IdleOneclickme: if the room freezes it is on your client not the server00:00
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professional-areLosha,  yeah i guess i got it for  dollars with 8gb ram quadcore processor and 1gb ati video card tv tunner and wireless antena and 1tb hard drive so im not complaining00:00
Loshaprofessional-are: :-)00:00
sineI want to change THE password, i didnt realise i was setting the root password when the wubi installer started00:00
chelzIdleOne: ah, yeah that could work for me. i've held back upgrading ubuntu for a while just because things seem to be working and i don't want to go through some headache of stuff not working.00:00
LinuxGuy2009sine: Yeah use sudo unless you want to enable the root account login. But you dont need to do that at all.00:00
Loshacrc32: it's not the first blunder ubuntu has made. grub2, new gdm, sound. The list goes on...00:01
Typos_KingLosha:    afaik,   apple doesn't put any pinholes to any of their optical drives, external or internal, bad decision IMO, but yes, it's so00:01
IdleOnechelz: if you don't need to upgrade then don't :)00:01
chelzsine: using the command "passwd" on a terminal by itself should work00:01
LoshaTypos_King: I can't imagine it's anything but a cost saving thing...00:01
clickmewhat client should i use [currently using empathy]00:01
sinecoldplay - fix you < now that is one damn tune that makes me want to pray so sweet00:01
dotblank3_Empathy is awesome00:01
dotblank3_I love it00:02
seanbrystone2how do i fix suspend issues? Black screen of death + blinking cursor + keyboard totally locked up, Ubuntu 9.10 on a fairly new computer00:02
chelzIdleOne: welll a lot of things i've looked over wanting to do require newer stuff. i tried to install some haskell stuff recently and wound up upgrading libc and had to spend a day uninstalling and reinstalling packages until things were right again. upgrading would probably be good for me.00:02
dotblank3_"Share my desktop" is the best thing since sliced bread00:02
LinuxGuy2009seanbrystone2: Your not the only one who noticed that 9.10 is heavily broken. I too have noticed this.00:03
sinenot as good as "share my wife"00:03
Typos_KingI've used a macpro, the dvd drive was just a plain slot, not even a plate on it, just a slot on the front-side of the MB, I used an external too, usb, same it was just a square with a hole, no pinhole, no plate either, or tray, just a small rubber-like innerdoor00:03
crc32Losha: Yea It felt like I was learning Linux all over again when I installed 9.10. I panicked when  I saw all the ".mod" files in /boot/grub as it almost felt root kit looking at all those formiliar commands in that directory, but later assumed its supposed to be a rescue boot or something.00:03
chelzLinuxGuy2009: 'anecdotal evidence' is not evidence00:03
crc32They are rescue binaries right and not a root kit? LOL00:03
Descierohiexpo: How can I view a log of a failed terminal package install?00:03
seanbrystone2no no i never said ubuntu 9.10 was heavily broken.00:03
LinuxGuy2009Who said anything about evidence.00:03
Loshacrc32: my understanding is that they are modules loaded and run by grub, and it's been done to make grub2 more modular. I'm ok with that, but the scripts which run to generate grub.cfg are a holy mess...00:04
LinuxGuy2009seanbrystone2: No what Im saying is that the devs knew that 9.10 would have major issues. So its not suprising at all that you have these issues.00:04
LinuxGuy2009They threw in tons of new stuff for preop for LTS00:05
seanbrystone2yeah, well theres that :)00:05
crc32seanbrystone2: I'm not sure if its broken or not but it has plenty of suprises to make an experienced linux admin go "WTF"00:05
sineI ran red alert 2 in wine yesterday and the computer rebooted after wine crashed00:05
clickmegrub2 is really a pain, even boot spash is a pain00:05
LinuxGuy2009Yeah I went right back to Jaunty. Very happy with that release.00:05
sinei didnt think linux crashed00:05
hiexpoDesciero, it should be in your sys log go to system/adm log file viewer00:05
Coded1hello all00:06
Loshacrc32: seanbrystone2: well let's be fair, you don't get new features without bugs. That's why I run 8.04 LTS.00:06
LinuxGuy2009But 8.04 is older than dirt for me.00:06
LoshaLinuxGuy2009: what is that, some kind of weird computer ageism?00:07
clickmeseanbrystone linus mint is pretty good00:07
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LinuxGuy2009Debian stable has newer stuff than Ubuntu LTS does currently. Thats old.00:07
seanbrystone2yeah but i look at it like, you can try those other distros that have 100 users in their chat channel, 99 of them are snoozing or AFK, that's what makes Ubuntu so great , huge irc channel, huge community for helping ETC :)00:07
clickmeseanbrystone true00:07
jrib!away > n3w4r3z[AwAy]00:08
ubottun3w4r3z[AwAy], please see my private message00:08
crc32Losha: I'm ok with grun being what ever since its low level and I don't typically screw around at that low a level but I did expect to see menu.lst  at least in the grub directory where you edit the file and expect it to work. Instead you edit another file and run update-grub which to me feels like "lilo" all over again.00:08
LinuxGuy2009seanbrystone2: The sad truth to that statement is partially due to Ubuntu having some many problems at times also. But not always.00:08
Coded1im running 9.10 and when I copy folders (local - local or local - usb flash) my whole system crawls.  Its a 2.53GHz w/512mb ram, and not usually that slow.  When I run htop it shows 13% used but seems the kernel is taking the rest.  any ideas?00:08
Loshaseanbrystone2: stable, cheap, new-featured: choose any *two*....00:08
dtcrshrhello, iv installed xmms2 via synaptic, but i got no links on the start menu. on terminal i call xmms2 but it gots me a comamand line00:08
dtcrshrhow do i create a shortcut for the xmms gui00:08
jribdtcrshr: did you restart your panel?00:09
dtcrshrhow do i do that00:09
clickmeCoded1: might be you hard drive/usb flash dying00:09
dtcrshrjrib, without restarting gnome00:09
jribdtcrshr: either logout and back in or just send SIGHUP to gnome-panel00:09
Coded1clickme, should I be getting errors in /var/log somewhere?00:09
jebbahey, I have a script that launches `apt-get install mysql-server` automatically when a node is created. But it prompts for what you want the root mysql password to be. I just want to leave it blank. I did -y and --force-yes. I also want to do this "headless"/automated, so I don't have to hit enter on that screen. How can this be done? I don't see an option to apt-get for non-interactive mode.00:10
clickmedtcrshr: u can always log off and log back in00:10
LinuxGuy2009Coded1: 9.04 might be better for you until 10.04 LTS comes out. 9.10 is buggy for many users.00:10
dtcrshrjrib, i got plenty of apps opened, will i lost my job?00:10
dtcrshractually, im transmitting to a webcast00:10
jribdtcrshr: if you logout yes, if you send SIGHUP to gnome-panel, no00:10
LinuxGuy2009Coded1: Many things were added in preperation for LTS.00:10
crc32Losha: I'm ok with ubunu I guess for a desktop environment so long as it doesn't keep changing so fast. But in production I'm sticking with Debian or CentOS or fedora. I don't trust ubunto after 9.10 came out.00:10
dtcrshrnow that they areusing the microfone i got no problem00:10
dtcrshraudacious is cracking, so i got xmms00:10
dtcrshrcant reboot00:10
dtcrshrjrib, whats the terminal command to send it to gnome panel00:11
Coded1can I down grade?00:11
clickmeCoded1: maybe, i'm but i had those problems and usually is a bad drive, the OS drive thats00:11
Loshacrc32: I don't even mind the update thing, but the scripts which you have to edit to make changes are impenetrable & look like they were written by an amateur...00:11
LinuxGuy2009Coded1: Dont think so unless you have an old system backup sitting around which I assume you dont.00:11
clickmeCoded1: try running the live session and copy and paste to the usb flash from there and see00:11
andrew__Is there any way to make the terminal only keep the result of the last command, and the command prompt?00:11
jribdtcrshr: pkill -HUP gnome-panel  I suppose.00:11
Coded1clickme, will do00:11
LinuxGuy2009Coded1: Yeah I think you can change the setting in the terminal profile.00:12
jribandrew__: what?00:12
LinuxGuy2009oops sorry00:12
andrew__jrib: Erm I want to keep the buffer quite clear, it just gets cluttered real easy00:12
LinuxGuy2009andrew__: Yeah I think you can change the setting in the terminal profile.00:12
Typos_Kingandrew__   what?00:12
Coded1LinuxGuy2009, thanks for the input00:12
jribandrew__: you want to modify your prompt?00:12
clickmehow come the Panels always stay on top os apps even after you auto hide them guys00:12
dtcrshrhm.. no xmms00:12
dtcrshri must have missed something00:13
andrew__Oh nevermind :p00:13
dtcrshrany other suggestions? i need a substitute to audacious,  an mp3 player that runs with jack00:13
jribdtcrshr: I didn't claim you would see a shortcut after restarting gnome-panel, just that you should to see if it shows up.  Did it show up?00:13
jrib!who | dtcrshr00:13
ubottudtcrshr: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:13
crc32Losha: How long did you spend trying to disable the splash screen, Graphical startup and gdm. If you did disable gdm00:13
Typos_Kingdtcrshr:   audacious works fine for me00:13
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: You trying to do multitrack recording?00:13
brjannjebba: you can try the "yes" command, which repeatedly outputs its argument (by default, 'y') followed by a newline until it's killed00:13
dtcrshrTypos_King, no, im broadcasting00:14
crc32for me I'd raher see startup messages rather then a crawling graphical bar.00:14
dtcrshra live cast with both enterviews and audio00:14
dtcrshrthe mic is jsut fine00:14
dtcrshrbut audacious is cracking as hell00:14
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr:  Tried ardour?00:14
Typos_King.... I see00:14
dtcrshrany audio00:14
FloodBot2dtcrshr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:14
dtcrshrim just looking for an anternative to use jack00:14
Loshacrc32: I didn't. I run 8.04 LTS i.e. still running grub1. I boot into 9.10 occasionally, mainly so I can support for it here, but I do it from grub100:14
dtcrshrdont xmms has a gui?00:14
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: Cracking might be bad Jack settings. Need a higher buffer etc. More latency to compensate.00:14
brjannjebba: so e.g. for   yes | aptitude install foo   , yes would answer y<ENTER> for any prompt it encountered00:14
Typos_Kingdtcrshr:    so.... when you broadcast using whatever server.... audacious is giving a crackling on the playbacks?00:14
dtcrshrim using icecast00:15
dtcrshron a remote server00:15
jribdtcrshr: didn't you just say you ran it on the command-line?00:15
dtcrshrjrib, but it dont do nothing besides the list of comands00:15
Typos_Kingdtcrshr:    so, you are NOT broadcasting... you're just playing a stream00:15
craigbass1976I want a headless router box.  Is ubuntu the answer?  I ran cent for a couple years and the hard drive quit, just not sure which way I want to go00:15
jribdtcrshr: what exactly did you install?00:15
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: Does audacious crackle with any other files besides the ones your recording?00:15
WinterSkyJust wondering about Ubuntu: I was watching a video file and I moved it on accident while it was playing and it still played. Does Xine\Mplayer\Ubuntu Buffer the video or does Ubuntu let the application know where it was moved to so it can continue playing?00:15
dtcrshrLinuxGuy2009, well, the recordings are fine00:16
LinuxGuy2009WinterSky: You can move the windows whereever you want.00:16
teagei can not remove the universal access preferences icon from my panel, i have disabled it from startup applications preferences and rebooted, still there. I have removed it from startup applications preferences, still there. can anyone help me?00:16
dtcrshrte problem is on the playing, im using the audacious tracks as a bg for instance00:16
jebbabrjann: ya, well, it really just needs to hit <enter>, not say "y", as i want to leave the password blank.  But that seems like quite a kludge. How is it done for cronned`apt-get dist-upgrades` on boxes? This is basically the same situation.00:16
WinterSkyLinuxGuy2009 It wasn't a window. It was a media file.00:16
jribWinterSky: file stays in memory until nothing is using it00:17
Loshacraigbass1976: ubuntu will work for that, but it probably only makes sense if you are already familiar with it. If not, there are distros specifically designed for running as headless routers which are tailored to that function and probably will give you better performance & easier config.00:17
LinuxGuy2009WinterSky: Oh you mean you moved a file out of a folder while it was playing?00:17
Typos_Kingdtcrshr:    sooo... you're doing Tracks mixing?00:17
WinterSkyLinuxGuy2009 Yes00:17
Typos_Kingdtcrshr:    why ot just get Jokosher for that?00:17
dtcrshrjrib, xmms2 command on the terminal shows a bunch of commands, add, play but none to show me the gui00:17
LinuxGuy2009WinterSky: It may have tracked the move but I sorta dought it. When the buffer ran out it would have stopped probebly.00:17
jribWinterSky: a "move" operation doesn't actually move a file in memory anyway00:18
jribdtcrshr: you didn't answer my qusetion00:18
WinterSkyLinuxGuy2009 Yeah the buffer was probably full.00:18
dtcrshrTypos_King, well, im using a two track usb audio board, with 2 mics in it. with this i got audacious also playing a sound for bg00:18
dtcrshrjrib, i didnt understood your question00:18
WinterSkyjrib: Yeah. So it probably was loaded into ram\buffered.00:18
craigbass1976Losha, I'm very familiar with ubuntu; been a happy user since dapper.  I've just always used centOS for servers, not ubuntu.  Well, once I had a xubuntu webserver, but it was temporary00:18
jribWinterSky: no, that's not what is happening00:18
brjannjebba: then you could use   yes "" | ...   , but it is a kludge, i agree. i'm not sure how the cron jobs do it, though, sorry00:18
jribWinterSky: you can even delete the file if you want00:19
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: Why are you using Jack you running multiple streams to one set of outputs or need some feature of jack that a normal playback wont do>?00:19
jribWinterSky: it won't actually get deleted until nothing is using it00:19
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: Jack is mostly used for near Zero latency for multitrack recording and stuff like that or complex routing features.00:19
dtcrshrLinuxGuy2009, im using complex routing features00:19
dtcrshri need patchage, jackeq, and jackrack00:19
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: Ardour has multiple tracks and is more than likely gonna be better for what you need.00:20
dtcrshri pass the microfones over to a compressor and eq onjackrack before i get then  on air00:20
LoshaWinterSky: when you move a file (at least within the same filesystem), the filehandle the program uses to access it remains valid until the process closes the file. This is true even if you delete the file. It's just how it works...00:20
dtcrshri dont need to record separated tracks LinuxGuy2009, audacious does the job with the final product00:20
jribdtcrshr: what exactly did you install?00:20
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: Well if audacious isnt working then its not working right?00:20
LinuxGuy2009Cant have it both ways.00:20
Typos_Kingehhhe,   it works for  me :P00:21
dtcrshrjrib, i went to synaptic, and installed xmms2 and xmms2-plugin-jack00:21
Loshacraigbass1976: well as I say, at a pinch, any reasonable distro will serve, but you might as well get one designed for the function. If it comes with a web configuration interface, so much the better...00:21
jribdtcrshr: you need to install some sort of client for xmms2 then afaix00:21
jribafaik even00:21
Hypnozif an nfs mount is 755 owned by www-data:www-data, what permission would allow any user to touch any file owned by www-data:www-data?00:22
dtcrshrjrib, hm. so xmms is just a service? can you suggest a front end for xmms2?00:22
craigbass1976Losha, ubuntu is one disc...  That's one plus.  :)00:22
dtcrshrLinuxGuy2009, audacious is just playng the bg, i cutted it off right now00:22
jribdtcrshr: I cannot, but yes xmms2 is now client/server based00:22
WinterSkyLosha So it just updates the file handle of the new "Location\Folder Path" even though the file hasn't moved physically on the drive. And the application uses that File Handle that points to the file on  the drive?00:22
Descierohiexpo: yeah but which one is it in??00:22
dtcrshrso they are just talking on the microfone, no audio on bg00:22
craigbass1976Hypnoz, 775 as long as the user in questio is in the www-data group00:22
Loshacraigbass1976: the router distros are even tinier I think you'll find...00:22
dtcrshrjrib, well. besides audacious, is there a good gui player that talks with jack?00:22
craigbass1976Hypnoz, are you trying to give yourself access (full run of the mill) to the /var/www directory?00:23
Hypnozcraigbass1976: its not in the group, but still can00:23
jribdtcrshr: if xmms2 is one, why don't just use that?  Search synaptic for a gui or read it's official site, I'm sure they will recommend one00:23
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: Ardour does. Its made for Jack use.00:23
Hypnozno, nfs export has this ability, but netapp share doesn't have same ability00:23
dtcrshrLinuxGuy2009, i know. we use ardour to multi track recording00:23
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: So why not use what works then? Why complicate things?00:23
dtcrshrbut ardour is not quite simple to change mp3 tracks00:23
jribdtcrshr: personally, I use mpd00:24
craigbass1976Hypnoz, who owns the directory on the machine doing the sharing out?00:24
teageand its not listed in running processes00:24
teagewhat gives?00:24
dtcrshrlemme put that again. Im using this computer as a radio station. i got 2 mics in, and play audio together on it. i use jack features, so i can use jackeq and jackrack to treat the microfones and to use volumes on the mics00:24
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: Well MP3 players dont need Jack. Jack is meant for latency issues and routing. MP3 playback doesnt require any of that.00:24
jribWinterSky: maybe http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/aix/library/au-speakingunix14/ is helpful for you00:24
dtcrshri just need a good decent mp3 player to do it together00:24
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: Ardour would solve your problem. Just need to learn to use it.00:25
Ahmucki've got a problem with an nvidia chipset eth incrementing eth1, eth2, etc to 128 where the mac address changes everytime00:25
dtcrshrLinuxGuy2009, i understand. but i cant choose between the mic treatment jack gives me and simple mp3 playback00:25
LoshaWinterSky: a local 'move' doesn't actually move anything, it just changes the name entry in the directory, so the filehandle in the program still points to the same (valid) data. Even when you delete a file, the deletion is pending until all open filehandles are closed so the file will continue to play...00:25
Typos_Kingdtcrshr:   there's a gxmms200:25
DcMeeseHow do I get an external monitor to work with an ubuntu 9.10 latitude cpx.00:25
Ahmucki understand this is a result of a bad forcedeth driver00:25
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: I can tell you just dont know how to operate Ardour. Its a full studio environment.00:26
dtcrshrTypos_King, THANKS!!!00:26
Ahmuckthis problem has beeen around, but i'm not sure how to solve it.  after reading, it keeps getting posted as "won't fix" on the ubuntu bug reporting00:26
neenhm. anyone know if it's possible to make a cronjob that runs every 15 min but _not_ at midnight (and by midnight i mean exactly 0, not 0:15)00:26
Ahmuckany reason ubuntu won't fix this bug?00:26
dtcrshrLinuxGuy2009, so i would use ardour, and put audacious as an input to a channel?00:26
WinterSkyLosha: Yeah. That's what I meant if It sounded weird.00:26
LoshaWinterSky: we're are in violent agreement :-)00:26
jribAhmuck: ask the person who changed it to won't fix for an explanation.00:26
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: No you throw audacious out the window and use Ardour.00:26
dr-knowchelz: thank you my friend !!!!!! my problem solved.oh my god!!! thank you00:27
WinterSkyLosha: :)00:27
Ahmuckwhich one00:27
dAlfa89_I have sound issues on 9.04, every time I play any audio file, or any sound at all for that matter, there's a horrible fuzziness to it, like interference. Any ideas to help? I think ALSA is giving me trouble, but messing with it hasn't helped :c00:27
Hypnozcraigbass1976: from /etc/exports/:  /tmp/download    *(rw,sync,subtree_check,root_squash,all_squash,anonuid=33,anongid=33)00:27
infectoi have problem with running 64 bit 9.10 graphic installer want start :(00:27
dtcrshrLinuxGuy2009, and how do i put multiple mp3 to play on ardour?00:27
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: Its a whole studio what more could you ask for?00:27
dtcrshrLinuxGuy2009, and change the order?and put other music ?00:27
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: You need to go read the Ardour manual and learn it.00:27
jsecHi all. What's the safest ways to remove old kernels? (not just in grub, actually delete the images)00:28
Typos_Kinginfecto:    can you elaborate?00:28
jribjsec: use a package manager00:28
dtcrshri use ardour for quite some time for recording. i know it can import a single track00:28
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: My guess is probably just drag and drop files into whatever track you wantg to use for playback.00:28
dtcrshrbut i just think you dont understand what i need here00:28
infectoTypos_King: ?00:28
Loshadtcrshr: I use xmms1, there's an old archive for it somewhere....00:28
dtcrshryes, but it goes on the importing proccess00:28
dtcrshri need it to play right away00:28
Typos_Kinginfecto:    can you elaborate/expand/explain/specify?00:29
dtcrshras an simple audio player00:29
infectoTypos_King: i burn 2 cd 64 bit00:29
infectoand bouth dont work00:29
infectosome errora that cant read from sr0 dev00:29
infectobut when i put cd 32 bit all gous ok00:29
LinuxGuy2009dtcrshr: You seriously need to go read teh manual I cant do it for you.00:29
Typos_King... wrong alias :{00:29
jsecjrib, thx. didn't realize it'd be that simple00:29
Hypnozcraigbass1976:  maybe the "all_squash" is doing it00:29
dtcrshrTypos_King, gxmms2 did the trick, thanks00:30
dtcrshrno cracks00:30
Typos_Kinginfecto:    maybe you should settle for hte 32bit one then :)00:30
jribjsec: just make sure you don't remove your running kernel00:30
happyfaceis rc.local just privalaged commands that are run at startup?00:30
dtcrshrthanks jrib and LinuxGuy200900:30
dtcrshrsorry for the inconvenience.00:30
zaxonspoxdoes anyone know PHP to work with PARADOX?00:30
infectoTypos_King: one then? explain please.00:30
LinuxGuy2009happyface: Yes I have used rc.local and its cool for running root only commands at startup.00:31
infectoin bios?00:31
happyfacethans LinuxGuy200900:31
Loshaneen: it can be done, but the configuration is tedious, I think you have to list every quarter hour *except* midnight. It might be easier to run a script every 15 minutes and check inside the script for midnight and just skip that particular invocation...00:31
craigbass1976Hypnoz, I'm not sure; I've only shared out my own /home/me to me on another box.  On my own boxes, I usually own /var/www, so when I share out my home dir then www gets shared out as well (since I move /var/www to /home/me and then make a link in /var to /home/me/www)00:31
infectoi have pavilion dv9000 my bios is so poor00:31
jsecjrib: will do. i just have a couple custom compiled kernels as well as the generics all the way back to .16, and my grub is looking pretty bloated at this point >_<00:31
dtcrshrLinuxGuy2009, when i go to the studio ill call you again00:31
neenok, i see, thanks losha :D00:31
dtcrshrneed some tricks with the bus stuff on ardour00:31
craigbass1976Hypnoz, that's my only experience with nfs.  Does Openoffice still crap out with nfs, or is that fixed now?00:31
Typos_Kinginfecto:    ... explain?   what?   I dunno why it may not be working specifically for you, doesn't mean it doesn't at all, you never specified anything to begin with, 'does not work' is not really an explainful sentence on what's happening00:32
Loshainfecto: my understanding is that hp bioses are deliberately hobbled to make support easier...00:32
Hypnozcraigbass1976: it was the all_squash option, which turns every user into nobody. Then anonuid and anongui are set to 33 putting them as www-data00:32
infectoTypos_King: i just ask, and say that dont work for me.00:32
infectodont understand me wrong00:32
infectoi`m using linux for a long time, and dont come here to complain.00:33
infectojust serach answer00:33
zaxonspoxneed help with PHP & Paradox DB00:33
Typos_Kinginfecto:   .... well... can't say.. maybe is as Losha said, some hardware incompatibility00:33
Loshainfecto: so what is your question?00:33
infectoLosha: no one :)00:33
infectoi geting lucid alpha 3 and we will se :)00:33
Typos_Kingjust a 'general wondering'? hehe00:33
Losha!lucid | infecto00:34
ubottuinfecto: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+100:34
infectoLosha: yep, i`m present on that #00:34
infectoand i`m sure that will have some complications.00:34
Typos_Kingzaxonspox:    I know some php, no paradox.. sorry :{00:34
Hypnoz9.10 isn't even stable, i had that on my computer for 1 day before I went back to 9.0400:34
Loshacraigbass1976: apart from that, which was strictly speaking, a configuration issue, nfs is pretty problem free...00:35
Hypnozand I tried it 2 days ago00:35
Hypnozfiguring it would be all patched up by now00:35
LoshaHypnoz: 9.10 was never claimed to be stable. Only the LTS releases are *supposed* to be stable you know...00:35
hiexpoi have had 9.10 since it was release and never had a glitch of problems other than user malfunctions00:35
Hypnozhappy its working better for you hiexpo00:36
cellofellowLosha: where'd you dream that up?00:36
Hypnoz9.04 has my wireless working, 9.10 couldn't get it working, and I managed to crash grub2 so bad it wouldn't boot anymore00:37
zaxonspoxTypos_King: mayby you could point me to the answer - there is px_get_value() on the php.net00:37
CountDownHow can I tell what brand of touchpad I have?  I'm using an Acer Aspire One AO532H.  I don't see any sign of a Synaptics touchpad in lshal.00:37
hiexpojust all the right combitions i guess00:37
Hypnozi am honestly scared of grub2 now00:37
Hypnozit seems very unstable00:37
Loshacellofellow: I made it up...00:37
craigbass1976I threw it (9.10) on a new acer laptop a few weeks ago and it's working ok for me so far00:37
LoshaHypnoz: we're all scared of grub2...00:37
coldfireis it mandatory to have a swap partition? I have 2 gigs of ram00:38
CountDowncraigbass1976: Which Acer laptop?00:38
Hypnozyes its mandatory00:38
LinuxGuy2009coldfire: Hibernate and I think one or two other thinsg need it.00:38
FezzlerUbuntu 9.10 - where do I see a log file of my startup process?  I'm seeing some errors and I want to fix.  Hate to have poor performance due to quirky startup.00:38
Typos_Kingzaxonspox:    not sure how ... that helps though :|00:38
HypnozFezzler: at command line type "dmesg"00:38
hiexpoi have found you need to have a large swap to make it run good so i gave it 5 gig and i have 2 gig ram00:39
Hypnozor "tail /var/log/messages"00:39
Loshacoldfire: depends what you mean by mandatory and on how much swap you use. If you run out of swap, programs will terminate prematurely. 2G RAM isn't much by today's standards...00:39
craigbass1976CountDown, aspire 5517.  They're brand new00:39
Typos_KingFezzler:    dmesg | less;00:39
Hypnozhiexpo: there is really no benefit above 2gb of swap I've heard00:39
Hypnozhiexpo: should read about optimal swap size00:39
LinuxGuy2009coldfire: IMO 2GB is way more than enough for Linux. Windows is like the only thing that need 4 or 8 GB.00:39
craigbass1976CountDown, wireless works on encrypted networks, which I'm not used to (although my old Dell did it too-- I just never tried after Fedora4)00:40
CountDowncraigbass1976: Are you able to disable clicking with the touchpad?00:40
zaxonspoxTyphos_King: if i have an array Array([name] => Kod PLU \r [type] => 4 \r    [size] => 4) how to get to first field?00:40
Loshahiexpo: the conventional wisdom is twice the RAM for swap, until you reach 4G. But there's lots of superstition about RAM/swap sizing it's hard to know who to believe...00:40
CountDowncraigbass1976: I'm using an Aspire One AO532H and can't figure out how to disable touchpad clicking.00:40
hiexpotrue but i had spent a week configureing apps on this and dont want to do it again so more is ok less is back to the ole drawing board00:40
craigbass1976CountDown, I haven't tried it; I've almost always got a mouse.  I will try it later if you'd like.00:41
Typos_KingCountDown:   checked in 'sudo lshw' yet?00:41
CountDowncraigbass1976: Yes, please do.00:41
Typos_KingCountDown:   you can always check the MB maker's manual you know :P00:41
HypnozCountDown: you want to disable touchpad while you're typing?00:41
Zeniturtrying to compile KDE 4.4.1. I get this error: http://pastebin.ca/1832796 . How to fix it, does somebody know?00:41
coldfirethanks all00:41
CountDownTypos_King: Not yet.  Thanks for the tip.00:42
CountDownHypnoz: yes, basically.00:42
hiexpoi have ran 3 cad programs at once and a video and played a game and it kpt going like the energizer bunny :)00:42
Typos_KingCountDown:   many touchpads are disablable through an options in BIos, I know mine is00:42
CountDownTypos_King: I just want to disable using the touchpad taps as clicks.00:43
LinuxGuy2009CountDown: 1 sec ill check on my Dell Mini for you.00:43
Typos_KingCountDown:   ... .meh... I don't use it at all, I have a 3button mouse, far better and flexible :P~  so00:43
Copperedwhat is the ubuntu equivalent of OUTLOOK?  Is there a program I can dump all my Outlook emails into?00:43
CountDownLinuxGuy2009: Thanks.  There's a lot of chatter about a bug in 9.10 regarding this feature.   Good to get another data point.00:43
campeecoppered: evolution00:43
CopperedThanks Campee...is that the clear leadeR?00:44
CountDownTypos_King: That's a possibility.00:44
campeei believe so00:44
LoshaCountDown: I had a lot of trouble with that in the past due to bugs. Might wanna google your model number and see what shows up...00:44
LinuxGuy2009CountDown: In 9.04 in mouse preferences there is a check box. If 9.10 is missing this then your probably screwed.00:44
Typos_Kingallo cell00:44
LoshaCoppered: make backups before you start if possible. Plenty to go wrong....00:44
celli want help with my ubuntu00:45
cellit is 9.0400:45
FezzlerTypos_King>> I don't see the error I see at boot with "dmesg | less"  The error is something about bad or missing undev command00:45
CountDownLinuxGuy2009: That's what I was afraid of.  Thanks for checking.00:45
Copperedlosha i have full backups of all my Outlook files done.00:45
hiexpo!ask \ cell00:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:45
Copperedim going to be installing ubuntu tonite then puttin gall these programs in.00:45
HypnozCountDown:  try searching google for "ubuntu disable touchpad tap to click"00:45
LoshaCoppered: excellent, Best of luck with it...00:45
LinuxGuy2009cell: Whats the Q?00:45
arrrghhhcan someone help me remove a program that was compiled instead of installed from the repo's?00:46
celli am new to ubuntu but my friends say it is really good00:46
CopperedDoes Ubuntu come with an email client preinstalled?00:46
arrrghhhCoppered, yes, it does.00:46
cellbut i cant seem to make anything  out of it00:46
Copperedwhich is that?00:46
cellhelp me pls00:46
arrrghhhCoppered, and there are several others to choose from in the repo's.  I think gnome still uses evolution.00:46
=== zenergi is now known as zenergi_
LinuxGuy2009cell: Help you what?00:46
Copperedi need something that i can put mY OUTLOOK files into....50,000 emails, etc...address books00:47
[V13]Axel!ask | cell00:47
ubottucell: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:47
Copperedim looking at evolution now.00:47
FezzlerI am still AMAZED at how well and FAST Ubuntu runs on this old AMD 266 PC with only 768meg ram.00:47
Loshaarrrghhh: which program was it? Do you have the source?00:47
cellhelp me use the command line00:47
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
CountDownHypnoz: I've looked at all those already, but thanks for checking.00:47
arrrghhhCoppered, i prefer thunderbird from mozilla.00:47
FezzlerWhere can I check "undev" settings?00:47
arrrghhhLosha, xmlrpc-c, and yes i have the source.00:47
LinuxGuy2009cell: Do you know the basics first?00:47
blakkheimFezzler: you'd be amazed even more if you ran a light distro00:47
cellto install uninstall and stuff pls00:47
Typos_Kingcell    check in the programs section for Evolution, is a GUI app, so00:47
blakkheimcell: man aptitude00:47
cellteach me00:47
LinuxGuy2009cell: Applications menu, Add/Remove do there to install apps./00:48
[V13]Axelcell: What are you wanting to install and uninstall?00:48
Loshaarrrghhh: so was it installed using 'make install' ?00:48
HypnozApplications at the top left -> Add/Remove00:48
Hypnozyou don't need to use the command line to install/uninstall00:48
arrrghhhLosha, correct.  i compiled the advanced tree of xmlprc-c because of a bug with rtgui...00:48
Fezzlerblakkheim>> Well, I have an old iMac G3 Bondi Blue.  Wonder how it would do on that?  OS X crawls on it00:48
blakkheimbut it helps00:48
cellflash player00:48
blakkheimFezzler: a debian netinstall or gentoo would fly on that00:48
cellfor mozilla00:48
arrrghhhcell, just install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:48
[V13]AxelJust download the .deb from Adobe, and double click it.00:48
LinuxGuy2009cell: adobe.com and download flash for 8.04+00:48
Loshaarrrghhh: if you're lucky, you can do 'sudo make uninstall'....00:48
Fezzlerblakkheim>> Ubuntu fanboy00:49
[V13]Axelcell: Just download the .deb from Adobe, and double-click it.00:49
seanbrystone2Coppered, Opera has a pretty good email client built-in, I could never get Ubuntu's email clients working with gmail's imap00:49
arrrghhhLosha, yea... not so lucky.  i tried that.00:49
Hypnozif you're running 64 bit its harder00:49
arrrghhhseanbrystone, even thunderbird?00:49
m3garunning karmic on a tablet pc. xdpyinfo says that screen is 800x600 but the aspect ratio is wrong. clues?00:49
seanbrystone2thunderbird is good too00:49
celli used the command line it done with download but i dont know where to og to install it00:49
CopperedThank Sean....my issue is 100% outlook conversion.....00:49
arrrghhhseanbrystone2, why two users lol?00:49
blakkheimFezzler: that's fine, but you're not experiencing the speed you could be :)00:49
LinuxGuy2009thunderbird works goof for gmail00:49
FezzlerTypos_King>> Any ideas on "undev" boot error.  Must be a setting.  In fstab?00:49
CopperedI have to dump my entire past of Outlook into ....X....so looking at all options.00:49
HypnozCell: from command line can you type "uname -m" and paste the output00:49
Typos_Kingcell:   sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree;00:50
Loshaarrrghhh: ok, so you have to do it the hard way. Run 'make install' again, and keep a log of all the output. Then go through it, and every time it installs a file, you need to delete whatever it installed by hand. Fun, no?00:50
arrrghhhCoppered, thunderbird is probably going to be the best-recommended client00:50
[V13]Axelcell: Typos_King has it correct.00:50
Fezzlerblakkheim>> Ok, I'll bit.  What distro?  EZ to set up?00:50
arrrghhhLosha, sounds like fun!  i figured it was something like that.00:50
HypnozTypos_King: does that work even with 64 bit?00:50
blakkheimFezzler: gentoo is the ultimate speed demon, but it is not for newer users00:50
seanbrystone2arrrghhh, oops :)00:50
Copperedthunderbird or evoltuion....but it sounds like thunderbird....does NOT have a calendar..00:50
Typos_KingHypnoz    is in the repos, I'd supposed so00:50
cellthanks typos00:50
LinuxGuy2009cell: Installing flash in ubuntu is no different than in Windows. Download it and double click it.00:50
chelzLosha: paco/gpaco or checkinstall00:50
seanbrystone2forgot my other irc was on00:50
chelzLosha: tracks installed files with make scripts00:51
arrrghhhLosha, perhaps i can get around this issue... can i recompile all the packages that are having an issue with the custom version of xmlrpc-c or am i just screwed?00:51
Fezzlerblakkheim>> WHere can I see the messages that scroll during boot up?00:51
Typos_KingFezzler:    dmesg | less;00:51
Fezzlerblakkheim>> are they logged?00:51
HypnozTypos_King: don't think you can put a ; at the end00:52
FezzlerTypos_King>> I did that but didn't see the error message in there00:52
Loshaarrrghhh: one way to cheat is to install a repository version on top of the compiled version, overwriting all the compiled files, then apt-get remove it. When the repo version files get removed, it should all disappear. Nasty, isn't it?00:52
chelzarrrghhh: recompiling apps with deb-src packages is done all the time00:52
FezzlerTypos_King>> something about bad setting in undev00:52
Typos_KingHypnoz:     bash takes ; just fine :) hehe00:52
devdzin boot loader how can i delete the old generics of ubuntu and keep just the latest one  ?00:52
johnislostanybody know about getting a tv tuner card to work? saa2134 and such?00:52
chelzLosha: that's an interesting idea00:52
Loshachelz: is correct, you could've used checkinstall, though it doesn't always work...00:53
