* Keybuk gets very deliriously happy about painting the screen blue00:06
chrisccoulsonnot purple?00:07
Keybuknot purple yet00:08
KeybukI won't do purple until tomorrow00:08
Keybukbecause purple involves fucking around with the palette00:08
Keybukand that involves thinking about colour matching algorithms00:08
Keybukand that sounds like work instead of fun00:08
chrisccoulsonyeah, you should wait until it's not the weekend ;)00:09
RAOFKeybuk: What?  Wait!  Futzing around with VGA registers was *fun*? :)00:14
RAOFNice :)00:39
KeybukI like magenta00:40
KeybukI'm just setting the 8 basic colours by seeing if there's more then X% r/g/b in the argb32 buffer ;)00:41
Keybuktomorrow I'll replace that with proper palette setting and a best match algorithm00:41
Sarvattrobert_ancell: how recently did it start?01:45
robert_ancellSarvatt, been happening for most of Lucid02:01
robert_ancellI did change hardware about that time though so don't know if it's due to that02:01
=== robbiew is now known as robbiew_
pittiGood morning06:35
robert_ancellpitti, hey!06:35
robert_ancellpitti, do you have a good morning script?06:35
* bryceh waves06:35
pittiRAOF: yes, apport reporting on staging is busted; so far I only commented in the relevant LP blog, but didn't get an answer yet, so a bug report against LP is fine06:36
pittihey robert_ancell, how are you?06:36
pittirobert_ancell: script> hm, I never quite managed to fix the one which is supposed to make tea and breakfast; does your's work? :-)06:37
pittiI'd also appreciate one which automatically answers to over-weekend backscroll :)06:37
brycehmine only makes coffee06:37
pittithat's something already06:37
* RAOF is his wife's breakfast & tea script :)06:37
lifelesssudo mk_b & t; ?06:38
robert_ancellpitti, good, just realised we've fit beta freeze :)06:41
* RAOF suddenly realises that there *is* a driver that has supported 3d for his nvidia card... the binary drivers!06:41
RAOFThat'll make testing multi-head+netbook-launcher somewhat easier :)06:42
dpmgood morning pitti. A question: how can the X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain key be added to packages that use python-distutils-extra? I was looking at the langpack.mk rule part that does that (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/395505/), and that relies on the po folder containing a Makefile, which apps with p-d-e don't usually have. (I'm looking at bug 538851)08:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538851 in gwibber "Translations should be stripped from the gwibber.desktop file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53885108:04
pittidpm: hmm -- the current build system doesn't even know about which gettext domain it's using08:13
pittidpm: if we know, or would assume that it's the same as the project name, we might just create a po/Makefile with GETTEXT_PACKAGE=$projectname in python-mkdebian perhaps08:15
didrocksgood morning08:16
dpmmorning didrocks08:17
didrockshey dpm, how are you?08:17
pittihey didrocks08:17
didrocksGuten Tag pitti, how was your week-end?08:18
pittipretty nice, thanks; your's?08:18
dpmdidrocks, fine thanks, recovered from an annoying back injury last week08:18
didrockspitti: yes, very great one, thanks :)08:19
didrocksdpm: oh? is it better now?08:19
pittidpm: ugh, something serious?08:19
RAOFdidrocks: Gooooooood morning!08:20
didrocksgooood evening RAOF :)08:21
dpmdidrocks, pitti, I'm fine now, it wasn't anything serious, but couldn't move much last week and had to have a few physiotherapy sessions08:21
dpmpitti, on the general issue with p-d-e and adding the key to .desktop files, is there any way I can help on this? Shall I file a bug to any particular package?08:24
dpmIn the meantime, in the particular case of gwibber, what do you think the best solution might be? Having a dummy Makefile with "GETTEXT_PACKAGE=gwibber" and then adding the langpack rule to debian/rules would work, but it sounds a bit hackish to me. Another option might be to just add the X-Ubuntu-Gettext key to the upstream files08:24
pittidpm: adding it to the upstream files sounds like a good idea indeed08:25
dpmpitti, ok, I'll go for proposing that, then08:26
pittidpm: the general fix is not immediately clear to me, since we don't have a way to set the gettext domain right now08:26
pittidpm: btw, for upstream purposes they might use X-GNOME-Gettext-Domain08:26
dpmah, yeah, good point, I forgot we were picking that one up as well08:26
dpmok, thanks a lot pitti08:29
Keybuktseliot: morning, how was your break?09:17
pittihey tseliot, good morning Keybuk09:17
tseliotKeybuk: good morning, I feel much better now :-)09:17
tseliotmorning pitti09:17
Keybuktseliot: yes, you should take more day soff09:18
tseliotyes, I guess it will help me not to burn out ;)09:18
Keybukthat was what annoyed me most about that idiotic forums poll of "Developers should work weekends until release"09:18
Keybukas if we work better the closer we get to burn out ?!09:18
Keybukpersonally I work best on a three hour day on a beach in the bahamas09:19
seb128pitti, do we really need to go through those unit changes and flameware now, can't that be reported to next cycle?09:19
pittiseb128: yes, I'm sure it can09:19
pittiseb128: bonjour09:19
Keybuktseliot: I owe you an apology09:20
pittiseb128: I think we should revert the glib change and instead just fix nautilus fornow09:20
tseliotKeybuk: for what?09:20
pittiseb128: WDYT?09:20
* seb128 hugs pitti09:20
seb128pitti, I'm all for it09:20
Keybuktseliot: I had thought looking at the Plymouth code, and with no understanding, that the vga16fb stuff would not be hard09:20
Keybukit looked like plymouth just needed to support visuals other than "true colour"09:21
Keybukand thus just needed indexed palette stuff dropped in for the colours09:21
seb128pitti, we have lot of real bugs to work on without doing such changes and fighting the side effects09:21
Keybukas you found out, it's not that easy09:21
didrockshey seb128, morning Keybuk09:22
tseliotKeybuk: yes, it's not that easy but we can do it. No need for an apology. It's been a rather interesting learning experience :-)09:22
seb128lut didrocks09:22
Keybuktseliot: I got most of the way - http://twitpic.com/18nmqr09:23
tseliotKeybuk: hey, that's much better than gray vertical lines ;)09:24
baptistemmasac, if I want to have http://www.bluez.org/obexd-022/ for lucid, I should request a FFe, right ?09:25
Keybuktseliot: it needs palette creation and adaption though09:25
baptistemmit should solve corruption on file reception we have09:25
Keybukat least you found the code to set the palette up already ;)09:25
baptistemmhi there everyone by the way09:25
tseliotKeybuk: right. Do you have the code somewhere so that I can take a look?09:26
