JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I just tried k-d-i for a non-archive app. It complained about not finding a -dbg package, but I clicked continue. I then got this: http://imagebin.ca/view/B5mqqvY.html00:40
JontheEchidnaIs that supposed to happen?00:40
freinhardshtylman: your changes arent't in a daily build yet?01:17
freinhard(talking about ubiquity)01:17
Riddellno, tomorrow if it builds01:18
shtylmanfreinhard: ^01:21
freinhardyeehaw, finally a working installer :D (got a brand new asus 1005pe netbook and the 9.10 kernel somehow doesn01:22
freinhard't do the trick01:22
ScottKal: I'd ask dpm any translation questions.02:51
ScottKMostly what we do here is complain about Launchpad translations.02:51
vorianrosetta ****03:08
vorianthousands upon thousands of emails from thee have violated my inbox03:14
* crimsun forwards more to vorian 03:17
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: uhm11:15
apacheloggermessed up return value handling it seems11:16
apachelogger+ need security net in case the list of debug packages is empty11:16
apacheloggeragateau: isnt there a kstandardguiitem for continue?11:17
agateauapachelogger: maybe, I must confess I didn't check11:17
* agateau checks11:17
agateauapachelogger: there is one, but no convenient method to get it,11:18
agateauapachelogger: so you must instantiate it with KStandardGuiItem(KStandardGuiItem::Continue)11:18
apacheloggernah, api says I can use cont :P11:19
agateaumissed it11:19
apacheloggeragateau: should you feel like it, I think kstandardguiitem could use an install too11:28
apacheloggerat least every package manager implements it, kghns too I think, and probably some smaller usecases too11:29
agateauapachelogger: could be a good idea, but then we would need uninstall as well (and maybe update?)11:30
apacheloggerme thinks that remove is more suitable than install anyway11:30
apacheloggerupdated would be needed though11:31
agateauI assume you meant *un*install11:31
agateauthe goal of those gui items is to provide generic semantic items,11:32
agateauwhether uninstall label should be "Uninstall" or "Remove" is another question11:32
apacheloggeroh, then I suppose adding install requires uninstall too ^^11:33
apacheloggeror just have uninstall map to remove :P11:33
sebasshtylman: VPN stuff is in, btw11:33
sebasIf you're alive already :)11:33
* apachelogger should have gone to bed11:36
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: now I unstand the problem ^^11:36
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: make your choice: quickndirty, just ask that question and present an error if the packagelist is empy in askInstall, not so dirty but more code: implement a new messagebox that errors out if the packagelist is empty (used within both query functions)11:38
* apachelogger is wondering if that makes sense at all :D11:38
Riddelldpm: what's the URL to translations for the kubuntu-debug-installer package?11:39
dpmRiddell, it should be https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/kubuntu-debug-installer if 'kubuntu-debug-installer' is the name of the source package. It seems though, that it is not set up for translation, since it does not create a POT template on build (or it might do and it hasn't appeared yet in the imports queue)11:43
Riddellit should make kubuntu-debug-installer.pot11:44
apacheloggerRiddell, dpm: maybe it needs to be rebuilt after moving from universe to main?11:45
dpmapachelogger, Riddell, yeah, it needs to be rebuilt after promotion11:46
apacheloggerok, I'll do a new upload later today11:46
Riddelloh really?11:46
apacheloggergot some fixes in queue anyway11:46
Riddellthat sounds like something I should know about11:46
dpmRiddell, that's in the info box on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Internationalisation/Packaging#Language%20Packs11:47
apacheloggeryay irish stuff in the petville furniture store :D11:50
apacheloggerNightrose: must go shopping ^^11:50
Nightrosemust work!11:51
Nightrosedistractions are evil :(11:51
apacheloggerthat said, I should take a shower and meet some people on campus :S11:51
apacheloggerNightrose: go work then, I shall care for your pet :)11:52
