dlynesI'm having an issue whereby when I try to do a preseeded install, it works just fine if I want to do a very stripped down version of Ubuntu for clustered servers, but if I want to do the opposite for a development desktop installation, I can't seem to get it to work, providing me with a gui desktop and what-not01:02
dlynesI've tried using tasksel/first multiple standard,ubuntu-desktop, and it seems to do nothing...anyone have any ideas?01:02
marine1nigelb: O.K. i'm here01:03
nigelbmarine1: okay, so where did you download this package from?01:03
phillw_Yeah, you can do a real stripped out version01:03
nhandlermarine1: Try with a lowercase w01:03
stlsaintdlynes: ping01:03
dlynesstlsaint, ?01:03
stlsaintdlynes: what exactly are you wanting for your server?01:04
dlynesstlsaint, the server install is working fine01:04
dlynesstlsaint, it's the desktop install that's not01:04
marine1nigelb: E: Couldn't find package webilder01:04
stlsaintmarine1: thats prolly spelled wrong01:04
stlsaintdlynes: whats wrong with the desktop?01:04
dlynesstlsaint, phillw if it helps, I could provide my preseed configuration file and my kernel append line01:05
nigelbrobert@robert-desktop:~$ whereis webilder01:05
nigelb<marine1> webilder: /usr/share/webilder01:05
marine1nigelb: that is the exact spelling of this app01:05
dlynesstlsaint, It's not even installing X11, much less gnome01:05
stlsaintdlynes: did you install from alt.cd?01:05
dlynesstlsaint, and even on the cluster install, it still insists on prompting me for a hostname, even though I've done the documented method of getting rid of it01:05
dlynesstlsaint, alt.cd?01:05
marine1nigelb: Same message01:06
stlsaintdlynes: you want to cluster multiple desktops?01:06
nhandlermarine1: apt-cache policy webilder01:06
nigelbmarine1: where did you install it from?01:06
dlynesstlsaint, no....forget I even mentioned clustering01:06
marine1nigelb: W: Unable to locate package webilder01:06
nhandlermarine1: Just because that is the name you see doesn't mean it is the package name. If you installed it from a .deb, what was the .deb called01:06
dlynesI want to automate creation of developer workstations01:07
marine1it was tar.gz file01:07
stlsaintdlynes: oh...why not just use remasters01:07
nigelbmarine1: it was not a deb file?01:07
nigelbmarine1: if it was not a deb file, it is not possible to remove with apt-get, you have manually remove it01:07
nhandlermarine1: You can probably go into the directory where you did 'make install' and do 'make remove'01:08
marine1nigelb: here is the file: Webilder-0.6.5.tar.gz.01:08
dlynesstlsaint, what's remasters?01:08
nigelbmarine1: as nhandler says, go manually to the directory you did make install and remove the package01:08
dlynesstlsaint, and does it allow me to do pxe installs?01:08
marine1nigelb: Thru nautilus01:09
marine1nigelb: would that work01:09
nigelbmarine1: you can go through terminal if it was not done in /home01:09
stlsaintdlynes: remastersys allows you to custom make a install of ubuntu01:09
stlsaintdlynes: you put them on cd or iso images or on server maybe in your case01:10
nigelbmarine1: that way you can use 'sudo rm -R webilder' in the folder that this is located in01:10
marine1nigelb: alright let me try that01:10
stlsaintdlynes: http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/remastersystool.html01:11
marine1nigelb:  so the command should look like this sudo rm -R webilder /usr/share/webider01:12
nigelbmarine1: I'm not sure.  It depends on where you did the make install, but most probably, yes01:12
marine1nigelb: it looks like it is gone, how do I make sure all of the dependencies are removed to??01:17
dlynesstlsaint, does it format the drive on the target system the same as the source system?01:17
nigelbmarine1: you have to manually find them and remove them01:18
marine1nigelb: most of the dependencies were loaded thru the terminal???01:18
marine1nigelb: how do i find those???01:18
nigelbstlsaint: ^ thoughts (I dont do compile from source anymore)01:19
stlsaintdlynes: i would think so...it installs your customized iso01:19
stlsaintmarine1: you have to purge something to remove01:19
dlynesstlsaint, ok, so it would need to be installed from an ISO every time?  I couldn't do a PXE install of it?01:19
