BookmanI'm running an updated 10.04 Alpha and I see how to start UbuntuOne via System>Preferences>Ubuntu One>Devices>Connect, but how do I get it to start automatically upon booting up?00:06
duanedesignis it possible someone could have nothing in there .cache/log file but oauth-login.log  after any substantial period of operation?00:32
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ZenMondogreetings. And "honk"07:46
ryeZenMondo, hello!07:46
ZenMondoHey I have a pretty fresh WUBI installation and decided to try to setup Ubuntu One tonight.  But I can't seem to register my computer via the website.07:47
ryeZenMondo, does the browser open one.ubuntu.com ?07:48
ZenMondoGoing straight to that it opens up what appears to be my space.  Huh. That was easy.07:49
ryeZenMondo, but your system is not authorized, right? there are no records in https://one.ubuntu.com/account/machines/07:51
ZenMondoah there is one there now when I tried to connect it gave me an error. Can I rename that?07:52
ryeZenMondo, I believe the renaming is not possible but what kind of error did you get?07:54
ZenMondowell the first one firefox tried to connect to a port (5115 maybe) on localhost which was denied and then the second one I got an error of something like there was no auth token07:56
ZenMondohmm well I may have broke something now. Sorry. I disconnected the computer so I could reconnect with a more decent name than "ubuntu" but now I can't find that option07:58
ryeZenMondo, you can remove the entry from the list of the machines07:58
ZenMondoyeah I did that, but now I can't find where to add it back07:59
ryeZenMondo, you will need to quit the applet (the cloud icon) and start it again. Upon restart and reconnection it should trigger the new registration process07:59
ZenMondoHmm I see no cloud icon08:00
ryein case it breaks on localhost access... hm...08:00
ZenMondoI have tried restarting08:00
ryeZenMondo, can you select UbuntuOne from the menu - Applications/Internet/Ubuntu One ?08:00
ZenMondoyep and I get a little dialog box with two options to Show Icon and Connect on Start and a close button08:01
ryeZenMondo, could you please set "Show Icon" to "Always" and then you wil be able to quit the applet and start it again08:04
ZenMondoyeah did that still no good just gonna kill -9 the process08:05
ZenMondook got it running now08:06
ZenMondoand that time the registering process worked. :) thanks for your help08:07
ZenMondoand thanks for not making me resort to "this would be so easy in windows" trolling. :)08:10
ryeZenMondo, I did not ask you to reboot the machine :)08:12
ryeZenMondo, though this is strange that firefox was not able to access localhost.08:12
ZenMondoyeah that was odd08:12
ZenMondoit may have bumped up to something in the firewall who knows?08:12
ryeZenMondo, could you please check whether you have any non-zero exception logs - ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions* ?08:13
ZenMondogot two of those08:15
ZenMondoah wait one is empty08:15
ZenMondothe one that has data says08:16
ZenMondo2010-03-11 01:06:16,121 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.ActionQueue - ERROR - OAuth failed: AUTHENTICATION_FAILED08:16
ryeok, oauth-login.log - does that have anything about exceptions ?08:17
ZenMondono exceptions, no08:18
ryeaquarius, do you happen to know how I can set fake openid server to listen on all addresses, not just ?08:26
aquariusI do not08:27
aquarius(why do you want to? :))08:27
ryeaquarius, 'cause my server instance is in virtual machine and my vms started having  slow UI for some reason08:28
aquariusthe problem isn't just making it listen on other addresses; you'd have to teach the auth infrastructure that the openid server isn't at but at some different address08:29
aquariusssh into the VM with port forwarding of port 8000?08:29
ryeaquarius, hm...08:30
ryeaquarius, awesome, that actually works :)08:33
psyphercoderye: hey howzit going08:41
ryepsyphercode, hi. So far I'd like to say "it is going"08:41
psyphercoderye: would liek to know how i can see how long it's still gonna take to index my files08:42
ryepsyphercode, how may files have you got?08:42
psyphercodecopied my whole home folder to ubuntuone08:42
psyphercode75000 plus08:42
psyphercodetook 3 hours to copy (dunno why it's on the same drive)08:43
ryepsyphercode, you have written about that in the bug report, right?08:43
psyphercodeand has been indexing for 3 days now08:43
ryepsyphercode, unfortunately,  I believe i am not able to answer this question, we might need to wait for the syncdaemon team to wake up08:44
psyphercodebut in the bug report i said i can't open the client at 1st i thought the indexing was ginoished, now i see it's not08:44
psyphercodeso i'm guessing when the indexing is finished the client will work again08:45
psyphercodebut how logn is it going to take still?08:45
ryepsyphercode, the question is "when" the indexing is finished08:45
ryepsyphercode, what client version are you using?08:46