Keybukyup, give me a few minutes09:27
Keybukjust got to get laptop booted09:27
Keybukpress enter, then let X restart ;)09:27
didrocksbaptistemm: hey ;) if it's just a bugfix version, no need09:34
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:42
pittihey chrisccoulson09:42
chrisccoulsonhey pitti, how are you?09:42
pittiI'm great, thanks!09:43
didrockshey chrisccoulson09:50
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks, how are you?09:50
didrockschrisccoulson: I'm fine thanks. Week-end without any email nor blog post reading. A lot to catch up today :)09:51
didrockschrisccoulson: you?09:51
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm good thanks.09:51
chrisccoulsonlots to catch up on today as well :)09:51
chrisccoulsonthat is seriously weird09:54
chrisccoulsoni've just started copying a file from my desktop to my laptop, and my mouse has gone really jittery09:55
seb128hey chrisccoulson09:56
chrisccoulsonhey seb128, how are you?09:56
seb128chrisccoulson, good, thanks! you?09:56
seb128lot of monday catchup to do there too09:56
seb128pitti, have you seen this bug about apport not able to connect to launchpad?09:56
pittiseb128: which one?09:56
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm good too thanks. i've just got my first coffee of the day09:56
pittiseb128: I know that it's totally broken on staging09:56
seb128bug #53809709:56
seb128pitti, ^ the one rick assigned to our team to sort09:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538097 in launchpad "Apport cannot connect to crash database" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53809709:57
chrisccoulsonyeah, it's totally broken for everybody at the moment it seems09:57
chrisccoulsoni would like to report a kernel bug about my file system corruption ;)09:57
pittiseb128: I'll have a look later on; I suspect it's an LP problem, but I'll check09:57
seb128pitti, thanks09:58
* pitti still wrestles with gupnp-igd09:58
seb128there is lot of noise following up the glib unit change10:10
* seb128 marks another 15 emails as read on the topic10:10
seb128like half of those weekend bugs and comments are due to it10:10
seb128we should have a policy of not changing things if users don't complain about those ;-)10:11
pittibigon: hi! hm, I'm afraid I need your help with bug 53431110:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 534311 in gupnp-igd "gupnp-igd ftbfs on all archs in lucid" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53431110:16
pittibigon: I'm still waiting for my bz.openhand account creation (the mail seems to take ages), but perhaps you could look at my last comment in the LP bug?10:17
bigonpitti: the only issue still the g_warning, right?10:20
pittibigon: I haven't reproduced that one yet, but I figure that's because I have a system d-bus running10:21
pittibigon: I'll get to that next (there's an existing bug report)10:21
pittibigon: ah, I found the bz mail in my spam filter, I'll register now and open an upstream bug for the CONSTRUCT_ONLY thing, if you want me to?10:21
bigonit could be interesting to disable nm support in gupnp (see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=568892)10:22
ubottuDebian bug 568892 in libnice "FTBFS with new libgupnp: Test failure" [Serious,Open]10:22
bigonpitti: ok no problem10:22
pittibigon: http://bugzilla.openedhand.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2031 now10:24
ubottubugzilla.openedhand.com bug 2031 in gupnp-igd "construct property "main-context" for object `GUPnPSimpleIgdThread' can't be set after construction" [Normal,New]10:24
bigonpitti: downgrading the severity from g_warning to g_debug or something is the easiest way I think but the other bug could hit libnice like on debian10:38
pittibigon: ok, I'll do that for now in the ubuntu gupnp package10:39
seb128robert_ancell, hey10:45
robert_ancellseb128, hey10:46
seb128robert_ancell, joining IRC after work hours now? ;-)10:46
pittibigon: oh, git head tests succeed now, nice10:46
robert_ancellseb128, shh10:47
seb128robert_ancell, how are you otherwise? had a good weekend?10:47
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, went to the zoo10:48
seb128to the Sydney one?10:48
robert_ancellseb128, yup.  didn't want to head out too far :)10:50
robert_ancellseb128, how is desktop work going?  We on track?10:50
seb128the Sydney zoo is quite nice, we have been there back then when visiting Sydney before UDS ;-)10:50
seb128there was a firework on the way back too ;-)10:51
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, I like the gondola so you can scope out what to see on the way up10:51
robert_ancellgood timing!10:51
bigonpitti: be carefull I get some random success/fails with the testes10:54
robert_ancellseb128, I was trying to work out, is imagemagick on the cd?  it is in maun10:56
pittimain, yes10:56
robert_ancellwhere is the list of exactly which packages are on the cd?10:56
pittirobert_ancell: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/lucid-desktop-i386.manifest10:56
pittiand similar, *.manifest files for desktop CDs, and .list files for alternates10:56
chrisccoulsonfantastic, my laptop is not being very nice to me again this morning10:57
robert_ancellpitti, I'm a bit worried imagemagick is too large.  I've used it in the latest simple-scan to get PDF compression working properly (though if it's not installed it falls back on the innefficient cairo versions)10:59
Ngrobert_ancell: I don't think you were on here over the weekend when I said this... Simple Scan is utterly fantastic, thanks very much :)11:01
seb128pitti, trivial change to fix indicator-session switch from entry not being translated, is that for now or after beta rather?11:01
robert_ancellNg, thanks!11:02
seb128pitti, ie should I upload or just wait for after beta?11:02
pittiseb128: upload it now; at worst, it'll stay in unapproved until after beta11:02
seb128pitti, ok thanks11:02
pittibut I'll review it11:02
pittisounds fine for beta11:02
Ngrobert_ancell: I bought an HP 4580, plugged it in, I could scan and print immediately with zero configuration. Also fwiw after poking at it with hp-toolbox I can scan and print to it over its wifi connection \o/11:02
robert_ancellNg, nice!11:03
Ngsadly it doesn't avahi announce its scanning ability or I'd be asking for that to appear in the source list, but I can fire it up from hp-toolbox (which btw still defaults to xsane)11:03
robert_ancellgtg, no time to chat :(  See you all later!11:11
chrisccoulson_seb128, the visual problems we see with the notification area don't seem to be confined to just the notification applet11:29
chrisccoulson_i got it with my clock this morning too11:29
