Sputapachelogger: reminder: turbobomber.quassel-irc.org if you notice the core isn't reachable :)00:03
Sputwe're moving any day now00:03
Sputyou might use some backlog during the transition phase00:04
Sput(an hour or so)00:04
Riddellamarok 2.3.0 for the packaging00:33
maco2hehe "for the packaging" = ftp00:35
nixternaloh man, I feel for the ubuntu-docs peeps...seems Ubuntu will be doing FFEs on UI stuff...01:28
nixternalwe start doing stuff like that, I stop working on docs...remember that, put that in your bean, don't forget that, got it? good!01:28
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ScottKRiddell: Sounds good about the netbook stuff.  Thanks.02:19
maco2Riddell mentioned amarok 2.3 being ready to package. has anyone grabbed that ye?02:25
apacheloggeroh my oh my06:29
* apachelogger is going to be late for math06:29
apacheloggerSput: on that I would like to note that I find the name rather awesome :D06:30
apacheloggeruhm uhm06:32
apacheloggerRiddell: your most recent kds change also activated the cube effect06:33
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Riddellhttp://community.kde.org/Promo/Distribution_Communication upstream wants us to use "Plasma Desktop" more10:51
Riddellnixternal, claydoh: might be important for docs and wiki pages ^^10:51
_StefanS_is alpha3 somewhat "stable" in terms of nvidia-driver and network-manager ?11:47
_StefanS_stable is a strong word i know ;)11:47
Riddellnetwork manager is fine, dunno about nvidia11:50
_StefanS_Riddell: I suppose the binary download from nvidia itself will work11:50
_StefanS_Riddell: which is fine for me..11:50
_StefanS_Riddell: dist-upgrade from karmic should be fine, right?11:50
Riddell_StefanS_: please do a proper upload to test it11:53
Riddellupdate-notifier-kde -d11:53
_StefanS_Riddell: alright11:54
_StefanS_Riddell: appears to be working so far11:56
Riddelllet me know of any issues11:56
_StefanS_Riddell: after disabling my thirdparty apt sources, the update on the main window stops, and harddrive working. Would be nice to see just some sort of text as to what is happening11:57
_StefanS_it appears as "lucid" is doing stuff11:58
_StefanS_ok, its done and asking me if I want to perform the upgrade12:00
_StefanS_so far so good.12:00
_StefanS_good thing with >20mbit when you need to get 2gb of packages..12:00
Tonio_sebas: just found a little issue with the knm plasmoid... when connected with a wire, it shows a disconnected icon12:27
Tonio_sebas: see http://toniox.org/temp/knm-plasmoid1.png12:27
sebasTonio_: known artwork issue, it's actually the correct icon12:27
sebasonly network-wired looks as if it's disconnected, not quite helpful12:28
Tonio_sebas: kk12:28
sebasTonio_: btw, VPN support is now in, upstream12:28
Tonio_sebas: great12:29
sebasI'm a little confused by the thread on kubuntu-devel though12:30
sebaslike wether people are incapable of understanding that for now, they have to load the module manually, or if there are real bugs where I wouldn't expect them to be12:30
sebasor if the UI is just confusing12:31
sebasIt's not like I can reasonably expect that the people who have replied are dumb though, so //1 is less likely12:32
sebasWe probably need a detailed "do this, then do that" test plan, more detailed than riddell's fipo12:32
Sputsebas: still showing the GSM icon when disconnected and a GSM device is present, plus while on startup it shows a disconnected emblem, that doesn't seem to be shown when disconnecting afterwards again12:42
Sput(it shows the GSM icon with a red X in the beginning, but not after going off again, and while connected, there's no emblem at all, just the plain icon)12:43
sebasSput: screenshot please? I don't have mobile broadband, so cannot test or guess it very well12:44
* sebas is afk for bit now though12:44
Sput(oh and I still can't disconnect from wifi)12:46
shadeslayerSput: lol12:46
shadeslayerSput: most people cant connect to wifi :D12:46
Sputoh that all works quite fine here12:46
Sputsebas: can't show screenshots right now, because as long as I'm connected via wifi I get the wifi icon shown :)12:47
Sputand I can't disconnect12:47
sebasSput: any time is fine12:47
sebasI won't fix it right away anyway (but maybe tonight)12:48
Sputhm, disconnecting and reconnecting the wired connection makes the wired icon show up in the tray, rather than the wifi (which is still connected)12:49
ebischoffHello people. Strange problem here with latest online update for lucid (from this morning). My KDE is all black. I can see only the mouse pointer.13:26
