* Oxymoron catach the wet mop and scrub the floor with it ...00:00
* Menox grabs the mop and scrubs the space between Oxymoron's ears.00:00
* Oxymoron thought hes head was intact and solid as a rock ...00:01
MenoxNo, you're probably right.  Solid as a rock...00:02
Menoxwell this has been an interesting day...  Bye everyone.00:04
OxymoronBye ...00:05
* Oxymoron is going as well and looking forward to a warm nice nap and fantasy and dream about his girl <300:06
OxymoronGoodnight everyone! :)00:06
BookmanI have an updated Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3 and Kubuntu, but I seem to be having a problem starting up the machine in Kubuntu.  All I get is a black screen.  I can see the cursor, but nothing else.  If I hit ctl+alt+del, I get a popup window for shutting down/logging off.00:09
* Typos_King notices the word 'Alpha 3' and then the words 'seem to be having a problem' on the same sentence.. and wonders why is that unexpected00:12
omnipotentduoBookman try alt+f2 and type plasma00:13
BookmanThanks, I will try!00:14
Bookmanomnipotentduo, alt+f2 and 'plasma' did not work.  Still a black screen.00:37
riadhfesalam alikom00:42
riadhfe hi00:44
Typos_Kingsalam alikom to you too :)00:45
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riadhfesalam all01:06
jeff__where is the brightness control? i have just installed kubuntu 9.1001:14
Typos_Kingusually a button on your monitor :P:01:17
jeff__Typos_King: funny that you mentioned it, because the "fn" key on my thinkpad SL500 ACTUALLY WORKS for the hotkeys. wow i would have never of guessed it. they must have put the experimental driver in :O01:22
Typos_Kingthe 'fn' combo keys are keybindings in bios, so :)01:22
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abdul1hi all02:05
Scunizihow do I restart the sound system in Kubuntu?  Is it the same as Ubuntu? sudo service pulseaudio restart?02:15
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KB1JWQIs there an actual small-screen resolution spin of Kubuntu-- a Netbook Remix so to speak?03:45
netdaemonKB1JWQ: not yet, there will be in 10.04 iirc03:45
netdaemonthe netbook stuff didn't get added till KDE 4.4.003:45
=== codolio is now known as dolio
netdaemonyou may be able to install that from backports from a normal kubuntu install though03:46
KB1JWQnetdaemon: Thanks.  I'm all tingly in anticipation.03:46
gkffjcsHey all, is there a way to recover deleted files? I rmed the wrong dir, and I really need those files back. The fs I am using is ext4, I immediately unmounted the drive when I figured out what happened.04:11
gkffjcsI'm googling for ways to recover them, but not much luck04:12
KB1JWQgkffjcs: Yes!04:15
KB1JWQdd the drive to an image file somewhere else.04:15
KB1JWQThen you're going to do recovery on the image.04:15
KB1JWQOnce that's done, look into testdisk04:15
gkffjcsthe drive is 1tb,04:15
KB1JWQgkffjcs: And other 1TB drives are under $100, which is the price you pay for being foolish without backups.04:15
KB1JWQFailing that, $600 and up for professional data recovery.04:16
KB1JWQIt becomes "What's your data worth to you?"04:16
gkffjcshours of scanning photos, honestly, no money, it's just that I manually scanned each of the over 1000 photos I just rm -r ./*'ed04:17
gkffjcswithout realising I was one dir too high04:17
JuanMarquezbuenas amigos K Lucid tiene problemas en la instalacion, o soy solo yo?04:17
KB1JWQ!es | JuanMarquez04:18
ubottuJuanMarquez: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:18
KB1JWQgkffjcs: Welp, if your time is worth nothing, you have a point.04:18
KB1JWQI've told you what I would do.04:18
KB1JWQNow, if you insist upon proceeding anyway, testdisk is what you want.04:18
gkffjcsok, why do I need to copy the entire disk?04:19
gkffjcsthat doesn't make sense to me04:19
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KB1JWQgkffjcs: Because you're using dd; it's a block level device.04:19
KB1JWQThe files are f*cking gone, dude. :-)  The blocks haven't been overwritten yet, and that's ALL that's saving your bacon right now.04:19
KB1JWQBut in order to copy that data off, you need to do it blockwise at the device level.04:19
Guest40495yo idleeeee04:19
KB1JWQGuest40495: Hush.04:20
JuanMarquezKubuntu lucid have problem to install, help04:20
gkffjcsThat makes no sense, if I dd the disk I just end up with a copy of unlined inodes...04:20
JuanMarquezdownload dayling04:20
gkffjcstheir still unlinked...04:21
KB1JWQdd is a common Unix program whose primary purpose is the low-level copying and conversion of raw data.04:21
KB1JWQThe purpose of dding the drive off is so that you have a gold master image.04:21
KB1JWQaka "if you screw up again, you've got a gold master you can refer back to."04:21
gkffjcswell, that's just not possible04:21
KB1JWQYour funeral.04:22
KB1JWQBoot from a LiveCD.04:22
KB1JWQOr better yet, plug it into another box.04:22
KB1JWQYou're going to need something writeable to recover these onto.04:22
KB1JWQActually, wait...04:22
KB1JWQThese are ALL Jpgs, gkffjcs?04:23
KB1JWQUse foremost.  http://foremost.sourceforge.net/ Obviously from your non-hosed media.04:24
gkffjcspng's actuall04:26
gkffjcswow, who knew that I have at least 6000 png files... most of them are things I don't care about, it hasn't found any of the pics I want, but I'll just let it run.04:47
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faultlineHi everyone06:35
qemqemqemhi faultline06:36
faultlineCan anyone give me a few seconds of their time?  I recently started using Kubuntu, and have somehow deleted or removed the taskbar-like area and now I cannot view my network connection, the ktorrent downloader, or any other minimized items...any clue on how I can restore that?06:37
qemqemqemis the panel still at the bottom?06:37
qemqemqemthe bar06:38
faultlineI cant even see if my net is connected06:44
faultlineqemqemqem the only panel is at the top right of my screen06:45
faultlineunforntunately I am in a storm so my wireless is going in and out06:45
xjjkfaultline: it's going to be difficult to help you with you going in/out...06:48
dams_toc toc06:55