arrrghhhLosha, hrm... you think that'll work?  i think i already tried using purge with aptitude, i'm not sure about that specific xmlrpc package.00:53
neenhm. okay, now say i want to remove all of the files in a directory that were there before today...how can i do that? i know i can use find ./ -mtime 1 to find the ones that are 24 hours old, but some will be < 24 hours old and still from yesterday00:53
Hypnozdevdz: delete the lines in /etc/grub/menu.lst00:53
LinuxGuy2009devdz: You dont need to remove kernels.00:53
cellit now says setting up flashplugin-nonfree00:53
Copperedanyone know if both Evolution and Thunderbird....synch with Blackberry/00:53
cellis it done now00:53
arrrghhhHypnoz, doesn't work so well with grub2...00:53
cellcuz my prompt is there00:53
astronuti have information that i think would be very helpful to a thread on ubuntuforums.org but i don't have an account and don't feel like getting one just to post - would someone mind making a follow up for me?00:53
Hypnozdevdz: sorry /boot/grub/menu.lst00:53
Typos_KingHypnoz:  it can do multi's in a one-liner,    echo "chese"; cat myfile; dmesg; ...00:53
arrrghhhHypnoz, er sorry.  got that backwards.00:53
chelzif you don't remove the kernels, the next time grub reconfigures it'll put them back in00:53
FezzlerTypos_King>> I'm gonna reboot so I can write down the exact error.  IS there a way to pause the booting so I have time to read and write it?00:53
Pupuser402can somone help me?00:54
chelzremoving kernels is the 'proper' way to fix grubs menu permanently00:54
Loshaarrrghhh: it works fine as long as the repo version uses the same files as the compiled version (which should be the case unless some really radical changes have been made). Has the bug gone from the repo version? Is that why you no longer want the compiled version?00:54
Pupuser402ok i was going to install ubuntu on an external USB hard drive and not on my primary drive AT ALL! and when i was installing it i quadruple checked everything and when it finnished it had switched my primary drive with windows 7 to drive E; and my external USB drive to drive C: and it will not load any OS i have talked to many and they say either to format and reinstall or there is fix options for this on the windows 7 CD00:54
HypnozTypos_King: ; causes all commands to execute no matter if the one before was successful. && only keeps going if prev was successful00:54
LinuxGuy2009apt-get autoremove I think removes old kernels.00:54
Krokulwassup ppls? i have a BIG problem right now...00:54
Typos_KingFezzler   just save it to a file   ->   dmesg > ~/bootmsg.log;   and then open ~/bootmsg.log on any text editor of your choice00:54
Krokulwas using fedora 12 and it crapped out on me...00:54
arrrghhhLosha, well the compiled version seems to be segfaulting rtorrent.  rtorrent works great, but segfaults as soon as a call is made.00:54
chelzPupuser402: even installing on an external usb requires grub to be installed.00:55
arrrghhh!ask | Krokul00:55
ubottuKrokul: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:55
Typos_KingHypnoz:    true, or stop on error,  yes00:55
Krokuli want to go back to ubuntu but i was trying to backup my data first...only problem is i dont have permissions to access drive00:55
Krokulwhat can i do?00:55
blakkheimKrokul: sudo su00:55
blakkheimKrokul: now you do00:55
mikelifeguardPM spammer: __mar!~baharisat@ßÜÊÈÊ ÃÓãß Úáì ÕæÊí @@ ßÊÈÊå Ýí ÌÏÇÑ ÇáæÞÊ00:55
promanhere is a tricky one. I have been using ubuntu for a while on my netbook and used it on the laptop I had before with no problems. I have been trying to run linux on my PC. Mandriva, Suse, and ubuntu 64 bit installed ok but all had the same problem. The pc is connected to the internet with regular ethernet cable. I can open google with all their variations(gmail, etc). I can't open anything else. They cant even connect to do updates. T00:55
promanried connecting to my router and get the login prompt, but would not load the page after the password. Any ideas?00:55
chelzPupuser402: use the windows 7 to restore the windows boot, then use unetbootin to install an ubuntu image to your usb drive.00:55
LinuxGuy2009Krokul: use gksudo nautilus00:55
FezzlerTypos_King>> How do I get dmesg > ~/bootmsg.log to run at boot.  Where do I put that command?00:55
m3garunning karmic on a tablet PC. screen is 1024x600, but xorg is driving it at 800x600. how to fix?00:55
Pupuser402anyone help?00:55
arrrghhhLosha, i'll try to purge it and see what happens...00:56
cellthanks typos it worked00:56
seanbrystone2mikelifeguard, do we have an On-Join spammer?00:56
mikelifeguardseanbrystone2: probably yes. I only joined once and I am only one person :)00:56
Loshaarrrghhh: I use rtorrent, and I see it links to xmlrpc libs. Do you get a traceback?00:56
chelzproman: might be the computer's hardware. does this still happen on 9.10 livediscs?00:56
Typos_Kingproman:   sounds more like a router configuration issue, no an OS one, try maybe resetting the router00:57
LinuxGuy2009m3ga: driver doesnt support that res.00:57
chelzPupuser402: use the windows 7 to restore the windows boot, then use unetbootin to install an ubuntu image to your usb drive.00:57
mikelifeguardseanbrystone2: do you want me to rejoin to test? :P00:57
arrrghhhLosha, i don't think so.  i tried running it with strace, but couldn't sort it out.00:57
seanbrystone2heh, only if you want to :)00:57
cellcan anyone help me with skype using thecommand line????00:57
promanwindows 7 connected with no problems, but I will try to reboot the router00:57
arrrghhhLosha, can i purge with wildcards, ie 'sudo aptitude purge libxmlrpc*'?00:57
Hypnozcell: try searching google for your questions as well, there are lots of posts for every topic00:57
Loshaarrrghhh: if it wasn't installed via apt, you won't be able to remove it via apt. That's what all the messing about with installing a repo version over the compiled version is all about....00:58
devdzHypnos, it says the file menu.lst doesnt exist00:58
chelzcell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype00:58
m3gaLinuxGuy2009: thanks. assuming i'm smart enough, what needs fixing?00:58
Ben90can someone please help me?00:58
Krokulusing gksudo nautilus i can access the live media disk stuff but not my actual drive00:58
LinuxGuy2009cell: why do you assume everything requires the command line?00:58
Hypnozdevdz: what version of ubuntu are you using?00:58
cellcuz like it00:58
chelzproman: it could be a network driver issue00:58
devdz9.10 , Hypnos00:58
chelz!ask | Ben9000:58
ubottuBen90: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:58
cellits easy and less time00:58
LinuxGuy2009m3ga: nothing its just not suported. look on manufactures site for linux driver maybe.00:58
Typos_Kingcell to install skype?00:59
devdzHypnoz , is it the file moddep.lst ?00:59
=== jono_ is now known as jono
promanthe problem is seen in ubuntu, suse and mandrive. Do they use the same drivers?00:59
Hypnoznah. maybe grub.lst?00:59
arrrghhhLosha, do you know which package from the repo?00:59
cellyes typos00:59
johnislosthow do i update a driver for a tv tuner card that didn't come with ubuntu?00:59
cellhelp me00:59
devdzok .. Hypnoz i will try00:59
Ben90chelz : how do i find out what model my optical writer is?00:59
LinuxGuy2009johnislost: check manufacturers site00:59
arrrghhhjohnislost, patch the kernel if the kernel doesn't have it slipped in.00:59
Ben90i'm new00:59
FezzlerTypos_King>> Run dmesg > ~/bootlog.msg at start up.  How?00:59
Krokulcrap..gotta leave...thanks for trying...ill get on again later00:59
Typos_Kingcell   ->   apt-cache search  skype;   when it shows the package name, type it in -> sudo apt-get insall PACKAGENAME;01:00
celltypos you there ??01:00
Loshaarrrghhh: apt-cache search xmlrpc | egrep -i dev is your best bet for package names01:00
Typos_Kinginstall rather01:00
arrrghhhLosha, k thanks01:00
chelzjohnislost: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Tv-Tuner-Card-Work-on-Ubuntu-Hardy-Heron01:00
chelzjohnislost: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV01:01
cellok thanks typos01:01
Ben90chelz : ?01:01
Ben90chelz : how do i find out what model my optical writer is?01:01
mikelifeguardWhat does ubuntu use to rotate logs? Do I need to send output through rotatelogs myself?01:01
chelzBen90: that information is probably part of the documentation you received when you got your computer01:02
Typos_KingBen90     try ->  dmesg | grep -i cd-rom01:02
LoshaBen90: try hdparm -i /dev/sr001:02
apersonI have my backlight to not dim or change at all in gnome-power-preferences, but when I unplug my laptop, the display still dims.  is there a way I can entirely disable gnome from setting my backlight?01:02
Typos_KingBen90:  either that, or check in 'sudo lshw'01:02
johnislostthanks chelz, step 1 got this message: WARNING: Deprecated config file /etc/modprobe.conf, all config files belong into /etc/modprobe.d/.01:02
chelzBen90: this might help: http://www.watchingthenet.com/ubuntu-guide-for-windows-users-display-system-hardware-information.html01:02
celltypos; it says here skytools-database management tools from skype postgreSQL01:02
cellwat should i do from there???01:03
kandinskiso which one is the "good" adoble flash package in 9.10?01:03
chelzjohnislost: instead of modprobe.conf, do: etc/modprobe.d/give_it_a_name01:03
IdleOnekandinski: flashplayer-installer iirc01:03
jseckandinski, there's a good one?01:03
chelzjohnislost: you can name it any name you want, just has to be in that folder01:03
Typos_Kingaperson:      the dimming part when unplugging a mobile, IIRC is a Bios setting, not sure if it's overridable, for powersaving purposes when running on batteries, not an OS setting alone01:03
IdleOnekandinski: and yeah good is a relative term but it works ok for me01:04
Typos_Kingcell:    is that the only entry listed?01:04
chelzaperson: that probably has something to do with gnome-power-manager-01:04
FloodBot2boildog: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:04
celltypos; it says here skytools-database management tools from skype postgreSQL01:04
boildog"Reallocated Sector Count" Count of remapped sectors. When the hard drive finds a read/write/verification error, it marks the sector as "reallocated" and transfers data to a special reserved area (spare area)" "176 sectors corrupted. Disk has many bad sectors" "One or more disks are failing"01:04
apersonTypos_King, no it isn't01:04
* Typos_King introduces boildog to tinyurl.com01:04
apersonTypos_King, at least not on my laptop01:04
boildoganyone have an idea what i should do to remedy this issue?01:04
Typos_Kingaperson:  I've seen it before on others, eg. on Acer's01:05
apersonchelz, I know it does, I want to disable it's ability to change it01:05
cellofellowis.gd > tinyurl.com01:05
chelzaperson: http://library.gnome.org/users/gnome-power-manager/stable/ - might be somewhere in here01:05
Typos_Kingaperson:   and I don't think is overridable on many01:05
johnislostthere is no modprobe.conf. I've been messing with a file called saa7134 with those steps in it01:05
IdleOnecell: if you want Typos_King to see what you say to them you need to use the TAB complete function. type typos and hit tab key one time01:05
apersonTypos_King, it's a gnome thing, I know this, whenever I move my pointer over to my laptop's display, it dims as well01:05
chelzaperson: it might be a driver issue01:05
celltypos you there ???01:05
apersonchelz, nope01:05
astronuti have information that is a much more elegant solution for a thread on ubuntuforums.org but i don't have an account and don't feel like getting one just to post - would someone mind making a follow up for me? if so, PM me01:05
Typos_Kingcell yes01:05
arrrghhhboildog, replace the hdd.  soon.01:06
cellthis wat i got from wat i did01:06
celltypos; it says here skytools-database management tools from skype postgreSQL01:06
chelzaperson: what model laptop?01:06
cellso wat i do next???01:06
IdleOnecell: did you see what I said to you just a momment ago?01:06
Typos_Kingboildog:   usually means hte HD is going south,  you can try giving it a diagnosis with smart tools 'sudo apt-get install smartmontools'01:07
apersonchelz, this is an asus eee 701, the only thing that changes the backlight is gnome - it's not a driver nor is it the hardware01:07
cellno idleone01:07
cellwat did you say?01:07
airtonix!who | cell01:07
ubottucell: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:07
Typos_Kingcell:   it shows no Skype?01:07
IdleOneairtonix: :)01:07
celltypos; nope01:08
* airtonix grumbles01:08
celltypos;it says here skytools-database management tools from skype postgreSQL01:08
arrrghhhLosha, damnit.  rtorrent keeps segfaulting!01:08
Typos_Kingcell:    ok... try this -> sudo apt-get update;   and when that's done, retry -> apt-cache search skype;01:09
apersonchelz, thank you01:09
celltypos; wa is the package name?01:09
chelzaperson: did you fix it somehow?01:09
Loshaarrrghhh: which os, rtorrent and libtorrent versions?01:09
apersonchelz, your link helped point me to what I needed01:09
chelzaperson: what was the fix?01:09
* Typos_King checks skype's site01:09
apersonchelz, I there is a gconf key that I changed01:09
chelzaperson: what key?01:09
arrrghhhLosha, it's ubuntu-server... it's karmic, but has been upgraded several times.  i believe rtorrent is at 0.8.2 and libtorrent is 0.12.201:09
chelzaperson: but good to hear, glad it worked.01:10
apersonchelz, /apps/gnome-power-manager/backlight/enable01:10
CopperedNewbie question:  Is GNOME the default desktop of Ubuntu?01:10
* cellofellow uses deluge-webui on his server. Rtorrent sucks.01:10
supremeCoppered: yes01:10
Typos_Kingcell:     http://www.skype.com/download/skype/linux/choose/   <---01:10
apersonchelz, I have yet to test it, but the description leads me to believe it's what I want01:10
chelzaperson: alright. i'd be curious if that fixes it01:10
cellypos thanks01:10
celltypos; thanks01:11
Loshaarrrghhh: hmm. can't guarantee that works, I'm on 8.04/0.8.0/0.12.0. Do you get a backtrace?01:11
CopperedNext newbie question:  In a Windows enviroment where its critical to have an antivirus software (AVG, Avast, etc)....will I need oen also on my Ubuntu?  If so...which do you recommend.01:11
apersonchelz, I spoke too soon, it would seem :/01:11
arrrghhhLosha, i get nothing... is there some special way to run it to get a backtrace?01:12
Typos_KingCoppered;  yes, they have different flavors though, kubuntu, xubuntu,  eeebuntu... and another one01:12
CopperedThose are antivirus programs?01:12
Loshaarrrghhh: cellofellow: might just be easier to use a different client: transmission, deluge, etc...01:12
arrrghhhcellofellow, i found deluge sucks, rtorrent runs with hardly any footprint and is ridiculously customizable.  and it's working fine... xmlrpc calls to it on the other hand.01:12
chelzCoppered: yep, both free and proprietary01:12
CopperedKubuntu is anotehr version of Ubuntu...not AV software.01:12
cellofellowarrrghhh: ok...01:12
chelzaperson: aha. one thing you might try is getting ubuntu into a mode where neither gnome or gdm are running and see if the backlight dims. i'm betting it's a driver thing.01:13
Loshaarrrghhh: did you say you had an strace? Wanna pastebin the last page of it?01:13
Coppered...getting lost here....i thought Kubuntu was form of Ubuntu.........01:13
apersonchelz, it's not a driver thing, I'm 100% positive on this01:13
arrrghhhLosha, sure!  i'd love to have some help deicphering the strace.01:13
chelzaperson: how do you know if you haven't tested?01:13
Loshaarrrghhh: well, no promises....01:13
apersonchelz, how do you know I didn't?01:13
skrapshow many people here masterbate 4+ times a day?01:13
Copperedonly when i was 1201:14
Copperedim 35 today...no.01:14
chelzaperson: what was your test?01:14
apersonchelz, well, given that it doesn't do it in other distros...01:14
LoshaCoppered: kubuntu is basically ubuntu with kde installed....01:14
Copperedneed some clarification here.....does Ubuntu...come preloaded with AntiVirus softwre?01:14
chelzaperson: you could try rebooting ubuntu into recovery mode and just waiting on the menu see if it dims, or select going into a root console01:14
Typos_Kingskraps:    if you could at least spell correctly :P01:14
CopperedLosha..exactly.  So what do i do abotu AV software?01:14
chelzaperson: other distros might have a different driver loaded01:14
seanbrystone2!virus | Coppered01:14
ubottuCoppered: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:14
skrapsTypos_King: am i moving into your territory ? Typos?01:15
LoshaCoppered: antivirus, or audio-visual?01:15
Copperedanti virus01:15
Copperedor is not needed.....thus eutopia01:15
LoshaCoppered: so far, no needed on linux....01:15
Copperedi feel younger already.01:15
seanbrystone2skraps, just ignore him, I do.01:16
apersonchelz, I can double check01:16
LoshaCoppered: it's a principal reason most of us feel it's worth the hassle01:16
Typos_Kingskraps:   no but I gather you want #singles_and_lonely :P01:16
CopperedOK my CD is ready!!01:17
Copperedthis is scary01:17
chelzCoppered: you'll do fine01:17
LoshaCoppered: got backups?01:17
arrrghhhLosha, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/392917/ - that's the short one...01:17
Copperedyep everything on the external01:17
chelzCoppered: you're good to go then01:18
Copperedsounds like it01:18
skrapsTypos_King: roflmao you know it!!! too good. :D01:18
enavHEY GUYS Keep the good work going... im glad to be part of this Ubuntu family ^_^01:18
Copperedok here we go restarting computer01:18
Typos_KingCoppered: you can get antivirus apps for *nix as well, no OS is immune to malicous code though... I've run win32 with no antivirus 98% of the time, and barely ever gotten any.... sooooooo, they help I guess, but I do the same on *nix as well01:19
Loshaarrrghhh: Um, it's all mixed in with the cli output. Can you re-run it with -o /tmp/trace.txt or some such?01:19
johnislostthis is like trying to watch rugby on tv. There's a lot going on, but I have no idea what it is01:19
skrapsseanbrystone2: its good to cut up and go back and forth at times. as long as no one gets but hurt. Its all in fun ;D01:19
Loshajohnislost: well, do you have a question?01:19
CopperedThanks Typos...i will look around and see what antivir is avialle01:19
Copperedhere we go!! turning on the comptuer with teh install CD in01:20
enavHEY GUYS Keep the good work going... im glad to be part of this Ubuntu family ^_^01:20
Copperedtime to dive!01:20
celltypos; i use 9.04 the ones here are 8.10 ???01:20
johnislostlosha, i'm trying to get a tv tuner card to work with tv time, but i've got some chipset deal mixed up01:20
Copperedi think ill go with English!!01:20
Typos_Kingcell:  chances are they'll work01:20
chelzcell: it means 8.10 or later01:20
CountDownHow do I determine the make and model of my touchpad?  I tried lshal and sudo lshw and lspci, but I don't see anything that mentions a touchpad.01:20
Typos_KingCoppered no swahili? alrite then01:21
chelzcell: you are using a later version, so it will work01:21
Copperedshould i do this CHECK disk for defects?01:21
Copperedor go straight to Install?01:21
Copperedtest memory?01:21
Loshajohnislost: what chipset/tv card?01:21
cellok thanks all01:21
chelzCoppered: if you want to, if you already verified your iso when you burnt it you should be okay01:21
Copperedim going ot install01:21
skrapsI agree with typos, I dont use AV with windows and have only got back doored by people I thought I could trust. But for Linux Clam AV is a good choice if you just want to be safe. Iv only used ClamAV in conjunction with qmail and spamaassasin not for my desktop tho01:21
LoshaCoppered: only worth doing a checkdisk if something starts to go wrong....01:21
Copperedshes off!01:21
johnislostlosha, it's a philips saa713401:22
jagjri need help replacing my bootloader01:22
jagjrto incorporate windows 701:22
chelzjagjr: elaborate01:22
NotTooSmartMy power went out today, when I rebooted my ubuntu machine I cannot connect to my mpd server, my samba server, or open ssh, the Ip is the same and grabbed via dhcp, any ideas?01:22
arrrghhhLosha, oh ok.  i've never really used strace before.  hrm... can't get it to segfault, and none of the pages are loading.01:22
jagjri followed the tutorials01:22
Copperednice new symbole....never seen that.01:22
chelzjagjr: what version of ubuntu?01:22
jagjri put01:22
chelzjagjr: do you have grub1 or grub2?01:22
jagjrgrub 1.501:22
CountDownI just need to figure out if my touchpad is Synaptics, Elantech, ALPS, or something else.01:22
madscientist032how can i tell if my motherboard uses sata 1.5 or sata 3.0 from terminal?01:22
Copperedthis is so cool01:23
arrrghhhCountDown, i'd imagine dmesg would give you some info in that area...01:23
CountDownmadscientist032: sudo lshw01:23
Copperedi feel like im escaping a religion01:23
chelzNotTooSmart: try setting a static ip and rebooting it01:23
Copperedgood by abraham!01:23
jagjrheres my fdisk and menu.lst01:23
cellchelz; how do i know i am using 32-bit or 64-bit01:23
Purpleywheres firefox installed by default?\01:23
Loshajohnislost: it's supposed to be a 'well-supported' chipset. What does dmesg say about it?01:23
zetheroothe lightning extension is not working for me in Thunderbird01:23
arrrghhhPurpley, "installed"?  like where your firefox profile is?01:24
serverduckCould someone point me to how to install lamp in ubuntu 9.10? or an up to date link?01:24
PurpleyWell I need to launch it, how do I do that?01:24
mgaffneyPurpley, on the path01:24
=== DcMeese_ is now known as DcMeese
Purpleymgaffney, Elaborate please01:24
mgaffneyPurpley, did you try a firefox from the terminal?01:24
Typos_KingPurple    IIRC    the latest doesn't come with an installer.... it just unzips, and it'll run from wherever you unzip it at01:24
arrrghhhPurpley, yea should be in /usr/bin which s/b in your PATH01:24
zetherooPurpley: its not in the menu?01:24
chelzcell: if "uname -a" in a terminal has "_64" in it01:25
Loshaarrrghhh: so you're saying when you run it under strace, it doesn't work?01:25
PurpleySigh, Its in my menu I need to find its directory for a file01:25
mgaffneyPurpley, you can also do a 'which firefox' from the command line which will tell you where it is01:25
zetherooPurpley: Applications > Internet01:25
Typos_KingPurple:    other than that, you can just check with -> whereis firefox;01:25
johnislostlosha a whole lot of this [ 2328.379703] tuner-simple 2-004b: i2c i/o error: rc == -5 (should be 4)01:25
johnislost[ 2328.651282] tuner-simple 2-004b: i2c i/o error: rc == -5 (should be 4)01:25
johnislost[ 2328.921643] tuner-simple 2-004b: i2c i/o error: rc == -5 (should be 4)01:25
johnislost[ 2329.192201] tuner-simple 2-004b: i2c i/o error: rc == -5 (should be 4)01:25
FloodBot2johnislost: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:25
arrrghhhLosha, well for whatever reason the php frontends i use don't load (can't connect to rtorrent) but for some reason it won't segfault.  ah crap it just did!01:25
NotTooSmartchelz: its got the correct ip...01:26
arrrghhhLosha, said stack dump not enabled.  let me see if the strace has anything useful in it01:26
Loshajohnislost: that's a bad sign. Are you even sure the card is good?01:26
zetherooPurpley: there is also the hidden folder in the home folder which has some of Firefox config files etc01:26
serverduckCould someone point me to how to install lamp in ubuntu 9.10? or an up to date link?01:26
arrrghhhLosha, good god it's almost 10mb of text.  do you just want the last oh megabyte or all of it?!?01:26
Typos_KingPurple:   are you looking for the configuration/profile files for the user?01:26
CopperedQuestion...i am now at the Configure Partition section of the Ubuntu install...........should I have 2 partitions....one for Ubuntu and one for the programs i later install....or just one?01:27
cellofellowserverduck: run "sudo aptitude", open the Tasks section, find and install LAMP.01:27
PurpleyTypos_King, no im looking for the executable file01:27
chelzjagjr: try a uuid instead of root for the window 701:27
serverduckcellofellow, thank you sir!01:27
Loshaarrrghhh: just the last page in pastebin for starters....01:27
jagjrhmmm ok ill try01:27
johnislostlosha it works great on my win2k drive. this is the only app that i can't get to work right on my new install01:27
Copperedneed some thought here friends...01:27
PurpleyTypos_King, Ill find it though01:27
chelzjagjr: "/apps/gnome-power-manager/backlight/enable" in a terminal to find uuids01:27
chelzjagjr: "blkid -c /dev/null"01:28
enavi have 6 Gb of RAM, and i want the possibility to disable the Swap in order to save HDD usage... This is a good idea ???01:28
arrrghhhLosha, nothing's jumping out, here it be - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/392921/01:28
Typos_Kingserverduck:   ehehe  lamp?     well, you already have the 'L', install Apache2 and that gives you the 'A' and 'P', install mysql and that gives the 'M'01:28
CopperedQuestion...i am now at the Configure Partition section of the Ubuntu install...........should I have 2 partitions....one for Ubuntu and one for the programs i later install....or just one?01:28
zetherooenav: disable?01:28
NotTooSmartMy power went out today, when I rebooted my ubuntu machine I cannot connect to my mpd server, my samba server, or open ssh, the Ip is the same and grabbed via dhcp, any ideas?01:28
Loshajohnislost: start googling, card model number and/or chipset then my friend...01:28
CountDownarrrghhh: "dmesg | grep input" lists for Macintosh mouse button emulation and ImPS/2 generic Wheel Mouse.01:28
jagjrchelz : would it matter that i have two NTFS for one windows?01:28
chelzenav: if you ever run out of ram, programs will be killed at random. so probably not. just set a smaller swap.01:28
zetherooenav: or just repartition without swap?01:28
enavzetheroo yes disable01:28
arrrghhhCoppered, you may want to make a separate partition for /home, but that's all i recommend.01:28
serverduckTypos_King, well i don't know how to install AMP...yes i have L01:29
enavI never used more than 3 Gb01:29
chelzjagjr: no, that should not matter. you should only need to point grub at the windows partition with the system files.01:29
Copperedwhat is home? ..a long time ago...i used to run the OS in one partition.....and all installed programmes in another...01:29
zetherooenav: I would not disable ... but i would give 512 MB of swap instead of 6gb :P01:29
Copperedit worked well...maybe that is not an issue here...and i just go for 101:29
arrrghhhCountDown, i thought it would have touchpad info also.01:29
chelzenav: as long as you know what you are doing, that can be done. swap is an emergency thing to have though.01:29
jagjrchelz : i know , but i got system reserved for win 7 ... that contains stuff.. i think the bootfiles but not sure01:29
chelzCoppered: just use 101:29
zetherooenav: although I did run Ubuntu on a 2GB system with no swap at all ...01:30
arrrghhhCoppered, making a separate partition for /home just makes it easy to upgrade01:30
chelzjagjr: set the uuid to one of them and try rebooting. if it doesn't work, set the uuid to the other01:30
zetherooenav: I guess it depends somewhat on what your doing ..01:30
Copperedi will upgrade in April....is that an issue?01:30
johnislostlosha, thanks, thats what i've been doing and am too new to know what i've found.01:30
arrrghhhCoppered, you can wipe your main partition that has all your installs, but keep all your personal files and some configuration.01:30
enavmaybe i need to read more about linux swap  but i think is lake the page file of windows  using the hard drive constantly...  and decreasing its live01:30
enavis like*01:30
jagjrchelz : my uuid for the other is System Reserved would that be System_Reserved?01:30
Copperedfor the upgrade in April..to the latest Ubuntu...if i go with just 1 partition.....any issue?01:30
CountDownarrrghhh: "dmesg | grep touch" comes up empty and "dmesg | grep pad" only lists one line about VIA Padlock not detected.01:31
chelzCoppered: nope, no issues other than normal upgrading issues01:31
arrrghhhCoppered, no you can upgrade easily, but to do a clean wipe - just makes it easier to have a separate /home.  not required by any means.01:31
Blue1Coppered: backup /etc/ and /home/01:31
Copperedi have no idea what the home issue is01:31
Copperedi have no home01:31
Copperedso will skip that01:31
arrrghhhCountDown, did you look at dmesg as a whole?01:31
FloodBot2Coppered: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:31
MrD_would anyone be willing to give me help with Samba? I started by sharing a folder on my Ubuntu machine, and on this Windows 7 machine is can find the Linux computer, and it makes me log in using that user's credentials but it wont let me explore the folders01:31
arrrghhhCoppered, you will have a /home, trust me :D01:31
CountDownarrrghhh: Not yet.01:31
Loshaarrrghhh: the only thing that looks suspicious is these: accept(5, 0xbfc437ac, [16]) = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable). Accept means an incoming connection, presumably from a p2p peer. Not sure why there would be insufficient resources for it. You could spend a lot of time on this and get nowhere. Really consider using a different client....01:32
Typos_Kingserverduck:   ehehe  lamp?     well, you already have the 'L', install Apache2 and that gives you the 'A' and 'P', install mysql and that gives the 'M'    <----   sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql-server-5.001:32
chelzjagjr: when you boot do you see a grub screen? is the issue just that windows won't boot?01:32
infectothe lucid also dont want to start ::)01:32
akindyanyone using wicd?01:32
akindyI've got a question if so01:32
NotTooSmartMy power went out today, when I rebooted my ubuntu machine I cannot connect to my mpd server, my samba server, or open ssh, the Ip is the same and grabbed via dhcp, any ideas?01:32
MichRTHello! How is everyone?01:32
arrrghhhLosha, hrm that's depressing.  rtorrent was working great, and i'm assuming something upgraded from the repo and broke that custom install of xmlrpc i installed.  what do you recommend for cli torrent clients that have a web frontend?01:32
serverduckTypos_King,  and php???01:32
infectothouse 64 bits version of ubuntu are strange ;)01:32
jagjrchelz :  i see a grub screen ..  i can choose to boot into linux or windows. i can boot into linux but not into windows01:33
Loshajohnislost: well, you shouldn't be seeing  i/o errors. Try googling for those along with your card/chipset01:33
jagjrbrb trying01:33
Blue1MrD_: sounds like a permissions problem you may need to set the folders in linux to sudo chmod 755 <nameofdirectorygoeshere>01:33
MichRTMaybe random, but I have to say: Final Fantasy XIII01:33
MichRTis awesome!!!01:33
infecto66.243846 end-request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 143385601:33
MrD_I chmodded it to 77701:33
Typos_Kingserverduck:     Apache webserver already comes with PHP as module, don't need to add anything extra, and also has mysql modules for accessing the server01:33
CountDownarrrghhh: Looks like there's a psmouse, but no brand.01:33
infectothats my error01:33
Loshaarrrghhh: do you know exactly when it broke? If so, you can check the package log in /var/log/dpkg.log for a likely suspect...01:33
infecto66.24897 Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 179232.01:33
jebbabrjann:   export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive01:34
Loshaarrrghhh: I use rtorrent :-)01:34
Typos_Kingserverduck:     thus it gives you the 'a' and 'p'01:34
arrrghhhLosha, not the exact time, but i know the day.  and damnit i LOVE rtorrent.  i don't want to use another client.01:34
brjannjebba: aha, good to know :) thanks01:34
MrD_it asks me for credientials again, but when i put in the same ones that let me access the computer in the first place it doenst work01:34
chelzNotTooSmart: are all those servers separate machines? or where are they all running?01:34
NotTooSmartchelz: one machine01:34
chelzNotTooSmart: what os are you using to try to connect to it?01:34
Loshaarrrghhh: check the logs and see what was installed on that day. You may be able to back something out and win....01:35
NotTooSmartchelz: um, im doing it locally01:35
serverduckTypos_King, thank you...long live the king! :)01:35
arrrghhhLosha, ...ok i'll see...01:35
NotTooSmartchelz: and on winxp and its just not working01:35
FezzlerTypos_King>> Okay.  The boot error is something about a faulty rule in udev?01:35
Typos_Kingserverduck:   <voice type="elvis">  thank you, thank you very much </voice>01:35
NotTooSmartchelz: I have one machine that runs mpd, samba and openssh, its ubuntu 9.1001:35
FezzlerTypos_King>> Anything to be concerned about?01:35
chelzNotTooSmart: is this the first time you've had issues after rebooting? have you tried rebooting once?01:36
NotTooSmartchelz: yea never had problems before today01:36
Typos_KingFezzler:    try pasting it on a pastebin..... like say.. paste at pastie.org for us to see01:36
chelzNotTooSmart: how are you verifying what IP ubuntu has?01:36
NotTooSmartchelz: I can ping out from the server to google etc and ifconfig -a shows it as being the right ip01:36
arrrghhhLosha, hrm... i don't see anything really.  what else could've broken xmlrpc?01:36
serverduckTypos_King,  :))) ahahhahahahha you made my day!01:36
__mikemdoes anyone know if its possible to get the new gdm and gtk themes for lucid in the the current release?01:36
NotTooSmartchelz: idk whats going on01:37
chelzNotTooSmart: have you tried restarting the server?01:37
FezzlerTypos_King>> I know how to do that.  Where do I find the boot log?  dmesg ain't it01:37
NotTooSmartchelz: twice01:37
LoshaNotTooSmart: start at the beginning. Can you ping the server?01:37
NotTooSmartLosha: hmm, pinging does not seem to work atm..01:37
chelzNotTooSmart: do you have any other computers running ubuntu besides the server you can use?01:37
NotTooSmartchelz: umm, nope...01:38
jagjrok it didnt work01:38
jagjrfor the uuid01:38
LoshaNotTooSmart: do you have console access to the server?01:38
CopperedRequest:  is there a page that clearly tells me what a Encrypted Home Folder is?  I selected it to use the same password as my log in id.01:38
NotTooSmartLosha: yea01:38
CopperedI will have a folder that is encrypted in case of loss?01:38
LoshaNotTooSmart: then login to the server & see if you can ping out...01:38
chelzCoppered: if it's a laptop, you definitely should01:38
Copperedit is a lap top.01:39
NotTooSmartLosha: yea I can01:39
Copperedcan i change the password later on that encrypted home folder?01:39
celltypos;the skype  says error;wrong architecture 'amd64'01:39
chelzCoppered: it uses your main password, there's no difference in using ubuntu with it and without it for normal usage01:39
chelzcell: get the non64bit then01:39
Copperedcan i change the password later if like?01:40
chelzCoppered: yes01:40
LoshaNotTooSmart: that's good, it probably means your nic wasn't damaged by the power outage. Run 'ifconfig -a' and check the ip address...01:40
NotTooSmartLosha: ok hold on01:40
hmwcan i make Totem not use Overlay? I would like to see the videos transformed properly on the Compiz Cube01:40
Copperedso the home folder is where i store all my personal files?01:40
chelzNotTooSmart: home servers should have static IPs set, for the record avoids issues down the line.01:41
Typos_KingFezzler:    dmesg   IS the boot log usually01:41
cellchelz; do you know how to set the vpn???01:41
chelzCoppered: yes. stuff like media, email, browsing history, etc01:41
NotTooSmartLosha: it says its which is what I want01:41
FezzlerTypos_King>> I'll look again.  Any way to run dmesg and only have it return instances of udev?01:41
Copperedkiller...it will some how have all my email there too.....this is all done automatically?01:41
chelzcell: what kind of vpn?01:41
cellchelz; do you know how to set the vpn???01:41
Copperedchelz u recommend evolution for email client right?01:42
LoshaNotTooSmart: were you running any kind of firewall on the server?01:42
Typos_KingFezzler:    ... or check also at /var/log/message and /var/log/system01:42
PurpleyHey guys if I say a command like sudo /usr/bin/firefox will it launch firefox?01:42
cellchelz; ip01:42
chelzCoppered: yes, that should work fine. some people like Thunderbird since it's crossplatform01:42
NotTooSmartLosha: no01:42
Snoopy1so is it possible to get ubuntu on a hp pocket pc?01:42
chelzcell: pptp?01:42
astronuti have information that is a much more elegant solution for a thread on ubuntuforums.org but i don't have an account and don't feel like getting one just to post - would someone mind making a follow up for me? if so, PM me01:42
LoshaPurpley: yes, though running firefox as root is considered to be borderline suicidal...01:42
Typos_KingFezzler:    ... or check also at /var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog rather01:42
cellchelz;how to change my ip01:42
PurpleyLosha, Don't I need sudo to enter /usr/bin and launch something?01:43
__mikemdoes anyone know if I can get the new radiance and ambience gtk themes in karmic01:43
cellchelz how do i do that ??01:43
arrrghhhLosha, yea, i have a gap from 3/4 to 3/9 for that dpkg log... what else would cause rtorrent to segfault from xmlrpc calls?  i didn't update any configs... or really change anything.  this box just sits there chuggin, and i pretty much just update it now and then!01:43
chelzcell: you have to get a vpn provider, like you have an internet provider (isp). make sure you pick one that supports linux and they will tell you how to use their vpn.01:43
chelzcell: you can use Tor as a free vpn, but it is very slow01:43
chelzastronut: the sooner you get an account, the sooner you can start participating more deeply01:44
LoshaPurpley: only for certain apps, usually those which do system maintenance. For firefox, definitely *not*...01:44
cellchelz; can it change my ip ?? tor?01:44
chelzcell: yes it can01:44
