PiciEr. I don't think that was unreasonable.00:24
PiciI asked someone to stop writing 'test' in #ubuntu00:34
Pici19:23:39 <?eremite> Pici, stop what?  Testing to see if my keyboard is working?  Pfft.  I'll just leave then.  I dont need to have orders barked at me as soon as I get here.00:34
ardchoillethere is a user in #ubuntu DasEi that is giving bad advice (sudo wget among other things. Can someone set him straight?03:04
ardchoille!ops | sorry but I feel this is important03:05
ubottusorry but I feel this is important: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!03:05
ubottuardchoille called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (sorry but I feel this is important)03:05
nhandlerIt looks like DasEi is no longer in #ubuntu03:08
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)03:21
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)03:21
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MagicFabhi all04:50
MagicFabI am having some trouble with users in my loco team channel04:50
MagicFabmneptok, maco2 ^04:51
MagicFabelky ^04:51
MagicFabI've gotten several complaints, now I have a member of the FSFLA trolling the channel with help from another 4 users04:52
MagicFabI 've repeatedly asked them to leave, no dice. I know kicking will have no effect and banning - well I am not sure how to handle re-joins etc.04:53
maco2i dont have access in that channel04:59
MagicFabmaco2, all Ubuntu members do. Actually as soon as I came in here they magically vanished.05:02
elkyMagicFab, you pretty much have to play whackamole05:02
MagicFabhonestly I was looking for some swift cleaning action. These guys are relentless they come every night now that we have some audience05:03
MagicFabThey're dedicated Debian and FSFLA self-proclaimed "freedom defenders".05:03
tonyyarussoMagicFab: looking for idlers to come chill?05:04
MagicFaba bit out of my (peaceful Canadian) league05:04
MagicFabtonyyarusso, I'd love to.05:04
elkyMagicFab, we can't personally do anything aside from be whackamole reinforcements, but talkign to freenode staff might help for something heavier05:04
tonyyarussoJust pretend you're playing hockey :P05:04
MagicFabelky, ok. I suppose all bans will have no effects on these types - I see how they quickly roam from one IP to the next.05:05
tonyyarussoMagicFab: are they hopping IP addresses around the planet, or less clever than that?05:05
MagicFabtonyyarusso, well, NOrthAmerica qualifies as around the planet ? NYC, Miami, Colombia is what I traced in 2hr activity05:06
PiciIs there a reason #ubuntu is set +q $~a ?05:07
tonyyarussoMagicFab: is this ca, qc, or co?  (did I remember that last one right?)05:08
tonyyarussoyay, the one I'll understand least!05:08
PiciI'm going to sleep, but someone may want to just keep an eye on Elrox.  ardchoille is trying to keep him on-topic, but I'm not sure how well that will turn out.05:20
* Pici yawns05:20
Picipici out.05:20
bazhangah seaphor05:24
bazhangphoul, hi05:45
phoulIm experiencing an issue connecting to the ubuntu channel, i recently purchased a vps. When i try to connect to the ubuntu channel it says im banned, im using the same name and vhost as i am right now, any idea why that would happen?05:46
phoulIve never had a problem with the ubuntu channel seeing as i mainly lurk05:46
bazhangphoul, you are in #ubuntu right now, correct ?05:47
Flannelphoul: What's your host?05:47
phouli am at the moment, i connected from my desktop instead of through irrsi + ssh on the vps05:47
phouli guess thats whats banned, cuz the vhost would be teh same as im using now, unless your banning proxy@05:48
Flannelphoul: That looks to be the case, yes.05:49
phoulAhh... alright05:49
phoulI will change that then, thats just the name i setup the vps to use and irrsi defaulted to it :P05:49
PhoulHey, just wanted to say thanks for the help :)05:51
Phouli couldnt figure out why i was banned lol05:51
Phoulanyways, enjoy your evening :)05:51
bazhangyou too :)05:52
bazhangin PM with elrox/seaphor; he/she says that wubi is not supported in #ubuntu05:56
persiaThat would be an incorrect statement.05:58
* persia has previously received support for wubi there05:58
bazhangmost certainly; trying to disavow him/her of the notion atm05:58
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tonyyarussoThere was a time when wubi wasn't supported.  But yeah, it is now.06:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:03
