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spiderbatdadhi. is there a help contact?02:02
pooliespiderbatdad: just go ahead and ask02:03
pooliemwhudson/thumper: can you upgrade a vcs-imports branch for me? or tell me how to?02:04
thumperpoolie: no02:04
thumperpoolie: needs a losa02:04
poolieok thanks, that'll do as "how"02:04
thumperpoolie: and we are a little losa shy right now02:04
pooliespm, halp?02:04
spiderbatdadbleh. I can't login to LP...not recognizing my email. So I need an admin02:04
thumperspm still has a sore jaw02:05
pooliespiderbatdad: are you sure it's the right email?02:05
mwhudsonpoolie: ask a question on launchpad-code i guess02:05
spiderbatdadpoolie, thought it was till it failed umpteen times02:05
mwhudsonmaybe we should just upgrade all the import branches again though02:06
mwhudsonor maybe we should only do that on the new machine when that comes online02:06
pooliemwhudson: thanks, i will02:06
pooliethat would be good02:06
pooliespiderbatdad: i assume you're https://edge.launchpad.net/~spiderbatdad02:08
pooliewhose email is said to be spiderbatco@gmail.com02:08
poolieso try to log in with that, or send a password reset02:08
spiderbatdadpoolie: ty verymuch.02:08
pooliemwhudson: thanks https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+question/103941 filed02:15
mwhudsonpoolie: deleting and recreating is always an option i guess02:16
huntHi, I just noticed, that there are gthumb bugs in launchpad, nobody seems to care about, I cant find these bugs in gnomes bugzilla, is there a standard way to import bugs from launchpad to bugzilla?03:59
huntNobody knows about that?04:06
micahghunt: there's a bug for that I think04:08
huntmicahg: so I have to do it by hand?04:12
micahghunt: at the moment04:12
huntmicahg: isnt that a thing that has to be done really often04:12
micahgthen you can link it back to LP04:12
huntmicahg: so I'm gonna do that04:14
micahghunt: k04:15
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spivOoh, comments from previous merge proposals now show up in the resubmission.  Thanks!05:40
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_AndrewAre the build servers ok? My amd64 package has been waiting almost 5 hours to build?09:46
geser_Andrew: see https://edge.launchpad.net/builders/ for the current workload09:48
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odonyhi all, anyone know why LP would prevent me from creating a project by saying that the URL is already used by another project, but I see no project at that URL??11:39
odonyanyone here is from Launchpad ?11:42
intellectronicaodony: that would happen if launchpad previously hosted a project with that name which was deactivated11:45
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mptmrevell, hi, I just tried to work out what the current method of reporting spam is, starting from <https://help.launchpad.net/>, and I couldn't find it14:24
mpt(I guess that it's still asking "questions" on answers.launchpad.net/launchpad)14:24
mrevellmpt, It is. Thanks for the pointer, I'll update the help site.14:24
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getxsickAfter you've activated your PPA, it can take a couple of hours for Launchpad to generate your key.  -- hmm where can i check if my PPA is already activated, and where is the key?16:41
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maxbgetxsick: A user's PPA's are displayed on their profile page, go to https://launchpad.net/people/+me16:47
maxbThe key id and fingerprint will be displayed in the "Technical details about this PPA" foldout section of the PPA's page, once it has one16:47
getxsickmaxb: i don't see "Technical details about this PPA" on PPA's page16:49
maxbOh. Maybe the entire section only appears once the PPA has packages16:51
getxsickmaxb: so how can i upload package without signing it by the generated key?16:52
maxbYou do not sign packages with the generated key. You sign packages with *your* key. Launchpad signs the archive indexes with the generated key.16:53
persia(and it's important that they are different, because the user can't access the LP secret, and LP can't access the user secret)16:53
getxsickah, so i have to use my key which i used to signing Ubntu Code of Conduct? ok16:54
lfaraoneWhy are some of the "official distribution builders" noted as "building private source"? Wouldn't that not qualify as official distribution work? :)17:06
getxsickhow about this? http://paste.pocoo.org/show/188454/  i haven't got any email, also packages haven't appeared since i uploaded them ~20 hours ago17:07
maxblfaraone: private, as in security-embargoed17:15
lfaraonemaxb: interesting, I see.17:16
maxbe.g. security updates for a vulnerability that has not been publicly disclosed17:16
getxsickshort question: i'm building package for a new release of packages which exist in hardy/intrepid/jaunty but not exist anymore, should i follow instructions for branw new package or alternative version?17:25
