ChmEarlgot pygrub trouble- trying to boot karmic 9.10 VM (pv) & get "no bootloader data" error. Can I add a psuedo grub1 setup - menu.lst - and get pygrub to work?00:11
ChmEarlthe dom0 is suse11.2 and my /boot is ext3. I want pygrub to use the /boot in domU00:13
ChmEarlit seems silly to uninstall grub2, install grub1 when all pygrub needs is the menu.lst00:14
Hypnozif an nfs mount is 755 owned by www-data:www-data, what permission would allow any user to touch any file owned by www-data:www-data?00:19
arrrghhhso i have a "special" version of xml-rpc-c installed (the advanced tree) - how can i uninstall it?  'make uninstall' did not work, and i've never really uninstalled anything i've compiled...00:25
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livingroomHi Ubuntees, I need help resolving dependency issue, I'm trying to install testdrive but apt-get complains : testdrive: Depends: cpu-checker but it is not installable. Running Ubuntu 9.10 64bit02:45
KB1JWQlivingroom: And why i it not installable?02:47
livingroomKB1JWQ, exactly02:47
livingroomPackage cpu-checker is not available, but is referred to by another package.02:48
livingroomThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or02:48
livingroomis only available from another source02:48
livingroomE: Package cpu-checker has no installation candidate02:48
KB1JWQUse a pastebin.02:48
KB1JWQAnd what sources are you using?02:48
livingroomfor testdrive package02:50
livingroomdo you want me to pastebin sources.list?02:50
livingroomand thank you for you interest02:51
KB1JWQThe only references I see to cpu-checker are in Lucid build repos.02:51
KB1JWQSo "WTF are you doing running pre-release packages on a server and expecting it to work halfway decently?" :-)02:52
livingroomthat is not what I am trying to do02:53
livingroomas I've heard on ubuntu podcast and read on https://launchpad.net/testdrive testdrive will allow me to test development releases in virt enviroment02:55
livingroomin an easy manner02:55
livingroomthus allowing me to give back my 5 cents to development team and community02:56
lazymay i ask same question lvs/tun here?02:56
livingroomso was I mistaken my understanding?02:57
uvirtbot`New bug: #537099 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.6.5-3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53709903:56
vinq1I have a Squid question.04:44
vinq1We have some systems connecting to Amazon.com affiliate APIs via Curl in PHP. And it's hammering our server, we determined.04:45
vinq1However, the data it brings back really only needs to be done like once a day.04:45
vinq1Is this something we can use Squid for?04:46
vinq1For instance, I could put amazon.com in /etc/hosts, pointing to the Squid server. And then I'm thinking we could do some kind of Squid configuration to cache those connections to Amazon.com by the day.04:46
twbvinq1: why wouldn't you, you know, fix your PHP scripts?04:49
twbJust run curl in a cron job, writing to e.g. /var/lib/local-copy.txt, and then have your PHP scripts access that.  Or similar.04:50
vinq1Ah, it's spaghetti code, unfortunately04:50
vinq1I'm needing a quick-hit solution where we don't need to change the code for now.04:51
twbIf you were to use squid to do it transparently, you'd have to care about caching heuristics and whether the amazon API claimed the data was cachable (it probably doesn't) and all that.04:51
vinq1Because I'm tied up coding another project.04:51
vinq1Well, it doesn't hurt to try in an off-hours timeframe so that I could see if it would work.04:51
twbOf course, burning the PHP to the ground and using something like Python or Erlang would also be a Good Move.04:52
vinq1Well, we can have that religious conversation another time. So, I'm trying to find a simple (as can be) tutorial on Squid for this type of config.04:52
twbI'm afraid I can't really help with that.04:55
vinq1What's a guide on the web for just caching one domain with Squid?04:55
vinq1And do I need to set this up as a Transparent Proxy (not certain yet what that means)?04:56
twbIf PHP is running curl(1) instead of libcurl, you could just set the proxy in ~www-data/.curlrc, make squid bind only to the loopback interface, and then force squid to cache harder as necessary.04:56
vinq1Interesting! :)04:56
twbThe whole technique is a bodge, IMO.04:57
vinq1The PHP is using the curl() API inside PHP, not shelling out to command-line curl. Would that matter?04:57
vinq1twb: we're just looking for a temp solution to bandaid this just until I can leave the current project I'm on to put this fire out -- the right way -- by rewriting the code entirely.04:59
ChmEarlgrub2 is no obstacle for ub 9.10 PV guest... got around it by adding menu.lst and testing with pygrub05:07
KutakizukariIs there a way to not have the lamp start when my computer is booted up? I want to start it manually sudo service apache2 start05:48
Kutakizukariany docs on how to do this?05:49
persiaedit /etc/default/apache2 or run update-rc.d as appropriate.05:51
persiaNote that these are potentially temporary solutions : at some point the answer will change to "edit /etc/init/apache2", but that doesn't appear to have happened yet.05:52
persiaObviously, you may or may not want to do the same thing for your database, etc.05:52
Kutakizukarihow much of a system load does it use if I leave it alone?06:05
persiaKutakizukari: Hrm?  A system doing nothing has no load.  Some things that you install will start services, some of which may have recurring tasks.  Some of what you install may install cronjobs that may cause actions at specific times.06:07
Kutakizukaripersia, thank you for the help.06:09
KutakizukariJust got the LAMP installed with Netbeans IDE and a copy of O'Reilly Learning php, mysql, & javascript.06:11
swiftguys, is there any snmpagent i can install on my ubuntu-server which tracks all network info so that I can use it in mrtg?06:12
persiaswift: `apt-cache search snmp` shows a bundle of stuff (I haven't tried any of it)06:14
swiftpersia, the issue is that one of my routers doesn't have SNMP features.. and i want to monitor it from my ubuntu-server via mrtg06:18
persiaso you want something to ping it every once in a while, and to get that info into mrtg?06:19
persiaI suspect you'll find some example that's close to what you seek in the mrtg-contrib package.06:20
swiftpersia, it's a router cum modem.... so, details including transfers, etc06:20
persiaSo, if it doesn't due SNMP, how do you expect to extract that data?06:22
swiftpersia, so i won't be able to get data from that router?06:50
persiaswift: I didn't say that.  I only suggest that if you want data from the router, you need to be able to collect it from the router *somehow*.  Getting that into MRTG is a secondary problem.06:51
swiftok, persia, any insight on how i can get the data?06:52
persiaCheck the documentation for the device from which you want data.06:53
persiaMany devices can enable SNMP is coaxed.  Many that can't have some other admin interface that allows data extraction.06:53
swiftthat was confusing.. please elaborate06:54
persiaSo, read the docs on the device, and look for other sources of info on the device.06:56
persiaSome devices don't do SNMP by default, but can be made to do SNMP if certain actions are taken.06:56
persiaOther devices can collect data in some other admnistrative interface, and it's potentially possible to script extraction of this data.06:56
persiaI can't usefully elaborate more unless you happen to have a device with which I'm familiar (and none currently exist, as it's been that long since I played with SNMP)06:57
swiftthanks a lot persia!.. il look into the device docs..07:58
persiaswift: Good luck.08:00
smoserttx, around ?08:10
ttxsmoser: yo08:10
smoserbad news on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/53149408:10
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 531494 in upstart "cloud-init job not running in eucalyptus without ramdisk" [Critical,Confirmed]08:10
smoserit is almost definitely race, and seems like just about anything can kick it (although nothing i've found yet is reproducibly does so)08:11
ttxsmoser: want me to reproduce it on my own set ?08:12
smoseri'd be interested to see if you can.08:13
smoseri'm guessing your hardware is more like dustins08:13
ttxyes, quite identical08:13
OmahnWhat hardware are you using out of interest?08:13
smoserttx and kirkland have "cloud in a bag" hardware08:14
ttxOmahn: a set of laptops08:14
smoserwow. the link from eu-west-1 to ubuntu data center is quick08:15
smoser53.9M/s over 160M08:16
smoserand prior to that 46M or something08:16
taurenanyone know how to use iptables to filter traffic to my bridge's KVM based VMs?08:18
Omahnsmoser: The disk is probably the bottle neck rather than the network link looking at those numbers.08:18
taurenit seems like no matter how I configure iptables, I can get to any of the VM's ports.08:18
_rubenyou might need to use ebtables instead for filtering on bridges08:22
tauren_ruben, what I want to do is only have iptables running on the host, not on the VMs. And be able to forward port 80 of a VM to port 8080 on a VM08:24
taurenI'm running Jetty as a regular user in a VM, and I want that service to be available as a regular HTTP server to the world.08:25
tauren_ruben, I don't think ebtables will help with that, would it?08:26
_rubentauren: now you got me confused? do you want to restrict the allowed traffic to the vms or grant outside access to it (and thus liberating the allowed traffic to the vms)08:28
tauren_ruben, sorry.  for my VM that is running Jetty, I want to only allow ssh, http, and 8080 traffic. But I want to forward 80 to 8080.08:29
taurendoes that make sense?08:29
taurenfor my VM that is running mysql, I want to only allow ssh and 3306.08:29
smoserif anyone wants to play http://paste.ubuntu.com/393120/08:30
smoserthat has ebs root daily builds for lucid from today08:30
ttxsmoser: should I use the latest uec iamge, or something else ?08:31
tauren_ruben, I want to block it at the host, because these VMs will be under control of customers, and I want to limit what they can do.08:31
smoserthe latest will fail.08:31
smoseri was just using 20100310 for consistency in an inconsistent world08:31
ttxwhy would it fail ?08:32
smoserit will fail because of upstart and timing and your hardware being like kirklands08:32
smoserit will run fine on data center hardware08:32
ttxsmoser: that's what I'm trying to confirm, right08:32
ttxlet's go for 20100310 for consistency08:33
_rubentauren: ah ok, so you actually want both things i mentioned ;-) ... then again, i have near-zero experience with (filtering on) bridges..08:36
