Bittarmanany reason known why I should be unable to get xorg to start properly? I just constantly get confronted with some errors about null preinits for 3 mouse related things, and it won't even start in low graphics00:16
ulleabout half of the time  when i boot into latest lucid kernel, my sound device is not recognized i cannot mount the other filesystems and the cpu scaling applet doesn't have a drop down menu and when i try to shutdown it logs out but doesnt letme shutdown, i think all these problems are somehow related because when i hear the sound i can mount and use everything else, another problem would be that the maclike smooth transition between grub. login00:35
ulle and gnome only works after i update the kernel otherwise i get a black screen and i have to press enter to get another gdm login and the i can login00:35
pace_t_zuluAnyone who runs lucid desktop as a virtualbox guest should report that this bug also affects them https:/​/​bugs.launchpad.net/​ubuntu/​+source/​linux/​+bug/​53529700:51
MuscovyI can't use the URL.00:54
ulleis it possible to use the mail applet with something other than evolution?01:32
infecto66.24897 Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 179232.01:34
infecto66.243846 end-request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 143385601:34
vanishingulle: i think so ...but never tested01:34
infectocan i fix this from command line, i`m trying to install 64bit on my computer01:34
infectobut 10.04 and 9.10 have the same problem01:35
ulleinfecto try from a usb drive instead of cdrom01:35
infectoulle: thats option, but my poorrrr fuck** hp laptop dont have this option in bios01:36
infectoi dont know for what i pay so much money01:36
infectoi dont know where i have head :)01:36
ulleinfecto, how old is you computer ?01:37
infectoulle: 1 year?01:38
infectocore 2 2.5ghz01:38
ulleit should be able to boot from usb01:38
infectoits rly fresh in my opinion01:38
infectoi read, maybe its problem of writing cd01:38
infectotry one more time01:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 266951 in linux "Buffer I/O error on device sr0 Logical Block XXXXXX in Intrepid Ibex Alpha 5" [Undecided,Fix released]01:38
infectohere it is01:38
ulletry pressing the f keys while booting the bios  one of these keys f2 f8 f11 or f12 should bring up a menu where u can choose your boot device01:40
infectoulle: ok, but i must prepare usb firs01:40
ulleinfecto, some bioses use escape also01:40
ulleinfecto, that is right , should be easy if you re running linux01:41
infectoulle: f9 is for me, but only options are hdd or cdrom ;)01:41
infectoyep i`m runing right now ubuntu01:41
ullemaybe you have to insert a usb device for it to come up01:41
infectomaybe :) i will try01:41
infectook, usb created we will se :)01:46
ullegood luck01:48
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guitarman888just wondering, when the planned release date for 10.04 is.02:08
ulleinfecto, did it work?02:16
kindofabuzzhow can i upgrade karmic server to lucid? can i just use the update-manager -d?02:19
ThuuuugsHi - just upgraded from Ubuntu Server 9.04 to Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid), all went fine - did the update through apt-get update/upgrade but now when rebooting server and trying to login via SSH im getting "connection refused" - server is repsonding to pings tho02:20
kindofabuzzThuuuugs, what command did you use? that's the question I just asked is how to upgrade server to Lucid02:21
ThuuuugsI changed karmic to lucid02:22
Thuuuugsin source.list02:22
Thuuuugsthen ran aptitude update02:22
kindofabuzzoh ok02:22
Thuuuugsaptitude dist-upgrade02:22
Thuuuugswent fine, well it seemed, no errors02:22
Thuuuugsnow i cant get into server :(02:22
kindofabuzzabout your question, i get that sometimes with karmic, try another reboot02:22
kindofabuzzand make sure it's connected to the network :)02:23
Thuuuugshaha yea its not at home mate, in a datacentre02:23
Thuuuugsbeen working fine for months02:23
Thuuuugsjust decided to test out lucid02:23
Thuuuugsand now its locked me out02:23
=== cjohnston_ is now known as cjohnston
Thuuuugsrebooting server now02:24
Thuuuugsits definately connected to network as I can ping it02:24
histoIs there a way to have the indicator applet connect to empathy on startup? Or do I just have to add it to the session?02:24
Thuuuugsonly thing I saw during whole upgrade process was something about 'pid' of rsync/cron02:25
Thuuuugsnot being able to be restarted or something02:25
histoyou don't have local access?02:25
Thuuuugsits in a datacentre in another country02:26
histoThuuuugs: i mean physical access to the machien02:26
Thuuuugsso unfortunately no02:26
histoThuuuugs: ahh.  how'd you restart it then?02:26
Thuuuugsthorugh my Servers' manger02:26
Thuuuugsit can be pinged02:26
Thuuuugsbut not getting thru on ssh02:26
Thuuuugshas been fine on karmic02:26
histoThuuuugs: I noticed a problem with a server the other day that it was hanging at the grub menu  without input . Had to select a kernel then update-grub to fix it so it would default boot.02:26
histoThuuuugs: did you install ssh on it?02:27
histoThuuuugs: and see if the port is open02:27
Thuuuugswld alrdy be on it02:27
Thuuuugsit could be stuck at grub02:27
Thuuuugsbut not sure how i can fix that02:27
histoyou can use nmap and see if the port is open02:27
histowell if network is up then it has to be up.  hrm...02:28
Thuuuugswell it can be pinged02:28
histoit can't be stuck at grub if its responding to pings02:28
histobut you still need to see if its listening on port 2202:28
kindofabuzzThuuuugs, just ran a sudo do-release-upgrade -d on my server through SSH and here's what it says: This session appears to be running under ssh. It is not recommended02:28
kindofabuzzto perform a upgrade over ssh currently because in case of failure it02:29
kindofabuzzis harder to recover. :)02:29
histokindofabuzz: its just a warning I've done it successfully before.02:29
kindofabuzzbut mine is local so gonna do it02:29
kindofabuzzThuuuugs, then after saying yes it gave me this: This session appears to be running under ssh. It is not recommended to perform a upgrade over ssh currently because in case of failure it is harder to recover.02:30
Thuuuugsits just weird02:30
kindofabuzzoops hang on02:30
histoThuuuugs: sudo nmap -sS -p 22 ipofserver02:30
ThuuuugsI didnt do it thru do-release-upgrade02:30
kindofabuzzTo make recovery in case of failure easier, an additional sshd will02:31
kindofabuzzbe started on port '9004'. If anything goes wrong with the running02:31
kindofabuzzssh you can still connect to the additional one02:31
kindofabuzztry port 9004?02:31
Thuuuugsno go02:31
histokindofabuzz: yeah but he didn't use do-release upgrade02:31
histoThuuuugs: try to scan it for port 2202:32
infectoulle: yep, installed from usb02:32
Thuuuugsi will, running winblows on this box02:32
infectoulle: thanksa lootttttt02:32
Thuuuugsfinding nmap inline02:32
infectonow i`m searching doc how to enable terminal font in Konsoel kde terminal ;)02:32
histoThuuuugs: http://www.t1shopper.com/tools/port-scan/02:33
Thuuuugsjst got there lol02:34
Thuuuugsno to 2202:34
Thuuuugsor 900402:34
ulleinfecto, i hope i get someone to help me:)02:34
infectoulle: whats the problem? :)02:34
Thuuuugsi dont knw02:35
Thuuuugswth could of happened02:35
ulleinfecto, when i reboot my sound card is not detected the login window of gdm comes twice and i cannot use the cpu frequency scaler02:36
histoThuuuugs: then ssh isn't listening02:38
Drakeson(lucid + firefox 3.6 + amd64) -> many firfox addons prevent firefox from starting. including the ones from ubuntu repos (some of xul-ext-* packages)02:38
infectoulle: and this is with up to date lucid?02:38
Drakesonwhat was the ubuntu mozilla team channel?02:38
infectoi havent today that kind of problems :(02:38
ulleinfecto, and i cannot mount other hard drives it is reallly weird, normally i would just revert to older kernel which worked, but lucid lynx brought me  suspend and resume something i was waiting for since i bought this laptop 2 years ago so im trying very hard to get this to work normally02:39
infectoulle: you dont have old kernels in grub menu?02:40
Drakesonis there anyone who does not have that problem (to reproduce install xul-ext-greasemonkey in an up-to-date lucid, and restart firefox *twice*).02:41
ulleinfecto, i have older kernel but i cannot suspend using them02:42
infectoulle: why not? dont wake up?02:42
ulleinfecto, sometimes it hangs while suspending, so it cannot wake up02:43
infectographic card?02:47
infectoand what log say?02:47
infectomust go sleep02:48
infecto3h left, need to rest02:48
infectobye all02:48
h00kSo, I have a bug that I just tagged as lucid and I think it's kinda-sorta important, are there any other tags that I could possibly add to this bug?_           ::  |604|            :02:57
h00k...what was that.02:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 405089 in metacity "Gnome panel (UNR) disappears with metacity compositor enabled" [Low,New]02:58
Thuuuugshisto: I understand that02:59
Thuuuugsbut cant figure out why02:59
h00kI added a bit more to the report03:01
livingroomIt's not primarily Lucid issue, but I'm trying to test it out using testdrive project on my Karmic 64bit but unfortunately unable to install required dependency package: cpu-checker03:10
ullehow can i stop gnome from locking up when i m idle?03:14
livingroomulle, you could use gconf-editor03:20
livingroomgo to Edit -> Find03:20
=== tester01_ is now known as uaa
livingroomenter: lockdown03:21
livingroomcheck: disable_lock_screen03:23
=== uaa is now known as damascene
h00kulle: also, the screensaver settings?03:23
livingroomh00k, does Lucid provide that functionality? The screensaver preference in Karmic does not03:28
Thuuuugsusing sudo do-release-upgrade -d now03:30
Thuuuugsdoing its thing03:30
Thuuuugslets see if it dies again03:30
ulleh00k, thx03:31
Thuuuugshisto: no luck03:37
Thuuuugsno ssh on 2203:37
ThuuuugsOR 900403:37
h00klivingroom: sure it does, "lock screen when screensaver is active"03:39
h00klivingroom: it has for a while03:44
livingroomh00k, you are right03:45
h00kno use poking around in gconf if yo don't have to ;)03:45
livingroomstupid me did check that disable_lock_screen in gconf-editor and then it was greyed out and it slip my eyesight03:46
livingroomwell good to know, cause I really didn't know it was there03:46
Thuuuugsthis the offical channel for Lucid ay? hoping a dev comes in later03:49
Thuuuugsthis ssh issue is quiet big03:50
livingroomThuuuugs, ssh issue?03:51
h00kThuuuugs: your best bet is going to be to report it on launchpad03:51
ThuuuugsHi - just upgraded from Ubuntu Server 9.04 to Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid), all went fine - did the update through apt-get update/upgrade but now when rebooting server and trying to login via SSH im getting "connection refused" - server is repsonding to pings tho03:51
Thuuuugsive also gone and done it thru03:51
Thuuuugssudo do-release-upgrade -d03:52
Thuuuugswith the same issue on both 22 and 900403:52
Some_PersonThere's a package recently added to lucid (after the feature freeze) that's missing a build-depends04:02
Some_PersonThis prevents a feature from working04:03
kklimondaSome_Person: and? have you reported it?04:04
Some_Personkklimonda: I was just about to ask where/how I should report this04:04
kklimondaSome_Person: on launchpad04:04
kindofabuzzThuuuugs, you still here?04:04
Thuuuugskindofabuzz: yea mate, i went back and did it ur way04:05
Thuuuugssame issue04:05
Thuuuugskindofabuzz: did you get it to work04:06
kindofabuzzThuuuugs, yeah just got done with the upgrade, i'm getting same thing, hooked up monitor to server and I see error: no sitable mode found and error: unknown command 'terminal'04:06
Thuuuugsits nt jst me04:07
Thuuuugsgoogling it shows04:08
Thuuuugssumthin with grub204:08
kindofabuzzlook at known issues on http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha304:09
Thuuuugskindofabuzz: what should we do04:09
Some_Personkklimonda: SHould I just report it as a bug?04:09
kindofabuzzi tried switching terminals but no go04:09
Thuuuugsu have launchpad account?04:10
Thuuuugsmebe go and report it - cause i dont have one04:10
kindofabuzzi think it's already known04:10
kklimondaSome_Person: no - the person who made an upload got email already04:11
Some_Personkklimonda: Huh? What should I do then?04:11
Thuuuugskindofabuzz: it is? gah wish I knew :(04:11
kindofabuzznow my server won't even  boot :(04:11
kindofabuzzback to karmic i guess04:12
Thuuuugskindofabuzz: yea back to karmic server for me to sigh04:12
Thuuuugswish debian squeeze wld hurry up cause debootstrap not workin with my dedicated server, and lenny doesnt have ext4 as standard04:12
Thuuuugsso waiting04:12
kklimondaSome_Person: just wait04:13
Some_Personkklimonda: How did they get an email? I didn't even say in here which package it was04:14
kklimondaSome_Person: when the package fails to build the emails is send to the person who uploaded it04:16
