* ccheney takes a break, currently down to only 11 symbols to copy over, and whatever huge mess they drag with them00:50
ccheneythis patch is going to end up huge :-\00:50
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Drakesonwith lucid on amd64, xul-ext-greasemonkey and many other addons break firefox.02:49
Drakeson (it starts the first time after installation, copies the new addon in ~/.mozilla/firefox/blah/extension, runs with the new addon in a usable state, and then when I restart firefox, firefox does not even launch).02:49
Drakesonis there anyone who experiences otherwise on lucid + amd64?02:50
micahgDrakeson: this is known02:51
micahgDrakeson: the workaround is  to delete the compatability.ini file in the profile dir02:52
micahgDrakeson: there are 2 bugs if you'd like to subscribe02:52
Drakesonone is mine :p02:53
DrakesonI apport-collected, and you didn't respond or merge it with the other one :p02:53
micahgafter beta 1 I'll try to get it sorted out if 3.6.2 didn't fix it02:53
Drakesonthanks, I was just desparate to get a fix02:54
micahgDrakeson: which bug is yours?02:55
micahgbug 52849802:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 528498 in firefox "Several addons prevent firefox 3.6 from starting on amd64" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52849802:56
Drakesonso, what should I do to the compatibility file?02:56
Drakesondelete it everytime? ln -s it to /dev/null ? just delete some of the fields in there?02:57
micahgDrakeson: rm seems to work02:58
Drakesonevery time I install a new plugin or just once?02:58
micahgDrakeson: just before you start firefox02:58
Drakesonaaah, I see02:59
micahgasac: still up?03:32
micahg[reed]: should configure fail with the wrong nss version?03:36
[reed]micahg: it should ...06:16
micahg[reed]: k, I'll file a bug against the landing bug for NSS in the morning06:16
fta2jdstrand, any idea if debian will have the recent apache2 security fixes?07:33
BUGabundo_remotebuns di@s09:06
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asacchrisccoulson: xulrunner is not fully promoted to main10:18
asac Filename: pool/universe/x/xulrunner-1.9.2/xulrunner-1.9.2-dev_1.9.2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1_armel.deb10:18
asacmaybe check with pitti ;)10:18
chrisccoulsonasac - is that why stuff keeps failing on armel?10:19
asacopenjdk fails to ubuild etc.10:19
asacat leaste http://launchpadlibrarian.net/40773332/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-armel.openjdk-6_6b18~pre2-1ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz10:19
asacfails because of that10:19
chrisccoulsoni have to confess, i haven't checked all the armel build failures yet10:19
asacyeah. lets get it promoted and retry10:20
chrisccoulsonhmmm, xiphos behaves really weird with the new xulrunner10:43
chrisccoulsonit does nothing except for spawn lots of nautilus windows :-/10:43
asacattached a patch for bug 51842210:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518422 in firefox "Firefox does not start with certain addons installed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51842210:51
asacbdrung confirmed it ... maybe add it to our packages10:51
asacso we can get verification on dailies10:51
asacchrisccoulson: what is xiphos doing?10:52
chrisccoulsonasac - the main window opens, and then it floods my desktop with new nautilus windows10:52
chrisccoulsonand it doesn't do anything else10:52
chrisccoulsonit doesn't show any of the content that it is meant to show10:52
asacchrisccoulson: right what i wondered is what is xiphos about at all ;)10:54
* asac checks apt10:54
chrisccoulsonoh, its meant to show religious texts i think10:54
asacbible studying tool ;)10:54
asacchrisccoulson: is it in the archive already?10:56
chrisccoulsonasac - no, i've not uploaded it yet10:56
chrisccoulsonasac - xulrunner-1.9.1 is off the CD now11:09
asacthough 1.9.2 is sitll on it11:16
asacbut well it wasnt fixable anyway with couchdb11:16
chrisccoulsonasac - yeah, and yelp too11:50