tauren_ruben: ok, too bad, i appreciate your input!08:37
smoserttx, i have to sleep. any thoughts you can provide or help any where on that would be great. i don't have high hopes for it for freeze today.08:37
ttxsmoser: it's a beta1 nominated bug anyway, so we can still work on it08:37
ttxsmoser: good "night"08:38
smoseryeah. thanks.08:38
hemanthany ubuntu documentation available for mysql db replication ?09:00
uvirtbot`New bug: #537191 in apache2 (main) "package apache2 2.2.12-1ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: η υποδιεργασία dpkg-deb --control επέστρεψε κατάσταση λάθους 2" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53719109:06
ttxsmoser: it's working alright here.09:18
ttxand I'm in the worst case scenario / running CLC+Walrus+CC+SC on the same machine09:18
ttxhm, or not.09:24
ttxsmoser: I can reproduce it by starting multiple instances at the same time. Some of them will fail.09:24
lifelessttx: thats not worst case.. you don't have nc there :)09:25
ttxNC on a separate machine :)09:25
Dr_Jekyllis the release date of ubuntu 10.04 already announced?09:25
ttxDr_Jekyll: yes, we also know the release date of 10.1009:25
ttx10.04 should be released on April 29th.09:26
Dr_Jekyllalright, thanks!09:26
Skaagwhat's the recommended kernel to load under vmware in ubuntu server 9.10?09:51
Skaagas a guest os09:51
th0mzanyone including vmtools09:55
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SkaagI am already running 2.6.31-19-generic-pae09:57
SkaagI don't know how to install vmtools though09:57
SkaagI tried to get the host to mount the image to the guest09:57
Skaagnot working for some reason09:58
th0mz[x] connected ?09:58
uvirtbotth0mz: Error: "^" is not a valid command.09:58
Skaagvmtools do something with the network card right?10:00
th0mzyou can use vmnet310:00
SkaagI'm running server, not desktop edition10:00
SkaagI just need more performance from the network10:00
th0mzbut it increase performance10:00
th0mz(try a dd before and after)10:00
Skaaggreat. that's what I need.10:00
th0mzserver shout not run without10:00
th0mzand if it is in a cluster it is really needed, (ballooning etc..)10:01
Skaagouch. yes… believe me I feel it  ;-)10:01
Skaaggreat pain.10:01
SkaagI need to find a simple way to mount the image with the tools10:01
th0mzright click, install vmware tool shoud do the trick.10:01
Skaagwhen I do that, the vm gets stuck for 70+ seconds10:02
Skaag[ 1113.022505] BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 77s! [swapper:0]10:02
Skaag[ 1113.022505] Pid: 0, comm: swapper Not tainted (2.6.31-19-generic-pae #56-Ubuntu) VMware Virtual Platform10:02
Skaagand a bunch of kernel-panic looking stuff10:02
Skaagso that method is scary and not working :-)10:03
Skaagany suggestions how to obtain the vmtools without using the standard method?10:06
th0mzdownload, install10:06
Skaaghow about open-vm-tools is that as good as?10:10
SkaagI ran an apt-chache search vmware and found this10:11
Skaagopen-vm-tools - tools and components for VMware guest systems (CLI tools)10:11
Skaagwhoah, it wants to install a gazillion things10:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #341979 in kvm (main) "Windows guest can't reboot when using smp." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34197910:42
jayveecjwatson, I noticed you've been uploading to the libvirt package a bit lately. I was just wondering if you could have a look at my bug at LP #528934 and consider applying it? I've attached a debdiff, which I believe makes it easier for you.10:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 528934 in libvirt "IPv6 shouldn’t be disabled by default in libvirt" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52893410:52
jayveeor soren. Whoever is interested. :)10:53
cjwatsonjayvee: the only reason I've been uploading libvirt is for the libparted ABI transition - I'm not going to be a good reviewer for changes to it in general11:33
jayveeLaunchpad nicks usually == irc nicks, but I wish Launchpad would generate nicks from the e-mails of people in the changelogs to make people easier to track down. :)11:36
sorenjayvee: I, on the other hand, know libvirt reasonably well, but I know next to nothing about ipv6. :(11:40
jayveesoren: but you can see that libvirt disabling IPv6 on an interface is plain inconsiderate, right?11:41
jayveesure, there are arguments for and against the behaviour red hat put in it11:42
sorenIt sounds inconsiderate, yes.11:42
jayveebut I believe that the only scenario where you would disable IPv6 is if you're scared of it — it's an irrational fear11:42
sorenYup. That's what I have.11:42
soren..so I'mm kjkknik,jjjjjjjjjjjjjjnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm11:43
sorenSorry, had to get a thing out from under my m-key :)11:43
soren..so I'm kind of hesitant to change anything that as anything to do with ipv6. I have no idea of the sideeffects.11:44
jayveethe funny thing is, is that *now* it's doing something to do with IPv6. my patch actually makes it have less to do with IPv6 by leaving it more alone.11:45
jayveeput it this way:11:45
sorenThat I understand.11:45
jayveeall ubuntu installs since 4.10 have had IPv6 enabled on every network interface by default11:45
jayveeat least, I think so :)11:45
jayveeas far back as my memory goes anyway11:45
jayveeit's the linux default11:46
sorenMy hesitance kicks in because someone made a decision to make this change. If I go and revert it, /I11:46
sorenam changing something to do with ipv6.11:46
* soren notes that typing is hard11:46
jayveewhat can I do to help, in this case?11:47
jayveesoren: I suppose it would be easier to convince you to upload this patch if upstream had applied it too11:49
jayveebut I've had little response from them11:49
sorenjayvee: Oh, yeah, sure. Then I'd do it in a heartbeat.11:49
lifelesssoren: upstream were nuts11:49
sorenjayvee: They are on IRC as well.11:49
lifelesssoren: if its the bug I think it was, I read the bug in detail.11:49
uvirtbotbugzilla.redhat.com bug 501934 in libvirt "libvirt bridge should have IPv6 disabled" [High,Closed: rawhide]11:50
lifelesssoren: it boiled down to 'zomg something wrong turn it all off'11:50
jayveenote that Peter Bieringer "100% agrees" with my comment, and he wrote the IPv6 tutorial for Linux on TLDP11:50
jayveeso there's some credibility there :)11:50
sorenjayvee: Now, that is useful info :)11:50
taurenanyone know how to display the ipnumbers used by kvm guests on the host? doing "virsh list --all" shows the hosts, but how can I find their IP numbers?11:50
sorentauren: You can't.11:51
taurensoren, no?11:51
jayveeI do fear I used too harsh language in my comments on the RH bugtracker though.11:51
sorentauren: Just like you can't tell what the IP's are of your physical machines by looking at the box.11:51
jayveeas you can see, IPv6 is something I'm passionate about. :)11:51
taurenhmm, so I have to log into each host and do an ifconfig to see them?11:51
sorentauren: Are they using dhcp?11:51
sorentauren: How did you configure their network?11:51
taurensoren, bridge eth0 with static ips in the guests11:52
sorentauren: Yes, but how?11:52
sorentauren: Where did you enter the static ips?11:52
sorenInside the virtual machine, right?11:52
taurensoren, in /etc/network/interfaces on each guest11:53
sorenSo that's where you go to find them.11:53
taurenwell, i used vmbuilder to create them and specified the IPs in the command line.11:53
taurenI assume it put them into the interfaces file11:53
sorenIt did.11:53
jayveetauren: may be offtopic, but from what I recall, OpenVZ makes it easy to find the guest IP addresses like what you describe11:54
sorenjayvee: openvz does not provide virtual machines.11:54
jayveenot having used OpenVZ, take that with a grain of salt11:54
* soren is on the phone11:54
taurenjayvee, funny you say that, i was using openvz before, which is why i wanted the same feature with kvm11:54
taurenI supposed I could set up DHCP and dole out static IPs based on mac addresses or something11:56
taurenthen i could just look at the dhcp server to see the list of ips.11:56
jayveethere is also ping -b, but unfortunately linux doesn't respond to broadcast pings by default11:57
taurendang, was really hoping i was just missing a virsh command that would list ips.  this is a bummer.11:57
lifelessor use UEC :P11:57
jayveeif I were to retrofit a system to figure out IPs on top of what you already have, I'd enable broadcast pings, and get each machine to register itself in reverse DNS11:58
jayveethat way, ping -b would show all the hostnames with the IPs11:58
jayveebut I think that's over the top for something small ;)11:58
lifelessjayvee: dhcp3-server will do rdns rego for you11:58
jayveethat's what I had in mind11:59
taureninteresting. ok, those are some ideas then.11:59
lifelessand forward11:59
jayveebut you have to tweak the config file11:59
lifelessoff by default for compat with 311:59
jayveeand it's really confusing at first11:59
taurenIs UEC the eucalyptus stuff?11:59
taurenanyone here looked into openqrm?11:59
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jayveelifeless: I tried UEC on my desktop...I couldn't get it going. I think it's way too complex for me.11:59
jayveeor it's just not in my use case12:00
taureni tried doing a plain UEC install from CD a while back and it didn't work. didn't put any more effort into it.12:00
* jayvee just installed MySQL in CentOS, and it looks like it can install i386 and x86_64 libs on the same system cleanly12:01
* jayvee can't wait for debian multi arch12:01
jayveeit's a shame, because UEC seems to be really cluster oriented, which I was really excited about12:02
jayveeI tried to get some cluster dns script going with nsupdate, but I gave up because it was too difficult to get it working with upstart.12:02
jayveeupstart is designed for daemons, not scripts.12:02
jayveein a cluster scenario, is it best to get machines to use dhcp addresses?12:03
taurenjayvee, soren, lifeless: the reason I want to know the IP numbers on the host is so that I configure iptables on the host to protect the guests. ie block everything except 22, 80, and 8080. Plus port forward from 80 to 8080 on the guests.12:05
lifelessjayvee: single machine is a little tricky due to bugs12:05
lifelessjayvee: did you follow my docs on the same (and do you ave a separate machine doing DNS/DHCP ?12:05
taurenlifeless: what is the recommended config for doing UEC? is 2 machines enough?12:06
taureni was trying to set it up on a single machine too, maybe that's why it didn't work.12:06
