lifelessdvheumen: subclassing is a very big hammer00:00
* lifeless really has to duck out; I'll be back00:00
dvheumenlifeless, but otherwise I'm probably implementing almost the same code three times00:00
dvheumen(i think)00:00
dvheumenalso, is it "a very big hammer" in python, or in object oriented languages in general?00:01
jelmerdvheumen: I think Rob also means that changing that now will be a fairly big change with a lot of consequences00:03
dvheumeneven though most classes derive from 'object'?00:04
dvheumensorry guys, but I'm trying to form a picture here of what the complications are00:04
bob2they derive from object for hysterical raisins00:04
bob2it's for backwards compatibility in python 2.x - deriving from object gives you a 'new style' class, which adds some features, but is subtly incompatible with old-style ones00:05
dvheumenokay, I'll read up on that00:06
bob2well, you don't have to, you can just always inherit from object if not inheriting from anything else (for bzr, at least:)00:06
dvheumenbob2, true, but I like some background info, helps with the thinking :P00:07
bob2google descrintro for the whole shabang00:07
dvheumenk, tnx00:09
dvheumenaha ... I see some other complications with my idea ... okay, back to the drawing board :P00:11
poolieactually i do think having a common Component class is a good idea00:15
pooliebut we should be very careful what goes in it00:15
poolieat least saying "there is a common interface" is a good idea00:15
dvheumenhey, don't steal my idea now ;)00:16
dvheumenany candidates that you want to put in there?00:17
spiv.bzrdir is probably the most obvious common attribute.00:19
dvheumenah right :P00:20
lifelesscaffeined up00:21
spivPossibly the logic for opening them (so reading .bzr/$component/format files and finding the right implementation from a registry) and initializing them.  But even then some of that is just common to bzr native components, not foreign ones (e.g. SvnRepository)...00:22
lifelessdvheumen: the code in question is something like lock. 'invoke_lock_callback(self)' though00:22
dvheumenlifeless, yeah, I know00:23
dvheumenit's much easier than I was previously thinking00:23
lifelessnote that many external formats *don't have* components00:23
lifelessin fact our older formats aren't split into neat little orthogonal elements00:23
lifelessso while  I like the idea of a Component for things that are Components, Branch per se isn't a Component, IMO00:24
lifelessBzrBranch4+ could be00:24
dvheumenlifeless, I'm gonna try something in the coming days and then I'll get back to you00:26
jelmerigc: hi!00:48
igchi jelmer!00:48
lifelesspoolie: oops?00:48
jelmerigc: lp:bzr-website is pack-0.92 at the moment, is there any reason it's not upgraded yet?00:48
* maxb has just finished using bzr-rewrite to rebase a branch based on a bzr-hg import of a hgsubversion import of a svn branch onto a bzr-svn import of the svn branch. How's that for a brainteaser :-)00:49
igcjelmer: nope. Feel free to upgrade it :-)00:49
jelmermaxb: :-))00:49
jelmerigc: Ok, thanks!00:49
wgrantI can't 'bzr pump' with bzr 2.1.0 and pipeline 2.1 r157 (the latest on the 2.1 branch).00:52
wgrantbzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'RevisionTree' object has no attribute 'branch'00:52
lifelesswgrant: -Derror please00:53
wgrantlifeless: http://paste.ubuntu.com/392911/00:58
lifelessugh, soo many spans01:02
* lifeless tries without wget01:02
lifelesswgrant: ok, its a bug in the new merge hook facility01:04
lifelesswgrant: and you have a merge hook enabled for your branch - possibly builddeb01:04
wgrantlifeless: You can also add '/plain'01:04
wgrantlifeless: Ahh.01:04
lifelessplease file a bug, its something we'll need to do a 2.1.1 for01:04
wgrantlifeless: Summary?01:05
jelmerigc: done01:05
igcjelmer: thank-you!01:06
lifelessConfigurableFileMerger does not support merging with this_tree a revision tree01:07
lifelessor something01:07
lifelessinclude the backtrace of course01:07
wgrantlifeless: Bug #53704101:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537041 in bzr "ConfigurableFileMerger does not support merging with this_tree a revision tree" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53704101:09
lifelessalso please include the output of bzr hooks for the merge_file_content point01:10
