iconmefistoSpaceghost: there is USB startup disk creator on the livecd, I think00:00
SpaceghostI am not using the PC that I would like install Kubuntu, I am using a my brother's laptop for search the solution00:01
iconmefistoSpaceghost: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ can also easily make bootable USB00:03
Spaceghostso, better will be that I download this, and make the booteable here00:03
iconmefistoSpaceghost: if you already have kubuntu livecd, use the USB startup disk creator program00:04
Spaceghostah, and go with the package in the USB to the another computer00:05
iconmefistoSpaceghost: I don't understand. you want to install kubuntu on a pc with no internet. right?00:06
iconmefistoSpaceghost: or you want to install kubuntu on USB?00:07
Spaceghostyes, well, is difficult in this moment that this computer have internet00:07
Spaceghostbecause it is so far away and my UTP cable does not reach there00:08
iconmefistoSpaceghost: so why do you need gparted or partitionmanager?00:08
Spaceghostbecause I would like make the partitions to install, the swap partition, and another for first install another SO00:09
iconmefistoSpaceghost: the kubuntu installer will let you set up partitions when you install00:10
Spaceghosticonmefisto, but I read that is better in this case that first install the another SO and then Kubuntu, for doesn't lost the grub file00:11
iconmefistoSpaceghost: which other OS? windows?00:11
mio-raguys, anyone knows how to sync lg kp 500 and kubuntu 9.10?00:12
iconmefistoSpaceghost: yes, it's better to install windows first. but the windows installer will let you choose partition size. just leave enough room on the disk to make the linux partitions later when you install kubuntu00:12
Spaceghostand now I just do and I format the Windows partition, right? and leave the rest space unpartitioned?00:14
iconmefistoSpaceghost: yes00:14
Spaceghostand unformatted00:14
mio-raSpaceghost:first make disk defragmentation00:16
iconmefistomio-ra: Spaceghost is creating new filesystem. no need for defrag00:17
mio-raцук, дайти сцылку на нормальный логсервер =_=00:19
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:20
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rastaseanhello linux users and lovers. i am looking for a linux to install on my system. currently it is kubuntu but I don't really like it01:28
rastaseanubunut is all right too but i'm looking for something more01:29
rastaseanx86 architecture support is necessary.01:29
haakon__What exactly are you looking for?01:42
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orb01fabio333: just wanted to let you know I fixed it. removing the program wammu deleted timidity and esound and that worked after a reboot01:49
Zhenyahi guys,01:49
Zhenyacan any lend a hand on how to clean out old kernels? I read a howto but it said to use adpet which is not installed on my nbuild01:49
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:50
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!01:50
Zhenya@draik this ins't a wifi question.... :D01:51
draikZhenya: It also wasn't for you ;)01:51
Zhenyadraik: sorry :D01:52
orb01Zhenya, boot the new kernel, make sure everything is working and then use aptitude to delete the old one01:54
Zhenyaorb01: I've been using the new kernel for a bit now, aptitude=apt?01:55
orb01Zhenya, the new one being 20 and the old one being 14?01:55
Zhenyai think so, i have 5 or 6 kernels now on my grub menu....01:57
orb01Zhenya, can you give me output of uname -r in konsole?01:58
Zhenyaorb01: 2.6.31-20-generic01:59
orb01great :)01:59
orb01type sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic in konsole02:00
orb01you'll have to enter your password02:00
Zhenyaorb01: I have a bunch of other kernels too02:01
Zhenyacan i generate a list of all kernels?02:01
orb01uhm, yes I believe so, let me check, I just came from an rpm-based system02:02
Zhenya:D thank you!!02:02
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Guest60877tengo problemas con la cam02:03
Guest60877alguien m puede ayudar?02:03
Guest60877hay alguien ahi?02:04
orb01Zhenya, can you give me the output of this: dpkg -l | grep linux-image02:04
Guest60877i have problems with my cam02:05
Zhenyaorb01: it worked02:05
Zhenyarc  linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic        2.6.31-14.48                               Linux kernel image for version 2.6.31 on x8602:05
Zhenyaii  linux-image-2.6.31-17-generic        2.6.31-17.54                               Linux kernel image for version 2.6.31 on x8602:05
Zhenyaii  linux-image-2.6.31-19-generic        2.6.31-19.56                               Linux kernel image for version 2.6.31 on x8602:05
Zhenyaii  linux-image-2.6.31-20-generic        2.6.31-20.57                               Linux kernel image for version 2.6.31 on x8602:05
Zhenyaii  linux-image-generic                                       Generic Linux kernel image02:05
FloodBotK1Zhenya: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:05
Guest60877anyone help me?02:05
orb01Guest60877, #ubuntu-es02:05
orb01Zhenya, should've told you about pastebin ;) sorry02:05
Zhenyahaha sorry02:05
Guest60877im an kubuntu user02:06
Zhenyadid it paste anyways?02:06
Zhenyaok cool, so now just go through the list and enter the command you did with the correct kernel, avioiding .2002:06
orb01sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.31-14 linux-image-2.6.31-17 linux-image-2.6.31-1902:06
orb01try that02:06
orb01Guest60877, what's the problem?02:07
Zhenyaah cool, i didn't know you could string commands together like that :D02:07
Zhenyahmm didn't work02:07
kubian-14 is already removed02:07
kubianby looking at 'rc'02:07
orb01sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.31-14-generic linux-image-2.6.31-17-generic linux-image-2.6.31-19-generic02:08
orb01try this02:08
Zhenyaah thats working!02:08
orb01yeah, so what I wanted to tell you after this :P, try sudo aptitude02:08
orb01it's a nice konsole frontend02:08
Zhenyaoh ok sweeet02:09
Zhenyaafter this is done thats next :D02:09
orb01btw, does anyone know why installing wammu (dependencies timidity and esound) completely breaks sound on Kubuntu 9.10?02:12
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rastaseanwhats up02:15
Zhenyaorb01: awesome thank you for showing me aptitude02:16
rastaseananyone ever try out ubuntu studio?02:19
