faronHey ! When I open that file to paste to....there's nothing in it &00:00
faronit says something like.............00:00
faroncan't open file to write00:00
rwwfaron: you're doing "gksudo mousepad /etc/apt/sources.list"?00:01
faronsorry I typed a couple of things wrong00:02
faronyeah that was 1 of the things I did wrong00:02
faronI didn't get the gk par & instaed of etc I typed ect00:02
farongot it now though00:03
BalsaqGood evening Xubuntu Team. It is a pleasure to do business with you.00:12
knomehey Balsaq, and good 2am to you as well.00:13
Balsaqwow you must be awful tired!00:13
knomenot really :)00:13
Balsaqjust got off the mountain...long day.00:13
knomeright :)00:14
knome!hi | Daniel__00:14
ubottuDaniel__: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:14
Daniel__will xubuntu work on a pentium III (666 MHz) and 128 MB RAM?00:15
Balsaqyes but right on the border...00:15
Balsaqi run it on 512 and it is runs like crazy...FAST.00:16
Daniel__i need a distro for this machine00:17
Balsaqi see system idle up at 256 when i am working sometimes00:17
Balsaqpuppy wil run well on 12800:18
Daniel__and arch?00:18
Balsaqoh yeah00:18
Daniel__or flux?00:18
Balsaqnever looked at that one00:18
Daniel__what is better?00:18
Balsaqgot 2 puppy's here on 400 and a 450 mgz00:18
Daniel__or archlinux?00:18
Balsaqthe pro's really luv arch00:19
Daniel__ok, i'm going to try both00:20
Balsaqthe thing is...xubuntu is the best! i'd add a stick of pc100 256 mb (they are dirt cheap) and run xubuntu.00:20
Balsaqseen um for 7 dollars....imagine that00:21
Daniel__yes, but in my country, they are difficult to find00:22
Balsaqno ebay?00:23
Balsaqthats where i get all my ram00:23
Balsaqold ram is dirt cheap onb ebay...00:23
Daniel__i will try00:23
Daniel__thanks everyone00:24
Balsaqthank you for choosing Xubuntu...00:24
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BalsaqGood morning Xubuntu Channel.08:04
psycho_oreosevening Balsaq08:05
Balsaqhellp psycho_oreas08:06
Balsaqim still confused how that guys problem just "went away" the other night? xubuntu must of went out on the internet and grabbed a driver ?08:07
Balsaqthe guy the 9.10 issue08:07
psycho_oreoshumm dunno which one heh08:08
Balsaqthe one you suspected as a video issue08:08
psycho_oreosahh he long solved that, don't know if he came back08:08
psycho_oreosapparently he said that eventually it loaded up GUI08:08
Balsaqi saw it when it was solved but could not determine how it got fixed08:09
Balsaqhe said it just suddenly worked08:09
psycho_oreosI couldn't really understand how or why it would take time and it automagically worked08:09
_Techie_anybody here got any experience with LTSP or PXE bootign liveCD's08:10
psycho_oreoshe wasn't clear about illegal modes, illegal commands, errors08:10
_Techie_failing that does anybody have a PXE boot server i could steal PCElinux from08:12
psycho_oreosare you looking for working examples I suppose?08:15
_Techie_ive seen working examples08:15
psycho_oreosno no like the config files of working examples08:15
_Techie_no, i got tutorials08:16
psycho_oreosahh :/08:16
_Techie_i dont want to have to make PXElinux though08:16
_Techie_and if theres someone who has knowledge, i have someone to ask a few questions when it all turns to poop08:17
Balsaqyo _Techie_08:42
_Techie_yo bal08:42
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_Techie_[amsg] goodnight everyone12:04
v_2eHello everyone! I'm still having some trouble trying to boot from Xubuntu 9.10 LiveCD or to install a system from it. After I choose some action from the CD's first menu, I can only see a blank screen with cursor blinking in the upper left corner. I was advised to use "Ctrl+Alt+F2" to switch between the terminals. I have tried to do that, but I still can only see a blank screen with a blinking cursor on every terminal. Also a message "stdin: I/O error" appear12:56
v_2es in the first terminal after few minutes.12:56
v_2eWhat problem could cause such behaviour?12:56
Myrttihave you tried running memtest on the system?12:56
Myrttido you already have other operating systems on it and do they have any problems?12:56
Myrttiand finally, what video card do you have?12:57
v_2eYes, I have tried running Memtest. It looked like everything was ok.12:57
