robinking623charlie-tca: I have already shut down the screensaver00:00
robinking623charlie-tca: not after suspend00:00
charlie-tcaI am running out of ideas here.00:00
robinking623charlie-tca: that is a laptop. celeron 2g 512mb, with intel 81500:00
charlie-tcaIs it usb mouse?00:00
robinking623charlie-tca: I am using "noapic" after the kernel00:01
robinking623charlie-tca: usb mouse and usb keyboard00:01
charlie-tcaThat shouldn't freeze it, I don't think00:01
charlie-tcaIf the memory test doesn't show anything wrong, file a bug using 'linux' as the package. you can file it with 'ubuntu-bug linux' in a terminal00:02
charlie-tcaAdd to the report that it freezes keyboard and mouse at random times, with the exception of the mouse movement.00:03
robinking623charlie-tca: and I am using a pcmcia card to extend the usb2.0 port. but at the beginning I thought that caused the crashdown. so I plug it out, just with the usb-hub. but after that xfce still crashed00:03
charlie-tcaWhat version of Xubuntu is it?00:03
robinking623charlie-tca: xubuntu 910. with 2.6.31-20-generic00:04
robinking623charlie-tca: but I am not the only one who has that problem00:04
robinking623charlie-tca: I will show you the url00:05
charlie-tcaYou aren't having the problem?00:05
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charlie-tcaOkay, what url?00:07
robinking623charlie-tca: yes I have the same00:07
charlie-tcaread it wrong.00:07
robinking623charlie-tca: but I am not the only one00:07
charlie-tcaDid you have the problem before the -20 kernel?00:08
robinking623charlie-tca: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=138688300:09
charlie-tcaDid you install LXDE, too?00:10
robinking623charlie-tca: I can not say. because I was running windows on this laptop. I just used it to watch dvb-t00:10
robinking623charlie-tca: no. just xubuntu without modify00:10
charlie-tcaWell, that says you fixed your issue?00:10
robinking623charlie-tca: just press "f5"00:11
robinking623charlie-tca: Re: Xubuntu randomly crashes, mouse still responds--sorry, i was  wrong. it still crashed down. help!!!!00:12
robinking623charlie-tca: so I thought maybe a bug with xorg or something00:12
charlie-tcaYou have two different things there. The first person is crashing firefox after installing Lxde.00:12
charlie-tcaYou said you crash random times, and the applications don't matter.00:13
charlie-tcaI would file a bug against the kernel.00:13
robinking623charlie-tca: Installation went smooth. Restart. Log on, start Firefox, close it, wait a few seconds, crash00:13
charlie-tcaIs it only after running firefox?00:14
robinking623charlie-tca: right00:14
charlie-tcaThen remove your extensions and restart the computer. Then see if it crashes. If it does, you need to try a new profile for firefox00:14
robinking623charlie-tca: and I feel really weird that the xorg crashed down, but the mouse can still move and harddisk run sometimes.00:15
charlie-tcafirefox does that00:15
robinking623charlie-tca: but last time, I just want to click the icon of firefox, it crashed down00:16
charlie-tcaRemove any extensions and plugins for firefox (you can try disabling them), but you have to restart the computer, not just log off00:16
robinking623charlie-tca: I "wanted" to but I did not have the chance00:16
charlie-tcaIt could still be firefox doing something stupid, right?00:17
robinking623charlie-tca: you re right, but one time I just type something in the cli. it crashed down00:17
charlie-tcatry it. Then ask here again if it still crashes.00:18
robinking623charlie-tca: ok00:19
robinking623charlie-tca: I will just remove the firefox and use opera or chrome00:19
charlie-tcaTry epiphany, maybe?00:19
charlie-tcaMy eyes are blurring and I have to go rest them, now. Good luck.00:20
robinking623ok, see you good night00:21
Kangarooorobinking623: use chrome. its fast all the time.00:21
robinking623Kangarooo: already00:21