Nightroseyou're the bestest11:52
apacheloggerI know11:52
* apachelogger hugs Nightrose11:52
Riddellrevu needed http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/kopete-message-indicator12:38
shadeslayerQuintasan: ping13:00
persiaRiddell: re: kopete-message-indicator: RPATH, short description, symlink GPL reference, lack of disclaimer/GPL header in source files, No license header in some source files.13:17
persiaRiddell: I can reject it, or if you think you'll get a positive review from someone else, ignore it :)13:18
* apachelogger does a revu too :D13:21
apacheloggerRiddell: shouldnt it suggest the indicator plasmoid?13:24
apacheloggere.g. on an ubuntu system you would not want the plasmoid I suppose13:24
apacheloggerpersia: what source file does not contain a license header?13:25
persiaapachelogger: CMakeLists.txt13:26
persia(I know this is usual, or I wouldn't have offered the option of not rejecting)13:26
apacheloggerthat does not qualify as source code13:26
apacheloggerit is like you would license a 3 line shell script13:27
apacheloggersimply doenst qualify for it13:27
persiatoo trivial?13:27
Riddellpersia: symlink GPL reference?13:27
persiaRiddell: debian/copyright talks about /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL rather than GPL-313:27
persiaand you have no guarantee what that symlink targets.13:28
Riddellpersia: it's guaranteed to be GPL 2 or later surely which is what I want13:28
persiaRiddell: Depends how people backport :)  I'm picky.13:29
Riddellapachelogger: i think that's complex enough to be copywrited, but like the rest of the source code it's obviously ment to be covered by the licence in COPYING13:29
persiaThe only serious issue is really RPATH : the rest is mostly fluff.13:29
* apachelogger thought that we prevent rpathing via kdelibs?13:29
apacheloggeror the build tools13:29
apacheloggervia some magic anyway13:29
Riddellpersia: I have taken that question to the tech board in the distant past, they referred me to debian who didn't give much response except one guy who said "that makes sense"13:29
RiddellI can't say I have a problem with RPATHs13:30
persiaRiddell: RPATH or symlink license?13:30
Riddellpersia: symlink license13:30
* persia has had issues with RPATHs actually breaking stuff in games. Depends on the RPATH.13:30
persiaRiddell: I guess :)13:31
apacheloggerRiddell: I would look into rpath because it is caused by something lowlevelish and could easily be fixed for all kde builds13:31
* Riddell wonders what the difference is between indicator-applet and indicator-messages13:34
persiaindicator-applet is a gnome-panel applet.13:34
persiaindicator-messages is a client that sits in that applet and monitors for messaging stuff (e.g. pidgin/evoluton)13:35
* persia isn't sure if it works with kmail13:35
Riddellcertainly should do13:39
Riddell/usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/makefiles/1/cdbs/kde.mk says "Skip RPATH if kdelibs5-dev is older than 4:4.4.0"13:40
Riddellso presumably Debian folks have some good reason to include rpath now13:40
Riddell"  * No longer globally skip RPATH handling in cmake if kdelibs5-dev is 4:4.4.013:41
Riddell    or higher. kde4libs build system has been properly fixed in 4:4.4.0-1.13:41
RiddellI wonder what "properly fixed" means13:41
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shadeslayerapachelogger: btw suppose i want to package ktorrent from bzr _but_ only the last beta release,what do i use?13:46
=== rdieter is now known as rdieter_
=== rdieter_ is now known as rdieter
apacheloggerRiddell: cmake implementation change14:16
apacheloggerRiddell: I think the rpath was caused by recursive linking of cmake or something14:16
apacheloggerdpm, Riddell: new kubuntu-debu-installer uploaded14:16
apacheloggershadeslayer: I am not sure I understand14:16
dpmapachelogger, ok, thanks, I'll keep an eye on the imports queue and approve it when it pops up14:17
shadeslayerapachelogger: um,ok,how do i put the last ktorrent beta release in my PPA with the bazar enhancements14:18
shadeslayerlike : 4.4Beta1+bazar14:18
apacheloggerdch the new version14:19
apacheloggerthen run bzr-buildpackage -S14:19
