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nomnexis there a difference booting from the Ubuntu CD and running the Ubuntu CD live (without installing)?01:04
nomnexexplain: "Ubuntu recommends that you boot from the rescue CD-ROM"01:05
pedro3005nomnex, just select the Try Without blablabla option01:09
nomnexpedro3005, so Try (Ubuntu) = booting from the rescue CD-ROM?01:12
pedro3005nomnex, that is the LiveCD01:12
pedro3005idk if that's what they mean by rescue CDROM01:13
nomnexpedro3005, from there how do I mount my /home directory by example -- to access my files01:13
pedro3005nomnex, just click on the places menu, click your hard drive and navigate to your /home01:13
nomnexpedro3005, when I run the Live CD (Demo), my home dir does not appear in places01:15
pedro3005nomnex, does your hard drive appear?01:15
nomnexdon't know if it is relevant, but I have only one drive, on which is Ubuntu. now, when I run the live CD and boot from it, it looks like a clean install01:16
pedro3005nomnex, you click on places, see that hard drive, open it, and what do you see?01:17
nomnexpedro3005, got your question now, so no, no hd in places with my /home dir. I guess I need to mount it manually01:18
pedro3005gah lol, i forgot the name of that command that shows the hard drives01:19
pedro3005nomnex, ok, can you post the output of 'sudo fdisk -l' please?01:20
serverduckCould someone point me to how to install lamp in ubuntu 9.10? or an up to date link?01:22
nomnexpedro3005, http://pastebin.com/VgTsQ5wW (I am now working on my machine)01:23
pedro3005nomnex, well, on that system, it appears it can see a hard drive perfectly01:26
pedro3005nomnex, can you find the icon Computer on Places?01:26
nomnexpedro3005, (see: above) working on my machine now. When I boot from the LiveCD, there is a /home directory under Place, but it's a new one (empty)01:27
pedro3005nomnex, yes, that is expected01:27
nomnexpedro3005, sure, but how do I access my files i.e my /home directory. Do I need to manually mount it?01:28
pedro3005nomnex, ubuntu will mount it for you graphically, no need for commands01:28
pedro3005just gotta go on to Computer and click it01:28
nomnexpedro3005, I see, and if it does not, how do I mount it manually? + when I use the LiveCD am I root or super user?01:30
pedro3005nomnex, use the mount command01:30
pedro3005'mount /dev/sda1 /place/to/mount'01:30
serverduckhow do you install apache mysql and php in ubuntu?01:31
nomnexpedro3005, thanks, I don't need to specify particular permissions with the mount command?01:31
pedro3005serverduck, maybe you should be using Ubuntu Server01:33
pedro3005nomnex, no, you only gotta be root01:33
serverduckpedro3005,  I just want to experiment with php apache and mysql01:33
serverduckIt's a must to run ubuntu server to do this?01:34
pedro3005serverduck, no, just a tip01:34
serverduckIt's not that i'm hosting files or anything..01:34
nomnexpedro3005, oh, I see. related question. The desk is a shared computer, so anyone with a LiveCD and access to the computer, can boot and access any other users'files?01:35
pedro3005serverduck, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP01:35
pedro3005nomnex, unless you encrypt it, yes.01:35
nomnexpedro3005, I see, so for casual users, a pass on the boot might be a good idea?01:36
serverduckohhh damn...I should read more from ubuntu documentation before asking...01:36
pedro3005nomnex, a 2nd grader can break that sort of security01:36
pedro3005if a person has physical access to your machine and a minimal amount of technical knowledge, the only thing you can do to try to stop her from viewing your files is encryption01:37
pedro3005nomnex, basically, don't let anyone you don't trust access your machine physically01:38
pedro3005and if that is not possible, do not store critical data on such machine01:38
nomnexpedro3005, when 9.10 was out the full encryption was preventing resume, do you know if the bug has been fixed?01:38
pedro3005nomnex, I don't see why you'd need a full encryption, just of important files01:39
pedro3005And no, I never heard if the bug was fixed01:39
serverduckand another thing pedro, after install is recommended to create a root password?01:40
pedro3005serverduck, you have a root password already01:40
nomnexpedro3005, on 9.04 I had one folder encrypted (on the fly) that was convenient and fast. I don't remember how? Do you?01:40
serverduckI did it now with sudo passwd...until now anyone could login without password to root?01:40
nomnexpedro3005, it was a special folder in /home01:41
pedro3005serverduck, :O01:41
pedro3005nomnex, hm, not really01:41
serverduckpedro3005,  what password? i haven't configured one until now...01:41
serverduck"As default Ubuntu has no password set for the root user."01:41
serverduckThis is what i read from the internet.01:41
pedro3005serverduck, oh well. always set up a root password01:42
serverduckI finally did one:P01:42
nomnexpedro3005, thanks for mount. serverduck good luck with LAMP01:42
serverducknomnex,  thank you!:)01:42
nomnexpedro3005, u there? that's the encrypt folder home folder https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EncryptedHomeFolder, if you have time give me your input. that was very easy to use.01:47
pedro3005nomnex, well, what do you need?01:48
nomnexif you have never heard/used it, nothing. I was looking for advise between this method or truecrypt?01:51
pedro3005nomnex, never used any. I'd guess use what you're most comfortable with01:52
nomnexpedro3005, will do, thanks01:52
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stlsaintHELP....checking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables03:45
pedro3005stlsaint, :O03:46
stlsaintwhat compiler should i install03:46
pedro3005stlsaint, gcc03:47
pedro3005there was some compiling tools packag03:47
stlsainti think it is installed03:47
pedro3005forgot the name03:47
stlsainti installed build-essential already03:48
pedro3005steelsteve, ah yes that03:48
pedro3005then it should work03:48
steelsteveyes what?03:48
steelstevewasn't paying attention03:48
pedro3005<pedro3005> there was some compiling tools packag03:48
pedro3005<stlsaint> i think it is installed03:49
pedro3005<pedro3005> forgot the name03:49
steelstevewhat are you two talking about?03:49
pedro3005steelsteve, oooooh lol03:50
pedro3005steelsteve, tab fail03:50
steelstevethought so03:50
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stlsaintanyone round?03:54
Scunizistlsaint: what's up? got a question?03:54
stlsaintScunizi: http://pastebin.com/LJ8TzE7w03:55
stlsainti already installed build-essential meta package03:55
stlsainti still am unable to compile package tcl03:55
