sark666is there a repository for myth with .22 and no fixes?  I'm having stability issues for a while now and would like to try .22 final with no fixes00:19
tgm4883sark666, no02:20
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botto__hello people14:35
botto__can anyone please tell me if mythbuntu has JACK and VDR on it?14:35
tgm4883botto__, JACK?15:01
tgm4883and I think not on the VDR15:01
botto__tgm4883, jack audio server15:01
tgm4883I don't know about jack15:02
botto__it is a professional audio server for low latency operation15:02
tgm4883I dont' think it's on there15:02
botto__thanks for the help!15:02
rhpot1991botto__: if its available in ubuntu you can just install it though15:05
botto__rhpot1991, even while running on the livecd?15:06
botto__ok i will try15:06
botto__thank you15:06
jolarenHey guys. I wonder if I cause lack of quality or something If I make my card beeing able to record more programs if tey are on the same mux?20:30
rhpot1991jolaren: which card?20:33
jolarenrhpot1991: Hauppage Wintv Nova-t 500 PCI20:39
jolarenrhpot1991: Does that say you anyhing? Commonly used card in Australia and Sweden20:42
tgm4883jolaren, I dont' see how you would reduce quality20:46
tgm4883you are just copying the content to the hard drive, not transoding it or anything20:47
tgm4883if you did too many, I could see maybe the harddrive being a bottleneck20:47
rhpot1991I'm not completely sure the implications of overextending, but I do 2 on each tuner in my HDHR20:49
jolarenIs there anyway to determine which channels that are on the same mux?20:56
jolarenAnd if I add i.e 2 to each tuner like you did rhpot1991.. will I be able to watch one channel and record annother on the same tuner?20:56
tgm4883AFAIK, the only way to determine which are on the same mux is to query the DB20:57
tgm4883and since recording one and watching another is just recording two, I don't see why not20:57
rhpot1991you should be able to, as long as they are on the same multiplex21:01
rhpot1991if they aren't then you still need 2 tuners21:01
jolarenso 2x is a good number?21:04
jolareni saw a guy who had 521:04
rhpot1991I do 2, I'm pretty sure my system would never be able to use more than 221:04
rhpot1991it all depends on how your channels line up21:05
jolarenmy system is overkill but i wonder if the card would handle it21:05
rhpot1991you can set it to do 18, but odds are you will never see that many on the same multiplex21:05
jolarenrhpot1991: no you cant I just checked :P max 521:05
rhpot1991heh, ok 5 then :)21:05
rhpot199118 is my fake number for a lot21:05
jolarenI setup both to 5 now21:07
jolarenDno why but I guess I'll give it a go21:07
jolarenmythfrontend hang itself big time tho :P21:11
jolarentho only the frontend21:14
jolarenwhere's the frontend located tho? /usr/bin/mythfrontend?21:14
jolarengonna kill it via ssh21:14
jolarenThere's no Swedish user here with Boxer perhaps? =) Was thinkin if anyone knew in their head what channels that are sent on the same mux21:50
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