shadeslayerso download the sources from ktorrent.org and the usual procedure,till debuild -S -sa?14:20
apacheloggerbzr-buildpackage -S already builds a source package14:21
apacheloggersee manpage for further information14:21
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Quintasanshadeslayer: pong14:44
Tonio_hum I noticed rekonq needs konq-plugins for some configuration sections14:49
Tonio_and konq-plugins depends on konqueror, which means we need konqueror installed to correctly use rekonq :)14:49
Tonio_shouldn't we rename konq-plugins, not depending on konqueror, and make both konqueror and rekonq depend on the new package ?14:50
Tonio_I'd propose to rename konq-plugins to kde-web-plugins, sort of14:50
Tonio_probably too much of a change this late, anyway... I don't know14:51
RiddellTonio_: renaming is for upstream to do15:00
Riddellbut you could change the depends to a recommends or the like15:00
Tonio_Riddell: kk15:06
shtylmansebas: I am indeed alive :) is it packaged? or should I pull sources? ... I will try to test it more tonight when I am not at work15:15
sebasshtylman: hey :) you'll need to pull sources, it's in kdereview/networkmanagement15:15
sebasthe changes include a "virtual interface" for VPN connections15:15
sebasworks fine here with a PPTP VPN15:16
shtylmansebas: sounds good... I will most certainly give that a try ... any gotchas I should be looking out for?15:16
sebasI also tried openvpn, but couldn't get it to connect using NM15:16
sebasthe virtual interface only shows up when you've VPN connections available on the right15:16
sebasand it shouldn't crash, but I might not have caught all cases as I changed an assumption that a function can now also return nullpointers15:17
sebasin that case, a bt would be useful of course15:18
shtylmansebas: noted15:18
sebasshtylman: otherwise ... have fun :)15:20
shtylmanRiddell: new installer artwork committed15:32
shtylmanI would recommend pulling the squares.png from it for the firefox installer15:32
Riddellshtylman: groovy15:36
Riddellshtylman: unfortunately the installer isn't too well on today's CD15:36
Riddellcolins permissions fix seems to have some side effects15:37
shtylmanRiddell: not too well :( ?15:39
Riddellshtylman: when in install only mode it doesn't seem to do any installing, only shows the progress dialogue15:43
Riddellthere's no side tabs15:43
Riddellthere's no language page (deliberate in install only mode?)15:44
Riddelland in the live session when started it moans about not being able to edit config files in /root and crashes15:44
shtylmanRiddell: no side tabs and no language page is my bad... It should be fixed in my commit last night15:56
nixternalgood morning kubuntu!15:56
Riddellshtylman: ah good15:57
shtylmanRiddell: about not installing... not sure on that one...15:57
RiddellI also had an error when starting the manual partitioner just to complete my list15:57
RiddellI guess I'll play around with permissions stuff to see if I can get any advance on where colin got to15:58
shtylmanRiddell: was the permissions change frontend agnostic?15:58
shtylmanor does it affect only kubuntu ?15:58
Riddellonly kubuntu15:59
shtylmanthats unfortunate...16:00
shtylmanpermissions reguarding what exactly?16:00
Riddellshtylman: well ubiquity wasn't starting in the install only mode with some error about dbus from KApplication which was something to do with the setuids used16:00
shadeslayerQuintasan: oh apachelogger sorted it out :)16:01
Riddell"Drop real UID/GID when initialising KApplication.  The real and effective IDs need to match, but raising them means we can't talk to D-Bus.  Instead, use saved IDs to store our root privileges so that we can get them back (LP: #526486)."16:02
shtylmanyea...I saw that comment as well16:02
shadeslayeroohh... amarok changed their splash screen16:02
shtylmandoes the installer work in normal live cd mode?16:02
Riddellshtylman: something crashes but then the installer seems to start anyway16:03
Riddellhaven't tried it to completion yet16:03
shtylmanalso... the install only mode? shouldn't that be a gui greeter now?16:03
Riddellshtylman: GUI greeter?16:03
shtylmanRiddell: maybe they haven't enabled it.. but the try kubuntu vs install kubuntu options is now part of the installer gui16:04
