godbykdaker: okay, let me add it to the branch here.00:02
godbykdaker, I've pushed it to the branch.00:05
godbykso let's get yours cleaned up now00:05
godbykrun 'bzr status' and paste the results.00:05
dakeroh shit i have delete the folder00:05
dakeri am getting back the branch00:06
godbykdaker: you deleted your branch or just the daker/ site?00:07
godbykif you deleted your branch, that's okay.  you can just 'bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual' and you'll be fine.00:07
dakeri delete the forlder /home/daker/ubuntu-manual00:07
godbykdaker: that's okay. just 'bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual' and you'll have a clean branch with your website too.00:09
godbyk(easier than cleaning up what you had, even. :-))00:09
dakerthat what i think00:09
dakera clean branch comes from the source branch :)00:10
godbykdaker, your site is up at: http://test.ubuntu-manual.org/daker/00:11
godbykfor now, you'll have to make your links relative, since your site is living in a subdirectory.00:11
dakermy website is not there00:13
godbykSo your workflow with bzr will look like this:00:13
godbyk1. run 'bzr pull' to make sure your branch is up to date.00:13
godbyk2. make changes to your website00:13
godbyk3. run 'bzr pull' again00:13
godbyk4. run 'bzr commit -m "notes about what you changed"'00:13
godbyk5. run 'bzr push lp:ubuntu-manual'00:13
godbykthen start those steps over again when you want to make more changes.00:14
godbykdaker: your website isn't where?00:14
dakerhi is00:14
dakeri made a little changes for the links00:19
dakerdaker@daker-laptop:~/ubuntu-manual$ bzr push --no-strict lp:ubuntu-manual00:19
dakerNo new revisions to push.00:19
godbykdaker: what does 'bzr status' return?00:22
godbykdid you run 'bzr commit'?00:22
dakersorry no00:22
dakerif i dont want to give a message for the comit ?00:23
godbykno problem. it takes a while to get used to working with bzr.00:23
godbykYou have to give some sort of message. It's useful to us when we look at the logs.00:23
godbykSo if you fixed a spelling error, just say, 'Fixed a spelling error.'00:23
godbykIt doesn't have to be a lengthy message. Just let us know what changes you made.00:24
dakergodbyk,  the http://test.ubuntu-manual.org/daker/ wil be up in few minutes ?00:28
godbykdaker: yes. it updates every 30 minutes.00:28
dakeri ll made the pot file for translations next times00:30
dakersee now00:32
dakerill be back00:35
dakergodbyk, how can i run quickshot ?00:39
godbykdaker: you have check it out from bzr:  'bzr branch lp:quickshot'00:43
godbykthen go into the quickshot/ directory and run 'quickly run'00:43
godbyk(you'll need to have quickly installed: 'sudo apt-get install quickly' before you start, though.)00:43
godbykquickshot doesn't really do anything yet, though.00:44
dakeranthor thing00:47
dakerso i workin in local(php) so i need to put my work in /var/www00:48
godbykyou could make /var/www a symlink that points to ~/ubuntu-manual/website/daker/00:49
godbykif the only thing in /var/www is your ubuntu-manual site, you can delete the /var/www/ dir (or rename it)00:49
godbykthen cd /var00:49
godbykand: sudo ln -s /path/to/ubuntu-manual/website/daker /var/www00:49
dakersudo ln -s /path/to/ubuntu-manual/website/daker /var/www/daker-remake00:51
godbykthat will work, too.00:52
godbykthen go to
* ubuntujenkins can't sleep00:55
godbykubuntujenkins: I've got a few quickshot bugs you can work on as long as you're awake. :-P00:56
ubuntujenkinsI have fixed the last one you filled :-P fire away00:56
godbykI'm going through the irc log and adding in screenshots and trying to consolidate some things into a little report for you guys.00:58
ubuntujenkinswow thats extensive and very much appreciated00:58
dakerubuntujenkins, http://test.ubuntu-manual.org/daker/?home00:59
ubuntujenkinsit works daker much eaiser that way00:59
dakerso we have juste to put the pot file for the translations01:01
ubuntujenkinswhy on the download page is there 10.10 in the drop down box. 10.10 isn't avalible yet.01:01
dakerjuste for test01:01
godbykfor the initial version of the website, we can leave out that whole dropbox (since there's only the one choice).01:02
godbykbut we'll want it in the future.01:02
godbykdaker: can the site detect what language my browser is using and use the appropriate translation automatically?01:02
dakerits can be done :)01:03
ubuntujenkinsthat would be anoying if I wanted to look at another language for fun/ other people01:03
godbykyou'll still be able to download other languages01:06
godbykit'll just default to your own language01:06
ubuntujenkinsi see makes sense01:06
* ubuntujenkins blames its late at night01:07
dakergodbyk, good in php ?01:08
godbykdaker: used to be01:11
ubuntujenkinsI think TommyBrunn can do php01:11
dakeroki :)01:12
dakerso i have next time to add the pot file for translations where can i upload it ?01:13
ubuntujenkinshi sebsebseb01:14
sebsebsebjust updated my vm,  now I get the boot up :) after plymouth update,  not that bad,  but  Mandriva's is still way better01:14
sebsebsebalso purple icions, well since they aren't all there places looks a bit odd01:15
ubuntujenkinsnice to see the ui freeze is being paid attention to01:15
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: yeah I know what you mean01:16
sebsebsebquite a few graphical changes after that01:16
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: which is good really, since  what we saw back then, wasn't that good01:17
ubuntujenkinsI don't understand mandriva they make people pay i tried it for about 30mins and then realised i had to pay and then went back to ubuntu01:17
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: no you don't have to pay at all01:17
sebsebsebthree versions01:17
sebsebsebwell four if you include Mandriva cooker the one that they keep on updating the development version01:18
