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Sorellhey guy I have a question about cloud controllers03:37
SorellI have a controller with 2 NICs03:37
Sorellone goes to the net and the other goes to the nodes03:37
SorellI can't seem to get the one going to the nodes to issue IP addresses03:38
Sorelland it does not show up in my if config03:38
Sorellthat's my setup03:39
lifelessare you forwarding DHCP?03:40
SorellI don't think so03:42
Sorellthat's the whole file03:42
SorellDo I need to forward DHCP03:42
SorellI want the nodes on the inside to not touch the outside would.03:43
pschulz01Greetings.. down anyone know if there is as ppa for an updated version of 'resolveconf'. I am experienceing issues relating to bug #44809503:46
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 448095 in resolvconf "resolvconf starts after ifupdown, does not pick the dns-nameserver and dns-search lines up from /etc/network/interfaces" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44809503:46
pschulz01sorry.. that should 'resolvconf'03:50
twbIs that because resolvconf isn't upstartized yet?03:58
axisyshow do I enable syslogd to receive logs from remote host? i want my linsys router to send logs to my ubuntu server04:38
axisyssyslogd -r -u syslog should do it .. so modify the init ?04:39
axisysgot it04:41
axisys/etc/default/syslogd with a -r04:41
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GheRiveromorning everyone07:51
Jeeves_Hi all08:54
Jeeves_Does anyone know if there is a nice way to automatically delete iscsi disks in Ubuntu?08:54
Jeeves_I can echo 1 > /sys/block/sdx/device/delete and than iscsiadm -m node --rescan, but that's not very nice when you have multiple machines08:54
NobleIs the apache2.conf secure by default? If not, what changes should I do? I use only PHP(mysql) and HTML.10:18
twbNoble: define "secure".10:18
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twbIMO if you're running *any* PHP or MySQL, you're probably already horribly insecure.10:19
twbWhich is to say that while, with diligence, you can write secure PHP code, most people don't.10:19
NobleAbout the apache2.conf now..10:19
NobleIs there anything I should add or remove from the default file?10:20
NobleI have removed serverSignature and servertokens10:20
twbSecurity through obscurity isn't a particularly clever move.10:21
andolNoble: One thing I like to do is add an explicit <Directory "/">...</Directory>, including Options None, AllowOverride None, Deny all, etc. That way I will explicity add Directory permissions later.10:24
andolNoble: Of course, the included httpd.conf is probably a better place to add your own global configuration.10:27
Nobleandol: Thanks for the tips.10:33
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eagles05138785hey guys im having some issues trying to start x ovr ssh12:46
_rubendefine "start x over ssh"12:47
eagles05138785im using xming to get an x environment running on windows yet i keep getting an error about the user not being in the X group12:49
eagles05138785thing is when i look at the groups file in /etc there is no X group hence it wont start12:49
_rubenwell, ubuntu *server* doesnt have a *desktop*12:50
persiaThere wouldn't be an "X" group even if it did.12:50
persiaBut it certainly doesn't export xdmcp12:50
eagles05138785_ruben: i have installed the basic kde packages instead of using the metapackage im slowly building a desktop environment from the ground up12:52
persiaeagles05138785: Assuming you have xterm available on your server, are you able to run that with X11 forwarding?12:55
eagles05138785persia: im sshed into the server12:55
eagles05138785as i dont have a 2nd monitor12:55
persiaOK.  What happens if you run xterm?12:55
eagles05138785xterm Xt error: Can't open display: localhost:10.012:57
persiaOK.  There's almost certainly something wrong with your xserver (xming).  Go make sure that works, and then try again.12:58
persiaIt may be that your ssh client isn't passing the right credentials to your X server, or similar.12:58
eagles05138785could it be a firewall issue12:58
eagles05138785windows firewall im talking about here12:58
persiaPotentially, yes.  Check those logs.12:59
eagles05138785will get back to ya time to check the logs12:59
eagles05138785persia: nothign is showing up in the logs13:12
eagles05138785on windows at least checking logs on server13:12
persiaI put a file in /etc/cron.d/ and expected entries there to be treated like those in /etc/crontab , but nothing seems to run.  Should this work?  If so, any suggestions on troubleshooting?13:14
_rubenpersia: iirc, the syntax is the same between those versions13:16
_rubentroubleshooting cron is a bitch in my experience though13:16
persiaIneed.  As far as I can tell, the jobs just don't get triggered at all.13:17
_rubenit sounds familiar, but dont recall any fixes or anything :(13:18
eagles05138785sry to but in but would it help trying to run cron through gdb13:19
persiaeagles05138785: Not really, because 1) it's not crashing, and 2) it's a system service.13:20
persiaI suppose I could strace over a trigger boundary, but that's also painful in terms of volume.13:20
smosergood morning all13:24
smosergood morning us/eastern13:24
zulwhat about canada/eastern? ;)13:25
Ninjixsmoser: good morning13:25
sorenWow. Painful morning. I haven't been able to get onto IRC until just now.13:28
persiasoren: Just pretend you're in Texas, and then you can claim it's early yet :)13:30
sorenpersia: ..but then I'll have to stay up late, too :(13:30
* persia doesn't have a good silver lining for that one13:31
hggdhwell, it *is* early here in Texas!13:33
smoserkirkland, ping13:34
huntsvillepersia, execute permission by chance?  ;)13:38
twbIt's always weird to think of TX as having anything technological (like TI or U. Austin).  In my head the entire state is just a bunch of cowboys riding horses around their ranches13:38
twbAnd those fucking huge American utes13:38
twbThings that tradesmen drive13:39
twbThe front half is a sedan and the back half is a flatbed, usually with sides and occasionally with a top13:40
persiahuntsville: Indeed, that was likely it.  I'll know for sure in a couple hours.13:40
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persiatwb: Two thngs about TX: lots of space to do stuff, and a fair amount of local silicon available in handy forms.13:41
