' drugmart for battery ;-)09:15
DagonDaZ: Ah excellent because I have two terminals open so hence the other 2 users. Thank you09:16
ShapeShifter499theadmin: ah I see....I'm not much for opening my comp either09:16
DaZi'm not wrong then :f09:16
Dr_WillisIm so old i rember when Computers used C cells for battery backups. :) or dident even have a built in clock and you had to set the time/date at each boot up09:16
robinking623I have an old laptop with intel 845gl, and I am running xubunt on it. but it crashed down randomly but the mouse worked ,no keyboard09:16
mand|swho shows one session, top says 4 users... i don't get it.09:17
ShapeShifter499theadmin: anyways it wasn't soo bad the y2038 bug....it doesn't seem to cause data destruction.....so the worst I think could happen is temporary service loss of things,(hopefully) , while the date on affected comps is fixed09:17
Dr_Willismand|s:  some serivces can count as a user i belive09:18
robinking623orson: are you here?09:18
theadminShapeShifter499: Wikipedia has an article on it, and even explains how it can be fixed09:18
godplayer1Please Help with this09:18
ShapeShifter499theadmin: I was on wiki, thats how I learned about it, and I saw no fix09:18
CrAzE124I've got an error in nessus that I've been trying to fix for more than 2 weeks. I'm sure all my settings are correct but it gives me the following error: "The remote host does not seem to be a nessus server (or an SSL error occured". Now i have started nessusd, made certs, etc. What could be wrong?09:18
mand|sDr_Willis: good call. I wonder which ones. MySQL, Apache likely?09:18
Dr_Willismand|s:  Yep. those would be my first 2 guesses09:19
theadminShapeShifter499: Well, that involves changing the source, so only for developers09:19
jimlovell777!repeat | godplayer109:19
ubottugodplayer1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.09:19
godplayer1@ubottu : I am really stuck with this one ...09:19
godplayer1Sorry for the repeat09:19
theadmingodplayer1: Ubottu is not a human09:20
dnivragodplayer1, u"BOT"tu is a bot09:20
jamshootHi. Can i ask a question about win? =) So, i have usb-flash with 2 part. on it. So, can i set -boot flag on 2nd part?09:20
godplayer1mayiran !! bot09:20
godplayer1so is theadmin a bot09:20
jimlovell777godplayer1: no09:20
theadmingodplayer1: Um, nope09:20
Goliatha universal access preferences appears as tray icon. how do i remove it?09:20
mand|sDr_Willis: Mysql, Root, me, Apache (www-data) TADA! thanks.  I learned soemthing today.09:20
godplayer1and dnivra ??09:20
mand|sWhat's a nice systats php/html page generator?09:21
jimlovell777godplayer1: ubottu is allowed bot in this room09:21
godplayer1So theadmin - Can you help me, please09:21
ShapeShifter499theadmin: well a bug like y2038 and the y2k bugs make you think...and see that people everywhere have highly become dependent on computers09:21
FireCrotchCrAzE124: Is it possible that the time on one of the machines is off, causing SSL to fail?09:21
godplayer1jimmy dude, I got it .. thank you09:21
Goliatha universal access preferences appears as tray icon. how do i remove it?09:21
theadmingodplayer1: Sorry, not good in everything, using it for ~1.5 years only09:21
theadminShapeShifter499: Well, yeah, i can't imangine my life without one09:22
jamshootnobody knows?09:22
godplayer1ME - well, 1.5 weeks on this laptop is driving me crazy09:22
jimlovell777godplayer1: Did you read that whole page and follow each step? The bug is marked solved, answer looks to be there.09:22
CrAzE124FireCrotch, the thing is i just want to run it on my own computer, not a remote host...09:22
microlithI officially hate network manager09:22
godplayer1Yah that fellow had his wireless turned off for the whole time ..09:22
theadminmicrolith: How about wicd then?09:23
microlithset a static ip, its dialog says one thing but ifconfig shows something else09:23
microlithand network manager refuses to actually apply the changes09:23
godplayer1I am using wicd ... and that thing does not even make an adhoc09:23
jimlovell777microlith: Sometimes I have to disable networking (right click, uncheck) and then make changes for static addresses and then re-enable networking for it all to work09:23
microlithit's a bad day when manually editing files in /etc works better than a "user friendly" gui09:23
godplayer1I have win7 dual boot with grub2 ...09:24
Dr_Willisive always found editing configs work better.. in many os's other then linux09:24
godplayer1Win7 works perfect09:24
theadmingodplayer1: Hm, i have Ubuntu + XP combo, both work09:24
godplayer1Help ME ...09:24
ShapeShifter499theadmin: I'm wondering how bugs like y2038 could stay on a os for so long without a fix09:24
theadminShapeShifter499: The 64-bit systems will likely work with y2038 with no problems.09:25
* jimlovell777 wonders if he'll be running 38.10 Fortunetelling Fox09:26
godplayer1I have Ubuntu 9.10 on a DELL XPS M1530 the details of the Problem are here ... https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-nettool/+question/9008609:26
godplayer1fortunetelling ??09:26
root51hello guys09:26
godplayer1hello rooty09:26
Goliathhow do i remove a tray icon09:26
Dr_Willissummary of the problems may help also.09:26
root51how to update my grubs209:26
Dr_WillisGoliath:  wht tray icon are you refering to?09:26
jimlovell777Goliath: Right click, remove from panel09:26
root51i want to clean my old kernel to replace new one09:27
godplayer1root use update manager09:27
Goliathuniversal access preferences09:27
root51in menu list09:27
ShapeShifter499theadmin: I know....but think of it like this...someone could hack the main comp that controls the master time for a lot of people, change it to coincide with the y2038 bug and everyone then would be screwed09:27
ecmnone of my internet browser works when i upgraded to 9.1009:27
Goliathat the tray09:27
godplayer1in karmic kola09:27
root51any idea to update grub2 loader09:27
root51im using karmic09:27
theadminShapeShifter499: I don't synchronize my time with the network at all09:27
ShapeShifter499theadmin: there are still a lot of x86 comps out there you know09:27
Dr_Willisroot51:   tryed 'sudo update-grub' ?09:27
ecmnone of my internet browser works09:27
FireCrotchShapeShifter499: at worst, the time would just be wrong, which would be noticed immediately09:27
ecmmy wall paper is black it doesnt even change09:28
theadminShapeShifter499: Mine is one of those... And with 512 MB ram, lol09:28
godplayer1then run update manager and select the grub upgrades from the list09:28
llutzShapeShifter499: how many x86/32bit systems do you expect running 28 yrs ahead?09:28
DebiansArmyecm: that happens when you crash or kill the wallpaper09:28
GoliathDr_Willis: its an icon at the tray named universal access preferences09:29
godplayer1ecm - get compiz that can help09:29
ecmi have compiz09:29
ecmit dotn work09:29
ShapeShifter499theadmin: well on my comp it crashed the applets on boot...I don't know what would have happened if I left the bug running a bit more09:29
Dr_WillisGoliath:  most 'panel' applets have a remove menu item. somthing in the 'system tray' should also have its own menu item to quit.09:29
godplayer1then as Debiansarmy said you killed wallpaper09:30
FireCrotchllutz: I expect there to be 32 bit systems running until then, definitely09:30
GoliathDr_Willis: this one hasnt any09:30
Goliathany ideas?09:30
root51where i find the themes09:30
FireCrotchThey may be few and far between, but there will still be some09:30
llutzfirecrotch/ShapeShifter499: you expect the same desaster like y2k again? nightmare, we all will die!!11 (like we did in 2000)09:30
DebiansArmyecm: logout or restart the system to load the wallpaper09:30
llutzFireCrotch: sure, a few will09:30
Dr_Willisroot51:  grub2 at this time is not very themeable. thats a feature-in-progress09:30
root51any idea to configure themes in grub loader09:30
ecmalready tried it , it dont work#09:31
godplayer1reinstall compiz and the compiz manager09:31
ecmi even 'tried' windows 7 which seems nice09:31
ecmbut i want linux09:31
DebiansArmyecm: well you were playing with some settig in ubuntu wallpaper don't go down for fun09:31
godplayer1Win 7 is good ... but too heavy09:31
luis_I need help kubuntu: I upgraded to KDE 4.4, but it had an error and after login it had a black screen. I entered secure mode and restored the packages, but now i have a desktop mounted over the other! what is this?!09:31
ArwinHello, can somebody help me ?09:32
ecm i need help09:32
godplayer1Hello, can somebody help me ?09:32
jimlovell777!ask | Arwin09:32
ubottuArwin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:32
root51karmic is stable?09:32
theadminroot51: Yeah09:32
theadminroot51: Lucid isn't09:32
Dr_Willisroot51:  i find it decently stable.09:32
DagonDoes anyone happen to know of a good firewall to use?09:32
Arwini hear no sounds09:32
theadminDagon: I heard of "firestarter"09:32
DebiansArmyecm:  help with what you haven't explained this situation...09:32
dnivraArwin, elaborate your problem: give details on what you're trying to do etc etc. you don't tell us anything, nobody can help you out.09:33
jimlovell777Dagon: I use the firestarter frontend, it works well.09:33
root51where i find the final version of codeweavers for gamerz09:33
godplayer1firestarter is that theme ??09:33
ecmdebiansarmy:my wall paper is black and none of my interner browsers work09:33
Arwin have installed ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop, HP. but i can;t hear anything09:33
Dagontheadmin: Thank you very much you also jimlovell77709:34
ShapeShifter499what version is lucid in right now? beta?09:34
oscar-halleHallo, alle miteinander! Ich war lange nicht hier, und bei den vielen Namen brauche ich zu lange, um einen Bekannten zu finden.09:34
dnivra!sound | Arwin09:34
ubottuArwin: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP309:34
llutz!de | oscar-halle09:34
ubottuoscar-halle: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.09:34
DebiansArmyecm: what were you playing with.... fyi type the first two letters of my name and press tab it should bring up my name....09:35
ecmyh ok now wat09:35
duckwarswhen I try to start my computer with no keyboard, mouse, and monitor it won't get through the booting up process because it gets stuck at not being able detect teh monitor (i start the computer with no monitor then plug it in to see why I can't ssh in)09:35
godplayer1Can someone help with connecting a Bluetooth headset to Ubuntu 9.1009:35
DebiansArmyecm: Is this your first time using linux???09:36
ecmi had it since 8.0409:36
ShapeShifter499theadmin: well that bug was fun.....09:36
godplayer1It is my first time using Linux09:36
ShapeShifter499theadmin: XD09:36
ecmlinux is hard09:36
Arwini can't select alsa :S09:36
godplayer1Linux is soft09:36