pedro3005checking for gcc... no03:56
Scunizistlsaint: check if you've install gcc and make03:56
pedro3005stlsaint, and then try to specify the PATH to them if you've had03:56
stlsaintwhy would i need /usr/bin if im root?03:56
stlsainthrm, i did not have make,nor gcc installed...i make was already in but im on a template so i see now03:57
mcwlo there04:11
mcware any of the usual suspects on04:11
* canthus13 is usually suspicious.04:25
canthus13...but you've already gotten my answer on xbmc in -offtopic. :)04:26
Dilldoes anyone here know how to adjust the scroll wheel settings in ubuntu?04:37
Ten-Eightanything interesting going on in here tonight?04:38
DillTen-Eight, well, i'm here asking if anyone knows how to change the scroll wheel settings in ubuntu04:39
DillTen-Eight, but i haven't had any luck04:39
Ten-EightI'm using a scroll mouse...but I don't show anything that is adjustable in the mouse preferences.04:40
Ten-Eightat least as far as the scroll wheel is concerned.04:40
DillTen-Eight, yeah. i'm using an actual mouse, but it won't let me adjust the way the scroll wheel works04:41
DillTen-Eight, it's driving me nuts04:41
Ten-Eightme either....04:42
Ten-Eightdon't know that there is a way to do that in Ubuntu yet.04:42
Ten-EightI have a scroll mouse on both my other machines but have never thought about adjusting the scroll settings on either of them.04:42
DillTen-Eight, that is a little asnine04:42
Ten-Eightis it scrolling too fast or too slow?04:42
DillTen-Eight, *asenine04:43
Ten-Eighthehheh....oh well.04:43
Ten-Eightmine do okay like they are.04:43
DillTen-Eight, one "scroll click" does anywhere between a screen or three-fourths of a screen randomly04:43
DillTen-Eight, it used to work just fine, but when I rebooted, it started acting funny04:44
DillTen-Eight, i don't know what to do04:44
Ten-Eighthave you tried a different mouse?04:44
DillTen-Eight, and this is a fresh install of ubuntu from the other day04:44
DillTen-Eight, let me try that04:44
DillTen-Eight, okay, the second mouse is fine04:44
Ten-Eightgood deal.04:45
DillTen-Eight, thats strange04:45
DillTen-Eight, this mouse used to be good too04:45
Ten-Eightother mouse must have a problem.04:45
Ten-EightI'm at work and one of our workstation's mouse will just disconnect itself from the system and sometimes, but not always, reconnect itself.04:46
DillTen-Eight, okay, i simply unplugged the mouse and plugged it back in and it is doing fine04:46
Ten-Eightit needs replacing too.04:46
DillTen-Eight, i have never seen that04:46
DillTen-Eight, no, it's a ubuntu thing04:46
Ten-Eightthe workstation at my work place is a win xp box.04:47
DillTen-Eight, it's a brand new mouse. it worked, but after a reboot, it was scrolling strangely. now that i unplugged it and plugged it back in it seems to be working fine04:47
Ten-Eightyou're using the SAME mouse...just unplugged and replugged it and it started working?04:47
Ten-Eightokay...I got it now.04:47
DillTen-Eight, yes04:48
DillTen-Eight, i haven't seen that before04:48
Ten-EightI've not seen that on any of my Ubuntu installs.04:48
Ten-Eighthad mouse prob's with Fedora Core 2 a few years ago....but it turned out to be the mouse itself.04:48
DillTen-Eight, it did it to my netbook with linux Mint once, but i just wiped it and put ubuntu on there and ignored it04:49
DillTen-Eight, but that was a different mouse04:49
DillTen-Eight, so i really hate that there isn't an option to tweak the settings04:49
Ten-Eightmaybe it's in the works for Lucid.04:50
Ten-Eighthaven't downloaded it to try yet.04:50
Ten-EightI'm still on 8.04 LTS on two systems and the lappy is running 8.10.04:50
Ten-Eightall very solid.04:50
Ten-Eightlooking forward to trying Lucid when it comes out.04:50
Dilli'm on karmic, but i can't wait for lucid04:51
Ten-Eighthaven't tried karmic....think I'll just wait for Lucid ;)04:51
Ten-EightI prefer the LTS's for my everyday use.04:51
Ten-EightI have a friend with an Acer Aspire One and she want to try ubuntu.04:52
Ten-EightLong Term Service04:52
Dilloh, okay04:52
Dillubuntu is great04:52
Dillit just doesn't do flash very well04:53
Dillor itunes or blackberry software04:53
Ten-Eighthehe...I've not had any flash problems with any of mine.04:53
Dillmy netbook lags a little with flash04:53
Ten-EightI don't use iTunes or have a crackberry ;) so I don't have a need for it to do those.04:53
Ten-Eightthe system I'm using now is a Dell Inspiron 1525 that used to have Win Vista Home on it.04:54
Ten-Eight3 gb RAM and 120 gb HDD.04:54
Ten-EightIntel wireless card.04:54
Ten-Eightwhat kind of netbook are you using?04:55
Dilleeepc 1005ha-pu17, 2gb ram, 260 ssd, dual-boot win7/ubuntu karmic04:55
Ten-Eightsounds good...should screem with Ubuntu :)04:55
Dilloh yeah04:56
Dillit is nice04:56
Ten-Eighthow do you like Win7?04:56
Dillit's very nice04:56
Ten-EightI've seen it...but have not had the opportunity to mess with it much.04:56
Dillit's windows, of course, but it is definitely better than the older versions of windows04:56
Ten-Eightthat's what I hear.04:56
Ten-EightI have an XP drive in case I need it....but it rarely gets used.04:57
Dilli also have a laptop that i've dual booted win7 and karmic04:58
Dillthat puts a lot of PC's to shame with linux04:58
Ten-Eightyes indeed.04:58
Ten-Eightmy main system is almost 9 yrs old (AMD 1.4) and it still flies with Ubuntu 8.04.04:59
Dilloh yeah04:59
Dillthat's what i like about ubuntu04:59
Ten-Eightthe lappy is the latest....about two yrs old now.04:59
Ten-Eightmeeeee too!04:59
Dilli have a laptop that's about that old that does pretty well04:59
Ten-Eightkeeps the machine useful for a loong time after win is slowing down.04:59
Dillit probably nees a new processor though04:59
Ten-Eightmy wife is a convert as well. she's spoiled by the speed of that old machine and is not used to winders anymore ;)05:02
Ten-EightI have to use Win XP at work (police dispatcher)...so I'm still accustomed to it...but MUCH prefer ubuntu.05:03
Dillhaha.  i use ubuntu more than windows, so when i go back i start getting pissed off at the little details05:03
Ten-Eightubuntu is my every day OS...win is barely a second thought (at home).05:04
Dillagain, i only work with windows for my itouch and my blackberry05:06
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Ten-EightI am resisting the blackberry as i don't really need it and it would just be a distraction to me.05:07
Dilland a distraction it is05:08
Dillbut i can't live without it05:08
Ten-Eighti have the regular cell phone/push to talk radio combo from motorola.05:08
Ten-Eightit's about 4 yrs old and still works fine.05:08
Dilli used to have a razr and a palm pilot05:09