chrisccoulsoni think those are the only 2 things pulling it on to the CD11:50
asacyelp was considered dead12:00
asacbut we already discussed that ;)12:00
fta2kenvandine, yt?13:15
fta2kenvandine, any chance you can add my patch for gnome 585577 in evolution? each time someone touches the package, i have to re-add that patch in a ppa to be able to use evo at work13:17
ubottuGnome bug 585577 in Mailer "wrong FROM in the envelope during SMTP negociation when using multiple accounts" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58557713:18
asacasked seb to poke upstream13:26
micahgasac: ping14:10
micahgjcastro: PM?14:26
jcastromicahg: of course! for you, anything!14:35
chrisccoulsonhey micahg, how are you today?14:57
micahgchrisccoulson: k15:00
chrisccoulsonmichag - i'm having issues with xiphos at the moment15:00
chrisccoulsonit spawns lots of nautilus windows when it opens15:01
micahgchrisccoulson: let's push that on xnox as he said it would work :)15:02
chrisccoulsonmichag - it looks like a xulrunner bug15:03
micahgchrisccoulson: oh, then we should fix it :)15:03
chrisccoulsonthe GtkMozEmbed instance is creating a lot of open_uri events with file:/// as the URI15:03
chrisccoulsonand it didn't do that before15:03
chrisccoulsonand xiphos provides a signal handler for those, to handle the URI's (presumably for when someone clicks a link in the displayed content)15:04
asacjdstrand: we need USN for tbird
jdstrandasac: 910-115:08
jdstrandasac: when is it supposed to release?15:08
chrisccoulsonasac - did you mean to assign bug 534760 back to yourself again, or was that an accident?15:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 534760 in light-themes "firefox tooltips are inconsistant" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53476015:13
asacchrisccoulson: no ;) ... wanted to assign it to you15:15
chrisccoulsonah, ok. i assigned it back now ;)15:16
chrisccoulson(to me)15:16
asacjdstrand: monday ... we want to stage tomorrow15:21
jdstrandasac: ok, I'll be on vacation, but mdeslaur or kees can handle it15:21
micahgchrisccoulson: jcastro: I need to chat with both of you in about 2.5 hours :)15:28
micahghave to run now :)15:28
chrisccoulsonno worries ;)15:28
m0arI've got trouble installing filezilla16:21
m0arTrying to install in lucid gives this error: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/188426/16:21
m0arMy original FZ-install mystically dissapeared, and now it isn't installable from the repos16:22
BUGabundo_remotescratch that16:22
BUGabundo_remoteI asked m0ar to come here16:22
BUGabundo_remotecause I miss read "firefox" not filezilla :(16:23
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asacjdstrand: thanks. we have the USN; will find a peer to roll this. thanks! (maybe double check if the pocket copy is properly documented on wiki for mozilla ppa)17:06
asacenjoy your vacation17:07
jdstrandasac: it is documented, I already went over it with the security team17:14
jdstrands/, I/and I/17:14
jdstrandasac: thanks!17:14
fta<fta2> jdstrand, any idea if debian will have the recent apache2 security fixes?18:13
jdstrandfta: I'm told that debian unstable is already fixed18:27
jdstrandfta: 12:27 < mdeslaur> sid already has 2.2.15 which fixes the issues18:27
asacguess he caresa about stabel ;)18:32
ftayep, debian stable18:35
fta(at work)18:35
ftafound nothing on the d security page this morning18:36
asacthey usually send an email to securit-announce or something too18:38
asacwebpage might be out of sync18:38
asacthat ml should not lie18:38
jdstrandfta: I don't know the status of the apache update for debian stable. you could ask in #debian-security on oftc18:53
micahgchrisccoulson: can you work on the thunderbrid release?19:27
chrisccoulsonmicahg - yeah, i can do. perhaps later though (i'm going to go for dinner shortly)19:29
micahgchrisccoulson: sure tomorrow is fine :)19:29
micahgchrisccoulson: just ping me later if you want to discuss details19:29
chrisccoulsoncool, thanks!19:29
