* pleia2 watches the ustream to find out ;)01:11
pleia2luckily he's doing it first!01:11
pleia2he even has a hat01:11
pleia2Caterina Brigandi01:12
pleia2oh right, link to the video is here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/533780901:15
akgranerfinally all backed up and up dated :-)01:33
akgranermy machine is all growed up running lucid and I am LOVING the purple... I mean aubergine..yeah purple :-)01:34
MichelleQit's purple.  :P01:36
maco2akgraner: if you want to say the same colour but sound american while doing it: eggplant01:37
akgranerI <3 any shade purple...  When I was in the hotel business every suit I wore had something purple about it and all my pens, folders, postits, etc were purple....01:38
maco2for me stuff tends to be either pink or red01:40
maco2though ive started wearing brown the last couple years01:40
rwwmy netbook is purple. lighter shade, though01:40
maco2rww: lilac? lavender?01:40
akgranerI just cleaned up my blog as well01:40
rwwmaco2: dunno, I'm not good at colors :)01:40
rwwI'm running Xubuntu on Lucid right now. Not so much purple, but still awesome :)01:41
maco2i just got a friend request on facebook. dont think i know the person, but based on his name... he could be a 3rd or 4th cousin01:41
maco2(well his name and the location of his other family members on facebook, as i know my family passed through that area in the 1800s)01:41
rwwmaco2: Dell claims it's "Passion Purple" :D01:41
maco2rww: i see01:42
* MichelleQ wants a purple laptop01:45
elkyhttp://i.dell.com/images/ap/billboards/notebooks_enaudhs2.jpg <-- just WHY?01:59
maco2im thiking dudes going "oooh sexy... hey, chicks dig nailpolish right? my wife'll love this!"02:02
MichelleQyou know, that'd be neat looking *without* the nailpolish thing.02:11
MichelleQGotta love corporate sponsorship tho.02:11
akgranerhey  - I gotta admit  - I’m Not Really a Waitress is my FAV Opi color :-) http://en.community.dell.com/blogs/direct2dell/archive/2009/11/03/opi-colors-now-available-in-dell-design-studio-that-s-la-paz-itively-hot.aspx03:08
dholbachgood morning07:47
akgranerelky, thanks for posting the winner of the drawing yesterday :-)18:06
pleia2akgraner: are you going to mail the list with the update?18:17
pleia2(I updated the wiki)18:17
akgranerpleia2, yep, unless you want to - :-)18:18
pleia2I can do it, just didn't want to step on toes if you had something drafted already18:18
akgranerpleia2, no worries thanks18:19
pendulum_Umm... Should the topic be changed since voting is closed? Maybe have a link to the announcement of winners instead?19:59
=== pleia2 changed the topic of #ubuntu-women-project to: This Channel is LOGGED | http://women.ubuntu.com | support (mostly) at #ubuntu | channel guidelines: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/IrcGuidelines | Next meeting: TBD | "How I discovered Ubuntu" Winners! http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/InternationalWomensDay/HowIDiscoveredUbuntu
pleia2thanks pendulum_ :)20:04
pendulum_You're welcome :)20:05
AlanBellhi Pendulum  how are you now?20:32
Pendulumstill in some pain, but a lot less than I was20:33
Pendulumnot the most useful visit, but they've given me a few days worth of better pain release20:34
AlanBellprogress at least20:34
Pendulumalthough I'm pretty much now stuck in powerchair for a week as they don't want me using manual chair or crutches until I've seen the orthopaedist20:35
Pendulumwhich isn't end of the world, just inconvenient around my flat20:35
maco2people.canonical.com and launchpadlibrarian.net are both making my computer unhappy. is this just me?20:59
AlanBellpeople.ubuntu.com works for me21:00
maco2AlanBell: canonical, not ubuntu, i think21:01
maco2i'm trying to use the rmadison coommand21:01
AlanBellah ok21:01
* AlanBell decides to read better next time21:02
akgranerelky thank you's sent and info request sent for all entries and winners21:26
akgranerI am fixing the labels in my email - oh this is time consuming but it has to be done :-/21:28
maco2akgraner: hehe i was just rewriting gmail filters so that my launchpad bugmail would be more sanely sorted21:28
akgraneryeah my listmail was no where near sane21:29
elkyakgraner, pleia2 thanks :)22:46

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