Some_PersonIt didn't fail to build though04:16
Some_PersonFailure to build-depend on this just disables a feature04:17
kklimondaSome_Person: ah04:19
Some_PersonSo should I file a bug?04:19
kklimondaSome_Person: yes, please do04:19
winemanHello anybody know how to get rid of a 30 second pause during bootup04:19
kklimondaSome_Person: it may have been decided not to enable the feature for some reason04:19
Some_PersonI doubt it.04:19
Some_Personkklimonda: I already filed this as a bug for a previous version of the package (the one in karmic and below)04:22
LLStarksis gparted still being kept back on i386?04:53
ZykoticK9LLStarks, it's still in limbo on my amd64 box04:55
h00ksame here, also udisks and parted04:56
Drooling_Sheepmy wifi connection has been randomly dropping and reconnecting since the 2.6.32-16 kernel (I think ~500 packages updated at the same time so I don't know for sure it's to blame)05:37
=== LLStarks is now known as Eric_Massa
Drooling_Sheepany ideas on how to go about investigating the problem?05:40
Blue1got what I needed - location of latest alpha - thanks05:43
Thuuuugswonder how long this ssh bug will take to get fixed05:48
Thuuuugspretty crippling for servers id say05:48
hifiwhat ssh bug?05:50
Ian_CorneThuuuugs: I doubt there are many servers running an alpha version, at least production servers05:51
ThuuuugsIan_Corne: No i'm sure not, not production atleast, but would of thought something as crippling as not being able to login via ssh was quite key05:52
cwilluDrooling_Sheep, try it under an older kernel?06:28
Drooling_Sheepoddly enough it stopped as soon as I asked...maybe it got embarrassed06:28
cwillucheck your dmesg output for suspicious lines around the same time as the issue comes and goes, etc06:29
Drooling_SheepI'll take a look06:29
Drooling_Sheepthere are a bunch of lines that start ===>rt_ioctl_giwscan that started 39 seconds after boot and continue about every 30-120 seconds...I think that might be it scanning for access points?06:33
Drooling_Sheepoh, apparently it's an issue with my wireless card that was reported all the way back in Jaunty....weird that it worked for weeks then cut out about a half dozen times in an hour and has now been working fine for an hour06:40
* Drooling_Sheep shrugs 06:40
blakaminAnyone had a nvidia error "Failed to allocate video memory"?07:10
blakaminsorry, got disconnected...07:12
blakaminhas anybody seen "Failed to allocate video memory" in lucid yet?07:12
cwillu_at_workblakamin, launchpad.net is a better place to look07:17
blakamintrying that... not seeming to find any... a bit worried!07:18
blakaminit only happened after an update 24hrs ago07:18
cwillu_at_workwhich driver are you using?07:19
cwillu_at_workand in what context did you see it?07:20
blakaminnvidia-current as it wont uninstall or let me run nouveau07:21
blakamini might try blacklisting nvidia driers next...07:21
blakamineverytime i boot as it tries to start x. I'm in low graphics mode07:22
ZykoticK9blakamin, have you tried http://linuxers.org/article/linux-nvidia-drivers-might-also-have-gpu-fan-speed-issue07:23
blakaminhave seen that.. I have a laptop though07:24
ZykoticK9blakamin, be sure to see the section "Using following commands", disabling this was on PlanetUbuntu the other day but can't find the link07:24
blakamini saw it and tried earlier... will try again and report back07:25
blakaminah, just noticed when I tried earlier it was on 2.6.32-15-generic, not 16-generic like it is now... fingers crossed. be back after reboot07:27
blakaminBack. I have nouveau working but only at 1024x768 instead of 1200x80007:32
blakaminhmm, interesting... no xorg.conf07:36
cwillu_at_workthere's not supposed to be an xorg.conf07:36
cwillu_at_workhasn't been for a couple releases now :p07:36
blakaminok... haven't had to play with graphics for about that many releases until now. lol07:36
blakaminany ideas on resolution then?07:37
cwillu_at_workfile a bug?07:38
cwillu_at_worki.e., the only reason to be using lucid this early? :p07:38
cwillu_at_workthat said, does xrandr show any options for higher resolutions?  are you sure you're actually running nouveaux, or is it actually using a vesa fallback? (/var/log/xorg.0.log07:38
blakamingood point07:39
ZykoticK9blakamin, could you do me a favour?  could you verify what the driver name is reported as in "lspci -vnvn"07:40
blakaminkernel driver in use: nouveau07:42
ZykoticK9blakamin, thanks - wanted to know if that's what it showed up as07:42
blakaminnp, any ideas on setting resolution? as I said earlier, I've never had any video hassles on this laptop (except framebuffer rubbish) for about 2 years07:44
ZykoticK9blakamin, personally I haven't used nouveau since I installed a2 at beginning of last month, I'm using the blob07:45
blakaminah, ok07:45
blakaminthanks anyway!07:45
blakaminhmm, very weird... cwillu_at_work, according to the log the probed modes includes "1200x800" x60.0 so I wonder why I dont get that option07:49
cwillu_at_workblakamin, try setting it from the screens and resolutions panel07:52
cwillu_at_workor directly from xrandr07:52
blakaminjust having a look at xrandr.07:54
blakaminxrandr worked07:56
MuscovyCan someone tell me how to install the light-themes on karmic? I'm trying to do it for a friend, and I forgot.07:56
blakaminactually, not quite, but I'll fix it07:57
MuscovyI installed them, but the gtk is blocky.07:57
blakaminThanks for your help, cwillu_at_work08:00
will__can someone help me08:47
tarzeauhello anyone runs lucid on powerpc g4 imac? xorg keyboard doesn't work anymore?08:48
tarzeauand scummvm in directfb mode has wrong colors? mplayer/vlc in x11 also have wrong colors?08:49
will__anyone able to help with nautilus08:50
teethdoodso now the official theme is black?08:51
teethdoodand purple (bubbles)08:52
teethdoodbah the black theme made firefox bookmark bar's links invisible (since the text is black too)08:54
tarzeauteethdood: tried chromium-browser yet?08:55
teethdoodtarzeau: should I give it a whirl? I'm a bit weary of google nowadays (yeah I know it's Chromium and not Chrome but still)08:59
alex88_wtf, after yesterday updates my networkmanager is a dot and!??!09:04
BUGabundo_remotebuns di@s09:06
will__anyone able to help with nautilus scripts09:06
tarzeauteethdood: definitely, yes09:19
will__anyone for nautilus help09:25
Drooling_Sheephow come the packages parted and udisks show up in the list of updates but refuse to actually update?09:38
ZykoticK9Drooling_Sheep, you will probably see other packages like this while testing Lucid, the packages just aren't "ready" yet for whatever reason, once they're complete you will be able to install them, could be a couple of days sorta thing.  I thought it was kinda weird when I first say greyed out packages like that too, i reported it as a bug and the entire "not ready" was explained to me.09:40
Drooling_Sheepah okay09:40
Drooling_SheepI guess they do it that way so if I wanted to work them specifically I could bypass the block and install them but they won't mess up anyone who's working on other packages?09:42
ZykoticK9Drooling_Sheep, manually trying to update them is probably NOT a good idea, they aren't ready for a reason, and if you start subverting the update process with 3rd party packages, you might be causing more harm then good.09:43
Drooling_SheepI wasn't planning on it09:43
ChipacaDrooling_Sheep: usually it's an issue with dependencies; i.e. the package itself is ready, but it depends on something that isn't in the archive yet09:44
Drooling_Sheepahhh that makes sense09:44
LogiI'm running kubuntu+1 and am having problems with knetworkmanager, so running nm-applet for now, but it's not remembering passwords between sessions. What's the package containing the password manager? I'm out of guesses.09:45
ZykoticK9Logi, gnome-keyring09:46
Drooling_SheepI installed the alpha on this machine so I could try and contribute...do any of you know where I could find a good starting point for that?09:47
LogiZykoticK9: thanks. Unfortunately that's already installed, so I'm having other problems. Let me just update everything before I complain :)09:47
ZykoticK9Drooling_Sheep, reporting bugs https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs has some helpful info09:48
Drooling_Sheepok thanks09:48
ZykoticK9Drooling_Sheep, you'll probably want to create a Launchpad account if you don't already have one, I created mine when i started testing Lucid a little over a month ago.  Reporting bugs is fairly easy typically you just use "ubuntu-bug PACKAGENAME" and follow the onscreen/webbrowser directions09:49
EruditeHermitdid firefox just break?09:50
Drooling_SheepI have one from reporting a bug a while back, actually09:50
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ZykoticK9Drooling_Sheep, about a Do bug?09:52
Drooling_Sheepa Do bug?09:52
ZykoticK9Drooling_Sheep, gnome-do?09:53
yofelLogi: what are your problems with knetworkmanager? It works fine here09:53
Drooling_Sheepohh I don't really remember why?09:53
ZykoticK9Drooling_Sheep, was wondering if this was you https://launchpad.net/~droolingsheep09:53
Logiyofel: on my home network, it doesn't set up the default route. On the work network, it doesn't seem to do much at all, but I haven't tried it much. I can re-try the work network now.09:54
Logi(which menas dropping off the net for a moment, but I'm going to reboot anyway)09:54
ZykoticK9Drooling_Sheep, memeber since 2007 i'm jealous09:54
Drooling_SheepZykoticK9, haha yeah I've been using ubuntu for a few years...it used to give me more problems than it does now :)09:55
ZykoticK9Drooling_Sheep, i hope you still feel that way after running Lucid for a while ;)  It's actually been running really well for me, not to scare you or anything.09:56
ZykoticK9EruditeHermit, what's happening with your Firefox?  Mine seems to be running ok?  Almost never open FF anymore, chromium-browser in the repo is very handy - I'm glad it's built into Lucid, no PPA required.09:58
EruditeHermitZykoticK9, its not working09:59
EruditeHermitZykoticK9, no process is started09:59
ZykoticK9EruditeHermit, if you start it from a terminal do you get any informative output?09:59
EruditeHermitno output10:00
EruditeHermitjust returns to prompt10:00
yofelEruditeHermit: can you run 'firefox -safe-mode' close the window that pops up and try to run firefox normally again10:00
Logiyofel: works at work now. I may simply have pressed the wrong button. In 09.10 it never worked at home, so I'd more-or-less given up on it.10:00
EruditeHermitI just did apt-get --reinstall install firefox firefox-3.510:00
EruditeHermitand it started working again10:00
Logiyofel: I'll try it again at home later...10:00
Drooling_SheepZykoticK9, I'm running Karmic on the computer I use most of the time, so I'm not going to be too unhappy if Lucid goes rogue10:01
ZykoticK9Drooling_Sheep, good idea.  I'm dual booting, have only gone back to Karmic once.10:02
Drooling_Sheepnice, the issue of X not starting unless I restarted gdm from a terminal has gone away with one of these updates...I think that's the only definite bug I've encountered10:03
yofelEruditeHermit: actually, there's not much sense in installing firefox-3.5, as that's a transitional package for 3.6 in lucid10:04
neil_dI just installed apt-proxy on my main computer.. I am trying to install lucid using the proxy.. it isn't working :(   what should the apt-proxy config have for the ubuntu backend url?10:26
will__can someone help uninstall XML animated background creator 0.611:07
BUGabundo_remoteI should have RTFM11:08
will__BUGabondo you know  help in  uninstall XML animated background creator 0.611:09
yofelBUGabundo_remote: what happened? ^^11:10
yofelwill__: how did you install it? If you used a package you should be able to remove it from the software center11:10
will__its not listed11:12
will__i got it from http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/XML+animated+background+creator?content=11807411:12
will__gnome eye candy11:12
BUGabundo_remoteyofel: http://openfacts2.berlios.de/wikien/index.php/BerliosProject:FreeNX_-_FAQ/Clients11:13
BUGabundo_remoteI didn't read the FAQ11:13
BUGabundo_remoteso spent days compaing11:13
BUGabundo_remoteand it already did what I needed!11:13
BUGabundo_remotewill__: I have no knowlage of that11:14
will__ok well thank you anyway11:17
ryeis it only me or Evolution starts to be slightly unresponsive for URL clicks and cursor shape updates?12:03
JEEBsvhey~ I see after updating today that aptitude no longer crashes on gnome-terminal. Thanks guys :)12:08
JEEBsv*I see that12:08
DipSwitchcrypt fs works in lucid?12:22
JEEBsvArgh, I get it again D:12:27
JEEBsv*** glibc detected *** aptitude: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x08e2ce10 ***12:27
JEEBsvAt least it works via tty*s12:28
JEEBsvI wonder if I should report it now since the app for reporting problems actually found the crash this time :312:29
yofelJEEBsv: BUGabundo_remote already reported it12:29