Riddellshtylman: err, huh?16:05
shtylmanRiddell: http://people.canonical.com/~evand/tmp/ubiquity-greeter-2.png16:05
shtylmannot sure if it has been enabled... or how to use it... but I did add the functionality for us as well16:05
Riddellwhat happens if you want to try then install?16:05
Riddellgood thing we have you to keep on top of these things!16:05
shtylmanI think when you hit try it just loads the normal destkop16:05
shtylmanand then you can just install as normal16:06
shtylmanthat screen only shows when running the installer with --greeter16:06
shtylmanlemme ping ev and see if it was supposed to work16:06
shtylmanRiddell: [11:07] <ev> if a key isn't pressed isolinux will boot the live CD with the maybe-ubiquity option16:08
shtylmanubiquity-maybe then launches ubiquity with the greeter option16:08
Riddellthat's not what I'm seeing on today's image16:08
shtylmanand shows you the greeter you see in the screenshot...16:08
Riddellalso ev just said this in their team meeting "16:05 < ev> mostly ubiquity UI changes after a meeting the other day with the design team"16:09
RiddellI wonder what those UI changes are16:09
shtylmanRiddell: no idea...16:09
apacheloggerRiddell: can you give FFe for qtcreator?16:10
apacheloggeror do I have to go to motu for that?16:10
Riddellapachelogger: I could consider such a request16:10
Riddellmotu don't exist now16:10
shtylmanRiddell:  <cjwatson> none of it's turned on for Kubuntu yet16:10
Riddellall one happy family, or something16:10
apacheloggerso where do I go? :P16:11
shtylmanthat would explain it16:11
apacheloggerdo I not need ffe anymore? :P16:11
apacheloggerdo it yourself FFe?16:11
Riddellapachelogger: file a bug, subscribe ubuntu-release, ping me to approve16:11
Riddellapachelogger: this is a danimo approved upload?16:11
apacheloggerRiddell: no, I do need danimo approval for that?16:12
apachelogger...would be a sync anyway...16:12
apachelogger1.3.0 is current in archives, 1.3.1 is upstream + debian experimental16:12
Riddellas the upstream-who-cares it's best to have danimo's opinion and follow it on which version to ship16:13
* danimo thought he had seen 1.3.1 in the repo yesterday16:13
danimoapachelogger: go for it. I will test it tonight :)16:13
danimowe are about to release 2.0.0-alpha1 anyway, so w need to put 1.3.1 in to remain one version behind in ubuntu :)16:14
danimoRiddell: btw: is launchpad associated with our jira bug tracker?16:14
shtylmanRiddell: apparently we need a pre-boot-menu screen: http://lh4.ggpht.com/_FJH0hYZmVtc/S5eHHDoQ0xI/AAAAAAAAGgQ/HRyChBc6xcc/s1600-h/livecd1[4].png16:15
apacheloggerif launchpad was of any use with automated builds I would drop ppa packages all day long :P16:15
Riddellshtylman: mm hmm, I wonder how we get one of those16:15
shtylmanthat is one part of it...16:15
apacheloggerlike *cough* obs *cough*16:15
shtylmancjwatson seemed to say we just make one... and tell them what it should look like...16:15
shtylmanlogo would be the first step16:16
Riddelldanimo: can't say I've heard of jira16:16
Riddellshtylman: mm well no logo has appeared yet, current estimate is monday :(16:16
danimoRiddell: It's the most popular (propritary) bug tracker out there16:16
danimobut it's pretty neat16:16
shtylmanRiddell: sadness16:16
shtylmanI havn't come up with anything good either16:17
apacheloggerin case anyone cares: kubuntu-bugs team now monitors qtcreator on launchpad16:17
shtylmanI suppose we have to wait then...16:17
apacheloggerand that thingy needs to be triaged16:17
shtylmanunless we want to use the ubuntu one for now?16:17
Riddellshtylman: ubuntu one is fine for now16:17
txwikingerDo we have any kubuntu bugs for tomorrow's bug hugging day?16:17
Riddelltxwikinger: is there a theme?16:18
txwikingerwell ubuntu does ubiquity or something like that16:18
* apachelogger finds it terrific how ubuntu manages to involve kde stuff in the bug hugs16:18
apacheloggerdanimo: does qtcreator happen to have a changelog somewhere?16:19
danimoapachelogger: dist/changelog-* ? :)16:19
danimodist/changes-* even16:19
* apachelogger hands danimo a cookie16:19
