brycehmorning RAOF00:59
RAOFbryceh: Good morning!00:59
bjsniderit is not the morning01:04
RAOFNot anymore, no.01:05
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jdubhey gang12:51
jdubi'm poking around in launchpad to see if a bug is already filed about this12:51
jdubmy i965 isn't getting hardware gl love12:52
jduba bit of apparently salient info:12:52
jdub$ LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo 2>&1 | grep error12:52
jdublibGL error: dlopen /usr/lib/dri/i965_dri.so failed (/usr/lib/dri/i965_dri.so: undefined symbol: _mesa_meta_clear)12:52
jdublibGL error: unable to load driver: i965_dri.so12:52
jdublibGL error: driver pointer missing12:52
jdub 12:52
jdubthink i may have figured it out12:53
jdubyay, looks like i had some evil meta debs from elsewhere installed12:54
jdubthanks for providing the counselling couch12:55
stefanlsdheys! really appreciate the nouveau drivers in lucid, but need the propietry drivers for some stuff. cant load it since it seems the frame buffer takes ownership of the device and nvidia-current module says no device found. cant find any documentation on how to disable it, any ideas pls?16:32
stefanlsdbest way i've found for now is to boot -15 kernel, which isnt great :)16:35
jcristaustefanlsd: echo blacklist nouveau > /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf16:36
jcristauthen update-initramfs16:36
stefanlsdjcristau: thanks. will give it a try!16:38
tseliotjcristau, stefanlsd: my packages already do that16:39
johanbrstefanlsd, removing plymouth and/or booting without the "splash" kernel option may also help16:40
stefanlsdtseliot: is you package new, cause i just noticed i already have it black listed in there, and about 10 minutes ago i just ran the system / hardware drivers and enabled nvidia16:41
stefanlsdjohanbr: removed splash doesnt, help, can try remove plymouth16:41
tseliotstefanlsd: no, it's not new. Did you reboot?16:41
bjsniderit was new 2 months ago16:44
stefanlsdtseliot: yeah, every day :)  relevant part of dmesg in pastebin   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/393390/16:44
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tseliotstefanlsd: I mean, after installing nvidia16:45
stefanlsdtseliot: doesnt seem like it removes it in the initrd. but yeah, i've always had nvidia installed. im gonna reboot right now just to confirm, brb16:45
bjsnideri wonder what jockey says is going on in his case16:46
Sarvattyeah it puts all the gpu stuff in the initrd by default just incase its needed, the nvidia package adds a nouveau blacklist but i've seen 2 reports where that blacklist wasn't working for some reason since non-lbm nouveau went in. in one case it was because /usr was on a seperate partition that was getting fscked so it couldn't follow the symlink in /etc/modprobe.d/16:48
Sarvatttseliot: i was going to ask you about that, would it be a better idea to just put a versioned .conf in /etc/modprobe.d/ instead of making it an alternative?16:48
tseliotSarvatt: what do you mean by "versioned .conf"?16:49
Sarvattlike nvidia-current.conf nvidia-173.conf nvidia-96.conf16:50
tseliotalso, we could put it somewhere in /lib perhaps?16:50
stefanlsdtseliot: hi, back, still doesnt work16:50
stefanlsdtseliot: interesting what you said about above16:50
tseliotSarvatt: those files would conflict with each other16:51
tseliotstefanlsd: do you have /usr on a separate partition?16:51
stefanlsdtseliot: i have a problem booting, it seems random. 1/2 boots it is unable to mount my /usr partition16:51
stefanlsdi hard power down my laptop, and power up, and then it finds it16:51
bjsniderstefanlsd, so /usr on your system is on its own partition?16:52
stefanlsdtseliot: yeah, /usr /home /var /tmp / on seperate partitions16:52
Sarvattjust seems racy with the mounts not being available all the time for people with oddball partition layouts16:53
bjsnideri wonder if there's an open bug regarding not being able to find separate partitions16:53
Sarvattah i was thinking nvidia-173 and such werent parallel installable with nvidia-current16:54
stefanlsdbeen wanting to debug why for some reason it doesnt see my /usr partition for a while now. seems like some race issue16:54
tseliotSarvatt: using /lib instead of /usr/lib would fix it16:54
Sarvattmountall is where you want to look16:54