psyphercode  Installed: 1.0.3-0ubuntu108:46
psyphercode  Candidate: 1.0.3-0ubuntu108:46
psyphercode  Version table:08:46
psyphercode *** 1.0.3-0ubuntu1 008:46
psyphercode        500 http://za.archive.ubuntu.com karmic-updates/main Packages08:46
psyphercode        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status08:46
psyphercode     1.0.2-0ubuntu1 008:46
psyphercode        500 http://za.archive.ubuntu.com karmic/main Packages08:46
ryepsyphercode, ok. You can actually find out what files are still not uploaded using he script posted at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/48823208:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 488232 in ubuntuone-client "u1sdtool should be able to show sync status of local files" [Wishlist,Confirmed]08:51
psyphercodeit's still processing but so far it came up with this:08:53
psyphercodeError: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): <class 'dbus.exceptions.DBusException'>: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.08:54
ryepsyphercode, press ctrl+c08:54
* rye needs to update the script...08:54
* popey files bug 537237 and bug 537245 :)10:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537237 in ubuntuone-client "new gnome client doesn't fit well on netbooks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53723710:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537245 in ubuntuone-client "client doesn't display enough data to identify machines" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53724510:28
psyphercoderye:  u still there?10:36
ryepsyphercode, yes, am10:36
psyphercodeis it ok if i kill the syncdaemon for now, can't work with the pc so slow10:36
ryepopey, bug #537237 - for my testing env with 12 machines it does not fit my 800px high screen10:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537237 in ubuntuone-client "new gnome client doesn't fit well on netbooks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53723710:37
ryepopey, thanks for filing this, btw10:37
ryepsyphercode, hm, is syncdaemon using 100% cpu ?10:37
psyphercoderye: no not 100% just disc access continuesly doing 400K/s read for 3 days now10:38
psyphercoderye: firefox gryes out, nautilis greys out, can't use evolution etc etc10:39
ryepsyphercode, hm, could you please get the file from ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log, gzip it and send to roman.yepishev@ubuntu.com - then do u1sdtool -q and syncdaemon will quit10:39
ryepsyphercode, i want to find out whether that is due to hashing, querying or something else that I've not yet seen10:39
psyphercode cat ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log10:39
psyphercode2010-03-11 12:26:14,294 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.fsm - INFO - loading updated metadata10:39
psyphercodeno need to zip???10:39
ryepsyphercode, O_O10:40
ryepsyphercode, find -type f ~/.local/share/syncdaemon | wc -l ?10:40
ryepsyphercode, find -type f ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon | wc -l ?10:40
ryepsyphercode, what time is now at your timezone?10:40
psyphercode12:41 (gmt +2)10:41
psyphercodepaths must precede expression:10:42
ryepsyphercode, /me wakes up. find  ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon -type f | wc -l10:42
ryepsyphercode, ok, I believe if syncdaemon does not stop by u1sdtool -q, you can kill it10:43
psyphercodeu1sdtool -q10:45
psyphercodeubuntuone-syncdaemon still running.10:45
psyphercodekill process?10:45
ryepsyphercode, yes, it is reading files, not writing anything10:45
psyphercodeok so not good to kill during a write?10:45
psyphercodeok killed, will have to start up again tonight to run overnight, werid thing is after doing that last night this morning it looked like it was done, till i booted back up again at work and it started agin10:46
ryepsyphercode, right now it was busy reading the metadata - the number of the files reported by the find above is the number of files it is reading to start up10:49
psyphercoderye: does it have to do that every time is starts up?10:50
ryepsyphercode, there is a bug report that deals with this and we are working to improve this, otherwise it is virtually unusable for a large quantity of files10:50
psyphercodeoh, so what the best way for to to proceed, can i delete some of the bulk that i don't need? will the metatdata still be intact. the one thing i just want to avoid at all costs is having to reupload the 4GB i had already done till this point, the last 2 is not so important. bandwidth is not cheap in my country, it's exorbitantly overpriced10:54
ryepsyphercode, if you remove the files that you don't need it will make the startup faster, though I am still concerned about how much the startup take10:58
ryepsyphercode, I am now stuffing my ubuntuone folder with more files to see how it handles that10:59
psyphercoderye: should i delete the files now with the syncd stopped or start it up and then delete?11:01