faultlineHi, can anyone help me please?  I have accidentally removed my taskbar and cannot replace it, it was there when I installed kubuntu last night- anyone have any clues?07:03
xjjkI suppose faultine is going to say #kubuntu is worthless, even though he can't stay connected long enough to see an answer07:14
Freyrhi there!07:16
Freyri need to create ~50+ directories. the name of those directories are in a external file. how can i create them using the external file?07:17
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xjjkFreyr: pretty easy scripting, though there are a lot of caveats07:19
xjjkdo you know any programming languages?07:20
Freyrxjjk: i'm learning.07:20
xjjkyou may want to go a language-specific channel and ask07:21
Freyri'm learning bash07:22
lninjoanybody knows how i can get a list of channels07:22
xjjkFreyr: fun. shell scripting will probably be the shortest, but also have the most caveats... I'd go a language-specific channel07:22
lninjoanybody knows how i can get a list of channels07:29
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bobbyyuWhere do I go for Apache help?09:11
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markithi, I would like that files created in a certain directory have the rw attibute set for the group, how can I do?09:27
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plattdeutscherfor some reasons I have no battery icon in tray and my laptop is running at lowest frequency.10:24
plattdeutschersince reinstalling from karmic 64bi10:24
plattdeutscherhow is that tray battery app called again?10:25
Logiahh... krandr is finally working nicely :)10:45
Logiand the new Device Notifier UI is *much* better than before10:46
Logiand even amarok is beginning to shape up10:46
Logimy flabber is ghasted10:46
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Ahmed_Hello, How do i trace a website IP ? from teriminal10:49
Ahmed_I tried tracert but it says only for SUPER USERS ?WHAT IS THAT10:49
LogiAhmed_: mtr is nice10:50
Ahmed_And then ?10:50
Logithe host name10:50
Logimtr google.com10:50
Ahmed_Okay wait10:50
Ahmed_It doesnt10:50
Ahmed_i didnt even updated the all updates on synaptic updates10:51
Logiwhat doesn't what?10:51
Ahmed_NO COMMAND found, thats i get typing mrt10:52
Ahmed_and host name10:52
Logiand if you type mtr?10:52
Ahmed_Let me see10:52
Ahmed_no command10:52
Ahmed_i am on bash ? whats that10:52
Logiand does it perhaps tell you how to install the command?10:52
Ahmed_I installed that tracert but lemme see agian10:52
Logibtw, I have a crey impressive mtr from when I lived in Mexico DF: http://logi.org/tmp/mtr.png10:53
* Logi is at work with code to write and doesn't have time for this10:53
LogiAhmed_: also, all-CAPS is shouting and is considered rude10:53
Ahmed_Sorry :)10:54
Loginp, you have to know10:54
Ahmed_Yeah i am new user over here so10:54
Ahmed_BRB after lunch10:54
Ahmed_BRB :)10:54
OxymoronGrub2, if I want to completely remove all files, which folders do I have to delete?11:01
Ahmed_how to install all the updates for terminal ?11:07
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dreanHi, can anyone recommend some lowend video hardware for running 3 monitors, only requirement i have is that it should be able to run KDE smoothly (with composite/effects) atm i'm using an ATI evergreen card, but both the ATI and open source drivers are useless for my needs.11:42
ivan_does any body know any sports games that I can Install on my Kubuntu11:48
ivan_cool sports games!!!!!!!11:48
VitalBluegive us an example of cool games ivan_11:52
infectocan some one give me a tip how to enable terminal font in Konsole11:53
ivan_say golf, football, basket ball, westling any.........11:53
apricothabe gestern etwas falsches hier gesagt.... -> TwinView in Kubuntu mit nvidia-Grafikkarte. (... xorg.conf löschen und mit sudo nvidis-settings neu erstellen...) Das funktioniert NICHT. Aber die lösung ist dennoch ganz einfach:  1.) sudo cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.backup 2.) sudo kate xorg.conf 3.) in KDE nvidia-settings aufrufen/einstellen 4.) im 'Preview-Fenster den neu entstandenen conig-Text kopieren, in kate  statt der alten11:54
apricot Konfiguration pasten, speichern und GUT ist  :)11:54
apricotFrage: wie krieg ich den Gnome-Desktop zur Auswahl beim einloggen. Hab in KPackageKit ubuntu-desktop zum Installieren ausgewählt, aber NIX passiert. Keine Installation. Keine Auswahl beim Login.11:56
apricotich wollte 'ubuntu-desktop- 1.175 (amd64)' installieren11:58
aperson!de | apricot12:08
ubottuapricot: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.12:08
apricotgibts in KPackageKit eine Möglichkeit die 'Gesamtliste' von software anzuzeigen wie z.B. in Synaptic oder Yast. Oder MUSS ich wissen, wie das Teil jeweils genau heißt (das it Blödsinn- niemand kann ALLES wissen)12:08
apricotoh sorry :)12:09
Oxymoronchkdsk, how to do that in kubuntu because livecd of Win7 doesnt work in command prompt as it doesnt detect my keyboard ... lol and grub doesnt boot into Win7 while select I got: "Grub Hard Disk error" and get back to grub again .... xD Seriously, HELP NOW!12:15
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pulaskiHello, I have finnally obtained a new computer but it relies on the OS to tell the system when to power down and suspend power or go to sleep.   How do I adjust these settings in kubuntu 9.10?12:18
marcus_Lo everyone.12:22
marcus_I'm having a problem with removing packages via KPackageKit.12:22
marcus_The Policykit settings for that action are the default and I am an administrative user.12:23
marcus_However, every time I try, I get a dialogue box saying, "You do not have the necessary privileges to perform this action."12:23
marcus_Running in a console returns this: "The following users qualify as administrative users: marcus" // "Select user: Failed to obtain authorization for org.freedesktop.packagekit.package-remove.                                                     " // "Authentification error : org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown : The name org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.AuthenticationAgent was not provided by any .service files"12:24