Ten-Eightwife has a moto-razor and hates it.05:09
Dilland i also used to go around complaining about how it would be great to keep appointments and notes and tasks in my phone...05:09
Dillthen someone told me to get a blackberry05:09
Dillthat was d-day05:09
Dilland when i found out it wouldn't work with linux i was pissed05:10
Dillbut i'm interested in those android phones05:10
Dillsince they are built on the unix kernel like linux05:10
Dillmaybe they will sync05:10
Ten-Eightmy daughter has an android and uses Ubuntu at home too...but I don't know if she uses it WITH ubuntu.05:11
Ten-EightI'll have to ask her about that.05:11
Dillyeah. if i can dump windows all together i would rejoice like never before05:11
Ten-Eighthehehehehe....I'd love to completely dump it too...but I still have to have my Win XP drive every now and then for the voiceover studio.05:12
* Ten-Eight is a retired radio jock (25 yrs), part-time voiceover guy and fulltime police dispatcher.05:12
chachahi guys05:13
Dillwhat's up?05:13
Ten-Eighthello chacha05:13
chachasup Bodsda05:13
Ten-Eightnot much05:13
chachaoh and how could i forget about swoody05:13
chachai just got done with a ddos, i am in a great mood05:15
chachai took down irc.bikcmp.info for a while05:15
Ten-Eightoh well.05:16
brandon420im having a problem with ubuntu crashing...07:13
brandon420anyone up for the challenge?07:13
caleb_I'm having some trouble with installing fonts. I tried the "Install Font" button in the viewer but it just says "Install Failed".07:14
celthunderbrandon420, more info07:14
celthundercaleb_, are you root?07:15
brandon420sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer07:15
brandon420hmms, i know that its a hard freeze07:15
brandon420and it happens randomly07:15
caleb_I looked at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts but i'm a little lost07:15
caleb_My core issue is that I have font that was made from a handwriting sample07:16
brandon420i really dont have much info on it, thats why im here, i have absolutely no idea what to google07:16
caleb_what sort of error are you getting? (not that i know much more than you do)07:17
brandon420i dont get one....07:17
brandon420it just freezes07:17
celthunderbrandon420, have you checked your logs?07:18
brandon420i tried to get help in the regular channel, and they gave up07:18
brandon420to be 100% honest, im not quite sure what im lookin for07:18
brandon420i checked to the llogs right before the crash07:19
celthunderdoes it happen if it just sits there07:19
celthunderand you are doing nothing?07:19
brandon420[   82.500022] Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -167733078 ns)07:19
celthunderbad drivers/hardware?07:19
brandon420i will walk away and it will do it while i am gone.07:19
celthunderdid you check your ram?07:20
brandon420i dont think so07:20
brandon420i know its not hardware. cause it runs windows fine07:20
brandon420and its has all the recommened drivers, and its runs flawlessly till it crashes07:20
brandon420they said something about the segs07:21
brandon420and i have no idea what a seg is07:21
brandon420im a quick learner, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could shed any light on the subject,07:22
celthunderdid you recompile your kernel at all?07:23
brandon420have no idea how too...07:23
leoquanta full harddisk? what the outcome of df -h?07:24
brandon420the only thing i have done to it, was add compiz, but it was crashing before i did that07:24
brandon420the hdd isnt full07:24
brandon420sudo df -h?07:24
leoquanttaking a look at the logs...07:24
leoquanton what line is the seg fault?07:25
leoquantah nividia settings07:25
leoquantawn-applet-acti also07:26
brandon420so my dock is part of the problem as well?07:26
leoquantits a long time ago, but on the forums (ubuntu-nl) awn could be part of the problem, i have seen it before07:28
brandon420this is just kickin my ass, i havent ever had a problem with ubuntu that i couldnt google and figure out how to fix07:28
leoquanthow did you install the nividia driver?07:28
brandon420its the recommended one07:28
leoquantdid you upgrade your system to 9.10?07:28
leoquantvia hardware drivers etc.?07:29
brandon420thats what i installed07:29
brandon420nope, and it was crashing before i installed the dock07:29
leoquantdid you made 4 gig available for ubuntu?07:30
brandon420yeah, like 40 something gb07:31
brandon420and it has over 8gb free.07:31
leoquant4 gb or 40 gb? could you copy paste the result of df -h?07:31
brandon420Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on07:32
brandon420/dev/sda5              33G   26G  5.3G  84% /07:32
brandon420udev                  438M  244K  438M   1% /dev07:32
brandon420none                  438M  872K  437M   1% /dev/shm07:32
brandon420none                  438M  196K  438M   1% /var/run07:32
brandon420none                  438M     0  438M   0% /var/lock07:32
brandon420none                  438M     0  438M   0% /lib/init/rw07:32
leoquantdid you install swap?07:33
leoquanta swap partition07:33
brandon420sorry for the stupid questions btw07:34
brandon420so i can access my windows files?07:34
leoquantlinux uses swap, (hibernate etc.)07:34
brandon420i just made a partition in windows that was 33gb and did the regular ubuntu install there07:34
leoquantswap should be installed, it comes with linux brandon42007:35
leoquantyou could run a live cd or gparted to create one07:36
brandon420thats what i used to install it07:36
leoquanti recommend using a live cd, or the gparted live cd07:37
leoquantah you dont have a cd rom drive07:37
brandon420i do, i just dont have the cd, or a blank cd07:37
leoquant: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/liveusb.php07:39
leoquantit runs on usb also07:39
leoquantleaves your system unmounted07:39
leoquantcreate a swap07:39
leoquant1,5 times the size of your RAM mem.07:39
leoquant1 gb/1,5 gb is allright07:41
celthunderyou can create a swap file07:41
celthunderif you don't want to repartition07:41
brandon420says i have 1.5gb of swap07:42
leoquantso swap is off as a problem...:)07:42
leoquantbrandon420 if awn is not part of the problem i am out of options...07:43
leoquantyou could run a top in the terminal07:44
brandon420a top?07:44
leoquantsorry brandon42007:44
leoquantyeah if any process is going wild07:44
brandon420how do i run a top?07:45
brandon420once again, sorry for the noob questions07:45
leoquanttop in the terminal07:45
leoquantdon't copy paste it here07:46
leoquantbut take a look at the processes07:46
brandon420nothing seems out of the ordinary07:47
brandon420idk man07:48
brandon420its getting late here07:48
brandon420imma get some sleep, and get a fresh start on this tomorrow07:48
