Brewhere would i be able to get an ARM devboard from?00:04
Brecan't seem to find these marvell dove boards on marvells website00:06
rcn-eeBre, the dove isn't very easy to find...  Freescale's i.mx515 is sold by a company that's name escapes me for the moment... Other wise there are ton of omap35xx (cortex-a8) based boards...00:08
Breis that the beagleboard?00:10
rcn-eebeagleboard, overo, igep2, allwaysinnovating, etc.... yes..00:10
Breah ok seen those for sale yeah00:10
Brewe use some omap flavour at work00:11
persiaAfter playing with moserial a bit, it seems *way* better than all the other tools we have to manage serial consoles.07:59
ogralool, so i finally have a setup to strace apt ... it simply hangs in read()10:00
ogralooking at top apt-get only consumes a maximum of about 50% CPU10:01
ogradpkg about 10%10:01
ogranothing that looks serious at all10:01
ograaha, now apt-get CPU usage rasies above 90% ... and i dont see any dpkg processes anymore (strace didnt change though)10:04
loologra: Which kernel are you using?10:09
ograthe archive netinst kernel10:09
ograno initramfs10:09
loolIt might be that you uncovered a race in apt or in qemu10:09
ograi tried to stay as close to the rootstock setup as possible10:10
loolYou want to gdb apt I guess10:10
ograwell, that means i need to start over :( indeed i dont have a dbgsym package in the VM and next run of apt will work10:11
* ogra curses how time consuming all this is10:11
ograi wonder when apt was built last10:15
ograhmm, feb 0210:16
loologra: You can dpkg install it10:16
ograerr 0310:16
loolYou don't need to apt install -dbgsym10:16
ogralool, but it wont replace the running process10:16
loologra: It doesn't affect processes10:16
loologra: gdb will pick up the symbols....10:16
ograoh, right10:16
ogralool, no way ... db is locked10:20
ograbah and scp hangs ... i cant copy the strace log :/10:24
ograah, just took a bit10:24
loologra: Just dpkg-deb unpack it10:34
ograto late10:35
* ogra killed the VM and already rebuilds a qemu minimal image10:36
ograi'll just make sure to have all possible requirements installed this time in advance10:36
ograhttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/40681851/apt-strace.log is the strace btw ...10:37
ograi think the read is apt reading from dpkg here10:38
ograso i think its more likely a dpkg bug than apt10:38
asacogra: did you ever get mxc_ts working?12:16
asac(EE) PreInit returned NULL for ""mxc_ts""12:16
loolbabbage 3 has a touchscreen?12:18
asacnot sure ;) X complains about it12:19
ograit has a touchscreen interface12:21
ograasac, ask persia :) i think the netwalker has a touchscreen12:22
loolIt does12:22
* persia is trying to fixure out which one12:22
ograyou might need a patches tslib for it12:22
persiaYeah, it's mxc_ts12:23
ograand probably a udev rule we dont have atm12:23
* persia checks for tslib patches12:23
persiaogra: Wouldn't I have most of it on the Netwalker?12:23
ograpersia, definately12:24
* ogra checks the bsp12:24
ograwhee, there are a bunch of tslib patches in there12:24
persiaDoesn't need tslib patches.  Netwalker is running 1.0-4ubuntu2 uploaded by NCommander.12:24
persiaAnd I don't have a udev rule for mxc_ts (although I do have ones for mxc_iim and mxc_vpu)12:25
persiaSo I think it just works if the kernel does the right thing.12:26
persiaUnless there's somewhere else I should be looking.12:26
ogrageez there is a huge patch that enables input events in tslib12:26
ograah, most is autofoo12:26
ograpersia, seems most of the patches i see are changes to ts.conf12:27
persiaWhere is that file?12:28
ograand this one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/392488/12:28
persia/etc/ _12:28
ograthe ts.conf should be in /etc12:28
persiaI'm running stock Jaunty /etc/ts.conf : no changes.12:29
persiaAnd I really don't have that udev rule.12:29
ogra-# module_raw input12:29
ogra+module_raw input12:29
persiaHrm?  I'm not showing any patches, but I have "module_raw input" rather than "# ..."12:30
ogrado you have module_raw commented ?12:30
ograright, so that seems to be upstream12:30
ograthe rules should be in /etc/udev/ltib/10-imx.rules12:31
persiaI *don't* have module_raw commented.12:31
persiaBut I think we already uncomment in Ubuntu.12:31