lfaraoneDoes the PPA +packages page autoupdate when a build completes?17:27
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persiagetxsick: There's no good answer to that question, is the issue.17:38
getxsickpersia :-)18:07
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zygadoes anyone know if it's possible to link PPA with a launchpad project somehow?19:00
persiazyga: It'S not.19:00
zygahmm, too bad :-(19:00
persiazyga: The closest you can get is to have a team manage a project and own the PPA and reference the PPA from the project homepage.19:01
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zygaokay next question: how to generate proper signature for release tarball19:01
zygaI tried: gpg --sign|--clearsign file.tar.gz19:01
zygaI also tried --detachsign19:01
zygabut lanuchpad complained that I have a big file, the signature seemed to contain the tarball19:02
zygathis might be a gpg question but I cannot find anything in the manpage that would work19:02
zyga(this could be hinted on the launchpad milestone release page)19:02
* persia thought it was -b but isn't sure how that differs from --detach-sign19:04
zyga-b and --detach-sign are the same19:04
zygamaybe I'm using it incorrectly19:04
zygabut I have a 33K tarball and get a 33K .asc file19:04
persiaThat's not what you want.19:05
zygayeah I think so19:06
zygaI know there are small .asc files that contain *just* the signature19:06
zygabut I'm clueless as to how to generate one19:06
hyperairhi. does anyone know what's going on with launchpad's bgo bug watcher?19:07
tommiskwhy my launchbad account says at i dont use it anymore19:38
tommismy email is tommisaira@hotmail.com19:38
tommisbut i can still login to a launchbad and contribute stuff19:38
thumpertommis: what is your lp id?19:49
tommisi dont know how do i find it out?19:50
thumpertommis: are you logged into LP now?19:59
thumpertommis: if you are, your username is on the top right19:59
thumpertommis: if you click on it, you go to your user page19:59
tommisthumper, it is Tommi Saira20:00
thumpertommis: the bit in the url after the ~ is your user id20:00
thumpertommis: why do you think that the launchpad account says you don't use it any more?20:00
tommisthumper, becose it says it20:00
thumpertommis: where does it say it?20:01
tommistheres no error or anything but it dosent so information about me20:02
thumperI'm asking an admin20:02
tommiswhen i try to chance my settings then it says at i dont us launchbad20:02
thumpertommis: when did you create your account?20:03
tommisyer ago20:03
tommisusing it regularly20:03
thumpertommis: do you remember when this changed?20:05
salgadothumper, tommis, yes, this is a known problem; bug 52593020:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 525930 in canonical-identity-provider "Emails entered in SSO are not available in LP" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52593020:05
thumpersalgado: thanks20:05
tommissalgado, thx20:05
thumpersalgado: when will the fix appear?20:06
tommisany information when it maybe fixd?20:06
tommissamefag xD20:06
salgadothe code fix will go into login.u.c, but I don't know when it will be rolled out20:06
salgadowe need to fix the accounts that got busted thanks to the bug in login.u.c20:07
salgadotommis, all fixed now. :)20:13
salgadoexcept for the part that involves fixing login.u.c, which is outside my control20:13
tommiswhell i see that the fix is committed but why it still dosent work?20:14
tommishey it works now20:14
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pmjdebruijnis the AMD64 build farm stuck?20:39
jelmerpmjdebruijn: hi20:44
jelmerpmjdebruijn: it looks like just has a lot of jobs queued at the moment (https://edge.launchpad.net/builders)20:44
wgrantThe problem is that 2/3 of the builders are missing at the moment. I'm not sure why.20:45
micahgwgrant: maybe QA for beta 1?20:46
wgrantmicahg: Possibly, yeah.20:46
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pmjdebruijnjelmer, wgrant ah20:59
pmjdebruijnmy builds aren't critical, it's just inconvenient :)20:59
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getxsickhow long it usually takes to see uploaded packages on PPA ?22:50
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getxsickit's weird. yesterday i uploaded some packages (with successful dput update) and those packages have never showed up on PPA. ok, i figured out that they weren't signed. shouldn't dput error message? there is no way to find it out23:06
maxbgetxsick: The problem is this: package upload is over anonymous ftp. the only way the system has to determine the uploader is the signature. with no signature, it doesn't know who to send the error message to.23:25
getxsickmaxb: 'allow_unsigned_uploads = 1' meh, thx!23:28
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getxsickis it possible to upload only binaries packages on PPA?23:49
mwhudsongetxsick: no23:50

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