pace_t_zuluhggdh: thanks for your help00:42
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pace_t_zuluhggdh, ping02:40
pace_t_zuluanyone around?03:02
micahgpace_t_zulu: yes03:04
Linux000does anyone know where the xorg.conf file is for ubuntu 10.0403:07
micahgLinux000: there's isn't one by default03:07
Linux000? How does that work? X is set up default everytime?03:08
micahgLinux000: idk, I would think it just uses the defaults03:09
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pace_t_zulumicahg: Linux000 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/53529703:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 535297 in linux (Ubuntu) "BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000028 (affects: 13) (dups: 2)" [High,Confirmed]03:23
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rockfx01just wondering - if I want to request a bugsquad mentor, the instructions say i need to create a wiki entry ....05:20
rockfx01Is that really necessary or can i just change my homepage content in launchpad with the necessary details?05:20
persiarockfx01: You're going to want to have a wiki page later anyway, so it's best to create it now.  Just add your name, contact details, and a short blurb about yourself or about your involvement with Ubuntu.05:48
persiarockfx01: This reserves the wiki namespace for you later, for when you need it, allows others to write testimonials to your excellent work, etc.05:48
ddecatorif i've been approved to be a mentor, am i supposed to add myself to the wiki page?05:56
micahgddecator: Help -> Report A Bug in Firefox 3.6 is broke until the next ubufox upload to lucid :)06:06
ddecatormicahg, good to know06:07
ddecatoryou spend a few days writing papers, and you fall behind o.o06:08
kermiacpedro - pind re your message earlier06:10
ddecatorhey kermiac06:11
kermiachey ddecator - haven't seen you for a couple of days. Congrats mate :)06:12
ddecatorkermiac, thanks =) i've been working on writing papers for my finals. just finishing up tonight so i can get work done again starting tomorrow06:12
ddecatorkermiac, are you talking about pedro v.?06:13
kermiacyeah, but I just noticed he's not here06:14
ddecatorhaha, thought so. he's usually on around 1100 - 2000 utc06:15
kermiacah, so at least another 5 hours or so06:16
kermiacjust need to clarify something with him as he sent me a message earlier - nothing major :)06:17
ddecatormost likely. i'm not sure if he gets on consistently at the same time or not, but he's always been on at 1500 when i've been on before06:17
ddecatorcome to think of it, i need to talk to him too...06:18
rockfx01ok done and done06:21
ddecatornot sure what you're talking about, but congrats!06:22
ddecatormicahg, i think that's the first time i've seen 3.7 used as a milestone06:26
ddecatoralright, i should probably get these papers finished so i can finally get some sleep...i'll be back tomorrow night06:30
nonix4Which would be the recommended method for reporting a bug that is making (still active) firefox infinite-loop?07:16
persianonix4: `ubuntu-bug firefox` is a good start.  Attach whatever other useful data you can.07:23
nonix4With one main caveat: it will try to use firefox, which is in infinite loop. Guess "ubuntu-bug PID" outside X is better?07:27
persianonix4: Hrm.  I'm not sure.  I have a feeling that will crash also.07:31
persiaBut it ought get you a .crash file, and then you can run apport-bug on the .crash file to make the report (when firefox isn't hung)07:31
nonix4Managed to submit using w3m from console :)07:45
nonix4(with w3m being launched by ubuntu-bug)07:45
persiaheh.  Nice.07:49
nonix4#537158 in case somebody is interested in firefox infinite loops :)07:53
persiabug #53615808:00
ubot4Launchpad bug 536158 in widelands "_WIN32 versus __WIN32__ (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53615808:01
persiabug #537158 !08:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 537158 in firefox-3.5 (Ubuntu) "Firefox infinite loop, cursor changing between pointer and hand (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53715808:01
BUGabundo_remotebuns di@s09:06
jibelbonjour BUGabundo_remote09:09
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iktanyone have a log of the meeting?15:32