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: Mandriva Free only free software,  a 64bit and 32bit version01:18
ubuntujenkinsi just tried the one on linux format disc01:18
sebsebsebMandriva One 32bit and 64bit,  comes with  MP3 codec even01:18
sebsebsebno 64bit version for that one I mean01:19
sebsebsebfor some reason no 64bit version,  since to much effort for the company or whatever,  but there is or might be a community version of Mandriva One 64bit01:19
sebsebsebPower Pack is paid for,  that's support and commercial apps,  plus they got  some other version now,  instant on or something, again paid for01:20
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: Mandriva  used to have the market before Ubuntu came along01:20
sebsebsebthe desktop market01:20
sebsebsebit was the most used distro on the desktop and lap tops01:20
ubuntujenkinswow I might give it ago when i get a moment01:20
sebsebsebit goes back to 199801:20
sebsebsebused to be Mandrake untill they had to change name to Mandriva, because of legal issues01:21
sebsebsebplus something about the logo,  in fact I got a link to give you,  about the history and so on01:21
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: I am rather impressed with it,  I used to really like Ubuntu, but not so much anymore01:21
sebsebsebso now basically if  it's a new Desktop Linux user, and they want to use Facebook and such,  i'll probably recommend Ubuntu,  because social menu that will be in 10.0401:22
sebsebsebor maybe if they want to buy music since the Ubuntu One Music Store01:22
ubuntujenkinsubuntu music store still isn't in01:22
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: I read that it probaby will be in the beta01:22
sebsebsebso people can try it01:22
sebsebsebor I should say I read that it will be in the beta,  or that was the  Ubuntu UK podcast that told me :D01:23
ubuntujenkins7digital is competative in priceing, ithink it was in ubuntu uk podcast01:23
sebsebsebanyway if they don't care about those kind of features,  I might still recommend Ubuntu,  but  Mandriva is rather nice, and really since it's got a nice graphical control centre,  parentol controls and easy way to turn off  pulse audio,  it's really more user friendly than Ubuntu01:24
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: just with the latest version I had a few little issues, nothing major though01:24
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: I am not so keen on all these changes  Ubuntu has done to Gnome, it started with 9.0401:24
ubuntujenkinsI love they changes except the buttons to the left thing but that can be chnaged01:25
sebsebsebalso  the automatic shut down counter feature, being removed, that's  a bit sad really01:25
ubuntujenkinsthey should have an option to bring it back01:25
sebsebsebindeed, just like there should be an option to  have  shut down and log out in system menu.  when  got edited fusa fast user account switcher, which is now also linked to me menu01:26
sebsebsebthat's something else, should be able to remove the me menu, whilst having the social features01:26
sebsebsebuh I meant IM features01:26
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: things are a lot more linked with 10.04.  sound applet as well.  know what I mean?01:27
ubuntujenkinsyea I do love 10.04 though it took a couple of days to get use to the me menu not doing shut down but after that it was fine01:27
ubuntujenkinsmy parents will find it harder though01:28
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: I don't think 10.04 is good for business users from what I have seen01:28
sebsebsebI don't see any new features that are  business features01:28
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: so if I was running a business that had Ubuntu desktops I would keep them on 8.04 or start looking into using some other distro instead01:29
ubuntujenkinstrue I think people can put custom spins in it though you have ooo and evolution.01:29
sebsebsebthing is 8.04 on the desktop won't be supported all the way untill the next LTS01:29
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: sure, but Open Office and Evolution are in  nearly all desktop Linux distro's01:29
sebsebsebby default01:29
sebsebsebthese days01:29
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: I don't know if you know already, but they are having the Gnome 2.28  version of Evolution in Lucid, instead of 2.2901:30
ubuntujenkinswhats the differnce can't be much?01:30
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: also Evolution is a bit buggy,  or at least with exchange,  I read some stuff about evolution not that long ago,  including something from someone who used to program it01:31
ubuntujenkinsI find evolution fine I like it alot01:31
sebsebsebI have  never used it properly01:31
ubuntujenkinsuse it all the time01:31
sebsebsebI use web mail, but if I am going to use an email client, well Thunderbird :)  been quite a while since I used Thunderbird 2, and I haven't tried Thunderbird 3 yet01:32
ubuntujenkinsI ahve to many e-mail accounts for webmail01:32
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: time zones and so on, I came here thinking humphreybc might be here01:33
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: since I wanted to tell him that I had read this http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/03/16-things-that-could-be-improved-in.html01:33
ubuntujenkinshe can be it depends on what lectures he has i expect01:33
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: yeah exactly01:33
sebsebsebor if he is working or whatever01:33
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: so Mandriva  and history of Gnome and KDE basically and peoples comments here, hence not a direct link to the article http://www.linuxtoday.com/infrastructure/2010031200335OSMD01:37