orb01Zhenya, no problem good luck :)02:27
letalisanyone know of a good site that helps you setup aliases in konversation?02:51
Draconis_Pardon, but I cannot seem to figure out how to install flash player so i can view youtube videos and whatnot...03:09
OxDeadC0desudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer03:11
OxDeadC0deDraconis_: ^03:12
juacom99hi can anyone plese help me change my screer resolution permanently to 1024x768 on kubuntu 9.1003:28
juacom99i try this03:28
juacom99but it didn't work for  me :S03:29
XeperaDoes anyone know what command KDE issues when the user clicks the "Logout" button and the "Reset" button?03:55
* Daughain chuckles......04:06
DaughainXepera: Is it not shutting down properly?04:06
Brhad56juacom99: seems that there is a GUI somewhere, but i can't remember how to get to it04:15
Brhad56juacom99: in system settings, goto the Display option in "Computer Administration"04:16
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XeperaDaughain: No, I'm just trying to bind those actions to Cairo Dock's applet04:43
corigo2I just want to play a DVD in my drive, and every application I launch says it doesn't have permission to access it! What a pain!04:52
Xeperacorigo2: probably have to edit your fstab04:52
corigo2crazy... and a succinct process for that?04:54
jeff__how do i view my network usage in 9.10?07:26
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alexxxпривет всем08:43
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dmdevoteehi, i'm trying to mount a iso typing in terminal sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop "/media/WD10EADS/Software/sistemas operativos/kubuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64.iso" /media/prueba08:53
dmdevoteebut it does't mount08:53
dmdevoteewhen i go to /media/prueba is epty08:53
dmdevoteeany help please?08:54
dmdevoteei type in terminal sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop "/media/WD10EADS/Software/sistemas operativos/kubuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64.iso" /media/prueba but it doesn't work. any help?09:22
Vroomfondle!doesntwork | dmdevotee09:24
ubottudmdevotee: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.09:24
dmdevoteelol, what does the command mount?09:35
dmdevoteeit brings you a beer?09:35
dmdevoteeit doesn't work because when i go to /media/prueba folder, it's empty09:36
dmdevoteehow do you mount a .iso file in kubuntu?09:45
dmdevoteelol now the folder is not empty09:46
dmdevoteei do not know how i solved it lol09:46
dmdevoteeit was empty before09:46
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egorКто поможет нубику10:29
egorCan you help me?10:29
jesse_No I need help as well LOL!10:29
egorwhat exactly?10:30
jesse_i cant get my wifi adapter working10:30
egordo you have build-in tool?10:30
egor)) do you have laptop?10:31
egoror pc?10:31
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jesse_chipset is a AR500710:33
Guest12925hello     some body know programm  to record all actions on  desktop?10:33
ulyssesGuest12925: qt-recordmydesktop?10:34
Guest12925ulysses      not found by apt-get install10:35
egorsorryy jesse, i have no idea10:35
ulyssesGuest12925: It's not in the Ubuntu repositories, gtk-recordmydesktop is in there, but qt-recordmydesktop have to be compiled from source code10:38
Guest12925ulysses  ok  gtk  is available10:39
jesse_anyone have any ideas about my wireless?10:43
ulyssesjesse_: Have you read this documentation? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/AR500710:45
contrastGreets, everyone... When installing via the minimal CD, the right Alt key gets mapped to ISO_Level3_Shift. Does anyone know how to change this on a system-wide level (i.e., _not_ through KDE's keyboard layout settings)?10:48
jesse_ulysses: thanks i will look at that now11:03
jesse_I have been looking for a while and found the patch but everytime i tried to download it i got 40411:08
n8wguys do u also experience that the hibernation(suspend to disk) takes incredibly long time?11:55
bupssshi all12:00
bupsssa quick question, i installed kde, but i can't understand how to make themes (windows borders and icons) to work12:04
bupsssi gnome i just copy them in a .theme and .icons folders but here.... i have no idea12:04
bupsssany help?12:04
sirius_Hello all. I just installed "activeperl". But at the command prompt i still get the default perl (opensource- larry wall).. Can any one tell how to configure activeperl....Thanks....12:22
lalalolsince nobody answers in offtopic, ill ask here, how do i remove something from /root/opt/ ?12:27
Picilalalol: Use sudo.12:27
lalalolbut i first need to cd, and it says access denied12:28
lalalolpermision *12:28
Picilalalol: then sudo -i, to get an root shell and then cd and whatever.  just remember to 'exit' when you're done.12:29
lalaloli dont understand pici12:29
Picilalalol: open a terminal.  Type sudo -i12:29
lalalolok im at root now12:29
PiciNow you can cd into that folder.12:29
lalalolok, im in the folder, how do i remove something?12:30
Picirm thefilename12:30
lalaloli get an error :/12:31
PiciTheres no un-delete though, so be careful.12:31
PiciWhat error?12:31
lalalolrm: cannot remove `iron-linux': Is a directory12:31
Piciuse rm -rf for directories.12:32
egorhi all12:32
egori need help!!12:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:32
egorok, i can't fix grub! there is not file grub.conf12:33
lalalolthx Pici, ur the best :)12:33
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:33
egor=) ths12:33
lalalolPici, i have another problem though, when i search for something in dolphin, it never finds it12:34
Picilalalol: I'm sorry, I don't actually use KDE, so I don't think I'll be much help with that :)12:34
lalalolok, np12:34
egoroh, what go you use?12:35
PiciGnome <.<12:35
egorты русский да?)12:35
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke12:35
egordo you think Gnome better than KDE?12:35
PiciIts different.12:36
lalalolPici, maybe you can help with this, i once installed a language on my system and uninstalled it shortly after, however, some apps still use that removed language :S12:36
lalalolPici, ?12:40
Picilalalol: Sorry, I'm not sure :/12:40
lalalolk >.<12:41
lalalolPici, 1 more thing, do you use chrome/chromium/iron?12:41
Picilalalol: chromium12:41
lalalolok Pici, where does it store all its data and stuff? ive found a folder in .config, and somewhere else too, do you know any more places?12:42