txwikingerRiddell: I will have at least one event fo global bug jam weekend organised.. if there is some kubuntu stuff you want me to put into it please feel free to give me a heads up16:20
Riddelltxwikinger: apachelogger just said that qtcreator bugs need triaged16:21
txwikingerok.. I will have a look into that later today16:21
apacheloggerthey mostly need to go upstream really16:21
apachelogger+ one is clearly invalid16:21
apacheloggerwe did not deploy qtcreator in jaunty :)16:21
shtylmanRiddell: any logo possibilities to look at?16:24
apacheloggerRiddell: bug 53674816:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 536748 in qtcreator "[FFe] qtcreator 1.3.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53674816:24
apacheloggeragateau: thanks for the button changes btw :)16:26
agateauapachelogger: you're welcome :)16:27
apacheloggerRiddell: actually we cant sync due to transitional packages16:34
* apachelogger hates them transitional packages -.-16:34
apacheloggerthat diff is rather pointless alright16:35
Riddellapachelogger: approved!16:37
apacheloggerRiddell: thanks16:38
apacheloggerfabo: ping16:38
* apachelogger smells full-source branch16:45
apacheloggerin the name of lord vader!16:46
* apachelogger drops the pointless delta of qtcreator16:46
Riddellagateau: yo16:53
Riddellagateau: trying out the new libdbusmenu-qt16:53
agateauRiddell: bum rush the show!16:53
Riddellfirst time I click on an icon the menu shows but with the top left at the mouse cursor so it's off the bottom of the screen16:53
Riddellsecond time it's ok16:53
Riddellalso plasma-desktop has this is red letter on its output "void DBusMenuImporter::slotAboutToShowDBusCallFinished(QDBusPendingCallWatcher*): Call to AboutToShow() failed: "No such method 'AboutToShow' in interface 'org.ayatana.dbusmenu' at object path '/MenuBar' (signature 'i')"16:54
agateauRiddell: mmm... the menu position is a problem with the way the menu is filled16:54
agateauthe AboutToShow problem is probably because you have a program running with the previous version of libdbusmenu-qt16:55
agateaurestarting the program should make that warning go away16:55
agateaummm... it may even help with the menu position16:56
Riddellagateau: it does seem to yes16:59
Riddellwhat's the keyboard switching applet binary called?16:59
Riddelland if I don't start it with kdeinit it gets fixed too17:03
Riddelland knetworkmanager works too with agateau's patch17:04
agateauRiddell: not the nicest one I ever wrote :)17:05
Riddellit's a thing of beauty worthy of Leonardo17:06
Riddellor at least Michaelangelo, who had nunchucks and was always my favourite hero turtle17:06
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apacheloggerfabo: could you please ensure that qtcreator's rules uses qmake-qt4 explicitly and that it gets converted to source format 317:17
apacheloggerin debian that is17:17
apacheloggerbonus points for making it dh7 :D17:17
apacheloggersikon converted all the direct tarball changes coming from the git-maintained nature of qtcreator into patches and created one majorly pointless delta17:18
* apachelogger should be on campus in 12 minutes17:18
apacheloggeroh my17:18
* shadeslayer teleports apachelogger 17:21
=== shadeslayer is now known as shadeslayer_
apacheloggerthat almost turned out good17:36
Riddellsurprisingly effective teleporter17:37
ScottKTeleporting is one thing where "almost" can be very concerning.17:42
nixternalanyone know if the latest alt images are good to go? I want to install Lucid on my lappy and don't want to update18:54
maco2ryanakca & nixternal: http://notalwaysright.com/yukon-see-it-on-a-map-part-2/460918:55
maco2(ryan's canadian, right?)18:55
nixternalmaco2: wtf?18:56
ScottKmaco2: Yes.18:56
nixternalthat is hillarious18:56
maco2ScottK: ok good i poked the right people then18:58
maco2anyone running lucid wanna test spim from my ppa?18:58
maco2so i can upload it to lucid18:58
ScottKmaco2: Your testing should be fine.18:59
ScottK 'cause if you broke it, I know you'll fix it later.18:59
maco2ScottK: i'm not running lucid though19:00
