ardchoilleWill http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/countdown update as 10.10 release draws closer?07:55
ardchoilleOr is there another URL for 10.04?07:55
ardchoilleI meant 10.0407:55
newz2000there is only one coutndown page, we reuse it for all the releases13:54
knomehey newz2000!13:54
newz2000hi knome, how are you today?13:54
knomenewz2000, i'm fine, and you? :)13:55
newz2000good here13:55
knomenewz2000, have you had time to review the anchor change on the partners page?13:55
newz2000can you refresh my memory on this? It's not sounding familiar13:55
knomejpds did the change; but basically i asked if you could add anchors for specific countries in the partner list13:56
knomenewz2000, eg. http://webapps.ubuntu.com/partners/solution/13:56
newz2000knome: and it's done waiting to go live?13:57
knomei suppose so yes13:57
newz2000ok, then it will go live this week for sure13:57
knomewith the new site? ;]13:57
newz2000I'll check it out later today13:57
newz2000knome: no. :-)13:57
knomeokay, cheers13:57
cjohnstonnewz2000: you here?23:19

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