lalalolthe other place was .cache12:42
Picilalalol: I haven't gone looking for the data yet, but perhaps somewhere in /tmp as well.12:43
bupsssquestion.... how do i install a theme?12:44
lalalolnothing there Pici12:49
lalalolwoah i found another file!12:51
lalalolnow im gonna install chromium with ppa:chromium-daily/ppa12:56
lalaloloh dear, software sources is stuck12:57
lalalolstrange, it didnt install, how come Pici?12:59
mfoowhy, when using ubuntu and logging in with a KDE session, might my wired networking not work at all?13:02
mfooI'm currently connecting over usb with my phone which is connected to wifi, which works fine13:02
lalalolhuh? even sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade didnt work13:03
goodtimetry updatedb13:05
goodtimelo all13:06
lalalolgoodtime, whats the exact command?13:06
lalalolsudo apt-get updatedb?13:06
goodtimeno tyr that as root13:06
goodtimeit updates your data base13:07
lalaloldidnt work >.<13:07
lalaloli dont get it, its just a ppa13:08
st4alucklalalol: what about the key???13:09
st4alucklalalol: yeah, ppa respositories  and a signing key13:10
lalalolst4aluck, the previous time i added that same ppa it worked (without a signing key)13:10
st4aluckla sorry I did't check13:10
st4alucklalalol: sorry13:11
lalalolits np lol :)13:11
lalalolst4aluck, do you have chromium?13:12
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lalalolwho has chromium in here?13:15
lalalolgoodtime, wb :)13:16
lalalolgoodtime, do you use chromium?13:17
goodtimenaw i runubuntu 10.013:17
goodtimei know i have this little hp mini too\13:18
lalaloloh dear13:18
goodtimeim getting a cool lappy someday soon13:18
lalalola lenovo thinkpad? ^^13:19
goodtimethis little thing is ok for now13:19
OlderGuyUsing kubuntu 9.04  I'm not able to connect a new computer to a WLAN. The USB dongle works fine as it scans using "iwlist wlan0 scanning" and it can see my network. I suspect Knetworkmanager misbehaving... Can anyone help?13:19
goodtimeyeah i was thinking to get one of the thinkpads lol13:19
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Guest33419Hi all, question - using Kubuntu 9.10 and cannot get a new vodafone stick to work - it lights up and then goes to blue light -(a previous time it went to green) but no connection.13:21
lalalolwho has chromium on their system?13:21
OlderGuyGuest33419,  which stick model?13:21
eagles05138785hey guys im just wondering is it possible to strip kubuntu from some of its default programs without screwing up everything?13:22
eagles05138785removing commandline commands x and what not13:22
OlderGuyThe model name, not the distributor Guest3341913:22
OlderGuylook on the back side13:22
Guest33419sorry - not sure how to check that13:22
OlderGuyit's usually hard to read...  but it is there13:23
Guest33419vodafone mobile broadband - I'll check - there is more13:23
Guest33419hspa usb stick13:24
Guest33419model K3765-Z13:25
OlderGuyok, it's the same as mine13:25
Guest33419any ideas?13:25
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OlderGuyyou need a program from vodofone labs for using it with linux13:26
Guest33419o boy13:26
OlderGuy can't remember the details... i configured it months ago13:26
OlderGuyand it worked easily, if this may turn your mood to a better state13:26
Guest33419if u finf it can u send it by e-mail to me?13:27
OlderGuyno, i have it on a different computer, not this one i'm on and i can't check it now13:27
Guest33419how do i chat only to u and not whole group?13:27
OlderGuydo some google search for vodafone labs13:28
Guest33419ok - will do13:28
netdaemoncan anyone tell me the package that gets me the kcontrol plug for configuring the touchpad?13:28
OlderGuycause no one else is answering....13:28
OlderGuyanyone here is expert on knetworkmanager ?  I need some help....13:28
spirov92hi, I'm new to kubuntu, I'm trying to upgrade amarok. can I see a list of available versions in adept?13:36
putt1ck@OlderGuy - expert no, experienced yes13:36
putt1ckwhat's the question?13:36
OlderGuyputt1ck,   ;-)13:36
OlderGuywell, i suspect some misbehaving of knetworkmanager in a kubuntu 9.04 new install:13:37
OlderGuya usb dongle works, and can see the network using "iwlist wlan0 scanning"13:38
OlderGuyonly, i can't manage to have it connected13:38
sidojust gui app dont work13:38
OlderGuy and believe me, I connected several different dongles before....13:38
sidoare you with static IP13:39
putt1ckusing "Manage Connections"?13:39
sidoor dynamic13:39
OlderGuywell, I want to avoid saying it... but knetworkmanager is really crappy!13:39
putt1ckwell, it has only one issue I know of13:39
OlderGuyno, i left DHCP as auto13:40
putt1ckwith bluetooth tethered devices13:40
putt1ckso using Manage Connections does the scan see the network you want to connect to?13:40
OlderGuyyes, it does13:40
OlderGuyand i have other kubuntu computers connected without problems13:41
spirov92hmmf...does anyone know of a repo that has amarok 2.2.2+13:41
putt1ckso you select that network, which is open? PSK?13:41
spirov92I'm using 9.1013:41
OlderGuythe network requires a wep key, which i added and triple checked13:42
OlderGuyi compared the settings with those of another unit that connects nicely, and everything is absolutely identical13:43
putt1ckeverything as well as the hardware?13:43
OlderGuyyeah, both the router and the dongle seem to work fine, only they seem non to talk together13:44
putt1ckwell, got to go back into meeting13:44
putt1cktry "sudo killall knetworkmanager"13:45
putt1ckand then knetworkmanager13:45
OlderGuyok, i will give it a try, thanks13:45
putt1ckand have a look at the output dumped to console when you try and connect13:45
putt1cksounds like a problem I've had here with a new variant Realtek chipset13:46
putt1ckbut won't work in anything current, not only problem on one computer13:46
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spirov92a quick question. how do I include ~/bin/ in search paths for commands, like it is on default on some distros?13:57
JontheEchidnaspirov92: place "export PATH=$PATH:~/bin" anywhere in ~/.bashrc, then run "source ~/.bashrc" or restart the computer14:05
spirov92JontheEchidna: thanks14:11
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SatManUKwhat is the default username for kubuntu and ubuntu based distributions?14:57
SatManUKif running from a live cd14:58