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chelzcell: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_%28anonymity_network%2901:44
=== arpanet is now known as ShazbotMcNasty
astronutchelz: well, since i dont' run ubuntu, the likely hood of me ever wanting to do so again is rather slim01:44
cellchelz;ok then help me with that01:45
Loshaarrrghhh: sorry, I'm kinda out of ideas....01:45
NotTooSmartLosha: I lied! looks like transmission-daemon has one built in and it was screwing me up some how. thanks man01:45
arrrghhhLosha, i can see why people told me to start with a clean system... blargh.01:45
LoshaNotTooSmart: good debugging skillz dude...01:45
PurpleyOH alright01:45
chelzcell: follow this: http://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-doc-unix.html.en01:45
NotTooSmartLosha: it must have updated on reboot, haha no you figured it out01:45
Loshaarrrghhh: when all else fails....01:45
arrrghhhLosha, what about recompiling around it?  i don't mind recompiling libtorrent, rtorrent, etc... i just ran into an issue when i tried compiling the rtorrent source.01:46
CopperedRandome question...is anyone here in Berkeley California?01:46
PurpleyHow do I create a proper symlink again? whats the syntax?01:46
chelzCoppered: a lot are probably closeby. there is a Berkeley Linux Users Group you might be interested in01:47
Typos_KingPurpley:   ln -s ACTUALPATH SYMLINKNAME01:47
astronutPurpley: ln -s <target> [<link>]01:47
Copperedwell im just thinking im here fo ra week..if someone was near by i meet them up for cofffe...they show me around..etc....01:47
cellchelz; if i download a package using the command line and i am tru where do i go ti install the package?01:47
Loshaarrrghhh: I've compiled it myself before, it's tedious but should work. And ou could actually get a proper traceback if you compile it with -g...01:47
scott_ino2Has anyone ever received this wget error? wget: bad header line:01:48
chelzCoppered: try going to one of the Linux User Group (LUG) meetings. they'll show you around for sure. here: http://www.berkeleylug.com/?page_id=6701:48
Copperedchelzzzz thanx!01:48
astronutchelz: i found a much more elegant solution for getting the movenetworks player working under wine wrt the color issues and i wanted to post it - i don't rub ubuntu it just happens that that's where all the discussion is01:48
Some_Person!ops | __mar01:48
ubottu__mar: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!01:48
arrrghhhLosha, can you help?  i don't get why, but i can't compile rtorrent.  it fails on the make...01:48
chelzcell: use the deb repo. "f you're using Ubuntu, don't use the default packages: use our deb repository instead. "01:48
Typos_Kingscott_ino2:  what's the url?   maybe is a binary file?01:48
Snoopy1so is it possible to install desktop widgets suck as the "My coke rewards" widget from yahoo widgets?01:48
Loshaarrrghhh: pastebin the output :-)01:48
scott_ino2Typos_King, basically I'm trying to use Wget to call a database rebuild via a web panel01:49
Copperedok it says installatin compete and it is restarting!01:49
chelzastronut: it's a good thing to have around since a lot of people run ubuntu and tend to encounter problems users of other distros have.01:49
arrrghhhLosha, let me purge everything and go thru recompilling.  it'll probably work this time!01:49
cellchelz;how do i do that ?01:49
Loshaarrrghhh: well, you know where we are...01:49
scott_ino2Typos_King, so it's actually a web page, or rather a link on a web page01:49
astronutchelz: well, i hate account prolifieration - i use mailing lists rather tahn forums for a reason... i'm not going to register, so oh well i guess01:49
Some_PersonIs it possible to install ubuntu to an SD card?01:49
chelzcell: follow the directions in the 'deb repository' link01:49
jeeezhow do i edit the order in which the windows are shown in app switcher, compiz?01:49
arrrghhhLosha, i appreciate it, thanks.01:50
LoshaCoppered: plan to go into SF and see some tourist sites....01:50
Copperedo m g its not windows!  i think its working!!01:50
Typos_Kingscott_ino2:  .... you want to issue a remote execution using wget hehe....  can't say01:50
cellchelz;give me the link01:50
CopperedLosha i would love too but i dont have a car01:50
chelzastronut: setting up your browser to remember passwords makes that sorta stuff quite easy01:50
chelzcell: it's part of the first link i gave you01:50
Copperedstaying with my siste rher...sshe will take me to some museums i think this weeken.01:50
astronutchelz: but that requires sharing that database across the 4-6 computers i use regularly01:50
scott_ino2Typos_King, well actually i want to create a cron job to issue the wget execution ;)01:50
astronutchelz: and it's more an issue that i just don't like signing up for accounts01:50
Copperedhaaha i think its working! im loggign in for the first time!!01:50
LoshaCoppered: well, there *is* public transport01:50
* astronut shrugs01:51
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Typos_Kingscott_ino2:  I know is doable in javascript, using a GET call with an XMLHttpRequest() object, so-called Ajax01:51
chelzastronut: firefox at least can work fine with it's preferences being rsync'd across almost any number of machines. but alright01:51
cellchelz;Unpacking ike-scan (from .../ike-scan_1.9-3_i386.deb)01:51
Copperedi did it!!! ive logged into my first ubuntu linux ever!!01:51
hmwcan i make Totem not use Overlay? I would like to see the videos transformed properly on the Compiz Cube01:51
Copperedits make a noise like im in africa!01:51
cellchelz;help me here01:51
Rave1Some_Person,  yes you can01:51
chelzcell: http://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en#ubuntu ?01:51
Copperedo my god01:52
Copperedit did it!01:52
Some_PersonRave1: The installer will let me partition it and everything?01:52
CopperedF  K01:52
chelzcell: if you want to change your IP, you're gonna need to figure out how to follow guides on your own01:52
seanbrystone2!yay | Coppered01:52
Copperedshit..new computer01:52
ubottuCoppered: Glad you made it! :-)01:52
chelzCoppered: language01:52
Some_Person!language | Coppered01:52
ubottuCoppered: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:52
Copperedthank u all....chelz especially!01:52
chelzhah, np01:52
Copperedwow ok ill be back in a bit01:52
Copperedthis is awesome01:52
Rave1Some_Person,  yes that is what I use for my eeepc01:52
b_a_r7coppered: freebsd works better i would say01:53
scott_ino2Typos_King, this is on an embedded linux system so lol01:53
Typos_KingCoppered:   are you sure you don't want to lay down for a while with an icepack on your forehead?   I mean..... it looks like it :P~01:53
scott_ino2Typos_King, thanks for the help though01:53
skrapsCoppered: I can talk about self pleasure and you cant cuss, roflmao01:53
Copperedquestion.....its asking me something01:53
ChaosmeikaDuring install from WUBI and 9.10 Live CD. Error during installation is error_code + 0x73/0x80. What should I look at in order to correct the problem to install?01:53
Some_PersonRave1: How small can the SD card be?01:53
kandinskithanks IdleOne01:53
Loshaskraps: actually, you can't, and if you persist, you'll just get banned....01:53
Rave1Some_Person,  I have eeebuntu on a 4GB  SDHC01:54
chelzChaosmeika: it might be the nVidia PCI video card causing problems01:54
Some_PersonRave1: Cool. That's the only size SD card I have01:54
LoshaChaosmeika: google the error code and see what turns up...01:54
clawsHo Can i connect webcab through USB ? i hav e plugged it in... nothing pops up ? plz help01:55
Rave1Some_Person,  Is it HC01:55
Some_PersonRave1: Yes01:55
switch10_When I open a terminal and list the files and folders, I am in the root directory, not my /home/username directory.  How do I fix this?01:55
Typos_King"Ho Can i connect "?    /me looks for "Ho"s in the channel01:55
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chelzChaosmeika: try adding the grub param   nomodeset01:55
hmwclaws: it probably is already activated... type dmesg (or sudo dmesg) in the terminal to check system messages about your cam. Next step is finding a webcam app. Any preferences?01:55
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Some_Personswitch10_: You mean by default you are in / instead of ~ ?01:56
=== phoenixz is now known as sven_oostenbrink
switch10_Some_Person: yup01:56
Chaosmeikachelz: How do I go about doing that? Novice linux user.01:56
switch10_Some_Person: I have a root account as well01:56
Loshaswitch10_: which user did you login as?01:56
scott_ino2Typos_King, yeah this is an embedded linux system so can't do much on it commands are limited01:56
Typos_Kingswitch10:   cd ~;   :)01:56
Rave1Some_Person,  just remember all the same rules for any flashdrive apply01:56
switch10_Losha: my user name01:56
Some_PersonRave1: "rules"?01:56
Loshaswitch10_: what happens if you type cd ~username like Typos_King said?01:57
switch10_in User settings, my home directory is mounted properly.  I don't understand why this has happened01:57
chelzChaosmeika: ah i'm not experienced with grub2, but on grub1 when you are in the grub menu, highlight the ubuntu line you want to boot, press "e", then go to the line starting with "kernel" and put that at the end01:58
switch10_Losha: it brings me to my /home directory like it should do by default01:58
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sebi_`switch10_: echo $HOME01:58
Rave1Some_Person,  swap is not a good idea,,, Ext 2 is considered safer than 3 or 4 by some people01:58
switch10_sebi_`: /home/dave01:58
sebi_`switch10_: well, cd ~ then01:59
Some_PersonRave1: I don't need swap (my HD can deal with that). Why ext2 over 3/4 though?01:59
switch10_My home is on its own partition if that helps at all01:59
sebi_`switch10_: you most likely opened a root terminal in nautilus01:59
clawshmw, hmm..i did that but it comes of a bunch of things i dont have qlue about01:59
Rave1Some_Person,  something about journaling if I remember correctly02:00
klam7hey guys, is there a way to add multiple virtual ips in ubuntu instead of adding them one by one?02:00
switch10_sebi_`: when I go to apps>accesories>terminal it works correctly02:00
Some_PersonRave1: Well, ext2 has no journaling, while ext3 and ext4 do02:00
hmwclaws: don't let yourself get confused about all the cryptic stuff... 1) you will see stuff, you understand every now and then 2) you will learn the rest over time. ... did you see something about your web cam?02:00
Typos_Kingswitch10_;    how about a 'whoami'?02:00
coordinadori have a problem02:00
sebi_`switch10_: obviously02:00
jefimenkoubuntu provides a way to change the subpixel order in the System -> Preferences -> Appearance menu, in the Fonts tab and in the Details button. I have two monitors and each uses a different subpixel order, so fonts render ugly on one vs. the other. Does anyone know if it's possible to set different subpixel order on each monitor?02:00
Rave1Some_Person,  that is the point02:00
coordinadorwhere is the ubuntu.restricted-modules package in karmic???02:00
coordinadori mean linux-restricted-modules02:01
switch10_sebi_`: How do I make a keyboard short cut to open a terminal then?02:01
sebi_`switch10_: install nautilus-actions, it will install shortcuts for opening a terminal02:01
Some_PersonRave1: Can the same ubuntu installation (on an SD) be used on 2 computers (I don't actually need to be able to do this, though it would be handy)?02:01
* Typos_King dashes02:01
clawshmw, yes02:01
Rave1Some_Person,  I am  not sure with ubuntu never used it that way02:02
clawshmw, failed to initialize the device02:02
switch10_sebi_`: I/ve always had gnome-terminal linked to a keyboard shortcut and it worked fine before.02:02
arrrghhhLosha, you've gotta be kidding me... i guess i was skipping a step.  it's working.  thanks!!02:02
Loshaarrrghhh: :-)02:03
Copperedok im confused :) i am updating to the latest version of Firefox...when i do that...and it extracts...is it extracting the program....or the installer that will install the update?02:03
arrrghhhLosha, i'm just glad i didn't have to switch clients!02:03
Rave1Some_Person,  give me a bit I will try  something02:03
chelzCoppered: you should use ubuntuzilla for later firefoxes, not the one that comes from mozilla02:03
Some_PersonRave1: ok02:03
Copperedgood save02:03
xanguaCoppered: to instal the latest stable fx use either the 'firefox-stable-ppa' or 'ubuntuzilla' repos02:03
guitarman888hello :D02:04
clawsGuys... how do i set up a webcan ?02:04
chelzCoppered: http://ubuntuzilla.wiki.sourceforge.net/02:04
jsecchelz: doesn't ubuntu provide firefox updates automatically?02:04
qaavisit new server /server -m irc.saknet.biz.tm:6667 6697-ssl02:04
qaavisit new server /server -m irc.saknet.biz.tm:6667 6697-ssl02:04
qaavisit new server /server -m irc.saknet.biz.tm:6667 6697-ssl02:04
FloodBot2qaa: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:04
seanbrystone2!ops | qaa02:04
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hmwclaws: you dont need to setup a web cam... you need to find a program that uses it02:04
chelzjsec: they do but at a fixed version. for later updates require other means.02:04
arrrghhhCoppered, the coolest thing about ubuntu and linux in general?  for the most part, you don't have to go and download the latest firefox!02:05
hmwclaws: do you just want to play with the cam, or do you want to use a certain app with it?02:05
chelzCoppered: if you don't need the latest firefox for something specifically, it's generally good to just go with what ubuntu provides02:05
klam7anyone know how to add virtual ips from to the network interface in one block isntead of adding them one by one?02:05
guitarman888ubuntu netbook remix ships with some program called "cheese" for webcams02:05
chelzklam7: what are you trying to do?02:05
arrrghhhCoppered, or anything else for that matter.  the repos keep every package updated.02:05
Copperedarrgyy......how id o that02:05
jsecchelz: as in only major releases? i'm kinda curious.02:05
clawshmw, i just want to gettit work02:05
Copperedur saying i have the latest version for ubuntu02:05
Copperedand it jsut stays that way02:06
Copperedya i need to go to Linux Meeting02:06
guitarman888I have a question. when is ubuntu 10.04  planned for? the end of april?02:06
Copperedwhat is Ubuntuzilla???02:06
arrrghhhCoppered, there's like a 28,000 some package repo that ubuntu connects to by default.02:06
arrrghhhCoppered, don't forget, google is your friend :D02:06
jsecguitarman888, try #ubuntu+102:06
chelzCoppered: a managed way to install newer mozilla stuff02:06
klam7chelz, ubuntu ip is, i want to add the ips from to to it as well02:06
b_a_r7eny 1 know of a freebsd irc server port02:06
guitarman888ok jsec02:06
hmwclaws: it probably is already working. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam02:06
chelzjsec: ubuntu picks a version of most packages to support, then that version doesn't change, ubuntu just releases security fixes but no new features02:07
klam7chelz, i know how to add them one by one, but like in freebsd, theres a way to add a whole ip block or a range of ips02:07
Copperedi have no idea what im doing here :)02:07
jsecchelz, gotcha. thx.02:07
Copperedok i have to install ubuntu02:07
clawshmw, any cam software good to try out02:07
chelzklam7: you can write a script to generate all the necessary stuff for /etc/network/interfaces02:08
Copperedhow do i add a repository?...just type in a line of code?02:08
arrrghhhCoppered, you can add stuff to the repo's02:08
hmwclaws: please read the page i linked02:08
Copperedi never heard of  repo in my life......how i find my repos02:08
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)02:08
arrrghhhCoppered, there's a couple of ways.  you can edit /etc/apt/sources.list, or the "gui" way thru synaptic02:08
chelzklam7: this has info about virtual IPs  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-networking-configuration-using-command-line.html02:08
Chaosmeikachelz: Will attempt. Wish me luck.02:08
klam7chelz, hmm i dont think im going to be able to write a script to do something like that02:08
Rave1Some_Person,  the02:08
Copperedshould i instill Mac4Lin first?02:08
jsecCoppered: System -> Administration -> Software Sources02:08
Copperedwill it make my life easier?02:08
Some_PersonRave1: ...02:09
chelzCoppered: probably not02:09
arrrghhhCoppered, ubuntu comes pre-loaded with repo's.  it's where you get all your updates - but unlike windows which just updates windows, ubuntu (and linux) updates all come thru the repo's - so all packages you have installed and the OS get updated.02:09
chelzCoppered: ubuntu does come with firefox btw02:09
Copperedmine did chelz02:09
Copperedi have firecfox right here02:09
chelzCoppered: yeah. like that. for any software you need you should rarely have to look anywhere besides the Software Center02:09
Rave1Some_Person,  theSD  booted in my other laptop but the screen res is totally off and unusable02:10
arrrghhhCoppered, he's saying firefox is included with ubuntu... just like evolution.02:10
hmwclaws: i cant suggest an app, since i dont know, what you want to do. I use skype with my webcam (it needs some trick to get it working, though)02:10
=== horndog_ is now known as horndog
Copperedis skype included?02:10
Some_PersonRave1: I'm going to say that means it may work with unexpected side effects02:10
shellfishhey guys im in an iphone and its really hard to keep talks in this fast talkkin chan. so to make it simple, could anybody make me a really quick google favour ? i cant search just need to know how to rrstart ipod touch i know this isnt the place but i can just access irc and cant join other chans than the ones i got curremtly installed plz pm me i can follow up talks in this little screen and plus i dont wanna disturb the channel thankss02:10
hmwCoppered: no, but you can download a .deb for skype from their web site02:10
Rave1Some_Person,  as it was setup  for the eeepc    and yes to your remark02:11
Copperedwhere do i see how much space is on my HD free?02:11
guitarman888use nautilus02:11
guitarman888or how ever its spelled02:11
chelzCoppered: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/installingsoftware02:11
trismCoppered: df -h02:11
arrrghhhshellfish, seriously?  you can chat but not google?  gimmie a break.02:12
guitarman888open to any directory, and look at the bottom02:12
shellfishi nees to restart the browaer safari actually not the ipod im really sorry for disturbing ubuntu02:12
modprobeCoppered, applications, accesories, disk usage analyzer02:12
chelzCoppered: Applications -> Accessories -> Disk Usage Analyzer02:12
Copperedthanks u 202:12
TiZHi. Is the use of the ubuntu netbook edition launcher on other distributions supported here?02:12
ShazbotMcNastyactually idk02:13
chelzCoppered: just searching in the Software Center should have almost everything. if something doesn't come up after you searched for it, then you might have to look elsewhere. but that should be very rare.02:13
Copperedlooking for skype now02:13
modprobein ubuntu 9.10, does movie player play avi files out of the box?02:13
clawshmw, i have opened skype...02:13
chelzTiZ: unfortunately no. that would be a support issue for the project itself.02:13
clawshmw, now what ?02:13
jsecmodprobe, not that i'm aware of. vlc does though.02:13
hmwclaws: what Ubuntu version?02:13
shellfisharrrg i said its hard to explain just accept it or not if you dpnt wana help please dont make me write all this in a 2 inch screen trust me its not easy02:13
TiZchelz: Okay. Thank you. :)02:14
clawshmw, 9.1002:14
modprobejsec, k thanks.02:14
Big_Migusing Karmic - all of a sudden when i play video it is black and white with blue02:14
jsecshellfish, i already sent you a msg.02:14
Big_Migwith movies or music visualizations02:14
chelz!ot | shellfish02:14
ubottushellfish: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:14
arrrghhhmodprobe, use vlc, it plays pretty much anything out of the box.02:14
Copperedis my computer 32 bit or 64?02:14
hmwclaws: i am not very firm with 9.10, i use 9.04. I believe it will crash. Let's find out. Just open Skype, go to Options (ctrl + O), go to "Video Devices" and click test in the top right area02:15
clawshmw, im in there02:15
hmwclaws: perhaps you need to choose your webcam first (left of that test area)02:15
chelzCoppered: did you burn the i386 or amd64 disc?02:15
Copperedno idea...02:15
Copperedi think i38602:15
chelzCoppered: probably 32bit then02:15
chelzCoppered: that is most likely. yes.02:16
shellfishjsec now it leta me join ubuntu offtopic i see i cant either receive pm could you tell me in ubuntu-offtopic thxx man02:16
shellfishsry chelz for disturbing02:16
Copperedok so once i download the Skype DEB file.....what do i do with it....just double click on it?02:16
Big_Mig using Karmic - all of a sudden when i play video it is black and white with blue02:16
clawshmw, it doesnt allow me to change webcam02:16
chelz!repeat | Big_Mig02:16
ubottuBig_Mig: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.02:16
chelzBig_Mig: are you on 64bit?02:16
Big_Mignot 3202:16
Scunizihow do I restart the sound system in Kubuntu?  Is it the same as Ubuntu? sudo service pulseaudio restart?02:16
hmwclaws: i have only one option there, too... try the "test" button. I expect some strange image. Does it work properly per chance?02:17
chelzBig_Mig: upgrade or fresh install?02:17
chelzScunizi: try it :)02:17
Big_Migupgrade from 9.0402:17
Big_Migworked before02:17
chelzBig_Mig: that is a known issue02:17
Big_Migis it noted somewhere? sorry big noob here02:17
chelzBig_Mig: Fixing the hue on totem should fix it02:17
clawshmw, i dont have any options there...as if it doesnt detect my webcam02:18
chelzBig_Mig: Totem aka Media Player / Preferences / Display / Hue slider - set to the middle, or just press 'reset to defaults'.02:18
Scunizichelz: it returns "PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions".. same with using sudo and not02:18
hmwclaws: "enable skype video" close options, open again02:18
ThuuuugsHi - just upgraded from Ubuntu Server 9.04 to Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid), all went fine - did the update through apt-get update/upgrade but now when rebooting server and trying to login via SSH im getting "connection refused" - server is repsonding to pings tho02:18
chelzScunizi: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=81615902:18
hmwclaws: "enable skype video", click APPLY,  close options, open again02:18
clawshmw, nope..still no option02:19
jsec!lucid | Thuuuugs02:19
ubottuThuuuugs: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 29th, 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+102:19
clawshmw, driver issue ?02:19
CopperedHelp:  I have put the Skype DEB file on my desktop....i have doubled clicked it to install it...and it tells me......Error: Dependecy is not satisfiable: libqt4-dbus(>= 4.4.3)02:20
clawshmw, usb drivers... ?02:20
hmwclaws: possible... next step would be trying the "Cheese" program - ...02:20
chelzThuuuugs: that's not how to upgrade02:20
chelzThuuuugs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KarmicUpgrades#Network%20Upgrade%20for%20Ubuntu%20Servers%20%28Recommended%2902:20
hmwclaws: sudo apt-get install cheese02:20
clawshmw, installing  :)02:21
Thuuuugschelz: I dont have a GUI, aka server so all cli02:21
chelzCoppered: try putting that error into google and seeing what comes up :)02:21
Coppereddoing so now02:22
hmwclaws: Cheese seems to come with its own built-in drivers. It worked for me, even if normal webcam programs wouldnt. You will find it in Applications / Graphics / Cheese Webcam Booth (or similar)02:22
CaptainBlandHello, all.  Anyone have any idea why Ubuntu 9.10 shuts down (I don't mean crash, I mean, it turns OFF) on login after installing the nVidia driver?02:22
fr33mindwhere can i find rhythmbox config files?02:22
Scunizichelz: thanks.. didn't work though.  I think something stuck on boot because it normally works.. will have to reboot to see.02:22
clawshmw, drivers are ok... " Bus 001 Device 004: ID 046d:08c1 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Fusion "02:23
hecresperhi.  i'm going to install the awn dock, so i got rid of the panel that shows the open apps buttons.  how do i add it to the top panel?02:23
testpagei created a group called ftpgroup and added all the people that i wanted in it, im using proftpd, for some reason i still cannot connect to server, any ideas of where i might be going wrong at, here is my proftpd config file http://www.pastie.org/86439802:23
hmwclaws: indeed, that sounds very fine... i have another joker for skype, but later. try cheese and see, if it works02:23
chelzBig_Mig: try moving the slider until the colors look normal02:23
jsechecresper, right-click top panel, add to panel, window list02:23
xanguafr33mind: ~/.gconf/apps/rhythmbox02:23
fr33mindxangua, thanks02:24
hecresperjsec, thanks, could not remember the name of that feature :)02:24
=== cjohnston_ is now known as cjohnston
chelzScunizi: if you still have issues, this might help: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-all-pulseaudio-related-issues.html02:24
Big_MigChelz your awesome. had to completely lower hue02:25
arrrghhhcan i sort by size with du?  all my disk space is disappearing, but i don't know where to!02:25
Big_Migi guess default isnt default02:25
Scunizichelz: thanks.. but it typically works.. just an anomaly02:25
clawshmw, it says ..No camera found.. and in option i dont have the option to change cam.. there is zero cam to choose from02:25
hmwclaws: hmm... *thinking*02:25
chelzclaws: what is model number and brand of your computer02:26
chelzarrrghhh: Applications -> Accessories -> Disk Usage Analyzer02:26
arrrghhhchelz, this is on my headless server.02:26
clawshmw, Dell inspiron 630m02:27
ezHello Ubuntu... Display problems02:27
chelzarrrghhh: du -hcs /* perhaps02:27
=== ez is now known as Guest87763
hmwclaws: i am not sure, what's wrong. Is it not supported? Something else? Perhaps another USB device is "eating" up all USB bandwidth. Try to plug it in allone, no other USB devices.02:27
trismarrrghhh: du | sort -nr > usage.txt02:27
chelzarrrghhh: you can sort dh output with awk02:27
chelzah or that02:27
arrrghhhsweet, thanks!02:27
Hathadarin that command, what does the > do?02:27
=== Inc`_ is now known as Inc`
chelzHathadar: it does what's called "piping" to a file02:27
clawshmw, it is the only usb i have on this laptop :)02:28
chelzHathadar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pipeline_%28Unix%2902:28
hmwclaws: is anything else plugged to USB?02:28
xyzxyzxyzarrrghhh: du -s * | sort -n02:28
Guest87763I tried to connect my dell inspiron 1150 to my t.v. and the screen gave me a log out and log back in option... now i can't boot passed the terminal02:28
clawshmw, nope02:28
xyzxyzxyzarrrghhh: or sort -nr02:28
arrrghhhxyzxyzxyz, thank you.02:28
hmwclaws: stand by02:28
clawshmw, aight :)02:28
=== chris_ is now known as Chriz
xyzxyzxyzno problem ::)02:29
=== Chriz is now known as chr1831
Coppereddoes anyone know what the libqt4-network is...and how i install these?02:29
Copperedanything to do with libqt402:29
Guest87763Anyone how i can get ubunutu to boot past the terminal02:30
trismCoppered: what version of ubuntu are you on? these should all be in the repo02:30
Copperedthe latest02:30
Copperedim strying to install siype02:30
Guest87763Karmic... fully updated02:30
trismCoppered: if you use gdebi i should automatically get the deps02:30
chelzCoppered: try installing all of your updates02:30
Guest87763i get warning when sudo gdm02:30
Copperedhow do i do that02:30
hmwclaws: i found a forum entry, marked as "SOLVED" and they use the same thing, i was refering earlier (the skype joker)... so letz do this. First check out, if it really helps: type in terminal: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype  02:31
Copperedwhere i go f02:31
Copperedfor that02:31
FloodBot2Coppered: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:31
chelzCoppered: System -> Administration -> Update Manager02:31
chelzCoppered: you might also have an icon in the upper right02:31
Copperedo wow02:31
Copperedits got 246 selected02:31
Copperedok ill just let this boy run02:31
Copperedclicking install updates02:32
mmatticeCoppered: the FloodBot2 already suggested you not use enter as punctuation.02:32
chelzCoppered: after finishing an install, it's best to install all the updates before doing anything else really02:32
Andys^hi guys. I am trying to set gnome to let me use ALT + F keys to do workplace switching. i set them up in Keyboard Shortcuts but its having no effect, even after a reboot02:32
LinuxGuy2009Ok now Im really puzzled. My webcam mic was all noisy when recording so I tried my USB headset that used to work just find but has the same noise when recording or nothing at all. Havemt tried my integrated sound card mic input yet though.02:32
seanbrystone2haha finally someone got __mar k-lined02:33
chelzCoppered: btw i got the updates idea from the comments in the blog post i got as a first result i got here: http://www.google.com/search?q=Dependecy+is+not+satisfiable%3A+libqt4-dbus(>%3D+4.4.3)02:33
Copperedchelz....this will auto update everything...on its own yes......its running now.02:33
Copperedyes ur the best chelz02:33
Copperedno question..i undersand you clearly!02:33
Copperedthis would never have happened without u ....none of it.02:34
chelzCoppered: just you could have figured that out if you had read the comments after googling02:34
meowbuntuhi anyone heare used tinycore alongside ubuntu 9.10. i heard it wwas not possable, as ubuntu uses grub 2.02:34
Copperedim highly add...dyslecix and rather random02:34
chelzCoppered: be sure you go to one of those Berkeley LUGs02:34
Copperedim trying02:34
Copperedi will go02:34
meowbuntuCoppered, can i pm you then02:34
clawshmw, nothing happened02:34
LinuxGuy2009Im gonna try my built in card and see if that works at all.02:34
Copperedanyone can PM me....as long as ur not attacking me.02:35
sambagirlxmorning. i installed ebox via the synapse program manager. i didnt have time to do the configuration steps at that point. how can i start up the configuration again?02:35
Copperedmeow...ur looking for Ubuntu help :/?02:35
CaptainBlandUbuntu 9.10 is shutting my computer off as soon as I log in, after I install the nvidia driver.  Any ideas?02:35
hmwclaws: hmm... when starting skype, there was no error message in the terminal, i suppose?02:35
livingroomNeed help resolving dependency issue, I'm trying to install testdrive but apt-get complains : testdrive: Depends: cpu-checker but it is not installable02:35
livingroomUsing Ubuntu 9.10 64bit02:36
Gemmazzhttp://imgnow.info/DSC-1268274981.jpg does my ass look big?02:36
clawshmw, no02:36
hmwclaws: then I am out of knowledge :(02:36
GeekyGatorIs this an acceptable place to ask for help?02:37
hmwclaws: i am not sure, if v4lcompat is installed. try sudo apt-get install libv4l02:37
=== GRUBaDubDub_lt is now known as GRUBaDubDub
chelz!ask GeekyGator02:40
seanbrystone2| missing there :)02:40
brjannsambagirlx: sudo dpkg-reconfigure <package>02:40
sambagirlxthanks brjann02:41
brjannsambagirlx: sure thing02:41
coldfirewhat is the "lost+found" folder for and can i delete it?02:41
chelzCaptainBland: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79599702:41
upphi everybody, i need help to set up my new usb wlan card:linksys wusb10002:41
clawshmw, could not find package02:41
chelz!ask | GeekyGator02:41
ubottuGeekyGator: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:41
hmwclaws: I just checked... it is built in in my 9.0402:41
lastenthi, I installed apache but I don't want it ti autostart when I turn on my oc, what can I do?02:41
sambagirlxlooks like i have to reinstall it02:42
rob_plastent: sudo update-rc.d -f apache2 remove02:42
hmwclaws: Sorry, I cant help further. Perhaps someone else in here. Write down  the LD_PRELOAD line i gave you for skype, you will need it in case you get your webcam going. Skype cant work with v2 of the driver02:42
chelzcoldfire: the ext series of filesystems uses those folders to put files recovered after a fsck is required. they are best left alone.02:42
brjanncoldfire: lost+found is where the filesystem repair utilities puts files (or pieces of files) that can't be gotten to otherwise. i'd leave it be.02:42
Fezzlerokay, I have a "udevd[442]: invalid SUBSYSTEM operation" error at boot02:43
chelzclaws: what is the nature of your ubuntu problem?02:43
hmwchelz: claws' webcam wont work. We tried "cheese" and skype with that certain LD_PRELOAD with no success02:44
Fezzler"udevd[442]: invalid rule 'etc/udev/rules.d/10-custom.rules:102:44
FezzlerDo I just delete that file?02:44
hmwchelz: the webcam shows up in dmesg apperently02:44
=== chris_ is now known as chr1831
chelzah right webcams. those are not easy.02:44
clawschelz , any idea ?02:45
denis-kDoes anybody have any experience with ATI Mobility Radeon 7500's?02:45
upphi everybody, i need help to set up my new usb wlan card:linksys wusb100, how can i have his chipset name02:45
clawschelz , drivers are installed02:45
snaiperHi! Could someone give me an advice: Can't reboot my notebook!02:45
snaiperwhat should I do?02:45
hmwsnaiper: perhaps CTRL-ALT-DELETE ?02:45
snaiper:D nice02:45
hmwsnaiper: or sudo init 602:45
snaiperBut already tried02:46
chili555upp, what does lsusb say it is, especially its usb.id, something like 123e:456a02:46
brjannlastent: the simplest way is to remove the executable bit from the apache init script:   sudo chmod -x /etc/init.d/apache202:46
hecresperhelp: ive installed simdock, added the lanchers i want on it,  they disappear when closing/reopening simdock.02:46
snaiperit is shutting down and then stops with the message: Restarting system02:46
snaiperand do nothing02:46
LinuxGuy2009Ok Ive tried recording from webcam mic, USB headset, and regular headset through onboard sound card and all record with a buzzing noise along with the audio and its just as loud as the recorded sound and makes the recorded sound so you cant understand what I say. I removed pulseaudio in this 9.04 installation and am now using just alsa and Im not sure what else could be the cause. Any ideas?02:46
snaiperafther it02:46
chelzclaws: replace some_user with your user:    sudo adduser some_user video02:46
hecresperwhat up Traveler802:47
meowbuntuhi anyone heare used tinycore alongside ubuntu 9.10. i heard it wwas not possable, as ubuntu uses grub 2.02:47
uppchili555: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 1737:0078 Linksys02:47
chili555upp, jus sec, i am searching02:47
hmwsnaiper: hmm... sounds like problems with power management to me, i can't solve that one really. It should be safe to turn off power after this message appears, though.02:47
chelzLinuxGuy2009: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Troubleshooting_Recordings02:47
Traveler8anyone know how to send email with postfix?02:47
chelzLinuxGuy2009: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Troubleshooting_Recordings#Background_hum_or_hiss02:47
chelzTraveler8: http://www.postfix.org/documentation.html02:47
chelzmeowbuntu: as long as you maintain the grub boot list yourself, it's totally possible.02:48
clawschelz , i set as root.. didnt work02:48
chelzmeowbuntu: if you want, you can set ubuntu up to use grub102:48
chelzclaws: no, don't use root, use the name of your user02:48
chili555upp, this guy says he has the magic:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8591348&postcount=602:48
LinuxGuy2009Its not in audacity specifically. Its in sound recorder and cheese too,02:48
chelzLinuxGuy2009: same troubleshooting applies02:48
clawschelz , didnt work02:49
Guest87763Hello Ubuntu... Display problems02:50
chili555upp, np02:50
LinuxGuy2009Yeah well I know what Im doing. im not so sure if Ubuntu knows what its doing. This is so basic and it doesnt work. Thats lame.02:50
Guest87763anyone can tell me how to reset my display setting to default on ubuntu 9.10?02:50
Guest87763I can boot from live flash drive but not direct from hd02:51
LinuxGuy2009I can monitor them in real time and hear myself just fine.02:51
hmwI would like Totem to display a video correctly transformed in Compiz Cube while it rotates. Totem seems to use some Overlay mode. How can I make it display the video in "frame buffer mode"?02:52
SoliAm I the only one who see the word 'top' at the left side of Ubuntu's official website? http://www.ubuntu.com02:54
LinuxGuy2009Soli: Yes your the only one.02:54
xanguahmw: gstreamer-properties ; in the Video tab select X window system(X11/XShm/Xv02:54
Fezzler"udevd[442]: invalid rule 'etc/udev/rules.d/10-custom.rules:1"  at boot.  Do I simply delete the file?02:54
clawsis there a good tinyxp out there for vm use ? any tips?02:55
TxPitouevening to all02:55
SoliLinuxGuy2009: Damn, that mean my firefox is fucked up somehow...02:55
TxPitouSoli: cant you just apt-get remove --purge firefox and then apt-get install ?02:56
Dr_Willisclaws:  thers dozens of variants of 'tinyxp' out. Of course none of them are exactly legaly.02:56
SoliTxPitou: Well, I have a bunch of addons, I'd rather not.. But I guess I'll have to!02:56
hmwxangua: thanks, i had to use the other X option: "X Window System (No Xv)" though.02:57
TxPitouSoli: i though the add-ono are in the ~/.mozilla/firefox user folder02:57
brjannFezzler: i would recommend against "simply" removing files in /etc causing errors ;) the :1 at the end of that line probably indicates that whatever it's complaining about is the first line in that file02:57
Guest87763how do i boot past the ubuntu terminal02:58
Guest87763help with display?02:58
TxPitouGuest87763: you mean get in gui ? which gui do you want to use02:58
brjannFezzler: so you might just try commenting that line out by placing a # at the beginning02:58
Dr_Willis!details | Guest8776302:58
ubottuGuest87763: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:58
abdathi room02:59