stlsaintdlynes: i would assume you could do a pxe install if setup correctly01:20
stlsaintmarine1: purge the package01:20
marine1nigelb: what does the command look like sudo apt-get purge webilder01:20
stlsaintmarine1: sudo aptitude purge webilder01:20
nigelbstlsaint: even with installed from source?01:20
marine1nigelb: roger that!!01:20
dlynesstlsaint, ok, thanks...I'm guessing you've never used preseeding, though?01:20
stlsaintdlynes: nope sorry, cant say i have unless its used by another term01:21
dlynesstlsaint, it's alternative to using kickstart files01:21
stlsaintnigelb: yes...even compiling still gets installed the same...just from source01:21
dlynesstlsaint, https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/installation-guide/powerpc/preseed-using.html01:21
nigelbstlsaint: ah, okay.  I stopped doing the make install thing for like months01:22
marine1nigelb: ALright looks like no packages will be installed removed01:22
nigelbmarine1: so probably everything is removed01:22
marine1nigelb:  thanks01:22
stlsaintdlynes: yea like i said its referred by another term...thats basically imaging01:23
stlsaintdlynes: i have done that process many times just not with linux01:24
dlynesstlsaint, ah...so would there be a reason why setting 'tasksel/first multiple standard, ubuntu-desktop' wouldn't be working?01:24
dlynesstlsaint, ah...ok...01:24
stlsaintdlynes: have you tried installing ubuntu desktop without using tasksel01:25
dlynesstlsaint, you mean using a manual install?01:26
dlynesstlsaint, yes, several times01:27
stlsaintdlynes: what error are you getting?01:27
marine1nigelb: alright bro01:27
dlynesstlsaint, not getting any errors...if I was, it'd be easier to figure out01:27
nigelbmarine1: you're welcome :)01:28
dlynesstlsaint, just not getting it to install gnome...every single time after an install, i'm left with a cli login, and X11 isn't even installed, much less a window manager01:28
stlsaintdlynes: what system is this on? server or desktop and how did you install ubuntu?01:28
dlynesIt's just on the basic PXE boot install of ubuntu 9.04, and I'm installing via pxe boot01:29
stlsaintdlynes: where from?01:30
stlsaintdlynes: are you hosting the pxe server inwhich you install from?01:33
dlynesstlsaint, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/01:33
dlynesstlsaint, yes, i am01:33
dlynesstlsaint, and I'm running a DNS server and apache server to point the installer at my locally mirrored copy of the distribution packages01:34
stlsaintdlynes: are you sure your netinstall comes with a desktop environment01:35
dlynesstlsaint, it doesn't come with anything...that's all selected during install, and then it downloads and installs the appropriate packages01:36
dlynesstlsaint, i've used the same method to create my master nodes for my clusters numerous times, and it works fine for them...just not for my new project, to create development workstations01:42
stlsaintdlynes: i would say to ensure that the netinstall has the ubuntu-desktop installedd (better yet fluxbox) then remake distro and re-pxe01:42
dlynesstlsaint, yeah...I've specified 'standard, ubuntu-desktop' for the tasksel/first01:43
dlynesstlsaint, I've also tried 'standard, desktop'01:43
dlynesstlsaint, neither works01:44
dlynesstlsaint, and fwiw, I need gnome...our development environment has some dependencies on it01:44
=== jgoguen|away is now known as jgoguen
stlsaintdlynes: i thought it was: gnome-desktop-environment01:47
stlsaintthats the the meta package needed for gnome desktop ^^01:50
dlynesstlsaint, yeah...that's a metapackage, which is specified with tasksel/include, not tasksel/first02:02
dlynesstlsaint, tasksel/first is a metapackage for which type of install you wish to do02:03
=== ZachK__ is now known as ZachK_
steelsteveerm, hey, I have a problem with firefox, whenever I sent a message on a high-language page, I get a .php file that I have to deal with, any ideas why this happens?02:23
steelstevesomeone answer this damn thing02:34
steelsteve"I have a problem with firefox, whenever I sent a message on a high-language page, I get a .php file that I have to deal with, any ideas why this happens?"02:34
stlsaintsteelsteve: sorry fella...02:40
* steelsteve sigh02:40
stlsaintif no one knows the answer they wont respond02:40
