tucemiuxholstein, youre there?01:11
holsteinhey tucemiux01:13
tucemiuxholstein, can you join me in opensourcemusicians?01:14
holsteini see you over there01:14
holsteintucemiux: I'll catch up with you there in a bit01:14
tucemiuxok thanks01:15
inertmatterhmm... i have a presonus firebox setup and working fine using JACK.  Now, I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to have normal system audio (ALSA?) send to the firebox line out.  Can this be done?06:14
inertmatterin other words, using the JACK-enabled firebox as a substitute for the onboard system soundcard06:14
holsteinhey inertmatter06:16
holsteini got a firepod06:16
holsteinand i just dont use it that way06:16
inertmatteralrighty then06:17
holsteini dont think working in jack means that its going to work in other ways06:17
inertmatteryeah, i'm a little new to this, so i'm just trying to see if it's even possible06:17
inertmattertrouble is, when JACK is started, it effectively shuts off the internal soundcard (it's probably due to hardware limitation - crappy laptop soundcard)06:18
holsteinthats the way it works for me06:18
holsteinpulse suspends06:18
inertmatterah, the infamous pulseaudio...06:19
holsteinand the firepod is up by itself06:19
holsteinand, it use to play sounds06:19
holsteinfrom firefox06:19
holsteinand VLC06:19
holsteinto be honest, i havent even tried it in karmic06:19
inertmatterso there's no way to inform pulse that the firebox is connected and use that?06:20
holsteini just record, and monitor with that system06:20
holsteininertmatter: you want to go to #opensourcemusicians ?06:20
holsteinand ask06:20
inertmatteri'll give it a shot - thanks06:21
holsteinseems like there was a pulse to jack type thing someone was talking about in there06:21
holsteinthat might do that06:21
inertmatternice, thanks06:21
holsteingood luck06:21
shantanuhi- i am new here13:04
shantanuhave installed ubuntu studio on Ubuntu Karmic 9.113:05
* akirad is away: Sono occupato17:30

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