=== Bubulle_ is now known as leagris
SoliHmm, hey, what up? I see the glich on www.unbutu.com on my Windows machine too! It ain't my firefox!03:00
soreauhmw: It should work with xv.. which driver are you using?03:00
hmwxangua: omg it's full of slow! any ideas? (my pc is old) or do i have to live with it03:00
TxPitouSoli: what glitch ?03:01
hmwsoreau: it works with Xv... xangua told me to use "X window system(X11/XShm/Xv"03:01
leagrishas nyone successfull experience with btrfs. I have not so funny available space bug issues and kernel bugs?03:02
livingroom!details testdrive03:02
SoliTxPitou: That one: http://imagebin.ca/view/ZyQ5TWoq.html03:02
anto9usSoli: there's some redundant text visible when zoomed out. I think you're seeing part of that.03:02
SoliThe word 'Ubuntu' and 'top' are floating in the middle of no where.03:03
hmwsoreau: is Xv basically that slow? i have a pentium D and the vid plays at 2 fps or so... my Celeron was better at this03:03
livingroomHaving trouble installing testdrive on Karmic 9.10 64bit,03:03
TxPitouSoli dunno, I dont have it with Chrome03:04
hmwSoli: LOL you are using IE03:04
hmwSoli: highly recommended: Firefox + NoScript AddOn03:04
Solihmw: Yeah, I though it was firefox that was fucked up, turn out it's not my firefox's fault.03:04
SoliI see it with Chrome too.03:05
hmwSoli: IE is crap, and I dont say that, because I hate Microsoft. It _is_ crap.03:05
=== Guest5133 is now known as jmhsieh
TxPitouSoli: if your firefox in windows has the same addons then icould still be an addon of firefox caussing it03:05
Guest87763i'm trying to get in gui gnome... i am running ubuntu 9.10... when i turn the computer on it only goes to a terminal... just before this i tried to connect to my t.v which i have done before and can still do via live flash drive running 9.1003:05
TxPitouGuest87763: try typing 'startx' what does it do ?03:05
anto9usSoli: yes, that's part of a larger paragraph, same text as is now in the image with the grey background03:06
anto9usSoli: please try to keep language family friendly, thanks03:06
hmwSoli: Tx Pitou is right... some addons in Firefox might mess up displaying. But when I saw the screen shot, I was like "no wonder, its IE"03:06
TxPitouhmw: you biased ;)03:06
hmwTxPitou: no, expirienced03:07
leagrisPlease I encounter a kernel crash and size issue with btrfs on Karmic. See: http://pastebin.ca/183294903:07
TxPitouhmw: grins...03:07
Guest87763@TxPitou- "cannot connect to server x03:07
hmwTxPitou: even IE8 still has graphical bugs, i am serious. the software is not good.03:07
TxPitouhmw: wrong forum to talk about IE03:07
xyzxyzxyzSoli: you could try to find out where the "top" and "ubuntu" come from with the firebug-addon03:07
Zenkercan someone tell me how to hide my ip address in xchat?03:08
TxPitouGuest87763: humm well looks like your gnome is buggered, you could try to reinstall it I guess03:08
=== Sakkin is now known as sukuri
TxPitouGuest87763: what ??03:09
Guest87763that far... I can get it up great with live flash drive and even connect to the t.v.03:09
Guest87763how do i reinstall gnome03:09
Soliwww.ubuntu.com glich. (firefox): http://imagebin.ca/view/lw6VNIy.html (chrome): http://imagebin.ca/view/vqvK1-v5.html and (ie): http://imagebin.ca/view/ZyQ5TWoq.html03:10
anto9usGuest87763: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:10
hmwsoli: your'e probably running windows, aren't you?03:10
TxPitouGuest sudo apt-get install ubutu-desktop03:11
TxPitouhmw: lol your focus on 'windows' arent ya.?03:11
hmwTxPitou: no03:11
hmwSoli: If this is for real, i'd ask in ##windows03:11
hmwTxPitou: look at the screen shots03:12
Guest87763@TxPitou-" the ubuntu desktop is already the newest version"03:12
=== redy_adi is now known as ce_dewasa
TxPitouhmw: hes using firefox in linux, he stated earlier (when you were not here or busy blabing about how bad ie was) that he got the same issue in IE on his windows box03:12
DunkirkI've installed newer versions of programs from other repos, then deleted the repo. How do I find the packages that could be reverted to "stock" versions?03:12
LinuxGuy2009Ok so it looks like in Ubuntu I cant use the webcam video and mic together. If I use my USB headset I can record audio with audacity and then sync them up in kdenlive. Is this pretty common?03:14
brjann!cloak > zenker03:14
ubottuzenker, please see my private message03:14
rastaseanhello everyone. i am looking for assistance with my dual monitor setup and ati radeon hd 4350 card. when my 23" monitor is set to max res (1920*1080), about 2" all the way around are missing03:14
LinuxGuy2009The webcam in my Dell Mini 10v works both together. Im not sure why this one wont.03:14
anto9usDunkirk: run synaptic package manager and click installed local or obselete, I think they should appear in amongst those03:14
rastaseanthis is odd. anyone know about video driver issues?03:14
quickardrastasean: what kind of card?03:15
LinuxGuy2009quickard:  He just said ati radeon hd 435003:15
rastaseanquickard, ati radeon hd 435003:15
Dunkirkanto9us: I see what you're talking about.03:16
hmwrastasean: earlier radeon cards had memory limits causing similar problems. perhaps you can find something on the web regarding max_texture_size or so03:16
TxPitouGuest87763: sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop then install it again ?03:16
DunkirkBut I was looking for a dpk-? command of some sort.03:16
rastaseanhmw, the odd thing is it was working monday prior to a re-install of ubuntu 9.10 64 bit03:16
anto9usrastasean: have you tried the settings on the monitor itself?03:16
TxPitouGuest87763:  hang on... what video card you using ?03:16
LinuxGuy2009Dunkirk: Just know what apps you installed from other repos and remove them and reinstall them.03:17
rastaseananto9us, yes, i didn't change anything in the regard. further, when the ati drivers are removed, the entire screen fills up but just mushed down slightly03:17
rastaseanmonitor is hanns*g 23"03:17
quickardI had a similar problem on my machine, I have a nvidia card though. finally got it by messing with the hz03:17
rastaseanquickard, hz being horizontal?03:18
DunkirkLinuxGuy2009: Well, that's kind of the problem. I'm not sure what I had that pulled in the newer versions of some packages that gave me a problem, so I don't know what else is lurking.03:18
anto9usrastasean: I have found when timings are a bit different that monitor needs adjusting via its OSD Menu03:18
DunkirkI don't know what I don't know. :-/03:18
LinuxGuy2009Dunkirk: Well thats what happens when you introduce new repos. Its your responsibility to keep track. If problems arise then they are self inflicted.03:19
rastaseanthere is very little for me to change, anto9us in the menu system03:19
major_redhatwhat are the most common terminal lines to check my hardware03:19
LinuxGuy2009Dunkirk: Perhaps restore a recent backup and go from there.03:19
rastaseanin fact, i can't adjust hz03:19
DunkirkLinuxGuy2009: Dude, that's bullcrap. The POINT of a package manager is to KEEP TRACK of this. I KNOW there's a way to do this. I just don't have the incantation on Ubuntu.03:19
anto9usrastasean: is there a reset option in there?03:20
DunkirkThis stuff was CAKE on Gentoo.03:20
LinuxGuy2009Dunkirk: Well your not in Gentoo anymore toto.03:20
quickardrastasean: In my driver settings I can adjust the operating hz of the display card03:20
Guest87763@TxPitou-i just need to get to the desktop or change the video settings from the terminal... i can get on great with and without the t.v. with the flash card... Stumped03:20
rastaseananto9us, yes and i just did that. nothing changed. i'm going to reboot because i recently deleted the ati drivers. brb03:20
DunkirkLinuxGuy2009: Well played.03:20
LinuxGuy2009Dunkirk: But seriously what excactly are you trying to do. Ill give it an honest shot.03:21
claptrapMmk! So, I'm trying to change the default file manager in GNOME on 9.10 to Krusader. I'm not having a whole lot of luck.03:21
major_redhatsomething that would help identify the version of my motherboard03:21
claptrapIf I just change all the instances of Thunar in that to Krusader, should that work?03:21
anto9usmajor_redhat: lshw03:21
LinuxGuy2009Or just leave that works too. hehe03:22
hmwmajor_redhat: lshw, lspci, lsusb, dmesg03:22
major_redhatanto9us, hmw, thanks03:24
TxPitoumajor_redhat: boot in bios... best bet03:24
major_redhatTxPitou: yeah but BIOS isnt as detailed as lshw is03:24
ShazbotMcNastyhow to uninstall a compiled program? \03:24
major_redhatTxPitou: but thanks anyways03:25
TxPitoumajor_redhat: what are you looking for ?03:25
hmwShazbotMcNasty: thar is usually tricky - if youre lucky, the make file contains an uninstall option03:25
Death_i am just starting UBUNTU... i have downloaded, set my prefrences, but now when i reboot, it isnt letting me open Ubuntu?03:25
Death_i am just starting UBUNTU... i have downloaded, set my prefrences, but now when i reboot, it isnt letting me open Ubuntu?03:25
major_redhatwanted to know what the chipset was for my motherboard03:25
LinuxGuy2009Death_: 9.10?03:26
major_redhatso that i can hopefully find a replacement CPU for it03:26
Death_Yes LinuxGuy200903:26
ShazbotMcNastyDeath_, is there a error?03:26
ShazbotMcNastyor just blank screen?03:26
LinuxGuy2009Death_: Yeah thats pretty common on the systems I tested too.03:26
Death_i rebot, it opens windows03:26
TxPitoumajor_redhat: what brand is motherboard, many manufacturers (intel , asus for examples) have web site interface that can "probe and get you full details on your chipsets03:26
quickardDeath_: what exactly happens?03:26
rastaseanso i'm back after deleting the ati drivers and now my menu bar is on my second monitor03:26
ShazbotMcNastyDeath_, did you put it on a cd?03:26
major_redhatits a dell and the hard drive is DEAD so im using a live CD to do all this from the terminal03:27
rastaseani have a 18" crt that displays everything correct but menu bar is on the wrong monitor03:27
hmwDeath_ check your bios, if writing to the MBR /boot sector is allowed. Often called "Virus protection" or similar03:27
LinuxGuy2009Death_: No grub boot menu?03:27
hmwDeath_:  if "virus protection" is ENabled, that would explain why you dont have GRUB03:27
Death_if i reboot with the CD, i get the original screen, then when i install again and get to the partition screen... and i can see the last partition i set03:27
ShazbotMcNastywell we need to make sure he didn't just dl and hope it boots03:27
TxPitoumajor_redhat: dell . oh easy, behind box you have a service tag #, goto web site, enter tag it will tell you eveything in technical details about your board, I just fixed an xps400 for a friend that way..03:27
ShazbotMcNastyso you didn't do it right...03:28
major_redhatTxPitou: its serously that easy? i think i will try that!03:28
Death_i can see the previos partition i set... but how do i access it?03:28
TxPitoumajor_redhat: yeah man... you can get techincal details, service manuals.. :) I tracked down power supply and new cpu on ebay to fix her pc.. cost... 45$03:28
quickardwhats the best way to view current users on a system?03:29
anto9usDeath_: if you installed grub to the correct drive then you need to check your bios as hmw suggests03:29
Death_ok, checking bios, 1 sec03:29
Fezzler"udevd[442]: invalid rule 'etc/udev/rules.d/10-custom.rules:1  DO I simply delete that file?03:29
major_redhatTxPitou: thats awesome. currently trying to get a new motherboard - this one has seen better days03:29
LinuxGuy2009quickard: You mean to edit user accounts?03:29
TxPitouFezzler: humm I would nano that file and see if lien 1 has soemthing it should not have in it first03:30
ChaosmeikaDuring installation for 9.10, I encurred an error (0x73/0x80). After asking initially, I was told that by using GRUB1 that it would fix the error. It did not. Are there any other options?03:30
TxPitoumajor_redhat: I hear you, hers was a intel-2 1ghz, I got her a intel-2 2.8ghz cpu (board handles it as per specs)03:30
von_neumanni've got a strange one, every now and then since I installed Karmic, my left mouse button stops working for a bit, then sometimes the screen saver will come on though I'm moving the mouse around and using the keyboard03:31
von_neumannmy friend reported it to me first, then just now it happend to me for the first time03:31
LinuxGuy2009Chaosmeika: 9.04 doesnt use grub2. Thats what I reverted back to.03:32
von_neumannonce I typed in my password at the screensaver the left mouse button worked again03:32
=== P is now known as Guest5553
sometuxChaosmeika: try text-based installer03:32
=== Guest5553 is now known as Principito
Principitoubuntu es03:32
hero1900in symbolic links if you remove the original files it will not work03:32
hero1900on the other hands the hard link it will still work03:32
TxPitou!es | Principito03:32
ubottuPrincipito: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:32
golazojajaja, el principito, bueeenaa03:32
tigrangHi I just finished installing Ubuntu 9.10 and when I restarted and booted into Ubuntu, it just goes into a terminal after flashing my monitor03:32
hero1900but when i see the size of both links it take the same size of the original03:33
mikelifeguardI'm sending my router's log to a syslog server, but I want to filter them into a separate log file. How can I check what facility is being used?03:33
=== raar is now known as Guest17772
ChaosmeikaLinuxGuy2009: Where can I find a torrent for that release? I looked at the mainsite and it continues to refer to 9.1003:33
FezzlerTxPitou>> BUS="usb", SYSFS{product}="Palm Handheld*", KERNEL="ttyUSB*", NAME{ignore_remove}="pilot", MODE="777"03:33
Death_What button is bios menu?03:33
Death_What button is bios menu?03:33
anto9usvon_neumann: is there much disk activity when this happens? It may be system load, is it a fancy 3d screensaver?03:33
FezzlerTxPitou>> That is the only line in that file03:33
LinuxGuy2009Chaosmeika: http://releases.ubuntu.com/03:34
hmwDeath_ depends on the BIOS. Usually F1, F2, F11 or F1203:34
von_neumannantuo9us: no system load, it is doing it again now03:34
hmwDeath_ or  DEL03:34
von_neumannvery odd03:34
TxPitouDeath: what brand PC is it?03:34
racerdanyone use a network drive on their router?03:34
TxPitouFezzler: well you got me ... dunno03:34
von_neumanni tried killing metacity and sparking up sawfish, but that did not fix it03:34
von_neumanni wonder if the screensaver is grabbing the mouse focus and running in the background03:35
TxPitouDeath: ususally F2 or F903:35
LinuxGuy2009 racerd: Whats your real question?03:35
quickardLinuxGuy2009: No I would like to view current loggin in users on a system03:35
Death_System settings ==== bios menu?03:35
SnakDocthere a way to run asp.net 3.5 with apache i see asp.net203:35
racerdI have router with a storage port so i can put an external drive03:35
racerdhow do i mount that or connect to it?03:35
von_neumanni just killed xscreensaver and that didn't fix it either03:35
LinuxGuy2009quickard: No idea I dint know more than one user could be logged in at any one time/03:35
hmwDeath_: probably yes03:36
=== greenghost is now known as redghost
quickardLinuxGuy2009: ssh shell accounts03:36
KB1JWQWhat do I need to install to convert my Ubuntu NBR to Kubuntu NBR?03:36
von_neumannthe scroll wheel and right mouse button do not work as expected either03:36
LinuxGuy2009KB1JWQ: Does kubuntu have a netbook edition?03:36
TxPitouvon_neumann: usb or din9 mouse ?03:37
Death_hmw: it isnt opening03:37
KB1JWQLinuxGuy2009: Survey says http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2009/09/karmic-netbook-remix-review.html03:37
von_neumann usb03:37
KB1JWQJust not sure what packages differ.03:37
TxPitouvon_neumann: wired or wireless?03:37
tigrangUbuntu 9.10, Fresh install, won't boot. Goes to terminal and screen flashes. I tried settings vga=771 and took out 'splash' but same thing. Any ideas?03:37
racerdso who do i mount a network drive?03:37
=== denny is now known as Guest58840
hmwvon_neumann: ubuntu or kubuntu? if ubuntu, right click the top panel, choose "add to panel" and drag the "system monitor" to the panel. Go to Monitor's options, activate all other things (memory, disk, etc) and watch CPU, LOAD and stuff. perhaps this gives you a clue, whats going in03:37
Guest58840hey everyone03:37
LinuxGuy2009KB1JWQ: Ah ok I see. Umm you just need to install kde and then whatever meta package goes on top of that.03:37
ChaosmeikaLinuxGuy2009: Thanks03:38
von_neumannwireless, but my firends is wired and had this problem before I03:38
Guest58840shite, how to I register a name03:38
=== redghost is now known as greenghost
TxPitouvon.. kk03:38
ChaosmeikaLinuxGuy2009: Will return if downgrade yields similar results.03:38
TxPitouGuest58840: /nick NAMEHERE03:38
von_neumannit is weird03:38
=== Guest58840 is now known as dbone
von_neumanni have a terminal window above a google-chrome window03:38
hmwvon_neumann: sounds very uncommon... what are the hardware specs? try the system monitor and see, if something spikes03:38
Death_OKAY, im in bios settings, i see 4 drives03:39
Death_1 and 2 are blank?03:39
dboneI have a bit of a ridiculous issue if anyone could help or point me in the right direction?03:39
=== greenghost is now known as redghost
von_neumannwhen i click/drag  in the chrome terminal it is passing the left mouseclick through to the chrome window underneath03:39
hmwDeath_: thats ok03:39
TxPitou!ask | dbone03:39
ubottudbone: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:39
von_neumannit is not a hardware issue03:39
von_neumanni'm pretty much positivie of that03:39
LinuxGuy2009dbone: Nobody knows if we can help cause you havent asked it yet.03:39
Death_what should i go to Hmw ?03:39
hmwDeath_: browse through all settings and search for a "virus protection" or "MBR protection" or something alike03:39
=== redghost is now known as greenghost
von_neumannthat is so strange though, the click goes "through" the gnome-terminal window and is affecting the browser window below it03:40
dbonelol, okay well I was trying to enable multitouch, and I managed to completely disable my trackpad, can anyone help my fix this?03:40
von_neumannif that isn't the WM going crazy then what?03:40
TxPitoudbone: using gnome ?03:40
LinuxGuy2009dbone: What did you change?03:40
=== greenghost is now known as redghost
Death_hmw: no, i dont see anything like that03:41
=== TxPitou is now known as TXP-AWAY
KB1JWQLinuxGuy2009: Yeah, it's the name of that meta package that I don't get. :-)03:41
von_neumannnow the mouse works fine in google-chrome only03:41
hmwDeath_: your BIOS probably doesnt offer this option then. We could try to install GRUB again. Boot your Ubuntu Live CD. Tell me, when it is up.03:41
von_neumannunless I change virtual desktops, then the first "left click" is ignored but subsequent clicks work agian03:41
dboneim using xfce, and I changed a .fng file (having to do with hal) because I wanted to configure the touchpad through xorg.conf03:42
von_neumanngotta be gnome-panel03:42
LinuxGuy2009KB1JWQ: Yeah i just looked in synaptic and didnt see any obvious packages. Might not be any at all. Might just be certain default preferences are setup for you or something like that. Have you seen any screenshots of kubuntu netbook?03:42
q0_0phow do i choose sound card through terminal03:42
von_neumannq0_0p: alsa-mixer03:42
hmwvon_neumann: perhaps a reboot might do something. did you already try to restart X?03:42
q0_0pvon_neumann, if two sound cards are loaded at the same time will it conflict03:42
von_neumannhmw: I'm a 10+ year linux user, I'm not rebooting :-)03:42
KB1JWQLinuxGuy2009: not yet.  Hmm.03:43
Death_hmw: ok, it is up03:43
von_neumannq0_0p: you can specify the card on the command line03:43
q0_0pvon_neumann, i notice if i modprobe -r sound works03:43
hmwvon_neumann: sometimes restarting X does really help. especiall with gnome... *g*03:43
von_neumannhmw: CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE FTW03:44
q0_0pvon_neumann, it wasn't a matter of choosing alsamixer -c #; but just remoe mod it03:44
dboneany ideas TxPitou or LinuxGuy2009?03:44
hmwDeath_: alright... open a terminal and enter "sudo grub" ... then enter "find /boot/grub/stage1" and tell me the result03:44
hmwvon_neumann: ALT+PRINT+K is it now03:44
LinuxGuy2009KB1JWQ: Im not sure if there is a kubuntu IRC but Im sure they would know what packages you would need to "convert".03:44
von_neumannhmw: unless you re-enable CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE that is :-)03:44
KB1JWQLinuxGuy2009: Thanks, will harrass them.03:44
hmwvon_neumann: :) i see03:44
von_neumannlooks like it was gnome-panel03:45
hmwvon_neumann: usually i dont liek restarting, either, but sometimes... you just have to03:45
LinuxGuy2009dbone: Meybe restore the backup copy of the file you edited. That would do it.03:45
KB1JWQLinuxGuy2009: 19:45:35 #kubuntu: < netdaemon> KB1JWQ: not yet, there will be in 10.04 iirc03:45
KB1JWQOkay then!03:45
von_neumannhmw:  I had to restart earlier today... Tried to use gmplayer and it does not play well with pulseaudio apparently... I had to reboot to get sound back03:46
LinuxGuy2009KB1JWQ: Oh kubuntu netbook isnt here yet until 10.04?03:46
von_neumannbut that was the first time since I installed karmic, 44 days of uptime...03:46
von_neumannanyway, for those keeping score, killing gnome-panel did the trick, thanks for all the help/suggestions03:46
dboneLinuxGuy2009: would love to if I had made a backup.  (I had read somewhere that messing with those files was not a big deal... hah.)03:47
hmwvon_neumann: i rarely get a week uptime with my ubuntu workstation... my LFS has a longer uptime... something about 180 days or so03:47
LinuxGuy2009dbone: Where did you read that? Most sites I have seen say to make a backup or know exactly what your doing cause your gonna F up your system.03:47
hmwDeath_: you still alive?03:48
LinuxGuy2009Has Death died?03:49
t3chkommiehello everyone.03:49
livingroomt3chkommie, Hello03:49
Death_Yes HMW03:49
dboneLinuxGuy2009:  yeah I know, and I always have a backup of xorg.conf, but this time I guess i was just being dumb.  I'll find the site once i get my trackpad so i can navigate a little better03:49
Death_it is loading03:49
t3chkommieis it possible to get some quick help with a software raid1 on a ubuntu 8.04 server?03:49
=== redghost is now known as greenghost
LinuxGuy2009dbone: Restore your system backup and try again.03:50
hmwDeath_: that is slightly confusing me... loading grub cant take so long *g* i suppose, your live CD is not yet booted? or did yu already re-install GRUB?03:50
dboneLinuxGuy2009: lol, okay, i guess i'm such i noob i don't even know how to do that03:51
=== greenghost is now known as redghost
kerebrusIs there any way to recover a deleted file?03:51
hmwt3chkommie: possible? likely. Depends on your problem. Find out, if it is possible by asking the very question ;-)03:51
LinuxGuy2009dbone: Clonezilla ;)03:51
t3chkommieok )03:51
t3chkommieso, i have ubuntu server 8.04 already running a nice apache server03:51
t3chkommieproblem is, i want to make it reduntant on my secound dev.03:52
t3chkommiei have searched hi and low for info on geting a raid set up on a already running sysytem, but nothing is working... and i really dont want to lose my info.03:52
dboneLinuxGuy2009: yeah, i just typed clonezilla into a terminal  (:-?)03:52
Duncan-NCSecond dev is new hdd?  Or server?03:52
huntHi, I just noticed, that there are gthumb bugs in launchpad, nobody seems to care about, I cant find these bugs in gnomes bugzilla, is there a standard way to import bugs from launchpad to bugzilla?03:53
LinuxGuy2009dbone: clonezilla is a live CD distro03:53
t3chkommieits a hdd03:53
t3chkommiei moved everything over to dev 1 now i want ot mirror the two.03:53
onaoghhow can i edit in ubuntu's "Main Menu" ??03:53
Duncan-NCI would guess boot live cd, use dd and mdadm03:53
t3chkommiei installed mdamdm already03:53
hmwonaogh: right click the menu and select "edit menus"03:53
LinuxGuy2009onaogh: Right click the menu. Edit menu.03:54
hmwonaogh: right click on the main menu entry eg. "Applications"03:54
onaoghi cannot remove "About Gnome" "About Ubuntu" and "Help and Support" from there03:54
LinuxGuy2009 onaogh: right03:54
onaoghLinuxGuy2009, what ?03:55
LinuxGuy2009 onaogh: Right you cant remove them.03:55
onaoghI want to remove them03:55
LinuxGuy2009 onaogh: Tough03:55
hmwrafa_ dont "hello" in a room with 1348 users *smirks* need something? just ask straigt away. Try to write everythingin one line03:55
LinuxGuy2009 onaogh: There not removeable.03:55
Death_hmw: sudo: grub: command not found03:55
dboneLinuxGuy2009: so the file I deleted was in /etc/x11/xsession.d/03:56
t3chkommie<- needs help with setting up raid1 (software) on a server that already has one set up hdd.03:56
hmwDeath_: uhm... stand by... that came very surprising03:56
onaoghi have re aranged my panel and got a menu like start menu of windows, in ubuntu its name is Main menu03:56
dboneLinuxGuy2009: it had to do with synaptics touchpad.   I just looked in the trash for it, wasnt there.03:56
Death_alright hmw03:56
onaoghLinuxGuy2009, i removed About Gnome and others except Help and Support03:56
dboneLinuxGuy2009: I think i'm screwed03:56
rafa_my monitor, when i put to set auto off in x times inactived, stay blinking, don't stop. Its may cause a problem to it?03:57
hmwDeath_: try "locate grub" - any results?03:57
LinuxGuy2009onaogh: You can remove the gnome menu bar. That you can do03:57
rafa_Sorry, my english is very bad.03:57
Duncan-NCI'd have to look at mdadm's man page. But if you can create a raid 1 vol without init the hdd. Then just use the new hdd as a simple backup first with dd. Then try and add one drive to md103:57
hmwrafa_: you want to know, if it harms your monitor, when you DISable the screen saver?03:58
t3chkommieduncan: i dont understand what that means.03:58
Duncan-NCSrry typing with one thumb on iPhone lol03:58
rafa_nou, i not disabled the screensaver.03:58
tigrangI installed nvidia driver in Live Cd mode before I installed Ubuntu 9.10, and now after installing it wont boot, it goes to a terminal and my screen is flashing.  Looking inside xorg.conf the driver is nvidia. Could this be problem? What is the default/generic driver to put?03:58
glickhey to get java working in mozilla i just install the sun-java6-plugin package?03:58
rafa_my monitor haven't drivers, because my notebook have a SiS hardware x-x03:58
LinuxGuy2009glick: yep03:59
rafa_i've made a alternative solution to resolve my resolution03:59
glickcool thanks03:59
Duncan-NCSomeone explain cloning with dd for me plz03:59
hmwrafa_: i did not understand "blinking"03:59
LinuxGuy2009Duncan-NC: dd makes a bit for bit copy. Thats it.03:59
rafa_wait, please03:59
hmwrafa_: no problem04:00
Duncan-NCYea. A backup.04:00
ng0nhey..what is frigg04:00
Death_hmw: i got many results for that search... anything specific04:00
sometuxtigrang: try vesa04:00
LinuxGuy2009Duncan-NC: Copies used space as well as free space.04:00
t3chkommieso, if i dd my 2nd hdd will it be a "raid"?04:00
rafa_you understand?04:00
Duncan-NCBefore he tries mdadm he should have bit for bit backup04:00
hmwDeath_: i am looking for the "grub" program... anything that ENDs with ...../grub04:00
ng0nlook in /boot04:00
rafa_when it been turn off and on in a minimal time04:00
mcwI have no boots04:01
mcwI am homeless04:01
rafa_when i've press on/off button fast.04:01
Death_got one hmw04:01
tigrangsometux: thanks, trying04:01
ng0nmcw.  look in /feet04:01
hmwrafa_: i know the word "blinking" but i dont know what exactly is blinking, and how it looks like. Please try to explain how it blinks, what blinks04:01
hmwDeath_: what is the path?04:01
mcwI have no feet04:01
LinuxGuy2009dd backups are very wasteful and only really needed for forensic backups. Clonezilla is good for a backup solution and only copies used blocks.04:01
rafa_the screen04:01
t3chkommiei just want an active 1:1 mirror04:02
t3chkommieraid 1 setup without having to reimage.04:02
tigrangsometux: thank you so much, works now :)04:02
rafa_its turn off on a moment, but in other moment, its turn on. this action is fast.04:02
Death_usr/share/recovery-mode/options/grub   <<< hmw04:02
mcwthe cops raided me04:02
hmwDeath_: it should be /usr/sbin/grub... try to type   sudo /usr/sbin/grub04:02
mcwand took my feet04:02
hmwDeath_: oh... your result might be it... you can also try    sudo /usr/share/recovery-mode/options/grub04:03
huntHi, I just noticed, that there are gthumb bugs in launchpad, nobody seems to care about, I cant find these bugs in gnomes bugzilla, is there a standard way to import bugs from launchpad to bugzilla?04:03
Duncan-NCBrb I'll. Get a link04:03
mcwI used to have bugs04:03
t3chkommiethanks duncan04:03
Scunizimcw: ok.. you can stop now .. take it to #ubuntu-offtopic04:03
LinuxGuy2009t3chkommie: you can do a 1:1 clone with dd like this.....(sudo dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sda2) etc.04:03
mcwbut i used the lotion04:03
Death_no results in sbit04:03
Death_ill try my result?04:03
mcwit won't come with me04:03
rafa_hmw, you understand?04:03
=== max is now known as Guest20207
hmwDeath_: please read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435104:04
LinuxGuy2009t3chkommie: second drive needs to be equal or larger.04:04
t3chkommielinuxguy2009: they are identical.04:04
hmwrafa_: now i understand...04:04
LinuxGuy2009t3chkommie: cool thats easy then04:04
rafa_its cause a problem to monitor?04:04
hmwrafa_: how fast? 1 second? 10 times per second?04:04
mcwmy car04:05
rafa_its fast, 1 second, i think04:05
t3chkommielinuxguy2009: i have been searching hi and low on google and can only find tuts for edgy... the comands dont work and i dont knwo enought to improvise04:05
hmwrafa_: it doesn't look good... but it should not be very bad04:05
rafa_when the eyes wink04:06
mcwblink blink04:06
rafa_thanks for help.04:06
rafa_this problem may be caused by away good SiS driver to Linux, probably.04:06
rafa_My video board is a SiS 771/67104:07
mcw:) "(04:07
rafa_01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 771/671 PCIE VGA Display Adapter (rev 10)04:07
t3chkommielinuxguy2009: i have been searching hi and low on google and can only find tuts for edgy... the comands dont work and i dont knwo enought to improvise04:07
=== mezquitale is now known as tucemiux__
t3chkommiehell again duncan04:08
aaroninfidelHi, I've got a filesystem I'd like to mount at boot/login but in order to do it I need to use sudo can someone tell me how to go about doing this?04:09
Duncan-NCThat should do it. First result on google for "ubuntu raid1"04:09
sometuxaaroninfidel: try su root04:10
mcwI know I'd like to mount that girl next door04:10
mcwI think she's like my root04:10
t3chkommieduncan: i have already done this one ;(04:10
Duncan-NCThey need lmgtfy app for iPhone hehe.04:10
Purpley1How do I run or install .jar files04:11
aaroninfidelsometux, yes, but wouldn't I have to type my password in each time during startup?04:11
Duncan-NCWhere are u stuck?04:11
t3chkommiedidnt work out well. i couldnt get my fdisk to do anything. and im worried about using his code for dev/sbc since i dont have a 3rd dev.04:11
rafa_purpley1, to install a jar files, you need the java.04:11
onaoghfrom where i can edit ubuntu menu structure04:11
rafa_download it in www.java.com ;)04:11
rafa_good night peoples04:11
sometuxaaroninfidel: you need to add an entry to fstab04:11
Purpley1Yes but how do I initate the proccess04:12
aaroninfidelsometux, ok how can I go about doing that04:12
Purpley1Oh I see never mind04:12
winemanHello anybody know how to get rid of a 30 second pause during bootup04:12
Death_hmw: Is it posible to completly remove ubuntu? i wanna start over, this time not alone04:12
unregisteredwhat does bash invoke when there is a command not found to offer those suggestions?04:12
sometuxaaroninfidel: sudo vi /etc/fstab04:12
=== denny_ is now known as Guest56614
hmwDeath_: what kind of Live CD do you have? you should be able to run sudo grub04:13
=== Guest56614 is now known as dbone
Duncan-NCWell I'm in bed so can't give u the syntax but read the mdadm man page. Sry man04:13
KutakizuakriAlright! TweetDeck now instlled on Ubuntu 9.1004:13
dboneDid i get booted?04:13
t3chkommieok, ill give it another go. i just dont want o accidently format the WRONG drive. :(04:13
Death_i downloaded it and copied over the iso hmw04:13
hmwDeath_: whcih version? Ubuntu Desktop i386 9.10 ?04:13
Duncan-NCNo formatting necessary.04:14
von_neumanndoh, killall gnome-panel did not fix it this time04:14
Duncan-NCMake a backup first04:14
hmwDeath_: installing again wont do much probably... let me check my disk and see, whats up with grub first04:14
t3chkommieok ill give it a shot. thanks for the help04:14
unregisteredalso how do I diable the damn "command not found" suggestions? it's neat, but I'd like to call it manually if I'm searching for something04:15
Death_ok hmw, ill be here04:15
mihircan anyone suggest me the 3gp player for ubuntu04:15
dboneAight, I'm going to try this again.  Can someone help me troubleshoot my synaptics touchpad which no longer works.  I deleted the file /etc/hal/fdi/policy/11-x11-synaptics.fdi before the issue started.  However, when I check the directory that file is there and the content is the exact same as it was before the delete.  Any ideas?04:16
sometuxmihir: mplayer04:16
von_neumanni think it is flash04:16
hmwDeath_: ok04:16
swtzdbone: no clue04:16
von_neumannyup, follows the browser04:16
von_neumannwhatever desktop the browser is on is hosed04:16
dboneswtz: ha, too bad :-/04:17
hmwDeath_: do you have more than one HD in your PC?04:18
Duncan-NCDbone: just guess, use dpk-reconfigure on any synaptics packages?  Or is this compiled driver?04:18
Death_no, just 1 hmw04:19
=== bump is now known as Guest17710
mihirany other than mplayer04:19
Duncan-NCErr dpkg-reconfigure04:19
hmwDeath_: good.04:19
sometuxmihir: vlc04:19
dboneDuncan-NC: no this was the one that came with the distro, how do I use dpk-reconfigure?04:19
Death_Should there be a partition mounted on /dev/sda hmw?04:19
mihirvlc does not support 3gp audio04:19
sometuxmihir: install all the codecs04:20
Duncan-NCUse dpkg -l |grep synap04:20
Duncan-NCShows all packages that are installed with synap in the name.04:20
mihirhow to install all codecs in vlc04:20
hmwDeath_: not with the live cd04:20
sometuxuse synaptic04:20
tucemiux__Death_, /dev/sda -- that's a hard drive, /dev/sda1 would be a partition if you have a partition04:21
dboneDuncan-NC: okay, i have gsynaptics, synaptic, and xserver-sorg-input-synaptics04:21
Duncan-NCIf u have a synaptics package installed. Use command "sudo dpkg-reconfigure <packagename>" to redo it's config04:21
Death_hmw: i have the live cd, but after booting the cd, i attempted to install to harddrive, it was an option04:22
Duncan-NCTry it on all three04:22
hmwDeath_: now i want you to boot the live cd with "try ubuntu without changing the copmputer"04:22
Duncan-NCIf that doesn't work use sudo aptitude reinstall <packagename>04:22
Death_ok, trying now hmw04:23
WinterSkyDeath_ hmw what's the issue? He's not getting a grub menu after installing?04:23
jpittsunregistered: not sure if ther is a way to configure it. you can uninstall it with apt-get remove command-not-found04:23
hmwWinterSky: right. Windows keeps booting. The live cd does apparently not have the "grub" program, I am familiar with. Canb you help him?04:23
hmwWinterSky: he checked BIOS for "virus protection" already, no such option04:24
mihirhow to play 3gp file in ubuntu04:24
hmwwhere the heck is the grub console on the live cd??04:24
* Duncan-NC shrugs04:24
WinterSkyhmw That's weird.  All I can think of is trying another live cd or different version.04:24
dboneDuncan-NC: awesome, thanks for the help, I'll let you know how it goes04:24
Death_hmw: ok, i have clicked to try ubuntu w/out changes....04:24
t3chkommieduncan: should i DD the /dev/sdb?04:24
WinterSkyhmw on the live cd use sudo apt-get install grub04:24
Duncan-NCNp gl04:24
hmwDeath_: when your pc has booted, enter    sudo apt-get install grub04:25
Duncan-NCUr data is on dev sda right?  Empty (new) drive is sdb?04:25
WinterSkyhmw then he can use find grub etc...04:25
t3chkommieduncan :thats correct04:25
hmwWinterSky: that was the plan :)04:25
tucemiux__hmw, so Death_ installed ubuntu on his machine, he boots up, sees the grub menu, he attempts to boot up to to ubuntu and it doesnt boot up?04:25
hmwtucemiux__: no grub menu at all04:26
mihircan anyone help me how to play 3gp file in ubuntu04:26
tucemiux__hmw, he probably didnt install it then04:26
WinterSkyhmw during my install I had a drive that gets seen first but it wasn't where I installed Ubuntu. So at the end of the install I had to change where the bootloader gets installed.04:26
WinterSkyhmw at the end of the Gtraphical Install.04:27
hmwWinterSky: tucemiux__: i think, Death_ isntalled all default04:27
hmwWinterSky: tucemiux__: i think, Death_ has only one hard drive04:27
WinterSkyDeath_ Do you have more than 1 Hard Drive?04:27
toniHi, I'm running Ubuntu Hardy and just replaced my ATI video card with a Nvidia GeForce 6200 and now my windows are huge. It worked fine at FreeGeek could it be my monitor? My screen resolution is 640x480 and I tried chaning my monitor to 6500k (choices are 65, 75 and 8500k)but no change. I can't properly click on anything in preferences. Is an answer in Xorg? (I'm hesitant to screw with it on my own.)  OR   I changed to Hardy because ATI wasn04:27
toni't well supported in the new Ubuntu version - should I try to upgrade?04:27
Death_just 104:27
dboneDuncan-NC:  okay, I reinstalled all three.  the trackpad still isn't working, but I'm assuming I should reboot right?04:27
Duncan-NCBoot to a livecd so that ur not booted to sda, and mount sda on live cd to make sure it's ur data. (u don't want to copy blank drive to data drives that sucks) then use "sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb"04:27