ghostofmybrain_how do I copy an entire directory to another location?02:40
steelstevedepends on the direvtory02:40
ghostofmybrain_What do you think would be the most common way to do it?02:41
steelstevecd to directory02:42
ghostofmybrain_yeah, I'm at the command line02:42
ghostofmybrain_ALrigh, I'm htere02:43
steelstevewhoops, go up one02:44
steelstevethen cp the directory folder02:44
steelsteveto where you want02:44
steelsteveso basically cp /(dir name) /(destination folder)02:45
steelsteveright stlsaint?02:45
ghostofmybrain_Oh, I figured it out02:50
ghostofmybrain_cp -rf /old/directory/* /new/directory/02:51
steelstevewas I right?02:51
steelstevedid i help at all?02:51
ghostofmybrain_no lol. sorry02:51
* steelsteve fail02:51
ghostofmybrain_lol, it's not your fault. I'm a HUGE noob, so I needed it spelled out with a lot more detail02:52
dlynesghostofmybrain_, actually cp -Rf03:37
dlynesghostofmybrain_, oh...nvm...they've made '-r' work now, too...on older version of cp however, '-r' won't work03:37
celthunderwhat version of cp doesnt have -r03:43
ghostofmybrain_how do I search for a file in a directory03:43
celthunderfind <folder> |grep <filename> or locate or slocate03:44
celthunderi usually use the first one though the second or third are shorter03:44
celthunderand i'm sure theres better ways to do it03:44
ghostofmybrain_Oh yeah, thanks03:45
ghostofmybrain_phillw: are you around?04:24
celthundersup ghostofmybrain_04:25
ghostofmybrain_phillw linked me to an article about security running a linux server, and I closed my browser and my chat window before I could bookmark it04:25
celthunderthat one?04:27
celthunderits the first link in my log from him04:27
ghostofmybrain_yep, that's the one. thanks04:27
stlsaintsup celthunder04:57
celthunderstlsaint, man where you been04:57
celthunderwhats new?04:57
stlsaintcelthunder: meh, here and there04:58
stlsaintjust bought a motorcycle04:58
stlsaint2003 YZF-R104:58
stlsaintheck yea04:59
stlsaintmint condition too...other than that i been busy with school04:59
celthunderi'm not a car/motorcycle kinda guy but :)  how's it run?04:59
stlsaintvery nice =)04:59
stlsaintsup with you lately?04:59
celthunderschool...nm else really...05:00
celthunderdid my taxes last night apparently i owe 900$05:00
celthunderfucking bastards robbing me thats 2 weeks of pay...down the drain05:00
HellowBah, dammit, where did VoteBot go.05:00
celthunder!english though i know a little latin if you prefer that05:00
celthunderstlsaint, any new projects ?05:01
HellowDon't swear, though.05:01
stlsaintcelthunder: meh, just more server testing stuff05:20
stlsaintbots and what not05:20
celthunderalwayse good05:21
stlsaintyep yep05:24
stlsaintnite folks05:32
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meindian523Just wondering. Do laptops give different battery life on Windows and Linux?13:30
Silver_Fox_Welcome back ck13:58
nigelbheya Silver_Fox_14:02
Silver_Fox_Hello nigelb14:07
nigelbSilver_Fox_: I'm truly sad to see you go :(14:07
Silver_Fox_I am going?14:07
nigelbyeah from council nomination14:07
Silver_Fox_I am not.14:07
nigelbyou said you're withdrawing your nomination14:08
Silver_Fox_Yes I have,  I am not sorry either.14:09
nigelbSilver_Fox_: I truly wanted to see either you or elfy there14:09
nigelbelfy left the team and you've withdrawn your nomination :(14:10
Silver_Fox_My withdrawal is best for the team14:11
=== jamalta is now known as jamalta-afk
=== jamalta-afk is now known as jamalta
ghostofmybrain_is there some way I can modify the "dir" command to only show me files in a directory with a certain file extension?16:30
Silver_Fox_dir *.whatever16:31
ghostofmybrain_cool tahnks16:32
Akoshi team16:37
AkosI'd some help setting up symlinks, if anyone is willing to help (:16:37
Akos*I'd need16:37
AkosI have a website, in apach conf it is setup under my /home. This folder would need to be accessed by another user on the server. I tried symlinking this folder to his home, but when he tries to access the folder he gets the error "Too many levels of symbolic links". Is there another approach to this problem?16:39
Akosalso this folder would need have read/write access for his username and for mine too16:39
compiledkernelthats a little screwy looking16:40