yofellemme fetch the bug12:29
JEEBsvyofel: oh nice :312:29
yofeloh, that bug was actually reported a lot... bug 51552512:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515525 in aptitude "aptitude assert failure: *** glibc detected *** aptitude: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x08f9d658 ***" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51552512:31
JEEBsvI wonder what causes it since it doesn't happen if you log in via tty*12:31
yofelwell, it has something to do with the screen size progress fix that was applied in ubuntu812:33
yofelbug 391035 actually12:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 391035 in aptitude "aptitude stops displaying downloads" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39103512:34
JEEBsvOk... Other bugs that I happen to have: What settings should be run to get ibus to start on boot (on 9.10 I just had to select ibus as the input method)? Also, the i915 intel gpu bug (which I already checked to be affecting me) and for some reason if I put Compiz on I just get textures flipped12:34
yofelwhich intel gpu bug? (bug #?)12:36
JEEBsvlemme see...12:36
Oxymoronchkdsk, how to do that in kubuntu because livecd of Win7 doesnt work in command prompt as it doesnt detect my keyboard ... lol and grub doesnt boot into Win7 while select I got: "Grub Hard Disk error" and get back to grub again .... xD Seriously, HELP NOW!12:36
JEEBsvyofel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/53238112:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532381 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "i915gm GPU lockup (PGTBL_ER: 0x00000010) with drm 2.6.33 backport" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:37
yofelgrub hard disk error? does it tell you an error code? did you google it? (and you can at best run chkdisk form the windows installation disk, not from linux, and we don't have a fsck.ntfs (yet))12:38
JEEBsvalso, compared to 9.10 I guess a certain opengl-rendering needing game (MegaMari) doesn't work on wine I guess :3 How can I check how fine opengl is working on my current system?12:45
yofelhm, rebooted into linux-16-generic, but I don't get any i915 backtrace here (EeePC 1000H - 945GME)12:51
JEEBsvYeah, I guess it's mostly 91512:52
JEEBsvnot 94512:52
yofelJEEBsv: if you just want to check if it's running run 'glxinfo | grep render' and make sure it says mesa dri...12:52
JEEBsvok, thanks12:52
yofelfor benchmarks I don't know12:52
JEEBsvnah, I'd just like to see if it works12:52
yofelbut we have a different wine version too in lucid12:52
JEEBsvI'm using wine1.2 since that has the newest version AFAICS12:53
yofelactually, wine is the same as wine1.2 in lucid, dunno why, but yeah, karmic has 1.1.31 while lucid has 1.1.40 ATM12:53
JEEBsvand nice that they merged those12:54
JEEBsvHmm, seems to be using mesa dri12:57
JEEBsvdirect rendering: No though12:58
JEEBsvoh well~12:58
yofelheh, here I get:12:58
yofeldirect rendering: Yes12:58
yofelOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 945GME GEM 20091221 2009Q4 x86/MMX/SSE212:58
JEEBsvOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 915GM GEM 20091221 2009Q4 x86/MMX/SSE212:59
step21hi, lucid lynx running fine, dual monitor works nicely but not up to full resolution, only to 1366x768. any ideas?12:59
JEEBsvsame driver I guess, just that in 915GM's case the drivers have always been a bit... flakey12:59
yofelstep21: graphics card?12:59
step21gma 950 in macbook air 1,113:01
Mikerhinoslucid running great here too , i even don't need anymore to reinstall Nvidia proprietary driver at each kernel update , which is very cool :)13:04
xfactOk, I am testing Lucid Lynx alp 3 and in the header of every window the '(as superuser)' is written, what it means?13:08
ChogyDanxfact: are you logged in as root?13:09
JEEBsvIt means that the app is run under root priviledges13:09
xfactChogyDan, No, I do not think so, I logged normally with my user name13:09
xfactEven on the set up (ubuntu installation) window the 'as superuser' was written13:10
xfactJEEBsv, Means everything I am doing in lucid lynx is running under root? Thats unsafe13:10
xfactIs that a bug or it' normal?13:11
JEEBsvWell, I'm not getting it on every app13:11
JEEBsvso I'd say it's not exactly normal13:11
xfactI have not changed any settings when why mine...13:12
step21yofel: gma 950, should go up to 1920x108013:12
ebischoffhello all. Strange problem here with latest lucid online update, kde is all black. is it a known problem? a compositing problem perharps? Xorg server: nv13:12
xfactOk anyone know that how to disable the root privileges from normal activities13:13
JEEBsvI don't know, mine installed normally :3 I used a nightly ISO from 5th or 6th of March13:13
JEEBsvAfter the user interface freeze came13:13
yofelebischoff: all black? as in, you see nothing? does krunner open if you press alt+f2?13:16
Mikerhinosin lucid nv is replaced by nouveau i think , no?13:16
ebischoffas in i see nothing13:16
xfactOk I get it, first time when it's asking for administration privileges (password) for any administrative programs (e.g. software sources) after giving that despite that program everything running under root, thats not normal13:16
yofelebischoff: could be that plasma-desktop/-netbook did not launch13:17
ebischoffin kdm i see the login window, then zero. nothing. black hole. I'll test alt-f2 right now13:17
yofelebischoff: do you see the kde splash while it loads?13:17
ebischoffah yes there's something i see : the mouse pointer. The rest is just pure black13:17
ebischoffno reaction to alt-f213:18
ebischoffno, i don't see the kde splash. Even kdm is particularly black13:18
ebischoff(i'm currently using my mac's X server over the network)13:18
ebischoffctrl-alt-f4 kills the session13:20
melodie_hello !13:22
step21yofel: oh and full resolution works in osx and windows13:22
melodie_how is everybody here ? o/13:22
melodie_could someone tell me if there is going to exist a : lucid netboox-remix for 64bits Intel Atom N450 processor ?13:24
JEEBsvonice, they got 64bit into netbooks at last?13:24
JEEBsv(I mean as far as the CPUs go)13:25
yofelebischoff: I'm clueless, you could ask in #kubuntu-devel13:25
ebischoffwill do, thanks yofel13:25
melodie_JEEBsv, the Samsung N210 has a N45013:25
melodie_ My son received one for his birthday, now I have to work on it to make a gnu/linux fit in it13:26
JEEBsvDo they have the netbook interface as a 64bit package yet?13:26
yofelstep21: can't help you, I don't know how dual monitor support works for intel13:26
JEEBsvIf yes, you could just install 64bit ubuntu and add the interface13:26
tgpraveen12!info ubuntu-netbook13:27
step21yofel: okay, thanks anyway13:27
ubottuubuntu-netbook (source: netbook-meta): The Ubuntu Netbook system. In component main, is optional. Version 2.015 (lucid), package size 32 kB, installed size 60 kB13:27
melodie_tgpraveen12, it's "netbook-remix"13:28
melodie_!info netbook-remix13:28
ubottuPackage netbook-remix does not exist in lucid13:28
melodie_it's a flavor13:29
tgpraveen12ubuntu netbook is the package name13:29
melodie_really ?13:29
tgpraveen12so ubuntu+ubuntu-netbook package=netbook remix13:29
tgpraveen12melodie_: like was said earlier by JEEBsv: If yes, you could just install 64bit ubuntu and add the interface13:29
melodie_let's see if the package exist in Lucid ?13:30
melodie_I see several packages that can be candidate : http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=netbook&searchon=names&suite=lucid&section=all13:31
yofelmelodie_: as the bot said, ubuntu-netbook exists in lucid (for i386 and amd64)13:31
xfactThey should add some new wallpapers and a new default theme, it' looking like extended edition of Karmic Koala13:31
yofelmelodie_: the package name is exacly 'ubuntu-netbook'13:32
yofelxfact: how does the purple wallpaper look like an extension of karmic? o.O13:32
melodie_what to think about the last four in the list where I just pointed to ? what is the difference ?13:32
melodie_This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu Netbook system13:33
melodie_metapackage ?13:33
xfactohh, new wallpapers, I am running update, it not yet installed and what about new theme, human theme is common13:33
yofelwell, those are partly parts of the netbook install, and kubuntu-netbook is for the KDE netbook desktop13:33
yofelmelodie_: and yes, ubuntu-netbook is a metapackage13:33
yofelmelodie_: it will install the netbook system (as in everything that belongs to it) and it should set the correct default settings13:34
BUGabundo_remoteJEEBsv: use -q to stop the crash13:34
melodie_yofel, tgpraveen12 and JEEBsv : thanks a lot !13:34
BUGabundo_remoteit has to do with progress bar13:34
melodie_I download the Lucid beta 1 64bits right away !13:35
melodie_let's see if it doesn't break before the final release13:35
JEEBsvBUGabundo_remote: ah, ok13:35
yofelmelodie_: beta isn't out yes, use a daily build13:35
JEEBsvThat lets me off from using tty* for all updates :D13:35
melodie_yofel, allright13:36
yofelmelodie_: beta will come out in a week13:36
yofel!daily | melodie_13:36
ubottumelodie_: Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/13:36
melodie_yofel, what stage is it now, still alpha3 ?13:36
yofelmelodie_: use the dialy-live disk13:36
JEEBsvI think the beta1freeze was today?13:36
melodie_figure out, I found how to boot it from usb13:37
JEEBsvSo yeah, definitely live CDs13:37
yofelmelodie_: well, more beta than alpha3, that's why you should use the dialy build, but technically lucid is still alpha13:37
melodie_incase some don't know : you need the .disk dir at the root part of the usb key13:37
yofelJEEBsv: yes, beta1freeze and kernelfreeze13:37
JEEBsvyup :)13:37
melodie_ok !13:38
yofel!schedule | melodie_13:38
ubottumelodie_: A schedule of Lucid Lynx (10.04) release milestones can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule13:38
yofelmelodie_: if you want more details ;)13:38
melodie_There is a windows seven on this machine : should I use EasyBCD to manage the dual-boot, by installing grub on the root partition of the Ubuntu distro ?13:39
melodie_yofel, I had looked at the schedule, which states beta 1 should have been released yesterday...13:39
JEEBsvmelodie_: beta1 surely wasn't on today13:40
melodie_anyone knowns about dual-booting Ubuntu with Seven ?13:40
yofelmelodie_: the schedule says March 18th fore beta...13:40
melodie_ah ?13:40
yofelmelodie_: well, yes13:40
melodie_though it was 11th13:40
yofelbeta1freeze yes, that means nothing dangerous should get into lucid anymore from this point on13:41
yofelmelodie_: and win7 and lucid: I do have a dual boot setup on my desktop with grub2 in MBR, but win7 tends to destroy grub everytime it installs updates *-.-13:41
Cyberkillayofel: I have Vista & Win7 and they never do that.13:42
yofelCyberkilla: well, the odd thing is, karmic and vista worked fine, but win7 seems to hate lucid13:43
melodie_yofel, too bad13:43
melodie_what about dealing with grub legacy ? does that work ?13:43
Cyberkillayofel: Very strange :-O13:43
yofelhm, but grub2 (1.98) should support installation to partitions again13:43
melodie_yofel, Cyberkilla do you use grub2 or grub ?13:43
yofelmelodie_: I'm not sure if grub legacy is still supported13:44
Cyberkillamelodie_: I use GRUB213:44
melodie_supported ? well it works well13:44
Cyberkillamelodie_: GRUB2 is installed in the MBR, but previously I used GRUB1 by installing to a partition and adding a chainloader into Vista's boot manager.13:44
melodie_I just can't stand this grub2 as it is for now : I like multibooting too much and having this awful screen for multiboot... don't like it.13:44
melodie_if Vista has a boot manager, maybe Seven does too ?13:45
Cyberkillamelodie_: It looks alright to me. You can make it look any way you want;)13:45
Cyberkillamelodie_: Lol, I hope so, or it wouldn't be able to boot itself;) It's pretty much the same BCD thing as Vista.13:45
melodie_I've gone into the documentations a few days ago, and I gave up13:45
yofelmelodie_: it does, but I haven't yet tried to install grub 1.98 to a partition, as 1.97 didn't support that13:45
melodie_that was working but I coulnd't find out how to configure a gfxboot13:46
Cyberkillamelodie_: Have a look at EasyBCD (I think that's the name).13:46
Cyberkillamelodie_: It lets you configure Vista/Win7's boot manager.13:46
* yofel needs to to installation testing again...13:46
melodie_Cyberkilla, yes, that's the name, but I have not personnally dealt with it yet.13:46
melodie_it will be a first time. (feel like formatting the whole  bs... )13:47
CyberkillaI'm going 64bit when Lucid final is released:D13:47
melodie_but I won't flee away from enemy, and will vainquish :!:  XD13:47
melodie_Cyberkilla, do you think 64bits is less well than i386 while being in testing stages ?13:48
melodie_ 123K/s13:53
melodie_not very fast : the best we can get here !13:53
melodie_94 minutes to go if I keep this rate13:53
melodie_could metalinks be faster ?13:54