leoquanttake care07:48
brandon420its weird, cause earlier it was crashing like every 5 mins07:49
brandon420and its been running for like 45ish mins now07:49
brandon420with no flaws07:49
brandon420i doo appreciate the effort07:50
brandon420i really do07:50
brandon420and ill be back tomorrow to try again07:50
leoquantcome back07:50
leoquantwhen there are more around here07:50
Brodz987is anyone good with wine issues. no one is answering in the winehq channel10:09
Silver_Fox_Brodz987,  Which application ?10:11
Brodz987same one10:11
Brodz987different error10:11
Brodz987it is now telling me after an update that the space available is 010:12
Brodz987and wont install anything10:12
Silver_Fox_I do not know which application you were having trouble with to begin with :(10:12
Brodz987ah. sorry. dawn of war 40k10:12
Brodz987i cant find any docs with my error on winehq.com10:13
Silver_Fox_Which game?  It looks like several exist:  http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=191810:15
Brodz987just straigh dawn of war. but i have the multicd install, as apposed to the dvd install10:18
Silver_Fox_Okay,  couple of questions:10:19
Silver_Fox_1)   Which version of wine do yo have ?10:19
Silver_Fox_2)  What OS are you running?10:19
Silver_Fox_ (include version)10:19
Brodz987wine 1.1.4010:19
Brodz987ubuntu 9.110:20
Brodz987stop looking10:23
Brodz987im running a dvd install disk to test it, and so far it looks o4k10:24
Brodz987ok we have a new error10:34
Brodz987i have a full dvd install. and its asking me to insert the disk 0 with the file data3.cab10:35
Brodz987which does not exist on the disk....10:35
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duanedesigngood morning!14:08
Silver_Fox_Hello duanedesign14:08
duanedesignhello Silver_Fox_14:10
duanedesignwhat'cha up too14:11
duanedesignohhh. What are you cURLing. I was using cURL quite a bit last weeh when I was learning about CouchDB14:14
Silver_Fox_I am making requests to her majesty's land registry.14:16
Silver_Fox_Property searches and the like.14:17
Silver_Fox_Not especially.14:17
Silver_Fox_Trivial code.14:17
duanedesignis it a after you get thi, get the next one kinda thing14:18
Silver_Fox_What are you doing duanedesign  ?14:18
Silver_Fox_I do not understand :)14:18
duanedesignnot an uncommon reply to statements I make :)14:18
Silver_Fox_"is it a after you get thi, get the next one kinda thing"14:19
duanedesigni as talking about the code you were making. Trying to summarize what it might be doing.14:20
duanedesignI am working on a Python script that saves a list of installed packages to a CouchDB (which all Ubuntu computers have now with desktopcouch)14:21
duanedesignthen Ubuntu One relicates that list to all your computers14:22
Silver_Fox_1)  I am using PHP14:22
duanedesignwhere upon recieving the list the same script can be used to install from the likst14:22
Silver_Fox_2)  I build a dynamic piece of xml14:22
duanedesignSilver_Fox_: you like PHP? :)14:23
duanedesignck was here and he didnt say anything :(14:23
Silver_Fox_3)  I then make the request to a specified  url14:23
Silver_Fox_4) I then recieve a response from hmlr14:24
Silver_Fox_5)  I parse the xml response to obtain the base64 encoded pdf document.14:24
Silver_Fox_6)  The document is then saved on a server in correct file destination14:24
Silver_Fox_7)  The file is also emailed to the people who need it14:25
Silver_Fox_8)  The database records are updated to indicate that the request was made and the response was processed14:25
Silver_Fox_It is trivial14:26
Silver_Fox_Like is an odd word.  I can work with it14:26
duanedesignyou must do a lot of PHP if that is trivial14:26
Silver_Fox_I do not generally discuss my work ;)14:26
duanedesignheh, i understand that14:27
Silver_Fox_I do use php quite a lot.  The libs are good.14:29
Silver_Fox_I also run it on a red hat server so can benefit from executing bash from within php.  Sometimes it is useful.14:30
duanedesigni have had 'learn PHP' on my toDo list for some time now14:31
Silver_Fox_Then do it14:32
duanedesignsound advice14:33
Silver_Fox_Welcome back ck14:39
duanedesignhello elfy14:52
elfyhi duanedesign14:52
duanedesignelfy: how has your day been?14:52
elfynot too bad ty duanedesign - yours?14:54
duanedesignelfy: good. just finishing up my first script that uses CouchDB14:56
duanedesignelfy: i really want to install Lucid. I am thinking i will take the plunge soon14:57
elfyit works absolutely fine here - from a clean install that is14:58
Silver_Fox_Then do it14:58
elfyI would not upgrade to it at the moment14:58
Silver_Fox_Neither would I.  I would wait,  an update crippled many systems yesterday it seems.14:59
* Silver_Fox_ is not updating lucid again while it is working :)14:59
elfyI am completely updated - no issues from here to report14:59
duanedesignbeen using ntop the last few days that is a nice tool for providing information about your network15:14
duanedesignhas a nice web interface15:15
celthunderntop has a web interface?15:16
celthunderi stopped using it because it looks like crap in a terminal15:17
duanedesigncelthunder: there are some screenshots of the interface here: http://www.susegeek.com/networking/ntop-in-opensuse-to-probe-monitor-network-traffic/15:18
celthunderwow doesnt look too bad in a web browser15:19
brandon420anyone around here?18:17
brandon4201i am having a random crashing problem....  anyone up for the challenge?18:23
pleia2brandon4201: an application crashing, or your whole system?18:30
brandon4201the whole system18:30
brandon4201a hard crash18:30
pleia2does it freeze up, or just shut down?18:31
pleia2my first guess would be a memory issue, do you have the ubuntu installer cd?18:31
brandon4201nope, i used a usb to install it18:32
pleia2do you have that?18:32
pleia2the usb installer should have the memory checking program too18:32
brandon4201i can check it when i reboot18:33
brandon4201i have dual boot18:33
brandon4201it has the memcheck option when i restart, should i try that and let ya know what it says?18:34
brandon420well the memory test came back fine.19:46
brandon420no errors19:46
brandon420anyone wanna help me figure out why my computer is crashing?20:10
elfycan try - what specs - what happens?20:10
elfyhad a look at scrollback I see you checked out the memory20:12
elfybrandon420: so what specs is the pc?20:12
brandon4201.6ghz 1gb ram20:13
brandon420more than enough to run ubuntu20:13
brandon420and the memory came back with no errors20:13
brandon420fsck was fine too20:13
elfycertainly should be sufficient20:13
brandon420it runs great20:13
brandon420just crashes randomly20:13
brandon420and the temps are alright20:14