bjsnidermaybe his fstab is broken16:55
bjsnideror old or something16:55
Sarvattstefanlsd: try changing /etc/init/udev.conf to require local-filesystems to start16:56
Sarvattnot sure if thats the right way but things are starting too parallel for you with the oddball partition setup, it's expecting a standard layout16:58
stefanlsdSarvatt: whats the syntax for the udev.conf file for require?   I just put "require local-filesystems"  under the start line?    hehe, its not that oddball btw :)16:59
bjsnidersure it is17:00
jcristaupretty standard actually17:00
Sarvatti dont think its oddball either but theres alot of issues with upstart and non standard layouts17:00
bjsnideri forgot that's how the ubuntu installer lays things out every time17:00
jcristau(more so 10 years ago than now, but well)17:00
stefanlsdbut yeah, seems like a few bug reports for things expecting stuff in /usr and /usr not being available (specifically /usr/lib)17:01
Sarvatthmm I'm not sure udev would be the place to put it actually stefanlsd..17:01
Sarvatttry start on virtual-filesystems and local-filesystems though in /etc/init/udev.conf and hopefully that wont wreck your machine :) i believe you need to update-initramfs -u after you change it17:05
Sarvattit'll probably add quite a bit of time to your boot time, the racyness is a fallout from all of this boot speed work :(17:07
stefanlsdSarvatt: kk. thanks. gonna reboot and check :)17:07
stefanlsdbrb (hopefully)17:07
stefanlsdmm, back. 17:13
stefanlsdsoo, the blacklisting worked now...17:13
stefanlsdalthough the system feels very slow... everything sluggish. not sure if its just me17:13
stefanlsdwhat happened to glxinfo17:16
stefanlsdim pretty sure this isnt accelerated17:16
stefanlsdaah yeah, /proc/nvidia doesnt exist17:16
stefanlsdprob X config now. gonna try reconfig. nvidia kernel module is loading17:18
stefanlsdSarvatt: ok thanks. its working now17:27
stefanlsdso i guess for the record, blacklisting with a seperate /usr partition isnt working17:27
tjaaltonjust like ureadahead doesn't work with separate /var partition17:56
tjaaltonI'm down to just having /tmp and /boot separate, need to disable /var/tmp somehow so people can't fill root with it17:56
tjaaltonlike link it to /tmp17:57
stefanlsdtjaalton: aah ok. i've seen that ureadahead does give errors on mine also18:12
tseliotstefanlsd: can you file a bug report about blacklisting while using separate partitions, please?18:15
stefanlsdtseliot: will do, any suggestions on package?18:27
tseliotstefanlsd: nvidia-graphics-drivers would be fine18:28
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djr13i'm getting gpu lockups under nouveau with an nv18 card19:38
djr13...any ideas/things to check?19:39
djr13getting gpu lockups/X freezing under multiple kernels, Xorg versions/nouveau versions19:41
Sarvattbryceh: sent you an email with a ton of ideas regarding X specific UDS discussion points. basically things such as gallium implementation, extending synaptics device settings that are missing to the GUI (like corner button settings and tap button assignment), xserver 1.8 migration pains like xorg.conf.d and the new abi's, libkms that plymouth will most likely depend on, and issues we've seen with KMS migration such as backlight control19:48
brycehSarvatt, ok great thanks, I'll take a look19:49
tseliotSarvatt: "synaptics device settings" - good point, it reminds me of what I haven't had the time to work on, among other things ;)19:49
* bryceh just got retasked to focus on multitouch support for a while19:50
* tseliot whistles19:51
Sarvattthats a rough one19:52
Sarvattgoing to need quite a number of kernel patches for starters to handle the touchscreen support for the more common devices (n-trig?)19:54
brycehSarvatt, yep19:56
djr13anyone: what could i do to find the cause of gpu lockups in nouveau...only happens with nv18...19:56
brycehdjr13, speak with RAOF19:57
djr13bryceh: eh? thanks, i'll see what they say19:58
Sarvattfile a bug for starters, need alot of logs to help you troubleshoot it :)19:59
Sarvattubuntu-bug xorg from a terminal, and subscribe RAOF and Sarvatt to it20:01
diverse_izzuesince kernel -15 i have trouble with radeon kms and external screens. is that known, and that to do about it?20:01
brycehdiverse_izzue, look in launchpad to see if it's a known issue20:01