didrockschrisccoulson_: I noticed that this week-end too, but I didn't upgraded on my netbook for 4 days, so, I was waiting (never got that on my laptop)11:35
vishchrisccoulson_: hi.. regarding the new touchpad on/off notification , i'v seen you mention it.. but there is a bug the scalable icon seems to be the source icon rather than a cropped 48px version , this ends up being displayed rather than the 48px icon which package do i file the bug?11:35
chrisccoulson_vish - gnome-settings-daemon11:35
chrisccoulson_didrocks - yeah, i get the issue quite often11:36
chrisccoulson_but it normally only affects the notification area11:36
chrisccoulson_vish, with screenshot preferably11:36
chrisccoulson_i don't have a touchpad button ;)11:36
vishsure :)11:36
chrisccoulson_kklimonda - what is the impact of "build transmission gtk+ client with both gconf and libcanberra support"11:46
chrisccoulson_does that make the client use gconf for all the configuration storage?11:46
vishchrisccoulson_: Bug #539025 with screenshots11:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 539025 in gnome-settings-daemon "Touchpad on/off notification uses icon from one canvas source svg than a 48px icon" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53902511:52
seb128mvo, hi12:30
seb128mvo, bug #530430, can I assign that one to you?12:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 530430 in gnome-control-center "gnome keyboard preferences can't apply system wide" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53043012:30
seb128the polkit action returns an Error parsing subject struct12:31
seb128mvo, since you are the one who wrote the changes... ;-)12:32
seb128not sure if that's an ubuntu-system-service bug though12:34
mvoseb128: I can have a look now12:48
mvoseb128: hopefully its just something with polkit12:49
seb128mvo, thanks12:49
mvoseb128: will you/your team work on the UI change for http proxy inconsitencies :) ?12:49
pittimvo: error parsing subject struct> that rings a bell12:50
seb128mvo, I don't know about this bug so I doubt it12:50
seb128pitti, I think you fixed a bunch of similar issue at start of the cycle12:50
pittimvo: I got the same in jockey with the new polkit, it needs the start-time now12:50
pittiand usb-creator used the same code12:50
mvopitti: aha, cool. I fix it, I saw in computer-janitor some days ago but forgot to fix it in u-s-s :(12:51
mvopitti: doing that now :)12:51
pittignome-lirc-properties as well -- let's see how many other places copied my broken stuff :-P12:51
mvopitti: heh :)12:51
pittimvo: ok, please ping if you need any help, or I should take a look at it12:51
didrockspitti: everyone trust your code :)12:51
pittiwell, it did work back then12:52
pittibut then PK got stricter12:52
didrocksoh ok, hence having the issue now12:52
seb128mvo, can you give details about your proxy question?12:53
seb128ie bug reference at least12:53
mvoseb128: sure, give me a second12:54
pittiI'm off for a bit, need to go to the supermarket12:55
mvobug 43263112:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432631 in apt "clean up system/per-user proxy handling" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43263112:55
mvopitti: when you are back, could you have a look at comment https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/432631/comments/9 please (if you haven't already)?12:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432631 in apt "clean up system/per-user proxy handling" [High,Fix released]12:56
mvopitti: I saw it only after I did the apt upload12:56
mvoseb128: see bug above, its basicly that we need a way to warn if the system and session proxies are different12:58
seb128mvo, ok, reading13:00
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
seb128mvo, do we have any design recommendation on how to do that?13:02
mvoseb128: no :( sorry. at least not ATM. I need to think about it a bit more, maybe something simple as a "/!\ The system proxy settings are different from your settings [info]"13:04
mvoas a label on top/bottom13:04
mvobut that will need a UI freeze exception13:04
seb128I think that should be doable13:04
mvolet me know if you need help, I can try to help out, but not before beta-1 release (we will have to move it to beta-2 then)13:05
* mclasen thinks we really need to get those system-wide patches upstream13:06
mclasennot healthy if you have some, and we have some others, and opensuse has some...13:07
mvomuch agreed13:07
* mvo tried to push them long ago when starting with the project, but did not got much love for them13:08
mclasenwell, our patch wasn't loved either13:09
mclasenbut I think fizz will accept them if we make it clear that everybody is shipping them anyway13:09
mclasenmaybe we need to have that discussion on gnomecc-list13:10
* mvo nods13:11
mvoseb128: fix commited, I upload in a little bit13:15
* mvo should probably also test 13:16
* seb128 hugs mvo13:16
mvothanks, no worries13:16
* didrocks just dicovered the "prerequisite" branch function in LP merge proposal. That's sweet13:23
didrocksseb128: just grabbing the sound patch for gdm now, let me backlog for robert's comment13:37
seb128so lp:~robert-ancell/gdm/gdmsetup-sound-enable13:38
seb128So, you just need to fill the blanks in common/gdm-settings.c13:38
seb128(09_gdmserver_sound_settings.patch).  Look for the '...' comments."13:38
seb128which is somewhat tricky13:38
vishmvo: hi.. i'm trying to add the icons for software store categories and subsections in Humanity , but i'm not sure what icon names software store looks for , there are too many subsections :s  more than what is listed in the gnome-menus , where can i find the icon names??13:38
seb128writing gconf config for a not running user sucks13:38
sorenseb128: Isn't that what gconftool-2 --direct does?13:40
seb128soren, well it might be running or not13:41
sorenAh. :(13:41
pittiwould it hurt to have a gconfd for gdm? gdm's dbus-daemon is running anyway13:41
seb128soren, we try to change gdm keys and the gdm gconf is active only when a greeter screen is displayed13:41
mvovish: we can pick the iconnames, the file in /usr/share/app-install/software-center.menu, the key SCIcon13:42
seb128pitti, I guess not but how do you suggest to start it?13:42
mvovish: if you send me the icons I will merge them and update the menu file13:42
pittiseb128: I thought libgconfd/gconftools would do that automatically13:42
seb128no, it tends to complain about failing to contact the server13:42
didrocksseb128: right, the code is tricky13:43
vishmvo: you want the icons to be included in the app[software store] itself? and not in the theme?13:43
seb128vuntz, mclasen: do you have an opinion on how to change a gconf key for an another user? there seems to be no easy way to do this13:43
