wgrantkrisives: (From Debian) RoM; unmainatined, better alternatives libraries; Debian bug #54394502:09
ubottuDebian bug 543945 in ftp.debian.org "RM: gtkdialog -- RoM; unmainatined, better alternatives libraries" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/54394502:09
krisivesI made a python script and a launchpad project for it, and I'm going to package it (for Debian/Ubuntu). When I make the source package do I include the debian/* and stuff in the bazaar repository?03:06
thumperwgrant: you know more about packaging than I do03:13
thumperwgrant: can you suggest a common pattern for krisives ?03:13
wgrantkrisives: Opinions differ.03:14
wgrantMost distribution packagers prefer that your release tarballs do not contain the debian/ directory, so you should exclude it from your branch.03:14
wgrantFor my projects, I have a separate branch which contains the full tree with debian/*, and regularly merge trunk into it.03:14
wgrantThat works fairly well.03:15
krisivesokay, so I keep the main branch with my code and then have another branch that contains the stuff for the source packaging03:15
wgrantRight. The other branch is a branch from trunk, but with the packaging stuff as well.03:17
krisivesjust off topic, is the "Installed Size" required in debian/control ?03:19
wgrantkrisives: From what did you reach the understanding that such a field belongs in debian/control?03:20
krisivesAlthough it appears dated, it was one of the first results on Google for "Making a debian source package"03:22
krisivesIt's not in http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html which makes me wonder03:23
wgrantkrisives: That's for creating a binary, so it is sick and wrong.03:23
persiakrisives: Trust policy : that is a complete list of the fields you need, and indicates whether they are optional or required.03:23
wgrantkrisives: Try the Ubuntu packaging guide, or the Debian New Maintainers GUide.03:23
krisivesthanks guys :D03:24
krisivesI built a source package for an existing project (Rhythmbox) a few days ago, but this is the first time doing it all from scratch03:25
krisives(that package was to remove the indicator-applet for this PPA if anyone cares: https://launchpad.net/~kris-santiance/+archive/oldrb)03:26
krisivesthat brings up an interesting question as I read this packaging guide and version numbers03:30
krisivesmy Rhythmbox PPA used the version with a +oldrb for the version, does this mean it will automatically build new versions of RB and apply my changes to them? (My change was just to debian/rules)03:31
wgrantNo, it will not automatically rebuild.03:32
wgrantYou would have to reupload it.03:32
krisivesIts okay I made a mistake with the version number a bit anyhow03:34
krisives(I incremented it slightly and added a +oldrb to it)03:34
krisivesdo packages ever automatically rebuild on LP ?03:34
micahgkrisives: if it's a dependency wait I think it does03:35
wgranthttps://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/BuildingASourcePackage has hints on good PPA versioning.03:35
wgrantLP doesn't do automatic rebuilds, but we're currently working on a big project to enable automatic merging and building of package branches, which will allow that sort of thing.03:36
krisiveswhat's XSBC-Original-Maintainer ?03:37
* krisives RTFMs (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/FAQ#What does XSBC-Original-Maintainer mean?)03:38
wgrantA field in which we store the original value of the Maintainer field for packages that we import from Debian.03:38
krisivesdo I have to include it if it's the same person?03:39
krisivesin this case, me03:39
wgrantJust use Maintainer.03:39
krisivesInstead of "Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}" can I just use my list?03:41
persiaYou can, but it's more reliable to use the substvars for small changes, etc.03:48
krisivesfor debian/control can I point to /usr/share/common-licenses/BSD ?03:50
krisivesor do I have to include the BSD text?03:50
persiakrisives: /usr/share/common-licenses/BSD may only be used when the copyright holder is the Regents of the University of California.03:50
krisivespersia: I see, because I have to modify it ... duh03:51
* krisives discovers the `wtf` package03:57
krisiveshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/PackagingFromScratchHelloDebhelper <-- seems to have most of the answers03:58
dickelbeck1Hi, I have a question about 2 branch transfers from sourceforge.net04:40
dickelbeck1They seem to have been mis-understood or neglected.04:41
dickelbeck1branch transfer requests, that is04:41
mwhudsondickelbeck1: looking04:44
mwhudsondickelbeck1: approved them both, sorry about the delay04:47
dickelbeck1mwhudson: thank you.  currently they are being mirrored.  when we are ready, what will I need to do terminate the mirroring  from sourceforge in the future?04:48
mwhudsondickelbeck1: you can ask a question, delete the branches or just not bother04:48
dickelbeck1thank you, I will "ask a question" after we bring the gang over04:50
magciuscan you not send me emails for every single commit that gets imported?07:13