melodie_do someone know how to use metalinks ? aria ? else ? is it difficult to configure ?13:54
melodie_how to make belief your Ubuntu Lucid is a Windows Seven, with the Compiz effects : http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Win7+Transformation+Pack+for+Ubuntu?content=11390914:08
Ian_Corneha :p14:10
rskthe theme is pretty shit thou14:11
rsknot well made technically14:11
Ian_Corneit looked ok on the pictures14:11
rskyea im sure he will show the bugs in the screenshots14:11
xfactOhh, I apologize, I have said lot before updating, Lucid Lynx has it's own unique and iconic look, it's awesome :\14:12
CyberkillaI'm not overly keen on the new look as it is currently.14:21
CyberkillaBut there are some aspects of it that show potential.14:22
melodie_about the look in Lucid ?14:22
melodie_for what the Seven theme is concerned, I was joking around14:22
melodie_fancy a Windows users, who don't notice all the details : wao ! I want this cube in my Windows too ! ;D14:23
Cyberkillamelodie_: Yeh, with regards to Lucid Lynx. It's a shame, but the fact is, Linux is rather far behind OS X and Windows in terms of modern interfaces.14:25
melodie_I am not interested in os x, and if the interfaces are all that matter I won't use a computer ;-)14:25
yofeldepends, I find KDE to be quite modern, gnome does look a bit old-school though, let's see what gnome3 brings14:26
Cyberkillamelodie_: You can't have smooth rounded window borders in Metacity, for instance. The only way to get them is Emerald, but that is unmaintained code now, AFAIK. KDE does have a decent window decorator though (but it's not as mature as GNOME)14:26
melodie_Cyberkilla, I have been for the first time at a Windows chan a few days ago. I wanted to ask advise about backuping the Windows system, because on netbooks there are not many possibilities, and no dvd is delivered with it14:26
CyberkillaIt's immaterial whether a person feels the need to make his desktop look pretty. The fact is that it should be possible, and it is a good way to attract the attention of new users.14:27
melodie_then one told me about Clonezilla, which I used with success since, and just after, a man comes and asks for a soft the get the shaking effects in his Seven : the same shaking effect as in Ubuntu ^^14:28
melodie_well I told him he can hit his but on the floor. XD14:28
melodie_where is the officiel website for Emerald theme ?14:29
melodie_that's why I was having fun fancy Seven theme for Windows in Ubuntu. ;)14:29
melodie_just let them belief... muhahahahah !!!14:29
* yofel actually likes the win7 panel behaviour and the screen-edge-maximize14:30
melodie_in a 10,1" screen I didn't notice, and well, Windows get on my nerves, nothing is as good as in gnu/linux there14:31
yofelthe KDE plasma task manager has a partial implementation of that but it could be better14:31
h00kmelodie_: Emerald isn't supported or developed anymore14:31
melodie_no multi-desktop unless you install virtuawin (which is not as practical as the multi-desktop switches in linux... )14:31
melodie_h00k, ok. what's new for Compiz ?14:32
melodie_in Windows no bash shell unless you install it14:32
yofelmelodie_: oh yeah, I DO miss multiple desktops on win XD14:32
melodie_the Windows 7 starter uses more than 24 go space just for the system and it's first backup14:33
Cyberkillamelodie_: Windows 7 has PowerShell AFAIK14:33
h00kmelodie_: what's new for Compiz...as far as...what? I suppose I'm not sure what you're adking14:33
melodie_actually it resized it'self to 40 go for the system, keeps about 20 more for the restore system...14:33
melodie_h00k, new themes ?14:34
melodie_no ?14:34
yofelCyberkilla: it does, but I haven't used it much yet (but it supports 'ls' now XD)14:34
Cyberkillamelodie_: Compiz doesn't have themes.14:34
melodie_I'm not a compiz addict, I'm a light systems addict so I'm not too much aware14:34
melodie_Cyberkilla, right, I meant themes created for Compiz14:34
melodie_yofel, in Windows try Virtuawin14:35
h00kmelodie_: compiz isn't a theme manager, are you looking for gnome-themes? If so, gnome-look.org14:35
yofelmelodie_: will do14:35
melodie_there is a portable version too at framapack.org14:35
melodie_(in french)14:35
CyberkillaI uninstalled Compiz, to prevent me from faffing about with it. I use Metacity's compositor now. Nice and simple, plus it doesn't need 3D - it uses 2D acceleration.14:36
melodie_what does faffing mean ?14:36
melodie_zniavre, oh ?14:36
CyberkillaGNOME Shell is a slow as hell on my computer, even with the nVidia Binary drivers. Compiz is orders of magnitude faster. Can't help but wonder if they're making a bad move adopting all of this pointless glitter.14:36
CyberkillaOne extreme to the other. It would be nice to have some modern window decorations, but I don't need the entire desktop paradigm to change.14:37
Cyberkillamelodie_: messing about, essentially.14:37
melodie_what is going this gnome shell be useful for ? no more panels ?14:37
melodie_Cyberkilla, ok !14:37
melodie_not "showing off" ?14:38
Cyberkillamelodie_: No ;)14:38
melodie_zniavre, that's ubuntu themes to install in Windows. What about reverse side ?14:39
melodie_Windows themes for Ubuntu ?14:39
h00kmelodie_: you can read more about gnome-shell here: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell14:39
melodie_h00k, thank you !14:39
zniavremelodie_, i do not like that but go to gnome-look theur plenty of uggly copy of vista/7 gtk theme14:40
melodie_zniavre, lol, ok I get the picture :D14:42
melodie_h00k, ok !14:43
h00kmelodie_: I think there's also a video around there somewhere14:43
melodie_one question for Seven dual-booting people : is it ok to resize / delete ntfs partitions with Gparted ? Or will the restore system try to restore the partition and mark it as unknown type or such ?14:44
melodie_if no one knows it doesn't matter. maybe ubiquity ?14:45
yofelno idea14:46
melodie_how did you do your own dual-boot yofel ? did you shrink/or/erase a partition with gparted ?14:46
* melodie_ frightened to erase the devilish os... ;D14:47
h00kmelodie_: sure, you can use gparted to resize ntfs14:47
yofelmelodie_: I dumped vista completely, repartitioned the drive and installed 7 and lucid, so I don't know if resizing is possible14:48
melodie_h00k, in a Seven os, you think some did it before ? :D14:48
melodie_yofel, ok.14:48
h00kmelodie_: I'm not sure what you mean, 'in a Seven OS,'  but gparted can resize NTFS partitions successfully14:48
melodie_there is a /dev/sda5 in an extended partition created by the Samsung/Phœnix/HyperSpace installer.14:49
h00kand Windows7 won't put up a fight about it14:49
melodie_h00k, a Vista did fight it once, it was at a client. he had a Acer laptop with Vista in it14:49
melodie_never seen such a crap14:49
melodie_my boyfriend is not precisely a beginner. He installed ubuntu 3 times in a row : Vista recovery solution always erased it !14:50
h00kheh. are you surprised? I've seen some Windows Security software overwrite grub2 without checking for prior data. Is this what you're referring to?14:50
melodie_we could not destroy the recovery partition because of the garantee, so14:50
melodie_it was ahem14:50
melodie_the recovery partition that was erasing the ext4 partition and marking it as hum... some sort of unknow fs14:51
yofelh00k: win7 actually does write crap into the MBR here every time it installs updates, grub2 tries to start and then my pc resets14:51
melodie_with a special label14:51
melodie_yofel, I see...14:51
h00kyofel: It isn't windows7 by default, I believe, rather some security software like antiviruses or backup solutions do that. I could be wrong, however.14:52
melodie_Windows Seven, the enemy of your dual-boots ! :-(14:52
yofelneed to boot a live disk, chroot and reinstall grub2 to get anything to boot again14:52
melodie_great joy !14:52
yofelh00k: *might* be, I'll try to disable it next time and see14:52
melodie_what about a partition dedicated only for boot ?14:52
melodie_that could be a solution ?14:52
yofelmelodie_: that doesn't help if you install grub2 into the MBR14:52
h00kyofel: I've seen it work just fine, even after Windows Updates, and it was caused by a third-party software14:53
melodie_I suggested to a partition dedicated to boo14:53
yofelah, whatever, It's impossible to create /boot on sda1 now anyway14:53
yofelh00k: ok, then I'll look further in that direction, thx14:53
melodie_yofel, I think if it's on a primary partition it should be ok, but I don't quite remember the doc I read about it, some time ago. that's somewhere there in the web14:54
melodie_ok stop shivering, I go and get a ext4 out of this hard drive !14:55
melodie_thks to all, bbl14:55
xfactUbuntu lucid lynx is good and not doing much major problems, I am discovering is so hardly and I will keep doing till Beta 1, if I like the performance, then I may install it on my PC for mainstream works15:07
* BUGabundo_remote found the MOST stupid OOo bug EVER15:07
BUGabundo_remotehumm who was our OOo guy?15:08
BUGabundo_remoteyofel: around?15:08
BUGabundo_remoteopen OOo write, press F11 to open style list15:08
BUGabundo_remoteis it ordered Heading 1, Heading 10, Heading 2, Heading N-9,15:09
h00ksure, what's wrong with that?15:10
Ian_CorneIt's wrong :p15:10
h00kif it's sorting by value, I can understand it ordering that way15:10
h00ker, 1, 10, 2, 3, etc15:10
h00kbut I can also understand it should be heading 1,2,3,4...1015:11
throughnothingare empathy sounds not working in lucid for anone else?15:14
throughnothingi cant get empathy to play any sounds15:14
melodie_throughnothing, what if you kill pulseaudio ?15:17
throughnothingmelodie_, how do i d15:18
yofelBUGabundo_remote: back15:18
throughnothingmelodie_, i kil it but it starts right abck up again, and still no sounds from empathy15:19
cwilluit's wrong, but non trivial to get right15:19
cwilluabout ten lines of python, so maybe a couple hundred lines of c to sort it right :)15:20
cwilluassuming that they don't have such a routine handy already15:20
BUGabundo_remotecwillu h00k Ian_Corne still its WRONG.. I'll report it latter15:23
BUGabundo_remoteI got to beaf up , before heading there15:23
BUGabundo_remoteOOo BTS is _as_ bad as pidgin one :S15:24
h00kI'm not sure what you just said.15:24
cwilluBUGabundo_remote, sort on letters as letters, numbers as numbers, each contiguous stretch of which counts as a single token, which is then sorted number-block before letter-block15:24
cwilluand god help you if you use unicode :)15:24
cwillualso worth mentioning that not every region/language sorts such things the same way15:25
cwilluand I'm not sure if c's locale stuff handles the sorting in the way you'd like15:25
tgpraveen12hmm my tooltips now have a black bg15:26
cwilluin which case it's not really an ooo bug, but in the localization libs15:26
* BUGabundo_remote opens ubuntu-bu and OOo page 15:26
tgpraveen12anyone else in same boat?15:26
cwilluwhich... makes this not fun :)15:26
BUGabundo_remoteohhhh cwillu15:26
BUGabundo_remotedon't trick me!15:26
cwillu(hi) :)15:26
BUGabundo_remote(me goes testing in WinXP15:26
cwilluI'm not kidding by the way :p15:26
cwilluif xp works, you'd still need to figure out if it was because xp's localization sort ordering handles it, or if it's special cased and not working for some reason under linux15:27
BUGabundo_remoteyou can make your comments in OOo BTS15:27
cwilluhmm;  you can re-order those can't you?  i.e., explicitly order them?15:27
BUGabundo_remotelet me try15:27
BUGabundo_remoteI can not15:28
robin0800tgpraveen12: mine are translucent and purple with white writing15:28
h00kBTS as in...Bureau of Transportation Statistics?15:28
tgpraveen12robin0800: hmm :-(15:28
tgpraveen12mine have black bg with both radiance and ambiance15:28
BUGabundo_remoteh00k: Bug Track System15:28
cwilluthat'd actually be a good approach, just allow the user to put them in any order they want, and pre-order the default templates :)15:29
robin0800tgpraveen12: actually some are black those in the notification tray that must be a bug not reading theme info15:30
bjsniderCyberkilla, there is either an nvidia issue with gnome-shell or a gnome-shell issue with nvidia, because it works fine on intel chips15:30
tgpraveen12robin0800: i have black everywhere. in chromium,menu items, notification area15:31
h00kI'm not sure how you'd order those as they're not all numbers and they're not all characters.15:31
cwilluh00k, punctuation and whitespace would form a third class15:31
tgpraveen12vish: has the tooltip background colour been changed to black from purple?15:31
h00k^ that, yeah.15:31
vishtgpraveen12: idk15:32
cwilluyou could probably just sort them with the letters, although care would have to be taken for locales that used , vs . as the decimal point, as well as decimal groupings (which should be irrelevant from a sort standpoint)15:32
robin0800tgpraveen12: actually i'm wrong its only the added tray icons from quassel and songbird that are wrong15:33
=== eric is now known as ebischoff