mclasenseb128: you can't13:44
mclasenat least not in a supportable way13:44
mclasenhis gconf db lives in his home dir13:44
seb128that's what I though13:44
mclasenwhich might be automounted13:44
mclasenor worse, encrypted13:44
pittihardly for gdm, though?13:45
seb128mclasen, well in this case that's for gdm13:45
pittigdm is already running, after all13:45
mclasenbut it still doesn't work13:45
seb128mclasen, and we want to change it from the gdm server, so technically we can change the uid and do calls as gdm user13:45
mclasenthats why I set defaults/mandatory values in that case13:45
seb128we could change the ui and g_spawn gconftool13:45
seb128mclasen, the issue is that gdm and user sessions use the same keys13:46
seb128mclasen, so you change the setting for all users...13:46
mclasenyeah, well...you still can't really change another users gconf db13:46
* seb128 wonders if we should some trick like write a file on disk13:47
seb128and make the greeter code change the gconf key on start when the file is there13:47
mclasenyou can invent hacks like that13:47
pittiseb128: hm, TBH I still fail to see why seteuid(gdm) spawn(gconftool) would be failing, but if that's too hairy, perhaps we should write it to custom.conf instead13:47
mclasenpitti: it needs to run in the sandbox session (if there is one) so it can talk to the gconfd there13:47
mclasenyou can run gconftool --direct on the db13:47
pittiseb128: it seems much easier to read custom.conf from the greeter session than to write gdm's gconf values from the daemon?13:47
mclasenbut then you need to kill the gconfd in the sandbox session (if there is one)13:48
seb128pitti, right it seems so13:48
mclasenwhich might loose the unflushed changes that he has in memory13:48
pittimclasen: why can't it just autospawn the gconfd if it's not running yet?13:48
pittimclasen: gdm's session dbus is running all the time13:48
mclasenwhat keys are we actually talking about here, just the background ?13:49
seb128mclasen, the sound one13:49
seb128users want a way to make login quiet for use in public places13:50
mvovish: oh, sorry. well, currently some of this have no icon names yet, so if you just pick some like "sc-category-boardgame" I will update the file13:50
vishmvo: neat, thanks..13:51
seb128mclasen, ie /desktop/gnome/sound/event_sounds  for the gdm user13:52
didrocksseb128: I think the most annoying part is not the sound in gdm, but the welcoming sound for the user you are login in. (and we are back about the issue of automounting and encrypted home)14:03
seb128didrocks, the welcoming sound?14:04
seb128didrocks, is that the session start sound?14:04
didrocksseb128: right14:04
didrocksseb128: this is per user, no?14:04
seb128didrocks, turning that one off from the sound capplet works14:04
seb128you can mute sound events there14:04
seb128I do it there and it works fine14:04
didrocksyes, I was thinking about per session like "I like the event sound, but not when in the train and I don't want to change before being there"14:05
didrocksthat can be something we can work on next cycle, "launching a mute session"14:06
tseliot1rickspencer3: hey rickspencer314:07
rickspencer3hi tseliot114:07
seb128didrocks, ideally you could just press a key during boot to tell it to be quiet14:08
seb128didrocks, but anyway for this cycle we just want a way to tell gdm to not play the drum sound14:08
didrocksseb128: yeah, like Shift or something like that14:08
didrocksseb128: ok, it was just to ensure we were speaking about the same thing :)14:08
seb128I'm confused now about the best way to do what we want14:09
seb128pitti, what do you think?14:09
seb128I think 3 ways14:09
seb128- trying to write in the gdm config14:10
seb128i.e calling g_spawn dbus-launch gconftool --direct14:10
seb128or without --direct if we use dbus-launch14:10
seb128- writing in custom.conf and making the greater read that14:10
seb128(not sure if it does now)14:11
seb128- just writing a file on disk and make the greater code set the key when it's there14:11
pittiseb128: (4) would be a less clean way of (3), I think14:12
pittiseb128: do we even need dbus-launch? it's already running14:12
pittiseb128: if g_spawn gconftool works, I'd use that; seems easiest to me14:13
seb128I listed only 3 options :p14:13
pittioh, sorry, s/4/3/ and s/3/2/ then14:13
pittithe --direct was on the start of the line here ;)14:13
pittihey rickspencer314:14
kenvandinehey seb128, FYI I pushed an updated app indicator patch for rhythmbox on friday, but not uploaded14:14
seb128kenvandine, doing what?14:14
pittiseb128: reading custom.conf should be easy, but would introduce a format incompatibility with upstream again14:14
kenvandineseb128, it was just removing a work around they had to use for a bug in app indicator14:14
kenvandinewhich is fixed now14:14
seb128kenvandine, oh, I've seen this email, thanks14:14
kenvandinenot important enough for an upload... but the patch is there for next refresh :)14:15
rickspencer3hi pitti14:15
rickspencer3stupid dst14:15
* rickspencer3 snore14:15
seb128pitti, " seb128: do we even need dbus-launch? it's already running"14:15
seb128pitti, what is already running?14:15
pittigdm       3893  0.0  0.0  26248   840 ?        S    14:54   0:00 /usr/bin/dbus-launch --exit-with-session14:15
pittiseb128: ^ gdm's session dbus14:15
seb128pitti, it's not14:16
seb128pitti, running ps -u gdm = empty there14:16
seb128on the mini after a fresh boot and autologin14:16
pittiI don't have autologin here14:16
seb128the greeter is started first time you switch user14:16
seb128or when you don't use autologin14:16
seb128but in autologin case it's not started14:17
seb128pitti, I don't feel good about changing config format and are we sure the greeter has always right to read the daemon config?14:18
mclasenpitti, mvo: should I cc anybody from your side when starting a discussion about systemwide settings ?14:18
mvomclasen: I'm on the mailinglist already, so that should be fine14:18
seb128same here14:18
mvomclasen: thanks for pushing this again14:18
seb128pitti, I feel unsure about spawning gconftool for an another user too, we tried that previous cycle in the gdm postinst and ran into lot of issues14:19
pittiseb128: so, if you think it'll cause problems, let's go with the custom.conf thing then14:20
seb128pitti, I just don't feel comfortable adding hackish code in the server14:20
seb128let me check with #gdm guys what they think today14:21
seb128pitti, on an another hand adding the g_spawn call seems easy to do and not really crash prone14:21
seb128ie if the command fails the key is just not going to change14:22
pittiseb128: what kind of problems did we get in the postist scripts?14:22
seb128maybe we should do that now to get something in14:22
