ojwbhas launchpad.net's openid provision been turned off?01:30
wgrantojwb: Shouldn't have. What suggests that?01:32
ojwbwell, it's not working for me, and I read a few weeks ago that login was migrating to an ubuntu.com subdomain01:33
wgrantThat hasn't happened yet -- all that's happened is that launchpad.net now authenticates against login.launchpad.net.01:33
ojwbok, thanks01:33
ojwbperhaps I reset my password and have forgotten01:33
* ojwb will reset it now and see01:33
ojwbhmm, can i reset password from being logged in?  I don't see a link or button anywhere01:34
wgrantDo it from login.launchpad.net. This only changed about a week ago, so the workflows are not exactly optimised yet.01:35
wgrantOr login.ubuntu.com. Either will work.01:35
ojwbwill launchpad stop doing openid eventually?01:35
* ojwb worries about having to reset various sites to a new openid if it will...01:36
wgrantlogin.launchpad.net will disappear soon. But https://launchpad.net/~username should continue to delegate forever, AIUI.01:37
brycehhi everyone, I've got a question about how to use launchpadlib to identify the bug_watch for a given bug01:38
brycehhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/511001 is a good example01:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 511001 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i855] Lucid Freeze shortly after X startup" [Unknown,Confirmed]01:40
wgrantbryceh: Try the bug_watches collection on a bug, or the bug_watch attribute of a bug task.01:40
brycehin launchpad there is a single upstream bug shown as associated with this (#26345)01:40
ojwbah, looking at the saved passwords it becomes clear01:40
brycehhowever when I look in the bug_watches collection on it, it shows several watches01:40
ojwbI have a different one saved for login.launchpad.net to bug.l.n and l.n01:41
bryceh25325 NEW01:41
bryceh26333 NEW01:41
bryceh26345 NEW01:41
bryceh26746 RESOLVED DUPLICATE01:41
wgrantbryceh: Right, you can see them if you look in the porlet at the bottom of the right column.01:41
wgrantbryceh: TO get the one currently linked, find the bug task of interest and check the bug_watch attribute.01:41
ojwbso I guess authentication moving to login.l.n was the change that "broke me"01:41
wgrantojwb: Interesting, since they've always used the same database01:41
ojwbwgrant: I reset the password at some point, but presumably haven't used login.l.n since01:42
ojwbwgrant: and thanks for the reassurance on openid01:42
brycehwgrant, unfortunately that is undefined01:42
wgrantbryceh: You're looking at the right task?01:42
brycehlet me doublecheck01:43
wgrantIt works for me.01:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 511001 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i855] Lucid Freeze shortly after X startup" [Unknown,Confirmed]01:43
bryceh25325 NEW01:43
bryceh26333 NEW01:43
bryceh26345 NEW01:43
bryceh26746 RESOLVED DUPLICATE01:43
bryceh -->01:43
brycehTraceback (most recent call last):01:43
bryceh  File "./report-intel-upstream.py", line 60, in <module>01:43
bryceh    print " -->", bugtask.bug_watch.remote_bug01:43
brycehAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'remote_bug'01:43
wgrantThe Ubuntu task won't have a bug_watch.01:44
wgrantThe upstream task will.01:44
wgrantAnyway, I need to disappear for a couple of hours.01:44
* wgrant vanishes.01:44
* bryceh head hurts01:47
brycehok that seems to work, thanks.01:47
bjsnideris there a way i can find a list of all bugs i've subscribed to or commented on even if they're closed?02:28
vorianif someone is awake... is this something that can be resolved?  "This user has a PPA and may not be renamed"03:13
maxbvorian: It's something that requires nontrivial manual fiddling by a Launchpad administrator03:19
lifelessvorian: open a ticket on answers.launchpad.net/launchpad03:19
vorianah, so just some buttering up is required eh?  :)03:19
voriancool, thanks03:20
pooliethumper/mwh/whoveer is OOPS-1530EA263 known at all?04:37
poolienm, bug 51630804:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516308 in launchpad-code "oops when setting the commit message on a merge proposal" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51630804:37
pooliespiv you have a few mps just waiting for tweaks04:40
spivYeah, I plan to land those this afternoon.04:42
MTecknologyInteresting email from launchpad - Launchpad encountered an internal error during the following operation: notifying people about the proposal to merge lp:~echowarp/ubuntu-drupal-theme/2010 into lp:~ubuntu-drupal-devs/ubuntu-drupal-theme/6.x-orange.  It was logged with id OOPS-1530MPCJ1.  Sorry for the inconvenience.04:59