DebiansArmyThen what is the deal with the wallpaper?? your using Gnome....???09:36
Dr_Willisgodplayer1:  bluetooth headsets can be a royal pain. I never did get mine working09:36
ecmdebians army can we talk in private or something i need to ask u something]09:36
jimlovell777duckwars: Most computers I've dealt with halt on boot if no keyboard is present. Some BIOSes let you disable that behavior09:37
DebiansArmyecm: yes09:37
theadminLinux is neither hardware nor software lol it's a fracking OS09:37
godplayer1hmmm Royal is not the right word !!09:37
duckwarsjimlovell777: it gets past GRUB and actually gets to a little GUI type message box, so I don't think it's bios09:37
dnivragodplayer1, checked the official documentation on it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothAudio?09:38
jimlovell777duckwars: if it gets that far you're correct.09:38
godplayer1@dnivra - yah already done that ..09:38
Dr_Willisgodplayer1:  i recall there being some special codec that many of those headsets need and  for some reason (legal?) or somthing its  not included. and is a pain to get going right09:38
godplayer1I am able to pair it ... but once connected they switch off in a second or so09:39
piszczuhello, how i can copy files from ~ to my disk mounted as /media/disk1 with chmods? I tried cp -a | cp -p -R but it dsn't work. UBU 9.0409:39
Dr_Willisgodplayer1:  yes - i could pair mine.. but i could never get sound to come out of them. I could use them for a MiC09:39
llutzpiszczu: what filesystem?09:40
dnivragodplayer1, http://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/AudioDevices is a bit more detailed. see if it helps.09:40
chalcedonyis there a fix for skype not having sound in ubuntu 9.04?09:40
godplayer1@Dr.willis: same thing here .. so you havnt got yours to work either .. good ... some say 8.10 has no problems09:40
Arwini hear no sounds, i just have installed ubuntu 9.10 on my new laptop.09:40
godplayer1thank you dnivra will read that09:41
dnivragodplayer1, don't mention it; it was there in the same ubuntu documentation site on bluetooth audio:).09:41
piszczullutz, private chat09:41
Dr_Willisgodplayer1:  with the changes to pulse audio and other subsystems. that may be the issue..09:41
jimlovell777Arwin: Silly question, does your laptop have a physical volume switch/knob?09:41
pdg1perchance a silly question. some older versions of Ubuntu run faster on older machines than a new version?09:41
Dr_Willisgodplayer1:  ive not tried it in 10.04 yet09:41
llutz!pm > piszczu no thanks09:41
ubottupiszczu, please see my private message09:41
Arwinmy volume is turned up to 100%09:42
today1i have some prolem, pz help me :)09:42
godplayer1Dr.Willis : me neither09:42
richard123Hi, I get a Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 9.10 _Karmic Koala_ - Release amd64 (20091027)/dists/karmic/restricted/binary-amd64/Packages.gz error during Update, can anyone help me with this please?09:42
BHowardjimlovell777: not a silly question. I battled my new laptop for about an hour figuring pulse audio wasnt working and then remembered it actually has a little wheel for the volume.....09:42
piszczui hope NTFS09:43
today1have popup : " there is no app installed for OLE2 compound document storage files "09:43
today1how to fix it09:43
dnivrarichard123, perhaps you don't have the cd inserted?09:43
jimlovell777richard123: System-> Administration-> Software Sources. Is cd-rom checked?09:43
piszczullutz: i hope NTFS09:43
llutzpiszczu: you cannot use unix-permission on non-unix filesystems. see !ntfs/!ntfs-3g how to handle it09:43
Hellhound666Hi all gotta little question here...09:43
llutz!ntfs > piszczu09:43
ubottupiszczu, please see my private message09:43
jimlovell777BHoward: Facepalm! We've all been there ;)09:43
llutz!ntfs-3g > piszczu09:43
today1help me now09:43
Hellhound666Does ubuntu support netgear cg814wg cable modem USB09:43
pdg1reason I'm asking is because I upgraded to Karmic with Xubuntu and it's running kinda sluggy when I'm pretty sure Ubuntu 8 was running pretty good09:44
Arwinmy sound isn't muted, it is at 100% but i don't hear anything :(09:44
richard123dnivra/jimlovell777: why do i need a CD in? But CDrom is checked.09:45
dnivrarichard123, you need to have the cdrom inserted into the cd drive! else how will it download the package from the cd?09:46
ddrjwhat's a commonly used media center for ubuntu?09:46
comfyhi, does anyone have a problem clicking on flash videos?09:46
today1have popup : " there is no app installed for OLE2 compound document storage files " help me plzzz09:46
ddrji'm seting up an htpc09:46
apersonddrj, xbmc is great09:46
comfyI've installed ubunt-restricted-extras package09:47
ddrjthanks aperson09:47
Arwini hear no sounds, just installed ubuntu on my new HP Pavillion dv6 laptop. on windows 7 i hear the sounds, but here on ubuntu 9.10 i don't hear anything ???09:47
comfybut usually left click on flash videos are unresponsive09:47
n00b13h3r3good day ;)09:47
richard123dnivra: but Ubuntu is already installed and running: how can an update come from the CD I used to install in the first place? (sorry if I am slow)09:47
comfyI get around it now by right clicking the flash several times09:47
comfythen the left click works again09:47
comfyjust wanted to check if there's a way around this09:48
n00b13h3r3need help for ltsp server setup, requires specific user mounting designated directory09:48
Hellhound666ddrj:  pms-linux works great!09:48
jimlovell777richard123: It's not just for updates, the cd contains some packages that aren't part of the default install like ndiswrapper for instance.09:48
Hellhound666well it's a ps3 media server but it's excellent.09:48
dnivrarichard123, you see you have added the cd-rom to your repository and so when you upgrade, it automatically downloads the package lists again. even from the cd. i think it's safe to ignore that if the other package lists are installed.09:48
ddrjthanks Hellhound666 :D i'm checking pms-linux09:49
dnivrarichard123, downloaded properly*09:49
Arwini hear no sounds, just installed ubuntu on my new HP Pavillion dv6 laptop. on windows 7 i hear the sounds, but here on ubuntu 9.10 i don't hear anything ??? my sound is not muted, it is turned at 100%09:49
=== Tonus_ is now known as Tonus
crishay alguien que me pueda dar una pag de estas en español?09:49
n00b13h3r3anybody here, can please help me with configuring ltsp server09:49
apersonArwin, have you tried switching devices in the mixer09:49
Tonus!es | cris09:49
ubottucris: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:49
richard123dnivra: i follow: so I can insert the CD and see what happens because it will find it automatically, or else ignore it, is that correct?09:50
Arwinaperson: i can't switch :S09:50
ZykoticK9comfy, http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/clicking-in-flash-not-working09:50
piszczullutz: mayby better change filesystem to "linuxable"?09:50
comfyhey~ thanks ZykotcK9, I'll check it out09:50
llutzpiszczu: if you dn't need to use it with win-systems, yes09:50
piszczubecause i wanna mount that as /home09:50
apersonArwin, I mean, switch the output?09:50
dnivrarichard123, i think it's safe to ignore: the packages you can download from cd are also available on the internet. so guess it's safe to ignore the cd-rom.09:50
llutzpiszczu: in that case, you definetly should use i.e ext4/ext309:51
ShadeSwhat's a handy command to tell me what filesystems there are on a disk wout out actually mounting them?09:51
Arwinaperson: first time I use ubuntu so can you tell me how ? :# :P09:51
llutzShadeS: blkid09:51
ShadeScfdisk is what i've bene using...09:51
n00b13h3r3shades, fdisk -l09:51
richard123dnivra: OK, thank you :-)09:51
n00b13h3r3shades, sudo fdisk -l*09:52
ShadeSblkid ftw09:52
apersonArwin, right lick on the mixer applet and go to preferences09:52
llutzShadeS: (c)fdisk only tells you the partition-ID, that's not the filesystem09:52
jimlovell777richard123:  Disable the CD as a repo source. System->Administration->Software sources and then in the "installable from cd-rom" box uncheck both selections.09:52
godplayer1@dnivra: had a look at the link you gave ...09:53
Arwinaperson, where can i change the output ( sorry for bad English i'm from the netherlands )09:53
apersonArwin, go to the tab that's labeled 'Output' I don't know what word it would be localized to for you if you're not using the en locale09:54
Arwinaperson, Ok, i can chose 2 choises. 1: analog stereo and 2: HDMi09:55
gatitaque alguien me mande el canal de español09:55
n00b13h3r3@llutz, do have any idea on configuring a ltsp server? if yes, can you help me please09:55
llutzn00b13h3r3: nope, but i'm sure there are tuts at forums09:55
Guest55852if you have a script that does something like : echo "Do you want to do this?"  read result   is it possible to run the script from another script and pass Y/N ?09:56
gatitapor favor canal en español!!!!09:56
overmindgatita: #ubuntu-es09:56
Hellhound666ddjr:  if you run into java problems msg me09:56
Arwinaperson, but i can't change there anything09:57
apersonn00b13h3r3, #ubuntu-server might be more helpful, though a bit slow09:57
n00b13h3r3@llutz, thanks - my problem is specific on how to configure specific user mounting, haven't found any from the tutorials :((09:57
n00b13h3r3@aperson thank you09:57
moonshadowCan anyone tell me where the xorg.conf ServerLayout Section is? It's not in the xorg.conf09:57
apersonmoonshadow, you have to create one09:58
FireCrotchmoonshadow: just create it if its not there09:58
moonshadowis there a tutorial there or do i have to read man pages? I thought it might have been moved so i asked here09:58
Dr_Willismoonshadow:  X autoconfigures for the most part. Ive many systems with no xorg.conf or a very minimal xorg.conf09:59
moonshadowProblem is, I have this antique tablet09:59
moonshadowand i need to add a section to xorg.conf to make it work10:00
moonshadowI had it running on Jaunty but I upgraded10:00
Arwinaperson, what do I have to do next?10:00
apersonArwin, you already did all that I suggested so far10:00
Arwinaperson, oke, than i have to do it without any sounds :(10:01
apersonArwin, not necessarily10:01
apersonArwin, just because I couldn't help you, doesn't mean someone else cant.  It's obviously recognizing your hardware10:01
aperson!sound > Arwin10:02
Learnerhow to enable php scripts in html in ubuntu 8.10 ? can any one help me10:02
richard123jimlovell777: I did that and reran Update and it took away that error and now system reports updated 1 hour ago OK: only error I got was :W: GPG error: http://debian.wgdd.de jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 0F719C35E394D99610:02
jimlovell777Learner: Do you have apache installed? php? php command line if not apache?10:03