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i found the issue with xiphos btw, but i'm not sure if the new xulrunner behaviour is correct or not19:30
micahgchrisccoulson: k, you want to talk about it now or later?19:30
chrisccoulsonlater is fine19:30
micahgchrisccoulson: k, I should be here for at least 2.5 hours19:31
ftaasac, what kind of bug should i file for the chromium codecs?19:34
asacfta: a [FFe] chromium-browser needs codecs packages to have oob video support19:47
ftaasac, as title? do i need to add a tag?19:47
asacsubscribe ubuntu-motu-release19:47
asackeep it in state New19:48
asacgive some more verbose info in summary ... point them to packages, explain why we need a new copy etc.19:48
micahgasac: xul192 is tagged for ubuntu2 release19:50
micahgasac: I'm spiining TB303 now19:50
ftaasac, there's already bug 513776, can i reuse it?19:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 513776 in chromium-browser "Unavailable dependency: chromium-browser recommends chromium-codecs-ffmpeg which is unavailable" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51377619:51
asacfta: often having an individual bug as FFe helps. but in the end it doesnt matter ... just prepend [FFe] chromium-codecs-ffmpeg for lucid - Was:...."19:53
micahgbdrung: xul-ext-notify doesn't work in firefox 3.6 for me, does it work for you?20:09
bdrungmicahg: it works for me (up-to-date lucid)20:11
micahgbdrung: hmm, it doesn't work on karmic20:11
micahgI guess that's not a real problem as it's not packaged for karmic, but just wondering20:11
bdrungmicahg: karmic's xul-ext-notify + FF 3.6?20:11
micahgbdrung: karmic doesn't have xul-ext-notify20:12
bdrungmicahg: it's called firefox-notify in karmic20:12
micahgbdrung: it's says only for 3.520:14
bdrungmicahg: just edit the install.rdf file20:14
* micahg has to rebuild...20:16
ftaasac, bug 53761720:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537617 in chromium-browser "[FFe] chromium-codecs-ffmpeg for lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53761720:19
ftaplease read before i subscribe motu20:20
micahgfta: you'd actually subscribe ubuntu-release I think for the FFe20:22
fta ubuntu-motu-release20:22
micahgfta: no, the release team merged I thought20:22
sebnerfta: micahg : Yep, the merges, ubuntu-release is the way to go20:22
sebner*they merges20:23
ftai'm really diverging from all this :P20:23
ftadrifting awat20:23
micahgbdrung: no go, maybe I'll check when I upgrade to lucid next week, if it's good, maybe we can add a Suggests20:24
ftaif you read the bug, is it clear enough?20:24
micahgasac: when you're done with fta's bug, TB3 is staged in my ppa: https://edge.launchpad.net/~micahg/+archive/mozilla-test/+packages20:26
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, still around?21:58
chrisccoulsonhey rickspencer3, i am21:58
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, have you seen this one:21:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537298 in firefox "Lucid firefox renders Launchpad very slowly" [Undecided,New]21:58
chrisccoulsondidrocks mentioned that to me yesterday21:58
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, I am no expert here, but I am thinking this might be good to get into the mozilla bug tracker in case it is a true regressions n mozilla21:59
rickspencer3(and not a problem with the css or js in lp (which I suspect))21:59
chrisccoulsonyeah, possibly. i wish i could recreate it here21:59
rickspencer3^based on no good data btw, just a gut21:59
micahgchrisccoulson: rickspencer3: the user should try to reproduce in a clean profile first22:00
micahgI see the user already did22:00
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, I leave it in your capable hands22:01
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, thanks :)22:01
rickspencer3don't worry, the only thing that can happen is you can piss off our most important upstream, and the launchpad team at the same time22:01
rickspencer3hi flacoste22:01