persiaikt: irclogs.ubuntu.com doesn't have it?15:33
* persia does but hopes the public resource avoids the complications of file transfers15:33
iktyeah it is, cheers :)15:39
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m0arFilezilla isn't installable from the repos :c16:12
m0arWas a few days ago, but somehow it dissapeared from my system and in addition to that it's unreachable from the repos16:12
m0arCan someone try to install it, so I can see if it's my end?16:12
BUGabundo_remotem0ar: $ dpkg -l | grep fire | pastebinit if you please16:13
m0argrep file* ?16:13
BUGabundo_remoteas in firefox16:14
m0arI don't see how that's relevant, but sure16:15
m0arSays I have got FZ installed, but it can't find it16:17
m0aror is that from the servers?16:17
persiam0ar: Try dpkg -L filezilla16:18
m0arPackage filezilla doesn't contain any files16:18
persiaNote that it says "rc" at the beginning.  That means "removed, config files", roughly.  You likely need to install it again.16:18
persia(and asking in #ubuntu should have gotten this answer)16:19
m0arpersia: Yeah, but installing doesn't work16:19
m0arIll pastebin16:19
m0arI posted here since I wasn't able to install it, look at my first message ;D16:20
BUGabundo_remotem0ar: try #ubuntu-mozillateam16:20
persiaThat's because you're on amd64, and it's not ready yet.16:20
BUGabundo_remoteohh fileziila16:21
* BUGabundo_remote needs rest16:21
BUGabundo_remotesoory m0ar16:21
m0arBUGabundo_remote: Np ;D16:21
persiam0ar: Running `rmadison filezilla filezilla-common` will show why.16:22
persia(and given the versions, #ubuntu+1 would be better than #ubuntu)16:22
m0arpersia: True. Stilla bug :D16:23
persiaJust a timing issue.16:23
ograbut in the archive, not in fileziolla16:23
ograpersia, its definately a bug of the publisher :)16:24
m0arogra: Wonderful, since this isn't #filezilla-bugs16:24
persiaogra: Do you really think so?  Why should the publisher track cross-arch dependencies?16:24
ograpersia, i think cjwatson agrees :)16:24
ograpersia, it should handle arch all/any16:25
m0arpersia: But it worked a day ago or so?16:25
persiam0ar: Yeah, a new version was uploaded.16:25
persiaogra: What should handle arch all/any?16:25
m0arpersia: Then it's waiting?16:25
persiam0ar: As I said "Wait"16:26
ograpersia, the publisher ... well actually Packages.gz16:26
persiam0ar: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/filezilla/3.3.1-1ubuntu1/+build/155559416:27
persiaogra: So what happens when e.g. ia64 falls behind?16:27
persiaOr sparc?16:27
persiaOr something FTBFS?16:27
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ograPackages.gz holds the old packages until all binaries are there16:28
persiaogra: Thanks for the explanation.  I have mixed feelings about it, because sometimes I catch stuff on i386 before it hits other architectures, but I can see the argument.16:32
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jcastroqense: around?16:51
qensejcastro: yes I am!16:52
persiajcastro!  Hey.  Is your "How to deal with bugs" one-page flyer PDF up-to-date?16:52
persiaIf so, can you point me at it?16:52
qensejcastro: I'm just rereading my script for the session.16:53
qenseI was*16:53
m0arWhat PDF? :)16:53
jcastropersia: I didn't have a bug one, that was someone else's, I can look for it though16:53
jcastroqense: ok I was just making sure I was in the right place/time. :D16:53
jcastropersia: mine was kind of a high level workflow thing16:53
qensepersia: Ubuntu One has a very nice work-flow for bugs on one of its wiki pages16:54
qensethe .dia file is provided, so it should be very easy to adapt it.16:55
persiajcastro: Sorry for the misdirect then.16:55
persiaqense: Thanks : I may grab that, but was hoping for a flyer :)16:55
jcastrono worries16:55
qensejcastro: Of course, if I would have forgotten the time the session would have been saved16:55
jcastroqense: I kind of paniced too when I got the email reminder, hah16:56
seb128bdmurray, hi17:02
bdmurrayseb128: hello17:03
seb128bdmurray, is there some documentation on the wiki or somewhere about the json searches you run?17:03
seb128bdmurray, or how to get some extra ones added17:03
bdmurrayseb128: no, not really.  Is there one I could make for you?17:03