alexiseny1 know how to fix movement shutters in wow?10:03
apersonmoonshadow, if you have the section you need to add, what is stopping you from just adding it to your xorg.conf?10:03
ihavnoth이동네는 왜이렇게 사이렌이 자주 울리죠?10:04
jimlovell777richard123: Did you add extra repos at any point?10:04
Fill23how to resetup sound in ubuntu, aka reinstall drivers and reconfigure them? I have built in realtek sound chip and music is choppy when i play it10:04
godplayer1Can someone tell me how to get DELL BH200 Headset working in Ubuntu9.1010:04
kamanashisroywhat is the socks server available ?10:05
alexiseny1 know how to fix movement shutter in world of warcraft?10:05
richard123jimlovell777: yes.http://debian.wgdd.de is checked.10:05
godplayer1How to get DELL BH200 Working in karmic ??10:05
jimlovell777richard123: If you intended that repo to be enabled I'm fairly certain you can proceed through a failed gpg key check if the source is one you trust.10:06
Dr_Willisalexis:  check the wine app database for config tips10:06
m_fulder_llutz, I managed to set up the ssh-VNC connection and am now able to connect through internet to my ubuntu desktop...though the connection is kind of slow... in the guide there's written: "If the VNC connection is terribly slow, then you may want to try compressing the session using vncviewer -encodings "tight" localhost:0 instead of vncviewer localhost:0." but I have never written the line "vncviewer localhost:0" :S where do they10:06
m_fulder_ mean I should change it?=10:06
richard123jimlovell777: does that mean just ingore the message and the repository will be accessed anyway?10:07
moonshadowaperson, I don't know how its formatted by ehart.10:07
moonshadowI ended up adapting the one from http://launchpadlibrarian.net/17071498/xorg.conf10:07
valentinexafter i have installed my tplink wireless modem, now in network manager i am unable to see wireless connection what should i do?10:07
jimlovell777richard123: Yes.10:07
richard123jimlovell777: OK, thanks for your help :-)10:08
jimlovell777richard123: You're welcome.10:08
valentinexhow to configure my wireless modem?10:09
=== Friction[] is now known as friction
valentinexwhat is SSID? and BSSID?10:09
moonshadow!tell valentinex SSID10:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:10
llutzm_fulder_: find the config of your vnc-server. sorry, i never really used vnc in my life, so i cannot help you10:10
ikoniavalentinex: they are your network identifiers10:10
moonshadowdarn xD10:10
Oli``I've got a fsck running in the background on a large raid volume. Ubuntu booted without waiting for it but now I can't see how far it is done. Can I get the status of the fsck process so I can see how long it'll be before I can mount my drive?10:10
valentinexikonia: i am adding new wireless connection what is SSID? how can i know my SSID10:10
ikoniavalentinex: you SSID is provided to you by your network administrator10:11
Moathi i got a video and it's constantly going out of sync, are there any linux programs that fix this?10:11
Fill23any help with sound?10:11
ikoniaMoat: tools like mencoder can be used to re-encode video/sound10:11
Learnerhow to enable PHP script to be execute in html in apache2, plz help me, thank you all.10:11
Moatikonia link?10:12
ikoniaMoat: link to what ?10:12
ikoniaLearner: install the php5 package with mod_php510:12
moonshadowNext Problem - The xserver-xorg-input-hyperpen package from the Intrepid Repos wants xserver-xorg-input-2, but that conflicts with xserver-xorg-core10:12
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ikonia!lamp > Learner10:12
moonshadowshould I force it?10:12
ubottuLearner, please see my private message10:12
jimlovell777Learner: your php script is downloading instead of executing?10:12
Moatikonia link to mencoder?10:12
casper3How can I change usplash??10:12
ikoniaMoat: its an application, you'll find it in the repos10:13
Oli``nvm - found the fsck progress on tty810:13
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ikonia!usplash > casper310:13
ubottucasper3, please see my private message10:13
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork10:13
Moatikonia sudo apt-get install mencoder ?10:13
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Dr_Williscasper3:  usplash is going to be removed in the next release. so its proberly not worth bothering with. :)10:13
ikoniaMoat: "search" the repos for mencoder, then install the package, it's part of mplayer10:13
=== Guest3496 is now known as prog
Dr_WillisI think thats usplash getting removed..10:13
ikoniaMoat: software repositories10:14
ikonia!repo > Moat10:14
ubottuMoat, please see my private message10:14
ikonia!synaptic > Moat10:14
random__Hey guys i got a dvd rom in my comp but it's acting like a cd rom anyone know a fix?10:14
Learnerikonia : thanx for the info, i already did that, i can run php as well, but i think i need to change some of the apache2 directives in order to make php execute in html files, it would be easy for me if i can find .htaccess in /var/www, but unfortunately i cant find it, any solution, thanx10:14
jimlovell777random__: is it a commercial DVD?10:14
ikoniaLearner: no, php doesn't execute in html files, it executes as a script or "php" file you can embed these into html files, that's nothing to do with ubuntu, ask in ##php10:15
Razvan1310need some help here10:15
valentinexikonia: i do not have an network administrator, i have router trying to connect with that10:15
ikoniaRazvan1310: you need to ask a question then10:15
Razvan1310how can i boot ubuntu 9.10 from boot.ini10:15
Learnerthanx ikonia10:15
ikoniavalentinex: ok, your routers configuration, it should offer/set an SSID10:15
Razvan1310how can i boot ubuntu 9.10 from boot.ini ?10:15
ikoniaRazvan1310: you can't10:15
ikoniaRazvan1310: the windows boot loader cannot boot linux10:15
random__jimlovell777,  you  mean bought form a store?10:15
jimlovell777Learner: in .htaccess add the line AddType application/x-httpd-php .html10:16
zetheroook Ubuntu has started going erratic on me again ... I'll deal with one thing at a time  .... 1. When I shut down or logoff I am asked to enter my admin password because the system says there is another user logged in -There is no other user except me! What gives!?10:16
Guest82801hey. I have a problem with gparted. I opened it from live CD 9.10 and i'm trying resize NTFS partition. I save changes and gparted started resizing. But it is 30minutes and gparted dont finish... help ;)10:16
jimlovell777random__: I mean is it a hollywood movie or a home burnable disc?10:16
Razvan1310i installed ubuntu 9.10 on a logical partition how can i make boot from that partition10:16
ikoniazetheroo: do a "w" on the command line see if it appears someone is logged in10:17
ikoniaRazvan1310: grub is installed to the master boot record of your disk, you use that to boot10:17
llutzRazvan1310: you need to copy the bootsector into a file on your win-partition and add it to boot.ini10:17
ikoniaGuest82801: it can take a long time10:17
Guest82801okey thanks10:17
Razvan1310how do i do that? copy the bootsector into a file10:17
DagonIs there a rather simple way to "cloak" your IP while suring the net for added security aginst crackers etc. ipchains can get pretty intense10:17
random__jimlovell777, hmmm well let me test a few things then i'll com back, lol tghanks10:18
ikonia!pm > Moat10:18
ubottuMoat, please see my private message10:18
zetherooikonia: there are two of me logged in - HA10:18
ikoniaDagon: join #freenode and ask10:18
ikoniazetheroo: there we have it10:18
Moatikonia, what do i need?10:18
Moatikonia just tell me the program i need10:18
llutzRazvan1310: you installed grub into partition?10:18
Moati just dl'd mencoda10:18
ikoniaMoat: you need to search the software repositories for mencoder10:18
zetherooikonia: well why is that?10:18
Moatikonia i just did that10:18
Friction[laptop]where are programs normally stored?10:18
ikoniaMoat: it's called "mendcoder"10:18
ikoniaMoat: mencoder10:18
Razvan1310llutz : i do not have a grub into boot loader10:18
ikoniazetheroo: can you pastebin the output of "w" please10:19
llutzRazvan1310: you need one10:19
Dr_Willismencoder from medibuntu repos proberly has more features then any in the default ubuhjtu repos also10:19
sabgentonhey all10:19
ikoniaDr_Willis: it doesn't10:19
sabgentonwhat is the best way to add an address to /etc/resolve.conf10:19
Moatikonia i installed it, now what?10:19
ikoniaMoat: use it ?10:19
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sabgentonshould i just put echo   address >> /etc/resolve.conf  in a startup script?10:19
Dr_WillisI use mencoder i built from latest source for latest fun features. :)10:19
Razvan1310llutz:  do i found grub loader into ubuntu dvd10:19
sabgentonor is there a better way10:19
conb123Anyone aware of how I can disable a compiz effect for a certain application? Because I have the vacuum open animation on, but it uses it in python idle all the time which is very distracting.10:19
ikoniaMoat: there are guides on the internet, you need to strip the audo and video files out, then re-encode10:20
Moatso how do i use mencoder? i have an .avi movie that keeps going out of sync10:20
Moatikonia link to one of these guides?10:20
ikoniasabgenton: why would you want to do that as it won't work, resolv.conf (not resolve.conf) user nameserver $address, not just $address10:20
ikoniaMoat: there are plenty on the net,10:20
Dr_WillisMoat:  the mencoder and i also rcall 'ffmpeg' faq's mention how to fix such problems10:20
nixjr_is there a way i can record (with a graph preferably) the memeory usage of a specific app over a time person of 24h?10:20
ikoniaDr_Willis: good call10:20
MoatDr_Willis link?10:20
sabgentonsorry I meant  resolv.conf10:20
Dr_WillisMoat:  do i look like google?10:20
llutzRazvan1310: i don't know but i would think so10:20
ikoniaMoat: stop asking for links, there are plenty on the net10:21
ikoniasabgenton: ok, but my point still stands10:21
zetherooikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/390226/10:21
sabgentonikonia: whats your point?10:21
Razvan1310llutz: so how can i install grub loader without alter my partitions10:21
llutzRazvan1310: reinstall grub with partition as target10:21
ikoniasabgenton: that a.) address > resolv.conf won't work as the format is "nameserver $address" b.) why don't you either set it properly, or let dhcp set it for you10:22
MoatDr_WIllis and ikonia, what would i GOOGLE then?10:22
ikoniazetheroo: are you ssh'd into the machine ?10:22
Dr_WillisRazvan1310:  grub dosent alter the partions10:22
Dr_WillisMoat:  mencoder faq   perhaps...10:22
ikoniaMoat: "mencoder re-encode" ? something like that10:22
zetherooikonia: I don't even know how to do that10:22