tucemiux__Death_, you can boot up to windows, right?  do you mind reinstalling?04:28
Duncan-NCMakes full backup of partitions (and empty space meh) to sdb04:28
Death_sure, ill reinstall, should i boot windows now?04:28
t3chkommieduncan : is it possible to not have to use the live cd? im running a headless server and i can only ssh into it :(04:28
tucemiux__Death_, no, just send me an instant message and I'll walk you trhough installing ubuntu again04:28
dboneokay, I'm gonna reboot and hope this worked!  lata04:29
Duncan-NCThen u mount dev/sdb on livecd to make sure data was copied right.04:29
hmwDeath_: tucemiux__ we should try installing GRUB first 100 times faster, if it works04:29
unregisteredjpitts: thanks.04:29
WinterSkyDeath_ Make sure to back up your important files! :)04:29
mihirhow to play 3gp file in ubuntu04:29
tucemiux__hmw, so you want to walk him through installing GRUB then?04:29
Death_nothing importain, its a new computer...04:29
t3chkommieduncan : is it possible to not have to use the live cd? im running a headless server and i can only ssh into it :(04:29
hmwtucemiux__: i was about to04:29
WinterSkymihir If you install Vlc you should be able to play them.04:29
aaroninfidelHi, everytime I try to mount my vboxsf filesystem it says I don't have permission to view the contents... anyone know how to fix this?04:29
aaroninfidelusing fstab ^^^^^^^^^^^04:30
WinterSkymihir if now I can guide you on installing the proper codecs.04:30
hmwtucemiux__: but, i would like to get off the chat... if you dont mind, do the reinstall with him, ok?04:30
tucemiux__hmw, can you please show Death_ how to reinstall GRUB first, he can reinstall again if fixing GRUB doesntt work04:30
hmwtucemiux__: OK i'll do04:30
tucemiux__hmw, ive never done GRUB reinstall04:30
hmwDeath_:  did your live CD already boot?04:30
Death_no, still booting04:31
Duncan-NCThen u can create md array (raid1) with just one drive in it.04:31
Death_ubuntu logo just went away04:31
Death_now i have a cursor04:31
hmwtucemiux__: it's easy - sudo grub ... find /boot/grub/stage1 ... look at output ... root (hd0,x) ... setup (hd0) ... quit .... reboot04:31
hmwDeath_: ok... let it boot then tell me04:31
Duncan-NCThen get Linux to boot to md0 and add second drive to array.04:31
mihirvlc does not support audio in 3gp file04:31
t3chkommiehm, dding a 250gb hdd with 100gb of info.... LONG TIME.....04:31
Death_ok hmw04:32
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=== denny is now known as dbone
rasputins_cakeOK Ubuntu guys, I need some advice.04:32
Duncan-NCYea but u need a backup04:32
t3chkommieduncan: ah, i think i get it. md0 is like ZFS pools?04:32
rasputins_cakeWhich DE is better for a complete noob like my mother; GNOME or KDE?04:32
sometuxmihir: why you don't use mplayer?04:32
Duncan-NCHaven't used zfs dunno04:33
t3chkommiemd0 points to both sda and sdb which have been direct copy from using DD04:33
sometuxor smplyer front-end04:33
dboneDuncan:   You fixed it.   absolutely phenomenal.  I had been searching online for hours.  THANK THANK THANK YOU!04:33
mihirwhat to write in synaptic package manager to install mplayer04:33
guest1Is anyone here using 2.6.32 ?04:33
WinterSkyrasputins_cake It's all a matter of choice. You can however install both and try each. I prefer Gnome but that's just me.04:33
sometuxmihir: sudo apt-get install mplayer04:33
rasputins_cakeI'm aware04:34
rasputins_cakeI'm just wondering which would be more noob friendly04:34
alex__утро доброе04:34
toniHi folks, I'm running Ubuntu Hardy and just replaced my ATI video card with a Nvidia GeForce 6200 and now my windows are huge. It worked fine at FreeGeek could it be my monitor? My screen resolution is 640x480 and I tried chaning my monitor to 6500k (choices are 65, 75 and 8500k)but no change. I can't properly click on anything in preferences. Is an answer in Xorg? (I'm hesitant to screw with it on my own.)  OR   I changed to Hardy because AT04:34
toniI wasn't well supported in the new Ubuntu version - should I try to upgrade?04:34
sometuxmihir:  use a terminl04:34
Flannel!ru | alex__04:34
ubottualex__: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke04:34
rasputins_cakeI personally use gnome04:34
iflemarasputins_cake id put her on the standard ubuntu install.....04:34
Death_Alright... all loaded hmw... opening terminal04:34
Death_Alright... all loaded hmw... opening terminal04:34
Duncan-NCRight that's the idea. The dd backup may not be necessary. But is fir saftey and ur data.04:34
rasputins_cakeAll right04:34
tucemiux__rasputins_cake, the simpler -- the better, default gnome would do04:35
hmwDeath_: excellent... first install the grub thing:  sudo apt-get install grub04:35
t3chkommieduncan: thanks for clarifying. and dd while the drive is booted is ok right?04:35
Duncan-NCDon't add second disk to raid 1 until u verify os boots to md0 instead of sda04:35
Death_hmw: installing!04:36
Duncan-NCGood luck.04:36
t3chkommiethanks again.04:36
man8toni>  xorg.conf nVidia http://www.pobladores.es/channels/tecnologia/EL_Nuevo_Mundo/area/1204:36
=== jon is now known as Guest32535
tonithanks an804:36
Death_hmw: Looks like its complete, what next?04:36
hmwDeath_: after installing, type:  sudo grub    .... when it shows the grub prompt  grub>    type    find /boot/grub/stage1    and tell me the result04:36
=== fxhp is now known as foxhop
Death_hmw: File not found04:38
hmwDeath_: double check, if you really are in grub>    and if you typed correctly   find /boot/grub/stage1    if still "not found" - reinstall from scratch04:38
Duncan-NCNight ladies. ;)04:38
Krokulhey guys n gals...i need some help accessing a partition from another installation of fedora04:38
Death_yes, grub>04:39
man8toni>    ook in the documentation of your monitor for the parameters           HorizSync  & VertRefresh04:39
WinterSkyhmw I think his grub is installed some other place...04:39
hmwWinterSky: yea... can you take over?04:40
WinterSkyhmw I can try...04:40
tucemiux__Krokul, this is ubuntu support, we might be able to help you but you need to post the details04:40
WinterSkyDeath_ what version of Ubuntu are you using?04:40
tucemiux__all in one line04:40
WinterSkyDeath_ Can I pm you?04:41
Krokuli had fedora 12 installed but trashed the install after a kernel update and my nvidia drivers got messed up. so i went back to ubuntu and now i cant get to my data on a seperate partition04:41
Krokulsays i dont have permissions04:41
spectergrisumm I have problem with ubuntu, I can't get my wireless to turn on04:42
root__hi people  can some one help me ... im unable to boot after installing dkms04:42
meiranetto_Alguem ai é Brasileiro ou fala portugues!04:42
guest1spectergris what wireless card do you have?04:42
Krokuli can mount partition but not open my folders04:42
spectergrisBroadcom 802.11b/g wlan it came w/ my notebook04:43
pranavkncan someone recommend me the best app for mutiple screens on ubuntu??04:43
guest1spectergris: Can you tell me what model?04:43
toniman8, I'll try to find it - it was a freebie monitor - no book04:43
spectergrishp pavillion dv4 entertainment04:43
InsanePenguinim interesting about this webinar https://forms.canonical.com/uec-webinar/ , but the thing is its during my school hrs(and i dont think this would allow an absense) so is there like gonna be an archived version afterwards04:43
root__with APT    when reboot  it can find my drive ?04:44
guest1spectergris: What model wireless card?  Can you go into a terminal and type lspci04:44
=== foxhop is now known as fxhp
ZykoticK9Krokul, have you tried running nautilus with elevated privileges "gksu nautilus" (don't use this on a regular basis, not a good idea)04:44
man8toni>  in internet search model nº you monitor04:44
root__im unable to boot after installing dkms04:44
toniman8 yes, thx, I'll go looking04:45
CrazyTux[m]Hey guys, just got a MP990 (Canon Printer) looking to hook it up on my Ubuntu desktop, any preliminary thoughts you guys have before I jump into this?04:45
Krokulyep no luck there...when i look at folders properties it says owner = 500-user#500 group = 50004:45
spectergriswell I'm not on ubuntu right now I'm ion win 7 it's the only thing that has internet, I tried to look for drivers but it says I have no propritary drivers04:45
toniman8 It's an NEC Accusync 7004:45
sometuxKrokul: use chmod to restore your permissions04:45
Krokulwhat do i need to type...clueless almost in terminal04:45
guest1spectergris: There is an issue with those drivers, hold on while I find the forum that describes what to do.  Do you have the install disc with you?04:45
spectergrisuhh i installed with wubi04:46
tucemiux__CrazyTux[m], just go ahead and try it, if it's not supported open a bug report and request for it to be support -- someone would need to write drivers for it04:46
guest1spectergris: Ok, I am not sure of this will work then, but one second04:46
man8toni>  you have installed ? nvidia-185-kernel-source nvidia-glx-185 nvidia-settings ?04:46
gonzoismspectergris: I don't believe you.  You don't have to lie to make friends.04:46
sometuxKrokul: chmod -R 777 <mount point>04:47
gonzoismstill needing help ?  i didn't see your question04:47
spectergrisI can't get my wireless card on04:47
toniman8 I don't know - I had it done and it looked like he installed a driver04:47
toniman8 is there a way to check?04:48
man8is te driver toni for nvidia04:48
Krokulsda2 the mount point?04:48
gonzoismspectergris: are you running in it now ?04:48
spectergrisno i'm running it in win 704:48
man8toni> install drivers nvidia and after the configuras / etc/X11/xorg.conf04:48
=== TXP-AWAY is now known as TxPitou
sometuxKrokul: /mnt/[mount point]04:48
root__hi team ! im keep getting error msg: "not loading blacklisted module vesafb04:49
guest1spectergris: Can you use an ethernet cable on ubuntu?04:49
root__after installing  dkms with apt04:49
spectergrisI don't have a way of doing a wired connection sorry04:50
gonzoismspectergris: sorry, i might have missed you answer.  all i saw was this:  (10:50:03 PM) spectergris: I don't have a way of doing a wired connection sorry04:50
guest1spectergris: I am not sure how to do this then04:50
gonzoismspectergris: well, is your card working ?04:50
gonzoismthe command: iwlist scan should see if it is recognized04:51
guest1spectergris:  You can check here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131097304:51
Krokuloperation not permitted "chmod +r 777"04:51
root__i tryed runing command with busy box still can get anywhere04:51
guest1Does anyone here happen to be running the 2.6.32 kernel?04:51
spectergrisgonzoism:do i do this in ubuntu terminal/04:51
TxPitouspectergris: know the model of wireless you using ?04:51
gonzoismspectergris:   yep04:51
sometuxKrokul: sudo  chmod -R 77704:52
gonzoismspectergris: you have to reboot to run them, right ?04:52
spectergrisokay ill try do I have to do the sudo command as well/04:52
tonithanks man8, I'll give it a shot. (xorg makes me nervous, I've screwed it up before)04:52
sometuxKrokul: -R=recursive04:52
gonzoismwhat is wrong with you people ?04:53
sometuxKrokul: 777=give access to all04:53
TxPitougonzoism: where born this way04:53
root__can some one help at there04:53
unregisteredover there04:53
TxPitou!ask | root__04:53
ubotturoot__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:53
KB1JWQroot__: Sure, I can help!  You don't want to run as root. :-)04:54
tonitxpitou  now, now... is it nature or nurture?04:54
ubotturoot_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:54
KB1JWQgonzoism: Wrong nick fail!04:54
man8toni> Failure to do the xorg.conf, the X, delete / etc/X11/xorg.conf and into vesa mode04:54
man8and retest04:54
Krokulstill no good...typed this.../media/66d4701c-5089-40de-b9e5-88acd287ca2e04:54
unregisteredhe asked a question04:54
Krokulsudo chmod -r 777 /media/66d4701c-5089-40de-b9e5-88acd287ca2e04:54
ubotturoot__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:55
gonzoismKB1JWQ: thanks, i didn't notice that04:55
sometuxKrokul: tryp sudo  chown -R user:user04:55
toniman8 thx, I'll see how it goes04:56
KB1JWQgonzoism: Nor did you notice he'd already been told the ask factoid.04:56
root__im not a pro by the way im just trying to learn the basics04:56
sometuxKrokul: put your login name in place of  user:user04:56
gonzoismKB1JWQ: that is where i got the syntax.  else, i wouldn't have bothered. :)04:56
Krokulhehe figured that04:56
earthenis there some kind of plugin to allow me to view quicktime videos on the web such as found on the Apple trailers site?04:56
jpittsroot__, you may do well to restate your question, entirely on one line.04:57
gonzoismearthen: yes.  there is exactly that.04:57
guest1earthen:  Who wants to watch apple videos? ;-)04:57
gonzoismearthen:  for firefox ?04:57
gonzoismGuest1 which ones do you got ?04:57
earthenguest1, I do!04:57
unregisteredguest1: earthen does.04:57
earthengonzoism, yes for firefox04:58
guest1lol oh ok! :-)04:58
gonzoismearthen: ya, search for one.  there is one.04:58
KrokulYAY!!! that worked thanks soo much04:58
gonzoismearthen:  i think i use the mplayer plugin.  if you give me a url, i can click it and see what pops up.....04:58
earthengonzoism, ok i did a few small searches haven't found anything yet for ubuntu anyway04:59
earthengonzoism, http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/paramount/ironman/04:59
Krokulwhere do you learn all these commands for terminal? just from use or is there a book somewhere?04:59
guest1gonzoism: sudo apt-get install quicktime-utils        maybe?04:59
gonzoismGuest1 nevermind what ?05:01
guest1gonzoism: That command wont give you quicktime05:02
earthenguest1, I tried that but i still get the "would you like to install quicktime" when i click on the link05:02
gonzoismguest1 someone else is wanting it.  plus, i don't think that command will install quicktime05:02
guest1It wont05:02
gonzoismearthen: this is the best plugin i could find with a quick search.  It downloads the file then you can play it.05:04
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root__after installing  dkms package with apt-get   and force me to install new linux-headers and generics package . When  i reboot the computer i wil get error  msg :  mount : mounting  not loading  blacklisted module vesafb.. icant see non hda  devices  I try changing the rootdelay= () at startup .. im just stuck searching the web for an answer.05:04
gonzoismearthen https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/525805:04
root__busy box doesnt give me much to work with my kernel image05:06
Flannelroot__: Do you have an alternate CD?05:06
root__yes i do05:06
Flannelroot__: If you boot that, then from the boot menu select "rescue a broken system" it'll boot up with stuff from the alt CD, but mounting the stuff from your HDD, so you'll be able to fix things05:07
root__i just need to run the ubuntu CD05:08
Krokulhow do you bring an app to the foreground? firefox is running but i don't see it?05:08
earthenKrokul, try holding the alt key and press the tab it should go through the running programs05:09
spectergrisI can't connect to the internet in ubuntu05:09
t3chkommiespectergris: can you ifconfig and see a network adapter?05:09
johnislosti'm trying to get a tv tuner card to work and have read about a million forums about it. when I try to sudu rmmod saa7134_alsa, I get an error that it's already in use. What's using it?05:09
Krokulthanks earthen...it just poped up on its own after i typed the question lol05:10
spectergrisin windows or ubuntu05:10
root__i tried that ..  my whole /dev as change  i dont know what the  well happend?05:10
spectergrisI would have to reboot05:11
t3chkommieare you trying to do it wirelessly? or eth?05:11
t3chkommiewhat hardware are you running and what vers of ubuntu have you installed?05:11
Krokulthanks for all the help guys...gotta reboot05:12
spectergrisI have an hp pavillion dv4 laptop and I installed 9.1 koala with wubi05:12
root__i hate linux just for that05:12
root__just the driver i wanted to change05:12
t3chkommiedo you know what kind of chipset you have for the wifi card?05:13
spectergrishow do I find that out?05:13
t3chkommiehm. its actually not easy to find out... how old is the hp?05:13
earthenspectergris,  quick way to try and fix is to try and connect with wire and then see if ubuntu finds any restricted drivers for your wireless05:13
spectergrisless than a year t3chkommie05:13
spectergrisI can't do it with a wire05:13
t3chkommieyou cant meaning... it dosnt work? or you dont have a white?05:14
ruby_on_tailsI am trying to connect 2 laptops via bluetooth but they don't work05:14
spectergrisI can't do it with a wire the router is upstairs05:14
ruby_on_tailsI can't browse/send files via bluetooth05:14
t3chkommiei had a problem like this on a few of my other machines.05:15
t3chkommiei had to manually compile the wifi driver. :(05:15
spectergrisit also says I don't have any propritary drivers either05:15
root__are the driver properly loaded05:15
ruby_on_tailscan I just plugin an rj45 wire into the 2 laptops and do a file transfer ?05:15
prabai'm trying to upgrade to 10.04 alpha3.. but my update manager showing an error like "couldn not find the release notes"05:15
t3chkommiespec, are you familiar with terminal?05:15
spectergrisnot really05:16
spectergrisI know what sudo does tha's about the extent of my knolege05:16
=== Lexi is now known as Guest5230
earthenspectergris,  according to the hp web site you should have a "Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN" I don't know if anyone else knows if this card is suported or not05:17
meowbuntuhi has anyone had luck with installing tiny core on ubuntu.05:17
praba i'm trying to upgrade to 10.04 alpha3.. but my update manager showing an error like "couldn not find the release notes" .. any idea there ??05:17
root__i doesn t work that way05:17
spectergrisis there a way I can get it supported05:17
t3chkommiespec, have you ran updates since you installed ubuntu/05:17
spectergrisno I can't get on the internet05:18
t3chkommiei would try really hard to get that eth connected somehow or another. youll have to dwnld like 200+ updates. and i wouldnt be supprized if that fixes youre wifi problem.05:19
t3chkommiethe problem is... you need to get on the net first.05:19
t3chkommielet me do some qick searching.05:19
spectergrisis there a way I could download the updates on windows then put them on a flash key and install them in ubuntu05:19
johnislostanybody know how to get a tv tuner card working? dmesg sees it, but i can't run tvtime05:20
t3chkommienot all of them, but i think you could atleast get the wifi one.05:20
root__you need the modules05:20
root__you  have  to find if your tv card is compatible with your  linux distro05:21
spectergrisHow do I get the drivers/05:22
t3chkommiethat should be where you need to go to get the drivers.05:22
spectergrishow big is the file would you know?05:22
t3chkommiewell.. the wifi drive i mean.05:22
t3chkommienot sure letmme check.05:22
root__you can search online05:22
johnislostroot__ i think it is, but there's a manual card number and tuner number you have to enter to get it right, I think05:22
root__ and  find out the chipset of your TV card05:23
johnislostyeah, it's a saa713405:24
t3chkommiespec, go there05:24
t3chkommieits 183 kb05:24
earthenspectergris,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1300560  This link is to a form where I think they have the same card as you05:24
spectergriscan I put this on a flash key and installit in ubuntu?05:24
stephanswhats the name of the pcakage containing the linux source?05:24
johnislostI try to rmmod saa7134_alsa and it says it's already in use05:24
t3chkommieits tared tho.05:24
spectergrishow do I do it05:25
t3chkommieis this your first install spec?05:25
t3chkommiepersonally, i would just find a way to plug in the internet, and do an update.05:25
t3chkommiethe website said that the dirver is included in the newer kernals.05:25
t3chkommiei bet you have an old iso image and the driver hasnt been included yet.05:26
spectergrisIt's supposedly the koala05:26
t3chkommiethats going to be the easiest and fastes05:26
root__what is it i dont know05:26
spectergrisI did wibu05:26
spectergrisor wubi05:26
t3chkommieim nost sure what wubi stands for?05:26
spectergrisit's how you install it with out a boot disk05:27
stephanswhats the name of the pcakage containing the linux source? I need  it for vmware05:27
t3chkommieok, from a flash drive then?05:27
johnislostroot__ how to you get the modules set up?05:27
spectergrisno just from the internet05:27
t3chkommieoh. thats new to me, i havnt tried it that way. i usually just run it off a jump drive.05:28
spectergrisbut can I donload these drivers and install them from a flash drive05:28
t3chkommiebut its not as easy as you think.05:28
t3chkommieuntar the file you download, then read the "readme" file.05:28
root__Vmware work like virtual box   just download the latest one on www.kernel.org05:29
t3chkommieuntar -> kinda like unzip.05:29
spectergrisah do you need an app or is that already in linux05:29
t3chkommieits already in linux.05:29
spectergrisand how do you do it05:30
t3chkommiethe hard part is installing it when you unzip it.05:30
spectergrishow do I unzip and install05:30
earthenspectergris, you can copy the file to your desktop and right click and uncompress05:31
spectergrisokay how do I install it05:31
iflemaspectergris maybe... in windows look in device manager, look under network adapters.... confirm what your wifi hardware is.....05:31
earthenspectergris, you have to read the readme file05:31
t3chkommiei just read the readme file.....05:32
t3chkommieit dosnt look all the friendly.05:32
=== DroolingS is now known as Drooling_Sheep
TheBuzzerroot_: Is it possible to install the latest 2.6.33 linux kernel on karmic ubuntu?05:32
spectergrisokay i have to reboot to get into ubuntu brb05:32
t3chkommiegood luck05:32
t3chkommieearth, youre right. i would be so much easier just to update the kernal .05:33
earthenspectergris, you really should try and plug in with wire first and do a update05:33
t3chkommie<--- still DD ing his hdd to hdd2... holycrap this takes forever!05:34
earthent3chkommie, yeah he's new so I think he's just gonna get fustrated05:34
t3chkommiei know. ive been there.... 9.04 and a asus 1005ha netbook :S05:34
earthent3chkommie, yup me too with the asus ferrari 250005:35
t3chkommieoh man i hated doing updates... broke it everytime. :(05:35
TheBuzzerroot_: Is it possible to install the latest 2.6.33 linux kernel on karmic ubuntu?05:35
t3chkommiebut 9.10 seemed to fix that problem.05:35
earthent3chkommie, I was just reading some forms about his card and it doesn't look good actully05:36
t3chkommieif he really has the intell 510005:36
root__that i know05:36
t3chkommiei read a website that said it was supported with the new kernal.05:36
t3chkommiestrange tho, you would think something not that new would already be supported.05:36
earthent3chkommie,  yeah, if he does most people have it work out of the box but the people who had problems didn't seem to have solved it05:37
WinterSkyCan someone help Death_ They have windows XP installed with a broken Ubuntu 9.10 installation and need to reinstall it. And they need to get Grub2 working.05:37
Blue1where can I get (url) for the alpha for 10.4?05:37
t3chkommiewinter; in my experience... when grub goes missing... you gotta reimage.05:38
FlynsarmyThose notification popups when you change volume, plug ethernet in etc, is that libnotify?05:38
=== LLStarks is now known as Eric_Massa
earthent3chkommie, I haven't had that much trouble with wireless lately, except for a asus travilemate that broke after an update a few weeks ago05:39
=== denny is now known as dbone
t3chkommieearthen, bummer... my netbook was overheating and asus told me i had to change out the ram and reinstall windows... i said screw that,  so i broke it open.... and cant seem to fix the heating problem... need to think up a new way to manage the heat in the case, it only lasts about 5 min... sad for a little atom... i didnt think they would be that fussy with heat.05:40
=== DcMeese_ is now known as DcMeese
brandon420i need some help05:40
t3chkommieshoot brandon05:40
brandon420any linux guru wanna help me out real quick?05:40
brandon420my shit keeps crashing05:41
t3chkommie<--- no linux guru05:41
brandon420i get like some weird lines and everything freezes05:41
brandon420and i have no idea what to do05:41
t3chkommieok.. desktop or notbook?05:41
earthent3chkommie, that is strange05:41
swtzbrandon420: where? what? who?05:41
brandon420i dont even know where to start at05:41
t3chkommieare you trying to install? have you installed already?05:42
brandon420i checked the logs, and i cant understand any of it, and i cant find anything on google to help me out05:42
brandon420its installed, lol05:42
brandon420im on it now..05:42
t3chkommieoh good.05:42
t3chkommiehows the cpu temp?05:42
brandon420warm to the touch05:42
t3chkommieyou got a number?05:42
t3chkommiesudo sensors05:43
brjann!lol > brandon42005:43
ubottubrandon420, please see my private message05:43
brandon420command not found05:43
dboneHi everyone.     Does anyone know how to enable two-finger scrolling?  I am using an asus 1201n that has a multi-touch synaptics touchpad and version 1.1.2 drivers.05:43
vishali am having problem with internet connection05:43
vishalin ubuntu05:44
vishalany body can help me oue05:44
t3chkommiebrandon, you should be able to install sensors-lm or something like that from package manager.05:44
t3chkommiethis should help you get an idea of cpu tup.05:44
t3chkommietemp*... but it could be something else. does it crash when you open something?05:44
=== bdfoster_iPhone is now known as bdfoster
brandon420ok, ill do that and get back to you05:44
brjannt3chkommie, brandon420: lm-sensors is the package you're looking for05:44
Blue1vishal: could you  be a bit more specific?  what version are you running?  32 or 64 bit archetecture?  wired, or wireless?05:44
Zenkerits x sensors05:45
t3chkommieaha thanks brjann05:45
earthenhe has to install sensors-applet05:45
brandon420i cant tell any trend05:45
swtzdbone: try this out: http://pages.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/~jnjackin/docs/two_finger_scrolling-linux.html05:45
t3chkommie<--- thinks in CLI... been trying to fix my server for a week ... sorrry :S05:45
brjannearthen: he doesn't have to, lm-sensors has command line utilities05:45
vishalversion is 9.10 ubuntu05:45
earthenbrjann, cool i didn't know that05:45
stephanscan anyone pleas help me install the linux kernel source on my ubuntu system?05:46
vishalactually I have installed wvdial in ubuntu05:46
vishaland configured wvdial.conf file05:46
t3chkommiestephans, sorry, not sure what you mean.....05:46
dboneswtz: thanks, I actually have that page open, and was able to do everything except "gnome-mouse-properties."  I think this is because I'm using xfce and not gnome.  I run gsynaptics, but that does not have any twofingerscroll option05:46
brjannearthen: granted, without additional configuration, it usually only displays CPU temperature, but I think that's what he's after :)05:46
Blue1vishal: ahh someone else will need to help you.  I am NOT familiar with dailup.  sorry.05:47
Scarra3Ok my dad is using ubunt and his wireless card is not working its a BCM431105:47
Scarra3I connected the wired connection and its not even recognizing that05:47
earthenbrjann, yup your right05:47
stephansi need to source files and the headers to make vmware server run on ubuntu05:47
vishalk tell me if anybody else can help me05:47
brandon420Adapter: Virtual device05:47
brandon420temp1:       +41.0°C  (crit = +90.0°C)05:47
brandon420Adapter: PCI adapter05:47
brandon420Core0 Temp:  +33.0°C05:47
FloodBot2brandon420: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:47
stephansthe headers are not enough05:47
t3chkommieah, thanks brandon.05:47
Scarra3Any ideas?05:47
brandon420oh wow05:47
stephansand I can not find the kernel source package to install05:47
t3chkommiethat dosnt seem too hot to me.05:47
brandon420yeah, i didnt think so05:48
t3chkommiedbone , there was a GREAT tut on enabling the multi touch trackpat on my asus 1005ha... i bet its about the same for you. do a quck google esearch for "how to enable multi touch trackpad asus 1005ha" or something like that05:48
brandon420and i was thinking it was the display drivers, but i have the recommened ones05:49
spectergristhat was confusing05:49
t3chkommiewb spec05:49
t3chkommiedid it work?05:49
brandon420gdm-simple-greeter[1534]: WARNING: Unable to lookup user name brandon4: Success05:49
brjannScarra3: the BCM4311 needs a little post-install help to get working; have you done anything beyond the install?05:49
spectergrisI have no clue what that readme said05:49
earthenbrandon420,  are you in 64 bit or 3205:49
brandon420wanna say 3205:49
brandon420i have a crappy computer05:49
t3chkommiebrandon,...... how crappy?05:49
brandon420it can run it05:50
t3chkommielets hear specs ;05:50
brandon4201.6 ghz 1 gb ram05:50
brjannbrandon420: run    uname -a   for us05:50
stephansnever mind... i am tired05:50
t3chkommieoh thats not bad for ubuntu.05:50
t3chkommieits like a netbook.05:50
brandon420sudo uname-a?05:51
t3chkommiewith a space -a05:51
brjannbrandon420: no need for sudo05:51
brandon420Linux brandon420-desktop 2.6.31-20-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Mon Feb 8 09:05:19 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux05:51
earthenI have a problem with my Alienware in 64 bit where i freezes after about 3 min no matter what driver i tried. 32 bit runs fine05:51
t3chkommieyup i68605:51
vishalany body can help me with dialup connection05:51
brandon420yeah, get dsl05:52
vishalho can i start internet connection05:52
brandon420sorry i had to say it05:52
spectergriscould I technically fileshare the connection from windows05:52
t3chkommiesorry vishal, it dont even remember what dial was :(05:52
swtzdbone: you can actually set that up by editing the 11-x11-synaptics.fdi file05:52
brjannbrandon420: please don't contribute unhelpful comments like that05:52
swtzdbone: did you try that out?05:52
brandon420spec, is it the same computer?05:52
dbonet3chkommie:  was it this (i dont know how to post a link in irc yet) http://ubuntu-snippets.blogspot.com/2009/03/multi-touch-for-anyall-synaptics.html05:52
brandon420you can just mount the hdd05:53
dboneswtz: check out the link i posted to t3chkommie, something like that?05:53
brandon420and access your files05:53
spectergrishow do I mount the hdd05:53
earthenvishal, try here http://www.debianadmin.com/setting-up-dial-up-connection-in-ubuntu.html05:53
t3chkommiedbone, not exactly, but the code looks about right.05:53
t3chkommiegive it a shot.05:53
spectergrisIm new at this05:53
dboneAlright, I'll psot back with the results05:54
t3chkommiespec, ubuntu usually mounts all the avaialbe partitions automatically.05:54
t3chkommieoh. true05:54
t3chkommieforgot about ntfp :p05:54
t3chkommiethanks brandon.05:54
brandon420lol, welcome, i had to google that yesterday05:54
spectergrisokay do I have download any special software to fileshare from windows05:54
t3chkommiespec, youre gonna need internet to install NTFS support.05:54
hexdump_are there any good flash editing programs in linux?05:55
swtzdbone: yup, that's correct. Did you try that out?05:55
brjannt3chkommie: ntfs-3g is pulled in by ubuntu-standard, it should be there already05:55
brandon420so anyone got ideas how why i keep crashing?05:55
spectergrisI can't get on the internet in ubuntu Idk if it has something to do with the fact I installed with wubi05:55
hexdump_spectergris:  what is happening, just curios not sure if I know how to fix it or not.05:56
brjannbrandon420: you really haven't given us much to go on. what sort of crashes? kernel panics? xorg crash to console?05:56
spectergrisI can't get my wireless to work05:56
Drooling_Sheepspectergris, try looking in the places menu up at the top...ntfs drives show up there for me05:56
dboneswtz: yeah, i actually already had that file there with all of those settings.05:57
hexdump_did you try the usual sudo ifconfig adapter up05:57
hexdump_works for me when I have problems05:57
spectergristhe terminal says command not recognised05:57
t3chkommiedbone, i remember there was something else i had to enable first.....05:57
swtzdbone: the default file has all those settings, but those are COMMENTED by default.05:57
brjannbrandon420: that pastebin has 7500 lines in it :) where should I be looking?05:58
hexdump_spectergris run as sudo05:58
brandon420you tell me05:58
brandon420lmao, i have no idea where to start googling05:58
sibbleis there a way i can find out what in conky is currently using 21% of my memory (2GB) ? - it took it's time to get up to that much memory use, restarting it to troubleshoot would probably take a while to get back up to this much usage05:58
spectergrisso I type "sudo ipconfig adapter up"?05:58
hexdump_try that05:58
spectergrisOkay brb have to reboot05:58
swtzdbone: you need to remove the "<!-- EXAMPLES:" and "-->" between then or move the lines you want outside the comment area05:58
brjannbrandon420: i'm not asking you to solve the problem by yourself, just help me narrow down where to look in this log you've posted. do you have an approximate time when the computer crashed, so I can go by timestamps?05:59
swtzdbone: apologize if you done that already05:59
hexdump_then chech iwconfig and let me know what you have there05:59
earthenspectergris, what wireless card does ubuntu say you have. do a lspci in the terminal and see what it finds. look for a line that has wirelles in it05:59
Drooling_Sheepsibble you can look at what processes are running in System -> Administration -> System Monitor05:59
hexdump_that works too lspci or if you have a usb lsusb05:59
brandon420oh 00:32 ish05:59
Scarra3No brjann can you tell me exactly what I need to do06:00
brandon420there are multiple crashes in that log somewhere06:00
t3chkommieanyone know about how long a DD of 60 gb hdd would take?06:00
spectergriseathern and hexdup I'll brb with that info06:00
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: just says conky06:00
DcMeeseI have just successfully created an apt iPhone repository with ubuntu 9.10!!06:00
hexdump_send it to output and dcc it to me if you want06:00
Drooling_Sheepsibble,  you can do View -> all processes  to see everything06:01
Drooling_Sheepthen sort my memory usage06:01
brjannScarra3: you can follow the instructions here for karmic: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#Installing%20b43/STA%20hybrib%20drivers06:01
hexdump_check ps -A and also see if NetworkManager is running06:01
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
Guest983is any one interested in Linux administration job06:02
=== aybabtu is now known as Guest24245
sibbleconky - CPU: 2% - Memory: 422.7MiB06:02
brandon420that seems about right06:02
brjannbrandon420: okay, it looks like it booted up at around 00:28 and crashed about four minutes later? does that sound right?06:02
brandon420im using like 800 mb06:02
dotblankGuest983, details?06:02
silentxHey .. I want to install the driver of my " Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2501USB Wireless Adapter " .. so I google for it .. so i end up with this wiki " https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Belkin_F5D7050_ver_3000_%28Ralink_rt73_driver%29 " .. but i stuck in here .. " You should see the file rt73.ko " ... it never installed .. the output of the installation command ... " http://pastebin.com/jePKZFh1 " .. please help ..06:03
swtzGuest983: 100k year? for 25 hours/week? I'm in.06:03
brjann!ot | Guest983, dotblank, swtz06:03
ubottuGuest983, dotblank, swtz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:03
brjannbrandon420: can you describe the crash for me in detail?06:04
earthenbrandon420, did you try to disable your video card or even something simple as turning off all the visual Effects?06:04
Drooling_Sheepsibble, that sounds like a lot for a "lightweight system monitor"06:04
earthenbrandon420,  video card drivers i mean06:05
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: i think it's slowly leaking memory06:05
Drooling_Sheepthat's what it looks like to me06:05
hexdump_Guest983: hi how are ya06:05
sibble1 day uptime - 432MiB memory06:05
sibblescary to think what 2-3 days will look like hehe06:05
Drooling_Sheepyou can try killing it06:05
hexdump_Guest983: everybody is probably busy working on something.06:06
sibbleyea i guess i could run a cron job to restart it every 24 hours or somethign06:06
aruntomarGuest983: we are already into linux system administration06:06
brandon420sorry, did you say anything? i crashed again06:06
brjannbrandon420: yeah, I asked if you could describe the details of how it crashes for me :)06:07
t3chkommie<---- needs some help with a software RAID106:07
earthenbrandon420, did you try to disable your video card driver or even something simple as turning off all the visual Effects?06:07
brandon420ok, one min its fine, then its just freezes, and i get some weird blank screen with lines06:07
Drooling_Sheepsibble, maybe file a bug report?06:08
brandon420and i have tried all the drivers, and while i did that, i had all the settings on low06:08
t3chkommiei wonder if youre res is messed up?06:08
brjannbrandon420: lines like graphical lines? like the video card freaking out?06:08
Drooling_Sheepthat's all you can really do I think06:08
SolarisBoyhave you looked at X logs?06:08
brandon420x logs?06:08
t3chkommiegrrrrr raids......06:09
brandon420sorry for the dumb questions by the way, im still attemping to learn06:09
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: should i?  i mean, how do I know it's just not some script im using with conky06:09
oliver_does anyone know how to get voice chat to work on ubuntu?06:09
t3chkommieoliver, like google talk?06:10
