persiaScottK: crimsun: This hasn't beeen *the* place to ask packaging questions (but rather one of many) since community-lucid-motu was approved "Developer Training: distribute".  This is still *a* place for packaging questions.  #ubuntu-packaging is mostly for new packaging, PPA packaging, derivative packaging, etc. but similarly won't not answer questions about other things (although at least I'll redirect when soemthing is clearly about Ubuntu proc00:38
persiaesses or working with an Ubuntu team, etc.)00:38
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lfaraoneWe don't need FFes for RC bug syncs, right?02:36
ScottKpersia: None of that would make directing people away from here for packaging questions for Ubuntu appropriate, would it?02:38
ScottKlfaraone: If they also bring new features you do.02:38
persiaScottK: Indeed, no.  People asking questions about working on Ubuntu (whether packaging-related or not) should be answered ehre.02:38
ScottKpersia: OK.  I don't know if you changed it or not, but /topic in that channel was confusing people.02:39
lfaraonepersia: how often is http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ regenerated? half the listed packages have already been synced. (not that I'm complaining :P )02:39
persialfaraone: Last updated Mon Mar 15 15:39:58 201002:40
freeflyingdo you have any problem with dbus upgrade in lucid's schroot?02:40
persiaMaybe it's targeting karmic stuff?02:40
persialfaraone: See if http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/lucid/ more closely matches what you seek.02:43
lfaraonepersia: aha.02:43
persiafreeflying: I don't seem to have an old dbus installed in any of my lucid schroots.  I remember dbus being a prior problem because it starts a service that needs stopping prior to unmount.02:44
lfaraoneScottK: would any of http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/m/mirage/mirage_0.9.3-5/changelog.html count as "new features"02:45
ScottKlfaraone: I'd say no.02:46
lfaraoneScottK: okay, just checking.02:47
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freeflyingpersia: i don't remember we have had similar issue before03:09
persiafreeflying: So, why do you have dbus (or any service, really) running inside the schroot?03:10
freeflyingpersia: I'm doing upgrade my lucid chroot03:11
persiaI understand.  Why is dbus in there?03:11
freeflyingpersia: afaik, dbus has disabled to restart service inside chroot03:11
* persia looks03:11
freeflyingpersia: due to build dependency03:12
persiaAh.  I understand.  I guess I don't encounter that by upgrading before installing build-deps.03:13
persiaI didn't have any issues with the last upgrade on a running system.03:13
lfaraonenhandler: shouldn't the archive administrators be subscribed to bug 486807 since you ACK'd it?03:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 486807 in ubuntu "Please sync groundcontrol 1.5-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48680703:37
nhandlerlfaraone: You need someone to ACK the actual sync request03:38
lfaraonepersia: ^^, you told me to ping you once we got ~ubuntu-release approval on 48680703:39
lfaraonenhandler: so for a sync request with a FFe, you need ~ubuntu-release approval, ~ubuntu-*-sponsors approval, and then a manual push from an archive-admin?03:39
nhandlerlfaraone: Basically, after FF, you need the release team's approval in addition to any other ack's that you would normally need03:40
persialfaraone: Cool.  If nobody else does, I'll upload it as soon as I'm done with the thing I'm in the middle of doing.03:41
nhandlerpersia: It is a sync03:41
persiaOh, right.03:41
* persia ACKs03:41
micahgnhandler: you want to take another look at pidgin0microblog?03:41
nhandlermicahg: Yeah, I guess I can03:42
nhandlermicahg: You will want to file a separate bug for the removal request03:43
micahgnhandler: k03:43
micahgnhandler: can I also ask you for Beta Freeze main upload exemtions?03:43
nhandlermicahg: Once you do that, I'll ACK them both. You can get someone else to ACK the actual changes03:43
nhandlermicahg: For what?03:43
micahgnhandler: Firefox, Thunderbird, Xulrunner03:44
nhandlermicahg: Not until I review what the changes are.03:46
micahgnhandler: k, lets get this done, then I'll explain03:46