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Razvan1310where can i find a cd with grub10:22
outs1d3rin every shop10:22
chalcedonyis there a fix for skype not having sound in ubuntu 9.04?10:22
Dr_Willis!fixgrub | Razvan131010:23
ikoniazetheroo: there is certainly two "shells" running, one is your X environment, the other is a shell10:23
ubottuRazvan1310: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.10:23
MoatDr_WIllis and ikonia, nothing turns up10:23
nixjr_is there a way i can record (with a graph preferably) the memeory usage of a specific app over a time period of 24h?10:23
Dr_WillisMoat:  perhaps go to the mencoder homepage and look for their Faq link then10:23
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub210:23
ikoniaMoat: nonsense10:23
outs1d3rfix for skype:dont install beta :)10:23
MoatI did Dr_Willis nothing is helpful10:23
Moatikonia it's true10:23
abhi_navDr_Willis: may I pm you? Want to talk about carrer10:23
zetherooikonia: does this have something to do maybe with mythTV? I installed it recently ... but have not done anything with it10:24
Dr_WillisMoat:  you went to the mencoder homepage and read the faq in less then 2 min? amazing10:24
chalcedonyRazvan1310, http://en.kioskea.net/faq/2677-super-grub-disk-live-cd   i'm an idiot and it worked great for me10:24
ikoniaMoat: no it's not, second restult on google shows you how to re-encode to fix audio sync10:24
Moatikonia what'd you google?10:24
ikoniazetheroo: doubtful, but possible10:24
zetherooikonia: is someone hacking my system? I really have no idea what's causing this10:24
ikoniaMoat: exactly what I told you and what Dr_Willis told you to google10:24
ikoniazetheroo: no, no-one is "hacking" you system10:24
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  im a factory worker. i dont work in pc's at all10:24
Moatikonia which was?10:24
guntbertikonia: the second shell of zetheroo seems to be the gnome terminal he opened for typing w10:24
ikoniaMoat: read the scroll backs10:25
abhi_navDr_Willis: so you are not Dr. at all?10:25
ikoniaguntbert: that doesn't look right as that's on tty7 which is his destkop10:25
Moatugh fine ikonia.10:25
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  Ive never said i was a Medical Doctor.10:25
AtomicA doctor of love?10:25
Moatikonia it gives me this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=937241 it's not helpful10:25
abhi_navDr_Willis: you are ph.d. doctor? I want to talk about that only10:25
ikoniaMoat: no it doesn't10:26
AtomicOh wait this is a linux channel nm heh.10:26
Dr_Willisas Atomic  said. I got my Degree in loveology.10:26
Moatdid for me10:26
ikoniaMoat: there are LOTS of links on there, check some of them10:26
ShadeShow's finding work Dr_Willis ?10:26
Moatif there are so many why can't i be shown one ikonia?10:26
zetherooguntbert: ikonia: here is something interesting .. I did "w" in the AWN terminal applet and it only shows 1 user logged in10:26
abhi_nav- - - -10:26
ikoniaMoat: because I'm not searching the net for you, mencoder is a complex tool and if you're unable to search the net for a guide, you'll struggle to use the tool10:27
zetherooguntbert: ikonia: did it again in the gnome-terminal and it shows me 2 users ...10:27
AtomicAnyone use PDAnet for Android on Ubuntu?10:27
ikoniazetheroo: looks like gunbert is correct then, and your second user is your shell to type "w" although that doesn't look right to me10:27
Moatso you won't support me in the Official Ubuntu Support Channel...thats odd ikonia10:27
Dr_Willistheres support.. then thers handholding...10:27
zetherooikonia; I just hate to have to authenticate an action like shutting down or logging off10:27
ikoniaMoat: I'm fully supporting you, I've given you the tools and suggested the search terms needed to find the guides you want, you need to use those tools to match your needs10:28
phreckwhats the best way to setup SSH on a server?10:28
ikoniaphreck: install the package openssh-server, it's that simple10:28
phrecki figured as much10:28
hatake_kakashi!ssh | phreck10:28
zetheroo Dr_Willis: pleeeeeze, would you hold my hand ... :P10:28
ubottuphreck: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)10:28
Moatikonia if you fully supported me i'd have the links by now, suggestins=//=support10:28
Dr_Williszetheroo:  no you sick little code monkey!10:28
ikoniaMoat: that is support, look on the mendcoder home page if you don't like the links10:28
* Dr_Willis dosent reward lazyness also.10:28
boumahello, how can i share files so that a windows computer can see them on my lan ??10:28
AtomicMoat You're being a pain. He gave you more help than you needed.10:29
random__boubbin, what windows vers?10:29
ikoniabouma: are you aware of samba ?10:29
Dr_Willisbouma:  you 'should' be able to right cliock on a directory and use the share option..10:29
ikonia!samba > bouma10:29
ubottubouma, please see my private message10:29
random__bouma, what windows version10:29
boumaikonia: ok, but can i do it with the gui?10:29
overmind!samba | bouma10:29
ubottubouma: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.10:29
ikoniabouma: check the link ubottu just sent10:29
overmindah, ikonia: didn't read10:30
boumaikonia: thanks10:30
qwertyjustinhey guys. i dont want to update eclipse. too many mb's of data. is it safe to remove on 9.10?10:30
ikoniaqwertyjustin: yup, if you don't want it10:31
AtomicAnyone use PDAnet for Android on Ubuntu?10:32
alankilaoh, the classic "wrong window active" trick10:32
ikoniaAtomic: why ? what do you actually want ?10:32
Atomicikonia Tether my Android phone to Ubuntu10:32
ikoniaAtomic: interesting10:33
boumaikonia: so i have to edit smb.conf ? i cant just right click on a folder or use a gui??10:33
ikoniabouma: you can use the "share" option in the gui10:33
boumaikonia: can i just mount a one off share, without editing fstab ?10:33
Atomicikonia Yeah, it would work with bluetooth but I have the G1 and it doesn't have Android 2.0.10:33
ikoniabouma: sure, fstab is used for mounting shares on your "linux" client, I thought you wanted windows to mount it ?10:33
jimlovell777Atomic: Let me guess the two never pair? Ubuntu doesn't seem to like an ad-hoc network with PDANet, I've tried on an iPhone. It can be done with some work though.10:34
zetherooikonia: I found another command on an Ubuntu forum that supposedly shows the logged in users ... top -b -n 1|tail -n +8|awk '{print $2}'|sort|uniq10:34
SamuelPetersonI'm currently having boot issues. It wont do anything past the splash screen except give me a blank screen and I somehow managed to make recovery mode for the latest kernel work... When I run the kernel in debug mode, I end up with a command line interface with (initramfs) where USER@Host should be.10:34
ikoniazetheroo: I won't use top to show users10:34
zetherooikonia; one of the listed is mythtv and I am in the mythtv group ...10:34
boumaikonia: right, but the links you gave me, didnt clearly distinguish between sharing to other windows clients from a linux box and accessing a windows share from a linux box10:34
boumaikonia: so i thought i might have to add the windows share to fstab so that it would be perm mounted10:35
ikoniabouma: so do you want to access a linux share from a windows machine, or access a linux share from a windows machine ?10:35
boumaikonia: where is this share gui? i cant see it10:35
Dolkmy video which is an .avi i play on my TV off a CD is COMPLETELY out of sync, I have downloaded and installed mencoder, I use ubuntu 9.10 what do i need to do to fix the constant out-of-sync issue?10:35
Atomicjimlovell777: Not positive. I hadn't tried it because PDAnet works automatically with Vista. There is no software that I could find for Ubuntu to do it.10:35
random__bouma, you dont need samba10:35
boumaikonia: i want to share a dir without any credentials from my linux box so that a windows machine can see it on the lan10:36
boumarandom__: ok so what should i do then?10:36
jimlovell777Atomic: You don't need software per se but you do need to tweak network settings on the Ubuntu machine for it to work.10:36
random__bouma, you want to take stuff form nix and put it to win?10:36
boumarandom__: i want to make a dir on this linux box avail to a windows machine10:36
random__bouma,  what windows do you have on the machine?10:37
boumarandom__: xp10:37
Dr_Willisbouma:  Right click on the directory, try the 'share' menu item yet?10:37
ikoniabouma: ok - I've not got a gnome desktop infront of me to guide correctly, but there should be either a right click option on a directory to "share" or in the places drop down menu at th etop of your machine there should be a share option10:37
boumarandom__: pls dont suggest ftp or something. it would be nice to just have it accessible from xp as a windows share10:37
random__bouma, as far as i got was addind or taken files of a linux directory, i dont think win can pickup on the linux machine least mine dont.10:37
Dr_WillisIn theory you can just RIGHT CLICK on a directory and 'share' it with a few clicks.. and windows should see it10:38
ikoniarandom__: windows and linux can share files just fine10:38
Dr_WillisIt might need to install a few packages.10:38
Dr_Willisbut it seems this advice is getting overlooked. :)10:38
boumaDr_Willis: thanks, i didnt see it cause its not avail for a drive in the "computer" view only for a proper dir path view in nautilus. thanks10:38
random__ikonia, yea i do it, but idk making a share for linux , i made a share on win for linux tho.10:39
Dr_Willisbouma:  corredt. you share a directory your USER has proper access to. not a 'system' dir or drive10:39
Atomicjimlovell777: So it's possible then? Cool. I'll see if I can dig up more.10:39
Guest53873no drives automount10:39
ikoniaDolk: you where told what to do when you where here as moat10:39
ikoniaDolk: the advice has not chanced since then10:39
Dolkikonia what are you saying?10:39
boumaDr_Willis: thanks, the rightclick thing was exactly what i needed, i just didnt see it cause i tried to share the drive from the "computer" nautilus view.10:39
jimlovell777Yes it is possible, it's even possible with PDANet but that's probably more than you want to get into.10:39
Dolkwho is moat?10:39
jimlovell777Atomic: *with=without10:40
ikoniaDolk: you are moat - you where just here using that nick name, if you want to play games, do it elsewhere10:40
Dolkikonia i literally have no idea what you are reffering to10:40
Atomicjimlovell777: Yeah there are plenty of "root" guides and that's a possiblility but really not something I wanted to do.10:40
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boumaDr_Willis: ok but the xp box is saying it doesnt have permissions, even when i select the guest option under the ubuntu share options10:44
