kitallishi :)09:49
vishkitallis: hi.. you need to ask Mac_Slow ;)12:18
kitallisvish, yeah, i know :)12:30
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jpetersenI am offline for some hours, will be back later13:23
jpetersenhi tedg13:25
tedgGood morning jpetersen13:26
jpetersentedg, there is a patch for https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/528527 in the linked branch13:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 528527 in indicator-application (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 2 other projects) "should respect the gtk "always-show-image" property (affects: 2)" [Low,In progress]13:27
tedgjpetersen: Sweet, I'll look at that.13:28
jpetersentedg, thanks, i am just going to be away, will be back later13:30
jcastroseb128: fyi Nafai will be in and out today due to some doctor appointments14:31
seb128jcastro, ok14:32
seb128hey jcastro14:32
jcastroqense: I think someone still needs to connect the monochrome icons in banshee.14:46
jcastrowrt. your question this weekend14:46
qensejcastro: It turned out that the wrong icon name was used for the monochrome icon.14:50
qensejcastro: Banshee's icon name is media-player-banshee, so the applet looks for media-player-banshee-panel, logically it can't find banshee-panel that way.14:51
jcastroah excellent, so now all we need is the app indicator and we're all set. :D14:51
qensejcastro: indeed14:54
jcastroqense: does that icon thing have a bug, is hyperair aware?15:17
qensejcastro: dashua brought it up and warned vish who warned me. I sent the problem back to vish since he manages the icons in humanity-icon-theme, which is where the fault lies.15:19
qensethe icon name needs to be changed there15:19
jcastrooh ok, just making sure someone's on it!15:19
jcastrovish is very thorough though so we're good. :D15:19
qenseyeah, it will turn out richt15:20
vishjcastro: Bug 538725 , i wasnt sure if seb128 would do an update for this renaming , if he is free we can push it today ;)15:42
ubot4Launchpad bug 538725 in humanity-icon-theme (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Banshee monochrome icon needs renaming (affects: 2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53872515:42
seb128vish, no, that can wait after beta15:43
seb128banshee is not used in the default installation15:43
vishyeah, my thoughts too :)15:43
seb128and it's only a minor graphical issue15:43
seb128jcastro, the bluetooth applet icon issue has been fixed by jpetersen, fix in bzr and uploaded to lucid for beta if they accept it now15:47
seb128jcastro, it looks slick without those 2 icons ;-)15:47
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kitallisMacSlow|errand ^16:52
kitallisvish ^16:59
vishkitallis: 2 - is forbidden ;)  notify-osd allows click-thorough 17:01
kitallisyeah, i know17:01
kitallisjust a thought17:01
vishkitallis: for more ideas , have a look at brainstorm and wishlist bug reports on launchpad17:02
vishkitallis: for notify-osd  , MacSlow is the main guy you need to be talking to and mpt who controls the design17:03
kitallisyeah, well, i just put it up there17:04
kitallisi doubt design manipulations in a gsoc project17:04
kitalliscause, well it takes a lotta time and planning17:04
kitallisbut, don't we all need a little configuration ability17:05
jcastroseb128: I knew they would look better without the icons!17:59
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MacSlowkitallis, I know and read this... but I'm not the once deciding about that sort of thing.18:16
MacSlowkitallis, do you know the reasoning behind notify-osd being _not_ customizable? Just wondering about the scope of your initial research18:17
kitallisMacSlow: probably because apps may have different configurations?18:20
MacSlowkitallis, no... first notifications are just that... notifications (no full dialogs), second... defaults should be so well chosen that the majority of users don't feel the need to be changing them, third every configuration option add code-paths that neede to be covered by test (automated ones and test be users actually using them)18:22
MacSlow"just add this option, it's not much work" has the very nasty potential to cause code-paths that may rot and quickly become unmaintained... we want to avoid that... also a kind of anti-bloat-ware attitude :)18:23
davidbarthkitallis: hi18:24
MacSlowkitallis, I don't want to go into further detail as all of this is either stated on the spec or has been discussed already in the ayatana-list18:24
kitalliswell, a "defaults should be so well chosen" doesn't seem like the best approach either?18:24
davidbarthkitallis: i think you're proposed gsoc project is actually going in the opposite direction of what i think our design team was going to18:24
davidbarthie, not having user settings at all18:25
kitalliswell, i just figured that, because me, i find hard coded defaults kinda annoying 18:25
davidbarthand that's mostly by design18:26
MacSlowkitallis, notify-osd is OpenSource... you can go ahead and create a fork for you own needs... and then let community-popularity decide :)18:26
davidbarththe idea at the start is that notifications should be so basic to the interface, that just one version would be needed18:27
MacSlowkitallis, I am not sure why you made this into a GSoC-propsal18:27
davidbarthand if that doesn't work in certain circumstances, to change apps or adopt a different approach, instead of going "oh well, i'll add an option then"18:27
davidbarthit may sound a bit surprising at first18:27
kitallisi obviously didn't know about the strong devotion for that strict design rules18:28
MacSlowkitallis, that's the beauty of OpenSource... if you don't like something... change it... I do that with a couple of tools, libraries I use myself18:28
kitallisand defaults18:28
davidbarthkitallis: no worries18:28
kitallisoh, well18:28
MacSlowkitallis, np... just grab the code and hack away18:28
kitallisi'll just dump the gsoc idea atleast.18:28
davidbarthkitallis: but that's been a topic of discussions quite a few times on the list18:28
davidbarthkitallis: i think there are other ubuntu project that you could help with18:29
davidbarthkitallis: projects18:30
davidbarthkitallis: for the desktop aspects we're working on, you really want to check opportunities with mpt on the design team18:30
kitallisi really love the OSD18:30
davidbarthkitallis: hey ;) thanks18:31
kitallissee, that.18:32
kitallisi just wish i could change that irssi ping notif up there :P18:32
MacSlowkitallis, irssi? What's that?18:32
kitallisIRC client?18:33
MacSlowkitallis, irssi pushes a notification if you've been addressed on an IRC-channel?!18:34
MacSlowkitallis, that sounds rather like a candicate to get support for the messaging-menu18:34
kitallisyeah, it's just a little perl script18:34
kitallisit's not officially supported if i'm not wrong18:35
MacSlowkitallis, this really feels like it should integrate with the messaging-menu instead of directly pushing a notification via libnotify18:35
MacSlowkitallis, tedg will gladly point you to the right document-pages on the wiki, if you're interested in this18:36
kitallisyeah, sure.18:37
kitalliswait, just a second, i was eating dinner all this while, kinda immobile :P18:37
tedgkitallis: MacSlow: Yeah the problem with libindicate is that it requires the process to keep running, while libnotify is more "fire and forget"18:37
tedgSo for things like irssi it can't just be a triggered perl script.18:38
MacSlowtedg, ah... right... forgot that detail for a bit.18:40

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