gnomefreaki have official packages versioned higher than daily PPA :)00:04
gnomefreakbut that is Lucid00:06
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* rye_ is going offline, the rev stuff seems to be interesting... continuing investigation tomorrow00:22
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grantbowthis bug is a little strange but I hope it might help someone else or prepare some code to handle the error better.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/53362003:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 533620 in ubuntuone-client "SyncDaemon gives Error.NoReply" [Undecided,New]03:26
ejat$ ubuntuone-client-applet
ubuntuone-client-applet: command not found
ejathi all ...04:39
ejatjust wondering .. y i dont have the u1 applet :(04:39
grantbowdpkg -l | egrep -i ubuntuone04:42
grantbowwhat version is installed?04:42
grantbowa which shows mine is at /usr/bin/ubuntuone-client-applet04:44
grantbowI only have 1.0.3 on Karmic04:44
grantbowyou must be on lucid or something04:44
ejatgrantbow: yups04:44
ejati didnt see it in /usr/bin04:45
ejative try also to locate .. no result04:45
grantbowtry dpkg -L ubuntuone-client-gnome04:46
grantbowthat'll list all files in the packae04:46
ejatnone ..04:48
ejatonly have this /usr/bin/ubuntuone-preferences
grantbowmust have changed the packaging around in the new versions - try dpkg -L ubuntuone-client and | to grep04:49
grantbowI almost have my virtual lucid image up to test with04:49
grantbowmaybe in the "me" menu at the bottom of the menu04:52
grantbowthe changelog in /usr/share/doc/ubuntuone-client-gnome has some related notes too04:55
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grantbowas you can tell, I'm no expert so if someone wants to chime in feel free05:03
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alevineanybody know about notes not syncing through the desktop app?21:00
alevineI'm getting a 500 error to the applications request21:01
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duanedesignalevine: are you getting this error when visiting https://one.ubuntu.com/notes22:25
alevineduanedesign, nope22:25
duanedesignalevine: hmm just reread your comments. Sounds like you issue happens when you select sync from the applet22:26
alevineduanedesign, it's tough because I just get a 500 error with an OOPS code, so I don't really have much visibility into the problem22:27
duanedesignalevine: keep the OOPS code in case you file a bug report22:28
duanedesignyou can try quitting Tomboy22:29
duanedesignfrom the Terminal:   tomboy --debug > ~/tomboy_debug.log22:29
alevineduanedesign, I added it to an existing bug report that looked like my problem22:29
alevinesame debug log as me pretty much22:29
duanedesignalevine: is your name the same on LP22:30
duanedesignalevine: but the above will give you a bit more info in a file in your $HOME folder called tomboy_debug.log22:31
alevineduanedesign, I'm andrewrlevine on lp22:31
alevinemy debug log looks the same as the one here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers/+bug/508024/comments/522:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 508024 in ubuntuone-servers "Cannot sync tomboy notes. Sync setup is successful. Can't access notes from Ubuntu one web console." [Undecided,Confirmed]22:32
alevinealthough I can access notes from the web console22:32
duanedesignalevine: are you on Karmic or Lucid?22:40
alevineduanedesign, karmic22:41
duanedesignalevine: unfortunately I am not the right person to help with the Tomboy stuff. The U1 devs will all be here tommorrow. I am sure someone can help you better then.22:49
alevineduanedesign, thanks. tomorrow in what time zone? :)22:50
duanedesignthe only other thing i can think is make sure the Update Manager has ran recently and you are up to daye22:50
duanedesignalevine: good question22:50
duanedesign12:00 and 20:00 GMT22:51
alevineduanedesign, thanks, will try to make it in here tomorrow22:53
duanedesignalevine: ill mention it as well22:53
duanedesignto everyone22:53
alevineappreciate it22:53
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