Dr_Willisbouma:  use 'sudo smbpasswd -a YOURUSERNAME' and give them a samba password. i always do that anways10:44
=== Friction[laptop] is now known as Friction[1]
boumaDr_Willis: it could have something to do with the fact that im sharing an ntfs partition and under linux its mounted so that the everyone permission bit is clear, i cant chmod it .. do i need to remount it with options so that everyone can access it.. the share options gui warns that these perms are required and offers to set them, but i dont think they're being sucessfully set according to a ls-la10:46
abhi_navwhat is cristina10:47
Dr_Willisbouma:  its possible you need ti mount the ntfs  with some other options.10:47
guntbert!es | usuario_10:47
ubottuusuario_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:47
Dr_Willisbouma:  i did that ages ago.. but cant rember if i had to do anything special10:47
Guest53873removable drives wont automount and when i mount them manually they are not writable10:48
Dr_Willisbouma:  you could always edit /etc/samba/smb.conf and make a share out of it.10:48
theadminPhew. Was something wrong with the channel? Couldn't join for a while10:49
ivanatworkI need to add a user only authorized to use Firefox to browse. Suggestions?10:49
boumaDr_Willis, not sure .. this gui would be great if it worked. ive used smbpasswd after useradd, with the same user name as the xp account but xp still gives a permission error, does the password have to be the same as the xp passwd ??10:49
theadminmerqurio: Don't forget "/join"10:50
Dr_Willisbouma:  the issue is you are not shareing a directory YOU actually own.10:50
Dr_Willisbouma:  i always set my xp user and linux users name the same and passwords the same. and the samba passowrd the same.10:50
Dr_Willisbouma:  try making a direcry in your home, and share it - see if it works10:51
dsyncanyone expert in authenticate ssh user via freeradius?10:51
dsyncanyone expert in authenticate ssh user via freeradius?10:52
meerocan someone help me with password protecting samba share?10:52
ivanatworkI need to add a user for someone learning Ubuntu. Suggestions?10:53
ikoniaivanatwork: just add a user then10:53
Dr_Willisivanatwork:  suggestion for what?10:53
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
ivanatworkDr_Willis: I need to make a user only authorized to use, say, only Firefox at the moment10:54
ikoniaivanatwork: it doesn't work like that10:54
Dr_Willisivanatwork:  why does it matter?10:54
ikoniaivanatwork: just create a user and make sure your permissions are fine10:55
Dr_Willisivanatwork:  hide all his icons I guess. and put a BIG firefox icon on the desktop10:55
ivanatworkDr_Willis: good. Since he is very curious ... you know ;)10:55
ikoniaivanatwork: curious is how you learn10:55
Dr_Willisworse he can do is delete his own files10:56
ivanatworklol ikonia I'm curious too but not in the "classroom" ;)10:56
Dr_Willisgnome has some lock down options also10:56
snow_usaseems to me that ubuntu has a lot of fan10:56
guntbertsnow_usa: this is the main support channel for ubuntu - do you have a support question?10:57
ivanatworkDr_Willis: I need to give him the permission to use only few apps, at the moment. Do I have to make a group for him?10:57
boumaDr_Willis: so ive tried editing smb.conf, changing the [cdrom] eg, to [gap] w/ guest only =ok, locking=no , read only = yes, ..and a comment, but xp still wont access it, do i needto restart samba after editing smb.conf ??10:57
theadminivanatwork: Uh, normal permission set should do fine, he won't be able to administer, thus won't ruin anything10:58
abhi_navsnow_usa: yes10:58
dsyncanyone pro in ssh and freeradius10:58
ivanatworktheadmin: normal permission set?10:59
abhi_navsnow_usa: #ubuntu-offtopic for offtopic discussions10:59
theadminivanatwork: The default one when you create a user10:59
dsyncssh didn't seem to connect to freeradius server10:59
ivanatworktheadmin: ah, ok10:59
dsyncany workaround ?10:59
theadminivanatwork: He can launch any apps that do not require admin priveleges (say, Firefox, GIMP, etc) and won't be able to launch those that do (GPartED, apt-get, Synaptic, etc)11:00
ikoniadsync: you need to look at pam if you want to authenticate against raius11:00
The\Dukecould i please get the knowledge on how-to disable the safety feat\mode which does so i cant drag&drop files from a dongle to my disc f.ex. and so i can create documents aso11:00
oroles2007does anyone knows how i can connect to undernet network?11:00
The\Duke/server -m undernet11:01
boumaSo what i dont get is if ive set guest=ok, in smb.conf, then why does xp still complain about perms >>?11:01
ivanatworktheadmin: I agree. It's best to let him do what he wants but without too many menus and icons lol11:01
boumaive added   usershare owner only = false, but should i remove that ?11:01
ikoniaivanatwork: then you need to edit his desktop environment to remove what you don't need11:02
boumaplease if anyone knows im going to leave without having copied any files, last trains are not so long11:02
Dr_Willisbouma:  you may need to restart the samba service for changes to take affect11:02
ivanatworkikonia: thank you11:02
Dr_Willisbouma:  if you shared a directory in your users HOME - you should be able to allow all users. and let anyone access it from windows11:03
vinux_Is this the right place to post a questions related to ubuntu?11:03
boumaDr_Willis: xp comes up with a user/pw box, so what do i put in when its a guest linux share,?? i would think it wouldnt matter?11:03
theadminvinux_: Yeah, support questions, that is11:03
The\Dukehow does one get access to create folders \ move files aso, with the gui-interface, and not being su in a cmd terminal ?11:03
boumaDr_Willis: does it need to be guest/guest or something ?11:03
hexdumpHi I have a question about netgear usb drivers... it's for cg814wg cable modem11:03
Dr_Willisbouma:  when in doubt put in your linux user and the samba password11:03
meerohow to password protect samba?11:04
itaihi, my webcam only works in skype if i run this command "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype" , i want to make a desktop  launcher that would run that command , but it keeps saying " failed to excute child process..." what to do?11:04
vinux_I have problems with my wireless USB mouse...11:04
Dr_Willisbouma:  ive found XP a little weird in ways it asks for passwords when it dont need one11:04
hexdumpwhen I enter lsusb it's identified but is there software I can use to access it11:04
vinux_can ayone help?11:04
theadminThe\Duke: I think you'll need to run "gksu nautilus" (gksu is GraphiKal Sudo, nautilus is Ubuntu's file manager)11:04
AtomicThe\Duke su11:04
ikarhi! How do i disable auto-login in ubuntu 9.10?11:04
Dr_Willisbouma:  i always enable the linux users HOME shares in  the smb.conf file - i rarely use the usershare feature11:05
theadminikar: Look in system - admininstration - login window11:05
guntberttheadmin: please don't recommend regular use of gksudo nautilus to The\Duke11:05
Dr_Willisikar:  theres gdm2 config tools out that let you do it. i think the one in the menus also has that feature11:05
ikoniaikar: it's not enabled by default11:05
theadminguntbert: That seems to be what he wants11:05
The\DukeAtomic - login as su and i can drag&drop\create\move\aso.. ?11:05
The\Duketh0ger & Atomic ~ thank you very much for your kind reples. your help is highly appreciated.11:05
AtomicOpen a term and su nautilus11:05
boumaDr_Willis: then ln-sf what i want into the home dir ?11:06
The\Dukeoops, sowwee11:06
vinux_Hello, help needed with wireless usb please ...11:06
boumaDr_Willis: cause i want to share something under /media11:06
Dr_Willisbouma:  that might work. i just keep my stuff in my Home. :)11:06
The\Duketheadmin even :)11:06
guntberttheadmin: even then - we should give good advice if possible :_)11:06
Dr_Willisbouma:  you may be able to make a special /media samba share also. but you have to watch out for the permissions11:06
snow_usaI don't want to use KDE in ubuntu; I want to change the Xclient to something very lightweight ? could you give some advice ?11:06
theadminguntbert: I use that sometimes11:06
Dr_Willissnow_usa:  thers dozens of window managers you can use.11:07
theadminsnow_usa: XFCE, Fluxbox, Enlightment, LXDE might interest you11:07
snow_usaFluxbox is good11:07
snow_usatheadmin, how to change from KDE to fluxbox ?11:07
guntberttheadmin: well I don't - but of course your situation is different :-) - just tell everyone to be *very* cautios when running nautilus with root permissions11:08
ikartheadmin: the thing you said worked! tnx11:08
rabbit1how to upgrade pidgin?11:08
vinux_if this is not the place for posting the USB related questions please direct me to the right place11:08
snow_usaIs there a liveCD for Ubuntu ?11:09
theadminsnow_usa: Let's see... Well, first install the fluxbox... I think the package is called "fluxbox" or something similar, try searching for it in your package manager11:09
theadminsnow_usa: Yes, there is.11:09
Dr_Willissnow_usa:  the normal instgaller cd is a live cd11:09
theadminsnow_usa: Then, to remove KDE, run "sudo tasksel" and unselect "Kubuntu Desktop" in the list11:09
boumaDr_Willis: i found an smb.conf option called, map to guest = bad user, should this be changed to fix the access fails ?11:10
justin__qualcuno me pò aiutà?11:11
justin__xke non posso vedere i video su youtube?11:12
vinux_can anyone support me with my wireless usb mouse please ?11:12
Dr_Willisbouma:  check   usershare allow guests = yes11:12
habaschcan someone tell me where 'sudo tasksel install lamp-server' installs the files? and how to use them?11:12
Dr_WillisHmm.. pastebin and the pastebinit command are still nt working together. bummer11:13
ecmlooking for a software11:13
Xstreamhi i'm havin a little trouble here installing ubuntu server on a usb disk on module, anybody here willing to help?11:14
ecmlookling for help11:14
dagny_taggarthabasch: http://tuxtweaks.com/2009/10/install-lamp-on-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala/11:15
ecmloking 4 elp11:15
ecmlooking 4 help11:16
Dr_Willisecm:  state the problem.... helps11:16
Xstreamplz guys11:16
ecmdr_willis:well i want to install windows 7 on linux because im gona reinstalll linux on another harddrive11:17
ecmbut win 7 says this hardrive needs to be NTFS11:17
ecmand how do i change a linux hadrdive into an NTFS.11:17
|ns|nR8delete the partition11:17
|ns|nR8in windows setup11:17
ecmbut how11:17
|ns|nR8drive options11:17
Dr_Willisdelete/remake the partitiuon. usign the partion manager tools in windows11:17
theadminecm: You can't use Linux on NTFS... you can't INSTALL it there at least11:18
ecmit says that win 7 cant recognise it]11:18
knumsecm, you can also delete this partion with fdisk11:18
Dr_Willisor delete them befor you start widnows installer11:18
