persiaian_brasil: Given that some folk run Ubuntu on 600MHz i386, I think running on 800MHz armel is unlikely to be an issue.00:57
lifelesswe should start a pool on poulsbo06:57
persiaWhat sort of pool?06:57
lifelessa gambling pool06:58
GrueMasterlifeless: What are the stakes06:58
lifelesson something like: when[if] driver support will be done so that X can update the drivers06:58
GrueMasterI give it a few months.06:59
GrueMasterWon't be in Lucid.06:59
* persia tries to alter the basis of the game to make the pool unwinnable06:59
lifelesspersia: heh06:59
lifelessGrueMaster: so there is some interesting research ineconomics06:59
* GrueMaster gambles with insider information.06:59
lifelesson using trading schemes to make estimates like this06:59
* GrueMaster has friends in places of knowledge. 07:01
GrueMasterAlthough the chances of support for the existing SCH may be limited.07:01
lifelessGrueMaster: what do you mena07:04
lifelessif you can say07:04
GrueMasterJust referring to a friendly discussion I had at the local computer store with a former co-worker that knows things.07:05
lifelessI mean 'existing SCH may be limited'07:06
lifelessdo yo mean something like 'existing machines might get an open 2d driver but not 3d'07:06
lifelessor '..'07:06
GrueMasterMeaning that Intel is moving on.07:06
GrueMasterNext Gen stuff.07:06
lifelessI would love it if they did that07:07
lifelessand did a code drop of the pouslbo drivers07:07
GrueMasterThe driver is no longer in the hands of Tungsten Graphics.  But back support is questionable when they re-release.07:07
GrueMasterWhen I worked on the system, the chipset wasn't that bad.  HD video without breaking a sweat.07:08
GrueMasterBut the code sucked.07:08
GrueMasterIt was essentially forked from the DRM & X support found in FC6.07:09
GrueMasterBut that was last I worked on it - 2 years ago.07:09
lifelessso its now Intels IP and they have the choice of releasing?07:10
GrueMasterNot necessarily.  The IP is still owned by PowerVR.  Just what can and can't be released has finally gotten better defined.07:10
GrueMasterKind of the same with the i915 driver series.  There is stuff the chips support that aren't in the driver, but no one in the open source community cares.  Mainly Digital restrictions, etc.07:12
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