marcus_Installing packages seems to work properly, though, giving me the proper password dialogue.12:26
ubsafderhow do i find the package a file belongs to ?12:58
Torchubsafder: dpkg -S <filename>13:15
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infectosome one know where kaddresbook stro informations?14:27
=== JulienBu is now known as jason70v
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geniiinfecto: ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf     usually14:30
infectook vcf :) thats what i needed :)14:31
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infectogenii: thanks a loot14:32
gh0stwhy on boot info it splits on tty1 and tty6, after "entering on run level...", who can help, please ?14:32
geniigh0st: What do you mean by "splits on tty and tty6" ?14:34
gh0stgenii: kernel info goest on tty1 and tty614:35
gh0stgenii: can u understand me14:37
geniigh0st: X usually will run on tty6, then you have text terminals on the others. But since you can have any number of terminals but there will always be tty1 thats where the messages end up14:38
geniigh0st: Yes, just I am at work, besides being here14:38
gh0sthow can i fix this problem14:39
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gh0stgenii: how can i fix it14:40
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geniigh0st: It's not broken.14:52
geniiBah, left already14:52
nonameNNhello... how can i turn off fade effect in wallpaper changes? or at least make it faster? any ideas?14:55
greggAMAZINGLY stupid question here... any way I can get ubuntu to STOP ordering things alphabetically by capital/small letters? just started using midnight commander instead of krusader...15:11
tonyk l k15:21
tv_where is ubotu?15:29
ubottuMythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative centered upon setting up a standalone MythTV system. See: http://www.mythbuntu.org for more information15:29
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reanimationhello kubuntu15:36
=== caldera is now known as JulienBu
* genii makes more coffee15:42
ebischoffHi folks. Solved my problem of black kde screen. Was a missing plasma-desktop package. I don't understand why this package disappeared during this morning's online update of lucid. Anyway, reinstalling manually solved the issue.15:43
faultlineI am having a problem with my playback sound, lastfm will work but it has problems playing movies....any clues?15:43
ebischoffFor those interested, there's a problem with kivio as well. Package is in database but not on kubuntu update servers.15:44
faultlineIt says 'BLAH is not working, reverting to.' where BLAH is my sound device...15:44
mefisto__ebischoff: #ubuntu+1 is the lucid support channel15:44
faultlineBut it doesnt revert to anything15:45
ebischoffmefisto : i informed there already. They told me to come here. Anyway.15:45
faultlineIs there        another media player?15:46
mefisto__faultline: media player? you're talking about last.fm, the website, right?15:50
faultlineNo sir, I meant the default movie player installed with kubuntu- but i figured how to install vlcplayer.15:51
faultlineMy major issue is I am a Windows native and just made the switch t olinux and Kubuntu the other night, so I am still learning- just got the dektop environment working for my tastes lol.  Just started on programs15:52
faultlineSo i'm asking a billion questions lol....not really, just like 5 in 3 days rofl15:54
mefisto__faultline: you said you had sound problems with video on last.fm15:54
mefisto__faultline: well if you're looking for more video/media players, you might want to try kaffeine (used to be the default kde player), mplayer, smplayer (mplayer with a better interface)15:58
faultlineNo mefisto- Im having general sound problems....is there a way to check my sound drivers or try and update them16:01
faultlinebrb Gotta run to college, its a few blocks away, I'll be back once I log into the library's net.16:01
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urgeythe waterfall of parts and joins here is amazing16:37
GerwinQuite, isn't it16:37
arch0njwThat's why I hide those events (along with nick changes).  Sometimes there are more join/part/quit/nick messages than real messages. :)16:39
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faultlineOk I'm back, Mefisto- what were you sayign about my issue with sound drivers? (i think)16:42
Ahmed_How do i turn off the history in the latest version of Kopete ?16:42
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venikI installed Thunderbird 3 on my Kubuntu 64 bits, but Lightning (the calendar) does not work.  What can I do?16:57
dreanHi, can anyone recommend some lowend video hardware for running 3 monitors, only requirement i have is that it should be able to run KDE smoothly (with composite/effects) atm i'm using an ATI evergreen card, but both the ATI and open source drivers are useless for my needs.17:00
putt1ckdrivers useless how?17:01
fabio333ATI evergreen card (?)17:02
dreanATI: lag with composite, only 2 monitors.. Open source: High power usage, evergreen not fully implemented yet.17:02
dreanfabio333: 5000 series (5770 to be specific)17:03
putt1ckmanual config or using ati gui?17:03
faultlineHeres a big one- I have no sound.  Any ideas?17:04
dreanputt1ck: I just installed the driver, an ran aticonfig tool17:04
fabio333a good card i suppose,17:04
dreanputt1ck: but from what i've read on various forums etc, the drivers dosn't support the third monitor.17:05
dreanThat's why i'm asking for an advise on which hardware to choose, i suppose i have to use 2 video cards to get 3 monitors running..17:06
putt1ckI have had success with manual config17:06
putt1ckbut not with 3 monitors :)17:06
dreanputt1ck: with dual?17:07
putt1ckposted method on kubuntu forums somewhere17:08
putt1ckcan't see why it wouldn't work with more17:08
fabio333drean: dual monitor is ok on my ati17:08
putt1ckbut only if X can see all of them17:08
putt1cktry arandr and see if it can see all the monitors17:09
dreanfabio333: yes, dual work fine here also, but still have lag when resizing a window.17:09
putt1ckdoes card have 3 ports or is it with a splitter cable?17:09
dreanputt1ck: 2 dva and 1 displayport17:11