Kangaroooopera gets later bloated. maybe couse of saving all cache00:21
* robinking623 running memtest00:25
Kangarooorobinking623: does slider in firefox worked?00:25
robinking623Kangarooo: slider?00:25
Kangarooocan u get it active when in far right side? yes slider if page is bigger then screen00:26
robinking623Kangarooo: or you mean coolpreviews?00:27
Kangaroooslider. scroller.00:27
Kangarooomaybe im saying it wrong in english00:28
robinking623Kangarooo: is that a plugins? or Add-on?00:28
Kangaroooyou see this chat has text more then screen can show so theres slider to the right. with moving it u can see previous chat posts.00:29
Kangaroooisnt that called slider?00:29
robinking623Kangarooo: ok. you mean the slider of firefox?00:30
robinking623Kangarooo: and you asked if the slider of my firefox works?00:30
robinking623Kangarooo: it works00:30
Kangarooowell the same kind thingy in firefox if u have bigger page then u see the slider. so question: can u get it active with mouse clicking it to far right side?00:30
robinking623Kangarooo: without problem00:30
Kangarooo.. got some pidgin error.00:31
Kangarooook so u have xubuntu ? default theme?00:32
robinking623Kangarooo: right00:32
robinking623Kangarooo: I have ubuntu and xubuntu00:32
robinking623Kangarooo: and I have really big problem with my xubuntu laptop00:33
robinking623Kangarooo: 2 laptops00:33
Kangarooohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.5/+bug/530034 this bug u dont have?00:33
robinking623Kangarooo: sorry I am using firefox 3.600:35
robinking623Kangarooo: and I don't have that problem00:35
Kangarooohow u got 3.6 in xubuntu? 10.04xubuntu ?00:35
robinking623Kangarooo: ubuntu-tweak00:36
Kangaroooi have 9.10 latest updates and 3.5.800:36
robinking623Kangarooo: you just need the ppa with firefox 3.6 and00:36
robinking623Kangarooo: I know00:36
Kangarooowow. ok then ill try that and report that bug is removed00:36
robinking623Kangarooo: ok00:36
Kangaroooor u can also write if realy that bug is not working for u00:37
Kangarooohp problems?00:38
robinking623Kangarooo: I am busy debuging my old laptop00:40
robinking623Kangarooo: it crashed down randomly00:40
Kangarooook. but ubuntu tweak u hav on xubuntu?00:40
robinking623Kangarooo: yes00:41
Kangarooook im going to sleep also00:41
robinking623Kangarooo: xubuntu = xfce + ubuntu - gnome00:42
robinking623Kangarooo: me too. good night00:42
Kangaroooah robinking623 its not in synaptic so u took it from website?00:44
robinking623Kangarooo: right00:45
raevolhey guys01:56
raevoli set my laptop to a display resoltuoin that isn't supported while i was trying to get an external display to work01:56
raevolnow nothing displays on the screen after i log in01:56
raevoli can't find the config file where the resolution is stored01:56
raevolhow do i fix this01:56
raevolok it seems to have fixed itself01:57
raevolso is there any way to get support for external displays using the display manager in xfce?01:57
m0arI can't use alt+1 for the serverwindow in irssi when using xfce4-terminal :s02:36
m0arVery wierd, but /window 1 works02:36
m0arSame to alt+2,3,4 and so on02:36
robinking623hello everyone, I still have the problem with xfce09:11
Sysiyou could try to add acpi=off to kernel parameters09:30
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub209:30
Sysigksudo nano /etc/default/grub ; for a start09:31
robinking623Sysi: already, doesnot work09:37
robinking623Sysi: but I am sure the kernel is still working09:40
robinking623Sysi: but the xorg is crashed down09:40
robinking623Sysi: and it takes my usb keyboard away.09:41
robinking623just brb09:43
Sysii had same proble with propably same intel graphics card, it worked with acpi=off09:43
robinking623Sysi: any other ideas?09:47
Sysii had same proble with propably same intel graphics card, it worked with acpi=off09:48
pdg1hello hello?09:49
Sysiand with centos ir works straight after installation, old distro with old computer clearly..09:49
