benje2ok i get sound with jack with deleting asound.state and force jack to 16 bit00:04
benje2but no sound with aplay or pulseaudio00:04
Aris2358hi, I need help with some bugs on lucid00:05
ZykoticK9Aris2358, could you give more details?00:07
Aris2358sound stops working00:07
Aris2358but I have no clue why00:07
Aris2358tried to restart the alsa server but it didn't work00:08
benje2hi Aris2358 which module snd_ice1712 and do you even get sound in lucid ?.00:08
Aris2358yes, I have sound in lucid00:08
Aris2358how to look the module?00:09
benje2lsmod | grep snd00:09
Aris2358I can't find snd_ice171200:10
benje2Aris2358: snd_ice is one of the module which one do you have00:10
Aris2358I lot of them, could I post all the info lsmod gives here?00:11
benje2Aris2358: i told you that cause i have problem with it but seem to not be the same problem for you00:12
benje2Aris2358: you have a paste at paste.ubuntu.com to do that00:12
Aris2358would be helpful that info?00:12
benje2Aris2358: depending of the problem first does your sound card is see ?K00:13
Aris2358where to look at it?00:14
benje2aplay -l00:14
benje2or in sound preference00:15
benje2normaly if your sound card ius see the control volume in menu show volume level00:16
Aris2358yes, I have pasted at paste-ubuntu00:16
Aris2358can you see the paste?00:16
ZykoticK9Aris2358, you need to give the link to your paste00:16
benje2Aris2358: give us the adresse of page00:16
Aris2358oh, sorry00:16
Aris2358yes, I have the volume control and can change the volume00:17
Aris2358normally it stops working after a few minutes of using a program called Gnu solfege00:18
benje2Aris2358: do you try sudo alsa-utils restart ? you can start gnu solfege in terminal too to see message00:22
NullEntityI feel like an idiot.00:23
benje2Aris2358: only wih this program ?00:23
Aris2358no, when it stops working no more sound00:23
Aris2358and it stops with other programs too00:23
NullEntityUbuntu just booted up into a terminal and spend about 30 mins trying to bring up GNOME.00:23
NullEntityThen I realized I was just on the wrong display.00:24
benje2NullEntity: try space or click on mouse00:24
benje2Aris2358: ok it stop for all program but does other sound program stop sound too00:24
NullEntityI booted up into a terminal.00:24
Aris2358yes, thats it00:24
NullEntityInstead of GNOME00:24
benje2NullEntity: yes it keep last tty you use00:25
Aris2358but with solfege is very easy to get that00:25
Aris2358I mean, no matter what, sooner or later I lost the sound00:25
benje2Aris2358: do you try restarting alsa and pusleaudio ?00:25
NullEntityI get it. It crashed on my before (weird bar pattern). No sysreq keys or anything, but I did try getting to tty1.00:25
Aris2358I tried it, but let me try it again00:25
Aris2358I have just lost the sound right now00:26
benje2Aris2358: normaly pulse audio restart it self00:27
Aris2358tried alsa-utils restart, and nothing00:27
Aris2358the program works like if nothing happened00:28
benje2Aris2358: gnu solfege don't see that there no sound card ?00:29
Aris2358not only solfege, no sound right now00:29
Aris2358no matter what application I use00:29
benje2Aris i understand that you get no more sound00:29
Aris2358no, no more sound00:30
Aris2358or yes, no more sound00:30
Aris2358I have to reboot if I want any sound again00:30
benje2Aris2358: paste the dmesg too . if you start gnu solfege again in terminal does it claim about no sound card ?00:31
Aris2358no, it is just happy, in fact sound preferences says when I use solfege 'Alsa-plug-in timidity'00:32
Aris2358in the applications tab of sound preferences00:32
benje2Aris2358: ok paste the result of dmesg command00:33
Aris2358ok, one moment please00:33
benje2Aris2358: do you try to restart timidity too ?00:35
NullEntity1Is there a crash log? >.<00:37
=== NullEntity1 is now known as NullEntity
Aris2358sorry, I found another bug, and had to restart00:38
Aris2358I was unable to write anything00:38
NullEntityIs there a crash log?00:38
Aris2358now I have sound again00:39
Aris2358must I try to lost it again?00:39
yofelNullEntity: crash log for what? if apport catched the crash you should have one in /var/crash/00:40
benje2Aris2358: yes but start program in terminal00:43
benje2Aris2358: do you try to restart timidity too ?00:43
Aris2358how can I restart timidity?00:44
Aris2358totem doesn't have sound either00:44
benje2Aris2358: sudo /etc/init.d/timidty restart00:45
Aris2358ok thanks00:45
benje2Aris2358: but pulseaudio seem to have many problem00:46
NullEntityyofel: the system just quit responding00:46
Aris2358still trying to lose the sound00:46
benje2don't know why they don't use jack intead00:46
benje2Aris2358: yes but in terminal00:46
Aris2358I lost it again, and yes, I am in terminal00:47
benje2Aris2358: and you can start gnusolfege with strace to get more messages00:47
benje2no message ?00:47
Aris2358it puts a different message00:48
Aris2358I am going to paste it00:48
NullEntityI double clicked the log, but Apport said it couldn't send it00:48
DanaGtimidity likes to hog the audio device.00:48
NullEntityand I found out gedit doesn't like files that big :-D00:49
DanaGI've just gone to having timidity starts as me, instead of as its own user.00:49
LADmaticCAanyone got working sound with emesene, just curious?00:50
Aris2358now always says Playing time: ~5 seconds00:50
yofelNullEntity: the cannot connect to database issue is known00:51
yofelNullEntity: please try again in a few days00:51
benje2Aris2358: stop gnu solfege and restart timidity   pste the dmesg too00:51
NullEntityNo, it said that it doesn't support sending failed assertions or something along those lined.00:51
Aris2358restart timidity00:52
Dr_WillisHmm. when useing the pastebinit command. i cant seem to find a way to delete the post.00:52
yofelDr_Willis: that depends on the pastebin server you're using, some support it some not00:52
Dr_Willisyofel:  yea. reading at the pastebin.com site. - seems if you use a browser it sets a cookie so you can delete it.00:53
Aris2358sorry, I forgot, how can I restart timidity?00:53
Dr_Willisbut the pastebinit command dosent get the cookie set.. so you cant delete the thing00:53
Dr_Willisat least pastebinit is now working in 10.04 :)00:53
benje2Aris2358: sudo /etc/init.d/timidity restart*00:54
Aris2358ok, I restarted timidity00:54
benje2Aris2358: still no sound ? if so stop timidity restart alsa and pulsaudio00:55
Aris2358http://paste.ubuntu.com/395382/    and still not sound00:55
Aris2358how to restart alsa and pulseaudio?00:57
fabio333Aris2358: no sound at all?00:58
benje2Aris2358: seem that you have problem with hpet clock too00:58
Aris2358sorry, I forgot00:58
benje2Aris2358: note it i wouldn't repeat all time00:58
benje2fabio333: he get sound but he loose it00:59
benje2Aris2358: sudo alsa-utils restart && sudo killall pusleaudio00:59
Aris2358no sound after "sudo alsa-utils restart && sudo killall pusleaudio"01:00
benje2for pusleaudio it's not the better way but i don't know how do this a better way01:00
benje2Aris2358: do you stop timidity ?01:00
Aris2358I restarted timidity before01:00
benje2no stop it01:01
benje2there was problem before between both timidity and pulseaudio01:01
Aris2358ok I'll stop it01:01
benje2Aris2358: restart alsa and pusle again01:02
Aris2358timidity stoped01:02
Aris2358"sudo alsa-utils restart && sudo killall pusleaudio" done01:03
benje2try sound01:03
Aris2358no sound, totem neither01:03
fabio333Aris2358: use gstreamer-settings for the test01:04
fabio333when u there also change the plugin01:04
fabio333you have it01:06
fabio333i'm not on kde and the name is a little different01:07
fabio333benje2: thank u01:07
benje2fabio333: he loose it with timidity alsa plugin but the hpet clock change is time too01:07
benje2fabio333: and after we don't get it again without restart computer01:08
Aris2358gstreamer-properties tried all the options, no sound01:09
benje2Aris2358: try to unload and reload modules01:09
fabio333Aris2358: cat /proc/asound/modules ?01:10
Aris2358cat /proc/asound/modules01:10
Aris2358 0 snd_hda_intel01:10
Aris2358 1 snd_hda_intel01:10
Aris2358sorry, what modules? timidity, alsa, pulseaudio?01:11
benje2Aris2358: this is program01:11
benje2Aris2358: module is the result of the last commande ( snd_hda_intel )01:12
benje2sudo rmmod snd_hda_intel01:12
benje2and modprobe snd_hda_intel01:12
benje2sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel01:12
fabio333the module is right for hda intel01:12
Aris2358sudo rmmod snd_hda_intel01:13
Aris2358ERROR: Module snd_hda_intel is in use01:13
benje2Aris2358: cut sound application01:13
benje2Aris2358: lsof /dev/snd/* to know which use it01:13
Aris2358lsof /dev/snd/*01:14
Aris2358pulseaudi 1893 aris   23u   CHR  116,8      0t0 4352 /dev/snd/controlC001:14
Aris2358pulseaudi 1893 aris   30u   CHR  116,8      0t0 4352 /dev/snd/controlC001:14
Aris2358must I kill the process?01:14
benje2Aris2358: fabio333 i don't get sound at all with pulseaudio but using jack it's ok,by deleting /var/lib/alsa/sound.state after stoping alsa and then restart it. i think pulseaudio have big problem01:15
sebsebsebJust updated my vm,  and now I finalley get to see what I am meant to be seeing for boot up, after Plymouth update,  quite basic,  not that bad,  but  Mandriva's boot up is still way better :)01:15
sebsebsebalso purple icons since they aren't all there yet, places looks a bit odd01:15
yofelAris2358: to kill pulseaudio you first need to set autospawn = no in /etc/pulse/client.conf before killing the process or it will just restart immediately01:16
Aris2358ok let me try01:16
fabio333i got rid of pulseaudio a lot time ago...01:16
Aris2358I have this line "; autospawn = yes" is it enough to put a # in front of it?01:18
fabio333sebsebseb: no plymouh here for me01:18
yofelAris2358: no, remove the ';' at the beginning and change yes to no01:18
Aris2358and now?01:19
Aris2358sudo alsa-utils restart && sudo killall pusleaudio?01:20
yofel Aris2358 try to kill pulseaudio and see if the device is still blocked01:20
yofelAris2358: other way around I think01:20
Aris2358sudo killall pulseaudio01:25
Aris2358pulseaudio: no process found01:25
benje2Aris2358: sudo rmmod snd_hda_intel && sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel01:26
benje2to kill pusleaudio and no for me give me sound in gnome yep :p01:27
Aris2358ok, now works01:27
benje2and the sound .01:27
Aris2358I have sound01:27
benje2hihi #@~! pulseaudio01:27
Aris2358how is that? I don't get it01:28
benje2Aris2358: you don't get what ?01:28
Aris2358why it works now01:28
benje2because pulseaudio block your sound card01:28
benje2like mine01:29
Aris2358perhaps someone should fill a bug or something01:29
Aris2358but I don't know what is wrong01:29
benje2Aris2358: it's pulseaudio who is wrong01:29
yofelerr... of course pulse blocks the sound card, only one app can use the sound card at a time, that's why all apps should use pulse01:30
yofelif pulse is running and an app tries to use alsa directly it will fails01:30
fabio333the problem is with the app01:30
benje2yofel: ok but pulse have many problem it01:30
benje2fabio333: the problem is with pulseaudio not the app01:31
yofelbenje2: for simple stereo output here I don't have any issues with it01:31
fabio333benje2: i mean every app should be using pulse01:31
benje2yofel: with snd_ice1712 and with tilidity and with jack ect we get problem01:31
benje2fabio333: yofel alsa use pulseaudio no ?01:32
yofelhm, I did hear that timidity has issues with pulse, but I'm really no expert on this01:32
yofelbenje2: no, pulseaudio uses alsa for hardware access01:32
yofelpulse is just a sofware mixer (I think)01:32
benje2so how timidity which use alsa and aplay have no sound ?01:32
benje2and if i put of pulse i get sound with jack01:32
Aris2358but now I lost the sound volume control lol01:33
yofelbenje2: like I said, I'm no expert on this, crimsun should know more01:33
benje2Aris2358: yes this is pulseaudio which control this01:33
yofelAris2358: yes, as gnome only supports pulseaudio for audio control01:34
Aris2358totem and solfege seems to have both sound now01:34
Aris2358never had that problem before01:34
yofelAris2358: if you want to control alsa use alsamixer01:34
Aris2358ok thanks yofel01:34
benje2or get the old method of gnome :)01:35
yofelbenje2: that doesn't exist in the current gnome ;)01:35
Aris2358alsamixer in console? is there any other way?01:35
Aris2358not bad either01:36
Aris2358I hope some one to fix this in lucid, I don't think solfege to be the problem01:37
benje2Aris2358: for some card you can get graphic mixer with alsa-tools-gui01:37
yofelAris2358: lets say it like this: if solfege would correctly support pulseaudio we wouldn't have this problem either01:38
benje2i will try to made work both same card now :)01:38
Aris2358anyway I lost the sound even with other programs01:38
benje2yofel: we can see it in the other way if pulseaudio was better do it will not appen01:39
Aris2358solfege just let me to lose sound faster01:39
Aris2358should I try to fill a bug then?01:39
yofelhmpf, well, sound in linux is an adventure and pulse and attempt to solve it, maybe I should look at jack sometimes01:40
benje2yofel: that what i use01:40
yofelbenje2: got a nice introduction wiki page at hand?01:41
benje2yofel: does pulse will use rt and multiple card ?01:41
yofelno idea01:41
benje2yofel: which kind ? devel ? using ? but i know only in french01:42
benje2in maolinux01:42
benje2linuxmao sorry01:42
yofelheh, nevermind then, I'll google around a bit tomorrow01:42
benje2yofel: seems that ubuntu studio use it01:42
benje2yofel: i was thinking that it was better to improve jack to do less think when you need than devel an other audio server01:44
Dr_WillisHmm.. I never can get Lord Of the Rings Online to work in Wine.01:44
Aris2358ok, thanks a lot to everybody for the help01:44
Aris2358thanks benje01:45
benje2Aris2358: hope that would be fix soon ;)01:45
benje2by Aris235801:45
benje2i came back with both same card to traumatize you again :)01:46
Aris2358thanks again, by benje201:47
Some_PersonIs now about the time I need to update all my (still relevant) PPAs for lucid?01:56
johndarchow do I update without breaking things?02:33
DanaGI only have two issues with PulseAudio:  A.  Wine sucks and can't handle it.  B. this bug: http://pulseaudio.org/ticket/67802:35
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
Some_PersonI'm getting no sound on lucid!03:43
kermiacSome_Person: you checked nothing's muted in alsamixer?03:46
Some_Personyep, nothing's muted03:46
happyfaceanyone know a fix to this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/46969403:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 469694 in empathy "Empathy Will not add Accounts" [Low,Fix released]03:47
happyfacefix released - oops my bad I should update :S03:47
Some_PersonHow can I get my sound working?03:48
kermiacSome_Person: does speaker-test -c2 -l1 -twav produce sound?03:50
kermiacSome_Person: try  pasuspender -- speaker-test -c2 -Dplug:front:0 -l1 -twav03:51
Some_Personstill nothing03:51
Some_Personany other ideas?03:54
crimsunSome_Person: you should give us diagnostic info first. Please use http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh03:55
DanaGoh yeah, I tried kernel-ppa 2.6.34-rc1 -- but it panics right away, and I have no way to grab a stacktrace.03:58
crimsunSome_Person: mute your s/pdif04:00
crimsunSome_Person: also, what does "pactl stat|grep ^Default" give you?04:00
Some_PersonHow do I mute my s/pdif?04:01
crimsunSome_Person: use alsamixer, amixer, whatever04:01
DanaGcrimsun: how do you get a system pulseaudio daemon to not keep trampling on the .pulse-cookie file?  I had to edit the init script to make it manually copy a cookie file into place.04:01
DanaG(Note that the system is headless, with ideally no local user logged on.)04:02
crimsunDanaG: trampling?04:03
Some_PersonOddly, the built-in microphone appears to be working, but nothing is being outputted04:03
crimsunwhat's wrong with the existing one?04:03
DanaGyeah, it creates a new .pulse-cookie in /var/run/pulse04:03
DanaG... on the fly.04:04
DanaGIt does that each time the daemon starts.04:04
crimsunDanaG: yes, that's $HOME for 'pulse'04:04
DanaGBut the thing is, if I replace the file with my own cookie... it still creates a new one at start.  Or at least it did, last time I tried.04:04
crimsunwhy do you want to replace the file?04:05
DanaGSo I can have my other systems authenticate to it.04:05
DanaGAs it is right now, the .pulse-cookie files have to match for it to allow playback.  Or I have to disable authentication.04:05
crimsunSome_Person: can you verify with pasuspender -- arecord -Dplughw:0,0 -fcd    ?04:06
Some_PersonI mean, in the Sound preferences, the little bar goes when I speak into or tap my microphone04:06
Some_PersonSince there's no output, I can't confirm anything04:06
crimsunSome_Person: hmm, interesting. Well, sorry, I should have read a bit closer. Your 'Capture' is completely muted and zeroed.04:07
crimsunSome_Person: are you *only* having problems recording?04:08
Some_PersonNo, I can't hear any sound04:08
crimsunSome_Person: did you paste the output from that pactl command anywhere?04:08
Some_Personyes, here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/395440/04:09
happyfacelynx seems frozen on the splash loader on 2nd boot (after updating packages). should i wait or sync-umount-boot?04:09
DanaGbug 538292 ?04:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538292 in plymouth "Latest plymouth update makes lucid stop at startup" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53829204:10
happyfaceDanaG: thanks - im on my cell so cant go to that url can you tell me what to do?04:10
DanaGcopy and paste from a comment:  "You will need to boot in single user mode or with init=/bin/bash to  bypass mountall, remount / read-write by hand, and install the mountall  2.8 package from the archive to recover.  (Alternatively, you can use an  ISO image as rescue media to boot from, and recover that way.) The plymouth 0.8.0~-14 package will enforce this upgrade by using  Breaks:, but we need the new mountall built on all archit04:11
crimsunSome_Person: a couple things: it really isn't surprising that you can't capture anything, since your capture control element is muted and zeroed. Also, please append options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=1 to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and reboot.04:12
happyfacethanks a lot DanaG04:12
Some_Personcrimsun: I'm not trying to capture anything. I was merely commenting that in the Sound preferences, my microphone seems to work04:12
DanaGargh, the drm-intel-next kernel-ppa kernels all have all of STAGING disabled!04:13
Some_Personok, rebooting04:14
crimsunDanaG: disabling auth isn't ideal, but it's the way to go currently04:15
DanaGah, what I did was to edit the init script to copy /var/lib/pulse/.pulse-cookie to /var/run/pulse/04:16
DanaGor rather, something like that.04:16
DanaGyeah. those are the dirs.04:16
Some_Personhey thanks, it worked04:20
Some_Personfirst sound ever played by lucid on this system: "never gonna give you up" by rick astley04:21
crimsunSome_Person: please file a bug against alsa-driver, and include the alsa-info.sh output that you just gave me04:21
Some_Personcan you please link to it again?04:21
crimsun23:56 < Some_Person> http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=8d1ca1500a15261d74739e36b55d0bbe8d9566eb04:22
DanaGargh, ndiswrapper source tries to install the driver to /lib/modules/misc/04:32
DanaGsay, if __log_buf is at 0xc0890ea0 in virtual memory space.... how can I tell where it'll be in physical space?04:39
DanaGIs there a standard physical memory base address on i386?04:39
Some_PersonIs the "Lights Off" game any good? It doesn't work here04:40
DDwiI installed the alpha on a vm, and all the close, minmize, maximize buttons are on the left? how do I fix this back to the right? on the top of the windows04:40
