sivangjust wanted to say thanks to bzr.00:00
sivangit enabled me to pull from qt.gitorious when git itself cannot.00:00
lifelesslol, nice00:00
sivanglifeless: :)00:01
sivanglifeless: ah, but how do I use the git plugin? in svn it works ootb00:01
sivangodd, I've done that already and forgot...00:02
sivangahh stupid git00:04
sivangwhy can't everybody just use bzr...life would be so much simpler.00:04
luke-jrdunno, I kinda like git00:13
luke-jrbut I use both00:13
sivangluke-jr: so it was me who was stupid00:16
sivangluke-jr: s/http/git/00:16
sivangluke-jr: can't expect every DRCS to do hg/bzr guggling of urls.00:17
sivanganyway, back to hacking00:17
thumperlifeless: do you know if there are any presentation on the bzr wiki that are up to date(ish) that I can base my talk on?00:19
pooliehi duckx_00:26
duckx_I was wondering what was the current state of nested trees in bazaar00:26
pooliei'd recommend you use the bzr-externals or scmproj plugins00:26
pooliesee the plugin guide00:26
duckx_Ok I will have a look, thx00:27
duckx_I played with bzr-loom this WE00:27
duckx_Nice plugin, very easy to use00:27
duckx_Well I tried to find out what could be the best Workflow to get debian python-modules in sync in ubuntu00:28
duckx_Using the debian repository ;)00:28
duckx_That is using svn with merge mode ...00:30
duckx_That fun,  make me play a lot with bzr00:30
duckx_Thx poolie00:33
duckx_I will see what I can do with bzr externals00:33
igchi poolie00:38
pooliehi there00:38
thumperpoolie, igc: I'm looking for a big bzr image for my presentation00:51
thumperknow where to find one?00:51
pooliemeaning a big screenshot?00:51
thumperigc: how are you feeling today?00:51
thumperpoolie: just the bzr image for the slide master background00:52
igchi thumper - I'm ok today thanks00:52
pooliethe logo?00:52
thumperigc: up for a skype call?00:52
thumperpoolie: yes00:52
igcthumper: sure00:52
igcthumper: let me fire up my laptop first00:53
thumperpoolie: we should have links to the images somewhere of the front web page I reckon00:53
igcthumper: http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/LogoOptions00:53
igcthumper: I have Skype up but it doesn't think you're online01:02
duckx_poolie, thx again01:36
duckx_the externals plugin was exactly was I was looking for !01:37
* duckx_ : my english is really crappy today01:37
AfCSo, someone just asked me if there was a continuous integration server that integrates nicely with a DVCS (bzr, obviously)01:47
AfCI know lifeless was playing with Hudson recently, but I don't know whether that was Canonical internal, or a customer of theirs, or...01:47
lifelesswe're using hudson at canonical01:55
lifelessfor bzr (vila's test environment - I think he posted a url to it), for some dx stuff (internal builds - not public)01:55
lifelessdrizzle use hudson, its where I was introduced to it01:55
poolieigc is bug 537387 something that was fixed in a later installer?02:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537387 in bzr "Bazaar crash on update of (bzr-svn) checkout" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53738702:02
poolieit looks familiar02:02
igcpoolie: he's using the latest installer already02:03
igcpoolie: it certainly includes the latest explorer02:03
igcpoolie: maybe the problem is fixed in 2.1.1 or a more recent bzr-svn?02:04
siliIs it possible to mirror repositories?02:05
dcolesIs bzr git-serve part of the bazaar package these days?02:28
dcolesI just noticed the 'server' module in the git plugin and was trying to see how it worked.02:29
lifelessdcoles: I'd expect it to hook into 'bzr serve --protocol='02:40
dcolesAh! I misread the wiki page02:41
dcolesYes, `bzr serve --git` will do it02:42
poolielifeless: your thoughts wanted on bug 18521105:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 185211 in bzr "renaming out of directory with unicode name fails with InconsistentDelta" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18521105:23
lifelesspoolie: well, looks like I created a shell demo for it05:31
poolieyes, it's fine as an open bug05:32
poolieif that's all it is that's fine05:32
pooliei just wondered if you knew more about it than is described there05:32
lifelessENOENT :P05:33
pooliealso, does https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/337455 look like something that might have been fixed with bug 397705?05:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 337455 in bzr "Unexpected error message about inconsistent delta ." [Undecided,New]05:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 397705 in bzr "inventory delta consistency checks are missing known problems and not universally applied." [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39770505:38
lifelessI suspect dirstate corruption there, but we should have fixed that too.05:40