Sysihell pdg109:49
robinking623Sysi: no, you did not get my meaning. xfce works already, but it crashed sometimes down. then I have no chance to repair it09:49
Sysi*hello :D09:49
Sysirobinking623: maybe itäs my english, but i don't get whatäs your problem09:50
robinking623Sysi: I have only a usb keyboard09:50
pdg1is it just me, or does Karmic run a little slower on oldeer hardware than Hardy09:50
robinking623Sysi: but under windows xp, it works without problem09:51
Sysido you mean that your usb keyboard don't work?09:53
robinking623Sysi: after the xorg crashed down09:54
robinking623Sysi: no I mean the laptop09:54
robinking623Sysi: xfce works without problem with all my hardware. just still the xorg crashed09:55
robinking623Sysi: and it crashes down without telling me before..........09:55
robinking623Sysi: while the kernel it is still working09:56
Sysirobinking623: ...09:56
Sysiso you can gt to virtual terminal after xorg has crashed?09:56
Sysiwhy typing is so hard now..09:57
robinking623Sysi: you mean the tty, no I have no keyboard09:57
robinking623Sysi: so that is the point09:57
Sysiwhen that happened to me, i couldn't restart xorg even trough ssh09:58
Sysiso it was just about crashing09:58
Sysithat acpi=off fixed it but xorg took a lot of cpu power after that09:59
robinking623Sysi: I think I should change the version of xorg or intel driver09:59
robinking623Sysi: but acpi works but I need "noapic"09:59
Sysiyou can add that too09:59
robinking623Sysi: I tried, it crashes also10:00
Sysisounds difficult case10:00
robinking623Sysi: so I don't think that it the problem with acpi10:00
robinking623Sysi: really10:00
Sysirobinking623: but always worth a try10:00
Sysihave you tried older ubuntu release?10:01
robinking623Sysi: already but I 'd like to change the new version10:01
robinking623Sysi: because it works always without problem after boot for more than I hour10:02
robinking623Sysi: I will try to change the xorg10:02
Sysirobinking623: why do you want new version if it's crashing? :P10:02
robinking623Sysi: because it is just the point of xorg, not other things10:03
robinking623Sysi: now I am using the new kernel of ubuntu. it works after xorg crashed10:03
Sysirobinking623: i don't give this as proper advice but i use to say "don't fix it if it's working"10:04
robinking623Sysi: I just start to cp 50G files from one partition to another, it does still now10:04
robinking623Sysi: or I will try to use another distro10:05
robinking623Sysi: arch maybe10:05
Sysibtw, you don't need to hilight me everytime10:05
Sysirobinking623: that's not real linux solution, but that's what i did :D10:06
Sysimy old laptop now works like a charm with centos, i'd just like to test some bsd on it10:07
robinking623Sysi: but thank you anyway, I will continue googling10:07
robinking623Sysi: bsd works, I just have a friend who is using freebsd with his 2 laptop10:08
robinking623Sysi: they are working properly10:08
Sysii'm trying to consider, pcbsd or freebsd10:09
Sysimy friend has openbsd and he says it's a bit funny10:09
robinking623Sysi: why?10:10
Sysise said it's designed to shell-server or something10:10
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robinking623Sysi: that is right but you can running xorg on it and with desktop enviroment10:12
Sysii know10:13
Sysii use centos, everyone say that it's ment for servers10:13
robinking623Sysi: right, centos is just like rhel10:13
Sysisame source compiled with same settings10:14
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p0aHello when I boot my comp my monitor goes into 'power saving mode'11:36
p0aI bought a new monitor but I get the same problem11:36
p0aWhat would the problem be?11:36
TheSheepone possibility would be that the resolution is out of the monitor's range11:37
p0aIt didnq't happen before11:38
p0aand I didn't mess with anything software-wise11:38
TheSheepdoes switching to text mode with alt+ctrl+1 help?11:38