micahgbug 530660 bug 53891403:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 530660 in pidgin-microblog "[FFe] Replace pidgin-mbpurple with pidgin-microblog (was: package pidgin-microblog (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/purple-2/liboldtwitter.so', which is also..." [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53066003:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538914 in pidgin-mbpurple "[FFe] Remove pidgin-mbpurple from archive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53891403:46
nhandlermicahg: ACK'd03:49
micahgnhandler: so, subscribe ubuntu-archive now to the removal bug?03:49
micahgnhandler: you might want to remove u-u-s from the second bug03:50
nhandlermicahg: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/PackageArchive#Removing%20Packages03:50
micahgnhandler: it doesn't make any sense03:51
nhandlermicahg: Basically, it is the same process as a sync03:51
micahgnhandler: I thought only archive admins can remove?03:52
nhandlermicahg: Yes, but the request to remove needs to be approved by a dev03:52
micahgnhandler: k03:52
RAOFmicahg: How's gjs going?  Do you want me to prod at it again, or do you have it under control?03:52
persiaMore generally, the archive-admins typically perform most functions on behalf of developers, so need to have some developer on behalf of which they are doing things.03:52
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micahgRAOF: I haven't been able to pin down asac to discuss it yet, so you can have a shot at it if you want03:53
nhandlerThat is true. Most of their tools require them to specify the name of the developer who requested the change03:53
micahgRAOF: otherwise, as soon as I know I'll update the bug03:53
RAOF“Want” is perhaps too strong a term. :)03:53
RAOFOk.  I'll leave it with you.03:53
micahgRAOF: I figure you have more important stuff to work on :)03:54
micahgnhandler: you off?03:54
nhandlermicahg: Yeah. Hilight me if you need me to look at anything more, or send me a message. I'll look at them tomorrow03:55
micahgnhandler: ok, thanks03:55
nhandlermicahg: Keep up the great work03:56
micahgnhandler: thanks :)03:56
* micahg needs to apply for MOTU when this cycle is over...03:56
micahgpersia: I would only need 1 Beta freeze exception if we had a mozilla package set :)03:58
persiamichas: Nothing stops you from applying for one.03:58
micahgpersia: you said you were going to talk to asac about it03:59
persiamicahg: And the number of freeze exceptions you need is entirely unrelated to how many packages you can upload.03:59
persia*every* developer is subject to the release team.03:59
micahgpersia: no, I would have uploaded 2 of them before the freeze :D03:59
persiaI did.  I explained the process, and pointed at the docs.  I don't know that he's done anything with this information.03:59
micahgpersia: k, I'll follow up then04:00
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directhexanyone feel it's worth chasing freeze exceptions for http://pinta-project.com/ ?07:20
persiadirecthex: Probably not.  There's lots more useful work to be done, and that can get dropped in next cycle with very little pain.07:21
dholbachgood morning08:11
* abogani waves08:46
aboganiI have a problem: the avr-libc package build perfectly in my KVM Lucid VM but it failed on LP (above link)08:47
aboganiCould anyone suggest me something?08:47
geser"sh: epstopdf: not found08:48
geserthe package is missing a build dependency on texlive-font-utils08:49
RhondaAh yes, I think pgadmin3 might be a good candidate to sync again. The new upstream release was just a bugfix release.08:50
aboganigeser: I have totally missed it. Thanks a lot! Sorry for disturb!08:50
\shzul: bug #531706 <- it's not a bug in zend-framework09:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531706 in zend-framework "apache2 crashed with SIGSEGV in sapi_getenv()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53170609:28
bdrungpersia, TheMuso: my membership in u-u-s expires, can you renew it?09:35
lifelessshould be able to renew that one yourself09:36
TheMusobdrung: Afaik things are being changed atm, I am not sure what team has taken over. I have been meaning to withdraw my admin powers recently actually.09:36
lifelessbut yeah there is only one sponsor team now AIUI09:37
bdrungrenewing the membership by myself is not possible. according to the mail i have to contact one of you.09:38
dholbachbdrung: let me add you to ubuntu-sponsors09:38
dholbachI just updated the documentation09:39
bdrungdholbach: thanks09:41