DanaGalternately... is there any way to drastically slow down printk messages?04:42
rwwDDwi: http://techpad.co.uk/content.php?sid=9404:44
kermiacDDwi: gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"04:45
kermiacoops rww beat me to it :)04:46
DDwiquestion #2 is who thought it was a good idea to move the buttons? >.>04:46
DDwiand have they been taken out back and beaten yet?04:46
rwwDDwi: Canonical's design team, and no04:46
DDwihope it doesn't change the setting on upgrades04:46
rwwDDwi: it does04:46
DDwithere a launchpad issue on this I can vote/comment on?04:47
hechuHi, I just upgraded 10.04 from 9.10. I found something like 'Keyboard Layer' icon stay in tray bar. Is there anybody knows what is that?04:47
rwwwell, it does on [old lucid] -> [current lucid] updates, I imagine a distibution upgrade does the same04:47
ZykoticK9DDwi, you can add yourself to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/53263304:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532633 in metacity "[light-theme] please revert the order of the window controls back to "menu:minimize,maximize,close"" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:48
kermiacbah... why is it back to "confirmed"????04:48
rww"View all 105 comments or add a comment." O_O. People using the bugtracker as a forum, I assume?04:48
hechu10.04 is very good and everything is just fine in my DELL. It's much like a stable release.04:49
DDwiI imagine when you annoy enough end users and they find the launchpad bug # for the problem that annoys them, you get bugtracker being used as a forum instead of bug tracker :P04:50
rwwI had the fun problem mentioned in the /topic today, so I wouldn't personally say stable :)04:50
=== kermiac is now known as kermiac_
Some_PersonWhy is Evolution not in the Applications menu?04:52
vishkermiac_: the metacity task is confirmed ;)04:52
rwwSome_Person: it got moved to the Office submenu04:53
hechuHi, sorry to bother you. I am Chinese, and I just upgraded 10.04 from 9.10. locale: zh_CN.UTF8. I found something like 'Keyboard Layer' icon stay in tray bar. Is there anybody knows what is that?04:54
DDwithanks ZykoticK9 for that link btw.04:54
hechuI never saw it in the pervious releases.04:54
Some_Personrww: thanks04:54
ZykoticK9DDwi, there is also a forums poll at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142242204:55
alkisghechu: from what little I know, it's an upstream gnome thing that appears automatically for people with more than one keyboard layouts. E.g. it's very handy here in Greece (when it works :D)04:56
hechualkisg, oh... thank you.04:57
* sebsebseb can't fall in love with either of the two new themes :(04:58
sebsebsebalso  installing Human from the repo, and then getting it using  the Gnome icons with everything looking good,  not quite as simple as that04:58
hechuyeah, I installed both English and Chinese locales. So I guess it appears there to let me choose different keyboard layers.04:58
alkisghechu: just wondering, if you only install the Chinese locale, can you then type "www.google.com" in your browser?05:00
alkisgOr you only get Chinese letters in that case?05:00
hechualkisg ,  generally, China keyboard layer is totally same with English keyboard layer.  So, if I just install Chinese locale, it also works very well.05:00
alkisgThanks. That's not the same here in Greece, we always need both layouts.05:01
happyfaceanyone have suggestions for this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-settings/+bug/52310805:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523108 in nvidia-settings "nvidia x server settings on ubuntu 10.4" [Undecided,New]05:02
hechualkisg, oh i see.05:02
benje2hihihi http://img534.imageshack.us/i/lucidmulticarte.png/05:04
hechualkisg, Ha, I just deleted USA keyboard layer. And the tray icon disappeared.05:04
alkisghechu: yup, it only appears for >=2 keyboard layout. It's a cool thing to have - it just has many problems yet... :-/05:05
benje2i cahnge the resolution and i do one with ardour :)05:05
hechuha, it seems work very well here.05:07
Some_Persongimp doesn't get an icon in the menu?05:07
ZykoticK9Some_Person, my gimp has an icon in the menu?05:07
Some_PersonI see it in alacarte, but not in the menu itself05:07
crimsunSome_Person: thanks for the bug report. To get this fix into the Ubuntu kernel, it needs to get into 2.6.32.y (upstream stable) first. For that, I tend to need a valid e-mail address. Is there one I can use for you, or do you prefer to remain known by nick only?05:11
Some_Personcrimsun: stownsend42@sbcglobal.net05:12
crimsunSome_Person: thanks05:12
happyfacewhy does gnome-terminal keep making a default/"Legacy" profile after I remove it? I just want ambience!05:14
benje2GOOD NIGHT ALL05:29
Andre_Gondimhow may I know if ubuntu one is connected?05:31
ZykoticK9Andre_Gondim, ubuntuone doesn't seem to be working for me at all...  sorry no help i know05:40
=== kermiac_ is now known as kermiac
Lantiziawill kubuntu 10.04 be 4.4.0 kde?07:51
rwwLantizia: 4.4.1, I think07:53
=== Ian_ is now known as Ian_Corne
sqwertleI was attempting to compile some winsock code to test and see what my code::blocks comes equipped with out of the box and seem to have run into some problems that shouldn't be there. The code is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/395516/ (there should be nothing wrong with this) and the errors are at http://imagebin.org/88921 . I'm fairly certian I'm missing some files.08:59
geserit looks like the source code is getting executed instead of compiled09:13
ZykoticK9geser, i wouldn't worry about it - it was a crosspost from #ubuntu - i think they got an answer09:14
xfact Whats wrong with Brasero? Whenever I am 'blanking' a removable disk, after that the disk drive completely disappearing when I am putting the disk in to my disk drive....? How to solve it?09:28
ZykoticK9!crosspost > xfact09:28
ubottuxfact, please see my private message09:28
xfactOk I am sorry09:29
ZykoticK9xfact, are you running Lucid?09:29
xfactyah, in my Vbox09:29
ZykoticK9is that where the drive is disappearing?09:30
xfactZykoticK9, and there it's happening09:30
ZykoticK9xfact, i'm not a big fan of Brasero - although it requires the KDE libs i much prefer K3b09:30
xfactZykoticK9, The both (linked) main drive from my Karmic koala and the  Vbox drive both disappearing09:31
ZykoticK9xfact, and this is a cdrw disc?09:31
xfactActually I tried tht with my two different RW disk and the same happened :(09:31
xfactZykoticK9, No DVD rw09:32
ZykoticK9xfact, i'd try with a different dvd burning software then09:32
xfactNow I have to take help of a windows machine to recover those disks (I guess those are not dead) :(09:32
ZykoticK9they should be ok, just blank them on a different system or with a different program09:33
xfactZykoticK9, Yup, but those two disk is unavailable (due to the whole drive disappearing)09:33
xfactDifferent program is also useless, cause the whole drive vanishing whit those disks09:34
xfactI have to use different system09:34
stchi all, unknowingly, I upgraded my current ubuntu9.04 server to the new lcid server. At the boot sequence the system froze and gave me a error message of mountall "cannot connect to plymounth" and nothing else. Does anyone know how to solve this problem ?09:37
vega"unknowingly" ?09:38
ZykoticK9stc, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/53829209:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538292 in plymouth "Latest plymouth update makes lucid stop at startup" [Critical,Fix released]09:39
vegathat's not necessarily the same problem09:40
ZykoticK9stc, oh sorry man - it isn't the same!09:40
ZykoticK9vega, is correct09:40
hifithats not a fatar lerror09:41
hififatal error*09:41
hifimountall and plymouth09:41
ZykoticK9stc, can you switch to vt1 with Alt+F1?09:43
peciskHi people, I have question specific about reporting about Launchpads - do I also have to use ubuntu-bug, if I report bug I have collected info from other machine? It feels for me that it could be misleading for Ubuntu devs.09:53
rwwpecisk: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Filing%20bugs%20when%20off-line09:54
peciskrww: ok, thanks09:54
rwwpecisk: has instructions for copying over apport records and reporting from another machine09:54
peciskproblem is that I don't own that machine09:54
peciskand I can't access it when I want09:54
rwwpecisk: if you can't do that, you'd want to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Filing%20bugs%20at%20Launchpad.net and file directly without ubuntu-bug09:54
rwwattaching the wrong machine's info to the bug would just be confusing09:55
vegais f-spot still the default photo manager in lucid?09:55
rwwvega: I believe so, yes09:55
rwwIt's installed by default, at least. I didn't keep it around long enough to find out whether it's default for anything.09:56
vegadon't understand why such a crappy piece of software made it there at all09:56
peciskvega: Shotwell is still young (but perspective)09:56
VigoIs it ok to install Ubuntu 10 Aplha with a 9.10 or am I asking for troubles?09:57
peciskVigo: for now there are lot of things broken, I would wait for Beta 1, unless you want to help devs with bug reporting09:57
vegajust want some software that displays photos with the exif date printed beside/under/over the photo09:58
Vigopecisck: Thank you, will do09:58
vega(and filename would be good too)09:58
redI'm not getting any Errormessages in PHP5, any ideaS? in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini there is error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED09:58
peciskred: what setup? LAMP or something customised?10:01
anicholsAfter Lucid Lynx's LTS version is made available, I'm thinking of installing it and seeing how it works, as compared to HH.  As part of that, I'm trying to determine how I'll want to partition my 250 gig hard drive to isolate my personal files from the OS.  What would be the smallest partition that can host LL?  And when installing software, can you install to another partition, or does it have to install to the OS's partition? (Ub10:02
peciskanichols: you can put your /usr directory under different partition than root10:03
rwwanichols: your message was cut off at "partition? (U".10:03
peciskanichols: most of app files goes under /usr10:03
anichols...What would be the smallest partition that can host LL?  And when installing software, can you install to another partition, or does it have to install to the OS's partition? (Ubuntu novice here)10:03
anicholsSo I'd want to have a partition for /, a partition for /usr and /home, and a partition for the swap file?10:04
rwwanichols: I have 10GB for / and the rest for /home. I'm currently using about a quarter of that 10GB.10:04
rwwyour mileage will vary, depending on what you install.10:05
balascan i install the recommended nvidia restricted drivers on lucid for a 8600 gt ?10:05
JohnFluxHey all10:05
anicholsDoes LL's swap file approximately consume the same drive space as HH's?10:05
balaswithout something awful happening that is10:05
anicholsjohnFlux: Hello10:05
JohnFluxWhat version of KDE will 10.04 be shipping with please?10:06
vegaanichols: 10-15gb if you think you will upgrade at some point (upgrading takes quita a lot of space as all packages are downloaded first etc.)10:06
peciskJohnFlux: KDE 4.4 I think?10:06
JohnFluxI'm a KDE developer, and I introduced a silly bug in 4.4.0 and 4.4.1.   Can I persuade someone to take the bug fix or to use 4.4.210:06
vegaanichols: swap is a partition so it will consume as much as you allocate for the swap partition..10:07
rwwJohnFlux: #kubuntu-devel might be more fruitful10:07
tgpraveen12JohnFlux: usualy it is in 4.4.x something10:07
tgpraveen12kubuntu-devel might help u more10:07
rwwJohnFlux: and afaik, they're planning to ship with 4.4.110:07
JohnFluxYeah, but 4.4.2  won't even be tagged until the end of the month :-/10:07
peciskJohnFlux: just report a bug and attach bug fix I think Kubuntu devs will take of it10:07
peciskJohnFlux: provide fix for 4.4.110:07
solid_liq4.3.1 according to apt right now (KDE version)10:08
JohnFluxpecisk: where do I that? :)10:08
JohnFluxsolid_liq: ..  alpha 3 has 4.4.0 I think10:08
anicholsvega: In HH, using the default partitioning, HH uses a 5.43 GiB swap partition.  Does LL do the same, or does it (by default) make a larger or smaller partition for linux-swap?10:08
solid_liqJohnFlux, I'm on daily build10:08
solid_liqI could be wrong about the version though10:09
anicholsCould be a percentage of the overall drive, come to think of it....drivespace is 232.88 GiB for /dev/sda10:09
vegaanichols: ah ok, don't know about that.. i always manual partition my drives10:10
pecisksolid_liq: seems like 4.4 for me10:10
solid_liqpecisk, I'm still looking to see if I can find the version10:10
vegaanichols: i think it only matters if you use hibernate (then swap must be larger than amount of RAM)10:10
anicholsvega: Which is why I'm asking about it.  I'm thinking of using a boot CD of mine to make a drive image of the boot partition, and storing it on a USB key in case of a critical failure.10:10
solid_liqpecisk, okay, it's 4.4.1 (for sure this time)10:11
JohnFluxdoes alpha3 work okay?  any reasons to not install it?10:11
solid_liqJohnFlux, 4.4.1 for sure10:11
anicholsvega: I do not use the hibernation feature, even when I was running Windows.  I doubt I'll start using that feature any time soon.10:11
peciskJohnFlux: Plymouth and KMS breaks things heavily, but they are fixable, so if you for adventure, jump on it :)10:11
solid_liqsuspend works great in 10.04 :)10:11
vegaJohnFlux: no really serious issue (known) at least this time, see topic though10:11
anicholsvega: Is there an app that I can use to monitor how much the swap space is being utilized, so I can tune the partition?10:12
peciskrest of desktop works like charm though10:12
JohnFluxanichols: "top"  tells you10:12
anicholsJohnFlux: "top"?10:12
solid_liqanyone have random lockups with 10.04?10:12
JohnFluxanichols: open up an terminal and run "top"10:13
vegaanichols: dunno about graphical apps, probably yes... "free" or "top" on command line10:13
JohnFluxanichols: or use the graphical gui - gnome-system-monitor or something10:13
solid_liqI just had to restart my laptop after ubuntu froze up my machine again10:13
anicholstop>  Swap:  5695000k total,        0k used,  5695000k free,   347520k cached10:14
JohnFluxanichols: so it's not being used at all :)10:14
anicholsLooks like I don't use the swap partition at all.10:14
vegaanichols: system -> administration -> system monitor10:14
JohnFluxanichols: the "cached" thing isn't related to the swap btw10:14
JohnFluxanichols: 6GB is _huge_ for a swap partition10:15
anicholsJohnFlux> I'm a newbie here and I was copying the entire line...recently migrated to HH from XP Pro SP2.10:15
JohnFluxanichols: the default is like 200MB or something10:15
solid_liqyeah, you really don't need 6 GB for swap unless it's a server10:15
anicholsJohnFlux> The partitions are the default that Ubuntu setup on guided/use entire drive.10:15
pecisksolid_liq: no so far10:15
JohnFluxwow, ubuntu is setting up 6GB swap partitions??10:15
JohnFluxthat should probably be fixed10:15
vegaanichols: how much RAM do you have?10:15
solid_liqJohnFlux, no, it set a 2.25GB swap for me by default (4 GB ram)10:15
anicholsvega: 1.9 GiB10:16
JohnFluxsolid_liq: lol10:16
solid_liqthe rule of thumb used to be 2x the amount of RAM you have should be used for swap10:16
JohnFluxif your system actually used 6GB of swap, it would be unusably slow10:16
vegaseems a bit overkill yes.. 6gb of swap for 2gb of ram10:16
solid_liqbut now with our high RAM capacities, that thought is changing10:16
* rww has no swap10:16
anicholsliq: I'm giving thought to changing swap to exactly match my RAM, so if I ever use hibernate, I can.10:17
solid_liqJohnFlux, not if it's on an SSD or it's a server10:17
peciskthat's good reason10:17
anicholsCan you mount both /usr and /home to the same partition?10:17
JohnFluxsolid_liq: yeah I stick all my swap on a ram disk10:17
solid_liqanichols, it would be good to add a tiny bit more than that for any accounting overhead used in the hibernate process10:17
peciskanichols: yes10:17
solid_liqJohnFlux, lol  seriously?10:18
anicholsliq, How much would you use to account for overhead?  10%?10:18
JohnFluxsolid_liq: nah ;-D   But actually it's not as stupid as it seems, with compressed swap file systems10:18
solid_liqanichols, you have to mount it as root, or have the partition in LVM to create two virtual partitions for them...  well, there's another way, but I wouldn't recommend it10:18
solid_liqanichols, probably10:19
anicholsliq, so I'd have to make two partitions, one for apps (/usr), and one for documents (/home)?10:19
solid_liqanichols, maybe 15% to be safe10:19
solid_liqanichols, yeah, and that's a better idea anyway10:19
solid_liqanichols, you'll want /usr to be around 10G10:19
Ian_Cornedie nul was een typo10:20
anicholsliq, so 10 GiB for /, 10 GiB for /usr, 2.2 GiB for the swap file, and the remainder of the 232.88 GiB drive for /home?10:21
solid_liqanichols, no10:21
solid_liqanichols, if you have a separate /usr partition, you don't need 10GiB for /10:21
anicholsliq, how much for / then?10:21
anicholsAnd which partition would I be imaging in case of critical failure?10:22
BUGabundo_remoteanichols: errr10:22
BUGabundo_remotein ONE line, let me know what you are trying to do, again10:22
solid_liqanichols, well...  I'm used to fine-grained, so I create partitions for: /, /boot/, /usr/, /usr/local/, /opt/, /home and /var10:22
solid_liqanichols, with that, I don't need much at all for /, only like a few hundred MB10:22
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: OTOH I have a SINGLE partition10:22
BUGabundo_remotefor desktop usage, nothing beats that10:23
solid_liqanichols, so, ...  /opt is almost not used at all, /var needs enough room for all the logs (a few hundred MB)10:23
BUGabundo_remoteand our installer allows us to reinstall without format10:23
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, not true10:23
BUGabundo_remoteyes, true10:23
BUGabundo_remoteprove me wrong10:23
solid_liq /usr/local doesn't use much, neither does boot10:23
BUGabundo_remoteanichols: still waiting on this: in ONE line, let me know what you are trying to do, again10:23
anicholsBug, I am trying to figure out the best way to partition out /dev/sda, to isolate Ubuntu (LL) when it comes out from my documents, so I can use my boot CD to create a partition image, just in case something happens to foul the system up.  That way I can reinstall from the image without losing any of my files.10:23
solid_liqanichols, so I'd say, about 2.5-3GB is enough10:23
BUGabundo_remoteanichols: only on OS and one version on it?10:24
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, easy: you want separate filesystems so that corruption in one area doesn't hose all your files in /home10:24
BUGabundo_remote2 times the RAM for swap, and then a single partition for /10:24
JohnFluxBUGabundo_remote: 500MB should be plenty for swap10:24
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, plus, you can keep your /home partition intact if you want to remove your distro and install a different one10:24
JohnFluxBUGabundo_remote: don't bother going above that10:24
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: I would be much more worried about disk dieing then corruption10:25
BUGabundo_remoteJohnFlux: not if you want hibernate to work10:25
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, 2x the RAM for swap is the old rule that's getting outdated.  you don't need that much anymore10:25
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, well then you'd be sorry when you lost your data10:25
BUGabundo_remoteI have 4GB of ram, so I would need at least 4GB of swp and a bit more10:25