seb128bdmurray, what sort of criterious can you use for those?17:03
bdmurrayseb128: anything launchpadlib can do17:04
bdmurraythis from arsenal is somewhat similar to what I do17:04
seb128bdmurray, so things like "give me bugs on those <list of ubuntu_sources> which have a lucid task" are easy to do?17:04
bdmurrayseb128: yes, mostly easily17:05
bdmurrayer mostly easy ;-)17:05
seb128thanks for the arsenal pointer17:05
seb128can I build and test a .json locally to test that easily and then hand it to you?17:06
seb128I'm not sure how to build those or the format17:06
bdmurraylines 41-43 are what shows up in bughugger17:06
seb128do you have some examples?17:06
seb128do you start from bughugger to build those?17:06
seb128I basically know what I want bug not how to transode it in a format your tools can deal with ;-)17:07
bdmurrayno, you'd use ls-tag-json.py and the output would be the json data file17:07
seb128and is there anything I can give the json data file to locally to check it does what I want?17:07
bdmurrayso ./ls-tag-json.py apport-crash evolution firfox will give you all the bugs tagged apport-crash about evolution and firefox17:07
bdmurrayWhat you are looking for, lucid only tasks, would take a bit more work17:08
bdmurrayWhy don't you send me what you are looking for and I'll whip something up and then in the future you could write it and I'll stick it on qa.ubuntu.com?17:09
seb128bdmurray, in this case I wanted a dx indicators summary17:10
seb128so one minute I make a list of sources I'm interested in ;-)17:10
seb128"ido indicator-applet indicator-application indicator-me indicator-messages indicator-session indicator-sound libdbusmenu libindicate libindicator" + bugs tagged indicator-application if possible17:15
seb128bdmurray, ^ I would like to list all the bugs with a lucid tasks on those17:15
bdmurrayseb128: okay, I'll have something by the end of my day17:18
seb128bdmurray, you rock, thanks17:18
jcastroqense: you're doing great!17:21
qensejcastro: thanks! :)17:21
dako3256Could someone set Bug #518865 to wish-list17:22
ubot4Launchpad bug 518865 in blogtk "Enable customisation of toolbar and date/time button (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51886517:22
* persia looks17:26
persiaYou'll want to contact the blogtk team about that.  We only set priorities for Ubuntu bugs.17:28
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dako3256I thought Bug Squad could do that?17:41
hggdhdako3256: we can, but we should not. This bug is an upstream bug, not an Ubuntu one17:42
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persiaactually, we can't.17:42
hggdhheh. I thought we could -- but never really tried17:43
persiaWe only do it for Ubuntu tasks and Ubuntu bugs (and only have permission, as a group, to do it for those)17:43
persiahggdh: Go visit the bug : I suspect you don't have access (I don't)17:43
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hggdhpersia: yeah... I cannot change Importance (but can change Status and package)17:49
persiahggdh: You can't change the status to Triaged or Won'tFix, can you?17:50
hggdhpersia: indeed I cannot :-)17:51
persiaqense: Great session!17:59
qensepersia: thanks!18:00
qenseafk now!18:01
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maco2what do folks think about adding a "patch-good" tag if a bug report includes people saying they tested the patch or patched-package-in-ppa and found it works, that way people looking for known-good patches to package up have an easier time of it?18:53
persiamaco2: How many patches do we expect to find that are both known-good and don't better belong upstream?18:56
persiamaco2: To put that differently, I think it's a good idea, I'm just unsure how many patches fall into that category, and how many will only be discovered by non-developers.18:59
maco2persia: oh i do think theyd need to go upstream19:00
maco2but no harm in putting it in now while waiting for it to be upstreamed, is there?19:00
radoepersia: many of the patches backported for a SRU? Any one of the "patched-in-debian-unstable-but-too-late-to-wait-for-debian-testing"19:01
maco2so maybe tag it *and* submit it upstream at the same time?19:01
persiamaco2: I guess.  I'd prefer a tag indicating it was sent upstream if it was.19:01