putt1ckso should work in theory17:11
dreanIt is very driver specific, and i dont think ATI supports that yet.17:11
putt1ckI'm running my dual on cheapo X1650 Pro17:11
putt1ckusing open source drivers17:12
putt1ckno lag17:12
fabio333drean: they say xrand is the solution, but every time i see a 3-monitor layout there 2 ati cards involved17:12
fabio333not sure you can do it with only a (good) card17:12
putt1ckmaybe these guys can help https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa17:13
putt1ckonly for the brave...17:13
dreanputt1ck: Nice. The open source drivers dosn't really support the new chip yet...i see that the X1650 is cheap, i might get one of those until the update the driver17:13
dreanputt1ck: pretty much willing to try anything...right now i'm in another operating system :/17:14
dreanfabio333: i'll try that.17:15
putt1ck1650 doing the business here17:15
putt1ckexcellent value17:15
dreanMy card isn't that expensive, i paid the same as 2 1650pro would cost me.17:16
fabio333drean: im running lucid17:16
fabio333the open source radeon support 3d acceleration up to r700 (hd 4800)17:16
putt1ckI get glxgears (full screen on monitor) 1500fps17:17
dreanfabio333: Okay17:17
dreanfabio333: yes, the newest chip isn't supported yet.17:17
dreanputt1ck: does your card have 2 DVI outputs ?17:18
putt1cksadly then into 2 DVI-VGA converters17:19
putt1ckcheap monitors we buy here :)17:19
fabio333drean: make sure your card is not too old or lucid will not work properly (due to kms)17:19
dreanputt1ck: hehe :)17:20
dreanfabio333: such a jungle... :)17:20
dreannot too old, not too new ;)17:20
putt1ckI'm running karmic, guess that falls into that definition!17:21
fabio333drean: there are big differences between radeon and fglrx17:21
dreanfabio333: yes, i know.17:22
putt1ckgood luck with it17:23
fabio333am i wrong or triple monitor means two cards?17:23
putt1ckI'm off :)17:23
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dreanfabio333: ATI made some weird solution on their new cards. I think it is called eyefinity...atm i have 3 monitors connected to my 5770 card..but the wrong operating system :)17:25
fabio333you mean win717:26
=== dark is now known as Guest6469
fabio333drean; you should ask in the #ati channel about eyefinity supoprt in linux17:36
dreanfabio333: I know that it isn't supported yet, in the ATI driver.17:37
fabio333drean: so you have to add a second card17:37
dreanfabio333: yes..for now. That's why i was asking for advice on which low end/budget cards to choose17:38
Guest6469can anyone tell me how to encrypt the internernet connection data on kubuntu 9.10 or where i can find the data?17:41
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
llutzGuest6469: use ssh, ssl, vpn17:42
Guest6469only on my browser?17:43
ElefenderHi room. I've installed Kubuntu 9.10 64 bit on my laptop (Sony Vaio E). Wireless LAN worked out-of-the-box but is very slow (works fine in Win7)17:48
ElefenderAnd if I try connecting a eth cable, it doesn't work at all17:49
Elefenderany idea how to troubleshoot this?17:49
omnipotentduowhat is the chipset?17:55
Elefenderomnipotentduo: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset17:56
omnipotentduoElefender, are you using the opensourced driver or the proprietary driver, if one is available17:59
Elefenderomnipotentduo: I'm not sure, how do I check? lsmod?18:03
Elefenderomnipotentduo: I think the driver could be this one: ath9k18:05
omnipotentduocan you get me the hexidecimal value for that wifi card?18:06
Elefenderomnipotentduo: I'm not sure what you mean :( Where do I find that value?18:09
happypinguinI've installed Kubuntu 9.10 and my sound card doesn't play multiple sounds like when i use my Firefox to play you tube clips and the music player in background. I's this normal?18:09
omnipotentduoopen a terminal and type lspci | grep lan18:09
omnipotentduohappypinguin, open a terminal and type alsamixer18:10
omnipotentduoand look for your pcm(ithink it is) and turn the volume up on it18:10
Elefenderomnipotentduo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/393439/18:10
omnipotentduohave to get to class18:10
omnipotentduowill be about an hour before i am back18:11
Elefenderomnipotentduo: ty for your help, bye18:11
happypinguinthx man18:11
omnipotentduodid that work?18:11
omnipotentduoback in a while.18:11
happypinguini think its flash. can it be?18:13
infectohmm i have nvidia-glx-195 installed, is there any vdpau lib for this?18:16
happypinguinDoes anyone have a Fortissimo IV sound card?18:19
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Guest19248Hello, How to set display on latest version of Kpete18:37
wizkoderis there a way to make sound work stable? sometimes I have to restart 3 times to make it work at all. and then it stops occacially while I am using TS.18:38
wizkoderkubuntu 9.10 here18:38
wizkoderwas working perfect in 9.04. what changed since that version? how can I go back to a working sound system?18:39
Vroomfondlewizkoder: sound stuff tends to break randomly between versions of Ubuntu, I find. To be honest, in my experience, the answer is usually: you can't (easily) fix it; give up and wait for the next release and then cross your fingers18:40
Vroomfondledowngrading ALSA will often break stuff unfortunately18:40
* Vroomfondle has working sound about three boots out of five18:41
wizkoderI tried to deinstall pulseaudio. changed nothing. then I tried to make the system prefer alsa. same problems. damn it18:41
Vroomfondleprobably an ALSA driver problem18:41
wizkoderNext time I install a new version of kubuntu I will do that on a crap machine and try myself if its still working.18:42
wizkoderMy bet is that everything works fine in ubuntu. And nobody at canonical gives a fuck about kubuntu :-(18:43
wizkoderMaybe somebody should tell them that gnome is ugly as hell18:43
gkffjcsThanks! To the guy last night (if he's on)  who pointed out foremost as a tool to recover data. I let it run all night, and when I woke up, it had recovered all the files I had accidently deleted.18:49
geniiwizkoder: Please watch your profanity in here18:56
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genii!hi | Ahmed_18:58