ebischoffyofel : problem solved15:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537433 in openoffice.org "Writer Styles List sorts by number not style proper order" [Undecided,New]15:36
BUGabundo_remotebug is here, sending upstream15:36
BUGabundo_remoteplease comment UPSTREAM only15:36
h00kThere’s no page with this address in Launchpad.15:36
BUGabundo_remotestupid pidgin15:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537433 in openoffice.org "Writer Styles List sorts by number not style proper order" [Undecided,New]15:37
BUGabundo_remoteit leave chars in paste buffer15:37
BUGabundo_remotego figure15:37
h00kahha, trailing slash.15:37
yofelebischoff: what was it?15:38
ebischofffor those interested : problem was a KDE black screen. Cause was that package "plasma-desktop" disappeared during this morning's online update of lucid. Reinstalling plasma-desktop solved the problem.15:38
bjsnidereric bischoff runs linux? cool15:38
bjsnidernwo 4 life15:38
ebischoffit's not me, it's the other eric bischoff ;-)15:39
bjsnideroh, it's the _other_ eric bischoff15:39
bjsniderlikely story15:39
ebischoffi have much smaller arms and much bigger brain ;-)15:40
ebischoffbut yes we share the same name15:40
ikthttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/528473 <- is the installer not being full screen normal?15:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528473 in ubiquity "installer not full screen" [Undecided,New]15:40
ebischoffbye everyone, thanks again yofel, thanks folks for all the great work on ubuntu lucid15:41
BUGabundo_remotestupid OOo BTS doesn't allow me to use my secure password. no wonder I couldn't login15:42
yofelikt: it should be full screen on the netbook edition15:44
BUGabundo_remoteeven there BTS is not sorted properly15:45
ebischoffah, btw, there's a problem with kivio. Package is in ubuntu's package lists, but not on the update servers, so apt-get install kivio fails.15:46
BUGabundo_remoteIan_Corne: yofel: h00k: cwillu: filed upstream http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=11005615:47
ubottuOpenOffice.org bug 110056 in Word processor "Writer Styles List sorts by number not style proper order" [Defect,Unconfirmed: ]15:47
BUGabundo_remotecwillu mind adding your comments there?15:48
BUGabundo_remoteor you rather have me copy them there?15:49
cwilluIf you don't mind copying them15:49
yofelebischoff: kivio doesn't seem to be in the lucid repos15:49
cwilluSummary is probably wrong;  the problem is that it _doesn't_ sort numbers numerically15:50
cwillu(sorry, tail end of a 20 hour day)15:51
cwilluwaiting for an email to say that a job is done so I can either go to bed, or fix it and _then_ go to bed15:51
BUGabundo_remotenp friend cwillu15:55
BUGabundo_remotesome one mind confirming thsat bug at LP ? thanks15:55
iktyofel: it was full screen in karmic for both normal and une, is there a change inc for normal?15:56
yofelno idea, but if it was fine in karmic then tag the bug with regression-potential15:56
ikthttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/03/ubuntu-1004-live-cd-installer-gets.html <- http://lh3.ggpht.com/_FJH0hYZmVtc/S5bUO1CltbI/AAAAAAAAGeI/tBL4fS--7q8/s1600-h/image[20].png15:56
iktshows it as not full screen either15:56
yofelthat reminds me, we do have a ubiquity hugday today, but noone seems to work on it15:58
duffydackI just tried a current daily live and there is now no sound where my sound was detected find before.., and the blank screen just before login bug is still there for me..15:58
BUGabundo_remotecwillu comments added. hope I manage to transmit your idea :S15:59
iktyofel: :< I'm working on it :P15:59
duffydackI should install it again properly... maybe when I get my laptop back.15:59
cwilluI hope my idea was worth transmitting :)15:59
BUGabundo_remotemarked as DUPE15:59
yofelikt: i mean, the wiki page doesn't show much progress yet ;P (I'll join too later)15:59
cwilluthat was quick :)16:00
ubottuError: Could not parse XML returned by OpenOffice.org: timed out (http://openoffice.org/issues/xml.cgi?id=13141)16:00
BUGabundo_remoteahah LP bug found16:01
BUGabundo_remoteI should stop16:01
BUGabundo_remoteI'm maxing out my bug quota today ahah16:01
cwilluBUGabundo_remote, natsort (mentioned in the dup) would seem to be exactly the thing I was suggesting16:01
iktyofel: yeah I noticed that as well16:01
BUGabundo_remoteOH S***16:02
BUGabundo_remoteOpened: Mon Apr 7 21:05:00 +0000 200316:02
BUGabundo_remotethat's NEVER gonna be fixed :(16:02
h00kBUGabundo_remote: obfuscated swearing is still swearing, please keep it family friendly :)16:02
cwilluyay, build finished mostly successfully!16:03
* cwillu goes to bed16:04
woRghi anyone trying Lucid with Intel i810 graphics? got X working?16:04
jimlovell777I have two stuck updates, parted and udisks. Is it okay to force the update ad install them?16:07
jimlovell777They show up in the update manager but are greyed out and have persisted through several update cycles.16:08
woRgif they're not critical on the system there shouldn't be much problem, but allways it's safer to upfrade without stuck updates16:12
woRgjimlovell777: and as you say if it's only parted and udisks, both aren't critical16:13
BUGabundo_remotejimlovell777: yeah  gparted libs been broken for a week16:13
BUGabundo_remoteDON'T upgrade them16:13
MichaelKohlerI updated to Lucid and now I get a `error 15: file not found` when booting.. i already tried to do grub-install, but that didn't help. what could I do?16:15
jimlovell777A forum search finally turned up results. It seems that install libparted0 resolves the issue. Worked for me just now. Not sure if it's the proper solution though16:16
stefanlsdHow do i disable noveua and use the propietry nvida driver?16:17
jimlovell777BUGabundo_remote: I was already installing libparted0 when you responded, It can cause anything short of file corruption and I'll be fine. I don't intend to use udisk, parted, gparted, etc... again on this install.16:18
BUGabundo_remotestefanlsd: open hardware dfridrivers manager and TICK nivida blob16:21
BUGabundo_remotejimerickson: read what MichaelKohler wrote above !16:22
stefanlsdBUGabundo_remote: you mean the system / hardware drivers?16:24
stefanlsdBUGabundo_remote: dont think that works, will try again.16:24
stefanlsdBUGabundo_remote: it tries to load the nvidia driver, but the noveua frame buffer stuff has locked the device, and the module doesnt load (i have the nvidia-current module)16:25
BUGabundo_remotestefanlsd: ask in #ubuntu-x16:29
Damascenehello, does any one have problem in evolution when trying to undo some type?16:32
bjsnideropengl 4.0 spec has been released16:37
aboSamoorHi, I am trying to install lucid from usb disk. I am having problem that blkid is taking 100% CPU for long time without result. My HDD is 250 GB16:37
aboSamoorcan anyone help me with this installer problem ?16:44
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=== yfoel is now known as yofel
Tscheesyinstall in text mode? Lucid is still alpha and should be used only by experienced users who can handle probs16:46
arandaboSamoor: What happens if you run blkid by itself?16:50
aboSamoorarand, I restarted the machine and it now does not run again while running the installer.16:52
=== binarylooks_ is now known as binarylooks
aboSamoorarand, now, I am facing another problem that once I choose the manual partitioning  ubi-partman exits with 141 code16:53
melodie_throughnothing, you won't kill pulseaudio because it's a demon. you must stop it : sudo service pulseaudio stop16:54
arandaboSamoor: Well, I don't really know, the only thing I can say is report bugs, and maybe try with the alpha, which is a bit more tested as far as the installer goes.16:55
yofelmelodie_: it's not a system service anymore (by default at least) but started by user sessions16:56
throughnothingmelodie_, oops, does empathy not work with pulseaudio ? that seems kinda silly16:56
yofelso you have to kill pulseaudio if you want to restart it16:56
melodie_yofel, is that so ? thus how do you manage it ?16:56
throughnothingyofel, yes thats what i've noticed....how can i stop it completely without it respawning itself?16:57
melodie_throughnothing, that's a possible issue : just test16:57
yofelthroughnothing: not sure, pulseaudio --kill maybe16:57
melodie_throughnothing, do : sudo killall pulseaudio16:57
throughnothingyofel, hmm still seems to respawn16:57
throughnothingmelodie_, i do that and its just running again right after with a new pid16:57
yofelyep, it's set to respawn again, don't know how to change that16:58
melodie_install htop program start it in console and try to see what processes pulseaudio uses16:58
yofelthroughnothing: why do you want to stop it anyway? you don't want sound?16:58
melodie_you can start htop as root as well and use it to terminate processes16:58
yofelmelodie_: just about anything gnome related16:58
throughnothingyofel, well empathy sounds are not working, so i wanted to see if they would work without pulseaudio running16:59
throughnothingyofel, do empathy sounds work for u in lucid?16:59
yofelthroughnothing: I don't even use gnome and empathy neither16:59
melodie_yofel, he wants to get sound in empathy, and I believe if he can't it may be related with other sound app such as pulseaudio16:59
yofelmelodie_: well, the problem is that pulse is the only audio backend gnome supports today, so if you remove it have fun to get any sound working17:00
yofelI personally use pulse here in KDE fine too (need to have pavucontrol to control it though)17:01
throughnothingyofel, yes i have that17:01
throughnothingthe interesting thing is if i open the pulse volume control and then send myself a message to empathy17:01
melodie_yofel, what about Alsa ?17:01
throughnothingI see "libcanberra" show up for a second with a telepathy/empathy icon an then go away17:01
yofelmelodie_: alsa is still used for the hardware output, but gnome can't use alsa directly anymore17:02
melodie_throughnothing, start empathy from a command line as user, and see what the messages give, and also after, see the last message lines in /var/log/messages file17:02
melodie_throughnothing, is there a group you should belong to to use empathy and maybe you're missing it ?17:03
yofelmelodie_: the gnome sound architecture was pretty much completely rewritten for better pulseaudio integration17:03
throughnothingmelodie_, it could be, im not sure, pretty sure i've added myself to @audio group17:03
melodie_yofel, ok !17:03
yofelwhy would one need a group for empathy o.O? that's a IM app...17:03
melodie_throughnothing, check with the command "id" with no argument*17:04
melodie_yofel, allright17:04
throughnothingyeah im a member of teh audio group17:04
throughnothingi'll try running it from the command line in a minute17:04
* yofel finds 'groups' less cluttered17:04
throughnothingand seeing what i see17:04
Ian_Corne*** glibc detected *** aptitude: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x09d95fc8 ***17:05
CyberkillaIan_Corne: I had that error too, when i tried to do a safe upgrade. the first time in ages that I'd used aptitude too. Nothing bad came of it, so far..17:09
tamranhowdy all, I've just intalled the 10.04 upgrade and I can't seem to log in with the gdm session manager17:09
yofelIan_Corne: use aptitude -q to get it work17:10
Cyberkillatamran: What happens?17:10
tamranif I log in, it just kicks me back to the login prompt over and over again17:10
tamranprobably a gdm setting somewhere?17:10
CyberkillaHmm, there is a bug that makes it happen twice, but i don't know of anyone recently complaining of it constantly looping.17:10
melodie_is 8 Go enough for Lucid ? system and space to get updates and a few more applications : as a 64bits ?17:10
throughnothingtamran, i have the same problem but its only twice as Cyberkilla noted....it kickse me off twice then I can log in fine17:11
tamranI did it 4 times17:11
throughnothingAlso though, when I suspend my computer, it resumes at the gdm screen with my session that I was logged in as kiled17:11
tamrannow I'm back in the command prompt using irssi17:11
CyberkillaI had that with the nVidia proprietary drivers recently. I've switched to Nouveau in the meantime.17:11
throughnothingtamran, what if you kill gdm and start it manually?17:11
tamranI have just a standard install17:12
Cyberkillatamran: irssi > *17:12
throughnothingCyberkilla, the session killing thing during suspend?17:12
Cyberkillathroughnothing: Yes, it actually dies BEFORE the suspend happens, as I heard the little drum roll.17:12
tamranalso, I can't seem to get back to my X session ... when I do alt-F7 it just shows a black window.17:12
throughnothingCyberkilla, ahh, interesting, im using non-proprietary intel drivers on my computer17:12
melodie_what about disk space please ?17:12
Cyberkillathroughnothing: When you resume, you eventually end up in the GDM screen. Hmm, I don't have an Intel card to test it on.17:12
tamranoops, I found it, it's alt-F817:13
throughnothingCyberkilla, yeah thats what happens to me, only started in the past few days17:13