lifelesstauren: recommended config is three machines: 1) network infrastructure. 2) cluster controller 3) 1 or more node controllers12:07
lifelessI have successfully brought that down to do two , by combining 2 and 3, though I ran into some bugs12:08
* persia wonders if the IPv6 discussion got lost12:08
jayveeindeed it did12:08
taurenlifeless, can cluster controller run in a VM?12:08
lifelesstauren: I'm working on bringing it down to one, but that needs some more care.12:08
lifelesstauren: I think it could yes. But not a UEC one :P12:08
taurenlifeless, and what exactly is network infrastructure?12:08
lifelesstauren: DHCP, DNS12:08
taurencan UEC guests do PXE boots?12:09
lifelessno, they boot 'machine images'12:09
jayveeI'm really skeptical that UEC is at all production-ready if it's not even been tried and tested under a single server condition12:09
lifelessits EC2 for home.12:09
lifelessjayvee: its not a use case the devs aim at.12:09
lifelessjayvee: they are aiming at 10s or hundreds of machine deployments12:10
persiaI've heard it works cleanly with 3 machines, and is tested at 2.  One is a special case.12:10
taurenWhen I compared UEC with OpenQRM, it seemed OpenQRM was the better solution.12:10
taurenit too recommends 3 servers:  storage server, openqrm management server, node server12:11
taurenbut they have a way to run it all on a single system.12:11
taurenanyway, in case you want to check it out.12:11
jayveeit's discussions like these that make me want to power up the DL320 in the garage12:12
jayveebut we worked out the power cost us about $45 a month so it's been off since 200712:12
screen-xjayvee: yeah, I had some of those but had to give them away due excessive noise and power consumption :(12:14
jayveeyeah, that's how I got all mine :)12:14
taurenjayvee, how much power does it consume?12:15
jayveedon't remember12:15
jayveethough it'd be around a kilowatt, I'd imagine12:15
taureni just installed a supermicro twin 1U system.  It contains two servers in 1U, each has dual quad CPUs, 32GB ram.  I'm sure it sucks up the power.12:16
taurenjust checked my notes. supermicro says they tested that server in some configuration and it used 2783 BTU/hour. I think that works out to about 6.8A. (1W = 3.413 BTU/hr, 815W/120V =~ 6.8A). Sorry, getting OT now.12:22
hemanthis there a easy power management package for Ubuntu servers to shutdown and start automatically? i have tried APCI and WOL12:27
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gzurHi - I'm trying to vnc into my headless ubuntu-server hardy box12:37
gzurI was following the directions from here: http://stevenharman.net/blog/archive/2008/12/13/vnc-to-a-headless-ubuntu-box.aspx12:37
gzurBut all I get is a brown screen12:37
gzurDoes anybody have any idea what might be wrong?12:37
gzurI'm thinking I'm probably looking at a blank desktop and need to install some packages for a minimal gui12:37
gzurbut I'm loathe to install the ubuntu-desktop packages12:37
gzursince that would be such overkill for what I need12:38
taurengzur: i have no ideas for your specific problem. but why don't you just ssh in to the box?12:40
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ttxzul: hey13:00
ttxSamba bugzapping: created https://code.launchpad.net/~bug-zappers/ubuntu/lucid/samba/bugzapping13:01
zulttx: sweet13:03
zulttx: still trying to wake up ;)13:04
jayveeso yeah, soren, what do you think? :)13:12
sorenjayvee: It makes sense to me.13:12
jayveethat's a good start. :)13:12
sorenttx: Have you followed the ipv6/libvirt discussion at all?13:12
sorenttx: A few hours ago.13:12
sorenor less, perhaps.13:12
sorenMy sense of time is poor right now.13:13
persia90 minutes or so, by my logs13:13
jayveenearly 1.5 hours ago13:13
gzurtauren: I mostly use SSH - but I've got a spatial database (postgis) running on there that I sometimes need to interact with visually using a desktop GIS (quantum gis)- which is hard to to in vim :)13:13
ttxsoren: no13:13
ttxsoren: looking13:14
sorenttx: Ok.13:14
persiattx: Basically, jayvee has a tested patch to make libvirt work with IPv6, but the upstream bug got messy, and there's a debdiff awaiting upload.13:14
sorenpersia: Would you say it requires an FFe?13:14
* persia isn't a release person13:14
sorenpersia: I know.13:14
sorenpersia: Regardless.13:14
sorenpersia: I can't really tell if it's as much a new feature as a bug fix.13:14
persiaBut I'd probably upload it without bothering the release team, because I consider not working with IPv6 a bug.13:14
persiaIt's borderline.  Depends on whether you believe IPv6 should work by default.13:15
sorenpersia: I'm inclined to agree. I just wanted someone else to say so as well.13:15
persiaIf you say it should, it's a bugfix.  If you consider IPv6 a feature, it's a feature.13:15
* persia knows that there exist IPv6-only production deployments of Ubuntu server13:15
persiaCheck the ipv6 bugtag : seems lots of folks don't even have IPv413:16
sorenThat's crazy. That's like not having...13:16
sorensomething else that almost everyone has.13:16
jayveefor my own personal use, I go without IPv4 all the time13:17
jayveeit's like eating my own dogfood, I spose13:17
sorenjayvee: /whois reveals you're doing IRC over ipv4 at least :)13:17
persiaThere's a limit to IPv4 address space.  In some places, addresses are expensive.13:17
jayveesoren, yes, I bricked my router yesterday13:17
sorenjayvee: Coulnd't handle the ipv6 address space? I know the feeling.13:18
sorenThat thing is huge!13:18
sorenjayvee: Do you have the bug number handy13:18
ttxsoren: I am scared of both ipv6 and libvirt, if that helps :)13:18
jayveeLP #52893413:18
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 528934 in libvirt "IPv6 shouldn’t be disabled by default in libvirt" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52893413:18
sorenttx: No, that's surprisingly unhelpful :)13:19
sorenjayvee: Ta13:19
jayveeheh, actually I tftp'ed a 3.3 MB image when it was only supposed to be 3 MB. had to hotwire my parallel port to the router motherboard to fix it. I'll be telling this story for the next few weeks, I'm sure.13:19
jayveeand because the router now has the 2.6 kernel, the bridging quirk that I used to deliver a second pppoe session to my ipv6-enabled ubuntu server no longer works.13:20
jayveethat's my guess, anyway. been more focused on getting this apache solr installation working since I got it going again.13:20
jayveewhich doesn't support ipv6 out-of-the-box, btw.13:21
sorenjayvee: I'm fixing these things before I upload, but just so you know:13:21
sorenThe patch will not be applied if not listed in debian/patches/series.13:21
soren...so I've added it there.13:21
sorenI've also renumbered it to 9017 rather than 0011.13:22
sorenDebian tends to number them from 0000, and for patches that are local to Ubuntu, we tend to use 9000+.13:22
jayveeI see13:22
jayveeI didn't know that.13:22
soren..that way, if we merge with Debian, and they've added patches, our are still applied "on top", so to speak.13:22
jayveein my testing, the patch worked locally though. Maybe debuild and pbuilder behave differnetly?13:23
persiaThe patch numbering bit tends to be team- or even package- specific.13:23
* soren verifies that the package uses quilt..13:23
sorenjayvee: No.13:24
persiaWell, yes, but not usually about patches :)13:24
sorenjayvee: Neither of those deal directly with the patches.13:24
sorenjayvee: How did you construct the patch?13:25
soren(that may explain why you've seen it work)13:25
jayveewell I first constructed it with a git checkout of libvirt, and tested from there13:25
jayveeand then downloaded the libvirt source13:26
jayveeran cdbs-edit-patch or whatever it's called13:26
jayveemade my change13:26
jayveeand added the changelog entry13:26
jayveeand tested the resulting .debs13:26
sorenHeh :)13:26
sorencdbs-edit-patch would do it.13:26
jayveewhich definitely worked13:26
sorenFunny that.13:26
jayveeI know it worked, because my ipv6 broke again when I installed the karmic version of libvirt again this morning13:27
jayveeoh...when I rerolled the debdiff, I simply copied over the patch into debian/patches13:27
jayveeand updated the changelog13:27
jayveeso that was done manually13:27
persiaand that's why it didn't end up in series13:28
jayveehmm, it doesn't appear in series in my original debdiff though13:28
jayveemaybe I constructed that one by hand too13:28
jayveecan't remember13:28
sorenThing is..13:30
sorenIf you've patched the source outside of quilt, quilt will not clean up after you either..13:30
soren..so your package would get built with the patch applied.13:31
jayveeI see13:31
jayveeso it lurks in .diff.gz, rather than debian/patches, or something13:31
persiaRight, which is less than ideal (having patches live in two different places)13:33
* soren test builds13:34
jayveesoren, what you're looking for is a "fe80::" address appearing on the virbr0 interface if the patch is working13:35
gzurFor reference: I set up a connection to a headless ubuntu-server (hardy) using instructions from this page:13:35
gzuralong side this on: http://stevenharman.net/blog/archive/2008/12/13/vnc-to-a-headless-ubuntu-box.aspx13:35
jayveewithout the patch, there are only "inet" addresses. with the patch, there are "inet6" addresses too13:36
gzuroops later one is suppsed to be http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115596113:36
gzurwhich deals with installing a minimal gnome desktop13:36
gzurworks like a charm13:36
sorenWow. That was awesome. I got out of my chair to go and check my mailbox for an item from $NEWJOB. Half way to the door, the door bell rings. Outside is a UPS delivery man with said item. Magic.13:37
zulsuch efficent service13:43
henkjansoren: $NEWJOB? are you quitting canonical?13:43
zulttx: the fix for # 507374 doesnt go far enough13:44
ttxzul: *=\+ ?13:45
ttxthe rest seems cosmetic to me13:46
zulttx: it needs an extra space at the wins line13:46
henkjanbah, need to rewrite lots of our cfengine setup when upgrading to lucid13:46
zuli fixed it anyways13:46
henkjanour cfengine setup is not upstart aware and we are using /etc/init.d/<service> restart everywhere :(13:46
zulttx: also the fix for # 435061 should really be done in dhcp13:48
ttxzul: ok, update the bug then13:49
kaushalcan someone here give me example to use foreach ant task to deploy same war to multiple running Tomcat Server?13:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #363791 in samba "libnss_wins.so.2 crashes after suspend to RAM" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36379113:52
sorenhenkjan: I did. Weeks ago :)13:53