MTecknologyubottu: ah, so you saw it too04:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:59
spivMTecknology: apparently due to NotBranchError: Not a branch: "lp-mirrored:///~ubuntu-drupal-devs/ubuntu-drupal-theme/6.x-orange".05:08
spivThe branch page for that branch says "05:08
spivThis branch has not been pushed to yet.05:08
spivSo, I suppose it's reasonable that it doesn't work, but it could give you a better error than an OOPS.05:09
spivAlthough, it did create a merge proposal.05:09
MTecknologyspiv: I'm not really freaked out - just thought it was interesting05:09
spivSo it probably should work, and just say in the notification, "sorry, cannot show a diff because this branch has not been pushed to yet"05:10
spivJust adding some info for you interest, then :)05:10
MTecknologythansk for explaining it to me05:10
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slytherinWe are having a bit problem with our release management on launchpad. It looks like users are still downloading old releases of our app. Is it possible to know the referrer websites?08:37
=== gmb` is now known as gmb
slytherinany help regarding the problem?09:04
persiaslytherin: That's one of those tricky things :)  You may do better to wait until there's a listed "help contact" in the topic.09:06
slytherinpersia: ok09:06
riochdoes launchpad create the .po files for you?09:54
krisivesI'm trying to make a PPA and having some confusion, can anyone help me?10:52
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noodles785krisives: sure, what's the confusion?10:52
krisivesI'm irritated with some changes an Ubuntu package made recently, so I grabbed it's source to build a version of it without the new features10:53
krisivesI'm making a source package and I want to upload that to a PPA10:53
krisivesmy problem is, I don't know where to make the PPA on launchpad itself10:53
noodles785krisives: http://launchpad.net/people/+me10:54
krisivesI grabbed the code from `apt-get source rhythmbox`, which I think is then same as `~ubuntu-desktop/rhythmbox/ubuntu`10:54
noodles785You'll see a 'Personal package archives' section there.10:54
=== noodles785 is now known as noodles775
noodles775with a link to create a new one.10:54
krisivesoh cool10:55
krisiveslol that was easy10:55
krisivesI thought I had to base it off another project/PPA10:55
noodles775krisives: also, if you haven't seen it yet, it's worth reading through https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA10:55
noodles775No, it's your personal archive, just for you :)10:55
krisivesthx, I followed the directions and did all the key-related stuff10:55
krisiveswell I want to give the PPA address to others so they can use it too10:55
krisivesI have friends that also hate the new Rhythmbox indicator applet10:56
noodles775Yep, that's fine, I just meant that you don't need to base it off another project, it's associated with you (but public, so others can use it).10:56
krisivesi have a newb problem with my source package10:57
krisivesit won't sign :( probably because it's not using my key10:57
persiakrisives: You may also want to file a bug to request the indicator applet be split into a separate package (as is done for a number of other indicators), so that it can be added/removed separately.10:57
krisivespersia: I did, the #rhythmbox folks laughed me out of the room10:58
krisivespersia: they said I should get used to it the way it is, and when I mentioned that users want choice (like Pidgin did with this same problem) they changed the subject :(10:58
persiaUgh.  That's not ideal.  Oh well.10:58
krisivesI rarely try to communicate with GNOME10:58
krisivesEverytime I do, I regret it10:59
bigjoolshave you tried Amarok? :)10:59
krisivesIndeed :)10:59
bigjoolsvote with your feet10:59
bigjoolswell, package10:59
krisivesI like RB though, and I have a massive investment in it's meta data right now10:59
krisivesI also am developing a new audio fingerprinting plugin for it11:00
krisives(One that has a real open source fingerprinting index)11:00
krisivesThe audio fingerprinting algorithms available are only open on the client side, not the fast lookup on the server side11:01
krisiveshow can I get the package to sign ?11:03
riochhi. does launchpad generate the .po and .mo files automatically for translations?11:06
persiakrisives: You may also find #ubuntu-packaging helpful for issues getting a source built, but the most common issues is that you didn't add the "comment" string on your GPG identity in parentheses between your name and address in your changelog entry.11:06