maco2http://paste.ubuntu.com/392709/ <-- sample assembly program |  my ppa --> https://edge.launchpad.net/~maco.m/+archive/ppa  || save asm text to a file, run "xspim" from same dir (or get spim from menu but then you need to type a long path...), click "load" and give it the path to the asm file. "run" "ok" it'll ask for input.. type a number and hit enter. if you put 5 it should say 5, if you put 7: 13, if you put 8:21... etc. it's fibonacci19:05
nixternali love how easy assembly looks code wise19:08
nixternalone more time...anyone know if the current daily is working? I am getting ready to wipe my lappy, my main system, please hold my hand, I am scared19:13
ScottKnixternal: I know there were Ubiquity issues with/after Alpha 3 and I don't know if they've been resolved.19:14
ScottKFor the alternate, no idea.19:14
nixternalyeah, i don't use the desktop installer, i prefer the alternate19:14
nixternaloh my, alt installed just fine, now running lucid on my lappy, and the default fonts are mmm mmm good19:48
Riddelldesktop CD isn't working too well today19:55
nixternalalt is working perfectly19:55
Riddellwell that's something :)19:56
nixternalI really love the default fonts in Lucid20:00
nixternalno need to shrink down things to make space20:00
nixternalthough, the default clock setting is garbage.... 02:01 pm <- should just be 2:01 pm, because 02:01 is equivalent to 2am20:01
nixternalplus everyone should use 24-hour time :)20:02
Riddell12 vs 24 hours is in the system locale I think20:03
nixternalyeah, first thing I do is change that to 2420:03
nixternalor HH:MM20:04
Riddellputting a 0 infront for 12 hour clock seems like a bug for upstream20:04
nixternalpH:MM:SS ampm I think was the regex used20:04
nixternalI love it, "The Underpants Bomber" ... man, I would be pissed if that was the nickname they gave to me20:05
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Riddell"#kubuntu-devel  (   9) jr made admin by jussi01"  /me feels the power20:22
jussi01Riddell: you had the power anyway, just fixing the LP thing.20:24
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
nixternaljussi01: gimme some power! :p20:42
jussi01nixternal: no! P20:43
jussi01nixternal: btw, very funny blog post20:43
nixternalwhy thank you :)20:44
* daskreech signs a paper "By the Castle of GreySkull" and hands it to nixternal21:02
nixternalI think I am going to leave the stock theme with this lucid install...it looks really good21:18
maco2Riddell: are you on lucid?21:29
skreech_Is Canonical going to extend the Music store offer to Amarok?21:35
maco2skreech_: i thought popey's blog said there was an amarok plugin for it21:35
skreech_Haven't been following Popey's blog21:36
skreech_I kinda track what's going on in Kubuntu via KDE21:36
skreech_so I have no idea about what's happening in Gnome Land21:36
maco2i'd guess the plugin is only in kubuntu not upsteram21:37
skreech_Just read http://mairin.wordpress.com/ which is pretty cool21:37
maco2but popey was dissecting the music store code and posting it on his blog so it would go on planet ubuntu21:37
skreech_Yeah I doubt upstream would accept it. But if it's in Kubuntu coming from Ubuntu side which is coming from Canonical side i'm likely to miss it21:37
skreech_I still don't know what the new Ubuntu theme looks like. I've seen the wallpaper21:37
skreech_I know that Canonical is doing a theme branding refresh for Kubuntu so that's neat21:38
maco2the phrase being used is "warm vanilla" for the light gtk theme21:38
maco2its like silver with a yellowy wash21:38
maco2and the buttons on the left21:39
skreech_I heard about buttons on the left as well21:39
maco2but not in the same order as what people-who-use-buttons-on-left (ie mac users) are used to21:39
skreech_and people running screaming to KDE21:39
skreech_which is kinda silly since you can just revert them21:39
=== skreech_ is now known as Daskreech
maco2shhh dont tell them that!21:39
maco2we's gettin' kde konverts!21:39
DaskreechI did for quite a few but apparently except for one it's latent jealousy21:40
DaskreechThey just wanted some reason to try out KDE :)21:40
Riddellmaco2: yes21:40
maco2Riddell: can you help with my "plz test spim" request above?21:40
DaskreechAlso seems to be quite a number of people are running ubuntu on the desktop and KNR on the netbooks/laptop21:40
Riddellmaco2: the assembly thing?21:41