sorenjayvee: I also had to fix up the patch header a little bit. It didn't cope well with that paths being without the "libvirt-0.7.5/" prefix (it assumes -p1).13:55
zulttx: bzr branch pushed13:55
jayveesoren, ah13:55
* soren is still test building13:56
sorenWell.. s/still(.*)/\1 again/13:56
sorenjayvee: Uploaded.14:00
jayveesoren: cool bananas :)14:00
jayveethanks very much for your time.14:00
sorenjayvee: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/0.7.5-5ubuntu13 <---- You're famous!14:00
jayveeooh, that makes me tingle inside14:01
persiajayvee: OK.  That's one in.  9 to go :) (based on https://edge.launchpad.net/~jeremy-visser/+related-software )14:02
jayveeyeah, come to think of it14:03
jayveestill need to do tahoe-lafs14:03
jayveehad two positive feedback reports from the mailing list the other day14:03
jayveeneed to update the bug14:03
pjaneczehi, when installing ubuntu server 8.04 32bit, in software install i get error unpacking libntfs-3g23. E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg received a segmentation fault14:07
pjaneczedo you know why it may happens?14:07
sorenpjanecze: What do you mean by "in software install"?14:08
sorenAnyways, dpkg segfaulting sounds like a memory malfunction more than anything else.14:09
pjaneczei mean stage in installing ubuntu server14:09
pjaneczethis stage is after system install14:09
sorenOh, that early? Yes, I would definitely say some kind of hardware malfunction.14:10
pjaneczeyou think that memory could be problem, not disk?14:10
sorenI'd suspect memory before disk. Disk errors tend to show themselves earlier and differently.14:11
sorenMemory errors just make stuff go strange.14:11
pjaneczegood to know, thanks i will try to change memories14:11
sorenJust test your memory first.14:12
sorenpjanecze: When you boot the install CD, there's an option to test memory.14:12
sorenUse that.14:12
jayveewell, way past bedtime for me14:15
jayveethanks again soren14:15
jayveepersia, and others14:15
\shanyone here with hands on a HP dl385G6 + P410 SmartArray?14:15
bogeyd6!anyone | \sh>14:19
ubottu\sh>: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?14:19
ograttx, tickle14:28
pjaneczesoren: oh, i forget about this, thx;)14:28
ttxogra: yo14:30
ograttx, so NCommander is back today, lets talk a bit about likewise14:30
ograttx, i guess you have seen bug 51730014:30
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 517300 in likewise-open "[armel] likewise-open needs porting to ARM" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51730014:30
ttxogra: for the record, this is now considered a desktop package14:31
ograttx, we have a patch and NCommander initiated a conversation with likewise, given that the server team is the owner of the package we'd like to give that into the server teams hands14:31
ograttx, do you know who is responsible for it on the desktop side ?14:32
ttxogra: we used to take care of it, but this was moved to desktop by decision of upper management14:32
ograah, pitti14:32
ograright, i'll talk to him then14:32
ttxunder the assumption that upstream would do most of the heavy lifting14:32
ttxI mean, I can help personally with my experience of it, but not the server team14:33
ograwell, i want to have the conversation in the right hands14:33
ograseems there are things like copyright assignment involved etc14:33
ograso it should go through a central instance on our side14:33
ograttx, thanks for the info ...14:34
ttxogra: sorry about that :)14:34
ograwell not your fault :)14:34
diagoI'm trying to run Window Server 2003 on KVM but the performance is very bad. Is there anything special I needed to do? I used the --os flags during the install.14:41
sorendiago: What was the exact command line?14:44
diagosoren: http://paste.ubuntu.com/393308/14:55
geniiI understand rewind and non-rewind devicenames for tape... but what are these st0l st0a st0m for?  man st is unenlightening15:02
tuxxyhey everyone I am trying to setup apache on my friends Ubuntu machine, everything is fine however I believe it should be configured however when using his external IP we get returned his router config =/15:08
tuxxyIt happened to a machine I had also but forgot what I did to configure it from here, I know it was essentially configured at this point just one more step15:09
diagotuxxy: it sounds like his router is answering the request on port 80. Most routers can be configured to listen on a different port like 808015:11
tuxxyyes but mine is configured on port 80 and works fine, we have smaeIP and same router15:12
ewooktuxxy: does your setup listens to all requests? if it does - it's that you're trying from the inside, or the router isn't configured propperly for port forwarding.15:18
AnAntHello, I've installed (& configured) libpam-ccreds as mentioned in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PamCcredsHowto15:25
AnAntyet, after  an LDAP user logins on a client machine, if I run: sudo cc_dump, after that, it gives nothing15:26
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
AnAntbtw, "sudo getent passwd" does list LDAP users even when the machine is disconnected15:27
Sorell:/ Guys I'm having problem getting GRUB installed on my disk, but only when I'm running RAID. Not that I am trying to install off of the CD and I have my RAID setup as 10. Any ideas?15:34
zulttx: liblog-log4j-perl has been seeded15:41
ttxzul: \o/15:42
bogeyd6Sorell, using softraid or fakeraid?15:44
SorellI'm using the motherboard RAID controler15:45
bogeyd6!fakeraid | Sorell15:45
ubottuSorell: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto15:45
bogeyd6go to the fakeraid howto and follow directions15:45
bogeyd6will solve all problems15:45
bogeyd6i suggest using software raid15:46
Sorellwhy would software raid be better?15:48
bogeyd6Sorell, FakeRAID is not supported by Ubuntu. Trying to install Ubuntu on such a partition could easily result in the loss of all your data.15:48
persiaWell, that, and that you can more easily work around bugs or get them fixed.  firmware bugs on mainboards are fussy.15:49
Sorellwell I will look into softraid then.15:49
persia(note that real hardware raid is better than software raid, but expensive)15:49
bogeyd65 years later when a harddrive fails and you cant buy a drive compatible with your motherboard raid will be a big issue15:49
LinuxAdminI am trying to install a server with SATA RAID disks15:50
bogeyd6LinuxAdmin, good choice15:50
persiaWell, depends on implementation.15:50
diagoI'm trying to run Window Server 2003 on KVM but the performance is very bad. Is there anything special I needed to do? I used the --os flags during the install.15:50
LinuxAdminduring installation it asks me to connect to iSCSI volumes15:50
SorellWhat would be a good RAID controler?15:51
LinuxAdminI can't connect, what could be the problem15:51
\shLinuxAdmin: you don't have iscsi?15:51
persiaSorell: I'll strongly recommend external hardware controllers if you want good ones.  Many of the internal controllers have awkward interfaces for online administration.15:52
LinuxAdminduring the installation the system tells me that iSCSI was found, so I suppose that iSCSI is supported15:52
bogeyd6diago, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102600615:52
\shSorell: depending on your server...HP delivers a good smartarray solution...3ware could also be a good choice .. many many solutions out there...depending on your money and depending on what you wanna do...private stuff => software raid is enough...15:52
bogeyd6Sorell, what kind of server you got15:52
bogeyd6LinuxAdmin, you dont need to connect to an iscsi volume15:53
Sorellit's a custom built job15:53
bogeyd6adaptec makes a good raid controller for custom built jobs15:53
\shLinuxAdmin: if you don't have an iscsi box somewhere, you can forget about connecting an iscsi volume...15:53
bogeyd6ala http://www.cdw.com/shop/products/default.aspx?EDC=141809615:53
LinuxAdminsorry, I don't have scsi I've got SATA drives15:53
\shLinuxAdmin: so...forget about iscsi ;)15:54
LinuxAdminbut the installation detect iscsi15:54
persiabogeyd6: Does that allow online administration?15:54
Sorellshould I look for something with expandable memory?15:54
bogeyd6persia, http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/products/Controllers/Hardware/sas/performance/SAS-5805/15:55
LinuxAdminthe problem is that I have RAID1 configured in the controller firmware, but the ubuntu installer detects both disks15:55
bogeyd6Sorell, spend as much money as you can with the best specs you can. ultimately everything comes down to storage speed15:55
bogeyd6LinuxAdmin, which raid controller?15:55
LinuxAdminwith scsi controllers it is transparent to the OS15:55
diagobogeyd6: *nix virts perform fine, it's just this blasted wins 2K3 server I need ATM15:55
bogeyd6!vmware | diago15:56
ubottudiago: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware15:56
persiabogeyd6: Doesn't answer my question, but maybe doesn't matter.  Depends on uptime requirements vs. disk-loss rates.15:56
LinuxAdminit's an Intel SR1630HGP server15:56
bogeyd6persia, it was just an *EXAMPLE*15:56
diagobogeyd6: yeah, I'm install VirtualBox now on a different PC thanks though15:56
persiaNo worries :)15:56
zulttx: have you seen this before? http://freshmeat.net/projects/samba-vscan/15:57
LinuxAdminmy supplier says that I have to install the SATA controller drivers15:57
bogeyd6persia, personally i prefer hp smart array inside of hp servers :)15:57
bogeyd6LinuxAdmin, probably a smart idea :)15:57
LinuxAdminI've got drivers inside server CDs but is for Red Hat or Suse15:57
bogeyd6LinuxAdmin, do you know the name of the raid card or is it in the motherboard?15:58
bogeyd6LinuxAdmin, maybe a RS2BL040 ??15:58
LinuxAdminI think it is in the motherboard, the board is an Intel S3420GP15:59
bogeyd6!fakeraid | LinuxAdmin15:59
ubottuLinuxAdmin: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto15:59
bogeyd6LinuxAdmin, that there is a fakeraid chip and you are going to want to use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto  to configure your server15:59
ttxzul: no16:00
bogeyd6essentially delete any raid you setup and let the raid chip default each disk to its own raid0 and then follow softraid instructions16:00
LinuxAdmincai I configure everything after ubuntu installation? I mean, first I install ubuntu on the first disk and when the system is running I configure RAID16:01
persiabogeyd6: I was thinking of http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF04a/12169-304616-241493-241493-241493.html as a class from HP.  Doesn't matter anyway.16:01
bogeyd6you could, but why?16:01