ubottuAhmed_: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!18:58
Ahmed_Anyone knows how to run CCAM on ubuntu which software is been used to run CCAM card sharing for dreambox :)18:58
Ahmed_Hi genii :)18:58
wizkodergenii: Yes sir ;-) Sorry, sometimes I get angry when things stop working that once worked perfect. Solved the problem by changing everything to pulseaudio. But this does not work with amarok. Hopefully next version of kubuntu will work again.18:59
Ahmed_BAck, thanks ubottu :)19:02
Ahmed_Thanks a lot19:03
Ahmed_And is that the only software  ? or something19:03
Ahmed_What i #ubuntu ?19:03
geniiAhmed_: Seems to be something about your question here: http://www.cccamforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3474519:06
buckfast_How come Dolphin can't manage a simple copy-paste task?19:07
Ahmed_Let me see19:07
Ahmed_Thank genii19:07
faultlineI have a question about installing a program I have downloaded19:11
=== plassy_shopping is now known as plassy
=== keneb01 is now known as justme
faultlineIs it sudo secondlife-i686-   ?19:12
=== justme is now known as Guest20856
Vroomfondlefaultline: no19:12
Vroomfondlebz2 is an archive, like zip19:13
Vroomfondlebzip2 -d secondlife...    to extract it19:13
Vroomfondlethen you should hopefully find a README or INSTALL file inside, or find instructions on the publisher's web site19:13
Vroomfondle(there isn't a completely standard way of installing software which has not been specifically packaged for Ubuntu so you need to follow their instructions)19:14
anirudhhi. i have a flash drive that mounts as read only. how do i change permissions to read and write? is it possible to change permissions to 777?19:14
anirudhthe drive is fat32 fs19:14
ct529I would like to monitor how much bytes are downloaded over a period of time, let's say 4 weeks on my laptop, divided by ip address .... my laptop can be at home (one ip address) or at work (one ip addres) the ip address at home is always the same, the ip address at work is always the same .... is that possible?19:14
faultlineno such file or directory...lol19:17
faultlinedo i need to install the bzip2 thing?19:17
faultlineI am really sorry for the question, just got into linux from windows 7 rofl19:18
ct529faultline: I do not understand the question really19:20
anirudh hi. i have a flash drive (fat 32 fs) that mounts as read only. how do i change permissions to read and write? is it possible to change permissions to 777?19:20
geniifaultline: a file like: filename.tar.bz2    has been compressed with tar and bzip2 together. You can uncompress it with: tar -xjf filename.tar.bz2        What they put in there, who knows. It can be a directory containing other things, or an executable file, or the C code to build the app, anything.19:24
arch0njwgenii, faultline:  you can get a listing of what is in that by using tar tjvf filename.tar.bz2.  That way you know if there is a dir in there, or just a stack of disorganized files.19:25
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zdnarthis is very new to me19:34
geniizdnar: Well, we see what you type, you see what we type, etc. When your name is in the text, your IRC program will usually highlight it for you. You can ask questions about Kubuntu and someone will usually answer, if someone is around who knows the answer to the question you have.19:36
zdnarwell,im useing linux mint  i guess about the same19:37
zdnarstill working the bugs out of it19:37
zdnarwine has givin me some trouble,espesialy wit software written after 1965 ha ha19:39
=== zbenjamin|away is now known as zbenjamin
geniizdnar: We give support for regular Kubuntu here. Mint, Ultimate, and some others are modified versions which provide their own avenues for support19:40
=== ahmed is now known as Guest54456
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)19:40
=== Guest54456 is now known as Ahmed_
zdnarok thanks  wrong channel  see ya19:41
Ahmed_What is Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS (Hardy Heron)  ? And i was looking for CCAM server i just wanna know how that works really :)19:41
EagleScreenUbuntu 8.04 is the lastest Ubuntu LTS version, it was released in April, 200819:42
Ahmed_And what is it used for ? :) and whats the difference between 9.10 ?19:42
geniiAhmed_: LTS is Long Term Support. So 3 years it is updated and supported19:43
Ahmed_I see19:43
EagleScreenUbuntu has two development cycles: one large (2 years) and one short (6 months)19:43
ct529I would like to monitor how much bytes are downloaded on my laptop over a period of time, let's say 4 weeks on my laptop, divided by ip address .... my laptop can be at home (one ip address) or at work (one ip addres) the ip address at home is always the same, the ip address at work is always the same .... is that possible?19:43
Ahmed_And is that for Severs only ? or you can install it on intel based pc's19:44
EagleScreenLTS versions mark the end of the 2-years cycle, LTS versions has suppert for 5 years and have fame to be more robust and stable19:44
Ahmed_Doesnt it crash or gets any problem ?19:45
EagleScreenthe next LTS version will be Ubuntu 10.04, on April, 201019:45
Ahmed_Like windows gets if you keep the XP running for 2 days haha19:45
arch0njwAhmed_: the LTS release is different from Ubuntu Server (which also has an LTS release).19:46
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)19:47
arch0njwUbuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server both have LTS releases.19:47
arch0njwAhmed_: And I'm saying "Ubuntu Desktop" only to differentiate them.  The proper terminology (I think) is "Ubuntu" and "Ubuntu Server".  A notable difference between the two is that Ubuntu server does not have a window manager (a GUI interface like Gnome or KDE) unless you explicitly install it.19:49
geniict529: You can make a little bash script which greps out the amount of traffic on your adapter and stores it to a file, then call it as a post-down directive in the /etc/network/interfaces file for specific adapter (eth0 eth1 wlan0 whatever)19:51
ct529genii: it sounds clever but would not know where to start from ;)19:52