dboneswtz: tried commenting it out, i guess i should restart it06:10
SolarisBoybrandon420: its not dumb06:10
oliver_I did that and it suggested gycite or something like it and I can not find it anywhere.06:10
brjannbrandon420: there's not much to go by in your syslogs. do me a favor, the next time your computer crashes and appears to freeze, tap the num lock or caps lock key a few times, and see if the LED indicator lights up on your keyboard when you do06:10
SolarisBoybrandon420: you switch over to console and check out whats in the log06:10
t3chkommieoliver, im not sure about what works with that, i use skype. havnt had anyluck with google talk.06:11
brandon420and by console you mean crtl f1?06:11
Drooling_Sheepsibble, I guess you don't...I don't know too much about conky specifically but I would think it doesn't let scripts do their own memory management06:11
oliver_does skype work on yahoo?06:11
brandon420and i will try that next time it crashes, it should only take a coupla mins06:11
dbonealright, I'm going to do a restart and see what happens.  bbl06:11
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: yea thats true06:11
t3chkommieoliver, i dont think so.06:12
oliver_Ok thank you06:12
brjannbrandon420: okay, thanks.06:12
SolarisBoybrandon420: when does this happen? the freezing? is it once you have done a particular thing? what point does this happen?06:12
brandon420http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn192/badsector76/IMAGE_145.jpg              thats the closes thing that i could find to what it looks like06:12
brandon420there isnt a trend06:12
SolarisBoymost of those lines are II and not EE06:13
brandon420i was thinking i might have had too much running, but with only pidgin running it still crashes06:13
SolarisBoybrandon420: when does it happen?06:13
t3chkommiebrandon, id put my next paycheck on the fact that your resolution is farting up. can you bring it down to something stupidly low?06:13
oliver_I tried to down load some drivers for my printer on a disk intended for windows.  Only I didn't need them after all. Now when I try to empty it from my trash it says I do not have permission.06:13
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: i guess i should have left it running if im going to file a bug report huh hehe06:13
brandon420i do have compiz maxed out, and a dock, but it was crashing before i installed it06:13
oliver_I tried some of the things suggested on the support sites but nothing has worked so far.06:14
SolarisBoybrandon420: have you checked for fs errors?06:14
SolarisBoybrandon420: file system errors06:14
brandon420@t3chkommie: i have tried putting it on 1024x768 and it stukk dud ut06:14
brjannt3chkommie: it would be fairly unusual for a resolution problem to panic the system, if it is a hard freeze like he's saying06:14
brandon420fs errirs?06:14
=== denny is now known as dbone
SolarisBoybrandon420: none of those lines in your xorg indicate an issue06:14
=== Dougdoug4__ is now known as Dougdoug4
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: never filed a bug report before, what would be the best way to do that next time i see conky using half a gig of memory?  ubuntu-bug <PID> ?06:14
brandon420= /06:14
dbonestill no luck getting multi-touch to work :-/06:14
SolarisBoybrandon420: you are able to log  in ans start pidgin correct?06:14
Zenkeridk what you guys did to make celestia run so well for ubuntu, but to whome ever responsible, you are a freakin genious, ive had that prog sinc 600mhz was an amazingly blistering speed for a puter, im soo impressed06:15
SolarisBoybrandon420: and log in? but at some point in your session this happends?06:15
t3chkommiedbone, there was something i had to enable first, i think it was calls SMHconfig06:15
brandon420the computer runs great, it just randomly crashes06:15
SolarisBoybrandon420: check messages and dmesg output for errors..06:15
brjannbrandon420: how old is the computer? specifically, how old are the memory modules in it?06:15
SolarisBoybrandon420: yes im thinking hardware or something of the likes06:15
brandon420the computer is pretty new, its just a crappy walmart comp my mom bought06:16
brandon420and it doesnt crash with windows  =/06:16
SolarisBoybrandon420: have you checked the message log?06:16
brjannSolarisBoy: already have done, he posted his syslog earlier and I've already combed through it. not much besides an unstable clock source06:16
t3chkommiehow big is the screen?06:16
brandon420its like a 17 inch06:16
SolarisBoybrjann: brandon420 i think you should check the File System06:16
Drooling_Sheepsibble, I'd probably file it with the people who handle conky, ubuntu probably just pulls it downstream from debian without changing it much.  Are you using the latest version (1.7.2)?06:17
brjannSolarisBoy: (the clocksource was the other thing I was thinking to try, e.g. boot with clocksource=hpet and see how it does)06:17
dbonet3chkommie: there's and SHMConfig, i'm going to try to enable it through xorg.conf in the inputdevice section06:17
SolarisBoybrjann: true06:17
SolarisBoybrjann: have you only checked the syslog?06:17
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: yes 1.7.2 from repos06:17
t3chkommiedbone, shmconfig06:18
SolarisBoybrjann: syslog may be sending most stuff to messages or debug even?06:18
brandon420num lock nor caps lock worked.06:18
meowbuntumu desktop icons disapeared how can i get them back06:18
brjannSolarisBoy: i thought it was the other way around -- on ubuntu I thought messages was the miscellaneous stuff that didn't match important things06:19
brjannSolarisBoy: but it's possible06:19
brandon42017 inch screen and 1280x1024 res06:19
SolarisBoybrjann: i would imagine that depends on whats in syslog.conf06:19
brjannSolarisBoy: well yes.06:19
dbonet3chkommie: tried just putting shmconfig into a console, ha no luck.  any idea how to enable?06:19
t3chkommieya hold on06:19
PostGreSqlHello I believe I have upgraded my PostGreSQL 8.3 to 8.4.....incorrectly.  Is there someone who can via private message walk me through upgrading this correctly and cleaning up the 8.3 left over.06:19
brjannbrandon420: okay, so at least we know it is in fact a hard lock-up06:20
dr3mroplease what is the best video format in ubuntu to save disk space ????????06:20
Drooling_Sheepsibble, okay, because I saw they fixed a bunch of memory leaks a while back, but it doesn't look like anything has changed since august06:20
brjannSolarisBoy: so what are you thinking? fsck, clocksource=hpet, memtest?06:20
oliver_Does anyone know how to delete files from your trash bin when it says you do not have permission?06:20
SolarisBoybrjann: indeed06:20
brandon420[   82.500032] Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -65301587 ns)+06:21
SolarisBoybrjann: i think a quick fsck may prove helpful06:21
aruntomardr3mro: ogg06:21
SolarisBoybrjann: hmm06:21
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: yea i saw those, i think the bug was filed in ubuntu 7.1006:21
t3chkommieoliver, you gota be a su06:21
brjannSolarisBoy: yeah, worth a shot.06:21
t3chkommielet me look at the code.06:21
aruntomardr3mro: wht's the current video format that u have?06:21
PostGreSqlHello I believe I have upgraded my PostGreSQL 8.3 to 8.4.....incorrectly.  Is there someone who can via private message walk me through upgrading this correctly and cleaning up the 8.3 left over.06:21
brjannbrandon420: that's *sometimes* normal. my machine does it too. but it can cause freezes sometimes, too, or so I've read06:21
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: in that bug report, he said conky was using a gig in a couple of hours, that's a little more then i experienced06:21
SolarisBoybrjann: i think memtest or something similar is good idea as well06:21
SolarisBoyyea thats why im not sure about that one line, does it even correlate to a time of a crash brandon420 ?06:22
oliver_What is a su?06:22
dr3mroaruntomar, xvid and rmvb and mp406:22
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: i am using 64bit too though06:22
SolarisBoyi've seen that before on other distros as well06:22
brandon420it happens wayy to offten to be normal, i have had ubuntu many times, and havent had this problem06:22
t3chkommieoliver, put this in your terminal sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/*06:22
dr3mroaruntomar, ogg is for audio06:22
Drooling_Sheepsibble, if you restart it and it's using a small amount of memory that slowly (or quickly) grows that sounds like a memory leak to me06:22
oliver_Ok thankyou I will try that.06:23
SolarisBoybrandon420: that message is repeating? or was it just a odd insert?06:23
brjannSolarisBoy: i noticed the clocksource unstable line occurred more than once a few lines before klogd initialized at boot time06:23
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: yea sounds like it to me as well06:23
SolarisBoybrjann: yep06:23
brandon420let me check, i just saw that06:23
PostGreSql.....any1 here know about PostGreSQL stuff?06:23
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: im used to memory leaks, thats why i switched to ubuntu from vista ;)06:23
SolarisBoycan you repost the syslog?06:24
dr3mrosibble, ubuntu also has some memory leaks but not much and usually because you use some svn ppa06:24
brjannSolarisBoy: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/5DVDz4Ri06:24
Drooling_Sheepsibble, haha nice06:24
dr3mroaruntomar, ??06:24
dbonegot it.  Okay, I'm going to reboot and see if I have any luck.06:24
dr3mroplease what is the best video format in ubuntu to save disk space ????????06:24
t3chkommiedbone good luck06:24
PostGreSql.....any1 here know about PostGreSQL stuff?06:24
brandon420 brandon420-desktop kernel: [   81.000015] Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -110678122 ns)06:25
brandon420Mar 11 00:29:56 brandon420-desktop pulseaudio[1629]: ratelimit.c: 365 events suppressed06:25
SolarisBoyactually.. 1. grep -C10 -i error /var/log/messages 2. boot.log brandon42006:25
aruntomardr3mro: yes, sorry ogg is an audio format06:25
brjannbrandon420: don't worry about the pulseaudio line, that's normal-ish06:25
indust3chkommie, why a sudo for removing from ~/.?06:25
dr3mroaruntomar, i know ogv but i dont know hot to convert to it06:25
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: i guess im just trying to figure out where to file the bug report now06:25
brandon420the clocksource is a repeating one thought06:26
oliver_Now it says [sudo] password: and a box just flashes it wont let me type in it.06:26
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: i think im gona join #conky and bring it up in there :)06:26
brandon420it has different numbers each time though06:26
PostGreSqlis there a chat room for PostGreSql support?06:26
sibbleDrooling_Sheep: thanks for all your help ;)06:26
PostGreSql.....any1 here know about PostGreSQL stuff?06:26
alfahallo, guten morgen06:26
brjannPostGreSql: /join #postgresql06:26
Drooling_Sheepsibble, #conky is probably a good place to ask, and you're welcome06:26
t3chkommieoliver, type it in and hit enter.06:26
t3chkommieit wont show you ******06:26
PostGreSqlthank u06:26
indusalfa, hallo06:27
SolarisBoybrandon420: do you plug this directly into the internet?06:28
dr3mroplease what is the best video format in ubuntu to save disk space ????????06:28
aruntomardr3mro: i downloaded the packages for converting the wav, mp3 files to ogg format last time, i guess, in ur case u need theora codec to convert to ogv format06:29
SolarisBoyalot of anything that it even error related i've seen before in those logs. have you gotten the message log and debug.log yet?06:29
aruntomardr3mro: let me search06:29
dr3mroaruntomar, ok06:29
t3chkommielinuxguy2009 you still there?!06:29
LinuxGuy2009Yeah whats up?06:29
t3chkommiestill cant get the raid to work :(06:30
SolarisBoybrandon420: 1. grep -C10 -i error /var/log/messages 2. boot.log brandon420 3. lsmod 4. if available sar -A06:30
brandon420sudo all that?06:30
tushar95inHi ebery one06:31
tushar95inevery one06:31
tushar95ini need help06:31
tushar95incan some one help me pz06:31
FloodBot2tushar95in: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:31
LinuxGuy2009t3chkommie: I dont have much experience with software raid. Just hardware. IMO its more work than its worth bothering with.06:31
t3chkommielinuxguy2009, i was able to DD my dev/sda just fine... but when i try to mdadm --create.... no such file.. etc... busy... aborted :(06:31
SolarisBoybut i want the whole boot.log if its there so ...cat /var/log/boot.log06:31
=== denny is now known as dbone
SolarisBoybrandon420: and df -ah too06:31
dbonestill no luck as far as getting multi-touch to work06:32
tushar95inkoi punjabi hega ethe yaar06:32
LinuxGuy2009t3chkommie: You running a server with huge amounts of traffic?06:32
brandon420[   82.500032] Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -65301587 ns)06:32
t3chkommiedbone, sorry.... i cant find that article i used :( it was about a year ago.06:32
brandon420sudo grep -c10 -i error /var/log/messages06:32
brjannSolarisBoy, brandon420: i'm mildly curious to find out if the livecd would crash or not06:32
t3chkommielinuxguy2009, not too much traffice... only self induced traffice i guess... just file/media server06:32
SolarisBoycapital C .. -c is for count so there are 7 errors there...06:32
oliver_Thanks t3chk what ever you told me to put in terminal did the trick it disappeared from my trash bin.06:33
tushar95incan anyone guide me with my haier ce100 usb modem06:33
SolarisBoyuse grep -C10 -i error /var/log/messages sorry if i mistyped that arg initially..06:33
tushar95inplz help06:33
LinuxGuy2009t3chkommie: You sure raid is worth the hassle for that application?06:33
t3chkommieno worries oliver06:33
t3chkommielol not really06:33
enavi want to install mumble on ubuntu 64b06:33
t3chkommieim backing up some important files for a friend... i kinda want to experiment with raid too.06:33
brandon420no, you had it right, i just didnt know that caps mattered06:33
vishalhey anybody can help me for dialup connection inubuntu06:33
SolarisBoybrandon420: yeps case sensitive06:34
=== Joe|school is now known as The1Joebob
dboneno worries.  Think I'm going to give it ashot tomorrow later on06:34
enav i want to install mumble 1.2.2 on ubuntu 9.10 64b   what i need to do06:34
LinuxGuy2009vishal: Your kidding right?06:34
vishalno I am serious actually ,,,i want to know how to do that06:34
vishalbu using wvdial06:34
tushar95inhey vishal06:34
vishalis it possible06:34
=== kevdog_ is now known as kevdog
LinuxGuy2009vishal: Good luck.06:35
tushar95inu know how to use usb modem06:35
tushar95inhey vishal06:35
SolarisBoy  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto <--modem configuration help?06:35
vishalactually not06:35
vishalI am trying06:35
vishalif u know pls help me out06:35
LinuxGuy2009vishal: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/setting-up-dial-up-connection-in-ubuntu.html06:35
sixofouri shared a folder on my desktop to transfile files onto my linux machine, but everything is  locked, how do i grant permission?06:36
brjannvishal: have you followed the instructions here on configuring wvdial? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto/SetUpDialer#Alternative%20Way%201%20%28using%20wvdialconf%20&%20wvdial%2906:36
aruntomardr3mro: sent u the howto on PM06:36
tushar95inHey linux guy06:36
SolarisBoyvishal: whats your issue? where are you failing?06:36
vishalactually i have installed wvdial06:36
vishaland i have configured it06:36
tushar95insolaris guy i need ur help06:37
vishalbut when I am goin to dial06:37
vishalwvdial cdma06:37
dr3mroaruntomar, thank you i will give it a try but is there away to convert with mencoder or ffmpeg06:37
vishalit is showing can not open /dev/ttyusb006:37
vishallike this06:37
sixofouri shared a folder on my desktop to transfile files onto my linux machine, but everything is  locked, how do i grant permission?06:37
aruntomardr3mro: u should be able to do it, but u need to google for solution06:37
dr3mroaruntomar, thabk you06:38
SolarisBoyvishal: ls -ltrh /dev/ttyusb0 ?06:38
dr3mroaruntomar, thank you06:38
brandon4201when i typed the df -ah it crased06:38
tushar95incan some expert help me06:38
tushar95ini need help06:38
FloodBot2tushar95in: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:38
SolarisBoybrandon4201: thats what i suspected... try to check the fs06:38
brjann!patience | tushar95in06:38
ubottutushar95in: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:38
LinuxGuy2009tushar95in: ask06:39
tushar95ini have haier Ce100 usb modem06:39
tushar95inits not working06:39
brjannbrandon4201: sudo touch /etc/forcefsck and reboot06:39
brjannbrandon4201: gah, wait, no06:39
brjannbrandon4201: sudo touch /forcefsck06:39
SolarisBoybrandon4201: fsck the disk and check for errors allow fsck to try to fix them06:39
* brjann is too used to typing /etc06:39
SolarisBoybrjann: precisely .. run fsck06:40
SolarisBoyvishal: what was the output of the command?06:40
vishalsolaris boy :ls -ltrh /dev/ttyusb0 ? after giving this also it is showing cannot access /dev/ttyusb006:40
SolarisBoyso does that device that the software you calling exist?06:40
brjannvishal: /dev/ttyUSB0, the USB should be capitalized06:40
tushar95inany solution for me ?06:41
brandon4201nothing happened when i entered that command06:41
SolarisBoybrandon4201: nothing will happen06:41
SolarisBoybrandon4201: this creates a file which informs the system to run fsck on reboot06:41
brjannbrandon4201: good luck :)06:41
=== iuhaiushdiuash is now known as Sena
brandon4201i appreciate the help guys, even if it doesnt work06:42
brjannbrandon4201: we have other ideas, too06:42
SolarisBoybrandon4201: no worries.. and brjann yes i have a couple too =)06:42
vishalbrajan: now it is howing  rw-r--r-- 1 root root 188 , 0  2010-03011 11:07 /dev/ttyUSB006:42
vishalnow tell me wat i do06:42
SolarisBoyvishal: make your program use that...06:42
SolarisBoyvishal: did you put that incorrect device in some config file?06:43
vishalno not at all06:43
SolarisBoycheck the config file under [Dialer Defaults] Stanza then06:43
brjannvishal: when you try to use wvdial to dial, are you using sudo? i'm finding some evidence that wvdial needs to be run as root06:44
vishalno m not using sudo06:44
SolarisBoypossibly you need to?06:44
SolarisBoyi think you do because there is a group i see for people who have access to dial out modem lines..06:44
vishalbrajan : if am using sudo also it is showing same error06:45
vishalcannot opne /dev/ttyUSB006:45
brjannvishal: well, it was worth a shot :)06:45
SolarisBoyvishal: is there any other line in that message? resource busy? device doesn't exist?06:46
RasheedHi there i developing one python code for replacing text in file but here i used readline() command but by TL said to write using read() command could any one please help me on this06:47
TheBuzzerWinterSky:  I did help Death_ to install his system and it goes right now!06:47
Rasheedmy code:06:47
Rasheedf = open("kw_test")06:47
Rasheedo = open("kw_test2","a")06:47
Rasheedwhile 1:06:47
Rasheed    if not line: break06:47
Rasheed    line = line.replace("|65536","/12")06:47
FloodBot2Rasheed: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:47
vishalsolaris boy: it is showing wvdial : internet dialer version 1.60  in first line then cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0 : no such device three times06:47
brandon420it didnt find any errors, but when i restarted my internet wasnt working,....06:48
SolarisBoyok is the module loaded properly?06:48
brjannRasheed: please /join #python for python support06:48
SolarisBoybrandon420: ? but its working now apparently?06:48
SolarisBoyvishal: i wonder what all did it check?06:48
SolarisBoyvishal: it needs to likely check the root disk.. i wonder if you can dd if=/dev/rootdisk of=/dev/null without a i/o error...06:49
brandon420if anyone thinks that im missing something, i can hook em up with my vnc info... cause this is really annoying06:49
SolarisBoyvishal: its alarming that df -ah makes your system crash...06:49
brandon420that made mine crash too....06:49
brjannbrandon420: unfortunately most of the stuff we're gonna have you do is outside of normal system operation, so vnc wouldn't help much anyway06:50
SolarisBoyyea id rather a ssh access for anything id like to see06:50
brandon420tell me how, and ill hook it up06:50
Rasheedplease any one help me on this06:50
Rasheed#f = open("kw_test")06:51
Rasheed#o = open("kw_test2","a")06:51
Rasheed#while 1:06:51
Rasheed#    if not line: break06:51
FloodBot2Rasheed: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:51
Rasheed#    line = line.replace("|65536","/12")06:51
SolarisBoydont worry about it.. we can help from here06:51
brjannRasheed: please /join #python for python support, this is the second time I've asked06:51
puserDo you know of any Gnome utility, that will intercept keyboard delete key and present a deletion confirmation dialog?06:51
vishalsolaris boy: s/vishal/brandon420/ what is this06:51
brandon420i think thats a typo man06:51
SolarisBoybrandon420: ok we can check the logs for errors again like we were doing06:51
SolarisBoyvishal: search and replace for my typo06:52
vishalsolarisboy: i dint get u06:52
vishalelabrote it06:52
SolarisBoybrandon420: do the grep line i showed you on messages log,, and i guess lets not do df -ah for now06:52
SolarisBoyvishal: the module for your USB device is it properly loaded?06:52
vishalsolarisboy : how can i check it06:53
SolarisBoyvishal: lsmod |grep <nameofmoduleforusbmodem>06:53
brandon420if i may ask what that code was again, its not in my history06:53
=== root is now known as Guest55573
Guest55573any body geek in software compilation???06:54
SolarisBoybrandon420: grep -C10 -i error /var/log/messages06:54
SolarisBoyprepend sudo06:54
Guest55573i am getting a glib error06:54
vishalsolarisboy : actually I am using my CDMA samsung mobile for connection06:55
brjannvishal: try     lsmod | grep usbserial06:55
SolarisBoyvishal: ok06:55
SolarisBoyvishal: try the command brjann said06:55
brandon420then what?06:55
TheBuzzerGuest55573: Do you have terminal command?06:55
brandon420i didnt get anything..06:55
SolarisBoydo thi... sudo grep -C10 -i error /var/log/messages*06:56
Guest55573TheBuzzer, atually i am getting glib error06:56
znikhow can i see all the actions/operations i have performed on the desktop for the past few days. actions using GUI . not terminal.06:56
vishalsolarisboy : after tring that command it is showing usbserial   36232   1 option06:56
SolarisBoyadd the asterix at the end06:56
brjannznik: you really can't06:56
TheBuzzerGuest55573: Are you on ubuntu system?06:56
Guest55573TheBuzzer, i am trying to compile a software and this is the error thrown06:57
TheBuzzerGuest55573: Which soft?06:57
SolarisBoyvishal: ok and what is the exact model of you modem? and also do modinfo usbserial | head -706:57
Guest55573TheBuzzer, No in redhat ...but i am an Ubuntu lover and thats y came here for help06:57
znikbrjann: are you sure there is no log of the operations such as create file, delete file etc etc?06:57
brandon420brandon420@brandon420-desktop:~$ sudo grep -C10 -i /var/log/messages*06:57
SolarisBoysometimes the version of glibc + gcc conflict when building s/w afaik06:57
brjannznik: i'm *almost* positive. but let me research for a few seconds06:58
vishalsolarisboy : how can i find for exact model06:58
SolarisBoyvishal: look at modem06:58
airtonix!lol | brand0n06:58
ubottubrand0n: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.06:58
SolarisBoyso brandon420 pastebin the output06:58
airtonix!who | brandon42006:59
ubottubrandon420: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:59
SolarisBoybrandon420: sudo grep -C10 -i error /var/log/messages*06:59
akshaycan some body help me to compile the kernel06:59
vishalsolarisboy: ya it is model :SCH-F30906:59
SolarisBoyvishal: and pastebin the modinfo i line i told you07:00
Guest55573TheBuzzer, any help07:00
akshayhelp me compile the kernel07:00
brandon420solarisboy:  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/AbfJewMU      i realized that shortly after the first one didnt work07:00
vishalsolarisboy : i dint get u07:00
JimmyNeutronwhat is meant by !tab?07:00
TheBuzzerGuest55573:  Yes, which soft you try to install?07:00
brjannznik: I'm sorry, I'm not finding anything. you might ask in #gnome , I'm sure they'd know for certain07:00
SolarisBoyMar  9 02:01:10 brandon420-desktop kernel: [  149.993315] nvidia-settings[1906]: segfault at 1c ip 080b68dd sp bfc90920 error 4 in nvidia-settings[8048000+9b000]?07:00
znikbrjann: ok thanks07:00
Guest55573TheBuzzer, its gstreamer07:01
SolarisBoywhat version intel drivers you have?07:01
SolarisBoygrr .. brandon420 Mar  9 02:01:10 brandon420-desktop kernel: [  149.993315] nvidia-settings[1906]: segfault at 1c ip 080b68dd sp bfc90920 error 4 in nvidia-settings[8048000+9b000] <---07:01
SolarisBoythat may be your issue07:01
JimmyNeutronJimmyNeutron, test07:01
akshayplease help07:01
Guest55573TheBuzzer, and the error is as follows07:02
SolarisBoyactually you have a lot of nvidia segfaults07:02
Guest55573TheBuzzer, checking for GLIB... no07:02
Guest55573configure: Requested 'glib-2.0 >= 2.18' but version of GLib is 2.12.307:02
Guest55573configure: error: This package requires GLib >= 2.18 to compile.07:02
FloodBot2Guest55573: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:02
brandon420what would you recommend? i have always had problems with nvidia and ubuntu07:02
TheBuzzerGuest55573:  Try first to sudo apt-get install -reinstall glib === And after retry install gstream07:02
Guest55573TheBuzzer, i already said that its redhat linux07:03
SolarisBoynvidia *related* seg faults.. brandon420... would need info on your card etc.. lspci -nnn and other options.. stuff like so..07:03
Guest55573TheBuzzer, its RHEL 5.407:03
akshayhelp me to compile the kernel07:03
TheBuzzerGuest55573:  Don't care!07:03
* t3chkommie is pretty sure he will have to re image his server after all is said and done :(07:03
Guest55573TheBuzzer, there is no apt-get in RHEL only yum07:03
SolarisBoyvishal: your trying to dial in via your phone no?07:03
TheBuzzerGuest55573:  Redhat is linux bases!07:03
airtonix!u | akshay07:03
ubottuakshay: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.07:03
vishalsolarisboy: ya after seeing modinfo ,,,,it is showing some info07:04
SolarisBoyvishal: yes what version is the driver?07:04
brjannSolarisBoy, brandon420: i'm a little confused as to why it's the nvidia-settings app segfaulting, honestly07:04
brandon420SolarisBoy: how do i get that info?07:04
o2owhat is the version of Mesa lib in ubuntu 9.10 ?07:04
SolarisBoywell its actually looking to be seging on loading just about everthing...07:04
o2oHi all, what is the version of Mesa lib in ubuntu 9.10 ?07:04
Guest55573TheBuzzer, But the package manager is yum. I think you havent used any distro other thatn ubuntu07:04
airtonixakshay, http://www.google.com/search?q=wiki+ubuntu+kernel07:04
SolarisBoythe driver looks old...07:05
Flannelairtonix: Please don't "help" in that way.  It's rude.07:05
SolarisBoyNVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module  185.18.36  Fri Aug 14 17:18:04 PDT 2009?07:05
airtonixakshay, 1) http://www.google.com/search?q=wiki+ubuntu+kernel 2) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile07:05
TheBuzzerGuest55573: Just Mandriva before and UNIX! ;)07:05
SolarisBoyim not sure of the nvidia versions would need to check... brandon420 do you update the system much?07:05
brandon420its a fresh install, with all the updates07:06
brjannSolarisBoy: I'm slightly terrified by the nvidia-settings segfault that happened inside the ld shared object07:06
Guest55573TheBuzzer, do u have experience in compiling softwares07:06
SolarisBoybrjann: EXACTLY =<07:06
brandon420and its running the recommened driver07:06
SolarisBoyim thinking more so your SYSTEM may be the issue,, like what version ubuntu is this? is it a stable?07:06
TheBuzzerGuest55573:  Did you try yum -y update?07:07
brandon420You are using Ubuntu 9.1007:07
brandon420                - the Karmic Koala - released in October 2009 and supported until April 2011.07:07
Guest55573TheBuzzer, Dear i am trying to compile the softwae instead of using the custom rpms07:07
TheBuzzerGuest55573:  Yes, a bit for compiling!07:07
SolarisBoybecareful updating glibc on rhel.. especially if your running other stuff.. Guest5557307:07
ghufranhi.. could someone help me with shell scripts? i want to be able to enter some parameters to a command automatically..07:07
SolarisBoyGuest55573: yes but you need to straighten your system out in order to compile... thats best done via yum07:08
Guest55573SolarisBoy, please can u help me??07:08
SolarisBoyGuest55573: hes asking is your OS updated properly and glibc and gcc get updated naturally07:08
airtonixghufran, try #bash07:08
SolarisBoyGuest55573: indeed try yum -y update..07:08
Guest55573SolarisBoy, actually to update RHEL we should need subscription07:08
ghufranairtonix: thanks07:09
SolarisBoyGuest55573: what error output is received? what are you compiling? what version gcc? what glibc are you running? ...07:09
SolarisBoyGuest55573: somewhat.. you can copy rpms from a registered system07:09
Guest55573SolarisBoy, this is the error http://paste.ubuntu.com/393084/07:09
lamohas anyone in here been successful getting audio to work on a HP dv7? I'm pulling my hair trying to get it going. pulseaudio is installed and the volume sensor on the laptop works.07:09
SolarisBoyGuest55573: i've also successfully installed CENTOS rpms on rhel for some horrid tasks...07:09
lawrencehow do i download a snes rom that actually works07:09
Guest55573SolarisBoy, ok but just see that error and help me07:10
airtonix!pm | akshay07:10
ubottuakshay: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.07:10
SolarisBoyGuest55573: cat /proc/version and cat /etc/*release and get back to me07:10
vishalsolarisboy: where can i see that version detail07:10
SolarisBoyvishal: same command i just told you modinfo | head -707:10
claptrapAlright, folks, need some true help07:10
Guest55573SolarisBoy, cat /proc/version Linux version 2.6.18-164.el5 (mockbuild@x86-002.build.bos.redhat.com) (gcc version 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-46)) #1 SMP Tue Aug 18 15:51:54 EDT 200907:10
SolarisBoythats RHEL is very old07:11
lawrencei need some help07:11
puseris there any gnome utility that will present a confirmation box, when you push delete key?07:11
SolarisBoyGuest55573: and what is your gcc version and glibc version?07:11
vishalsolarisboy: it is howing vermagic :  2.6.31-14-genric SMP mod_unload modversions 58607:11
meowbuntuhow can i configure wine to read a usb device07:11
caleb_join #ubuntu-beginners07:11
claptrapThrough a rather embarassing series of events I'd rather not discuss, I managed to format a 500 GB HDD with a lot of personal and irreplaceable data on it. I don't have another 500 GB HDD (my only other is 250) nor do I have the money to buy one. What are my options, here?07:11
Guest55573SolarisBoy, gcc-4.1.2-46.el507:11
lawrencehow can i configure emulators to work for linux07:12
SolarisBoythats kernel version i guess vishal hmm ok im still looking at your model online,, im not sure what those errors are about but they look to be related to the module...07:12
Guest55573SolarisBoy, glib2-2.12.3-4.el5_3.107:12
airtonixlawrence, need to be more specific.07:12
SolarisBoy Guest55573 ok give me a second07:12
SolarisBoyGuest55573: repost the error please?07:12
Guest55573SolarisBoy, but i install  glib-2.18.4 from source07:12
Guest55573SolarisBoy, ok07:12
lawrencemy games on the emulator run slow or lag07:12
SolarisBoyhmm.. as i stated thats not very wise...07:13
marcc__when working on "localhost" as a web server, is there a way my non-root user can edit files in /var/www?07:13
airtonixlawrence, 1) what do you mean by emulator 2) operating system are you trying to run the 'emulator' on 3) what are you trying to 'emulate'07:13
SolarisBoyyou need to be careful upgrading glibc,,,07:13
claptrapThrough a rather embarassing series of events I'd rather not discuss, I managed to format a 500 GB HDD with a lot of personal and irreplaceable data on it. I don't have another 500 GB HDD (my only other is 250) nor do I have the money to buy one. What are my options, here?07:13
vishalsolarisboy: there is also one line that is srcversion07:13
Guest55573SolarisBoy, http://paste.ubuntu.com/393088/07:13
airtonix!who | SolarisBoy07:13
ubottuSolarisBoy: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:13
Unislash'lo all07:13
lawrencekarmic koala 9.10 and the emulator is n6407:13
SolarisBoyGuest55573: yes.. this is related to the fact that you updated glibc in that manner i believe07:14
LinuxGuy2009claptrap: What are you even asking?07:14
brandon420SolarisBoy: so you have anymore ideas?07:14
SolarisBoythis shouldn't be done like that unless you _KNOW_ what you are doing,, i've seen systems be bricked like that07:14
claptrapLinuxGuy2009: Guess I wasn't terribly clear. I want to recover the drive.07:14
Guest55573SolarisBoy, ok but i think we can pass the path to ./configure no??07:14
vishalsolarisboy: tell me07:14
ZykoticK9lawrence, are you using mupen64plus ?07:14
Guest55573SolarisBoy, i mean to take the new path07:14
LinuxGuy2009claptrap: What was the file system?07:14
airtonixSolarisBoy, who are you talking to ? (looks like you're just talking to anybody)07:15
Guest55573SolarisBoy, of glib installation07:15
claptrapLinuxGuy2009: Originally NTFS, formatted it to ext307:15
SolarisBoyairtonix: i saw the first comment07:15
airtonixSolarisBoy, i mean because i'm not doing anything at the moment thats going to brick my system07:15
ZykoticK9lawrence, what speed is your cpu?07:15
SolarisBoyairtonix: ok07:15
silentxHey .. I want to install the driver of my " Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2501USB Wireless Adapter " .. so I google for it .. so i end up with this wiki " https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Belkin_F5D7050_ver_3000_%28Ralink_rt73_driver%29 " .. but i stuck in here .. " You should see the file rt73.ko " ... it never installed .. the output of the installation command ... " http://pastebin.com/jePKZFh1 " .. please help ..07:15
LinuxGuy2009claptrap: ext3 doesnt allow for file recovery I dont believe.07:15
Unislashi recently resized my windows 7 partition using grub, but now windows 7 doesn't want to boot it (duh). I've run the "repair windows" deal and it didn't fix it, as well as check disk. My windows drive is perfectly in tact, it's just that 7 isn't looking in the right place to boot from. Clearly, win 7 doesn't use Grub as its boot loader... i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how i can fix this07:15
silentxshall complete the installation07:16
lawrencehow can i find out07:16
claptrapLinuxGuy2009: So if I formatted the NTFS to ext3, it's all gone for good now?07:16
SolarisBoybrandon420: not sure but its certainly related to those constant segfaults..07:16
ZykoticK9lawrence, cat /proc/cpuinfo07:16
claptrapLinuxGuy2009: Because gpart can /find/ the NTFS partition I'm trying to recover, but it wants another 500 GB drive to attempt recovery.07:16
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LinuxGuy2009claptrap: Well then that answers your question.07:17
claptrapLinuxGuy2009: Actually, no, it doesn't. My question is whether or not there is ANOTHER way to recover that drive, or even individual files, as I simply have no way of getting my hands on a second 500GB hard drive right now.07:18
b2p1mphow can i add the win7 printer share to print in ubuntu 910?07:18
lawrence2.66 Ghertz07:18
Loshaclaptrap: if you formatted it, but didn't otherwise write on it, many of the files may be recoverable. You can try e2retrieve if it's ext3. I recovered a surprising amount of data from a disk that would no longer mount using EASUS on windows. You have to pay for it, but you can at least run the free demo first to see if it finds anything...07:18
meowbuntuhow can i configure wine to read a usb device07:18
LinuxGuy2009claptrap: Well yeah it does answer the question. You just said that you need another 500gb drive to recover it. There ya go.07:18
ZykoticK9lawrence, what gfx card?  "lspci | grep VGA" if you don't know07:18
airtonixmeowbuntu, use the winecfg app and click autodetect on the drives tab07:19
Guest55573SolarisBoy, any help,,,07:19
LinuxGuy2009claptrap: You not being able to afford to buy one is beside the point.07:19
claptrapLinuxGuy2009: Thank you for clearly not listening at all. :)07:19
airtonixmeowbuntu, assuming you have the usb drive plugged in.07:19
LinuxGuy2009 claptrap: You not being able to afford to buy one is beside the point.07:19
claptrapLosha: Well, it's ext3 NOW. It was NTFS before I screwed it up.07:19
meowbuntuairstrike, thanks a life saver tou are07:19
b2p1mpto get to windows printer share, i add URI device?07:19
SolarisBoyGuest55573: thats really offtopic, i would try rhel or rhel like channel07:19
danxclaptrap: you can try with "testdisk", parted has a recovery option too but I'm not sure if it supports ntfs07:19
SolarisBoyGuest55573: usually people dont upgrade the glibc like that07:20
b2p1mpwindows printer via samba right?07:20
sinehi guys in ubuntu 9.10 i have 2 alternate desktop windows. can i increase that to 4 im sure it used to have 407:20
claptrapLinuxGuy2009: My question is whether or not there was a method that didn't involve a second hard drive. I don't see how I can be any more clear on what I'm asking.07:20
Guest55573SolarisBoy, ok thank u07:20
airtonixmeowbuntu, also assumes that the usb drive is mounted by ubuntu in the first place so that you can access it via normal methods on your desktop07:20
claptrapdanx: How does that work, do you know?07:20
LinuxGuy2009claptrap: No theres no way to fit 500GB on a smaller drive. No.07:20