lifelessI'd be fine with closing it as 'we think it works now'.05:40
spmigc: and others. bzr-explorer? <3 that is all. :-)05:51
RAOFHow do you spell “bzr missing” in git? :/05:53
mwhudsonapt-get install bzr-git ? :)05:53
RAOFYou'd make me a happy man if you could tell me that (a) that now has some way to specify non-master branches, and (b) I can use it on the kernel tree :)05:54
bob2'git log origin/master...' or so05:54
mwhudsonfor (a) ah, um, for (b) i think revgraph stuff /might/ be ok on the kernel?05:55
RAOFbob2: Imagine, if you will, that there are some 6400 commits in the last couple of weeks of git history :)05:55
RAOFHm.  I think I want “git branch --contains”.  That's not totally insane.05:56
stewarthi! how dho i recover from BranchInTheWay when using pipes? basically, i want to overwrite whatever is on launchpad (because it is wrong)05:57
lifelessstewart: I don't know. delete the one on lp perhaps?05:57
stewartlifeless, trying... had fail because of that in the past...05:59
stewartlifeless, now get a "Not a branch" error.06:00
bob2RAOF: pretty sure it will find all unmerge commits06:01
bob2(note /3/ dots)06:01
RAOFbob2: Oh!  I thought that was an elipsis, rather than a part of the command.06:02
RAOFThat's impressively arcane.  Makes up for git branch --contains!06:03
igcspm: ?06:10
igcspm what does <3 mean?06:11
spmigc: <3 == is love :-)06:11
lifelessits a heart06:11
lifelessturn your heard to the right06:11
lifelessor your screen to the left06:11
igcspm: thanks!06:11
spmigc: for someone (me) who spends all day staring at grey text on a black screen in consoles; a gui that makes life easier on less used tasks is a truly *wonderful* thing. magic stuff!06:12
igcspm: I'd love it more myself if it stopped crashing all the time. One day soon I really need to fix that06:13
spmha. obvioulsy I haven't hit a crash yet. I'll revise my love for the tool and send a hate message when that happens06:13
stewartlifeless, but then, if i go to launchpad and create the branch... i get the "Not a branch" error still. if i push into that branhc, i get the BranchInTheWay error. so it seems that i'm a bit screwed...06:13
* stewart notes this wouldn't happen with quilt.06:26
stewartlifeless, so tried to avoid syncing that pipe.... by adding a new pipe (with a new name) and removing the old one. I still get the "not a branch" error. so there's something on LP.... any idea what? or how?06:26
stewarthrm.. ~/.bazaar/pipeline-cachedir can go away.... let's hope that does something.06:29
pooliestewart: i think you'll find the config inside .bzr/branch/branch.conf06:33
poolieyou can break the pipeline there probably06:33
stewartpoolie, i'm getting "bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~stewart-flamingspork/drizzle/embedded-innodb-configuration-table-function/"."    yet grepping for "configuration" in .bzr reveals no results06:34
stewarti could go and try deleting the 29 branches on launchpad...06:35
stewartpotentially screwing up everything i have linked to them...06:35
lifelessstewart: try grepping in .06:36
stewartlifeless, still nothing...06:38
lifelesstry ~/.bazaar06:38
lifelessand try .bzr of the branches you have on lp06:38
stewartlifeless, nope. not on my system at all.06:39
* stewart is not gonig to grep / as that'll probably take 3 hours06:39
lifelessreminder: bzr your mai06:39
stewartlifeless, i'll wait until some point after i can upload my work and propose merge reqs of it...06:41
* stewart sees what damage deleting all 29 damn branches on lp may cause.06:42
stewartnot especially nice UI that... 29 times several page loads... urgh.06:42
stewartoh wait... there's merge requests with comments on them.06:43
stewartnow trying deleting the single empty branch... eep.06:45
parthmhello. i was writing some tests for bzr-grep and noticed that some tests were not seen. changing the name from test_something to test_somethingelse made it ok.06:48
parthmare there any rules to test naming?06:48
lifelessparthm: the function name?06:49
parthmlifeless: yes the function name. e.g. "def test_version_something" was not seen. If I changed it to "def test_ver_someting" the test count went up by 1.06:50
lifelessparthm: did you perhaps have another function with the same name?06:50
parthmlifeless: hmm. could be. i will check again.06:51
lifelessparthm: so yes there are restrictions, but both test_version_something and test_ver_something pass the them06:55
parthmlifeless: you are right. i think it was duplicate names. does bzr use pyunit or its own test framework. maybe such a thing can be an error?06:57
parthmas the number of tests go up (51 in this case) we can end up with duplicates.06:58
lifelessparthm: python itself does the compilation07:05
jelmermoin lifeless07:05