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: np01:39
sebsebseband  Mandriva is a rather nice distro,  after  using this latest release since  I think it was November some time on here,  because I wasn't impressed with Ubuntu 9.10,  and not being that impressed with  what I have seen so far of 10.04,  I am loving Mandriva more and more :)  for now at least, the other computer will still have Ubuntu,  and it will get upgraded to 10.04.01:40
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: I guess Gnome 3 will start to change things01:41
sebsebseband hopefuly properly and for the better,  when  it becomes default in Ubuntu01:41
ubuntujenkinsyep I am so glad lts is not gnome3 my parents would find it so hard to use. I will not mid the change but htey will find it hard01:41
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: yeah I think it's a good thing that01:42
sebsebseb10.04 is still Gnome 201:42
ubuntujenkinsthats what I ment :-P01:42
sebsebsebby default, and even if Gnome 3 had been ready  by April which was the plan, I guess it will of only been in the repo as an option, which I expect is what will happen with 10.1001:42
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: I am not so keen on the two new themes, but  that black one is alright, but thing is I then open up Firefox, and I think things look odd01:43
sebsebsebthe other one is ok as well, but I do  actsaully prefer the black, even though I don't tend to like dark themes01:44
ubuntujenkinsI like the black one I haven't used firefox I use chrome01:44
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: anyway I guess next Ubuntu Manual will have to cover both, Gnome 2 and Gnomd 3 in 10.10 :D01:44
ubuntujenkinsI hadn't thought of that sebsebseb gnome 3 is going to give us more work01:45
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: well  I am not actsauly making the manual01:45
sebsebsebI found out about it, told soeone about it, who is making it01:46
sebsebseband i'l give some feedback here and there01:46
ubuntujenkinsall help s welcome01:46
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: oh yeah and  this is the factoid message I came up with :)  and they did01:47
manualbotBest to keep this channel mainly on topic!01:47
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: we are, but01:47
sebsebsebso what :D01:47
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: and they did, I meant and they accepted01:47
sebsebsebif  we weren't chatting now in here, this channel would probably be rather dead01:47
ubuntujenkinsthis isn't the busiest channel at the moment.01:48
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: there will be a nice log of this offical logs :)01:48
sebsebsebplain text and HTML01:48
ubuntujenkinsthere will indead01:48
ubuntujenkinsin colour in html :P01:49
sebsebsebindeed :)01:49
sebsebsebwell the bot's here don't do the URL title thing, so01:51
sebsebsebTime For Ubuntu to Fork Evolution01:52
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: again no direct link, since comments01:52
ubuntujenkinsreading it now01:52
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: well that was quick to go on the link01:53
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: In a way it's kind of funny that HumphreyBC has complained about Ubuntu 10.04 here and there (such as the link I gave earlier), since he's the manual leader,  so he will be making a manual for software, that he doesn't like here and there01:56
ubuntujenkinsthe have point about evolution I have to argue its not that unstable01:57
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: a comment on the article, goes to a developer reply01:57
sebsebsebsomeone who used to program it01:57
ubuntujenkinssebsebseb: i hink humphreybc is picking up on minor features and it is still in devlopment it is all opinioated01:58
ubuntujenkinsat least most of it01:58
sebsebsebwhen I used software above, this would be more correct, a distro01:58
ubuntujenkinsalthough choice is the advantage of linux and if humphrybc was realy unhappy he would move ot anohter distro02:00
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: yeah I guess02:02
sebsebsebthing is though02:02
sebsebsebloads of people think Ubuntu is Linux02:02
sebsebsebthey don't know about other distros02:02
sebsebsebhrm I wonder if that is really true, that loads of people think that02:03
sebsebseb,but you know what I mean, I guess02:03
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: Read this yet? http://a-hackers-craic.blogspot.com/2010/03/forkn-evolution.html02:07
ubuntujenkinsnot yet just fixing a bug02:07
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: fixing a bug?02:07
ubuntujenkinson quickshot02:07
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: What's quickshot?02:08
sebsebsebsounds famiular I think02:08
dakerubuntujenkins, how can i write a multi lines in the commit ?02:08
ubuntujenkinssebsebseb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot02:09
ubuntujenkinsdaker:  i would like to know myself actually good question02:09
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: oh02:10
dakergodbyk, ?02:10
godbykdaker: I'm here.02:10
daker how can we write a multi lines in the commit ?02:10
godbykif you just say 'bzr commit' (without the -m "blah"), it'll load your text editor and you can write whatever you like.  when you save and exit the text editor, it'll finish committing.02:11
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: Ubuntu forking evolution they shoudn't do that02:17
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX Do you kwon how i can list all the users using python?02:19
ubuntujenkinssebsebseb: I don't mind as long as it still works it doesn't bother me02:20