djr13Sarvatt: you mean me? :) yeah I thought of that...i can't quite find it in any log so far....and thanks also...couldn't recall how to file bugs :-/20:01
diverse_izzuebryceh, i should search for the component "linux"?20:02
brycehdiverse_izzue, process is file a bug if there isn't one already, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting for some techniques to debug the type of problem, forward the bug upstream to bugs.freedesktop.org and make a bug link, and work with upstream towards a fix20:02
Sarvattgotta work and purposefully leaving the laptop at home this time so I wont be able to look at it until tonight though20:02
brycehdiverse_izzue, once there's a fix, the patch will need backported to lucid, and then integrated to our packaging20:02
diverse_izzuebryceh, i had the same issue with the vanilla 2.6.33 kernel, but not the 2.6.32 one20:04
brycehdiverse_izzue, I don't know if anyone on the developer end of things will have time to help on your bug so the more of that process you can do, the easier it'll make it and more likely it'll be to looked at.  If you think it's an emergency, talk with rickspencer3 to help alter priorities accordingly20:04
brycehdiverse_izzue, if you're certain it's a kernel bug, you probably should be talking to the kernel team rather than us - see #ubuntu-kernel20:04
diverse_izzuebryceh, genereally, how much trouble does the new ati stack still make?20:04
djr13Sarvatt: would "ubuntu-bug xorg" still likely collect the correct info if I switched cards a couple hours ago?20:05
brycehdjr13, nope20:06
diverse_izzuebryceh, if you just said sth. please repeat, had an X crash20:06
bjsniderdjr13, there is also a #nouveau channel where the devs lurk20:07
brycehdiverse_izzue, the way you asked your question it's not possible to answer it20:08
brycehdiverse_izzue, again see launchpad if you're curious about bugs20:08
djr13hmm looks like i'm stuck trying to get it running with a half-broken Xorg :)) should be possible though...20:09
diverse_izzueall right20:09
djr13bjsnider: yes i've been there...no responses :((20:09
brycehdiverse_izzue, we'd put out some calls for testing on the stack and no one reported any show stopper type issues, but not many people helped do the testing so it's not really possible to make broad generalizations about it20:10
brycehupstream says it should be good to go20:10
diverse_izzueok, i just recently tuned into the testing. i do have issues, and will make sure they are reported soon20:11
tjaaltondiverse_izzue: you could also try on #dri-devel, say that .33 has a regression20:11
bjsniderbryceh, i'd say it is how it is. there aren't many good choices there. it's either radeon or fglrx20:11
diverse_izzuebjsnider, but there's regression potential. i could use external screens in karmic, and currently my system does either hang on boot with external screen or show an extremely jittery picture20:12
bjsnideri suppose fglrx doesn't work with the kernel yet20:13
brycehbjsnider, tjaalton, btw apw implemented kms blacklisting support in the kernel, so if there are hw-specific issues that are best fixed by making the hw use ums instead, give him pci id's (and make sure there are bug report #'s for tracking)20:13
tjaaltonor the xserver20:13
diverse_izzuebjsnider, i haven't tried and i won't...20:13
bjsniderdiverse_izzue, it's not much help in any case i suppose20:13
bjsniderthey'll probably patch it the day before lucid is released20:13
tjaaltonbryceh: ok, nice20:14
brycehbjsnider, unfortunately ATI NDA prevents us from disclosing when fglrx will be delivered to us20:16
bjsniderhahhaa whatever20:16
brycehbut it will be available in lucid20:16
diverse_izzuesometimes the industry is difficult to understand...20:17
bjsniderbryceh, why would you sign one of those awful things?20:17
brycehbjsnider, well I didn't sign it personally ;-)20:18
apwbjsnider, tjaalton, bryceh, right ... get me the bug numbers, make sure the device ids are clearly in there and i'll put together a test kernel for them20:18
brycehknowing stuff under an nda is almost worse than not knowing :-/20:18
brycehif I didn't know, then I could give you educated guesses ;-)20:19
brycehanyway, --> lunch.  bbiab20:19
bjsnideri provided an educated guess based on their past behaviour20:19
brycehSarvatt, you about?21:48