twbI run into math guys from U. Austin all the time13:42
huntsvillepersia, let's hope so.13:44
SorellIs there something special that I have to do to a a region to elasticfox?13:50
SorellI click on the add tab and nothing happens13:51
zulpersia: i though you were talking about boobs for a minute14:05
persiazul: I defer any interpretation of my descriptions of the virtues of TX to the corners of your mind, without needing explicit feedback :)14:08
kirklandsmoser: pong14:09
smoserwas hoping to get some time on your cloud today14:09
twb"Gytha, is there anything you can't make sound dirty?"14:09
* Ng hrms at ocfs2-tools putting its startup scripts in rcS. Surely that's way too early?14:22
twbNg: depends what it does14:24
Ngtwb: well I can imagine that that's ideal for people running ocfs on local storage, but if your storage is remote then it's way too early14:24
Ng(at least, that's what I found when I was playing with a SAN accessed via FC)14:25
twbDoes ubuntu use insserv yet?14:25
NgI would assume not, since we're moving away from stupid init.d scripts to smart upstart configurations :)14:25
twbFrom the lack of pere and the NIH'd upstart, I'm guessing not.14:26
persiatwb: the inserv package is available, for stuff still in init.d scripts : you may want to check to see how well it works.14:32
twbI was asking because if it was the default (as is the case for Debian 6), it ought to automagically be ordered after $remote-fs14:35
twbFor my own gear, I only run Ubuntu on servers and other people's desktops, so I don't care if it takes an extra five minutes to boot14:36
jacoHey Guys, I want to to the following on my Debian 5 box: set it up with a gsm modem so it'll send me an sms whenever the internet connection drops. Any ideas?14:44
smoserkirkland, ^^%14:45
persiatwb: For the desktop case, I know that it's being agressively manually profiled (see http://people.canonical.com/~scott/daily-bootcharts/ ), for the server case, insserv might be interesting, but likely only for less-common services.14:45
twbI thought bootchart was totally fucked by the upstart transition14:46
twbProbably that was fixed two years ago and I didn't notice14:46
jacoHey Guys, I want to to the following on my Debian 5 box: set it up with a gsm modem so it'll send me an sms whenever the internet connection drops. Any ideas?14:46
persiaI think it was more like 21 months ago, but yeah.14:46
twbOr maybe it was just fixed on Ubuntu but not Debian14:47
twbThat rings a bell14:47
twbjaco: that's really a question for #debian (on OFTC).14:47
persia#debian works here also14:47
persia(different folks, but same purpose)14:47
twbEw, scott isn't providing svgz's for those clever bastards with browsers that support them.14:50
persiaI suspect rather that bootchart isn't producing them.14:54
persiaBut complain to scott14:54
twbbootchart produces a tarball14:55
twbThere's then java crapware that emits png/svgz14:55
kirklandsmoser: would you like it freshly installed?14:56
kirklandsmoser: it's a mess right now14:56
smoserfresh is fine, yeah.14:56
smoserkirkland, i should probably reinstall my 2 system one too, would you suggest from daily iso ?14:57
smoseror do you think i have a chance at upgrade from alpha314:57
kirklandsmoser: probably daily, buti i haven't tried today's14:57
smoserok. thats fine.14:57
kirklandsmoser: installing ...15:00
wack479For some reason the sites that run php on my web server stopped working, and i am receiving this error in my syslog http://paste.pocoo.org/show/189879/15:04
twbIn Lucid, I need casper to be in rcS, but *not* be in rc0.  "update-rc.d casper disable 0" doesn't DTRT.  Is there anything else I can try, short of a simple rm -f?15:05
twbdpkg-divert obviously won't work.15:05
wack479anybody home15:18
twbwack479: sorry, mysql is boring15:18
sorenjiboumans: Moving half way around the world has made you delusional. It's not morning anymore. That was many hours ago.15:36
eagles05138785morning hey guys im having some issues getting x working on ubuntu server. when i try to start x i keep getting this error http://pastebin.com/YeRT8v2h anyone have any idea what im doing wrong. i have to forwarded using xming to allow x to be loaded but it gives me the error that i linked before and no desktop loads15:37
yann2I am trying to find what software Ubuntu recommends to do unions of directories15:37
yann2unionfs? aufs? Other?15:37
soreneagles05138785: Try in #ubuntu. X problems are unrelated to ubuntu server.15:37
yann2from what I read ubuntu doesn't seem to like any of those :)15:37
sorenyann2: Depends on the version of ubuntu.15:37
jiboumanssoren: http://xkcd.com/448/ is applicable here15:38
eagles05138785soren: ok15:38
yann2I read about a VFS implementation that was supposed to be ready for karmic, but wasnt, not sure if it is now, couldnt find anything about that15:38
sorenyann2: I forget what the verdict was. There was talk of moving to union mounts, but I think we ended up sticking with aufs. "Think" being the operative word.15:38
soren"union mounts" "a VFS implementation"15:39
soren"union mounts" == "a VFS implementation"15:39
MTecknologyhow can you use a 'find -exec' in a bash loop?15:39
yann2do you know where I could find out about this, if it is ready or not?15:39
twbhttp://bugs.debian.org/573189 covers aufs and union mounts.15:40
sorenMTecknology: What do you want to do, exactly?15:40
MTecknologysoren: just got it, I needed to use ;; at the end - because the find -exec needs ; at the end15:40
yann2so right now, virtualfs not ready and only solution is aufs which is a dirty hack? is aufs sure enough to be used on critical data?15:41
wack479anyone home?15:42
yann2I guess I'll wait for lucid+1 :)15:42
persiayann2: aufs is the basis of the Ubuntu live environment.15:43
yann2persia, I know, but a live environment doesnt really need something ultra stable, plus there have been talks of removing aufs support from ubuntu as well I think15:43
persiayann2: I've never encountered issues using it, but I've only ever used it for short-lived stuff (days, at most).15:43
wack479for some reason my server has "stopped running php" when i go to my site it just downloads a file that inside says this: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/189881/ <--anyone seen it b4?15:43
persiayann2: For what purpose do you want a persitent overlay filesystem?15:44