dholbachif somebody could check out https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~dholbach/ubuntu-dev-tools/permissions-reorg/+merge/21355 - that'd be nice :)09:43
geserdholbach: is there a reason why you proposed a merge of your ubuntu-dev-tools branch instead of simply merging them?09:44
dholbachgeser: oh, that's how I do it in other projects09:45
dholbachwe peer-review everything there09:45
geserdholbach: the changes look good. It's unrelated to your changes but the paragraph about sponsorship could use some rewording as requestsync now checks upload permissions instead of simply team membership.09:51
dholbachgeser: I just pushed my changes now - do you think it's worth filing a bug about the doc changes?09:52
geseryes please, so it doesn't get forgotten09:52
dholbachbug 53899009:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538990 in ubuntu-dev-tools "paragraph about sponsorship could use some rewording" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53899009:58
dholbachDktrKranz, lucas: I uploaded a new ubuntu-dev-tools - do you think you could get it into debian too?11:01
DktrKranzdholbach: sure thing11:08
dholbachDktrKranz: awesome - but it's still sitting in the queue11:09
DktrKranzoh, indeed. here it explains I haven't seen it :)11:09
DktrKranzit's not a problem per-se, as I merge from bzr anyway11:10
dholbachok, gotcha11:10
persiaDktrKranz: Just FYI: none of my foreign-chroot stuff currently works in Debian.  I'm hoping it *will* work at some point in the future, but at that point it will need specific divergence in Debian from Ubuntu.  Any suggestions on where to push that if I can make it work?11:12
DktrKranzdholbach: I'll push it in a couple of days, I'd like to finish some dak coding first, does it sounds good?11:14
DktrKranzpersia: u-d-t already has some divergences (basically for python-apt 0.8 API), we can probably add some specific checks (lsb_release based) as mvo and I did for gdebi11:15
persiaDktrKranz: Oh, right.  lsb_release is probably the solution for the actual scripts.  I'll also want to add a substvar for Suggests:11:16
persiaAnd with those bits it won't need divergence for my work.11:17
persiaThanks for the guidance.11:17
RhondaI'd like to ask for a freeze exception for pgadmin3. The new upstream version is a bugfix release. How to proceed?12:17
RiddellRhonda: if it's only a bugfix and there's no features, you don't need a feature freeze exception12:23
persiaRhonda: Does it build & run in lucid?12:23
Rhondapersia: I would expect so, yes.13:00
RhondaRiddell: Well, it's still a new upstream version, so it might have to follow that process to make that clear.13:01
persiaRhonda: Really, you don't need an exception if it's bugfix only.  Also, the person who first said you didn't is one of the release managers, so even if you did, you just got an IRC ACK, which is considered acceptable.13:01
RhondaOh, didn't know that. :D13:04
RhondaSo … what's needed then? Regular sync request?13:04
persiaExtra points for actually testing build/run on lucid :)13:05
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RhondaBug #539061 - hope I did it right. :)13:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 539061 in pgadmin3 "Please sync pgadmin3 1.10.2-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53906113:31
persiaLooks right to me13:32
persia /s is arguably a minor feature, but not likely one that would affect any other software, or even most users by default.13:33
RhondaIt's in documentation parts only so it doesn't affect anything. I just put it in because lintian compl^Hhintend and I didn't notice it earlier. ;)13:35
persia /s is only documentation : it actually worked before?13:36
persiaheh.  that's not clear from the upsteam changelog, but means it *definitely* didn't need FFe :)13:37
RhondaOnce in the manpage, twice in the changelog, twice in the NEWS file.13:37
RhondaErm, wait.13:37
RhondaWhat are you refering to with /s?13:38
RhondaOh, that one.13:38
persia2010-01-10 GL 1.10.2 Select the server choosen with the /s command-line argument.13:38
RhondaRight, found it.13:38
RhondaDarn year change, makes the diff from 1.10.1 to 1.10.2 unreadable with changes of "2002 - 2009" to "2002 - 2010"  %-(13:40
duanedesignpersia: while reviewing patches i found a submitted patch that has already been applied upstream. i assume that bringing in the new revisioin is preferable to applying the patch downstream?13:53