geniict529: A 2 line file named check-traffic.sh maybe... with: #!/bin/bash  as first line, for second: ifconfig eth0| grep 'RX bytes' >> /home/yourname/traffic-stats                for instance. Then in the set of lines for eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces    you have: post-down /home/yourname/check-traffic.sh       assuming you saved it into your home directory19:57
ct529I do not understand the second part "Then in the set of lines for eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces    you have: post-down /home/yourname/check-traffic.sh"19:59
ct529genii: how does /etc/network/interface enter into play?19:59
ct529genii: does ifconfig eth0| grep 'RX bytes' return the bytes downloaded since the computer was switched on?20:03
geniict529: Yes20:04
ct529genii: so I just need to run it before shtiing down every day20:04
geniict529: on mine today it returns: RX bytes:32204112 (32.2 MB)  TX bytes:3986165 (3.9 MB)20:04
ct529genii: RX bytes:40336454 (40.3 MB)  TX bytes:5997388 (5.9 MB)20:05
ct529genii: but if I move between home and work, how do i know which packets are on on ip address and which are on the other?20:05
geniict529: Yes, thats what making it as a post-down directive in that file does (records traffic when adapter goes offline). So it appends with the >> to the file and you have a running tally20:05
ct529genii: I do not understand ..... what is post-down?20:06
ct529genii: is that bash syntax?20:07
OxymoronHow do I change boot drive? I have copied this / partition into a new one identical and want to boot from the new one?20:07
geniict529: My boss wants me ... one minute20:08
ct529genii: you are right20:09
ct529genii: in the file /etc/network/interfaces20:09
ct529genii: I add the list "post-down path-to-script-check-traffic.sh"20:10
ct529genii: is that right? (when you come back)20:10
ct529n8w: sap?20:12
n8wct529:  whats up:)20:13
n8wok sry, hi all:)20:14
ct529n8w: hi! I had not realised that sap was for what's up .... :D20:14
geniict529: Back. Yes, thats correct. Make sure the file is also executable. To answer ealier Q - post-down is not a bash directive, it is a line which if in the interfaces file is recognised by the utilities which bring the interfaces up and down as something to take action on.20:15
ct529genii: thanks a lot .... this is the file now http://paste.ubuntu.com/393527/20:16
geniict529: OK, looking20:16
geniict529: As for the filename ... only one period would be better, but it should still execute fine if the #!/bin/bash   line is there in it20:17
ct529genii:yes it is20:23
ct529genii: http://paste.ubuntu.com/393529/ <=this is it20:24
geniict529: Should be good then. May want to test to make sure it works (easiest is logoff-reboot because your gui is handling the network)20:27
genii( then check contents of the traffic-stats file)20:28
ct529genii: thanks a lot!20:28
ct529genii: rebooting20:28
OxymoronHow do I change boot drive? I have copied this / partition into a new one identical and want to boot from the new one? ANyone?20:35
llutzOxymoron: rewrite grub, change UUIDs in /etc/fstab20:35
geniiAlso change UUID in grub ...20:36
Oxymoronllutz: What does that mean more specific?20:36
Oxymoronand how to do it most importantly.20:36
OxymoronI dont wanna break something, I spent the whole day waiting for 500 GB to move around from different partitions and harddrives.20:37
geniiOxymoron: Is the new / on the same drive or a different drive?20:37
OxymoronI want to boot into the new one and see that its working before removing the real one (This one)20:37
Oxymorongenii: Different drive20:37
volkani have a problem with my nvidia G105 M video card there s no supported driver for linux right now am i right anyone have a solution20:38
geniiOx?ymoron: And are you going to use old drive to boot from or replacing it entirely with new drive20:38
* genii smacks his touchpad20:38
Oxymorongenii: I am using an already used drive, not a new one first of all. I have rescrabmled all my partitions in a new order sort of speak. Then I want to dualboot from the new disc and remove the boot partitions from the "old" one and then move data from the new one to the old one :D20:40
volkanhi there does anybody know about this issue20:41
volkani have a problem with my nvidia G105 M video card there s no supported driver for linux right now am i right anyone have a solution20:41
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geniiOxymoron: I'll ask the question in a clearer way. The drive whose MBR the grub is on now... is it remaining physically in the machine and on the same ribbon/wire it uses now ... or will the other drive become the drive where the computer looks first for the MBR and bootloader? Because.. if original remains you need only change the UUID in grub.cfg or menu.lst to new / but if second drive replaces it, then you also need to install grub onto the MBR of that20:50
genii one.20:50
geniiSorry on lag, I'm at work.20:50
Oxymorongenii: But if I have been copy all files from the original one it shouldnt need any particular new structure, I just have to install grub bootloader into the new one, right? But could it become any conflict if both has grub installed at the same time? Like the computer dont know which drive to boot from if both are bootable?20:52
geniiOxymoron: Second drive does not need grub if first drive remains.20:53
geniiWork, afk20:53
Oxymorongenii: Basicly I just have to install grub into the MBR of the new one? But what about the old one?20:53
=== zbenjamin is now known as zbenjamin|away
geniiOxymoron: The computer doesn't care how many bootable drives you have. What it cares about is which drive to begin from. If you remove the drive it currently begins from, the drive which replaces it must have a bootloader also. But if you just add a drive, then you only need to tell the first drive's bootloader now that "hey, there is an operating system also now on drive2, partition X"20:59
=== zbenjamin|away is now known as zbenjamin
geniiOxymoron: Also this may be the best time to ask - how EXACTLY did you go about copying all the files in your  /  ?  Because if you did not preserve permissions it will already be a disaster before you begin anything else21:06