Cyberkillatamran, try sudo stop gdm && sudo start gdm17:13
Cyberkillain a tty17:13
Cyberkillamight start it up again17:13
tamranCyberkilla: ok17:13
Cyberkillaif not, I'd edit xorg.conf and set it to the vesa driver or something (just to see if it's the graphics driver)17:13
melodie_I think there is no xorg.conf Cyberkilla unless you create one17:14
melodie_I did create one several times when I tested alpha 1 and following17:14
Cyberkillatamran: Really? Sorry about that. I thought everyone had a really sparse one. It's probably because I've been upgrading since intrepid17:15
Cyberkilla*I meant melodie_17:15
tamranCyberkilla: well, restarting gdm didn't do nice things ... just an fyi, when I tried to log in in GDM it shows nothing for the session dropdown, and I should have both xfce4 and gnome installed17:15
tamranCyberkilla: no worries :)17:15
melodie_tamran, what about uninstalling with --purge and reinstalling gdm ?17:16
melodie_Cyberkilla, is 8 Go enough for Lucid system ?17:16
tamranmelodie_: so, apt-get --purge gdm?17:16
melodie_sudo apt-get remove --purge gdm17:16
Cyberkillamelodie_: That's kinda dangerous. A reinstall is less hassle.17:16
yofeltamran: I would rather try to purge plymouth and see if it fixes your issue17:16
melodie_except if you see that it will uninstall half of the system, but until now it has not17:17
yofelmany of the current boot/X issues are plymouth related...17:17
Cyberkillamelodie_: I think you do something like apt-get --reinstall install gdm, but I'm not sure.17:17
melodie_well never know17:17
melodie_you can do:17:17
melodie_sudo apt-get install gdm --reinstall as you say, but if there is a file that's crummy somewhere it will still be there. so uninstalling it if it doesn't menace to break it all, is better17:18
Cyberkillamelodie_: I did that, but deleted /var/lib/gdm first:P Naughty, I'm sure.17:18
throughnothingmelodie_, only thing i get when running empathy from the command line is this: empathy:13826): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_ref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed17:22
masu3701is Lucid Lynx out there to try yet?17:24
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+117:24
arandmasu3701: Yes, alpha3 is downloadable, or daily builds17:25
throughnothingmelodie_, i found this forum thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1194501  that says you need to install sound-themes-freedesktop package to get the sounds that empathy uses by default17:25
throughnothingmelodie_, may be a bug that this package should be installed by default17:25
masu3701alpha3 is the beta of 10.4 ?17:25
throughnothingim gonna see if that works now17:25
arandmasu3701: Nope not yet, release schedule is in the topic17:26
tamranok, I uninstalled, then reinstalled gdm which fixes everything EXCEPT gnome sessino is no longer an option.  So, I'm stuck with either xfce or xterm sessions17:27
tamranthis is all OK I guess, since I wanted xfce anyway17:27
tamranbut something strange is definitely going on17:27
tamranis this a known bug/issue?17:27
tamranI can look at the bugzilla but I'm about to head to school17:28
Cyberkillatamran: It isn't one I've seen in the Lucid forums so far.17:28
masu3701so can i install lucid lynx alpha 3 from the update manager?17:28
tamranthis is a straight 10.04 install with xfce4 installed (other than that, plain)17:29
yofelmasu3701: sure, if you run it as 'update-manager -d' but you should wait for the beta unless you know what you're doing17:29
tamranmeaning, regular ubuntu + xfce4 added ... I wonder if xfce4 is conflicting somehow?17:29
tamransilly question, what is the command to make compiz active in xfce?17:30
* tamran needs his expose feature17:30
charlie-tcaYou have to install compiz17:30
Cyberkillatamran: compiz --replace &17:31
tamranahh, right.  Thanks Cyberkilla :)17:31
Cyberkillatamran: np. I assume it's he same command as in GNOME. It's doing the exact same thing.17:32
throughnothingempathy sounds definitely appears to be an issues where the sound files do not exist by default17:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400485 in ubuntu-sounds "Empathy sounds not in default ubuntu theme" [Low,Confirmed]17:32
tamranhmm, it doesn't seem to want to work though17:32
Cyberkillatamran: how so?17:33
melodie_throughnothing, I had seen that at some time : sound-themes-freedesktop but I would not have thought about it17:33
tamranwell, it works until I close the terminal window17:33
tamranthen it reverts17:33
masu3701yofel: ok i will wait17:33
Cyberkillatamran: Press CTRL+D17:33
throughnothingmelodie_, well i installed it and i restarted empathy, and still no sound for me...then i changed my default sound theme to "default" from "ubuntu" and still no sounds17:33
Cyberkillaenter the command, press enter than CTRL+D17:33
throughnothingmelodie_, so i'm still not quite sure, though that does seem to be an issue17:33
melodie_throughnothing, would you consider writing a bug report ? empathy is installed by default so I think you would be right to do so17:33
tamranerr, wait I apologize, it's working17:33
Cyberkillatamran: that detaches it from the terminal17:33
tamranCyberkilla: I originally did it in the alt-f2 menu17:34
melodie_throughnothing, would you join the people at that thread to give your feedback17:34
throughnothingmelodie_, im definitely up for filing a report, im just not sure if that was my only issue yet, still no sound working17:34
tamranit's workign now17:34
throughnothingmelodie_, sure17:34
melodie_throughnothing, otherwise do the sound play in other apps ?17:34
throughnothingmelodie_, everything else works fine...totem, vlc, rhythmbox, firefox/flash17:35
vanishinghi guys17:36
vanishingi ran into this init problem yesterday17:36
yofelhm, when exactly is sound supposed to work in empathy, just tried it out and I get no sound either17:36
melodie_throughnothing, so...17:37
tamranok, xfce is workign well now17:37
melodie_throughnothing, what when you start empathy from a console ? no message ?17:37
throughnothingyofel, a good way to test is to enable the sound when accounts disconnect/connect, that way you can just turn on and off an account and try to get a sound....or if you have 2 im accounts you can im yourself from one to the other17:37
throughnothingmelodie_, nothing really relating to sounds17:37
vanishingbasicly theres a bunch of updates, and i took them, upon restart, i got a bunch of init: blabla main process ended, respawning in tty717:37
melodie_paste it to pastebin ?17:37
Damasceneis there any problem with evolution not being able to make undo?17:37
yofelthroughnothing: well, i enabled all sound notifications empathy has and it stays silent17:38
throughnothingmelodie_, i subscribed to that bug and added my comment though, so we'll see what happens, others on there said they have the same issue in lucid17:38
vanishingcannot even get to gdm17:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400485 in ubuntu-sounds "Empathy sounds not in default ubuntu theme" [Low,Confirmed]17:38
vanishingany thoughts?17:38
throughnothingyofel, yup, same with me....seems like a big issue as empathy is now the default IM client and installed by default17:38
melodie_throughnothing, well done !17:39
yofelvanishing: er... *which* process is respawned all the time? and what graphics card do you have? and can you get to a tty with alt+f1?17:39
Damascene can some one try to write a message in evolution then try to undo some of his writing17:39
vanishingyofel: a bunch of them, like upstart-udev-bridge, udev, rsyslog, cupid, dmesg etcetc...17:40
BittarmanDamascene, works fine17:40
vanishingyofel: i have both intel and ati, both have the same issue17:40
yofelvanishing: o.O that's bad...17:40
DamasceneBittarman, using ctrl +Z17:40
vanishingyofel: yes i can get a tty with control alt f1, and i can login and startx17:41
BittarmanDamascene, yep, and the button17:41
yofelvanishing: really? and if you try to (re)start gdm?17:41
vanishingyofel: sometimes i can do /etc/init.d/networking start and /etc/init.d/network-manager start to get network17:41
vanishingyofel: restart gdm?17:41
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Damasceneworks now with me17:42
yofelvanishing: 'sudo restart gdm' that should try to restart the gdm service, (or 'sudo start gdm' if gdm isn't started yet)17:42
vanishingyofel: should i try it now?17:42
yofelvanishing: can you see in some log where init start failing?17:43
yofel/var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog maybe17:43
vanishingyofel: ugh...which one?17:43
vanishing1 sec17:43
=== Guest56662 is now known as techgeek
vanishingyofel: the only error message in syslog is :17:46
vanishingyofel: Mar 11 12:18:15 Vanishing x-session-manager[1721]: WARNING: Could not parse desktop file /home/vanishing/.config/autostart/gnome-power-manager.desktop: Key file does not have key 'Type'17:46
vanishingyofel: and a Mar 11 12:17:31 Vanishing NetworkManager: supplicant_interface_acquire: assertion `mgr_state == NM_SUPPLICANT_MANAGER_STATE_IDLE' failed17:47
yofelno idea then, I'm not that good at debugging upstart :/ anyone else?17:48
vanishingplease help me with this problem:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142728117:50
ryevanishing, it looks like your processes are failing for some reason17:51
vanishingrye: yea....but why..17:52
ryevanishing, anything in dmesg ?17:52
ryevanishing, I mean some segfault info?17:52
vanishingrye: there was some initscripts updates yesterday17:52
vanishingrye: 1 sec, let me check it out17:52
ryevanishing, you may want to try running e.g. cron directly, /usr/sbin/cron -f - and see whether it fails. If it is not, then there is something wrong with your init scripts/upstart, etc.17:53
vanishingyofel: nope...nothing in dmesg17:54
yofelhm, that update would have been: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit/2.87dsf-4ubuntu1517:55
vanishingyofel: yes17:55
yofelbut it boots fine here o.O17:55
vanishingrye: as far as i know, i can run networking and network-manager manually without problem...17:55
vanishingyofel: yea...17:55
ryeyofel, vanishing the diff looks ok to me, and that will be run on shutdown17:56
ryenot dring startup17:56
vanishingyofel: the thing is, i downgraded that packages, but still the same errors17:56
vanishingrye: do you want my logs?17:56
yofelok, then it's not the fault of the initscripts package17:57
ryevanishing, the thing is that I don't really know how to make upstart be verbose...17:57
vanishingrye: oh..17:57
rye'cause there's something wrong with the startup procedure17:57
vanishingrye: do i want this? http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/Debugging17:57
yofelvanishing: do you know which packages you upgraded since it booted fine the last time?17:57
vanishingyofel: a lot of them..17:58
vanishingyofel: but i downgraded most of the suspicious ones17:58
yofelvanishing: well, do you know the last time you booted fine? you can check the dpkg log for the package names17:58
yofeloh, hm17:58
vanishingyofel: let me post them in pastebin17:58
vanishingyofel: this: http://paste.debian.net/6373518:00
vanishingyofel: but it seems everybody else using karmic dont have this issue...18:01
vanishingyofel: i meant lucid18:01
CyberkillaI have tons of logs missing. A fresh install has boot.log, among other things. I have none of that.:O18:02
CyberkillaI have: Xorg.0.log, auth.log, daemon.log, debug, kern.log, messages, syslog, user.log.18:02
CyberkillaAm I missing any?18:02
Cyberkilla*I _seem_ to have..18:03
vanishingCyberkilla: doesnt seem like you miss anything...o.o18:04
yofelerr... that depends on your installation I think, I have optional stuff like  jockey.log kdm.log pm-suspend.log ... here18:04
VolkodavWhat packages are needed for Personal File Sharing ?  It is greyed out18:04
Cyberkillavanishing, yofel: Thanks. I'm sure I'm missing boot.log. There must be a thread on it somewhere.18:05
vanishingCyberkilla: boot? i dont have boot.log, only boot18:05
vanishingyofel: anything seem suspicious in that update log?18:05
yofelCyberkilla: I don't have that either, only an empty 'boot' file18:06
yofelvanishing: nothing I can think of... this is odd18:06
Cyberkillayofel: Weird, at least I'm not the only one. Looks like redhat disabled it in fedora. Perhaps ubuntu did a similar thing.18:06
yofelCyberkilla: what's that supposed to contain anyways?18:07
Cyberkillayofel: I can only assume it's supposed to contain all of the messages from when the computer booted. dmesg does that though, i suppose.18:08
yofelCyberkilla: we do have the kern.log syslog for that...18:08
yofelwhere kern.log is essentially what dmesg outputs18:09
vanishingthis is fraustrating......18:09
vanishingyofel: could you send me your /etc/grub.d/00_header and /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme files?18:18
yofel00_header: http://yofel.pastebin.com/NT8tzjZM | 05_debian_theme: http://yofel.pastebin.com/buNsZKtL18:21