arch0njwSatManUK: there isn't.  you just use it.14:58
arch0njwSatManUK: Are you being prompted for a login?14:58
SatManUKi am testing something called uberstudent with is based on ubuntu and its prompting for a login..14:58
SatManUKthere support channel is well empty..14:59
arch0njwIs it your Ubuntu login, or does this software require a login?14:59
SatManUKsoftware requires a login to get into gnome or console14:59
SatManUKi tried root blank.. linux linux and all such14:59
JontheEchidnaSatManUK: ubuntu/ no password15:00
SatManUKi am trying to reboot it intov "install" I shouldn't have to login to install!! it should allow me to give me the eoption to create users15:01
SatManUKremoving gdm-guest session15:02
SatManUKif the team behind this fork takes away the guest sessions they aren't getting many users lol15:03
SatManUKAuthentication Failure15:03
SatManUKthis is a weird fork for sure15:04
orb01hey, can anyone test the package subdownloader for me?15:06
orb01it won't let me connect to their server, and so I can't download subtitles; however their server isnt down15:06
orb01I'm not sure if the problem lies here or in the package itself15:07
n8wdoes any of u run dropbox on a machine with dual boot?15:07
orb01yes, I do15:07
SatManUKtried root/root15:07
SatManUKlinux linux15:08
SatManUKnothing works lol15:08
orb01I run it on kubuntu/xp n8w15:08
n8worb01:  cool,listen man, ive got a big problem linkin a folder being placed on partition(win) to a dropbox appz in linux15:08
orb01n8w: try running dropbox as root, you might not have permissions15:09
orb01SatManUK, were you talking to n8w or me?15:09
n8worb01:  when i install dropbox on windows it forces me to use /My dropbox folder, when i install it on linux it forces me to use /Dropbox folder15:09
n8worb01:  so its impossible to use the same folder15:10
arch0njwn8w: you can try linking to your WinXP mount.  I would do the following...15:10
SatManUKI was talking to arch0njw15:10
orb01n8w: when you install dropbox on kubuntu 9.10 you get a wizard at first run, did that pop up? it lets you configure the location for the dropbox folder15:11
orb01SatManUK: ok, sorry15:11
arch0njwn8w: (1) turn off dropbox, (2) mv ~/Dropbox ~/Dropbox.bak; (3) cd ~; ln -s /path/to/My\ Dropbox Dropbox15:11
n8worb01:  ye fcourse15:11
arch0njwThat should make your ~/Dropbox folder piont to your WinXP c:\blah\blah\blah\My Dropbox folder.15:11
n8warch0njw:  ye i think thats the trick15:11
orb01yeah, sounds like a good idea, make sure you have right permissions though15:12
arch0njwSatManUK: sounds like they have put in their own authenticaltion.  You should email uberstudent to see if they have special credentials to use.15:12
arch0njworb01: right15:12
n8warch0njw:  well one more thing to mention...ive installed dropbox with that manual way...in order not to install all those gnome dependencies15:12
arch0njwSatManUK: "OOTB" Ubuntu and Kubuntu Live CDs just run -- no authentication.  sudo'ing commands works without a password.15:12
n8warch0njw:  is it gonna influence your solution?15:13
arch0njwn8w: sure.  it should still work as long as ~/Dropbox is the folder it uses.15:13
orb01n8w: also check out the dropbox addons wiki.. I believe there is an addon to do this graphically15:13
arch0njw(folder ... directory ... I hate mixing those up... DIRECTORY is what I mean :) ...)15:13
SatManUKso why has this fork taken that out that really doesn't make any sense..15:13
arch0njwSatManUK: beats me silly with a wet noodle.15:13
n8warch0njw:  i run dropbox from dropbox-dist15:13
arch0njwSatManUK: it doesn't make any sense.15:14
arch0njwn8w: again, as long as it is using ~/Dropbox as the directory under Kubuntu, what I said should work.  Mind what orb01 said, you might need to run the "ln" command as root (sudo it) for the link to work.15:14
n8warch0njw:  yep will do that15:15
arch0njwn8w: You should also confirm that you as your normal user have r/w permit to the WinXP drive in general.  Otherwise, you won't be able to write files there :)15:15
n8worb01:  cool i will check it out..thx15:15
n8warch0njw:  ye thats all good...no prob with that15:15
SatManUKi have e-mailed the author "Stephen Ewan" for details.15:18
n8warch0njw:  where did u get that tutorial from?15:29
arch0njwn8w: what tutorial?15:29
n8warch0njw:  n8w: (1) turn off dropbox, (2) mv ~/Dropbox ~/Dropbox.bak; (3) cd ~; ln -s /path/to/My\ Dropbox Dropbox15:29
arch0njwn8w: that was an educated guess15:30
n8warch0njw:  coz i think ive seen it somewhere:)15:30
arch0njwn8w: it's what I'd do if I was trying to make that work.15:30
n8warch0njw:  ok...the reason im askin is that i though i could read on that a bit more...coz im kinda cofused now:)15:30
n8warch0njw:  i dont wanna mess it up....15:30
n8warch0njw:  my dropbox ppl r already kinda angry while im leavin n join shared folders all the time:)))))15:31
arch0njwn8w: that's why you should backup the original ~/Dropbox under Ubuntu.  Presumably, it has all of your files in it up-to-date.  That becomes your recovery mechanism.15:31
n8warch0njw:  nope, not yet....i havent created any folder on kununtu yet....i wanna link it to the existin folder rite away15:32
n8warch0njw:  so instead of creatin a new folder on kubuntu, i wanna link it to the existin folder bein on my windows partition15:33
arch0njwn8w: if you don't have DB running yet, then you can create that link instead.  HOWEVER, I would first backup the WinXP directory in some fashion (like a simple copy).15:33
n8warch0njw:  ive already done that:)))15:33
arch0njwn8w: I am going to guess, and this is a guess, that if ~/Dropbox already exists, even as a link, when you install DB it will use it.15:34
n8warch0njw:  hmm it might...but the thing is that now i need to go through that installation procedure again...so im gonna have to choose a folder15:35
twotenI have a network problem with Kubuntu 9.1015:35
n8warch0njw:  ohh i got it now....15:35
arch0njwn8w: the worst case:  install under Kubuntu and let the installer create ~/Dropbox.  Then follow my steps as outlined (turn off, backup, link, etc.)15:35
=== shadeslayer is now known as shadeslayer_
twotenI bought a router and now I no longer need to start up in a PPPoE environment but with dhcp - how can I get rid of the ifupdown and use my wired connection instead?15:36
twotenI used to connect directly to my high speed modem but now I want to go through the router, how do I change that?15:40