twbpersia: here, one application is change management -- an easy way to rollback a broken upgrade (as long as normal users are kicked off before you start).15:45
persiayann2: You don't need a real overlay for that.  Just use a fuse hack to trap file-not-found and look in the NFS mount.15:45
persiatwb: That's short-lived, typically.15:46
twbAnother idea I had for my netbook was to roll a squashfs root filesystem once a month or so, and store changes in the cow.15:46
yann2persia, I did thought about autofs, if that s what you're referring to. But I need the index to display all folders15:47
yann2unions seemed more sensible15:47
twbSince it's compressed with LZMA1, it ought to reduce my root filesystem from about 1GiB to about 400MiB.15:47
twbBut live-helper's still way to flaky for me to trust it with something that complicated -- and in any case I now have btrfs -o compress.15:47
persiatwb: Something like that was done for the hardy Ubuntu MID release.  It ended up being not as good idea as it first seemed.15:48
twbpersia: the key difference being that I'm smart enough to be able to reroll bmonthly15:48
twbI guess if you were tracking a stable release, it'd be less of an issue15:48
persiayann2: Actually, I wasn't talking about autofs, but rather some 15-line Fuse.pm script you could probably write.15:49
yann2persia, would the "project" folders actually display the list of all projects? ie appear as an union?15:50
persiatwb: OK.  Give it a shot.  Take care for version skew in libraries.  Always re-roll when you update the initramfs.  Mount a separate /boot.15:50
twbpersia: like I said, it doesn't matter now I migrated from ext2 on 4GiB to btrfs on 64GiB.15:50
yann2auto_fs with BROWSE_MODE could do I think, but I would end up with several hundreds NFS mounts, a bit scared by thart15:50
twbThe OS is no longer consuming a third of my space15:50
persiayann2: Sure.  Basically, you'd check if a file was in the fast tree, and if it was, serve it.  If not, you'd pattern-match the path to specify an alternate location, and if it's there, serve it.  Try 3-5 locations befoe returning file-not-found15:51
yann2persia, but that would work if the user knew what folders he needs "projects/THAM38" for example. But if he wants to go to "projects/"  and just see what's in there, I dont understand how it would work15:52
yann2else what you re saying seems very close to autofs :)15:52
persiayann2: You'd get listings from all the directories, and cat them together.15:53
yann2you got any documentation for that?15:54
yann2its too bad, unionfs seems to be exactly what I'm after, just it doesnt sound stable15:54
persiayann2: e.g. http://podgorny.cz/moin/UnionFsFuse15:55
persiayann2: You don't want overlay filesystems: those don't typically store entire files anywhere in particular, which is inherently messy.  You just want concatenation.15:55
yann2persia, yes I did try that one out... does it work well?15:55
yann2... maybe :P15:56
persiano idea.  the description seemed to macth mine above, and it seems to do a merged hierarchy, rather than a lower-level overlay.15:56
yann2what would happen if a user created a new folder in that virtual folder?15:56
persiahttp://olfs.sourceforge.net/ appears to be another one.15:58
persiaIf it's not configurable, it ought be.  make it so, or grab Fuse.pm and write some match script.15:59
MTecknologyCan I use usermod to remove a a user from a group?16:08
MTecknologyor do I need to edit /etc/group manually for that?16:10
hggdhthe server install does not install PHP when we task-select LAMP. Is this a space issue (on the CD)?16:14
wack479for some reason my server has "stopped running php" when i go to my site it just downloads a file that inside says this :http://paste.pocoo.org/show/189881/ <---anyone seen it b4?16:24
sherrwack479: something changed - did you change it? The problem will be in the server setup somewhere. Eiher you changed something, or a recent update? No idea myself. That link is just some PHP that should run.16:31
asmarinon ubuntu server karmic amd-64 in certains conditions says mysql-server-5.1 and mysql-core-5.1 are old and unecesary and i can delete with apt-get autoremove....is it a bug?16:53
echahi, i'm trying to install ubuntu-server 9.10 on a network which requires me to change my MAC first17:01
echai thought i could do this from busybox in the installer console, but ifconfig isn't available17:01
echaany suggestions on how i can achieve this?17:02
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LinuxAdminHi guys17:28
LinuxAdminI'm trying to install ubuntu-vm-builder but I'm getting problems with apt-get command17:29
LinuxAdminI  get this error:17:30
LinuxAdminIt was not possible to get some archives, try to run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing17:31
LinuxAdminI've run apt-get update already17:31
LinuxAdminany ideia?17:31
LinuxAdminMy ubuntu server is 9.1017:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #263398 in spamassassin (main) "spamassassin sends some mails to junk" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26339817:32
LinuxAdmincan someone help  me?17:33
NoReflexhey guys! I'm having some problems with upstart ik karmic server 64bit. It won't start postgresql. I tried http://superuser.com/questions/98702/how-to-make-postgresql-start-at-boot-time-in-ubuntu but it didn't work. can I remove upstart? I'm afraid to test it because the machine is at a remote location and if I mess it up I won't be able to connect to it anymore.17:43
brontosaurusrex is webdav tied to actual system users, or are those some apache virtual users?17:44
brontosaurusrexor do i have a choice?17:45
philthno2Hi, I installed the dektop-Ubuntu but don't want GDM to start. What's the best way to achive this? I find the /etc/gdm.conf but is it ok just to uncomment the "start on" and "stop on" - lines?17:49
LinuxAdminI don't remember to see #ubuntu-server channel so stopped17:50
LinuxAdminno one helping?17:50
NoReflexphilthno2: try startx and then sudo gdmsetup - that should allow you to configure how ubuntu starts17:51
philthno2NoReflex: Thank you for the hint! I tried to get rid of gdm but no alsa seems to have some problems. I'll try my luck17:52
NoReflexphilthno2: yw17:56
philthno2can someone tell me if the server version also contains alsa and that stuff? I mean -- can I install it and play a sound out-of-the-box?18:01