compiledkerneldoes the folder have to live in your ~/16:40
Akosnope, i just put it there, got used to that16:40
compiledkernelmight be easier just to put the folder in16:41
compiledkernelbut thats just me16:41
compiledkernelsymlinking directories gets a little touchy16:41
Akossure, but then what's next? How can he access the folder through the FTP ?16:41
compiledkernelyoull have to actually set ftp up16:42
compiledkernelto be able to do that16:42
compiledkernelI asume you have ftp setup, or no?16:42
Akosyes, proftpd16:42
Akosso i'll need to look at the proftpd settings?16:43
compiledkernelread over this guide -- http://gwos.org/udsf/doku.php/network:ftp:proftpd16:43
compiledkernelit may give some insight16:43
compiledkernelit was written by forum mod Frodon16:43
compiledkernelso Its trustworthy16:43
Akosokay, thank you very much compiledkernel (:16:45
compiledkernelaye Akos16:45
FisherQueenanyone have intimate knowledge of NFS mounts?17:06
compiledkernelSure FisherQueen, what you trying to accomplish17:07
FisherQueenIm trying to basically use a remote NFS mount for to store /var/mail on an IMAP server , remote to a clustered filesystem. Do you know if thats possible? Its a little more complicated than my small girl mind can handle.17:08
compiledkernelanyone want to stab at this before I do?17:09
compiledkernelOk. Here we go.17:10
compiledkernelFisherQueen: I dont think the need for a clustered filesystem is all that necessary to store /var/mail. I mean unless you anticipate to store a massive amount of email, perhaps then, how many users are we talking?17:11
FisherQueencompiledkernel: 120 users, roughly speaking. The only admin here is me and one other, and he does aboslutely nothing. Funny that the jr admin (whos a girl) does more than the senior admin.17:12
compiledkernelHrmmmm...yeah. I dont think clustering is really going to do much for you in the way of storage (assuming thats your intent). I mean youd do just as well to raid and store /var/mail there. Clustering might improve your performance some, but in reality , speically for a low level core service like imapd, I dont think perf increase will do all that much.17:15
compiledkernelFisherQueen: And gender has nothing to do with a persons ability to perform.17:15
FisherQueenSure it does. Girls are smarter than guys. Always have been. Always will be. And the reality as you put it, might be storage or whatever. but really Im looking for the performance hike that I can get out of clustering to store the data. Do you have a recommended clustering solution that can be used in ubuntu/debian?17:18
compiledkernelFisherQueen: go pay IBM (for whom I work) for a license for GPFS. They will make you buy their hardware (same as Ora would do with OCFS). the Free solutions arent really all that effective. Ive heard of peopel running GFS on debian/ubuntu, but the risks vs the rewards isnt enough to do it. Id advise against it.17:21
FisherQueenyeah thanks or whatever. you obvously dont know much of anything, that I cant find on google. Ill say I dont appreciate your help. Because I really dont.17:22
compiledkernelFisherQueen: you should be appreicative of others help. Not a mouthy whiny little wince.17:23
FisherQueencompiledkernel: youd actually have to help me before I would be appreciate. No worries dungpile. Ill get it from somewhere else.17:29
* DarkwingDuck rasies an eyebrow17:31
Silver_Fox_I would remind FisherQueen that we are volunteers.  Being rude will not help you fox your problem17:31
FisherQueenwhtver.....the channel is useless for advanced topics obviously. if compiled is the best you can give me, I shouldnt have come in here.17:32
Silver_Fox_Then leave17:33
FisherQueenwhy, you is obviously bothered by my presence here. I think Ill hang around just to be annoying. :) ^_^17:34
* DarkwingDuck grins17:34
DarkwingDuckBet Fisher didn't see that coming17:35
compiledkernellook, if your going to be an arrogant one. At least do it with some taste. I hate admins with an attitude about them.17:35
bodhi_zazenWhat was your first clue Silver_Fox_ ?17:36
bodhi_zazenFisher or Queen ?17:36
FisherQueenthat wasnt all that very nice.17:38
compiledkernelyou needed a clue Silver_Fox_?17:38
FisherQueenso anyone else want to take a stab at my nfs question17:41