persiaduanedesign: Depends on the bug.  If it's critical, and the new upstream would break FF, and there's not enough reason for an FFe, then cherrypicking is fine.13:54
nigelbduanedesign: depends on the patch13:54
nigelbbah, too slow13:54
persiaduanedesign: In most cases, we'd just wait for upstream to come naturally.13:54
duanedesignyeah its not a critical bug. Thank you13:54
dupondjesomebody else also noticed the translation bugs in gnome-power-manager? Seems some items are not translated14:27
dpmdupondje, I haven't noticed any. It might be that the translation team for your language has not yet finished the translation. If the translation is complete and there are still untranslated strings, I'd recommend you to file a bug in the ubuntu-translations project (adding a bug task for gnome-power-manager) -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+filebug14:30
dupondjedpm: there was a translation bug that I fixed upstream, but everything in the po file was fine, seems like it just didn't got translated14:31
dpmdupondje, can you point me to the upstream bug? I can have a look if you like14:32
dupondjewell it was just a translation error I fixed, this got into 10.04 already, the translation was correct for the rest. But seems still some untranslated items14:33
dupondjelike when you click on the icon, it tells me 'laptop-accu is charged'14:34
dupondjewhile it should be translated :p14:34
dupondjein the overview: Status: fully-charged14:34
dupondjeTijd tot vol: xx seconds => seconds = english imo :D14:34
RhondaBlackZ: You confuse me. :)14:39
BlackZRhonda: ?14:39
RhondaBlackZ: pgadmin3, we discussed it in here and I was told that sync request is appropriate. :)14:40
BlackZRhonda: u-p-a was not subscribed, btw it's ok now14:42
RhondaWhat's u-p-a? The website says u-s14:43
* Rhonda starts to wonder if BlackZ is the confused person here or me. :)14:44
* persia is curious about u-p-a as well, never having heard that term.14:46
BlackZRhonda: I mean ubuntu package archive - btw, it was just an misunderstanding14:47
RhondaI'm not a ubuntu developer, even when Mark says that from time to time, so I need to use u-s.  :)14:47
nigelbIf a packages does not build properly in karmic (broken dependencies) and fixed in Lucid with a new package, worth an SRU?14:51
nigelbor should it go into backports?14:51
nigelbbug 452845 - this issue is fixed with the new epiphany-extensions-more that was synced in Lucid14:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 452845 in epiphany-extensions-more "epiphany-extensions-more is not up to date in Karmic" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45284514:52
persianigelb: It's worth an SRU if (and only if) the patch can be cherrypicked.14:53
persianigelb: And backports are not for bugfixes.14:53
nigelbpersia: nope.  Its a completely new package14:54
persiaYeah, that's not good for SRU.14:54
nigelbepiphany stopped using python based extensions in favor of javascript based ones14:54
nigelbso the new package is entirely new14:55
dupondje"ngettext minute minutes 10"14:55
dupondjethis should give translated output right ?14:55
nigelbso this package can have a backport to karmic?14:57
BlackZRhonda: sorry btw for the bug, just a mistake - and yes, you're right, if you aren't an ubuntu developer you must subscribe u-u-s. I had marked it as "Incomplete" because I tought it hasn't an FFE14:57
RhondaBlackZ: No big deal, and don't take it anywhere personally, it just considered funny. :)14:59
dpmdupondje, I can see the "is charged" untranslated string, yes. It might be that we have to wait for the next language pack after the beta. If they still appear untranslated, I'd recommend you to comment it on the ubuntu-translators mailing list or file a bug14:59
dupondjedpm: I'm checking the code atm, like the '10 minutes' is translated with ngettext, but if I run 'ngettext minute minutes 10' in console, it doesn't get translated ...15:00
RhondaBlackZ: I am just trying to find my way into it, and even though I might sound like I know quite a bit I'm still new. :)15:02
Rhonda… on this side of the sea, that is.15:02
dpmdupondje, 'ngettext -d gnome-power-manager minute minutes 2' works for me (I get «minuts»)15:03
BlackZRhonda: all can make a mistake. Aren't you agree?15:03
RhondaBlackZ: Of course, in the meantime it is even allowed to think that the sabdfl can make a mistake. :)15:05