NoReflexphilthno2: I don't think the server version comes with alsa ....but ubuntu-desktop installs it as a dependency18:04
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vegar_I'm having a lot of problems installing ubuntu server from usb. The installer runs, but it's having problems with the packages on the usb  stick. Is is possible to force it to only use a network mirror?18:09
warmexxushey everyone its been a long time since I've been on IRC... I thought it would be easier than endlessly searching the net for an answer... very simple... i have a lack of understanding of the overall picture.. what's happening is I am running a basic Ubuntu Server 9.10 (karmic?) and I intended to use PuTTY to remote control the operations. From my windows box I can login in but after about 3 minutes the connection drops18:09
jMCgwarmexxus: idle time, I suppose...18:11
jMCgI've not seen that kind of behaviour in Linux yet, but who knows..18:11
pmatuliswarmexxus: going through a firewall/router?18:11
jMCgwarmexxus: in PuTTY you can set a Keep-alive package...18:11
warmexxusit's gotta be something very simple...18:11
warmexxusa linksys router...18:11
pmatuliswarmexxus: any filtering on it?18:12
warmexxusthe two are on the local network..18:12
warmexxusi looked but I didn't filter any ports explicitly... in fact I forwarded outside requests to the server... on port 2218:12
warmexxusso if anything the ports are open18:12
pmatuliswarmexxus: try connecting the 2 machines directly and testing.  is that possible?18:13
warmexxusim intending to make it headless and keeping it hidden in a closet... keep the baddies away.. haha18:13
jMCgwarmexxus: In the Connection Category, there's Seconds between keepalives18:14
pmatuliswarmexxus: you can also run the ssh daemon in the foreground and watch for any suspicious error messages.  or run it as a daemon with higher log level18:14
warmexxusnot really... I'm not totally new to *nix but it's been a while and I just set it up last week18:14
warmexxusright the keep alives18:14
warmexxusthe service is set to use keep alives and when i change PuTTY to use the keep alives the connection never happens.18:15
warmexxuslet me try again... I'll keep messing with it...18:15
NoReflexhello! I'm having some problems with upstart ik karmic server 64bit. It won't start postgresql. I tried http://superuser.com/questions/98702/how-to-make-postgresql-start-at-boot-time-in-ubuntu but it didn't work. can I remove upstart? I'm afraid to test it because the machine is at a remote location and if I mess it up I won't be able to connect to it anymore.18:15
jMCgwarmexxus: if you want (or have) to keep administrating the system, you better familiarize yourself with it... </2cents>18:15
warmexxusone thing that I need clarification on is the RSA keeyws18:15
warmexxusyeah are correct... it's more like OJT/hobby18:16
warmexxusi've been reading and reading... and reading... just it's getting cumbersome when I can't discover something simple like a timed out connection using PuTTY...18:16
warmexxusthere are tons of results on google... I've read 50% of them...18:17
pmatulisNoReflex: get an strace of your starting method18:17
warmexxusI wonder if it's the authentication type / config18:17
pmatuliswarmexxus: if you're authenticated you're authenticated.  it's something else18:18
NoReflexpmatulis: I can start it manually from init.d but it won't start by itself at boot ... there are links in /etc/rc*.d......18:18
jMCgwarmexxus: Timeouts generally happen for the same reasons... I think pmatulis and moa already named them -- and no, it's NOT about the config.. Unless there is a new pam_fuckupconnection.so I don't know anything about.18:18
dharrisonhello room18:18
warmexxusalright I'll take that and run with it... believe it or not you have helped. :) Thank you kindly18:19
jMCgwarmexxus: you're very welcome.18:19
jMCgAlso: 19:15 <+DrBacchus> Where did people pick up the notion that running an internet daemon was something that should be trivial?18:19
dharrisonhi I have some networking issues with ubuntu. it will not ping certain ip addresses18:19
NoReflexdharrison: what do you mean by certain IP addresses?18:20
dharrisonexternal ones18:20
dharrisonwe have a monitoring system in place that pings certain ips18:20
NoReflexdharrison: well maybe your router / gateway blocks ICMP18:20
dharrisonbut it wont ping a certain ip address18:20
dharrisonother servers on the network are ok18:21
jMCgdharrison: maybe the system doesn't want to be pinged.18:21
dharrisonlol i know the feeling18:21
NoReflexdharrison: try mtr YOUR_IP_ADDRESS18:21
NoReflexmtr TARGET_IP_ADDRESS18:21
NoReflexmy traceroute18:21
dharrisonhas come up blank??18:22
dharrisonworks on others18:23
NoReflexdharrison: so you have more machines inside your LAN? the other machines can ping certain IP address but your ubuntu server can't?18:23
NoReflexdharrison: do you have ufw, iptables set up on ubuntu_server?18:24
dharrisonufw is off18:25
NoReflexwhat does sudo iptables-save return?18:25
dharrison# Generated by iptables-save v1.4.1.1 on Mon Mar 15 18:25:54 201018:26
dharrison:INPUT ACCEPT [16058:1400749]18:26
dharrison:FORWARD ACCEPT [0:0]18:26
dharrison:OUTPUT ACCEPT [16256:1169307]18:26
NoReflexdharrison: try yo use pastebin next time... so it seems that iptables is set to allow all18:26
NoReflexdoes ubuntu_server have the same gateway as the other machines?18:27
NoReflexcan you ping the other computers on your LAN from your ubuntu_server machine?18:28
dharrisonyes no worries at all18:30
NoReflexpmatulis: I also tried to enable bootlogd but it didn't help ... I can seem to be able to figure out why postgresql won't start at boot. I was thinking about removing upstart - that should install other packages to take upstart's place18:30
pmatulisNoReflex: i wouldn't do that18:31
pmatulisNoReflex: not sure what bootlogd is18:31
NoReflexdharrison: do you manage your router / gateway? perhaps it only allows some IP addresses or MAC to reach the internet. Can you "reach the Internet" at all from ubuntu_server: for example curl http://google.de18:32
dharrisoni can yes no problems18:33
NoReflexpmatulis: bootlogd should log boot messages to /var/log/boot - but it does not seem to work with upstart18:33
pmatulisNoReflex: well i gave you 2 things to try18:33
pmatulisNoReflex: sorry, that was the ssh problem18:33
NoReflexpmatulis: np18:34