* DarkwingDuck raises an eyebrow17:41
DarkwingDuckNot with the way you act... No17:41
FisherQueenor am I going to assume all you testosterone types are just as stupid as compiled?17:42
DarkwingDuckSee, that's why we dont want to help you17:42
compiledkernellol....the way you talk FisherQueen, I have to wonder if you have an overabundance of testosterone in your body.17:43
FisherQueenthe guy in the oracle channel was a lot nicer. If I dated guys, Id probably go out with him or something. Not like you jerkoffs.17:44
DarkwingDuckFisherQueen: Please, this is a channel that is ment to be helpful. Your attitude is not very... Ubuntu.17:44
compiledkernelFQ, Id be headin over to the debian-women channel, they are probably alot more atuned to your type of communication than we are.17:45
DarkwingDuckFisherQueen: If you have a question ask it. If no one can help you then please, be polite and move on.17:45
DarkwingDuckCK... your not helping...17:45
Silver_Fox_Leave this channel FisherQueen17:46
FisherQueenDarkwingDuck: spoken like a typical male......17:46
DarkwingDuckFisherQueen: how is that?17:46
FisherQueenAll dudes talk with two heads.17:46
FisherQueenlaterz shimps17:47
compiledkernelwell that was...uh...interesting.17:47
DarkwingDuckwho the fark?17:47
=== PabloRubianes_ is now known as PabloRubianes
compiledkernelI admire females in the networking field, but uh really....that one was a tad...uh....out of control? or is it just me?17:48
DarkwingDuckI don't think it was a female/male thing... I'll blame speed and coffee17:49
compiledkernelif my suggestions to that one were grossly negligent, someone tell me please.17:49
=== ikt_ is now known as ikt
DarkwingDuckI came in at the tail end17:51
elfyand hi thecliff19:18
thecliffHi elfy19:19
pedro3005hey elfy19:19
elfyhow's things thecliff - did you ever find yourself someone to look after you in the BT?19:19
elfyhi pedro300519:20
thecliffI did but I haven't had a chance to meet up with them in IRC yet.  Long week.19:20
elfycool - who is it?19:20
elfyoh good :)19:21
elfyhe's cool19:21
bodhi_zazenwelcome Hellow19:26
bodhi_zazenwelcome thecliff lol19:26
thecliffHi bodhi_zazen19:27
compiledkerneldid we ever recover from FisherQ19:36
compiledkernelor whatever?19:36
elfycompiledkernel: I did - I lolled a bit then carried on with life, but I never saw the other bits - stillw aiting for logs to catch up to read up :)19:37
bodhi_zazenNo, the queen is dead20:20
elfylong live the king20:21
Vantraxmorning all21:30
elfyhello Vantrax21:30
lukjad86bodhi_zazen Wait, is the Queen really dead?22:00
=== jamalta is now known as jamalta-afk
bodhi_zazenNo , the Queen will be back22:07
ZachK_Hey bodhi_zazen got a sec to open a chat w/ me?22:10
ZachK_Anybody here need help?22:33
DarkwingDuckZachK_: Mental help? :P22:37
ZachK_DarkwingDuck: I might be able to help22:37
pedro3005ZachK_, oh good22:37
pedro3005ZachK_, I have these recurring dreams where I try to scream but have no voice.. also one time my teeth fell out22:38
pedro3005what does it mean?22:38
ZachK_To much beer22:38
pedro3005ZachK_, I don't drink beer22:38
ZachK_Ok well....hmmm...22:39
Phreaok, now, for a true dumb question...23:16
PhreaI cant seem to get my avatar to work on the forums23:16
ZachK_Phrea: Meaning?23:16
Phreado you need some type of minimum amount of posts before you can use an avatar?23:16
Phreameaning, I'd like to be able to use one23:17
PhreaI understand that a .gif is not an option, so I converted it to .jpg23:17
PhreaI still dont see it23:17
ZachK_No Phrea you do not need a minimum amount....23:17
PhreaI gathered as much, but I still am not able to add one.. :?23:17
Phreawhich is weird, I've been running vB myself since it excisted, so I know the software23:18
ZachK_Are you saving the settings before exiting the page on if?23:18
Phreahttp://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8973063&postcount=3 <-- no avatar to be seen23:18
Phreayes, of course23:18
Phreaand I made sure it was a .jpg and not a .gif23:18
Phreaand the size is 90x90 and only 6KB23:19
Phreaweird eh?23:19
ZachK_Let me look at my page23:19
Phreait's not all that important tho :)23:19
ZachK_Back in a sec...(on iPod which means I gotta close app)23:20
PhreaI just thought to ask here iso on the forums :)23:20