wgrantmagcius: You can choose the notification level by editing your subscription to the branch.07:14
lifelessand there is a bug open07:18
lifelessabout imports specifically07:18
A4TechHI all. I have a problem with the attempt to re-compile the package on Launchpad. File file.tar.gz already exists in myppa, but uploaded version has different contents. I looked here https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors there written about this error, but did not understand how to do so would have happened08:59
gesersh: epstopdf: not found09:01
wgrantA4Tech: What is unclear about the text of the error message?09:03
wgrantA different file with the same name is already in your PPA.09:03
A4Techwgrant: I understood very well that for the error. But now tell me I have to adm64 not build. I want to make rebild, and I wrote it. What to do? When I'm doing again debuild-S signatures to the archives of others, and I am old I can not impute to him09:06
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TeTeTI want to change the expiration date of a team member of canonical-training, but it oopses when I edit the member:10:39
intellectronicaTeTeT: :( can you please file a bug and include the oops id? i'll have a look immediately10:40
TeTeTintellectronica: it doesn't even give me an oops id, just 'return to the launchpad front page'10:41
intellectronicaTeTeT: i'm not sure i understand what you mean by OOPS then. what does the page you get after submitting say?10:42
wgrantThat's probably the isRedirectInhibited OOPS that sprung up on edge a couple of days ago.10:42
wgrantIt affects anything that isn't a LaunchpadView, I believe.10:43
wgrantAnd breaks the OOPS view horribly.10:43
wgrantCheck the source for the OOPS ID.10:43
wgrantIf it continues to happen, disable the edge redirect and try on production.10:43
TeTeTintellectronica: I've filed a bug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/53900610:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 539006 in launchpad "Cannot edit team member expiration status" [Undecided,New]10:44
TeTeTintellectronica + wgrant : oops id in page source is OOPS-1535EB46410:45
intellectronicaTeTeT: so wgrant is right. the good news is that you can disable redirection and complete this on the normal production servers.10:46
intellectronicai don't know what's the status of a fix for this problem, but i'll chase it10:46
wgrantIt's a Foundations problem, so probably waiting for USians.10:46
wgrantAlthough the fix may be wildly cross-team, so who knows.10:47
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TeTeTintellectronica: thanks, disabling edge worked fine10:52
mwhudsonr10489 ?10:56
mwhudsoni think it must have been10:57
wgrantYeah, that.10:57
wgrantIt's well known by Foundations.10:57
mwhudsonah ok10:57
bigjoolswgrant: that problem doesn't happen for some renderings of the same page though11:04
wgrantbigjools: It seems to always for me.11:04
wgrantThe corruptness of the OOPS depends on the browser, though.11:04
bigjoolswgrant: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cdrkit11:04
bigjoolsworks fine11:04
bigjoolsbut most other packages don't11:05
wgrantI don't recall seeing a DSP index OOPSing.11:05
wgrantDASBP does, though.11:06
wgrantI've not seen it not.11:06
bigjoolswgrant: lost od DSP indexes are oopsing with the same fail11:23
bigjools"lots of"11:23
bigjoolscompare with https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/network-manager11:23
wgrantbigjools: That looks like an SP to me.11:24
persiaWhat's the diffeence between a DSP and an SP?11:24
* bigjools heads of for more caffeine11:24
wgrantAn SP is really a DSSP.11:24
wgrantBut nobody is crazy enough to rename it.11:25
persiaIt's the acronym that's losing me.11:25
wgrantDSP => DistributionSourcePackage11:25
persiaAh, and DistributionSeriesSourcePackage.11:25
wgrantSP => SourcePackage, but it should really be DistroSeriesSourcePackage.11:25
A4TechAnother question, why launchpad collects "empty" package? It includes only there chagelog archive11:57
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persiaA4Tech: Do you have an example?12:02
A4Techpersia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/395578/ rules https://launchpad.net/~itmages/+archive/software/+files/itmages-nautilus-extension_0.34-2_lpia.deb package12:03
persiaAha.  Does this work in local package construction?12:05
A4Techhttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/40953165/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.itmages-nautilus-extension_0.34-2_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz дщп12:05
A4Techpersia: On the local machine is the same ...12:07
persiaA4Tech: If you can reproduce on a local machine, it's surely not an issue with launchpad.12:08
persiaMy guess would be that DEB_DESTDIR isn't defined in the way you think, but I might be wrong.12:09
A4TechYes, I now understand. Maybe you know the cause of the problem why the package is not going to?12:09