|ns|nR8when it asks to select drive/partition click drive options11:18
ecmthis guy said not to use fidsk11:18
ecmwhat does drive options do?#11:18
guntbert!who | |ns|nR811:18
ubottu|ns|nR8: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:18
rabbit1how to start avant window manager on startup?11:18
cce_windows partitioner is easy 8)11:18
Dr_Willisecm:  what guy? fdisk can delete partions just fine11:18
ecmhow to get fisck#11:18
|ns|nR8guntbert, no worries11:18
Dr_Willisecm:  its on the linux live cd's11:19
ecmthier was a guy called debians army i had an chat with him11:19
cce_btw, ubuntu really sucks, there's no way to edit ntfs file permissions from linux11:19
cce_only chmod11:19
today1why cant i upload files to Mediafire or Box.net ? can you explain for me how that?11:19
Dr_Williscce_:  you fail to understand how ntfs works in linux then.11:19
rabbit1how to start avant window manager on startup?11:19
ecmtoday1: javascript..11:19
theadmincce_: Same with other distros11:19
guntbert|ns|nR8: I don't worry - but conversations are hard to follow without nicks :-)11:19
theadmintoday1: A bug in Linux flash. Use Rapidshare or Qshare or other services with non-flash uploaders11:20
ecmdr_willis:hey how do i use this fdisk?11:20
vinux_My mouse is getting detected but does not work...can anyone help please ?11:20
Dr_Willisecm:  d - delete,  theres a help menu item.. w to write changes11:20
boumaDr_Willis: im thinking that security=share, might help11:20
rabbit1vinux_: try rats instead11:20
ecmdr_willis:i dont understand?11:20
Dr_Willisbouma:  ive set up guest user shres with out messwing with the smb.conf11:20
Xstreamecm: just type man fdisk11:20
ecmso were do i type in 'man fdisk' where?11:21
cce_Dr_Willis: any advice?11:21
Dr_Willisecm:  ntfs dosent support linux file permissions. so for ntfs nd vfat and other fs;s that have that limit. linux has to set them when you mount the filesystem.11:21
oknoanyone knows best soft to repair ntfs partition?11:21
vinux_rabbitl : could you please explain ? what is RATS?11:21
habaschdagny_taggart thanks, looks like a nice tut :)11:21
Dr_Williscce_:  read up at the ntfs-3g homepage/docs to learn more about it11:21
today1theadmin, how do we fix this error man?11:21
theadminokno: fsck i think11:21
cce_Dr_Willis: i tried, they are rather messy11:21
today1i want to upload datas for this website11:21
theadmintoday1: This is up to the developers...11:21
guntbertvinux_: he was making fun I guess (mouse - rat)11:22
guntbertvinux_: please don't make fun of people's questions in here11:22
today1may be this error fix at Ubuntu 10.4 theadmin ?11:22
papuli have another account that i want to use without logging out of this account11:22
rabbit1guntbert: ppl r so much involved, wht eve u say they just try to take it seriously11:22
guntbertvinux_: sorry11:22
vinux_Oh...:) okay11:22
ecmdr_willis: i dont understand how to delete a linux partition11:23
guntbert!u | rabbit111:23
ubotturabbit1: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.11:23
rabbit1guntbert: sorry dude, but just provided breather time here11:23
Dr_Willisecm:  fdisk /dev/WHATGEVER   d, then enter the # to delete the w to write the changes11:23
Dr_Willisecm:  and be CAREFULL with what you delete11:23
guntbertrabbit1: no -  you distracted a person seeking help11:23
Dr_Willisecm:  NOTHING changes Untill you write the changes to disk11:23
papuli have another account that i want to use without logging out of this account11:24
ecmdr_willis: i want tio dlete linux how11:24
guntbertrabbit1: if you need breathing time - step outside - take a walk ...11:24
Dr_Willisecm:  i just said how..  You need to figure out what ones are the linux partitons11:24
Razvan1310i try the tuturial about making windows load grub and then linux and i still have errors11:24
Dr_Willisecm:  fdisk, d)elete w)rite changes11:24
Razvan1310ntldr is missing11:24
kristof78hi, I have a question. I'm using xbmc and how can I go back to gnome without closing xbmc full screen, like as in w*ndows with the W*ndows button?11:25
xrohi, i just compile a new kernel and i would like too boot with... i put it in /boot and did uptade-grub! but it load always the old one11:25
Xstreamrazvan: what version of windows?11:25
outbounderHi there! Just installed ubuntu 9.04 for first time (after 5 days of trials without luck for 9.10) -> so I suppose that the new version of ubuntu somehow is broken, at least for my hardware (Biostar nvidia 7025)11:25
rabbit1guntbert: its alright. how do i start avnat window manager on startup by default?11:25
kristof78any version11:25
Razvan1310windows 200011:25
ecmdr_willis:fdisk /dev/hda ?11:25
knumsRazvan1310, i think you can repair it, if you load windows-setup and then repair-console11:25
kristof78windows 711:25
guntbertrabbit1: sorry - no idea or I would have said so earlier :-)11:26
Razvan1310nooo its boots windows bot nu not load ubuntu linux11:26
Dr_Willisecm:  if thats your hard disk with tghe linux opartitons.. or it may be sda11:26
knumsRazvan1310, then: fixmbr ; fixboot C: afaik11:26
rabbit1guntbert: i know there is a session option in preferences, but which file to select11:26
techobbyHello. I would like to learn how to host websites and make them public from my ubuntu home server. I have installed lamp-server.11:26
habaschdagny_taggart apache+php seem to work, but phpmyadmin is not found :/11:26
knumsRazvan1310, ah okay11:27
Xstreamrazvan: start from the windows cd, open the repair console, type fixmbr [enter] fixboot c:[enter]11:27
guntbertrabbit1: I don't have avant installed - so really no idea11:27
boumahow can i mount an ntfs partition so that its has 777 or 755 permission11:27
kitallisUbuntu not applying for GSoC'10?11:27
boumaumask doesnt work11:27
rabbit1guntbert: its ok, which dock u use then?11:27
Razvan1310when i choose from the menu in the boot.ini ubuntu linux whitch is reffered c:\linux.bin i get ntdrl error11:27
Dr_Willisbouma:  make a proper fstab entry for the device and use the proper options. the ntfs-3g homepage has examples11:27
ecmdr_willis:/dev/sda is win xp and /dev/sdb is linux so wat now?11:28
guntbertrabbit1: none :)11:28
Razvan1310i think the error is from grub loader11:28
Xstreami'm using the ubuntu netinstall cd (i have put it on a usb drive via unetbootin) but the installer tells me that there has been a problem installing grub on the target11:28
knumsRazvan1310, which bootloader do you use?11:28
Xstreamhow can i fix that?11:28
Razvan1310something wrong with grub11:28
Dr_Willisecm:  you do 'fdisk /dev/XXXXXXX'  (using the linux drive instead of XXXX) then look and delete what you want11:28
Razvan1310how do i see the root (hd0,x)11:28
Dr_Willisecm:  sudo fdisk /dev/sdX11:28
boumaDr_Willis: could you just tell me what i need for sudo mount -o ??? /dev/x /media/x .. what -o ??? will make the mount have global read/write ???11:29
Razvan1310i think there is the problem11:29
J-new-to-uhi everybody just recently got ubuntu... i love it but im having a few issues...11:29
boumaDr_Willis: ive tried -o 0222, but that gives the mount d------11:29
Dr_Willisbouma:  id have to go look at the ntfs-3g homepage to rember. i belive its the umask and dmask options.11:29
Dr_Willisbouma:  -o 0222 is NOT a proper option11:29
osviHi! I'm using Lucid, and my sata disk continuosly starts and stops, how can I prevent this?11:30
boumaDr_Willis: no thats right, i mean, -o umask=022211:30
J-new-to-ui cannot seem to get a connection to my vpn im usre im doing something wrong but im not sure what11:30
ecmdr_willis_ ok so in terminal i paste in sudo fdisk /dev/sdb and then will it delete linux of my hadrdive and then i can instlal windows 711:30
Dr_Willisbouma:  play with the #'s i guess.11:30
vinux_My mouse is getting detected but does not work...can anyone help please ?11:30
Dr_Willisecm:  no.. that will start fdisk. and you use fdisks menu/commands to do what you want to do to the drive11:30
xrohi, some can help me kernel? i compile it and copy it in /boot... now how can i set up my new kernel?11:31
rabbit1guntbert: should just add avant-window-manager in startup group11:31
today1well, i see i have a problem with my touchpad, i really want to ask you11:31
ecmdr_willis:fdisk doesnt have  an Gui11:31
today1double click in my touchpad is very hard11:31
Dr_Willisecm:  i never said it did.. it dosent need one..11:31
knumsbouma, i mount my ntfs-partitions as follow: mount -t ntfs-3g -o defaults,umask=022,uid=knums,gid=knums,locale=de_DE.UTF-8 /dev/NTFS-part /media/NTFS-111:31
today1plzz help me to config my touchpad11:31
Dr_Willisecm:  d = delete,  w = write...11:31
KiiKhi, is it any fast & easy way to a full mirrors list ? I want to do a speedtest. (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors)11:32
rabbit1fdisk is peace of cake to use11:32
=== nikolam_ is now known as nikolam
roykhi all. trying to automount nilfs from ubuntu fails11:32
roykgot it on an usb stick11:32
boumaDr_Willis, finally works, thanks, i think the security = share, was the critical part, and i had to ln-sf the /media/blah under my home dir,.. wacky but i no longer really care.. time to reverse leach11:32
abhi_navis ClamAV is ONLY open source antivirus? Tell me if there is any other, with gui, open source antivirus apps. I need to scan pen drive for viruses11:32
knumsecm, take a look at manualpage of fdisk ... there are all options explained11:32
=== hexdump is now known as Hellhound666
yehiahi. my firefox is very slow and my VGA card is slow also - although i can see the compiz working well . but just as i said every thing slow - what can i do ?11:33
guntbertrabbit1: if you mean startup applications - give it a try - it won't hurt11:33
knumsecm, or press 'h' in fdisk ... 'p' will show you your partitiontable11:33
rabbit1guntbert: yeap, i got that in forums, have done, i should work11:33
J-new-to-uin the add software there is a prog called touchpad that worked for me11:33
abhi_navyehia: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=136189411:33
osviusing Lucid, and my sata disk continuosly starts and stops, how can I prevent this?11:33
xronobody knows about kernel here?11:33
today1well, i see i have a problem with my touchpad, i really want to ask you,double click in my touchpad is very hard11:33
hatake_kakashixro, what abou tit?11:33
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages11:34
hatake_kakashiabout it*11:34
guntbert!lucid | osvi11:34
ubottuosvi: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+111:34
abhi_navanyone knows any open source antivirus other than clamav?11:34
ecmknums:i dont understand how to enter this fdisk nothing comes up11:34
Dr_Willisabhi_nav:  i think a few FREE ones exist.. but not sure of any OSS ones other then clamav11:34