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, in the 10 years I've been running linux, I've had filesystem corruption hose data on me twice, but never had an hdd failure cause loss of data10:26
anicholsIf I may slip back into Windows-ese for a moment, since I'm more familiar with it, I'm looking for the Ubuntu version of doing this: (C:\ for the OS, D:\ for the programs and data, E:\ for the swap space....ideally with E:\ being on a secondary HD altogether for a performance boost, but in a laptop that's not very likely to happen short of a custom job)10:26
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: /home on another partition is only required *if*  the user is doing that, and I already asked him if he did10:26
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, he didn't say it was required, and neither did I.  He was already setting it up that way and wanted advice on how big to make the parititions10:26
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: sorry of what ? don't you do backups? I know I do!10:26
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: OTOH I had 6 disks die on me! oh and never full disk corruption! go figure!10:27
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, backups aren't always current unless you have something like Apple's timemachine10:27
BUGabundo_remoteanichols: you dotn get letters for linux partiotions10:27
solid_liqI haven't had an hdd fail on me under Linux ever10:27
solid_liqonly back when I used windows/dos10:27
anicholsBug, I know that.  I was reverting to Windows-ese because it's more familiar to me.10:28
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: OFFICIAl ubuntu guide lines (and the auto installer) don't setup so many partitions, so why would you advice that to a new user?10:28
anicholsTrying to get my thought out in a way that might be understandable...I'm still a newbie to Linux/Ubuntu.10:28
BUGabundo_remotejust have him with ONE or maybe TWO (for home) and be done with that10:28
anicholsBug, the autoinstaller can't be that great, since it stuck me with a 5.5 G swap partition.10:28
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, you don't seem to listen.  As I said, HE WAS ALREADY DOING IT.  He just asked for advice on partition sizes.10:28
BUGabundo_remoteanichols: well the installer sets a lower limit and then a percetage of the disk10:29
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: I didn't read that far back in the backlog10:29
anicholsBug, But even so, it's fairly absurd since top reports I am not even using my swapfile.10:29
BUGabundo_remoteanichols: my advice, take it as you want: make ONE partition for /, and one for swap with around 4GB.10:30
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, it was only a few sentences ago ;)10:30
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, and I addressed it to you ;)10:30
solid_liqanichols, and one for /home10:30
anicholsBug, as I stated, I want to isolate Ubuntu from my data, so I can backup the OS onto a flash memory jump drive as an image file, in case something happens to corrupt the OS install....which does happen sometimes.10:30
AlanBellbug 53829210:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538292 in plymouth "Latest plymouth update makes lucid stop at startup" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53829210:31
solid_liqanyone know if the online defrag tool for ext4 is working yet?10:31
BUGabundo_remoteanichols: nothing beats clonezilla to make a full disk backup10:32
anicholsext4?  I thought Ubuntu used ext3.10:32
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: from what I recall, the project got stale10:32
BUGabundo_remoteanichols: ext4 for two cycles10:32
AlanBellis now a good time to update/upgrade?10:32
BUGabundo_remoteAlanBell: its never a good time10:32
AlanBellor at least not a known bad time :-)10:32
anicholsBug, to do a FULL disk backup I'd need either a 250 G hard drive or a ton of CD-Rs....this laptop doesn't have a DVD-R on it.10:32
BUGabundo_remoteeither you are ready or don't do it10:32
BUGabundo_remoteanichols: magic word: compression10:32
solid_liqanichols, no, it switched to ext4 for 10.0410:33
BUGabundo_remoteAlanBell: as always: make backups, read the techinical overview, and pray10:33
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: wrong. 9.10 was already ext410:33
anicholsBug, re:ext4, I am using HH, haven't touched a newer distro yet...waiting for LL to be released.  re:compression, Most of my files are already compressed.10:33
solid_liqAlanBell, seems okay to me, but it's hard to say for sure10:33
BUGabundo_remoteand 9.04 allowed user to manually choose it too10:33
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, as the default fs?10:33
anicholsWhat's the difference between ext3 and ext4?10:33
AlanBellBUGabundo_remote: yeah, just checking that plymouth build missmatch thing was resolved, sounds like it should be10:33
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, hmm, well I only use LTS releases, so I didn't realize that10:34
BUGabundo_remoteAlanBell: seems to be10:34
BUGabundo_remotestill no autologin dough10:34
solid_liqanichols, lots: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-ext4/10:34
anicholsliq, *reads*10:34
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: in other words: Lucid will be the 1st LTS with it10:34
AlanBellBUGabundo_remote: thanks10:34
solid_liqhmm yeah, I don't have e4defrag on my system10:35
anicholsHmm, checksums, defrag, undelete, and better performance over ext3....the rest of the features don't impact a small-drive user like me.10:37
solid_liqanichols, don't forget extents ;)10:37
anicholsSeems ext3 will be a better fit though, since ext4 is more prone to bugs until it's fully ironed out, according to this page.10:38
anicholsliq, extents = better performance, yes?10:38
solid_liqanichols, and more efficient usage of the disk space10:39
solid_liqanichols, that article is old; ext4's bugs are more ironed out now10:39
anicholsliq, Which is why it's in the LTS now, I presume....good point.10:39
solid_liqanichols, have you discovered tab-completion yet?10:40
anicholsliq, no.10:40
solid_liqanichols, what IRC client are you running?10:41
anicholsAnyway, back to partitions...if I'm following what's been said so far, I'm looking at a total of 3 that I'll want: / (10 G), /home (220 G), and a swap of 2.2 G, does that sound right?10:41
anicholsliq, The one that comes with Pidgin?10:41
solid_liqanichols, try typing   sol   then hitting <TAB>10:41
anicholssolid_liq: Interesting. :)10:42
solid_liqanichols, that sounds about right10:42
solid_liqanichols, that also works at a shell (Terminal)10:42
anicholssolid_liq: Thank you.  Not sure if I like the idea, as far as terminal goes, though.10:42
DSpairCan anyone hypothesize as to why my screen flips mirrored on the horizontal axis when I activate Compiz on Lucid? Radeon 3200 graphics. I've tried deleting the xorg.conf, .gconf*, .config* and no luck.10:43
solid_liqanichols, that feature comes from a library which is well used in Linux, so you will find that functionality in many places.  If the first tab completion isn't what you wanted, simply press tab again (and again if needed) ;)10:43
solid_liqanichols, the shell in Linux (terminal as you seem to know it) is very sophisticated in the way it's been made easy to use and require minimal typing.  You'll be surprised if you spend much time in a shell.10:43
anicholsFor those of you with experience with multiple revisions of Ubuntu, do the partition sizes I've put out make sense for Ubuntu as a whole?  Thinking future-proofing here to a degree, for other versions as they are produced.10:44
solid_liqDSpair, have you tried configuring the monitor to tell it to flip the screen horiz. when that happens?10:44
anicholssolid_liq: I hop in and out of Terminal when I need to install something the GUI refuses to give me options for.10:44
anicholssolid_liq: And to do apt-get clean10:44
solid_liqanichols, if you're not having a separate /usr and you're planning to upgrade later, I'd go with 14-15GB or so for /10:45
DSpairsolid_liq: It's not as simple as that. The cursor disappears and the screen will not refresh. I can hit <CTRL>+<F2> and run "metacity --replace" and get the screen back, but I never see what I'm doing.10:45
solid_liqanichols, tab will complete the command names, and after you've typed a command, it'll complete a file or directory name.  it's very intelligent about how it completes10:45
anicholssolid_liq: But until the LTS after Lynx, 10 should suffice for /, right?10:46
solid_liqDSpair, I'm not sure.  I stopped using ATI video hardware several years ago because I never like their Linux drivers10:46
anicholssolid_liq: *nods re: tab completion*10:46
solid_liqanichols, I'd go for at least 12.5GB10:46
anicholssolid_liq: Why the extra 2.5?10:47
solid_liqanichols, because 10G was for /usr alone10:47
solid_liqanichols, and I said 2.5GB for /10:47
anicholssolid_liq: Oh....oops.10:47
solid_liqanichols, I'll easily use 10GB in /usr10:47
solid_liq...once I have everything I want installed10:47
solid_liqer well, most of 10GB10:48
solid_liqanichols, anyway, if you don't mind sparing a little more space, it would be good to make it larger even10:48
DSpairsolid_liq: It worked fine under Karmic, but now I get EDID monitor detection errors and DRM errors under Lucid. Very frustrating. Ah well, I guess I'll continue asking the question until someone one here has a notion I haven't tried.10:48
anicholssolid_liq: There's alot of folders off /....it makes me scratch my head a bit trying to figure out what each directory is for, sometimes.10:48
solid_liqanichols, the more free space is left over, the less fragmentation there will be.  Once a Linux filesystem goes over 90% full, the amount of fragmentation skyrockets (before that it's generally pretty low)10:48
anicholssolid_liq: I know, that's why I like ext3.10:49
solid_liqanichols, tldp.org should have an article about the Linux filesystem layout10:49
solid_liqanichols, the same applies to ext4, XFS and JFS10:49
anicholssolid_liq: I'll put / at 15 G, and reassess it after I install LL LTS at the end of next month.10:49
solid_liqanichols, yeah, I'm going to reinstall when the final 10.04 is released to.  Updating from daily build isn't quite the same10:50
anicholssolid_liq: Right now, Disk Usage Analyzer in HH tells me I use 2 G for /usr, and 154 G for /home.10:50
mfraz74has anyone else tried using skype with 10.04?10:51
solid_liqanichols, you must not have much installed yet10:51
solid_liqanichols, what does    du -hs /usr     say (in a terminal)10:51
solid_liqanichols, and     du -hs /var/10:52
solid_liqanichols, no output?10:53
anicholssolid_liq: $ du -hs /usr :: 2.1G/usr10:54
solid_liqokay, so 2.1GB used in /usr10:54
BUGabundo_remoteanichols: most of the bugs of ext4 have been squashed in kernels 2.6.30+10:54
solid_liqand /var?10:54
anicholssolid_liq: Alot of 'cannot read directory' errors, but 255M reported at the end.10:54
solid_liqanichols, try prefixing it with   sudo10:55
anicholssolid_liq: Same result with no errors.10:55
BUGabundo_remoteyou guys still going on this talk ?10:55
solid_liqanichols, the size returned?10:55
anicholsBUGabundo_remote: Yes10:55
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, heh10:56
anicholssolid_liq: 255M /var10:56
solid_liqI have 2.4GB in /var and 3.8GB in /usr, and I haven't fully settled in10:56
anicholssolid_liq: brb again10:56
solid_liqwell, you'll end up using a lot more space over time10:56
BUGabundo_remotesee why I say one single partition?10:57
BUGabundo_remoteno worries about disk space10:57
BUGabundo_remoteunless the actual disc is out of space10:58
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, pshh, it's not that complicated10:58
solid_liqI've had mine separated out since 2000, since that was the default way a linux system was partitioned back then with redhat10:58
Ian_CorneWhat benefits does that have solid_liq ?10:59
anicholssolid_liq: I'm back11:00
solid_liqIan_Corne, safer from a perspective of isolating filesystem corruption, it can be faster if you have multiple drives, it makes it much easier to install a new distro (wiping off the old one) while keeping your data intact...11:00
solid_liqIan_Corne, and it helps to reduce filesystem fragmentation...  oh, and it also helps to keep a problem with a runaway app filling a partition until it's full from bringing the whole system crashing down11:01
anicholssolid_liq: I haven't found much I want to install above the initial package, and much of the bundled software I purge out since I don't need it.  So I'm mostly data over here, and light on apps.11:01
solid_liqanichols, anyway, I was saying that you'll end up using a lot more space over time, and nothing sucks more than running out of space to install something you need.  so 15GB should be good11:02
anicholssolid_liq: 15 G it is then.11:02
solid_liqanichols, the more you play with Linux, the more you'll install over time11:02
rwwHaving a separate /home partition makes reinstalling so. much. easier.11:02
anicholssolid_liq: What types of things do you have installed?11:02
ryesolid_liq, re - safer - yep, and bugs #523587, #523484, #534469.11:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523587 in mountall "/etc/init/mounted-tmp.conf uses find, which is in /usr/bin" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52358711:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523484 in ureadahead "ureadahead.conf assumes that /var/lib/ureadahead is available on startup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52348411:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 534469 in nvidia-graphics-drivers "Failed to load NVIDIA 195.36.08 kernel modules because nouveau is loading with separate /usr partition." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53446911:03
solid_liqanichols, well, I'm into photography, so I have several apps installed for that, a decent amount of video apps, programming tools and editors, and various utilities and nice things to make my desktop look nicer11:03
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: 2000 was so like the 90ies11:03
BUGabundo_remotewake up and smell the fresh 201011:03
BUGabundo_remotewhere linux looks like OSX11:04
ryeat least nothing major breaks with separate /home...11:04
BUGabundo_remoterye: ;)11:04
anicholssolid_liq: I'm into programming, personally, though I find I run VirtualBox back to Windows to use VB half the time.11:04
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, heh, I don't need to.  It's still standard policy on our server installs because it's proven.  It's people who don't understand how people use linux well enough who caused those bugs11:04
solid_liqanichols, have you tried Python?11:05
anicholssolid_liq: Python?11:05
solid_liqanichols, yeah :)  it's very easy to use, and has a lot more capability than VB11:05
BUGabundo_remoterye: are you sure? remember the cryptfs bug in Lucid when /home was in another partition, the env volume was actually mounted from /usr? lol11:05
solid_liqanichols, and it's already installed ;)11:05
solid_liqanichols, Firestarter is a nice app for setting up a firewall on your computer too11:06
rwweww firestarter11:06
rwwufw on the commandline and gufw for GUI11:06
rwwfirestarter has always been horribly broken for me.11:06
solid_liqrww, I suppose you suggest instead learning iptables?11:06
solid_liqrww, really?  I tried it, didn't like it, but about 4 years later I saw that a friend of mine was using it and loved it, so I gave it another try and I think it's great now11:07
anicholssolid_liq: How do I access Python, and is it cross-compatible so I can write apps for my Windows-using (they are resisting conversion) friends?11:07
ryeBUGabundo_remote, ah, not encrypted /home yet...11:07
solid_liqanichols, yep11:08
mfraz74could never get gufw to read the rules i'd already set up with ufw11:08
solid_liqanichols, http://www.tutorialspoint.com/python/index.htm11:08
anicholssolid_liq: Does Python do GUIs, or is it strictly text-only?11:09
solid_liqanichols, I think there's a #python channel on here too, and there are plenty of python fans in my channel, ##linux-coders11:10
solid_liqanichols, it'll do both11:10
rww( #python requires you to register your nick and identify with it, which anichols doesn't appear to have done )11:10
solid_liqanichols, there's pykde for kde GUI's, pygnome for gnome GUI's, and one based off of wxwindows for cross-platform GUI's11:10
anicholssolid_liq: *has been tinkering with a D&D character creator and dungeon-maker as a GM-aid and as a potential precursor to a full out D&D based game*11:10
solid_liqanichols, python should be perfect for that11:11
solid_liqanichols, I'm a C++ guy myself, but most people seem to love python.  I've played with it and enjoyed it, but I'm a diehard C++ fan11:11
anicholssolid_liq: So far I've been using VB, C++, and MySQL for most of my programming work.  Loading most of my data into a database makes it easier to work with all the classes.11:11
anicholssolid_liq: The only reason I've been using VB for this one so far is that C++ doesn't give you the automatic GUI.11:12
solid_liqanichols, Python has much better containers than VB, so you shouldn't need a DB for that11:12
solid_liqanichols, automatic GUI?11:12
solid_liqanichols, you mean, having to implement all the signal handling yourself in C++ instead of it being more done already for you?11:13
anicholssolid_liq: Visual Basic automatically assumes that any app will have a GUI and it goes ahead and sets up a generic one for you that you can edit, and then add controls to that the program interfaces with.11:13
solid_liqoh yeah11:13
anicholssolid_liq: Not that the generic is always a good fit, I usually half-disassemble it anyway for certain specialized apps.11:14
solid_liqlast time I had a job writing code in VB ended in 1998, so I'd forgotten that heh11:14
solid_liqVB6 was new back then11:14
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: you really should move forward! firestarter is not even a recommended app anymore11:14
anicholssol: Give VB NET a try, you might like it. *laughs* Anyway, I should really give #python a try...how do I setup my username here so I can access that channel?11:15
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, why's that?11:15
BUGabundo_remoteufw and gufw are11:15
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, why?  are they better somehow?11:15
BUGabundo_remoteI do value old knowlage, but it seems Ubuntu is no longer like the Old GNU/Linux ways11:16
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: not better per si, as an app, but better integraded with the OS and Policies11:16
BUGabundo_remotecore ppl working on ufw and not so much on firestarter11:17
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, better integrated how?  the actual firewall is an iptables script either way, and the kernel handles the iptables work11:17
anicholsHow do I register so I can join #python?11:17
BUGabundo_remoteanichols: /nickserver help11:17
mfraz74do you just register your nick with the nickserver?11:17
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, meh, I just looked at it, and the UI on it is way too minimal11:17
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, er no11:18
BUGabundo_remoteyes it is11:18
solid_liqanichols, /msg nickserv help11:18
BUGabundo_remote^^^ on ufw11:18
solid_liqanichols, /nickserver would only be the command for your irc client11:18
BUGabundo_remotewhich is pigdgin from what I remember, right?11:18
BUGabundo_remoteWOW, this is lagging today! did the gtk bug returned?11:19
solid_liqI don't ever use pidgin for irc personally11:19
solid_liqeverything is as fast as usual for me11:19
solid_liqand I'm up to date11:19