rickspencer3all, flacoste basically runs LP right now22:01
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, flacoste I need to run for some errands, I'll check back in an hour or so22:02
flacostehi folks22:02
flacostei'm trying this on windows right now22:02
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, no worries22:02
chrisccoulsonhi flacoste22:02
micahgflacoste: can you verify with upstream firefox build in a clean profile as well?22:02
flacostemicahg: i'm not really set-up for that kind of tests22:03
flacosteon Ubuntu you mean?22:03
flacostei'm still on Karmic22:03
rickspencer3flacoste, this might be a good time to get someone on our team set up with that capability22:03
rickspencer3it will be hard for you to drive this to completion if the devs can't good debugging info22:03
micahgflacoste: sorry, I thoguht it was your bug :)22:04
flacostemicahg: didier roche reported it, i just want to make sure that Launchpad doesn't become slow for all Lucid/firefox users :-)22:04
* micahg goes to find didrocks22:04
* sebner is of the opinion that LP was never that fast from the beginning :P22:05
* sebner hides22:05
chrisccoulsonmicahg - didrocks has finished for the evening now22:05
micahgoh, just pinged him in devel22:05
* micahg can comment on teh bug22:05
chrisccoulsonhe left about 10 minutes ago i think22:05
flacostefwiw, it's switches tab very fast on Windows in 3.622:06
micahgwfm in ff36 on karmic22:06
chrisccoulsonand it wfm in lucid ;)22:06
* micahg saw jcastro's post on testdrive...seems interesting22:10
flacosteok, it's probably something related to didrocks system environment (2d, 32 bits)22:11
marsflacoste, ok22:11
flacostemicahg, chrisccoulson: any of you have 3d enabled? or running on 32bits?22:11
marsflacoste, he said seb128 had the same issue22:11
chrisccoulsonflacoste, 64bit here, with 3D22:12
flacostesame here22:12
flacostealthough i'm not sure how that affects windows in virtualbox22:12
marsah, someone tried 32bit without acceleration?22:13
flacostei don't think so22:13
micahgflacoste: is this in virtualbox22:13
flacostemicahg: no, i tested FF36 on windows/virtualbox and didn't experience the issue22:14
micahgflacoste: w/or without guest additions?22:14
micahgmars: there are 144 CSS errors22:17
marsmicahg, in which page version?  The /1/ page has almost every image path wrong :)22:17
micahgmars: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?profile=css21&warning=0&uri=https%3A%2F%2Fbugs.edge.launchpad.net%2Fubuntu%2F%2Bbug%2F113669  <-- the page didrocks was looking at22:18
marsmicahg, which URL?22:18
flacosteseb128 reports that he doesn't experience the problem everytime22:18
flacostehe wonders if it's related to the number of tabs open22:18
flacosteseb128 has 32bit hw but 3d enabled22:19
marsmicahg, it looks like a lot of the errors are browser-specific rules and hacks22:20
micahgmars: k, anyways, since not everyone is experiencing it, my guess is a graphics driver issue22:21
marsflacoste, is seb128 willing to shut off 3d to try a test? :)22:21
marsmicahg, I guess that greatly lowers the possible exposure of this issue22:23
marsthat, and the testing everyone has done just now22:24
chrisccoulsonwell, vesa doesn't work on my laptop22:25
* micahg wonders if testdrive will work for older ISOs as well22:28
micahgmars: could also be a GTK bug...22:30
marsmicahg, yeah, I was wondering about that.22:31
marsI was wondering if someone had a massive Mozilla profiler superweapon they could point at the program to quickly narrow down the source of the CPU spike :)22:32
marsBut we would have to reproduce it first :/22:33
chrisccoulsonyeah, i would like to know what people use for profiling22:35
chrisccoulsoni'm still on a big learning curve here22:35
chrisccoulsondid didrocks say he was using the nv driver?22:35
chrisccoulsonfirefox has to do much more work when dragging a window over it if there is no compositing manager22:36
chrisccoulsonbecause it will get floods of expose events22:36

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