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crimsunwould someone please look into why neither lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/pulseaudio/ubuntu nor lp:~crimsun/pulseaudio/ubuntu will upgrade from pack repo format 1 to 2a?13:38
crimsun(I've tried "Upgrade this branch")13:39
larrylarryHi, I have problems with the launchpad website.13:44
larrylarryLately I get "Unexpected form data: Launchpad doesn't understand the form data submitted in this request." when I try to download the translations. This message comes even on logout. Anyone around who knows what this is about?13:44
daniloslarrylarry, do you get any OOPS mention on that page? (that would help us look into the problem)13:44
daniloscrimsun, you should probably file a question on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad-code if you can't get an answer here from someone like abentley or rockstar13:46
crimsundanilos: sure thing, thanks13:46
abentleycrimsun, you are using the upgrade button and it's not working?13:47
larrylarrydanilos: I opened the html source but there seems to be no more info...13:47
jmldanilos, abentley, interestingly, the page timed out for me when I tried to load it13:47
jml(for  lp:~crimsun/pulseaudio/ubuntu )13:47
crimsunabentley: correct for both13:48
daniloslarrylarry, what URL are you at? can you screenshot the page and post it somewhere?13:49
abentleycrimsun, it's probably related to the other issues rockstar's investigating, but I'll mention those two to him specifically.13:49
crimsunabentley: cheers13:51
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larrylarrydanilos: I just tried another browser (firefox) and it works! Normally I'm using Opera (v. 10.10) and it used to work.13:56
daniloslarrylarry, please file a bug on https://bugs.launchpad.net/rosetta/+filebug and we'll fix it when we find time to do so :) you are also welcome to look into fixing it yourself if you want, since LP is open source :)13:59
larrylarrydanilos: Thanks for answering so fast, I'll do that.14:01
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daniloslarrylarry, you are welcome14:04
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dark_soulso if you want someone else to push a branch to your project, you'd have to get their public key and import it right?15:58
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persiadark_soul: No.16:06
persiadark_soul: For someone to push to a branch, they have to be the owner of the branch, either directly or through team membership.  Launchpad handles all the ssh key details.16:07
dark_soulpersia: oh..so how does callboration of a project work then?16:08
persiadark_soul: Lots of different models.16:09
persiaTwo common ones are i) Several people belong to a team, and commonly push to a team branch, ii) lots of users have branches for a project, and one of them also maintains a trunk, merging changes from all the other branches as requested.16:10
persiaFor larger projects, this sometimes gets extended to having a team-managed trunk with a moderate set of reviewers pushing in merge request fom all developers.16:10
dark_souli see!16:11
dark_soulpersia: thanks16:11
persiaBut since anyone can branch off any branch in launchpad, or push their own branches to any project, the main issues are policy, rather than ability to do things.16:11
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gringochapinHi all. Trying to do some translating in LaunchPad.  Does anyone know how I can see a list of translations for a specific language sorted by number untranslated?16:49
cndI'm trying to publish a new bzr branch to lp, but it's failing:16:50
cndcndougla@cndougla-ubuntu:~/Canonical/pm-utils-powersave-policy$ bzr push lp:~chasedouglas/lucid/pm-utils-powersave-policy16:50
cndUsing default stacking branch /~lucid-developers/lucid/main at lp-66548560:///~chasedouglas/lucid16:50
cndbzr: ERROR: KnitPackRepository('lp-66548560:///~lucid-developers/lucid/main/.bzr/repository')16:50
cndis not compatible with16:50
cnddifferent rich-root support16:50
cndanyone know what that means?16:50
cndoh wait, I guess it did push16:52
cndthe error was secondary I gues16:52
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krisivesits interesting how many ppl on IRC never eat! :p16:57
Some_PersonCan I transfer my key thingy from my karmic installation to my lucid installation?16:59
rockstarcrimsun, hello sir.17:00
krisivesSome_Person: You mean your registered launchpad SSH keys?17:01
geserSome_Person: "key thingy"?17:01
Some_PersonMy "OpenPGP key"17:03
gesersure, copy ~/.gnupg17:04
krisivesSome_Person: Yeah I think you can using the "Password and Encrpytion" tool in Ubuntu (Accessories menu)17:04
krisivesgeser: Can he use the import/export in that tool as well?17:04
geserkrisives: yes, if Some_Person exports both the public and secret key and reimports both on the other installation17:04
Some_PersonCopying .gnupg is more convienent at the moment17:05
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crimsunrockstar: hello17:24
rockstarcrimsun, so I hear you're having trouble upgrading branches.17:25