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: oh ok02:22
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: right so, that's what quickshot is, did you program that?02:22
ubuntujenkinsno I haev done bits and bobs, most of it has been done by others.02:23
sebsebsebThe oh ok, was for  Evolution thing.  You just fixed a bug, by proggramming a fix?02:25
sebsebsebfor quickshot02:25
ubuntujenkinsI try to fix the bugs as best as I can currently they usually involve low level python which is about as far as my skill level goies02:26
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: ah ok,  that's kind of answer I was after :)02:27
sebsebsebthe kind of02:27
ubuntujenkinssorry sebsebseb I am making less and less sense its late for me02:28
sebsebsebof answer I was after.  Sometimes when I don't type in a word to IRC, I want to correct that.02:28
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: You are makeing sense.02:29
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: There's nothing to appologize about :)02:31
ubuntujenkinssebsebseb: I often find i don't make sense when I ma awake :-$ I tend to try to type to fast02:33
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: oh02:33
ubuntujenkinsI think faster than I can type02:34
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: I can type quickly what I am thinking :)02:34
sebsebsebubuntujenkins: Which sometimes might be a bit bad actsualley :D02:35
sebsebsebmight be a bit of a bad thing sometimes,  depending on what was typed02:36
ubuntujenkinsright night all i am finaly tired 4 hours of sleep here i come02:45
humphreybcquick, everyone tell me everything you know about data representation!06:31
godbykhumphreybc: ha! you'll have to narrow it down quite a bit.06:36
humphreybci have a 10% test tomorrow on data representation....06:36
humphreybconly found out about it today06:36
godbykhumphreybc: it's all 1s and 0s.  Easy peasy.06:36
humphreybcyeah, but stuff like different bases and hexadecimal stuff and IEEE?06:37
humphreybchopefully it's just converting binary to decimal.... :)06:37
godbykah, the base conversion is easy.  you might want to read up on the IEEE floating-point representation stuff, though. It's pretty easy, but you'll have to skim through it.06:38
godbykyou can promptly forget about it once the test is over.  in practice you very rarely have to concern yourself with it.06:39
humphreybci have the lecture notes for it in front of me06:39
humphreybcnot particularly detailed though06:39
godbykwikipedia is your friend.06:39
humphreybcis there an online resource somewhere that talks about that sort of stuff?06:39
nisshhhey guys07:51
nisshhlooking for some help07:51
nisshhfor some reason the install script in the bzr branch reckons i dont have tex live 2009 installed07:51
nisshhwhen i actaully do...07:52
humphreybcgodbyk ^^07:54
nisshhcheers benjamin07:54
godbyknisshh: can you email the install-pkgs.log file to me at <kevin@ubuntu-manual.org>07:55
godbykI'll take a look at it and see what's going on.07:55
nisshhand yes im on the latest revision07:55
nisshhwhen i try to compile it says error 12707:58
nisshhand i did a full tex live install twice just to make sure07:58
godbykokay, it says it's not detecting texlive at all.07:59
nisshhcan you fix it and push the fix to the branch?08:00
godbyknisshh: what does 'which tlmgr' return?08:00
godbykokay.  did you accept the default paths when you installed?08:01
nisshhall i did was:08:01
nisshhrun the install script from the archive at the link on the wiki instructions08:01
nisshhand hit 'I' and enter08:02
godbykwe can fix it pretty easily then08:02
nisshhit said it was a full install08:02
godbykrun: sudo apt-get install perl-tk08:02
nisshhhang on a sec installing08:03
godbykare you running 64-bit or 32-bit?08:03
nisshhold computer08:03
nisshhkk done08:03
godbyknisshh: now run: /usr/local/texlive/2009/bin/*/tlmgr --gui08:04
godbykactually, run that with 'sudo'08:04
godbykso: sudo /usr/local/texlive/2009/bin/*/tlmgr --gui08:04
nisshhok its popped up08:05
godbykokay. click on the Actions menu and select "Handle symlinks in system dirs..."08:06
nisshhhep ok08:06
godbykare the directories that are listed in your PATH?08:07
nisshhwhat do you mean?08:07
godbykare the directories there /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/info, and /usr/local/man?08:08
nisshhah yes they are there08:08
godbykin a terminal, type: echo $PATH | grep /usr/local/bin08:08
godbykdoes that return anything?08:08
nisshhit returns this: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games08:10
nisshhok good08:10
godbykclick on the "Update symbolic links" button.08:10
nisshhyes done08:10
godbykthen click OK08:10
godbykand then you can close the tlmgr program.08:10
godbyknow in a terminal, does "which tlmgr" return anything?08:11
nisshhyes it returns: /usr/local/bin/tlmgr08:12
godbyknow you should be able to run the install-pkgs.sh script again and it'll work.08:13
nisshhok gimme a sec then08:13
godbykthe problem was that, while everything was installed, the binaries (programs) were placed in a directory that isn't normally searched when you try to run a program.08:13
nisshhgotcha its working so far08:14
godbykso we create links from the weird directory to one of the regular directories that is searched.08:14
nisshhah and thats what the update symlinks button did08:14
godbykthere was an option during the installation to have it do that for you, but it's not turned on by default. (I'm not sure why.)08:14
godbykso it's easy to miss if you're not looking for it.08:14
nisshhyea thats annoying08:14
nisshhmaybe you should put that on the wiki08:15
godbykyeah, it is mentioned in the installation instructions, but I will make it more prominent.08:16
godbykyou're not the first who's ran into that problem. :)08:16