wgrantlifeless: Just NEWS, but it's on the bug now.01:11
lifelessif you wanted to patch it01:11
wgrantI would, if it's simple.01:12
lifelessminimall would be to guard the attribute access, and if it fails, try for a global config instead01:14
lifelessbetter still would be a test showing that that works.01:14
thumperpoolie: ping01:27
thumperlifeless: hi01:27
thumperI bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for ages01:28
thumperhe manages a programming team now01:28
thumperI asked about what they use for version control01:28
thumperhe said CVS and Subversion01:28
thumperbut they are looking at DVCSs01:28
thumperI asked if he'd like me to come in and give a talk01:28
thumperhe was very enthusiastic01:28
thumperso I have something next Tuesday at 10:30 am01:29
thumperwould love some help with a talk outline01:29
thumperI'm sure there'll be questions about git as they are looking around now01:29
thumperso I'd like some bullets01:29
lifelesswhat language do they use01:29
lifelesswhat ide if any01:29
thumperbzr-explorer will be a good one01:29
lifelesswhat platform01:29
spivthumper: bullets?  Don't shoot potential users! :)01:30
thumperall he asked was "does it work on mac os"?01:30
lifelessok, cool01:30
thumperlifeless: heard of AD instruments?01:30
thumperdata capture01:30
lifelessI suspect I know your friend :)01:30
lifelessmmm, no. But I definitely know *someone* there. I think.01:31
lifelessanyhow, thats not important01:31
lifelesskey points are going to be -01:31
lifelesswe build and test macos X01:31
lifelesspython for extensability01:31
* thumper nods01:32
lifelesssingle site?01:34
thumperat this stage as far as I'm aware01:35
thumperthey want good merging :)01:35
lifelessso, you can talk about ease of migration01:35
lifelessstay with the same workflow, ease into distribution01:35
lifelessmerging is great01:35
lifelessvery very hookable in 2.101:36
* thumper nods some more01:36
* igc lunch02:09
parthmhello. regarding bzr-grep bug #536688 i wanted to check if anyone had any opinions. i am ok with either options.02:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 536688 in bzr-grep "Default behaviour should recursively search versioned files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53668802:24
parthm--recurse is closer to POSIX grep while recurse by default is similar to hg and git.02:24
lifelessI'd recurse by default02:29
lifelessls doesn't, but it used to, and I think we made a mistake making it not do it by default02:29
spivI agree, recurse by default.02:30
fullermdI always run ls twice since it stopped recursing.02:31
spivPlain old grep doesn't have the advantage of knowing 'these files are all part of the one project', but bzr does.02:31
parthmfullermd: :-)02:31
parthmsounds fine to me. i will go with recurse as default and add a --no-recurse option.02:33
parthmthere is already a --from-root.02:33
parthmif we go with recursive grep and user sets 'grep=grep --no-recurse' as an alias, how can (s)he override it from command line.02:34
parthmdo we need an explicit --recurse option or does the option processing framework do some magic?02:35
lifelessparthm: our option stuff automatically does --recurse if you have --no-recurse, I think.02:37
parthmlifeless: that sounds fantastic. i will go ahead with the --no-recurse.02:38
parthmthanks everyone for your inputs.02:38
pooliehi spiv, are you around?04:17
pooliehow are things?04:17
spivYeah, I'm around.04:19
spivThings are going pretty well.  It's amazing how much easier it is to cope with the email load working 3 days a week rather than 2 :)04:20
spivI'm catching up on in-progress work that had started to accumulate.  Oh, and I'm glad I'm subscribed to the 'answers' for bzr, it's much more active than I had realised.04:22
poolieyes it is04:42
pooliei thought you were all just slack for not answering them ;-)04:42
pooliei just put up an mp to plot that too04:42
vilahi all !07:17
fullermdOh, vila's around.  Must be bedtime.07:21
vila :)07:21
codygmanis there an option to exclude certain filetypes in bazaar?08:40
codygmanwhen adding08:40
codygmanwait..  im just now seeing ingore list08:40
codygmanwow.. bzr remove actually deletes files doesnt it?08:44
bob2unless you ask it not to08:46
codygmanrofl i freaked for a second08:47