v_2eI don't have any operating system on that PC.12:58
Myrttihow long did you run memtest?12:58
v_2eNot too long. About few minutes. I know that running all the tests may take much more time, but I didn't pay much attention to memory testing, because I have successfully booted this machine using Ubuntu 7.10 LiveCD.13:00
v_2eI cannot even tell for sure what a videocard I use there. This isn't my PC, so it wasn't me who bought it. All I can see is that it is an old 16MB AGP card from ASUS.13:01
v_2eBy the way, this machine has only 196 MB of RAM.13:01
MyrttiI'd run memtest for overnight or longer. I/O error points to, in my books, to hardware failure13:06
v_2eMyrtti: Maybe, you are right, but why did Ubuntu 7.10 LiveCD booted smoothly in such case?13:10
ablomenthats hd13:10
ablomenor it can also be the hd13:11
v_2eOh, by the way. I have met a similar problem earlier. And both of the problematic machines have VIA KT133 chipset.13:11
ablomeni'v had those errors twice, and soon after that the errors the hd died..13:11
ablomenthird time i changed the hd before hand and the errors stopped13:11
ablomenalso explains why the livecd worked without a problem13:12
v_2eablomen: I'm not sure about HDD, because I tried tu turn it off and boot from LiveCD. The same results.13:12
ablomenoh wait13:12
ablomensorry i misread13:12
v_2eablomen: Xubuntu LiveCD doesn't boot without HDD either.13:12
v_2eablomen: I mean Xubuntu 9.1013:12
ablomenit doesnt?13:13
v_2eablomen: It doesn't. And moreover, if I choose to "check CD for errors" from the LiveCD's menu, I get the very same situation.13:14
v_2eablomen: Yeah, I think so too. :)13:14
ablomenthat sounds more like the burning of the cd went wrong13:15
ablomenor the iso was bad13:15
v_2eablomen: maybe it really souns like that, but it isn't. I have successfully installed a system from this LiveCD on a virtual machine.13:17
ablomenhmm ok, i don't know then, maybe someone else has another idea, and yeah i would try what Myrtti said, though make sure you wont need the pc for about 8 hours ;)13:18
v_2eablomen: ok, thanks anyway. Maybe, I'll try to Memtest for several hours. But the only thing disturbs me all the time - that both of the machines which refused to boot from this CD, had VIA KT133 chipset. Isn't this chipset causing such problems?13:30
ablomenmaybe, i wouldnt know13:31
v_2echarlie-tca: Hello, charlie-tca. I have tried "Ctrl+Alt+F2" to switch between the terminals, like you said, but I can see the same blank screen with blinking cursor on every one of them. And an error message "stdin: I/O error" appears every several minutes on the first terminal. What could it be?13:39
charlie-tcavideo card incompatibility13:39
charlie-tcaor a bug in the image13:40
v_2eHmm... You are the second person saying about video card incompatibility today. :) Maybe, I should check this.13:40
v_2eBut I also tried Ubuntu 7.10 LiveCD. It works fine.13:41
v_2echarlie-tca: I don't think there is a bug in the image, since I have successfully installed a system from it on a virtual machine.13:41
charlie-tcaNot in the image, if it works in a virtual machine. It is video card related13:43
v_2echarlie-tca: So, if I understand you right, you are suggesting me to change a videocard and see what happens? I must say, that I experienced the same problem on another PC with another videocard. Or does it change nothing?13:48
charlie-tcaNo, just file a bug against the video card driver13:48
charlie-tcaAre they the same ? nvidia, ati, intel?13:48
v_2echarlie-tca: one of them is NVidia. Another - I don't even know.13:51
charlie-tcaYou can file against xorg, from the machine in whatever does work, using ubuntu-bug xorg13:51
charlie-tcaand explain that it is a bug in lucid images13:51
charlie-tcalspci -vvnn wil give the video card data13:51
charlie-tca(and a lot of other hardware information you don't even want)13:52
v_2echarlie-tca: Is this a Xorg problem?13:52
charlie-tcaThink so. xorg controls the video drivers13:52
v_2echarlie-tca: Yes, I know about lspci and lshw programs.13:52
v_2echarlie-tca: But I think that there is a lot of programs starting before Xorg. And I cannot see even any text boot messages.13:53
charlie-tcaHave you removed quiet splash from the boot?13:53