ebischoffOnly thing I can see is kdm's login window, but over a black background. Xorg server is nv.13:28
ebischoffok, in case you need tests and feedback : ebischoff at nerim dot net -- byyye13:33
persiaNeeds a real bug report, rather than an IRC comment and request for email, really.13:34
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agateauRiddell: what packages are necessary to get Nepomuk running with virtuoso?14:40
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Riddellagateau: nepomuk-virtuoso14:46
Riddellif you have used virtuoso 5 in the past then virtuosoconverter is nice too14:46
agateauRiddell: I have virtuoso-nepomuk here :/14:46
Riddellagateau: have you enabled virtuoso in system settings?14:48
agateauRiddell: I enabled nepomuk14:48
agateauis there some virtuoso specific stuff to do somewhere?14:48
Riddellagateau: no nepomuk should pick that up14:50
agateauRiddell: ok14:50
Riddellto test it you can run    qdbus org.kde.NepomukServer /nepomukserver org.kde.NepomukServer.quit14:51
Riddellthen run nepomukserver on a command line14:51
Riddelland see what that outputs14:51
agateaugot stuck in the qdbus call :/14:52
Riddellthat's not good14:53
agateauok, killed it14:53
agateauand restarted14:53
Riddellkill -9 the nepomuk processes14:53
agateausome interesting output...14:53
agateaulooks like I am going to rm all my nepomuk data14:55
sebasagateau: you need to update your index with virtuosoconverter14:55
sebasvirtuoso says the db format is too old14:56
agateausebas: too late14:56
sebasrm'ing it would also work, but you lose data that way14:56
agateaudb is no more14:56
agateauactually what I am trying to do is getting the nepomuk/strigi KStatusNotifierItem-based app to run,14:57
agateaubecause boss reported it has no icon when running on gnome14:57
Riddellthat is KStatusNotifierItem based though so it should show on gnome14:58
agateauyes, I want to fix this if it's not the case14:59
agateauRiddell: but I need to get it tor run first!14:59
davmor2Riddell: kubuntu still has Ubuntu on plymouth.15:00
agateauRiddell: do you konw the name of this KSNI binary?15:01
Riddelldavmor2: Canonical designers still working on the new kubuntu logo15:02
Riddelldavmor2: are you looking at the dailys?15:02
Riddellagateau: no, I assume it's nepomukserver or something started by it15:02
agateauRiddell: ok :/15:03
Riddelldavmor2: yesterday ubiquity was moaning about not being able to write config files when run in the live desktop mode15:03
agateauRiddell: strigidaemon also does not start here,15:03
Riddelldavmor2: it also wasn't installing15:03
agateauRiddell: it tries to use sesame15:03
Riddellagateau: I think it's "/usr/bin/nepomukservicestub nepomukstrigiservice" which does the strigi stuff (if you turn that on)15:03
Riddellerr, huh?15:04
davmor2Riddell: should the show hidden icons be half in, half out of the icon box in the task bar?15:04
Riddelldavmor2: yes15:04
davmor2that's okay then15:04
davmor2Riddell: same today too15:04
Riddelldavmor2: also the install step doesn't actually do anything except show the dialogue with slideshow15:05
Riddellagateau: kdebase-runtime-4.3.90/nepomuk/services/strigi/systray.cpp15:06
agateauRiddell: mmm... so it's started by a kded service15:07
agateauRiddell: I need to get strigi running then15:07
Riddellagateau: it's started by /usr/share/autostart/nepomukserver.desktop15:08
Riddellagateau: if you tick the tickbox in the system settings module for strigi it should start nepomukstrigiservice15:08
Riddelland that's what makes the systray icon15:08
agateauRiddell: I agree, but when I do that I get a message telling me strigi could not be started15:08
* agateau is investigating15:09
davmor2Riddell: running sudo ubiquity see ifI can get around the config issues, seems to be working.15:12
Riddelldavmor2: if I update ubiquity to today's version (the one on today's daily is two days old) it gets the new artwork and does start (after moaning about config files) but the install dialogue still doesn't do anything15:28
RiddellI know the config files thing will be down to cjwatson's permissions changes15:28
Riddellthe install dialogue is probably down to shtylman's progressDialog changes15:28
davmor2this has failed anyway :(15:29
Riddelldavmor2: what happened?15:29
nixternalRiddell: we are golden with using "Plasma Desktop". we started doing it as soon as the whole name change came about :)15:32
davmor2Riddell: attempt to configure extra packages in apt from cd failed15:33
davmor2I'm seeing if it will carry on15:33