codygmanthen found revert08:47
codygmanand thanks.. i was just trying to get it to stop VC'ing some files08:47
codygmanso could i just use the --keep flag to do that?08:48
codygmanbzr remove ./lib --keep08:48
codygmanthanks lifeless08:49
lifelessvila: hey08:58
lifelessvila: I put it to you that 'Conflict: can't delete lptools because it is not empty.  Not deleting.' is the largest cause of merge conflicts.08:58
lifelessvila: and there is a bug about it, suggesting a lost+found approach, amongst other things.08:58
* vila nods08:58
lifelessvila: if you were to fix this, I would be extremely excited.08:58
vilaIt's definitely on the radar08:59
* lifeless bounces, gently.08:59
vilaA pretty big spot even08:59
* lifeless bounces faster.08:59
vilaI realized yesterday that 'bzr clean-tree' is kind of a workaround in some cases in the mean time09:00
lifelessby the time you know you need it ..09:01
vilasure, workaround is an optimistic way to talk of the problem :]09:01
* lifeless wafts activation energy at vila09:02
* vila receives that gratefully09:03
quicksilvervila: where is the canonical place to download DVC these days?10:00
vilaquicksilver: I'm not of any change there (I didn't upgrade it for a while though), let me checl10:01
quicksilverthere was some confusion about which repo to use last time I checked10:01
quicksilverwhich was a while ago, I admit10:01
vilaI currently miss 48 revisions 8-}10:02
quicksilverYou don't have permission to access /dvc/ on this server.10:02
vilaquicksilver: huh ? Where did you get that ? I just pull -v10:05
quicksilveroh, OK.10:05
quicksilverand you run straight out of the repo?10:05
quicksilveror you copy the elisp files somewhere?10:05
vilaquicksilver: I run from the repo but I have a ++build there where I run make10:06
vilaquicksilver: I set that up so long ago I'm not even sure I still use it though10:06
vilalet me check another install10:06
quicksilverah well I better find a machine I have bzr on. I'm stuck on a temporary windows box :(10:06
vilaquicksilver: ouch10:07
vilawindows is the only OS I've yet to address in my versioned setups...10:07
quicksilvermostly I just run emacs and putty and firefox and ignore the rest of the system10:08
quicksilverI dont' try to program on it (I do that via ssh and a linux box)10:08
vilaI use the stock emacs there without any customization which has... some surprising results when confronted with my muscle memories :)10:08
quicksilverhmm I don't know if I will want to do this after all10:09
vilafirefox on windows ?? Wow, I don't even make my windows VMs visible on the internet :)10:09
quicksilverI just remembered that vc-bzr is really really painful over plink10:09
quicksilverI imagine dvc will be as bad.10:09
vilabranch locally :)10:10
quicksilverwell new hard disk arriving today. Hopefully won't be long now.10:10
vilaquicksilver: not running make in ++build seems to work (as in no messages under emacs), but that doesn't mean it used the right versions either...10:11
vilaquicksilver: anyway, I think to remember you need to compile dvc before using it which require auto<something> and getting that on windows...10:12
vilaquicksilver: I *had* some instructions about installing/setting up dvc, but I can't find them anymore :-/10:15
vila. o O (Well done for versioning all that setup stuff, well done really :-( )10:16
vilahmm, may be it's because the dvc INSTALL file seems to cover it (including using ++build which is a rather unusual dir name for me)10:17
vilaquicksilver: so basically: autoconf; cd dvc; mkdir ++build; cd ++build; ./configure ; make10:18
vilaquicksilver: see the INSTALL file in short :)10:18
vilaha, found these notes back, yeah, they are obsolete, I now use instructions from the dvc INSTALL file10:20
Keybukbzr diff --using meld seems to be broken10:53
Keybukthe diff still ends out mostly on stdout :(10:53
spivKeybuk: works ok for me, just the "=== path/of/file ===" lines end up on stdout10:59
spiv(even with --no-plugins, --using is a builtin feature these days)11:01
Keybukspiv: I get the diff11:02
Keybukin fact, I get some diffs11:02
Keybukthen sometimes meld pops up with the diff of just *one file*11:02
Keybukyou close it, you get more diff on stdout11:02
Keybukthe diff is for added files11:03
Keybuk(on stdout)11:03