bogeyd6persia, omg, we use the same and on our older servers we use the p40016:01
\shbogeyd6: you need some p800 for them...mostly...because of the external connector...16:02
\shor just use HP MSA2012i as iscsi solution instead16:03
bogeyd6\sh, they make some octopus cables :)16:03
bogeyd6ill remember the iscsi on our next server roll out16:04
\shbogeyd6: don't tell me...I have some machines with p800 and some msa60 attached...and newly we tried the msa2012i which is a nice box, if you don't do any firmware upgrades on it, especially not, when you have 2 raid controllers as redundancy16:04
bogeyd6should be in 4 years or so16:04
bogeyd6\sh, very nice16:05
\shi cost me 8 hours to tell the HP supporter, that the second raid controller board is borked totally and that he should send me a replacement instead of discussing several possibilities how to debug that16:05
bogeyd6hp business support has gotten worse and worse hasnt it?16:06
bogeyd6someone types into a kb, finds an article that matched the keyword RAID and wants to go through several of them before they escalate to level 216:07
\shbogeyd6: since it's somewhere in an eastern country...yes...the german support is really crap...they don't understand me, I don't understand them, and trying to speak in english with them == fail16:07
\shI raised this issue many times now with our HP sales guy...but IBM or Dell is not much better16:07
\shlast time I had to replace two quad core cpus...they said: ok, we send you the replacement...next morning, approaching nuremberg, and what was the delivery? one dual core cpu...I was really happy16:09
bogeyd6beers and sausages all around for that celebration16:09
\shphoned them, told them: guys, I have quad cores, and I need two of them..."ah yes, we are sorry, but we can't ship you the replacement today, because we don't have any dual core amd cpus in .de we need to deliver them from amsterdam, nl..." I said: "ok, he needs to be fast then, when you want to deliver it in 4 hours"...happy times, I had to book a room in a hotel...stayed overnight, and got my16:11
\shpackage the next day...so far for "you got 24x7x4"16:11
persiaSo I've got this datastore (~500GB) and I know that ~40GB is duplicated between two trees.  Is there an easy way to use fdupes to turn the duplicates into hardlinks?16:13
uvirtbotNew bug: #537451 in ntp (main) "ntpdate-debian not syncing time" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53745116:16
\shuh oh a nice one16:17
Sorellbogeyd6: do I need  to get a battery for the 5805 ?16:17
malifalhi i have created a virtual interface on eth0 called eth0:0, eth0 already assigns ips using dhcp, is it possible to have eth0:0 also assign ips of the other subnet using dhcp?16:27
Sorellhas anyone ever used one of these?16:29
\shmalifal: I would say "no" but I can be mistaken16:33
bogeyd6Sorell, battery is always recommended16:37
shtylmanI have an ibm x3550 m2 which I am trying to install hardy 8.04.4 on. The install media is a cd and while trying to go through the install process after the keyboard screen an error message comes up saying that it cannot detect the cdrom. Because it is unable to detect the cdrom, I am unable to load the mptsas module which is needed for the disk controller16:40
histoMy server keeps hanging up looks like the last thing that ran was some cron.hourly thing in syslog. Is there somewhere else I should look to see whats going on?16:44
bogeyd6shtylman, external (usb) cdrom?16:44
shtylmanbogeyd6: internal16:44
bogeyd6im out of ideas16:45
bogeyd6histo, what does "hang" mean?16:45
shtylmanit could be related to bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/21020016:46
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 210200 in linux "cdrom-detect fails for HP DL145 in hardy beta" [Undecided,Won't fix]16:46
persiashtylman: I've encountered that sort of issue before: you may need to load some more modules into the kernel.  Open a shell and make sure you can find the CDROM.  If you can, file a bug,  If you can't make it so you can, and then continue with the installer.16:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #537470 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "upgrade from hardy to lucid failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53747016:46
histobogeyd6: It stops network access I had someone hook up a monitor and it won't power the display.16:46
shtylmanpersia: how would I see if I can find the cdrom?16:46
shtylmanand if so... any pointers on what modules might be needing loading?16:47
bogeyd6histo, that sounds more like a hardware issue than a software issue. Can you pastebin.ubuntu.com whats in your cron.hourly?16:47
shtylmanim tempted to try just netboot16:47
persiashtylman: You'd get a /dev/ node for it, and no idea, sorry.16:47
bogeyd6shtylman, thats what i would have done out the gate16:47
shtylmanand then see if I can get past the mptsas loading16:47
histobogeyd6: theres nothing there thats the weird thing.16:47
malifalwhat does a shared network mean in the context of dhcpd configuration?16:47
bogeyd6histo, what does /var/log/messages say?16:47
histobogeyd6: /etc/cron.hourly/   is empty16:48
histobogeyd6: let me check16:48
bogeyd6!pastebin | histo16:48
ubottuhisto: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:48
bogeyd6just in case :P16:48
histoI know about pastebin16:48
histobogeyd6: looks like it just wwent down again and it hasn't been an hour.  I'm begning to think hardware as well16:48
ubottudhcp is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol for automatic IP assignment from a router. Ubuntu uses dhclient as a DHCP client but other ones (and DHCP servers too) can be obtained from the !repos. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DHCP16:49
histobogeyd6: i'm having them restart it again then i'll get messages and syslog and see16:50
bogeyd6histo, random freezes usually tied into a power source16:50
histobogeyd6: its plugged into a batter backup with other server16:50
malifalthat was helpful ubottu :p16:51
bogeyd6histo,  lets wait for the /var/log/messages paste16:52
histobogeyd6: Mar 11 11:37:26 webserver kernel: [    9.816257] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0: link becomes ready16:52
histobogeyd6: thats the last line in messages before it went down last time.16:52
histobogeyd6: so its not posting anything else there after boot16:53
bogeyd6ok so we got it narrowed down to power supply or the network card16:53
histobogeyd6: Mar 11 11:39:01 webserver CRON[1035]: (root) CMD (  [ -x /usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime ] && [ -d /var/lib/php5 ] && find /var/lib/php5/ -type f -cmin +$(/us$16:54
bogeyd6power supply symptoms are described as Spontaneous rebooting or intermittent lockups during normal operation.16:55
histobogeyd6: thats part of the last line in syslog before it went down.16:55
histoMar 11 11:39:01 webserver CRON[1035]: (root) CMD (  [ -x /usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime ] && [ -d /var/lib/php5 ] && find /var/lib/php5/ -type f -cmin +$(/us$16:55
histor/lib/php5/maxlifetime) -print0 | xargs -n 200 -r -0 rm)16:55
histoTheres the rest of the line minux the $ from nano in the first part16:56
bogeyd6unfortunately i dont think that locks up servers16:56
histoAfter that cron job it locked up yesterday it ran that and then cron.hourly command16:56
bogeyd6disable the cron job16:56
histoMar 10 20:17:01 webserver CRON[876]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)16:58
histoWas the last thing in syslog yesterday right above that was the one from today16:58
histoThat ran 6 minutes prior16:58
histoSo maybe it is hardware based.16:58
\shbogeyd6: which is totally useless...the last line of cron entry just says, that it tries to clean up the php session files....I would say it's something todo with hardware, disks or what16:58
bogeyd6histo, http://linux.derkeiler.com/Newsgroups/alt.linux/2007-01/msg00137.html16:58
bogeyd6\sh, agreed16:58
bogeyd6histo seems convinced it is the cron job so i figure what is the harm in disabling it16:59
histoYeah i've got another box I think i'm going to load and see if it hangs as well. I've never had a linux box just hang like this. I'm thinking bad mem or something17:00
bogeyd6this is why i love vmware :)17:00
bogeyd6bad box? just turn it off17:01
\shbogeyd6: well, I bet that the cron entry isn't the cause...eventually it does something on the disk and somehow the box freezed...php or cron don't kill a machine ;)17:01
bogeyd6in the meantime you can take those disks and load them into a dummy machine, livecd, run iozone for about 30 minutes and see whats up with those disks if everything else seems ok. prob should image them first17:02
histoYeah it just hung again while I was ssh'd in to it watching htop17:04
histoNot really a big deal reloading It just hosts a webpage and ssh so I can get in.17:05
malifalguess shared network is just the default settings for a group of subnets17:05
histoI really need to start playing with virtualizaton though and just have images for the server running. that way if there is ever a problem just restore the image17:06
histoPlus its sandboxed then as well17:06
\shmalifal: dhcp gives out ip addresses to NICs which are identified by mac-addresses...eth0 and eth0:0 will have the very same mac-address...so dhcp thinks "oh wow.it comes back and wants an ip for the second time...ok I'll give it the same ip address as before, because lease time is not timedout and it's the same mac"17:08
\shmalifal: bingo..you have eventually two interfaces, one real interface and one virtual with the same nic...or you can tweak the dhcpd call to send out some dhcp options which will then be parsed by dhcp and you can give out ip addresses depending on the dhcp options17:09
bogeyd6histo, lots of good reasons for virtualizaiton :)17:13
malifal\sh: yeah but i'm setting my other subnet with just a bunch of predefined hosts, so their macs are already defined17:13
malifalactually i don't *really* need dhcp for them, i was just trying it out17:14
\shmalifal: so you define host foobar { hardware ethernet <mac>; ...} in dhcpd.conf and there is another subnet which ip addresses will be given out randomly to clients...17:14
\shmalifal: as said, eth0 and eth0:0 will have the very same mac address17:15
chocamohow can I have a user automatically be a samba user when created?17:17
bogeyd6chocamo, i think it works the other way around17:18
chocamowell before whenever I created a user, I could use that account to login to a samba share, I recently did a reinstall and now that isnt the case17:19