NoReflexI don't think the strace method would help because I can start it manually with /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 after I login18:34
pmatulisNoReflex: ok18:34
NoReflexdharrison: what does traceroute google.de18:35
pmatulisNoReflex: a few days ago someone was having the same trouble with mysql18:35
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pmatulisNoReflex: what LOCALE are you using?  sometimes that gummies things up18:38
NoReflexpmatulis: i think my location is setup to Germany ... how can I check?18:39
pmatulisNoReflex: hmm, interesting18:39
NoReflexpmatulis: locale gives LANG=en_US.UTF-8 - and the rest of the vars are set to en_US.UTF-8 as well, except LC_ALL which is empty18:43
MTecknologycan I make an entry in my hosts file that's something like  *dev* *kalliki* *profarius*18:45
MTecknologyso any request that has any of those will go back to localhost18:46
NoReflexMTecknology: I don't think you can use wildcards in /etc/hosts18:46
MTecknologyNoReflex: that sucks18:47
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NoReflexMTecknology: well I don't think it's that hard to create separate lines for each host you need18:48
pmatulisNoReflex: i'm sorry, i can't find the resource i was looking for, there was a mysql bug on starting and locales18:48
pmatulisNoReflex: might help you with postgresql18:48
NoReflexpmatulis: np; thx for trying :)18:48
vegar_Tasksel includes the entry "Basic ubuntu server", what does this task install?18:48
MTecknologyNoReflex: problem is there's a whole lot of them and there's new ones added every day18:49
NoReflexMTecknology: can you tell us why do you need to map so many names to your own machine? do you need it for apache virtualhosts?18:51
vegar_is there a general way to see which packages a tasksel entry installs?18:53
MTecknologyNoReflex: nginx18:53
MTecknologyNoReflex: the sites complain if they can't refer back to themselves18:54
NoReflexMTecknology: haven't used nginx ... but I guess you could make a cron job which checks which sites have been set up in nginx and updates the /etc/hosts file accordingly18:59
nico__I've just installed 2 PCs with ubuntu enterprise cloud, but I'm unable to make instances running19:05
nico__running euca-describe-instances, I can see the instances pending and after they terminate19:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #522060 in euca2ools "[patch] broken file path processing" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52206019:07
nico__the image is emi-E22310BC (the standard ubuntu 9.10 karmic image)19:08
nico__is anyone here running uec properly?19:08
MTecknologyNoReflex: wouldn't work - nginx only knows where to send traffic - i handle all of that other junk through php19:09
MTecknologyNoReflex: i'll figure it out though - thanks19:09
NoReflexMTecknology: yw and good luck19:10
hggdhwould bug 442498 be looked at for Lucid?19:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 442498 in openldap "openldap install bare bones need default DIT separate package" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44249819:10
aouldr78hello everyone19:13
aouldr78i need help about pinging my computer19:14
aouldr78i am not able of reaching my computer through my IP address19:15
aouldr78what could be the problem19:15
nico__aouldr78: IP changed?19:15
aouldr78no it id the same19:16
aouldr78it is the same19:16
aouldr78i do not have firewalls just a modem that is it19:16
GhostFreemanI'm running Ubuntu Server in a VM. I'd like to be able to make the terminal window larger than it is right now, is that possible?19:17
aouldr78if you are running Ubunto in Vbox, all you need is adding the Vbox extras and the terminal will be larger19:18
GhostFreemandoesn't that require X?19:19
GhostFreemanI'd like to avoid using X unless I really have to19:19
veebullI don't know if its the only way, but the only way that I've found thus far to get a bigger console window into a server running in Vbox is to ssh in via PuTTY... and then re-size your PuTTY window.19:21
GhostFreemanthat certainly would be the fastest way19:21
nico__anyone here uses ubuntu uec??19:21
nico__my images instances die just after being created...19:22
veebullI've managed (finally) to be able to run my VMs completely headless (in Windows) so once they are installed, I just ssh in...19:22
GhostFreemanHow do you set VBox to run a VM as headless?19:24
veebullyou have to run it from the command line, and have to download a dos app to allow it to detach from the console once running19:26
jaypurhi can someone help me how to install phpsys???19:26
GhostFreemanthanks veebull19:27
jaypurlol got it!19:29
zulRoAkSoAx: your apport hook for vsftpd was upload....nevermind19:35
axisysi am having weird issue with my ubuntu server.. unless i have a monitor plugged in i dont get a login prompt in serial console19:46
axisyshttp://pastebin.com/R6C0K6SV this is how my grub setup19:46
axisysi followed this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialConsoleHowto19:47
axisysit is karmic and i am using grub, not grub219:47
axisysi did `sudo start ttyS0 ` .. so serial console has the boot message as well as vga console19:48
axisysany idea why i need to have a monitor plug in to see the login prompt in serial console ?19:49
axisysanother wierd think is also related to display .. if the laptop lid is closed all the way i am not getting any gnome menu bar on the top ..20:03
axisyslet me post this last question to #ubuntu20:04
aouldr78how can i ping my computer that is on LAN?20:05
aouldr78i ping but i can not reach it .why?20:06
aouldr78i have a DSL connection20:07
axisysaouldr78: is it your computer's ip ?20:07
aouldr78yes it is but the default gateway is
axisysifconfig eth0 shows that ip ?20:08
axisysaouldr78: ^20:08
aouldr78it does not make sense to me20:08
axisyscan you post the ifconfig eth0 output in pastebin ?20:08
aouldr78how can i do that20:10
aouldr78are you still there20:13
aouldr78yes what is that?20:13
axisysaouldr78: ^20:14
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:14
axisysaouldr78: ^20:14
aouldr78do i do ping
axisysaouldr78: ifconfig eth0 shows it `UP' ?20:17
aouldr78yes i am using the internet right now20:18
aouldr78i have two connection through LAN but i can not get to ping anyone20:18
aouldr78they are working fine but i can not connect between them20:19