persia`grep -r mxc /etc/udev/rules.d/*` doesn't show those rules.12:32
persiaI don't have /dev/input/keyboard or /dev/input/ts0, but I don't really care, because it works anyway.12:32
ogrado you have an xorg.conf ?12:32
* persia has a bundle of /dev/input/event* 12:32
persiaI do, but it's 0 bytes long.12:33
asacogra: did you have a working xorg.conf?12:36
ograasac, for imx gpu stuff ? no12:36
ograwell, i did once12:36
ograbut dont have it anymore12:36
asaci am looking at the fbdev code and wonder how that does the probing12:37
ograiirc you only need to add the right driver line12:37
asacseems it only does that for PCI12:37
asachow does it work for us then?12:37
ograforget about autoprobing12:37
asacwell. i want to understand how the fbdev code does it ;)12:37
ograNCommander did look into fb probing quite a while ago12:37
persiaWorks for me.  If someone identifies a package, I can hunt a patch.12:37
ograUGH !12:37
asacseems that we probe for fbdev properly12:37
asacbut i dont see how that is happening12:37
ograi wonder if the clock issues we have with resets are based on the fact that we dont have mxc_rtc enabled at all12:38
asacah so you get resets too now?12:38
ograwell, i have seen your issue when i removed power12:39
ogra# CONFIG_RTC_DRV_MXC_V2 is not set12:39
ogra# CONFIG_RTC_MXC is not set12:39
ograpersia, LoadModule: "evtouch"12:40
ograyou dont use tslib at all12:40
* ogra pats good old evtouch12:40
persiaWell, that explains it :)12:40
ograto sad it wont work with the new xinput model12:40
persiaWhy not?12:40
ogranobody ported it12:41
ograthe desktop team took over touchscreens12:41
ograbut at "very low prio"12:41
asacogra: file a bug and get cooloney look12:42
asacso anyone can explain why our X auto selects fb?12:43
ograasac, well, i'D like to find our old conversation first, there must be a reason why we use mc13892 instead of mxc_rtc12:43
ograasac, yes, NCommander should be able to12:43
asacNCommander: there?12:43
asacoh seems its doing pci access12:46
asacah ... ok12:48
ograi think it iterates iver fb devices in a hardcoided manner if it doesnt find anything on pci ... but i'm not sure i remember correctly12:49
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asacthere is some stuff i cant even find a header for12:54
asacoh got it12:55
=== ramana-away is now known as ramana
asacok seems fbdev is somewhat hardcoded ;)13:26
asacor i am missing something ... if i ship the imx_drv.so as fbdev.so ... it will use that ;)13:27
* asac goes #ubuntu-x13:27
loolcan someone send the contents of /proc/fb on dove?13:50
loolplars, saeed: Hey, would you mind sharing the contents of /proc/fb on dove?  it's for asac14:09
loolasac: ^14:09
saeedhi all14:10
saeed0 GFX Layer 0 1 Video Layer 0 2 GFX Layer 1 3 Video Layer 114:10
saeedI have lcd and vga (two fb) enabled14:11
saeedlool, asac: xawtv fails on lucid14:12
loolsaeed: Do you know why it doens't display the kernel driver name?14:14
loolsaeed: asac is looking at extending the xorg-server logic to select a fb driver for ARM depending on the contents of /proc/fb; on x86, it nicely containts the kernel drivers14:15
loolBut on ARM, these are descriptive strings instead   :-/14:16
saeedlool: no idea, I'll forward your q to the lcd drivers maintainer14:17
asacsaeed: lool: thanks. much appreciated14:18
asac(II) EXA(0): Offscreen pixmap area of 31981568 bytes14:37
asac(II) EXA(0): Driver registered support for the following operations:14:37
asac(II)         Solid14:37
asac(II)         Copy14:37
asac(II)         Composite (RENDER acceleration)14:37
asac(II)         UploadToScreen14:37
asac(II)         DownloadFromScreen14:38
asac(II) FBDEV(0): IMX EXA acceleration setup successful14:38
persiaThat looks kinda familiar :)14:53
ograasac, now use xranrd and see it explode14:55
asacogra: you ask for too much ;) ... i dont even have a monitor connected atm. fighting on other fronts first ;)14:56
ogracomposite ?14:56
ograwow the version i tested in karmic definately didnt have that14:56
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asacasac@babbage2:~$ xrandr15:32
asacScreen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1024 x 768, maximum 8192 x 819215:32
asacVGA1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)15:32
