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doctormopleia2: When is the next meeting for ubuntu learning?03:58
pleia2doctormo: I'll finalize that now, sec03:59
doctormoI'm going to write a blog post about the status of the learning project.03:59
pleia2Monday the 15th at 23:00 UTC04:01
pleia2now if I can just figure out how to select and close that on the doodle poll, this darn interface :)04:01
pleia2there we go, all official like04:02
pleia2the poll says I can't make it then, but I can actually, my dates were just fuzzy outlines04:03
doctormopleia2: What's the status of the moodle site?04:04
doctormopleia2: Branding? theme? content? published? (I'd interigate cprofit but he's not here)04:04
pleia2we never got a theme04:04
pleia2Vantrax: any update on that?04:04
pleia2so far all we have is basic moodle functionality, we can add classes now if we want04:05
pleia2but it's not pretty-designed/branded or anything04:05
pleia2if someone wants to jump in I think that's an option04:07
doctormopleia2: Do you have the agenda for the meeting?05:18
pleia2doctormo: not really, nigel put something on but I don't have a solid plan aside from "catch up"05:19
AlanBellpleia2: I would be interested in doing a moodle theme (Aubergine I presume)17:10
pleia2AlanBell: great!17:13
AlanBellgreat, I am about to get on a train, but lets talk later about what you had in mind for it17:19
pleia2ok :)17:21
AlanBellback now20:35
mhall119|workAlanBell: are you in the UK?20:37
mhall119|workI just sent someone from #ubuntu over to you guys, jugglerbry20:37
mhall119|workhe's trying to start giving away donated computers with Ubuntu20:38
AlanBellcan't see him in #ubuntu-uk right now20:38
mhall119|workhe said he was going to jump in20:38
mhall119|workmaybe he meant later...20:39
mhall119|workor maybe he didn't mean the IRC channel..20:39
AlanBellthis place does recycling on the south coast http://www.jamiescomputerclub.org.uk/home/home.php20:39
AlanBellbut it would be great to have more organisations doing disposal/reuse of computers20:40
mhall119|workcool, yeah he mentioned needing to find a recycler20:41
AlanBellso where is the Moodle? what do you want the theme to be like? what content is going in the moodle?20:51
=== pleia2 changed the topic of #ubuntu-learning to: Ubuntu Community Learning Project | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning | Next Meeting: March 15, 2010 @ 23:00 UTC | Support in #ubuntu
pleia2doctormo: good post22:31
pleia2cprofitt: he blogged about the project22:36
doctormohey cprofitt22:36
cprofitthey doctormo22:37
cprofittdoctormo: can you do something for me?22:39
cprofittgiven the two sites:22:39
cprofittreview them both and tell me what you would do to improve the overall function of the two as a 'team'22:39
cprofittpleia2: your thoughts would be welcome as well22:40
cprofittI am trying to gather them to discuss the issue with ausimage22:40
doctormocprofitt: You need to remove or move the community team text from your banner. it's hard to read.22:40
cprofittand need the 'reflection' of others to ensure my thoughts are not just 'my own pet peves'.22:40
cprofittin your 'review' could you specify which site each issue is with if it is a specific site22:41
pleia2cprofitt: yikes, you have people sign up on LP and on the website?22:41
cprofittexactly -- things like that22:41
pleia2for PA our member list is just the LP list (since that has a map - if people want to disclose location)22:42
cprofittand the sign-up on LP is goverened by ausimage getting an email from them22:42
cprofittthe emails to not go to any other officers22:42
pleia2why not set it to a moderated team and have people apply? then any admin can approve22:42
cprofittit is a moderated team22:42
doctormoWe only encourage people to sign up to lp if they want to help out.22:42
pleia2also in PA, our ubuntupennsylvania.org is *just* a blog with links to our other resources22:42
doctormoNormal folks should just join the mailing list.22:43
cprofittbut when I approved a person I was told NOT to do so unless ausimage had gotten an email with their details22:43
pleia2well, we have a gallery and planet too22:43
doctormocprofitt: We don't stop people joining at all, we have a time limit of about a year on each account.22:43
* cprofitt nods22:43
cprofittso I am not crazy then22:43
pleia2cprofitt: but signup on the website is instant?22:44
cprofittI do not like the narrow and closed format to the process22:44
cprofittpleia2: I believe so22:44
cprofittsince it requires all the information ausimage asks for22:44
doctormocprofitt: It sounds a little crazy, if how you describe it is the requirement22:44
cprofitthe controle the website22:44
cprofittI have 'pushed' a bit in the past...22:45
cprofittbut I really think I need to 'take the issue' on hand22:45
cprofitthead on22:45
cprofittI meant to say22:45
cprofittbut I wanted a sanity check22:46
doctormoAlthough I can't tell how to join22:46
cprofittI would prefer we allow people to join freely22:46
cprofittand I would prefer the website be a funnel to the wiki22:46
cprofittor at the very least avoid a duplication of content22:47
cprofittpleia2: how long and how well do you know ausimage?22:48
cprofittdoctormo: nice post...22:48
doctormocprofitt: Way back we used to restrict our joining process.22:49
pleia2cprofitt: I doubt I know him better than you do22:50
doctormocprofitt: But then at one meeting, Mako Hill made a very compelling case for not doing that.22:50
* cprofitt nods to pleia2 22:50
doctormocprofitt: Although the wiki is a terrible place to put organisation content.22:50
cprofittwhat do you mean by organization content?22:51
cprofittthings that do not change much -- like structure and by-laws?22:51
pleia2cprofitt: this is the PA one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PennsylvaniaTeam22:53
cprofittlooks good...22:54
cprofittI like the wiki for NY State...22:54