MiniMehi all, hope someone can help me: i'm trying to mount an encrypted home directory on an old harddrive (/media/disk/home/$USERNAME) to ~/OLDHOME on a ubuntu system (which also has encrypted home)15:41
MiniMe"sudo mount -t ecryptfs /media/disk/home/$USER/.Private ~/OLDHOME/" mounts, but then ls on ~/OLDHOME first lists "ls: cannot access OLDHOME/Pictures: No such file or directory" for every file, then "d????????? ? ? ? ?                ? Pictures/"15:41
regeyatwoten: maybe we could start with connecting the modem to the router, connecting the computer to the modem, and consulting the router manual :-)15:41
twotenmaybe I know all that, I have a tray icon, a Network Manager, and it will not give up it's ifupdown connection even though I delete it15:43
kubiantwoten: this could be diff but for me connect the modem then connect the router to modem then connect your pc to router then configure router to maneg the connection15:44
kubiantwoten: once router is configured, any pc connected to router is connected automatically.15:46
twotenit's not the router, all the other boxes on my home network are fine, what are the config files in /etc that control the network startup config? something in rc.d?15:46
kubiantwoten: you confuses me???15:47
Vroomfondletwoten: by default networking is handled entirely by NetworkManager15:48
twotenone computer has been setup to connect with pppoe and I can't get it to forget that and use dhcp instead15:48
Vroomfondleyou can stick something in /etc/network/interfaces if you want, though15:48
twotenI'll try that, thanks very much15:49
regeyatwoten: if your other networked hardware is just magically working, and you haven't mucked around with config files, your kubuntu box should as well15:49
regeyahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE twoten15:50
n8warch0njw:  hmm i think ive found even easier way:)))15:50
arch0njwn8w: mkay... :) and it is?15:51
n8warch0njw:  ive created a folder called "dropbox" in my "my dropbox" folder(created by win installation), when i run the setup from linux n point to the folder "dropbox" insode of the My dropbox folder, it asks if it should merge it15:52
n8warch0njw:  i say yes n thats it...15:53
arch0njwn8w: this15:54
n8warch0njw:  the only reason why i had to do that, was that the instalation for linux and windows is not the same,one forces u to use "my dropbox" and the other one "dropbox"15:54
arch0njwn8w: I mean "nice"... I have no idea why I typed "this" :)15:54
=== chris_ is now known as ChrisNewbie
arch0njwn8w: that's why I suggested linking ~/dropbox to your windows "My Dropbox".  But if that works too, cool :)15:54
n8warch0njw: ye i mean your way definately the rite way...n i guess a bit more elegant...but i did it in a HC way:)15:56
n8warch0njw:  the only thing is that uve got a structure like /My dropbox/dropbox/ yourfiles ...but cmon, i can easily live with it:D15:57
rosco_yis anyone familiar with configuring the festival text to speech system?16:37
rosco_yI want to specify a certain voice16:38
=== 50UAAE29X is now known as Twin_ge_
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!16:57
pok_i work frist kubuntu!16:58
daskreechpok_: grats!16:59
ubottuPlease see #ubuntu-th for Ubuntu in Thailand.17:01
pok_i can't install Dricet admin null scrip17:02
daskreechpok_: where are you installing it from?17:04
pok_i dowloand scrip from web.17:05
pok_i have scrip null but can't install17:06
daskreechpok_: what have you done to install it?17:08
pok_daskreech you can help me?17:08
daskreechpok_: If you would like.17:08
daskreechpok_: You can join #ubuntu-th as well if you would like17:08
pok_i  don't key  install17:10
pok_i have carcking17:10
pok_scrip driect admin null carck scrip17:11
pok_you can install from scrip17:12
pok_i live thai17:13
daskreech ใช่ :-)17:13
daskreechเขียน /join #ubuntu-th17:14
daskreechpok_: ^^17:14
daskreechpok_: In this window เขียน /join #ubuntu-th17:15
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kostiaподскажите как поднять почтовый сервак на ubunte17:35
DarkwingDuckkostia: #ubuntu-ru17:36
DarkwingDuckkostia: Ubuntu русский канал #Ubuntu-RU17:39
andrew__somebody can help me with kde 4.4.1 and his effects17:41
andrew__i cant use the effect in kde 4.4.1, my screen dont look good17:44
rameshneed help related to Kopete - Google Talk Voice Chat17:51
rameshtried port 443 and 5223.17:52
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
rameshchecked all three options17:52
rameshstill I can't voice chat is not enabled.17:54
chiofalosupporto italiano?18:11
tiorodyHello, everyone. Anybody from Brazil here?18:12
chiofalosupporto italiano per kubuntu??18:13
arch0njwchiofalo: type: /join ubuntu-it18:14
chiofalook thank18:15
arch0njwciao! :D18:15
tiorodyjee... no italian, no brazilian! :O18:16
arch0njwkubuntu is the lonely child.  English only here.  Ubuntu gets all the multi-lingual love.  ;^)18:16
chiofaloarch0njw: te parli italiano?? :)18:17
arch0njwUno poco.  (Only enough to get me in trouble.)18:18
arch0njwoops... Un poco ;)18:18
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
venikI have installed Thunderbird 3.04 (pre, AKA Shredder), but now I find in the repositories TB 3.1.  I installed that one, but when I run TB, I get the 3.04 version.  I do not want to UNINSTALL 3.04, since I do not want another profile created, etc.  How do I go from 3.04 to 3.1?18:28
MacMan_ithello room. I'm trying to upgrade from karmic to lucid alpha 3 using the alternate install CD, but it doesn't work.18:33
MacMan_itI've added the CD to the apt sources, and commented all the other repositories. run a sudo aptitude update, then sudo aptitude dist-upgrade, but it picks just 1 package to upgrade18:34
MacMan_itany idea what I'm doing wrong? tnx18:34
=== Administrator is now known as Guest35434
arch0njwvenik:  uninstalling 3.04 should not remove the profile directory -as long as- that profile directory is in your home directory under something like .mozilla-thunderbird (guessing at the exact name).18:45
venikI let TB install it, so it should be there18:46
venikOK-- here we go down the rabbit hole...18:46
st4aluckcan somebody try this if the address works18:46
st4aluckstc@Thundercrumb:~$ hg clone http://linuxtv.org/hg/~jfrancois/gspca18:46
st4aluckdestination directory: gspca18:46
st4aluckabort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found18:46