pittiseb128: at least that one seems to be revertable much more easily14:22
pittiand with a g_spawn_async() it would just be "fire and forget"14:22
seb128pitti, it was mainly pam issues by using sudo which will not get there14:22
pittiah, right14:22
seb128+ gconf not running which we worked around by using dbus-launch IIRC14:23
seb128I'm wondering if we should fire a gconftool --shutdown14:23
seb128and then a write --direct14:23
pittiseb128: the next action in a running gdm greeter would just respawn it again then, I think14:25
pittiso that might be better than dbus-launch14:25
seb128pitti, yes14:25
seb128ok, let's do that14:25
seb128didrocks, ^14:25
seb128didrocks, do you feel like doing that change?14:25
seb128didrocks, it's basically changing uid to the gdm one, doing 2 g_spawn_async calls14:25
didrocksseb128: right, can do that. I have also to add the get_sound_enabled method over dbus (not yet implemented)14:25
seb128didrocks, and going back to the previous uid14:25
seb128didrocks, robert_ancell didn't do that?14:26
didrocksseb128: no, he begans to write the get function but if I understand correctly the code, he didn't finish14:26
didrocksseb128: 2 g_spawn_async calls? how to know that the --shutdown will be finished before the --direct call?14:26
seb128didrocks, do the first one sync if you want14:27
didrocksseb128: ok14:27
seb128I've no strong opinion either way14:27
seb128didrocks, right it seems if just put an empty function for get14:28
didrocksseb128: yes, should be easy to fix14:28
rickspencer3bryceh, tedg, all InkScape devs - InkScape is awesome, that is all14:56
sabdflcjohnston: hi15:17
sabdflthe plan is to stick with the current arrangement through beta115:17
pittirickspencer3, seb128: FYI, I talked to gary; he'll poke the apport bug uploading fix into production now (will take some 8 hours)15:18
seb128pitti, thanks15:19
rickspencer3pitti, thanks15:20
rickspencer3pitti, was this a diabolical plan to reduce our bug work load?15:20
pittia FAILED plan15:21
pittirickspencer3: it was a security fix for Launchpad which got a little too tight apparently15:21
LaserJockdidrocks: is the go-home-applet icon hard-coded? I'm not sure if I'm supposed to see a monochrome Ubuntu logo or not15:25
sabdflcjohnston: there are arguments for an against the move left. the decision to go left is mine, based on design preference and where i want the UI to move next15:25
sabdfli'm open to real feedback, especially genuine reports of "i clicked the wrong thing accidentally" rather than speculative "people will click the wrong thing accidentally".15:26
seb128sabdfl, hey15:29
seb128sabdfl, how are you?15:29
didrocksLaserJock: it's not hard-coded, it's using a gconf key (just checked now). so, yeah, this should be changed15:29
seb128sabdfl, speaking about design do you know if the indicator message icon will go back to change to something less subtle?15:29
pittilike, something we can actually notice? :-)15:30
seb128pitti, yeah, I read funny stories15:30
seb128like jcastro putting his phone next to the computer making noise on im messages to not miss those ;-)15:30
pittigray vs. black isn't; especially now that the indicator is surrounded by other black icons15:30
seb128I keep missing messages again since they dropped the green icon15:31
didrocksI totally agree :)15:31
LaserJockseb128++ I keep missing messages15:31
didrocksLaserJock: it's the distributor_logo key which is the default. I will change that in the code.15:31
didrocksLaserJock: after beta 1 :)15:31
sabdflhiya seb128 - excellent thanks, new home!15:31
sabdflseb128: we may try a green indicator for "you've got mail"15:32
pittisabdfl: a seminaked woman walking across the screen with a cardboard sign is out of the question then?15:32
rickspencer3keep it classy indcators15:33
sabdflpitti: can she be wearing *light*?15:33
cjohnstonsabdfl: Is it going to stay the way it currently is on the left? If so I'll start closing bugs15:33
seb128sabdfl, we had a green icon for a few weeks, that seemed to work fine for most people there according to the feedback we got15:33
sabdflcjohnston: it will stay that way through beta1 to gather feedback15:33
sabdflclearly, there's a lot of feedback already being gathered :-)15:33
pittibright green stood out much better, yes15:33
didrocksright, I agree with seb128, the green one we had for messaging menu was working great15:33
cjohnstonOk. So leave the bug reports open then?15:34
sabdflit was also bulbous and 3d so had to die die die15:34
sabdflbut a flat green one may be appropriate15:34
sabdfli asked otto to play with some variations15:34
kenvandinesabdfl +1 from me on that15:34
seb128sabdfl, ok thanks, looking forward to see what he comes with ;-)15:34
seb128as long as it's noticable enough that I stop missing messages ;-)15:35
pittilike "pitti | seb128: plz fix this bug by tomorrow!"15:35
kenvandinei think with the light theme the current one is quite noticable, but i have a tough time with the dark theme15:35
pittikenvandine: I am using the light theme, and it's not noticeable at all15:35
seb128kenvandine, I'm using the light theme and I don't notice it15:35
pittikenvandine: I have two gray and 5 black icons, and with a message it doesn't look any different15:36
kenvandinepitti, ok, i actually switched to the light theme because i found it easier to notice the indicator15:36
nigelbsabdfl: so we can expect the left to stay? (just curious)15:36
LaserJock... through Beta1 :-)15:37
nigelbI'm meh about where it, I use the keyboard anyway15:37
seb128we will try to change the capplet to change the side only for the new themes though15:38
nigelbyeah, I noticed that bug15:39
pittiseb128: would you mind eyeballing http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/cdbs/ubuntu/revision/143 ?15:39
pittiseb128: do you see a potential problem with moving the X-U-Gettext-Domain line?15:39
seb128pitti, looking15:40
pittioops, missing ^15:40
LaserJockdidrocks: the gconf key is set to distributor-logo, is that not right anymore?15:41
LaserJockdidrocks: it seems that the newer icon is start-here15:41
pittiseb128: missing ^ in regexp committed to r14415:41
didrocksLaserJock: distributor-logo is still the old one. I'll fix that to change the default key. Don't know if distributor-logo should be updated15:41
seb128pitti, ok15:42
cjohnstonsabdfl: Im working right now. Would you mind a pm a little later on?15:43
seb128pitti, ok, done with my indicators changes, queue review appreciated if you want to do that15:45
seb128pitti, small fixes on indicator-{sound,me,application}15:46
seb128pitti, reviewing the cdbs change now15:46
sabdflcjohnston: sure16:04
sabdflnigelb: yes, that's the likely outcome16:04
nigelbsabdfl: I'd love it :)16:05