blue-frogaouldr78, netstat -rn20:19
aouldr78the one i an using right now has as IP the other one has as IP20:19
aouldr78both are working fine but i can not connect them20:20
larsemilaouldr78: looks like your routes are messed up.20:22
aouldr78i am back20:25
aouldr78can anyone please ping
uvirtbotNew bug: #539250 in samba (main) "Windows XP gets access denied when trying to rename folder over smb" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53925020:26
Japje--- ping statistics ---20:26
Japje5 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 3999ms20:26
Japjei think its broken20:27
aouldr78this is my IP and i am using it right now?20:27
Japjethat... or i just tried to ping a host on your internal network.20:27
aouldr78what could be the problem?20:27
Japjewhich ofcourse is unpingable for everybody not on your network20:27
lifeless192.168.2.2 is a RFC1918 address range, it cannot be pinged from the internet20:28
aouldr78so how can you reach this host?20:28
Japjeonly with the IP that you have from your isp.20:28
Japjeand only if your router is set-up correctly20:29
aouldr78how can i know the ip from my ISP20:29
aouldr78i thought i just need to do ifconfig to find my ip for my computer20:30
Japjewell if you have a router, that gets the IP20:30
aouldr78i am still not able to ping my computer20:35
aouldr78my computer is connected to a modem that connect to ISP telephone20:39
aouldr78that is it20:39
aouldr78i am trying to remote connect to my computer20:39
sherraouldr78: It is quite hard to do support over IRC sometimes, even with "pastebin" support20:47
sherraouldr78: Your questions are very basic unix networking20:47
sherrvery basic20:47
sherrYou 2 IP's are and ?20:48
sherrThen without a router you cannot ping between them - they are on different networks20:48
sherrMake your 2 computers on the same network (subnet) e.g.20:48
sherr192.168.2.2 and
sherror and
sherr192.168.1.X --> X = different for both systems20:49
sherrDo some linux/unix network research/reading, set the PC's on the same network and try a ping.20:49
sherrTry the Ubuntu Forums if you get stuck.20:50
kirklandhggdh: i just merged/pushed your testdrive config changes, thanks!20:54
kirklandhggdh: i had to make one minor change, initializing hasOptions = false20:54
kirklandhggdh: other than that, looks good20:54
kirklandhggdh: to your other question, about IMG and ISO cache, i'm not opposed to adding a configuration change for that;  write up the patch, put it in a branch, link against a bug20:55
kirklandhggdh: i won't use it, but i'm not opposed to it ;-)20:55
hggdhkirkland: thank you. I also just found I had forgotten to init hasOptions20:55
kirklandhggdh: i also found that -d and --desktop have different behavior, somehow20:56
kirklandhggdh: do you see the bug immediately, before i dig deeper?20:56
hggdhkirkland: will check it20:56
hggdhkirkland: I am also considering factoring KVM and vBox to allow for more control over VM parameters20:57
kirklandhggdh: yeah;  keep in mind that testdrive was originally written for KVM, and vbox/parallels/vmware are bolt-on's after the fact20:57
NoReflexhello! I'm having some problems with upstart ik karmic server 64bit. It won't start postgresql. I tried http://superuser.com/questions/98702/how-to-make-postgresql-start-at-boot-time-in-ubuntu but it didn't work. can I remove upstart? I'm afraid to test it because the machine is at a remote location and if I mess it up I won't be able to connect to it anymore.20:58
hggdhkirkland: heh. I do not why, but I also had this feeling ;-)20:58
sherrNoReflex: upstart is so fundamental a part of Ubuntu now that I would *not* remove it.20:59
kirklandhggdh: it greatly increases the complexity of testdrive, but opens doors as to *who* can testdrive Ubuntu20:59
kirklandhggdh: so i bolted it own :-)20:59
sherrNoReflex: You might have big problems - and you are a distance away from the server ..20:59
NoReflexsherr: I don't know what else to try...I can't reinstall since the machine is over 500 Miles away21:00
hggdhkirkland: on the -d and --desktop -- what is the difference (so that I will not have to run both to find out)21:00
sherrNoReflex: No idea on the problem - but if all else fails, there's always /etc/rc.local21:00
sherrPut a "start postgresql" in the /etc/rc.local script21:01
sherrSearch web for rc.local usage - it's just a script that gets run every boot21:01
NoReflexsherr: I searched for a way to log what's happening during boot ... the older init package had a bootlogd program that would log to /var/log/boot those messages .... but bootlogd doesn't work with upstart21:01
kirklandhggdh: --desktop prompts the "do you want to run usb-creator", -d does not for some reason21:01
sherrNoReflex: postgres stuff should be visible in syslog I'd expect21:02
NoReflexsherr: rc.local would be a solution but that would not shutdown the postgresql server gracefully when the machine is rebooted I think21:03
NoReflexsherr: I can't find it in syslog, also there's nothing about why it isn;t started in the pg_log dir21:04
hggdhkirkland: weird. Will look at it21:04
hggdhkirkland: both -d and --desktop should set opt.desktop to True21:05
sherrNoReflex: On reboot/shutdown, postgres will be sent a "kill" and should shut itself down gradefully. I wouldn't worry too much about that.21:05
kirklandhggdh: agreed, i don't see the bug yet21:05
NoReflexsherr: will try, thxx21:05
sherrNoReflex: can you start/stop/restart manually?21:05
sherrhey wack47921:06
hggdhkirkland: BTW, on why I am doing this: I like the idea of an ad-hoc tester for ISOs using VMs, and I would like to make it simple for21:06
NoReflexsherr: yes...start/stop/status/restart all work when I do /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 "action"21:06
hggdhkirkland: ad-hoc testers to run it (so different configurations for different tests, like no network, no USB, etc)21:07
wack479lol hey21:07
wack479does mysql question anyone?21:07
wack479lol i cant type21:07
wack479could someone answer a mysql question?21:07
NoReflexsherr: I tried the solution posted here: http://superuser.com/questions/98702/how-to-make-postgresql-start-at-boot-time-in-ubuntu - but it did NOT work21:07
NoReflexso I guess the problem comes from upstart...21:08
sherrYou downgraded upstart?21:08
NoReflexhowever it didn't work so I installed the latest version21:09