FloodBotK1st4aluck: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.18:46
arch0njwvenik: you should also check /usr/bin to see what exactly executable is being run.  It might be linked to run 3.04 instead of 3.118:47
arch0njw!paste | st4aluck18:47
ubottust4aluck: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:47
andrew__somebody using kde 4.4.1??18:52
venikthe main reason I want to upgrade is that I have not been able to get Lightning (the calendar) to work with 3.0418:52
arch0njwandrew__: aye.18:52
arch0njwvenik: I tried that -once-.  it was very bloated at the time I tried it.  I have grown fond of Kontact.18:53
venikin /usr/bin/ I have two thunderbird related perl scripts-- one labeled thunderbird and one labeled  thunderbird 3.118:53
arch0njwvenik: in konsole, try running the script for 3.118:53
venikI did, and, as I feared, it asks me to set up a thunderbird account...18:54
venikI hate the "upgrading" procedures for TB..18:54
arch0njwvenik: uh... that's dern strange.  It shouldn't.18:55
MacMan_ithello room. I'm trying to upgrade from karmic to lucid alpha 3 using the alternate install CD. I've added the CD to the apt sources, and commented all the other repositories. run a sudo aptitude update, then sudo aptitude dist-upgrade, but it picks just 1 package to upgrade.18:55
venikI agree that it shouldn't... but it did18:55
=== david is now known as Guest57983
st4aluckguys I am trying to comp drivers but something went wrong with: $ hg clone http://linuxtv.otg/hg/~jfroancois/gspca18:56
venikit seems oblivious to the existing profile18:56
andrew__somebody using kde 4.4.1??18:56
arch0njwMacMan_it: did you try this:  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading#Upgrading%20Using%20the%20Alternate%20CD/DVD18:57
arch0njwandrew__: I am using kde 4.4.118:57
andrew__and can use the effects on desktop?18:57
arch0njwMacMan_it: I think to do what you want to do, you need to use the alt CD.  But that conclusion is based on a cursory read of that page.  I could be wrong.18:57
st4aluckcan somebody help me?18:58
arch0njwandrew__: I use minimal effects, but those I use work.18:58
andrew__outh, i can't activate the compositing18:58
andrew__u some any idea of why?18:58
arch0njwnvidia or ati card?18:58
arch0njwI can only really help if you have nvidia.  It's what I know best.18:59
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=== hanzz is now known as Guest70525
andrew__outch i have an notebook compaq c700 and i don't know whit is my video card19:00
andrew__but is integred19:00
andrew__so i think that is intel19:00
venikrunning that script has created a Thunderbird 3.1 folder in my home directory19:00
venikwith a new account, but with all the settings unset yet19:00
=== CrissiD is now known as CrissiD_afk
venikNow if TB was properly written, I should have been able to move everything from the old profile to the new one19:02
arch0njwandrew__: Oh... Intel.  Hmm...  err...  I don't really know that one that well.  Do you have the right drivers installed?  I poked around and found this:  http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=3136319:02
venikbut I do not think that works19:02
arch0njwmy search was "intel graphics kde desktop effects" (no quotes)19:02
arch0njwvenik: I wonder if the profile config changed and that is deliberate.  You should be able to import an old TB account.  I did that once and it worked well.19:03
andrew__arch0njw: but i don't have the xorg.conf19:03
arch0njwandrew__: scroll down.  they talk about the packages that need to be installed.19:04
venikwhen I tried it now, and chose Import Everything, It said: Import from.... but gave me no place to choose.  I wonder if the creators ever watched how this is done19:05
arch0njwI have a bad feeling the mozilla devs are Windows biased.  :(19:05
andrew__arch0njw : i'm sorry but i can't see how :(19:06
venikThe import is meant to import from OTHER mail programs, not from another TB account19:06
arch0njwvenik: what about exiting TB and copying the old profiles dir into the new profiles dir?19:07
sxmhello i need help: my hd light is costantly on and i can hear a disk working. and even if i have 2 sata sda and sdb.... in dmesg theres a sdc..... (this permanent spinning seems to slow down the pc.... )19:08
=== CrissiD_afk is now known as CrissiD
arch0njwandrew__: I have a machine that has intel graphics and I -think- it does compositing.  Would you mind posting an Ubuntu forums post about this and send me the link?  I will follow-up that way.  Sorry to redirect you, but I don't have access to that machine right now.  My guess is that you don't have the necessary packages installed and therefore don't have the right drivers.19:09
andrew__arch0njw: ok, i will try to post on englis because i'm chilean tanks anyway19:11
DraconisQuestion- why is it sometimes my wireless modem doesnt wanna connect to anything, even though I have never moved it from the place it gets teh best connection...its strange, my windows PC doesnt do that lol just this one, is there somethihng I need to fix?19:11
arch0njwDraconis: that is a long standing question of mine & an open issue on Launchpad and bugs.kde.  I still have no answer.19:11
Draconislol so its not just me fking something up. its actually a bug within kde?19:12
arch0njwDraconis: sometimes when I boot my netbook, I get no signal.  A reboot fixes it.  Sometimes it will brain-f@rt and drop the wireless and never get it back.  Again, a reboot fixes it.19:12
arch0njwDraconis: I think this has been acknowledged as an issue with the new networking widget/plasmoid/thinger.  The solution has been to fall back to kdenetwork-manager.  But I am stubbor, persist with the 'thinger' and reboot when I need to.  Not like I'm playing MMMMMMORPGs on my netbook. :D19:13
Draconislol yeah last time, erm this time lol, I had to reboot about 4 times...it would select another wireless network (i dont have the wep so I couldnt connect) but wouldnt even try MY connection lol19:14
DraconisWell, this is my laptop, but I generally TRY to play games on it...lol19:14
DraconisUnfortunately, I cannot figure out WinE enough to make Requiem: Memento Mori or City of Heroes/Villains work19:15
arch0njwDraconis: I usually hardline with games.  Nothing rains on a game more than a lost connection.19:16
noaXess_netubuwhere is the config file for kickoff?19:16