claptrapLinuxGuy2009: Please just stop trying. You're not listening to me at all, and you're really only frustrating me more. Thank you for trying, though.07:21
danxclaptrap: both options will try to switch the filesystem back to ntfs, if you haven't write anything on your hard drive, your data is intact07:21
mechcozmohello, how can i run "modprobe ndiswrapper" at startup?07:21
airtonixclaptrap, are you thinking of possibilites to revert the format ?07:21
Loshaclaptrap: EASUS works with ntfs also, but it has to be run from windows, it costs money, and you need somewhere to put the retrieved files. You're unlikely to retrieve all 500GB anyway, but you definitely can't write them back to the same drive you're trying to recover them from. Sorry, that's just the way it is...07:21
LinuxGuy2009claptrap: Not sure what answer you want but thats the jist of it. Sorry.07:21
ActionParsnipYo yo yo07:21
Anarhisthi, i've accidentally added the wrong thing with add-apt-repository, how do i remove it now?07:22
flashboyskyhi everyone07:22
sriniany command to get the monitor name in linux???07:22
danx!recover > claptrap07:22
ubottuclaptrap, please see my private message07:22
ActionParsnipAnarhist: use software sources under administration menu07:22
airtonixsrini, echo $DISPLAY ?07:22
ActionParsnipSrini: define "name" please07:23
claptrapLosha: Well, even if I can't recover the whole 500 GB, I need to get SOME of those files off of there. Pics, text files, that sorta thing. If I can even just, somehow, grab some of them and move on to the 250, I wouldn't feel nearly as horrible as I do right now.07:23
claptrapairtonix: If that's a possibility, yed.07:23
danxclaptrap: you'll find some info on what you need to do in the info ubottu gave you via PM, I don't remember if those links have info about "testdisk" but it is also a good tool (besides parted)07:23
ActionParsnipClaptrap: got backups?07:23
sriniAirtonix: i want to get my monitor details model, vendor,...07:24
sriniActionparsnip: i want to get my monitor details model, vendor,...07:24
claptrapActionParsnip: Unfortunately, no. That's part of what I was hoping to do, soon. It's part of why I was doing this formatting in the first place. /=07:24
ActionParsnipSrini: try /var/log/Xorg.log.0 file or read through: dmes | less07:24
Loshaclaptrap: well, start with the free tools of course. In my own case (not the same as yours) EASUS was the only thing that found anything useful...07:24
ActionParsnipClaptrap: foremost may help. Get a backup asap07:25
claptrapdanx: Yeah, I saw some info on testdisk on one of those, I think, but it wasn't very apparent what it did and it was near all the other ones that needed a second physical drive, so I wasn't sure.07:25
claptrapActionParsnip: Yeah, definitely. /=07:25
ActionParsnipClaptrap: it takes a while so run it overnight07:25
brandon420hey solar can you point out the seg fault to me?07:25
Unislashguys, does anyone know how to edit the boot path of windows 7? i'm running grub, but chain loading into windows 7's boot loader... no idea how to edit that07:25
claptrapActionParsnip: That looks like it still needs another 500 GB drive, though.07:26
ActionParsnip!grub2 | unislash, tells you how in here07:26
ubottuunislash, tells you how in here: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:26
danxclaptrap: you don't "need" a second hard drive, but it is recommended to dump the whole hard drive in case something goes wrong07:26
claptrapdanx: How d'you mean?07:26
ActionParsnipClaptrap: not if you tell it the sorts of files you want to recover07:26
claptrapActionParsnip: Ah.07:26
ZykoticK9ActionParsnip, this is totally OT and "out of left field" but saw an answer you gave on LP and just wanted to point out that VirtualBox can infact use physical partitions (Warning - "for experts only") http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch09.html#rawdisk07:27
Unislashactionparsnip: does grub2 actually boot windows partitions? or does it use a chain loader?07:27
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puserhow can I disable del key in file managers in gnome?07:27
ActionParsnipClaptrap: the drive will be read raw and unmounted, you will then spit the files to a mounted partition07:27
ActionParsnipUnislash: i'd imagine chainload. I don't use windows anymore but that's usually the deal07:28
Loshaclaptrap: if you had the space, you'd make an image copy of the 500GB drive and run recovery on the image, so that the original was not in danger of being further damaged. You don't have that luxury (neither did I, the disk the failed was a 1.5TB disk) so do what you can...07:28
sriniActionparsnip: now i am using Samsung monitor... any command to get these detail?07:28
claptrapLosha, ActionParsnip: I saw someone up there mention reverting the format. Any ideas on that?07:29
ActionParsnipSrini: read the log file, it may show the model. The dmesg may too. You could just look at the back of the device07:29
ActionParsnipClaptrap: reverting?07:29
claptrapActionParsnip: That was the term that... -Scrolls up.- airtonix used up there.07:29
ActionParsnipClaptrap: you may lose filenames and some files may get truncated but otherwise it should be fine07:30
airtonixclaptrap, it would only work if the only thing you changed was the file allocation table...otherwise you're out of luck . its also a fairly difficult task by any means07:30
Unislashactionparsnip: hmmm... doesn't say in there... i can edit grub, but i can't figure out how to edit the chainloader. It's definitely a windoze thing, but lets be honest, who'd ever do this but those who dual boot... so i figure someone might know07:30
claptrapairtonix: All I did was format the drive from NTFS to ext3. Not sure if that qualifies.07:31
ActionParsnipUnislash: someone else may be able to contribute :)07:31
claptrapActionParsnip: For reverting the format, you mean, or referring to something else?07:31
Loshaclaptrap: in theory, all the data is still there, so if you could reformat the drive with the original parameters, everything would be the same as the original. It's possible to do this with ext3 (though it's risky, which is why you'd want to try it on an image copy) but I've no idea if it can be done with ntfs and you risk scrambling the data beyond all hope of retrieval if it doesn't work. Unfortunatly, there's really no substitute fo07:32
Loshar backups....07:32
claptrapLosha: Yeah, there really isn't. I've been preaching that to people like mad, and then... -Sighs.-07:32
Unislashhmm... might have found something. *cross fingers*07:33
claptrapLosha: So you mean, just format it as NTFS and it should be good, or what? Or does it need to, like, have the exact same partitioning? 'cause I know Windows reserved some for swap and all that fun shite.07:33
Loshaclaptrap: yeah, well, it's not like I didn't get caught myself...07:33
claptrapLosha: So, what it seems is that my only real option, short of buying another 500 GB HDD with $40 I don't have (and it's an old Seagate Barracuda at that. Talk about failure. :|) is to try foremost and try to recover whatever individual files I can onto my 250?07:37
Loshaclaptrap: I've seen it done on an ext3 disk: restoring the *exact* partition table kept the data intact. I've no idea if it works with ntfs. That stuff is all reverse-engineered anyway.07:37
pthsHi everyone. Trying to learn some scripting, but got a problem with this one; for i in "Windows XP client"; do /usr/bin/VBoxHeadless -s $i -a & done  The string Windows XP client seems to be sent as 3 arguemtens to VBoxHeadless instead of one07:37
Loshaclaptrap: that's the only thing I was able to do when my 1.5TB failed. EASUS let me pull off some of the files even though I couldn't even mount the volume any more....07:38
Gneapths: yes07:39
DagonDoes anyone happen to know what the "super" button is? I'm trying to config compiz07:40
pthsAny solutions? :)07:40
GneaDagon: it's usually the 'windows' key between ctrl and alt07:40
DagonGnea, thank you very much :)07:40
Gneapths: nope, you've figured it out right07:40
Gneapths: but I'm guessing that you'd like to have $i contain the whole string "Windows XP client", which would mean that you're using a for-loop needlessly07:41
pthsI've got a list over more VMs, that is just one part of the script that is making trouble07:42
Gneaa list over?07:43
Gneapths: you're probably better off to ask in #bash07:43
pthsThanks, I'll try that :)07:43
meowbuntuhi is there a linux version for this application http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-multiple-iso-from-usb-multiboot-usb/07:43
Zenkerdoes anyone know how to install blender 2.49b, it fixes some of the bugs that 2.49a has07:43
meowbuntuit will not recognise any usb devices when i run the exe in wine07:44
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vishalsolarisboy: still m having same problem07:44
d3lt40nehi guys!07:44
marcc__Zenker: The best way to run Blender is to just download the package from their website, extract it, and run the binary.07:45
Loshapths: you need to enclose the $i in double quotes, because it contains spaces...07:45
vishalsolarisboy: can u tell me how to check whether modem is intalled or not07:45
d3lt40nedoes ubuntu server can act like a domain controller like windows server?07:45
marcc__Zenker: At least, if you want the latest stuff. Ubuntu's packages for Blender are usually far out of date, and it's super-easy to run the Blender-provided packages.07:45
mealstromldap server or samba-server can act as domane controller07:46
Zenkeroh dang i should have looked first, i just saw the linux dl at the same time, ty07:46
d3lt40nemealstrom: how about like an active directory?07:46
mealstromthey can07:46
serencan someone help mw with git?07:46
Zenkerim so new to ubuntu it hurts rofl07:46
d3lt40nelike controlling all the ubuntu desktop from ubuntu server..07:46
mealstrombut there are some restrictons... something connected to master-slave07:46
serenI need to switch to a remote branch on remotes/origins/testing07:46
d3lt40neso samba-server is the controller of all ubuntu desktop?07:47
sereni tries git checkout -b remotes/origins/testing, git checkout -b origins/testing, git checkout -b testing07:47
serennone work07:47
LinuxGuy2009meowbuntu: Already know about unetbootin?07:47
mealstromd3lt40ne: use puppet or landscape07:47
mealstromd3lt40ne: samba-server is something like netbios+wins+domain controller07:48
d3lt40nemealstrom: that's all i need?puppet/landscape & samba-server?07:48
Zenkerso after i dl it i just type sudo get-app blender on the terminal rigth?07:48
pthsLosha: Thanks, that made alot of sense :)07:49
d3lt40nemealstrom: okay. thanks man..i'll research that..07:49
mealstromd3lt40ne: landscape is not free.07:49
mealstromd3lt40ne: and puppet is07:49
FlannelZenker: sudo apt-get install blender, yes.07:50
d3lt40nemealstrom: okay..07:50
meowbuntuLinuxGuy2009, shesh read the link. first. i want to have more than one os on the usb / cd07:50
Loshapths: also, are you sure about the &. You'll generate multiple processes in the background if you use it07:50
b2p1mpwhat is the best editor to write a quick script in, ubuntu 910 karmic07:51
Zenkerdo i need to specify blender-2.49b if i have previously installed 249a and uninstalled it?07:51
brandon420solarisboy: thanks for the effort man, ill be back on tomorrow to try again07:51
b2p1mpor one not as strange as vi at least..07:51
meowbuntuLinuxGuy2009, i post the link for a reason07:51
LinuxGuy2009meowbuntu: I should have just ignored you in the first place.07:51
Loshab2p1mp: whichever editor you are most comfortable in. Many people use gedit because it's simple...07:51
WinterSkyb2p1mp I like Gedit  and it colors for different languages.07:51
pthsLosha: yeah, I need that. Windows XP client is just one of several VMs I want to start in a specific time delayed order07:52
Blockcoldhello there07:52
meowbuntuLinuxGuy2009, i have used unetbooting and lik it but it does not allow me to put more than one os on the drive07:52
Blockcoldany channel for cygwin ?07:52
subhamhello every body I am having an issue can any body can tell me by providing me an information how to enable f11 key suport in ubuntu 9.10 on hp mini  i am having this issue it is not working .. any help would be of great help .. thanks in advance07:52
praba@@b2p1mp   geany is my favourite .. it supports almost all the scripts and languages07:53
indussubham, what do you mean f11 key support07:53
d3lt40nedoes Opera PMS runs on Ubuntu?07:53
subhamindus :: yes sir on hp mini 11007:54
Zenkerok sudo apt-get install installed 249 a again, i want 249b what do i need 2 do?07:55
indussubham, is the f11 key not working?07:56
LoshaZenker: what makes you so sure 249b is available in the repo?07:56
Zenkermarcc__ how do i install blender 2.49b after the dl?07:57
EvaLuaTeDoes anyone have an estimate on how long it will take after a kernel version has been "launched" for it to be available in ubuntu? I'm asking because I'm thinking of buying a SSD drive, and for it to maintain it's performance in time, the OS has to have TRIM support enabled. This TRIM support seems to only be available after kernel version
subhamindus : yes it is not working on hp mini .. it works well on windows part ....07:57
Zenkeridk, i just dl it from the blender site?07:57
subhamindus : yes it is not working on hp mini .. it works well on windows part ....07:57
indussubham, are you trying to map the f11 key to some action07:57
indussubham, did you try keyboard shortcuts?07:58
git__EvaLuaTe, i'm thinking of getting SSD too07:59
DarwinSurvivorI can't find System->Administration->Services on my sister's laptop (9.04), did it get renamed/moved to something else?07:59
subhamindus :: sorry i am not getting you  on this question well i tried with other opention such as ctrl +q ,alt +f4.... etc all this are working but f11 is not working as an short cut key08:00
akshayhow to modify grub.conf08:02
indussubham, ok08:02
akshayhow to modify grub.conf08:02
indussubham, which keyboard sis this08:02
indussubham, try changing keyboard type from preferences>keyboard08:02
akshay how to modify grub.conf08:03
akshay how to modify grub.conf08:03
indusakshay, you shouldnt08:03
akshayi need to08:03
akshayguide me08:03
indusakshay, are you using 9.10?08:03
indusakshay, then the process is different08:03
akshaytell me..08:03
indusakshay, what exactly do you want to do08:04
akshayi compiled a new kernel..so i want to edit it08:04
indusakshay, well, edit /etc/default/grub08:04
indusakshay, then run sudo update-grub08:05
akshayindus: what is this08:05
indusakshay, this is new configuration since 9.10 uses grub208:05
akshayindus: ok let me try08:05
indus!grub2 | akshay08:05
ubottuakshay: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub208:05
subhamindus:: I am sorry it is working ... but i was thinking as an moment i press f11 the window should cover the entire work space by hiding this panel .. is it would be possible to do so08:05
subhamindus:: I am sorry it is working ... but i was thinking as an moment i press f11 the window should cover the entire work space by hiding this panel .. is it would be possible to do so08:06
akshayindus: it is not edit it is gedit :)08:06
indussubham, please dont repeat yourself :) i read it08:06
subhamindus : sorry  for that08:07
indussubham, dont know how to do what you ask , can you be bit more clear08:07
akshayindus: iam unable to do that..i was familiar to menu.lst and not with this08:07
indusakshay, ya gedit08:07
ginbuntuis it possible to have Nautilus select the file when you do "open containing folder" in firefox downloads window? On windows it does it but not on Ubuntu. it is very annoying to find a file when you have a download folder with hundreds of files.08:07
akshayindus: i did "make install"  for my new kernel...wat to after that08:07
tomojhas anyone seen lack of iso9660 in the JeOS kernel?08:08
indusakshay, ok a custom entry should be added to the file /etc/grub.d/40_custom08:08
DarwinSurvivorhow do I get to the "services" window in Karmic?08:08
beni-hello... are there any USB-stick images of ubuntu-9.10-server-amd64.iso available for download? I have a PC withouth CD drive, but don't want to install netbook remix or so08:08
akshayindus:let me try08:09
indusakshay, but before that08:09
Flannelbeni-: Do you have another computer with a CD drive (or Ubuntu installed on it?)08:09
indusakshay, just try this easy one step, sudo update-grub and see it new kernel is seen08:09
DarwinSurvivorbeni-: unetbootin will put any ubuntu iso image onto a usb drive08:09
indusi go lunch now08:09
b2p1mpi actually made a grub 1 partition that loads an iso08:09
b2p1mpupon reboot08:09
beni-Flannel: i have a mac, with CD drive08:09
Flannelbeni-: Is it 64bit? (not that it matters, but would simplify things)08:10
beni-Flannel: yes, both 6408:10
akshayindus:thanks it did worked08:10
Zenkercan someone pleeeeaaase help me install blender2.49b?08:10
b2p1mpmy loader shows 2 ubuntu 2 recovery after last update... how to remove the older kernal?08:11
subhamindus:: i am saying when i press f11 key i want to c the working window should cover the entire screen as I am using hp mini and it quite difficult for any one to work on this08:11
Flannelbeni-: Oh, server?  You can't use the LiveUSB creator for that.  You'll have to do it manually.08:11
akshayindus:but how to edit the grub.cfg08:11
akshayindus : i want to give a custom name08:11
Flannelbeni-: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Installation%20without%20a%20CD has a number of methods, you can find one that works for your setup (server CD is the same as the alternate CD as far as boot methods are concerned)08:12
subhamakshay :: i don't think you nead to edit this file in grub208:12
beni-Flannel: ah sorry, no not server08:12
akshayindus: but i want to change the existing name08:12
beni-copied the wrong iso-name08:12
will__you got exp with nautilus08:12
will__anyone got exp with nautilus scripts08:13
akshaysubham, i want to change the existing name08:13
subhamaksay :: i don't think you nead to edit this file in grub208:13
akshaysubham,tell me proc08:13
beni-Flannel: i tried this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#From%20Mac but the PC won't boot that USB stick. however, I could install arch from USB (http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Install_from_a_USB_flash_drive), so my PC can boot from USB, i'm sure08:14
WinterSkyHow do you set an application as the default for a file type? (Ubuntu 9.10)08:15
akshaysubham, can u help me08:15
lindarOkay, my problem is thus: I am on a netbook. When I plug in my external monitor and tell it to switch to it (mirror monitor, extending, anything), the whole system freezes. If I tell it to turn off the external monitor, it freezes. So, what I've had to do is restart, plug in my monitor, and then it only goes from that, and I have to restart and unplug it to go back to the netbook screen.08:15
lindarUsing Ubuntu 9.10 32-bit.08:15
subhamakshay :: you want to edit the entries for grub 2 for .. which part ... I have tried to change the entry for windows xp part ... on system ....08:15
will__anyone got experience with nautilus or can tell me who to talk to about it08:16
will__got a prob08:16
akshaysubham, wat command shud i type to edit the grub.cgf file08:16
lindarwill__, don't ask to ask, just ask.08:16
subhamakshay ::  gksudo gedit /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme08:17
will__i downloaded from gnome eye candy nautilus xml animated background editor08:17
will__i want to remove it08:17
will__because i cannot right click the desktop and change background or themese08:18
will__anyone know how08:18
lindarThen you should probably use Synaptic to remove it.08:18
lindarAlso, please try to constrain your posts to one or two lines as nobody likes to see it08:18
akshaysubham,wat r u telling me08:18
will__do you know what its called, i dont want to delete NAUTILUS all together and mess something up08:18
lindarwhen people08:18
lindartype like08:18
FloodBot2lindar: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:18
DarwinSurvivorbeni-: ok, so apparently ubuntu uses upstart with 9.10, is there a GUI for manager which services start at bootup??08:19
DarwinSurvivoroops, sorry, didn't mean to send that to beni :P08:19
akshaysubham, like menu.lst .........we use to edit ..........in similar fashion i want to edit grub.cgf08:19
DarwinSurvivorok, so apparently ubuntu uses upstart with 9.10, is there a GUI for manager which services start at bootup??08:19
subhamakshay :: sory08:19
lindarDarwinSurvivor, yeah, go to System > Startup Applications08:20
will__so basically just go in synaptic and remove nautilus right08:20
subhamakshay :: no this cant be done so as it is having some differences in this grub 208:20
trelane_having a power manglement problem.  I have my laptop hooked up to an external monitor, however every time I close the lit it suspends.  As I'm not using the LCD display on the monitor (preferring my larger desktop panel), this is a bit annoying as I have to leave the laptop open consuming space.  Is there a way to get Ubuntu to simply IGNORE closing the lid?08:20
LoshaDarwinSurvivor: see if 'bum' is available for your distro....08:20
mecoI have installed the Flashblocker add-on for Firefox, but I can't seem to enable it. Any suggestions?08:20
lindarwill__, no you probably don't want to do that as that's your file manager, unless you have another one you'd like to use. You probably want to remove the specific thing you added.08:20
DarwinSurvivorlindar: gah, since it was under "preferences" (which is usually user-specific stuff), I thought that was login-startups...08:21
lindarmeco: Go to to Tools > Add-ons08:21
mecolindar: Done that08:21
DarwinSurvivorwhy did they move that from "Administration" to "Preferences"?!?08:21
will__well it downloaded as a zip entitled 110874-emlb08:21
subhamakshay :: just a minit let me chake out the correct command for it ..08:21
lindarmeco: Dunno. I probably have the same one. Did you restart Firefox?08:21
JudgeholdenHello all.08:21
akshaysubham,, ya pls08:21
lindarwill__, if you compiled it yourself, then you shouldn't have to ask me how to remove it. <308:21
will__how do i find that and remove it through synaptic08:21
mecolindar: YEs08:21
DarwinSurvivorlindar: actually, nvm, that is the *WRONG* gui, i want SYSTEM startups, not gnome launches!08:22
subhamakshay ::  can you have an look at http://www.webupd8.org/2009/11/customizing-grub2-ubuntu-linux.html08:22
subhamthis will help you a lot08:23
DarwinSurvivorLosha: seems kind of weird for ubuntu to switch to upstart without supplying a GUI for managing it (same can be said for grub2)08:23
will__well im really asking if you know what to remove, do i just delete it or uninstall something08:23
lindarFlashblock ? It works for me. I'll assume you tried all the stupid shit (restarting, waving a chicken, talking dirty to it, and going to its preferences and ticking the little box that says "ENABLE FLASHBLOCK").08:23
LoshaDarwinSurvivor: don't get me started....08:23
mecoI have the Flashblock add-on for Firefox installed, but it isn't working. It is enabled in the Add-On meny and Javascript is also enabled. What could be the problem?08:24
lindarwill__, did you compile the software yourself? If so, then I can't really help you. If you're compiling stuff yourself, I would assume you know how to remove it.08:24
mecolindar: Actually, it's 1.2.9a that I have...08:24
will__no i didnt, just downloaded it, it said open the zip click the install.sh file and enjoy08:24
lindarmeco: Dunno. You did all the stupid things?08:24
mecolindar: I haven't compiled it myself08:25
lindarwill__, dunno then.08:25
foul_owlquick question, any good codec identifying packages for ubuntu?08:25
lindarLook for an uninstaller? =\08:25
will__well thanx anyway, appreciate the help08:25
Loshafoul_owl: mplayr plays pretty much everything and should tell you the codecs...08:26
mecolindar: It actually has an uninstall button, but it's greyed out.08:26
subhamakshay :: you want to make changes for xp part or some thing els08:26
lindarmeco: Click on preferences next to the icon and tell me what pops up, please.08:26
Loshafoul_owl: mplayr -> mplayer08:26
foul_owlLosha: for some reason, mplayer crashes with this avi08:26
subhamakshay :: i'll tell you what i have done for my xp entry .. hope this will help you08:27
Efreakhow do i stop xserver from starting at boot?08:27
mecolindar: I have a menu where I can unclick 'enable' and add items to a whitelist08:27
Loshafoul_owl: unusual, but not unheard of. Try another player e.g. vlc or xine...08:27
foul_owlLosha: I get "Could not connect to socket" and "no such file or directory" then it exits08:28
dugger5688Efreak, why do you want it to stop?08:28
=== PhilMather is now known as zz_PhilMather
lindarmeco: Okay, if it's enabled there, then I'd just recommend you get the most recent version (1.5).08:28
Efreakbecause its mainly a server08:28
foul_owlLosha: I tried vlc, and it just hangs. haven't tried xine yet. i am looking for a tool like gspot that can tell me the codec or possibly verify integrity08:28
lindarHmmm... nobody answered my question yet... *repost*08:28
lindarOkay, my problem is thus: I am on a netbook. When I plug in my external monitor and tell it to switch to it (mirror monitor, extending, anything), the whole system freezes. If I tell it to turn off the external monitor, it freezes. So, what I've had to do is restart, plug in my monitor, and then it only goes from that, and I have to restart and unplug it to go back to the netbook screen.08:29
mecolindar: Clicking the "Find updates" button tells me there are no updatesavailable08:29
will__was someone saying something to me08:29
dugger5688Alright, why not just install ubuntu-server next time? I'll look for how to do it.08:29
Efreaki did start with ubuntu-server08:29
Efreakbut I wanted to be able to log in via xrdp; I've solved that bit already08:29
Flannelbeni-: You want the desktop then?08:30
subhamakshay ::  use this command :: sudo gedit /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober08:30
lindarmeco, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/433 I typed "flashblocker mozilla plugin" into google and hit "I'm felling lucky."08:30
lindarWow, that was a bad one.08:30
Loshafoul_owl: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=453125. Disclaimer: Never tried it myself....08:30
dugger5688Never had to do it with Ubuntu, so I'm not really sure how X is started (different for the distros I've had to configure it under). Check this out maybe, http://serverfault.com/questions/19839/ubuntu-prevent-x-from-starting-turn-desktop-into-server08:31
foul_owlLosha: Thank you very much! I will give that a try :)08:32
Efreakyeah, i saw something similar, but I don't wanna mess with the startup scripts myself08:32
Efreakoh well08:32
Flannel!bum | Efreak08:32
ubottuEfreak: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto08:32
lindarWow. How do I set conference mode in XChat?08:33
Efreakand lastly, is there a gnome equivalent for startkde?08:33
dugger5688'sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove'     <-should do it. I would test it out on my VM but it's currently doing a distro upgrade.08:34
theadminWhere can i get some help on writing Makefiles?08:35
Gnea!ask > ovidiu08:35
ubottuovidiu, please see my private message08:35
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dbonehey, does anybody remember me?08:35
YoBoYwill__: try to remove the script on you /home/username/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts folder08:35
theadmindbone: Huh?08:35
lindarOkay, my problem is thus: I am on a netbook. When I plug in my external monitor and tell it to switch to it (mirror monitor, extending, anything), the whole system freezes. If I tell it to turn off the external monitor, it freezes. So, what I've had to do is restart, plug in my monitor, and then it only goes from that, and I have to restart and unplug it to go back to the netbook screen. *second reposting*08:35
dboneI was on earlier and I was trying to get multi-touch to work08:36
dboneI didn't know if anyone who was on here helping me before is still on?08:36
subhamdoes any body knows how to change the tool bar appears in gedit  i want to have only icons i dont want to have the lables to show up under respective icon how to remove those lables ... please reply ...08:36
Gneadbone: pretend everyone here is new.08:36
theadmindbone: Uh, if  you have any questions, ask them, someone can help.08:36
bag_hey, anyone has an idea why my network-manager getting no IP from DGCP Server, dhclient still does get an IP?08:36
Loshalindar: click on the tab and look for 'show join/part messages'....08:37
theadminbag_: I think you mean DHCP?08:37
dboneokay, well anyway, if anyone is interested in multitouch, I made a bit of a noob tutorial that you can find at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1426782#308:37
lindarLosha: Thank you. <308:37
bag_theadmin, yes sorry08:37
theadminsubham: Sorry, gedit is not much of customizable08:37
ovidiumy ports are locked how can i unlock my ports(27015)08:38
lindarHmmm...  What to do? I have a problem, Google yields no results, and nobody here seems to know the answer. Suggestions?08:39
bag_subham, you can change that settings system-wide08:39
mecolindar: With the newer version everything worked as it's supposed to. But I should've been able to upgrade the version I had (or shouldn't have been given it in the first place as this system was installed only a week ago)08:39
fstxOne of my network interfaces keeps going deaf, ifdown/ifup solves it. Any idea where to start looking?08:39
subhambig_:: how ??08:39
theadminovidiu: What blocks them?08:40
ovidiudon't now...08:40
ovidiui use a router08:40
theadminovidiu: You need to check it's settings then.08:40
theadminovidiu: How depends on the router model08:40
dugger5688ovidiu: (usually)08:40
theadmindugger5688: What the hell is that?08:41
bag_subham, system->preferences->(thats style preference thing with themes, 3 tab if i remember correctly)08:41
lindarmeco: Shouldn't have, but you did. Feel free to burn away the rest of your day trying to figure out why you couldn't fix your problem that shouldn't have been possible in the first place and how it became a problem, or just count your blessings that you ran into somebody as awesome as I.08:41
beni-Flannel: sorry, was afk... yes Desktop Ubuntu08:41
ovidiuhey i opend ports already in my router but after instal ubuntu doesn't work anymore...even in windows are loked08:42
dugger5688fstx: Which interface?08:42
mecolindar: Hehe... Sometimes I feel like paving the road for the poor guys coming after me... Anyway, it worked with your assistance. Much appreciated!08:42
ovidiupls someone prv me08:42
ovidiuwho can help08:42
dugger5688Ovidiu, if it's not working in Ubuntu or windows, then the only thing blocking them is either your router or your ISP. Are you getting a static IP from your router or DHCP? If you have forwarding, they might be going to the wrong IP.08:43
ovidiuif i use other pc it works...08:44
jurek53jak zainstalować plik tar.bz08:45
mecoCan someone think of reasons why Firefox is still using 96% of the CPU even with Flashblock installed (and working)?08:45
lindarmeco: What are you doing in Firefox right now?08:45
ovidiuports are open from router,i use 2 pc and it works but this one with ubuntu instaled doesn't work anymore...08:45
fstxdugger5688: the motherboard always works, the pci card one goes deaf. I've tried three different cards, so now the name is eth3. One thing that might be the differnece is that I have a number of iptable rules for this interface. But it works for a while (several hours at least=when down/up it,08:45
songnghiemi have a ques,any chance for OO display correctly mathtype equation ??08:45
songnghiemi have a ques,any chance for OO display correctly mathtype equation ??08:46
subhambag_ :: thanks .. I did it my simply right clicking and  selecting desktop background  and going to interface tab and making changes over there  .. thanks08:46
dugger5688fstx, that's weird. Sorry, that really sounds like something in the kernel that's beyond my ability to fix. Have you filed a bug report?08:47
mecolindar: I have four tabs open: two for a game called Starfleet Commander which does not have any fancy animated graphics, one for Wikipedia, and one for a Facebook Flash game where the Flashblock app is suppressing the flash content.08:47
=== villesoini is now known as Zoikkari
mecolindar: And I haven't been active on Firefox the last five minutes approximately08:48
ovidiuhow can i send a prv mes hee?08:48
paddy_melonovidiu, /query username08:48
fstxdugger5688: not yet.08:48
paddy_melonor /msg username message08:48
dugger5688fstx, I would try that. Could be an iptables config problem on your end. My experience with that is minimal. If you remove the iptables rules, what happens?08:49
fstxdugger5688: One thing Iäve noticed is that the ifconfig counters keep ticking08:49
fstxdugger5688: that interface is exposed on the internet, so thats not really ok. The iptables rules work they way I intended when I down/up it.08:51
mecolindar: Nothing comes to mind?08:52
lindarmeco: Try it without the game running?08:53
fstxdugger5688: as far as I can see, all my rules are stateless08:53
lindarmeco: Even better, try it with a single tab open.08:53
fstxdugger5688: thanks for your help. my train is in, I have to go08:53
=== daedalus_ is now known as campfire
Loshafstx: the iptables stuff is relatively mature. I'd suspect the hardware first...08:55
theadminUm. Update-manager asked to update Apache... I hope that won't bring my server down?08:55
Loshatheadmin: run a backup before you update, or take the risk....08:55
fstxlosha: I did, I tried three different cards.08:55
theadminLosha: It shouldn't damage the data itself, but i mean... It will be off during the update only, right?08:56
theadminI mean it is supposed to start after install or must i do "apache2ctl start" manually?08:56
Loshafstx: interesting, I agree with dugger5688 then, suspect a kernel issue...08:56
=== emil is now known as Guest96037
Guest96037potrzebuje malej pomocy ;)08:57
Loshatheadmin: Sorry, no guarantees. The upgrade should restart the server for you, but there's always a chance that an update will bork something....08:57
Guest96037mógł by ktoś mi pomóc ?08:57
theadminLosha: Well, yeah, that's true.08:59
mecolindar: Now I have only one tab open in Firefox and it draws around 30% CPU...08:59
linuxlurkermeco any flash components on that tab?09:00
theadminmeco: Firefox has a huge leak issue, it never gives the memory back until you kill it, same with CPU i belive... At least on windows09:00
mecolinuxlurker: No, and besides Flashblock is enabled09:00
linuxlurkerI'm using chromium lately09:00
linuxlurkerFirefox seems to have become as bloated as IE :)09:01
mecotheadmin: OK, so the solution to my problems is basically what I am relegated to already: killing the app and restarting it whenever things start going syrupy?09:01
theadminlinuxlurker: No, not even close. Just don't install all those tons of addons09:01
theadminmeco: Yeah :(09:01
* Friction[laptop] has about 25 extensions :D09:02
dugger5688Chromiums FTW!!09:02
lindarmeco: That's ducked up.09:02
Friction[laptop]chrome doesn't have anywhere near as many extensions09:02
Friction[laptop]but as soon as it does i'm switching09:02
dugger5688I've also been digging epiphany for very very light browsing.09:02
* theadmin has 6 extensions only09:03
_sayahow do I lock my linux distro ?09:03
mecolindar: What has?09:03
BeeaI have an older laptop Dell 1100 I just ordered 9. and realized my old computer may not run it.09:03
theadmin_saya: Huh?09:03
dugger5688Why not use firefox when you need the extensions and others when you don't09:03
mecoSorry, I don't know i "ducked up" is an idiom...09:03
lindarmeco: Just commenting on the memory leaks.09:03
linuxlurker_saya, I'm not sure your question makes sense09:03
Friction[laptop]because i always use extensions09:03
Clay^Work_saya: ctrl + alt + L09:03
Loshameco: more of a typo than an idiom...09:04
linuxlurkerah lock the screen? !!09:04
lindarLosha: No, I was just being cute.09:04
BeeaDoes any one know if a Dell 1100 can use ubuntu 9 if not does ubuntu have something that will work09:04
Loshalindar: yeah, me too...09:04
mecoLosha: Yeah... I caught that one a bit late09:04
mecoA euphemism rather09:04
lindarUgh, I feel totally stupid, but I can't seem to figure out how to move the damn task bar. -_-09:04
vishaldmesg -c ,,,,,what it does09:05
theadminlindar: Right click it, choose Properties, change "Orientation"09:05
lindartheadmin, there's nowhere to click it. It's absolutely filled.09:05
llutzvishal: "man dmesg"09:05
_sayalinuxlurker, Clay^Work, theadmin, thanks for reply .. I think I should have asked how I copy protect my ubuntu turnkey .. I want to secure my personal code ..09:05
Zenkeri just came back for a sec to NOT thank anyone for helping me earlier, luckily, im not STUPID and i figured out how to install blender 2.49b09:06
siropiohello guys how i can configure my Database URL o work with JDBC?i tried String url = "jdbc:mysql://localhost/library"; but it didnt worked.i have lampp09:06
lindarOh, I managed it, but it's still on the wrong screen.09:06
Beea???? Can a Dell 1100 use ubuntu 909:06
vishalllitz: actually I m trying for dialup connection, but i am not able to do that09:06
meco(parenthetically mentioning that "ducked up" is very close to (my) Norwegian "dukke opp" which means to surface or suddenly appear... )09:06
RadarBeea: try it and find out and report back! :)09:06
lindarBeea: Probably. Does it have at least a Pentium 2 and 128mb RAM?09:06
Losha_saya: I didn't think freeware distros were big on copy protection...09:07
dugger5688Beea Ubuntu 9? 9.10 or 9.04? Either way it shouldn't matter, my guess is that it will run it.09:07