anicholsIt's /nickserv, not /nickserver....took me a minute to figure that one out.11:19
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, see?  ;)11:19
anicholsGot it just before solid_liq suggested it.11:19
BUGabundo_remotehey, at least I made you work out your brain cells!11:20
BUGabundo_remotemuch easier then having everything handed over :p11:20
anicholsRelogging to institute the password on this username. :P11:21
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: I'm remotelly connected, so I do notice slow downs11:21
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: as in , easier for me11:21
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, oh, I'm running directly on a core i5, so they're harder to detect for me11:21
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, using FreeNX?11:22
BUGabundo_remotefreenx ftw11:22
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: believe me, 1 month ago, you would notice it11:22
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: can you believe I only found out about this two months ago?11:23
BUGabundo_remoteand I'm loving it!11:23
BUGabundo_remotewould die, if I could do 3D on this too11:23
anicholsSpeaking of 3D, I doubt my laptop could manage that part of Lucid.11:24
anicholsMy laptop is sadly a bit primitive.11:24
vishuguys ,how to connect to an irc through a proxy?11:24
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, I remember the pain of configuring FreeNX when it was new.  You're lucky you didn't have to deal with that.  it took a few days to setup back then11:24
BUGabundo_remotesolid_liq: err its like : install package, DONE11:24
solid_liqvishu, what type of proxy?11:24
BUGabundo_remotezero work11:24
solid_liqBUGabundo_remote, like I said ;)11:25
Dr_Willisweird. My netbook hung on one bootup.. then booted fine the next one..11:25
solid_liqDr_Willis, I've had that happen11:25
Dr_WillisUnless it was due to being on battery the first time. and AC the 2nd..11:25
BUGabundo_remoteso nice, that I'm doing a quick talk on it, next Saturday, on our LUG11:25
solid_liqDr_Willis, long time no see11:25
vishui dunno11:26
solid_liqvishu, is it a proxy you have to configure in your browser?11:26
vishuno Xchat11:27
vishuactually all ips from asia are blocked by that irc11:27
Dr_WillisHmm.. Finally got Lord Of the Rings Online working in Wine.. and the mouse pointer vanishes. :)11:28
solid_liqvishu, that was directed at Dr_Willis11:28
solid_liqvishu, maybe tor will work for you11:29
solid_liqvishu, google it ;)11:30
IdleOnecan someone give a quick explanation or point me to a wiki about the score that I get sometimes when doing updates/upgrades?11:31
IdleOneexample I just got score is 11911:31
IdleOnethere is no indication if that is a good score or a bad score11:31
anicholsIdleOne: Maybe it's based on IQ, anything higher than 100 is good? *laughs*  Seriously, I have no idea, though.11:35
Dr_WillisThe apt guides/docs may tell. but ive never really noticed how they get the scores.11:35
IdleOneanichols: if it is based on IQ it is seriously under scoring me :)11:35
anicholsIdleOne: :D As it would almost any Linux user.11:36
IdleOneDr_Willis: never saw anything in the apt man pages about the scoring system11:36
anicholsI'm seriously liking Ubuntu more than Windows...wish I had migrated years ago so I wasn't such a noob.11:36
Dr_WillisIdleOne:  only time irember seieng scores was when there was one or more ways it could do somthing and wanted you to decide.. I cant even remember last time i even noticed the scores11:37
IdleOneanichols: First step to not being a noob anymore is to not use the term noob :)11:37
IdleOneDr_Willis: well my north american education has led me to set a arbitrary scale in my head and I figure the higher the better lol11:38
Dr_WillisOnly noobs use the term noobs. :)11:38
IdleOneit is an insulting word in my opinion11:38
Dr_WillisI find people use it on theirselfs as an excuse.....11:39
Dr_Willis'i dont want to learn.. im a noob'11:40
anicholsWith me it's different.11:40
IdleOneanyway if any of you come across any explanation to the score thingy please post in here or /msg me with the info :) kthnx11:40
Dr_Willisamways amuseing to try to help someone that dosent want to actually learn anything.. see that WAY too many times in #ubuntu11:40
anicholsI admit I'm still a noob with Ubuntu, but I'm slowly learning.11:40
Dr_Willisits not really Ubuntu you are larning.. but 'gnome' or 'bash' or 'command line tools' or ........11:41
balasblkid isn't working for me i've no idea how to get a uuid of /dev/sdb311:42
solid_liqIdleOne, try #debian11:42
anicholsDr_Willis: Hmm, true enough.11:42
Dr_Willisbalas:  You are using it with sudo?11:42
balasthank you :)11:42
Dr_Willistheres also ls -l /dev/devices/by-uuid or was it disks/by-uuid11:42
IdleOneMy father has been asking me more and more questions about Ubuntu and the problem with trying to explain what Ubuntu is that I also have to explain what Linux is and there is no easy way to do it11:42
IdleOneno "real life" comparison I can make so that he gets it11:43
solid_liqanichols, you might want to read my tutorial on the 'ls' command on http://solid.linux-coders.org/ to see how much more sophisticated the Linux shell is.  Being a programmer, I think you'll like the shell quite a bit11:43
IdleOnesolid_liq: will do thanks11:43
solid_liqIdleOne, why don't you just sit him in front of Ubuntu then?  that's the easiest way11:44
solid_liqIdleOne, I got my parents running Ubuntu a few years ago so they'd stop calling me about stupid windows problems.11:44
anicholssolid_liq: From what I've seen ls is roughly analogous to dir in DOS.11:44
solid_liqIdleOne, it didn't take long before all they ever called about was, "what website do I go to for ____?"11:44
IdleOnesolid_liq: My dad is the kinda man who wants to understand why the motor burns gasoline and not just that it does burn gasoline. I don't have to knowledge to explain it to him :/11:45
solid_liqanichols, it's not.  It has a lot more capability11:45
IdleOnesolid_liq: but I have been thinking about installing a dual boot system for him so that he can try Ubuntu and then just ask me question about how to do stuff11:46
solid_liqIdleOne, that11:46
solid_liqIdleOne, that's how I got my parents started with it11:46
solid_liqIdleOne, now they use Ubuntu and OS X (my brother talked my dad into buying a macbook)11:47
BUGabundo_remoteIdleOne: aptitude scores? if you got those, its not good. QUIT while you can!11:47
IdleOneerrr to you brother11:47
IdleOneBUGabundo_remote: little late to tell me now :P11:47
BUGabundo_remotebalas: ls -l /dev/uuid/by-disk ?11:47
BUGabundo_remoteIdleOne: well sir, next time ill STFU11:48
BUGabundo_remoteand not teach you :D11:48
solid_liqmore updates available already11:48
anicholsSeems no one in the #ubuntu room can help me get this controller working.  I wish the driver was cross-platform, or there was a generic Linux solution to it.11:48
solid_liqapt and ubuntu-{standard,desktop}11:49
solid_liqso I'd upgrade for those11:49
anicholsMaybe I should just give it to my Windows-using girlfriend as a brithday present?11:49
IdleOneBUGabundo_remote: please next time don't stfu :) we are all here to learn and I appreciate the teachings :)11:49
Damascenehello, there is strange behavior in empathy. sometimes it starts working sometimes it start but doesn't connect11:49
solid_liqanichols, what controller?11:49
anicholsIt's a NYKO Airflo EX.  It has the look of a modified PS2 controller, which hooks to a USB port.11:50
solid_liqDamascene, is it the up to date version?11:50
solid_liqanichols, what does lsusb say about it?11:50
anicholssolid_liq: lsusb?11:50
solid_liqDamascene, no idea then.  it's working fine for me11:50
solid_liqanichols, lsusb lists your connected usb devices (shell command)11:50
Dr_Willishow are you testing this device anyway?11:51
anicholssolid_liq: Bus 001 Device 002: ID 124b:4d01 Nyko (Honey Bee) Airflo EX Joystick11:51
Dr_Williswhen you plug it in . you should also see some info at the bottom of the dmesg output.. or 'tail -f /var/log/messages' and plug it in11:51
IdleOne[07:49:30] <babilen> IdleOne: The score is based on a metric for the "invasiveness" of certain actions. It is computed with a set of heuristics - These heuristics penalise package removal, upgrades, ...11:51
IdleOne[07:51:12] <babilen> IdleOne: *You* shouldn't decide based on the score. Just pick whatever actions suit your needs.11:51
IdleOneso there you have it11:52
anicholsNow for some reason it actually is working in ZSNES?11:53
anicholsOk...that's weird, I tried for 2 days, no response, and now it works?11:53
BUGabundo_remoteIdleOne: that's not exaclty the best advice11:54
IdleOne^^^ means that go with the flow and if it breaks, have a live CD handy for fixoring :P11:54
BUGabundo_remoteI usually avoid so drastic messures, if aptitude is forced to choose between package11:54
IdleOneBUGabundo_remote: yeah I figured as much.11:54
BUGabundo_remotesafe-upgrade is fine, full-upgrade , not so much11:54
BUGabundo_remoteIdleOne: I can beat that: I made my grub boot from a daily live iso11:55
BUGabundo_remoteman that's FAST11:55
IdleOnewell before typing Y I did look at the packages in question and decided that they were not of vital importance to the OS running properly11:55
BUGabundo_remoteit takes 10sec to boot11:55
* yofel usually uses the aptitude-curses and chooses what's best there11:55
solid_liqanichols, I can't find any hint of a Linux driver for it...  but since you can code, go to http://kernelnewbies.org and read about writing device drivers for Linux, and maybe you can create and contribute the driver for it.  It probably won't be too hard considering there should be a lot of existing similar drivers to look at for a reference11:55
solid_liqanichols, oh, I didn't see that message11:56
anicholssolid_liq: I may just do that, but for now it seems to work in a limited fashion.11:56
Dr_Willisit proberly needs some standard driover.. but a module wasent autoloading perhaps?11:56
anicholssolid_liq: The analog sticks aren't working, but the rest is....good enough for now.11:56
solid_liqanichols, lsmod  may show you what driver it loaded11:56
anicholssolid_liq: That command spits out a ton of gibberish.11:57
solid_liqanichols, you can try:   lsmod | grep joy11:57
anicholssolid_liq: Bus 001 Device 002: ID 124b:4d01 Nyko (Honey Bee) Airflo EX Joystick11:57
anicholssolid_liq: Err bad copy11:57
anicholssolid_liq: joydev                 13120  111:57
IdleOneNOTE TO SELF: Remember to start using aptitude in interactive mode11:58
solid_liqanichols, those are column1: driver name   column2: size  col3: number of other drivers depending on it  col4: the drivers depending on it11:58
solid_liqanichols, hmm, so it doesn't use the joydev driver then it looks like11:58
Dr_Willisits not jibberish :)11:59
solid_liqanichols, if you look at the names of the drivers, you'll probably be able to decipher a lot of the abbreviations11:59
arandNew (3.1.4) version of virtualbox-ose in Lucid... Anyone care to confirm/defirm if Bug #510571 is fixed with this version?12:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 510571 in virtualbox-ose "Lucid guest won't boot with acpi in virtualbox" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51057112:02
=== BUGabundo_remote is now known as BUGabundo_lunch
theadminWhat kernel does Lucid come with?12:08
theadminIan_Corne: Thanks12:08
solid_liqLinux mobile1 2.6.32-16-generic #25-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 9 16:33:12 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:08
anicholsHmm...virtualbox has issues in Lucid?12:08
arandanichols: Booting a lucid guest yes, but the bug is in vbox, and it may be that atm it's only karmic- and prior versions of vbox that has the issue still..12:10
alex88hi, i've installed ubuntu again due the grub problem after windows reinstall, now on upgrade it says that packets cannot be authenticated...any help?12:11
anicholsarand: What about using Lucid as the host?12:11
arandHence trying to get a comment on whether or not it's fixed in the lucid version of vbox, since that's one of the criteria to get some SRU going..12:11
vistakillerfor the daisy plasmoid they from kde that they must recompile tha package from ubuntu12:11
solid_liqalex88, packets?12:12
arandanichols: anichols host OS shouldn't matter (*in theory*), only version of virtualbox and version of kernel in guest.12:12
alex88solid_liq: damn..packages12:13
Picisolid_liq: Some people say packets instead of packages... dunno why.12:13
solid_liqPici, confusing them with network packets I guess?  he12:13
alex88Pici: cause i'm italian..xD sry12:14
Picialex88: no need to apologize :)12:14
solid_liqalex88, try doing another   aptitude update12:14
alex88solid_liq: i'm doing apt-get upgrade now..it asked if i want to accept unsigned packages so i've said yes and it's working12:15
solid_liqalex88, did you add an extra repository?12:15
alex88solid_liq: i've just selected all from synaptic repositories menu.. but it also say that apt and others are untrusted12:17
alex88i'll check if it's fixed when it finish..12:17
alex88btw, i've reinstalled ubuntu cause i've installed windows12:18
yofelerr... generally installing unstrusted upgrades isn't a good idea, as you can't verify where you're getting them from (the apt keys are used to protect from man-in-the-middle attacks)12:18
waltercoolHi there, i have updated Karmic->Lucid (testing and bug reporting proposes) and i had purged hal..., now i havent touchpad =/ Some solution of that?12:19
waltercoolalex88: Installing windows is always a bad idea ;)12:19
alex88then i've tried to mount partition on live cd, done "grub-install --root-directory=/media/ubuntu --recheck /dev/sda" is it the right command?12:19
alex88because after restart linux started booting but locks after fsck..12:19
yofelalex88: dunno, checked the grub2 wiki page12:20
alex88that't the second time it happens12:20
arandalex88: Looks ok, bar the "sudo"12:20
alex88yes get it from that12:20
alex88arand: yep it said correct, no errors..but on restart..it won't boot12:20
yofelalex88: oh, locking up after fsck could be plymouth, do you have an nvidia card?12:20
alex88yes, nvidia, but it was without plymouth12:20
alex88before fsck it said mountall: unable to connect to plymouth12:21
yofelalex88: without plymouth as in... you have purged plymouth from the system?12:21
yofeljust disabling it didn't do much here12:21
alex88yes..apt-get purge12:21
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yofelhm, then I'm not sure12:21
alex88np..i'll remember that i can't reinstall windows =)12:22
yofelalex88: you could try to add '--debug' to the kernel boot line, that way you'll get debug info from upstart12:22
alex88yofel: i've done a post the first time it happens..let me link it..12:22
ddbtguys.. do any of you, by accident, know whether the "squared" rounded corners in ubuntu are going to be fixed in 10.04?12:26
ddbteven in the new theme it still is not as round as it should be12:27
solid_liqddbt, they seem round enough to me in 10.0412:28
ddbtdid you 'focus' on them or zoomed in?12:29
arandWell, I'm off, if anyone tests with vbox please leave a comment on the bug report ^12:29
ddbtstill not as round as windows on mac or windows12:29
Damasceneany one using the mainline kernel?12:30
Damascenethat well help with this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/linux/+bug/52736912:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 527369 in linux "sudo lshw causes console to turn blue on dell inspiron 1011" [High,Confirmed]12:34
Dr_WillisHmm.. lets clarify somthing.. Gimp Is STILL in the repos right? just not INSTALLED by default?12:34
Dr_WillisThis site i think is wrongly stateing otherwise --> http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/12047/install-gimp-2.7.1-on-lucid-lynx-using-ppa/12:34
redHow can I kill blkid during Ubuntu Lucid Install?12:34
redI've found a bug from launchpad and they said killing it twice will let you complete the install and you can manually instal grub afterwards.12:35
Dr_Willishmm from console use the kill command perhaps?12:36
yofel!info gimp lucid | Dr_Willis12:38
rwwDr_Willis: correct12:38
rwwDr_Willis: I installed it just this morning :)12:38
yofelubottu: ?12:38
alex88lol...dead =)12:38
rwwyofel: she gets slow sometimes12:38
yofelindeed *sigh*12:38
ubottuDr_Willis: gimp (source: gimp): The GNU Image Manipulation Program. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.8-2ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 4308 kB, installed size 12548 kB12:38
yofelnow :)12:39
Dr_WillisYea. I belive the 'gimp is gone' is a bit of a Myth that people keep seieng/repeating because they dont fully understand what happened to it.12:41
Dr_WillisYou would think a 'tutorial' site would  do a bit more research12:41
yofelyep, that we had wild rumors once the news of the removal was out doesn't help much :/12:41
rwwhuzzah for the blogosphere!12:41
Dr_Willisits not removed. :) its not 'installed by default' :)  gee that means theres 100000000000000+ packages that are removed. heh12:42
Dr_WillisNow for my next research.. Trying to track down a idiot-proof/friendly dvd movie to 'dvd backup copy' :)  program for windows. :) and if it also worked in linux it would be nifty.  Unless i can get k9copy working in windows.  with this windows-kde port project i just found on google.12:43
Dr_Willishttp://windows.kde.org/  - has some potential :)12:44
redHow can I kill blkid during Ubuntu Lucid Install? anyone?12:44
Dr_Willisred:  go to the console, use the 'kill' command with its PID12:44
redalt+ctr +f1-f4 gives a scrambled image12:44
Dr_Willisps ax | grep blkid12:44
Dr_Williswell no idea then.12:44
redguess ill just DL daily iso where the bug should be fixed according launchpad12:44
Dr_Willistry f5 and f6 and others?12:44
Dr_WillisOdd the console is messed up. what video card?12:45
anicholsIs it possible to easily reverse-engineer a Logitech driver (for a gamepad I'm thinking of buying in the future) that runs in windows 98-7 to work with Ubuntu?12:45
anicholsOr would it just be easier to write a module from the ground up?12:45
anicholsKeypad/mouse mapping and rumble features are (doubtfully) not part of the generic drivers, I would assume?12:46
Dr_WillisId think most gamepads are fairly standard.. but  the advanced features.. yea. thats the kicker.12:50
solid_liqanichols, the best approach seems to be to use a utility which intercepts the messages between the windows driver and the device so that you can reverse engineer the messages12:51
solid_liqanichols, the kernelnewbies site should have info about that utility12:52
* solid_liq was just playing Space Invaders in OpenOffice Calc12:52
Dr_Willisthere is hidpoint.org or hidpoint.com that has some log drivers..12:52
anicholssolid_liq: What utility would you recommend?  And how would I evoke the rumble feature, which I am unsure how I'd trigger in the first place....not like there's a key I can hit on a joystick to make that go?12:52
anicholssolid_liq: And for that matter, what's a good C++ compiler for Ubuntu?12:53
solid_liqanichols, uh, I guess you could always use DirectInput for triggering the rumble feature so that you can intercept the message.  I don't remember the name of the utility (I don't touch windows) but the site should have the name of it.12:54
solid_liqanichols, gcc (g++) is good, and so is Intel's C++ compiler12:54
solid_liqanichols, there's a free for opensource use version of the intel compiler12:54
anicholssolid_liq: *sighs* Just like with Python, there's nothing in add/remove apps for gcc.12:54
solid_liqanichols, Eclipse for an IDE, or vim with ctags if you prefer that kind of editor12:55
anicholssolid_liq: Maybe I should just stay with Windows for programming. :(12:55
solid_liqanichols, aptitude search gcc12:55