lifelessparthm: and its at that stage that you'd want to catch it.07:05
lifelesshi jelmer07:05
lifelessparthm: we use a derivative of pyunit07:06
parthmlifeless: ok. thanks. i will need to be more careful with the names :-)07:08
vilahi all !07:19
jelmerhey Vincent07:20
lifelessso, lost+found :)07:20
vilalifeless: have a nice evening07:42
thumperwhere are the API docs?08:14
* vila @dentist08:23
* igc dinner08:44
* vila back09:41
lifelessvila: so, lost + found?10:01
vilalifeless: hehe, not yet on the top of my TODO graph but I'm targeting the related tests in test_conflicts already10:02
vilalifeless: I will also start implementing the basic feature so I can *then* plug it in the right places10:03
vilabasic feature: moving an unversioned file in some trash with a bare-bones handling and how it was called and when it was trashed (to address the likely collisions)10:04
vilalifeless: does a '_trash' method on the wt sounds fine ? (AIUI we need it only for unversioned files right ?)10:08
lifelessvila: lost_and_found please, trash is explicitly discarded10:09
vilatrash (or recycle bin) are more mainstream than lost_and_found IMHO, besides, what is 'lost' in our case ? (found as 'found' in bzr way can fly but requires a bit of explanation10:11
lifelessthey are diferent concepts10:12
lifelessI don't see how one can be a mainstream version of the other10:12
vilawell, to me, lost+found in the unix way to store... 'garbage' found when errors occurred at the fs level, I don't clearly the connection here,10:13
vilaI'm fine with not using trash, so maybe 'quarantined' or something ?10:13
vilawell, to me, lost+found *is* the unix way to store... 'garbage' found when errors occurred at the fs level, I don't clearly *see* the connection here,10:14
Kamping_Kaiseri dont like to think of my files as garbage >.>10:16
vilaKamping_Kaiser: well, we are talking about files like .pyc, .o etc, as far as versioning is concerned, how would you like them to be called ?10:17
Kamping_Kaiservila: i was refering more to your comment 'lost+found *is* the unix way to store... 'garbage''10:18
* Kamping_Kaiser heads off10:19
vilaKamping_Kaiser: ha, right, well, the ellipsis was intended to carry my lack of precise wording here :) My experience is that the files or directories found in lost_found are not always in good shape :010:19
lifelessvila: so, lost+found in ext* fs's caries files that the filesystem has recovered because they no longer had a directory to belong in.10:20
lifelessvila: the connection is that lost+found in a bzr tree would carry files that bzr no longer has a directory to put them in.10:20
vilalifeless: wow, yeah in that case there is a 1-1 match, but who knoes that ?10:20
vilaorphans ?10:20
lifelessno value judgement is made about the files - they might be databases or temp files - we don't know10:21
lifeless'trash' is a value judgement10:21
vilaI got that10:21
lifelessorphans would be fine10:21
lifelesslost + found would be bad because folk that do know what it is might think their file system is insane if bzr makes such a dir ;)10:21
vilarecovered is slightly misleading as there aren't lost today :)10:22
vilarecoverable ?10:23
lifelessI don't get what you mean10:23
vilaanyway, I'll outlight all this naming issues in my proposal so we can find a consensus10:23
lifeless*foo*-able would imply some way that the user can *foo* files.10:23
vilayes, that's the idea10:23
lifelessfoo-ed or foo-s implies that bzr has done foo for the user, and they can now decide what do to.10:24
vilaI don;t intend to propose commands for that but at least a naming scheme that allows once to find back these files10:24
vilathere will be cases where an unknwon file was really a not-yet-added but precious file10:25
vilabut the general case should be that the user can cleanup all of them on a regular basis10:26
lifelessI don't really like recoverable10:27
lifelesscan't articulate why10:27
lifelessrecovered I could cope with10:27
lifelessor orphans10:27
lifelessoh, I suggest a bzr- prefix10:27
vilathen I'll start with orphans10:28
vilayou mean in as a first-level directory in the wt ?10:28
vilaI thought it will be in .bzr/checkout... but no strong feeling,10:28
vilaI'm still unclear about how the user should restore from there...10:29
vila...and how to avoid the content growing out of control if it's not noticed...10:30
lifelessvila: I don't think we should hide it10:33
lifelessit should be in-your-face if this happens, but not in-your-way10:33
lifelessand yes, I mean a sibling of .bzr10:33
vilaThat makes sense. At least for me, I can imagine I will promptly delete it as soon as I discover it...10:35
vilaafter a quick content check of course10:35
