humphreybchi everyone!06:41
godbykhey, humphreybc.06:43
godbykWelcome back.  Have fun discussing Ubuntu stuff today? :)06:43
humphreybcgodbyk, oh yes... did you see the stuff on omgubuntu?06:52
humphreybchad a phone call with jono06:52
godbykyeah, I saw that.06:52
humphreybcbig discussion :)06:52
godbykhave a nice chat with jono? :)06:52
humphreybcyep, our chats are always nice!06:53
godbykI enjoyed the sparring in the omgubuntu comments.06:53
humphreybcHe believes that most people are against the button placement only due to the fact their scared of change06:53
godbykI think that's probably true.06:53
humphreybcI tried to explain some actual reasons why having them on the left is a usability problem06:53
godbykThough I wouldn't say they're "scared" of change.06:53
godbykPeople just don't like change in general.06:54
humphreybcjust resistant to it06:54
humphreybcSo have you got an opinion, as a PhD student in HCI?06:54
humphreybcIf you do, I think you should write your thoughts up somewhere so the design team can see it06:54
godbykI don't have a well-formed opinion yet.  So far I've only seen screenshots, I haven't had a chance to try it out.06:55
godbykI msg'd mpt on irc earlier, but he went offline shortly afterward. I think I hit him up just as he was getting off work.06:55
godbykI'd like to hear from the design team what their thoughts on it are.06:55
godbykIs it just a visual change?06:55
humphreybcnot sure06:55
humphreybcI'm trying to find out the same06:56
godbykAre there usability problems they're trying to solve?06:56
humphreybcthere's this: http://www.ivankamajic.com/?p=28106:56
godbykDo they think having the controls on the left is an improvement in some way?06:56
humphreybcBut Ivanka doesn't really tell us much06:56
godbykThat blog post doesn't really say anything.06:56
godbykIt asks a lot of great questions...06:56
humphreybcIf they could be clearer with their reasons for the switch, then I think it would be a bit more useful06:56
godbyk... but provides no answers.06:56
humphreybcYeah I know, but I'm emailing the design team as we speak06:56
godbykYou should CC me on it. I'd like to hear about it, too. :)06:57
humphreybcI need to find Ivanka's email though06:57
humphreybcor the Canonical design team mailing list06:57
humphreybcbanshee, why have you crashed06:58
humphreybcno mailing list though06:59
humphreybcprobably because they all work in an office06:59
godbykThey have an internal (private) mailing list.07:00
humphreybcthe feedback on my article on omgubuntu was nice07:01
humphreybclots of people think it's a good article :)07:01
godbykYeah, it looked like it was well-received.07:06
kklimondahumphreybc: what article?07:10
kklimondathere was this one I didn't like yesterday ;}07:10
kklimondahumphreybc: right - I was going to give the author "Captain Obvious" award for some of those things ;)07:12
humphreybcthey're not obvious to most people until you spell them out07:14
* humphreybc is typing one hand due to ice cream consumption08:56
godbykSo how can we make it super easy for newbies to contribute to the manual?08:56
humphreybc1) step by step guide08:57
humphreybcwait, what timeframe are we thinking here?08:57
humphreybclong term planning or get people in now?08:57
godbykFor instance, when we open it up to omgubuntu readers, how can they contribute without jumping through two dozen hoops?08:57
godbykwe can't have everyone editing the branch at once.  that'll cause too many conflicts.08:58
humphreybcso they are mainly going to be bug testing?08:58
godbykbut having one bug report per misspelled word may be too much, too.08:58
humphreybcwe need to set up a clear bug reporting guide, and make sure they give us the correct information in the bugs08:59
humphreybcbut to get contributors into the project _now_ we'll need a step by step guide08:59
humphreybccan we simplify anything?08:59
humphreybcie, latex install? SSH key? adding them to the team? most of this is as simple as possible09:00
godbykI haven't looked at the wiki lately, but it was a bit scatterbrained.09:00
godbykIs all of that in one place, though?09:00
humphreybcprobably not09:00
humphreybcthe wiki needs a big overhaul09:00
godbykIs there a Getting Started page that provides step-by-step instructions for doing all that?09:00
humphreybci've been meaning to plan it before i overhaul it though09:00
