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serverduckWhy doesn't  xsensor work on my ubuntu?01:53
ShadowKnighthey, i was wondering. what is wine and playonlinux?01:55
serverduckShadowKnight, Hey, wine is a free software application designed to execute Microsoft Windows programs.01:57
DarkwingDuckwine actually plays wow flawlessly01:58
serverduckShadowKnight, playonlinux is an application to ease the installation of Windows applications (primarily games) using Wine.01:59
ShadowKnightso its worth getting then? i was looking into it so i wanted to ask about it. do i download it from synaptic?01:59
serverduckShadowKnight, Search on Wikipedia for more info.01:59
serverduckShadowKnight, Deppends, if you use it yes!02:00
DarkwingDuckYes you can but, for the newst version on wine you need to compile it02:00
ShadowKnightokay i will thanks :)02:00
ShadowKnighthow do i do that darkwingduck?02:00
serverduckDarkwingDuck, it's necesarely to get the latest version for games to work?02:01
serverduckThe one in the repository isn't fine?02:01
DarkwingDuckIts buggy02:01
serverduckthe one in the repo?02:02
serverduckI see thanks!02:02
DarkwingDuckNot a problem02:02
DarkwingDuckOpenGL runs much better from source02:02
serverduckI only play hon, nexuiz , battle for wesnoth :)02:02
DarkwingDuckeven runs starcraft 2 beta02:02
ShadowKnighti download the ubuntu package not the crossover thing right?02:03
serverduckStarcraft is nice, just that blizzard isn't anymore.02:04
DarkwingDuckYes... I didn't realize they have the installer there.02:04
DarkwingDuckserverduck: it's still blizzard-ish02:04
serverduckDarkwingDuck, Yes, they make the best games, just that they got very greedy.02:05
serverduckDarkwingDuck, You have to buy 3 boxes for starcraft 2 now...02:05
serverduckDarkwingDuck, Hey I wonder, would I be able to run AOM on ubuntu?02:06
DarkwingDuckStarcraft2 isn't released... I'm not talking aobut the addon... the new game02:06
DarkwingDuckcheck the App DB at http://www.winehq.org/02:06
serverduckI checked,it isn't listed there02:07
DarkwingDuckhmmm... Not sure. try it and test it.02:07
serverduckand another thing, did you had xsensor installed on you computer?02:08
serverduckI installed it from ubuntu software center and it starts but doesn't show me the termperatures02:08
serverduckwhy could that be?02:09
DarkwingDuckI use KDE so I have a plasmoid for that.02:09
DarkwingDuckOr, Kubuntu rather02:09
DarkwingDuckneedless to say the way I do things differs a bit02:13
DarkwingDuckUgg... I'm thinking in XML right now02:15
serverduckI just installed wine and playonlinux right now:P02:17
DarkwingDuckgive it a shot and let me know how it goes.02:17
serverduckHope that aom will work too02:17
serverduckNice game02:17
serverduckIf i miss something from windows, it's this game.02:17
serverduckfor real:P\02:18
DarkwingDuckIts been so long I have forgotten.02:20
DarkwingDuckMy games have moved to the PS302:20
serverduckI can't afford one right now else I would get one too02:21
serverduckHey i have a question regarding play on linux..02:21
serverduckI see here a list of games...gta vice city wow...starcraft02:21
serverduckIf I click there it takes me into setup of the respective game.02:22
serverduckbut I don't have the cd,,,,how can it point to setup then?02:22
DarkwingDuckahh, but, you have to have the CD or a way to istall teh game.02:22
serverduckgta vice city is not free...02:22
DarkwingDuckIt wont give you the game. That would be piricy02:22
DarkwingDuckSo, you have to buy or already own the game/program02:23
serverduckThat's what i thought too...how can it give you the game...02:23
DarkwingDuckall wine does is emulate windows.02:23
serverduckOhh i understand now02:23
serverduckI own nwn 2 ...could install that one:D02:23
DarkwingDuckMore or less tricking the game into thinking that it is on a windows PC02:24
serverduckbut it will work if i don't have a cd or dvd?02:25
serverducki could buy it by digital distribution too02:25
DarkwingDuckuhhhh.... maybe.02:25
serverduckThat's why i02:25
serverducki'm asking...02:25
DarkwingDuckpaultag: ping02:25