dupondjedpm: indeed, seems to work here also with domain set15:06
BlackZRhonda: I'm saying I'm wrong, not sabdfl ;)15:06
BlackZhowever, I think we can stop this discussion.15:06
dupondjebut where is the 'domain' set in the code ?15:07
persiaBlackZ: Also, FF isn't about version numbers: it's about features.  Depending on upstream's release policies and procedures, it's possible to have new upstream without new features, and depending on the nature of random patches, it's possible to have feature changes without new upstreams.15:07
dpmdupondje, in C apps using autotools, like g-p-m, it is generally set in the build system in configure.ac or Makefile.am (can't remember which one right now), as GETTEXT_PACKAGE. Then this gets substituted in the code, generally in the initialisation code, as a parameter to bindtextdomain or a similar gettext function15:09
duanedesignpersia: havent had much luck reviewing patches. do you have a minute to help me?15:10
persiaduanedesign: Sure.15:11
dpmdupondje, here it is -> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/gnome-power-manager/lucid/annotate/head%3A/src/gpm-main.c#L18215:11
dpmdefined here -> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/gnome-power-manager/lucid/annotate/head%3A/configure.ac#L10315:11
duanedesignpersia: i found a couple new reports that are fails to build that have patches attached. But the op already made a debdif as well. Not sure what more i could do on those.15:12
persiaduanedesign: Were the patch posters also following other Ubuntu Development guidelines, or were they folks you often see about?15:13
duanedesignpersia: the poster has submitted 3 in the last few days. 1 has been 'uploaded'15:14
duanedesignbug 53838615:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538386 in muinescrobbler "[FTBFS] muinescrobbler fails to build in Lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53838615:14
Rhondapersia: Especially the postgres people are extremely good examples with respect to good release management in that respect, and pgadmin3 isn't too far off from that. :)15:15
hyperairhmmm unified ubuntu-sponsors team eh? so how do i know what i can sponsor and what i can't?15:15
dupondjedpm: thx, the function to get the translation is here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/gnome-power-manager/lucid/annotate/head%3A/src/gpm-common.c15:15
dupondjebut it doesn't seem to translate it somehow15:16
persiaRhonda: Indeed.  There's a few bugs against pgadmin I've noticed marked as "Fixed in 1.12" which I find especially nice.15:16
directhexduanedesign, FWIW, the patch looks correct to my eye15:16
persiahyperair: http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring15:17
persiahyperair: Please file bugs to make that better (submitting branches speeds the process)15:17
dpmdupondje, I still don't know what the issue is, though. What's the exact problem? Which particular string is not getting translated? Is there a bug for it somewhere?15:17
persiaduanedesign: Since those are all getting subscribed to sponsors, etc., I'd recommend just unsubscribing the review team.15:18
nigelbpersia: a documentation fail perhaps?15:18
persiaduanedesign: Essentially, we walk a thin line between helping make sure we don't lose patches and not getting in the way of developers using launchpad for workflow support.15:18
nigelbpersia: ah, the script is causing a slight havoc15:18
persianigelb: overanxious script, I think.15:19
Rhondapersia: 1.12??  *goestocheck*15:19
nigelbpersia: this is when people force lp to accept debdiffs as patch, IMHO that is not needed15:19
dupondjedpm: in the overview you have 'Time to full: xxx seconds' translated it should be 'Tijd tot vol: xxx seconden' but it shows 'Tijd tot vol: xxx seconds' the 'seconds' aren't translated15:19
duanedesignpersia: kk15:19
persianigelb: But it *is* a patch.  Works with `patch`, `bzr patch`, etc.15:20
persianigelb: So for any sane file management tool, it is indistinguishable from any other patch (run file against one sometime).15:20
persianigelb: That LP happens to be currently broken is a different issue.  I'm not convinced that these deserve the "patch" tag though.15:21
nigelbpersia: it is, it is, but this is only a workaround until the script it fixed15:21
Rhondapersia: Ah, the ipv6 part, found it. :)15:21
nigelbpersia: you mean debdiffs should also come under the purview of reviewers?15:21