humphreybcno there isn't09:00
humphreybcso, what's the first thing we want new contributors to see when they visit our wiki?09:01
godbykI'd say a description of our project, status report (how close are we to being done, and where they can download the latest release candidate), and how they can help.09:01
humphreybcwell the progress bar is a pretty simple status report09:04
humphreybcso the how they can help section, does that have the step-by-step instructions right there?09:04
humphreybcor does it link to another page with the detailed instructions?09:05
* humphreybc is thinking aloud09:05
humphreybcwe need an etherpad for drawing...09:05
humphreybcso we can do a cool diagram of the page layouts :)09:05
godbykI'd say that the how-I-can-help section has a list of tasks they can pick up.09:06
godbykeach task links to the step-by-step instructions to start that task09:06
humphreybcthat sounds like a plan09:07
humphreybcI'm writing it up on the etherpad, care to join me?09:08
godbyksure. link me!09:09
humphreybcwe also need to simplify the header09:10
humphreybcat the moment it's huge09:10
humphreybclike, an overwhelming amount of options09:10
humphreybc10, in fact09:10
godbykAnd make the logo a bit smaller. :)09:11
humphreybcyup :)09:11
humphreybcokay, help me out in the etherpad09:11
komsashi godbyk, when I making pdf I get error http://paste.ubuntu.com/393141/09:22
godbykYou have \menuite and it should be \menuitem09:22
godbyk(Though it *really* should be \menu)09:23
komsasoh, so it is problem in translation, going to change it.09:24
godbykhey, daker.09:25
* humphreybc nom nom, peanut M&Ms09:27
godbykfirst ice cream and now peanut M&Ms?09:28
humphreybci had a cheeseburger before09:29
humphreybcit IS 10:30pm09:29
godbyk3:30 am here.  I'm headed to bed.09:29
godbykSee ya!09:29
* humphreybc is so getting one of these for UDS: http://www.zazzle.co.nz/blamepopey_shirt-23552259714323516509:30
dakeri want ti create a new brach for the website09:33
humphreybcgo for it :)09:34
humphreybcyou could just create a new folder in the main branch called "dakar"09:34
humphreybc"daker"* sorry09:34
dakerbut my folder is in /var/www09:37
humphreybcyou want to branch our website?09:39
humphreybcso you can work on it?09:39
humphreybcjust create a new folder under /website in the branch09:43
humphreybcand copy what you've got there09:43
humphreybcor you can branch our branch if you want09:43
humphreybcentirely up to you dude :)09:43
* humphreybc the Ubuntu Manual progress bar is going to look very l33t soon09:51
MenZaDoes anyone have a recently-compiled PDF of the manual they'd be willing to share?13:00
MenZaOh nevermind, it's on Launchpad. <_<13:02
MenZagodbyk: Massive kudos to you for your LaTeX skills. o_o13:04
c7phello godbyk are you on?14:29
godbykMenZa: You can see the latest builds of all the translations at http://ubuntu-manual.org/builds/18:37
godbykIt gets updated whenever I happen to remember to run a script.  (So it's not always *the* latest, but it should be relatively close.)18:37
MenZagodbyk: \o/18:42
ubuntujenkinseveing all18:45
godbykhey, ubuntujenkins .18:46
ubuntujenkinshey godbyk how are you?18:47
godbyknot too bad. pretty well-rested. :)18:48
* godbyk slept in today.18:48
MenZagodbyk: Without having looked at the latex source at all (I'm on a Windows, tex-less system currently), have you written a class from scratch, or are you using, say, memoir with a bunch of custom macros?18:50
godbykMenZa: Currently we're using a custom class based on book, but I might base it on tufte-book instead.  (Haven't decided yet.)18:56
godbykUsing tufte-book helps me kill two birds with one stone as I wrote the tufte-book class and it'll give us some of the features we want for free.18:57
godbyk(That is, the features already coded up in the tufte-book class, so I wouldn't have to copy/paste anything.)18:57
MenZagodbyk: Ah. I'm not familiar with tufte-book. What's special about it?19:05
MenZaI've been working with LaTeX for around four years now, but the most major hackery I've done is with \titlingpage in memoir :)19:06
godbykNot too much, but it does a lot of work to put things in the margin (sidenotes).19:06
MenZaYeah, I've missed that when working with it19:17
* ubuntujenkins 41 screenshots in the manual so far19:45
ubuntujenkinsnight all23:14

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