Oxymorongenii: Ah alright, so I really have to make sure the new bootloader on MBR really work before deleting this one I am on for the moment. Anyway, I used EASUS Partition Master on Hirons Boot CD because everything else, I couldnt boot from WIn7 from Grub and oh its a long story I dont even want to bother explain :D Anyway, I just copied the partition right straight forward from the /dev/sda1 to /dev/sdc3 and I guess it should21:09
Oxymoronpreserve permissions?21:09
geniiOxymoron: If it was some raw copy of partition to partition you should be OK. But also in this case you may experience problems because raw copying also duplicates the UUID and confuses the bootloader21:13
geniiWork, 5-7 minutes21:15
Oxymorongenii: Hmm, I am not sure if it was raw copy, I think they called i file to file transfer instead of sector to sector transfer, but I am not sure if it was for NTFS or not. But yeah, I will keep this one on /dev/sda1 until I know the new one work "flawless" with grub, WIndows 7 and so on. But I wonder if I maybe should format the new disk to ext4, install a fresh copy of Karmic and transfer /home directory to the new one instead21:19
Oxymoronto make sure its working. I think I *** some things and have heavy packages that doesnt disappear with every upgrades and updates everywhere. I am sorry to say, but Kubuntu soon becoming WIndows if nobody fix the old file trash problem, which means new updates should remove the old one completely so it doesnt take to much space.21:19
OxymoronI know I have been having some trouble my transfer boot partitions before with access, permissions and so on. THis time I will not make the same mistake.21:19
faultlineHi can anyone tell me how i can turn off the knetwork keyring feature so it wont ask me for a password each time I boot the pc?21:22
geniiOxymoron: The simplest way is to do a new install from CD to the partition you want to move to, because it will automatically do all the dirty stuff behind the scenes of configuring your bootloader, etc etc. The approach you are currently taking is far more headaches because there are a lot of unknowns.. like "are the permissions intact?" "did I copy it into an NTFS filesystem?" "Do I have 2 partitions now with duplicate UUID?" and some others21:23
geniifaultline: KDE's network manager should be using kwallet and not the Gnome keyring. Do you have both desktop environments installed?21:24
faultlineGenii:  No, my bad- its using kwallet your right21:25
geniifaultline: You can use a null password for kwallet and then it will never ask again21:26
faultlinegenii: How can I do that?  I am very new, just now getting the basics...21:26
Oxymorongenii: Yeah, but how do I get apache server settings remain intact, app settings and mostly the eyecandy settings for cairo dock and plasma desktop? I dont want to do a clean install and refix all that again. But I think I would get a more cleaner system and more things will just work because GNU/LInux and Ubuntu tend to be bloated, overcrowded and conflict efter awhile sadly enought because you cannot actually maintain all temp21:26
Oxymoronfiles, new updates and everything. What happens with older versions of apps btw, does it really disappear and get replaced by the new one? Because my partition is like 70 GB, almost no documents or files on it except  root, apps and so on. And now I only have like 5 GB left :S21:26
Zhenyahi guys, I'm having some real strange audio issues, and I was hoping someone in her ecould help m eout21:27
geniifaultline: Basically to delete ~/.kde/share/config/kwalletrc                  and then next time kwallet runs, use just Enter both times for a password21:28
Oxymorongenii: Then the new Lucid Lynx will be released next month. Maybe I could use this one until then and do a cleanup later on?21:29
geniiOxymoron: You have too many varied questions for me to properly answer in the time I have available away from work right now21:29
Oxymorongenii: Is there anybody else in here to get support from then or discuss with? :)21:29
geniiOxymoron: Since your Q isn't really desktop-environment specific but more about bootload, etc you could try also in main #ubuntu21:30
faultlineZhenya are you having problems with your sound drivers too?21:30
geniiOxymoron: Alternately keep asking here every 10-20 minutes or so21:30
Zhenyafaultline: yes like crazy.21:30
Zhenyasound will play out of amarok for example but not the broswer or vice versa21:30
Zhenyaand then i will get random "hardware no longer connected" message21:31
faultlineI have issues with it as well...21:31
faultlineI am not sure how to activate the drivers either21:31
faultlineIm about to try sudo jockey-kde21:32
faultlineNo go21:33
Zhenyafaultline: i have no idea hwat that even is21:34
Oxymorongenii: I am not in a rush, I can wait. I have deep conversations paralell to here. Its not really really important to fix this, now my system works mostly :) But I would migrate from the 120 GB to 320 GB because the 120 is to small for WIndows 7 and Kubuntu Karmic sadly enough ... They just drain extremly much space in the long way run sort of speak. But after Lucid become extremly stable with KDE 4.4.1 I think I am going to21:37
Oxymoronfreeze updates completly and never update until next stable release 10.10 in october and so on. Previously I have always been curious about alpha, beta and new features but in the end I have learned about mysefl that I only want a stable flawless system and not a hightech, flashy system with new buggy apps.21:37
avihayumm, well, if someone noticed my pleas for help after wrecking my sound system, I think I know what the problem is21:44
avihayin a quest to find a worthy audio player, I foolishly installed pulse-audio21:45
avihayI've also read that it might be a hazard to remove. did anyone else expiriance problems with removeing pulse audio?21:45
Oxymoronavihay: I experienced problem to have pulse audio, when I removed it the audio just worked :D21:50
Oxymoronavihay: I would remove it until the *buntu team have implemented pulse audio properly, I think they will until the Lucid version in April.21:51