krisivespersia: in debian/changelog11:08
krisivesI dont see any other parts like that in the debian/changelog11:08
persiaLots of folks don't have comments on their identities.  Do you?11:09
krisivesI don't know, until now all my packages where unsigned11:09
krisivesI didn't enter a comment in the GPG key creation11:10
krisivesIs that what you mean?11:10
persiaYou need the entry in debian/changelog to precisely match the data in one of the lines output by `gpg --list-secret-keys`11:10
krisivesuid                  Kristopher Ives <kristopher.ives@gmail.com>11:12
krisivesAre the left padding spaces important?11:12
krisivesI did a debuild earler, but now I can't do it again :(11:20
persiaLeft padding spaces are not important, no.11:22
krisivesWho can mark a bug as confirmed?11:28
persiakrisives: Depends on the policy for a project.  Usually most folk.11:31
slytherinrioch: What do you mean by automatically generate?11:42
riochslytherin: I'm wondering what the process is that I have to go through for translations. I'm not sure what launchpad does for me, and what I have to do myself.11:42
riochI think that I have to create the .pot and .po files myself, and can store them in launchpad/bazaar11:43
slytherinrioch: Is your project maintained in bzr on launchpad?11:43
slytherinrioch: The way we are currently using it is that we mirror our git repository in LP. Then translations complete translations and I manually download the .po files and commit them in git repository.11:44
riochhow do you cope with updates? For example, if you change your code your .pot file will change. This will generate new .po files. How do you make sure that you don't lose translations already made?11:45
slytherinrioch: the way gettext works you don't lose translations. When your .pot file is updated (and also .po files) old translations are retained.11:47
slytherinrioch: Also LP has translations export feature by which the translations can get automatically commited to bzr branch.11:48
riochwhen I run msginit to generate the .po file, it says the file already exists and quits.11:50
slytherinrioch: I believe the command you should run is msgmerge.11:50
riochahhhh I see. I was looking for a --merge option :)11:51
slytherinrioch: Meanwhile also read the LP documentation https://help.launchpad.net/Translations11:51
riochSo with regards to LP, I see a lot of people automatically merge translations into a separate translations branch. Why don't they put it in the main branch?11:52
slytherinrioch: I can't comment about that. We are not using bzr as our primary VCS.11:59
riochok. well thanks anyway, you've been a great help12:00
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krisiveslunch at 4AM </s>12:08
slytherinkrisives: Why are you assuming everyone lives in same time zone as you? :-)12:11
krisivesyou mean theres other time zones besides -0800 ?12:18
idnaractually, I think the best timezone is UTC+04:5112:20
idnarfortunately it's no longer used12:20
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* krisives is glad to know he doesn't understand that12:29
asabilstatik, ping ?13:07
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wzssyqahi,i am uploading a packages to ppa,i just have a little modify in ./debian,and changed its version13:35
wzssyqaand debuild -S -sa,why it will upload orig.tar.gz again?13:36
bigjoolsbecause using -sa is telling it to so so13:36
bigjoolss/so so/do so/13:37
bigjoolsuse -sd13:37
Breaking_Pittwhat is the $user that i have to put here $ ./utilities/launchpad-database-setup $USER13:42
statikhi asabil13:58
marsBreaking_Pitt, $USER is standard *nix shell variable.  Try typing "echo $USER" on the command line.13:59
Breaking_Pitti'm not quite sure13:59
=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
Breaking_Pittif this was a database user or a shell variable13:59
marsBreaking_Pitt, you read the big red warning about how running that script will nuke any pre-existing databases?14:00
Breaking_Pitt i've read14:00
Breaking_Pittbut i'm still not quite sure14:00
Breaking_Pittthanks anyway mars14:00
jussi01Hrm, can I prod someone about Bug #488394 again?14:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 488394 in launchpad-registry "Export irc_nicknames with "anonymous" requests" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48839414:07
jussi01As I understand it its a relatively simple fix, just need to get it done by someone.14:08
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jussi01persia: ^^14:18
* persia is amused at the highlight14:19