solid_liqanichols, and   aptitude search python12:55
solid_liqanichols, but python is already installed since a number of utilities use it12:55
anicholssolid_liq: But there's no way to code in it without an app for it, yes?12:56
solid_liqanichols, it's just text, like any programming language12:56
solid_liqanichols, all you need is a text editor and a compiler or interpreter12:56
anicholssolid_liq: Text + Compiler = Binary you can run?12:56
solid_liqof course12:56
anicholssolid_liq: Ergo no Compiler = just bashing keys to make a theoretical program.12:57
solid_liqpython is interpreted though, but python programs get compiled to .pyo (python object) files which are pre-parsed so it's kinda like java with its jvm12:57
anicholssolid_liq: Which would mean going back to Windows where I can actually get the compilers....which would blow furry goat balls.12:57
solid_liqactually, python is already installed in windows too when you install the os12:58
rwwno it isn't12:58
solid_liqanichols, you have python's compiler installed already12:58
solid_liqanichols, for C++, just do:  aptitude install build-essentials12:58
solid_liqrww, no what isn't what?12:58
rwwsolid_liq: Windows doesn't include Python by default. And it's build-essential, not build-essentials.12:59
JEEBsvsolid_liq: python is not included in the default Windows install :312:59
solid_liqrww, yes it does actually, at least XP Pro does12:59
rwwsolid_liq: No, it doesn't.12:59
solid_liqI was very shocked to discover that12:59
anicholssolid_liq: *wondering if you run in admin mode at all times, that you keep omitting 'sudo'*12:59
solid_liqanichols, yes12:59
rwwsolid_liq: Your computer maker's setup CDs may include it. Windows itself does not.12:59
solid_liqanichols, sudo passwd    to set a root password, then   su   to switch to root12:59
rww(HP's recovery disks, for example, include Python. The one I've used did, anyway.)13:00
anicholssolid_liq: *blinks*13:00
JEEBsvYeah, clean XP discs and latter don't include python13:00
solid_liqrww, no, this is from an enterprise volume licensed copy from ms directly13:00
rwwsolid_liq: setting a root password on Ubuntu installations is not supported, please do not recommend it in Ubuntu channels13:00
solid_liqrww, he asked how, so I told him  heh13:00
JEEBsvsolid_liq: I have access to those, too -- tell me where there is python on them :P13:00
solid_liqJEEBsv, dunno, but when it's installed, python is there13:00
JEEBsvIt is _not_13:01
JEEBsvthere is no start menu entry and there is no python.exe in the PATH13:01
solid_liqJEEBsv, see for yourself13:01
JEEBsvI have13:01
JEEBsvI've installed multiple XPs from such media13:01
solid_liqJEEBsv, which version of xp is it?13:01
JEEBsvEnterprise license, as well as MSDNAA13:01
anicholssolid_liq: I used XP Pro SP2, and never heard of Python.13:01
JEEBsvSP2 too13:01
solid_liqSP2 had it, I'm sure of it13:02
JEEBsvAnd to tell the truth, I could probably get SP1 / no-SP discs13:02
rwwsolid_liq: no, it didn't13:02
solid_liqunless I'm thinking of server 200313:02
JEEBsvIt doesn't. It's not in PATH and I've never seen anything related to it13:02
solid_liqit's been a while since I've touched a windows box13:02
JEEBsvAnd Server 2003 didn't have it, either AFAIK13:02
solid_liqbut I know one of those had it13:02
solid_liq2003 SBS?13:02
rwwSome_Person: no version of Windows has come with Python installed by default. Ever.13:03
rwwsolid_liq: ^^13:03
solid_liqrww, I've seen it.  apparently you haven't seen all versions of windows13:03
rwwSome_Person: sorry, mistab. But now you know a new random fact!13:04
* JEEBsv googles just in case13:04
solid_liqI remember what company's office I was sitting in when I discovered it13:04
JEEBsvBut as far as I know, _no_ windows media has ever contained python13:04
solid_liqas far as you know, right ;)13:04
JEEBsvMaybe I should just ask someone from MS13:05
rwwsolid_liq: I'm guessing you have no evidence whatsoever to support this claim?13:05
anicholssolid_liq: Ok, I ran that command, now how do I access the compiler?13:05
=== BUGabundo_lunch is now known as BUGabundo_remote
solid_liqanichols, for python?  or c++?13:05
anicholssolid_liq: Installing from Terminal never makes launchers.... c++13:05
solid_liqanichols, g++ myprog.cpp13:06
solid_liqanichols, or install Eclipse to give you an IDE like visual studio13:06
anicholssolid_liq: From Terminal, or is it in add/remove?13:06
solid_liqanichols, from the shell for sure...  I never use the GUI so I don't know if it's in there13:07
anicholssolid_liq: Ok.  thank you :)13:07
solid_liqanichols, but installing from the shell will put them in the Applications menu13:07
anicholssolid_liq: Nothing I've installed from the shell puts anything in the apps menu.13:09
anicholssolid_liq: Only when I've done it through add/remove.  Other times I have to hunt it down on the drive, and make a lancher manually, which is a pain sometimes.13:09
Picianichols: What applications are you installing and how are you installing them?13:09
yofelanichols: if you install a gui app from the terminal it sure will, like apt-get install eclipse, and you'll find it in the menu13:10
anicholsPici: Like the g++ Solid suggested, for example :P13:10
Picianichols: g++ is a cli application, why would it have a menu item?13:10
anicholsyofel: As you say...so far I haven't seen any evidence of that.13:11
anicholsPici: hmm, good point, there.13:11
JEEBsvsolid_liq: I know you shouldn't take wikipedia for a "real" source of information, but it tells something that the Python article says NOTHING about python coming with some version of Windows. Given the fact that people might actually want to use Python for stuff, I'd say the fact it isn't mentioned at all is somewhat weird, if you believe so firmly that unmodified disc images from MS contain Python :P13:14
waltercoolwhat package is handling mouse and synaptics now? (before was hal)13:14
Piciwaltercool: Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Halsectomy13:15
waltercoolPici: Name = Lol13:16
solid_liqJEEBsv, I know it did so...13:16
* solid_liq shrugs13:16
waltercoolPici: Where are drivers detection? udev?13:17
solid_liqheh, I always liked liboobs13:17
JEEBsvOk, solid_liq -- I'll just have to ask you for the filenames and the exact version of windows you were using then :P Of course I think you just conveniently don't remember any of that ;)13:18
solid_liqJEEBsv, it's been 5 years13:18
solid_liqso I inconveniently don't remember13:19
solid_liq5 years ago was the last time I touched windows13:19
JEEBsvThen I think that you just remember having it on your system. Which might be true. But it doesn't come with Python from MS, the installation media was just modified to install python, too13:19
JEEBsvI guess I'll get back to you when I get an answer from MS13:20
solid_liqJEEBsv, no, I remember seeing it was installed right after a fresh install on a system I was setting up13:20
JEEBsvsolid_liq: well yes, that's how it usually goes -- the modifications made by 3rd parties (from the point of MS)13:20
JEEBsvI think there's enough of a framework to easily install stuff automagically in Windows too -- never really took an advantage of it myself though :P13:21
solid_liqJEEBsv, ghost...  that's about it13:21
rwwas I said 20 minutes ago, some OEM recovery CDs have it. Official Microsoft CD media do not.13:21
JEEBsvrww: Well, that's what I'm trying to punch into his brain D:13:22
JEEBsvBut oh well13:22
anicholsWhat version of the kernel do HH and LL use?13:23
yofelhardy 2.6.24 iirc, lucid 2.6.3213:23
fatbrain... what part of the system uses /etc/hosts file?13:23
yofelfatbrain: dns lookup?13:24
anicholsAnd in Eclipse, which 'wizard' would be applicable for module creation?13:24
solid_liqfatbrain, anything that does dns resolution13:24
solid_liqanichols, did you get the cdt version of eclipse?13:24
anicholssolid_liq: c...d...t?13:24
anicholssolid_liq: Eclipse SDK13:25
anicholsVersion: 3.2.213:25
anicholsBuild id: M20070212-1330 (Ubuntu version: 3.2.2-5ubuntu2)13:25
solid_liqanichols, that's the C++ development version13:25
solid_liqanichols, oh sorry, you need to download the cdt version and install it yourself; it's not in apt13:26
fatbrainyofel, solid_liq: I figured that much, but when I make an entry to the file ... it "requires" that you use \x9 as whitespace and not allows \x20. I wanted to ... read why :S13:26
solid_liqanichols, http://www.eclipse.org/cdt/13:26
anicholssolid_liq: Ok...uninstalling Eclipse.13:26
yofelfatbrain: maybe 'man hosts' says something about that?13:27
fatbrainyofel: ah, smrt :)13:27
solid_liqanichols, http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/Eclipse/CDT_on_Linux_and_Mac_OS_X13:27
anicholssolid_liq: Torrent-based download in progress13:28
solid_liqI even download from the shell  heh13:30
anicholssolid_liq: Shell-addicted?13:31
h31Hi all. I am using 10.04. When i'm using gnome applet for shutting down my computer, my filesystem (ext4) breaks. When i'm using poweroff, there is no such problem. What to do?13:32
solid_liqanichols, heh, I like wget better than other tools for downloading13:32
anicholssolid_liq: I am a bit torrent-addicted...it's faster than normal downloading.13:33
solid_liqanichols, depends on the mirror you're downloading from13:33
vividh31, what do you mean your ext4 filesystem "breaks"13:33
anicholssolid_liq: I suppose so, but I never find 'good' mirrors...and even when I do, the ability to download in chunks and resume broken DLs is nice, since I'm on wireless and sometimes I drop out.13:36
solid_liqanichols, wget gives you the ability to resume broken dl's too13:36
h31When i'm booting, ext4-fs driver speaks something about journal recovery and orphaned files cleaning. I usially see it when electricity disappears. Sorry for my ban English.13:36
solid_liqanichols, wget -c13:37
solid_liqanichols, type   man wget   in a shell and scroll through to see all the features wget gives you ;)  you'll be shocked13:38
ehndei'm running the 10.04 installer from a livecd and it starts up, but when i click next it quits13:41
ehndeis there a command line installer i can use from the desktop?13:42
ehndeit's a kubuntu iso13:42
=== solid_liquid is now known as solid_liq
EagleScreencan I set the window buttons at the right instead of left?13:47
dupondjeEagleScreen: its possible yes :)13:48
EagleScreenplease how to do it?13:48
solid_liqEagleScreen, why not put them in the middle instead?13:49
EagleScreeni am talking about the Close, Maximize and Minimize buttons13:49
solid_liqI know13:49
dupondjegconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout "menu:minimize,maximize,close"13:49
dupondjeEagleScreen: also see http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/23899/13:49
solid_liqwhat's really funny is that chrome's buttons stay on the right13:52
alex88ok, i've upgraded..now on restart i have plymouth installed and i got black screen13:52
alex88tried with recovery mode but still black screen13:52
alex88any clue?13:52
EagleScreeni have voted for it13:52
alex88livecd->chroot->apt-get purge will work?13:53
solid_liqalex88, should13:53
alex88just mount and chroot?13:53
EagleScreenunreadahead seems to crash or fail during boot process, i think it breaks the splash13:53
solid_liqalex88, pretty much13:53
alex88i'm on windows..so i have to collect info. =)13:53
alex88solid_liq: ok thank you man..i'll restart and test13:54
solid_liqalex88, if anything, you may need /proc in your chroot13:54
alex88btw...that's normal that it run on recover mode?13:54
alex88i'll mount that and /dev with --bind13:54
alex88i mean plymouth13:54
alex88i hot black screen also in recovery mode13:54
dupondjealex88: sometimes I got black screen @ boot also, pressing enter makes the boot process continue :)13:54
alex88lol..i'll try also that13:55
alex88btw, going to reboot..cya later..hopeful on linux13:56
crimsunEagleScreen: no, the ureadahead message is unrelated to current splash breakage13:57
kapipiHey, I am having problems booting off the latest daily livecd (amd64). I get the boot menu, then the Ubuntu logo screen with the 4 dots, then some errors about ureadahead and broken pipes, and then  my monitor goes into power save. I am unable to access the terminals on alt-ctrl-f1/f2/f3. When I switch back to the Xorg screen (alt-f7) the monitor turns on shortly but goes directly back to power save mode.13:59
EagleScreenduanedesign: good cheat, but now the minimize button is in its own square: http://imagebin.ca/img/KVt3LyeS.png14:01
EagleScreenoh that was for dupondje14:01
dupondjegconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout "menu:maximize,minimize,close"14:03
dupondjemaby this order works better14:03
EagleScreenoh now i see14:07
EagleScreenits the minimize button, it is always squared14:07
EagleScreenthe look of the new comming Ubuntu seems "professional"14:08
brianhermanEagleScreen:Should we call it Ubuntu XP Professional?14:09
SEJeff^^ 2nd Edition14:09
alex88ok..back on ubuntu =)now.. a problem..14:09
alex88packages upgrade can't intsall 2.6.32-16 headers..when it tries to install it goes in loop and never exit..how can i force to delete it? cause it says it's incostintent and i have to install before remove it14:10
yofelalex88: does your hard disk still work while it's in the loop?14:12
yofelI mean, do you still have hdd activity14:12
yofelalex88: good,  then it's not in a loop but dpkg is SLOW14:13
alex88and every time i run apt-get it need to update headers14:13
yofelnothing you can do about that at the moment14:13
alex88yofel: i don't think it stay more then 10 min installing headers14:13
yofelalex88: raise your concerns on bug 53724114:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537241 in dpkg "My computer updates are very slow since latest dpkg update" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53724114:14
alex88lol..btw before unpacking it says: file list of package "linux-headers bla bla" missing, package will considered with no file installed actually14:15
alex88my translation..14:15
yofelalex88: well, dpkg doesn't support half-unpackaged package states ;)14:15
alex88and there is no way to just delete that half?14:16
alex88for plymouth i had to remove file from /bin and /sbin cause i was unable to remove via apt14:17
yofelalex88: not that I know of, any why were you unable to remove it via apt?14:18
alex88cause every time i run apt it tries to upgrade header14:18
yofeldid you try 'dpkg --configure -a'?14:18
SEJeffalex88, Sometimes you can cheat and change the prerm/postrm scripts under /var/lib/dpkg/info/* . That is your only real option when apt breaks horribly but if you don't know what you're doing you can break things even worse14:18
alex88yofel: i had to do that cause install were in half state..then after that every apt get i run it tries to reinstall that14:19
alex88SEJeff: np, i've just installed, i can reinstall in extreme cases14:19
yofelalex88: and if you try 'dpkg --purge plymouth' ?14:19
alex88yofel: lol. nope14:20
alex88i've used apt14:20
alex88i were thinking that it's the same to use apt or dpkg14:20
yofelalex88: apt always makes sure the system is in a usable state (especially when it comes to dependencies)14:20
yofeldpkg is pretty much working on the bare metal14:21
alex88oh kk got it thank14:21
alex88lol headers installed14:23
alex88faster then before14:23
alex88thank you guys14:23
om26er!j #pinta14:24
alex88damn...update manager required me to install again headers.. -.-14:25
kapipiIs there any way to force the live cd to boot to run in a more robust mode? Im having trouble getting it past the boot splash screen.14:27
dupondjeyou can polly set boot modes :)14:28
dupondjewithout splash :)14:28
kapipihmm, been a while since I played with boot mode parametres14:30
waltercoolwhats wrong with b43?14:34
VolkodavHi guys - I tried booting this morning and it stalls in both modes with the error mountall error while loading shared libraries :libplybootclient.so.214:37
dupondjeTOPIC ! ;)14:37
BUGabundo_remotedupondje: its no longer explicit in topic14:40
BUGabundo_remotehey blekos14:40
blekosI wanted to give the Alpha3 release a try but I have come accross with the folowing bug14:40
blekosin the login screen I type my password. It is accepted, but instead of seeing the Desktop it returns me to the login screen (an hence asking for the password agian)14:41
blekosany ideas how to come around this?14:41
vegathere's should be a log somewhere that tells what fails in login14:41
vega(just can't remember what it was..)14:41
waltercoolhow can i recreate udev rules?14:41
crimsunwaltercool: more context, please?14:42
vegablekos: .xsession-errors might contain something14:42
vegablekos: you may need to check it via text console (ctrl-alt-f1 etc.)14:42
waltercoolcrimsun: With hal PURGED, some files of /etc/udev/rules.d have been deleted14:42
waltercoolcrimsun: So.. i want "reconfigure" some package for fix that14:43
blekosI've changed to  console14:43
crimsunwaltercool: meaning you want them shipped in /lib/udev/rules.d instead?14:43
blekosbut how can I output the .xsession-err...14:43
waltercoolcrimsun: yes14:43
waltercoolcrimsun: Because i cant get my touchpad working14:43
twagerIs Plymouth still broken ?14:43
crimsunwaltercool: well, modify the source package to install the rules into /lib/udev/rules.d14:44
waltercoolcrimsun: No, i just want original udev rules14:44
BUGabundo_remoteblekos: that's a plymouth bug14:45
crimsunwaltercool: I'm failing to see why you can't get them14:45
BUGabundo_remoteplus alpha 3 is old14:45
BUGabundo_remoteplease upgrade14:45
waltercoolcrimsun: Oh, no... wasnt that =/14:45
BUGabundo_remoteyou may purge plymouth of your system for now14:45
waltercoolcrimsun: I just cant get my touchpad working =/14:45
blekosplymouth bug?14:45
BUGabundo_remotetwager: not as bad as before14:45
BUGabundo_remotebut it still doesn't autologin14:46
waltercoolI just get Preinit returned NULL for ""SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"" =/14:46
twagerBUGabundo_remote: Thanks will leave upgrading it for now14:46
crimsunwaltercool: are you implying that the *location* of the rules affects the hardware working (because it shouldn't), or are you saying that the current rules are insufficient?14:46
waltercoolcrimsun: No.. no, my problem was deleting old data from karmic -> lucid and touchpad is not working anymore =/14:47
crimsunwaltercool: so the hardware worked in karmic but doesn't in lucid?14:48
waltercoolIf udev is handling X drivers... maybe i have this problem there14:48
waltercoolcrimsun: worked in lucid too14:48
waltercoolcrimsun: But deleting old packges (like hal), my touchpad stopped of working14:48
crimsunwaltercool: so those missing rules need to be migrated to udev or xserver-xorg-input-synaptics14:49
vegablekos: not sure if you could use netcat to pastebin or something like that14:49
waltercoolcrimsun: So... what can i do? Installing hal is not a solution (just still not working)14:50
crimsunwaltercool: extract the desired file from hal's source package, drop it into /etc/udev/rules.d, and have at it14:50
crimsunwaltercool: then, proceed as mentioned above regarding udev/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics14:51
vegablekos: apt-get install pastebinit14:51
crimsunwaltercool: i.e., the first step makes it work on your system; the second step makes it a viable (and proper) solution for everyone running Ubuntu14:51
blekosI had a look, and it does not seem to be a Plymouth bug14:52
blekosit like looping the login screen14:52
waltercoolcrimsun: I will do it =) Thanks14:52
blekosis there a way to remove login info rom command line?14:52
vegablekos: what do you mean remove login info?14:53
blekossorry: I mean not to be asked for uname and psswd14:53
blekos(that would be a workaround)14:53
blekosyes :)14:53
vegawhy not, just need to find out how to enable it from command line..14:54
Volkodavaha - let's see14:55
vegablekos: /etc/gdm/custom.conf if you use gdm14:55