nigelbsabdfl: Mostly on principal, taking bold moves and sticking to them.16:06
seb128pitti, is the sed command there working for you?16:08
seb128bah typo16:09
seb128pitti, ok, that seems fine to me, I don't like much adding the domain there for readability reasons but I don't have a better suggestion either16:10
pittiseb128: yes, I tested it with simple-scan16:10
pittiseb128: isn't it for you?16:11
pittiseb128: we could make it more nice and add more parsing, but that would be more error prone, too16:11
pittiseb128: I'm fine to beat on it harder if you don't like it16:11
seb128pitti, it works, I was doing a typoe16:11
seb128pitti, well using sed quickly limits what you can do easily16:12
seb128I would prefer having it insered before the second [ if there is one16:13
pittiI can use perl16:13
pittised was enough for the initial task16:13
seb128pitti, well, before the second ^[ or end of file would be nice16:16
seb128pitti, if you can make that easily16:17
pittiseb128: I'll look into that then16:21
seb128pitti, thanks16:23
seb128pitti, it seems that "after the first empty line" would work too16:23
seb128if that line is not the first one (some files seem to start with one)16:23
pittiseb128: for evolution yes, but we can't necessarily rely on having empty lines between16:23
ccheneyrickspencer3: i got epiphany built and doing testing now, it is crashing due to some bugs and I am trying to debug it at present16:32
rickspencer3ccheney, thanks for the update16:32
rickspencer3glad it is building16:32
rickspencer3ccheney, did bratsche help you get it building?16:32
ccheneyrickspencer3: it even loads a page up but when i click in the url bar it crashes16:33
ccheneyrickspencer3: yea16:33
rickspencer3thanks bratsche16:33
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|errand
* ccheney bbl, lunch and doctor :-\17:19
* ccheney hates needles17:19
chrisccoulson_it's strange not getting very much bug mail today17:22
chrisccoulson_i assume that's because people aren't able to report issues ;)17:22
LaserJockchrisccoulson_: why is that?17:23
chrisccoulson_LaserJock, bug 53809717:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538097 in apport "+storeblob fails with "500 Internal server error" on production (works on edge)" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53809717:24
LaserJockoh, I see17:25
LaserJockhow many people use apport these days?17:25
LaserJockI remember mdz doing some stat quite a while ago and it was something like 13%17:25
chrisccoulson_i think quite a few people use apport17:26
LaserJockI'm assuming more people are doing it these days but I wonder if it's over 50%17:26
seb128launchpad does block filling bugs from the UI without knowing the url to use for that now no? or did they revert that change?17:26
LaserJockI thought it was reverted17:26
milanbvchrisccoulson_: have you seen my debdiff to bring back services-admin?17:26
chrisccoulson_seb128 - my understanding is that it was reverted for us17:26
chrisccoulson_but normal users are still re-directed17:27
seb128us = ubuntu members?17:27
milanbvI don't want to nag you too much about that - please tell me if I can help, or if we should forget about this goal ;-)17:27
rickspencer3seb128, http://theravingrick.blogspot.com/2010/03/beyond-release-blockers-also-bit-on.html17:27
chrisccoulson_milanbv, i haven't had any time to look yet, i've already got a lot of work to do17:27
chrisccoulson_and we're frozen for beta-1 anyway17:27
seb128rickspencer3, excellent!17:27
milanbvjust - do you plan to get this for Lucid?17:27
milanbvdo you prefer a debdiff to make services-admin a separate package?17:28
rickspencer3milanbv, I think we decided next week not to deliver the sevices admin by default in Lucid17:28
rickspencer3(assuming you are talking about the UI that controls running services like databases, etc...)17:28
milanbvrickspencer3: yes17:28
milanbvrickspencer3: not even as a separate package? I really think that would be worth it17:29
chrisccoulson_rickspencer3, was there any consensus on whether we should ship it in a separate package or not17:29
LaserJockchrisccoulson_: they are redirected to a wiki page that tells them to either use apport of +filebug right?17:29
chrisccoulson_LaserJock, yes, i think so17:29
rickspencer3chrisccoulson_, milanbv I think shipping it so that users can install it at their own risk is ok, assuming the quality of the package is sufficient17:31
rickspencer3but we agreed not to ship it by default17:31
milanbvshouldn't be too hard, given network-admin is already installed that way17:31
chrisccoulson_thats easy enough for me to do after beta-1 if everyone agrees with that17:31
rickspencer3chrisccoulson_, will need normal freeze exceptions and such17:32
milanbvif you need me to do this because you're in a hurry, please just tell me17:32
chrisccoulson_rickspencer3, no worries17:32
chrisccoulson_milanbv, i can look at that. i need to make sure we use the correct conflicts/replaces etc so that hardy -> lucid upgrades don't break17:33
milanbvoh yes17:33
milanbvso I can stop bringing this subject again and again!17:34
pittiseb128: ok, I figured it out18:07
pittiseb128: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/cdbs/ubuntu/revision/145 (in a few minutes)18:08
pittiseb128: it's now appending to the end of the [Desktop Entry] block, or failing that, at the end of the file18:08
pittiI tested it with evo's .desktop, with evo's desktop with newlines all stripped, and simple-scan18:08
* pitti uploads18:08
seb128pitti, you rock18:09
pittiit's a pretty h4ck1sh seddery now, but *shrug*18:10
seb128if it works ;-)18:10
pittiabove URL is updated now18:11
seb128pitti, look "good", ie unpleasant to read but seems to do what we need too ;-)18:12
seb128time for sport and dinner bbl18:13
seb128pitti, not sure if you read my ping about indicators before18:13
seb128if you can get those through that would be nice18:13
pittiseb128: ah, doing now18:13
seb128otherwise that can wait after beta but they are small changes and would be nice to have there18:13
seb128pitti, danke18:14
kenvandineseb128, question, i am going to prepare the new empathy for after beta18:14
kenvandineshould we enable the favorites feature?18:14
seb128kenvandine, what does that do?18:14
kenvandineso you can mark contacts as "favorite"18:14
kenvandinenow that empathy defaults to showing offline contacts18:14
kenvandineand facebook18:15
kenvandinei think it might be an important feature18:15
kenvandinemy buddy list is huge now :)18:15
kenvandineseb128, but it is a new feature to enable at build time18:15
* kenvandine hasn't tested it yet though... 18:16
=== MacSlow|errand is now known as MacSlow
seb128kenvandine, it does default to show offline contacts?18:16