spivThat sounds like a silly bug.11:06
spivIt is annoying that it only pops up meld for one file at a time.11:07
spivIt's rapidly approaching my bedtime, so please file a bug report.11:08
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cbxHey, I'm a newbie to version controls, and was wondering if all the code ends up in the trunk folder ?12:05
cbxI have a live website I'm running, and would like to use that as the main branch. I can access that by FTP12:05
amitkHi all, What are the bzr commands to reorder a set of bzr commits while making some modifications to each commit (after a review cycle)12:39
beunoamitk, bzr-rewrite12:42
beunoit's a plugin12:42
amitkbeuno: hmm, apparently not in karmic12:44
xeviox2what is stored in the "indices" folder of an repository?12:44
=== xeviox2 is now known as xeviox
beunoamitk, http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/BzrPlugins12:49
jelmeramitk: it's still named bzr-rebase in karmic12:49
xevioxdoes bzr use one .pack file for each file in the repository?12:49
beunoxeviox, no, packs combine many revisions12:55
amitkjelmer: rebase doesn't seem to do what I want. I don't want to rebase revisions r4..410 to another branch. I want to be able to export r4..r10 separately, fix the problems in each commit and reapply to a new branch. Does that make sense in bzr?12:55
jelmeramitk: Hmm12:55
jelmeramitk: Perhaps fastexport does what you need?12:55
amitkjelmer: not from it's help12:56
xevioxbeuno: ok thanks, as far as I understand there are records stored in the .pack files and each record is compressed using zlib, correct?12:56
beunoxeviox, yes12:57
xevioxbeuno: ok, looking at the records it seems that a blank line is used as a separator between the records. Each record has 3 lines as header. The first is a string showing the compress lib (e. g. gcb1z for zlib), the 2nd and 3rd are numbers, what are they for?12:59
jelmeramitk: is there a particular reason you would like to modify the existing revisions rather than just fix the branch itself?12:59
beunoxeviox, I don't know that much detail12:59
beunolifeless does, not sure if he's still around12:59
xevioxbeuno: thanks for the help :D13:00
xevioxlifeless: ping13:00
beunoxeviox, http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/developers/packrepo.html13:00
amitkjelmer: I don't want all the the mistakes I make to go out in the final set of commits that I ask to be merged13:01
xevioxbeuno: thanks :D13:01
amitkjelmer: I wonder if my workflow is unsuited for bzr13:02
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xevioxk, I'll come back later, thanks for the help :D13:13
jelmerbob2: have you seen http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-bazaar-maint/2010-March/002925.html ?13:17
Stavrosdoes anyone know where plugins are installed by default in ubuntu?13:22
Stavrosthere's a bzr-notify running13:24
jelmerStavros: usually /usr/share/pyshared/bzrlib/plugins/*13:24
Stavrosah, thanks13:24
Stavroshmm, anyone know why bzr-notify would be running? i don't have that plugin as such13:25
jelmerbzr-notify is not a plugin, it's a separate app13:26
jelmerit lives in /usr/bin/bzr-notify13:26
maxbStavros: It is a daemonm, and is started by /etc/xdg/autostart/bzr-notify.desktop13:26
Stavrosi don't see it in the packages i installed, how can i remove it?13:27
jelmerStavros: it's part of bzr-gtk13:27
Stavrosah, thanks13:27
Stavrosjelmer: i removed that and it's gone, thanks13:29
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JamieBennettI'm having problems with a "bzr branch" complaining about a publickey permission problem and I can't see what it is (most likely a simple user error). Is there any way to get a debug log message of what is happening?15:26
Breaking_Pittwhat means this? I can't find any info -> bzr --no-plugins15:29
jelmerJamieBennett: Hi; Usually it's easiest to see if you can use sftp to the same host15:35
jelmerBreaking_Pitt: I'm not sure I understand your question?15:35
JamieBennettjelmer: what can I do to test this? I thought it was a key issue but looking at my launchpad page and doing a gpg --list-keys it seems I have the right key on this system15:36
jelmerJamieBennett: try connecting to launchpad using 'sftp -vv bazaar.launchpad.net'15:37
loxsis there some tool that can show statistics on who committed what portion of the code?15:38