DraconisIndeed...I use my workplace's wireless modem because I live RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the main office, and maintain a great connection- i have a key to go reest the modem inside th eoffice as well, my issue is figuring out a connection program that is more consistant19:17
DraconisHow can I go about installing the kdenetwork-manager...canb I use apt-get?19:19
DraconisIn terminal that is19:19
arch0njwDraconis: my mistake, it is "knetwork-manager" (I think).  And, yes, you should be able to "sudo apt-get install ...".19:20
noaXess_netubuDragnslcr: its plasma-widget-networkmanagement19:21
arch0njwnoaXess_netubu: that's the very widget that has the problem Drac' and I are experiencing.19:22
noaXess_netubuoh Draconis it's for you19:22
noaXess_netubuaha..so try wicd?19:22
arch0njwFWIW, that widget works better in 4.4.1, but it still zones out from time to time.  I think part of the official answer to me is that it's my hardware, not the software.19:22
noaXess_netubui'm remotly on a machine and need a specific kikkoff entry to get the config of that entry.. how can i get it?19:33
abby87hi,I've just installed Kubuntu karmic and upgraded it to kde 4.4.After installation I would like to configure Kubuntu such that an user on my system won't be able to access any of my ntfs removable drives.I tried in vain changing the permissions via systemsettings>Advanced>UserMgmt19:33
Draconisknetwork-manager doesnt work in terminal i guess its something else19:39
arch0njwDraconis:  Hmm... either I'm getting the name wrong, or they removed it.  I just looked in kpackagekit and I don't see it listed.19:44
DraconisIs there a 'gaming' chatroom?19:46
ambitwhen i sudo apt-get update i hang up at 98% "waiting for headers", anybody got any ideas?19:47
* Draconis is tryin to find linux based games rofl19:47
Vroomfondleyeah, good luck with that ;)19:48
Vroomfondlehappypenguin,org is the place to look19:48
Draconis..sucks or?19:48
Vroomfondleambit: probably a server problem. Has it been happening for long?19:48
VroomfondleDraconis: happypenguin has a listing of most Linux games19:49
ambitVroomfondle: today is the only day i have had the problem, it was just wierd to me that its hanging up at 98%19:49
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FabienDhi all19:58
FabienDsomeone has tried this PPA : https://launchpad.net/~dnjl/+archive/virtualization?field.series_filter=karmic19:58
FabienDwith kubuntu 9.10 ?19:58
FabienDI have error about duplicate entries while fetching sources19:59
teatimedoes anyone know if there is a "live cd" version of the ubuntu/kubuntu server?20:00
teatimewould be nice to know if it picks up my sw raid before I flush the old install... :P20:00
=== david is now known as Guest56061
=== WindPower is now known as WindPowdon
=== AlexZion_ is now known as AlexZion
smokealotteatime arent the cd/dvd of both also live cds them selfs?20:15
teatimesmokealot: could be.. but the download pages seems to indicate otherwise20:16
teatimesmokealot: guess I'll give it a try. thanks! :)20:20
naftilos76hi, has anyone upgraded to 4.4.1 from the backports repo?20:25
naftilos76my distro is 4.3.2 - kubuntu 9.1020:25
arch0njwnaftilos76: I am running 4.4.1 on 9.1020:26
naftilos76did you upgrade from 4.3.2 ?20:27
arch0njwnaftilos76: that I don't recall.20:27
naftilos76was kde the default ver of kubuntu 9.10 CD ?20:28
arch0njwkde4 was the default on 9.1020:28
ulysseskde4 is the default since 8.1020:28
naftilos76i know but was it 4.3.2?20:28
arch0njwulysses: thanks :)20:29
ulyssesI think it was KDE 4.3.2, however I've upgraded my Jaunty to Karmic20:29
arch0njw4.3.0 was the default in 9.1020:34
teatimesmokealot: nope.. neither of the two x64 server versions can apparently boot from the CD20:36
ToraToraToraWebsite flash sounds missing! Other sounds work (Output from integrated intel chip to TV tru HDMI). Nothing muted in alsamixer. Kubuntu 9.10 Flash Any help?20:45
=== metehan is now known as Metehanwow
cranvilToraToraTora: what's KMix saying about the volume of pcm20:50
cranvilToraToraTora: when i do fresh installs, pcm volume is at the downmost position. after pushing pcm volume up i can hear flash audio20:51
=== zazi is now known as zaziveg
ToraToraToracranvil: it's all the way up20:52
cranvilToraToraTora: ok, than i'm out :(20:52
arch0njwToraToraTora: what browser are you using?20:53
DraconisGuys i have a small issue...the other day I repartitioned my hd to remocve linux and use my factorry restore cds...it worked...until i rebooted and all i can see is grub error and grub rescue or soemthing like that in what looks like dos20:53
ToraToraToraopera but tried konqueror also20:53
arch0njwToraToraTora: read the last entry in this thread.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99644020:54
arch0njwToraToraTora: I also found this where ppl had to go into alsamixer to kick PulseAudio in the bum:  http://newyork.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=109191420:56
arch0njwToraToraTora: I know have I had this problem repeately because I have a digital out on my sound card.  It is almost always the stupid PCM channel.  Once it was the .asound file in my home dir (years ago).  Crazy stuff I get for not having a normal sound output.20:57
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eki_Aguante el CAECE21:55
HERNANNNpablo se comeee21:55
kubianhi..kubuntu.org says amarok 2.3 is at kubuntu-ppa/backports? but don't see it there..???21:55
eki_jajajajaj xD21:55
pablinaunta fata amigo21:55
HERNANNNviva chile!21:55
=== ubuntu___ is now known as p
HERNANNNchi chi chi le le le viva chile!!21:56
=== CrissiD_afk is now known as CrissiD
dmdevoteeanybody knows how to remove the task manager that appears when mouse cursor is placed on top-left of screen?22:29
=== Draconis is now known as Draconis_
=== Draconis is now known as Draconis_
Draconis_Hola peoples....question, is there a means to browse the apt-get source to learn the command?   Like...is Urban Terror on it?22:39
=== tetsu_ is now known as thetetsu
daskreechDraconis_: You mean a search?22:41
dmdevoteeanybody knows how to remove the task manager that appears when mouse cursor is placed on top-left of screen?22:42
daskreechDraconis_: And you don't want to use Kpackagekit ?22:42
daskreechdmdevotee: Hmm ? what do you mean? You can't close it?22:44
dmdevoteedaskreech, there is no selectable widget or something22:47
daskreechdmdevotee: ok walk me through what is happening and I'll try help you out22:47