DarkwingDuckIt's as if you are running windows.02:25
serverduck:) but hapyly i'm not02:26
DarkwingDuckOf course02:26
serverduckI hate it like ....ahhh02:26
serverduckThanks for the help!02:27
DarkwingDuckanything you need just drop me a line02:27
serverduckOhhh, I just realised we are brother ducks:D02:28
DarkwingDuckthat we are02:28
_schism_evening all03:36
_schism_evening all03:51
_schism_I need some help and I cant seem to find out a good answere I can understand on google.  I am trying to stop the updater from downloading and installing certain kernels and remove them from the grub 1.97beta4 menu but cant seem to find anything. can someone point me in the right direction?03:52
pedro3005hello Silver_Fox_09:21
Silver_Fox_Hello pedro300509:22
Silver_Fox_How are you ?09:22
pedro3005Silver_Fox_, fine. packing up for school09:22
pedro3005Silver_Fox_, and how are you?09:24
Silver_Fox_I am fine pedro300509:27
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Silver_Fox_Hello pedro3005 & duanedesign09:27
pedro3005hey duanedesign09:27
Silver_Fox_Be right back10:46
Brodz9871im a super noob at linux, i have joined the ranks of us pissed with windows. however, i still enjoy the games that i played on them. i have installed wine, but am having troubles configuring it to install the games i want.11:24
ajmorrishi Brodz987111:25
Brodz9871i am trying to install dawn of war, which appreas on wines list as gold compatible, but it wont get past the "insert second disk" stage. when it dies with an error?11:25
ajmorriswine is a little bit fiddly... so to speak11:25
Brodz9871great.... :)11:26
ajmorriswhat error does it die with?11:26
Brodz9871so how do we fiddle?11:26
Brodz9871oh um... stupid me forgot to check. hold on and ill try it11:26
Brodz9871installing now. as far as i know, you need to play around will the dll libraries. but there a a million of the bastards....11:28
ajmorrishmm, well if dawn of war has a gold compatibility rating, the native dlls that you configure for wine, should be specified in the install tutorial on http://appdb.winehq.org11:29
Brodz9871sorry mate, please explain what a native dll is?11:30
Brodz9871ok "disk 2"11:30
ajmorrisa native dll is a dll that has come from the windows OS itself11:31
ajmorrisi.e, copying it from a windows install system directory, and placing it in your wine directory in linux11:31
ajmorrishowever: "NOTE: Guild Wars usually doesn't require any special settings to get working. The advice listed below is only for those who require help installing, running, or troubleshooting Guild Wars."   <--- taken from the install tutorial on the winehq appdb11:31
Brodz9871... so i need to copy the dll files off the disk and paste them into the wine directory?11:32
ajmorrisnope, you dont need any native dlls for guild wars according to winehq11:33
Brodz9871"installation ended prematurely because of an error" but what error? how can i find it to fix it?11:33
Brodz9871um... dawn of war?11:33
ajmorrisumm, running from the command line is basically the only way...11:33
ajmorrisohh, sorry, lol, im tired...11:34
ajmorrislemme check dawn of war11:34
ajmorriswhich one?11:34
Brodz9871warhammer 40k11:34
Brodz9871just trying to get the first disks done before i add the rest i have11:35
ajmorrisdamn, there is no install tutorial on winehq, because they say it "just works"11:35
ajmorrisyour issue might be because you have a multiple cd version, rather than dvd11:35
Brodz9871which brings me to here11:35
ajmorrishave you run anything from the command line at all before?11:36
Brodz9871hm. i notice that when i put a disk it. the system 'mounts it' and i can see it after i take the disk out.11:36
Brodz9871i have run very basic stuff from the terminal. are they the same thing?11:36
ajmorrisyeah, you can probably see it after you take it out because the wine process is still using it, and you cant technically unmount something while its in use...11:37
ajmorristhats the purpose of the wine eject functionality11:37
Brodz9871i see.11:37
ajmorristry running the wine install from the terminal...11:37
ajmorrisi.e, navigate to your mounted cdrom directory, and run:11:37