vilaSo that raises the question of the content naming, reproducing the full relpaths (with some anti-collision scheme added) doesn't look very good, using fully random names requires some way to translate back to a (date, relpath)10:37
vilathe later requires an additional command (or two)10:37
vilanamely: list, recover <xxx> <here>10:38
lifelessvila: huh, using the full relpath is great.10:39
vilalifeless: not if you have tenths or hundreds of them10:39
lifelessI think you're over designing10:39
lifelesswe expect folk to clean this up regularly and promptly.10:39
vilaand I'm a bit concerned about max-length paths10:39
lifelesswe can merge the directories10:40
lifelessand we only add len(bzr-orphans) to the max length10:40
vilaI was thinking about adding yyyymmdd-hhmmss stamps10:41
vilabut if folks clean it regularly, that may be useless10:41
lifelessso don't do that10:41
lifelessthats ugly10:41
lifelessit would stop people trivially moving them back into place10:42
lifelessand the files will have a mtime of their own already if we don't break it10:42
vilawell, they can't move them back normally since that's why the files end up here in the first place10:42
lifelesssure they can10:42
PengMight be good to add an incrementing number to the end of the first directory in the relpath, like with backup.bzr.10:42
vilayeah, mtime, good point10:42
Peng(Or similar to it, anyway; I don't remember exactly how backup.bzr works.)10:42
lifelesswe delete the directory - but now we'll preserve the directory in this tree10:43
vilalifeless: right, but AIUI that's why the merge can't complete successfully10:43
lifelessI think it might be fine to just overwrite existing files in this dir: if the user has the same precise file generated + not versioned twice, then they very likely are autogenerating it10:44
vilaor re-create it in which case the last one is as good as the previous one10:45
vilayeah, that's certainly sounds like a good first implementation anyway, I'll go that route10:45
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Oli``Is there an export function that could upload version controlled files up to another location but didn't write any .bzr (et al) files?13:55
PengOli``: "bzr export" or the bzr-upload plugin if it's remote.13:56
Oli``Peng: doh - thank you13:57
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jmlI got these errors when trying to use --lsprof-file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/395662/15:26
Pengjml: Try 'bzr --lsprof-file grep.callgrind' instead of using an =. Maybe it will like that.15:33
jmlPeng: ahh yes, it does. thanks15:33
PengGlobal options use really basic parsing. It's like 5 'if' statements.15:34
PengNo optparse or anything./15:34
jmlPeng: good to know, thanks.15:38
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kareeserhello everybody :)16:17
kareeserI'm a bzr newbie... and I have some silly questions to ask... anyone interested in humouring me?16:18
rubbsfire away16:18
rubbsthat's what the channel is for ;)16:18
kareeserso, I use svn, and am trying out bzr for the first time16:19
kareeserwhenever I delete a folder in svn, svn treats it as being accidentally deleted, and recreated it on the next update16:19
kareeserin bazaar, it treats it as being removed from versioning16:20
kareeseris that correct?16:20
rubbsif you mean bzr rm filename then yes.16:20
rubbsit will remove it from versioning16:20
kareeserjust "rm filename"16:20
kareeserwhen I run bzr status, it reports it as "removed"16:20
kareeseris this just a byproduct of using bzr-svn?16:20
rubbsI could be wrong, but IIRC anything "removed" from the repo is automatically detected by bzr as removed from versioning.16:21
rubbsthis can be reversed16:21
rubbsif you are using bzr with as SVN repo, I'm not entirely sure, but others here are bigger experts with bzr-svn than I am16:22
kareeserright.. I thought so16:22
kareeserI'm in the process of uploading my code to launchpad anyway, so I probably won't have to use bzr-svn for too long...16:22
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rubbsbtw that wasn't a stupid newbie question ;)16:24
rubbssorry i couldn't answer it with more authority :(16:24
kareeserhaha... sorry16:26
kareeserI guess you were expecting something more along the lines of "what's a checkout?!"16:26
kareeserokay, then, answer me this16:27
kareesertrunks are branches, yes?16:27
kareeserthen... branches are not trunks?16:27
kareeserthe trunk*16:27
rubbsbest way to look at it is a trunk is just the central focus on where the development will take place16:28
rubbsevery branch is a copy of that trunk16:29
rubbsso you have a branch on your computer, the "branch" you make as your focus/target for others to develop to is the "trunk"16:29
kareeserand the trunk is the one hosted on a central server (arbitrarily determined) for others to checkout/branch from?16:30
kareeseri.e. Launchpad?16:30
