rlameirohello there00:14
rlameirois it possible to add some packages to lucid?00:14
rlameirolooking at this distro as a media and arts distro00:15
rlameiroi think it would be nice to add arduino to US00:15
rlameirothere is already a ppa with it00:15
rlameirowhat is needed to add it to US?00:16
ScottLrlameiro, the Feature Freeze has already occurred for Lucid which would essentially prevent any additional applications being added for this cycle00:23
rlameiroso also to add the package to universe also? ScottL ?00:24
rlameiroasking to some MOTU or something00:24
rlameiroor is it impossible after feature freeze?00:25
ScottLrlameiro, you would need to package the new package (I am assuming it is a new package) and then submit it to REVU00:29
ScottL!revu | rlameiro 00:29
ubotturlameiro: REVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU00:29
rlameiroScottL: i think its new00:31
rlameiroits from february00:31
stochasticrlameiro, it's unlikely that any MOTU would be willing to allow arduino into Universe during feature freeze.  Wait until the summer and add the package to REVU then, then poke us in here to get the ball rolling for the Money Monkey release.00:45
rlameirostochastic: It is not my package00:45
rlameiroI just found out about it today 00:46
stochasticrlameiro, well if the owner doesn't add it to revu then you're welcome to00:46
ScottLstochastic, Money Monkey?00:46
rlameiroI will try to talk to the arduino-ubuntu team00:46
ScottLis that official? :/00:46
rlameirois that the next release name?00:46
stochasticScottL, or is Majestic Moose a better name?00:46
rlameiroI like money monkey :D00:47
stochasticno, I'm just using M combinations, nothing is announced yet00:47
ScottLhehe, you're the Canadian...moose probably is better ;)00:47
ScottLhey, i meant to tell you congrat on Olympic hockey!00:47
stochasticyeah, it was some party here00:47
stochasticanyways, I gotta run00:48
jussi01Lads and ladies, currently our IRC channels are not within the #ubuntu-* namespace, causing issues for channel management. I propse we switch the forwards the other way around, so joining #ubuntustudio forwards to #ubuntu-studio and the same for -devel. any concerns?07:45
persiajussi01: Wasn't there some reason we did it this way, related to branding?07:48
persiaAnd can the namespace not be adjusted from ubuntu-* to ubuntu* ?07:48
jussi01persia: I dont know and definately not.07:49
persiaHrm.  Ask the mailing list, and that's unfortunate.07:49
jussi01it used to be #ubuntu* but it isnt now. and Im not going to try change it...07:49
* jussi01 just loves politics... rlleyes...07:50
persiaWhich channel made it #ubuntu-* instead of #ubuntu*  ?07:50
persiaErr., nevermind.  Offtopic.07:50
stochasticdoes anyone have any idea why ubuntu-desktop is producing uninstallable binaries right now?19:26
stochastic*ubuntustudio-desktop that is19:26
persiagnome-app-install doesn't exist any more?  Needs a seed merge?19:31
* persia is kinda guessing19:31
stochasticpersia, what replaces gnome-app-install?19:36
persiaaccording to apt, "gnome-codec-install", but I believe it's really "software-centre" or some such.19:39
stochasticis it just replaced by ubuntu-software-center (which we are already shipping?19:39
persiaI also suspect there are a number of other seed changes that happened in Ubuntu Desktop that we need to merge.19:39
persiaSo it's really a process of doing a seed merge in bzr, making sure to make the changes that make sense, and preserve the differences that make sense.19:39
persiaThen running geminate again and uploading a new -meta19:40
* stochastic doesn't have time to do a thorough merge right now, but will remove gnome-app-install19:40
persiaI'll see if I have time this weekend, if TheMuso doesn't get to it first.19:40
ckontrosHi All. So what was last weeks issue with the disks not building?22:39
persiaWe never figured it out, but we identified a new issue.22:41
ckontrosSuch as?22:42
persiaWe need to do a seed merge from ubuntu desktop22:43
persiaright now we can't install ubuntustudio desktop22:44
ckontrosOh. Doesn't Luke usually handle that?22:44
ckontros(this has come up before)22:44
persiaLuke has incredibly little time lately, do to some changes in other areas in the ecosystem.22:46
persiaNo fault to him: he's swamped, but it shows (and it's why he had to resign).22:47

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