nisshhok sounds good08:16
nisshhlol i bet08:16
godbyknisshh: let me know if you run into any more problems.08:17
nisshhok i should be ok for the moment08:17
nisshhwow taking a long time to compile the manual08:23
humphreybcit's cos it's so awesome08:23
nisshhhehe too right08:23
godbykheh.. it's 'cause I have it compiling it probably twice as many times as is actually required (just to make sure all the index entries, glossary entries, table of contents entries, and cross-referencing works out okay).08:24
nisshhheh that plus my slow computer08:24
nisshhwow nice title page thorwil08:25
nisshhreally like ti08:26
nisshhand the whole uk version is not even 700k08:26
thorwilnisshh: you mean the one now in the pdf?08:26
nisshhgodbyk: my i just compiled the manual into the uk version and its doing something really strange08:29
godbyknisshh: what's it doing?08:29
nisshhthe chaplinks are displayed in some strange language08:29
nisshhbut everything else is fine08:30
godbyknisshh:  when you mentioned compiling the uk version.. you mean ubuntu-manual-uk.pdf?  because that's the ukrainian version.08:31
godbykfor uk-english, you'll want ubuntu-manual-en_GB.pdf08:31
nisshhoh i used ubuntu-manual-uk.pdf08:32
nisshhcheers for that08:32
* humphreybc just posted his first article for OMG! Ubuntu! http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/03/unleash-your-inner-sysadmin-with.html08:35
nisshhhumphreybc: do you write for omgubuntu now?08:36
humphreybcevery now and then :)08:36
humphreybcJoey made me a writer08:36
nisshhoh and godbyk en_GB worked fine08:36
godbyknisshh: great!08:36
humphreybcso now I can shamelessly promote the manual project haha08:36
nisshhnice article by the way08:40
humphreybcyou like it?08:41
humphreybcit's not my best writing... lol08:41
nisshhno there is some better stuff on your blog but its nicely informational08:42
nisshhhehe its better than my blog atm which has had a whopping 36 visits and no comments at all08:43
nisshhmeh, hey whats that program for trying out the next version of ubuntu, i need to try out lucid08:45
manualbotTestdrive makes it simple to run any Ubuntu release in a virtual machine, safely, and without affecting your current Ubuntu installation. See: https://launchpad.net/testdrive08:46
nisshhthats right cheers08:46
humphreybchey, that actually worked08:46
humphreybcgood work manualbot!08:46
nisshhoooh cool08:46
nisshhdidnt know manualbot actaully did that08:47
manualbotFactoid 'quickly' not found08:47
nisshhdarn it08:47
manualbotFactoid 'quickshot' not found08:48
manualbotFactoid 'ubuntu-manual' not found08:48
humphreybcwell that's just useless08:48
manualbotFactoid 'software-center' not found08:48
manualbotPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:48
humphreybc!why don't you know more shit manualbot?08:48
manualbothumphreybc: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:48
manualbotFactoid 'sigh' not found08:49
nisshhlol nope never did08:49
nisshhstupid but AI08:49
nisshhbot AI08:49
nisshhawesome program testdrive im donloading the iso now09:06
nisshhdarn now i have to wait a whole hour09:08
humphreybcfor the ISO?09:08
nisshhslow net09:08
humphreybcyou should totally just install it on your HDD09:08
humphreybcit's very stable09:08
nisshhyea but im against upgrading to the next release09:09
nisshhit never works properly when i upgrade09:09
humphreybcdo a fresh install?09:09
nisshhmeh yea ok you have convinced me lol09:10
humphreybcdo you create a separate encrypted home partition?09:10
nisshhyes but not encrypted09:10
humphreybcso if you've got a separate home partition you should be sweet09:11
nisshhtried encryption once, yuck not on a p409:11
humphreybcI usually create a new /home anyway because there is a lot of cruft that builds up in there09:11
nisshhthats what scripts are for!09:11
humphreybcI have this fresh install script09:11
nisshhso do i09:11
humphreybcit's quite handy09:11
nisshhim going to try lucid in testdrive first and if all looks good ill upgrade from karmic09:12
humphreybchttp might help :P09:12
nisshhhehe hey dude isnt this the one i gave you ages ago?09:13
nisshhlooks so much like mine09:14
humphreybcoh wait09:14
humphreybcprobably is!09:14
humphreybcyes it is!09:14
humphreybci got it off someone and now I remember it was you :P09:14
humphreybcI changed it a bit and added some more echo statements to keep finer track of what's happening09:14
nisshhyea iv added stuff like libdvdcss2 now09:14
nisshhyea i thought so09:14
* humphreybc really needs to hit the sack, early start tomorrow09:16
nisshhhumphreybc: how did you upgrade from karmic to lucid because i cant seem to09:27
humphreybci just backed everything up and then installed lucid over karmid09:27
nisshhso you fresh installed?09:28
nisshhah ok thanks09:30
humphreybcupgrading is a bit of a pain09:30
humphreybcespecially now that they've changed some pretty big stuff, like moving to plymouth, removing HAL etc09:30
humphreybcfresh install > upgrade09:31
nisshhi didnt know they had made massive changes since its an lts lol09:31
humphreybcyeah they have made some pretty big changes09:32
nisshhok yea so i guess ill still test it out in testdrive and then if all goes well i fresh install09:32
nisshhalso i cant remember but after i install lucid and then beta comes out is it possible to upgrade then?09:33
humphreybcit's rather stable09:33
nisshhok cool09:33
humphreybcif you just keep updating you'll have the final Lucid09:33
nisshhyea ok09:34
humphreybc(when that's out)09:34
nisshhyea do you find lucid better than karmic?09:34
nisshhdoes it boot faster?09:34
ubuntujenkinsthe splash screen is pointless for me i see it for 2 seconds09:35
humphreybcand it fixed my suspend resume!09:35
nisshhmeh sounds like plymouth helps alot09:36
humphreybcthe only thing i don't like is the theme, but that's easily changed09:36