tonyyarussom3onh0x84: not what the factoid's for, but what can we do for you?06:04
m3onh0x84tonyyarusso: I'm testing bot :D and want to watch bot database :)06:04
m3onh0x84and want to become op :D06:05
persiam3onh0x84: For #1, we can't help (but please use non-ubuntu channels).  For #2, that depends on your bot implementations.  For #3, that rarely happens because you ask, but rather because you happen to end up that way as a result of other factors.06:06
tonyyarussom3onh0x84: ah.  As far as bot testing, private message or #ubuntu-bots would be more appropriate.  As far as learning how to be an op, #ubuntu-irc would be better, as that's the wider-focus channel and allows casual idlers.06:06
* persia may has misunderstood "bot testing"06:06
tonyyarussopersia: I'm hoping so.06:07
persiaI don't have any prejudice against bots (this client includes a multiplexed bot), but it depends on how they are used.06:09
jussi01!bot | m3onh0x8406:12
ubottum3onh0x84: Hi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins06:12
jussi01the brain is downloadable from ubottu's website06:12
jussi01m3onh0x84: So all clear now?06:13
elkyjayne, thanks06:14
* jayne nods06:14
m3onh0x84yes, I just watch ubot sites :D06:15
jussi01m3onh0x84: :) Just a reminder, as our topic notes this is a no idle zone. please feel free to ask questions about the bots in #ubuntu-bots and you are welcome to idle in #ubuntu-irc :)06:17
m3onh0x84jussi01: Can I testing bot forever and free at 2 this channel ?06:18
jussi01m3onh0x84: hrm?06:19
bazhangin #ubuntu-bots ?06:19
m3onh0x84thanks a lots, I see not I have not any question :D, my english so bad :D06:20
jussi01m3onh0x84: you can be in #ubuntu-bots as long as you want, but try not to overload ubottu too much.06:20
bazhangforever is a long time :)06:20
ikoniam3onh0x84: do you need anything else ?06:37
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)06:41
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)06:41
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)06:41
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)06:41
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Jordan_Uos2mac is flooding #ubuntu+1 with join and quit messages ( quit due to exess flood )06:46
m3onh0x84ikonia: no, I don't need :D06:49
tonyyarussoJordan_U: seems he may have finally quit06:50
Jordan_Utonyyarusso: Ok, thanks for looking into it.06:51
persiam3onh0x84: If there's nothing else you need, please /part to comply with the guidelines for this channel.06:51
m3onh0x84persia: where is support on this channel ?06:52
persiam3onh0x84: support for which?06:52
m3onh0x84persia: can you say step by step or more information ?06:53
m3onh0x84I think it is general support06:53
persiaThe guidelines for #ubuntu-ops encourage those who are not current operators to /join the channel when there is an issue, and /part when the issue is resolved.06:53
persiaDepending on your client, this may involve the "/part" command, or closing a window or tab or pane, etc.06:54
dholbachgood morning07:38
lorenzosuHello all. Why am I banned from #ubuntu please?09:05
elkylorenzosu, I'm guessing it'd have something to do with the last time you were there. can you tell me more about that?09:07
lorenzosuelky Uh can't remember really.. I do autojoin.09:07
elkywell it'd be related to the last time you were actively talking there09:08
Jordan_Utomato in #ubuntu09:08
ubottutheadmin called the ops in #ubuntu (tomato is a flooder)09:08
lorenzosuelky, trying to remember.. I was on another machine. But I'm usually very well behaved :)09:10
elkylorenzosu, I'm not seeing any ban for you...09:11
Jordan_Utomato in #ubuntu ( not sure if I got through the first time with network issues )09:12
lorenzosuelky, If I do /join #ubuntu I get a message "Cannot join #ubuntu (You are banned)."09:12
elkyJordan_U, uh, i already removed him09:12
elkyikonia, are you around?09:12
Jordan_Uelky: Sorry, serious lag right now.09:13
elkylorenzosu, hold on, i found it, investigating.09:13
ikoniahello yes09:14
ikoniaelky: I'm here now09:14
elkyikonia, i think you might have gone a bit broad.09:14
ikoniayes, I'm just looking now09:15
lorenzosuelky, Is there any automatic keyword spotting for bad language? I can see I have answered to someone with a nick which was something like that09:16
ikonialorenzosu: it's not you're problem, you where caught in a ban for another person that I set way to wide09:16