wack479does anyone know how i can block the logging of "robot.txt"?21:09
wack479in the apache log21:09
NoReflexWould it be possible to somehow specify which daemons should use the upstart feature and which should use the "init" system?21:10
sherrMaybe check the forums again then. I am not 100% familiar with upstart - but it's a "service" interface - maybe also check "update-rc.d" ...21:10
sherrNoReflex: should be a bug logged - check launchpad21:11
blizzkidHi all, anyone would like to do a talk about Landscape at LOAD (a linux event in Belgium)?21:11
wack479does anyone know how i can block the logging of "robot.txt" in the apache log?21:12
blizzkidjkakar: you here?21:14
kirklandhggdh: sounds great21:18
kirklandhggdh: you'll have my support ;-)21:18
mathiazhggdh: hy21:23
mathiazhggdh: seems that you've updated the samba test case: http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/ServerWhole21:23
mathiazhggdh: the last point in the testing procedure is: net usersidlist21:23
mathiazhggdh: however that doesn't return any user on a default installation21:24
yeasonI've got a postfix smtp server that I think I've enabled TLS on but every time I try using STARTTLS through I get an error from thunderbird stating it doesn't advertise starttls. I've used telnet to connect and checked it and STARTTLS appears in the list of supported services. Can anyone help me out?21:24
yeasonI'm a little unclear on if I have it supporting SSL/TLS or if it actually supports STARTTLS. If someone can answer a couple questions I may be able to figure it out21:24
sherryeason: how are you doing a basic check for support?21:26
hggdhmathiaz: hum21:26
mathiazhggdh: IIRC samba doesn't import the local users by default21:26
mathiazhggdh: and point 11. doesn't list an UBUNTU domain by default21:27
mathiazhggdh: http://paste.ubuntu.com/395830/21:27
mathiazhggdh: ^^ this is what I get21:27
hggdhmathiaz: I will do it again, but I remember running it from a fresh install. I most probably messed up somewhere21:27
hggdhmathiaz: let me repeat it and find out what I missed to add to the tests21:28
yeasonsherr: I've connected to the server on port 25 and issued the ehlo command. I see STARTTLS in the list. The error I'm getting suggests that the server isn't even advertising it, hence my confusion21:28
mathiazhggdh: ok - I'm going to remove 11 and 12 from the test cases for now then21:28
yeasonsherr: I'm currently trying to look up how to test the actual starttls command =)21:29
sherryeason: If it advertises TLS, then it is there. Thunderbird's misconfigured.21:30
sherrThis page has some thoughts on testing :21:30
sherrUsing perl and MIME::Base6421:31
* hggdh wonders from which window he copied the samba stuff :-(21:31
yeasonsherr: I think something else is going on, openssl s_client connect address:25 -showcerts -starttls should test starttls right? cause it is also telling me the server doesn't advertise it21:32
sherryeason: But you said the server *does* advertise it? ehlo?21:37
sherrMaybe it is advertised but not configured properly21:38
yeasonsherr: yea... although I think I might be closer to figuring out the issue... I think it's something with my laptop. I'm running 7 and had to try telnet from another computer. I just tried putty and the starttls line shows up as 250 - BXXXXXXXX21:39
lunaphyteyeason: you can use s_client to test smtp/starttls21:45
lunaphyteas a side note, you really should not be using port 25 for submission.21:46
yeasonlunaphyte: what should I be using...?21:46
lunaphytethe submission protocol - port 587.21:46
yeasonlunaphyte: I tried s_client and it was also stating that the server was not advertising it21:46
yeasonlunaphyte: interesting... I'll have to look into it, I basically followed one of the many guides out there on how to setup postfix21:47
yeasonand it didn't mention that at all21:47
lunaphyteif what you paste above is literally what is appearing, then you can thank the p.o.s cisco equipment somewhere along the way for molesting the smtp conversation.21:47
lunaphytei hate tutorials.21:48
lunaphytethey're usually written by people who shouldn't be writing them, it seems.21:48
lunaphytethey're ok if you're not a beginner, which is the unfortunate irony.21:49
lunaphyteanyway, masked strings like that traditionally mean that there is a cisco firewall in between the client and server with it's "fixup" protocol turned on.21:50
yeasonlunaphyte: I've heard that before... and it was what I suspected this time but doubted it for complicated reasons... gogo weird network21:51
yeasonlunaphyte: so how hard is it to modify an existing postfix setup to use port 58721:51
yeasonlunaphyte: I'm a bit confused on how it's supposed to work21:52
lunaphytewell, a big part of it is uncommenting the submission entry in master.cf.  there are other steps too though.21:53
yeasonok... I've got to go soon, do you know of a guide/article that talks about how to set it up?21:54
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lunaphytewell, we like to see people using the docs provided by the software's author.21:56
yeasonlol... obviously, but those don't always explain how it works, well thanks for the info I'll look into that21:56
lunaphyteother stuff is, well, not really endorsed by me.21:56
jkakarblizzkid: Hello.22:07
blizzkidjkakar: can I pm you for a sec?22:09
blizzkidregarding an event22:09
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jkakarblizzkid: Sure...?22:11
eTiger13how can i do multiple OR arguments in an if statement? ie if [ $member:f =='this' || $member:f == 'that' ]22:14
hggdhmathiaz: I just installed a brand new server (i386) with SAMBA. When I ran 'sudo net usersidlist' I *do* get output22:23
jaypurcan you advice me some good apps for ubuntu server???22:32
jaypurlike monitoring apps..22:32
ruben23can i setup my email server and web server to host bot email and web site hosting service for a company...would it be ok- xeon dual core 2.4Ghz, 4Gb ram ddr2, 250 GB22:32
ruben23and cacti22:32
jaypurhmmm thanks22:33
jaypuri'm using phpsys22:33
ruben23can i setup my email server and web server to host bot email and web site hosting service for a company...would it be ok- xeon dual core 2.4Ghz, 4Gb ram ddr2, 250 GB22:34
jaypurruben23, i dont know much, but... why wouldn't??22:34
ruben23 jaypur: just worried having 2 apps, for a single server..22:35
jaypurruben23, what applications my friend?22:36