Zenkerbut seriously, thanks for not helping me, i actually learned somethin on my own by reading pages and pages of info which is a very difficult task for someone with my disability09:07
lindarOh, and to anybody that cares, I fixed my problem. I have to turn off the pretty effects because, even if I'm switching monitors, it has to enable both for a moment, which crashes the graphics engine due to its inability to render special graphics when desktop size reaches a certain width.09:07
Beeacool I will try it.09:07
vishalany body know php prgramming09:07
LoshaBeea: that's what live cds are for. So you can test without committing....09:08
lindarTurning off the fancy effects worked and now I have my double monitoring back. =D09:08
theadminvishal: #php09:08
Beealive cd's?09:08
hmwZenker: you might like this one: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html and also this one: http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html09:08
lindarSo, how do I get my task bar to a different monitor?09:08
fstxlosha: Yes, that is my conclusion too. But right now I can't even figure out good google terms. I tried three cards, but I am willing to try another one. What one shoul I order? PCI or PCI-e?09:08
vishal<theadmin: wat does it mean09:08
theadminvishal: Type this: "/join #php" and hit enter, it will bring you to PHP chat room09:09
hateballBeea: The normal Ubuntu desktop cd and be used to test your system before doing an install to harddrive. To see if the hardware is supported etc.09:09
dugger5688Beaa, http://www.ubuntu.com/GetUbuntu/download09:09
Loshafstx: better throughput with PCI-e I thought, but really, 4th time lucky? Doesn't seem likely....09:09
dugger5688You don't need to 'order' Ubuntu, you can just d/l the live cd, burn it an test it. It'll boot off the cd and run like it's installed without actually installing it.09:09
indusvishal, just click on #php and you will be there09:10
ngirardHi all. I'm experiencing this weird thing on ubuntu 8.10 and rhythmbox : it switches from pause to play by itself ! Anyone encountered this ?09:10
indusngirard, yes happens to me sometimes09:11
BeeaI can't burn it. my cd only is a read no write09:11
ngirardHi indus. How did you solve it ?09:11
lindarBeea: Ah, if you have a USB flash drive, you can also use that, assuming your system supports booting from USB devices.09:11
indusngirard, i didnt :D09:11
hmwBeea: one can make a USB flash drive with Ubuntu on it... but I cant tell you how, you'd have to ask Google09:11
Beeanope no drive09:11
indusBeea, hi are you on windows?09:12
ngirardindus: it's kinda annoying. Every 30s or so i have to pause the damn thing, then it switches back to play09:12
lindarHow do I get my task bar to move to a different monitor? For some strange reason it's sitting on what my computer is treating as the secondary monitor, and I can't seem to move it, just change orientation.09:12
theadminBeea: Are you on Windows? If so, use WUBI09:12
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:12
Beeayes, trying to get off09:12
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.09:12
theadminBeea: Windows Based Ubuntu Installer09:12
lindarAh, you don't want Wubi.09:13
theadminBeea: See http://wubi-installer.org09:13
fstxlosha: I tried two netgear FA310TX, and one 3Com 9c905c. Trying something more modern does not sound like a bad idea to me.09:13
lindarIt's funky as all heck.09:13
indusBeea,go to unetbootin.sourceforge.net and download this software , it will help you download or burn to a usb stick09:13
theadminlindar: It's not that bad, a bit of slower then normal install09:13
ngirardindus: anyway, thanks for your feedback09:13
LoshaBeea: you can order the cds for very little cost. https://shipit.ubuntu.com/09:13
theadminindus: (s)he has no usb stick09:13
indusLosha, those cds are free of cost09:13
bobbyyuMy Apache is having trouble showing my test.pl in the CGI-bin09:13
lindartheadmin: I had a hell of a time with it. It'd be better to just plain install than install into NTFS.09:13
=== bobby_ is now known as pranith
industheadmin, ah uh oh :)09:13
bobbyyuThe site is /home/bobbyyu09:13
theadminlindar: You can't install it on NTFS09:14
industheadmin, so what is he trying09:14
bobbyyuand I separated the public_html and the cgi-bin09:14
BeeaI do not have a stick and can't afford one so I will wait for the cd09:14
StrongOrderGuys, how do I pipe and display a result of a commant in vim (terminal) ?09:14
indusBeea, it takes 3 weeks or so09:14
lindarBeea: Can't afford a 10$ USB thumb drive? Wowie.09:14
indusBeea, can you borrow cd from someone09:14
bobbyyuAnd put in the configuration pointing to that place09:14
vishalbut after going into php channel ,,my msg is not reaching showing ##overflow09:14
=== Friction[laptop] is now known as Friction[1]
Loshafstx: older hardware is, if anything, often better supported. Don't let me deter you, but I'll eat my hat if the problem goes away with a newer card...09:15
induslindar, 10$ CAN BE expensive if you are a student09:15
brjannStrongOrder: you should be able to do    <command> | vim -09:15
Beeadon't know anyone that has one. I did not realize they were that cheap. I will look into it09:15
bobbyyuDon't know any Apache help sites, do you?09:15
induslindar, and even though i have been working 10 years, i just got my pen drive a year ago09:15
BeeaI am disabled on a fixed income09:15
brjannbobbyyu: you could ask in #apache09:15
theadminbobbyyu: I might be of some help09:15
indusBeea, where are you from?09:16
Loshaindus: I wasn't sure, I seemed to recall they were charging postage nowadays. Free is better still...09:16
StrongOrderbrjann, hg diff path_to_file | vim   does not work for me :(09:16
Effithi. looking for some help. i have a wacom bamboo graphics tablet and it has its software installed on windows. wine will not run the installation for that, so i was wondering if i might be able to get some drivers for it, or something.09:16
indusLosha, no, postage paid by addressee09:16
theadminStrongOrder: hg diff path_to_file | vim -09:16
bobbyyuNo. brjann. Apache closed its channel09:16
theadminStrongOrder: Try that09:16
brjannStrongOrder: | vim -    the dash is important09:16
bobbyyuadmin, what should I do? :)09:16
brjannbobbyyu: oh, my bad :)09:16
Loshaindus: perfect for Beea then...09:16
Dayofswordsi cant figure out how to download all the files using wget , what i want to do is download all files in a web directory(stay in that folder) that match "Title_*.txt, anyone know how?09:16
theadminbobbyyu: They didn't close it, they just moved to #httpd09:16
indusperfect for everyone09:16
bobbyyuOK thanks theadmin09:16
indusBeea, in seattle there are ubuntu groups which can give you a cd09:17
murlidharerr how can reduce the font size ?09:17
Loshaindus: well, not for the impatient rich guys...09:17
StrongOrdertheadmin, yes, that worked. thanks! any url I can get additional info ?09:17
theadminStrongOrder: Read the manuals ;)09:17
Beeawhere would I find them09:17
indusBeea, hold on09:18
StrongOrdertheadmin, the manuals of vim or bash? :)09:18
ovidiuBy default any modern Linux distributions will have IP Forwarding disabled how can i enable that:D? the 1 milion $ question09:18
indusBeea, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PNWTeam09:18
theadminStrongOrder: Generally "-" means "Read from STDIN"09:18
murlidharoops i mean how can i reduce the size of icons ? ??09:18
murlidharthe default icon size when compared with the size of the fonts i wants is very large09:19
ovidiuBy default any modern Linux distributions will have IP Forwarding disabled how can i enable that:D? the 1 milion $ question09:19
StrongOrdertheadmin, I see, but it seems some programs do not support it. I just tried with nano, and it created a file :)09:19
indusBeea, also here http://www.gslug.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page09:19
vltHello. I installed the sky generator "stellarium". What time is shown there in the status line? It seems to be my local time. Does stellarium know that it's local or does it think it's UTC?  If local, why does it count from 2010-03-28 01:59:59 to 02:00:00 (and not 03:00)?09:19
Loshaovidiu: just google 'enable IP forwarding'. $1M please...09:19
indusBeea, maybe they would give you a cd09:19
brjannStrongOrder: the "Speaking Unix" series from IBM is always a classic. http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/views/aix/libraryview.jsp?search_by=Speaking+UNIX+Part09:20
theadminStrongOrder: Lol yeah09:20
murlidhari even tried to change the dots per inch ....09:20
vishalafter goin into php channel  it is showing cannot send channel09:20
murlidharbut it's only the font changes..09:20
StrongOrderbrjann, wow, so much to learn..09:20
vishalwat is this09:20
murlidharmaybe i should ........ change the resolution ..09:21
theadminvishal: Are you registered?09:21
fstxanybody tried killer k1?09:21
theadminHi, abhi_nav09:21
vishalhow to registered09:21
murlidharfstx: what's that ?09:21
abhi_navtheadmin :-)09:21
brjannStrongOrder: well, yes, but it's a pretty gentle introduction to a lot of topics.09:21
theadminvishal: See "/msg nickserv help register"09:21
sikunworking on a network setup.. i have a project where i am consolidating two offices, my main goal is to setup a server where files can be accessed by any computer in two different offices, but what i would like to do is have a server in each office that automatically 'syncs' files as they are updated on either location, i don't know if this is possible or where to even start. Currently i am working with about a total of about 200gb of data also.09:21
LoshaBeea: PM me your address and I'll mail you out a dvd tomorrow...09:21
fstxfstx: an ethernet card. I think you can run iptables on the card09:21
lindarsikun: Uhhh... networked redundant RAID array? =\09:22
BeeaSorry about that.. thanks for the url. my computer locked up09:22
Beeai need a cd not dvd09:22
lindarStill haven't figured out how to get that task bar on the other monitor. =D09:22
sikunlindar: networked raid?09:23
BeeaI think I will just pick up a USB stick and do it that way. Thanks for all the help.09:23
vishalhow to register in php channel09:23
Losha!irc | vishal09:24
ubottuvishal: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines09:24
ubottuYour nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with Freenode.09:24
LoshaAh finally. !register09:24
lindarI don't know the logistics or the RAID type (I'm rusty at all of this), but there's a RAID type that creates redundant drives so there are two copies of everything, and you can probably do this over a network.09:24
Losha!register | vishal09:24
ubottuvishal: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode09:24
theadminvishal: Sigh. /msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL09:24
Loshatheadmin: sometimes get the feeling no-one is paying attention?09:25
theadminLosha: Yeah...09:25
sikunlindar: well what i was thinking at first was of doing a VPN setup or something along the lines of that.. but.. i don't have access to an internet connection that actually has a decent upload, the files i'll be dealing with are anywhere from 0-15mb each, and the internet connection on the server side would have a max of about 1mbit upload.. so i was just thinking of having two file servers each replicating files to each other09:25
brjannsikun: you might look into unison: http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/09:26
Beeabummer now I will have to use a different password09:26
brjann!info unison | sikun09:26
lindarsikun: Yeah, so you have one half of the array at one location, and one half at the other. Except that... that's a stupid idea.09:26
ubottusikun: unison (source: unison): A file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.27.57-2ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 522 kB, installed size 1236 kB09:26
lindarCos it would have to write to both drives.09:26
lindarHey, there you go.09:26
sikunhmm... unison looks promising!09:26
lindarServer sync software would be the better option.09:27
lindarI overlooked the fact that data would have to be written to both drives, which doesn't help your upload problem.09:27
lindarSo... there you go. =P09:27
Loshasikun: when I was a lad, we used rsync....09:27
tiinahej någon som kunde hjälpa mig med min firefox09:28
brjann!se | tiina09:28
ubottutiina: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se09:28
sikunlol.. i've used *nix for about 6 years... i know a decent amount.. but still would definately consider myself a newb, haha09:28
tiinahej jag har av nångon misstag installerat pre-firefox namoroka webläsare o vill ha tillbaka den vanliga firefox...vet du vilken det är?09:29
sikunthe thought crossed my mind about just using windows server.. but then i decided not to even bother even toying with the idea, since the cost of just two licenses for what i would need is just outrageous09:29
nightrid3r!no | tiina09:29
ubottutiina: Hvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!09:29
tiinanej någon som pratar svenska här?09:30
Drooling_Sheep!se | tiina09:30
ubottutiina: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se09:30
brjanntiina: skriv     /join #ubuntu-se     , takk09:30
fstxwhat do you say: netgear ga311, intel pro/1000gt or d-link dge-528t?09:31
Loshasikun: you'll have to check my math, but 200GB at 1mbit/sec will take about 20 days to do the initial sync. At that rate, you may never be able to keep up with the changes....09:33
sikunok.. one last question, this network has about a total of 10 people that access files, on a scale of 1-10 of difficulty.. how is setting up a domain controller under ubuntu (hopefully i am using correct terminology.. i just want to be able to restrict only authorized users to access what they are allowed to, etc..)?09:33
brjannsikun: yeah, for the first sync, you might get better bandwidth out of the postal service ;)09:33
sikunLosha: well.. i'd say the first sync will be done just by using an external hard drive09:33
Loshasikun: still doesn't let you out of doing the math. Just how much data are you planning to sync...?09:34
sikunwell on average... each day i would say a max amount of data change would be no more than 1-2gb09:35
sikunoffice #2 is being downsized and will only be used once a week.. so its not a problem only having it sync every other day, or just two days before its used09:36
Loshasikun: so what happens if two people on opposite ends of the link try to edit the same file?09:36
sikunthats also what i was wondering... if its possible to 'lock' the file when someone has it opened09:36
theadminWhy can't i "sudo echo somestuff > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/somefile"?09:37
sikunbut i would say right now usually MOST of the time... no two people are working on the same file09:37
Loshasikun: yes, but now you not only have a sync problem, you have a revision control management problem....09:37
jstephansomeone may know if the beta1freeze and kernelfreeze will come today?09:37
llutztheadmin: use "tee"09:38
sikunhrm.. yeah.. i've been wondering about that09:38
theadminllutz: How do i use that, it makes no sense to me09:38
sikunwell would a VPN setup be a better idea then?09:38
BeeaThanks all I am sure I will be back when I actually get my computer ubuntuized09:38
llutztheadmin: it's faq, sudo echo > cannot work09:38
brjannsikun: that's one of the benefits of unison over something like rsync -- unison detects non-conflicting changes and merges them both ways, and then can be used to resolve conflicts09:39
sikunwhere just mapping a network drive over the net instead of having two different servers? Then the only problem would just be office #1 upload when a larger file would be opened09:39
theadminllutz: Whatever, i'll just sudo -i and there goes09:39
sikunbrjann: ooooh...09:39
llutztheadmin: echo foo|sudo tee file.bar09:39
theadminllutz: Ah! Makes sense, thanks a lot!09:40
ZetI upgraded my RAM yesterday from 2 to 4 GB09:40
Zeton a 64bit machine, 64bit Ubuntu installation09:40
Loshasikun: well you still have a problem with multiple writers even within a single site don't you? If you want to allow that, you need a revision control system, and one that works remotely too...09:40
Zetand now the machine crashes shortly after boot09:40
Zetjust completely locks up09:41
LoshaZet: first guess is faulty RAM of course. Run memtest overnight....09:41
ZetI did09:41
Zetno errors09:41
sikunLosha: yeah.. hmmm09:41
ZetI also tried the new RAM in all available slots. no difference.09:41
brjannZet: how long did you let memtest run?09:42
Zetbrjann: almost 9 hours09:42
indusmemtest is useless really09:42
brjannZet: okay, i withdraw my unspoken objection ;)09:42
induswho has time to run that09:42
Loshaindus: you run it overnight while you're sleeping...09:42
llutzindus: people trying to find hardware issues09:42
indusnot even 1 % Of users ever do it09:43
indusi have statistics09:43
abhi_navindus :-)09:43
indusits easier to replace ram and check09:43
zortecI want to try Gentoo from within Ubuntu.  Would it be possible to resize my root partition to allow space for Gentoo or do you suggest another method?09:43
Loshaindus: pulled from which orifice?09:43
silentxHey ... Why when i try to connect to my wireless network and enter the password .. it keep asking about the password .. without connecting .. << :(09:43
indusyour friendly neighbourhood system vendor will help you09:43
indusor if iam near i will09:43
indusmemtest is not 100 % accurate either09:44
Zetthe computer does run significantly longer in failsafe mode, but eventually it still locks up09:44
indusbut off topic now09:44
Zetwithin like half an hour09:44
theadminzortec: Maybe Virtualbox?09:44
testiZet, does it crash always and always at the same spot?09:44
indusZet, maybe you have it two different ram sticks09:44
lindarsilentx: That means that you have a bad connection.09:44
theadminzortec: Nevertheless, it is possible, download any live CD with GParted, this will do for you09:44
Zettesti: pretty much yeah09:44
industhat aint gonna work good09:44
lindarsilentx, either the source signal is weak, or you're not close enough.09:44
llutzindus: you can be quite sure your ram is faulty if memtest finds errors. you cannot be sure it will be ok if it won't find errors. simple it is09:44
zortectheadmin: I thought about using virtualization software but it would run slower... and prefer if I could just set up another partition in ubuntu and format it with a separate root, home, and swap partitions09:44
silentxlindar, it is my network and my wireless adaptor in the same room09:45
zortectheadmin: I have 116 gb unallocated space to play around with09:45
indusllutz, ya agree but i once cleaned my ram with water and silver polish, leter dried in sun....... worked like a charm09:45
brjannzortec: if your CPU is recent enough to have virtualization extensions, virtualization wouldn't be that much slower09:45
LoshaZet: it's possible a motherboard issue, triggered by the larger RAM. Sorry, I realize that's bad news...09:45
lindarsilentx: What frequency range does it use?09:45
theadminzortec: Great! Then just use GPartED to allocate it for you09:45
indusllutz, memtest reports 1 error but it is definitely not noticeable09:45
ZetLosha: yeah09:46
phrearchis there a nhibernate mono version somewhere for ubuntu?09:46
zortecbrjann: I'm not sure if it is recent enough, my CPU is an Intel Dual Core 2.1 Ghz09:46
llutzindus: until system uses this bit09:46
silentxlindar, it is 9DBI ..09:46
indusit was nice to see my ram shining again :)09:46
ZetLosha: I did buy the motherboard used, so it's completely possible09:46
shahinanyone having problems with apt-update?09:46
lindarsilentx: I didn't ask about the decibel level, I asked about the frequency range. =D09:46
theadminshahin: Nope.09:46
brjannindus: one memory error on non-ECC RAM is enough to cause random system crashes09:46
silentxsorry i dont know :D .. i'm new in the networking feild ..09:47
LoshaZet: how is your 4G ram configured? Is it 2x2G or 4x1G or what?09:47
indusbrjann, hmm i dont have it though, who knows what goes inside,09:47
silentxlindar, sorry i dont know :D .. i'm new in the networking feild ..09:47
shahintheadmin: hm, mine just says "99% [waiting for headers]" as soon as it comes to http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu karmic-security main restricted09:47
indusanyways i replaced with new ddr 2 anyway so np09:47
zortectheadmin: You wouldn't sugest using any of the partition tools like Palimpsest Disk Utility in Ubuntu?09:47
lindarsilentx: Does it operate on 2.4GHz? 5.8GHz? Other? What protocol are you using? 802.11g? n?09:47
shahintheadmin: can you please check if you have that rep in your sources.list?09:47
brjannzortec: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep model09:47
silentxlindar, wait lemme check09:48
lindarAlso, on what surface do you have the wireless router sitting, silentx ?09:48
theadminshahin: Yeah, i do, it's just slow09:48
zortecbrjann: model 15 - Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 @ 2.20 Ghz09:48
theadminzortec: No, you need a Live CD to play with a root partition09:48
silentxlindar, they near to each other :D .. in the same room ..09:48
otswimif i ofter want to launch 3 or 4 commands, should i make an alias in .bashrc and separate the commands with ';'? or is there a nicer way to do it?09:49
shahintheadmin: hm, i've waited a couple of minutes now. is it just today it's this slow?09:49
lindarsilentx: Okay. On what surface do you have the wireless router placed?09:49
testiZet did you als try to replace the old RAM, not using the old one as well as not using both, but the new one in the slot of the old one? How is the behaviour for each configuration? Assume it crashes differently or does not crash in the latter case, then the problem is probably hardware related.09:49
brjannzortec: nope, no virtualization extensions on that one :(09:49
otswimand when i compile programs from source, where should i put them? just in my home?09:49
zortectheadmin: What if I want to create another partition from the unallocated space? I'm also wondering if I need to create a swap partition as I already have one in ubuntu... so would just need a root and home partition for gentoo09:49
theadminzortec: If you need one from allocated space, then okay, go ahead right from Ubuntu09:49
silentxlindar, on my office .. :S09:50
testi"not using both" -> "using both"09:50
brjannzortec: so long as you're not using hibernation, you can re-use the same swap partition for two distributions09:50
LoshaZet: what testi said...09:50
zortectheadmin: Can I use swap for both gentoo and ubuntu? My swap partition is 4.6 gb09:50
ZetI have 2x2gb sticks09:50
lindarsilentx: On your office desk? Okay, do you have it next to anything like a mobile phone, monitor, speakers, or other similar electronic devices?09:50
zortecbrjann: Thanks, good info09:50
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ZetI am not at home right now, I'm online from the university library. I'll swap the sticks around some more later today.09:51
Zetthanks for the suggestions09:51
LoshaZet: well, you know the original 2G is good. Try running just the new 2G....09:51
silentxlindar, yea old monitor speaker and my desktop also .. :S09:51
induswhat is a good channel for buying pc hardware09:51
ZetLosha: I'll do that09:51
p0aHello how do I view my hardware specs?09:52
Loshaindus: #hardware I suppose...09:52
lindarsilentx: So it's next to one of those big tube monitors and a set of speakers? =\09:52
brjannp0a: sudo lshw    will print out a nice report09:52
Loshaindus: actually, I like newegg reviews, and slickdeals...09:52
p0abrjann, thanks :-)09:52
otswimand when i compile programs from source, where should i put them? just in my home?09:52
silentxlindar, yes09:52
otswimif i often want to launch 3 or 4 commands, should i make an alias in .bashrc and separate the commands with ';'? or is there a nicer way to do it?09:53
llutz!checkinstall | otswim09:53
ubottuotswim: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!09:53
silentxlindar, I could change it's place if you want to .. " the router and the adapter ..09:53
lindarsilentx: I'll skip the explanation and just say that you need to move anything to do with your internet connection (modem, router, and so on) at least 2m (6 feet) away from those things. =D09:53
Loshaotswim: I keep mine in ~/bin ...09:53
llutzotswim: install inside $HOME or use prefix=/usr/local09:53
hmwotswim: I have a bin folder in my home, and the path is pointing at it. It contains some scripts with tasks, i do often09:54
silentxlindar, wait .. I'll do it now ..09:54
lindarYou know how the television goes crazy when somebody starts hoovering the living room? That's pretty much what you're doing to your internet.09:54
Zetjust for the heck of it, are there any known lockup bugs in the new kernel that the upgrade thing just pushed on me earlier this week?09:54
Zet2.6.20 or something?09:54
Loshaotswim: an alias with ; separated programs is a perfectly reasonable way to do that...09:55
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
otswimok great thanks09:55
ZetI just remembered I had not rebooted after that kernel upgrade before I shut down to install the ram09:55
Loshalindar: just another reason not to do housework...09:55
hmwLosha: otswim: i alaways used && to separate commands in one line. What is the difference to ; ?09:55
otswimso i should put the bins in ~/bin, but what about the sources?09:55
lindarWhy aren't things like induction and basic electronics included in general education?09:55
=== patrick is now known as Guest54563
LoshaZet: if there are, you're the first person to complain about it, which seems unlikely...09:56
otswimhmw: when you use && the second command will be executed only if the first one succedeed09:56
llutzhmw:  && executes command to the right only if the one to the left exits without error,09:56
lindarEven really basic stuff. "Speakers have magnets, magnets fuck up yo shit."09:56
yehiahow to change permission of my folder from ( root ) to Owner ?09:56
hmwotswim: aah...thanks... should have been obvious09:56
p0aHello what's that utility that lets you paste stuff from the command line? Ie "paste foo.txt" -> http://<yourpastesite>.com/UocgJT09:56
brjann!language > lindar09:56
ubottulindar, please see my private message09:56
silentxlindar, done ..09:56
llutz!pastebinit > p0a09:56
brjannp0a: pastebinit09:56
ubottup0a, please see my private message09:56
yehiahow to chance owner from root - to my user09:56
hmwp0a: pastebinit09:56
timthorpesystem info09:57
silentxlindar, I'll start to connect know ..09:57
llutzyehia: su - user09:57
silentxDisconnecting ..09:57
otswimso i should put the binaries in ~/bin, but what about the sources?09:57
Loshayehia: something like 'sudo chown -R Owner folder'09:57
Loshaotswim: I keep sources in ~/src, binaries in ~/bin ....09:57
hmwotswim: you could call it ~/scripts if you prefer... some files in the various "bin" folders are actually shells scripts, btw09:58
yehiallutz, i did what you told me09:58
zortecI get an error in the partition manager that there are too many primary partitions.  Is there a way around that?09:58
p0aI installed it, but when I try "echo foo | pastebinit" it says "http://pastebin.com"09:58
yehiawhat it the next step llutz.09:58
p0aWhere's the rest of the link?09:58
nemirozortec, no09:58
Loshaotswim: the actual names are arbitrary, it's just about hygiene really...09:58
llutzyehia: sorry, misread you. ctrl-d to exit09:58
otswimLosha: yes sure; i was just asking about what's common09:59
llutzyehia: do what Losha told you09:59
zortecnemiro: You can only have a max of 4 primary partitions?09:59
hmwzortec: with MBR, yes09:59
nemirozortec, yes.. unless you do something odd which I can't remember09:59
yehialosha , said ( something like )09:59
brjannp0a: yeah, pastebin.com hasn't worked for me recently either. try    pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.org09:59
yehiawhat does this mean llutz .09:59
llutzyehia: sudo chown -R user:group /directory10:00
zortecnemiro: So is there any way I can set a partition as extended? I'm trying to create one to hold /gentoo/home10:00
brjannp0a: wait, that's not the right url. just a sec10:00
hmwnemiro: zortec: you could use GPT instead of MBR10:00
Loshazortec: make the 4th an extended (logical) partition, then put extra logical partitions inside it....10:00
p0abrjann, it's .com10:00
brjannp0a: ah, right. my bad10:00
p0abrjann, how do I alias this to pasteit? pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com10:01
p0aSo when I type pasteit in the command line I'll get that command ^10:01
llutzyehia: for files it would be "sudo chown  user:group /path/to/file"10:01
hmwnemiro: zortec: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GUID_Partition_Table  -  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_boot_record10:01
Bjelleklangdoes anyone else get a gpg error when updating package lists on 9.10? Karmic-updates Release is the one giving an error on my two machines10:01
brjannp0a: alias pasteit='pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com'    should work10:01
brjannp0a: you'll have to put that in your ~/.bash_profile if you want it to persist across logins (which i assume you do)10:02
teo77no ez az xchat se szebb :)10:02
yehiait tells me so llutz . chown: missing operand after `yehia:yehia/~/.fluxbox/styles'10:02
p0abrjann, good idea10:02
yehiaTry `chown --help' for more information.10:02
llutzyehia: missing space in front of /10:03
brjann!hu | teo7710:03
ubottuteo77: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál10:03
llutzyehia: and /~/ is wrong10:03
teo77hogy tudok belépni rá?10:03
brjannteo77: /join #ubuntu-hu10:04
llutzyehia: sudo chown -R yehia:yehia ~/.fluxbox/styles10:04
Loshabrjann: the name changed. Now http://ubuntu.pastebin.com...10:04
p0abrjann, is there a way to load .bash_profile to my current login?10:04
brjannp0a: yep,    source ~/.bash_profile10:04
teo77bíró janinak hívnak?10:04
llutzp0a: ". .bash_profile"10:04
brjannLosha: aha!10:04
p0athanks it worked10:05
BbT0nhi all10:05
Loshabrjann: the old one started requiring registration or something so they moved it...10:05
yehiachown: cannot access `/home/yehia/.fluxbox/style': No such file or directory   this is what i got llutz10:05
llutzyehia: then make sure using the correct path10:06
Losha!hu | teo7710:06
ubottuteo77: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál10:06
brjannLosha: i guess I should edit the script so I don't have to keep typing the URL all the time10:07
Loshabrjann: :-)10:07
p0athat's strange, the alias doesn't work10:07
brjannp0a: type    alias    all by itself and make sure it's loaded properly10:07
Loshap0a: are you sure you used the right url?10:07
p0aalias pasteit='pastebinit -b http://yourpaste.net -a anonymous', when I run echo foo | pasteit the program doesn't seem to respond10:08
p0awhile echo foo | pastebinit -b http://yourpaste.net -a anonymous works10:08
yehiathe directory is located in   ( usr / share / fluxbox      and then the one which i need to change the permission  is inside the fluxbox named ( styles)10:08
yehiallutz . one which i need to change the permission  is inside the fluxbox named ( styles)10:08
p0aNVM! it worked :-) sorry for bothering you guys and thanks again.10:08
llutzyehia: your error shows "/style" missing "s". type carefully, we won't teach you10:10
yehiaok sorry for mistake llutz ,10:12
yehiallutz , i did as you corrected me and it gave me this    yehia@yehia:~$ sudo chown -R yehia:yehia ~/.fluxbox/styles10:13
llutzyehia: so it worked10:14
dreamflyingwho knows how to install cadence in ubuntu ?10:14
yehiallutz , no... still i cant change the permission10:15
lindardreamflying: Probably with Synaptic.10:16
nonexkscan someone tell me the command to type in to restore all my repository lists to defaults .. i am getting errors when i try to update10:16
llutzyehia: "ls -ld ~/.fluxbox/styles"10:16
notsmackhey guys, i've got gnome's thumbnailing set to "files under 10MB" and "local files only", but it's trying to a 2.5TB sshfs folder of movies...10:17
yehiadrwxr-xr-x 3 yehia yehia 4096 2010-02-22 20:09 /home/yehia/.fluxbox/styles10:17
yehiallutz, drwxr-xr-x 3 yehia yehia 4096 2010-02-22 20:09 /home/yehia/.fluxbox/styles10:18
llutzyehia: belongs to you10:18
nonexksi am getting this when I try to sudo apt-get update W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-backports/multiverse/source/Sources.gz  404  Not Found [IP: 80]10:19
dreamflyingsudo chmod 777 /home/yehia/.fluxbox/styles10:19
llutzdreamflying: NO10:19
yehiawhat you mean llutz. . ?10:20
llutzdreamflying: there are hardly reasons for 777, and no reasons at all for it inside a home-dir10:20
ginbuntuhi, is there any utility to connect to my kvm guest os that are running on another machine? I am using ssh tunnel at the moment but it is pain in the ass10:20
yehiadreamflying. i did but its not working10:20
maxagazHi, when I try to install mysql-server on hardy, I get the following error => http://pastebin.com/mbjwLN5k, can someone help ?10:21
nimrod10ginbuntu, use virt-manager10:21
dreamflying<yehia> do you have root user ?10:21
yehiadreamflying . i dont know10:22
dreamflyingyou can creat a root user:  sudo passwd root10:22
llutzyehia: don't change anything to world-writable without need10:22
Ceeriaelis it correct that Ubuntu cannot software raid1 2 Disks, but need it to be 2 partitions ???10:23
llutzdreamflying: stop it pls, that won't help at all and isn't supported here10:23
PlooralHi pappies. If I install ubuntu onto a hard drive that already contains Windows Xp and Windows 7, will 9.10 detect those partitions and add them to grub?10:23
linuxlurkerdreamflying, thats like fixing a problem with a sledgehammer :)10:24
llutzlinuxlurker: that's plain stupid, not fixing anything10:24
PlooralHi pappies. If I install ubuntu onto a hard drive that already contains Windows Xp and Windows 7, will 9.10 detect those partitions and add them to grub? I know previous versions did in the past, but I read conflicting reports on the 'net10:24
hmwPlooral: it worked on my box10:25
yehiaso no more help llutz ?10:25
Plooralhmw 9.10?10:25
llutzyehia: the permissions of that dir are ok. what do you try to do?10:25
Plooralhmw with ubuntu being the last OS added?10:25
hmwPlooral: uhm... sorry, i forgot, 9.04, not GRUB210:25
Plooralhmw yeah, that's the thing10:26
hmwPlooral: Ubuntu last is always easier10:26
linuxlurkerPlooral, my experience is that when you get to the grub install step, it will list what it detects, and you can back out if it doesnt detect what you are looking for10:26
nonexksis there a command to reset my repository's to default or upgrade it to latest list ?10:26
PlooralA couple of sites have said that 9.10 didn't detect the Windows 7 install, only the XP one10:26
yehiallutz iam trying to extract or copy any thing in this Dir ... its not accepting  and tells me that i  dont have permission10:26
linuxlurkerPlooral, you best be careful at that step then :)10:27
REAL1hello .10:27
PlooralLinkadmin hmm, does it? It seems I've forgotten10:27
REAL1 got some problem... my apt-get update.. stack on REAL110:27
llutzyehia: "ls -ld ~/.fluxbox/"10:27
REAL199% [Waiting for headers]10:27
linuxlurkerPlooral, have a backup solution for recovery just in case10:27
Ploorallinuxlurker well, it's not the end of the world, I can get a bootloader on there10:27
linuxlurkerPlooral, yep10:27
hmwPlooral: perhaps you can plug in another hdd and make a test setup?10:27
PlooralI'm just checking for other people's experiences10:27
LaeToHow do I run the command "gnome-session-save" to kill the display ?10:28
yehiallutz. drwxr-xr-x 5 yehia yehia 4096 2010-03-11 11:35 /home/yehia/.fluxbox/10:28
Plooralhmw I would if I could but I can't10:28
Plooralhmw so I won't10:28
linuxlurkerPlooral, I havent tried Windows 7 yet10:28
PlooralOh well, what the hell. I'm going for it. Worst comes to worst I have to put a bootloader on there manually10:28
llutzyehia: that's odd, permissions are fine. how do you try to copy things in?10:28
ginbuntucan some one helps me with this issue? http://pastebin.org/10957710:28
linuxlurkerPlooral, thats the spirit. :)  Leave the regrets for later. ;)10:29
LaeToHello...does anyone knows the answer ?10:29
ginbuntuthat command worked before ( few months ago)10:29
REAL1ive got some problem here ... my apt-get update.. stack on 99% [Waiting for headers]10:29
yehiaok i will tell you .. llutz10:29
Vtecis there an irc channel for linux mint?10:29
hmwPlooral: i dont like 9.10 due to two details: the audio mixer only allows to set input volume and output volume, no WAVE/LINE/MIC etc. Secondly, you cannot configure services via the GUI anymore. Therefore I went back to 9.04. Perhaps that is an option for you?10:29
llutzyehia: nautilus/cp?10:29
brjann!mint | Vtec10:30
ubottuVtec: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)10:30
PlooralREAL1 and you've "ctrl-C"ed that puppy and done it again?10:30
yehiallutz, I  extract Nasa.tar.gz to ~/.fluxbox/styles/ and when i do this ... it tells me  that i cant do it coz i have no permission10:30
mohjakHow to fix grub after formating windows?10:30
REAL1Plooral, try that aleardy.10:30
ZykoticK9!mintsupport | Vtec10:30
ubottuVtec: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org10:30
Vtecthankyou very much10:30
brjannVtec: sorry, that ^ was the one i meant to type :(10:30
Plooralhmw hmm, it may be. I have both isos here. So 9.10 has proved problematic for people ...10:30
linuxlurkerREAL1, a problem with your mirror perhaps?10:31
REAL1dont know10:31
llutzyehia: like this "tar xzf Nasa.tar.gz -C ~/.fluxbox/styles"?10:31
hmwPlooral: I just didnt like it very much. The boot graphics/window styles are changed too, now it is no longer "summer" but "autumn" :)10:31
yehiallutz, ok lets talk there10:32
Plooralhmw ok. Well, the truth of it is I usually only install a base ubuntu and use openbox, not gnome anyway10:32