ikonialorenzosu: the mistake is mine, if you give me 30 seconds I'll correct it with my apologies09:16
lorenzosuikonia, Ok. no problem :)09:16
lorenzosuikonia, You're doing your job ;)09:17
topylilorenzosu, as for automated language detection, there is none. some ops do have hilighting set for certain words09:18
lorenzosutopyli, cool09:18
elkylorenzosu, apparently there's a few lorenzos in italy, who'd have thought.09:19
lorenzosuelky sure.. and so many ubuntu users.. although I did register my nick on freenode09:19
ikonialorenzosu: ban removed, again with my apologies, please try to join now09:19
lorenzosuikonia, no problem.. I can imagine the hard work you all do to keep the channels 'clean' :)09:20
ikoniathank you for understanding09:20
lorenzosuok thanks and bye and have a good day.09:22
ardchoilleSaw this in #ubuntu earlier: [02:51] <Sarahzz> http://imgnow.info/DSC-1268218269.jpg do my boobs look small?10:54
ardchoilleDid some investigation. that isn't animage,it's a piece of javascript10:54
ardchoille<script type="text/javascript">10:54
ardchoillewindow.location = 'http://referer.us/1/WOJNx2';10:54
ardchoillethat's the second time I've seen that post from the same IP, maybe we should ban that IP10:54
ardchoille[02:51] * Sarahzz (~Sarahzz@ has left #ubuntu10:55
persiaI've seen that also in several channels on OFTC from the same nick/IP10:56
ardchoilleI think we should set a ban. I didn't follow that url but I bet it's malicious10:56
marienz(that one's hitting pretty much all channels, so they tend to not live very long)10:58
bazhangSpaceGhostC2C, hi12:05
SpaceGhostC2CHey bazhang.12:05
SpaceGhostC2CI decided to sleep on it for the last few hours.12:05
bazhangSpaceGhostC2C, this is regarding your ban in #ubuntu-offtopic ?12:26
SpaceGhostC2CIt would be, yes.12:26
SpaceGhostC2Cis ikonia around?12:33
topylihi SpaceGhostC2C12:56
bazhangSpaceGhostC2C, does not seem to be; perhaps you can let others help out?12:56
topyliany op can help you12:56
SpaceGhostC2CAs far as I knew, I thought that the op who bans you is supposed to unban you. Sorry about that.12:56
jussi01SpaceGhostC2C: thats no longer the case.12:58
SpaceGhostC2CThen I don't mind if another op handles it.12:58
SpaceGhostC2CIs there anything to talk aout?12:58
* jussi01 is only half here, so if someone else is about to handle it that would be useful. 12:59
topyliyesterday's incident is not a huge issue. i think the ban can be lifted if you do what you said yesterday, ie 1. stop the bot abuse, and 2. try to be a bit more relaxed and let the ops primarily handle the channel13:00
topyliit's okay to call the ops for help if things get out of hand on the channel and no ops seem to be around to take care of it, but that's not the first course of action13:01
topylido those two sound okay?13:01
SpaceGhostC2Ccan I add on one more?13:01
SpaceGhostC2CListen to ops a little more seriously, even if I disagree.13:02
SpaceGhostC2CSound like a good agreement?13:02
topylisounds great to me13:02
SpaceGhostC2CThen yes, I agree.13:03
topyliwe all have to go with the one and the same code of conduct. we all are well aware of our own ideas and humors, but no matter how wonderful we are, we can't give ourselves privileges :)13:04
SpaceGhostC2CSounds ingenious.13:04
topyliplease try and join the channel to ensure the ban is gone13:05
SpaceGhostC2CYes sir.13:05
topyliah looks good. have fun!13:05
SpaceGhostC2CThanks, will do.13:05
jussi01bazhang: *g*13:06
bazhangwhoops :)13:07
ikoniais anyone else uncomfrotable with thewizord's comments in #kubuntu-offtopic (I don't mean breaking the actual rules of the channel) but bragging about ddos'ing and kline evading ?13:33
jussi01He was klined and banned in #ubuntuforums - perhaps its worth notifying a staffer... not sure if he is still klined. was a while back.13:35
ikoniaI don't think he is13:35
ikoniaas I said he's not breaking the rules, but the attitude of bragging about ddosing freenode and kline evasion doesn't sit well with me13:35
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o13:36
jussi01does that not cover it?13:36
ikonianah, he's not on that side of the line, not looking to remove him or anything, just concerned about his ethics and the effect on the others in the channel13:37
persiaI think it's bad in general to not come down on people talking about those things, but have a hard time judging what might be OK in *-offtopic.13:38