xrohatake_kakashi, i compiled my kernel... but now how can i set it up (mean boot with the new kernel?)11:35
abhi_navDr_Willis: ok. I am going thourh ubuntu antivirus guide. ok thnx11:35
J-new-to-uanyone have the time to help a newbie with some vpn connection issues11:35
guntbertknums: did you tell ecm to use sudo fdisk  ?11:35
abhi_nav!ask | J-new-to-u11:35
ubottuJ-new-to-u: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:35
knumsecm, type 'sudo fdisk -l' which will show you your installed harddrives and partitions11:35
Xstreamany idea why ubuntu netinstall fails at installing grub on a usb disk on module like this: http://geizhals.at/deutschland/a240172.html (the module is ok, it boots freenas without any problems)11:35
quizmehow do u set the machine name?11:36
ecminvalid option11:36
guntbert!hostname | quizme11:36
ubottuquizme: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.11:36
knumsecm, the option was a small L11:36
hatake_kakashixro, you'll need to create the correct system.map, initrd.gz, etc and manually add the entries in11:36
J-new-to-ui can get a connection within vmware windows xp and it works all day... reall easy like too but im really stumped getting it workin native linux11:36
hatake_kakashixro, well no normally make install should suffice but check the docs11:37
p0aHello when I boot my comp my monitor goes into power saving mode11:37
ecmknums:nothing seems to come up11:37
p0asame with a diff monitor11:37
p0awhat would the problem be?>11:37
xrohatake_kakashi, i have all i need in my /boot : config-  initrd.img-  System.map-  vmlinuz-
=== Learner is now known as Researcher
hatake_kakashixro, then you'll need to manually add the entries in11:38
xrohatake_kakashi, yep but where?11:38
quizmein id_rsa.pub, it says ubuntu@localhost .... can i change that if i want ?11:38
hatake_kakashixro, in the grub config file, man grub11:38
J-new-to-uive tried openswan ive tried strongswan ive treied multiple configurations.... im stumped11:38
xrohatake_kakashi, update-grub didn't do that?11:38
ecmknums:canu do remote view and do it for me11:38
ecmknums: i dont understand i went in terminal and i cant seem to delete the linux partition]11:39
knumsecm, what do you mean? how should i connect to you?11:39
hatake_kakashixro, no I wouldn't depend on update-grub.. you should have those files in /boot and you manually add it into grub menu11:39
ecmknums:terminal server client does that work?11:39
xrohatake_kakashi, menu.lst?11:40
=== administrator is now known as Guest20279
knumsecm, you running ubunut now?11:40
Xstreamplz guys why do you keep ignoring me?11:40
hatake_kakashixro, depending on which ubuntu you use11:40
xrohatake_kakashi, 8.1011:40
ecmknums: yes im on ubuntu atm trying to delete it11:40
hatake_kakashixro, yes11:40
rabbit1I always get this error : "The audio device is busy, is another application using it?" any help11:40
guntbertknums: advice from the side line - don't even try to connect into ...11:40
knumsecm, i can't imagine that this doesn't work. try 'which fdisk' on shell11:40
ecmknums: its dev:sdb which im trying to dlete11:41
J-new-to-ui dont understand why i can get it to work within a vm and it cannot cannect through linux native11:41
Dr_Willisecm:  you would do somthing like 'sudo fdisk /dev/sdb', then hit 'd'  and enter a partion #, do that a few times to delete all paritons then 'w' to write chnges to disk basically11:41
Dr_Willisecm:  unless thers some deeper issues going on..11:41
znejkIf im gonna install ubuntu on a AMD turion 64 should i use the regular desktop install or the 64 bit alternative?11:41
knumsecm, tho whole harddrive?11:41
p0aHello when I boot my comp my monitor goes into power saving mode. same with diff monitor. what would the problem be? anyone?11:41
knumsecm, so you have to enter 'fdisk /dev/sdb'11:41
Dr_Willisecm:  windows CAN delete linux partions  ive done it befor. (never in win 7 however)11:41
ecmknums: yes the whole of linux'11:41
ecmdr_willis: the problem is win 7 cant delete linux but win xp can11:42
knumsecm, ehm, i mean 'sudo fdisk /dev/sdb'11:42
overmindp0a: What graphic card have you got?11:42
Dr_Willisecm:  i find that hard to belive.. ask in #windows perhaps11:42
knumsguntbert, i'll don't do that :-)11:42
guntbertknums: :)11:42
ecmdr_willis: its true11:42
Dr_Willisecm:  i find it very hard to belive.11:43
p0aovermind, ATI,11:43
xrohatake_kakashi, i have the path in /boot/grub/menu.lst ---> http://dpaste.com/168975/11:43
J-new-to-uim trying to connect to a symantec 46011:43
ecmdr_willis: u can google it , windows 7 cant delete linux partition it just doesnt recognise it11:43
Dr_Willisecm:  you coudl always just zero the linux drive. that will blank it to be unallocated11:43
p0aovermind, it worked fine with it, the problem occured randomly ( i didnt mess with anything hardware/software-wise)11:43
Dr_Willisecm:  file a bug at MS's bug tracker then11:43
znejkIf im gonna install ubuntu on a AMD turion 64 should i use the regular desktop install or the 64 bit alternative?11:43
Dr_Willisecm:  :)11:43
overmindp0a: Did you insttalled any update releasted with xorg or with ati?11:44
hatake_kakashixro, yeah that's valid enough11:44
ecmok how do i go into the windows chat room11:44
ecmi will ask those guys11:44
Dr_Willisecm:  /join #windows11:44
J-new-to-ui used the symantec client in vm and ti works but none of the linux vpn protocols will connect11:44
mortal_is it possible to have an eq setting in pulseaudio?11:44
p0aovermind, no, but the problem is not at OS boot, but at comp boot11:44
guntbertDr_Willis: I guess it will be ##windows for ecm11:44
xrohatake_kakashi, but it always boot with the old kernel! should i delete line about the old one in menu.lst?11:44
p0aso I think it wouldn't be affected by that11:44
hatake_kakashixro, no just comment it11:45
xrohatake_kakashi, can you explain why it still use the old one?11:45
Kangarooowhat package to install to have rar and zip opening?11:45
roykwhat is it that automounts filesystems in ubuntu?11:45
roykit won11:45
roykwon't mout my autofs filesystem11:46
ecmguntbert: no u dont understand my linux is messed up im gona reinstall a fresh copy on my othre harddrive11:46
roykmy nilfs filesystem that is11:46
knumssomeone here who has experience with samba and vfs-module expand_msdfs ?11:46
Dr_Willisroyk:  the fstab is read at boot time and 'mounts' filesystems.    Then gnome has its own tools to mount fileysstmes 'on the fly' when inserted11:46
hatake_kakashixro, probably the default menu, its all explained in grub howto.. I'm sure if you managed to compile kernel, you should be at least able to see what grub is capable of doing11:46
cce_well I put my question on the forums cause it's kinda complicated http://5z8.info/dogporn_psr11:46
roykDr_Willis, I'm thinking of the gnome tools. I don't want to hardcode this in fstab11:46
guntbertecm:  I wanted to tell you that the support channel is probably ##windows (not #windows)11:47
roykbeing an usb stick11:47
ecmno wonder.11:47
rabbit1I always get this error : "The audio device is busy, is another application using it?" any help11:47
guntbert!here | cce_11:47
ubottucce_: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com11:47
xrohatake_kakashi, yep i did it many times.. but never with ubuntu... and seems to be harder... so i'll reboot bye and thanls for help11:47
J-new-to-uany ideas on what i can do to get it working11:48
ecmguntbert: no 1's talking on the windows room11:48
pidpawel_mfreenode sucks ;/11:48
Dr_Willispidpawel_m:  whatever..11:48
guntbertecm: try it: /join ##windows11:48
knumsguntbert, he is on ##windows11:49
guntbertpidpawel_m: you are free to leave11:49
pidpawel_mguntbert, i will ;)11:49
aefis there an iso which supports both 32 and 64 bit ubuntu?11:49
guntbertknums: I see...11:49
ecmi am on ##windows but  no 1 else is talking on it11:49
rabbit1Help me out in killing this error "The audio device is busy, is another application using it?" any help11:49
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guntbertecm: they are waiting for your question there11:50
cce_rabbit1: seems like a problem in audiodrivers :P11:50
ecmguntbert: yes thnaks11:50
J-new-to-uso... can someone who knows vpn systems in linux well please pm me11:50
rabbit1cce_: actually, some program is using it, no idea which one11:51
guntbertaef: no - those are separate11:51
cce_rabbit1: do know are you using alsa, pulseaudio or what?11:51
rabbit1cce_: alsa11:52
J-new-to-uso... can someone who knows vpn systems in linux well please pm me11:52
cce_rabbit1: i had the some problem but can't remember what i did11:52
cce_rabbit1: found something that might help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84301211:53
rabbit1cce_: o gosh11:53
AchabHi 2 evey1.11:53
abhi_navhow to address usb pen drive from command prompt?11:53
J-new-to-uhi achab11:53
jurgsterhi all, who knows the format of .autorun/autorun/autorun.sh files?11:53
roykhm. what controls auto mounts of usb sticks and so on?11:53
J-new-to-uso... can someone who knows vpn systems in linux well please pm me11:54
abhi_navroyk: i want to scan usb pen drive from command promapt. But dont know its address. e.g. /dev etc11:54
AchabWhat mean autorun .sh files11:54
cce_rabbit1: http://paste.servut.us/plain/pnbc11:54
roykabhi_nav, I just want linux to automount nilfs. it works well with other filesystems11:54
abhi_navroyk: sorry. misread11:55
StargazeJ-new-to-u, please type /join #ubuntu-server11:56
AchabAutorun - you could make a launcher for the scrpts . sh11:56
rabbit1cce_: thx, as he says its a temp solution,11:56
rabbit1cce_:  i am not concentrating much to upgrade, coz i am waiting for lucid, straight from 8.04 to 10.04 (always stable) :)11:57
J-new-to-uso... can someone who knows vpn systems in linux well please pm me11:57
cce_rabbit1: well heh me too :P11:57
Stargazerabbit1, if you want to try lucid, try with ubuntu testdrive11:57
StargazeJ-new-to-u, please type /join #ubuntu-server11:58
J-new-to-uthank you stargaze11:58
piojunbabiai have problem login in... when i try to login to my yahoo account on pidgin, i get error message :11:58
piojunbabia"Account locked: Unknown reason. Logging into the Yahoo website may fix this."11:58
piojunbabiahow am i suppose to fix this problem?11:58
rabbit1Stargaze: not planning to try until the release11:58
abhi_navok i address it from /media/<devicename>11:58
jurgstersorry autostart files http://standards.freedesktop.org/autostart-spec/autostart-spec-0.5.html11:59
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skyravenhello guys, I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10 and audacious together with it..sadly..audacious won't play any mp3 files, mp3 http streams...12:03
skyraventotem does already after installing the gstreamer plugins..but I'd really like to get audacious2 to work..12:03