maco2Riddell: yes21:41
Riddellmaco2: that spim thing seems to work21:59
ryanakcamaco2: Haha :P21:59
maco2Riddell: thanks dear21:59
maco2ok uploaded to lucid.  and ScottK waved his magic release manager wand in case anyone gets upset. it was logged in this channel 2 nights ago22:02
neversfeldemhh, there is a problem with colibri22:24
Riddellneversfelde: we know, agateau was looking into solutions22:25
Tonio_Riddell: would you consider konqueror should recommend or depend on konq-plugins ?22:42
Tonio_Riddell: I'd say recommend22:42
apacheloggeroh dear, almost midnight again22:49
RiddellTonio_: why should it do either?22:49
shtylmanI hear it happens22:49
apacheloggerand maths lecture at 8am -.-22:49
Riddellapachelogger: quick come to Scotland, we have over an hour of day left22:49
apacheloggerhehe :D22:49
* apachelogger starts the blog machine22:50
descendent87Riddel: Where abouts in scotland are you from? Been to aviemore once and played loads of gigs in Glasgow22:51
descendent87like scotland, it's just bloody cold :P22:51
Tonio_Riddell: hum my bad, rekonq should depend on kdebase-bin, not konq-plugins...22:55
Tonio_Riddell: looks like my "autoremove" alias got me to the wrong package... fixing...22:55
Riddelldescendent87: Edinburgh, and it was nice and sunny earlier (still cold mind)22:58
descendent87ah cool, yeah few times I've been there it's been sunny but still freezing. Still it beats rain all the time (I live in wales haha)22:58
Riddell"The membership status of Ben Court (descendent87) in the team Kubuntu Users (kubuntu-users) was changed by the user himself from Deactivated to Approved." welcome along descendent87 :)23:14
descendent87thanks, learning C++/QT at the moment aswell so hopefully soon I can help out with some development etc23:15
* Riddell prods ScottK for not committing his kubuntu-netbook-default-settings change to bzr23:25
Riddellprod in a kindly way of course :)23:25
RiddellScottK: that's the autostart issue solved with any luck, no more casper hacks, just overriding the files in k-n-d-s23:25
Riddellalso I set the search and launch page to be the default (and upstream just did the same in trunk) and I added the logout widget to the panel23:26
vorianis there something that may need working on this evening?23:28
shtylmanthere is always something that needs working on23:28
Riddellwe need our Beta 1 release wiki page made, and I'd like the feedback part at the bottom to point to the feedback plasmoid23:32
Riddellalso kubuntu-firefox-installer needs its stylesheet brought into line with ubiquity23:32
shtylmanfeedback plasmoid!!23:32
shtylmanhow come I never see him pop up and ask me stuff :(23:33
Riddellhmm, there's an idea, we could have a gear logo saying "hi, I see you're trying to install kubuntu, would you like some help?"23:33
shtylmanthat would actually be kinda cool23:34
vorianhrm, beta freeze is on the morrow right?23:36
voriani could work on the wiki, i'll just need some catching up on where we are at23:36
Riddellit comes around soon23:36
neversfeldewe should try to get Amarok in23:37
Riddellfirefox kde integration is in23:37
voriantick tock23:37
RiddellARM is building23:39
Riddellagateau has ported everything to the new systray protocol23:39
shtylmannow if we only had chromium integration :(23:43
voriani'll have time to peek in the sponsors queue as well23:44
apacheloggershtylman: chromium doesnt integrate that badly :P23:46
apacheloggerapachelogger:    End of stream23:47
apacheloggerKCrash: Application 'apachelogger' crashing...23:48
apacheloggerApplication: Harald Sitter (apachelogger), signal: Bus error23:50
apachelogger#6  0x00ece422 in __kernel_vsyscall ()23:50
apachelogger#7  0x00728f93 in __read_nocancel () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.623:50
apachelogger#8  0x06bb43da in readRandomHiString (this=0x8a9e440, data=0x8aaadb0, len=16384) at /usr/include/bits/unistd.h:4523:50
maco2what the...23:52
* apachelogger follows goo ball to go find the tower of goo23:52
apacheloggeroh my, already that late, I should go to bed23:52
JontheEchidnaobviously apachelogger settings were not saved before the crash :P23:53

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