alkisgGood morning. I can't get evolution to work with fat clients, it needs to create a lock in ~/.evolution and sshfs doesn't support that.04:59
alkisgI wonder if an NFS _option_ would be accepted upstream...04:59
g4tsuI've got a problem with LTSP and disabling ssh10:20
g4tsuI've add this line in lts.conf without success : LDM_DIRECTX=True10:20
alkisgg4tsu: what do you mean "disabling ssh" ?10:35
g4tsuwhen you connect the thinclient to the ltsp server10:36
g4tsuyou make a ssh tunnel10:36
g4tsu(apologies for my bad english)10:36
g4tsuI search how to disable ssh10:36
ograyou cant10:37
g4tsuI find that I have to add a line in lts.conf10:37
ograthe tunnel is always there10:37
g4tsureally ?10:37
ograLDM_DIRECTX just disabled the heavy transport of graphics through the tunnel10:37
alkisgg4tsu: how are the users going to login if you disable ssh?10:38
g4tsuok but when I add this line, It seems to be that the graphics support continue to through the tunnel10:39
g4tsussh -Y -t -S /var/run/ldm_socket_5030_192.168.1.68 -l adminsu  XDG_DATA_DIRS=/tmp/ltsp-localapps-adminsu-diDRKu/:/usr/local/share/:/usr/share/ LTSP_CLIENT= LTSP_CLIENT_HOSTNAME=ltsp102 LC_ALL=fr_FR.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=fr_FR.UTF-8 LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8 DISPLAY=  PULSE_SERVER=tcp: ESPEAKER= /etc/X11/Xsession default < /dev/null > /dev/null ; /usr/sbin/ltspfsmounter all cleanup10:40
g4tsuI've got this line10:41
g4tsuSo it's seems that Xsession use the ssh tunnel10:41
ograit doesnt10:41
g4tsuah ok10:41
ograelse DISPLAY would point to localhost10:41
g4tsuok great10:42
ograsshd sets up a local proxy for X on the server10:42
ograif you use X forwarding through the tunnel10:42
g4tsuthanks for help me see things clearly10:42
dgroosGood Morning Edubunteros :)13:37
Ahmuckhi dgroos13:55
dgroosAhmuck: how are you?13:56
Ahmuckheh, rebuilding my ltsp server14:02
dgroosIt's always so satisfying to do that, feels like one is getting so much done, using so much computing power, and one only need type in a little command... and wait.14:03
Ahmuckubuntu has a problem with the forcedeth driver, as a result i usually have to search for a couple of hours how to fix it every time14:11
Ahmuckthe real problem is this problem has existed since hardy or prior, and keeps getting marked "won't fix"14:11
Ahmuckin part because nobody can decide who should fix it14:12
dgroosWell, I'd have to search for a couple hours to find out what a forcedeth driver is...14:12
Ahmuckit's the driver for nvidia chipsets on the mobo, the driver that drives the nic14:13
Ahmuckthe software behind it reads the nic wrong or the nvidia has implented it incorrectly, and upon every reboot it increases the number of the eth by 114:14
Ahmuckso you end up with 300+ eth in 70-persistant-net-rules14:15
Ahmuckie, eth30014:15
Ahmuckmaking it impossible to set a static ip address for that interface14:15
dgroosthat sounds like one would want to rip out ones (that is ones computer's) innards.14:15
dgroosand get a new one.14:15
Ahmuckor put a new nic in a pci slot14:16
Ahmuckyou can get the nic set, by using some hacks, but the problem is that the mac address still changes upon every reboot making outside access via ports impossible14:16
Ahmucker, some port implementation ... if your tunneling for vpn, etc.14:17
Ahmuckas i understand it14:17
Ahmuckanywho, it's a mess, and i would have expected it to have been fixed already by karamic considering how long it's been in the system14:17
Ahmucksince gutsy14:17
Ahmuckat least14:17
dgroosI remember someone commenting here one day that they had a really high number for there eth port and when alkisg asked, I think this person's comment was something like, 'long story'.  Now I know...14:17
dgroosreal long story.14:18
Ahmuckit happens on boards where the bios allows you to set your own nic14:18
Ahmuckwhich is a really neat idea, cause it makes irc banning near impossible :)14:18
dgroosirc banning?  disallowing someone from participating in an irc channel?14:23
dgroosThis page http://www.wikihow.com/wikiHow:IRC-Bans seems to make it sound like banning is a valuable thing?  Not allowing someone to virtually sabotage a community?  I'm missing something...14:28
Ahmuckdictorial ops14:29
Ahmuckwho get up on the wrong side of the bed that day14:29
dgroosTrue I've never seen the need for it with my limited experience here on #edubuntu, but I can theoretically imagine a situation where it might be needed.  There are some cats that are even stranger than I 'out there'...14:32
Ahmuckdemocracy and free speech is a double edge sword.  kings and plebs.  even kings can get out of order, look at history and see the revolutions that have happened14:33
dgroosyou're telling me.14:34
dgroosI see it often enough in educational leadership...14:34
dgroosnot evil, just misguided.14:34
Ahmucki agree14:35
dgroosdo you get dilbert cartoons where you are?14:35
Ahmucknope :(14:35
Ahmucki don't recall the last time i read a newspaper ...14:36
dgroosI understand that!  When you get a chance... http://www.dilbert.com/14:37