asacLVDS1 connected 1024x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 246mm x 185mm 1024x768       50.0*+   85.0     75.0     70.1     60.0     40.0   832x624        74.6   800x600        85.1     72.2     75.0     60.3     56.2   640x480        85.0     72.8     75.0     60.0     59.9   720x400        85.0   640x400        85.1   640x350        85.115:32
asacno crash ;)15:33
ograwell, but only 1024x76815:33
asacno monitor connected15:33
asaclet me do that ;)15:33
ograis your monitor limited to that ?15:33
ograbut no crash is a good thing15:33
ografor me it did crash15:33
ograbut that was a pre-pre-pre-pre...-pre-release15:34
ograthough i could bump the resolution to 1440x900 with an xorg.conf15:35
asacso yeah xrandr doesnt see that i have a great monitor15:35
ograright, the EDID code still needs love15:35
asactoo bad that netbook-launcher doesnt install15:35
asacwould like to see if that works15:36
ogradoes here15:36
asacright. seems its a problem if you run apt-get instlal from minimal15:36
* ogra is just running apt-get install ubuntu-netbook^ 15:36
ografor the third time today15:36
ograon top of minimal15:36
ogra(note i'm installing a task, not a metapackage)15:37
ograthough the task shouldnt make a difference to the metapackage in that case15:37
asacit only worked when i did this:15:38
asacsudo apt-get install netbook-launcher libbonoboui2-0 libgnome2-0 gvfs libgdu0 udisks libparted015:38
asachad to specify those manually15:38
ograsomething is clearly screwed on your setup15:38
asacnot sure how ;)15:38
asacmy setups usually work forever15:38
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ograwas your minimal install up to date ?15:39
asacneeded to be removed15:39
asacthat was holding it15:39
asacnot sure how i got that15:39
* asac hopes it was a intermediate packaging bug15:40
ogranobody else sees it :)15:40
asacnobody runs a minmal system and installs from there15:40
asacbut i think it was fixed ;)15:40
ograi do every day :)15:41
ograrootstock FTW :) its our best archive tester15:41
asacbut you rewinstall all the time15:41
asacmine came from upgrading15:41
ograindeed i do a fresh minimal and then dump a netbook task on top15:42
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saeedplars: any idea how to make paplay work?16:06
saeedaplay works fine to me on dove16:06
plarssaeed: in my tests, I was seeing it had some relation to sampling rate of the file I was trying to play16:07
plarssaeed: see bug #52852416:07
ubot4Launchpad bug 528524 in totem (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 5 other projects) "Sound not working in all apps on dove (affects: 2)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52852416:07
plarssaeed: unfortunately I'm blocked on doing much further at the moment, my board isn't working well (possibly bad memory)16:08
saeedis dove x0 rev 1.4?16:11
saeedplars: i tried paplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Side_Left.wav, but I hear nothing16:12
plarssaeed: interesting, could you try paplay /usr/share/sounds/gnome/default/alerts/bark.ogg and paplay /usr/share/sounds/gnome/default/alerts/sonar.ogg16:14
saeedplars: silence16:14
plarssaeed: on both?16:14
saeedplars: with aplay, I have to run with sudo16:15
plarssaeed: oh, did you adjust settings in alsamixer?16:16
plarssaeed: see: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/33792996/alsamixer.png for what it should look like16:16
saeedplars: yes, I've this settings16:20
saeedhow can I check that pulseaudio uses the sound controls I've on the board?16:21
Who_Has anyone got experience building xbmc for ARM? I've got GLES working on my IGEP and I would like to try to get xbmc working...16:22
plarssaeed: odd... I did have a Y1 board for a while that I could not get *any* sound out of, no matter what.  GrueMaster had much better success with his, even with the same settings.  I never fully resolved before trading it out for the x0, but assumed it was possibly just a hardware problem on my board16:23
dmartNCommander: ping16:25
plarssaeed: how about calling aplay on those wav files mentioned in that bug? does that work on any of them?16:37
saeedplars: aplay works fine16:38
plarssaeed: or another thing to try might be: speaker-test -t wav -r 48000 and speaker-test -t wav -r 4410016:38
plarsdoes one work, and the other does not?16:38