Dr_Willispiojunbabia:  did you try doing what it said?12:03
skyravenany idea what I might be missing ?12:03
Dr_Willisskyraven:  theres mp3 support libs not isntalled by default12:03
RonaldWinamp not Running12:03
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:03
DaughainRonald: Thats good.12:04
redHow can I check which my logitech side buttons are called so I can bind stuff to them?12:04
Ronaldwhoops sorry, guess i hit some keys...12:04
skyravenDr_Willis, I know :) but I've installed quite a bunch so far without any luck..even restricted packages..I guess something still eludes me12:04
redfor example nautilus back & forward in gconf are "8" and "9" but no button on my mouse is those I guess12:04
vinux_My wireless mouse is getting detected but does not work...can anyone help please ?12:05
piojunbabiaDr_Willis: i tried login into my yahoo email inbox and i also used chat in my inbox but still i cannot login to my yahoo messenger using pidgin... i did not change or modify anything...12:05
Dr_Willisred:  ive been using these (not gpl but free) tools at hidpoint.com  to get some extra features out of my Logitec Mice/keyboards in linux12:06
janisozaurwhich version of nvidia driver should i use with 8600gt gpu? they currently have 190.53 (12.16.09), 195.30 beta (12.23.09) and 173.14.25 (02.11.10, marked as recommended) available. does the 173 version include vdpau improvements introduced in the 19x versions?12:06
Dr_Willispiojunbabia:  its possible yahoo did somthing to break pidgin again12:06
Dr_Willisjanisozaur:  I Dont think the repo versins have the vdpau improvements.. its too new a feature12:07
janisozaurDr_Willis: i'm talikng about the ones available directly from nvidia12:07
piojunbabiaDr_Willis: do you experience the same problem too? the solution might be installing again pidgin? or installing an improved version of pidgin?12:07
redDr_Willis: ty ill check it out12:08
skyravenDr_Willis, any idea what else I could install beside the ubuntu-restricted-extras..in order to get audacious to have mp3 support ? (the gstreamer part for totem already worked..but I'm an audacious fan still)12:09
J-new-to-uredirected again lol12:09
Dr_Willispiojunbabia:  yahoo and ms like to break their 'stuff' on purpose to goof up the 3rd party IM clients..  I dont use any of them any more12:09
J-new-to-uhelo again everyone12:09
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN12:10
piojunbabiaDr_Willis: what do you use now?12:10
Dr_Willisskyraven:  no idea i cant recall thelast time i used that tool. perhaps the forums will tell exactly12:10
kamanashisroywhat is the best socks client library out there12:10
Dr_Willispiojunbabia:  i use IRC.12:10
redDr_Willis: dang it doesn't yet work in lucid :)12:10
orioli use kubuntu, when i try to eliminate large amount of files the trash its get full very soon, it's possible to eliminate a file without sending it to trash ?12:10
|Sereal|I'm trying to install intel drivers for my core i3 on 9.10 When i try to configure it tells me x11 package is missing - which is not the case.12:10
redoriol: shift+delete12:10
Hellhound666did anybody check out that link I posted earlier?  That is some amazing stuff.12:11
piojunbabiaDr_Willis: IRC to login yahoo messenger?12:11
pvandewyngaerdehow can i place the close and minimize buttons in the top bar of a  window on the right side in lucid ???  ( or both locations left and right )12:11
piojunbabiaDr_Willis: how is that so?12:11
Dr_Willispiojunbabia:  i DONT use yahoo or MSN or any IM stuff these days12:11
Hellhound666That's going to be my next project.  I've got most everything I need for it.12:11
Dr_WillisI just use IRC12:11
J-new-to-uthanks for the link...12:11
piojunbabiaDr_Willis: I see, thanks...12:11
redyou can use bitlbee for msn messenger and facebook chat with irssi :)12:11
redso it feels like you are in IRC12:11
Dr_Willistheres also that web site (or 2) that can do the differnt IM protocalls12:12
Hellhound666took some very talented people to write that one up.12:12
piojunbabialike meebo or webmessenger.yahoo.com12:12
redwhat I like in incorporating those into irssi is that I can just ssh into irssi from anywhere, or using my phone and be on msn12:12
Dr_WillisI think Meebo is the one i was thinking of. :)12:12
jo-erlendpvandewyngaerde, gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string ":minimize,maximize,close"12:12
Dr_Willisred:  but who really wants to be on msn. :)12:13
redjo-erlend: no12:13
tony43can someone tell me how to hide a link i only want a few people seeing on my site?12:13
jo-erlendred, yes.12:13
red gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"12:13
redthis is the correct one12:13
Dr_Willisjo-erlend:  that is going to be SUCH a FAQ when the next release comes out.12:13
web5|org|uahow to mount with 777 permission ? cmd-line example please.12:13
redor else you are missing the menu button on the right side of the toolbar :)12:13
Dr_Willisgconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string12:13
Dr_Willis .                          | "menu:minimize,maximize,close"12:13
jo-erlendred, ah, in order to get the menu back as well. I forgot about that one... Thanks. :)12:13
Dr_Willisoops.. messed up12:13
Dr_Willisadding that as an alias :)12:13
knumsweb5|org|ua, try mount -o umask=000 /dev/sda /media12:14
redjo-erlend: I don't like the new max min close order but still keep it since the theme looks buttugly when the button backgroudns are in wrong order =)12:14
redso just gotta get used to that, but atleast they are on the right hand side now12:14
Stargazethe new button layout is 'très' Mac12:14
jo-erlendI refuse to get used to that...12:14
web5|org|uaknums: thanks12:14
redi dont hit minimize from there that often, mainly just close and always maximize with doubleclick12:14
|tomiondrums|i'm trying to create a new virtual machine (KVM) using virt-manager (libvirt-0.7.0-3ubuntu1, karmic on x64) and i'm getting a strange error:12:14
|tomiondrums|Unable to complete install: 'could not remove profile for 'libvirt-f49507dc-4c04-e287-c211-f953cf4d6bcb'12:14
|tomiondrums|a complete traceback is available on http://pastebin.com/SXfMuYrn12:14
|tomiondrums| 12:14
FloodBot3|tomiondrums|: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:14
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|Sereal|No package 'x11' found12:15
|tomiondrums|what can i do?12:15
jo-erlend|tomiondrums|, you should join #ubuntu-virt, #kvm or #libvirt on oftc.12:16
Dr_WillisHows this alias :)12:16
Dr_Willis*** Fix the silly bttons to be on the RIGHT side use the command --->  gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string  "menu:minimize,maximize,close"12:17
|tomiondrums|jo-erlend: in #ubuntu-virt nobody cared12:17
|tomiondrums|jo-erlend: so i can only try #libvirt12:17
|Sereal|I'm trying to configure intel video drivers but keep getting keep getting "No package 'x11' found". I'm quit sure that x11 is installed and running fine.12:17
jo-erlend|tomiondrums|, you're saying that because nobody responded, right? That doesn't mean they don't care. That means they don't know, or aren't there.12:17
Hellhound666Hi I'm still facing an issue I was dealing with earlier, regarding the netgear cg814wg cable modem12:19
Hellhound666It's showing up during lsusb but is there any software out there to interface with it?12:19
spiekeyhow can i tell my network manager to not touch my network inerfaces?12:21
* grobda24 says hi12:22
Hellhound666spiekey:  what do you mean?  not use them?12:22
Hellhound666not use a specific adapter?12:22
grobda24I'm in Karmic. What is the correct way to upgrade to Xorg server 1.7. It is not in the packages .. only in Lucid packages.12:23
IdleOneuse duct tape and draw a line down the middle of the room, tell each one of them to stay on their own side :)12:24
IdleOnethey won't be able to touch each other that way12:24
roykgrobda24,  do-release-upgrade -d :)12:25
grobda24royk, to Lucid ? I was looking for the setting to change. Is it in system -> admin - update manager ?12:25
Dr_WillisLucid is still a work in pogress...12:26
Dr_Willisbut it is working decently well for me on my Netbook12:26
roykgrobda24, just do that on the command line as root. it's an alpha, though12:26
roykworks for me (tm)12:26
Gangrelcan someone help me with my mounted hdd? cause it suddenly loses the write access and becomes only read12:26
Dr_Willissilly buttons on the left side.. *gag* :)12:26
|Sereal|I'm trying to install intel drivers for my core i3 on 9.10 When i try to configure it tells me x11 package is missing - which is not the case?12:27
roykganadist, probably something badly wrong12:27
grobda24royk, ah ok. I think the command line for that is in the help wiki. Thanks :)12:27
roykGangrel, even12:27
Gangrelroyk, ?12:27
Dr_WillisGangrel:  check dmesg command for errors. its likely theres some error with the drive so its becoming read only. I would backup data. then fsck it..  and perhaps.. not trust it very much12:27
roykGangrel, check dmesg, kernel logs12:27
Dayofswordsalso consider a new hdd afterwards if issues continue12:28
Gangrelit gives my invalid cluster chain12:28
GangrelFilesystem error (dev sdb1)12:29
Stargazeno response in #ubuntu-server, so => can somebody please do nmap gbachot.homelinux.com?12:29
Dr_WillisGangrel:  time to backup and fsck i think12:29
grobda24royk, duh, not getting this :( Is it "sudo apt-get -t=Lucid upgrade" (that didn't work BTW lol)12:30
GangrelDr_Willis ok give me the command for the fsck please12:30
Dr_Willisthe command is 'fsck /dev/XXXXX'12:30
Dr_Williswith a sudo of course12:31
jo-erlendDr_Willis, moving the titlebar buttons to the left side of the screen is not silly. It's user hostile.12:31
Gangrelthanks a lot bro12:31
Dr_Willisjo-erlend:  Host File? :)12:31
* Dr_Willis reads again12:31
Dr_Willisjo-erlend:  yep. andit will break a lot of other themes..12:31
jo-erlendDr_Willis, the new default themes also makes awesomebar in Firefox almost useless. Can't read what it sais.12:32
Dr_Willisjo-erlend:  i also tend to tweak the spaceing of the buttons so theres a bigger gap btween the close and min/max buttons  for us old timers makeing it easier12:32
GangrelDr_Willis i am thinking about formating the drive from fat to ext4 but can you help me automount it after that?12:32
Dr_Willisjo-erlend:  with enough complaints they can changeit back :)12:32
Dr_WillisGangrel:  you can 'mount' it via editing the fstab with a proper command.12:32
* grobda24 got it "update-manager -d" :P12:33
* Dr_Willis thinks people use the term 'auto mount' way too much :)12:33
jo-erlendDr_Willis, I'm not sure... They seem really stubborn about making the fancy changes now. I don't think users mean much anymore.12:33
GangrelDr_Willis, yeah b