chocamoI have security = user set in smb.conf17:19
malifal\sh: yes u're right, i couldn't even run dhcp when i tried defining the other subnet and hosts, i created eth0:0 mainly for bridging with my virtual machines, but eth0 has real computers connected to it.17:19
=== GhostFreeman_ is now known as GhostFreeman
bogeyd6chocamo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba17:21
\shmalifal: add another nic to the machine ;)17:21
malifal\sh: i already have 2 lol17:21
\shmalifal: add more ;)17:21
jiboumansafternoon smoser :)17:22
smoserjiboumans, hey.17:25
mathiazsmoser: hi!17:30
mathiazsmoser: are you using the UEC test rig?17:31
smosermathiaz you can have at it if you'd like.17:31
mathiazsmoser: great - thansk17:31
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=== astechgeek is now known as Guest56662
sherr\sh: Do you have some experience with HP MSA60 storage arrays? I have a query.17:43
=== Guest56662 is now known as techgeek
sherrWould you mind having a glance at an old HP forum post I made about it - no replies from anyone with input. Just a question about LED status, and disk status :17:44
sherrNot important - it is running well (so far) - just wondering.17:45
\shsherr: fire away17:46
techgeekWhat is the command to check if a server service is running? I need to check if slapd is running17:47
sherrThanks - Well - if you look at the post above, an LED remains off (top-left) but all seems OK. Is this normal?17:47
persiatechgeek: `status ${service}` works for some stuff17:48
techgeekOkay, let me try that17:48
\shsherr: well..I have two msa60 in production, no led is off...all disk are green...wonder if the LSI MegaRaid is compatible with the HP SA p80017:48
sherrAlso, one disk (slot 12) reports slightly different from MegaCli - "Enclosure Device ID: N/A"17:48
sherrThe forum post describes it better.17:48
* \sh is gone for a couple of minutes17:48
sherrThis is HP MSA60, LSI MegaRAID SAS 8888ELP RAID , Dell PE180017:49
techgeekpersia: would the command be sudo status slapd?17:54
persiatechgeek: You shouldn't have to run sudo.17:55
persiatechgeek: Check in /etc/init/ to see if there is a slapd.conf : if not, that won't work17:55
persiaYou *may* be able to get data with `/etc/init.d/slapd status` (or similar), but that may not work (depending on how the script is implemented, etc.), and may even break things (look before running the command)17:56
LinuxAdminHi guys, I need your help one more time17:58
techgeekthere is a slapd in INIT17:58
LinuxAdminI've configured RAID5 during ubuntu server installation and everything went ok17:58
LinuxAdminnow I'm concerned with the eventuality of a disk failure17:59
LinuxAdminwhat if a disk is damaged? since this is software raid, is there some tools to reconstruct the raid array?18:00
LinuxAdminwith scsi controllers this is done by the controller. what if a disk fails with software raid?18:01
LinuxAdminis it automatic? I mean, if I change the damaged disk, do I have to make something or it will be done automatically?18:02
techgeekLinuxAdmin, are you using MDADM18:02
LinuxAdminI'm installing the ubuntu server and the installer is very intuitive, I created raid5 very easily18:03
LinuxAdminmy concerns now is if anything goes wrong with a disk, I mean, if a disk fails18:03
LinuxAdminas I said, with scsi raid controllers I don't have to worry about, but now I'm using software raid, so, I don't have the controller automation to solve a eventual failure18:05
LinuxAdminwhat can I do in suck a situation?18:05
LinuxAdminhow can I reconstruct the array?18:05
LinuxAdmincan someone help?18:06
techgeekI created my RAID1 arrays in a virtual machine using the MDAMD package18:07
LinuxAdminthis is not a virtual machine, it will host virtual machines18:08
techgeekim not sure what the default package is for the installer to use as a software for RAID but i would think it would be MDADM18:09
LinuxAdminthe installation stopped wright now and I'm getting a problem18:11
LinuxAdminthe system do not boot18:11
LinuxAdminI get this error: Grub loading18:12
LinuxAdminerror:no such disk18:12
LinuxAdminGrub rescue>18:12
LinuxAdminwhat ca I do?18:12
LinuxAdminwhat could get wrong?18:13
LinuxAdminwhy can't I start? the installations was successfull but the system don't boot18:14
techgeekI think if it were me I would reinstall and wait till I got it up and then do the RAID18:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #537521 in bacula (main) "Missing scripts in binary package" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53752118:16
\shsherr: what raid level did you configure?18:19
LinuxAdminI'll search for grub reinstall info18:19
LinuxAdminthanks anyway18:19
sherr\sh: RAID518:20
\shsherr: could be that your disk 12 was a spare?18:20
sherrYes, that's what I think (hope) - just odd that it doesn't say "hot spare" or "spare" anywhere ...18:21
sherrMegaCLI is hard to use, not much good ...18:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #385244 in autofs (main) "autofs auto.smb doesn't escape $" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38524418:22
sherrAnyway - it's working. The reason I asked was because a company over the road had the same kit and the same odd LED behaviour.18:22
sherrThanks for the consideration.18:23
\shsherr: what you could do...create a raid 10 and check if there is again such a strange behaviour or even a raid0 striping array18:24
* jpds hugs hpacucli.18:24
sherr\sh: Hmmm. Bit too much data on it now I think ... plus I am not physically present. The time for that was late last year ...18:25
\shsherr: well, I'm running two msa60 in raid0 mode and mirrored over drbd ;) it's very strange thing I did 2 years ago ;)18:25
sherrI almost wish I hadn't mentioned it - makes me a) think about MegaCLI again and b) worry about it failing18:26
\shsherr: switch to HP completly ;)18:26
sherrwe sell HP Z800's turnkey - for video/film/graphics work - but also Dell T7500's18:27
sherrAnd use the Dell SAS storage - very fast.18:27
sherrNever enough time for too much testing, configuring or playing!18:28
sherrKarmic did run on the Z800 last year when I tried - NVIDIA FX4600 as well. Very fast system.18:29
oru_workhi, which config and which setting is used for ssh timeouts ?18:40
kirklandzul: howdy howdy!18:47
kirklandzul: do you know what's up with:18:47
kirklandThe following packages have unmet dependencies:18:47
kirkland  php5-imagick: Depends: phpapi-20060613+lfs but it is not installable18:47
kirklandE: Broken packages18:47
zulkirkland: it needs a rebuild18:47
zullemme go look18:47
uvirtbotNew bug: #279745 in puppet (main) "superfluous spacing in puppetmaster init.d script" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27974518:47
kirklandzul: cool, thanks; let me know if you need a hand18:47
pmatulisjpds: working with raid controllers today?18:49
jpdspmatulis: No.18:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #330289 in puppet (main) "Link to LDAP docs in manpage is wrong" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33028918:51
mathiazkirkland: hi!19:00
mathiazkirkland: I see that qemu-common is in universe19:00
kirklandmathiaz: howdy!19:01
mathiazkirkland: but it got installed when I ran apt-get install eucalyptus-nc19:01
kirklandmathiaz: erm, is it?19:01
kirklandmathiaz: it needs to be in main19:01
* kirkland goes find slangasek19:01
mathiazkirkland: it's in the component-mismatch list19:01
mathiazkirkland: if you can get it promoted to main, I'd suggest to have a look at the vlan-modules and vlan-udeb pacakge as well :)19:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #333234 in puppet (main) "file with name containing regexp reserved characters is listed incorrectly during recurse copy" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33323419:02
kirklandmathiaz: i just poked slangasek about qemu-common in #ubuntu-release19:02
mathiazkirkland: http://paste.ubuntu.com/393485/19:04
mathiazkirkland: ^^ I'm trying to register a nc with a cc19:04
mathiazkirkland: what does this error mean?19:04
kirklandmathiaz: erm19:04
mathiazkirkland: this is on a multi-network installation19:04
kirklandmathiaz: i've not seen that error message19:05
=== FFForever-Away is now known as FFForever
kirklandmathiaz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/393490/19:08
mathiazkirkland: isn't cluser1 the default name now a days?19:14
kirklandmathiaz: "cluster1"19:14
kirklandmathiaz: you're missing a "t" in your quote right there (maybe just a typo)19:14
mathiazkirkland: right - it was a typo19:14
kirklandmathiaz: yes, that's the default19:15
mathiazkirkland: IIRC there is an open bug about that19:16
mathiazkirkland: this was a package install19:18
mathiazkirkland: and I wasn't prompted for the name of the cluster to register with19:18
mathiazkirkland: which is something that is done by the installer IIRC19:18
kirklandmathiaz: you should be prompted19:18
kirklandmathiaz: what was your debconf priority?19:18
mathiazkirkland: the default one19:19
kirklandmathiaz: and you didn't preseed cluster name, did you?19:19
kirklandmathiaz: tell me about your install ...19:19
mathiazkirkland: it's a bare bone install - without any preseeding done for eucalyptus19:19
kirklandmathiaz: from today's ISO?19:19
kirklandmathiaz: or the archive?19:19
mathiazkirkland: archive19:19
mathiazkirkland: you can see the preseed sent to the installer on tamarind: it's the marula host19:20
mathiazkirkland: yeah - there isn't any prompt for the cluster name in eucalyptus-nc.config19:21
kirklanddb_get eucalyptus/cluster-name || true19:22
kirklandif [ -z "$RET" ]; then19:22
kirkland        db_set eucalyptus/cluster-name "cluster1"19:22
mathiazkirkland: right - that's doesn't prompt anything19:22
kirklandmathiaz: that's in the eucalyptus-nc.config19:22
wack479i have a ubuntu 9.10 amd64 server running, and have added 5 drives wanting to run RAID5, all i should need is mdadm right?19:22
kirklandmathiaz: you think that should do a db_input19:22
hinkanyone had experience with KSplice Uptrack?19:22
tormzHello, I am looking for some help with setting up a Domain Name on a Dynamic IP19:22
kirklandmathiaz: that's probably okay19:22
mathiazkirkland: yes - something like that19:22
kirklandmathiaz: what bug number is this?19:23
mathiazkirkland: that being said it may have an impact on the installer19:23
mathiazkirkland: because that logic is already implemented in the installer19:23
mathiazkirkland: I'm still looking for the bug number19:23
wack479i have a ubuntu 9.10 amd64 server running, and have added 5 drives wanting to run RAID5, all i should need is mdadm right?19:23
sherrwack479: yes, that's right19:24