nisshhyea the theme devs are apparently thinking about what they could have done better09:36
nisshhholy moly my download speed just jumped from normal to 29mb/s for a whole 10 seconds there!09:38
nisshhyea considering that speed is impossible for my connection anyway09:39
nisshhiso is 24% done09:39
ubuntujenkinsRed_Hamster and TommyBrunn if you see titeuf_87 around can you ask if his branch is ready to merge with main there are ui changes to make that will possible get messed up with a merge and it would be good to get testing it all.09:43
ubuntujenkinsPing Red_HamsterX ^^^ miss typed your name09:45
manualbotFactoid 'rev' not found10:16
humphreybc!rev 49910:16
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/revision/499 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual -r 49910:16
manualbotFactoid 'rev 499' not found10:16
humphreybconly one revision away from 500! :O10:17
reventon_hi folks10:25
reventon_who do I talk to about joining the project?10:25
nisshhhey dude10:40
nisshhyou can join the team whenever you like10:40
nisshhits open10:40
nisshhif you have any questions: fire away10:40
reventon_well what do you guys need help with right now10:48
reventon_like what's pressing10:48
reventon_i'm good for editing or writing, i'm good with latex10:48
nisshhah if your a latex guy you should talk to godbyk, maybe you can help him out and also do some writing10:50
nisshhgobyk: i found a latex guy for you10:50
reventon_lol i'm no guru, i just don't have a problem working with it10:51
nisshhah ok, let me have a look at what needs some work10:52
nisshhok doke, first of all have you visited our wiki page?10:53
reventon_i've also downloaded the latest branch through bazaar10:54
nisshhah good your ahead of me10:55
nisshhok have you joined the team yet?10:55
nisshhok well you dont have to but if you do you can subscribe to our mailing list which you can aslo then post on10:56
nisshhhere: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual10:57
nisshhit appears that one of the chapters needs an editor10:57
nisshhare you game?10:57
nisshhok dude just add yourself to the team and ill just need your full name so i can add it to the wiki10:58
reventon_JJ Laxton10:58
reventon_ok so i've subscribed10:59
nisshhso iv put you as editor of the security chapter11:00
reventon_right on11:00
nisshhnow i believe that chapter is mostly complete for lucid release but as a first thing probably just grammer and error check it11:01
reventon_ok cool11:01
nisshhand i can also show you how to compile the manual too if you like11:01
nisshhby compile i mean into a .pdf document11:02
nisshhok, do you know how to use bzr?11:02
reventon_i mean, i followed the wiki instructions11:03
nisshhah ok, so you dont know how bzr works at all?11:03
nisshhoh ok11:03
reventon_well i've picked up on a bit11:03
nisshhok if you need any help just give me a yell11:03
nisshhon here11:03
reventon_so to compile, is it more than just 'latex main.tex'?11:04
ubuntujenkinsjust make sure before you do 'bzr commit -m "What you have changed"' do 'bzr pull lp:ubuntu-manual' that way you don't break the branch11:04
reventon_ok no problem11:05
ubuntujenkinsto compile run "make"11:05
ubuntujenkinswhen in the ubuntu-manual directory11:05
nisshhthanks ubuntujenkins11:05
nisshhforgot to mention that11:05
ubuntujenkinsno problem nisshh11:06
reventon_apparently the Makefile is empty11:06
reventon_too many windows open11:06
reventon_so nisshh have you been working on this since the beginning?11:10
reventon_also, is there a list of packages required to compile?11:17
reventon_i'm dealing with a new install11:17
ubuntujenkinsreventon_: gjust looking for the page11:18
ubuntujenkinshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/Help#How to use LaTeX11:18
ubuntujenkins"https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/Help#How to use LaTeX"11:19
ubuntujenkinscopy and paste the whole thing the link has gaps in it11:19
ubuntujenkinsreventon_: the download is about 2gb just so you know11:21
reventon_yeah i'm writing a research paper right now in latex, i'm always amazed how it can be so huge11:23
ubuntujenkinscool that script will download and install all you should need for the project11:23
reventon_so who started the ubuntu-manual project11:24
reventon_was it a canonical initiative?11:24
ubuntujenkinsit was started by Benjamin Humphrey (humphrybc)11:25
nisshhreventon_: sorry i was doing other things and wasnt paying attention11:46
reventon_no worries11:46
nisshhwell humphreybc posted his idea on the ubuntu forums and i was one of the first to jump on board11:47
nisshhback in i think october last year11:47
nisshhor november i cant quite remember11:47
nisshhhow long have you been an ubuntu user?11:48
reventon_i've been on and off ubuntu for a while, since 7.0411:49
nisshhok, longer than me iv been around since 8.1011:49
reventon_but used to be a big gentoo user11:49
nisshhyea ok11:49
reventon_started with linux around 2004 or so11:49
nisshhyou tried 10.04?11:50
reventon_yeah that's what i'm using now11:50
nisshhmeh ok im downloading it right now11:51
nisshhhumphreybc conviced  me today to always use the latest dev release11:51
reventon_i think they could've done better with the new theme11:51
nisshhthe colors are nice11:52
nisshhbut the layout is terrible11:52
reventon_i don't care about the button placement, i just think they should get rid of that bad gradient behind them11:52
nisshhi agree that way it doesnt break when you decide you want them in a different position and order11:53
komsasguys, I upgarded today to 10.04 and now GNOME is so fast.. light speed :))11:54
reventon_i think ubuntu in general has a big problem looking professional, but unfortunately its ultimately a gtk issue11:54
nisshhkomsas: yea im about to install it11:54
nisshhwhat do you mean by gtk issue, too clunky or something?11:55