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v_2echarlie-tca: no, I haven't, but the system seems not booting at all. I press "Ctrl+Alt+F2" when a graphical mouse image appears in the centre of the screen, but I can see nothing. No terminals.13:55
v_2echarlie-tca: Just a blank screens with blinking cursor on every place where a terminal with a command line prompt should be.13:55
charlie-tcaEdit the boot line in grub before starting it, and remove quiet and splash. It will then give you the text screens and you might be able to see what is wrong.13:56
charlie-tcaIt could be xsplash or plymouth again13:56
v_2echarlie-tca: Is is also a GRUB on LiveCD?13:56
charlie-tcano, but if you hit F6, you can still remove the quiet splash13:57
charlie-tca(on older images, the latest image doesn't let you13:57
v_2echarlie-tca: Oh, and how are those features called in "F6" menu?13:58
charlie-tcathen you can edit the line on screen by hitting end13:59
charlie-tcaYeah, I know. It is not really the easy way to do that.14:00
v_2echarlie-tca: Once more, please, because I'm not sure I got it right. I should press "Esc" when in the LiveCD's boot menu?14:02
charlie-tcaokay. Live cd menu... hit F6, hit ESC, then hit END. Now just remove the quiet splash at the end of the lien14:07
v_2echarlie-tca: Hm... not very obvious way... :) But of course I'll try to do that. Thanks for advice!14:08
* charlie-tca thinks it could be harder to do, if they work at it14:08
charlie-tcaHeh, if you download a new lucid image, you can't even use F6 no more14:09
charlie-tcaIt took me 8 minutes to get to the install page14:09
v_2echarlie-tca: Hmm... And now I'm not sure the image I have lets to use it... I didn't pay much attention to that and now I'm not sure...14:09
charlie-tcaAnd, I don't think you would ever get there because of the bug14:10
v_2echarlie-tca: Sounds nice. :)14:10
v_2echarlie-tca: Ok. Anyway, I'll try to do what you said and let's see what happens. Thanks again. I'm offline. Bye.14:11
charlie-tcagood luck again14:12
v_2echarlie-tca: thanks. :)14:12
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subspiderhello everyone15:44
subspiderhello charlie-tca15:44
charlie-tcahello, subspider16:26
mikubuntuthat has to be you17:45
CZPhoenixthat has to be me?17:46
CZPhoenixHow did you figure it out?17:46
mikubuntuhey guys, my friend here, czphoenix, is trying to download ubuntu, but it seems to be downloading as a winzip file.  in three years i've never heard of that happening, can someone comment please?  i trying to bring her from the dark side.17:47
mikubuntucz gave it away17:48
CZPhoenixIt is a very strange problem, indeed. I have tried on 2 different computers and had the same problem on each.17:48
CZPhoenixRight now, I am on the Evil Windoze 7 that I want to bring Back To The Light, but...17:49
pleia2CZPhoenix: is windows somehow associating .iso files as zip archives?17:49
CZPhoenixamazing. Most people see the CZ and think I am from the Czech republic.. .and currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, neither of which are true.17:49
CZPhoenixI think so, Pleia. I think it's decided to default downloads to winzip, which is evil.17:50
pleia2yeah, I think you need to look up file associations in windows somewhere (I have no clue where, but it should exist)17:50
CZPhoenixI will find it. I am determined.17:51
CZPhoenixI just hit the Frustration Limit and took a lunch break. Unfortunately, the Brain Enhancing Fluid is cold. I need to create a new pot.17:52
mikubuntuanybody else know why an ubuntu download is showing up as a winzip file instead of an .iso ??  i have never seen the problem before, and couldn't find anything googling17:52
CZPhoenixI couldn't find anything googling, either, but I did find masses of documentation on how to test an ISO for integrity.17:53
mikubuntumy conspiracy minded theory is that ms is blockg the download intentionally, but thats silly17:53
charlie-tcaCZPhoenix: have you tried just changing the extension back to .iso?17:54
mikubuntucharlie-tca, just rename the file?17:54
CZPhoenixYes, I did, Charlie. The evil being downloaded it as a winzip despite what I demanded,17:54
charlie-tcaor is it not allowing the download at all?17:54
charlie-tcaLet it download, then change the extension17:54