seb128since when?18:16
seb128it doesn't do it there18:16
kenvandinethis release18:16
seb128we should probably roll that back18:16
kenvandineok, i can revert that18:16
seb128that doesn't seem an appropriate change18:16
seb128or let it this way for now18:16
kenvandineit sorts by status though18:17
seb128and raise it as a meeting topic for tomorrow?18:17
kenvandineso offline people will be off the bottom18:17
kenvandineok, i'll bring it up tomorrow18:17
seb128still, lot of visual clutter18:17
seb128why do you want to list a zillion of offline contacts18:17
kenvandineyeah, sounded like a strange change to me too18:17
seb128I will look for the rational before tomorrow18:18
seb128and ask cassidy18:18
seb128but I need to run for now18:18
sabdflkenvandine: hiya, has anybody reported a bug that gwibber is not sending avatars to notify-osd?18:29
sabdflthey come up with the gwibber icon, be nicer to have the avatar of the tweeter18:29
thekornhey, desktop experts ;) when running lucid's update-manager on battery should there be a dialog like "you are running on battry, sure to continue?"18:31
thekornI think there was one on karmic, but maybe I'm just wrong18:31
pittiTaekwondo time, cu tomororw!18:32
james_wthekorn: I've seen that before in lucid18:33
james_wconfirmed that it has gone though18:33
thekornjames_w, ok, I think I'll just report a bug and see what happens18:38
thekorn... if apport/launchpad would let me ;)18:38
james_wthekorn: the code is still there, so it looks like a bug18:41
thekornjames_w, yes, I'm wondering what "no_focus_on_map" does18:42
james_wthekorn: I think that's pop-up-in-the-background18:42
james_wthekorn: if you run from a terminal does it print an error?18:43
james_wit looks to me like it needs porting to upower18:43
thekornjames_w, no, no errors18:44
james_woh, the error code is commented, how did I miss that? :-)18:45
james_wbut yes, file a bug, point to that and say that it needs to use the upower paths due to the rename.18:45
thekornokidoki, will do, thanks18:46
=== NCommander is now known as Guest5889
thekornjames_w, fyi, bug 53921118:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 539211 in update-manager "Lucid's update-manager does not show a warning when running on battery anymore" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53921118:54
james_wthanks thekorn18:57
thekornjames_w, it looks like an easy fix, I can work on it right now. If noone else does, of course19:08
kenvandinesabdfl, not sure if there is a bug report on it, but it is a known problem19:15
kenvandinesabdfl, we are waiting for webkit-gtk to fix/implement some caching stuff19:16
kenvandineso we don't have to do the caching ourselves19:16
kenvandinecurrently we would need to fetch the avatar each time we send a notification19:16
jjardonHello, I wonder if firefox-gnome-support package could be compiled with Gio support instead GnomeVFS19:37
jjardonI've already filled a bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/53922619:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 539226 in firefox "firefox(-gnome-support) should be compiled with Gio support instead GnomeVFS" [Undecided,New]19:37
bratscheIs there code for that already?19:37
james_wthekorn: I say go for it!19:40
thekornjames_w, already done, ready for review ;)19:40
james_wnice :-)19:40
cjohnston_sabdfl: I'm back if you are around.19:41
chrisccoulson_bratsche, jjardon - AFAICT nothing actually uses it yet19:41
chrisccoulson_so we can't do that yet19:42
jjardonbratsche, This is the upstream code: https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/file/69cb1df1cb0f/toolkit/system/gnome/nsGnomeModule.cpp19:42
chrisccoulson_jjardon, that's not even in 3.619:44
jjardonchrisccoulson_, ah, ok. Anyway the request was for lucid+119:45
chrisccoulson_yeah, when it arrives, i'm sure that we will enable it ;)19:46
jjardongreat :)19:48
jjardonhope Ubuntu can kill gnome-vfs (and HAL) in the next cycle ;)19:49
chrisccoulson_jjardon, HAL is already gone by default19:52
jjardonchrisccoulson_, but gnome-vfs depends on HAL19:52
jjardonHAL was removed from Xorg19:55
jjardonbut there still are some apps depending on HAL: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Halsectomy19:57
SarvattRAOF: this looks like the same bug as you were working on - https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/netbook-remix-launcher/+bug/29320119:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 293201 in xserver-xorg-video-savage "Crash with ClutterGLX critical" [Medium,Triaged]19:58
Sarvattthese savages only have 16 bit visuals offered and it looks like clutter has major problems with that20:00
Sarvattprobably many dupes in gthumb bugs20:02
rickspencer3kenvandine, can you pm in so I can I test if the xchat plugin is causing a crash?21:04
kenvandinerickspencer3, working?21:05
rickspencer3one more time, maybe in channel instead of a PM?21:05
kenvandinerickspencer3, test21:05
rickspencer3kenvandine, well21:06
rickspencer3good :)21:06
rickspencer3thanks kenvandine21:06
rickspencer3I am very much enjoying the "block" feature in identi.ca21:07
rickspencer3which I thought of this weeks ago21:07
crimsuna bit bedraggled from the ranting about window control changes? ;-)21:09
bjfcrimsun, don't you feel that the number of "bugs" which are just muted sources are in fact ui-bugs?21:11
crimsunbjf: difficult to say. For Karmic, there's the alsa-utils bug (fixed in Lucid). For Lucid, there's the indicator-sound bug (which was just fixed). Unless I misunderstand "source" as you used it there -- do you mean pulse's source semantics?21:12
bjfcrimsun, no I mean the number of people reporting microphone issues when it's just that the mic is muted21:13
bjfcrimsun, or similar issues21:13
crimsunbjf: ah, so you do mean pulse's source. Ok, well, the mic is muted by default on login. That is arguably a pulse issue. OTOH, you have the hardware side: if you unmute mic by default, you could have some *nasty* feedback.21:14
dobeyvuntz: around?21:15
crimsunbjf: so, I don't know of a really suitable approach there.21:15
jcastrokenvandine: I believe that test gwibber you had me test has totally removed my ability to run it21:15
jcastrokenvandine: is there something I can blow away to make it all better?21:15
bjfcrimsun, ack21:15
crimsunjcastro: feature!21:15
dobeyhmm, i should probably bug stef21:15
kenvandinejcastro, no... that isn't it21:15
kenvandineit is the stuff ryan added to turn off syncing of gwibber_messages to u121:16
* dobey wonders what stef's irc nick is21:16
kenvandinejcastro, your are paired with u1... with no pairing record21:16
kenvandinesomething like that21:16
kenvandinejcastro, asking in #ubuntuone how to fix that :)21:16
lifelessdobey: smb perhaps21:16