Riddelldavmor2: actually this install does seem to be doing something looking at the logs now, just the progressDialog is not showing it15:35
shtylmanRiddell: :(15:36
davmor2shtylman: mine is an older version I just get the blue tab go left and right, I'm assuming Riddell is suffering the same thing but his is installing.15:37
Riddellyes, the progress bar isn't given any value so it just scrolls left and right15:38
davmor2Riddell, shtylman: mine has thrown up the installed restart now dialogue15:38
davmor2I'll see what happens15:38
shtylmanRiddell davmor2: thats unfortunate... I will need to look into that15:45
shtylmandid it actually install tho?15:45
davmor2it only installed :D15:45
Riddellfinal reboot still doesn't work either and drkonqi comes up saying Installer has crashed15:46
Riddellbut that was the case in alpha 315:46
Riddellotherwise the install is good15:48
davmor2I have a working install that has 84 updates15:49
Riddellshtylman: so it's just a case of working out why progressDialog doesn't get the text and values it needs15:49
shtylmanthat is rather unfortunate... kinda a big oversight on my part15:51
Riddelldavmor2: do you know if the Ubuntu Desktop daily is in a sensible state?15:51
davmor2Riddell: http://pairwise.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/373215:54
davmor2it has the apt issue too15:54
Riddelldavmor2: i didn't see any apt issue15:58
Riddellmaybe that went away by updating to today's ubiquity?15:58
davmor2bug 53562915:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 535629 in libjpeg6b "package libjpeg-progs is not built from any source package but several packages in lucid depend on it (dup-of: 537370)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53562915:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537370 in libjpeg6b "build libjpeg-progs again" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53737015:59
davmor2is the one in ubuntu's15:59
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TroubleWhat's up with kubuntu-firefox-installer in backports (10.04ubuntu3~karmic1~ppa1+really9.10)? It's broken.16:46
shtylmanis beta1 supposed to hit today?16:49
persiaFreeze hits today.  Beta is in a bit.16:50
Troubleshtylman: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule16:50
persiaSo stuff uploading now is supposed to be beta-targeted stuff only16:50
Riddellfixing ubiquity comes under that :)16:50
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davmor2Riddell: should the screensaver lock the screen by default for lucid.   I know it is for gnome just wondering if kde had the same default for lucid?16:53
Riddelldavmor2: we don't have a screensaved by default16:55
davmor2Riddell: okay so the blank screen (which is the same as gnome) then16:57
Riddellyes that's the power saving stuff16:57
Riddellit doesn't lock by default16:57
davmor2Riddell: okay :)16:58
maco2oh wow. ive missed like teh entire alpha period? i'm a bad tester :(17:10
* maco2 upgrades17:11
nixternalI take it the new network manager plasmoid still doesn't work with hidden/wpa2 connections?17:27
Riddellnixternal: I believe not :(17:27
nixternalk, so I need to still use the gnome network manager thing17:28
nixternalI just use the gnome one to create the connection, as it worked the old way like that17:28
maco2hmm i wonder why do-release-upgrade wants to ditch f-spot?17:31
maco2(yes i still use f-spot and pidgin and gwibber)17:32
jussi01maco2: fspot? why?17:36
persiamaco2: Not in your primary task, perhaps tricky to upgrade (as a guess).17:37
maco2jussi01: it works well. digikam has yet to give me a compelling reason to learn a new UI. though there are some features on the digikam blog (i assume in svn?) that look shiny, but I don't think a released version has them yet17:38
maco2oooh hmm looks like maybe they made it into 1.0 or 1.1.0 ...17:42
maco2i'll have to play with digikam again17:43
maco2jussi01: but its sort of... f-spot does what i need a photo album thing to do, gimp does what i need an editor to do. digikam does more than f-spot and less than gimp which means i still need gimp for some stuff and end up with more buttons to confuse me when doing simple album stuff. however, the wavelet macro mentioned on the digikam blog looks more advanced than what gimp does, so if they continue on with making things-i-cant-make-gimp-do be withi17:45
danimofabo: ping?17:47
shtylmanis it too late to get a brand new package accepted :) ?18:06
shtylmanone that doesn't even exist in debian?18:06
persiaNeeds a freeze exception18:09