dmdevoteeby default installation, in kubuntu, if you move the cursor to to-left, t5ask manager appears22:48
Draconis_im lost on how to use it lol22:48
daskreechDraconis_: lol Ok What would you prefer a short help session on searching packages from the command line or a short help session on kpackagekit ?22:49
daskreechdmdevotee: no pretty sure someone changed that for you. By default it shows all windows in Expose22:49
Draconis_Either or...I just wanna play a game...and also figure out what to do with this urban terror .zip file....i cant find instructions :/22:49
daskreechdmdevotee: Would you like to change that?22:49
daskreechDraconis_: ok open Kpackagekit22:50
=== mathlogger is now known as petvillelogger
daskreechDraconis_: ha there is no Urban terror in the repos22:52
daskreechOne moment22:52
daskreechdmdevotee: open system settings22:52
daskreechdmdevotee: Look & feel -> Desktop -> Screen edges22:53
daskreechdmdevotee: Click on the top left and set what you would like it to do22:54
=== ubuntu is now known as telma
daskreechDraconis_: Ok What did you get to run Urban Terror?22:55
Draconis_I ddidnt get anything22:55
Draconis_i downloaded from the site and its a .zip i have no isdea what to do with it from here22:56
dmdevoteedaskreech, thanks, it worked22:56
daskreechDraconis_: You opened the zip?22:56
daskreechdmdevotee: Sure22:56
Draconis_Indeed...viewing files22:57
dmdevoteehey, by the way, i have other problem. i have both kubuntu & windows partitions installed...22:57
daskreechOk There should be a ioUrbanTerror.something filr22:57
daskreechdmdevotee: Congrats22:57
Draconis_Couldn't load default cfg22:58
dmdevotee...and i am searching for a way to auto-mount the windows partiotions in /media/22:58
dmdevoteethey simply auto-mount when i click on it into an explorer, for example dolphion22:59
daskreechDraconis_: You extracted it all to a directory?22:59
daskreech!fstab | dmdevotee22:59
ubottudmdevotee: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions22:59
Draconis_No :/  What directory should I send it to?22:59
daskreechDraconis_: Anyone you like22:59
daskreechSomewhere in your home directory will work22:59
dmdevoteebut there would be any way to auto-click into ntfs partitions at kubuntu start23:00
dmdevoteei have the amule folder in a windows partition, and i need to click at that partition everytime i boot23:01
v1ttuare you using kde4?23:01
tamrancould't one use the fstab file to automount such things?23:01
tamranerrr, couldn't23:01
dmdevoteesorry, dunno what !fstab is23:02
v1ttudmdevotte, if youre using 4.4, there is a thing in advanced options in system settings that automounts drives23:03
Draconis_I got ir ruynning now but really laggy :/23:03
Draconis_Like system lag23:03
dmdevoteethanks ubottu and vlttu, i will see what i can do23:04
Typos_Kingdmdevotee:    /etc/fstab  is the configuration file for what mounts and where and how23:04
Typos_Kingdmdevotee:    http://maketecheasier.com/auto-mount-your-ntfs-partition-in-ubuntu/2009/04/14    <--- maybe if you edit your entry  with 'pysdm'23:05
v1ttuwhy isnt kdenetwork-filesharing installed by default?23:09
daskreechWhat is it used for?23:10
daskreechv1ttu: I'll probably go on record as saying space now23:11
v1ttuthe clues in the name23:11
daskreechWell local filesharing is kinda silly23:12
v1ttunot really23:14
daskreechv1ttu: Anyway it's likely space on the CD. You can install as needed23:21
v1ttuits already installed and running :P23:21
daskreechv1ttu: Yep Just answering your question23:26
daskreechefra: hola23:31
reagleBRKLNthis url says there's amarok 2.3, but it ain't there...? http://www.kubuntu.org/news/amarok-2.3.023:32
reagleBRKLNthe diff, dsc, and tar ball are, but no deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu/pool/main/a/amarok/23:32
v1ttugive them time :P23:33
dmdevoteehey, i'm trying to run pysdm, but it won't execute23:33
dmdevoteeanybody knows if i have to install something?23:33
=== petvillelogger is now known as cpplogger
v1ttuhold onnnnn23:35
v1ttuare you using kde 4.3?23:35
Typos_KingreagleBRKLN:     from what I got on my RSS feed for kubuntu, it says you have to ADD a source to your source.list for apt-get to fetch it23:36
v1ttuthe backports ppa23:36
v1ttucept it isnt working yet23:36
Typos_KingreagleBRKLN:   deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu karmic main   <---23:38
Typos_Kingnot sure, I .... use audacious :)23:38
eristik|huginnis there a better app than wicd for managing wifi?23:45
eristik|huginnnetworkmanager had problems with a couple networks. not working with security cert and stuff23:45
eristik|huginni found a forum post saying to use wicd but i tried it and it won't even get on the network here now23:46
v1ttuwpa2 encryp?23:46
eristik|huginnyeah, but the one here is wep23:46
eristik|huginnthe school one is wpa223:46
v1ttuwhat chip is it?23:46
daskreechdmdevotee: YOu can just edit the file by hand :)23:47
mika__hi, i've added the backports ppa... but a lot of packages are blocked (kmail, kdepim, etc), what should i do ?23:48
v1ttuuse terminal23:48
v1ttusudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade23:48
mika__v1ttu: mm..ok, thank you..23:50
mika__why kpackagekit doesn't manage it?23:50
v1ttubecause its a piece of crap23:51
mika__v1ttu: mmm....nice to know... :) so should i always use the shell instead?23:51
v1ttuya i would23:51
mika__ok ;)23:51
v1ttuhold on23:52
v1ttuhave you removed dragonplayer or anything like that?23:52
mika__v1ttu: one more question, i've upgraded some time ago after the kubuntu installation (9.10), but the internal mic now has a lot of noise when i speak.... with a usb mic it works fine (the internal too, before the upgrade)23:53
v1ttujust too be safe23:54
v1ttusudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop23:54
v1ttuto be**23:54
v1ttuis your mic boost too high maybe?23:55
mika__v1ttu: no, it's the same as before23:55
v1ttumaybe pulseaudio got installed?23:56
v1ttuive never had any real sound problems23:56
mika__pulseaudio it's not installed23:56
v1ttuinternal mic?23:57
v1ttua netbook?23:57
mika__notebook, digital mic23:57
v1ttumy built in mic doesnt work either23:57
mika__but it did perfectly before the upgrade... :(23:57
v1ttucant help ya :(23:58
mika__ok, no problem :)23:58
mika__thank you anyway :)23:58
v1ttunp ^^23:58

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