lifelessdobey: depending on who you meant21:17
dobeylifeless: stef walter21:17
jcastrokenvandine: I don't mind blowing things away - my u1 breaks enough that there's no real data in there anyway. :p21:17
kenvandinejcastro, supposedly that is a situation that can't happen21:17
kenvandinecheck with them first21:17
lifelessah know I don't know them21:17
crimsunbjf: also, bugs titled "[9.10 regression] HDA power_save=10" arguably can be closed; Lucid's alsa-driver source no longer ships the power-saving enabled by default. Also, the necessary changes to actually fix the driver bugs won't land until
bjfcrimsun, ok, will do from now on21:18
crimsunbjf: cheers21:18
RAOFGooood morning everyone!21:29
TheMusoGood morning21:30
didrocksgood morning RAOF and TheMuso :)21:30
RAOFSarvatt: That does indeed look like the very same bug, yes.  I've worked-around it in netbook-launcher so that it'll start (the 2D) netbook-launcher-efl, but we can't really do anything for clutter, can we?21:32
SarvattRAOF: besides upgrade to 1.2.x I doubt it, maybe extend the netbook-launcher gl check to look for required extensions instead of just using 3D when direct rendering isn't available and its not using swrast/osmesa21:45
RAOFSarvatt: What I'm doing now is checking that Clutter successfully creates the stage, and if it fails fall back to 2D.  That seems a more foolproof check than wandering through GL extensions hoping to catch all the ones clutter will need.21:47
RAOFOn the other hand, that'll fall back to 2D more slowly than the nice, early GL checks n-l does, so this'll negatively impact boot speed for users who have GL that doesn't support clutter.21:48
Sarvattmaybe a new gconf key thats written if it ever fails to create the stage that stops it from happening in the future so later boots aren't impacted?21:53
RAOFWhat happens when savage magically grows ARB_rectangle (or, more likely, the user replaces the video card)?21:54
Sarvattor just changing the existing one, sorry working on 2 things at once and brain isn't all here :)21:54
vuntzdobey: pong21:55
RAOFThat's ok :)21:55
dobeyvuntz: are you maintaining keyring now, or you just made one release?21:56
vuntzdobey: I just rolled the tarball21:56
vuntzdobey: there's no way I maintain this :-)21:56
dobeyvuntz: ok, thanks. do you remember what stef's nick is?21:57
vuntzdobey: he's usually not on irc, I think. Mail is the safe way to contact him21:58
dobeyok, thanks21:58
seb128he's not really around atm21:58
seb128busy with real life rather21:58
dobeythere seems to be a rather serious bug in gnome-keyring 2.29.x21:59
dobeywith ACLs21:59
seb128there is several annoying issues21:59
seb128which one is that one?21:59
dobeywell either ACLs don't work, or are just ignored, because the "ask me to access this secret in the keyring" dialog isn't popping up when it should, and seahorse isn't displaying the applications in the properties dialog for secrets22:00
dobeywhich means any application could just ask for your secrets and just get them without your knowledge, afaict :(22:01
seb128did you open a bug about that?22:01
dobeyi was trying to find one, and see if it's a known issue or done on purpose, but i guess i'll just file it now22:03
fuzzybear3965does anyone know how to sync evolution with the default gnome-shell calendar?22:56
fuzzybear3965the clock used in shell isn't the default gnome-calendar applet used in Gnome <3.022:56
chrisccoulsonfuzzybear3965, this isn't the best place to ask22:58
chrisccoulsonhey seb12823:03
seb128hey chrisccoulson23:03
chrisccoulsondid you have a good day?23:03
seb128lot of weekend catching up on monday as usual but good otherwise23:04
chrisccoulsonyeah, quite a busy day today23:05
fuzzybear3965where should i go, chris?23:06
rickspencer3fuzzybear3965, sounds about right, but that sounds like a good topic for the forums as well23:06
chrisccoulsonseb128 - if you have a few minutes, would you be able to approve micahg's merge request? (https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~micahg/ubufox/ubufox-0.9b1-ubuntu2/+merge/21409)23:07
chrisccoulsoni can upload his change, but i can't push to the bzr branch ;)23:07
fuzzybear3965Thanks rick23:08
fuzzybear3965later you guys23:08
seb128chrisccoulson, sure, looking23:08
chrisccoulsonthanks :)23:08
seb128chrisccoulson, how does that work? I just need to flag it approved on the webpage?23:09
* seb128 never uses the web ui for those23:09
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i don't normall use the web UI either. i just normally grab both branches, merge and then push the change back again23:10
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure how everyone else deals with those23:10
RAOFFlagging it as “approved” on the webpage doesn't actually merge it in, so you want to grab both branches, merge & push back the changes *anyway*.23:11
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm confused now, you want me to review the change or just to make sure it lands to the ubuntu bzr?23:11
chrisccoulsonseb128 - just make sure it lands in bzr ;)23:12
chrisccoulsoni can upload it, but i just can't push to the branch23:12
seb128chrisccoulson, ok23:14
seb128chrisccoulson, done23:16
chrisccoulsonseb128 - excellent, thanks :)23:16
seb128chrisccoulson, how is your workload for lucid looking?23:46
chrisccoulsonseb128 - it's pretty busy this week23:47
chrisccoulsondid you have something in mind?23:47
seb128chrisccoulson, wondering if I should assign bug #445951 to you or the team rather23:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 445951 in network-manager-applet "nm-connection-editor assert failure: ERROR:nm-connection-editor.c:207:connection_editor_validate: assertion failed: (s_con)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44595123:47
seb128chrisccoulson, it collects duplicates23:47
seb128chrisccoulson, it's not a bug for this week just building that lucid bugslist23:47
chrisccoulsoni don't mind really. i can take a look at that when i get the chance23:47
seb128chrisccoulson, ok, assigning to you then if you feel you have to many things to look at before lucid please bounce back to the team rather23:48
seb128in fact I'm wondering if that's not only a karmic issue looking through duplicates23:49
seb128I will ask if somebody gets it on lucid23:49
seb128chrisccoulson, ok forget that, it's bug #462944 and has been fixed in lucid23:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462944 in network-manager-applet "nm-connection-editor assert failure: ERROR:nm-connection-editor.c:207:connection_editor_validate: assertion failed: (s_con)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46294423:59

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