wack479k, thats what i thought19:24
kirklandmathiaz: i think it's okay as long as we're inside of the if [ -z "$RET" ]; then ...19:24
kirklandmathiaz: because in the default installs, the node should get its cluster name from the preseed file19:24
wack479sherr: but for some reason, every time i try to create the array it tells me...19:25
wack479sherr: mdadm: Cannot open /dev/sda: Device or resource busy19:25
wack479sherr: and then fails, any ideas?19:25
sherrMake sure /dev/sda is not in use i.e. not mounted etc.19:26
wack479sherr: it is not19:26
sherrwhat command are you using to create the raid?19:27
zulkirkland: can you open up a bug about it?19:27
kirklandzul: sure thing, against php5?19:27
wack479well i have tried doing it thru webmin and thru command line19:27
wack479i dont remember the exact syntax, let me see if i can find it19:28
tormzHello, I am looking for some help with setting up a Domain Name on a Dynamic IP19:28
sherrwack479: I'd throw webmin away and forget it. What command?19:28
guntbert!webmin | wack47919:29
ubottuwack479: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.19:29
kirklandzul: Bug #53757019:29
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 537570 in php-imagick "phpapi-20060613+lfs package is missing" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53757019:29
sherrwack479: if you have 5 disks each with partition 1 i.e. /dev/sd[a-e]1 then to make /dev/md0 as RAID5 :19:30
sherrwack479: mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level 5 --raid-devices=5 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sde119:30
wack479sherr: command is sudo mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md0 --level=5 --raid-devices=5 /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd /dev/sde19:31
sherr(have each partition of type "fd" via fdisk/partitioner)19:31
wack479yes i did do that, well at one time, i will double check19:31
zulkirkland: thanks19:31
wack479and thanks ubotu19:31
sherrmaybe try partitions? i.e. /dev/sda1 etc.19:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #537570 in php-imagick (universe) "phpapi-20060613+lfs package is missing" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53757019:36
hinkanyone had experience with KSplice Uptrack?19:37
wack479sherr: do the partitions need to be formatted at all or just created?19:38
sherrwack479: just created - type "fd" (linux raid autodetect)19:40
fakhirhello. i have 5.1.37-1ubuntu5.1 installed. problem is there is a bug in that version that has been fixed in a recent version. anyone know how often the MySQL package gets updated in the Ubuntu repository or when I could expect the next one?19:41
sherrwack479: once md0 is up and running, you format that - or make LV's and format them.19:41
wack479sherr: do i just go look and see if md0 is up and running?19:42
sherrfakhir: Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid is out end April - wait - or try a VM?19:42
sherrwack479: cat /proc/mdstat19:42
sherrThe mdadm command should tell you really (no errors)19:42
fakhirsherr, we wont see a new version of MySQL until the next version of Ubuntu?19:43
sherrfakhir: check package versions at http://packages.ubuntu.com.19:44
sherrfakhir: I don't know what your bug is. Bug number?19:44
wack479sherr: the cat /proc/mdstat come back with  md_do : inactive sda[0] xxxxxxxxx blocks unused devices: <none>19:45
fakhirsherr, http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=4665019:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #537582 in net-snmp (main) "package snmpd 5.4.1~dfsg-12ubuntu7 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53758219:46
mathiazkirkland: hm - I can't get the CC to register to the cloud19:49
sherrfakhir: You will have to check yourself - check the Mysql bug comments and see if the "push to 5.4.1" versions they mention is in the latest Ubuntu Lucid Mysql server package :19:49
mathiazkirkland: 2010-03-11 14:29:08-05:00 | 2509 -> euca_conf --register-cluster returned 119:49
mathiazkirkland: it seems there is a problem with rsync|ssh19:50
sherrfakhir: http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/mysql-server - 5.1.41-3ubuntu719:50
mathiazkirkland: the eucalyptus user public key is on the CC19:50
sherrCheck changelog?19:50
mathiazkirkland: hm - actually it's not19:51
sherrwack479: I guess you need to check your partitioning? fdisk -l /dev/sda19:51
mathiazkirkland: the CLC pub key is not the CC19:51
mathiazkirkland: the CLC pub key is not *on* the CC19:51
fakhirsherr, i have the latest version from the ubuntu repository and the bug is still there. my question is when will there be a new version of the package in the ubuntu repository.19:51
sherrfakhir: OK - not my area, sorry. Marc Deslauriers seems to be in charge (of last changelog) - he might pick up your question.19:53
fakhirok thank you19:53
sherrHowever - I doubt it will make Lucid r1 (freeze) - but who knows?19:54
mdeslaurfakhir: the bug you mentioned is supposed to be fixed in 5.1.41, and lucid contains 5.1.4119:56
mdeslaurfakhir: so, lucid should fix it for you19:56
fakhiris there any way i can grab that package for my current ubuntu install? unfortunately i am not all that experienced with package management.19:58
sherrmdeslaur: thanks. I thought fakhir said it was still present in latest ...19:58
wack479sherr: partitioning is /dev/sda1 -extended /dev/sda5 - Linux raid autodetect just like all the other drives19:58
sherrfakhir: why not try a VM virtual machine to test?19:58
sherrwack479: I'd need to see (pastebin) output of : fdisk -l , mdadm command and output, /proc/mdstat (and maybe last 20 lines of syslog after creation attempt)19:59
jcastrokirkland: testdrive saves the day again!20:00
jcastrokirkland: it'll be up on planet in a few minutes20:01
wack479sherr: k20:01
=== FFForever is now known as FFForever[A]
eekeekIs it possible to setup a mail server with a dynamicDNS server? I'm trying to decide if I need a static IP or not.20:10
=== FFForever[A] is now known as FFForever-Away
\sheekeek: yes...you can...but normally all dial in networks are blacklisted by spamRBLs20:14
\sheekeek: which means, incoming mail can work, but don't have to...and outgoing mail will go out and declined by reciepient20:16
eekeek\sh: hmm that's not good.20:16
sherreekeek: probably good for the health of the internet though :-)20:19
jcastrokirkland: btw on the karmic ppa testdrive is depends on cpu-checker, which doesn't exist afaict20:22
eekeeksherr: yeah I agree.20:23
eekeekDynamicDNS question - right now I'm using my routers dynamicDNS settings and zoneedit, but my domain registration company, namecheap, offers dynamicDNS service, but requires software to be installed. Is one way better than the other?20:25
sherreekeek: is the s/w free and opensource? Is it trust-worthy or are they?20:28
eekeeksherr: yes I believe the software is opensource - don't know much about it though. Namecheap seems trusty worthy.20:29
sherrI have used dyndns and their client ddclient before - but that's it. I use everydns for dns service.20:33
wack479sherr: sry doing the pastebin stuff now, had a coworker that had some pc probs20:36
eekeekNamecheap gives the option of either DDClient 3.0 or IPCheck. I just don't know if is worth the effort since setting up my router with zoneedit was so easy.20:36
wack479sherr: syslog = http://pastebin.com/hZKF0sjp fdisk = http://pastebin.com/4i5P62ZA mdadm command = http://pastebin.com/neaKzxrh and mdstat = http://pastebin.com/61X9PnKw20:44
kirklandjcastro: oh, good call20:45
kirklandjcastro: i'll add it to the ppa20:46
jcastrokirkland: poke me when you do, ryan @ ars would like to do a quick writeup on testdrive20:46
jcastrobut he's on karmic so he needs it in the ppa20:46
kirklandjcastro: saweet20:46
kirklandjcastro: sorry about that oversight20:46
jcastrokirkland: no worries, it's why we test!20:46
sherrwack479: OK, let me take a look20:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #537636 in clamav (main) "FFE for Clamav 0.96" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53763620:51
sherrwack479: well these errors seem relevant - on creating via mdadm :20:52
sherrmdadm: Cannot open /dev/sda5: No such file or directory20:52
sherrDisks a-e are sda1 extended and sda5 as the single data partition20:54
sherrfdisk -l seems to list the disks/parts OK.20:54
wack479but sda5 exists?20:55
sherrWhat about - delete partitions on sda-sde and create single primary partition on each? i.e. sda1,sdb1 etc.? Try creating md0 from them?20:55
sherrI know - but mdadm complains. Not sure why.20:55
wack479oh ok20:55
wack479yeah i can try that20:56
wack479ill try anything at this point20:56
wack479still need to change type to fd with the primary partition correct?20:56
sherrYes. You might also want to do a : mdadm -stop /dev/md020:57
sherrAnd maybe : /dev/md_d0 (not md0 - as per mdstat)20:57
sherrmdadm --stop /dev/md_d0 (never seen that syntax before)20:58
wack479when i tried that it said "mdadm: -s does not set the mode, and so cannot be the first option."20:58
sherrMaybe delete (or  move away) any /etc/mdadm.conf20:58
sherror that might be /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf20:58
sherr--stop not -s20:59
wack479i did stop but it came back with -s20:59
wack479for stome reason20:59
oru_workwhere is the ssh log located ?21:03
sherroru_work: /var/log/secure usually21:04
sherrSorry : /var/log/auth.log ... (RHEL hat on ...)21:04
sherrBene doing too much RHEL log tailing ....21:05
sherroru_work: Ubuntu is : /var/log/auth.log21:05
chocamoso nobody knows why when I create a user it is not automatically a samba user? thats how it was before I reinstalled. The only settings I ever changed was security = user in smb.conf, but now I have to manually add a samba user and password21:06
garymcDo I  need sendmail installed and configured to send emails from my contact website form?21:08
wack479sherr: same thing21:11
wack479do i have to mount those devices and then do the raid?21:12
sherrchocamo: could be related to libpam-smbpass not being installed - but that's a guess. Use with caution.21:12
chocamosherr: it is installed :/21:12
sherrwack479: no21:12
wack479sherr: didnt think so21:12
wack479but its still telling me "no such file or dir"21:12
sherrHmmm. it will be something stupid ...21:12
wack479yeah exactly21:13
wack479and i have spent half of yesterday, and 3 hours on it today21:13
sherrIt says : raid45: RAID device lookup failure21:13
wack479what does?21:13
wack479thats weird21:14
wack479handnt noticed that21:14
sherrand "error adding target to table" ... let me have a look21:15