jelmerloxs: you can use "bzr annotate" (or "bzr qannotate") to see who was responsible for what lines of the code in a particular file15:40
loxsjelmer, yeah, I know that, but this doesn't solve my problem :)15:40
jelmerloxs: "bzr stats" (from the bzr-stats plugin) will print a list of how many commits every committer has made15:40
JamieBennettjelmer: seems its trying to log me in as jamie rather than jamiebennett, mmm15:40
jelmerJamieBennett: ah, sorry - you might need "sftp -vv jamiebennette@bazaar.launchpad.net" in that case - bazaar knows your username but sftp doesn't15:41
loxshmm, thanks I'll check bzr-stats15:41
SamB_XPprobably can fix that with something in .ssh ?15:42
JamieBennettjelmer: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/393336/15:45
jelmerJamieBennett: is any of the ssh keys reported by 'ssh-add -l' listed on your lp page?15:46
Breaking_Pitti don't know what means the flag --no-plugins15:53
jelmerBreaking_Pitt: See "bzr help global-options"15:56
jelmerBreaking_Pitt: basically it prevents Bazaar from loading any of the plugins (see "bzr plugins" for a list of available plugins)15:56
Breaking_Pittok jelmer15:57
jelmerBreaking_Pitt: yw16:00
JFojpds, that --show-diff has really come in handy lately, thanks for recommending it.16:11
jpdsJFo: No problem.16:12
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jelmermaxb: hi18:10
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* kfogel is away: switching consoles for a bit, back soon18:19
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speakmanmorning folks20:32
jelmerhi speakman20:33
speakmanI don't really get the "loom" thing. And I'm not really sure what's the difference between a SCM and Quilt either. Any tip of documents to read about it?20:33
speakman(actually I'm a little confused about what's a proper workflow in bzr using launchpad and a random bunch of people in a very-early stage in a new project)20:35
jelmerspeakman: a VCS records history - quilt or loom allows you to work with inter-dependent changesets that can be modified20:39
speakmanjelmer: but how does that differ from branching?20:41
jelmerspeakman: revisions don't change, quilt patches do20:41
lifelessbeuno: ?20:42
speakmanoh... but... patches becomes revisions..?20:48
jelmerI think I might not be the best person to explain this.20:48
jelmersorry :-/20:48
lifelessspeakman: you're using launchpad and bzr?20:51
speakmanjelmer: it's ok :-D20:53
speakmanlifeless: yes we do20:53
lifelessspeakman: great. So, do whateever you like with bzr: it tries to keep out of your way.20:54
lifelessspeakman: ignore looms; ignore quilt20:54
speakmanlifeless: yes, I've been using bzr for a couple of years by now :)20:54
speakmanBut there are still some workflows I just can't figure how to do "right"20:54
lifelesslooms are for distro folk collaborating on won't-be-merged stuff20:54
lifelessspeakman: ok, I got the wrong bit of the stick :). Can you tell me about the workflow that isn't working for you?20:55
speakmanFirst; I'm currently the only one with write permission to the projects primary target branch. Other contributors makes their own branch of that branch and do their work on their branch. But when finished with one feature (with all revisions pushed to ~username/projectname/my-new-feature and a merge requests sent) how do they get on with the next feature? Re-branching the primary target branch once again?20:59
lifelessspeakman: sure21:00
lifelessspeakman: they could fairly easily do 'bzr pull lp:project --overwrite'21:00
lifelessspeakman: or if they have a shared repo setup, 'bzr switch trunk; bzr pull'21:00
speakmanshared repo setup..?21:01
speakmannever heard of "switch"...21:01
lifelessdo this somewhere innocuous21:01
lifelessbzr init-repo --no-trees project21:01
lifelesscd project21:01
lifelessbzr branch lp:YOURPROJECT trunk21:01
lifelessbzr checkout --lightweight trunk working21:02
lifelesscd working21:02
lifelessnow, to make a feature branch:21:02
lifelessbzr switch -b newfeature21:02
lifeless# hack hack hack, can push etc21:02
lifeless# back to trunk21:02
lifelessbzr switch trunk21:02
lifeless# new feature21:02
lifelessbzr swich -b newfeature221:02
lifeless#back to feature121:02
lifelessbzr switch feature21:03
