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pleia2sent a mail to the list - but to remind everyone here too our meeting is in a little over 3 hours over in #ubuntu-meeting19:44
doctormopleia2: 6pm EST right?20:49
pleia2doctormo: 720:49
pleia2~2 hrs from now20:50
pleia2wait, time confuses me20:50
Pendulumyes 2 hours from now20:50
Pendulum7PM EST20:50
doctormoPendulum, pleia2: thanks20:51
* pleia2 fixes her eastern time clock20:51
pleia2darn thing was statically set to EST rather than New York time20:51
doctormopleia2: Interesting, so EST is still 13:53, but NY time is not EST and is 14:53 ?20:53
pleia2NY time is EDT now20:54
pleia2when you set the timezone based on location it follows DST properly20:54
pleia2Vantrax, bodhi_zazen will you guys be around for the meeting in 1 hr, 20 min?21:39
bodhi_zazenI will try21:40
Vantraxthats why im here21:43
* Vantrax must attend more meetings21:43
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bodhi_zazenare we meeting in this channel ?22:43
cprofittnot sure bodhi_zazen22:44
cprofittpleia2: are you going to run the meeting?22:47
pleia2unless anyone objects or prefers to lead it22:48
cprofittI think it proper for you to do so22:48
ZachK_What meeting?22:55
doctormoZachK_: Ubuntu Learning meeting22:56
ZachK_Ah...shall I sit in?22:56
pleia2nigelb: you about?22:58
nigelbsorry folks for being late, just waking up23:18
doctormoIf anyone is an irc mod, can we update the topic?23:58
nigelbdoctormo: I think you can23:58
pleia2ah, what should we say?23:59

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