kermiacHi ppl. Is there a wiki or something similar outlining the bug workflow for artwork?01:41
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thorwilkwwii: morning! do you recall a lynx on t-shirts at dallas, other than mine?08:35
kwwiithorwil: nope09:05
kwwiiyeah, I tweeted that last nightg09:27
thorwilmaybe an inspiration for a new startup sound? ;)09:39
zniavregood afternoon11:32
zniavredo you remember i was asking for inkscape option in gtkrc ? somebody found it > http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/8360/capture1tv.png11:33
zniavresparky2012 the warmth gtk theme owner11:34
kwwiizniavre: erm, you said you wanted the toolbar to be dark11:37
kwwiior at least that I what I understood :P11:38
zniavreim sorry i asked wrongly i guess11:38
kwwiizniavre: or I misheard, one of those two options ;-)11:39
zniavrestill sorry my english is really poor for technical things11:40
kwwiino worries, practice makes perfect11:43
* kwwii gets much and then packs 11:48
kwwiilol, lunch, not much11:50
zniavrebon appetit :o)11:52
vishkwwii: hi.. fix for Bug 533541 , s using a x thickness of 2 , 4 seems to crop the first column11:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 533541 in light-themes "Column header (first column left) is partially hidden" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53354111:56
vishi'v attached a screenshot of the bug and the suggested fix as well :)11:57
kwwiivish: excellent, thanks for that! I'll have an update to theme ready tomorrow11:57
kwwiiit is a bug in synaptic though11:57
kwwiior gtk itself11:57
vishkwwii: it happens in all first columns[which are small] , check rhythmbox11:58
vishthe screenshot is from the rb fixing , synaptic isnt much of an issue since it was just words;)11:59
Cimikwwii, any news for me? :)12:23
thorwilcelebrates the new identity: http://www.flickr.com/photos/el_perseguidor/3288294250/sizes/l/12:49
kwwiiCimi: nope, it might take a couple of weeks before i hear anything13:08
kwwiiheading out to the airport in a bit, be back much later13:09
knomethorwil, lol :D13:15
shadeslayeranyone free enough to help me on a personal project?13:55
thorwilshadeslayer: that's not terrible likely, but if you just explain the issue instead of asking to ask, you might have a chance14:08
thorwilthat said, coffee time, bbl14:08
knomethorwil, bon appetit14:08
shadeslayerwell i need to create a poster and need a helping hand14:16
shadeslayera poster for my tech fest14:16
thorwilshadeslayer: where's the problem?14:32
shadeslayerthorwil: well im trying something out,lets see how it turns out15:01
shadeslayerthorwil: and maybe you guys can touch it up :D15:01
shadeslayerthorwil: just one thing,how do i select text after exporting the image to jpeg15:02
thorwilshadeslayer: what applications do you work with? you want to select text on a jpeg image? if so, there's no text anymore, just pixels15:04
shadeslayerthorwil: http://simplest-image-hosting.net/i0-background-by-jmuirhead-jpg.jpg : GIMP15:04
shadeslayeri just took the background from deviant art15:05
thorwilshadeslayer: does the author of the background provide permission for such use?15:05
vishkwwii: is this is intentional > Bug #538093 ? the padding for the maximized and normal windows is different?15:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538093 in light-themes "Maximised/unmaximised not level below gnome-panel" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53809315:06
shadeslayerthorwil: i dont know.... i think yes15:07
shadeslayerthorwil: ah yes,in the comments he says it can be used15:07
thorwilshadeslayer: good. needs to be explicit, because the default is all rights reserved15:08
shadeslayerthorwil: oh..15:08
shadeslayerthorwil: i want to have something like this : http://gravitydesign.deviantart.com/art/D-Dawg-aka-Dor-Aldy-Wallpaper-15732833015:09
shadeslayerthorwil: without the d-dawg stuff15:09
thorwilshadeslayer: use PNG for such images with high contrast. never use JPG if you intend to work on the files (JPG only for final export)15:09
thorwilshadeslayer: that smoke is entirely different from what you have. so you want to start over?15:11
shadeslayerthorwil: oh no... i need to make 4 posters... did one..3 to go15:11
shadeslayerwill probably use that for 2 of them15:11
shadeslayerand then i need one which has a computer PCB15:12
thorwilshadeslayer: there's much you should learn about font selection and layout, but i can't cover that in a chat ;)15:12
shadeslayerthorwil: oh ok,i got around the font problem15:12
thorwilshadeslayer: for the smoke, try this: go to http://compfight.com and enable Creative Commons Only or Commercial if you want all options, search for smoke15:15
thorwilbe sure to have a look at the various Creative Commons license so you know what is and isn't allowed whenever you see one15:16
shadeslayeroohh nice15:17
shadeslayerthorwil: of course15:17
thorwiloh, and Safe Search: On really is a good idea15:17
shadeslayerim 19 :D15:18
thorwilyes, but do you want to see smoking girls flashing?15:18
shadeslayerhehe.. its on by default :D15:19
thorwilbbl, but don't hesitate to talk/ask on15:21
shadeslayerthorwil: www.shadeslayer.posterous.com : can i get that background?15:21
thorwilshadeslayer: that could be a KDE wallpaper you might find elsewhere. you could just send an email to that guy15:23
thorwilshadeslayer: though it wouldn't be terrible hard to create something similar in inkscape15:23
thorwilreally gone now15:24
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zniavre_http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-88167  > this can be usefull to fil the murrine documentation ?18:57
thorwil^ Cimi, kwwii18:58
zniavre_im totally scared about editing the wiki18:58
thorwilzniavre_: it doesn't bite and everything can be rolled back19:00
zniavre_what a responsability mate ... editing the ubuntu documentation19:01
thorwilzniavre_: yeah, easily gets 400 views. in a year ;)19:02
zniavre_it looks difficult to do19:30
zniavre_the french wiki seems easier to edit  :o)19:31
zniavre_if i understand well someboby have to approve it ?20:16
thorwilzniavre_: no. you can save the changes20:18
zniavre_i saved it ... so scarry20:23
zniavre_on url i left the #preview but it works with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Documentation/Murrine20:24

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