CZPhoenixIt downloads, but it seems to default to a zip file.17:54
CZPhoenix Let me go try that. I must return to the Office and the other computer.17:55
charlie-tcathen burn it to cd17:55
mikubuntucharlie, are you saying to simply rename the file?17:55
charlie-tcaIf it downloads it, and gives it a .zip extension, simply change the extension to .iso17:55
mikubuntugot it carol?  just rename it to ubuntu.iso and try burning17:55
mikubuntuwhy din't i think of that17:56
charlie-tcawindows is seeing a compressed file17:56
CZPhoenixtrying that now17:56
charlie-tcamight work, might not work17:57
CZPhoenixit's worth a try. CDs are cheap. I don't mind burning a few failures. I'll string them on string in the garden to frighten off rabbits and deer.17:58
pleia2that's the spirit! :)17:59
CZPhoenixEstimated write time 11 minutes. Sound about corrrect?17:59
pleia2depends on the drive, but that would be reasonable17:59
CZPhoenixIt just got warm enough here so this past weekend, I put in a raised garden bed. Thus, the CDs will have a good home.17:59
mikubuntucould be, if theres a setting you should usually set to lower speed17:59
mikubuntubut defaut should be ok18:00
CZPhoenixI lit some Nag Champa incense to keep the evil away from the burn.18:00
mikubuntui'm gnna run to gas station for smokes (open source of course) call me on the phone if you get done b4 i get back18:01
CZPhoenixCopy, boss.18:01
CZPhoenixwhen the burn is done, I am going to close out of chat on this computer (which is the Linux target) and open chat on the other computer.18:04
mickaelahi !18:09
mickaelahiall #xubuntu18:09
mickaelaI've installed Windows 7 like I used to have, and I want to Dual Boot XUbuntu with it. I've got 25 gigs of free space set aside for it. I have a few different partitions.18:09
mickaelaI load up he live disc for Xbuntu, it burned right. I go to install and it claims my hard disc is empty.18:09
mickaelaplease help me !! thanks !18:10
charlie-tcawhat version of Xubuntu, mickaela18:11
charlie-tcaSorry, distracted by three installs running18:14
charlie-tcaOnly one hard drive?18:15
CZPhoenixrenaming the zip file to an iso did not work. Failure to boot.18:16
CZPhoenixI think my system is cursed.18:18
charlie-tcawell, Then you have to change the file associations, and I can't help with it18:18
CZPhoenixThank you for your help, though. I will eventually figure this demon out. (and it's pouring down rain right now, not that that matters)18:19
CZPhoenixwell, I did achieve something. now the laptop won't boot at all. LOL18:19
mtrganyone knows if xubuntu makes it theme public for other distros?19:32
mtrgI think it's called Albatros19:32
charlie-tcaIt is called Albatros, and you can find out in #shimmer, which is the developers of the theme19:32
mtrgcharlie-tca: so it's not xubuntu specific?19:37
mtrgThanks charlie-tca -- great19:55
fugethe i have a pinnacle pctv pro tv card but it can not find any station20:35
fugeas i remember at the previous xubuntu it was working20:36
charlie-tcaYou might have more luck in #mythbuntu20:45
fugeone another question20:46
fugeis it possible to disable the "bubbles" for examle connecting to wired network, buddy login in pidgin...20:47
charlie-tcaI think the programs are supposed to have an option in preferences for it. There is no easy way to disable them all except remove the app for them.20:50
fugexfce4-notifyd - simple, visually-appealing notification daemon for Xfce ?20:52
charlie-tcaIs it already installed?20:52
charlie-tcaI show notify-osd installed here20:53
fugeno it is not installed20:53
fugei made only an apt-cache search20:53
fugeii  notify-osd                            0.9.24-0ubuntu1                            daemon that displays passive pop-up notifications20:54
fugegreat thanks20:54
FrozenFire[work]It seems that, over the past day or so, one of my keyboard shortcuts has stopped working, entirely. I had XF86AudioPlay bound to xfterm4.20:58
FrozenFire[work]I've had that bound for months now, and it's always worked. Now it doesn't do anything, whatsoever. I checked to see that it was still in the Application Shortcut list, and it is.20:59
FrozenFire[work]Any ideas as to why it would suddenly disappear?20:59
FrozenFire[work]Or, rather, stop work.20:59

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