ruben23email apps and web server..22:36
ruben23handles my company email and host my company website22:36
jaypurruben23, you can do that...22:37
jaypuri just set the apache here... and i'm looking foward to have a ftp, and web mail22:37
ruben23ok, im worried when traffic increase..would my server can withstand it..22:38
jaypurfor that i think you should look about your connection22:38
jaypuris it gonna be home made?22:38
ruben23 jaypur:nup i got dedicated line for it..22:40
ruben23is you apache hosting a website now..?22:40
jaypurruben23, yes!22:40
jaypurruben23, and a counter-strike server22:40
jaypurruben23, http://tuxserver.no-ip.org/22:41
ruben23jaypur: how did you setup it..? the webserver is using public IP right..?22:41
jaypurruben23, it's using an ip and i set the no ip to redirect it22:41
jaypurruben23, set the apache22:41
ruben23ok that IP si public right..?22:41
ruben23do you have ugide how did you do it..?22:42
ruben23ill plan to setup it..can you guide ma and help me on it..22:42
jaypuri think it's the public ip22:42
jaypuralmost sure22:42
jaypurbecause... if it wouldn't ppl wouldn't connect to it...22:42
jaypurpay attention to the port of apache that is 80...22:43
jaypurruben23, aand it's easy man... if i could, why wouldn't you :D22:43
ruben23did you have guides on doing it..?22:43
jaypurruben23, you can find some good tutorials about it...22:43
ruben23it would be my first time to setup it.22:44
jaypurruben23, tell me what to you wanna do... apache,... and host wat else22:44
jaypurruben23, i have a website that is on brazilian portuguese22:44
jaypurit will install22:44
jaypurapache2, php5, mysql22:44
jaypurand i can help you to set phpsys, that i just have installed this afternoon :)22:44
jaypurand install ssh too :)22:45
jaypurfor remote control :D22:45
ruben23 jaypur:do you have any IM account, can i add you up please.22:45
jaypurno i havent but i can create one22:46
jaypurdo you have any gmail or msn acc.?22:46
ruben23i have gtalk-22:46
jaypurruben23, jaypur.linux@gmail.com22:47
ruben23its- 3trglobal.it@gmail.com22:47
ruben23ill add you now22:47
jaypuri'll connect here22:47
jaypuri'm not always at gtalk... but when i'm on line i'm always here on irc22:48
mathiazhggdh: what kind of output do you get?22:52
GhostFreemanIn using byobu, is there any way I can rename what each window is?22:55
hggdhmathiaz: a list of users, like http://pastebin.com/fPmhbha423:06
mathiazhggdh: is this after a package install?23:07
mathiazhggdh: or an install from iso when the samba server task selected?23:07
mathiazhggdh: is the XANGO domain already existing in the network?23:07
hggdhmathiaz: no, it was not existing23:07
hggdhmathiaz: this is an install from ISO with SAMBA selected in the tasksel23:08
mathiazhggdh: so where did the XANGO name come from?23:08
hggdhmathiaz: this is what I gave as a hostname23:08
hggdhmathiaz: I am reinstalling, now with amd6423:10
mathiazkirkland: does the option of encrypting directories show up in the desktop install now?23:17
jayveemathiaz: in Ubiquity, there's an option for that23:18
jayveeit's the 3rd option after "Log in automatically", and "Require password to log in"23:18
jayveeworded something like "Require password to log in and decrypt my home directory"23:18
mathiazjayvee: great - thanks23:18
jayveeit's in 9.1023:19
mathiazkirkland: so how about removing the encrypted directory question from the -server installer?23:22
hggdhmathiaz: net usersidlist & etc still work fine after an install23:28
v0lksmananyone know of a good how to to compile openssh5 on hardy?  I have no choice at this point...scared to miss a lib or something though23:29
hggdhmathiaz: are we talking about the same thing (i.e. install from ISO; select SAMBA, check it works)23:29
mathiazhggdh: right - are you logging into the system via the console?23:29
hggdhmathiaz: yes, I am23:30
mathiazhggdh: right - I've installed a new system from ISO and saw the same behaviour as yours when I logged through the console23:31
mathiazhggdh: however my first tests were done by logging via ssh into the system23:31
hggdhmathiaz: ah. This is interesting23:31
mathiazhggdh: just after typing the password you can see a message (from the pam stack?) that says:Added user XXXX.23:31
hggdhmathiaz: yep. There we got added to the directory23:32
mathiazhggdh: I'm going to redo another install and only login via ssh23:32
hggdhmathiaz: this is not really kosher, if it does not happen via SSH23:33
mathiazhggdh: right - we may have ran into a bug23:33
mathiazhggdh: well - actually no23:33
mathiazhggdh: it makes sense23:33
mathiazhggdh: I login via ssh using public key23:33
hggdhmathiaz: why?23:33
mathiazhggdh: to import the user into the samba database you need to enter the password23:34
mathiazhggdh: which doesn't happen on a public key login23:34
hggdhmathiaz: heh. Makes sense. Now, this should be documented somewhere23:34
hggdhmathiaz: sheer curiosity: how can you ssh via public key on a brand-new server?23:35
mathiazhggdh: :) - I'm using preseeds to automate my installations23:35
mathiazhggdh: the late_command in my preseeds stick my public key on the installed system23:36
* hggdh was wondering about the chicken and egg issue23:36
hggdhmathiaz: then this is not a problem form the casual tester from the wiki23:36
mathiazhggdh: yeah - I'm going to update the test case then23:37
hggdhI can do it, if you are busy23:37
hggdhkirkland: I cannot repeat the -d / --desktop issue on testdrive23:39
mathiazhggdh: wiki page updated23:41
rZrxmpp please !23:41
RoAkSoAxzul, the information of the syslog for the apport hooks should be attached only if the user accepts it, or it should always be attached?23:43
hggdhmathiaz: thank you23:44
Anthony_WhitfordI'm trying to research Ubuntu's market penetration in Financial Services firms.  Can anybody tell me a financial company running Ubuntu server, or point me to any survey/research that demonstrates that it is popular in this vertical?  I have the Ubuntu Server Survey results for 2009 already, and am aware of Equitec.  Anybody else?23:54
jayveev0lksman: why do you want to compile it?23:58
v0lksmancause hardy comes with a way old version and package managers claim they won't even backport it23:59
jayveeso? it's not like it has any security issues.23:59
v0lksmancan't chroot23:59

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