elfyso when it crashes is it completely random?20:15
elfyor do you tend to be doing the same things?20:15
brandon420i have tried to make it crash20:16
brandon420and it wont20:16
brandon420i have opened like 20 ff windows20:16
brandon420to see if that would cause it, and it didnt crash,20:16
elfydoes it do it daily?20:16
brandon420more like hourly20:16
brandon420i have been on since 12ish... and its crashed like 4 times20:17
elfyk - open a terminal in the desktop that you are - run top in it and leave it there - when it next crashes have a look at top see what is taking cpu up - might be a help20:17
elfy12ish was hours ago here ;)20:18
brandon420lol, its 320:18
brandon420and when it crashes i cant see the screen20:18
brandon420it goes nuts20:18
brandon420and it doesnt get slow before it crashes, it just does it20:19
brandon420i have tried to find a trend, and havent been able too20:19
brandon420i just feel like i have to be missing something20:20
elfyif it was me I'd be looking at hardware to start with - how long did you run the memtest for?20:21
brandon420a good hour or so20:22
elfythis is one of those nasty ones - bit like "I have a noise in the car, sometimes..."20:23
brandon420i just need a linux vet to ssh, or vnc my computer and figure it out20:25
brandon420driving me nuts!20:25
phillwelfy: as a shot in the dark ... can the OP run something like top and have it pipe to an output file ?20:25
elfytry this - next time it crashes reboot, then go to sys >admin > log viewer - have a look at the syslog and messages - just before the latest reboot and see if there's anything that shouts out20:25
elfyphillw: how bizarre that is - only an hour ago I was thinking of just exactly how to do that ;)20:26
brandon420i have done that20:26
phillwelfy: i think it one of those that needs &&'s etc ... I know it can be done, but do not know how20:27
elfybrandon420: ok when it crashes - do you have any kbd control?20:27
brandon420none. i have to hold down the power button20:27
brandon420cause there isnt any other way20:28
elfyk hang on a bit - I'll wield some google fu20:28
brandon420i tried to hit crtl alt f220:28
brandon420i have the logs from last night20:28
elfywhat logs?20:28
brandon420and there are like 2 crashes in it20:29
elfysys and messages?20:29
brandon420think so20:29
brandon420is one20:29
brandon420and the other one20:30
=== Hellow_ is now known as Hellow
elfybrandon420: can you redo syslog and messages fro me to look at please20:34
brandon420sure. 1 sec20:34
elfyphillw: top > ~/Desktop/text gives http://paste.ubuntu.com/393543/20:40
elfyso I guess that you can muck about to make it pretty - but the very last bit regradless of what it looks like would give the last valid top output20:40
brandon420that look about right?20:42
elfybrandon420: can't see anything in the first  one - second is top and looks normal enough20:46
phillwelfy: When I've had Ubuntu fail, i've used ps -ef | grep -v '00:00:00' > /tmp/f1; sleep 10; ps -ef | grep -v '00:00:00'> /tmp/f2 ; diff /tmp/f1 /tmp/f220:47
phillwTo keep track of what was going on, but that would only be of use if you could still access a terminal login20:47
elfyappears to be no kbd at all when it crashes20:47
brandon420there is nothing working when it crashes20:48
phillwmaybe kick in a terminal session, else adjust that script, which is basically what 'top' does --20:48
brandon420i literally cant even bring up a terminal20:48
brandon420Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -249896593 ns)20:49
brandon420that was in the kernal log right before it crashed20:49
elfyyea saw that - doubt if that is the issue - I have had that myself.20:49
phillwCan you start a couple of terminal sessions, the use xstart in one of them to kick Ubuntu GUI in ?20:49
elfybrandon420: but you could deal with it and see if it is the problem20:50
brandon420whats the code to start gnome?20:51
brandon420sudo start x?20:51
elfybrandon420: what version buntu is this?20:52
phillwfrom a login (CLI) just 'startx'20:52
brandon420and thats just gonna start the plain gnome?20:53
brandon420i can also start it in recovery mode...20:53
phillwbrandon420: yeah, but you 'may' still have the other terminal session when it freezes ?20:53
elfyphillw: he's tried to ctrl+alt+F2 - previosuly - not working at the crash20:54
phillwidk elfy you're more expericened that I am, I was just just throwing a couple of ideas around20:54
brandon420ideas are greatly appreciated20:54
brandon420cause im freaking stumped.20:55
phillwDid he already have a terminal session running ?20:55
phillwthat is why i suggested two terminal sessions, one there, and one to run the GUI, etc on20:55
elfyphillw: probably not20:55
brandon420i just hit crtl alt f20:56
elfybrandon420: do it now - do Ctrl+Alt+F1 - login to it - your username and password and then run top in there - leave it going and do Ctrl+Alt+F7 to get back to gnome20:57
brandon420f1 or f2?20:57
elfythat will have top running in there20:57
elfybrandon420: you could do f1,2,3,4,5,6 - f7 is where you are now20:57
elfywhen it crashes see if you can get there20:58
elfyI would do another memtest - overnight20:58
brandon420ill do that when i crash20:58
brandon420it never has any problems in windows just slow, but thats just windows20:59
phillwif you can get a system with GUI running, you "may" want to try forcing Gnome to defaults and remove any alterations you have made to things like menu-bars etc ? ... idk21:00
elfyI still think this is likely to be a hardware issue - but that is just a gut instinct21:00
brandon420i was thinking that it might be compiz, but it was crashing before i installed all the eyecandy21:01
brandon420and i personally dont think its hardware. its pretty much ban new21:01
brandon420and it aces all the test.21:01
brandon420hdd isnt full..21:01
brandon420has swap space21:01
phillwbrandon420: try   gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel21:02
brandon420whats this gonna do?21:02
brandon420and sudo that?21:02
phillwthat will reset your top menu bar force it to default21:03
brandon420top menu is default21:03
phillwas we are chasing a 'phantom' in the works, it is a case of removing them21:03
elfybrandon420: new does not mean there are no issues :)21:03
elfybrandon420: is it a pc or laptop? your memory is it one stick or two?21:04
phillwbrandon420: and yes, sudo21:04
brandon420it didnt change anything21:06
brandon420and this computer runs windows fine, thats the only reason why im douting that its the hardware21:06
phillwbrandon420: what Graphic card do you have ?21:07
brandon420i have a graphic chip21:07
brandon420sudo nvidia-settings21:07
brandon420nvidia geforece 6150SE nforce 43021:08