crimsunrockstar: correct. The "Upgrade this branch" choice on lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/pulseaudio/ubuntu and lp:~crimsun/pulseaudio/ubuntu doesn't seem to finish successfully. I can 'bzr upgrade' locally (Lucid), but that doesn't address pushes.17:26
rockstarcrimsun, what do you mean "doesn't seem to finish successfully"17:27
crimsunrockstar: the notification "An upgrade of this branch is in progress." appears, but the pack repo format is still reported as 1 after some time (an hour, a couple days, etc.)17:29
crimsunrockstar: I just tried with lp:~crimsun/pulseaudio/ubuntu if that will assist in troubleshooting17:29
rockstarcrimsun, does the notification go away?17:29
rockstarcrimsun, if lp:~crimsun/pulseaudio/ubuntu is stacked, it probably won't help.17:30
crimsunrockstar: the notification disappears the next time I reload the page, which tends to be an hour or a day afterward17:30
rockstarcrimsun, okay.  So that means I've probably captured the problems that you're having in our oopses.17:31
rockstarcrimsun, so, you can do bzr upgrade lp:... and it'll upgrade the pushed branch.17:31
crimsunrockstar: I receive file exists errors. /srv/bazaar.launchpad.net/push-branches/00/00/1b/e6/backup.bzr and /srv/bazaar.launchpad.net/push-branches/00/00/37/96/backup.bzr , respectively17:34
rockstarcrimsun, yeah, that's the issue I'm working on now.17:35
rockstarcrimsun, great, thanks.17:35
crimsunrockstar: cheers17:35
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AquinaHow can I change my launchpad account password?18:23
zygaAquina: does your account have a valid email address?18:26
AquinaYes ist has.18:27
AquinaI can set an SSH key, modify my timezone and other stuff but not change my password? Who the hell designed that?18:29
salgadoAquina, Launchpad is now an OpenID consumer18:29
salgadoAquina, the account details are now changed on login.launchpad.net18:30
AquinaThanks! I strongly recommen to LP team to change this and make it more userfriendly since this procedure is not obvious.18:34
salgadoAquina, care to file a that as a bug against the launchpad project?18:39
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Aquina"Aquina, care to file a that as a bug against the launchpad project?" What does that mean?18:48
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salgadoAquina, reporting it as a problem on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug so that someone is assigned to fix it and we keep track of the progress there19:04
Aquinaalright im' gonna file a report later.19:04
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sfbintellectronica: Hello19:22
bdmurrayintellectronica: is the api on production working?19:57
blueyedcan you easily switch apport to using edge?20:08
thekornblueyed, I think apport is always using edge20:19
thekornbut you can switch over to staging if you want to test something20:20
blueyedthekorn: it's not using edge.. AFAIK the 500 internal server error happens on production, but not edge.20:20
blueyedor is edge=production and staging!=production?20:21
blueyedstaging=dogfood, isn't it? I don't want to submit my reports there.20:21
thekornno, staging != dogfood, but both are testing/demo instances20:23
krisivesShould I refer to my app icon in my python script directly as /usr/share/pixmaps/gimgur.png or with some kind of variable?20:26
geserkrisives: for your .desktop file? Just Icon=gimgur. That way it stays theme-able20:39
krisivesgeser: I mean when I do window.set_icon_from_file() in my Python20:40
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mathiazintellectronica: hi!21:16
mathiazintellectronica: could you setup the default bzr branch for the openldap project to be: https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/openldap/main-src?21:16
mathiazintellectronica: the goal is that bzr co lp:openldap gets you https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/openldap/main-src?21:17
henningerockstar, mwhudson: can either of you help mathiaz?21:32
mwhudsonhenninge: you can too though :-)21:32
henningemwhudson: sorry, am about to go to sleep an did not read properly ... ;-)21:32
mwhudsonfair enough21:33
mwhudsonmathiaz: done21:33
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mathiazmwhudson: great - thanks!21:38
dark_soula silly question..but when you do bzr help (i dont see "push" listed) is there a reason why?21:45
dark_soulhow do you make your branch private? ..Experimental status?21:52
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bdrungjelmer_: can you transfer the ownership of lp:~vcs-imports/gnome-colors/trunk to gnome-colors-packagers?21:54
mwhudsonbdrung: jelmer_ probably can't but i can21:56
bdrungmwhudson: he created the branch, but i will take your help :)21:56
mwhudsonbdrung: i did it anyway :-)21:57
bdrungmwhudson: thanks21:58
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mwhudsoni just assigned a bug to a milestone so that i could click the link to the milestone to find the bug number i wanted to dupe the bug as23:14
mwhudsonthis seems a bit tortuous23:14
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