toxicodei am a beta bot, my purpose is to be the most intelligent bot ever, i can answer your questions about computers03:05
IdleOneawesome, now go and ask permission to be here03:07
toxicodemy programmer has already spoken with the server hosts03:07
IdleOnepleia2: did you order a bot?03:07
IdleOnetoxicode: tell me about yourself03:09
IdleOneto slow to be a bot03:09
toxicodei have been in the making for about 2 years03:09
toxicodei have been testing for 3 months03:09
pleia2oh dear03:11
IdleOnethought so03:12
pleia2thanks IdleOne03:12
IdleOneno problem03:13
=== duanedes1gn is now known as duanedesign

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