ikoniapersia: it wasn't in details, I think it was an idle brag to be honest, and I ended it without an issue, more a case of noting I'm not comfortable with him13:39
persiaOn general principles, I'd say it was work a @mark if it comes up a few times, and otherwise, if it goes away without incident worth at most mnild chiding.13:40
persia(at the time of mention, and apparent forgetfulness later)13:40
ubottuIn ubottu, erUSUL said: amd64 is <reply>AMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu (by the same iso labeled amd64). See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.14:51
Myrttithoughts? ^14:52
ikoniadump the tiny url though14:53
Myrttiand replace it with what?14:53
PiciI don't think that the linked FAQ item is all that helpful.14:54
Picibut meh, maybe it is.14:54
persiaAt least replace it with a URL pointing at *ubuntu.com14:56
persiaThat looks lots more official.14:56
ikoniaif the stuff on the wiki isn't helpful, I'll look at updating it14:57
Myrttithe thing just is that if we rip the tinyurl away, the factoid will be long as a famine year14:57
PiciOh! we need an Ubuntu branded tinyurl-like service then14:58
knomeor bunturl14:58
knomethe o is disturbing14:59
PiciI don't see any other CC tlds that would fit :(15:00
persiaLong factoids aren't an issue, as long as they fit within the buffer, which I believe to be well over 200 characters.15:06
jussi01persia: well we like to keep them as short as possible to add minimal scrollback on busy channels15:10
sorenpersia: > 450 bytes.15:13
persiasoren: Thanks.  I had thought it was 512, but this explains why I miss sometimes.15:13
sorenpersia: Whenever I'm writing something long, I always /query it to myself to see if I get cut off :)15:14
persiajussi01: Sure, but some things can't be explained in that few characters.  Sometimes one needs more.  Otherwise, one misses the complexities essential to true understanding.15:14
persiasoren: My client now manages that for me, reposting anything that didn't make it into the first line.15:15
sorenpersia: Neat. irssi doesn't do that :(15:15
persiasoren: It can : irssi is infinitely pluggable :)15:16
jussi01mine does same.15:16
* soren finds splitlong.pl in /usr/share/irssi/scripts15:16
persiaFor extra points, set up irssi to do that and offer a much larger (~1024) buffer to it's clients when acting as a proxy, and normally connect with irssi through irssi(proxy).15:17
Myrttisplitlong ♥15:20
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Oli`` said: !ops iyayyc is a spambot16:14
Picilorenzo_: Why do you keep typing that?17:40
Picilorenzo_ Perché continui a scrivere questo?17:40
lorenzo_per accedera al canale17:41
Picilorenzo_ Sei stato trasmesso al canale # ubuntu-ops perché si continui a fare quello in # ubuntu e ci piacerebbe di smettere.17:41
lorenzo_scusa me sono sbagliato :)17:42
ikoniawhere is ljl when you need him17:42
Piciikonia: google translate seems to be working for me17:42
ikoniaooh cool17:42
PiciSi prega di digitare: / join # ubuntu-it per il futuro17:43
Pici/join #ubuntu-it17:43
PiciSiamo spiacenti per il cattivo italiano, sto utilizzando Google Translate.17:44
jussi01Does anyone know who jason smith is? I suspect its dbo, but Im not certain...17:48
jpdsjussi01: DBO.17:49
jussi01jpds: thank you :)17:49
ikoniaPici: stunning effort17:51
Piciikonia: ty.17:53
Picigtrans.pl is quite helpful.17:53
Piciknome: is on http://scripts.irssi.org/17:55
charlie-tcaI use it often17:55
knomePici, cheers17:55
PiciIf you have scriptassist, I think you can just do /scriptassist install gtrans17:56
knomeno, i don't17:56
* charlie-tca still does copy/paste with xchat17:56
* knome investigates it later17:56
knomesee you17:56
PiciDoes anyone else see entries for Microblogging and Pidgin in their indicator applet even when they dont have gwibber or pidgin installed?18:21
Piciargh, wrong window.18:22
charlie-tcalorenzo_: might be easier to run xchat and set up the network for automatic channel joins20:17
Myrttiand the reason he does that is the factoid20:35
Myrttiwhich teaches them to click the channel name20:35
ubottuiceroot called the ops in #ubuntu (redghost (30 nick changes))22:02
Myrttihi nerdy_kid22:19
nerdy_kidMyrtti hi?22:20
nerdy_kidoh i see i mustve accedentally joined22:23
nerdy_kidsry bout that22:23
mneptoknerdy_kid: another accident?22:39
nerdy_kiddang it really sorry22:40

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