Phreaoh ah23:20
Phreadont do it if it's too much trouble23:20
ZachK_Phrea: Well let's try and figure out why this isn't working as it should work...23:20
PhreaI think I've tried it all...23:20
Phreano .gif, make sure it's 100x100 or under, not more than 64KB, etc23:21
ZachK_Well hmm...like I said...back in a flash23:21
Phreahttp://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=893302 there it does show up23:22
Phreaman, too much trouble...23:22
Phreahe shouldnt have...23:23
ZachK_Phrea: ?23:28
Phreayou shouldnt have gone through all that trouble man23:28
ZachK_Phrea: No trouble....so...send me the page you're trying to set your avatar with...the settings page I mean23:29
serverduckI have installed a todo list programm from Ubuntucenter and then uninstaled it but if I click date and time...i get also an entry "task" with the todo list items I created ...how do i delete that?23:29
Phreait's the same page for everybody23:30
Phreawhich is the correct place to change ones avatar23:30
ZachK_Ah Phrea you want this page  http://ubuntuforums.org/profile.php?do=editavatar23:34
Phreawell, that's confusing !!23:34
Phreaworks, thanks23:35
serverduckso can someone can tell me?23:35
ZachK_The page you were going to is for setting your profile pic, not your avatar23:35
Phreabut confusing it certainly is23:35
PhreaZachK_: the difference being...23:35
PhreaI bet this question has been asked A LOT23:35
ZachK_serverduck: One sec man...helping somebody...one sec and then yes I will help u23:35
PhreaZachK_: you are done with me :)23:35
serverduckthank you and excuse me23:36
Phreasorry for being such a hassle23:36
Phreaserverduck: shoot !23:36
PhreaZachK_: thanks :)23:36
serverduckI have installed a todo list programm from Ubuntucenter and then uninstaled it but if I click date and time...i get also an entry "task" with the todo list items I created ...how do i delete that?23:36
ZachK_It's ok Phrea23:36
ZachK_serverduck: Try opposite clicking on the task itself?23:37
serverduckwell there is an edit button here but i click it and it does nothing:)23:37
ZachK_Hmmm..what ubuntu version are you usii23:38
serverduck9.10 amd 6423:40
ZachK_Know how to use the terminal at all?23:40
serverduckyes a bit23:41
serverduckI'm a beginner but I can try:)23:41
ZachK_Ok...lol....gonna give you a command...(if I can remember it)23:42
serverduckOk shure!23:42
ZachK_Hey komputes, whata rhe terminal command for deleting a program23:45
pedro3005ZachK_, that you installed with apt?23:46
ZachK_pedro3005: Not me...  serverduck23:46
pedro3005serverduck, try "sudo apt-get purge program"23:46
komputesZachK_: you mean package?23:47
komputesZachK_: sudo apt-get remove package_name23:47
serverduckpedro3005,  i had a todo list program from ubuntu center and then removed it from there...how can i purge it....gotta find out the name23:47
pedro3005serverduck, well you don't know the name of the program you installed?23:48
Phreait's only fair: ZachK_, you helped me make http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=893302 that my avatar... just so you know :D23:48
serverduckGot it...it's GToDo23:48
ZachK_Haha Phrea that's cute23:48
PhreaI hope I didnt dissapoint you23:48
pedro3005serverduck, ok but in this case purge doesn't work23:49
PhreaZachK_: thanks23:49
pedro3005since you have already removed it23:49
Phreait's been my avatar for donkeys years23:49
serverduckyes it doesn't so what can i do?23:49
pedro3005The difference between "sudo apt-get remove" and "sudo apt-get purge" is23:49
pedro3005remove only uninstalls the program, leaving the configuration files. while purge removes everything23:49
Phreafor once, I allowed myself to 'go crazy' with effects and settings23:49
pedro3005serverduck, can you, on a terminal, type "ls ~/.gtodo" please?23:50
serverducklist todos23:50
Phreabelieve it or not, but http://squaries.phrea.com/smile.gif that's the basis for that weird thing I have as an avatar23:50
serverduckthat's what i get in therminal23:51
pedro3005serverduck, "rm -r ~/.gtodo"23:51
compiledkernelFisherQueen: I do believe you were not asked to idle in this channel earlier.23:51
pedro3005hi compiledkernel23:51
FisherQueencompiledkernel: stfu23:51
serverduckno such file or directory23:51
PhreaI've been idling here for months on end...23:52