vegaAutomaticLoginEnable=true and AutomaticLogin=username14:56
happyfacehas anyone gotten thinkfinger working on lynx?14:56
blekosthere in no cusom in gdm14:58
vegablekos: create it14:59
blekosok  and then14:59
vegablekos: mine looks like this: http://pastebin.com/nXk3KKu915:00
vegatry and change the usernames from there and restart15:00
Boondoklifeis there any way to use a karmic specific ppa in lucid?15:01
Boondoklifebanshee for example, I wanted to get the 1.5.5 release but lucid is only up to 1.5.4 and the banshee ppa doesnt support lucid yet.15:01
yofelBoondoklife: sure, change the distribution int the sources line from lucid to karmic15:02
yofelBoondoklife: as long as the dependencies at least15:02
yofel*work at least15:02
Boondoklifeyofel: you mean i the software sources list?15:03
yofelBoondoklife: yes15:03
yofelBoondoklife: you'll probably have to edit it by hand15:03
Boondoklifeyofel: I tried that and It just acts like they are not there. lemme try again.15:03
Boondoklifeyofel: Yea it was just me, forgot to re-check the box. Thanks15:05
blekoslet;s see15:07
blekoshm no luck15:09
blekosi guess it needs to store password as well at some point15:09
vegablekos: not to my knowledge15:09
blekosit did not work...15:10
vegablekos: just pastebinit .xsession-errors and maybe someone here can help15:10
vegablekos: also you could try and create a new "fresh" user and test if you can login with it15:10
blekosgood idea15:10
blekosthe problem is I do not have an internet connection15:10
vegaeliminating problems with stuff in your home dir..15:10
blekosI am here from another machine...15:11
vegacopy to usb stick or something..15:12
Some_Personrww: a new random fact I already knew15:12
BUGabundo_remotehey vega, welcome back15:18
BUGabundo_remotewhere have you been for the past few weeks15:18
happyfaceBUGabundo_remote: thanks man, I've been really busy15:20
vegaBUGabundo_remote: hmm?15:21
waltercoolcrimsun: Forget it... my laptop have a hardware touchpad lock... i was wrong (i was thinking in software lock)15:22
vegai think i'm not who you think i am..15:22
vegai'm not a regular/active on this channel.. idling mostly15:22
BUGabundo_remotevega: if you think you are confused, look at happyface :P15:22
BUGabundo_remotevega: I know, hence my comment15:23
vegaah, didn't notice that :)15:23
Some_PersonHow can I determine what package provides a certain file?15:31
arandSome_Person: dpkg -S certain_file15:32
Some_Personthank you15:33
SEJeffSome_Person, apt-file is also really nice. You might check it out as well15:37
happyfaceBUGabundo_remote: i'm just messing around hah15:37
adimitHello guys, how would I go about completely removing pulseaudio from lucid, alpha 3? I read that disabling it in the Startup Applications *should* be enough, but the process is still around...15:37
crimsunadimit: any reason why you need to remove pa?15:38
adimitcrimsun: It doesn't work well (at all) with wine. I know about the PPA, and I've tried it, but to no avail. Since everything was working on my Arch Linux box without pulse, I just wanna get rid of the damn thing... :-)15:39
crimsunadimit: that doesn't fix the bugs, if any, in pulse, though15:40
crimsunadimit: it would be much more useful to get a verbose PA log (wiki/PulseAudio/Log) and attach it to a new bug report15:40
crimsunadimit: however, if you really don't want to use pa, just disable it following the hints in /etc/default/pulseaudio15:41
adimitcrimsun: Yes, true, it won't fix Pulse. Right now, I'd prefer to have a working sound setup (because I need it) though. I'll see about squashing bugs in pulse later on...15:41
adimitcrimsun: thanks for the hint, I'll try it out.15:42
arandadimit: problem with disabling pa is that volume control and a few other things break (volume media keys...) fixable, but not trivial, at least on kk.15:43
BUGabundo_remoteadimit: if you need a stable release, use karmic. if you are running lucid, at least try to run as close as vanilla and report all bugs, so they can be fixed15:43
adimitarand: Yeah, that's sad :-\ Maybe I'll just disable it for when it gets in the way. I like pa, I just can't get it to play nicely with wine...15:44
BUGabundo_remoteadimit: crimsun has asked you for logs, so he can look, and maybe fix them before release of  lucid15:44
adimitBUGabundo_remote: true, I'm not looking for a perfectly stable system though :-). I'll look into generating some more useful logs.15:44
crimsunadimit: err, you can already do that15:47
crimsunadimit: pasuspender -- wine blah blah blah15:47
adimitHmm... OK, so sound dies in wine after several seconds of playing OK. syslog is empty, any other place to look for logs?15:47
[A]KangBhi plp!15:48
crimsunadimit: with or without pa?15:48
adimitcrimsun: with PA.15:48
crimsunadimit: see the verbose log reference above15:48
adimitcrimsun: pasuspender nets me no sound at all from wine :-\15:49
crimsunadimit: change wine's sound backend15:49
adimitcrimsun: to? It's set to ALSA15:50
[A]KangBMy motherboard always takes problems with a kernel on any version and those error are always fixed installing an alpha version (i don't no why) but now i have a big problem15:50
crimsun...and ALSA is defined to use pulse, so it will get you nothing, correct.15:50
adimitcrimsun: ah, thanks. I naïvely assumed it would just use plain ALSA...15:50
[A]KangBnVidia's driver is active, but at boot, compiz is always off, the window dercorador fails, and the top window bar (where there is close boton) disapear15:51
[A]KangBsuggestions!? thanks15:52
Emme_NKHi! I cannot change the screen brightness on lucid on my Ideapad S10-315:52
Emme_NKI already reported Bug #53825615:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538256 in ubuntu "Screen brightness not controllable on Lenovo Ideapad S10-3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53825615:52
Emme_NKIt's quite annoying, does anyone have an idea for a workaround until it's fixed?15:53
loudgeflyHi does anybody know a workaround for banshee slide control (it isn't working at all, stays always at zero point)15:54
vivid[A]KangB, if you run 'compiz --replace &' in a terminal do you get window decorations back?15:57
sploopidyHi all...15:58
sploopidyhey. do you know if we will have the option to change the alert sounds in this release unlike in  karmic?15:59
[A]KangBvivid, i don't get window decorator back using terminal... right click on desktop, change background and click on efects... then ir come back until i restart15:59
adimitcrimsun: OK, so this is the only thing regarding pulse I could find in my logs. It was in /var/log/user.log: http://pastebin.com/ujnJkX5z16:00
[A]KangBvivid, i have changed the number on virtual screens twice to 2, and return to 4 at reboot as window decorator16:00
crimsunadimit: that doesn't mean anything other than your driver needing to work around broken hardware, though16:00
adimitcrimsun: OK. The output doesn't happen consistently anyway. I only observe the sound braking up, but can't seem to find any log or other explanation... :-( Is there any other way I could supply information?16:02
crimsunadimit: well, I've already mentioned the verbose log procedure *twice* ...16:03
adimitcrimsun: OK... I don't know what that is, I'll Google it.16:03
crimsunadimit: I gave you the reference above!16:04
adimitcrimsun, sorry, I probably forgot about it/didn't read properly... I'm generating a -vvvv log right now...16:05
[A]KangBvivid, 'compiz --replace &' http://pastebin.com/uKWnJXxJ16:07
vividdid you get window decorations back when you ran it?16:07
[A]KangByep, until restart that desapear again16:08
vividpretty sure you can safely ignore those errors for now16:08
vividadd 'compiz --replace &' to System>Preferences>Startup Applications and it will be turned on when you log in automatically16:08
vividim sure theres probably a better more official way to do it, but heck, this is alpha16:09
[A]KangBwell, thanks. tryin it16:09
Dr_WillisYou may want to use the 'fusion-icon' tool to get compiz going16:10
Dr_Willis!info fusion-icon16:10
[A]KangBDr_Willis, dont do anything16:11
Dr_WillisI think thats the name.. come on bot..16:11
adimitcrimsun: http://pastebin.com/qSALEb2N <-- that's the whole thing. I started up pulseaudio, then wine (driver set to ALSA, official lucid package, not PPA, without pasuspender,) then waited until the sound broke up, killed wine, and then killed the demon.16:11
vividyea that should be the name of it16:11
adimitNo other sound applications were running during that time. Unfortunately, I have no idea whatsoever what all of this means...16:11
ubottufusion-icon (source: fusion-icon): tray icon to launch and manage Compiz Fusion. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.0-2 (lucid), package size 29 kB, installed size 264 kB16:11
[A]KangBi use it cos Compiz manager bring me problems with the VNC16:12
crimsunadimit: ok, I'll look in 15-20 mins, currently busy with driver bugs16:12
[A]KangBbut the window decorator don't come back16:12
adimitcrimsun: sure thing, whenever you have time. From what I can gather, the thing is getting a ton of underruns. I'll blame my soundcard for the time being.16:13
BUGabundo_remoteDr_Willis: fusion icon used to be veery buggy16:13
BUGabundo_remotenot sure its fixed16:13
BUGabundo_remoteit would launch compiz twice or something16:13
[A]KangBim going to restart to try vivid solution16:13
vividit should work, but obviously somewhere the configuration is borked16:14
Dr_Willisvnc + compiz = not a good idea :)16:14
vividim a metacity fellow :p16:14
[A]KangBvivid, it don't works, but is a minor bug, thanks anyway :D16:18
ikt_who would be the best person to contact about the installer not being full screen? or ubiquity? I've noticed it has no package maintainer :s16:28
kulighthow dou remove the connected dsiconected messages in empathy?16:35
ryebtw, re sun java in bug #532174 discussed yesterday - libjavaplugin_oji will NOT work16:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532174 in sun-java6 "[Lucid] sun-java6-plugin not recognized by firefox anymore" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53217416:38
ryesearch for jre1.6.0_18/lib/i386/libnpjp2.so - this is the plugin which works with Firefox 3.616:38
ryedon't know how OP got it working with the first one16:40
[A]KangBa New error: "Cannot connect to crash database, please check your Internet connection." trying to report a "mount error" when sutting down16:40
rye[A]KangB, bug #53809716:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538097 in apport "+storeblob fails with "500 Internal server error" on production (works on edge)" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53809716:40
ryeah, invalid for apport, Critical for foundations, right16:41
ellarbefore reporting upstream, am I the only one having Bug #538764?16:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538764 in gvfs "gvfsd-(sftp/ftp) hang on 100%CPU if they try to read password from gnome-keyring" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53876416:42
ryeShotwell is the default photo manager in Fedora 13 alpha16:43
[A]KangBthanks ryanakca16:43
[A]KangBthanks rye16:43
murkybit of a longshot, but are there any problems with the lucid repos? i can't grab a certain package via wget on any machine/OS. i'm guessing it's our network somwhow, but just wanted to check16:52
fabio333murky: what package?16:53
murkyi'm using http://mirror.ox.ac.uk/sites/archive.ubuntu.com//ubuntu//pool/main/k/kdebase-workspace/kdebase-workspace-wallpapers_4.4.1-0ubuntu4_all.deb16:53
murkytried from 5 different machines and several mirrors, so i guess it's a proxy inside somewhere :/16:53
murkygets to 55M and then stalls16:54
fabio333that package is about 59mb16:55
murkyyeah, that's the one16:56
murkyit always stops at 93% here16:56
fabio333i don't have it installed16:56
murkyme neither, was trying a wget - we maintain our own local mirrors of the repos but this package is dying16:57
fabio333try this http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kdebase-workspace/kdebase-workspace-wallpapers_4.4.1-0ubuntu4_all.deb16:58
murkyhmm, same issue fabio16:58
fabio333i'm downloding now16:59
fabio333myabe that package is broken16:59
fabio333you can still unpack it and get the wallpapers you want17:00
murkythanks fabio17:00
murkywell, i don't actually care about the package :) ... it's just that it's killing our debmirror17:00
enavhi guys keep his good work going   ^_^17:04
fabio333murky: got 96%17:07
fabio333100% don17:07
murkyfabio333: ok...guess it's our network guys then17:07
murkyfabio333: thanks, that's really helped a lot :)17:08
thiebaudehow do i install nvidia 8400 gs drivers in 10.04?17:09
SEJeffthiebaude, Did you try System ---> Administration ---> Hardware Drivers?17:10
vividremember, installing that version is a RISK17:10
thiebaudeley's see what happens17:10
thiebaudei know i been using ubuntu for over 4 yrs17:10
vividno, that specific version has been recalled by nvidia17:10
vividit really is a risk17:10
thiebaudei read something about that17:11
SEJeffthiebaude, Nvidia recalled those drivers. You're probably not going to find them unless someone mirrored them17:11
thiebaudeubun tu is not what is use to be17:11
vividSEJeff, they are still labeled as nvidia-current in the lucid repos17:12
SEJeffSeems like an issue vivid17:12
vividi would agree, thats why i built a 190.53 package since ubuntu devs dont seem to agree17:13
happyfaceWhy did my nice ubuntu 10.04 loading bar get replaced with a crappy dubbed down console version?17:13
SEJeffhappyface, In development versions, things change rapidly17:14
thiebaudemaybe a notification of hardware drivers should be disabled17:14
happyfaceSEJeff: that's true but I think something else got changed17:14
SEJefflucid "upgraded" my previous fglrx/karmic drivers to the open source ones and I've not noticed anything but performance improvements17:15
SEJeffPerhaps you should go grab an ati card if you can :)17:15
thiebaudebut i have desktop effects or anything17:15
vividati has the biggest history of terrible drivers, performance increase with an open source driver seems likely to me17:16
enavwhy ATI is so badass  with linux   i just need a short explanation17:17
SEJeffvivid, And then AMD bought them... And then they released full docs and specifications for their video cards... and then open source 3d drivers were written17:17
vividthats good, they always had good hardware17:17
charlie-tcaVideo testers have been unable to test the latest ATI drivers17:17
SEJeffenav, http://www.x.org/docs/AMD/ This is why. They released the full specifications for their hardware. Nvidia has not.17:17
thiebaudebut ubuntu 9.10 has no problems with my nvidia17:18
thiebaude8400 gs17:18
SEJeffchalcedony, Not true either. I used to be on the ati beta program. You just have to email the beta program manager. It used to be Matthew Tippet, but he quit a few months ago.17:18
vividand 10.04 wont either thiebaude, that driver will work, just be careful, it might get hot and not try to cool itself down17:18
charlie-tcaResults of 4 weeks completed trying to test proprietary drivers in lucid: http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/xorg_prop_drivers/17:19
thiebauderight now there is no video drivers from nvidia installed17:19
vividyou probably have the open source nouveau driver, which doesnt have 3d capability17:20
thiebaudebut i do like the new look17:20
thiebaudeits just my eyes,lol17:20
SEJeffcharlie-tca, Interesting link. Thanks17:20
charlie-tcaThis is week 517:21
SEJeffvivid, kernel mode setting is what completely wowed me. Switching from X to a vt in ~1 second with no nasty flashing and back17:21
charlie-tcaATI is mostly 0's because the drivers never installed17:21
thiebaudei wonder when the grahics driver issue will be fixed>17:21
SEJeffyeah I was referring to the open source 3d drivers, not fglrx17:21
vividwho knows thiebaude, maybe, maybe not before lucid goes live17:21
vividthe 195 series has been beta for months, as soon as it went stable, it got pulled17:22
charlie-tcaWe had hopes they would be fixed for beta1, but it doesn't look like it now17:22
enavi don't under stand  this sounds bizarre for me...  ATI open their specification and is BAD... Nvidia not  and is good????  :S   what???17:22
vividyea dont get your hopes up, it might not even be ready by release17:22
vividwhich is why someone should build an official 190.53 package17:22
enavis a bad idea release the specification why?17:22
thiebaudeso the 177 drivers are no good?17:22
charlie-tcavivid: It is simply difficult playing catchup17:23
vividdo they support your card?17:23
SEJeffenav, The ATI proprietary driver is crap. Thats what charlie-tca was pointing out I think. The open source drivers are great. I've got full 3d / compiz on 2 30" monitors with it17:23
vividcheck the nvidia site17:23
thiebaudenividia 8400 gs17:23
charlie-tcasorry, not vivid17:23
charlie-tcaenav: it is difficult to play catchup, which is what ATI is now doing. NVidia has always worked closely with linux devs17:23
thiebaudei wish i had 3d compiz17:24
enavconclusion ATI provide crappy drivers for linux  that is all17:24
vividthiebaude, http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_173.14.25.html   8400 gs is on the supported list for 17317:24
thiebaudethanks alot17:25
charlie-tcaNo, ATI was closed source for many years and refused to work with linux devs17:25
SEJeffand then AMD bought them17:25
charlie-tcaNow they went open-source, but it will take a while to catch up17:25
vividand even longer for nouveau since nvidia is closed : /17:25
SEJeffenav, The developers of the excellent open source drivers are working for ATI/AMD. They are most excellent. For the open source 3d drivers, nvidia is catching up to ATI17:25
SEJeffenav, Make sense?17:26
enavactually nvidia is closed and ati is open right?17:26
charlie-tcavivid: but the nvidia corp does work with linux devs to get their drivers to work for us17:26
thiebaudehow do i install a pkg1.run?17:26
vividyou cant thiebaude, not in lucid17:26
vividuse jockey-gtk17:26
thiebaudewhere is jockey-gtk?17:27
vividSystem>Administration>Hardware Drivers17:27
thiebaudeUnable to load X Server Display Configuration page:17:31
thiebaudeFailed to query NoScanout for screen 0.17:31
thiebaudei making some progress17:31
thiebaudebut cant set resolution17:32
vividis the nvidia driver actually running?17:32
thiebaudethe 173 is installed17:32
thiebaudeand i did a sudo nvidia-settings17:32
vividno need to sudo that program17:33
thiebaudecant load x server display17:33
Damasceneis there a known bug in netbook-launcher were the home screen button get hidden if there is too many icons on the toolbar17:34
thiebaudevivid, my display is ok for now17:37
vividi cant offer any more help really, that driver is pretty old17:38
vividand it took me two hours to get 190 working17:38
thiebaudeeverything looks good for me now17:38
thiebaudevivid, i got wobbly windows now,lol17:40
thiebaudenvidia 173.14.2217:40
vividgood to hear17:40
ryeok, hm, maybe that's why I started to notice UI slowdown after update? maybe my 195.36.08-0ubuntu1 is not overheating my GPU but it is not working properly in some other way..17:40
thiebaudei only ubuntu on this computer and nothing else17:40
vividhopefully nvidia will fix their 195 drivers sooner than later and we can get an up-to-date official package17:40
thiebaudethe fonts look pretty good17:40
thiebaudeyep i hope so17:40
thiebaudei just got back from windows 7, eck17:41
vividrye, the way i see it, if a distributor pulls their software and says not to use it, you should not use it under any circumstances17:41
thiebaudeok guys thanks for the help17:41
vividalpha software is one thing, alpha software that could destroy your hardware is another17:41
thiebaudetime to install flash java etc17:41
SEJeffthiebaude, installing ubuntu-restricted-extras will save you time17:42