phillware you using the correct nvid driver for 9.10 ?21:08
brandon420the recommened one21:09
phillwrecommended by whom ?21:09
brandon420the system21:09
brandon420know how it will say (recommended) beside it?21:10
phillwas in, System --> Hardware ?21:10
brandon420actually, no. i did it when i first installed the system it was in the top right hand corner21:10
elfysame thing21:10
brandon420one of my friends just told me that    Karmic upgrade has broken the system clock hummm21:11
brandon420sound like a possible problem?21:11
phillwelfy: is it sudo update to pull in the latest drivers for 9.0 ?21:11
elfybrandon420: if that is the tsc clocksource you can add to the kernel line to stop that21:12
brandon420Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -249896593 ns21:12
elfyphillw: and update will update everything yes21:12
brandon420that is in my kern.log21:12
brandon420that is the last entry when it crashes, but its always a different number21:12
elfybrandon420: we can deal with that - see if it makes a difference - but I ran kramic as alpha for months with no issue21:13
phillwI've had it on the forum area, where it is sudo update, then disable the vid driver & re-enable it to let the new one take effect21:13
elfybrandon420: was yourinstall a clean one or an upgrade from jaunty?21:13
elfybrandon420: Alt+F2 - paste in gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub21:19
elfyfind the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line and then add this after splash - make sure there is a space then clocksource=hpet21:20
elfysave the file, then sudo update-grub in  a terminal, then reboot21:20
pedro3005hey elfy21:20
elfythen check the log and see if the tsc error is still there21:20
elfyhi pedro3005 - we got an intermittent fault going on here - complete halt of everything - any ideas you can throw out here21:21
pedro3005elfy, what do you mean complete halt of everything?21:21
pedro3005like EVERYTHING?21:21
elfynothing works at all - no kbd - reboot at wall needed21:22
elfybrandon420: do you have that file?21:23
pedro3005elfy, not even that Alt + SysRq + REISUB trick?21:23
elfynot os sure about that one - but trying to get a tty fails21:24
brandon420what file?21:24
elfybrandon420: Alt+F2 - paste in gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub21:24
brandon420im wrinting this down so i dont get it wrong21:24
elfythat one?21:24
elfyoh - are you not on the machine now?21:24
brandon4201 sec21:25
brandon420what is the command to paste when i dont have a mouse>?21:25
brandon420crtl v doesnt work21:25
elfyctrl c then ctrl v  I think21:26
elfyor just type it in :)21:26
brandon420it said that it couldnt open the display21:27
elfyalt+f2 should give you a run dialogue - if it's not then run the command from terminal21:28
brandon420im actually suprised its lasted this long witout crashing21:28
brandon420got it21:29
brandon420GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash clocksource=hpet"21:31
brandon420like that?21:31
elfysave and close21:31
elfythen in terminal sudo update-grub21:31
phillwbrandon420: can you boot from USB drive ?21:31
brandon420and im getting ALOT of errors21:32
brandon420error: cannot open `/dev/sdb' while attempting to get disk size21:32
brandon420error: cannot open `/dev/sdb' while attempting to get disk size21:32
brandon420error: cannot open `/dev/sdb' while attempting to get disk size21:32
brandon420Found Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition on /dev/sda221:32
brandon420error: cannot open `/dev/sdb' while attempting to get disk size21:32
brandon420error: cannot open `/dev/sdb' while attempting to get disk size21:33
brandon420error: cannot open `/dev/sdb' while attempting to get disk size21:33
brandon420just a preview21:33
brandon420sorry guys, didnt know it was gonna do it like that21:33
elfywhat did it do that with?21:33
brandon420when i updated grub21:33
brandon420shall i restart?21:34
elfywhat is sdb?21:34
brandon420your asking me?21:35
elfycan you sudo fdisk - l  and pastebin it please.21:35
elfythat is a lower case L not a 121:35
elfylower case L not a 121:37
brandon420thats what it was21:38
brandon420sudo fdsisk - l21:39
elfyfdsisk is wrong sudo fdisk -l21:39
brandon420oh i put a space in fdisk - l21:40
elfyand run the sudo update-grub command again please21:41
elfybrandon420: how do you connect to the net?21:45
brandon420want me to paste bin the whole thing?21:45
brandon42050/10 camcrap21:45
elfypastebin please21:46
elfythat is extremely odd21:48
elfybrandon420: do you have any usb's plugged in21:48
brandon420the speaker power cord21:49
elfyfdisk listsd your drives - no sdb - update-grub is trying to find one21:49
brandon420so could i edit /dev and delete it?21:50
brandon420just a thought21:51
elfyno - run this please and pastebin it for me21:51
elfycat /boot/grub/device.map21:51
elfyk - sudo cp /boot/grub/device.map /boot/grub/device.map.bak21:53
elfythen gksudo gedit  /boot/grub/device.map21:53
elfyput a # at the beginning of the (hd1) line21:53
elfythere would be no response  - we just backed up the original21:53
brandon420so i have done that21:54
brandon420save and update?21:54
elfysave and close21:54
elfythen run sudo update-grub again21:54
brandon420so am i good? try the reboot?21:56
elfyok - reboot and check the log again - I do not really think that this is causing your issues - but best to get things out of the way21:57
elfybut I have to go now - tis night here and I was up at stupid o'clock21:57
brandon420thanks a mill man21:58
elfyremember to run the memtest overnight please21:58
brandon420ok man21:59
yax51hello...can anyone help me install my audio drivers? I can't seem to get it working....22:07
pedro3005hello yax5122:09
yax51can you help me?22:09
pedro3005yax51, sure22:11
yax51 ok, so here's the issue, I have download the realtek HD audio drivers for linx, however I can'tseemto figure out how to install them or get my audio to work22:13
pedro3005yax51, so what are you doing to install the realtek drivers?22:13
yax51I've unpacked the audio driver package, according to the readme file, and ran the install file, as directed, but my audio still isn't working properly22:14
yax51I get sound, but its poor quality, and my headphone output doesn't work....22:15
pedro3005yax51, try following this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=55161522:16
yax51ummm that doesn't make much sense....I am a total noob to this.....22:19
pedro3005yax51, where are you downloading this driver from?22:20
yax51he realtek website...22:20
yax51according to the readme I need to turn on sound support from the kernel config (soundcore module, default turn on)22:22
yax51and thats where I get lost.....22:22