yofelvanishing: ^18:21
yofelI disabled the theme wallpaper though18:21
vanishingyofel: thanks a lot18:23
djr13i'm getting a gpu lockup with nouveau and a nv18 card...any ideas/way to report?18:31
djr13i tried #nouveau but no response.....18:33
djr13even tried different combinations of kernels and nouveau versions (such as xorg-edgers)18:42
vanishinganyone know how to solve startup init: main process ended, respawning issue?18:43
djr13any ideas what might be causing nouveau gpu lockups with a nv18 card?18:49
djr13works great with nv17...18:50
Volkodav I have samba installed but file sharing still greyed out saying I do not have all packages installed ? What else does it need ?18:51
melodie_todays lucid : ubiquity fails with code error same as before18:51
melodie_I'll try to debug later with the command line cjwatson gave me on a bug report18:51
djr13with nv18 X freezes under anything gpu-dependent (except video? :/ )18:52
redsudo apt-get install libmp3lame18:52
melodie_Bug 52508118:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 525081 in ubiquity "ubi-partman failed with exit code 141 (dup-of: 527057)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52508118:52
red-> couldn't find package libmp3lame18:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 527057 in ubiquity "ubi-partman failed error on partitions change" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52705718:52
red? :(18:52
melodie_I got the same, in a netbook18:53
melodie_nice purple color release by the way18:54
djr13Volkodav: hmm forgot exactly what it's called...maybe something like libpam-smbpass18:54
djr13is that installed?18:54
Volkodavlet me check18:54
Volkodavpluggable authentication module for Samba18:56
Volkodavinstalling now18:56
Volkodavsee if it helps18:56
Volkodavstill greyed out18:57
Volkodavmay need to restart samba though18:57
adebarbaraHi I just upgrade my notebook to lucid and my user has no sound after I log in gdm18:57
adebarbaraa new user has sound18:57
djr13Volkodav: hmm...i remember Ubuntu would try to install the needed packages automatically when trying to enable sharing for the first time in Nautilus, haven't tried it for a while though18:58
djr13adebarbara: I would guess something related to that user's pulseaudio settings...again that's a guess18:59
adebarbaradjr13, I remove .pulse from my user and nothing happen. Do you know where the pulse preference are?19:00
djr13adebarbara: actually that would have been my guess19:01
djr13or maybe there's another pulse-related config floating around somewhere...19:02
dbellHi, got a problem with lucid on my laptop (running it fine on desktop). When I'm booting up into lucid and the slash goes away, I hear the sound that happens when the login screen appears, but don't see the login screen. Only my mouse cursor and a "prompt" only best way to explain that: flashing underscore at the top left. When I press enter it loads the login so I can proceed. Any ideas why?19:03
leniosdbell, try ctrl+alt+F719:03
dbellholding pressing ctrl and alt is putting text at top left of screen where the _ was19:04
dbell(and nothing happens on that keypress)19:04
djr13adebarbara: nothing at all has sound? what if you try to push it straight to alsa?19:07
djr13adebarbara: oh and after deleting .pulse, did you log out/on?19:09
djr13Volkodav: any luck after restarting samba?19:11
adebarbaradjr13, I remove .pulse and logout/login19:14
adebarbaradjr13, anyway I purge pulseaudio and reinstall19:14
adebarbaranow is working19:15
vanishingdjr13: hey man..do you know anything about init: <package name> main process ended, respawning issue when booting up?19:15
djr13adebarbara: cool, not sure what would have caused that in pulse system settings that wouldn't affect every user...19:16
djr13vanishing: sorry, can't think of anything (don't be fooled, i'm kindof a newb here ;) ) what does your log look like?19:18
vanishingdjr13: well..look in this post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142728119:19
vanishingdjr13: its killing me...19:19
ryevanishing, can you restart the system adding --debug switch to the kernel cmdline?19:21
djr13anyone have an idea what i can try for getting gpu lockups under nouveau?19:22
djr13make that, what i can try to avoid getting them, preferrably... :))19:23
vanishingrye: ugh..ok.let me try that..it might take a couple mins..since sometimes can get network and other times cant..19:24
vanishingrye: ty19:24
vanishingrye: like linux/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-16-generic root=UUID=985e8811-3641-403a-999c-e59eb02b6b7c ro   quiet splash19:24
vanishingrye: add --debug after that?19:25
ryevanishing, yes, this is a debug switch for upstart (it parses cmdline) - my vm took 3 times more to load so that is expected. After this the /var/log/debug will contain info from upstart19:26
vanishingrye: ok..ty19:26
vanishingrye: will do that now19:26
vanishingrye: be right back19:26
djr13hmm don't mean to be lazy, but is there an Ubuntu X-specific irc channel anywhere?19:28
sven_oostenbrinkIm trying to install Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 on a laptop using LVM.. Done this many times before, even with lucid, but now the installer does show the LVM partitinos, but I cant change antyhing.. Does anybody know what I can do to fix this?19:30
vanishingrye: ok..this is funny...after i add --debug, its all working now..19:31
vanishingrye: lol...i gotta thank you..19:32
ryevanishing, i hate apps that suddenly start working under debugger and that start working properly being run in debug mode19:32
ryevanishing, no, no - that is not a fix! Either something else changed or it is all now masked19:32
vanishingrye: lol..yea..19:32
vanishingrye: o well..at least i can get to desktop now19:32
ryee.g. by increased startup time...19:32
vanishingrye: let me check the debug log19:33
vanishingrye: startup times is the same i think..19:33
ryevanishing, ah, vm has pretty slow terminal emulation...19:33
vanishingrye: eh...this is the only "error" in debug:Mar 11 14:29:00 Vanishing init: job_process_trace_fork: Failed to set options for new anacron main process (1360), probably not yet forked: No such process19:35
vanishingrye: let me try to restart again without --debug..19:36
vanishingrye: brb19:36
djr13ha, how surprising, Ubuntu's X channel is #ubuntu-x :-/19:36
vanishingrye: o.o.....its working without --debug now..19:44
ryevanishing, awesome... have you updated anything else recently?19:45
vanishingrye: nope....19:45
vanishingrye: dont understand this..19:45
yofelheh, that reminds me of my firefox... refused to start a few days ago. FIX: start with -safe-mode once -.-19:51
* yofel makes himself a note about --debug19:51
vanishingyofel: lol...when someone has a problem, ask him "have you tried --debug"..19:53
coz_hey guys.. ok.. new themes... of course buttons on the left "mac style" has to go...how about some new sounds?20:12
coz_log in  etc20:12
arandcoz_: I would be happier if they just disabled them all *brrr*20:13
coz_arand,  :)20:13
coz_arand,  6years of that budumbump drum at log in is getting way past olde lol20:14
* arand uses tab completion in terminal BUBLU! , BUBLU!BUBLU!BULBLU!20:14
arandcoz_: Well, that one I don't mind too much, apart from that it really should be easily disable-able (gdm2setup...), I'm more bothered by the prolonged login sound, sounding as though it was taken from some jungle flick of the naughty kind *erhm*20:18
coz_arand, oh ..well even that sound should be changed....dont think any of them will be though20:19
arandBut I say, switch all sounds of by default, huge improvement, seems professional, etc. (don't know how the gdm sound goes for accesibility though...)20:21
erik__I'm getting frequent "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode", but it can't start in that either.. Not sure how to go on since the error messages seems trivial PreInit returned NULL for ""HID 413c:3010"" and PreInit returned NULL for ""Macintosh mouse button emulation""20:25
erik__Hum the PreInit thing was the error message that it supposedly don't like..20:26
guntberterik__: here it helped to use an older kernel20:29
erik__I've got two machines (sameish hardware) that have the same error..  :) So I can test lots of stuff in parallel.20:30
erik__guntbert, the same problem?20:30
erik__and what kernel.20:30
syn-wakerhi all20:32
syn-wakerwhat will be new in ubuntu 10.04?20:32
guntberterik__: looks so - I didn't read the complete output - fails and works20:32
yofelsyn-waker: the alpha3 release notes have a list: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/Alpha320:33
syn-wakergreat! thx20:33
yofelsyn-waker: actually a bit of that has changed20:34
yofelsyn-waker: you should get the final list on the beta release notes in a week20:34
syn-wakerk :)20:34
adapaif i install an alpha version of lucid lynx, would apt be able to update it to the release when it is released?20:35
syn-wakerbut it's better a clean install20:35
coz_I doubt its better than a clean install :)20:35
adapawhy would a clean install be better? surely apt removes stuff that doesn't need to be there when it updates stuff20:36
syn-wakeryes but there may be bugs...20:36
coz_clean install is always preferable for new versions of any  Os ...my opinion based on a few years experience20:36
syn-wakeran OS is too big to be bugless, so...20:36
syn-wakerwhere can i find a complete list of irc's?20:37
adapaclean installs are better and i do usually opt for them but there's a lot of data flying about and i can't just go round reformatting hard drives all the time. is the release on target for 29th April?20:37
syn-wakerfrom freenode20:37
coz_adapa,  as far as I know it is20:38
zniavresyn-waker,  /list ?20:39
syn-wakerlol k:))20:39
guntbertsyn-waker: but that is *huge*20:40
=== blueyed_ is now known as blueyed
Frijolieanyone know why my iPod Touch appears twice on my desktop? (One as the drive label and another as plan 'ol iPod--with the icon of a camera)20:47
throughnothingFrijolie, i dont know why but my iphone does the same thing20:48
charlie-tcaBecause it works as both a camera and a storage device?20:48
throughnothingone thing that I know is that before iphone support worked, the camera icon would show up but not work properly20:48
throughnothingnaw it seems like whatever was detecting that still find sit, but so does iFuse (which is what correctly mounts it)20:48
Frijoliethroughnothing, it's annoying...20:48
erik__guntbert, :-) thanks but *.15 give me the same error.20:48
Frijoliecharlie-tca, i thought about that but I'm not sure...20:48
guntberterik__: then its a different issue - sorry20:49
Frijolieplus, the folder structure on the device doesn't make much sense20:49
throughnothingFrijolie, if its like mine, the "camera" icon will have the DCIM folders, but no actual images show up in it20:49
charlie-tcaThat would be my thought.20:49
Frijoliehard to know where to drag-n-drop the files you want to synch20:49
throughnothingFrijolie, but the correct device has the DCIM folders as well, and those have the images20:49
Frijoliethroughnothing, yup, exactly what I've got20:49
throughnothingFrijolie, one thing i do, is once its mounted, I unmount the camera one20:49
throughnothingbecause it doesnt seem to be needed20:49
throughnothingthat way i dont get confused20:49
Frijolieis this an Ubuntu thing or Apple firmware thingy20:49
throughnothingpretty sure its ubuntu20:49
throughnothingwhatever the default thing is (something with gvfs i assume) that detects cameras pugged in20:50
Frijoliethroughnothing, I do that as well, it's just kinda a pain in the neck you have to do it20:50
throughnothingthinks the iphone/ipod touch is a camera for some reason even though it cant access the image files20:50
FrijolieI guess we're just lucky it mounts at all--must have taken some serious reverse engineering20:50
throughnothingi would imagine whatever that is needs to be patched to notice when its an iphone/ipod touch and not dod anything20:50
throughnothingthats just my hunch, im no expert there20:50
throughnothingFrijolie, yeah it did, i actually watched them work on it for a while as its something i was very interested in....lots of crazy reerse engineering20:51
Frijoliehmm...the iPhone has a camera but the iPod does not20:51
Frijoliemust be something in the firmware that says it's a camera and Ubuntu takes the firmware's word for it20:51
throughnothingyeah i think its something like that20:51
throughnothingand that detection needs to be smart enough to say this is an ipod touch/iphone, im not gonna be able to read it, so dont do anything20:52
Frijolieprobably cause it's the same firmware for an iPod/iPhone20:52
throughnothingyeah could be20:52
throughnothingthey look like the same device i think20:52
Frijoliedarn Apple (Ubuntu's cousin)20:52
throughnothingyeah...its gonna be android for me once my contract is up20:52
throughnothingby then it'll probably be a nexus 220:53
throughnothingor nexus 3 hehe20:53
FrijolieI got a Blackberry Curve...20:53