pleia2so we put our event info and planning stuff on there, meeting agendas22:54
cprofittbut the fact that our website if maintained by ausimage and does not have any of our 2010 events on it...22:55
cprofittand the double joining process...22:55
cprofittI just feel it confuses people.22:55
pleia2it does22:55
pleia2and confusion quickly leads to *give up*22:55
cprofittpleia2: would you be willing to mediate a discussion with aus and myself22:56
cprofittif necessary22:56
cprofittI respect what he has done... and want his continued cooperation22:56
cprofittbut with over a year of trying to be subtle with the issue I suspect a discussion could go sour22:57
cprofittI would to avoid that...22:57
pleia2yeah, I can do that22:57
cprofittbut having a 3rd party might help22:57
cprofittespecially one I know aus knows and respects22:57
doctormocprofitt: pleia2 is turning into Diana Troy of Ubuntu.22:59
pleia2cprofitt: we get a lot of people joining via the forums, so I made: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=50924022:59
cprofittpleai has a level head...22:59
cprofittand playswell with others22:59
cprofittI did the same thing23:01
cprofittbut with the dual join -- there seem to be one or two people a week that do not get accepted23:01
cprofittright now we have 11 proposed members23:02
cprofittonly a few from 2010...23:02
cprofittso I am exagerating a bit...23:02
cprofittbut I just hate to see people left hanging23:02
cprofittand do not feel as though the team benefits from the restrictions23:03
Pendulumcprofitt: I just wanted to join the mailing list to see if I wanted to actually join the LoCo (since I'm hours away from y'all), but got a bit intimidated by the entire process23:05
cprofittPendulum: thanks for telling me that...23:06
cprofittI am sorry you felt intimidated...23:06
cprofittI am now more resolved to 'change' the process23:06
Pendulumsorry, just thought you might want the input that it might be a bit complicated for someone new and shy23:06
cprofittI do not want confusion or intimidation23:06
cprofittno need for an apology...23:06
cprofittCLOSED is for Apple not Ubuntu23:06
cprofittand I need to take the issue head o23:07
cprofittdoctormo: Pendulum and pleia2 have confirmed that I am, indeed, not crazy23:07
pleia2well, not about this anyway :)23:07
Pendulumit's a moot point now as I'm leaving NY in a few months. i probably should have mentioned it sooner23:07
pleia2you *are* crazy about football23:07
cprofittI might not get NFL ticket this year23:07
cprofittmy life is kinda changing...23:08
doctormocprofitt: I can only confirm that your not more crazy than me ;-)23:08
cprofittdoctormo: you and I are a very similar cloth I think23:08
cprofittwhen we finally meet we have to have a beer and just talk23:08
cprofittGuiness a favorite of yours?23:09
doctormoMaybe in a neutral state, Vermont sounds good :-D23:09
cprofittI was thinking more like Mass23:09
cprofittwhen I get there23:09
doctormoAight, it's a date23:10
cprofittI might be up there this spring... or fall23:10
cprofittNear Pittsfield23:10
cprofittAre you familiar with that area?23:11
doctormocprofitt: Not yet23:19
cprofittits very close the NY State line23:19
doctormocprofitt: I'll be honest, I don't drive, my wife can't drive, we are City dwellers and when we go to Vermont, it's by coach23:20
doctormoOh wait I think I've seen Pittsfield on a map23:20
cprofittwell... we can work something out...23:20
cprofittI know the bus does go there23:20
cprofittso I could pick ya up or some such23:20
doctormocprofitt: I can get about half way accross the state before the commuter rail stops.23:20
cprofittlol... that is a long URL23:21
cprofittIts near Tanglewood.23:22
doctormoI love the new Google Biking directions, they're so useless. By car it's 130 miles from boston, on bike it's 181 miles. ha23:24
Pendulumdepending on when y'all are doing this, I may be just south of Springfield at that point so if you're willing to have a crasher, I could potentially pick doctormo up somewhere for the rest of getting there23:24
cprofittsounds like a potential plan23:25
cprofittit would either be this may or next veterans day23:25
Pendulumcprofitt: when in May?23:26
cprofittMemorial Day23:26
doctormocprofitt: Interesting23:29
doctormoMaybe we could have a quick LoCo NorthEast meet23:30
Pendulumdoctormo: btw, would anyone have an objection if once I'm right on the MA border in CT I occasionally go to MA LoCo events? Last I checked there's no real active CT LoCo and I don't have the energy to create one23:30
IdleOneOnly if you wear a sign stating you are not actually a resident of MA23:31
IdleOneI don't think any loco would have a problem with a fellow Ubuntu lover going to events23:32
cprofittIt would be cool with me...23:33
IdleOnethen again them MA people have a mean nickname23:34
IdleOnemaybe it is well deserved23:34
doctormohttp://imagebin.ca/view/KY6yqqA.html <- this is really funny23:35
doctormoPendulum: Your very welcome to attend any MA events23:35
doctormoIdleOne: MA people? what's the nickname?23:36
PendulumIdleOne: is that the one that refers to their driving style?23:38
Pendulum(not Ubuntu-specific)23:38
IdleOnedoctormo: I didnt mean the Ubuntu MA people. I meant in general but it is a stupid joke anyway...23:39
doctormoPendulum: Boston people drive like they've never seen a DVLA, they use wits instead of skill and are constantly on edge.23:40
Pendulumdoctormo: I know. Have you ever heard what non-MA people call MA drivers? (it's not actually something I can say in this channel)23:45
doctormoPendulum: Ah well, at least they have good clam chowder.23:47
cprofittMaine has better...23:48
doctormoNah, I've had several, maybe it's my british taste, or maybe it's that the clams taste faintly of tea.23:50
PendulumNew England clam chowdah is yummy :)23:52

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