shtylmanwhich is probly unlikely at this point18:19
persiashtylman: Depends on why you need it.  I saw two new packages approved today (although they were needed for archive health)18:23
shtylmanpersia: I see... yea... its not critical... it can wait until next cycle around18:24
persiaIF it can wait, it probably should.  Could it live in Debian?18:24
* maco2 thinks persia just offered to sponsor it in debian18:26
* persia isn't in the debian keyring18:27
fabodanimo: pong18:34
shtylmanpersia: yea.. it could live in debian as well18:37
persiashtylman: I'd recommend getting it uploaded there so you don't have to think about it for the next cycle, and get it from autosync.18:38
shtylmanpersia: sounds good to me18:40
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nixternalI noticed with the new networkmangler thing, I have to keep doing the qdbus line in order for it to show me wireless connections18:55
nixternalotherwise it works, I am using wifi out in the parking lot of the rehab hospital18:56
shtylmanhow do I enable the kde mouse guestures?18:56
nixternalshitty connection, but at least it is a connection18:56
shtylmanor use them?18:56
shtylmando I have to be holding a button or something?18:56
nixternalRiddell: with the new wifi widget, to get it working, all you need to do is set the 'seenbssid' in ~/.kde/share/apps/networkmanagement/connections19:01
nixternalonce that is done, which it looks to be the mac address of the wifi hot spot, and you run the qdbus line again, it shows up 19:01
nixternalhonestly, I don't see how this new widget is better than the previous one...the previous one at least automatically updated available wifi access points, this one doesn't19:02
maco2nixternal: it doesn't? thats silly19:21
EagleScreenbrightness keys are not working in Kubuntu 10.04, I really hate this bug19:39
verbalshadowEagleScreen: they seem to be working here using the FN-keys and using screen brightness in the power management (battery) plasmoid19:47
EagleScreenverbalshadow: in my case, fn keys move the indicator bar int he applet, but brightness doesn't change19:48
EagleScreenwhen I move the brightness bar directly with the mouse, brightness change correctly19:49
verbalshadowi see that my slider doesn't move when i use the fn keys19:50
EagleScreenmive move, but brightness doesnt change19:51
neversfeldeMamarok: where are the copy/move options in amarok's file browser in 2.3 beta. Are they simply missing or is there a new way to copy songs to the local collection?20:16
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nixternalmy netbook is so slow22:10
ScottKHow slow is it?22:12
neversfeldenixternal: that's the punishment for not sending me a taco^^22:13
nixternalit is definitely the drive...not another hard drive failure I hope22:16
nixternal10 minutes to do the latest apt-get upgrade on lucid22:16
nixternalmy laptop took 45 seconds22:16
nixternali wonder how many times you have to send a dell mini 10v back for repairs before they say screw it and send me a new one?22:16
shtylmanso I did an ls -l in a directory... and got:22:21
shtylman-rw-r--r--+ 1 shtylman22:21
shtylmanwhat is the "+" ??22:21
shtylmanive never seen that22:21
nixternalshtylman: ACL entry associated with it22:23
shtylmannixternal: thanks22:23
shtylmanhow do we find out what that entry it?22:23
shtylmanor does it just indicate there is one22:23
nixternalneed acl installed, then you can use getfacl and the other tools to figure that out22:24
nixternalI have only seen it with a project I worked on 2 years ago, and couldn't figure out wtf it was :)22:24
ali wonder what causes the random file corruption on my kubuntu box22:27
tazzi just finished compiling kde from trunk under /home/kde/kde/ now do do i get my user "kde" to start using my trunk version instead of the current kubuntu packaged version? I am using kubuntu 9.1022:29
alaccording to memtest86 and bzip2 -vv memory/cpu seem to be ok, smart doesn't report any errors either22:29
tazzi tried searching at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KnowledgeBase22:29
macotazz: play with $PATH ?22:32
nixternaloh my, just fired up the latest ubuntu iso...my eyes are bleeding22:33
macoi just rebooted into lucid. suddenly i have a purple splash screen and there's not a "K" in sight.22:35
tazzmaco, thanks. Will try that out.22:35
nixternalmaco: yeah, i don't like that either...so I have shut off "quiet splash" in grub22:42
nixternalplus, i like knowing what is working and what isn't when booting up22:42

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