luks(btw, you can do that in one step: bzr branch --switch trunk newfeature2)21:03
* speakman is practising as we speak... hold on21:03
lifelessluks: not with the same magic path lookup, last I looked.21:04
lifelessluks: we should get it doing that though21:04
speakmanis this documented somewhere? it really sounds useful, and I even didn't know about it!21:06
lifelesssure is21:06
speakmanthis looks especially useful in python projects, where the path is part of the module namespace21:07
speakmananyone of you worked with Django?21:08
lifelessnot really21:09
lifelessjelmer: how did you go on bug references?21:09
speakmanhowever -- in general, python projects relies on the current working directory name. Using bzr all branches have their own working dir name.21:11
mtaylorjelmer: hey there... any thoughts on when a new bzr-builddeb package is going to be released to the ppa?21:11
jelmerlifeless: for commitfromnews ? Haven't spent any more time on it yet21:11
jelmermtaylor: hey21:11
lifelessjelmer: I might do a yak shave this morning then.21:11
jelmermtaylor: No idea, I'm not sure who's doing the PPA uploads - do you know?21:11
lifelessping john ferlito21:11
lifelessvia mail21:12
jelmerlifeless: that'd be awesome - did you see my wip branch?21:12
lifelessjelmer: no21:12
mtaylorjelmer: I don't ... I just know that I can't install bzr-builddeb on my debian build machine without it breaking bzr21:12
lifelessjelmer: I was going to start o bzr core with a new hook21:12
lifelessI do _so_ love commitfromnews21:12
mtaylorjelmer: should I just install from lp:bzr-builddeb?21:12
lifelessmtaylor: join the bzr packing team and fix the ppa ;)21:16
mtaylorlifeless: heh. I'd never thought about doing that :)21:16
jelmermtaylor: Yeah, I'd either ask johnf for an update or switch to lp:bzr-builddeb21:18
mtaylorjelmer: cool21:19
mtaylorjelmer: branching bzr-builddeb worked21:20
* mtaylor now wants a command "bzr branch-plugin" which translates "bzr branch-plugin builddeb" into "bzr branch lp:bzr-builddeb ~/.bazaar/plugins/builddeb" ...21:21
jelmermtaylor: talk to Beuno :-)21:23
speakmanIs shared repo a way to work around this python issues?21:24
speakmanOr should every python project have a "container" directory (where the setup.py usely exist)21:26
speakmanquestionmark... :)21:27
lifelessmtaylor: write it ;)21:28
lifelessspeakman: I don't know what your python issues are21:28
mtaylorlifeless: I don't want it that badly - I want it sort of in the "I'd really like for someone to walk over and hand me a plate of freshly baked cookies" sort of way21:29
lifelessmtaylor: I've started trying to aggressively yak shave21:30
chxhow can i revert on a lightweight checkout of a bzr:// ?21:30
chxit says Transport operation not possible: readonly transport21:30
lifelessmtaylor: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/lptools/lp-project/+merge/21124 was last nights21:30
lifelesschx: its a bug, its fixed in trunk I believe21:30
chxlifeless: wow21:30
mtaylorlifeless: BOO YAH21:31
lifelessor if not in trunkm then the patch is getting reviewed at the moment21:31
chxchecking out bzr/trunk is not fast.21:32
speakmanlifeless: 22:11:23 < speakman> however -- in general, python projects relies on the current working directory name. Using bzr all branches have their own working dir name.21:36
speakman"from myproject.modules import MyClass"21:37
lifelesschx: have you done lp-login ?21:37
lifelessspeakman: most python projects have myproject as a directory at the top of their branch21:37
speakmanlifeless: ok. that's how to solve it?21:37
speakman(it's a pinax based project I'm currently into btw)21:38
chxlifeless: how can i convert my tree into something revertable instead?21:39
lifelessbzr reconfigure --branch should do it21:40
* beuno hides21:44
djmeltdownjust came to get some help...but a reinstall of the software fixed my problem...so ill just say hi!21:47
lifelessjelmer: so, where is your branch?21:52
jelmerlifeless: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr-commitfromnews/extractbugnumbers21:52
lifelessI'll see about getting the bzr infrastructure togetherr21:53
speakmanDoing on-the-fly conversion from <RepositoryFormatKnitPack1> to (remote). source22:04
speakmanThis may take some time. Upgrade the repositories to the same format for better performance.22:04