ryepsyphercode, you may do that at any time - if this is done when syncdaemon is stopped - it fill find out about this during local rescan11:01
psyphercoderye: do u think i should link the bug i posted this morning to the one you mentioned?11:12
ryepsyphercode, I believe the bug we are talking now is bug #43661211:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 436612 in ubuntuone-client "Need to profile metadata loading to see if it's too slow" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43661211:14
ryeit is slow11:14
psyphercoderye: should i give any input or is it well accepted that too many files does not work with u1?11:17
ryepsyphercode, i believe you should. While this is known that there are some issues with large amount of files, there is no definite statement for that11:18
ryepsyphercode, your data might help raising priority for this issue11:19
psyphercodeok busy with it now11:21
psyphercoderye: would the syncdaemon start up again by itself, afte5r i deleted those files suddenly  it's running again doing something11:25
ryepsyphercode, it can be started by nautilus plugin, right11:26
psyphercodeyeah but i didn't click on connect, would it start by just opening the folder?11:26
ryepsyphercode, if you don't want this to happen, you might want to remove ubuntuone plugin for nautilus11:26
ryepsyphercode, plugin asks syncdaemon for the status of the files and if it is not running then it is started by dbus11:27
psyphercoderye: so it will start by itself just by opening the u1 folder?11:27
ryepsyphercode, yes11:27
psyphercodeok good to know11:28
psyphercoderye: that line count still says 384k, will it eventually re-index and see that it's now less?11:40
ryepsyphercode, yes, after syncdaemon finishes loading and performs local rescan... and I believe it has not, right?11:40
psyphercodedon't think so, will hav eto leave it again overnight11:42
psyphercodeonly 16k files now, 4GB11:43
* rye testing ubbottu11:56
ryetesting LP:1 item11:56
* rye finishes testing ubottu11:56
Lord_DeviHello. I am having some difficulties finding instructions on a headless(sync daemon only, no gui) install of ubuntuone. The closest thing I can find so far is 'man u1sync(1)', but this is not quite what I was looking for. Can someone point me in the right direction?12:33
ryeLord_Devi, currently you will need a gui to launch browser to authorize the machine or you can use ssh with X forwarding but that might not work properly12:35
ryeLord_Devi, what version of ubuntuone are you running ?12:35
Lord_DeviGood question. It's a fresh install of Mint. I have deliberately not installed the -gnome ubuntuone-client yet, as I'm trying to figure out this headless thing..12:37
Lord_Deviu1sync has an option for "authorizing this computer", but I haven't tried it.. I was confused because I was not seeing switches for providing usernames or passwords or anything..12:37
Lord_DeviUbuntuOne 1.0.3 btw12:38
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duanedesigngood morning!14:06
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rye_mobileubottu, ping15:15
ubottuOne ping only, Vassily.15:15
alevinerye, rye_mobile, just want to keep you reminded of the notes problem :) same deal as usual, i'm here for most of the next 8 hours if i can help15:15
rye_mobilepfibiger, are oopses now properly registered?15:16
pfibiger`rye_mobile: rollout to appservers is today.15:19
pfibiger`rye_mobile: it hasn't happened yet. once that happens, we are hopeful all oopses will appear.15:19
rye_mobileok, then hopefully we will be able to find out what's wrong with tomboy sync today.15:21
alevinesounds good. just ping me when you need me15:22
rye_mobilealevine, thanks for pinging me. One question - are all your notes displayed properly in the web ui?15:29
alevinerye_mobile, I haven't looked at all of them but I have not found one that isn't displayed properly15:30
rye_mobilealevine, ok15:31
alevinerye_mobile, so I think my answer is to you  is...the web UI is working 100%15:31
alevinei just tested editing a note and it worked fine15:32
rye_mobileok. returning to the base i.e. to the workstation...15:40
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radixhi guys, are there known issues with setting up tomboy notes synchronization on karmic? the initial authentication process isn't working for me18:33
radixWhen I click the "Add This Computer" my browser just spins18:34
radixand eventually tomboy says "authorization failed, try again"18:35
dobeyhey radix18:36
radixhey dobey :)18:36
dobeythere appears to be some weirdness with the oauth token process at the moment, and we're poking at it18:36
radixcool, glad you're aware of it18:36
dobeyradix: how you been?18:39
radixdobey: pretty good :-) yourself?18:40
dobeytrying to get all this stuff done for lucid :)18:40
radixyeah, I know how it is!18:41
dobeyhopefully the oauth bit will be fixed soon18:44