TheSheepwhen did it start?11:38
p0asome days ago11:39
p0ait happened, then the next day it was fine and i assumed it was something temp11:39
p0abut now it wont work again11:39
p0aI dont think text mode has to do anything with it, it doesn't even show GRUB menu or BIOS stuff...11:40
p0ait goes into power saving mode as soon as I boot the comp11:40
hatake_kakashiI reckon its acpi issue, rare on desktops though11:41
p0awhat's the remedy?11:42
hatake_kakashimight need to manually append that at boot11:42
p0awhat do you mean? how would I do anything without a monitor11:44
hatake_kakashiyou don't even get grub menu? something like press Esc to view menu?11:44
p0aas soon the comp fires up the monitor does it11:45
hatake_kakashiso you see BIOS and all but you can't see the hidden grub menu?11:45
p0aI dont think its xubuntu related, apologies for asking here but I dont know a more apt channel11:45
p0anot even bios11:45
hatake_kakashiits a hardware related issue, and you tried asking in ##hardware ?11:46
p0aok i will11:47
dzordzhow can i in xubuntu open keyring manager to disable asking for paswword?12:47
dzordzfor wifi12:47
jjdavis699i need help12:50
jjdavis699how do you enable effects12:52
samlhey does normal ubuntu packages work on xubuntu?12:52
dzordzsaml, yes12:53
rwwsaml: yeah12:53
samldzordz: thanks!12:53
samldo I need to reinstall things when newer version comes out?  upgrade instructions look hectic for normal users12:53
samli mean newer OS version like 9.1012:54
dzordz9.10 is already out12:55
dzordz10.04 will bee after 1month12:55
Sysino, everything is upgraded at the release upgrade12:56
Sysino need to any reinstalls12:56
Sysifor me upgrading seems easy, just run one command or use update manager12:58
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Sachse_SiechtumHello subspider  :-)17:19
Sachse_SiechtumHello ubottu :-)17:19
subspiderhello Sachse_Siechtum17:55
Sachse_SiechtumSachse_Siechtum,  how you doin? :-)17:55
subspidersorry i as not here17:55
Sachse_Siechtumah no problem17:55
subspideri'm doing fine and you??17:56
Sachse_SiechtumI'm great...just eating some salami toasts :-)17:56
Sachse_SiechtumDamn snow...18:01
robinking623Sysi: i have already solved problem18:36
robinking623Sysi: now i am using 804. and X.Org X Server
Sysigood that it's working18:36
robinking623Sysi: i think the driver in Xorg should be the reason18:37
Sysipropably so18:37
robinking623Sysi: that is the only difference18:38
robinking623Sysi: kernel maybe also18:38
faronhey ! you guys r talkin about xorg ! I had a question about that pro.........I was thinking about uninstalling that but I'm wondering what would happen if I did that ?18:40
faronNow,be informed...I am not a very comp literate person18:40
faronxorg sounds like it might be a kind of important pro but synaptic says that it is "optional"18:42
Sysifaron: if you use graphical stuff you need xorg18:42
Sysiif only command line, you don't18:42
faronI  was thinking about uninstalling it bue to it's memory use aha !18:42
faronSo,someone like me who really doesn't know much aboput comps shouild probably leave that one alone huh ?18:43
knomeprobably :P18:44
faronhey there knome ! how r ya taday ?18:44
knomei'm fine18:44
faronnice ta see ya18:45
knomeyou too18:45
faronhey knome ?18:45
knomefaron, yeah?18:45
faroncan I ask you a couple of questions about pidgin ?18:46
knomesure, but i don't know if i'm able to answer them18:46
faroncool.....#1 why when I join a chat am I not auto switched to that chat tab ?18:47
knomeno idea.18:47
faronI can't seem to find a setting for that18:47
knomethen it's maybe a "feature"18:47
faronhmmm is right...okay...how about this one...18:47
faronwhat does it mean when pidgin times you out & you go to your buddy list & click on "reconnect",but you just sit there staring at this message forever informing you  "connecting"  ??18:48