maco2persia: there is a tag to say its awaiting upstream input. patch-upstreaminput19:02
persiaradoe: I'd hope that the SRUable bugs and tracking-debian bugs were being given closer review by developers really, where "patch-good" isn't useful when they should just be getting it uploadeed.19:03
persiamaco2: That seems clearer.19:03
maco2i dont think we have a way of knowing what's SRUable either though19:04
maco2i mean, read through the whole report...19:04
persiaWe have nominations that we ought be using to track that.19:04
maco2cherry-picks from upstream VCS would be an example of something that we know is already upstream but we cant really find easily in lp19:05
persiamaco2: But why do we even want those in LP in the first place?19:06
persiaOr if we find them, why not have a developer just upload them?19:06
maco2because the person who finds them may not be a developer?19:07
persia(and I have a feeling this is on the edge of on-topic here, and probably belongs in #ubuntu-reviews)19:07
maco2ah that's the channel name19:07
maco2irssi told me last time i tried /list that i shouldnt do that, so i didnt know how to find other channels19:07
persiaAh, so you want some escalation path where non-developer reviewers can highlight stuff for higher-priority developer attention?19:07
persiaGenerally asking gets channel names :)19:08
persiaOK.  My worry is that by creating that we mind end up with no developers looking at the patches that were not prioritised, and I think we need a mix of triagers and developers looking over *all* the patches.19:09
maco2i think bugsquad non-devs probably read through more bug reports than devs do as when a dev hits a report they may sit down and spend a few hours fixing it, so probably more people non-devs will see more of these sitting around19:10
maco2seems like these would be low-hanging fruit19:10
maco2but right now there's no way to identify them19:10
persiaI see what you're saying.  If you also see what I'm saying then we know the gap :)19:11
maco2you're saying you hope people don't forget about the higher-level fruit19:12
persiaI'm saying I don't like systems that create distinctions.19:12
persiaAnd I'm concerned that many patches may be complex enough that non-developers don't know how to review and developers are ignoring them.19:13
maco2im thinking of throughput19:17
maco2there's a lot of patches to go through... some are ready to go right now, and some aren't. why not get the ones that are ready uploaded? ...because we can't find them19:18
persiaI'd be willing to consider "patch-good" as a stricltly temporary measure to push through the first bundle, but I think it's a poor solution socially long-term.19:19
maco2fair enough19:19
persiaAs long as we recognise that we're setting a priority because we've only managed to stay even the past year or two, and then we drop it when we get to a manageable point, I think we'll be OK.19:21
persiaBut I think the temporary nature of the prioritisation needs to be made clear at the outset.19:21
persiaOtherwise it creates exclusionary boundaries (That's not developer work)19:22
maco2and see i'm thinking in the other direction as "make it more obvious to non-devs that they can be helpful in this area too, so maybe more of them will do so"19:28
persiaI guess.19:28
persiaI think we have lots of non-devs chasing bugs and making things happen.19:29
persiaI think that developers ignore too much of this.19:29
persiaI think that's part of why we have a backlog.19:29
persiaBut I'll agree that the various fusses about "Don't touch workflow bugs" and the like probably complicated matters.19:29
maco2i still dont quite know what "dont touch workflow bugs" means19:30
persiaI don't think anyone does, which I suspect is part of the problem.19:30
maco2that greasemonkey script that inserted "WORKFLOW BUG" at the top was useful for knowing what not to touch though :)19:30
persiaWell, no, not really.19:36
persiaSome of that ought get touched.19:36
persiaOthers of that ought get moved out of the bugtracker19:37
persiaAnyway, those are longer-term efforts (but progress is being made).19:37
HandeHCould somebody help a bit on an odd hardware dependent bug of 3G mobile broadband: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/525049 What do we need more to solve that issue?19:38