jussi01Im glad I amuse you :)14:19
wzssyqais there a way to know the build dep of my packages?14:20
jussi01wzssyqa: I thnk that "apt-cache show <package>" should give you it. (iirc)14:21
persiaNo, it's apt-cache showsrc14:21
jussi01oh, thanks persia14:21
persiaBut if one is working with package source, inspect debian/control14:21
wzssyqajussi01: i am the maintainer14:22
jussi01I suspect this question belongs more in #ubuntu-motu however.14:22
persiaIf one is trying to determine what to put in debian/control, one is mostly stuck with upstream documentation or trial and error.  There are some helper tools for Java and python, but the Java one needs a lot of cleanup and the python one relies on distutils and sometimes gets things wrong.14:22
persiajussi01: No, #ubuntu-packaging, maybe, but not -motu.14:22
wzssyqapersia: is that to write a lot more deps friendly for build server?14:24
persiaPlease rephrase that question.14:25
wzssyqapersia: for example,it should dep texlive-latex,and i write texlive-full14:27
* persia still doesn't understand the question14:28
wzssyqapersia: now i don't known which packages it deps14:29
wzssyqathen,i write all possible packages in control14:30
persiawzssyqa: It's best to try to put the minimum set of packages required to build with all desired functionality in the build dependencies.14:31
wzssyqapersia: now ,i have failed seavel times14:32
slytherinIf I am having a problem on the project overview page of our application which is the right component to file bug against?14:42
jmlslytherin, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+filebug14:53
slytherinjml: thanks14:53
slytherinjml: By the way, what is launchpad registry? The bug I am planning to file is more of a look and feel (usability) bug.14:54
jmlslytherin, "registry" is our name for team/project stuff -- stuff that's not about code hosting or the bug tracker or what-have-you14:55
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slytherinjml: Another question. One of the features I miss from SF.net is the ability to associate released files with different OS and then filter the download list on overview page as per users OS. Is there any plan to implement such a feature?15:06
jmlslytherin, not that I know of.15:06
slytherinI will file a wishlist bug for it then.15:06
jmlslytherin, good plan.15:06
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asabilstatik, it seems like this PPA failed to build: https://launchpad.net/~erlang-dev/+archive/ppa15:26
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asabilwhich seems to be yours, would it please be possible to get it working15:26
statikasabil: it's cool to see that someone uses that :) sergei got the new release working in debian testing just a couple days ago. I can pull that into the PPA, sure thing15:27
statikasabil, are you working on karmic or lucid? would you be interested in helping maintain that PPA?15:27
asabilstatik, I am working on karmic15:29
asabilI can probably help out, but you'll need to teach me15:30
statikasabil, ok. no pressure, but if you are interested in getting into ubuntu and debian packaging i am looking for volunteers to help with erlang stuff. I should be able to get that PPA updated today15:31
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statikasabil, dput ppa:erlang-dev/ppa erlang_13.b.4-dfsg-3~karmic1_source.changes is done now. will take a while to build, hope it works ok for you.16:11
asabilstatik, thanks a lot16:13
micahgI'm getting a weird error about cannot upload empty file, anyone else experiencing it?16:17
d34df00dHow could one import TS language files into translations system directly from Bazaar branch?16:22
slytherind34df00d: What is TS language file?16:24
d34df00dslytherin: that's Qt's format for storign translations.16:25
d34df00dThere are converters ts <-> po, but keeping the POs in the tree seems more like a workaround.16:25
slytherind34df00d: AFAIK, launchpad only supports .po format. I could be wrong.16:26
d34df00dI googled a bit and found some wishlist bugreports about supproting TS and dating back to 2006.16:26
d34df00dBut no resolution and low priority.16:26
d34df00dI also saw the proposal for Rosetta with TS support, but still could not get much info from there.16:26
slytherind34df00d: What advantages does TS format offer over PO format?16:28
d34df00dslytherin: it's supported natively by Qt. And Qt apps generally use it.16:29
d34df00dslytherin: AFAIK KDE keeps PO and TS side-by-side, PO for translations on Launchpad and TS for runtime usage.16:29