Some_PersonCould someone who hasn't messed with their gconf settings for the min/max/close buttons please test my latest PPA?17:42
thiebaudei do that17:42
SEJeffThat 1 metapackage will get most all of what you want in 1 shot17:42
ryevivid, erm, yeah... I wish I knew that a little before today. Running nvidia_current (though have limited success with nouveau...)... Hm, is 3d that important?... hm...17:42
thiebaudeand medibuntu too17:42
ryebut compiz and all that shiney stuff..17:42
thiebaudeoh yea17:42
vivid3d is important for me, since i do alot of gaming17:42
vividand likewise, so is hardware cooling17:42
thiebaudetransparent menus17:42
JEEBsvUmm... anyone else has had crashes with eclipse on lucid?17:43
vividim probably the only person in the world that plays games on linux17:43
SEJeffvivid, What games do you play on Linux? I never took anything non-windows and non-console as a serious gaming platform17:43
SEJeffgreat game ^^17:43
vividi play wow, cs:s, tf217:43
vividsometimes for hours on end17:43
SEJeffvia wine?17:43
SEJeffThats hardcore17:43
SEJeffimpressive, I didn't know you could17:43
vividi only lose about 5 fps17:43
JEEBsvWell, those work fine via wine17:44
vividfrom windows17:44
JEEBsvSEJeff: just check winedb for apps17:44
JEEBsvYou'd be surprised how many work17:44
vividyes, wine has become excellent over the years17:44
SEJeffHmmmm I wonder if Command and Conqueror Generals and Tiberium wars would work17:44
SEJeffIf so my last windows box is getting blasted17:44
JEEBsvCheck on winedb17:44
vividi recently had to reinstall windows for school : /17:45
ryeis there any logic behind nvidia driver numbers, 175, 180, 185. more is better, right ?17:45
vividOO.o impress doesnt work well enough with powerpoint17:45
SEJeffvivid, VirtualBox is really good stuff if you don't mind17:45
SEJeffAnd the seamless mode is somewhat magical17:45
vividrye, the lower version numbers are older, but not necessarily better17:45
enavvivid lol yeah i agree with SEJeff17:45
DanaGhmm, I've never had good luck with Wine... and the fact that wine doesn't do surround sound is a blocker for me.17:45
vividrye, the 185 series had crashes for steam games with wine17:46
Prettoafter upgrade my python script shows as following: ./gtk-theme-swatch.py >>$: File or directory not found17:46
vividDanaG, does pulseaudio do surround sound?17:46
* rye wanted to say "more is newer".17:46
vividive never looked at virtualbox17:47
ryevivid, with current drivers I can literally see how the desktop background is painted during boot. From top to down. 0.5-1s, but it used to be a lot faster before I got some update :)17:47
DanaGATI binary driver IS crap, true enough... but the open driver (especially with drm-next kernel) is awesome.17:47
Pretto/usr/bin/env python ./gtk-theme-swatch.py works17:47
rye*gdm background17:47
Prettoany clue?17:47
SEJeffPretto, Can you paste the result of: head -n1 ./gtk-theme-swatch.py17:48
SEJeffProbably just a wrong or missing shebang17:48
PrettoSEJeff: #!/usr/bin/env python17:48
crimsunvivid: on _some_ chipsets17:48
crimsunvivid: namely, if you have emu10k*-based cards, it's horrible.17:48
SEJeffWhat is the error it gives when you try to run it?17:48
Some_PersonCan someone please test my PPA?17:49
PrettoSEJeff: $: File or directory not found17:49
SEJeffPretto, Thats easy. I bet it has the wrong line endings17:49
SEJeffPretto, try running dos2unix gtk-theme-swatch.py17:49
SEJeffYou might need to install dos2unix17:49
* rye tries nouveau again..17:49
PrettoSEJeff: it was created on linux17:50
* Some_Person feels somewhat glad to have an intel card17:50
JEEBsvAnyways, I guess http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=571192 'ish crashes of Eclipse aren't usual?17:50
SEJeffPretto, cat -A gtk-theme-swatch.py | head -n117:50
ubottuDebian bug 571192 in libcairo2 "libcairo2: Eclipse crashes when hit on a proposal" [Important,Fixed]17:50
SEJeffpaste the result of that please17:50
DanaGoh, and then there's that stupid "read back from video RAM when creating a new window" thing Xorg does.17:50
PrettoSEJeff: you are right, but hown could it be?17:51
SEJeffPretto, crappy editor? I dunno17:51
=== ikt_ is now known as ikt
DanaGvivid: yeah, pulseaudio does do surround.17:51
PrettoSEJeff: thank you17:51
vividshould try and build wine with the pulse driver and see if you get better support through wine17:51
SEJeffPretto, That error is almost always caused by wrong style line endings. It is because the shell can't figure out what to execute as the shebang. The next time someone else has that error, please help them out as well :)17:52
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
PrettoSEJeff: you bet i will :D17:52
SEJeffPretto, great! Paying it forward is the best way to grow the ubuntu communiyt17:52
emxerhola alguien que hable español17:55
emxerbuenos dias17:55
DanaGEven with bare ALSA, wine doesn't do surround.17:55
vividhola señor17:55
vividthe alsa driver is crap on a pulse system though17:55
emxerque tal esto aprendiendo un poco de irssi con un amigo y17:55
emxerdesearia saber como costumisar un canal propio17:55
emxerpara ponerle la fecha hora y ademas hacer un cartel de bienvenida17:56
emxeralguien me ayuda17:56
emxeres algo nuevo para mi y me ilusionaria poder hacerlo17:56
BUGabundo_remote!es > emxer17:57
ubottuemxer, please see my private message17:57
emxerademas estoy probandolo en la consola de mi Ipod y Iphone17:57
emxerestoy provando el terminal de unix en el ipod touch17:57
emxery le instale el irssi17:57
BUGabundo_remoteemxer: although I can undertand part of your spanish, this is an English channel17:57
SEJeffemxer, in ingles por favor17:58
emxerok great17:59
vividwhats the performance like running xp with virtualbox17:59
vividgood enough to run office?17:59
SEJeffvivid, Well it depends on your host system, but perfectly acceptable to run office17:59
SEJeffthrow ram at it18:00
enavvivid  i use virtualbox to make alot of stuff, Photo editing, office, Flash animations   works like a charm18:00
SEJeffsurprisingly fast actually. It is faster than our crappy rdp server we have18:00
JEEBsvhmm, interesting -- the eclipse crashing was a xulrunner bug18:00
JEEBsvnow to get xulrunner 1.2 installed >_>18:00
Some_PersonI need someone who hasn't messed with their gconf settings for the min/max/close buttons to test my new PPA18:00
Some_PersonIt puts the titlebar back to the way it worked in karmic18:02
emxeras I said this by testing irssi with a friend and would like to know if someone can give me information as my own channel on costumisar irssi set the time and date and a welcome text also appreciate your help and that is something I love to do ;)18:03
emxerthnks! :)18:03
vividits too bad rearranging the buttons makes it look like crap18:04
Some_Personvivid: I fixed that in my PPA18:05
vividwell, link me to your ppa and ill see what you changed :p18:07
Some_Personvivid: https://launchpad.net/~stownsend42/+archive/light-themes18:07
Some_Personvivid: It should look like this: http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/8910/screenshotxchatsomepers.png18:07
SEJeffSome_Person, How did you fix it?18:08
Some_PersonSEJeff: I changed the gconf setting back to what it should be, and I edited all the images for the min and max/restore buttons18:09
vividits just a change to gconf18:09
vividand replacing some of the png images18:09
SEJeffvivid, I realized the gconf changes, didn't know you needed to change the png images18:09
SEJeffI just changed to a less crappy titlebar theme18:09
vividwell you dont have to change the images18:09
Some_PersonSEJeff: If you don't edit the PNGs, the minimize button appears in a little box of its own18:09
vividbut if you rearrange the order, the images are terrible18:10
SEJeffI thought they were terrible both ways :)18:10
Some_PersonSeriously, this should have been done from the start18:10
SEJeffSome_Person, Yeah the theme is gorgeous, but the button changing was a bad idea18:11
Some_PersonSEJeff: That's why I fixed it18:11
Some_PersonI like this theme a lot18:11
Some_PersonThis is also the first time I've ever uploaded a package to launchpad that worked the first time18:12
enavvivid  i use vbox to develop and test applications  http://is.gd/aEjE518:12
Some_PersonI really do need someone to test it who hasn't touched their gconf settings though18:13
Some_PersonI want to make sure it resets the position correctly18:13
vividlol too late for me18:13
vividim totally stealing your images though18:13
Some_Personvivid: Just install the package18:14
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Some_PersonI just hope that it gets fixed in the main package before release18:18
yofelmeh, first ubuntu-vm-builder crashes when building a hardy KVM and now building virtualbox VMs doesn't seem to work at all18:19
Some_PersonOtherwise, I suspect I'll be running a popular PPA18:20
vividnice enav, cant believe i didnt already know about this18:23
vividi feel ashamed18:23
SEJeffSome_Person, Post your ppa on ubuntu forums18:23
Some_PersonSEJeff: What section?18:24
SEJeffSome_Person, Whatever version is for Lucid18:24
SEJeffJust seems like an obvious way to get visibility18:24
Some_PersonI really want someone to test it first18:25
Some_PersonIt needs to be someone who hasn't touched their gconf settings for the button positions18:26
vividyea i changed mine, installed the package, and it didnt work : /18:27
yofelSome_Person: I can test it in my ubuntu VM that I used for upgrade testing, buttons are on the left there18:27
Some_Personvivid: Log out and then log back in18:28
Some_Personyofel: Please do, I would appreciate that18:28
yofeljust starting it18:28
Some_Personvivid: did it work?18:29
Some_Person(I did say to log out then log back in in the description by the way)18:29
vividi was too busy thumbing through the binary package18:30
yofelSome_Person: buttons fixed18:34
Some_Personyofel: Wow, I seriously expected something to go wrong18:35
Some_PersonIt usually does with me18:35
yofeladded ppa, upgraded the package, restarted gdm -> buttons fixed18:36
Some_PersonIf some 16 year old high schooler like me can fix it, why can't the ubuntu developers?18:36
yofelSome_Person: err... I think the difference here is CAN <-> WANT18:37
Some_PersonThey like it that way? Or are they too lazy?18:37
DanaGThey like it that broken way.18:37
DanaGWhich is totally stupid.18:37
yofeldon't ask me, they like a odd looking notify-osd too, as well as a popping up update-manager instead of an updates_available Icon in the tray18:38
charlie-tcaIt's a feature, isn't it?18:38
yofelcharlie-tca: exactly18:38
Some_PersonI'm sure this weird button layout breaks other themes too18:39
charlie-tcaOf course, now, my daughter just started using a mac 1 month ago, and loves the buttons on the left. She wants to change windows to that, too, now18:39
thiebaudei got to get use to that18:39
thiebaudeon the left18:39
Some_Personcharlie-tca: I don't mind them on the left, but the close button should be on the end at least18:39
thiebaudethey need a mouse over18:40
charlie-tcaI am staying with Xubuntu. the buttons haven't moved from karmic18:40
Some_Personthiebaude: you're free to create one18:40
thiebaudeim sticking with 10.0418:40
Some_Personcharlie-tca: Doesn't Xfce have an option on where to move them?18:40
thiebaudeconfiguration editor?18:40
Some_Personthiebaude: uhh, that's lucid18:40
thiebaudeim thinking about the new ppl not me18:41
thiebaudebeen using ubuntu since 6.0618:41
Some_PersonI've been using it since 5.1018:41
charlie-tcalike Applications -> Settings -> Window Manger -> Button Layout?18:41
Some_PersonIt's come a really long way since 5.10. Back then, there wasn't even a GUI to install .deb packages, and double-clicking them opened them in file-roller18:42
charlie-tcaPut any button left or right, in any order, even in Xubuntu Lucid18:43
thiebaudei have no settings in my application menu18:43
thiebaudebut 10.04 does look sweet18:44
thiebaudei finally got my compiz and transparent menus18:45
Some_PersonI remember my early days on ubuntu when I still had dialup18:46
Some_PersonTotal hell was what it was18:46
thiebaudei bet18:46
Some_PersonMy modem was proprietary18:47
thiebaudethose were painful days18:47
Some_Personand they wanted you to pay $20 for a driver that wasn't limited to 14.4kbps18:47
thiebaudetimes have changed18:47
SEJeffSome_Person, Oh man I remember those. Wasn't it the connexant or something that did that?18:47
Some_PersonSEJeff: That's the one18:47
Some_Personand that's what I was stuck with18:48
Some_PersonI finally got DSL in 200618:49
DanaGcharlie-tca: if you want Windows to have lefty-buttons, check out "Windowblinds" -- there are SOME nice lefty themes out there.18:49
charlie-tcaI will pass that along18:49
Some_PersonDecember 31, 2006 to be exact18:49
DanaGThough, Stardock's software tends to deal poorly with high-dpi displays and dpi scaling.18:49
DanaGIt's non-free (as in money) software, though.18:49
Some_Personit was like 10PM on that day18:50
charlie-tcaDanaG: thanks. I will pass it along to daughter. I won't touch windows myself, anymore18:50
SEJeffDanaG, Nah that is free as well. Just go to tpb :)18:50
DanaGhttp://home.comcast.net/~odnt/12012009.jpg -- an example.  theme has a lefty variant and a righty variant.18:51
DanaGWhat Ubuntu does, though, is a miserable failure:18:51
DanaGit FORCIBLY changes settings... and sets them to an insane max,min,close on the left.18:51
rska windows screenshot in mah chan?18:52
DanaGLefty is fine... but it should follow OS X, if it wants to be lefty.18:52
Boondoklifewoo beta is only 3 days away18:52
Some_PersonYay, so I used lucid alpha for 5 days18:53
ZykoticK9Boondoklife, and only 45 days till final ;)18:53
Boondoklifeyuppers. Only a couple of itchy issues for me but so far im luvin lucid18:53
Some_PersonIt's actually not as unstable as I expected18:53
BoondoklifeSome_Person: same feeling here18:53
SEJeffLTS release are more conservative18:54
SEJeffTake the release after hardy, intrepid18:54
SEJeffThe devel of it was constantly borked18:54
Boondoklifekarmic drove me insane in beta with all the bluetooth changes they were doing.18:54
Some_PersonI would like to find out what that "Lights Off" game in gnome-games is like though. It just crashes here18:54
=== FFForever-Away is now known as FFForever
Some_PersonAlso, I'm using a proprietary driver for my wifi because for the first time ever the free one didn't work18:56
SEJeffSome_Person, broadcomm?18:56
Some_Personyes, broadcom18:56
Some_Personb43 has worked nicely since jaunty, but in lucid it doesn't work18:57
SEJeffEven when you run b43-fwcutter?18:57
SEJeffThats a bummer18:57
SEJeffSome_Person, file bugs please18:57
Some_PersonI only tried from jockey18:58
BoondoklifeSome_Person: lights off works for me... just remembered i hated that game almost as much as tetris and those damned peg games at truckstops18:59
Some_PersonAlso, anyone noticed that apt-cdrom add is broken?18:59
Some_PersonIt adds the CD, but you can't actually install anything from it19:00
Some_PersonAnd "Add CD-ROM" in Software Sources always spits out "E:Failed to mount the cdrom."19:01
BoondoklifeSome_Person: never played with that. sorry19:01
Some_PersonShould I file bugs for all these things?19:01
charlie-tcaOnly if you want the developers to look at them19:01
* charlie-tca sorry, that was mean19:02
charlie-tcayes, Some_Person, you should file bugs19:02
charlie-tcaThey won't all get fixed, but at least it lets everyone know about the issues19:03
Some_Personok, filing19:04
yofelSome_Person: preferably file them with ubuntu-bug once bug 538097 is fixed19:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538097 in apport "+storeblob fails with "500 Internal server error" on production (works on edge)" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53809719:04
ZykoticK9Some_Person, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for details on how to submit bugs19:06
ZykoticK9Some_Person, but ubuntu-bug is currently not working due to above ubottu noted bug19:06
git__is suspend to disk working on lucid?19:06
Some_PersonI usually just do it through launchpad.net19:06
yofelSome_Person: oh, so you like talking with the bugsquad so much :D (please use apport, it makes our life easier)19:07
yofelSome_Person: that's how the bug reporting application is called19:09
SEJeffman apport-collect19:09
crimsunSome_Person: just so you have an idea of timeline, now that Takashi has Acked the fix, it'll be queued for in a few weeks and should land in Lucid release or the first post-release update19:09
yofelSome_Person: for a short introduction see man ubuntu-bug19:09
yofelmeh, SEJeff was faster ^^19:09
Some_PersonSo is something like this filed incorrectly: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-games/+bug/53921619:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 539216 in gnome-games "Lights Off crashes" [Undecided,New]19:10
SEJeffyofel, Was looking at it for something else unrelated19:10
charlie-tcaor could read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs19:10
yofelSome_Person: don't forget to read the link charlie-tca posted too19:10
yofelSome_Person: about that bug: a) what ubuntu release were you using? and which version of gnome-games (that's *essential*)19:11
yofelSome_Person: apport will add that to the bug without you needing to do it ;)19:11
yofelSome_Person: can you please run 'apport-collect 539216' in a terminal please?19:12
yofel- 1 please...19:12
Some_Person"Send this data to developers?"19:14
Some_Personok, now what?19:14
yofelSome_Person: look at the bug again ;)19:15
Some_Personoh, it added a ton of crap to it :-)19:15
charlie-tcayup :-)19:15
charlie-tcaand a lot easier than doing it a piece at a time, huh?19:16
Some_PersonShould I do this for all my bugs?19:17
yofelSome_Person: I'm looking at them19:18
yofelSome_Person: please do it for the suptux bug and the apt-cdrom bug, the audio bug is already triaged19:20
Some_Personyofel: I don't see much need for the supertux bug. It's just a missing build-depends19:20
yofelSome_Person: well ok, it has the version and the info should be enough19:21
yofelSome_Person: but please do it for bug 53921919:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 539219 in apt "Using a CD as an apt repository doesn't work." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53921919:21
Some_PersonI'm doing it now19:21
Some_Personholy crap, Mark Shuttleworth commented on the creation of my PPA19:24
JoshuaLSome_Person, link19:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 532633 in metacity "[light-theme] please revert the order of the window controls back to "menu:minimize,maximize,close"" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:27
Some_Personbottom of the page19:27
ryeanybody running Lucid on Aspire One (A150) ?19:27
Ian_CorneI'm running it on asus eee19:29
Ian_Corneif that helps any19:29
ryeIan_Corne, i belive this is either Atheros wifi-specific or A150 specific - the wifi transmission breaks during downloads19:30
ryeIan_Corne, at the same time two other devices nearby work properly with this AP19:31
ryewell, mine does not have normal X anymore but... that's irrelevant for now :)19:31
ubuntujenkinsis anyone having problems reporting bugs using apport? It is saying I am not connected to the internet19:34
charlie-tcabug 53809719:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538097 in apport "+storeblob fails with "500 Internal server error" on production (works on edge)" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53809719:35
Ian_Cornerye: sorry not such problem19:35
ubuntujenkinsthanks charlie-tca thats useful19:35
charlie-tcano problem19:35
charlie-tcaHoping it gets fixed fast. Got Beta1 testing this week19:36
yofelwell, the launchpad folks made it critical, so let's hope for the best19:36
* yofel is piling up bug reports already...19:37