ubot4Launchpad bug 525049 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "3G download speed is very slow compared to Hardy on elderly PIII laptop or Microsoft Windows OSs (affects: 5)" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:38
maco2O_O the bot now tells the affects count? coooool19:39
blueyedbdmurray: re bug 514212.. where's the patch? and why ubuntu-reviewers? this is a ffe..21:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 514212 in jedit (Ubuntu) "Please update jEdit to new stable version 4.3.1 (affects: 1)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51421221:54
bdmurrayblueyed: because "Upstream changelog diff" was set as a patch once I'd guess21:55
blueyedbdmurray: no, it said looks like a patch, and asked me.. but that page loaded for trillions of millions of seconds (~30 minutes or so). so in the meantime it was a patch probably.21:56
bdmurrayokay and my script happened to catch it when it was flagged a patch21:57
blueyedyour script subscribes reviewers then, too?21:57
bdmurrayblueyed: yes21:57
blueyedwouldn't it be easier to search for bugs with a patch (which does not require a tag even)?21:58
blueyedbut ok.. :)21:58
bdmurrayblueyed: well the team is only be subscribed to 'recent' ones and then (in theory) we'll go back and look at older patch attachments21:59
bdmurrayblueyed: the patch was originally only added due to a launchpad notification bug21:59
bdmurrays/patch/patch tag/21:59
blueyedI see. Thanks for explaining it.22:00
bdmurrayyep, and I've unsubbed the team22:00
mrmookieanyone familiar with the following bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/45680622:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 456806 in mountall (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 1 other project) "mountall vomits a shell onto virtual console when you run vi (affects: 25) (dups: 4)" [High,Fix committed]22:20
mrmookieit still is not fixed?22:20
charlie-tcafix committed says there is a fix someplace for it22:21
charlie-tcaIt looks to be fixed in lucid, and the fix is pending for karmic22:22
micahgseems like it was never pushed to -updates after verification22:22
charlie-tcafailed verification on 9.1022:23
charlie-tcasee comment 6, fixed, but a user changed it22:23
charlie-tcamrmookie: did you try the patch they give?22:26
mrmookiecharlie is that the debdiff?22:29
Linux000yes, the debdiff is the patch22:31
mrmookiewhat's the proper way to patch using the debdiff? I've not patched with one before22:32
mrmookieI'm pretty new to debian22:34
Linux000https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/Debdiff#Applying a Debdiff22:34
mrmookiesays it patched.. rebooting22:41
mrmookieno change.. :( can't use recovery console.. can't use vi.22:45
mrmookie"mountall: Cancelled General error mounting filesystems" is overwritten on top of the recovery console when I use the arrow keys22:46
mrmookiesays CONTROL-D will terminate this sheel and re-try but it doesn't do anything22:47
mrmookiethis affects everyone who uses 9.10 server?22:49
mrmookiewow this is lame.. looks like I can kill mountall and vi works again22:57
charlie-tcaI don't use vi, so it doesn't affect me22:58
mrmookieit's all editors22:58
mrmookieand recovery console22:58
mrmookienot just vi22:58
charlie-tcaI have still never seen the issue22:58
charlie-tcaI have run servers in 6.06, 7.10, 8.04, 8.10, and now in 9.1022:59
mrmookiestrange.. you have a default fstab?22:59
mrmookieencrypted home directories?23:01
mrmookieseems those who are affected are those with custom fstab and/or encrypted home dir's23:02
mrmookieI still get an error about mounting at boot up but at least now it's not writing over my editor23:04
yofelhm, anyone familiar with xulrunner?23:21
yofel(from #ubuntu+1): mediatom-common in lucid depends on libmozjs0d which was part of xulrunner 1.8, that doesn't exist in lucid anymore. In debian testing/unstable there is a libmozjs2d package as part of xulrunner-1.9.1, but that doesn't exist in ubuntus 1.9.1 -> huh?23:23
yofelthe bug in mediatomb-common is clear23:23
yofelbut xulrunner is confusing...23:23

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