pedro3005serverduck, are you sure you typed it right?23:52
compiledkernelPhreas there was an earlier discussion23:52
compiledkernelwith FisherQueen23:52
serverduck3 times23:52
PhreaI missed that23:52
compiledkernelthat was not all that particularly productive.23:52
pedro3005compiledkernel, but people don't have to be asked to idle in the channel to do so :)23:52
PhreaI'm idling here, because I pick up stuff that I could use :)23:53
FisherQueencompiledkernel: stuf, seersly.23:53
ZachK_FisherQueen: Why are you here....23:53
FisherQueenyour a waste.23:53
Phreaon occasion, I will get out of my idle, and talk23:53
Phreanormally, I'm NOT active here [doesnt mean that I dont read]23:53
pedro3005compiledkernel, syntax failure. you said "believe you were not asked to idle in" when you meant "believe you were asked not to idle in".. right?23:53
compiledkernellol....need to learn to spell I think FisherQueen23:53
Phreapedro3005: gheh23:53
pedro3005btw guys23:54
FisherQueencompiledkernel: OMGZBBQROLFCOPTER....shut up.23:54
pedro3005you know what's not productive?23:54
Phreareally constructive, FisherQueen...23:54
pedro3005a video of a guy defecating glass23:54
VantraxFisherQueen, please take note of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct23:54
Phreaok, I want that vid23:54
pedro3005Phrea, ask compiledkernel about it23:55
FisherQueenonly reason Im here is my mail server is a crappy stupid ubuntu install23:55
Phreaso... compiledkernel... how about it :P23:55
Phreapm me that url or else !23:55
FisherQueenand I want to figure out how to nfs mount to a cluster, so that storage lives somewhere else other than23:55
Vantraxif its that bad, use centos...23:55
pedro3005FisherQueen, they have invented such a thing as the possibility to uninstall ubuntu23:55
nigelb!ohmy > FisherQueen23:55
FisherQueenon an ubuntu install, which is totally stupid23:55
pedro3005FisherQueen, it's new and experimental, but you can attempt. they're calling it23:56
pedro3005"formatting your drive"23:56
VantraxFisherQueen, use automounter to mount a qualified domain name with an nfs share23:56
pedro3005completely blows my mind23:56
serverduckpedro3005, so any other suggestions?23:56
pedro3005serverduck, yes, sorry23:56
VantraxFisherQueen, use NFS4 if you want to use a kerberos authenticated connection23:56
ZachK_Damn pedro3005!23:56
Vantraxelse its unsecured23:56
compiledkernelVantrax: she has/wants a clustered envoirnment23:56
pedro3005serverduck, open your home folder please23:56
FisherQueenbingo. Give the thing with two heads a drink.23:57
FisherQueencompiled has it right.23:57
serverduckpedro3005,  yes23:57
Vantraxcompiledkernel, thats not a the ubuntu-server end, thats just how the cluster presents itself. What I said was what was asked, that is how you would mount it. Not how you would set up the cluster23:57
pedro3005FisherQueen, whatever, you act like we have the obligation of helping you23:57
FisherQueenand no. Im not part of your Ubuntu crowd. Im a chick from the mid south. and you can take your conduct whatsa whosa23:57
FisherQueenand shove it.23:57
pedro3005serverduck, good, now press CTRL + H23:58
nigelb!language | FisherQueen23:58
Vantraxyou would in theory use a nas appliance with clustering capacity if you were smart23:58
compiledkernelVantrax: I know23:58
compiledkernelI already pointed her in the right direction23:58
serverduckpedro3005,  did:)23:58
compiledkernelmuch earlier today23:58
compiledkernelwhich I was then told to be quiet.23:58
pedro3005serverduck, ok, search for ".gtodo"23:58
pedro3005or anything like that23:58
FisherQueennigelb: im not cussin. so be quiet.23:58
nigelbFisherQueen: Please watch your language.23:59
serverduckpedro3005,  nothing...i control+f and nothing comes...23:59
pedro3005serverduck, it's uh CTRL H23:59
pedro3005not F23:59
serverduckpedro3005,  no search results for that///23:59
FisherQueenI do believe , I have yet to cuss23:59
FisherQueenshove it23:59
FisherQueenyou men are all the same anyway23:59
ZachK_FisherQueen: Leave23:59
pedro3005serverduck, then just start typing ".go---"23:59
VantraxFisherQueen, this channel is under the Ubuntu Code of Conduct23:59
pedro3005FisherQueen, yes. TITS OR GTFO23:59

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