Frijoliethat's another story20:53
throughnothingthe iphone is awesome but putting up with their crap is too much20:53
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.20:53
throughnothingguntbert, sorry :P20:53
Frijolieguntbert--we're talking about Ubuntu support of our devices..chill man20:54
guntbertthroughnothing: :) - Frijolie read your last statements please :-)20:54
throughnothingit is definitely great that lucid will support iphones out of the box, thats hella awesome20:54
FrijolieUbuntu is working on support of Blackberries20:54
Frijolieguntbert, "that's another story" was my last statement and why I didn't continue to carry on20:55
Frijolieand it's not like we're talking over anyone else in here...you can hear a pin drop20:55
skyjumperanyone have a solution to the firefox font rendering bug that doesn't involve rebuilding the whole package?20:56
guntbertFrijolie: ok - thats true too - but it still was a bit distracting (for me) - please don't take my admonition too serious though :-)20:57
Frijolieguntbert, fair enough :)20:57
burzkiwho knows how to change the window buttons back to the right?20:57
ZykoticK9burzki, http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side20:58
Bittarmanok, I had to re-install gdm, is there a package I need to get the log-in theme back?20:58
zniavreubuntu-artwork ?21:00
burzkithanks.  got it.  if devs are going to go moving thigns like that around, can't they atleast amke it a choice optoion and not just do it to us against our will???21:01
Bittarmanzniavre, cheers21:04
ZykoticK9burzki, if you have a forum account you might want to cast a vote on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142242221:04
BittarmanI like it on the left :P21:04
burzkithanks.  i just came from there.  i came here to find how to change it because i didn't want to read through 11 pages of comments to find the change.21:05
melodie_I reported this bug anew :21:06
melodie_Bug 52508121:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 525081 in ubiquity "ubi-partman failed with exit code 141 (dup-of: 527057)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52508121:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 527057 in ubiquity "ubi-partman failed error on partitions change" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52705721:06
melodie_this time it was with the 64bits version21:06
burzki40 pages21:08
Blue1 just upgraded from suse to ubuntu.  I nuked all the .gconf files, but the window mimimise, maximise, and close, are on the left hand side of the window, instead of the right.  How do I fix?21:08
ZykoticK9Blue1, http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side21:08
melodie_is there a dedicated chan for the Netbook Remix 9.10 version ? do someone know about that here ?21:26
erik__sigh.. Well X seems to work the first time I boot after doing a big update, then it goes back to that error message.21:27
erik__Running Low-graphics-mode..21:27
ZykoticK9melodie_, there is no dedicated "Netbook Remix" or "Netbook Edition" channel -- so if you're using 9.10 then it's just #ubuntu i'm affraid21:27
melodie_ZykoticK9, ok thanks21:27
erik__how do I run the xserver without that ubuntu failsafe thingy.21:27
melodie_erik__, do you have a xorg.conf in this install ?21:28
melodie_erik__, ?21:28
melodie_erik__, I just asked a question to you : do you know if there is actually a xorg.conf file in your ubuntu ?21:29
erik__melodie_, The default nothing generic screen etc..21:29
melodie_what is the graphic card of your's ?21:29
melodie_erik__, ? the graphic card please ?21:29
erik__good question Intel integrated I would guess.21:29
melodie_erik__, do "lspci | grep Video" in the console and tell me21:30
erik__82Q963/Q965 Integrated Graphics Controller21:30
melodie_erik__, is it the full output ? give me all with the prompt too please21:30
erik__erik@usb2:~$ lspci | grep -i VGA 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82Q963/Q965 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)21:31
erik__the first one was from lshw21:31
melodie_do you have intel driver installed ?21:31
melodie_xorg-xserver-intel or looking like this ?21:31
erik__ii  xserver-xorg-video-intel21:32
erik__un  xserver-xorg-video-intel-mod21:32
melodie_ii : means installed ?21:32
erik__yes directly from  dpkg -l21:33
erik__so the modesetting one isn't installed.21:33
erik__It should be: un  xserver-xorg-video-intel-modesetting21:33
melodie_you go to tty, then you create  a xorg.conf file, then you come back : to do this you first stop gdm then after you install the file in /etc/X11 and then you restart gdm and come back either with Ctrl+Alt+7 or maybe Ctrl+Alt+8 : is that ok ?21:34
melodie_to stop gdm:21:34
melodie_sudo service gdm stop21:34
melodie_to restart it21:34
melodie_sudo service gdm start21:34
melodie_to create xorg.conf file:21:34
melodie_first put the other one out of the way21:35
melodie_like this:21:35
melodie_sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf-back21:35
melodie_then create a new one:21:35
melodie_sudo X -configure21:35
erik__ok I'll do that and com back21:35
melodie_it will create it under home under the name "xorg.conf.new"21:35
melodie_so you must install it*21:35
melodie_this way :21:36
melodie_sudo mv /home/*user*/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:36
melodie_after you create it :21:36
melodie_edit it with nano and comment out the line "bus id"21:37
erik__I'll do it on the other machine so it' np if some thing ucks up I can just try it on this one..21:37
melodie_it's of no use and it bothers more than anything, and also check you get the video modes:21:37
melodie_after the first lines in screen section and just before the first subsection:21:37
melodie_DefaultDepth 2421:38
melodie_then in the subsection after, where there is depth 24, just before the line "EndSubsection" : add this:21:38
melodie_Modes "1024x768" or other video mode accordingly to what you need to get21:39
melodie_this should be ok after you save it, and restart gdm.21:39
melodie_ok ? don't forger the " when needed and don't put ones where it's not needed ^^21:40
MikeChelenthe "synchronize on ubuntu one" command from right-clicking on a directory doesn't seem to have any effect21:45
erik__melodie_, Hum hum!.. If I run just  "X" from command line it works fine..21:51
erik__it runs with intel driver at 1920x120021:51
erik__but I still get these errors (which ubuntu fail safe barks at)21:52
erik__PreInit returned NULL for ""HID 413c:3010""21:52
erik__PreInit returned NULL for ""Macintosh mouse button emulation""21:52
erik__The only mac think I have is my keyboard... But unplugging that didn't work..21:52
erik__MikeChelen, Yeah ubuntuone-syncdaemon seems to get stuck waiting for something, at least over here.21:55
dupondjesmb mouting is bit foobar ? running @ 100% cpu ... :s21:55
MikeChelenerik__: how can you establish that? it isn't showing any errors for me21:57
MikeChelendupondje: how is the smb mounted, through fstab?21:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532024 in gvfs "gvfsd-smb-brows uses 100% cpu after selecting Places-->Network" [Low,New]22:00
dupondjeits this :)22:00
erik__MikeChelen, did a strace on it and it loop checks timeofday 10times per second. It shouldn't do that.. :-)22:00
MikeChelendupondje: ah ok, technically that is not mounting :D22:02
MikeChelenerik__: gotcha, has anyone reported the bug yet?22:03
erik__I would guess it loops somewhere while waiting for dbus.. But I dunno.22:03
erik__MikeChelen, Don't think so, question is should one report it? :-)22:03
MikeChelenerik__: yes please, it would be nice to have the ubuntu one nautilus integration features working22:05
melodie_erik__, I gave you the steps I follow to get X to run properly on many Ubuntu installs that I did recently : if you don't try to follow them precisely you won't get a clear result, in my opinion22:05
rr72anyone having crashes of document viewer?22:07
erik__melodie_, Yeah I figured you would say that.. :-) Problem is the config works great when running with just "X" but doesn't work with GDM, so my conclusion is that it's a failsafe-X problem.22:07
melodie_erik__, not really22:08
erik__melodie_, But I'll add the 1024x768 and see what happens22:08
melodie_it's a problem about the way the automatic detection works : not very well in a certain number of cases22:08
melodie_what's your screen best resolution ?22:09
melodie_add what is the best22:09
melodie_ok then put that22:09
melodie_don't forget to comment out "bus id" pci whatever, that bothers.22:09
melodie_erik__, this way:22:10
erik__Yeah but then that's the config I have. The X -configure was very nstructive.22:10
melodie_this is added all the time but screws things22:10
melodie_that's why it's the first thing to change in there22:11
melodie_I could paste one old xorg.conf of mine if you want to see some parts ?22:11
Debian911Any reason as to why libc6 in Lucid doesnt seem to have fallocate/fallocate64 enabled22:24
Debian911rtorrent is reporting as not present when compiling22:24
Linux000Does anyone know how to force 10.04 create and use an xorg.conf file?22:39
ZykoticK9Linux000, http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/create-an-xorg-conf-file22:40
bcurtiswx_are the colors on the indicator-applet-session menu going to come back?22:41
Linux000thanks, virtualbox guest additions needs xorg.conf, I was puzzled when it wasn't there.22:41
bcurtiswx_as well as indicator-session green ? i kinda liked the difference22:42
ZykoticK9Linux000, if you're running Lucid in a VBox VM and want quasi-mouse integration you might also be interested in http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/virtualbox-mouse-integration22:43
Debian911SSH issue resolved since yesterday?22:50
ZykoticK9Debian911, do you have a bug number regarding this?  You seem to be the only person mentioning it.22:52
gwhipplehow do i get my wireless mouse to work23:01
MikeChelenwhat kind is it? should be able to just plug in and go23:02
gwhippleit was working in karmic23:02
gwhippleplugged it in and light blinks but that's it23:02
=== erik__ is now known as emj
gwhipplegot it working!23:03
gwhipplenow if i can only get the openoffice 3.2 icons to change to crystal23:05
gwhippleit's installed, i change the setting, but the icons stay the same23:05
tamranhi guys, can anyone help me with a missing dependency: Binary package hint: mediatomb-common23:07
tamranhi guys, can anyone help me with a missing dependency: libmozjs0d23:07
yofeltamran: seems to have been part of xulrunner, but not in the lucid version23:09
tamranis there a way I can fix?23:10
yofel!info xulrunner karmic23:10
yofelubottu: ping?23:10
ubottuxulrunner (source: xulrunner): XUL + XPCOM application runner. In component universe, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 279 kB, installed size 1020 kB23:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:10
yofelgood bot23:10
yofelwe don't seem to have 'xulrunner' in lucid anymore, only xulrunner-1.9.1 and 1.9.223:11
tamranso, in other words, no?23:13
yofelno, the libmozjs0d package doesn't exist in lucid anymore, but I'm not sure if the bug should be in xulrunner or mediatomb...23:13
tamranyeah, I'm trying to install mediatomb23:14
tamranis there any reason it was removed?23:15
yofeltamran: xulrunner (1.8) is obsolete. we use 1.9.1/1.9.2 now23:15
yofelbut wtf?23:15
tamranhere's hoping it is just one of those "push forward" things and I can get some functionality back23:16
yofellibmozjs2d exists on debian testing and unstable as part of xulrunner-1.9.2, but not on lucid o.O?23:16
* yofel goes reading changelogs23:16
tamrancool! maybe I indirectly helped :)23:17
yofelerr. part of xulrunner-1.9.1 actually23:17
h00kI wish Metacity compositing wasn't broken on Lucid and my EEE23:24
Debian911ZykoticK9: I dont mate, Kizz something was in here yesterday (my time) and did a live reinstall on his spare box next to him - exact same issue. Upgrading from Server 9.10 to 10.4 kills ssh on port 22 AND 9004 - he could reproduce it and also said it was already listed as a bug so I didnt signup to create a bug report23:29
Debian911on another note for some reason fallocate doesn't look like its being recongized while compiling rtorrent - using latest 2.6.33 kernel, ext4 - latest libc6. Anyway to test?23:30
ZykoticK9Debian911, i was just curious, i remember you mentioning it yesterday as well - but haven't see SSH mentioned since, figured if there was an SSH bug channel would be flooded with it, perhaps if it's only affecting server/upgrades we aren't seeing much action... yet.  Hope you find a fix :)23:30
tamranwhat is the relation between ubuntu and linux mint?23:34
ZykoticK9tamran, as that isn't a Lucid support/discussion - perhaps you could ask in #ubuntu-offtopic.23:35
tamranno problem ZykoticK923:35
ubuntuloverHi i am running Xubuntu 10.04 alpha 3 and its kernel panicked and its still running. how?23:56

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