dobeyi just got re-tweeted by a bot that apparently re-tweets everything with "#usability" in it19:23
dobey...including it's own tweets19:24
mandeldobey, "useful" hehe19:24
ryealevine, could you please crash our server now?19:31
alevinerye, sure :)19:39
alevinerye, OOPS-ID-1531appserver8867119:41
ryealevine, great!19:42
alevinerye, let me know if you need anything else19:44
ryealevine, sure. I just want to put an end to 'something is wrong but not clear what and where' thing19:44
alevineyeah...generic 500 error makes me sad19:46
duanedesignhello radix. /520:06
duanedesigni need to get better at using my screen shortcuts :P20:07
radixhi! :-)20:07
duanedesignradix: heh I think i was gonna ask you a couple hours ago what version of Ubuntu One you were using. Seems i got distracted...20:09
duanedesignradix: i notice you mentioned you were having trouble with Tomboy notes. But i guess that is server side probablly anyway20:10
radixduanedesign: I'm just using tomboy on karmic20:10
radixI haven't set up any ubuntu one stuff on this machine20:10
radixlike, I the remote fs thing20:11
duanedesignradix:ahh yeah. I always think of them, incorrectly, as all one thing. Tobboy, Evolution, U1 sync20:11
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splashotehow do I start the client from the terminal? the menu entry is gone.20:40
duanedesignsplashote: are you on Karmic or Lucid?20:41
duanedesignsplashote: you can start the applet with: ubuntuone-client-applet20:43
duanedesignsplashote: you can use the command:  ps uaxxc | grep ubu20:44
duanedesignto see what is running (client/syncdaemon)20:44
splashoteit's weird. "not installed" but it is definitely installed!20:44
duanedesignsplashote: ohhh. You must be running the PPA version20:45
duanedesignit doesnt have an applet anymore20:45
splashoteok, but how do I find out if it is running or working at all?20:45
duanedesignsplashote: they have moved the applet menu to the "Me Menu'. But of course Karmic doesnt have that.20:46
duanedesignonly lucid20:46
duanedesignyou can run:  ubuntuone-client-preferences20:46
splashoteok, so i get rid of the ppa.20:46
splashotei just get rid of the PPA... thanks for your help!20:47
duanedesignsplashote: also look at man u1sdtool20:47
duanedesignthere are some usefull commands in there20:48
alevinerye, were you able to find that error report?20:48
ryealevine, we are working on oops reporting now21:26
alevinerye, thanks21:26
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dbellHi, wondering if its possible to get a little help in here. I've got lucid on my laptop and desktop. My desktop is setup from some time ago for ubuntu one, but I'm setting my laptop now, so I go to System, Preferences and hit ubuntu one22:26
dbellwhen I hit that im on ubuntu signin, so i do that and add my computer, and which point im put itno the my files page on one.ubuntu.com. However when I open nautilus theres no ubuntu one folder, and when i click ubuntu one from system menu, it brings me back to adding my computer.22:27
dbellLaunching the same ubuntu one from system menu on the desktop tells me that the computer has been added to the list of devices, any idea whats up here?22:28
ryedbell, if your computer has not authorized before you might experience a problem with authorization that is happening right now22:30
ryewe are working to identify the issue at the moment22:30
dbellOk, so its a known issue? That's cool I'm not in any immediate need - just wanted to check if it was something my end, and if not if I should submit a bug.22:31
ryedbell, yes, this is a known issue, it is affecting tomboy authorization and ubuntuone client access.22:33
dbellOk then I will stop needlessly hitting the Ubuntu one icon in System Menu and trying to authorise ;) thanks for your help22:34
ryedbell, thank for the question!22:35
huntz0rI'm a bit late to the party here, can I ask is there a problem with authorizing and then syncing with ubuntu one atm?  Set up a VM for myself to test out something I'm working on and its not hooking up to my ubuntuone.  The website says its authorized but I'm not getting files back :-(22:36
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ryehuntz0r, yes, there is currently an issue with auth22:46
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huntz0rOk, thanks rye23:34
ryehuntz0r, we have posted an update to identica/twitter. trying to find out what is the issue ATM23:34
huntz0rrye, thanks for the extra info, found the twitter feed.23:37
ryehuntz0r, you are welcome. Sorry for the issue you are experiencing.23:39
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huntz0rrye, no worries!  I had thought it was me doing something stupid before i joined the irc and saw dbell's message! :-)23:40
=== rye changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Known Issues: Authorization for new machines: https://launchpad.net/bugs/537525 | Please honk if you need assistance with Ubuntu One

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