rubbsmost of the time yes. For our purposes in this example that is exactly correct16:30
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rubbsany branch can be a trunk. in distrubited version control like bzr "trunk" is more of a social thing than a technical difference16:31
kareeserso when I "pushed" my code onto launchpad... and it called it a branch (both on my computer and on LP)... that's fine?16:32
kareesereven if the branch is named "trunk"?16:32
kareeserthis is all very confusing. :P16:32
kareeserI see.16:32
rubbsit gets better once you use it a little more16:32
kareeserI sure hope so, heh.16:32
rubbsbzr makes not technical distinctions between branches and trunks. Most people make the distinction themselves by naming a branch "trunk" like you did.16:33
kareeserI see, that makes sense.16:33
rubbsLP also helps because you can make the specific branch as the "focus of development"16:34
rubbsthis tells other LP users that "trunk" is the one to branch from16:34
kareeserokay, next...16:35
kareeserin my app, I have a check in index.php to see if ../install is present. If so, it halts the script and tells the user to go to the install script. Makes sense, I hope.16:36
kareeseronce the install script finishes, the user is instructed to delete the /install folder.16:36
kareesergot the idea from mediawiki, I think...16:36
rubbsok, I'm following so far16:36
kareeseranyways, if the user maintained their program using bzr, then wouldn't bzr automatically recreate ../install every time?16:37
kareeserbasically, I'm asking, the way I designed my program, is it "anti-bzr"? :P16:37
kareeserI don't mind having to rely on .tar.gz releases, I'm just wondering.16:37
rubbswell, two things to think about with that issue. 1) bzr isn't really designed for distribution of the final product, but most people work around that.16:38
kareeserokay, that's what I thought...16:38
rubbs2) there are ways around it but it could require some work from either you or your "customers"16:39
rubbsone way I would think about doing it is having a "trunk" for development16:39
rubbsand having a "distrubtion" branch16:39
rubbsin the distribution branch you pull from the trunk and delete the install directory16:40
rubbsthat way when people update from the dist branch they dont' get a new install dir every time16:40
abeaumontkareeser: to workaround that, suppossing that newer versions never need reinstalling, use a .installed file or similar, instead of removing your dir, bzr will ignore that file16:40
kareeserand if development continues in trunk, then distribution is updated periodically?16:40
abeaumont(just an idea)16:41
kareeserabeaumont, elegant, I like it.16:41
rubbskareeser: yes, but you'd have to do that manually16:41
rubbsbut I think abeaumont's idea is better than mine16:42
kareeserokay, thanks rubbs, abeaumont, for your help :)16:43
abeaumontyou're welcome :)16:43
rubbscome back and ask more questions if you have any. most of the time someone knows where to look if they don't know the answer outright.16:44
kareeserI only ask, because I do development on three computers, one of which is the actual implementation (with real data)16:49
kareeserand with bzr being unfamiliar, I'm afraid I'll accidentally delete the repository with a stray rm command ;)16:49
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dolphinling_I have some files I need version controlled with filenames that match bzr's default ignore rules. How can I get bzr to not use its default ignore rules?17:19
rubbsdolphinling_: I might not remember this right, but there should be a global config file you can edit. What system are you using?17:20
rubbser Operating system I meant17:21
dolphinling_gentoo linux17:21
rubbsk... just as sec. I'm going to check before I tell you the wrong thing ;)17:22
dolphinling_All right, I'm searching through system dirs to see if I can find this file17:23
dolphinling_rubbs: heh, I found it, it's ~/.bazaar/ignore17:25
rubbsah, ok, sorry17:25
rubbsI thought there was a global one too17:25
rubbsbut I could be wrong17:25
dolphinling_This is fine for me.17:26
dolphinling_I wish there were some way to just override it rather than editing it, but oh well.17:26
rubbsdolphinling_: I'm sure there probably is, I'm just not remembering it right now17:27
IslandUsurperdolphinling_, you should be able to just bzr add specific_filename17:38
IslandUsurperof course, that's only useful if you have only a few of those files to unignore17:39
fullermd2.1 and later have support for negative ignore patterns.17:39
fullermdIt's definitely better to not edit the builtin ignore if at all possible.  That tends to have unpleasant knockon effects down the line.17:40