speakmanwhat's that? "(remote). source" ?22:04
speakmanhow do I upgrade + pushing back?22:08
lifelessyou can use bzr info -v to find out mor details22:08
lifelessthere is an upgrade button on the launchpad branch page22:08
speakmanoh! cool :D22:09
speakmanIf I set a big group as "Review Team" on a branch -- they still can't push to that branch can they?22:21
jelmerhmm, no poolie today?22:27
lifelesspoolie has a day off22:27
lifelessspeakman: that is correct22:27
jelmerlifeless: I'm trying to decide if he meant bb:tweak for https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/export-use-tree-timestamp/+merge/2086522:27
jelmer(since he voted "Needs Fixing")22:28
* kfogel is away: machine fan cleanup; back later22:29
jelmermaxb: hi22:46
jelmermaxb: I've merged your range inclusion patch for bzr-rewrite22:46
maxbI saw, thanks22:46
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maxbbtw, one of the other things I'm working on is making rebase-foreign process its revisions in proper toposort order instead of the weird line-following algorithm it currently has. Do you know why it currently does what it does instead of just toposorting?22:50
jelmermaxb: hysterical raisins? It just uses the other rebase infrastructure22:55
maxbfair enough. I need to comb through my "random hackery to just make this work" branch and pull out a change for submission22:56
jelmermaxb: btw, I noticed you added explicit handling of 'hg-v1:' to pseudonyms; that shouldn't be necessary since bzr-hg has always set the converted-from revision property22:56
maxbMy conversion was svn -> hgsubversion -> bzr-hg :-)22:57
jelmermaxb: I mean this change: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~maxb/bzr-rewrite/hg-papt-rebase-foreign/revision/18022:59
jelmermaxb: those revids are already extracted in the call to foreign.foreign_vcs_registry.parse_revision_id() later in that function23:00
pooliehi jelmer23:00
pooliewould you like to be patch pilot next week?23:00
jelmerhey poolie23:01
poolieit doesn't have to be a very big job but it does seem good to have one particular person driving it23:01
maxbjelmer: I had the same underlying revisions from path A: [svn ---(bzr-svn)---> bzr] and path B: [svn ---(hgsubversion)---> mercurial ---(bzr-hg)---> bzr] and I needed the two end results to be considered pseudonymous23:01
jelmerpoolie: I wouldn't mind being patch pilot for a week, but I'm at lean training and a sprint next week so that week isn't ideal23:01
poolieheh, ok, maybe later23:01
pooliesomeone else? spiv/igc?23:02
jelmermaxb: Yes, that would still be the case without that change23:02
igcmorning poolie23:02
pooliehi there23:02
jelmermaxb: ah, nevermind23:02
pooliei'm not really here today23:02
jelmermaxb: I see now you're using timestamps23:02
maxbjelmer: Yes, tortuous, isn't it :-)23:02
jelmerpoolie: happy birthday btw :-)23:03
pooliethanks :)23:03
maxbAnd in a later revision I changed it because the timestamps didn't work because somewhere they'd become DST-shifted on one of the legs23:03
maxbAnyway, the hacks to the pseudonyms function are very much specific to a particular branch that needed weird rebasing23:04
maxbBut I have bugfixes to other bits of rebase-foreign which I will polish and submit23:04
lifelesspoolie: shoo :P23:04
lifelesspoolie: wasn't it yesterday?23:04
jelmerlifeless: I'm in Europe :-)23:04
poolieit was23:04
poolietoday is Martin Day (observed)23:04
poolielifeless: do you want to pilot next week perhasp?23:05
lifelesspoolie: no thanks23:05
jelmermaxb: I guess I shouldn't look at branches that haven't actually been proposed for merging yet :-)23:05
maxbjelmer: Not if you expect them to actually be applicable for merging :-)23:06
lifelesspoolie: I'm still rotated, and I only just managed to get 3 hours of personal time in the last 3 or so weeks to do coding stuff.23:06
poolienp, i understand23:06
* jelmer continues with maxb's rebase-merges branch23:06
lifelesspoolie: add to that that I'm travelling next week23:06
spivpoolie: I happy to do it if no-one else does, although I wasn't planning to do it until I was back full time.23:18
spivpoolie: enjoy Martin Day (observed) :)23:18
lifelessok, cue music, time for another yak shaving session23:30
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