reventon_yeah, the buttons are all big with weird padding11:56
dakerhi @all11:57
reventon_don't get me wrong, i much prefer gnome to kde11:57
nisshhyea right12:03
nisshhhey daker12:03
nisshhcya later12:42
dakerTommyBrunn, !!!13:34
TommyBrunnHello daker13:35
dakerhow r u ?13:35
TommyBrunnI'm alright. A little frustrated, because I can't get a piece of code to do what i want it to, but other than that, I'm fine.13:36
TommyBrunnIs that button a single image?13:38
TommyBrunnSo the text can be changed and translated easily, then?13:39
TommyBrunnGood job.13:39
dakertanks you13:40
TommyBrunnHave you tested it in other browsers/resolutions?13:40
dakerit was tested on chrome, opera13:41
dakerFF and Arora13:41
dakerfor resolution 1024*76813:42
TommyBrunnAlright, that seems reasonable, although someone might want it to at least look acceptable in IE.13:42
TommyBrunnHow did you get the nice drop shadow on the button text? Javascript?13:43
daker<a href="?download/10.04/fr/no" class="large button orange">Download now<span class="version">(v10.04)</span></a>13:43
daker.button, .button:visited {13:44
dakerbackground: #222 url(../images/overlay.png) repeat-x;13:44
dakerdisplay: inline-block;13:44
dakerpadding: 5px 10px 6px;13:44
dakercolor: #fff;13:44
dakertext-decoration: none;13:44
daker-moz-border-radius: 6px;13:44
daker-webkit-border-radius: 6px;13:44
daker-moz-box-shadow: 0 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,0.6);13:44
daker-webkit-box-shadow: 0 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,0.6);13:44
dakertext-shadow: 0 -1px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.25);13:45
dakerposition: relative;13:45
dakercursor: pointer;13:45
daker.button:hover{ background-color: #111; color: #fff; }13:45
daker.button:active{ top: 1px; }13:45
daker.large.button, .large.button:visited {13:45
dakerfont-size: 25px;13:45
daker    padding: 8px 14px 9px;13:45
TommyBrunnOh, I see. CSS3 stuff. Well I guess that's alright. It'll still look fine even if you don't have a CSS3-enabled browser.13:45
daker    width:250px; height:30px;13:45
daker.orange.button, .orange.button:visited{ background-color: #FB8B00; }13:45
daker.orange.button:focus{ background-color: #F44800; }13:45
dakeri have to prepare the pot file for translations13:46
TommyBrunnThe list of features should probably be a list of a definition list, though, rather than a bunch of paragraphs.13:47
dakerhow ?13:49
TommyBrunndaker: like so:http://paste.ubuntu.com/395624/13:52
dakerwhere can i upload the pot file ?13:54
TommyBrunnI don't know. You'll have to talk to someone who knows about those things.13:56
TommyBrunnWho that is, I don't know.13:57
dakeryesterday i have create a page for the project in lp14:00
dakerwhat do you think ?14:07
TommyBrunnSure. That way we could purge all the website stuff from the ubuntu-manual branch.14:09
TommyBrunnBut again, you should probably talk to someone who knows about that stuff.14:09
dakerwho ? :)14:11
dakerTommyBrunn, !15:01
TommyBrunnHello again15:01
dakersomeone has written this15:02
dakerWording on site needs to be modified and edited to be awesome15:02
dakerwhat wording ?15:02
dakerhere http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/aA6ygCXL9F15:03
dakerin the website section15:03
TommyBrunnThey just mean the text has to be rewritten. As I understand it, the text that's currently there is pretty much just placeholder text.15:04
ubuntujenkinshow are we all doing then?17:15
dakerfine ubuntujenkins17:24
ubuntujenkinsgood good daker17:26
=== komsas_ is now known as komsas
* ubuntujenkins starts to try and finish my manual writing work18:17
ubuntujenkinswe are on revision 50018:18
dakeryeah \m/18:19
ubuntujenkinsI set grub to a zero second time out I could set it back to a 3 second but is there a button i can press to show grub when booting?19:39
ubuntujenkinshello titeuf_87 how are you?20:10
titeuf_87Hey ubuntujenkins! Pretty good, thanks. And you?20:11
ubuntujenkinsyea I am good. Is your branch for quickshot in a position to be merged with main?20:12
titeuf_87It should be20:12
titeuf_87reading the log now that got posted on the mailing list20:12
ubuntujenkinsI have some ui work to do after the conversation with kevin and would like to cause as few errors as possible.20:13
titeuf_87two conflicts when I merge the main branch into mine, let me fix them so you can easily add it back to main20:14
ubuntujenkinsyou can add it to main if you like20:14
titeuf_87oh, that works too! Going to do that right now then20:14
ubuntujenkinscool thanks it means i cna do some ui work does that mean that main can upload screenshots as well now?20:15
titeuf_87if nothing broke, yes20:16
titeuf_87what is the time frame on this by the way?20:16
ubuntujenkinsneeds to be done idealy by.....20:16
ubuntujenkins21st - 31st of march. on the 21st we shouldhave the final screenshots list20:18
titeuf_87ah super, I work better when there are deadlines :)20:19
ubuntujenkinsthe sonner the better20:19
* ubuntujenkins shouts at brasero20:24
titeuf_87ubuntujenkins, I pushed my changes in, from a quick test it still works20:30
ubuntujenkinsok thanks titeuf_87 i will give it a test20:30
ubuntujenkinsbrb off to the quickshot user20:32
titeuf_87ubuntujenkins, for quick testing you don't have to20:33
titeuf_87you can "su quickshot -" to log in a terminal as that user and run quickshot from there. If you run it with "quickly run -n" it also will skip the changing of the resolution20:33
ubuntujenkinsnice I will do that next time20:35
ubuntujenkinsI how does the user tell if the screenshot is taken?20:35
titeuf_87there's a countdown after which the screenshot is being taken and then uploaded. But it doesn't show it yet to the user. Plus the uploading blocks the ui, which is not that nice20:36