IslandUsurperI have a website that I've been updating with bzr-upload, but I've recently gotten shell access. Is there a clean way to convert that folder into a branch without having to reconstruct all of those files again?17:42
IslandUsurpermaybe I should say, without having lots of conflicts that would disrupt the working of the site17:47
fullermdI don't know, but I doubt it.17:47
fullermdI can think of some unclean ways that might work.17:47
IslandUsurperI've thought about making a new branch, doing one commit, and then pull --overwrite17:48
IslandUsurperif the file content is the same, no one outside should notice...17:48
fullermdIf what you've uploaded is exactly what's in the branch, you could try making a throwaway branch somewhere, transplanting its .bzr/ over to the location, and seeing what 'stat' etc have to say.17:49
IslandUsurperyeah. but I've read that Bzr compares file IDs first, and those will probably be different, especially for the directories17:51
fullermdHow?  The existing files from upload don't really ahve id's.17:51
fullermdID's are an internal bzr thing, they don't exist in the filesystem.17:51
IslandUsurperhmm. ok17:51
IslandUsurperI'll give that a shot then17:52
barryhi folks.  i have a question about bzr-pipeline.  is it known/expected that renaming the top-level directory breaks the pipelines?17:52
fullermdbarry: Absolute paths used in cross-references?17:52
barryfullermd: dunno.  it was weird though.  when i moved the dir back to its original name, the pipes below it showed up again (phew! :)17:58
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mwhudsonjelmer: ping?19:16
mwhudsonanother inconsistent sha bug :( https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/fetchmail/master19:30
rbriggsatuiowaI am having problems with bzr unshelve - i just get a dump of bzr metadata with the following error at the top19:34
rbriggsatuiowabzr: ERROR: The file id "workflow.html.erb-20100305150443-x3ac2am7beykb5dz-1" is not present in the tree19:34
rbriggsatuiowahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/253806 is the problem I am having19:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 253806 in bzr "bzr: ERROR: The file id "foo-20080731224042-7ogu3b3hk0bwnpo3-1" is not present in the tree" [Medium,Fix released]19:36
rbriggsatuiowaubottu: any idea what release?19:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:36
rbriggsatuiowa1.13 it looks like19:36
rbriggsatuiowasigh - way to fail the reverse turing test19:37
* rbriggsatuiowa heads off to try a newer version of bzr19:37
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jelmermwhudson, looking20:31
mwhudsonjelmer: i filed a bug btw20:31
jelmermwhudson, ah, merci20:36
parthmhello. for bzr-grep, i am seeing UnicodeDecodeError while printing the output. whats the recommended way to handle this? http://pastebin.com/x7TLnMAV20:42
mwhudsonjelmer: the question of the uber-slow kernel import came up again in the stand up20:46
mwhudsonjelmer: do you know why it's as slow as it is?20:46
jelmermwhudson, one part of it is the indexes20:47
mwhudsonoh, the using bzr indexes thing?20:48
jelmermwhudson, s/indexes/cache/20:49
jelmermwhudson, yeah20:49
jelmermwhudson, that's about 25% I suspect; not sure how the other part could be optimized, we'd have to do performance analysis first20:49
mwhudsonjelmer: do you have any idea why the kernel is so much slower than everything else?20:50
mwhudsonjust because it's a really big tree?20:50
jelmermwhudson, yeah, the size of the tree20:51
mwhudsonjelmer_: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/iso-codes/master failed in the same way :(21:16
ubuntujenkinshow do i slve this? bzr commit bzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock "/home/luke-jennings/Projects/ubuntu-manual/.bzr/checkout/dirstate": [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailab21:28
kfogellifeless: ayt?21:39
lifelessubuntujenkins: is that a fuse mount or something?21:44
lifelesskfogel: hai21:44
ubuntujenkinsI did a bzr commit and exited badly which caused it.21:45
kfogellifeless: hey, so I'm trying to test out some of your recommendations for bzr+ssh in the proposed savannah.gnu.org setup.  If you have some time, I'd love your help -- I think I'm stumbling on perhaps basic ssh configuration issues.21:46
lifelessubuntujenkins: what does fuser /home/luke-jennings/Projects/ubuntu-manual/.bzr/checkout/dirstate show?21:47
kfogellifeless: so I'm testing out your first recommendation: (one sec, I'll paste)21:47
kfogellifeless: this one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/395841/21:47
ubuntujenkinslifeless nothing21:47
kfogellifeless: what I'm first trying to do is get the 'command="foo"' option working at all -- I just want to see it have an effect.21:47