faronpidgin will not "reconnect me unless I close the entire pro down & reopen it18:49
knomeprobably does have something to do with bad connections to irc servers18:49
faronIt's works great until it times me out.But,it just won't allow me to use those "reconnect" buttons for soem reason18:51
faronhey knome ?18:53
faronwhen you said "feature" did you mean that that is probably like an extra ? you know...like an add on ?18:54
faronit seems like that would be like a default18:55
knomefaron, no18:58
knomefaron, i meant that maybe it is supposed to be so18:59
mtrgHi, how to change language input?19:35
mtrgOh, this is sad19:46
knomewhat is?19:47
mtrgknome: need to change my language input19:47
knomemtrg, see settings -> keyboard -> tab layout19:48
mtrgknome: but that's manual, isn't it?19:48
mtrgknome: , i need to automate it by alt+shift19:48
knomemtrg, do you need a fairy to change the layout?19:48
mtrgyeah, i change it alot19:49
knomemtrg, you probably need some kind of script which you then bind to alt+shift19:49
mtrgbut one more issue. Ctrl^C doesn't work with my keyboard layout19:49
mtrgit works with US, but not with my language19:50
mtrgah forget about it, i solved the Ctrl+C19:50
mtrgknome: which command should I use to change keyboard layout within xfce?19:50
mtrgknome: keyboard app has a sectionf or shortcuts. thinking to place it there.19:51
knomemtrg, yes, you need to put it there. i don't know what the command is for changing layout real-time, sorry.19:53
mtrgknome: setxkbmap?19:53
knomemtrg, probably.19:54
mtrgHow to disable sessions from being saved. I want to start a fresh session every time20:03
mtrgshould I untick on "launch gnome services on startup"?20:03
knomemtrg, check the logout dialog.20:05
mtrgknome: you mean untick?20:05
knomemtrg, no, click the quit button and see the logout dialog which appears.20:06
mtrgwhat's there?20:06
mtrgthere is a tick box on "Save session" -- should i untick it?20:06
knomemtrg, yes, if you want to start with a clean session.20:07
mtrgknome: but everytime, that tick box is there. i have to remove it everytime?20:07
knomemtrg, it should not be.20:07
mtrgknome: how to delete previous sessions?20:07
knomemtrg, if you untick it, it should keep unticked.20:07
knomemtrg, see settings -> session and startup20:07
knomemtrg, do you need step-by-step instructions?20:08
mtrgknome: no, but i can't find anything there that allows me to delete my sessions20:09
knomemtrg, you only have *one session*20:09
knomemtrg, which is launched every time.20:09
knomemtrg, if you save the session for future logins, it overrides the old ont.20:09
mtrgknome: but i get a drop-down menu for sessions, guess it allows me to choose sessions20:09
knomemtrg, which xubuntu version you are using?20:09
mtrgknome: 9.1020:10
knomemtrg, okay, then the sessions you mean is a different thing.20:10
knomemtrg, they allow you to run gnome or even kde20:10
knomemtrg, they have nothing to do with xfce sessions20:10
mtrgknome: any idea how xfce4-keyboard-setting changes the layout neatly?20:12
mtrgi want to place it in a shortcut, or write an application to do so20:13
knomemtrg, as i said, you probably should write a script for that20:13
mtrgbut that script needs to call soemthing. at least an api20:13
knomemtrg, which invokes setxkbmap (?) or some other app to change the layout20:13
knomemtrg, or you can run setxkbmap directly, but then i suppose you'd have to create one shortcut per layout20:14
mtrgright. but that has another weird issue.20:15
mtrgI can't do Ctrl^C shortcuts with the other layout20:15
mtrgbut when I change it with the GUI, i can still Ctrl^C20:15
mtrgsetxkbmap us <-- this is the command i use20:15
mtrgbut instead of us, my layout20:15
mtrgsuch as, setxkbmap fr20:16
knomemtrg, when you are at the other layout, add a new keyboard shortcut again for the command20:17
mtrgknome: where can i find xorg.conf?20:21