charlie-tcaI file quite a few manually, even with a bunch of attachments19:38
BoondoklifeI just wanted to say... DAMN I LOVE LINUX19:38
yofelcharlie-tca: me too, but I can't do that with crash reports :/19:39
charlie-tcaJust a note: Installed nvidia-current from an install done with today's image. It is still available and working19:40
ZykoticK9is there an alternative to tofrodos in lucid?  it seems to have been removed.19:41
yofel!info tofrodos lucid19:43
ubottutofrodos (source: tofrodos): Converts DOS <-> Unix text files, alias tofromdos. In component main, is optional. Version 1.7.8.debian.1-2 (lucid), package size 19 kB, installed size 84 kB19:44
yofelZykoticK9: still there19:44
charlie-tcaI'm looking at it in synaptic19:44
ZykoticK9yofel, charlie-tca sorry my bad19:44
Ian_Corneyofel: i'm not running into that many problems :(19:44
Ian_Cornevery few actually19:44
yofelIan_Corne: that means you're not doing upgrade testiing like me ;)19:45
Ian_Corneah right19:45
Ian_Corneyeah I'm not19:45
Ian_CorneI'm just using lucid in my daily life19:45
ZykoticK9from command line when you type an apt known command, that is not installed it will recommend the package to installed but for dos2unix in lucid this is not happening, http://paste.ubuntu.com/395775/ is this a bug?19:48
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
Some_PersonI do suspect it'll be a popular mod to put the buttons where they were in karmic if they remain where they are by default now at release time20:12
Ian_Cornelol @ forgetting the sound effects :)20:13
rniamohi, i just want to know if there is any news about the nvidia problem ?20:16
rskno nvidia still haven't opensourced their binary driver rniamo20:17
rniamobut for the moment i just want a driver with direct rendering, is there any driver to install ?20:19
rskthere's a driver to install yes20:19
rniamowhich one please ? i try nvidia-glx-185 and 195 and it doesn't work20:20
redwhat does it mean if a folder name is with a green background when doing ls?20:21
redi know green name is executable, cyan is symlink20:21
bjsniderrsk, very amusing20:22
jemarkmy daily image of lucid doesn't boot up fully. i will end up in a terminal with errors it can't access some partitions...20:23
jemarkwhat's wrong?20:24
rskbjsnider very unfriendly20:24
Some_Personjemark: yesterday's image worked20:24
yofelrniamo: tried nvidia-current?20:25
rniamoit doesn't work20:25
YaManicKillhmmm anyobne else having a problem mounting fat filesystems?20:25
redfor me todays iso worked20:25
redinstalled it on a friends vaio20:25
jemarkSome_Person, ok, I will try today's image to check it if it works...20:26
yofelred: that should mean the folder is world read/write/executable20:26
jemarkred, thanks, i will try today's iso20:26
rniamohere is my xorg log http://pastebin.com/nkXQ6PjW20:26
charlie-tcajemark: try hitting alt+f7 at that screen20:27
jemarkcharlie-tca, thanks for the tip20:27
charlie-tcano problem20:27
charlie-tcaDon't need ctrl, you are not at gdm but in another tty20:28
jemarkcharlie-tca, you probably meant ctrl+alt+f7?20:28
jemarkcharlie-tca, i see20:28
charlie-tcano, mine worked with alt+F720:29
jemarkcharlie-tca, cool, thanks20:29
rye_rniamo, can you chech whether you have nouveau modules loaded ?20:29
rniamorye_ : http://pastebin.com/B0i3xFCK20:30
rye_rniamo, and you have separate /usr, right ?20:30
rniamoi don't understand why it is important ?20:30
rye_rniamo, loading bugs... :)20:30
rye_rniamo, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/53446920:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 534469 in nvidia-graphics-drivers "Failed to load NVIDIA 195.36.08 kernel modules because nouveau is loading with separate /usr partition." [Undecided,Confirmed]20:31
rye_rniamo, blacklist is not working20:31
rye_rniamo, see my poast at #520:31
rniamook i'm trying and i restart X and i'm coming back20:32
rniamoso rye_ tip works but i have an error when ubuntu is starting. I don't know which one, it is too speed20:37
rniamoit is during splash screen20:37
yofelrniamo: something about ureadahead?20:39
rye_yofel, or mounted-tmp ?20:40
rye_yofel, sorry, rniamo ^ :)20:40
rniamoi think something about disk check20:40
rye_rniamo, is your /var on a separate drive as well?20:40
rniamorye_ : http://pastebin.com/f3c2gwKc20:41
rniamovar, usr, home, boot are separated20:41
rye_rniamo, then we are in the same boat - have a look at these - bug #523587 and bug #52348420:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523587 in mountall "/etc/init/mounted-tmp.conf uses find, which is in /usr/bin" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52358720:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523484 in ureadahead "ureadahead.conf assumes that /var/lib/ureadahead is available on startup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52348420:42
rye_rniamo, have you had any issues with the ability to boot? i.e. the boot process stops at some stage before even network is brought up?20:43
* rye_ has one (on a random basis) and does not know what to blame20:43
rniamorye_ : sorry i don't understand the question20:44
rye_rniamo, are all your attempts to boot end up with GDM loading? or some of them fail halfway (alternatively, is it the first day you are running Lucid? )20:45
rniamorye_ : it is the first time i boot with direct rendering and this error during splash screen20:45
rniamobut i see an error but if i don't do anything it works20:46
rye_rniamo, ok, In case you get such problems, could you please ping me...20:47
rniamook, is it often (because i can reboot twice or 3 times to test if you want)20:47
rye_rniamo, no, no need for special tests, since that happens exactly when you need the pc to boot up fast.20:48
rniamothank you for your help :)20:49
atruswhat's a good way to get gmail notifications in the indicator in lucid (not counting evolution, which sucks for large imap folders)20:49
rniamoit should be nice to add thunderbird to notification applet ;)20:50
ubuntujenkinscan anyone burn an image using brasero in lucid?20:52
arandatrus: there is some indicator applet integration for thunderbird... but it's kind of half-butted, compared to the thunderbird-own notifications...20:52
atrusrniamo: see, again, i don't really want to have a full-fledged email client running at all times. checking for new mail via gmail's rdf protocol is much simpler.20:52
arandMain nice thing about the thunderbird notifications are that they are clickable :D20:52
atrusarand: that's where the indicator is handy... though i'm on the fence about the indicator, because nobody outside of ubuntu is interested in it at all.20:53
rniamothat's true20:54
arandI just removed the indicator, it clogs up the systray...20:54
atrusthe indicator's a neat idea. the objection seems to be about the api, and the lack of standards-track documentation.20:55
atrusubuntu seems interested in solving the problem for ubuntu, but with no thought for how it interacts with other standards-compliant linuxes.20:55
arandI still hold by that the indicator applet should go, and the update notifier return...20:57
atruscrap. network-manager still silently loses my wireless connection in lucid :/21:00
atrusi wonder if wicd works okay in luced.21:00
jemarkatrus, i don't have a stable connection, too21:02
yofelheh, the 'guess keymap' feature in ubiquity is actually pretty nice if it chooses the wrong keyboard by default21:06
yofelbut these '(as superuser)' window titles are annoying21:08
aftertafhello. anyone got amissing plasma taskbar on lucid?21:21
happyfaceHow can I disable TCP checksumming on wlan0?21:21
aftertafi can add a new panel, and when i filter only running plasmoids, it shows the ones I had before dist-upgrading to lucid...21:22
crimsunhappyface: ethtool(8)21:26
happyfacecrimsun: I figured that out, but I get "Cannot set device rx csum settings: Operation not supported."21:26
happyfacecrimsun: I'm not sure if that means my card doesn't use checksumming, or that it can't be disabled21:27
crimsunhappyface: that's a very specific feature in hardware21:28
crimsunhappyface: so, it means your card unsurprisingly doesn't support it21:28
happyfacecrimsun: ah ok, well this site said to do it in order to get their flash game to work in linux21:28
Some_PersonI'm wondering if I should start providing packages for Lucid in my supertux PPA21:30
Some_PersonThe problem is that mean 2 75MB uploads every update (unless I discontinue karmic)21:30
happyfaceSome_Person: is supertux awesome?21:31
Some_Personwell, I like it21:31
Some_Personif you're into sidescrollers, its pretty good21:31
rye_no separate screens in nouveau - http://www.mail-archive.com/nouveau@lists.freedesktop.org/msg02902.html21:31
happyfaceSome_Person: I want to play it, maybe you should add a Lucid package :P21:31
happyfaceSome_Person: yea i am it looks good21:31
Some_PersonThere's a version in the lucid repositories, my PPA just has a later version (actually from the devel branch)21:32
rskisnt supertux still really bad?21:32
Some_Personlucid has the latest version from the unstable branch, though with add-ons disabled for some reason21:32
Some_Personrsk: How so?21:33
rskboring gameplay and sketchy artwork at best21:33
happyfacersk is probably just messing with you21:33
happyfacesince it's the best21:33
rye_but it is according to http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/X.Org/Dual_Monitors21:33
Some_Personrsk: The artwork is improving, especially as of the past month or so21:34
Some_Personrsk: As for gameplay, what do you expect of a sidescroller?21:34
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: how do you get your hostname like that? [~bugabundo@ubuntu/member/bugabundo21:34
rskrye_ that page dosen't have directions for novueae21:34
rskSome_Person some fun21:34
rye_rsk, ... in this example we'll use the new nouveau  driver21:35
rski guess gentoo wiki is more up to date then21:35
rskthan an archived message on the mailing-list21:35
Some_Personrsk: Can you be more specific?21:35
rskmystery solved21:35
rskSome_Person about what?21:35
Some_Personrsk: "some fun"21:35
rye_rsk, ah ... "in this example we will use the radeon driver, but as stated before this will work for any xrandr 1.2 compliant driver. "21:36
rskas opposed to something boring21:36
Some_Personrsk: Example?21:36
Ian_Cornethere is a negative vibe i'm feeling here21:36
Ian_Cornersk: stop trolling..21:36
rskmasturbating is fun, hitting your toe in a rock is not21:36
Some_PersonOk, I'm just going to assume you're a troll21:36
BUGabundo!membership | Ian_Corne21:38
ubottuIan_Corne: Want to become an Ubuntu member? Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/processes/newmember21:38
Ian_Corneaha :)21:38
BUGabundo 1665   0.00s   1.95s     0K     0K     0K     0K  --   - R  98% gnome-panel21:39
BUGabundoanyone with the same prob?21:39
Ian_Cornenot atm21:39
rski've gotten that bug in practicly every version21:39
Ian_CorneI guess i'm not active enough for that :)21:39
rskonly a reinstall fixes it21:39
rskreally weird21:39
Some_PersonI don't think I qualify for membership21:39
Some_PersonEspecially considering that I abandoned ubuntu for a while last year21:40
rwwpsh, they let me in, their standards can't be /too/ high21:41
Some_PersonWhat have you contributed?21:41
rwwSome_Person: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RobertWall has a list21:42
Some_PersonYou've done far more than me21:43
BUGabundoIan_Corne: I would support your candidature for Ubuntu Member21:43
=== phaidros is now known as artisan
BUGabundonot kidding21:45
Ian_CorneIf you look at rww 's record, I'm far from that21:47
happyfaceSome_Person: supertux has a 0% joystick threshold?21:47
Some_Personhappyface: ?21:47
jemarkSome_Person, the current iso works now... :)21:47
rwwIan_Corne: People started telling me to apply about six months before I actually did. I'm probably not a good baseline to use ;P21:48
crimsunIan_Corne: comparing against someone's "record" isn't reasonable.21:48
rwwthe only way to see if you qualify is to apply, imho21:48
BUGabundoIan_Corne: and is rww a member?21:49
Ian_CorneI'll do it after my studies are done :)21:49
BUGabundoit took me like 1y to apply21:49
skypcehi , i am testing ubuntu 10.04 . it dont have xorg.conf Where i can configurate the video?21:49
BUGabundoto lazy21:49
Ian_Corneskypce: make one yourselve21:50
BUGabundogot to be the 6th member from our Local Ubuntu groups21:50
Ian_Cornebut normally, it shouldn't be needed21:50
BUGabundoskypce: you don't need one21:50
skypcehow can i do it , i have a geforce 7050 integrated21:50
BUGabundowe now use UDEV21:50
skypcei cant set the resolution of my screen21:50
BUGabundodo you mean you want nvidia blob?21:50
BUGabundoor you can use nouveau ppa and get 3D support21:50
Some_Personskypce: You probably need to install the nvidia driver21:51
skypceyes nouveau21:51
Some_Personnouveau has 3d support now?21:51
skypcei want test noveau drivers but only i watch in 800X600 res21:51
ZykoticK9Some_Person, i believe the nouveau 3d is fairly limited at this point21:51
skypcei am with lubuntu 10.0421:51
Some_PersonZykoticK9: That's what I thought too21:51
skypceand with kernel 2.6.3321:52
BUGabundoskypce: why .33?21:52
skypcehow can i do a dpkg-reconfigure --phigh xserver-xog21:52
BUGabundocurrent kernel is 3221:52
BUGabundoyou just did21:53
skypceyes , i installed 3321:53
skypcei see a lot of new features21:53
skypceit is more faster than 3221:53
skypcei believe21:53
Some_PersonFor some reason it seems very strange running ubuntu off an SD card21:54
Ian_Corneskypce: it is, in some areas21:56
skypcecan you explain to me how the new kernel 2.6.33 manage the ram ? in simple words21:58
Andre_Gondimwhere can I find libbluetooth2 to use bluetooth, I don't see in packages.ubuntu.com =/21:58
YaManicKillmy usb sticks won't mount. they give me this error "mount: unknown filesystem type 'vfat'"21:59
BUGabundoskypce: I'm sorry, if you plan to run an unsupported kernel, not much we can do to help you out. plus you won't have kernel bits to run the nvidia blob21:59
YaManicKilli'm assuming that i don't have support for fat installed...22:00
happyfaceYaManicKill: sudo modprove vfat22:00
csgeekhey guys.. I'm tyring to Postgresql setup on Lucid, and /etc/init.d/postgresql start doesn't seem to work ... or even do anything22:00
YaManicKillWARNING: Could not read '/lib/modules/2.6.32-16-generic/kernel/fs/fat/fat.ko': Invalid module format22:01
YaManicKillFATAL: Could not read '/lib/modules/2.6.32-16-generic/kernel/fs/fat/vfat.ko': Invalid module format22:01
wolterare there any particular bugs that might worry an xps m1530 user with an nvidia card?22:01
yofelYaManicKill: that sounds bad, did you crash your os after  installation or ran out of space?22:01
happyfacewolter: I'm on a m1530, do you have a 8600GT?22:01
crimsunAndre_Gondim: why do you need libbluetooth2? (libbluetooth3 is in Lucid)22:01
happyfacewolter: it works fine except nvidia-settings doesn't work too well22:02
YaManicKillyofel: nope, loads of space left (17GB) and i've not crashed it. should i reinstall kernel?22:02
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, to use Amora http://code.google.com/p/amora/wiki/how_to_install22:02
wolterhappyface, oh ok, what other things don't work?22:02
wolterhappyface, are you working in a 64bit machine or 32bit?22:02
yofelYaManicKill: yes, you probably should22:02
happyfacewolter: 64 bit - everything else seems fine22:02
wolterI should then start my upgrade22:02
crimsunAndre_Gondim: why don't you install amora-server from the Ubuntu repository?22:05
happyfacedoes the "administrative task" password window not pop up sometimes for anyone else?22:05
YaManicKillyofel: whats the base package name for the kernel?22:05
crimsunYaManicKill: source: linux; binary: <lots>22:05
crimsunYaManicKill: e.g., apt-cache showsrc linux|grep ^Bin22:06
skypcecsgeek , why you better install xampp of apache friends , only uncompress and run it22:06
yofelYaManicKill: apt-cache policy linux-image-$(uname -r)22:07
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, I didn't know, we have it22:07
maxtsepkovIs there a way to turn off the new current keybord language indicator in the gnome panel?22:07
Andre_Gondimcrimsun, many thanks ;)22:07
YaManicKillok, reinstalled, restarting22:10
csgeekI don't like pre-packaged suites..22:14
csgeekno reason I can't install the individual components22:14
csgeekI think my issue is that the locale is not set properly22:14
csgeekstupid locale22:16
YaManicKillw00p it is sorted22:16
rwwugh, I hate locale problems. I started getting locale-related warnings when using apt-get, and couldn't for the life of me figure out why :(22:17
rwwended up nuking the install because of that and other related problems (I think this was Karmic alpha ;P)22:17
Spirits-Sightanyone in here that good with connecting CE device to Ubuntu to see it as a storage device?22:26
Spirits-Sightanyone in here that good with connecting CE device to Ubuntu to see it as a storage device?22:34
DSpairAny LVM2 guru's in here?23:17
DSpairDoes anyone know of a way to move a Logical Volume from one PV to another?23:18
DSpairDuh, nevermind, I just figured it out.23:18
BUGabundoDSpair: mind sharing with us ?23:20
DSpairWell, since I'm out of space on the one PV.23:23
DSpairI created a new LV of the same size on the other PV23:23
DSpairAnd I'm dd'ing the LV23:23
DSpairIt's mind boggling that I can go through so much space when my first hard drive was only 80MB.... :)23:24
DSpairTime to go and buy some more hard drives.23:25
happyfaceanyone know a fix for this in nvidia-settings? "Unable to load X Server Display Configuration page:23:27
happyfaceFailed to query NoScanout for screen 0."23:27
FFForeverwhy does ubuntu keep removing dropbox?23:29
DSpairI do wish that Ubuntu would make it easier for Desktop users to leverage LVM for simplified filesystem resizing. As a technical person, I can do it, but I think it has real value for the end user.23:35
DSpairImagine being able to just pop in a new hard drive and have Ubuntu allocate it into the VG and allow the user to expand their storage on the fly. Very nice.23:35
BUGabundoFFForever: I never stop for me23:36
FFForeverBUGabundo, huh?'23:36
BUGabundoFFForever: my DB is working fine23:37
BUGabundonever saw it being removed23:37
FFForeverBUGabundo, when I do updates it removed it :(23:37
FFForeverhmmm =\, this is the second time23:37
DSpairFFForever: Are you using the packages from the DropBox site, or the ones from the repositories>23:37
FFForeverpackage from the db site23:38
FFForeverdidn't know there was one in the repository23:38
DSpairFFForever: Well there's your problem.23:38
BUGabundousing their repo for client23:38
BUGabundoand then forum build for daemon23:38
atrusmaybe this is a stupid question... but where are the preferences under netbook-remix?23:50
ChogyDanatrus: same place as system23:51
fatbrainatrus: 10.04 netbook-remix?23:52
atruswhat's the normal window manager under lucid's netbook-remix, btw? i seem to have broken the usual titlebar-hiding feature somehow...23:54
fatbrainshould I upgrade? :D23:54
=== FFForever is now known as FFForever-Away
MikeChelenonly if you are willing to test something that isn't finished yet :)23:55
fatbrainatrus: metacity? :S23:55
rwwatrus: the titlebar-hiding thing is part of maximus23:55
fatbrainMikeChelen: heh, ya, I'll wait23:55
rwwit is in 9.10 UNR, anyway23:55
atrusrww: hmm. i'm running maximus, but i still see titlebars...23:56
MikeChelenfatbrain: the beta or release candidate might be a decent compromise23:56
atrusthings do get maximized on run though23:56
fatbrainis the rc out yet? :S23:56
atrushttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule says the beta's on thursday.23:57
atrusbeta1 anyways. beta 2 on april 8th, rc on 4/22, and final 4/29.23:57
artisanthe new gwibber in lucid is definitely broken ;)23:58

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