dpmdupondje, I cannot see any reference to seconds in that file. Do you mind the "%i minutes" and hours in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/gnome-power-manager/lucid/annotate/head%3A/src/gpm-common.c#L57, for example?15:23
dpmDo you _mean_, I meant15:23
persianigelb: Whether a patch is a debdiff is irrelevant.  Whether the patch submitter is participating in Ubuntu Development is relevant.  Random patches, even in debdiff format, not being tracked by developers need patch review.  Stuff in the sponsors queue doesn't.15:24
aboganiThe workflow for build PPA packages is the same for official packages, right? Sorry for stupid question but I have a package that build perfectly in PPA but not in my pbuilder env.15:24
nigelbpersia: bah, forget earlier comment.  I misread what you wrote15:24
dupondjedpm: now thats weird, it really outputs for example 0 seconds ...15:25
dpmdupondje, then perhaps it is a bug and it is not marked for translation in the code...15:26
james_wabogani: hi, are you looking at the avr-libc build failure?15:27
aboganijames_w: Exactly.15:27
persiaabogani: The chroots in the PPAs should be similar to the chroots in the Ubuntu environment, I believe.  pbuilder can be very different.  The most common cause of issues is a requirement for network access during build.15:28
james_wabogani: heh, sorry, didn't notice you had just asked a question :-)15:28
dupondjeits just weird where it gets the seconds from :)15:29
aboganijames_w: I should fill a new bug report or it is a  "bzr push" enough?15:29
james_wit's an odd error15:29
james_wabogani: push it and request a merge again please15:29
dpmdupondje, might be somewhere else in the code, I've tried "ngettext -d gnome-power-manager "%d second" "%d seconds" 1" and that gives me translated output15:32
dupondjedpm: found15:35
dupondjefunction gpm_stats_time_to_text15:35
aboganijames_w: done. Sorry for my mistake.15:35
james_wabogani: no problem, it happens15:35
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dpmdupondje, ok, does 'ngettext -d gnome-power-manager "%d second" "%d seconds" 1' give you localized output?15:39
dupondjeyes :)15:40
dupondjereturn g_strdup_printf ("%.0f seconds", value); => return g_strdup_printf ( ngettext ("%.0f second","%.0f seconds",value), value);15:44
dupondjesomething like that ? :)15:44
dupondjedpm: made upstream bug, gnome is still synced from upstream atm ?16:03
dpmdupondje, if I'm not mistaken, yes, until 2.30.1 and sometimes .216:08
dpmdupondje, could you point me to the bug? I'd be interested to subscribe and follow it16:08
ubottuGnome bug 612950 in gnome-power-manager "Function gpm_stats_time_to_text does not translate text" [Normal,Unconfirmed]16:09
dpmdupondje, awesome, thanks16:11
directhexhyperair, did you 0ubuntu1 b-c-e? i spy a james_w and we could smile sweetly at him to do some archive-adminning16:14
dupondjedpm: the other translation issue is related to DeviceKit-Power16:16
dupondjeseems there are no translations there ?!16:16
dpmdupondje, hmm, I'd have to check, I don't remember any of our team has translated DeviceKit-Power upstream, perhaps it is not yet set up for translations?16:20
ryanakcaCould someone take a look at bug 538283 please?16:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 538283 in turnin-ng "Please merge turnin-ng 1.0.1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53828316:37
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dupondjedpm: seems they 'fixed' it, but not correctly :p17:45
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dpmdupondje, oh, they were quick!17:59
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hyperairdirecthex: sorry my hands are tied.20:14
hyperairdirecthex: if you feel like handling it, please do so.20:14
hyperairdirecthex: oh yeah, could you clarify the copyright of the icon, please?20:15
hyperairdirecthex: the ubuntuone.png icon20:15
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Spirits-Sightanyone in here that good with connecting CE device to Ubuntu to see it as a storage device?22:33
bobbbohello everyone!22:49
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crimsunthank goodness for tmpfs-mounted /var/cache/pbuilder/build23:05
RAOFcrimsun: *Yes*23:09
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psusidang it, what was the program to install build dependencies needed to build a package?23:58

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