yax51sorry, lost connection...22:25
pedro3005yax51, it's okay22:26
pedro3005yax51, what have you done thus far?22:27
yax51I'vebeen following the readme instructions included with the driver, and I've unzipped the source code as directed in step one, step 2 is the sound support kernel....22:28
yax51so basically Im right at the beginning...I've tried to run the install, but that apparently didnt do anything22:29
pedro3005yax51, okay, so let's begin22:29
yax51ok, thanks!!22:30
pedro3005yax51, first, is there no drivers to be installed on System > Administration > Hardware Drivers ?22:32
yax51just my graphics....22:33
yax51and those are working....22:33
pedro3005yax51, ok.22:33
pedro3005yax51, can you try to find your card here? http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Main22:35
yax51I can't seem to locate it there, but I think ALC663...if that helps22:38
pedro3005yax51, run 'cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec' (without the quotes) on a terminal, please22:39
yax51Codec: Realtek ALC66322:39
yax51Codec: Nvidia ID 522:39
yax51that's strange.....it suddenly decided to work....it wasn't working about an hour ago, but now it's working......22:42
phillwyax51: are you running 9.10 as a system, or within windows ?22:42
pedro3005yax51, :O22:43
phillwyax51:  okies, kewl :-D  we'll stop looking ;-)22:43
pedro3005just as I had found a solution22:43
phillw@ pedro3005.... you must be on the same thread - lol22:44
yax51I've dual booted 9.10 as a system, with windows vista22:44
pedro3005phillw, is the one you found on LP?22:44
yax51Thanks guys I really appreciate all your help!!!!22:44
pedro3005yax51, if it ever stops working, come back22:44
phillwpedro:  https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+.../93097  - Cached22:45
yax51for sure...Im too new to this, and the forums don't make much sense to me at all22:45
pedro3005phillw, I was on https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+question/6575222:45
pedro3005yax51, we're glad it's working22:46
phillwit's okay yax51, the forums are really good, head over to the beginners section, get the free manual, and we're always here :-)22:46
yax51I was on that same thread, and tried to go with that solution, but I couldn't get it work, like when I opened the alsa-base in gedit, there was nothing there....22:47
pedro3005yax51, yeah it should actually be alsa-base.conf22:47
yax51tried that too...to no avail...22:48
phillwyax51: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=326   go get the guide :-)22:48
pedro3005yax51, we'll look into it if ever needed22:48
phillwAudio / Video is here --> http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33322:49
yax51cool thanks!!22:49
yax51you can't find this kind of support with windows at all!!22:50
phillwyax51: windows == computer operated help... Ubuntu == humans ;-)  We may be slower, but we do care :-D22:51
yax51hehehe Thanks again!!22:53
phillwYou're Welcome22:54
=== jamalta is now known as jamalta-afk
pedro3005hello C-Ray22:58
C-RayHey! How are you? Please I was wondering if i have a question concerning my webcam where shall i ask?22:59
phillwC-Ray: ask away :-)22:59
C-RaySo here is the right place?22:59
pedro3005C-Ray, yes23:00
C-Rayoh Thanks! Actually, i upgrated my system from Ubuntu 9.04 to Ubuntu 9.10 and my webcam went blur while trying to connect it again. I want to check if it is a hardware issue (from my webcam) or a software issue23:01
pedro3005C-Ray, most likely software23:01
pedro3005did you have to do any tricks on 9.04 to get it to work or it just worked?23:02
C-Rayno tricks at all just worked23:02
pedro3005C-Ray, so you could try getting a 9.04 live cd and testing it23:02
C-RayI was testing it under (Cheese Webcam Blooth)23:03
phillwC-Ray: what make / model of web cam is it, also what make / model computer would help.23:03
C-Rayok if it works under ubuntu 9.04 what should i do? any suggestions please?23:03
pedro3005C-Ray, we'd have to research a bit23:03
C-Raysure let me give you some details if possible23:04
pedro3005C-Ray, possibly what phillw asked would be useful ;)23:04
C-RayMy Webcam is: eTek 1.3M Pixels - A Chinese webcam23:05
C-Raywithout any number23:06
C-Rayi didn't find any number on it23:06
phillwC-Ray: and you upgraded to 9.10 from 9.04 ?23:06
phillwnot a clean 9.10 install ?23:06
C-RayYes from 9.0423:06
C-Raynot a clean install23:06
phillwokies, let us go look for you :-)23:08
C-RayThanks a lot! xD23:09
C-RayFrom where i can access my system specification?23:12
C-Rayi would like to give you more details23:12
C-Raythere was a command for it i think23:13
pedro3005C-Ray, well if the cam is USB you can try lsusb23:13
C-Rayyes it is usb23:14
C-Raywhat is lsusb?23:14
pedro3005C-Ray, a command23:14
C-Rayi will try it23:14
C-RayHere are the info23:15
C-RayBus 002 Device 003: ID 058f:3820 Alcor Micro Corp.23:15
C-RayBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub23:15
C-RayBus 007 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub23:15
C-RayBus 003 Device 002: ID 03f0:171d Hewlett-Packard Wireless (Bluetooth + WLAN) Interface [Integrated Module]23:15
C-RayBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub23:15
C-RayBus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub23:15
C-RayBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub23:15
C-RayBus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub23:15
C-RayBus 006 Device 002: ID 09da:000a A4 Tech Co., Ltd Port Mouse23:15
C-RayBus 006 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub23:15
pedro3005phillw, well I don't think the cam is even being seen. what do you say?23:16
pedro3005!paste | C-Ray23:16
VotebotC-Ray: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com23:16
phillwI agree,23:16
pedro3005C-Ray, np23:16
phillwVotebot: yeah, so he's a beginner - bugga off !!!123:17
pedro3005It's okay, just don't let ibuclaw find out ;)23:17
phillwC-Ray: I cannot see anything I can help you with.  This is not a 'pass the buck' situation, but could you post the question over here --> http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=334  They're more used to handling errant web-cams23:18
phillwIf you get no joy, I'll gladly go chase it for you.23:19
C-Rayok thanks for that! just i was wondering if it is from the cam itself or not (hardware issue).23:19
phillw@ pedro3005 I'll set bhodi on him :P23:20
pedro3005oh no!23:20
pedro3005not bodhi_zazen23:20
phillwC-Ray: There is a sticky on there, but it is the main area for cams etc.23:20
pedro3005please, don't let him unleash his fury on us poor mortals23:21
phillw@ pedro3005 he said "Hi" to me the other day, I nearly soiled myself !!!23:21