avihayI installed it by mistake, honestly21:51
Oxymoronavihay: I dont think it should be hard just removing it. I am not sure if its enough to delete only pulse-audio package though. You may ask someone else i think.21:55
avihayok, thanks, I'll ask in offtopic21:56
Oxymoronavihay: I am not sure, but there should be support in #pulse, #alsa or similar channel, not sure the right one though22:02
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions22:02
Oxymoronavihay: Its not kubuntu-offtopic anyway.22:03
avihaywell, it's actually a matter of how well the package was packaged22:03
avihayontopic is offtopic too :->22:03
avihayok, the posts I was reading were from 208, so I guess it's fine now22:05
DaughainI have an older laptop with a linksys wireless card. System shows the card as 'inactive'. Do I need a driver for it, or what?22:08
Menoxavihay: wow, thats a long time ago...22:08
avihaywell, actually, I found a solution to mplayer in that thread that didn't include removing pulse audio. maybe I was experiencing a disappearing bug with VLC22:10
infectovdpau dont work for me :(22:10
infectoany tips how to run vdpau?22:11
Blues-Manhi all22:11
avihaywell, now all the soundsystems work22:12
Blues-Mani can't poweroff anymore from the GUI, I can only poweroff from the terminal..how to fix? i'm on kubuntu karmic 2.6.32 upgraded from intrepid and from jaunty22:12
avihaynow, to the mythTV project...22:12
avihaywell Man, it's an ugly solution, but you can add a shortcut to the menu to run the shutdown now command, and add it to your favorits22:14
avihayand if I were you, I would have opened a terminal, killed plasma, and then ran it for terminal to see if there are any specific error messages when you click the shutdown22:16
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Logomachist_Repeating my problem: Kubuntu sent me here. I just installed the KDE desktop and when I try to log in, I get so far as entering my username and password, the animation starts, and then everything but the mouse freezes.22:45
Logomachist_Ignore that first sentence. I was sent to KDE earlier but they didn't know what was wrong.22:46
dreanLogomachist_: is it a clean install, or did you just install some drivers (ATI catalyst 10.2)?22:48
Logomachist_I installed a driver for my graphics card; that's it.22:48
dreanLogomachist_: and is that an ATI card?22:49
dreanLogomachist_: Okay, i have the same problem, i know the catalyst 10.1 is working.22:50
Logomachist_The driver is named "ati-driver-installer-10-2-x86.x86_64.run22:50
anaelhow can i enable auto mount on my 2 HDD ?22:51
RedXIIIIs it possible to change from 32bit karmic koala to 64bit?22:52
RedXIIIwithout losing my currently installed packages and files22:52
=== jono_ is now known as jono
anaelI guess no, isn't the same core22:53
Typos_KingRedXIII:   I'd think not22:53
Typos_Kingwhat you should do, is back up your installed stuff, assuming they're still in the apt-get cache folder22:54
dreanLogomachist_: You could try driver version 10.122:58
Logomachist_Yes, that's what I'm doing, thanks ^_^22:59
=== joshua is now known as Guest40104
Logomachist_It installed, now I'm going to reboot and find out whether that does the stuff...23:12
infectoin which package is dist-upgrade?23:13
dreaninfecto: dist-upgrade is a parameter to apt-get23:15
infectodrean: yep, but i remeber the tool that with option -d switch to new development version23:16
dreaninfecto: ah, okay. No idea then23:18
olskolircI'm trying to get the newest Kubuntu on a fresh Intrepid install and I added the repository link to my apt/sources and I got this error WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated! xserver-common xserver-xorg-core23:19
olskolircInstall these packages without verification [y/N]?23:19
olskolircis this good or bad?23:19
Typos_Kingtis fine usually23:20
olskolircTypos_King: how do I get the new kubuntu?23:24
Typos_Kingdownload the .iso :|23:24
olskolircall my sources are checked Typos_King and my ppa says I need a gpg key where do I get that I can't find it on the kubuntu site23:24
Typos_Kingwhat's wrong with 9.1?23:24
olskolircno sound on jaunty, or karamic and lucid isn't ready so im back on Intrepid23:25
olskolircI just don't remember how to get the newest kubuntu stable23:25
Typos_Kingwhat about karmic?23:26
=== zbenjamin is now known as zbenjamin|away
Typos_Kingisn't karmic the latest stable?23:26
olskolircno Typos Im taking about kde 4x23:30
olskolircno Typos_King Im taking about kde 4x23:30
Typos_Kingright.... karmic comes with kde 4.x23:30
olskolircthey all do23:30
olskolirci want 4.2 im on 4.123:31
Typos_Kingwhat's wrong with 4.1?23:31
Typos_Kinghave you checked the repositories for it?23:34
forkhi plz23:35
Typos_Kingallo fork23:35
olskolircI think I got it now23:37
olskolircsomeone say my name let me check my colors23:37
duckx0rmy panel in kde4 locked up and i had to kill it with ctrl-alt-escape. how do I reload it?23:47
* Typos_King dunnos the service name :|23:50
Menoxplasma-desktop? or is it a plasmoid?23:52
Typos_Kingduckx0r:   just log out and back in :|23:52
duckx0rTypos_King, i'm looking for a command i can just run and restore it since i have a lot of things open23:53
duckx0rTypos_King, like in kde 3 you could just run "kicker" and it would be back23:54
duckx0rand i don't have the command "plasma"23:54
Typos_Kingduckx0r:    found this -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66555623:56
fabio333i can't write in the #radein channel...23:57
duckx0rTypos_King, thanks, however it says to execute the "plasma" command, which I don't have :P23:57
Typos_Kingyou mean, you 'can't send to channel'?23:57
Typos_Kingduckx0r:   so I noticed hehe23:57
fabio333plasma-desktop command23:58
Typos_Kingfabio333:    that means the channel is set on... dunno the mode, is a mode set by the channel ops where only registered nicks can 'send' to channel23:58
Typos_Kingduckx0r:    plasma<tab>   gives nothing?23:58
fabio333Typos_King: thank you23:58
duckx0rTypos_King, ahhhhhh i forgot about doing that23:59
duckx0rTypos_King, the command was plasma-desktop23:59

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