kfogellifeless: so I've created a user ~jennifer on my machine, and given her a ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file, and put a new authorized key in there like this:21:48
kfogelcommand="/bin/echo fish" ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAzvPivbVMjyzQTwEhCVuD+WinVw8rhIKY5k3PzH7HxFtarXZH/NAPkvYqDhKG0iJnHoxGIY5K6Of1V+D77+5Lyd+FtdRNneT4OATLDI/gRGWmrIJhYJr7Ag3eeVBjMZBsC6ty/jMAiBUfWs5GxF3ajKgwo4nZmbVJjEKwBmunFeoO7295qve++tgF8isDUwaZmpKwOr/Rxe8eJYmdbOHqOAu0dwnDNIf45daUurqlJaounjQVkrgLDQ/xLoNE2WnXfnAFmsNUF48acrXWeP6D3+fqh6HgnDttR6mbPY5ZxZx9jlTl1d/FkJZLaCUjDJbtOr3vaBxD69TRm6cDAJxfLQ== kfogel@kfogel-work21:48
lifelessubuntujenkins: thats odd21:48
kfogellifeless: then I substituted the corresponding (new, temporary) private key for my own ~kfogel/.ssh/id-rsa21:48
ubuntujenkinshang on i know21:48
kfogeland did 'ssh jennifer@localhost'21:48
kfogellifeless: and the result is that she just logs in successfully.  Not what I was expecting :-).21:49
kfogellifeless: am I doing something wrong, perhaps?21:49
ubuntujenkinsnope nothing, I think it would be quicker to copy the chnages to a new branch21:49
lifelessubuntujenkins: I hate to ask this in a unix environment, but have you tried a reboot?21:50
ubuntujenkinsnope I will be back21:51
stewartabentley, hi! i'm having pipeline issues21:51
lifelesskfogel: so the limit is per key21:51
lifelesskfogel: do you have more than one key, or more than one authorised keys file?21:51
kfogellifeless: nope.  that's the only authorized key in the file21:51
kfogelin ~jennifer/.ssh/authorized_keys, that is21:52
abentleystewart, what's the issue?21:52
stewartabentley, i think i need a --overwrite to sync-pipeline. as i've managed to get into a situation where the trees on lp reference a pipe that i don't have, and deleting the branch doesn't work.21:52
lifelesskfogel: ok. does -vvv give any hints?21:52
kfogellifeless: not to my untrained eye, but let me take another look (and I'll paste if I don't see anything obvious)21:53
abentleystewart, yes, sync-pipeline only adds pipes, never deletes them, because it can't tell whether a discrepancy is because side A added a pipe or because side B deleted it.21:54
ubuntujenkinsno difference lifeless21:54
stewartabentley, so on sync-pipeline i get "Not a branch" for a pipe that used to exist.21:54
stewartabentley, any way to override it....21:55
lifelesskfogel: it works for me21:55
lifelesskfogel: I bet you either have an authorized_keys2 file, or two keys in the same file21:55
abentleystewart, there's nothing built in for that.  You'd need to edit the branch.conf file in the neighbour branches to fix it.21:56
lifeless$ ssh localhost21:56
lifelessConnection to localhost closed.21:56
stewartabentley, and that'd be on launchpad, as there is no reference to this pipe locally (grepped *everywhere*)21:56
abentleystewart, correct.21:57
stewartabentley, could i delete a few of the branches around it on launchpad and that would fix it?21:57
abentleystewart, I think you'd need to delete all of them.21:57
stewartabentley, hrrm.... all of them is problematic... there's 29 of them, and there's many links to merge requests, blueprints, bugs......21:58
lifelessubuntujenkins: oh21:59
abentleystewart, perhaps you're thinking it's not possible to edit a branch.conf on Launchpad?21:59
lifelessubuntujenkins: run whatever is failing with '-Derror' you should get a backtrace21:59
kfogellifeless: definitely only one key in the authorized_keys file, and no authorized_keys2 file, but I think I see the problem (http://paste.ubuntu.com/395844/).  The fact that I was being prompted for a password (!) seemed wrong, and it looks like ssh is not reading the file as rsa2...21:59
lifelessubuntujenkins: pastebin that, we can look at it21:59
kfogellifeless: I mean, i should not get a password prompt, right?21:59
lifelessubuntujenkins: also, please include the output of 'mount'21:59
lifelesskfogel: right, you want password auth disabled21:59
stewartabentley, how do i do that?22:00
lifelesskfogel: -v will have told you, but - chmod 0700 .ssh, chmod 0600 .ssh/keyfile22:00
abentleystewart, you can use an sftp client or lp:hitchhiker22:00
ubuntujenkinslifeless: I am quite happy to carry on if it interests you but I am quite happy to copy stuff to a new version of the branch. You seem like a busy person22:00
lifelessubuntujenkins: we should find out whats happening, so we can fix or document it22:01
kfogellifeless: in ~kfogel/.ssh ?22:01
stewartabentley, let me try...22:01
lifelesskfogel: yes22:01
ubuntujenkinsno problem I will get the information for you lifeless22:02
lifelesskfogel: it will have said 'key foo has inappropriate permissions, ignoring' or something like that22:02
kfogellifeless: already are that way22:02
lifelesskfogel: or, you haven't added the key to your agent - ssh-add .ssh/filename22:02
