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schmelzsis there a way to log the debug output of upstart to a file16:56
schmelzsi tried to use a wrapper script to start the upstart init, but had problems cause upstart wasn't pid 1 anymore16:57
schmelzsstarting bootlogd didn't work either and the "normal" rsyslogd just get's the last messages16:57
sadmac2schmelzs: the wrapper script should redirect its own stdout to a file, then exec init16:57
schmelzssadmac2: the wrapper script didn't work at all - it failed with some messages about wrong parameters ..16:59
schmelzsi started it with  -v --debug $@17:00
schmelzsit looked like the init binary acts different if it hasn't pid 117:00
sadmac2schmelzs: yes. let it have pid one17:01
sadmac2schmelzs: that's why I said /exec/ it17:01
schmelzsahh ok :)17:02
schmelzsi'll try that - thanks17:02
sadmac2exec 1>&-17:03
sadmac2exec 2>&-17:03
sadmac2exec 1>/tmp/file17:03
sadmac2exec 2>/tmp/file17:03
Keybukuse /dev/klog instead of /tmp/file ;-)17:03
Keybukthen you can use netconsole17:03
sadmac2exec /sbin/init -v --verbose17:03
Keybukerr, /dev/kmsg17:04
schmelzsnetconsole looks nice :)17:07
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