bogeyd6This https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID#Installing  is wrong and unneccesary on the partition creation steps21:17
sherrraid45 is just the RAID4 and RAID5 dm kernel module ... so that's OK21:20
sherrwack479: what controller are these 5 disks on? Anything unusual with the h/w?21:21
wack479no, ist just ahci controller on the MB21:23
sherrwack479: I'd also check you can a) mkfs and mount a normal fs on /dev/sda1 (say) and21:23
sherrb) make a RAID1 mirror of /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1 as a test say?21:24
wack479sure ill try both21:24
wack479mkfs came back with :21:26
sherrie. Could not stat /dev/sda1 --- No such file or directory21:27
sherrNo LVM involved here anywhere?21:27
sherrCan you re-paste output of : fdisk -l21:28
wack479do i need to change type?21:29
wack479from the fd?21:29
sherrNo. I don't see anything wrong. Maybe zero superblocks i.e. mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sda (sdb,sdc,sdd,sde)21:30
wack479mdadm: couldn't open /dev/sda for write - not zeroing21:31
wack479*bleep bleep bleep bleep!21:32
sherrMaybe worth seeing /var/log/syslog for boot up messages and disk enumeration21:32
sherrWhat version of Ubuntu and what kernel?21:32
wack479the whole thing?21:32
wack4799.10 server amd64 kernel 2.6.31-20 i believe21:33
wack479syslog http://pastebin.com/A1hp5zrX21:44
sherrwack479: No tsure what the problem is but something very odd is happening - see all the reports around 13:05:2221:52
sherrIt looks like udev/upstart is in the mix as well - maybe very relevant i.e.21:53
sherrupstart-udev-bridge[29054]: Disconnected from Upstart21:53
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sherrinit: upstart-udev-bridge main process (29054) terminated with status 121:53
sherrinit: upstart-udev-bridge main process ended, respawning21:53
sherrAll around the time we also get RAID failures ...21:54
DancdoitHi can anybody help me, When i access my server through sftp i can only access my home directory. What am i doing wrong?21:54
sherrdevice-mapper: table: 252:0: raid45: RAID device lookup failure21:54
sherrwack479: These "upstart-udev-bridge" reports seem related - definitely suspicious21:55
wack479yeah thats weird21:55
sherrMight be worth "tail -f /var/log/syslog" (hitting enter to clear space beteen tests) and testing by - fdisk /dev/sda (check log outout), write partition (any logging?), quit (logging?), make a filesystem (any errors?)21:56
sherri.e. keep an eye on log output in other shell while you poke around (disk,mkfs,mdadm) - see where things go haywire ...21:57
sherrMaybe a BIOS funny? I don't know :-(21:57
sherrOr kernel? New h/w?21:58
metalf8801has anyone else run into a problem trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3 using Wubi?21:59
wack479ok yeah i will try that22:00
wack479i can check and see if there are any bios updates i guess, no, no new hw22:00
funkiwani'm looking for help debugging a broken raid setup. here's some details of my current config: http://pastebin.com/MUJwNvgy22:00
sherrwack479: trim the syslog and keep around. It might be useful to show people. I would be interested in all the RAID and udev stuff from the SATA disks on. Particularly the stuff I mention above. Someone who knows more than me.22:02
funkiwani have a working raid1 setup going, i also have an old raid0 setup for swap space that i'd like to decommission and just run them as normal swap partitions, not raided. however, i'm confused about the output i'm seeing under mdadm. can anyone help me think throught this?22:02
sherrI don't know if I can handle any more RAID!22:02
wack479hahaha that would be my fault funkiwan22:03
funkiwani'm guessing my problem is pretty simple. is there a better place for me to try and get help?22:04
sherrfunkiwan: what's in : cat /proc/mdstat22:04
wack479lol dejavu22:05
sherrfunkiwan: I think that's OK - but it is re-building.22:06
sherrRAID1 /dev/md0 on /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb122:06
sherrRebuilding - 40 mins left22:06
funkiwansherr: correct22:06
funkiwani ran the rebuild command myself22:06
funkiwani'm more concerned about the other partitions22:07
funkiwani'm currently running without swap22:07
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sherrfunkiwan: that's OK22:07
funkiwani was running swap on a separate drive22:07
funkiwanbut it failed22:07
funkiwanso i'm trying to set up swap on these two disks22:07
sherrShould be straightforward22:07
funkiwanon the unused partions, sda2 and sdb222:08
funkiwani agree22:08
sherrmkswap /dev/sda2 && mkswap /dev/sdb222:08
funkiwanbut if you look at the examine output of sdb2, it doesn't make sense to me22:08
sherrDoesn't matter really. You are wiping them anyway.Change them to type "swap" in fdisk and do the mkswap (and then swapon)22:09
funkiwanit shows sdb2 as part of an active raid (raid0) with two devices, but it only shows one device22:09
funkiwansherr: okay, it's that simple, i'll do it.22:10
sherrI think it's just old info i.e.22:10
funkiwani wasn't sure if there was some way i was supposed to remove them via mdadm first22:10
sherrYou could zero the superblock maybe - see the man page.22:11
sherrmdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sdb222:11
funkiwanwhat does that buy me?22:12
sherrIt removes md superblocks and so clears md (old) history on the device22:14
sherrSee the man page and/or google. This is your data! :-P22:15
wack479sherr:i almost feel cheated on with ur RAID talk with funkiwan22:17
jcastrokees: dude I love that "ufw allow samba" and "ufw allow nfs" just works22:19
jcastroI don't even have to remember ports anymore22:20
sherrwack479: well, let's hope Murphy doesn't strike! ... RAID .. dead simple :-)22:20
funkiwansherr: am i correct in that i need to delete the partion via fdisk and then readd it?22:20
sherrjcastro: any chance of a "ufw allow raid"? :-)22:20
sherrfunkiwan: to make it a swap part.? No. Just use fdisk to "toggle" (t) the partition number to "linux swap".22:21
sherrfunkiwan: I'd wait until the sync is complete.22:21
jcastrosherr: if you buy hardware raid it it's like zero config!22:21
sherrjcastro: I'd end up waking up I think ....22:22
enquoramy 9.10 installation uses GRUB2 and has suddenly started refusing to autoboot from GRUB menu. any suggestions on debugging this? Is it related to the continuing nmdb PID problem?22:25
funkiwansherr: thanks for the tip about waiting for the sync. it completed. i'm going in....22:26
funkiwancrud. it appears the rebuild may have failed. state is listed as clean, degraded22:29
sherrfunkiwan: before looking at that, toggle the part. id's for swap.22:30
sherrenquora: what's "nmdb PID" problems?22:30
funkiwansherr: you think having swap available may help the raid1 rebuild?22:30
sherrfunkiwan: don't think it is necessary. Just quick and easy to sort out.22:31
sherrFor the rebuild - what's /var/log/syslog say? (last 10 lines or so). Error?22:31
funkiwando i need to be concerned about the error message listed at the end of my fdisk session? http://pastebin.com/P43e6RbU22:33
sherrfunkiwan: no - but it wants a reboot really. Do both swap partitions - then reboot.22:36
sherrAlso - I see you do not "p" to print the partition layout - I always use "p" a lot - especially before changing partitions (and having to enter numbers). Just in case.22:36
funkiwansherr: well of course you do. that's why you're the one giving advice and i'm the dumb fool who needs it. thanks for the tip.22:38
funkiwansherr: in the interest of not double-horking my machine, do you think it makes sense to do only one partition for now? seeiing as i have a failing raid1 on these disks?22:38
enquorasherr: that was an unfortunate time to install an update and reboot - sorry. There's some funky problem with the Samba upstart job that tries to boot the server before the network interfaces are up, and results in an error booting nmdb22:39
sherrfunkiwan: yes, reasonable. Any error in syslog about the raid rebuild failing?22:41
sherrenquora: in Karmic?22:41
enquoralot's of old discussion on it, no resolution22:41
enquorathat can't be the problem with GRUB2 not autobooting, though22:42
sherrAh ... *nmbd* OK ... lucky I'm not running Samba servers on Karmic ...22:42
keesjcastro: awesome.  jdstrand rocks.  :)22:43
enquoraso, anyone on debugging GRUB2-level problems?22:43
funkiwanthis is the last think i'm seeing w/r/t mdadm in syslog: http://pastebin.com/iyqrUCyW22:44
funkiwansherr: there is continuing output of the RAID1 conf printout: lines. about every five seconds22:45
sherrand /dev/mdstat22:45
funkiwansherr: current output of mdstat and mdadm --detail: http://pastebin.com/u7tgsN1S22:47
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sherrfunkiwan: gone to "spare" now? Hmmm.22:52
sherrAnything in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf ? Sometimes spares get (incorrectly) configured22:53
jdstrandkees: thanks man :)22:54
funkiwansherr: this all started b/c i noticed some weird sounds coming from my disks, like they were starting and stopping. so i checked out mdadm and noticed that it was degraded. so i ran "sudo mdadm /dev/md0 -r /dev/sda1 -a /dev/sda1" and that started the rebuild going.22:56
sherrfunkiwan: I'm off in a minute - but sounds bad. Could be a real failing disk. Backup is the main thing right now I'd say)22:57
funkiwansherr: it's now listed as active, degraded22:57
sherrI would a) back stuff up (in case) then check out "smartctl" (smartmontools) and see if it thinks any disks are failing.22:57
funkiwansherr: thanks for the advice and the help.22:58
sherrYou could then try a "remove" and an "add" again perhaps ...22:58
sherrNo problem. Good luck and good night :-)22:58
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marsjeHi. Can anyone tell me how I can start X windows and start an X app automatically at boot?23:08
marsjeI have installed xfce4 and xdm, but it doesn't seem to work out of the box...23:08
marsjeI get a login screen, but after login I get back at the command line login prompt23:09
jayveeHey, who was asking about "ssh -X" not working the other day?23:54
jaypurhey yall do you know what are the changes for 10.4?23:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #537757 in apache2 (main) "PHP modules removed when upgrading apache2 to 2.2.11-2ubuntu2.6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53775723:55
persiajaypur: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Lucid-changes has them all : I don't think the release notes willbe useful until Beta2.23:58
jaypurpersia, thanks23:59

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