C-Rayok... though i can't understand what are talking about :)23:22
pedro3005bodhi_zazen, have mercy on our souls23:22
C-Raywho is bodhi_zazen?23:22
C-Raya user?23:22
pedro3005C-Ray, pray as hard as you can that you will never have to find out ;)23:22
C-Rayam curious now... who he is?23:23
phillwC-Ray: if you have a look at the sticky on http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=334  Or, just post a request on there23:23
C-Rayyeah sure i will... Thanks to you23:23
pedro3005C-Ray, bodhi_zazen is just some dude and we're poking fun of it23:24
phillwbodhi_zazen: is our Lord and Master, he is amongst the best - it was he who started this channel off & Wow betide someone who does wrong upon it23:24
C-Rayi see... he must be famous23:24
pedro3005I both love and fear bodhi_zazen23:24
C-Raygood for you23:24
phillwC-Ray: if bodhi_zazen tells you how to sort a problem out, take it that it will work. also if ibuclaw says how to ... In them we trust, God has to wait ;-)23:25
C-RayWao! That dude must be something! one more question please - what is the best open source program for encryption of text under ubuntu?23:26
C-Raydo you have any idea?23:26
C-RayC-r? for free this one right? open source23:27
phillwC-Ray: yeah, we have a system of fully encrypting  stuff23:27
phillwprivate and public keys.23:27
C-RayI want an open source simple one for text not an online version23:28
C-Rayis there any?23:28
phillwyeah, but you haven't said what you need it for ?23:29
C-Rayfor encypting .txt files23:29
phillwprovate == spelling mistake23:29
C-Rayno probs23:29
phillwand, how do you wish the recipient to decode them ?23:30
C-Rayusing a key of text maybe.... i don't really mind, there are many ways, i prefer the one with a file23:30
C-Ray(a key file)23:31
C-Raythere are some javascript based ones right?23:32
C-Raysimple ones23:32
phillwdo you want to encrypt the file so only someone with a password can do it, or do you want the whole hog of hashed systems and swapping public and personal passwords ?23:32
C-Rayanything... i prefer the latter though23:33
phillwwell, you can zip a file up with a password.23:33
C-Raybtw, thanks for helping23:33
phillw Is one way.  It just depends upon how sensitive the information in the  zip file is.  If you just want to keep the average person from  extracting the file, then the zip password would probably be enough.23:33
C-Raywell that's what i was doing23:34
ibuclawphillw, the mere mentioning that you suggest I come second to bodhi_zazen ...23:34
pedro3005OH SHI-23:34
ibuclawI have nothing to say23:34
pedro3005RUN FOR YOUR LIVES23:34
phillwoh Sh1t    >>>>>> Runs23:34
phillwHi ibuclaw, can you explain to C-Ray what system he should use23:35
C-Rayhello ibuclaw!23:36
C-Rayit sounds more like abo-claw which means the father of claw or the owner of the claw23:36
C-Rayanyway, i was asking about some javascript based encyption programs23:37
C-Rayplease anyone can help?23:37
C-Raysince the only answer i received here is encypting using .zip23:39
C-Raythis is strange though, there must be an open source program for handling different algorithms of encryption23:39
pedro3005C-Ray, hm, well, I don't know much about that, but looking through the software center23:39
ibuclawC-Ray, gnupg? :)23:39
Silver_Fox_gnupg perhaps.23:40
pedro3005C-Ray, yeah what they said23:40
C-RayThe GNU Privacy Guard23:40
C-Rayit sounds great!23:41
* Silver_Fox_ slinks away again23:41
ibuclawI forget the package name23:41
bodhi_zazenYou have many options for encryption, from directories to files23:41
bodhi_zazenvim will encrypt23:41
ibuclawthat adds encryptions options via right-click in nautilus23:42
bodhi_zazenbcrypt is nice as it is X platform, and it is CLI only =)23:42
bodhi_zazenTruecrypt is also cross platform23:42
ibuclawTruecrypt is also on an ugly license23:42
bodhi_zazenbut you need admin access on the Windows box23:42
C-Rayoh thanks so much! That's a huge list! I prefer just open source ones23:42
pedro3005phillw, bodhi_zazen vs. ibuclaw , shit's going down man23:43
ibuclawEcryptfs is great for protecting data.23:43
bodhi_zazenLOL pedro300523:43
C-Raygnupg it is good?23:44
ibuclawC-Ray, for encrypting files for, ie: email, yes.23:44
phillwpedro3005: sits in a corner, wasn't expecting both on at the same time :::frightened:::23:44
C-RayI think i have a huge list right now! Thanks so much for the amazing info23:45
C-Rayi think i will write all names and then i will carry out an evaluation myself23:45
C-Raythat was awesome23:45
bodhi_zazenAnd http://www.keepassx.org/23:46
bodhi_zazenkeypassx is also cross platform23:46
pedro3005phillw, I'm saying my last prayers23:47
pedro3005we're all doomed23:47
C-RayI am Debain user! I don't care about cross-platform! but still very good to know. Thanks so much :D23:47
C-RayI wrote all links :) amazing23:48
bodhi_zazenThe apps ibuclaw lists are either the defaults in Ubuntu or closer to the defaults then most of the stuff I gave you23:48
bodhi_zazenbut between all those you will find an option that fits most any need23:48
C-Rayyeah indeed! you just gave me great names23:49
C-Rayi was searching through google but i didn't find effective results like those23:49
C-Raythanks again for all the efforts :)23:50
bodhi_zazenWell, cross platform can be a consideration ...23:50
bodhi_zazenC-Ray: that was nothing, we have more ;P23:50
C-Rayoh... more!!!23:50
ibuclawC-Ray, one more thing.... :P23:50
C-Raycool! that's really cool!23:51
C-Rayplease since the pros are here: Is clonezilla is a good program for cloning? or you have better suggestions?23:52
bodhi_zazenNothing wrong with the 'zilla23:53
C-Rayyeah, it is great! just i was wondering about this question23:53
C-Raybecause my friend was asking23:53
bodhi_zazenI use partimage23:53
C-Rayopen source right?23:53
ibuclawC-Ray, what he said23:54
bodhi_zazenit breaks the image into CD / DVD size chunks and you can back up to a central server23:54
C-Rayit looks good! thanks so much23:54
ibuclawI think the thing that levers clonezilla over partimage is if you need multicasting23:55
C-Rayi don't need multicasting... i mean i don't use it at the moment23:56
Silver_Fox_Are we not forgetting PING ?23:56
ibuclawSilver_Fox_, dd =รพ23:57
C-Raythanks! i noted this down23:57
phillwpybackback has also been mentioned23:57
bodhi_zazenC-Ray: The best thing 'bout Linux - you have choice 8)23:58
C-Rayindeed - open source choice23:58
Silver_Fox_I personally would go with clonezilla23:59
phillwbodhi_zazen:  and the worst thing 'bout Linux - you have a choice ;-)23:59
Silver_Fox_But choice is good23:59
C-Rayyeah, i like choice23:59

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