_dreamydoes anyone knows an application to record video and soumd ? simultaneously ?13:28
_dreamymaybe some that could be on synaptics13:28
jussi01_dreamy: like from a webcam?13:38
jussi01I think cheese can do it...13:39
jussi01!info cheese13:39
ubottucheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 2.28.1-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 2423 kB, installed size 7144 kB13:39
nyaais there any tool with ubuntu studio for fine tuning the kernel?  I'm trying to get more fps out of it =)13:48
_dreamyjussi01: yes, however with sound too .. from  mic14:09
jussi01_dreamy: as I said, I think cheese does sopund also.14:09
_dreamylike the videos from you tube are recorded...14:09
jussi01in any case, its not a lot of work to install and try it14:10
_dreamynice , ty for the info14:12
astraljavaHey Jussi, how're you doing?14:25
Andillusionhi there...14:30
duncanidaho1I'm trying out cinelerra for the first time.  It seems pretty cool so far but I can't get audio to work.20:59
* holstein wonders if you need to use jack21:01
VehementStarI was working on the issue last night, holstein.21:01
VehementStarAnd my machine finally bit the dust21:01
holsteinhey VehementStar21:02
VehementStarSo, I'm upgrading sooner than expected.21:02
VehementStarcomplete mobo failure21:02
VehementStarit was coming, though21:02
holsteini need to do the same21:02
VehementStarI'd been having some weird issues for months21:02
holsteinput my current box on server duty21:02
VehementStarkeys on the keyboard would stop working and then start again 2 hours later21:03
holsteinput my current server in the trash ;)21:03
VehementStarI'm going to quad core with a minimum of 4GB of ram21:03
VehementStarI'm eventually gonna go to 1621:03
holsteinim thinking a dual core might do it for me21:03
VehementStarI was on dual21:04
VehementStarwhich was nice21:04
holsteinwhat graphics?21:04
VehementStarnvidia...I forget the exact model21:04
VehementStarpretty high end21:04
* holstein doesnt have any multi cores in the house21:04
holsteinwell, one that i repaired for a guy ;)21:04
VehementStarI went to dual core about 2 years ago21:04
holsteinwhat graphics card are you going to get?21:04
VehementStarI just damaged the board with a lot of heat21:04
VehementStarI'm gonna stick with what I have now for now21:05
holsteinim thinking intel onboard21:05
VehementStarI'm gonna upgrade shortly before SW:ToR comes out next year21:05
holsteinintel is well supported21:05
VehementStarmy graphics card works great in ubuntu studio21:05
holsteinand im not going to game on thes box21:05
holsteinjust a studio rig21:05
VehementStarI hear ya21:06
VehementStaryou don't need high end unless you're gonna do a lot of render work with blender or something21:06
VehementStarif it's music only, I wouldn't worry21:06
holsteinjust let me see the ardour edit window :)21:06
VehementStarI think I might play with blender a bit21:07
VehementStarI installed everything when I install US21:07
holsteini got a wacom tablet21:07
holsteinmy pop just gave it to me21:07
holsteinold one21:07
holsteini plugged it into my netbook21:07
holsteinand it works21:08
holsteini dont think i have any interest in blender though21:08
* holstein lunch... BBL21:08
VehementStarI'm outta here anyway21:10
VehementStargotta go get allergy shots21:10
xivenHey everyone21:37
xivenI am having an issue with the Splash loading screen for UbuntuStudio, the graphics like get misaligned and double printed during the loading phase. I have tried to reinstall it, but that hasn't solved it. Any ideas?21:38
holsteinhey xiven21:45
holsteinis it just the splash?21:46
holsteinwhen you get into the desktop is is cool21:46
holsteinis this karmic?21:46
holsteinis it cool*21:47
xivenSorry, yeah the desktop is fine..its just the splash screen22:42
xivenI'm multitasking, forgot to check the channel..22:42
holsteinxiven: have you tried changing the theme?22:45
holsteini never install ubuntustudio22:45
xivenYeah, I had tried changing it to the regular Gnome splash, and then back.22:46
holsteini just do a vanilla install and add the packages22:46
xivenI installed it because I was/am thinking of getting into the music mixing business..22:46
holsteinxiven: was the regular splash funky too?22:46
xivenNah, it was fine.22:46
holsteinwell, there you go22:47
holsteini install the ubuntu studio packages i need22:47
holsteinnot the themeing22:47
holsteinthe themeing is nice22:47
xivenmaybe the splash for ubuntustudio is buggy22:47
holsteinjust switch to the normal gnome one i say22:48
xivenI liked it because regular Ubuntu developers don't seem to put anything pretty looking into their deallll22:48
xivenFor that I would do dpkg-reconfigure gnome2-splash-theme right?22:48
holsteinive only done that in the GUI22:49
xivenI'm not even sure how to do it in the gui lol22:49
holsteinwhich might have changed in karmic22:49
xivenI do most of my administration tasks in the shell22:49
holsteinim migrating that way22:50
xivenWell, using the GUI stuff believe it or nor can take longer to do those tasks22:50
xivenThere is less processing required for shell commands lol22:50
xivenI have never been able to convert myself to a pure shell user though, I know some linux people do EVERYTHING in the shell (xterm technically, some without a desktop environment at all), but I just can't adjust to that lol22:51
xivenI can't use IRC for example using a shell...22:51
xivenUnless something is broken and I cannot access the desktop..but I do not enjoy the experience heh22:52
xivenlol sorry...my fingers run like my mouth..sometimes I don't know when to stfu :P22:52
holsteini run irssi now22:53
holsteinso i can use screen22:53
xivenDoes irrsi even have a terminal gui??22:53
holsteinjust text22:54
xivenI'd check..but I'm actually using Vista..i run Ubuntu through VirtualBox ( I can't completely pull myself away from Windows).22:54
xivenCurses is a poor excuse for graphics if you ask me22:55
xivenAlthough it did work well for Zinc22:55
xivenOne of my main issues is probably that I don't constraign myself to one client, or one program22:55
xivenI'll use whatever is in front of me..but sometimes, that actually makes you less productive.22:56
holsteini like that22:56
holsteinyour more flexible22:56
xivenYeah..but I do take a productivity hit.22:56
holsteincomputer user instead of a software user :)22:56
xivenMakes me have to search for features..or something they call a feature will need adjusted, and I'll have no idea how.22:56
xivenYeah, just means I waste time in some cases doing something the hard way which IDE's do automatically, but I either don't know it..or don't know how to make it do it.22:57
xivenWhat do you do? I mean are you just a linux user, or are you into software,web,networking or something?23:10
duncanidaho1What is the best method and tool to capture video via firewire in Linux?  I'd like to edit with cinelerra, but I seem to be unable to capture with it.  I can only capture in kino when I run it with sudo.23:39

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