knomemtrg, you shouldn't poke xorg.conf if you don't know what you are doing, but it's at /etc/X11/xorg.conf - it also might be empty.20:22
mtrgknome: doesn't exist in that name20:23
mtrgknome: I want to add an option to toggle layouts20:23
knomemtrg, the new ubuntu tries to get away from xorg.conf.20:23
mtrgwhere is it then..20:23
knomemtrg, you can create that file, if you DEFINITELY want to hassle with xorg.conf20:23
knomemtrg, it either is in /etc/X11/xorg.conf (note the uppercase X), or it doesn't exist.20:24
mtrgyeah, uppercase, not there20:24
mtrgwondering how does xfce4-keyboard-settings already switches keyboard layout20:24
knomemtrg, if it doesn't exist, and you still want to use one, feel free to create one.20:25
mtrgknome: I found a neat solution..20:30
knomemtrg, good to hear20:30
mtrgknome: configured layouts using xfce4-keyboard-settings the normal way20:30
mtrgknome: just executed this at shell: setxkbmap -option "grp:alt_shift_toggle"20:31
knomemtrg, okay :)20:31
mtrgknome:  it's sad why doesn't xcfe-keybaord-settings doesn't automatically push options field20:31
knomethe xfce developers try to keep the options visible to minimum20:32
knomeso the layout stays simple/clean20:32
mtrgwondeering where it saves language settings. i'd better edit it20:33
mtrgdoesn't look neat enough to run a service that pushes -options "" everytime20:33
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mtrgXubuntu ROCKS -- all issues solved :)21:22
mtrgThanks everyone for their efforts in making such great operating system21:23
DerHorstmtrg: I try xubuntu since today21:27
DerHorstFirst look is great, I hope that I am as happy as you in a few days =)21:27
DerHorstbut enough for today21:28
Kangarooohow can i start keyring manager in xubuntu?21:48
mintrepublichi guys22:10
mintrepublici'm having some trouble installing xubuntu22:10
mintrepublici have an old hp from 2004 with an AMD Athlon 64 3400+ and a gig of ram22:11
mintrepublici burned the x64 iso to a cd and booted to it22:12
mintrepublicthe screen came up, but no matter what i select- install, livecd option, ram check, they all do the same thing22:12
mintrepublictakes me to a black screen with a dog icon in the middle, then just black22:13
mintrepublici'm not sure what i'm doing wrong22:13
likemindeadHa... it's a mouse, not a dog.22:16
likemindeadOther than that, I'm not sure I can help, though. Sorry.22:16
likemindeadI've always gone with 32-bit. :-\22:16
faronlikemindead does that name have anything to do with being "Gratefully" minded ?? {Heh,heh}22:19
mintrepublichaha, my monitor is a tv screen, so i couldn't see that well22:19
mintrepublici might try the alternate install next22:19
likemindeadI don't follow, faron.22:20
faronnevermind then...sort of a Grateful Dead issue22:21
Sysimintrepublic: how long you've waited with black screen?22:21
faronthought you might be a fellow follower422:21
faronfollower {no4}22:21
mintrepublici just left it on in the living room, so about 15-20 minutes22:22
likemindeadmintrepublic, 9.10 or 10.04 or ...?22:32
mintrepublicoh sorry, 9.1022:32
mintrepublic9.10 desktop amd64, to be exact22:33
Kangarooomintrepublic: i had once a problem with installing xubuntu 9.10 and none of options worked then i cleaned cd as i saw it was with fat from food :) still didnt work then i rewrited (it was rewritablecd) and then i installed with it 3 comps22:48
Kangarooomaybe oyur cd has butter on it? :)22:48
Kangarooobreathe on it and then clean in clothe.. ;)22:49
Kangarooolikemindead: one my friend thought it was a bear :)22:49
mintrepublicI doubt it has butter or anything else on it since I just took it out of the spindle...22:53
networkrcan anyone help me in editing my menu in Xubuntu Karmic?23:49
networkrI just loaded spicebird and that doesn't populate menu since it' just a tarball23:49
networkrall these people logged in and nobody can help me with editing my menu?????23:53

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