lifelessor pass -i .ssh/filename when you invoke ssh22:02
kfogellifeless: note that's not in the -v output (see paste)22:02
kfogellifeless: ah, didn't know about -i, I'll try it22:02
kfogellifeless:  when you say .ssh/filename, you mean the private key?22:02
kfogelfor kfogel, that is?22:03
lifelessthe one for jennifer22:03
kfogelwell, I'd already substituted it for my normal id_rsa22:03
kfogelit is the standard filename right now22:03
kfogellifeless:  and it's chmod 60022:03
lifelessI'd put it back to a different name TBH22:03
lifelesscould be caching effects22:03
ubuntujenkinsok after the reboot lifeless the only error occurs with bzr commit the error and the output of mount is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/395847/22:05
lifelessok, thats a different error22:06
kfogellifeless: on phone, one sec22:06
abentleystewart, I have to go, but you can email me if you get stuck.22:06
lifelessyou can run 'bzr break-lock' to fix that one22:06
ubuntujenkinslifeless I did bzr break-lock but I now get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/395849/ wehn doing bzr commit22:08
lifelessthis is really strange22:09
lifelesswe're calling fcntl.lockf(self.f, fcntl.LOCK_SH | fcntl.LOCK_NB)22:09
lifelesswhere self.f is an open file on /home/luke-jennings/Projects/ubuntu-manual/.bzr/checkout/dirstate22:10
lifelessdo you have a view defined ?22:10
ubuntujenkinswhats a view?22:11
lifelessok, you don't ;)22:11
ubuntujenkinsI guessed you were not talking about the one out of my window :-P22:11
lifelesscan you run '22:11
lifeless'fuser -ki /home/luke-jennings/Projects/ubuntu-manual/.bzr/checkout/dirstate'22:12
lifelessubuntujenkins: what version of bzr?22:13
ubuntujenkinsok i did that and agreed to all of it and I now get http://paste.ubuntu.com/395852/22:13
lifelesscould you paste what it output as well ?22:14
ubuntujenkinsBazaar (bzr) 2.1.022:14
lifelessyou'll need to break-lock again22:14
ubuntujenkinsi will do bzr break-lock22:14
lifelessnow after the break lock, I expect it will fail again - thats ok22:15
ubuntujenkinsnow it works again22:15
lifelessthats great22:15
lifelessnext time it fails22:15
lifelessplease run22:15
lifelessfuser -v /home/luke-jennings/Projects/ubuntu-manual/.bzr/checkout/dirstate22:15
lifelesswe need to see what is locking it22:15
ubuntujenkinsthanks very much I have one more question, if i do bzr commit but don't want to commit how do i get out safley?22:16
lifelessthe easiest way is to let it finish, then do 'bzr uncommit'22:16
ubuntujenkinsok thank you i did not know bxr uncommit existed22:16
lifelessif bzr has popped up an editor, asking for a commit message22:16
lifelessthen you can just give it an empty message and it will abort22:17
lifelessotherwise you can also just hit ctrl-C and it will stop the commit cleanly.22:17
ubuntujenkinsthanks again22:18
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lifelesskfogel: easiest test I know is: on your machine, make sure you can ssh in with keys; then edit your own authorized_keys to add the command, ssh in again22:21
mathricka baffling crash I got22:27
mathrickI've seen it before too22:27
mathrickit was a push to a new branch, too22:27
mathrickit doesn't happen when I go over sftp://22:28
kfogellifeless: will try, thx22:43
kfogellifeless: will test more later tonight, have to run right now.  Thanks for the time.  How much longer are you on?22:46
lifelesskfogel: I'm here all wekk22:46
kfogellifeless: I mean today?22:46
lifelesskfogel: its 0945 for me22:46
kfogellifeless: okay :-)22:46
lifelesskfogel: I started before 722:46
kfogellifeless: "I'm here all week.  Try the veal, remember to tip your waiters."22:46
kfogelis the line I think :-)22:46
lifelessso, abour 5 hours working, and more depending on $variables22:47
kfogellifeless: *nod* ok22:47
mathrickany eyeballs on that crash log I pasted?23:13
GungaDinHow can I merge changes from a previous commit into the current version of a file?23:15
mathrickGungaDin: what do you mean?23:16
lifelessbzr merge -c commit filename23:16
GungaDinI have a file x.cpp and there's another version of a file 3 commits before...23:16
GungaDinI need to merge some of the changes in the earlier version into the current one.23:17
mathrickyou probably want --interactive too if you only want some changes23:17
lifeless"bzr merge -c commit filename ." then23:17
mathricklifeless: can you give two parameters to bzr merge?23:18
mathrickif so, it's not listed at all in bzr help merge23:19
lifelessoh, I mean23:19
lifeless"bzr merge -c commit ./filename"23:19
mathrickuseful, I didn't know you could narrow it down to a path23:19
fossroxhi Everyone :)23:35
stewartabentley, i've edited the branch.conf files where needed... and still getting exactly the same error :(23:55

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