ajmorriswine install.exe11:38
ajmorriswhere install.exe is the name of the executable you want to run11:38
Brodz9871its so silly. i dont fully understand all of the terminal commands yet. i am awesome at windows, but havent a clue with linux.11:39
Brodz9871i understand what your saying but what commands do i use to navigate?11:39
ajmorrisyeah its ok, as with all things new, you have to overcome a learning curve :)11:39
ajmorrisrun the following:11:40
ajmorriscd /media/cdrom11:40
ajmorriswine install.exe11:40
ajmorris(/media/cdrom may not be the directory that your cd is mounted...)11:40
ajmorrisif its not, run: cd /media11:40
ajmorristhen run: ls11:40
ajmorristhat will list the contents of the directory you are in11:40
Brodz9871ok lets give it a go11:41
Brodz9871umount: /media/cdrom0: device is busy.11:42
Brodz9871        (In some cases useful info about processes that use11:42
Brodz9871         the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))11:42
Brodz9871when unmounting? what does this mean?11:42
ajmorristhats the error at disk 2?11:44
Brodz9871no. im trying to unmount the disk one thats still "sitting there" and thats the error that i get11:44
ajmorrisah, well, you cant unmount it because something is using it...11:44
ajmorrisprobably a left over wine process...11:45
Brodz9871wine is not running.....11:45
ajmorrispoke Silver_Fox_, you there?11:45
Brodz9871how do i delete these processes.11:45
Brodz9871so many questions11:45
ajmorrisnot to your eye... but because wine terminated abnormaly, there may be a rogue process left over...11:45
Brodz9871i understand that. back to the issue. how do i kill it so i can do the install11:46
ajmorrisumm, im not sure of a GUI proocess tool... but you can use a combination of "ps" to show the processes and "pkill" to kill them... but thats not something you'd want to go into at this stage...11:46
Brodz9871leave that one for now11:46
ajmorrishmm, dammit, i really need to go... trying to get someone's attention that is here to help you...11:47
Brodz9871ok cheers11:47
ajmorrisSilver_Fox_:  was here... but seems to be gone now11:47
ajmorrisi dont really wanna ping random people though lol11:48
Brodz9871dont worry11:48
Brodz9871i will learn it all as i go11:48
ajmorrisok, basically, run the install with the commands i gave you above11:48
ajmorristhen when you get to 2nd disc, if it doesnt let you eject it11:48
ajmorriswine eject11:48
ajmorristhat will use the wine eject feature, and even if its in use, it should eject your cd drive11:49
ajmorrisk, really sorr that i have to go, but i got early class tomorrow :(11:50
ajmorrisgood luck Brodz987111:50
Silver_Fox_I was here,  just busy12:05
Brodz9871im having issues with wine installing multi disk programs, in general it is freezing up a bit12:14
Brodz9871you know anything about wine?12:14
Brodz9871or are there better programs for it?12:14
duanedesignSilver_Fox_: hello12:31
duanedesignoh, your busy. sorry.12:31
Brodz9871how do i use pastebin for copying erros12:37
nhandlerBrodz9871: Copy your error to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and paste the URL of the paste in the channel12:39
switchgirlhi i need to set up a wireless bridge for my network14:09
switchgirli have no ideia how to do this, i have one dlink dir-615 and a bufalo whr-g125 airstation14:10
switchgirl:( the d-link needs a firmware hack14:11
switchgirlas it doesnt have an option to run as a bridge14:11
switchgirlthis is the hardest part14:11
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switchgirlhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/392545/ the d-link hath these technical stats14:27
nomnexis there still a modeprobe.conf file in /etc/ on version 9.10 ?14:39
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CatchItBabyHi to all15:25
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michae1trying to follow the directions and was wondering, when in the synaptic package manager, how do I get over to the universe repository?15:32
michae1never mind. just found it under the origins button.15:34
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