brycehSarvatt, can you bump me up to administrator in xorg-edgers (https://edge.launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+members)?21:49
brycehSarvatt, I want to add a ppa for multitouch21:49
Sarvattbryceh: only tormod can do that but I created https://edge.launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/multitouch22:19
brycehSarvatt, thanks22:20
* bryceh copies in multitouch package22:22
Sarvattjcristau: you have experience with xserver 1.8 post xorg.conf.d merge right? when you create xorg.conf.d snippets for input devices and such and they are matched does it handle video device autoconfiguration the same as not having an xorg.conf currently does?22:22
brycehapw, mt kernels can be dropped @ https://edge.launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/multitouch/+packages22:23
brycehfeh, we're drowning in these GPU lockup bugs22:24
Sarvatthmm, i see some trends in the gpu lockup bugs22:28
Sarvatt8xx are all at boot time and justify quirking to UMS, every other one I've looked at so far looks like it was triggered by the plymouth sigquit restarting X deal..?22:31
brycehSarvatt, ooh really?  that's good insight22:32
brycehso for 8xx we could just have apw blacklist them all (which we were thinking of doing anyway)22:32
Sarvattthere's a little issue with libdrm I haven't figured out yet, I get a drm error every time i stop or restart gdm22:32
Sarvattdigging through my logs to find the exact message22:33
brycehfor the plymouth ones, I wonder if there's a way we can check for that situation automatically and avoid filing more bug reports in that case?22:33
jcristauSarvatt: afaik stuff is handled as if you had the xorg.conf.d contents in xorg.conf22:35
Sarvatt[drm:i915_gem_madvise_ioctl] *ERROR* Attempted i915_gem_madvise_ioctl() on a pinned object22:36
SarvattI get that switching to a VT and doing a sudo service stop gdm22:37
Sarvatti need to file an upstream bug on that one now that i figured out it wasnt plymouth related22:39
Sarvatthmm i have an error in my dmesg now when i suspended with the powersave=1 945 black screen hang, that used to just be silent and will trigger the apport script too so I gotta check 945 hang bugs for that22:42
SarvattMar  8 18:25:13 asuka kernel: [97322.963349] render error detected, EIR: 0x0000001022:42
SarvattMar  8 18:25:13 asuka kernel: [97322.963369] page table error22:42
SarvattMar  8 18:25:13 asuka kernel: [97322.963381]   PGTBL_ER: 0x0000001022:42
Sarvattbryceh: what devices are you trying to support? if it's n-trig you get multitouch/stylus/touch and eraser support through wacom and just need to extend the udev rules as well as integrate the n-trig kernel module (not to mention the non-redistributable windows firmware it needs..). you will lose everything but touch events using evdev?23:30
brycehyeah n-trig is the priority23:31
brycehapw's looking into the kernel module (see https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-lucid-xorg-multitouch)23:32
brycehSarvatt, I got a patch that adds multitouch support to -evdev which is in the aforementioned ppa now23:32
brycehdon't have the hw to test it though23:32
superm1that reminds me, my touchscreen broke on upgrade to lucid, is it expected to be working right now?23:36
superm1single touch23:36
Sarvatta bug report would help alot when you have time, unless it was before wacom 0ubuntu2 was uploaded then it was expected not to work23:39
Sarvatt-- Timo Aaltonen <tjaalton@ubuntu.com>  Fri, 05 Mar 2010 10:52:11 +020023:40
Sarvattserial tablets were broken until then needing the wacom udev rules update it had23:41
brycehsuperm1, probably due to dropping HAL23:42
Sarvatt(most tablet pc's having serial digitizers, not sure what device you have)23:42
superm1i dont have the HW handy right now.  i'll get a bug report together when i ge thome23:43
superm1i dist-upgraded on sunday, so so i should have that23:43
Sarvattyeah that'd be much appreciated, it *should* be working at this point23:44
superm1Ok, that's what i needed to determine, whether the bug report would do anygood since it was "supposed" to be working23:45
Sarvattactually I just noticed we're missing waltop tablets support, and i was under the impression serial wacom devices needed Option "ForceDevice" "ISDV4" in xorg.conf as well23:55

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