sbalneavMorning all15:36
alkisgHi Scotty15:41
alkisgsbalneav: have you ever used pam environment variables? I can't get pam to read my env vars..15:43
sbalneavHmmmm, No, but....15:50
alkisgThat'd be perfect, but I don't think we want it as an ltsp dependency... :-/15:53
sbalneavthere is a "pam_env" module.... I think lemme look15:54
alkisgYes, I was trying to use that15:54
sbalneavWhat's it doing/not doing?15:55
alkisgBut I could only make it read static variables  from /etc/security/pam_env.conf15:55
sbalneavYou want something dynamic15:55
alkisgSo I couldn't make it set CKCON_X11_DISPLAY=$DISPLAY15:55
alkisg(i.e. read DISPLAY or some other environment variable)15:55
sbalneavyeah, pam_env won't do that, that's why you'd want pam_envfeed.15:56
alkisgI think that "pam environment" is a special, system-wide environment... I'd like a per-session environment15:56
sbalneavWant me to package it?15:56
sbalneavif we need it, then we need it.15:56
alkisgIf it comes to that, I'll just use a python function instead15:56
alkisgi.e. call OpenSessionWithParameters to properly notify consolekit15:57
alkisgI've just committed a workaround that ...works, but not a proper one15:57
alkisgIf we won't find any better way in the next weeks, then I'll just replace `su user` with a python function15:58
alkisg(i was trying to avoid it because not all distros are using consolekit, so I preferred environment variables + su)15:58
sbalneavWell, pam_envfeed could be useful to us for other things.16:01
sbalneavIf we package it, and make it useful for debian, and potentially other distros, it might become a standard we could rely on.16:02
alkisgThat's true... /me shrugs16:02
sbalneavWell, tell you what.  I'll package it, and we can look at it post-lucid.16:02
alkisghighvoltage, mgariepy, you might want to try the latest commit in ldm-trunk, it makes the fat client sessions CK/PK aware (so device mounting works)16:02
alkisgsbalneav: sounds good to me16:02
alkisgAh, we probably need to disable LOCALDEV for fat clients, too16:03
mgariepynice alkisg thanks, i won't be able to test this today though.16:03
highvoltagealkisg: cool!16:06
alkisgThere's also http://manpages.ubuntu.com/pam_exec - maybe that could be used instead...16:11
sbalneavNot sure if it will preserve the enviornment... We could try..16:18
alkisgI'm only interested in modifying the pam environment temporarily16:20
alkisgNot the process environment...16:20
alkisgI.e. pam must "see" CKCON_X11_DISPLAY in its "pam environment" in order for `su` to work correctly, but we don't need that variable in the session environment16:20
alkisg(I hope I'm making sense...)16:21
sbalneavyeah, makes sense.16:22
alkisghighvoltage: can you send me your newusers script, to try to make it a little faster?17:47
alkisge.g. we could use pam_mkhomedir to make the home dirs for only the users that actually log in...17:48
highvoltagealkisg: yep17:53
highvoltagealkisg: ok this is sttill one with a bashism:17:54
highvoltagefor user in {1..255}; do echo "ltsp$user:ltsp$user:200$user:1000:LTSP Guest:/home/ltsp$user:/bin/sh" >> /tmp/userlist newusers /tmp/userlist17:54
alkisgok, ty17:55
highvoltageok that doesn't paste well17:55
highvoltagebut you get it17:55
nubaehighvoltage: hi there, is there a list of uncompleted taskss before release?18:08
nubaesome place...18:08
nubaepublic preferably :-)18:09
highvoltagenubae: our meeting notes usually contain to-do items, otherwise it's in tickets in LP18:10
highvoltagenubae: the website work is listed out there quite well, besides that we basically have some artwork issues left and getting the liveltsp and ltsp-installer in18:11
highvoltagenubae: oh and the squashfs required for that18:11
nubaeok, can I get started on something? whats most urgent?18:14
nubaeI've been away for quite a while and want to show that I still care :-) heh18:15
nubaecan I see the to do items?18:17
nubaeI'd also like to run something by you, get your ok...18:17
nubaeI would like to link linux-for-education.org to edubuntu.org18:17
nubaejust a link18:17
nubaefor extra help18:17
nubaethe lforE site has a ubuntu specific part, so we could redirect users to there18:18
nubaeespecially the howto jazz up you ubuntu instalation, etc.18:19
highvoltagenubae: I think the best would be to get an edubuntu iso, boot from it (even if in a virtualmachine) and find/fix bugs19:03
highvoltagenubae: I think at this stage in the release cycle that's quitee critical and we can definitely do more of that right now19:04
highvoltagenubae: not sure how good your packaging is, when we get the new logos from canonical there will be quite some artwork work to be done19:04
Ahmucknew edubuntu logos?21:18
alkisgWould anyone care (or mind) for also allowing a local partition (identified by LOCAL_HOME=volume-name) to be mounted as /home for fat clients? It shouldn't need more than 10 lines...21:29
alkisg...anyway, i'll leave that post-lucid21:32
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joerghi folks22:44

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