* ogra doesnt get it ...16:39
ograseems i cant reproduce the apt hang anymore16:39
ograi reproduced it twice today ... very reliable ... then glib got out of sync ... now ubuntu-netbook just installs16:40
* ogra scratches heads16:40
ramanadmart: ping16:52
saeedplars: sudo speaker-test  -t wav -r 48000 works16:58
saeedplars:  speaker-test -t wav -r 44100 fails on bad sample rate16:59
plarssaeed: so it sounds like you are seeing basically what I was, but also paplay not playing *anything*17:00
plarssaeed: could you update the bug with your observations, and possibly collect the log files they were asking for?  Would be nice to move the bug forward, but I can't in my current state until I get working board again17:00
Who_Has anyone compiled omapfbplay for Ubuntu? I had a bit of a go last night (cross compiling) but didn't get too far - I'd appreciated pointers! Or, anyone know a good way to get smooth video on OMAP3/Ubuntu?17:08
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asachmm isnt there a trick to change SONAME for binary lib?17:53
dmartIf the new name is the same length or shorter, you might be able to hack the string directly, but otherwise some tables would need to be rebuiilt --- I don't know of a tool which can do this.  (Stripped) binaries might not contain enough info to do it safely.17:55
asacyeah ok17:57
asacso no chance i guess17:57
asaci would like to append something ;)17:58
dmartUnfortunately you probably have to relink :/18:00
dmartYou could create an empty proxy library with the right soname which pulls the second one in, but that's a bit of a hack18:00
asacnah ,)18:02
asacwe have to live with it unverseoined then ;)18:02
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dmartNCommander: ping18:06
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KjetilKHi all! I just came across this: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Acer-Prepares-Freescale-i-MX515-Powered-Smart-Monitor-131435.shtml21:49
KjetilKand it occured to me that the monitor could be ideal for running a mythfrontend and X server only, assuming it has the power...21:51
KjetilKI don't know if mythtv-frontend is packaged for ARM, but would it be realistic to do something like that with Ubuntu?21:52
now3dHi All22:49
now3dHas anyone been able to get the ARM port working on Datawind Ubisurfer?22:49
now3dIt is an ARM9, rather than ARM722:52
MartynYou are mixing up arm7 and armv722:55
Martyn(v7 is the generation of the processor architecture)22:55
Martynan ARM9 chip is actually a v5 processor, and thus not supported by ubuntu22:55
Martyn( arm versions are like intel numbering -- i386/486/686.. etc )22:56
now3dMartyn: Thanks for clarifying.22:57
MartynARM926EJ-S rev 5 (v5l)22:57
Martyn(according to my quick bit of research)22:58
MartynThis is therefore probably supported by upstream debian though22:58
Martynso you should, in theory, be able to get it running debian Lenny22:58
now3dMartyn: I don't know what distro the Ubisurfer currently runs, so someone must have ported to it.  However, have not been able to find out any more. Datawind have not responded to my emial22:58
Martynit runs 8.0422:58
Martyn9.04/9.10 dropped support for v522:58
Martyn10.4 drops support for v622:58
now3dI see that version now on this output: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-laptop-and-netbook-25/datawind-ubisurfer-784464/23:00
now3dMartyn: Do you know if anyone tested running 8.04 on Ubisurfer? I saw only some development boards by Marvel were listed as officially working.23:02
Martynno idea23:06
Martynsorry :(23:06
now3dno probs.23:15
now3dI was looknig for an ARM netbook, not found one yet.. well only this ubisurfer23:15
plarsnow3d: there are these: http://www.pocketables.net/2009/09/first-impressions-of-the-sharp-netwalker-pcz1.html23:19
plarsnow3d: from what I understand, pretty difficult to acquire if you are not in japan though23:20
now3dthanks for the tip!23:22
now3dok, logging off now. thanks for help23:23
plarsnow3d: ah, don't know how reputable the site is, but I did find one place that claims you can order23:23
plarshttp://www.geekstuff4u.com/sharp-netwalker-pc-z1.html for anyone else who might be interested23:24

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