ubuntujenkinscool that sounds good also  can we add the screenshots so far for chapter 1 to use as testing. Would it be possible to change the language codes to their full names?20:37
titeuf_87also if the uploading fails for whatever reason then the user is stuck as the quickshot window's not visible then20:37
ubuntujenkinsthats not so good. does it check to see if the user is on the internet?20:38
titeuf_87Should be possible, I'll have to find out how. Right now it shows only the languages you have installed on your system20:38
ubuntujenkinsare I have evrey language pack there is thats why the list apeard so long20:39
titeuf_87sweet, then sounds like that bit works :)20:39
ubuntujenkinsI had no clue which was which20:40
titeuf_87it's a two-letter code for every language right?20:41
ubuntujenkinsthorwil I know we have had this discussion in many meetings but what resloution for the screenshots would be best in the opinion of the artwork team?20:42
thorwilubuntujenkins: native resolution20:43
ubuntujenkinsI like 1024x76820:43
ubuntujenkinsbut whats native? surley each user is different20:43
thorwili thought it was planned to use 800x600 with quickshot?20:44
godbykI think we decided to go with 800x600.20:44
ubuntujenkinsIt is like that at the moment I didn't know if that was final or not20:44
godbykSince it will be scaled to fit in the PDF (and evince does a lousy job at displaying the scaled graphics).20:44
godbykubuntujenkins: to check if a user exists, you should either parse the passwd file, or better, use the 'id' command and check the exit status.20:45
godbykubuntujenkins: also, you should avoid hard-coding /home as the location of the users' home directories.  on many systems the home directories have different paths.20:46
ubuntujenkinsthis is open office impress in 800x600 http://imagebin.org/8897820:46
godbykheh.. nice.20:46
ubuntujenkinsI think i did use the passwd file to check if the user exists20:47
godbykubuntujenkins: well, you just checked to see if the string 'quickshot' existed in the passwd file.  but that's not a good way to go.  you need to read each line of the file, check the first column (from beginning of line to the first colon) and see if that matches 'quickshot'.20:48
ubuntujenkinsOk I think i can do that.20:48
* ubuntujenkins adds it to the todo list20:49
godbykbut the passwd file is a bad way to go in general, because it's not guaranteed to have the users on it.20:49
godbykfor instance, when I log into a machine on campus, its local /etc/passwd file doesn't know about me and doesn't have my username listed.20:49
godbykRunning 'id godbyk' still works, though.20:49
ubuntujenkinsok i see your point20:49
ubuntujenkinsI will play with the id command later this week20:50
godbykit's pretty simple. :)20:50
ubuntujenkinsI am not convinced on the resolution size as the screenshots are going to look very much unlike the users actual computer20:51
ubuntujenkinshow do I add a screenshot to the manual godbyk?20:52
godbykubuntujenkins: I haven't written the commands for that yet.20:52
ubuntujenkinsok cool np20:53
godbykI'll work on that today.20:53
ubuntujenkinsno rush I have loads of other things to do20:53
thorwilubuntujenkins: the 800x600 happened without my input20:59
godbykI don't particularly care, but I'm not the one obsessed over the size of the file, how many screenshots there are, how many pages it is, etc. :-)21:00
thorwili think i said 1024x768 would be the minimum, below it gets hard to even get content areas in certain apps21:00
ubuntujenkinsI am not sure what is better. I think 1024x768 is the largest most laptops support21:00
godbykAlso, since I've rebased the ubuntu-manual document class on the tufte-book document class, we can easily have the screenshots stretch across the main text block and the side notes area.21:01
godbykubuntujenkins: if you take some screenshots at 1024x768 and send them to me, I'll pop 'em into the manual and see how they look.21:01
godbykgrab a few screenshots that have placeholders in the manual.21:02
ubuntujenkinsok I will do a few now godbyk21:02
* ubuntujenkins off to quickshot user21:02
godbykalso, try to grab some that are cropped appropriately (just the window or just the area that we want the screenshot of).21:02
godbykthen I can set up commands to handle those cases.21:02
godbykuntil then, I'm going to go find something for lunch.  be back in a few minutes.21:03
ubuntujenkinsI will try and do some21:03
ubuntujenkinswho is writing the around the desktop section?21:16
godbykubuntujenkins: I'm not sure. If you look at the blueprint in launchpad for that chapter, it should say, though.21:22
ubuntujenkinshow do i get out of bzr lock?21:22
titeuf_87ubuntujenkins, what's the message/error you get?21:25
ubuntujenkinsbzr version-info --custom --template="Revision number: {revno}\qquad Revision date: {date}\n\n" > revision.tex21:25
ubuntujenkinsbzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock "/home/luke-jennings/Projects/ubuntu-manual/.bzr/checkout/dirstate": [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable21:25
ubuntujenkinsmake: *** [main.pdf] Error 321:25
ubuntujenkinsbzr commit21:26
ubuntujenkinsbzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock "/home/luke-jennings/Projects/ubuntu-manual/.bzr/checkout/dirstate": [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable21:26
titeuf_87hmm, not sure. I had a similar problem but it was access denied when I accidentally tried to use bzr as another user21:28
ubuntujenkinsthanks I will ask in #bzr21:29
titeuf_87a quick google on the error doesn't immediately show up something either21:30
ubuntujenkinsmeh thanks for trying I re get the branch and add the files in again21:31
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: e-mail sent21:38
ubuntujenkinsnight all o/22:33

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