TakyojiSeems interesting: http://www.linux.com/news/featured-blogs/167-amanda-mcpherson/292902-can-you-design-a-better-linux-t-shirt-than-us01:14
Takyojiotherwise someone should perhaps take an initiative of orchestrating a global jam somewhere in Minnesota01:17
h00kwe're doing one in Wisconsin, I think02:16
h00kI just sent a mailing out today: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-wi/2010-March/000119.html02:22
TakyojiIt's just too bad that I'm not in the Twin Cities area*02:23
Takyojito host such; but would be able to attend one in the cities.02:24
h00kI think ours will most likely be online02:28
h00kbecause of proximity02:28
h00kHOW COOL IS THIS http://store.linux.com/product_info.php?products_id=10102:28
kermitlinux is still seen as anti-establishment?02:33
kermiti thought it was pretty established02:34
TakyojiWhat formats are there for expressing metadata?02:41
TakyojiEXIF, RDF, etc?02:41
TakyojiJust trying to think of a reasonable way to index various files, and to have all metadata stored, and so forth.02:45
h00kI don't know if fspot has this with pictures,02:47
h00kI know pictures have exif data, I don't know about normal files02:47
TakyojiEXIF is only for pictures, yes02:47
tonyyarussoWe had talked earlier about doing stuff with the Jam co-ordinating online.02:54
tonyyarussoh00k: the terrifying part is that the shirt actually makes sense.02:55
h00ktonyyarusso: I know, which makes it even more awesome!02:56
TakyojiAnyone know of the .ntr file extension?03:00
tonyyarusso"Netrun Executable Text File"03:02
tonyyarussowhatever that is03:02
kermitis that what 'file' said?03:03
TakyojiThat's the same information I've found. My brother is going through files, and supposedly came across such03:04
tonyyarussokermit: that's what filext.com said03:04
kermittry /usr/bin/file on the file03:05
kermitanyone can type any extention, that will examine the content of the file.03:05
TakyojiI've asked for a sample, for hopefully I'll get something03:05
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