dpmd34df00d, slytherin, Launchpad Translations only supports the gettext format (PO files). However, Launchpad is open source, and I know for certain that the Launchpad Translations developers would be more than happy to mentor anyone willing to work on this (https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting)16:30
d34df00dMaybe the most easy way to add support for TS is to convert them on-the-fly to and from PO when needed.16:31
d34df00dThough I would hardly have time to work on Launchpad — almost no time for my own project.16:31
dpmd34df00d, what some projects do is to use a script to convert TS -> PO, import to Launchpad, export from Launchpad, convert PO -> TS16:32
d34df00ddpm: well, since I have about 20 subdirs with 20 sets of ts files (about 70 or 100 ts files totally), it's quite hard to do that on a regular basis.16:34
d34df00dThough maybe a small script would help with automation.16:36
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rhpot1991can anyone provide any information about paid launchpad accounts, couldn't find much via google16:48
intellectronicarhpot1991: bac should be able to tell you more about that16:50
maxbrhpot1991: Have you found this page? https://launchpad.net/+tour/join-launchpad#commercial17:01
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Phurl_hi all17:24
Phurl_i found an interesting bug in bzr branch17:24
Phurl_when you dont have an valid ssh key, it creates the working directory anyway17:24
Phurl_and then when you can get the code, the dir exists and you get an error17:24
Phurl_do you want a bug report?17:24
Phurl_if so, where?17:24
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chrisccoulsonwould it be possible for launchpad to warn users if they try to attach an apport crash file to a bug report, that the file they are attaching might contain private data that can be viewed by anyone?17:52
chrisccoulsonusers sometimes attach crash files to bug reports rather than submitting them in the proper way...17:53
switchgirlchrisccoulson: apport files the bug automaticallly me thinks17:59
chrisccoulsonswitchgirl, yeah. but we have some users who don't submit them properly, and just attach the crash file to existing reports17:59
chrisccoulsonand they don't realise that they might contain information that they don't want everybody to see18:00
switchgirlchrisccoulson: thats cus it asks you to do so18:02
chrisccoulsonwhere does it ask you to attach crash files to a bug report?18:02
switchgirlwhen you add your bug report via apport it searches the bugs that exist18:02
switchgirlit implys to mark them as "this affects ,me too"18:03
chrisccoulsonthat's right, but i'm not referring to the users who try to submit crash reports correctly using apport18:03
chrisccoulsoni'm referring to users who just find a bug report and then try to attach their crash file there through the web interface ;)18:04
switchgirland basicly they get confused18:04
chrisccoulsoneg, bug 535534 is a good example of one which has just been cleaned up18:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 535534 in nautilus "nautilus crashes when mounting remote directory" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53553418:04
chrisccoulsonand we deal with those frequently18:04
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Breaking_Pitthello i need some help with this sudo -u postgres make create18:26
Breaking_Pittit says no make rules18:26
Breaking_Pitti can't start launchpad because i don't have database18:26
Breaking_Pittand i'm not able of create it18:27
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cmarquHi. Will a bug filed against marble (and associated with project kdeedu) be reported to the upstream bugtracker? - https://launchpad.net/kdeedu20:51
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micahgcmarqu: not automatically, you can go upstream and report it and then add the link to have the status updated21:15
cmarqumicahg: Thanks. That matches what was said in #kde-devel21:15
micahgcmarqu: I'm not sure if we're actually updating remote statuses at the moment (there were some issues), but eventually it will be shown21:16
mmmulanihey I'm having problems accessing http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~yandere-dev/yandere/YandereGuide-0.4/files21:53
mmmulanioh, it's working again21:59
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davidstraussCan we get the mailing list for this group fast-tracked to get people on it? https://launchpad.net/~ltp22:34
davidstraussWe're at a Drupal sprint22:34
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